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Mitchell’s Women of Wrestling Results & Report! (11/23/19)

And your NEW WOW Tag Team Champions…!



WoW Season 2

Monsters or underdogs, who will reign supreme?

After weeks of competing in the intense WOW Tag Team Championship Series, one team will finally be crowned! Will madness or fire reign over WOW?



  • Six Woman Tag: The Psycho Sisters VS Chantilly Chella, Sassy Massy & Keta Rush; The Psycho Sisters win.
  • Reyna Reyes VS The Disciplinarian w/ Samantha Smart; Reyes wins.
  • WOW Tag Team Championship Series Finals: The Monsters of Madness VS Fire & Adrenaline; Fire & Adrenaline win and are the new WOW Tag Team Champions.


Previously on WOW…

Havok and Hazard ran through team after team after team on their way to the top. The Voodoo Dolls downed the Psycho Sisters while Fire & Adrenaline toughed it out and fought from behind. These three teams met in the semifinal triple threat, and the team that went down were Siren and Holidead. But in the end, that leaves the biggest underdogs in WOW against the biggest threat. Only one team can remain standing to hold up those tag team championships!


Siren focuses back on Princess Aussie.

“Oh my sweet and innocent child. Your path awaits, and now this is your trial.” One path is destiny, full of greatness and things yet to be seen. Her time has come, and she must choose her path. “The throne of darkness will show you the light. For you, my sweet child, will win this fight. For it is you who has been chosen, and the cards hold your life.” Siren laughs as Holidead is dealt in Princess Aussie’s path. “And so, shall it be!”


Welcome BACK to WOW!

“Are you kidding me?!” Razor and the Psycho Sisters are upset that they’re not part of the historic tag match. Instead, all three are competing against “a dancer, a cheerleader and a whiny victim of bullying?” Those three are not the ones expected, but there’s no turning back. Did Chantilly Chella and her team not learn their lesson? But that’s fine, the party girls and Keta Rush better bring it, because the Psycho Sisters are ready.

Chantilly and her team respond by saying the Psycho Sisters were stupid for not thinking someone would answer their open challenge. “We got this, girls! Let’s get it!” #GetLit!


Six Woman Tag: The Psycho Sisters VS Chantilly Chella, Sassy Massy & Keta Rush!

The Bully Buster joins the party and they’re ready to rock! But will Razor, Fury and Mesmeriah make minced meat of the fan favorites?

But before the bell, the Psycho Sisters attack! Razor has Sassy for a whip while Fury corners Keta and Mesmeriah has Chella. Massy counters Razor with a drop toehold and runs the ropes to kick Razor down! Chella turns things around on Mesmeriah and Massy helps Keta. Keta and Massy whip Fury into Razor, then Chella lines up Mesmeriah to whip into them! The Psycho Sisters are three deep as Chella dropkicks them all! Mesmeriah falls out but Fury and Razor are still up. Then combining forces, Chella is the step stool and Massy whips Keta for a double Poetry in Motion! Razor stays up to get a corner splash to a basement dropkick! Things cool off as Massy covers, TWO! Fans rally and Massy tags in Keta. They double whip Razor and double clothesline! Keta covers, TWO!

Keta keeps on Razor and puts her in the party corner. Tag to Chella and she snapmares Razor for a swift kick to the back. Chella runs for a basement meteora! Cover, TWO! Chella whips Razor but Razor reverses, only for Chella to dropkick her out! Fans fire up as Chella brings Razor back up. But Razor pokes Chella’s eyes! Tag to Fury, but Chella dodges to kick it up! Chella says peace, then runs, but into a cheap shot! Chella hits Razor back and tilt-o-whirls, but Fury blocks to a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Fury drags Chella around into a half surfboard. Chella endures the knee and fans rally with “Whoop whoop!” Fury wrenches Chella to lariat her down! Fury drags Chella up to wrench and headbutt! Cover, TWO! Chella scrambles but can’t get away. Fury even mockingly lets her reach for Massy before putting her in the Psycho corner.

Fury distracts the ref, allowing Razor and Mesmeriah to get their cheap shots in on Chella. The ref finally notices and reprimands them, but that allows Fury to sucker punch Massy! Fury tags Razor and Razor stomps a mudhole. Razor gives even more stomps then throws big forearms. Tag back to Fury and Razor feeds Chella to Fury’s BOOT! Cover, TWO! Fury keeps her cool and keeps between Chella and her corner. Fury puts Chella back in the Psycho corner, and grinds a boot into the ribs! She lets up at 4, but then Razor and Mesmeriah get more cheap shots in. Massy has had enough and she runs in at Fury! The ref gets Massy back, but Chella rolls Fury! The ref is still too busy, Fury kicks out and CHOPS Chella! Tag to Razor and Razor hip tosses Chella down. But Chella comes back with a jawbreaker! Hot tags to Massy and Fury!

Massy baits Fury in for furious forearms! Massy blocks a boot and throws Fury down for a senton! She whips Fury to an open corner, runs corner to corner and forearm smashes! Then a bulldog! Cover, TWO! Fans are fired up for Massy as she tags Keta in. Keta and Massy see Mesmeriah run in, all three take each other out with clotheslines! Massy gets up but Mesmeriah follows. Mesmeriah full nelson slams Massy! Massy rolls out but Chella runs in to go after Fury! Chella throws forearm but Fury shoves to BOOT! Keta returns but gets surprised by Mesmeriah’s body check! Fury keeps the party girls down while Razor brings Keta up for a point-blank LARIAT! Cover, the Psycho Sisters win!

Winners: The Psycho Sisters, Razor by pinfall

The trio of chaos comes out on top! Razor gets the mic to say, “That was a message! A message to whoever wins the tag tournament finals tonight!” The Psycho Sisters warn that they’ll have a big shiny target on their backs, and the Sisters love shiny things. “We don’t care if you’re ten feet tall! We don’t care if you’re four feet tall! We don’t care if you’re a goody-two-shoes or a demented monster,” those tag titles truly belong to the Psycho Sisters! Who will these sinister sisters be stalking after tonight’s series finals?


Reyna Reyes VS The Disciplinarian w/ Samantha Smart!

The Pearl of the Philippines is ready to shine in the light, but she’ll have to put up a fight against the meanest teacher in all of South Carolina! Will Robyn Reid ruin Reyna’s rise in the rankings? Or is she truly the one that lacks discipline?

The bell rings and Reyna has the fans on her side. Reid scowls as she circles with Reyna. They tie up and Reyna wrenches to a wristlock. Reid wrenches back to give the wristlock, but Reyna wrenches and wristlocks again. Reid throws a big forearm to break free! Reid whips but Reyna reverses to arm-drag! And then a springboard arm-drag! Reyna eggs Reid on, reels her in for a kick, and then goes up top to gracefully walk the tightrope. Then she flies for another arm-drag! Fans are fired up as Reyna spins Reid around, leg drop DDT! Cover, TWO! Reid scowls again but Reyna runs, only for Smart to stop her with that yard stick. Fans boo but Reid BOOTS Reyna down! Reid forearms away in the corner, then chokes Reyna on the ropes. She stops at 4, but Smart chokes Reyna now!

Reid returns to drag Reyna up and bump her off buckles. Fans chant, “Ref, You Suck!” but Reyna fights back up with forearms. Reid also forearms back and then clubs Reyna on her back. Reid chokes Reyna on the ropes but lets up at 4 again. Reyna sputters for air and Smart mocks her pain. Reid drags Reyna up to snapmare into a chinlock. Reid digs her knee into the back but Reyna endures. Fans rally up and Reyna fights up to fight out! Reid clubs Reyna back down, then whips her to a corner. Reid gloats before she runs in corner to corner, and gets a boot! Reyna elbows Reid away then counter punches. Reyna rocks Reid with an uppercut and another! Then a back hand knocks Reid down! Cover, TWO!

Reyna keeps on Reid with a whip but Reid reverses. Reyna slides under the boot, then trips Reid up to hit the throwback cutter! Cover, TWO! Reid reaches for ropes but Reyna drags her up. Reyna turns Reid but Reid turns through to get the fireman’s carry. Reyna fights out but gets a cutter from Reid! Cover, TWO!! Reyna survives and Smart is shocked! Reid herself is furious, and she borrows the yard stick. The ref steps in to stop that, and confiscates the stick. But wait, Smart had a second yard stick under the ring! Reid grabs Reyna, Smart takes aim, but Reyna gets loose! Smart SMACKS Reid right in the head!! Reyna covers, but Smart yanks on the ref! The ref reprimands Smart, but Reyna SUPERKICKS Smart down! Reyna climbs up top to aim at Reid, SKY TWISTER! Cover, Reyna wins!!

Winner: Reyna Reyes, by pinfall

The Pearl uses Smart’s smarts against her! Will Reyna continue to rise until she’s top of the class?


WOW Media catches up with the Monsters of Madness backstage.

Jessicka Havok and Hazard got through the semifinals and are now competing for the WOW Tag Team Championships. What are their thoughts ahead of that match? “Are you kidding me?” Is that even a question? They told us all what they were going to do, and “literally paint a path of annihilation” to show the world what they’re all about. And it might be in the best interest of Fire & Adrenaline to forfeit now. Not that it’ll matter, the Monsters will have the titles either way. Spread the word.

WOW Media also catches up with Fire & Adrenaline.

In response to that ultimatum, these two say that luck brought them together, but the hard work is what got them here. Greatness is not determined by size. All you need is passion and courage. They were in the right place at the right time, maybe got lucky, too. But the fans have supported this fight for their dreams, and it’s time they prove they belong here! “Even if nobody believes in us, we believe in us.” Will having faith in their friends be enough to conquer even the biggest challenge of their lives?


The finale is coming, with a match we’ve all been waiting for!

After using every trick in the book, after treating Jungle Grrrl, Serpentine, Reyna Reyes, Lana Star and Faith the Lioness as pawns, Tessa Blanchard will have to finally face the biggest and the baddest! The Beast is the last contender left, and she wants what she helped The Born Legend get in the first place! Will Tessa still be the best when she has nowhere to run and nowhere to hide?


WOW Tag Team Championship Series Finals: The Monsters of Madness VS Fire & Adrenaline!

One team mangled and mauled their opponents while the other was fueled by heart and determination to defeat even living legends! But now, only one can wear those shining silver straps as the brand new champions! Will strength and sadism or passion and courage conquer the WOW Tag Team Division?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we finally begin the finals, with the Monsters attacking before the bell! Hazard has Adrenaline and Havok stomps down Fire! Adrenaline gets tossed out and Hazard chokes Fire on ropes. The ref reprimands but Hazard bumps Fire off buckles. Hazard chokes Fire and tags in Havok. Havok takes over to drag Fire up and around for a full nelson! Havok holds Fire high in the air as she thrashes her around! Fans rally and duel, but Havok gives Fire a backbreaker to LARIAT! Havok drags Fire into a camel clutch, and mockingly has Fire hold out a hand towards Adrenaline. The ref keeps Adrenaline from running in out of anger, and Havok drags Fire back to the Madness corner. Hazard tags in to grind boots into Fire.

The ref counts and Hazard lets up, to give Bad Vibrations to Fire! Then a sucker punch to Adrenaline! Hazard drags Fire up and hits a big back suplex! Cover, TWO! Hazard bumps Fire off buckles and tags Havok back in. Havok thrashes Fire around by her own fiery hair, then uses that hair to BEIL! Havok soaks up the heat then sucker punches Adrenaline again! Havok hauls Fire up and carriers her as she tags in Hazard. Havok gives Fire a backbreaker, and Hazard adds her LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Fire is alive but Hazard just grins. She enjoys raining down rights on Fire, then drags her up to whip back into the corner. Hazard hits an uppercut, then tags in Havok. Havok drags Fire up for a bearhug! And she thrashes Fire about before ramming her into buckles! Tag to Hazard again, and Fire is isolated.

Hazard mocks Fire but Fire fights back! Dropkick drops Hazard! Fire crawls and fans rally up, hot tag to Adrenaline! Adrenaline rallies with clotheslines but Hazard won’t fall. Adrenaline builds up speed, wheelbarrow, STUNNER! Hazard wobbles but Adrenaline dropkicks her in a corner! Cover, TWO! Hazard sits up, to get a SUPERKICK! Cover again, TWO! Adrenaline keeps her focus as she brings Hazard up. Hazard hits back and shoves, into Havok’s knee! German Suplex sends Adrenaline flying! Cover, TWO!! Hazard drags Adrenaline up as fans rally. Hazard bumps Adrenaline off buckles and tags Havok back in. Havok uses both hands to TOSS Adrenaline into an open corner! And then drags her out and up again, to do it all again! Fans boo as Adrenaline flounders and Havok grinds her boot in.

Havok drags Adrenaline around as dead weight, into a Boston Crab! And she sits in deep! Adrenaline endures but won’t give up, so Havok lets her go, to sucker punch Fire! Havok drags Adrenaline back up to ram her into the corner! Tag to Hazard and she snapmares Adrenaline to kick hard! Crucifix pin, TWO! Hazard keeps on Adrenaline with a chinlock. The fans rally up and Adrenaline fights her way to her feet. Adrenaline fights out but Hazard sweeps the legs! Hazard whips Adrenaline and tags in Havok. The Monsters whip Adrenaline backwards into buckles! Hazard hits a back elbow, Havok hits a body splash! Havok mocks Fire and thrashes Adrenaline about! Havok rams Adrenaline into the corner! And hits a BOOT WASH! And another! Havok is having fun as she drags Adrenaline back up and tags Hazard in.

Hazard stomps Adrenaline down, then brings her up for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Adrenaline still lives, and fans are fired up for it! Hazard drags Adrenaline back up but Adrenaline comes to life! Adrenaline throws hands, bobs ‘n’ weaves and enziguris Hazard down! Fans rally up as Adrenaline crawls for her corner! Hot tags to Havok and FIRE! Fire dodges, dropkicks a leg out then kicks away on Havok! Havok is down, Fire covers, TWO! Fire hurries to her feet and goes corner to corner, shotgun dropkick! Around the World boot! Cover, TWO!! Fire can’t believe it, she brings Havok up, but Havok LARIATS Fire down! Havok scowls as she drags Fire up and tags Hazard. Hazard throws forearms on Fire to whip corner to corner. Fire goes up and over to sunset flip!! Fire & Adrenaline win!?

Winners: Fire & Adrenaline, Fire by pinfall; NEW WOW Tag Team Champions

The Monsters of Madness let their arrogance get the better of them! And now they’ve lost the match! The underdogs win out and are on top of the world! Fans know “You Deserve It!” But with so many teams eyeing the prize, how long will Fire & Adrenaline be able to keep this going?

Wait, who are these three attacking them?! Double camel clutch and basement dropkicks! Malia Hosaka is doing the damage while her two proteges keep the champions down! Fans are thunderous with their booing as the champs are thrown out of the ring! The shirts say “EXILE”, but what does this mean for the WOW Tag Team Division?!

Malia has the mic to shout “SHUT UP!” When she first heard about WOW, she called the “powers that be” to tell them that while this place claims to have the best women’s wrestlers, she was going to see that for herself. “Lo and behold,” she got exiled for her attitude. For her figure. For her age. For upholding tradition. But she has emerged with her best women in the world. They’re not multi-generational wrestlers living off their daddies and grandpas. They’re not Born Legends but living legends. Malia climbed up the ranks through the most elite women of the industry! So if any Woman of Wrestling thinks they have what it takes, bring it! Will Exile eliminate all those who merely think they’re the best?



My Thoughts:

A great episode right here! The Six Woman Tag was not quite what I expected, I was hoping we’d get Princess Aussie finally joining the Voodoo Dolls but maybe that’s for the season finale. Chella, Massy and Keta Rush gave the Psycho Sisters a good match, but in the end, a duo and a random third is not enough to take on a true trio. Reyna VS Disciplinarian was a great match in the middle, Reyna gets one more win before the season ends so expect her to become something in season 3. Then the tag title match was great, another rare case where the main event gets that main event feel, in both time and story. The Faces winning out of nowhere was great, it doesn’t really weaken the Monsters of Madness, but obviously gives us Faces to take on a new Heel faction.

This Exile group coming out of nowhere was a great moment, and I feel this trio might be taking on groups like the Psycho Sisters or Voodoo Dolls plus Princess Aussie in more trio matches, while also going after the tag titles. Season 2’s finale is the next episode, with the epic showdown of Tessa VS Beast, that has to be going Beast’s way with how the story has gone. At the same time, Exile calls out Tessa with the lines about multi-generational and literally the phrase, “Born Legend.” Tessa might weirdly join up with a duo to answer this open challenge. At the very least, Malia Hosaka might get herself in on the world title scene come season 3.

My Score: 8.5/10

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