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Mitchell’s Women of Wrestling Results & Report! (11/9/19)

The Diamond finally feels the pressure!



WoW Season 2

The predator is hungry!

After weeks and weeks of Tessa Blanchard dodging and ducking, the Queen of the Splash gets her chance! Will karma finally catch up to the Born Legend?



  • The Beast VS Faith the Lioness w/ Lana Star; The Beast wins.
  • Serpentine w/ Sophia Lopez VS Princess Aussie; Serpentine wins.
  • WOW Tag Team Championship Series: The Monsters of Madness VS Sassy Massy & Chantilly Chella; The Monsters of Madness win and advance to the championship match.
  • WOW World Championship: Tessa Blanchard VS Jungle Grrrl; Blanchard wins and retains the WOW World Championship.


Previously on WOW…

Jungle Grrrl and The Beast have been denied a chance at Tessa Blanchard’s title again and again. JG got a win with some controversy, but Sophia Lopez and Lana Star put the Lioness in the way. The pawns put up good fights but the Born Legend remains THE WOW World Champion. But the alpha predator would get her hands on Tessa, and now gets her shot! Will Tessa finally face what’s been coming to her?


Welcome BACK to WOW!

And The Beast heads right to the ring and grabs herself a microphone. “Lana Star! You cost me my title shot. I’m calling you out, and I’m going to make you pay.” So get out to the ring right away! But nope, Lana and Faith the Lioness are watching backstage. The Beast warned Lana before, but now she wants to confront Lana in front of everyone. Will anyone go out to respond to the biggest and the baddest while she’s her maddest?


Lana Star and the Lioness DO go to the ring!

And the Fabulous Star wants to “make something perfectly clear.” Lana warns The Beast NOT to get at her like in the parking lot. But Lana has an injury, so she can’t wrestle. Lioness will kick The Beast’s but instead! And Beast will see why you never underestimate Lana again! The Beast is fine with that! Just get in this ring so she can have her fight. The Lioness leaps in and we have a match!

The Beast VS Faith the Lioness w/ Lana Star!

The bell rings and fans are thunderous already. Lioness and Beast tie up, they go around, and Beast beils the Lioness away. Then she beils her the other way! Then a kick low and bomb position! Beast lifts Lioness, BEAST BOMB! Cover, Beast wins!!

Winner: The Beast, by pinfall

That was a record setting win for WOW! The biggest and the baddest really is all that and more, and she has some semblance of payback. Will this teach Lana a lesson the Lioness will never forget?


Princess Aussie awakens.

But where is she? The shore, from back home. There is something… changing in her. The Voodoo Dolls, Siren and Holidead, have something to do with this, don’t they? Rebirth… Nikki Krampus crushed Aussie in defeat but then Aussie was abducted. Her bamboo stick bundle was burned! Her symbol of hope and strength was gone, but the Voodoo Dolls kept a close eye on her. And to everyone’s surprise, when the Voodoo Dolls needed someone to help against the Psycho Sisters, it was Princess Aussie that appeared! The Voodoo Dolls won that match to move on in the WOW Tag Team Series, proving that their darkness was stronger than the Psycho Sisters’ derangement. That darkness is covering Princess Aussie now, but what does it mean? Perhaps we find out tonight!


Serpentine w/ Sophia Lopez VS Princess Aussie!

The slithering snake may have set up the former Kobra Moon, to give Tessa Blanchard an “easy” win, but she doesn’t leave her clients out in the cold. Serpentine gets another match to climb her way back up, but what of Princess Aussie? No tribe, no bamboo sticks, is there no more light inside?

The bell rings and fans rally up as the two circle. Serpentine hammerlocks then facelocks but Princess spins out to a hammerlock of her own. Serpentine spins around to get the facelock again, and gives Aussie’s arm a snake bite! The ref reprimands but Serpentine lets up to yank on the arm. Serpentine puts Princess in a corner and pulls hair, the ref counts. Serpentine stops at 4 to whip but Princess goes up and around to sunset flip! ONE, and Serpentine whips but Princess reverses. Serpentine dodges the clothesline but not the dropkick! Cover, TWO! Princess drags Serpentine around and runs, but Sophia trips her up! Serpentine runs to SLAP Princess! Sophia pulls Princess’ hair while the ref reprimands Serpentine! Serpentine drags Princess up and Sophia plays innocent. Serpentine kicks Princess on the back then drags her up for a snapmare. Serpentine grabs the arms for the Bow ‘n’ Arrow surfboard.

Princess endures and fans rally up. Serpentine shifts to a chinlock but Princess bridges up to relieve pressure. Serpentine slams Princess down, then covers, TWO! Serpentine clubs away and then locks up the legs, another Bow ‘n’ Arrow! But Princess pops out, covers, TWO! Serpentine kicks Princess then drags her up. Serpentine bumps Princess off buckles and pulls on hair as she gives rabbit punches. The ref backs Serpentine off, but she comes back to trip Princess up. Serpentine grinds her boot in and Sophia even pulls on hair from behind. The ref reprimands but Sophia thrashes Princess around! Serpentine whips corner to corner then runs in, back elbow! She whips the other way, then runs in, but Princess dodges! Princess runs in but is put on the apron. Princess counter punches then hops in, hops up, leaps into the DROPKICK!

Fans are thunderous as Serpentine covers, TWO! Serpentine keeps her cool as she stomps Princes down. Princess hits back but Serpentine clubs her down. Serpentine drags Princess up to have a little taste. Fans sing as Serpentine drags Princess up onto her shoulder, but Princess lands on her feet out of the front slam! Princess dodges, forearms and backs Serpentine down! Princess goes side to side, forearm smash! LARIAT! Princess kicks low then snapmares hard, basement lariat! Cover, TWO! Fans duel as Princess drags Serpentine up. Princess whips but Serpentine reverses, tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Double stomps! Cover, TWO!! Princess Aussie survives and Serpentine argues but the count is the count. Serpentine drags Princess up, whips corner to corner again, but Princess elbows back! Princess boots Serpentine away, and then climbs up top! But Serpentine stops her with a haymaker! And tosses her down!

Serpentine aims from the corner as Princess writhes and rises. Serpentine gets her in the scoop, spinning Serpentine Driver! Cover, Serpentine wins!

Winner: Serpentine, by pinfall

The Queen of Snakes gets a win thanks to the Greatest Attorney in the World, but will she earn herself a second chance at the championship fair and square?

As for Princess Aussie, the Voodoo Dolls appear again! They slither their way into the ring and have those burnt bamboo sticks! Fans boo and Princess Aussie has no idea what this is about. Siren and Holidead leave, but when will their plan be made clear?


WOW takes a closer look at Shaul Guerrero.

The one and only WOW ring announcer, Shaul is also the daughter of Eddie Guerrero, and therefore is the third-generation talent of the Guerrero family. Ever since being born, she was around wrestling. She didn’t realize how big her family was in wrestling until she tried it herself. Her first bump showed her everything about the blood, sweat and tears literally behind every moment. It was when her father passed that she thought she could try it. Wrestling is her connection back to the late great Latino Heat. Eddie is watching and is surely proud of her finding her place.

Shaul enjoys being an announcer for WOW, because she gets to be on air every week, every match, on every screen around the world. There is female empowerment that is long overdue. As a tattooed, curvy Latina, Shaul wants to inspire women and young girls into believing they can be a success just like her.


WOW Tag Team Championship Series: The Monsters of Madness VS Sassy Massy & Chantilly Chella!

This is it! Consider this the semifinals of the series, because only one team moves on to face both the Voodoo Dolls and the red hot team of Adrenaline & Fire in the championship match! Havok and Hazard are ready to destroy all, but the party girls just want to have fun. But will the party be over after running into this dark and dominant duo?

The bell rings and we start with Hazard and Chella. Fans are ready to party, “Whoop whoop!” and Chella dodges Hazard. Chella dances but Hazard runs at her. Arm-drags through Hazard around and the dropkick takes her down! Chella hurries to bring Hazard over, tag to Massy. The party girls whip and drop toehold to a Sassy Massy senton! Double elbow drops on the back and Massy covers, ONE! Massy goes at Hazard but is put in a corner. Massy runs out to splash Hazard and tags in Chella. The party girls work together, Massy whips Chella for the corner wizard! Fans fire up as Chella rolls Hazard and runs at her, but she dodges one clothesline only to get the LARIAT from the left! Hazard roars and drags Chella over to tag Havok.

Havok stomps Chella down then thrashes her about by her purple hair! And beils her while she’s at it! Havok is having her own kind of fun as she drags Chella up. Havok full nelsons and lifts to bend and thrash Chella more. When Chella refuses to quit, Havok gives her a half nelson backbreaker! Into a LARIAT! Havok drags Chella up and over to tag in Hazard. Hazard grins as she snap suplexes Chella then covers, TWO! Hazard hits Massy for good measure, and then Havok gets cheap shots on Chella while the ref keeps Massy back. Hazard stomps away on Chella, too, a real monstrous mudhole. Tag to Havok and she soaks up the heat. Havok hauls Chella up for a bearhug, and then rams her into buckles! And corner to corner! Havok squeezes tight but fans “Whoop whoop!” only for Havk to SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!!

Havok drags Chella up to tag Hazard and Hazard rams shoulders into Chella over and over. Hazard brings Chella up but Chella fights back! Chella runs and dropkicks Hazard down again! Hot tag to Massy! And she clotheslines Hazard down! Then corner to corner, back bump, and then basement crossbody! Fans are fired up but Havok is in. Massy dodges, but leaps into her arms! Chella adds on but Havok has them both! Double Fall Away Slam!! The Monster is running wild and fans are fired up! Massy is up and moving, dodging, wheelbarrow, CUTTER from Hazard! Cover, the Monsters win!

Winners: The Monsters of Madness, Havok pinning; advance to the championship match

The Triple Threat is complete, and it just got even scarier! Fire & Adrenaline, the Voodoo Dolls, and now Havok & Hazard! Only one team can win it all, and Shaul asks how the Monsters of Madness feel about the Triple Threat Elimination match for the titles. Havok takes the mic to say, “What did I tell you was going to happen? The Monsters of Madness are here to annihilate everyone!” Shine those belts up good for them now, because the Monsters will pin both those teams, one-two-three! Is it just a matter of who lasts longest against this destructive duo in next week’s title match?


WOW World Championship: Tessa Blanchard VS Jungle Grrrl!

The Born Legend has been able to get around the far more worthy contenders of WOW, until now! The richest prize in all of women’s wrestling” is now around the waist of The Diamond. These two women have passions that are flames that will not be put out, but only one can burn bright in the spotlight! So much has happened between these two since Tessa arrived, and it may all come to an end right here! Who will truly, finally and without question be THE Women of Wrestling World Champion!?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this grudge match practically an entire season in the making begins!

Tessa and JG step face to face but Tessa pie faces. JG shoves Tessa down! JG rains down hands but Tessa gets away! JG gives chase and they brawl by the barriers! JG knocks Tessa down, stomps her around and throws her into a post! Then brings her up again to throw into the wood steps! JG puts Tessa in and revels in all the noise. But JG gets in for Tessa to fire off! Tessa kicks and punches and CHOPS! Tessa whips corner to corner, then runs in, but JG elbows her away. JG hops up but Tessa kicks the legs out! Tessa has JG but JG fights back with elbows. JG shoves Tessa away, slips out and leaps for a clothesline! And then a dropkick! JG covers, TWO! Tessa is up, JG whips, then follows but Tessa elbows back! Tessa snarls as she throws haymakers! Tessa whips JG into ropes, then runs to elbow her into those ropes!

Tessa brings JG up for forearms to the back against those ropes. Tessa runs to dropkick JG into those ropes now! Then hops out to the apron to kick JG in the face! Cover, ONE! Tessa is already frustrated with JG as she drags her up again. Tessa wrenches, hammerlocks but no DDT yet! JG rams Tessa into a corner then rams her shoulder in again and again! Then uses a suplex to hoist Tessa up top! JG climbs up but Tessa fights back. The two struggle for control, Tessa forearms JG down. Tessa leaps, but has to roll through as JG dodges, JG SPEARS! Cover, TWO!! Tessa survives but JG is on her already. JG scoops, but Tessa slips out to half nelson, spin-out facebuster! Tessa goes to the top rope herself now, but JG is right on her with forearms! JG climbs up, fans are thunderous as they duel, and from the very top, SUPERPLEX!

Both women are down but JG is crawling. She covers Tessa, TWO!! Tessa survives but JG is not stopping! She brings Tessa up but Tessa throws a haymaker. JG hits back, but now it’s a brawl! They go back and forth, Tessa wobbles and JG kicks her back. JG scoops, JUNGLE DRIVER! But JG doesn’t cover, she goes to the top rope. JG wants to finish this her way, but Tessa rolls out of the ring. That doesn’t stop JG, she just waits for her to come close. JG leaps, into a SUPERKICK! Fans lose their minds as Tessa puts JG in to cover, TWO!! JG still lives and Tessa is snarling, but fans know “This is Awesome!” Tessa drags JG up, wrench and hammerlock, DIAMOND DDT!! Cover, TWO!?! HOW?! Tessa is shocked that her best move wasn’t good enough! Tessa is desperate, she goes up again. She aims, waits for JG to stand, and then leaps, FLYING CODE BREAKER!! Cover, Tessa wins!!

Winner: Tessa Blanchard, by pinfall; still WOW World Champion

And the biggest thing about this: it was clean! No one interfered in any way, Tessa didn’t need to use sneaky tactics, and there wasn’t controversy in that pinning situation. Tessa comes away with the title, is she finally the alpha female of WOW?



My Thoughts:

A really good episode for WOW! I really liked all the moves made tonight. Beast squashing Lioness was actually great, she is rolling towards a future title match. Serpentine gets a great win out of a pretty good match with Princess Aussie, but now things get interesting with Aussie and the Voodoo Dolls. They have yet to say outright what they want, but if Princess Aussie doesn’t show up in a new, darker outfit sometime during next week’s title triple threat, I will be disappointed. And I really liked the vignette we got for Shaul Guerrero. For fans who know the Guerrero family’s history, it’s great to hear from her what that was like and how much it means to her, and even fans who didn’t know any of that, it still makes Shaul really relatable. I know she’s a ring announcer, but I feel it would be great if at some point, she gets to have at least a part in a match.

The tag championship series match tonight was a lot of fun. I knew right away the Monsters would win, Massy and Chella just aren’t there yet, but they put up a good fight. The Monsters are now the true Heels of that title match, Adrenaline & Fire are the true Faces, so the Voodoo Dolls are definitely Tweeners. They’ve fought Heels like the Psycho Sisters but Faces like Princess Aussie herself, too. A dark Tweener Princess Aussie still needs to join in, I would love to see her help the Voodoo Dolls win in a way that keeps the other teams strong since it wouldn’t be clean. Then that WOW World Championship match, for just under 10 minutes, WOW did great again packing in so much. I really thought they were going to make a point of Jungle Grrrl’s toe touching the bottom rope, but it seems that might’ve just been a (minor) mistake of positioning.

But with JG out of the way, it sounds like Beast is building her way towards her own match with Tessa to be the one to take that title. It would be great to close the season with that match and Beast taking the title, but in a 15+ minute match so there’s room to breathe. The second season finale needs to basically chop the time available into three segments, so that the tag titles, the world title and some kind of huge grudge match, perhaps a Six Woman Tag of Psycho Sisters VS Princess Aussie and Voodoo Dolls, that all go about 15 minutes or so. The titles are the more important ones, though.

My Score: 8.4/10

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