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WWE 24/7 Championship Results & Report! (11/18/19)

It’s a medical masquerade!



WWE 24/7 Championship

The chaos on Raw doesn’t stop with television!

Just because cameras aren’t rolling doesn’t mean the Bollywood Boys can rest easy. What trickery does Truth have up his sleeves this time?



  • WWE 24/7 Championship Trainer’s Room Rumble: Samir Singh w/ Sunil VS R-Truth; Truth wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.


The Singh Brothers were wrecked by Erick Rowan.

And now they need medical attention. Sunil helps Samir get to the trainer’s room, and the WWE docs attend to them. “He can’t even Bollywood dance!” Oh the inhumanity! The doctor needs Sunil to fill out forms for Samir. Wait, there’s a shirt visible through the doctor’s smock… 24/7 Rules Apply…? Wait a minute, that nurse is just a referee in disguise! And the doctor is R-Truth! Sunil begs they not do this but Truth bounces him off the table! And then smacks Samir off the wall! “TOUCHDOWN~!” Cover, Truth wins!!

Winner: R-Truth, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

“Gimmy my baby back!” BOLLY BOLLY BOLLY, WHAT’S UP!? Truth and the ref leave the Singh Brothers down and out! When will those two come to and get back on the 24/7 Championship chase?



My Thoughts:

Well this explains why Truth didn’t bother taking the title off Samir while ringside during Erick Rowan’s match. Truth keeps finding new ways to be hilarious with his pursuit of this title, and now he has it back for a 22nd time! Truth is far and away the greatest 24/7 Champion, I really hope something happens during Survivor Series to get this title involved with all brands at once, especially NXT. Let’s get some NXT stars to show off their comedy chops alongside Truth. I would especially love if Truth “accidentally” shows up to WarGames to be surrounded by NXT superstars wanting to just have a title at all. Kona Reeves comes to mind, to give us The Finest 24/7 Champion yet.

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