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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (7/27/19)

Brothers VS Brothers!



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ROH Wrestling Television, Episode 410

After the Mayhem and Hysteria, who are the ROH World Tag Team Champions? Learn the answer to that as we see who are the superior pair of brothers in The Briscoes VS Rush and Dragon Lee!



  • Josh Woods VS Silas Young; Young wins.
  • Shinobi Shadow Squad VS Brian Johnson, Joe Keys & Dante Caballero; Shinobi Shadow Squad wins.
  • Sumie Sakai VS Karissa Rivera; Rivera wins.
  • The Briscoes VS Dragon Lee & Rush; Lee & Rush win.


Josh Woods VS Silas Young!

The Goods is always #DownToFight since his return to ROH, and now he’s up against “The Last Real Technician.” Will Woods keep racking up wins? Or will Silas rebound after getting a taste of his own medicine from Jonathan Gresham?

The Code of Honor is upheld and the bell rings. Silas and Woods circle, but Silas bails out to grab a mic. “Before we get this match started, Josh Woods, I’ve got something I got to get off my chest.” Silas realized that Woods has been in ROH for two years. What has Woods done those two years? Nothing! But it doesn’t have to be that way. It shouldn’t be that way! A guy like Woods, a multi-time collegiate champion, with a pedigree, should be winning titles and earning respect.

But to be honest, even the fans don’t care about him. They don’t respect Woods the way they respect the #TechnicianOfHonor, Silas Young. What it comes down to, the fans may not like Silas or agree with him, but they respect him! So Silas asks Woods, “Do you want to just come out here your whole career and get little golf claps, and have some cute girls hoot and holler at you? Or do you want to earn respect?” As far as Silas sees it, Woods is more than wet behind the ears, and has a lot to learn before he’s earned respect. Put up or shut up. Silas hands the mic to the ref, but doesn’t need an answer from Woods as he LOW BLOW KICKS him behind the ref’s back!! Cradle, Silas wins!

Winner: Silas Young, by pinfall

Real man? Real technician? That’s real funny coming from Silas Young. But Woods isn’t laughing. Will Woods teach Silas a lesson in stooping to lows when they meet again?


ROH looks back to last week’s Six Man Tag main event!

LifeBlood was looking for payback on Villain Enterprises for the Best in the World trickery, and they got it in a Philly Street Fight! Bandido, Mark Haskins and Tracy Williams took Marty Scurll, Brody King and PCO to their limit, and came away with a win worthy of ECW! But does this now give LifeBlood another shot at the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships?


Jay Lethal reflects on G1 Supercard.

Emotions were running high, everyone was excited. Lethal got his family a car to Madison Square Garden, but Lethal took the train to relive his childhood trips. However, that night would turn into a very bad one for the Franchise Player, because on the ride home, he was without the ROH World Championship. He didn’t tap out, he wasn’t submitted, but he still left MSG, the biggest show ever, without the title. Lethal wanted to come in and walk out the champion. He doesn’t want to disappoint himself. The title may mean a lot to others, but it means so much more to him. Lethal knows what he feels about that title, and he needs that title. So Lethal’s mindset refuses to leave New York without that title. Did Lethal accomplish his mission at Manhattan Mayhem?


Shinobi Shadow Squad VS Brian Johnson, Joe Keys & Dante Caballero!

Cheeseburger, Ryan Nova and Eli Isom are poised to go for those ROH World Six Man titles, but they need to prove they’re still THE Future of Honor against some fellow FOH alumni. Can Triple S overcome and The Number One, the Golden Keys and the Pride of Puerto Rico?

The bell rings and Nova starts against Keys. They tie up and Keys powers Nova to a corner. Nova turns it around but Keys turns it back to elbow Nova hard! Keys whips Nova corner to corner but Nova goes up and over. Nova dropkicks Keys’ legs out then swings a kick. Keys ducks the first, but not the second! Nova fires up but Keys tags out to Dante. Dante runs at Nova but misses to get fast strikes! Nova runs in for a big forearm smash! Tag to Isom and Nova CHOPS Dante. Nova feeds Dante to Isom’s scoop, then sidewinder slam! Tag to Cheeseburger, and Burger uses Isom for a step stool senton! Johnson runs in but gets an atomic drop from Burger! Burger powers up the hand, and gives Johnson a SHOTEI SPANK! Johnson is sent flying out of the ring! But Dante clobbers Burger and drags him over.

Tag to Keys and they mug Burger. Keys throws uppercuts and wrenches Burger to reel him in for a clothesline! Fans rally up but Keys mocks the fans as he flexes. Keys deadlift suplexes Burger up and down! Cover, TWO! Keys keeps on Burger with a facelock and wrench. He whips Burger into the corner then tags in Dante. Dante brings the straps down to show his own muscles, then hauls Burger up for a snap suplex. Cover, TWO! Dante drags Burger into a chinlock but fans rally. Dante whips Burger back into the corner, then tags in Johnson. Johnson struts about before stomping Burger’s hand. “My name is Number One, Brian Johnson!” Then he stomps Burger down again. Johnson drags Burger up but Burger cradle counters! TWO, but Johnson drops an elbow!

Johnson declares himself team captain as he tags in Dante. Dante runs to blast Nova then helps Johnson double suplex Burger. Burger slips out, baits Dante into hitting Keys, and then dodges Johnson to hot tag Isom! Isom springboards to missile dropkick Johnson and Dante down! Isom SUPERKICKS Dante then gives a BIG Saido! Kip-up and fans fire up with Isom! Isom aims at Dante, runs corner to corner to double CHOP! Isom keeps going, whipping Dante and pops him up into the Air Raid Crash! Cover, but Johnson breaks it! Johnson saves Dante and whips Isom, but Isom puts him up and out! Then he helps Nova DIVE to take Johnson down! But Dante clobbers Isom from behind!

Dante drags Isom up and whips, and Keys comes in. Dante whips Keys in but Isom dodges to enziguri Dante down! Isom goes back at Keys but gets an elbow. Keys hops up, but Isom dodges and again Keys accidentally hits Dante! Nova returns, Isom pops Keys up for Nova’s roundhouse! Nova drags Dante up and Isom helps him hold Dante as Burger climbs! Burger leaps, Oyasumi, the double stomp draping DDT combo! Isom covers, Shinobi Shadow Squad wins!

Winners: Shinobi Shadow Squad, Eli Isom pinning

Oyasumi means “good night,” and Triple S put these Top Prospects to bed! Will Burger, Nova and Isom be saying good night to the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions very soon?

As for the Top Prospects team, the Maryland connection of Keys and Caballero looks to be breaking down! Dante shoves Keys away, but Keys gives it back with pie faces. Johnson is done with these two anyway, so he leaves to prepare for the tournament. Dante gets fed up with Keys and SLAPS him! Security hurries in to keep this from getting any worse, but who wins when these two meet in the Top Prospect opening round?


Sumie Sakai VS Karissa Rivera!

The Ray of Sunshine returns from injury and back to ROH in-ring competition! But she won’t take it easy, she’s going up against an ambitious and hungry young Woman of Honor! Will the inaugural WOH World Champion get back on track against the Cherokee Warrior?

Fans are strongly behind the returning Sumie as the Code of Honor is upheld. The bell rings and fans rally as the two circle. Sumie and Karissa tie up and Sumie throws Karissa down fast. Sumie goes after the arm but Karissa uses her longer legs to crawl towards ropes. Karissa gets the ropebreak with her arm and Sumie lets go at 4. Sumie wrenches but Karissa rolls and kips up to handspring and arm-drag! Sumie gets to a corner but runs out into another arm-drag. Karissa keeps on the arm but Sumie whips. Karissa reverses into a headlock, and grinds Sumie down. She throws Sumie down with the takeover but Sumie headscissors. Karissa pops out and stands off with Sumie. The fans cheer as the two circle again.

Sumie waistlocks but Karissa standing switches. Sumie resists any lifts and wrenches out to hammerlock and drag Karissa down. Sumie shifts to a cover, TWO! She goes after the arm again but Karissa makes it a high stack cover! TWO, and Sumie lets Karissa go to sweep. Cover, ONE, Karissa sees the double stomps coming. Karissa also ducks the buzzsaw to roll Sumie up! TWO, but barely! Karissa is giving Sumie all she can handle, but Sumie likes that. Sumie resets as ROH goes to break.

ROH returns and Karissa wants to show respect with another handshake. Sumie prefers to bow. Karissa bows, too, but Sumie uses that to sneak her into a cradle! TWO, but sneaky Sumie gets Karissa up for a Northern Lights! Bridge, TWO! Sumie is upset with the ref but that was a fair count. Sumie goes to Karissa in the corner for those fast stomps! Then she hops up for the swinging meteora! Sumie drags Karissa out and has the legs to catapult Karissa into a Boston Crab! Karissa is caught, but she powers her way forward. Sumie laces the legs together for an Angelito modification, but Karissa refuses to quit. Karissa gets the ropebreak again! Sumie lets up, but then stomps Karissa on the back.

Sumie drags Karissa up to club her back down, then brings her up again for a modified Cobra Twist. Karissa fights her way out and hip tosses Sumie down! Sumie stands but Karissa dropkicks her down! Sumie deflects the second dropkick and goes after an arm, but Karissa pops up enough to arm-drag Sumie down! Karissa runs in at Sumie in the corner, but Sumie puts her on the apron. Sumie runs but gets a shoulder. Karissa slingshots over and CHOPS Sumie down! And again! Karissa BOOTS Sumie to a cover, TWO! Karissa is learning the toughness of a former champion as she hauls Sumie up. Sumie reverses the whip to rock Karissa with a right. Sumie fisherman’s the leg, Twist ‘n’ Shout! Cover, TWO! Karissa shows her own toughness, but Sumie likes it!

Sumie heads up top, Karissa stands, Sumie takes Karissa down with the shotgun missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Now Sumie is shocked to see that. But Sumie fires up as she brings Karissa up. Karissa gives a forearm but Sumie gives it back! Karissa gives another, but Sumie fires off a bunch! Sumie whips but Karissa reverses, only for Sumie to stop herself in the corner and come back! Karissa gives her a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Karissa grows frustrated, she was so close! She and Sumie stand, and Sumie gets a waistlock and rolls her, for a tackle! Sumie brings Karissa up again, BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Sumie nods to the camera, Karissa’s tough. But Sumie brings Karissa up again, dragon sleeper, but Karissa pops out to fireman’s carry! Sumie slips around to a sunset but Karissa sits on it! Karissa wins!!

Winner: Karissa Rivera, by pinfall

In her ROH TV debut, the Cherokee Warrior shocks the inaugural champion! Is this the start of a new legacy in the WOH Division?

In-ring interview with Karissa.

Quinn McKay asks Karissa how she feels accomplishing this amazing feat! Sumie interrupts the interview to look Karissa in the eye, and offer a handshake. Karissa takes it, and Sumie raises Karissa’s hand. The Ray of Sunshine shows respect to the young star, is this Sumie’s seal of approval on Karissa’s fledgling career? And what of her own mission to get back to the WOH World Championship?


ROH finds Silas and Woods shouting!

Security holds Woods back, as he’s still furious with Silas’ literally low tactics. But Silas says he “disrespected” Woods because Woods is too dumb to see Silas is actually trying to help him. Woods needs Silas to be a mentor, and to teach him how to be great. Silas leaves but Woods is still furious. Will Woods want to join or hurt the Last Real Man next time they meet?


The Briscoes VS Dragon Lee & Rush!

Honor Club members know what went down in Manhattan! But it doesn’t matter if Jay and Mark are the ROH World Tag Team Champions or not, they want to prove that #ChicosBlancosLocos are the superior brother duo! Will #DemBoys do so against CMLL’s Dragon and El Toro Blanco?

The fans chant “Man Up!” for the Briscoes as the teams sort out. But Rush doesn’t wait, he DECKS Jay with a right! Mark hits Rush then runs Lee over. Lee kips up but Mark is on him with hands. Mark whips but Lee huricanranas back! Lee runs but Jay BOOTS him down! Jay swings but Rush dodges and things speed up! Rush swings Jay around t othen hit a corner splash! Rush runs corner to corner but Jay follows to splash back! Jay runs but Rush follows to forearm smash! Mark returns and leaps for a shotgun missile dropkick! Lee returns to shotgun dropkick Mark out! The Briscoes regroup and Lee builds speed to DIVE! But the Briscoes catch him and double suplex him to the mat! Rush comes around and brawls with Mark, but Mark sends him into barriers! The Briscoes have #DinastiaMunoz down as ROH goes to break!

ROH returns again, and the brawling is still outside the ring! Mark rocks Rush with uppercuts, then feeds him to Jay’s BOOT! Fans are fired up as The Briscoes drag Lee up and into the ring. Mark tosses in a chair but the ref tosses it back out. Fans boo the ref ruining the fun. Jay uppercuts Lee down then tags in Mark. This match finally looks like a match as the Briscoes mug Lee. Mark suplexes and drops Lee, then kicks Rush off the apron. Mark drags Lee up for another uppercut, then tags Jay. The Briscoes have Lee in another corner for another BOOT! Jay looms over Lee and drags him up for uppercuts. Jay tags Mark and the Briscoes double whip to double ram Lee with shoulders! Fans are divided as Mark covers, TWO! Mark drags Lee up to CHOP him back down. Mark scuffs Lee’s head before gut wrenching and slamming Lee down. Tag to Jay and Mark holds Lee down for Jay’s running leg drop!

Jay drags Lee up again and signals to raise the roof. He tags Mark back in and they double whip Lee, for a double trophy lift! But Lee slips out only to get double kicks. The Briscoes both run but Lee follows to clothesline Jay down! Mark throws hands and kicks but Lee reverses the whip. Lee jump kicks and sweeps the legs, he uses Combinacion Cabron! Tag to Rush! Rush runs and dropkicks Jay down! Rush goes at Mark, Bull’s… BOOT! Fans fire up as the brothers go out to take the fight back to the Briscoes! Lee whips Mark and Rush whips Jay, both Briscoes go into barriers! Fans are fired up as Rush rams Jay into more barriers! Lee does the same with Mark! Then they whip the Briscoes into each other!

Mark falls over and Jay is put in the ring. Lee finally takes off his vest to stomp a mudhole into Jay. Lee CHOPS Jay, then Rush CHOPS Jay. Rush whips Jay and lee hits a corner clothesline. Rush adds a splash, then they snapmare Jay for double dropkicks! Jay bails out but Mark is back, bleeding from his head! But the crimson mask only fires him up! Mark runs but into Lee’s atomic drop. Rush dropkicks the legs out, then Lee Chanceries Mark, for Rush to basement dropkick Mark down! Fans fire up as Rush and Lee stand tall. “This is Awesome!” but far from over! The Briscoes regroup on the outside, but Dinastia Munoz build speed to TRANQUILO~! ROH goes to one last break while the fans are thunderous for Los Ingobernables!

ROH returns once more as Mark whips Rush corner to corner, still bleeding. Jay runs and corner clotheslines, to then feed Rush to Mark’s powerbomb lift. Mark BOMBS Rush, Jay drops a leg, Mark covers, TWO! But Mark jsut feeds Rush to Jay’s LARIAT! Cover, but Lee breaks it up! Jay boots Lee out of the ring and hurries to fetch a chair! He tosses it to Mark, and fans cheer as things might get extreme. Jay brings Lee and Rush together while Mark sits the chair up. Mark runs to use the chair as a boost! Mark FLIES onto Dinastia Munoz! Fans are thunderous for that one! Mark puts Rush in and Jay is ready. Jay drags Rush up, vows to end this, and turns Rush for the neckbreaker! Mark climbs, FROGGY-BOW! Cover, TWO!? Rush survives and Lee is relieved, this almost ended!

Fans call BS but the Briscoes shrug off the controversy to start brawling with Lee and Rush! Hands and chops fly, Jay DECKS Lee with that rolling elbow. Rush knee triggers Jay, but Mark decks Rush! Lee knee triggers and REVERSE-RANAS Mark! But then he runs into Jay’s Death Valley! Jay runs at Rush, but gets a rebound Snap German! All four men are down but Philly is thunderous again! They want these pair of brothers to “Fight Forever!” but it has to end somehow! Mark and Rush are up first, and Mark eggs Rush on. Rush CHOPS, Mark CHOPS, repeat! Rush, Mark, but then Rush knees low to whip Mark to the Munoz corner. Mark uses that to dropkick Lee down! Rush runs in but gets the exploder!

Tag to Jay, and Jay hurries to bring Rush back up. Jay underhooks, but Rush slips out and ducks to SUPERKICK! But Jay comes back, only to be thrown overhead into buckles! Mark comes back to go after Rush, but Rush puts Mark on the apron. Lee runs and huricanranas Mark off the apron!! And he lands on his feet after! Rush has Jay all alone, corner to corner, BULL’S HORNS!! Cover, Rush and Lee win!!

Winners: Rush & Dragon Lee, Rush pinning

The brothers from CMLL defeat the Briscoes!! It was a fight truly full of blood, sweat and tears! Will this lead Dinastia Munoz to a future ROH World Tag title shot?!



My Thoughts:

What a great episode from ROH! I am actually rather intrigued by this story of Silas Young and Josh Woods. It is very meta for ROH to point out Woods has done very little since joining in 2017, perhaps much of their own fault. Maybe if Woods turns Heel and joins Silas, things can change for Mr. Top Prospect 2017 as we draw closer to 2019’s tournament. Then the Six Man Tag tonight was a lot of fun, and a great opportunity for this year’s Top Prospects. Brian Johnson still comes off as the bootleg fusion of Ric Flair and Bobby Roode, but at least he’s consistent. It’s great for Shinobi Shadow Squad to get this win as they wait for those Six Man titles, and it would be wild if they were the trio that dethrones Villain Enterprises, I just don’t know if it happens.

Perhaps the biggest surprise tonight was Karissa Rivera beating Sumie Sakai! It was such a great match, and I was also surprised Sumie didn’t turn Heel. At the same time, Sumie is so beloved it’d be so hard for her to be Heel, so her respectful handshake after is fine. ROH’s Women of Honor Division is slowly building with new stars like Karissa and Tasha Steelz, and incoming stars like Maria Manic, to make up for how Twisted Sisterz just disappeared, and we all know Britt Baker is now All Elite.

And then the tag team match main event, the reason this week’s episode ended up TV-14, was incredible! I wonder just how Mark got busted open, but man it really added something to this match. That slight misstep with the near fall was an obvious low point, but this was the first time these teams met so someone miscounted. But for Rush and Lee to win, that’s big! I would love to see more of these teams, but definitely Lee & Rush VS Guerrillas of Destiny for those ROH World Tag titles!

My Score: 8.5/10

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