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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (9/25/19)

Stakes are raised in this Street Fight second try!



NEW NXT Coverage

Here we go again!

After the chaos that was last week’s Street Fight gone awry, Matt Riddle and Killian Dain will try again, and with a title opportunity on the line!



  • Keith Lee VS Dominik Dijakovic; Lee wins.
  • Dakota Kai VS Taynara Conti; Kai wins.
  • NXT Championship #1 Contender’s Street Fight: Matt Riddle VS Killian Dain; Riddle wins and will challenge Adam Cole for the title next week.
  • Rhea Ripley VS Kayden Carter; Ripley wins.
  • Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS Ever-Rise; Lorcan & Burch win.
  • Cameron Grimes VS Raul Mendoza; Grimes wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Imperium VS Kushida & ???; Kushida & Breezango win.


We! Are! N X T!!

A massive debut on the USA Network, and it was Undisputed! But this is just the beginning!


The Undisputed Era emerges to overlook THEIR NXT!

Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish hold up their titles from atop a balcony, which is right over commentary. But they will simply observe the action for now.


Keith Lee VS Dominik Dijakovic!

It’s round three for the Limitless and the Colossus! Will Lee #FeastHisEyes? Or will Dijakovic #BaskInHisGlory?

The bell rings and fans sing for Lee already. Lee and Dijakovic stare down then look at the cheering fans. They circle and tie up. Dijakovic headlocks, but Lee powers out, only for Dijakovic to hold onto Lee’s hand. Dijakovic swings a heel kick but Lee gets under, Lee swings punches but Dijakovic deflects. Dijakovic ducks Lee’s leaping sabat! Fans are fired up as the two circle again. Lee catches the kick and pushes Dijakovic away. Dijakovic boots but gets caught He avoids the magnum but Lee fireman’s carries! Dijakovic slips out but Lee shoves. Things speed up and Lee leap frogs to crossbody! Fans are even more fired up as Lee runs to POUNCE Dijakovic to the apron! Dijakovic is dazed as Lee has the fans thunderous and singing.

Lee takes his time going over to Dijakovic, and dares him to stand. Dijakovic stands, but Lee brings him up with a suplex. Dijakovic resists to suplex Lee, but Lee fights back! They go back and forth trying to lift the other, and it is Lee who gets Dijakovic up, only to get a knee! Dijakovic clubs away but Lee headbutts back! Lee goes out to join Dijakovic now, and brings him up again. Dijakovic resists for dear life, and grabs Lee around the neck! Lee powers out of the choke grip, but Dijakovic kicks low to get Lee again. APRON CHOKE SLAM! Full Sail is thunderous while we go to break.

NXT returns as Dijakovic fights Lee off in the corner. Dijakovic punches but Lee ducks. Lee blocks and DECKS Dijakovic with that left! Lee SPINE BUSTERS Dijakovic! Fans keep firing up as Dijakovic returns to the apron. They go to the corner, and revisit the buckle bump struggle. Dijakovic CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS, and then laughs. But Lee gets mad! Dijakovic sees Lee glaring and then Lee bumps Dijakovic! Lee slingshot corkscrews out onto Dijakovic!! Fans are thunderous again as Lee puts Dijakovic back in. Lee brings Dijakovic up and whips him, for a scoop to a tilt-o-whirl, but Dijakovic guillotines! Lee powers out to suplex Dijakovic , only for Dijakovic to cradle counter! Ropebreak saves Lee, and both men slowly stand up. Dijakovic throws a forearm, then another. Lee ROCKS Dijakovic with elbows, then a headbutt! Lee drags Dijakovic to a drop zone, and fans chant, “Please Don’t Die!” as he climbs up! Lee MOONSAULTS!! Cover, TWO!!

No one can believe what they just saw, from the 340 pound man moonsault to the other man surviving! But Lee keeps focus and drags Dijakovic up. Lee hoists Dijakovic up to the top rope, then throws heavy lefts. Lee climbs up to join Dijakovic, and fans anticipate what insanity is coming. But so does Dijakovic as he elbows Lee back. Dijakovic adjusts, and hits a SUPER DESTROYER!! Cover, TWO!?! HOW!? Djiakovic has seen a ghost and Full Sail is losing their minds! But Dijakovic climbs up, he MOONSAULTS! TWO and Lee sits up, cradling Dijakovic! Then rolls through, to deadlift and pop Dijakovic up for a JACKHAMMER! Cover, Lee wins!!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall

Truly titanic! These two men went to new heights all over again, but now we’re tied at 1-1-1! Win, lose or draw, what will an epic fourth match give us!?


The Street Profits are coming back for the gold!

“People always wonder, after you win one championship, can you come back for another?” Do they still have that mentality? Well October 2nd, LIVE on USA, the Profits vow to become two-time tag team champions! #WeWantTheSmoke! But will they get it against the completely golden Undisputed Era?


Dakota Kai VS Taynara Conti!

Team Kick has their captain back! And Full Sail cheers “Welcome Back!” for the comeback kiwi kid! But will her comeback be able to beat the Brazilian black belt?

The bell rings and Dakota circles with Taynara. The fans are behind Team Kick but Taynara pie faces Dakota. So Dakota BOOTS Taynara! That’s one kick, and Dakota climbs up high. Taynara trips her up then kicks her down! Taynara grabs the legs but Dakota resists, so Taynara kicks Dakota’s arm! Cover, TWO! Dakota has to worry about both her arm and her leg but Taynara toys with her. Dakota gets mad and swings on her, but Taynara ducks for the judo takedown. Dakota dodges one kick but not the other, Taynara covers, TWO! Taynara grows frustrated already but she toys with Dakota more. “Latinas do it better!” But Dakota breaks free, kicks and hook kicks to then whip. Dakota follows to go to the apron and DECK Taynara! Dakota drags Taynara out to BOOT her on the apron!

Dakota goes back in and ax kicks Taynara down! Then kicks away on Taynara’s face! Fans fire up as Dakota goes Around the World! BOOT for Taynara, but Dakota isn’t done there! Fireman’s carry, pop-up, GTK! Go To Kick! Cover, Dakota wins!

Winner: Dakota Kai, by pinfall

And the comeback begins with a win! Will Dakota kickstart a new run to get at that NXT Women’s Championship?


Cathy Kelly has breaking news!

William Regal announces for hour two, on the WWE Network, will be the Imperium VS Kushida and team Six Man Tag! Who will the Time Splitter find in time to face Walter’s soldiers?


Johnny Wrestling is here to stay!

The Triple Crown Champion won’t leave NXT just yet, because it’s his home. What will Johnny Gargano do the next time he’s in an NXT ring?


NXT Championship #1 Contender’s Street Fight: Matt Riddle VS Killian Dain!

The King of Bros and the North Ireland Nightmare tried to settle things last week, but it just turned into chaos and fury! But now GM William Regal has given them a reason to keep it contained: the winner gets their shot at THE NXT Champion, Adam Cole! Will this fight finally have a finish? Or is a prize on the line less important than hurting each other?

The bell rings and Dain dares Riddle to bring it. Riddle does, and the two are throwing big body shots. Dain rocks Riddle but Riddle comes back with forearms and chops of his own! Dain fireman’s carries but Riddle fights out to go after the arm. Dain throws Riddle out but Riddle returns to tackle Dain! Riddle rains fists and goes after the armbar! Dain makes it a cover, TWO! The two back off and fans cheer. Dain kicks low then clubs away on Riddle. Dain fireman’s carries again but Riddle again slips out. Riddle wristlocks but Dain breaks free, only to get a Pele! Riddle kips up to waistlock, German Suplex! Cover, TWO! Dain bails out but Riddle pursues, leaping forearm! The Bro is fired up as we go to break.

NXT returns as Dain splashes Riddle in a corner! Dain grinds his knee in but doesn’t have to let up because there are no disqualifications. Riddle endures until Dain lets up. Dain then drags Riddle up to reel Riddle in, but Riddle turns that into the Bro Trigger! Riddle runs side to side for a forearm, then another! Brosploder! Riddle kips up, kicks, flips, but Dain dodges that, only to get a Broton! And another! Riddle wants Dain to sit up, Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO! Dain survives but Riddle keeps his focus. Riddle ax kicks Dain down then climbs up. But Dain springs right up to Electric Chair! Riddle fights out to victory roll, TWO! Final Flash again! But then the roundhouse misses, Dain fireman’s carries for the wasteland slam and a senton of his own! Dain drags Riddle up, POWERBOMB! Big elbow! Cover, TWO!! Riddle lives and fans fire up!

Dain drags Riddle up by his hair for another powerbomb lift, but Riddle reverses to the Alabama Slam! Dain is in the drop zone, Riddle climbs up, Floating Bro senton! Cover, TWO!! Dain survives again but Riddle keeps his cool. Riddle sees Dain at the ropes and runs in, but Dain dodges and Riddle tumbles out. Dain runs to DIVE! Direct hit takes Riddle out, but it wasn’t without doing damage back. Both men are down as fans cheer for “NXT! NXT!” The referee checks but they’re both okay. Dain grabs a chair and TOSSES it at Riddle’s head! Riddle is dazed and Dain puts chairs in the ring. Dain SMACKS Riddle in the side with another chair! Riddle writhes but Dain drags him up for forearms. They’re going into familiar territory but Riddle kicks and palm strikes back. Riddle sits Dain in a chair for Bro Kicks! Dain falls out of the seat and fans fire up again.

Riddle throws the chair down on Dain then throws him into the railing. Dain staggers over and Riddle bounces him off a table. Riddle CHOPS and forearms, then throws palm strikes. Dain rakes eyes! Riddle staggers away, but Dain throws him into trunks. Dain brings Riddle around, and shouts “You are NOTHING to me!” But Riddle fires off forearms and palm strikes. Dain headbutts back, and then hits the DIVIDE! They crash through a wall!! Full Sail is thunderous while we go to one more break.

NXT returns to USA one more time tonight as both men have made it to the back row of the Full Sail bleachers. Riddle Penalty Kicks Dain onto a table, and fans cheer as they get a front row experience. Riddle takes am and hits a BROTON through the table! But Riddle doesn’t slow down, he gets back up! Full Sail keeps cheering and Riddle drags Dain up for more palm strikes. They end up at the front row and Dain takes a seat. Riddle kicks and boots away on Dain, then kicks him back to ringside. They go back in the ring, Broton Atomico! Cover, TWO! Riddle has a chair, and fans cheer, but Dain DIVIDES again! Riddle is flattened, but Dain won’t let up. Dain kicks Riddle while he’s down, then goes up top. Dain Vader Bombs! But that’s not enough, Dain Vader Bombs again! And then a third Vader Bomb! Cover, TWO!! Riddle survives and Dain is furious!

Dain goes back to the chair and slams it down on Riddle. He keeps it there, then grabs a kendo stick. Dain SMACKS chair into Riddle’s ribs! But Dain puts the chair back on Riddle’s body, and climbs up again. But Riddle rises to SMACK Dain in the back! And POWERBOMB him down! Riddle flips Dain, gives him the chair, FULL METAL FINAL FLASH! Cover, TWO!? How did Dain survive?! Riddle is shocked, but he fires up as fans chant for “NXT! NXT!” Riddle grabs the chair and puts it back on Dain. Riddle returns the favor as he SMACKS chair into Dain! The stick returns to Riddle, and he SMACKS Dain again! Riddle rains rights on Dain but Dain covers up. So Riddle turns him over to club away on Dain’s back! Riddle wraps Dain up but Dain resists. The two stand and Dain elbows free. Dain has a chair, but Riddle punches it into Dain’s face! Riddle throws slapping palm strikes over and over from all sides, but Dain hits a bit low.

Dain throws body shots and then big forearms. But Riddle catches one into a Fujiwara Armbar! Riddle pulls on that arm as fans duel and shout. That’s in DEEP! Dain taps, Riddle wins!!

Winner: Matt Riddle, by submission; NEW #1 Contender to the NXT Championship

Bro! Riddle makes Dain tap out and he gets his first shot at THE title next week! Will we soon see the Original Bro become the Golden Bro?

But speaking of the NXT Champion, Adam Cole strolls out to the ring to meet his new contender. “This is mine. This belongs to me, and you are not in my league.” Riddle just drags Cole into a the Fujiwara! Cole taps and the Undisputed Era runs out to save him! Riddle gets away and fans are chanting for the Bro! Is it only a matter of time before Adam Cole taps out for real, bro?


Quick, hurry over to the WWE Network to watch the second half of this week’s NXT!


The Undisputed Era regroups.

Cole’s arm is okay, but will his ego get him caught like that again when Riddle has his chance at the championship? Likewise, O’Reilly & Fish will defend their NXT Tag Team Championships against The Street Profits. Will reDRagon be able to focus on Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins to keep the titles Undisputed?


Rhea Ripley VS Kayden Carter!

The Mosh Pit Kid is back to keep her brand of brutality building on the NXT USA brand. She’s still gunning for the NXT Women’s Championship but will she be primed to take over after facing a fellow Mae Young Classic combatant?

The bell rings and Kayden dropkicks Rhea right away! Then she fires off forearms in a corner! Rhea shoves her away to dropkick Kayden back! Cover, TWO! Rhea drags Kayden up to ram her into the corner and ram in shoulders! The ref backs her off only long enough and then Rhea clubs Kayden down again. Rhea drags Kayden up, and smirks as she suplexes and holds Kayden up for a count of 10! Cover, TWO! Kayden is tougher than Rhea expected, but Rhea won’t let up. Rhea rains rights while talking trash right to Kayden’s face. Fans rally up for Kayden and Kayden dodges a stomp and a kick to roll Rhea up! TWO, and Rhea grabs Kayden to whip. Kayden hops up to huricanrana! Rhea staggers into forearms, and then Kayden CHOPS and climbs to acrobatically huricanrana Rhea around!

Fans fire up as Kayden runs in to springboard wheelbarrow roll to a mule kick! Cover, TWO! Rhea escapes, she wasn’t NXT UK Women’s Champion for nothing. Kayden fires herself up as she runs in, but Rhea pops her up for a flapjack! Rhea pump handles, RIPTIDE! Cover, Rhea wins!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall

The Aussie with Attitude dominates again, but she won’t be satisfied until she has her shot at Shayna Baszler. Will Shayna still be the champion when Rhea comes for the throne? Or will it be Candice LeRae that shocks the world in next week’s Women’s Championship match?


Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS Ever-Rise!

The One Two is back at Full Sail, and are coming off a big win on 205 Live! Will they get back on track in the NXT Tag Division against the rising Chase Parker & Matt Martel?

The teams sort out and Oney starts against Martel. They tie up, and Oney powers Martel to a corner. The ref counts and Oney lets up, after messing up Martel’s hair. Martel comes back in a huff and ties up with Oney again. Martel wristlocks and wrenches and brings Oney to a knee, but Oney fights his way back up. Oney rolls but Martel holds tight to bring him back down. Fans rally and Oney gets up, to spin through and work on a reversal. Oney gets the wristlock! Tag to Burch, and the One Two wrench and CHOP Martel down! Burch keeps on Martel’s arm but Martel knees low. Martel tags Parker but Parker runs into a headlock takeover! Burch grinds Parker down as fans cheer. Parker works against the hold and stands to power out. Burch catches Parker’s leap then rocks Martel with an uppercut!

Tag to Oney and the One Two double Russian Leg Sweep! Cover, but Martel throws Oney out! The ref misses that completely, and Martel tags in. Martel drags Oney up and into the ring then rains down rights. He slaps Oney around then tags Parker back in. Parker puts up a boot and Martel feeds Oney’s face to it! Parker covers, ONE, but Parker snap suplexes Oney back down, float over, TWO! Parker wraps onto Oney’s arm but fans rally up. Oney stands but Parker clubs him and wrenches him. Tag to Martel and now Oney is fed Martel’s foot. Martel looms over Oney and goes after the arm. Martel hauls Oney up for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Martel keeps on Oney and tags Parker back in. Ever-Rise combines, backbreaker to running knee! Cover, TWO! Parker is frustrated and he forearms Oney down. Cover, TWO, but Parker keeps on Oney with a facelock.

Burch and the fans rally up and Oney fights. But Martel tags in and Ever-Rise mugs in him the corner. Martel snapmares and wraps Oney up with a top wristlock. Oney endures and fans rally again. Oney fights up again but Martel clobbers him! Tag to Parker, but Oney feeds Martel to the foot! Tag to Burch! The Governa rallies with heavy hands! Burch European Uppercuts Parker to then hit a corner clothesline and enziguri! Burch hops up, leaps, missile dropkick hits! Kip-up and fired up, Burch HEADBUTTS Martel! Fans fire up with Burch, and shouts for “ONEEEY~!” Oney rises from the depths! Burch tags Oney, and the One Two combine for the draping DDT! Cover, the One Two wins!

Winners: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch, Lorcan pinning

Another one-two-three in as many nights for the One Two! With the NXT Tag Team Championships on the line next week, will it be Undisputed Era or Street Profits that will have to watch for these two coming up behind them?


Cameron Grimes VS Raul Mendoza!

The Country Caveman is back again to continue his hunt for a second chance. Will he drive his heels into Mendoza to dump him back below the Mendoza Line?

The bell rings and Grimes goes for his double stomps, but Mendoza saw those coming. He won’t be beat so easily! Mendoza dares Grimes to come at him again, and Grimes runs in. Mendoza gest the leg but goes to wrench the arm. Grimes scrambles about but Mendoza holds on tight. Grimes spins back to back drop but Mendoza is up fast. Mendoza gets the arm again for a shoulder breaker to another wristlock. Grimes can’t fight back as Mendoza wrenches harder. Grimes trips Mendoza to a jackknife cover, TWO as Mendoza bridges up! They spin around and Mendoza sunset flips, TWO! Mendoza is right on that arm again but Grimes whips him, to tilt-o-whirl. Mendoza lands on his feet to then huricanrana Grimes away!

Grimes gets to a corner, Mendoza runs in, but Grimes tosses him out. Mendoza lands on the second rope, to springboard back in for a flying headlock takeover! Fans cheer for this amazing mix of technical skill and high-flying feats. Grimes makes the takeover to a cover, ONE! He pulls Mendoza’s nose to do it again, TWO! Mendoza holds on tight but Grimes fights up. Grimes pulls Mendoza’s hair to get him on ropes, then he throws body shots. Grimes whips but Mendoza springboards up and over, and both men run! They both leap, but it’s Grimes with the Spanish Fly! Cover, TWO!! Grimes is shocked but he knees Mendoza back down. And again! Grimes jumps and stomps Mendoza, then drags him up for a CHOP! Mendoza staggers away but Grimes whips him corner to corner hard! Cover, TWO! Grimes is annoyed but he grinds his knuckles into Mendoza’s ear.

Grimes drags Mendoza up to wrench and grind him back down. Mendoza endures the thrashing armlock, but he gets mad! Mendoza fights up but Grimes powers him back down. Both men grit their teeth but fans rally up. Mendoza fights up and throws body shots, but Grimes whips. Grimes swings but gets caught to a crucifix cover, TWO! SUPERMAN PUNCH! Grimes covers, TWO! Grimes continues to be shocked by Mendoza’s toughness, but he keeps on him with another armlock. Mendoza is stuck under Grimes as Grimes twists, but he refuses to quit. Fans rally again and Mendoza manages to get up. Mendoza throws more body shots but Grimes reels him in with a chinbar. Grimes has both armbar and chinbar as he grinds Mendoza down. But the fans continue to rally and Mendoza fights again.

Mendoza gets up and powers Grimes to a corner. Grimes goes at the chin again but Mendoza arm-drags free. Mendoza gets moving, running enziguri rocks Grimes! Grimes is groggy but Mendoza is right on him with forearms and chops! Mendoza puts Grimes in a corner, then whips him corner to corner. Mendoza runs in, another enziguri rocks Grimes again! Mendoza is up, missile dropkick! Grimes crawls to another corner, Mendoza runs in, but he runs into an elbow. Grimes hops up but Mendoza cartwheel enziguris! Then Mendoza springboards for a SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO!! Grimes survives but Mendoza will not stop! Mendoza goes to suplex, but Grimes fights back. They go around, Grimes rolls Mendoza, TWO, DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, Grimes wins!

Winner: Cameron Grimes, by pinfall

Grimes scrapes Mendoza off his Tar Heels, and continues his climb back up. Will Grimes soon find himself in the hunt for a title?


Six Man Tag: Imperium VS Kushida & ???

When NXT UK’s dominating force invaded NXT USA, it was interfering with the Time Splitter’s schedule. Then after a quick brawl between them and Kushida, a challenge was issued. Alexander Wolfe, Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner stand united, but who has Kushida recruited to this sudden brand warfare? It’s… Breezango! Tyler Breeze & Fandango continue their re-imagining and look to take on some serious competition. Will they show Imperium that this is still NXT USA?

The teams sort out, and Kushida steps up to start against Aichner. The two tie up and go around, and Aichner gets a waistlock to TOSS Kushida! Aichner fires off on Kushida in the corner, then whips Kushida to ropes. Kushida reverses, hip tosses and cartwheel dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Kushida keeps on Aichner’s arm but Aichner gets up and tags out to Wolfe. Aichner still whips Kushida for a spinebuster, and then Barthel adds a Penalty Kick! Wolfe gets in as Aichner feeds Kushida to Barthel’s tilt-o-whirl facebuster, and then Wolfe deadlifts Kushida for a German Suplex! Bridging cover, but Breezango breaks it. Wolfe drags Kushida up and lifts to a Canadian rack. Kushida slips out to tag Fandango, and then Kushida drop toeholds Wolfe into the ropes. Fandango slingshot sunset flips, TWO! Wolfe kicks back and whips but Fandango slips out of a scoop to whip and dropkick! Fandango covers, TWO!

Fandango drags Wolfe over and hoists Wolfe onto the ropes. Wolfe is left out to dry and Breeze tags in. Breezango double boots Wolfe down! Breeze covers, TWO! Breeze keeps on Wolfe with a facelock and snap suplexes. Leg drop added, cover, TWO! Breeze keeps on Wolfe and brings him up, but Wolfe powers Breeze to the Imperium corner. Aichner tags in but Breeze slips free to mule kick him away. Barthel distracts and Aichner feeds Breeze to Wolfe’s uppercut! Aichner tosses Breeze out and tags Barthel. Barthel goes around to run and uppercut Breeze down! Barthel drags Breeze up and into the ring, then keeps on Breeze with a rain of rights. Barthel headbutts then stomps Breeze, and tags to Wolfe. Wolfe takes the hand-off to clamp on a cobra clutch. Wolfe smothers Breeze to the mat but fans rally up.

Breeze endures, fights his way up, but Wolfe makes the hold part camel clutch. Breeze endures and fights up as fans rally. Breeze elbows free but Wolfe clubs him down. Wolfe uses the cobra clutch in a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Wolfe drags Breeze around and tags in Aichner. Aichner mugs Breeze and then puts him in the ropes. Tag to Barthel, and we’ve seen them do this before, Tree of Woe double dropkick combo! Imperium stands tall as fans boo and jeer. Breeze slumps to the floor and a ring count begins. Barthel drags Breeze up to SLAP! Then he puts Breeze in to stand on the arm. Wolfe tags in and Breeze is caught as Wolfe scrapes his shoes on Breeze’s face! Wolfe drags Breeze up and tags Aichner back in. Fans say “Not the face! Not the face!” but Aichner BOOTS Breeze down! Aichner chokes Breeze on the ropes then reels him in for a back suplex! Cover, TWO!

Aichner tags to Barthel and Barthel throws EuroUppers. Barthel cravats and snapmares Breeze for another face scrape! And running EuroUpper! Cover, TWO! Barthel keeps on Breeze with the top wristlock and chinbar. Fans rally and Breeze fights his way up. Barthel knees low but Breeze fights Imperium off! Breeze tosses Barthel out hard! Breeze crawls for the corner, but Barthel intercepts! Breeze back drops but Barthel sunset flips! TWO, and Breeze ducks the punch, only for Wolfe and Aichner to trip up Fandango and Kushida! No one is there to tag, and Barthel has Breeze back in Imperium’s corner. Imperium stomps away on Breeze while the ref has to keep Fandango and Kushida back. Barthel grinds his foot into Breeze’s face, but lets up at 4. Tag to Aichner and Aichner taunts Breeze. Aichner kicks Breeze’s face over and over, then throws big haymakers. Aichner blows up the opponent’s corner, but gets an enziguri from Breeze!

Fans fire up and Fandango is ready! Hot tags to Fandango and Wolfe! The Lord of the Dance rallies! CHOP after CHOP, then lariats! Fandango CHOPS away on Aichner! Wolfe turns Fandango around but gets a forearm! Fandango hits a Falcon Arrow on Aichner! Wolfe runs in, Barthel is the boost for the tornado DDT! And Barthel gets tossed out again! Fandango runs, tags Kushida, then FLIES! Fandango wipes out Imperium! Fandango feeds Barthel to Kushida’s springboard missile dropkick! Kushida rolls, jumps, and DDT’s to the armbar! Barthel flails, but Imperium saves him. Breezango brawls and clotheslines Imperium out, but then get wrecked into posts and steps! Kushida handspring kicks Wolfe and Aichner out! Barthel has Kushida, but Kushida spins to FASTBALL! Then whip, but Barthel reverses, only for Kushida to handspring, into Barthel’s uppercut! Kushida still manages to Japanese Clutch! Cover, Kushida and Breezango win!!

Winners: Kushida & Breezango, Kushida pinning

The Time Splitter and his fashionable new friends snatch victory from the jaws of defeat! But as Kushida celebrates on the stage, Walter BOOTS him down! The Ring General will not stand for anyone to make a mockery of the mat. Despite the loss, will Imperium still take over both brands of NXT?



My Thoughts:

Another great NXT right here, with both hours being equally strong again! And I really like the changes to the set, such as putting commentary off to the opposite side of the ramp and having a balcony right up above them. That was a great way to debut it, too, with Undisputed Era walking out to view the fans. And I can’t wait for the day that the balcony is used in some form of Falls Count Anywhere match, because you know it will be. Lee VS Dijakovic III was rightfully the best of the bunch, and it was great for Lee to finally win. And of course Lee wins so that we can have the true tiebreaker in their fourth match overall! And that match should totally be as a #1 Contender’s match, it’s only logical. Dakota Kai did great in her return, though obviously fast to not risk her legs.

Rhea Ripley also did great in her match in the second hour, but I’m sensing Rhea might be leaning back to Heel just so she can still go after the NXT Women’s Championship regardless of who wins next week. Dakota would be in the running if Shayna wins, but even Candice VS Rhea would make for a good match at WarGames III. The Street Fight match was amazing! That was almost TakeOver worthy, but definitely contender’s match worthy. And how great it was for Riddle to win, and then give Adam Cole the what for. Their match happening next week is making that episode feel like a pseudo TakeOver in itself! And we all know why: it is to counter the AEW TV debut. The NXT Championship, NXT Women’s Championship and NXT Tag Team Championships are all on the line in the first actual two hours on TV episode, with limited commercials so that we get a touch closer to the WWE Network runtime. It’s all going to be really great.

Lorcan & Burch are back on a roll and that is great. While Oney still wants the Cruiserweight Championship, it would be great to finally see him and Burch have tag titles on NXT where their run began. Grimes VS Mendoza was great, and certainly the right move to follow up Grimes crushing Sean Maluta. Grimes of course wins to keep his story going, and this has to lead to at least a North American Championship shot in the future. And then we get a great Six Man Tag, and while I wasn’t sure who to expect to join Kushida, it was a natural move to go with Breezango. Fans love Breezango, Breezango is working to show they can be serious threats in the Tag Division, and it works to anger Imperium since they hate even remotely comedic gimmicks. The Faces win to show Imperium isn’t quite ready as a unit, but Walter attacking was also perfect. He and Kushida have to be facing off at some point, and maybe even during the big episode next week to further hype it up.

My Score: 8.9/10

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NXT White 'n' Gold Era

Who gets within reach of the gold?

The NXT North American Championship will once again be up for grabs in a ladder match, and Wes Lee wants to EARN his spot against Tony D’Angelo! Will The Don make Wes FOGEDABOUTIT?


  • Mandy Rose w/ Toxic Attraction VS Fallon Henley; Mandy wins.
  • NXT North American Championship Ladder Match Qualifier: Wes Lee VS Tony D’Angelo; Lee wins and advances to Halloween Havoc.
  • Sol Ruca VS Amari Miller; Ruca wins.
  • Cameron Grimes VS Joe Gacy w/ The Schism; Gacy wins.
  • Nikkita Lyons w/ Zoey Stark VS Kayden Carter w/ Katana Chance; Lyons wins.
  • Ilja Dragunov VS Xyon Quinn; Dragunov wins.
  • Brutus Creed w/ Julius Creed VS Damon Kemp; Brutus wins, by disqualification.
  • Pub Rules Match: Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen VS Gallus; Briggs & Jensen win.


Ilja Dragunov is here!

The Czar of NXT UK made his shocking return last week to close out NXT, and he’s here again to open this week’s! Fans are fired up to see him as he gets the mic. They chant, “Welcome Back!” and he says, “Last time I was in NXT, I conquered an unbeatable machine to become champion! I walked into this place like it’s a coliseum. I suffered, I struggled, I endured, but I succeeded in front of all of you with a heart like a gladiator!” Fans cheer that! Dragunov was armed with nothing but a burning will and an inhuman perseverance. He became a Czar, because pain has always been his best friend.

Dragunov returned again to repeat history and achieve his destiny! One more time, he will beat an unbeatable machine to reclaim gold! Fans cheer that, too! Dragunov says this time, his name is not GUNTHER. This time, it’s BRON BREAKKER! But wait! Here comes JD McDonagh! The Irish Ace has a mic of his own, and he tells Ilja that the fans don’t know him as well as JD does. JD knows that Dragunov is “a sneaky, dirty little rat.” JD isn’t surprised Dragunov followed JD to America. Well, JD, Dragunov seems to remember beating JD and forcing him to leave NXT UK. JD admits, that is right, that did happen. But that’s not the end of the story, is it?

No, no, no, because what happens next? Dragunov’s body was so broken up, so battered, that he had to give up the title anyway! JD joins Dragunov in the ring as fans boo. JD asks how the ankle’s doing. Dragunov better hope JD doesn’t get to find out. Fans chant, “He Still Won!” as JD gets in the ring. JD makes one thing clear to Dragunov: “This is not your time. This is MY time. So if I was you, I’d stay just exactly where you’ve been these past few months: on the sidelines. Because if I need to stop you one more time, just once more, I swear to GOD, I will end your career.” But that only seems to pump Dragunov up.

And wait! Now BRON is making his way out! The NXT Champion has his own mic and says, “With everything going on, I was wondering when you were gonna show up. Welcome to NXT, Ilja. You’re a warrior. But with all due respect, my man…” Bron gets in the ring as the fans bark. “This NXT Championship isn’t going anywhere.” JD has Bron stop right there. Bron, use your brain for once! JD Is the #1 Contender to the title! And he just had a great idea. Fans chant ‘TRIPLE THREAT!” but JD says, “Do not make me laugh; I earned my shot.” But maybe these two Alpha Males should beat the snot out of each other, and then after that, JD takes his shot.

Fans boo but Bron says, “Really? You really think we’re gonna fall for that? After all the props I’ve given you for having such a high ring IQ…” But Bron says he’ll help JD out. Bron is champion, JD is #1 contender, but Ilja never lost his UK Championship. So the way Bron sees it, if his math is correct, which it always is… “You have a 33 and a third percent chance o’ winnin’!” Fans cheer the “Breakker” Math. Bron says there’s three of them, so make it a TRIPLE THREAT! JD is the only one upset by this. Bron tells them he’ll see them at HALLOWEEN HAVOC! Bron holds up the belt in a recreation of last week. Will the Big Booty Nephew make sure the numbers spell disaster for JD & Dragunov?


A brawl is going on backstage!

Gallus and the good ol’ boys aren’t waiting for later! They’re fighting NOW! Security does their best to break this up, but that’s easier said than done! Will these teams even wait for the main event’s Pub Rules Match!?


Toxic Attraction walks ‘n’ talks to gorilla.

Mandy Rose knows Alba Fyre is watching, so she tells her that Fallon Henley is about to find out what happens when you cross “The Baddest Bitch in the Game.” So Fyre can put down her bat and start taking some notes. Will the Toxic Goddess sting the Cowgirl and check her off the list? Or is Mandy already going to get burned?


The Schism speaks.

Joe Gacy tells Cameron Grimes, “we tried to show you that the solution to all your problems lies with us in the shade under the Schism’s tree. You refused our embrace. Now the same limbs that reached out will bind you in helplessness.” Jagger Reed says Grimes has been warned. Grimes brought this upon himself. It didn’t have to be this way! “But to change the world for the better, we have to make an example out of you.” Rip Fowler says, “The wrath of The Schism is imminent.” And Grimes, when you wake up tomorrow, both physically and spiritually decimated, just know that as The Schism continues to grow, Grimes will be right back where he started: alone.


Mandy Rose w/ Toxic Attraction VS Fallon Henley!

The Toxic Goddess has held onto her title by hook AND by crook for almost a year now, perhaps even getting lucky here and there. But with Fyre blazing a trail up to her throne, can Mandy focus on Fallon? Or will this Rose’s thorns not matter when trampled by some Cowgirl boots?

The bell rings and fans rally and duel already. Fallon and Mandy circle, tie up, and Mandy gets around to a waistlock and SLAM! Mandy soaks up the heat but Fallon gets in her face. Mandy tells Fallon to hold on, then she wrenches and wristlocks. Fallon rolls, trips Mandy, floats to a headlock and she grinds Mandy down! Mandy keeps her shoulders up, fights up and pulls hair. Mandy powers out, Fallon runs Mandy over! Fallon struts, things speed up, and Mandy hurdles only for Fallon to waistlock! Mandy fights, trips Fallon up but Fallon kicks her away. Mandy handsprings around to basement dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Gigi & Jacy coach Mandy while Mandy kicks Fallon around. “You are nobody!” Fallon snarls and CHOPS Mandy! Fallon whips, Mandy reverses but Fallon ELBOWS her! Fallon runs, shoots around, sits Mandy down and dropkicks her back! Fans fire up with Fallon and she slides to ROCK Mandy at the apron! Fallon tips her cap to the boys then gets back in the ring. Cover, TWO! Fallon drags Mandy up, whips her to a corner but Mandy reverses. Fallon stops herself, elbows Mandy again, but leaps into Mandy’s arms! Mandy FALL AWAY SLAMS Fallon! Fans fire up as Mandy runs in at Fallon, and RAMS her into the corner!

Mandy RAMS her shoulder in again, then lets off to SLAP Fallon. Fans rally and duel, Mandy CLUBS Fallon and ELBOWS her down. Cover, TWO! Mandy drags Fallon up for a suplex! Jacy says that is A+ material. Mandy soaks up the cheers and jeers, then CLUBS Fallon’s arm. Mandy wrenches, ties Fallon up and brings her into an OCTOPUS STRETCH! Fans rally as Fallon endures and fights back! Fallon is free, but Mandy knees low. Mandy reels Fallon in for the GUT WRENCH SLAM! Cover, TWO! Mandy is annoyed but she drags Fallon up and ties her up again. Mandy keeps on that Octopus but Fallon endures.

Fans rally, Fallon fights up, but Mandy digs her elbow into Fallon’s side. Fallon fights and hip tosses free! Mandy rises, Fallon ROCKS her with haymaker after haymaker! Fallon then spins Mandy around to short arm LARIAT! Fans fire up, Fallon runs in and she back elbows Mandy in the corner! Fallon runs but Mandy ROCKS her at the ropes! Toxic Attraction cheers Mandy as she whips Fallon to ropes, but Fallon comes back with a FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Fallon is frustrated but Toxic Attraction is relieved. Fans rally up as the forearms and CHOPS fly! Fallon sobats, front kicks and then wrenches to facelock.

Mandy TOSSES Fallon away, KNEE FROM A ROSE! Cover, Mandy wins!

Winner: Mandy Rose, by pinfall

The Toxic Goddess turns things around in a blink of an eye, and she conquers another filly. Mandy gets a mic to call out Fyre! “I know you’re jealous that I conquered two continents and unified two titles while you were too busy throwing another log on a fire. You may keep the fire going, but you’re looking at the woman who starts them. So this is your last chance.” But then Fyre tells Mandy from the tron that while Mandy is Women’s Champion, Fyre doesn’t do verbal warnings. Fyre is more of a visual person. Fyre has a fire to light the words, “AND NEW!” Mandy is afraid, is she about to have a meltdown against Fyre?


Apollo Crews speaks.

“It is said that revenge is an act of passion, but vengeance is an act of justice. Last week, Grayson Waller got a small taste of what vengeance means. He tried to permanently blind my vision. But in his match, my mere presence blinded him from having an opportunity at the North American Championship. Everything still has a haze to it, but one image sticks out crystal clear.” Apollo envisions Grayson Waller with red eyes! “See you on the other side, Grayson. Keep an eye out, Grayson, because I’m not done with you yet, b*tch!”


Dragunov crosses paths with Xyon Quinn backstage.

Czar, meet The X-Factor. Quinn’s heard a lot about Dragunov. All the hype for nothing, eh? Uh, thanks? Quinn says “In the Book of Xyon, you couldn’t even carry all the weight that’s needed to be champion, let alone get a second chance.” Quinn’s yet to get his first chance to “carry the ball.” Maybe because if he did, no one would take the title from him. Xyon Quinn, right? Dragunov’s also heard a lot about him! Just look at him. Unlimited potential, but a total mental moron. Quinn says Dragunov can’t carry the burden of being a champion, but to Dragunov, no one will ever even call Quinn a champion. But we’ll see who’s right. The ball is in your court, Quinn.


NXT North American Championship Ladder Match Qualifier: Wes Lee VS Tony D’Angelo w/ Channing Lorenzo!

The Must See Kid has Connor’s Cure Thriver, Quinn “The King Crusher” Molitor, by his side as he makes his entrance. Will this support help Lee go for gold? Or will The Don crush dreams and take the golden ticket for his own?

NXT returns as Tony D makes his entrance, Stacks by his side. The bell rings and fans chant, “Tony Sucks!” Tony and Lee tie up, and Tony throws Lee down. Tony taunts Lee, “Are you serious?” Lee gets up, they tie up again, and Tony puts Lee in the corner. The ref counts, Tony lets off at 4 and Lee pushes him back. Lee eggs Tony on as he sits up top. Tony rushes in, Lee goes up and over and headlocks. Tony powers up but Lee holds on. Tony rolls to a cover, ONE, but Lee holds on and grinds the headlock. Tony fights, Trick Williams & Carmelo Hayes watch backstage, and Tony back suplexes free. Lee lands on his feet to drop toehold!

Tony stays up and he drags Lee up. Tony DECKS Lee then drags him around. Lee avoids the elbow drop and he dodges Tony. Lee runs and RANAS Tony, and Tony gets up into a DROPKICK! Tony flops out of the ring, Stacks coaches him up but fans rally for “WES! WES! WES”! Lee builds speed but Stacks stands in the way. The Don needs time! Lee is annoyed so he PLANCHAS Stacks down! Fans fire up and Lee jumps into the ring. Tony has to keep Stacks back now, but Lee eggs them both on. Stacks gets in the ring, Tony says enough! Stacks says he’ll leave, but then he shoves Lee! Tony is upset, but then the ref EJECTS Stacks!

Tony is even more upset that he’s lost his back-up but fans sing “Nana na na, hey hey hey, good bye~!” Stacks fumes while NXT goes picture in picture.

Tony and Lee reset now that things are truly 1v1. Lee and Tony tie up, Tony RAMS Lee into a corner and fires off body shots! Tony lets off as the ref counts, but he CLUBS Lee down. Tony stalks Lee along the ropes, bumps him off buckles, then bumps him off more buckles. The ref reprimands, Tony bumps Lee off the bottom buckle and digs his boot in! Tony lets off with a stomp, then paces around. Tony digs his boots in again, lets off with another stomp, but Lee kicks back from below! Lee throws body shots, Tony CLUBS Lee down, and Tony stalks Lee to the ropes. Tony drags Lee up, RAMS him back into the corner, and hoists Lee up. Tony back drops Lee away! Cover, TWO!

Tony is annoyed, but he looms over Lee. Tony drags Lee up, throws body shots, then hits a HALF HATCH SUPLEX! Lee writhes and Tony smirks. Tony drags Lee up and ROCKS him with a right. Lee staggers to ropes, Tony whips him to a corner hard, and Lee bounces off buckles. Tony taunts Lee, and the fans, then stands on Lee’s neck at the ropes. The ref counts, Tony lets off and he drags Lee up. Tony whips Lee into the corner hard again! Tony talks trash, paces around, then KICKS Lee in the side! And again!

NXT returns to single picture as Lee blocks a kick! Lee holds onto the foot but Tony drags him up by his hair. The ref reprimands but Tony ROCKS Lee then whips him to ropes. Tony scoops Lee for a tilt-o-whirl SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO! Tony clamps onto Lee with a chinlock and he grinds him down. Fans rally, Trick & Melo like what they see as Tony fishhooks Lee’s face. The ref counts, Tony lets off, and fans rally as Lee endures. Lee fights up, moves around, and he throws hands. Tony CLUBS Lee down, fans duel, and Tony drags Lee up to SLAP him. Lee snarls as Tony talks more trash, and Lee stands back up.

Tony runs in but Lee drop toeholds him into buckles! Fans rally, Lee and Tony slowly rise, but Tony hobbles on a bad leg. Lee staggers, but the ref calls it! “Due to referee stoppage, the winner of this match is Wes Lee.”

Winner: Wes Lee, by referee stoppage (advances to Halloween Havoc)

Lee seems even more deflated than Tony. Lee wanted to earn the spot in the match, but it seems that drop toehold did the damage. Will Lee just have to accept this and fight to earn that North American Championship?


Backstage interview with Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams.

McKenzie asks the former North American Champion how he feels that Wes Lee now has an equal shot at the title. Melo says he doesn’t care about Lee. Go ask Lee how he feels after Melo & Trick put his head in a locker and slamming it shut. But then Oro Mensah walks over to introduce himself. Trick, Melo, it is Oro’s pleasure meeting them. Oro looks forward to facing Melo, Wes, and whoever else qualifies for the ladder match. Melo knows who Oro is. He respects the drip. They can hang out, put Oro’s face on a shirt or something, but at Halloween Havoc, make no mistake, it’s every man for themselves, playboy.

Oro takes off the sunglasses to get serious as he says, “Looking forward to it.” Melo & Trick head out, but will The A Champion still become a champion with the competition stacking up?


It’s A Day in the Life of Pretty Deadly.

AKA “A Day in the Life of YOUR NXT Tag Team Champions.” Elton Prince 7 Kit Wilson, the “tastiest snacks in the whole universe.” To maintain their physiques, it looks like they rise at 4 AM to hit the gym, but they don’t. They wake up at 10 AM and have breakfast in bed. They’d get a butler, but they don’t want anyone disturbing their “utopia.” At 11 AM, they go through their extensive wardrobe and pick out the perfect outfits for the day. They always make sure to take a few extra minutes to make sure they look ravishing.

At 2 PM, they’re almost ready to go. They take an hour each to brush each other’s magnificent hair. Then the stop for a quick cup of tea, and then they hit the gym. When they work out, they don’t lift weights. They’re not animals. They’re works of art! They are the yin to each other’s yang, using each other as the equipment. Then after training, they bask in the wonderfulness of each other. Two to three hours of appreciating what makes them the greatest tag team in NXT history, and two of the most handsome creatures to ever walk the earth. #YesBoy. They are YOUR NXT Tag Team Champions, Kit Wilson, Elton Prince, Pretty Deadly!


Sol Ruca VS Amari Miller!

The surfer girl has come ashore to start her journey in NXT, and she’s ready to ride a wave of momentum! Will Ruca hang ten? Or will she wipe out against the Vibe of St. Louis?

The bell rings, Sol and Amari shake hands to show there is respect. They tie up, Sol wrenches but Amari reverses. Fans rally for Sol as Amari pushes with the top wristlock. Sol bridges back, powers up, but Amari trips her up! Amari keeps on the arm but Sol kips up. Sol wrenches, wristlocks, then sunset flips! ONE, Amari shoots around to a waistlock but Sol slips free with a spin! Amari blocks the sobat, then she flips Sol! Sol does her best to land out but still falls on her butt. Amari facelocks and fires forearms! Solo throws body shots in return, but Amari CLUBS her down. Amari shoves Sol but Sol rolls back to headscissor!

Sol storms up on Amari, whips, but Amari reverses. Sol flips through the hip toss to FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Sol brings Amari up and CLUBS her. Amari shoves back and RAMS into Sol. Amari whips but Sol sunset flips again! Amari stays up to sit on the cover, ONE! Sol has the sunset, TWO! Amari knees low, brings Sol around and whips, but Sol goes up and over! Sol rolls through, DROPKICKS Amari down, and then covers, TWO! Amari is hanging tough but Solo drags her up. Amari pries free to step over and HEEL KICK! Sol stays up, the LEG LARIAT takes her down! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally for Sol but Amari clamps on a straitjacket stretch! Sol endures, Amari thrashes her around, and fans rally up. Sol fights up, Amari monkey flips her away, but Sol avoids the boot! Sol arm-drags Amari, runs her over with shoulder tackle after shoulder tackle, then she DROPKICKS again! Fans fire up and Sol runs at Amari in the corner, HANDSPRING SPLASH! Sol pushes Amari down, and then STANDING SOMERSAULT LEG DROPS! Cover, Sol wins!

Winner: Sol Ruca, by pinfall

A big win for the debuting surfer-gymnast hybrid, but she still shows respect to Amari. Amari shakes her hand and fans cheer. Will both Sol and Amari be future champions in NXT?


Security again keeps Gallus contained.

Wolfgang and the Coffey Brothers back down towards the door, but then Joe DECKS one of the guards! Gallus goes into their locker room, but will there be repercussions for that unnecessary assault?


Cameron Grimes VS Joe Gacy w/ The Schism!

The Carolina Caveman continues to be a lone wolf, and that upsets Mr. Inclusion to no end. Will Grimes face the so-called wrath of The Schism? Or will chop down that tree Gacy keeps talking about and use it as green energy to go #ToTheMoon?

The bell rings and Grimes BOOTS Gacy! And KICKS away on him at the ropes! Fans fire up, the ref counts, Grimes lets off at 4, and The Dyad gets Gacy out of the ring. Grimes reaches out but Gacy trips him up. Gacy drags Grimes out to RAM him into the apron and CLUB away on him! Then Gacy stomps away on Grimes! Gacy puts Grimes in the ring, they throw forearms, and Gacy ROCKS Grimes. Gacy CLUBS Grimes more, whips him to ropes, but Grimes hurdles and CLOBBERS Gacy! Grimes runs and CLOBBERS Gacy again! Grimes whips, kitchen sink knees, then SLIDING BOOTS! Fans fire up while Gacy bails out.

Grimes goes to the apron but The Dyad block his way. Grimes LEAPS over them to CANNONBALL Gacy! Grimes puts Gacy in, glares at The Dyad, then hurries into the ring. But Gacy clotheslines him in the corner! And then he hits an URENAGE! Gacy crawls after Grimes, “You could’ve had your chance.” Gacy says those chances are gone, and he stomps Grimes around. Gacy drops an elbow, then drags Grimes up. Grimes throws body shots but Gacy whips him into the corner hard! Grimes bounces off buckles, Gacy hits a DDT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Grimes as Gacy sits him up. Gacy throws hands, then he tells Grimes that it is over for him!

Grimes snarls and he throws body shots back! Grimes swings, but into an URE- NO! Grimes arm-drags free and ROUNDHOUSES Gacy! Gacy wobbles, Grimes SUPERKICKS him down! Fans fire up and Grimes aims from a corner. But Rip Fowler gets up! Grimes DECKS him, Jagger Reed distracts! Gacy HANDSPRING LARIATS! Cover, Gacy wins!

Winner: Joe Gacy, by pinfall

Gacy entered the Upside-Down, and with help from The Dyad, he cuts Grimes down. Will the Schism continue to pass judgment on those who refuse to join them?


Backstage interview with Grayson Waller.

McKenzie asks if Waller saw Apollo’s “vision.” Of course he did! You think he’s pacing around for cardio? Apollo isn’t Naz-tra-dumbass, though! You mean Nostradamus? Yeah, whatever! Did you see what Waller’s eyes looked like in that vision? Waller can’t let that happen to his beautiful emerald green eyes! And if you look closely enough, you can see there’s just a speck of sky blue in them. Do you know how rare that is? But y’know what color they aren’t? RED. If he’s so nervous, then he can just stay home next week.

And what? Deprive the fans of the second episode of The Grayson Waller Effect? He already has Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade booked as guests! Those two in the ring together, it’s gonna be fire! But Waller says he’ll just get extra security. No way that vision comes true with extra security! No stress, he’s Grayson Waller. Waller hurries off, but will nothing stop Apollo’s vision from becoming a reality?


Nikkita Lyons w/ Zoey Stark VS Kayden Carter w/ Katana Chance!

The NXT Women’s Tag Team Division is heating up, and the dynamic duo that almost didn’t happen are hungry for that gold! Will Lyons’ pride get her a big win over the Filipina Spitfire? Or will the champions prove they’re strong even in singles competition?

NXT returns as KC Squared make their entrance. Lyons likes the music, and the bell rings. Kayden and Lyons circle as fans rally and duel. They tie up, Kayden gets around and slaps dat ass. But uh, that’s a brick house right there, so Lyons shrugs it off. Lyons and Kayden tie up, Lyons waistlocks and SLAMS Kayden down. Lyons holds onto the waistlock but Kayden fights up. Lyons SLAMS Kayden back down! Kayden fights up again, Lyons shifts to a headlock but Kayden slips out to get her own headlock. Lyons powers out, does the splits, but Kayden handsprings over to shimmy ‘n’ shake. Fans cheer and Lyons kips up.

Lyons and Kayden circle, Kayden evades the grapple to kangaroo kick and Eddy Gordo kick! Kayden whips, Lyons reverses but Kayden slides under. Kayden tries a sunset flip but Lyons stays up. Kayden avoids Lyons’ stomp, then she trips Lyons to EDDY GORDO! Cover, TWO! Kayden keeps cool and brings Lyons up. Lyons KICKS back, KICKS the other leg, ROCKS and body shots and URAKENS! Kayden staggers, into a HEEL KICK! Fans are torn as Lyons drags Kayden back up. Lyons scoops but Kayden slips off. Kayden tries a roll-up but Lyons stays up to stomp Kayden down. Lyons then scuffs Kayden to a corner and somersaults to RANA! Kayden flounders, Lyons covers, TWO!

Lyons keeps on Kayden with a straitjacket while Katana and Stark coach them on. Fans rally, Kayden endures the cobra clutch but Lyons grinds her down. Lyons leans on the hold, Kayden fights back up, but Lyons wrangles her down! Fans rally, Kayden fights, and Kayden arm-drags free! Lyons storms up but into a kick and another EDDY GORDO! Roll into the GHOST PIN, TWO!! Lyons escapes but Kayden runs in, into a BOOT! And another BOOT! Lyons scoops for a MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Kayden survives and Katana is relieved. Lyons drags Kayden up, swings but Kayden bobs ‘n’ weaves to kick and SUPERKICK!

Kayden aims again, runs, and she BOOT WASHES Lyons in the ropes! Cover, TWO! Lyons is still in this but fans rally up. Kayden knuckle locks Lyons, CHOPS her, then CHOPS again. Kayden goes up and up but Lyons trips her up! Kayden flops down, fans are torn but Katana coaches Kayden. But the ROARING ROUNDHOUSE and the LYONS DEN hit first!! Cover, Lyons wins!

Winner: Nikkita Lyons, by pinfall

Stark celebrates with her tag partner as they check off one half of the champions. But will it be a different story when it’s 2v2?


Chase U holds a public pep rally.

Andre Chase is on stage with Bodhi Hayward & Thea Hail. Chase says that because of the win he and Bodhi scored over Melo & Trick last week, in which Chase pinned Melo, Chase has earned himself a North American Championship Ladder Match qualifier next week! Everyone cheers that news! But who is it against? Von Wagner. Boo! Chase says he’ll beat Von and go to Halloween Havoc to become the NEW North American Champion! Everyone cheers that on! Chase U forever! Chase now opens things to questions from the press. Dave has a question: How confident is Chase going into his match, having never beaten Von Wagner before?

“Who the **** have you ever beaten, Dave?! You think that was a five star question!?” Has Dave ever even gotten in the ring? When Chase punches Von, he’ll be thinking of Dave’s stupid, smug face! Now THAT is a #TeachableMoment! But will Chase be the one to fail the test against vicious Von?


Nathan Frazer speaks.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve been tied at one-all. When I was playing soccer, I was always the guy that my team turned to when we needed to pull ahead. Me and Axiom, we’re all square, and headed into extra time in the decider. But now, the stakes are even higher: a place in the NXT North American Championship Ladder Match at Halloween Havoc. With everything level in a Cup Final, and the minutes ticking down, every player on the field tightens up. But that is when I’m at my most outrageous and dangerous. The ball came over my head, and I volleyed it to the goal from like 30 yards to propel us to the championship.

“I’m sure Axiom is gonna pull out moves that we’ve never seen before. But so am I. This is the biggest match of our careers. We’re gonna empty our playbooks, because it’s win or go home. And I just got the ball with the clock ticking down and the game on the line.” Will the British Prodigy score a game-winning goal? Or will he be denied his chance at gold?


Ilja Dragunov VS Xyon Quinn!

The Czar is back in a big way! He’ll be part of a Triple Threat at Halloween Havoc, against a great rival in JD McDonagh and a great champion in Bron Breakker. But will he prove Xyon isn’t either of those things in this return match? Or will UNBESIEGBAR fall to “The X-Factor” of NXT?

The bell rings and Dragunov circles with Quinn. They tie up, Dragunov wrenches an arm and then hooks a leg to wrangle Quinn to a headlock. Quinn fights up, fans rally for Dragunov and Dragunov shifts his grip. Quinn throws body shots, pries the hold open and headlocks Dragunov. But Dragunov hip tosses him down! Cover, ONE, but Dragunov facelocks. Fans still rally for Dragunov as Quinn powers up and out. They RAM shoulders, Quinn rebounds but into another headlock takeover! Dragunov grinds but Quinn fights up. Dragunov wrenches, Quinn ROCKS him, but Dragunov CHOPS back!

Dragunov reels Quinn in for a cobra twist! Quinn endures, reaches out, and fans rally. Quinn pries at the hold, pulls Dragunov’s hair, then HIP TOSSES Dragunov away! Fans boo as Dragunov goes to a corner. Quinn runs in to back elbow Dragunov! Quinn fires body shots, and then he smirks as Dragunov sputters. Quinn stands Dragunov up but Dragunov CHOPS, CLUBS, and CHOPS again! Quinn shoves Dragunov and becomes a wall! Dragunov bounces off him and fans boo. Quinn whips Dragunov into a corner, then scoops him for a BACKBREAKER! Quinn then STANDING SPLASHES! Cover, ONE!!

Quinn is practically offended but he clamps onto Dragunov with a cobra clutch. Dragunov endures and fights up! It shocks and upsets Quinn but fans rally up! Quinn ripcords but Dragunov SLAPS him! Quinn SLAPS back, but Dragunov PELES! Both men wobble and drop to their knees but fans fire up! Dragunov snarls, waistlocks, but Quinn switches. Quinn shoves, but Dragunov comes back with the CONSTANTINE SPECIAL! Fans fire up and Dragunov is feeling it! Dragunov waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX Quinn! Dragunov holds on, but Quinn fights! Quinn throws back elbows but Dragunov ducks one to fire knees in return!

Now Dragunov fires palm strike after palm strike, and then a suplex! FALLING FOREARM! Fans fire up for Dragunov after that one! Dragunov aims from the corner, “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!” TORPEDO MOSCOW! Cover, Dragunov wins!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by pinfall

Fans are fired up to see The Czar hasn’t missed a step! Will Dragunov take down both the Irish Ace and the Dog Faced Gremlin’s Son to take back his throne?


NXT hears from Wendy Choo and Lash Legend.

“When I hear Lash Legend speak, it’s like listening to nails on a chalkboard. I don’t apologize for sticking up for myself. And I’m not letting Lash Legend and her huge ego interrupt my ego.” Lash says she has no problems with how Wendy dresses, does her hair or anything like that. “You do you, boo.” But when Lash has something to say, you get up out the way. It doesn’t matter if you’re Wendy Choo, Doja Cat, Beyoncé, Lizzo, you move! Buh-bye! Wendy says Lash thinks she can pick on her. But why? Cuz she’s smaller? Not as loud? Not as obnoxious? Well, that last one is impossible.

And Wendy proved in Lights Out that when she gets pushed and pushed, she can tap into the dark side. That is what Lash gets next week! Lash says when you piss her off, she kicks your head off. If Wendy wants to see this next one coming, no problem there. Wendy’s face can kiss the heel of Lash’s boot again. Mwah. Wendy says she gets it. When you have natural ability like Lash, it is hard to be humble. But Wendy will humble Lash. Lash says Wendy is an athlete, but not one like Lash. Wendy says next week, we’ll hear this: … Yep! NOTHING. Because Wendy’s gonna shut up the biggest mouth in NXT history!

Lash says get Wendy’s bed, hug pillow and nightlight, because she’s putting Wendy to bed, OKAY~? But just who is going to take a three second nap at the end of their match?


Brutus Creed VS Damon Kemp!

The Diamond Mine had a snake inside their camp the whole time, and it was the Golden Gopher all along! The Creeds lost their NXT Tag Team Championships because of Kemp, will #BrutusSmash? Or will Kemp have another trick up his proverbial sleeve to pour salt in the wounds?

Kemp makes his entrance second, and Brutus rushes him at the ramp! They brawl, fans fire up, and Kemp ROCKS Brutus with forearms and body shots. But Brutus brings Kemp along and puts him in the ring! The bell rings, Brutus TACKLES Kemp and fires hands! Kemp gets up but Brutus tackles him again! Brutus throws a knee, then he gut wrench THROWS Kemp! Kemp staggers up, Brutus runs in, but into a FLAPJACK HOTSHOT! Brutus sputters but Kemp KICKS him down! Kemp CLUBS Brutus, cravats, and he grinds Brutus down. Brutus endures and fans rally up. Brutus fights up and gets a leg to suplex Kemp!

But Kemp holds onto the cravat! Kemp grinds Brutus again but fans rally as Brutus endures. Brutus fights up, rolls, but Kemp stays clamped on! Kemp talks trash but Brutus fights up again. Kemp RAMS Brutus into buckles, and again, and again! The ref counts, but Kemp GRINDS Brutus’ face on ropes! Brutus endures, fans rally, but Kemp throws knees. Brutus is starting to fade inside that cravat! But fans rally, Kemp snapmares Brutus then redoes the cravat. Kemp then drops an elbow! Kemp facelocks, fans boo but Brutus still endures. Brutus fights up and he scoops Kemp to SLAM him down! Fans fire up as Brutus is free!

Brutus runs in but Kemp sends him into buckles! Kemp grins, brings the straps down, and he mocks Brutus’ bear crawl. Kemp SLAPS Brutus, but Brutus snarls! Brutus storms up on Kemp, rolls him up, TWO! Brutus POUNCES Kemp to the ropes!! Kemp flops out of the ring and he’s furious. Kemp grabs a chair and he JAMS Brutus! And SMACKS him! And again and again!!

Winner: Brutus Creed, by disqualification

Kemp tells Brutus to get up and he puts him in the ring. Kemp keeps after Brutus with the chair! Refs rush out to try and stop Kemp but now Kemp just shouts in Brutus’ face! Kemp then tells Julius that if he wants some, he can come get some! Kemp storms off, telling Brutus he’s nothing! Will all this only bring more pain down on Kemp’s head?


Quincy Elliot talks with Sanga backstage.

The Super Diva asks why the Gentleman Fighter is so down. Sanga says last week, Quincy had a great win while Sanga did not fare so well against Von Wagner of all people. Quincy says that’s alright, there’s plenty of Quincy love to go around. Keep your head up. Sanga gives a lot of advice, but sometimes he needs it. Thank you, brother. Of course, you got this. Sanga heads out, and Xyon enters in. Quincy wants him to hold on. Remember that talk they had last week? Quincy watched Quinn’s match, and that X-Factor thing Quinn keeps talking about… Yeah, Quincy just doesn’t see it. Teehee, laters.

Quinn’s even more upset now. Will he look to ruin Quincy’s good times for his honest opinion?


NXT Media catches up with Stark & Lyons.

They congratulate Lyons on the win tonight, she and Stark are picking up momentum going towards the NXT Women’s Tag Team titles. Lyons thanks them for that. Kayden put up a great fight, but the results make it clear. Lyons & Stark are coming for the titles! Stark agrees. With Lyons’ power and Stark’s experience, they’ll be unstoppable. Those titles are coming home with them soon enough. “You guys can’t be serious.” Toxic Attraction walk over and Jacy says Stark & Lyons are nowhere near ready for their titles. Uh, their titles? Didn’t Gigi & Jacy lose? Oh yeah, they did! So those are NOT their titles.

Gigi says those titles look good on them, not on Lyons & Stark. Ew, could you imagine? Mandy says Lyons & Stark should just shut up right now, cuz it’s 3v2. Oh, really? You think they’re scared? But then WOOSH, Fyre lights another fire! Seems now the odds are even. Lyons & Stark like this, but Toxic Attraction backs down. Will Fyre help Lyons & Stark burn down the Toxic Empire once and for all?


Pub Rules Match: Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen VS Gallus!

As if these teams weren’t in fighting moods before, they’ve been after each other all night! Now things get to finally pop off, with plenty of kegs and Guinness at ringside! Who will end up under the table? And who will be the boys on top?

NXT returns as Briggs & Jensen make their entrance. Briggs is bringing a bull rope to this bar brawl! The bell rings and the brawl is on! Jensen throws hands with Mark Coffey but ends up cornered, while Briggs backs down Wolfie! Wolfgang turns things around on Briggs but Jensen turns things around on Mark. Well, not for long as Mark ROCKS Jensen. Wolfgang bumps Briggs off buckles, the hands fly more, but Jensen throws body shots. Wolfgang shoves Briggs out, he takes Briggs’ rope and LASHES Jensen! Mark goes out after Briggs to CLUB him down! Wolfgang digs his boots in on Jensen while Mark throws more hands.

Wolfgang fishhooks Jensen so he can watch Mark throw hands on Briggs. Mark grabs a trash can lid, but Briggs kicks him first. Briggs gets a trash can lid now, but Mark kicks back. Both men stagger, and Briggs CHUCKS the can at Mark’s head! Down goes Markus while Wolfgang CHOKES Jensen! Wolfgang stomps Jensen but Briggs CLUBS Wolfgang. The good ol’ boys hit back, double whip Wolfgang to ropes, and they double shoulder tackle Wolfgang down! They bring Wolfgang up, but Mark CLOBBERS Briggs! Mark BOOTS Jensen, Wolfgang throws hands on Briggs. Fans rally with “USA! USA!” but the brawl still goes Gallus’ way.

Jensen and Briggs hit back, Mark knees low and Wolfgang claws Briggs’ eyes! The Gallus Boys each whip Briggs & Jensen, but Briggs BOOTS Wolfgang and Jensen WHEEL KICKS Mark! Gallus bails out to regroup and fans fire up! Mark and Wolfgang go under the ring to bring out a TABLE! Fans love that, and Jensen hurries to match them! There’s another table in play as Jensen puts it in the ring. Briggs helps set the table up in a corner, and both teams dare the other to bring it. Briggs & Jensen go out but Gallus hurries around the way. Gallus gets the trash can lids, and Briggs has Jensen stand down so he doesn’t get clobbered.

Briggs & Jensen nod at each other and go looking under the ring. They bring out chairs! Fans fire up as the chairs and lids clash! The chairs win out, Briggs & Jensen SMACK Wolfgang & Mark on the backs! And again! And then they focus on Mark as Wolfgang bails out! Mark bails out and the fans fire up for the good ol’ boys as NXT goes picture in picture.

Briggs & Jensen dare Gallus to get back in the ring. Mark paces while Wolfgang checks his hands. Gallus starts throwing trash cans and lids into the ring, but Briggs & Jensen easily catch those and set them down. Gallus is annoyed as Jensen throws a can back! Gallus go to commentary to complain, and they hurry with trash cans, but they get DOUBLE DROPKICKS! Gallus hits the desk, then Briggs & Jensen put Wolfgang in! Briggs & Jensen corner Wolfgang to forearm and clothesline! Then they double whip Wolfgang to atomic drop and- Mark CLOBBERS Briggs! Jensen DECKS Mark, but Wolfgang CLOBBERS Jensen!

Wolfgang drags Jensen up and POSTS him! Wolfgang then fires off on Briggs at the apron. Briggs hits back, and now they brawl on the edge. Wolfgang kicks Briggs down but Briggs ROCKS Wolfgang back. They brawl more, Briggs gets the edge, but Wolfgang ROCKS him back. Briggs BOOTS Wolfgang down! Briggs then LEAPS at Mark, but Mark DECKS him out of the sky!

NXT returns to single picture, Mark whips Briggs to Wolfgang for the scoop. GAMANGIRI to POWERSLAM! Gallus stands over Briggs, and then they go after Jensen. Jensen throws haymakers! Fans fire up but Mark knees Jensen low. Mark whips Jensen to kitchen sink knee! Wolfgang SENTONS! Cover, TWO! Mark drags Jensen up to Backslide, and then Wolfgang KNEES a chair into Jensen’s face!! Jensen flounders and writhes in pain but Mark covers, TWO!! Jensen survives but Mark covers again, TWO! Gallus is annoyed, but they drop knees on Jensen. Wolfgang covers, TWO! Jensen reaches out but Mark smothers him.

Mark takes Jensen’s belt off him and now he has a leather strap! Wolfgang rips Jensen’s shirt off, but Briggs CLOBBERS Mark! Briggs fires off forearms but he gets mugged 2v1! And then CATAPULT FOREARM COMBO! Briggs is dazed, Mark takes his belt from him, and Gallus loom over both good ol’ boys. They LASH and LASH and LASH both Briggs & Jensen! Fans are stinging just watching and listening to this! LASH after LASH after LASH mark up Briggs & Jensen! Briggs & Jensen fight back but they just get more LASHES! Mark & Wolfgang prepare to use all the slack, but Briggs & Jensen block the lashing!

Briggs HEADBUTTS Mark, Jensen HEADBUTTS Wolfgang, and fans fire up! Now the tide has turned, time for the LASHING of Gallus!! LASH after LASH, and then they literally put Gallus on the ropes. Briggs puts Wolfgang’s shirt over his head while Mark’s shirt is just gone, Briggs & Jensen DOUBLE LASH!! Gallus writhes and fans want that “ONE MORE TIME!” The good ol’ boys instead slide out to DOUBLE HAYMAKER! And then, they spot the table with the pitcher on it. Fans chant for “BEER! BEER! BEER!” Briggs & Jensen grab a mug each, to SMASH them on Gallus’ heads!! Briggs & Jensen put Mark in the ring and then put him in a trash can!

Mark is upside-down, but here comes Joe! The Iron King is furious, but Briggs & Jensen DOUBLE BOOT him down, and Joe falls through the table!! The good ol boys are all fired-up, and Wolfgang runs in, DOUBLE HIP TOSS through the other table!! Mark gets right-side-up, for the COUNTRY HIGH LOW!! Cover, Jensen & Briggs win!

Winners: Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen, by pinfall

The Pub Rules Match turned more into a slobber knocker, and we saw that country boys can survive! Will Gallus not leave it at this? Just how much wilder can this one get? Well, speaking of, Gallus isn’t letting security push them back, Wolfgang DECKS one! And then refs rush out, only for Joe to DECK one of them!! That’ll be a mighty big fine! Well now police storm in! They ARREST Gallus for disorderly conduct! Will not even the law stop this firm from taking over?

My Thoughts:

A great NXT with a lot of great things set up for Halloween Havoc. For one, great vignette from Nathan Frazer to frame his rivalry with Axiom within his favorite thing outside of wrestling in soccer. As if Frazer VS Axiom Round 3 wasn’t going to be great already, making it a qualifier for the North American Championship Ladder match is going to boost that into something amazing. Either guy can win and either guy will make an awesome addition to that ladder match. Chase U has a great “pep rally,” and we got another classic Andre Chase outburst. Chase VS Von definitely feels like Von’s to win, but I would love if Chase got another shocker upset.

Wes VS Tony was really good, but I feel like that had to be a legit injury for Tony D. There’s no way NXT would intentionally make that part of story, but they can definitely spin it for story. Wes has to prove to everyone, including himself, that he deserves to be in the ladder match, so he might go above and beyond with wild spots. Given that, maybe Wes dooms himself and overdoes it, allowing someone else to win the title. Melo & Trick also keep hating on Wes so whether it’s Melo or Wes who wins, they can have an awesome feud going into the Fall and whatever NXT special parallels Survivor Series this year.

Great segment from Dragunov, JD and Bron with great use of continuity from NXT UK. And while I personally don’t think a Triple Threat is best for this, obviously the fans all wanted it, and Bron even played along by doing his own take on Steiner Math so that was fun. I just hope that this Triple Threat doesn’t go the way of Mandy Rose using Blair Davenport and Meiko Satomura against each other to win. Bron has had a great time in NXT, but he could easily move up to RawDown. My main thing is, Dragunov cannot, should not and better not be fed to further boost Bron. Dragunov can pin JD so that Bron loses without losing, clean exit and finally NXT UK gets some respect over here.

Mandy VS Fallon was a solid opening match but of course Mandy wins. She calls out Fyre, but then Fyre throws it back at her, obviously we’re getting that title match for Halloween Havoc. Lyons VS Kayden was a great match but it makes sense for Lyons to win since this was 1v1. Lyons, Stark & Fyre have a great confrontation with Toxic Attraction, that is definitely a Six Woman Tag to help factor things in for the women’s title and women’s tag titles. I almost feel like we’ll get a Triple Threat Tag for the women’s tag titles just so we get another situation of one side losing without really losing any power levels. Lyons & Stark can pin Toxic, they can pin KC Squared, the other goes after Lyons & Stark for the Fall season.

Decent promo from The Schism and a really good match from Grimes VS Gacy. The Dyad of course make the difference and Gacy wins, and I further believe this is leading to a Six Man Tag of The Schism VS Grimes, Edris & Malik. Good promo from Apollo and good response from Waller. I have a weird feeling Apollo VS Waller can end up an Eye for an Eye match like Seth Rollins had with Rey Mysterio a couple years ago. Waller also having Roxanne AND Cora on his talk show, he’s of course going to stir the pot, but we all know Roxie VS Cora II was going to happen at some point, so this is a good way to get multiple stories going at once.

Good debut match from Sol Ruca, and with her athletic background, there are parallels between her and Tiffany Stratton, so I’m almost expecting Sol’s first feud to be with Tiffany. Wendy and Lash have a good promo segment, their match will be very good, and it could go either way. Wendy kept her feud with Tiffany going even after losses, so whether Wendy loses or Lash does, they both have that character where they’ll just go back for more. Dragunov has a great return match with Quinn, and of course Dragunov wins. Sanga, Quincy and Quinn had a good segment backstage, and Quinn is a good foil for Quincy to feud with.

Really good match from Brutus and Kemp, but obviously Kemp wasn’t worried about winning, just hurting Brutus. Mission accomplished there and obviously we’ll get Julius VS Kemp next. It’s just rather odd that Kemp still wears the singlet he spray painted last week. I’m sure Kemp will have his own, non-Diamond-Mine ring gear soon, and since Damon Kemp is a former Minnesota wrestler, I’m hoping for gold and maroon. That’d look pretty awesome, especially to contrast the blue and white of Diamond Mine.

We got great segments from Gallus and the good ol’ boys all night, especially with Gallus pushing the limits with NXT security. That main event was awesome stuff, and I’m a bit surprised Briggs & Jensen won, but HHHBK seem to really like those guys. But I feel like having Gallus arrested is actually the wrong way to go about this. Hank Walker should’ve stormed out there cuz he’s basically alpha security guard. Also, Hank has felt like the third man in the Country Boys stable since he showed up on Level Up months ago. Maybe that still happens next week, with a segment where Gallus is released on bail and Hank gets in their face. Then we can get Briggs, Jensen & Hank VS Gallus in a huge Six Man Tag for Halloween Havoc, whatever wild stipulation attached to it you want.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (9/27/22)

Universal Studios turns it up to 11!



AEW Dark 2

Angel Dorado takes on the Saint of Augusta!

The #INHUMAN Dante Martin is ready to shine in the Dark! Will he fly high against one half of the Workhorseman as AEW continues in Orlando?


  • Fuego Del Sol VS Jay Malachi; Fuego wins.
  • Leila Grey VS Tiara James; Grey wins.
  • Jeeves Kay w/ The Trustbusters VS Gus De La Vega; Jeeves wins.
  • Jora Johl VS Blake Li; Johl wins.
  • Anna Jay A.S VS Kelly Madan; Anna wins.
  • Ryan Nemeth VS Arjun Singh; Nemeth wins.
  • Leon Ruffin VS BSHP King; Ruffin wins.
  • Angelico VS Caleb Konley; Angelico wins.
  • The Renegade Twins VS Mila Moore & Mylo; The Renegade Twins win.
  • Nick Comoroto w/ The Factory VS Shaheem Ali; Comoroto wins.
  • Dante Martin w/ Matt Sydal VS Anthony Henry w/ JD Drake; Dante wins.


Solid line up, and it is great to see Fuego Del Sol back in action. He had that scary situation months ago about the hole in his neck, so he’s clearly made a great recovery. I’m sure he’ll get a great win tonight, but I’m wondering where he’ll go in AEW now that he’s back.

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