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NXT Minus 6: The Takeover New York Preview

Let’s look at why every wrestler at Takeover will win. Plus, I make one big bold prediction you won’t read anywhere else.



Let’s look at why every wrestler at Takeover will win. Plus, I make one big bold prediction you won’t read anywhere else.

6. Wednesday night was a tasty appetizer for the Takeover main course. The War Raiders let their boots do the talking winning not one, but two matches. The Gargano/Cole promo got me even more pumped for their match, and I didn’t think that was possible. Kaira Sane & Bianca Belair’s excellent match descended into chaos. NXT knows how to whet an appetite. Now on to Takeover…

5. NXT Tag Team Title match

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Why Ricochack will win: They are one of the hottest acts in all of WWE right now. They are everywhere beating everybody. Momentum is on their side. Let the good times roll.

Why War Raiders will win: This is their first title defense since they won the belts. NXT doesn’t just hotshot titles willy nilly….and Willy Nilly is a cool band name.

4. Fatal 4 way for the NXT Women’s Title

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Why Kairi Sane will win: She’s practically an afterthought in this match. No one is talking about her. All the hype is on the other 3, so it’s a perfect spot for an underdog to sneak in and steal it.
Why Io Shirai will win: She has a numbers advantage over the others. If it comes down to it, Sane has her back. And everybody loves a shiny new toy, except for Kassius Ohno.
Why Bianca Belair will win: It’s her time to shine. She came close at the last Takeover. She learned from her mistakes. This time, she goes all the way.
Why Shayna Baszler will win: She will put her indelible stamp on the women’s division. She will prove that she is the toughest woman ever to walk into the Performance Center & her name will never be forgotten. And she is PURE EVIL!

3. NXT UK Championship match

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Why Pete Dunne will win: I don’t think Dunne wins, but he will retain. This match means too much to NXT UK, and the fans of NXT UK deserve to see the rematch back home headlining their own NXT UK Takeover. WALTER’S coronation will wait.
Why WALTER will win: He was brought in to beat Dunne and become the face of NXT UK. The Ring General wins the battle and the war. Also, his name is ALL CAPS and he will club your chest bloody in ALL CAPS and kick your face across the ring in ALL CAPS!

2: NXT North American Title match

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Why Matt Riddle will win: Pound for pound, he might be the toughest, most vicious guy on the roster. It’s only a matter of time before the King of Bros claims gold.  
Why Velveteen Dream will win: See War Raiders.

1. NXT Title match, 2 out of 3 falls

Related image

Why Adam Cole will win: He is the real Mr. Takeover. He won War Games. He won the first North American Title match. He will be the first NXT triple crown winner. He’ll prove that Gargano is nothing without Tommaso Ciampa. And if all else fails, he has a 3 man insurance policy. And that is Undisputed.
Why Johnny Gargano will win: The NXT title means more to Johnny Wrestling than to any other wrestler on the roster. He’s worked harder for this moment. He wants it more. And (Big Bold Prediction) after the match, when he is celebrating in ring with Candice Lerae AND Tommaso Ciampa, you will cry like a baby.

That’s right…I said it.

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