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Mitchell’s Women of Wrestling Results & Report! (10/26/19)

The Beast and Jungle Grrrl settle their grudge!



WoW Season 2

How long can Tessa Blanchard keep this up?

The Born Legend has been using Sophia Lopez’s influence to avoid truly challenging competition. But at the same time, the other “contenders” have given her more than she bargained for. Will Tessa have to face the biggest and the baddest after all? Or will she get caught off-guard by her own game plan?



  • The Monsters of Madness VS The Bully Busters; The Monsters of Madness win.
  • Serpentine w/ Sophia Lopez VS Reyna Reyes; Serpentine wins.
  • WOW Tag Team Championship Series: Holidead & Siren VS The Psycho Sisters w/ Mesmeriah; Holidead & Siren win and advance to the next round.
  • WOW World Championship #1 Contender’s Match: The Beast VS Jungle Grrrl; Jungle Grrrl wins, by disqualification, and will face Tessa Blanchard for the title.


Previously on Women of Wrestling…

Enraged by being denied her shot at the WOW World Champion, The Beast took her frustrations out on the Norwegian Nightmare, Nikki Krampus. Krampus was big and bad, but not big and bad enough to stop the rampage. The Beast then demanded she have her shot at Tessa Blanchard, “if she’s got the guts!” Tessa had guts enough to show up, as a decoy for Jungle Grrrl to attack! Will there be retribution in store for both The Diamond and the Queen of the Splash?


Welcome BACK to WOW!

Jungle Grrrl speaks! She’s an animal, and she’s here to stake her claim. The Beast is just in her way! But the Beast is in the ring to respond. David McLane asks if JG is ready for The Beast? “Jungle Grrrl doesn’t want none of the Beast!” The fans agree and McLane makes this grudge match our main event once again! The winner will finally get that title shot on Tessa Blanchard, who is barred from ringside!


WOW profiles the Monsters of Madness.

Jessicka Havok was a terrifying force all on her own, bulldozing right up to the main event scene. Ever since she was young, Jessicka made it her mission to hurt whoever was in the ring with her. She was impressive against The Beast and Jungle Grrrl in their Triple Threat, but it took Hazard’s help to beat the two animals down. Now they’re reunited and ready to wreak some havoc on the WOW roster! Havok has power, Hazard has technique, and they’re here to take the WOW Tag Team Championships, “and pave a path of destruction against anyone who steps in the ring with us!” The Bully Busters think they know what it is to be terrorized, but just you wait! “The Monsters of Madness will completely destroy both of you!”


The Monsters of Madness VS The Bully Busters!

This is not part of the WOW Tag Team Championship Series, but it could be a chance for Keta Rush and Stephy Slays to make a strong showing against the physically strongest team in the locker room! Or it could be the last time we see these underdog heroes in the ring period… Fans cheer their hearts out, but will their hearts be as broken as the Bully Busters’ bodies after this?

The teams sort out, and Stephy starts against Hazard. They circle and tie up, and Hazard powers Stephy to a corner. Hazard hoists Stephy up fast, but Stephy boots back! Then crossbodies! Hazard throws Stephy off fast, but runs into an arm-drag! Stephy gets another! Stephy holds onto the arm but Hazard stands up. Keta tags in and the Busters double whip. They double clothesline Hazard down, Keta covers, TWO! Havok swipes at Keta but she gets away. Keta regroups with Stephy to talk strategy while Havok tags in. Havok rushes Keta but Keta dodges to throw a forearm! Havok doesn’t flinch, she only roars! Keta throws knees and kicks then tags in Stephy. The Busters double whip but Havok blocks to whip them! And Havok double clotheslines the Busters down!

Keta bails out and Stephy is stuck with Havok. Havok brings Stephy up to thrash her around. She throws Stephy across the way by her hair! Keta fires up the fans but Havok kicks Stephy into a corner. Havok ROCKS Stephy with a right then tags in Hazard. Hazard throws forearms and snapmares Stephy for a swift kick to the back! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up but Hazard brings Stephy up for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Hazard drags Stephy to the corner by her hair, then tags in Havok. The Monsters whip Stephy hard into the corner! Then Havok whips Hazard in to hit a big back elbow! Havok adds a body splash! And then grinds her boot into Stephy! The ref reprimands Havok and she lets up, but gets in Keta’s face. The ref reprimands her more, but this is all so Hazard can get her claws into Stephy, quite literally! Fans boo but Hazard gets away with the choke.

Havok drags Stephy up to whip, but Stephy dodges and leaps, but into Havok’s arms! Havok throws Stephy with a Fall Away Slam to keep her far from Keta! Tag to Hazard, and Hazard rams her shoulder into Stephy over and over. Hazard taunts Keta now and Havok gets a cheap shot in. Hazard brings Stephy out but Stephy throws body shots! Stephy runs to sunset flip! Cover, TOW! Hazard is up fast but Stephy hits a jawbreaker! Hot tag to Keta! Keta rallies with dropkicks for the Monsters! But Havok stays up, to get another dropkick! And a roundhouse! Hazard has Keta, but Keta dodges, tilt-o-whirls and headscissors! Fans fire up as Keta runs to dropkick Havok away! Stephy LEAPS onto Havok from up top! Keta kicks, but Hazard blocks, and drags Keta up for a BACKPACK STUNNER! Hazard bridges back for a cover, The Monsters of Madness win!

Winners: The Monsters of Madness, Hazard pinning

The Bully Busters weren’t quite brutalized, but they sure didn’t beat the brute strength of Havok and Hazard. Will the Monsters of Madness rip right through the competition to become the new WOW Tag Team Champions?


Serpentine w/ Sophia Lopez VS Reyna Reyes!

How interesting that the World’s Greatest Attorney has put her client, the Queen of Snakes, against the Pearl of the Philippines, both Women of Wrestling that she set up for Tessa Blanchard to knock down. Will either one of these women win and work her way back up to the WOW World Championship?

The bell rings and the fans are already thunderous for these two, and Reyna is pleasantly surprised to hear fans chant for her. The two circle and tie up, and Serpentine rolls Reyna up fast! TWO, but Serpentine wrenches to a wristlock. Reyna slips through, reverses the wrench, but Serpentine rolls and gets a special drop toehold, to an ankle lock! Reyna endures and moves around to kick Serpentine away. Reyna has the heel hook but Serpentine slips around to grab at Reyna’s legs. Reyna shifts to a facelock but Serpentine slips around to get a hammerlock. Sophia coaches Serpentine as she shifts, but Reyna rolls to headscissors, and wristlock! Reyna tortures the fingers, but Serpentine uses flexibility to get up and bridge around. She headstands to a jackknife cover, ONE!

The fans love this technical exchange as the two stare down. Reyna and Serpentine stand and talk trash. Serpentine CHOPS, Reyna CHOPS back! And CHOPS again! Reyna whips, Serpentine rolls to Dragon’s Lair, TWO! Serpentine whips Reyna again but Reyna reverses. Serpentine springboards for a flying arm-drag! Reyna ends up in a corner, and Serpentine runs in, but Reyna puts hr on the apron. Reyna goes to punch but Serpentine CHOPS back! Fans chant, “Si se puedes! Si se puedes!” as Serpentine goes up for another flying arm-drag! Cover, TWO! Reyna toughs it out but Serpentine whips again. Serpentine follows only for Reyna to arm-drag back! Reyna runs in, Serpentine hip tosses, but Reyna uses the ropes to rebound and arm-drag Serpentine again! They both get up, but Reyna spins Serpentine to a kick! And then goes acrobatic for another arm-drag!

Sophia is frustrated for Serpentine but the fans are fired up. Reyna blocks a punch to spin Serpentine around into a dragon sleeper! Split leg drop DDT! Cover, TWO! Serpentine survives and bails out, but Reyna runs in. Reyna slides out but Serpentine slides in, and Serpentine runs to wreck Reyna with a dropkick! Reyna crashes and burns and Sophia moves back. Serpentine sits Reyna up to CHOP her on the apron. Serpentine drags her to the corner to throw a leg against the post! Cover, ONE! Serpentine is upset and she stomps her frustrations out on Reyna’s leg. Sophia argues with the ref while Serpentine puts on a modified Sharpshooter! Forget Scorpion Deathlock, is this a Serpent Lock? Serpentine doesn’t even need hands as she bridges back. She pulls on hair but the ref reprimands her. Serpentine lets up on the hold, to put Reyna’s legs on the rope and pull! The ref counts, Serpentine lets up at 4, but Sophia gets some cheap shots in!

Fans boo while Reyna goes to a corner. Serpentine stomps Reyna down but Reyna throws hands! Serpentine kicks out the bad leg, then drags Reyna up. Serpentine spreads Reyna on the ropes, for Shattered Dreams! Not a low blow here, though. Cover, TWO! Reyna clutches the bad leg but Serpentine keeps on it with a knee smash into the mat! And another! Serpentine has the leg for a Half Crab, and sits deep! Reyna endures, powers up, but Serpentine smashes the knee down again! Serpentine covers, TWO! Sophia says to stay on Reyna, and Serpentine drags Reyna up. Reyna fights back with forearms! She staggers Serpentine but keeps going! Fans fire up as Reyna hits a big European Uppercut! And an elbow, another uppercut and a back hand! Cover, TWO! Reyna whips but Serpentine reverses, springboard CUTTER! Cover, TWO!

Fans are thunderous as Reyna brings Serpentine back up. Serpentine fires off body shots and rams Reyna to a corner! She runs corner to corner for an A-List lariat! Then a swinging meteora! Serpentine somersaults back and runs corner to corner again, CANNONBALL! Fans reach a fever pitch as Serpentine basement dropkicks Reyna into ropes! Cover, TWO!! Reyna still lives and Serpentine can’t believe it! Serpentine scoops but Reyna fights out! Reyna superkicks but Serpentine blocks! Serpentine puts the foot down, but Reyna SUPERKICKS! Serpentine wobbles and Reyna feeds off the energy, SPIN KICK! Cover, but the referee has to tell Sophia get off the apron! Serpentine survives that’s to her attorney, and then shoves Reyna into buckles! Serpentine scoops, SNAKE DRIVER! Cover, Serpentine wins!!

Winner: Serpentine, by pinfall

The Queen of Snakes should thank the biggest snake of them all for this victory. Will this lead Serpentine to a second chance against the WOW World Champion?


Holidead and Siren speak.

“The Tag Team Tournament, and those shiny new belts. Who will rise to the top? And who will need help?” Holidead has chosen this path, but Siren will have the last laugh. For the spirits have spoken, they have made it be known. The Psycho Sisters should’ve left Princess Aussie alone. The Sisters played their childish games, but Siren sees them for who they are. They’re all the same: misfits who don’t belong! They stick together and sing the same song. “Woe is me~!” Those pitiful souls are mindless fools who must be told. Listen and listen well, for Siren has spoken: “It is WE who will win these shiny WOW tokens!”


Lana Star finds Sophia Lopez backstage.

The Fabulous One has a question: “What’s your secret to getting all your clients these title matches with Tessa Blanchard?” Oh Lana, it’s quid pro quo. Scratch her back, she’ll scratch yours. The two go into Sophia’s office to discuss what trade can be made.


The Psycho Sisters respond to Siren and Holidead.

“You don’t scare the Psycho Sisters with your little hoodoo and magic tricks.” Turning over cards isn’t going to scare them off. They can’t control chaos, and that is what the Sisters are. Mind games, tarot cards, nothing scares them. Not with “some security” by their side. They can’t wait to see the Voodoo Dolls try and do their tricks in the ring. The Sisters don’t play in the dark with cloth over their heads. “We beat people up.” Let’s see what the Voodoo Dolls have, because it’s time for chaos to reign!


WOW Tag Team Championship Series: Holidead & Siren VS The Psycho Sisters w/ Mesmeriah!

Darkness meets demented as two of the spookiest, scariest, creepiest and craziest combinations in WOW are ready to run wild! Who takes one more step towards the tag team titles as we draw closer to the end?

The bell rings but the teams don’t sort out. They want to meet 2v2. They all offer handshakes, but they all have fingers crossed! And at the same time, they all take cheap shots! The brawl is on! Holidead hits Fury, Fury hits Siren, Siren hits Razor, Razor hits Holidead, repeat! Then a quadruple headbutt! Great minds think alike, and so do twisted ones! The teams regroup, and it’s Siren and Razor as the legal two. Siren runs in but Razor dodges her, and Siren gets buckles. Razor adds a splash, then a snapmare! Razor runs for a basement crossbody! Siren sits up but gets a kick, and a senton! Cover, TWO! Razor drags Siren over and Fury tags in. Siren fights back but the Sisters double whip to double elbow! Then Razor runs to become Fury’s weapon, wheelbarrow splash! Fury covers, ONE!

Fury keeps on Siren with furious stomps, then laces the legs for a modified STF! Holidead runs in to stomp Fury off the hold, and Razor protests. Siren throws Fury down by her hair! Tag to Holidead, and she drags Fury up to knee against ropes. She whips Fury to the other side for another knee, then she jams elbows into her. Holidead turns Fury for a neckbreaker! Fans fire up as Holidead runs in at Fury, big corner splash! Then a whip corner to corner for a scoop and sidewalk slam! Holidead looks at Mesmeriah as she gets on the apron. Holidead swings but Mesmeriah gets away, and Fury rolls Holidead up! TWO, and Fury hits a furious knee strike! Cover, TWO! Fury is frustrated and she stomps Holidead down. She bumps Holidead off buckles and grinds her into the corner. She lets up at 4 and tags in Razor. Holidead eggs them on, “Is that all you got?!” so Razor stomps her down!

Tag to Fury, and the Psycho Sisters bring Holidaed up. Razor feeds Holidead to Fury’s BOOT while Siren is furious in her own corner! Fury covers, ONE as the ref was late tot he count. Fury chokes Holidead on the ropes but lets up at 4. Fury punches, Holidead punches back, but Fury DECKS Holidead with a right! Fury drags Holidead up to throw into the Psycho corner. Tag to Razor and Razor clubs away. Razor brings Holidead out for a facebuster! Razor stands over and knocks Holidead back down. She does it again, then wraps on a chinlock. Holidead fights her way up and has Razor as a backpack! She rams Razor into buckles, and again! Razor holds on, so Holidead rams her into the Voodoo corner! Tag to Siren and they ram Razor into buckles! Holidead whips Siren in for a big splash! Then she adds an elbow! Fury protests but Siren hits a big back suplex on Razor!

Siren has Razor up again and bumps her off Holidead’s boot! Tag to Holidead, and Siren CHOPS Razor! Holidead wants a turn, and she CHOPS Razor! Fury is furious but the ref keeps her back. Holidead pump handles Razor for a modified cobra twist! Razor endures, so Holidead makes it a powerslam! Cover, TWO! Holidead swipes at Fury and then kicks at her. The ref backs the two apart, but Holidead pulls Razor by her hair. She and Siren stomp away on Razor! Siren tags and then brings Razor around for a sinister camel clutch! Siren makes sure Fury is watching as she crossface forearms Razor down! Fury runs in but Siren dodges. Holidead hops in and the teams stand off again. Everyone BOOTS! All four women go down! Mesmeriah helps Fury while Holidead crawls away. Razor walks into Siren’s haymaker, and then Siren goes for a Northern Lights. Razor blocks, slips around, Russian Leg Sweep! Cover, ONE!?

Siren CHOPS Razor then scoops, but Razor slips out and whips, DOWNWARD SPIRAL! Cover, TWO!! Wait, is that Princess Aussie?! She runs to attack Mesmeriah! She bounces her off the apron, and Holidead goes after Fury! Is Aussie on the Voodoo Dolls’ side!? Siren gets Razor up, scoops, VOODOO DRIVER! Cover, Siren and Holidead win!!

Winners: Siren & Holidead, Siren pinning; advance in the series

The Princess may have only been settling her own scores with the Psycho Sisters, but she did help Siren and Holidead. What does this mean for Aussie’s allegiance?

Shaul Guerrero interviews the winners in the ring, so what are their thoughts? Holidead says the Psycho Sisters thought they were crazy, “but they got nothing for the dark side!” Will those shiny new tag titles be covered in shadows soon enough?


Rivalries are a pillar of all sports.

Ali VS Frazier. Chrissie VS Martina. Palmer VS Nicklaus. But now, WOW may provide the newest in iconic feuds. Undeniably powerful, undeniably tenacious, undeniably relentless and unquestionably determined to rip each other apart. The winner will get a shot at the Born Legend, but this is more about being the true alpha female of this sport. This is one you don’t want to miss! Jungle Grrrl VS The Beast, one more time!


WOW World Championship #1 Contender’s Match: The Beast VS Jungle Grrrl!

There is nothing stopping this main event now! Tessa Blanchard can’t interfere, and she will have no choice but to face tonight’s winner! Who will finally prove they are the top of the food chain and face the WOW World Champion for the title?

The bell rings, and fans are already thunderous as the two circle. Beast and JG talk trash, and then start shoving. Beast shoves JG down! JG gets up and comes back to mock the muscles. But JG then calls for a test of strength. Beast laughs, but then JG kicks low! JG throws forearms and bumps Beast off buckles! And again! Beast gets mad and gives JG some buckles! Beast whips JG corner to corner, then runs in to get an elbow! JG bumps Beast off more buckles! And then stomps a mudhole into her! Meteora! JG soaks up the heat, but Beast hits back with body shots! JG powers Beast back and throws forearms. JG whips corner to corner, but runs into a POWERSLAM! Beast covers, TWO!

JG grabs at Beast first, and puts her against the ropes. JG clotheslines into the ropes and then yanks Beast down. She puts Beast in a chinlock, but Beast powers her way up! JG is a backpack as Beast backs into buckles! JG holds on so Beast does it again! Beast is free, but she runs into a shotgun dropkick! JG drags Beast up to suplex, but Beast resists! Beast suplexes JG instead! JG crawls to a corner but Beast is on her. JG back hands but Beast gives one back. It’s a CHOP fight! JG headbutts Beast then reels her in for a scoop and slam! She drags Beast to a drop zone and heads up top! But wait, Lana Star and The Lioness appear?! They weren’t banned from ringside, and they swipe at JG! But JG LEAPS onto Lioness! Lana’s young protege is being beat down!

Winner: Jungle Grrrl, by disqualification; NEW #1 Contender to the WOW World Championship

Lana goes after JG herself, but then runs into the ring. The Beast has Lana for a POWERSLAM! Beast is seething, because it seems Tessa had a new ace up her sleeve. Meanwhile, Tessa laughs at Beasty while watching on her tablet backstage. But Tessa won’t get to enjoy her scheming, because now Jungle Grrrl is coming for that title! “Be ready!”



My Thoughts:

A pretty wild episode of WOW again, but still disappointed the main events aren’t treated as such. We only got 10 minutes out of this, and it had to end because of a disqualification. However, the story itself is clever. Tessa may not have been able to interfere with her two biggest enemies, but she used pawn after pawn to screw one of them out. Unless David McLane wises up as the GM, Tessa will likely do the same to Jungle Grrrl for their match. Lioness might even be used as a sacrificial lamb to set JG up for an attack, given the deal Lana and Sophia certainly made. I’m still really hoping we get a cage match as the supposed solution to this. And in the end, it has to be The Beast who gets the title off of Tessa for those live fans to erupt with cheers.

Serpentine VS Reyna was probably the best match of the night, with fans really getting into it. Serpentine wins thanks to Sophia, but that keeps her primed as a top contender should Beast become the champion, for classic Face VS Heel dynamics. We got a lot of great tag team action, too. The Bully Busters were of course going to lose, giving the Monsters of Madness some momentum going into the next round. Then Psycho Sisters and the spooky Siren and Holidead, almost too perfect for the episode before Halloween. A good match made better by how Princess Aussie came out to basically help the Voodoo Dolls win. I hope if this trio is becoming a real thing, Aussie changes up her gear to match to supernatural spookiness. She doesn’t really need anything more than that, and maybe face paint. At this point, I’m seeing Siren and Holidead as the unlikeliest of Face teams going up against Monsters of Madness as, well, the monster Heels.

My Score: 8.2/10

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