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Mitchell’s NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II Report! (1/12/2020)

NXT UK returns where it all began, again!



NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool II

It’s time to take over Blackpool AGAIN!

NXT UK returns to where it all began three years ago! The Empress Ballroom is once again host to the rising kingdom in WWE! Who shall reign over the brand with iron fists and golden belts?



  • Trent Seven VS Eddie Dennis; Dennis wins.
  • NXT UK Women’s Championship Triple Threat: Kay Lee Ray VS Toni Storm VS Piper Niven; KLR wins and retains the NXT UK Women’s Championship.
  • Tyler Bate VS Jordan Devlin; Bate wins.
  • NXT UK Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match: Gallus VS Imperium VS Grizzled Young Veterans VS South Wales Subculture; Gallus wins and retains the NXT UK Tag Team Championships.
  • WWE United Kingdom Championship: WALTER VS Joe Coffey; Walter wins and retains the WWE United Kingdom Championship.


It’s the TakeOver Kickoff Show!

Join Tom Philips, Andy Shepherd and NXT USA GM William Regal as they discuss all the action on this third-anniversary event!


“What does it mean to have destiny in your hands?”

To truly know you are the very best. Blackpool has already been a spot of destiny and history. Of pride and passion. And a quest for “the absolute power of victory.” Grab your destiny by the throat and never, let, go! Grudges, desperation, determination, supremacy, and gold. Whose kingdom shall rise?


Trent Seven VS Eddie Dennis!

Blackpool explodes for the Man from Moustache Mountain! But this situation between him and the wicked Welshman feels like it could explode here tonight. Will Seven settle things with the dangerous Dennis? Or is this just the beginning of something bigger?

The bell rings and fans are singing for Seven already. Dennis rushes Seven but Seven ducks the boot! And lifts Dennis for a powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! Dennis gets up but Seven CHOPS him back down! Seven CHOPS again, fires up, but Dennis ducks the next chop, to get the DDT! Dennis flounders to a corner but Seven runs and CHOPS him again. Seven puts Dennis up top but Dennis gets under! Crucifix lift, Razor’s Edge! Dennis drags himself up as his chest is stinging, but Blackpool rumbles to life for Seven. Dennis stomps Seven but Seven throws hands, only for Dennis to DECK him! Dennis whips Seven hard into buckles, then drags him back up to a cravat. Seven endures, fights his way up and throws body shots. Dennis knees back then whips to shoulder Seven down. Cover, TWO and fans rally for Seven.

Dennis stomps Seven down and then rains down angry rights. Cover, TWO! Dennis grows frustrated but he keeps focus on Seven. Fans start dueling as Dennis suplexes and drops Seven! Cover, TWO! Seven grits his teeth as the singing drowns out Dennis’s fans. Dennis drags Seven up and the two trade slapping chops. Seven fires off SO MANY CHOPS! Then fakes Dennis out again, only for Dennis to see that coming. Dennis swings, but Seven dodges to SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX! Dennis bails out but Seven builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit and right into barriers! Then another SNAP Dragon! Seven puts Dennis in then heads up top. Fans fire up as Seven adjusts, to corkscrew and FLOP! Dennis dodges the senton and gets to his feet. Seven slowly follows but Dennis runs in.

Seven dodges the boot, wristlock but Dennis boots the lariat away, so Seven back hands him instead! And then another wristlock, but Dennis scoops, spins and SLAMS Seven down! Cover, TWO!! Seven survives and fans fire up! Dennis grows frustrated as the singing grows stronger. Dennis drags Seven up and reels him in, but Seven slips out of the crucifix to swing. Dennis dodges, rolling elbow! Dennis drags Seven back up, but Seven scoops for the side slam! Cover, TWO! Dennis survives but fans rally up for Seven. Seven brings Dennis around, torture rack, but Dennis escapes to get the ropes. Seven puts Dennis on the apron but Dennis forearms back! Seven sits down, Dennis undoes the buckle crossbar and pad!

The ref reprimands, Seven ROCKS Dennis! Seven climbs up and drags Dennis over to join him, but the pad does come off. Seven and Dennis are way up top, SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Fans rally for Seven as he fires himself up. Seven rises and grabs Dennis. Wristlock and ripcord, but Dennis grabs the corner! Dennis yanks Seven into the bare buckle!! The referee checks on Seven and Dennis plays innocent. But then he grins and drags Seven up. Dennis drags Seven in, lifts, but the ref won’t allow this! Dennis tells the ref to move, but when he doesn’t, Dennis goes to Plan B: THROWING SEVEN OUT OF THE RING!! Seven crash lands on one of the ring crew!! Blackpool is losing its mind but Dennis doesn’t give Seven any rest! Dennis puts Seven in, covers, TWO!?! Blackpool is thunderous for Seven! Dennis is furious and he drags Seven back up. Dragon sleeper and lift, Next Stop Driver!! Cover, Dennis wins!

Winner: Eddie Dennis, by pinfall

The deranged dragon of Wales, Eddie Dennis, comes out the winner after nearly destroying Seven’s body. Will Dennis only do more damage to the NXT UK roster from here?


NXT UK Women’s Championship Triple Threat: Kay Lee Ray VS Toni Storm VS Piper Niven!

Friends? The Lethal Lass has no need for those. She betrayed the Lightning From Down Under to end #ToniTime and take the #ShinyShiny for her own. She snubbed the Scottish Viper in order to hold onto the title. And now, desperate desire has divided Toni and Piper. Will KLR take advantage of all this disdain to maintain her reign? Will the Storm reign again? Or will Piper prove she’s not only worthy of being in this match, but that she’s better than both former friends?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and before a bell rings, Toni DECKS KLR and stomps on her! Piper pulls Toni off, this match needs to start. The bell rings and KLR bails out! So Piper scoops Storm, but Storm slips out and goes after KLR! KLR is ready and kicks Storm to then throw her into barriers! Piper builds speed to DIVE onto KLR! Fans fire up as Piper stands tall. Piper then CANNONBALLS into Toni at the barriers! And then CANNONBALLS into KLR at the steel steps! Piper took some damage from that one but she storms over to Toni. Piper puts Toni in but KLR trips Piper up! Piper hits apron then the floor, but Toni goes after KLR! KLR and Toni scrap, but Piper SENTONS onto them both! Cover on KLR, TWO!

Toni bails out of the ring while fans rally back up. Piper looms over KLR and brings her up. KLR claws at Piper’s face! KLR puts Piper in a corner for a CHOP! KLR poses but Toni DECKS her again! Toni stomps KLR but Piper hurries over. Toni ROCKS Piper and then throws hands on KLR again. Toni underhooks but KLR resists. Piper CROSSBODIES Toni down! Piper goes to KLR but gets a SUPERKICK! KLR stomps Toni and chokes her against the ropes. KLR drags Toni up but Toni waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX! Toni fires up and goes after KLR in the corner. KLR SUPERKICKS back then uses ropes to tornado DDT! Cover on Toni, but Piper breaks it! KLR clubs Piper infrustration as fans rally up again.

KLR paces about before stomping Toni in the corner. There’s no disqualifications but KLR still lets up to focus on Piper. KLR SLAPS Piper, but Piper hits back. KLR clubs Piper on the back then brings her around. Piper resists the Gory Bomb to then scoop KLR. KLR slips out, shoves Piper into Toni, but Piper ROCKS KLR! Toni waistlocks but Piper fights the German Suplex. KLR SUPERKICKS Piper into Toni’s GERMAN! Toni swings on KLR but gets caught into a Gourd Buster! KLR grabs Piper up but Piper SAIDO SUPLEXES! All three women are down but Blackpool is fired up! The referee checks but all three are okay to continue. Fans rally and sing as the three slowly stir. KLR gets away so Piper and Toni glare at each other. They fire up and start brawling with big forearms! KLR knocks them into each other!

KLR kicks Toni down then grinds her boots in again. KLR takes a moment to catch her breath while fans rally again. KLR goes under teh ring to bring out a chair! No disqualifications, remember? KLR brings the chair in while Piper and Toni stir. KLR grinds the chair’s edge into Toni’s head! And then uses the other end to choke Piper! Fans boo but KLR grins as she looms over Toni. KLR puts the chair down and drags Toni up. KLR puts the chair on Toni’s head like a brace! Fans boo as KLR grins, but Piper POUNCES KLR away! Piper saves Toni but Toni has the chair now. Toni looks at Piper then at KLR. KLR crawls away to the apron so Toni looks at Piper. Piper looks back and fans are divided. Piper dares Toni to do it! But then KLR stands up, and Toni BOOTS her!

Piper throws KLR in but KLR flounders out. Toni DIVES onto KLR! Piper is on the apron, she CANNONBALLS onto KLR! Fans cheer as all three women are down again! Toni stirs and heads for KLR to give headbutts. Fans rally up as Toni puts KLR in. Piper and Toni argues for a moment, KLR FLIES off the top rope! They all crash into the barriers! Fans shout “MAMMA MIA!” for Mauro since he’s in the States. KLR puts Toni in and grits her teeth as she climbs back up. Toni gets up and gives KLR headbutts and forearms. Toni climbs up but Piper joins in! Piper has Toni in the powerbomb, to SIT-OUT BOMB! Cover, but KLR SWANTONS in to break it up!

Piper gets KLR up, blocks the huricanrana, and BOMBS KLR now! Toni is out of the ring as Piper scoops and MICHINOKU DRIVERS KLR down!! Cover, TWO!! KLR still lives and fans are loving this! The dueling begins again as Piper stalks after KLR. KLR crawls to the ropes but Piper drags her away. Piper brings KLR up, scoops again, but KLR slips out and rakes the eyes! Gory Especial, GORY BOMB!! Cover but Toni stops the ref!! The ref is upset but there are no disqualifications! KLR DIVES to wipe Toni out! KLR drags Piper up, hops on, but Piper blocks the sunset flip to hit a DESTROYER of her own!! Toni returns to capitalize! Toni stomps Piper, underhooks KLR, STORM ZERO!! Cover, but Piper breaks it in time!!

Blackpool is thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” Toni, meanwhile, is furious, so she takes it out on KLR with stomps. Then Toni rains down angry rights on Piper! Fans still sing for Toni as she drags KLR back up, and she underhooks KLR. STORM DRIVER ONTO PIPER! Then Toni drags Piper up, to underhook Piper, but Piper powers up! Toni kicks her legs, Storm gets a modified Pedigree! Cover, TWO!! Piper survives but Toni heads up top. Toni aims and leaps, FROG SPLASH! SUPERKICK from KLR! KLR takes advantage and covers Piper, KLR WINS!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray, by pinfall; still NXT UK Women’s Champion

It was divide and conquer, and that is what she did! The Lethal Lass holds onto the title, having turned friends into enemies. Will the venom only spread the longer KLR holds the gold?


Tyler Bate VS Jordan Devlin!

This match dates back to the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Championship tournament, in which Bate would of course become THE inaugural WWE UK Champion. The Irish Ace does not have fond memories of that tournament. But now, three years later, Devlin feels Bate was a waste of a TakeOver: Cardiff contender, despite the incredible match Bate put on with Walter. In the end, a loss is a failure. Will the Big Strong Boy prove to Devlin he is no failure?

The bell rings, and fans are of course singing for Bate already, just like they were for Seven earlier. Devlin is annoyed and Bate smiles. Bate and Devlin circle and tie up. Bate pushes Devlin to ropes but Devlin turns it around. They end up in a corner as fans chant for the “Big Strong Boy” already. Devlin dirties the break with a quick headbutt but Bate keeps his cool. The two circle again and fans troll Devlin with songs comparing him to Finn Balor. Devlin and Bate tie up, Devlin wrenches and wristlocks, then yanks on the arm. Bate endures the wristlock and spins through to arm-drag. But Devlin holds the wrist and wrenches again. Bate gets up, spins again, and then monkey flips! But Devlin still has the wrist. Bate gets up a third time, rolls, handsprings and wrenches back.

Bate rolls Devlin and has the wristlock now, but Devlin kips up to slip through and kick a leg out. Devlin yanks Bate up but Bate headlock takeovers to counter the saido! Bate uses the legs to bring Devlin up but Devlin trips Bate to jackknife cover. TWO as Bate bridges but Devlin escapes the underhooks. Bate throws Bop up but Devlin is ready for Bang and blocks it! Fans cheer, they do respect that. Devlin kicks low and headlocks but Bate powers out. Things speed up, Bate hurdles and FLIPS Devlin! Devlin flounders up, Bate whips him to back drop him! Fans chant for the “Big Strong Boy!” again as Bate military presses Devlin! Bate SLAMS Devlin down then dropkicks him out of the ring! Fans rally up as Bate builds speed, but Devlin catches him for an urenage! Arabian Press! Cover, TWO!

Devlin argues with the ref but fans start to duel. Devlin rains down furious right hands on Bate but lets up as the ref reprimands. Devlin whips Bate and takes him down with a kitchen sink knee. Cover, TWO! Devlin drags Bate up and back suplexes high and hard! Cover, TWO! Devlin keeps his cool as he drives an elbow into Bate’s forehead. Fans rally and sing for Bate, even as Devlin chokes Bate on the ropes. Devlin lets up at the count of 3 to drag Bate back up. Butterfly suplex! Fans boo as Devlin mocks the moustache check. Devlin stomps Bate then drags him up for toying kicks. Devlin gives sharper kicks mixed in, then says “There’s only one ace!” Bate blocks the ripcord! Bate whips Devlin HARD into a corner and Devlin tumbles right out! Bate builds speed again, to FLY! Direct hit at the ramp!

Bate puts Devlin in fast as fans fire up for “NXT! NXT!” Bate climbs up top but has to catch his breath. Bate leaps, into a GUT BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Devlin is frustrated but damage was done. Fans rally for Bate again as Devlin paces. Devlin drags Bate up and shoves him into ropes to forearm hard into the back! Devlin springboards to drop down on Bate, and then stands on Bate’s head. The ref reprimands and Devlin lets up to drag Bate around by his legs. Devlin hooks the legs up and grabs at the arms. Bate resists but Devlin brings Bate up into the Romero Special! That’s a show of strength from Devlin! And then he chinlocks to bend Bate all the way back! Devlin tosses Bate out of the surfboard and Bate lands hard. Devlin tells fans to stop cheering as he stomps Bate more.

Devlin whips Bate but Bate rolls him! TWO, and Bate dodges. Devlin dodges, DOUBLE CROSSBODIES collide! Fans cheer as both men are down and stirring. Bate and Devlin get to opposite ends and stand. Devlin runs in but blocks a boot, only to get a knee! Bate hops up, leaps for a flying uppercut! Devlin ends up in the other corner, Bate runs in for another uppercut. But Devlin follows and leaps, into Bate’s arms! EXPLODER! Bate kips up, but sees the knees coming for the Shooting Star. Bate sits Devlin up to Penalty Kick! Then Shooting Star! Cover, TWO! “This is Awesome!” but far from over! Bate and Devlin stand and Devlin is in a corner. Bate runs back in but Devlin slips out. Devlin slingshots, but Bate catches him in a torture rack! Bate flips Devlin around, for the Airplane Spin!

Around and around and around, for a count of over 30! And he picks up speed! Blackpool is thunderous as Devlin flies off at 50!! Bate wobbles over, brings Devlin up, BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Devlin survives and Bate is shocked! Fans are singing again as Bate and Devlin slowly stir. Bate is up first and fans rally. Bate brings Devlin up, underhooks, but Devlin huricanrana SPIKES! Cover, TWO and Bate sunsets! TWO and Devlin blocks the victory roll, to waistlock and GERMAN! Cover, TWO!! Bate survives and Devlin is frustrated. Fans rally again as Devlin grits his teeth. Devlin and Bate go to opposite ends again, and Devlin runs in. Bate puts him on the apron, but Devlin slingshots back in for the CUTTER! Bate gets under the bottom rope and to the apron but Devlin pursues. Devlin slingshot CUTTER to the apron! Both men crash and burn but are somehow okay to continue.

A ring count begins, and starts to climb as Devlin and Bate lean against the barriers. The count passes 5, then 7 as both men stand. Devlin ROUNDHOUSES Bate before going into the ring at 8! Bate hears 9, gets in at 9.9!! Fans rally again as Devlin grits his teeth. Devlin drags Bate up, kicks him in the face, but Bate grabs the leg! Bate endures the clubbing forearms to give heavy forearms of his own. Devlin returns it, so now it’s a forearm fight! Fans are on Bate’s side with every CRACK of the forearm. Devlin DECKS Bate with a jab! Devlin drags Bate up but Bate JABS back. JAB for JAB, they have lead in their hands! And fire in their eyes as they keep going!! Fans are at a fever pitch as Bate body shots and ROCKS Devlin. But Devlin throws more hands! Bop up but Devlin hits BANG! So Bate rebounds to the rolling heel kick!

Bate drags Devlin up, underhooks, but Devlin slips out to HEADBUTT! Devlin yanks, but Bate wants a sunset flip so Devlin bucks him off! Only for Bate to rebound, into a SPANISH FLY! BANG still hits!? Devlin flounders up to HEADBUTT again! Both men are down in a daze but Blackpool is rumbling again! Blackpool sings, “Are~ you watching, Vince McMahon?” Devlin is up first and he drags Bate over to a drop zone. Fans chant “UK! WOOP WOOP!” as Devlin climbs slowly. Devlin reaches the top but Bate springs to life to trip him up! Bate turns Devlin around and climbs up to join him. Fans fire up again as Bate brings Devlin in, but Devlin choke grips! Devlin forces Bate to switch places with him, SUPER SPANISH FLY!! DEVLINSIDE!! Cover, TWO!?! Bate survives and Devlin finally sees what Walter had to deal with.

Blackpool hopes they “Fight Forever!” as Devlin drags Bate up for quick kicks to the face, then stomps! Devlin stands on Bate’s hand to then grab it. Devlin mocks Bop, and BANG! Then he underhooks Bate, but Bate slips out to get Devlin! Devlin puts Bate on the apron, Bate HEADBUTTS hard!! Devlin flounders but Bate springboards, TORNADO DDT! Underhooks, TYLER DRIVER ’97!! Cover, TWO!?!? Bate hurries up top to CORKSCREW! Cover, Bate wins!!

Winner: Tyler Bate, by pinfall

Incredible!! Bate returns to Blackpool and finally gets a TakeOver victory! What is better than being an Ace? Being a Big Strong Boy! But will this lead Bate to even bigger and better?


NXT UK Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match: Gallus VS Imperium VS Grizzled Young Veterans VS South Wales Subculture!

A year ago today, the NXT UK Tag Team Tournament crowned Zack Gibson and James Drake as the inaugural champions. They vowed to be the most important tag team champions in all of the WWE, but they would lose in Cardiff when the Welshmen took over the Triple Threat. Now we throw in Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner as Walter’s loyal soldiers, and the dangerous designs of a ladder match. This will be a tag team epic, but will it be Gallus?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised high over head, and this historic match for NXT UK begins!

The four teams stare down as they all dare the others to make a move. “Gallus Boys on top!” And the brawl breaks out! GYV goes after SWSC while Gallus throws Imperium out. SWSC get the edge but only for a moment. They brawl with GYV, double dropkicks for Drake! SWSC keeps Gallus and Imperium out and Gibson brawls with Flash Morgan Webster. Gibson whips FMW and Drake follows him, basement dropkick after dropkick rocks the Modfather! Drake then launches off of Gibson, Mayhem in Motion takes down Mark Andrews! Liverpool’s Number One and his friend are fired up but Blackpool boos. Mark Coffey and Wolfgang return, wiping out Drake and then rallying on Gibson, senton! Wolfgang runs at Drake for a corner crossbody!

Barthel trips Wolfgang while Mark back drops Drake. Mark brawls with Barthel but runs into the SPINE BUSTER and Penalty KICK! Imperium clears the ring but FMW returns! FMW enziguris Aichner and flying huricanranas Barthel! Andrews goes around the world on Aichner, then helps FMW with the back suplex moonsault! Andrews moonsaults Aichner, FMW triangle dropkicks Barthel! SWSC get caught with hotshots by GYV, and Drake drags ladders out from under the ring. Gibson says go with chairs instead. GYV are armed as they enter the ring, double chair shots and SMACKS for SWSC! Then for Imperium! Wolfgang slingshot SPEARS Gibson! Mark full nelson SLAMS Drake! Mark sticks Drake in a Tree of Woe, and Wolfgang wedges chairs in place.

Gallus runs side to side but Imperium trips them up! Double dropkicks are their thing! They meet in the corner to crush Drake! Fans lose their minds but Imperium keeps focus as they go get the ladder. But SWSC double FLY to wipe them out first! SWSC puts the ladder in and stand it up. FMW climbs as Andrews keeps guard, but Imperium gets past! Andrews gets tossed out, followed by FMW! Aichner and Barthel both climb but Gallus returns with a ladder of their own! Gallus uses the ladder to knock Barthel and Aichner off their ladder! Mark moves the first ladder aside before setting the taller ladder in a corner. Wolfgang presses Barthel into a corner with a ladder, then runs corner to corner. Barthel pushes the ladder open, Wolfgang catches the one end, and Barthel CLACKS the ladder closed on Wolfgang!

Aichner grabs Mark for a BIG back suplex! FMW returns but Barthel ROCKS him! THen whips him at a ladder. FMW stops himself and elbows Barthel away, then QUEBRADA off the ladder! Barthel is down but Aichner back elbows FMW in the corner! Aichner whips FMW corner to corner, but FMW goes up and over and headscissors. Aichner puts FMW in the gap, and Barthel dropkicks the ladder into him! Imperium drags FMW out, to guillotine catapult into the ladder! FMW spasms and writhes out of the ring and Imperium “sanctifies” the mat. Imperium grabs the tall ladder, Andrews slides under to DOUBLE PELE! Fans fire up as Andrews drags this big ladder up. GYV grab it and overpower Andrews to put him in the corner.

Drake runs corner to corner to dropkick Andrews rather than the ladder. That is double-edged, and Gallus attacks! Gibson saves Drake but gets mugged for his troubles. Mark CHOKE SLAMS Gibson onto the other ladder! Wolfgang catapults Drake to Mark’s Samoan Drop ONTO the ladder!! The GYV are wrecked but Blackpool is fired up! Gallus sets the ladder up and heads up, but Imperium returns to drag them down! Imeprium throws Gallus out but Gallus drags them out to follow. Gallus whips Imperium into the steel steps! But SWSC take advantage! Gallus hurries and brings them down, but FMW tornado DDT’s Wolfgang! Mark HAMMERS FMW but Andrews kicks Mark away! FALL TO PIECES! The Shooting Star hits hard and fans fire up again!

Imperium sneaks in with Barthel! SWSC shoves the ladder over, Barthel uppercuts and throat chops them back! FMW goes after Barthel with forearms, but Barthel scoops him. FMW slips out, only for a SAIDO to send him onto the ladder! Barthel sticks FMW on the ladder again, Aichner triangle moonsaults!! Fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” after that risky move! Imperium drags the ladder back up, set it up, and both men climb. But Drake puts a new ladder in as he and Gibson return. Gibson yanks at Aichner and Drake RAMS Barthel! Barthel clings to the rungs as GYV sets up their taller ladder. Drake and Gibson each climb, but Gallus returns. Gallus goes up after Gibson while also setting up a third ladder. SWSC has a fourth ladder?!

Three teams climb while Andrews sets up a ladder bridge. The other six men brawl and someone CHOPS, but Andrews climbs up and over them all! FMW comes in with a FIFTH ladder! FMW traps Gisbon with his ladder as he climbs! Mark Coffey and Aichner fall from their ladder! Andrews drags Barthel off to THROW him down! Drake punches Wolfgang down, but SWSC reach for the belts! Gibson powers out to send FMW falling!! Andrews fights Drake but Gibson clears some space. Drake hops down and Andrews hurries, but Gibson anchors his foot! Andrews hops on, but ends up in Helter Skelter! Drake climbs up with Gibson’s help! Drake aims and 450 splashes onto Andrews!! Fans have to cheer for that one.

Gibson checks on Drake because he wants Drake to climb. Drake forces himself up and does the work for Gibson while Gibson clears more space. Gibson helps Drake up higher with an Electric Chair of sorts. Drake reaches but Aichner stops that! Aichner throws Gibson out then hurries after Drake. Barthel is in, too, EUROBOMB!! Aichner and Barthel coordinate while clearing space. One ladder remains as Imperium climbs. But Gallus returns and shoves them over! Gallus arms themselves with ladders, to SANDWICH Aichner! And again! And again! Then they do it to Barthel! Mark dumps one ladder out as the ring is clear. They feed Drake to the enziguri POWERSLAM! Mark gets a boost from Wolfgang to FLY onto Imperium!

Mark drags Gibson up and feeds him to Wolfgang’s scoop, another enziguri and SLAM, to the ramp! Gallus heads back to the ring, fans chant “UK! WOOP WOOP!” but SWSC snatch the ladder away. Gallus grabs at SWSC and drags them up, for double suplexes, double STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE! SWSC is all alone and fans fire up! SWSC gets the biggest ladder yet, but Gallus swipes at it. The two teams fight over the ladder, and it ends up opening. SWSC drags Gallus out but Gallus beats them down. Mark RAMS Andrews into barriers! Wolfgang throws FMW down then looks under the ring. He and Mark each bring out a TABLE! Blackpool loves seeing those! Wolfgang sets one table up as a bridge, and then Mark does the same on the other end. Gallus drags SWSC up to the apron and over to the tables.

Gallus scoops SWSC, but SWSC slip out! Double headbutts rock the Gallus boys! SWSC put Gallus on the tables, and one just breaks under Mark’s weight! SWSC focuses on Wolfgang and FMW climbs the ladder. Andrews joins him, and fans chant, “Please Don’t Die!” SWSC go together, DOUBLE SENTON through Wolfgang and the table!! Fans lose their minds over that one! SWSC rise from the wreckage and fans are all fired up! SWSC bring another ladder into the ring and go as fast as they can to set it up. Andrews and FMW climb but GYV rise back up! Drake stops SWSC with big hands, and Gibson returns the favor from earlier as he RAMS Andrews with a ladder! Drake throws hands on FMW, then Gibson brings FMW around. GYV double lift and throw FMW out.

Drake heads up and Gibson stands guard against Andrews. Fans troll “Arse Face!” as he climbs, but FMW gives Andrews a kendo stick! Gibson begs for mercy, but gets SMACKS and SMACKS! An then Drake gets SMACKS! The kendo stick breaks but fans fire up with Andrews! Andrews hurries up top, but here comes Imperium! Barthel yanks Andrews off to feed to Aichner’s BRAIN BUSTER! Barthel hurries up the ladder, touches the belts, but Mark Coffey returns! He drags Barthel down with a waistlock, but Barthel clubs back. Aichner saves Barthel from a suplex by holding the ladder! Barthel climbs again but Mark keeps trying. Aichner goes after Mark, brings him around, Barthel turns around, but Mark fights free! Wolfgang SPEARS Aichner THROUGH A LADDER!!

Barthel is in shock, but he hurries to climb. Mark shoves him off and onto everyone else!! Gallus is all alone, climbing up, and Blackpool is thunderous as they take the belts down! Gallus wins!!

Winners: Gallus; still NXT UK Tag Team Champions

It’s true! Gallus Boys on top! They survive the chaos and come out still golden! Will Gallus be completely golden after Joe Coffey takes on Walter?


WWE United Kingdom Championship: WALTER VS Joe Coffey!

The Ring General has THE title in NXT UK, but the Iron King returns to Blackpool, planning to literally leave his mark. Gallus retained the tag titles, but will NXT UK truly become their kingdom here tonight? Or is this still just the beginning of the Era of Imperium?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the battle for the brand begins!

Walter rushes Coffey but Coffey dodges! Coffey knew better this time. The two tie up but break, and now they circle the ring. They tie up again, and Walter powers Coffey back, only for Coffey to turn things around. Coffey SLAPS Walter, so Walter throws a forearm! Walter puts on a sleeper hold, but Coffey powers out with a back suplex! Walter bails out but gets up in a huff, only for Coffey to boot him down! Coffey goes to the apron and LEAPS to RAM Walter into barriers! Coffey throws hands as the ring count climbs, but Walter throws hands back. Walter uppercuts hard, then refreshes the count. Walter whips Coffey but Coffey reverses to send Walter into barriers! The barriers move, but Coffey comes running in. Walter puts Coffey up and over but Coffey lands on his feet. Coffey throws hands then gets space. Coffey runs back in to LEAP and RAM Walter again!

Fans fire up behind Coffey as he drags Walter up. Coffey puts Walter in and circles like a shark. Coffey dares “Wally” to get up. Coffey knees Walter then throws haymakers and body shots. The ref backs Coffey off and Coffey paces. “Has he got the balls, huh?!” Coffey drags Walter up and throws more body shots, but Walter hits back. Coffey whips and belly2belly suplexes Walter! Cover, TWO! Walter is down but Coffey stalks him. Coffey runs corner to corner to back elbow! And then Coffey hops up, blocks punches and clamps on, TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO! Walter survives but he’s in an unfamiliar place on the mat. Coffey clubs Walter’s back and drags him up. Coffey tries to suplex but Walter is too big and strong. Walter and Coffey fight over suplex control but Coffey throws big elbows from both sides. Walter throws them back, so Coffey throws them harder!

Coffey rocks Walter, and manages the suplex! Cover, TWO! Coffey keeps his cool as fans rally up. Coffey watches Walter slowly rise at the ropes. Fans duel as Coffey throws body shots and a CHOP! Walter glares as Coffey eggs him on. Walter eggs Coffey on, too, so Coffey CHOPS again. Walter wants more, and fans hush so they can hear the CHOP. Walter CHOPS back! But Coffey grits his teeth as he gets back up. Walter throws forearms and CHOPS Coffey again! Coffey sputters for air this time but Walter CHOPS him again! And kicks him while he’s down! Fans are divided as Walter poses over Coffey. Coffey bails out but Walter pursues and CHOPS again! Everyone is stinging from that one. And then Walter BOOTS Coffey! Walter goes back to the ring to leave Coffey behind as the count climbs to 5. Coffey gets up and in at 8, and CHOPS away on Walter!

Walter scoop slams fast and then leaps to SIT on Coffey! Cover, TWO! Walter grabs Coffey with a chinlock, trying to make it part crossface. Coffey fights up so Walter floats over to knee Coffey in the ribs! Walter sits on Coffey as he sinks in a Half Crab! Coffey fights but Walter shifts to get an STF! Coffey fights so Walter shifts back to a normal chinlock. Coffey gets a ROPEBREAK, and Walter lets go. Walter gets up and eggs Coffey on. Fans duel as Coffey stands to take a HARD forearm. But Coffey doesn’t back down so Walter hits again. Coffey still comes back and he eggs Walter on. Walter forearms, forearms, half straitjackets and CHOPS Coffey down! Walter catches his breath but Coffey is up! Coffey headbutts and uppercuts but Walter CHOPS again! And then neck CRANKS with his legs.

Coffey sputters and rolls out of the ring but fans rally up. Walter heads over and drags Coffey up by his hair. Walter has Coffey against the ropes to CLUB with a forearm! Walter wants a sleeper hold but Coffey resists, so Walter CLUBS Coffey again. And AGAIN, but Coffey catches the arm! Coffey throws big forearms and Walter falls over! Fans fire up as Coffey heads up top. Coffey didn’t do so well a year ago with this… Coffey LEAPS, but into a BOSTON CRAB! Walter sits deep on Coffey, but Coffey powers up. Walter shifts back to the STF, then just mugs Coffey with elbows! Modified cravat crossface! Coffey shouts “NO MERCY!” as he claws forward, but Walter grabs an arm for a chickenwing! ROPEBREAK with a foot! Coffey is free and Walter has to catch his breath, but fans are firing up again.

Walter looms over Coffey again and brings him back up. Walter wrenches, and CHOPS Coffey off his feet! Walter yanks Coffey up for another CHOP! And then wrenches the arm, only for Coffey to slip through! Coffey clotheslines but Walter stays up! Walter ROCKS Coffey with a forearm but Coffey rebounds and the two collide! They ram shoulders again and again, Coffey dodges and rams again. Coffey runs, Walter hurdles, the boot is caught and the two men fight for control. Walter snap suplexes Coffey! Cover, TWO! Walter is growing annoyed with Coffey as he drags him around for another sleeper. Fans rally and Coffey fights up, but Walter becomes a backpack. Coffey carries Walter for a backpack senton! Both men are down and a standing count starts.

Walter sits up first and then stands at 5. Coffey flounders after him in the corner and hoists him up top in an Electric Chair! Walter fights and pops free, but Coffey RAMS him into buckles! Coffey clubs Walter, then waistlocks and DEAD LIFTS for a BRIDGING GERMAN! TWO, but barely! Both men are exhausted but fans rally up again. Coffey crawls and comes around to a corner. Walter sits up as Coffey hobbles over. Coffey throws clubbing forearms then hops up, but Walter grabs Coffey! Coffey fights him off then tries again, double jump QUEBRADA! Cover, TWO!! Coffey keeps his focus as fans rally again. Walter rises, Coffey runs, but Walter BOOTS! Coffey staggers and keeps going to clothesline against the ropes. Coffey spins, but Walter CHOPS!

Coffey stays standing and powers back up, but Walter SLAPS him! And then WALTER BOMBS! Cover, TWO!! Coffey survives and Walter can’t believe it! Walter clamps on with a sleeper hold again. Fans still rally as Coffey fights his way up and throws Walter off. Coffey runs to RAM Walter again! Coffey rolls but Walter pursues, Coffey dodges Walter’s GIANT dropkick, and it takes out the ref!! Blackpool loses their minds over that one, and Walter shouts at the ref to get up. Walter drags Coffey up but Coffey throws hands! Coffey manages to POWERBOMB Walter! But there’s no ref to count the cover! Coffey would’ve won here! And here comes Alexander Wolfe! Wolfe BOOTS Coffey and helps Walter up. But here comes ILJA DRAGUNOV! Ilja and Wolfe brawl! Ilja KNEES Wolfe down!

Fans are fired up for the Moscow Madman! Ilja aims at Wolfe, “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!” Torpedo Moscow sends Wolfe INTO Coffey! Coffey clutches his knee as he falls out of the ring! Ilja realizes the error but he goes after Walter, only to be CLOBBERED by that clothesline! Walter focuses and Coffey hobbles on the bad leg. Walter goes out to BOOT Coffey down! Fans rally for Coffey but Walter throws him into steel steps! Walter brings Coffey up for an APRON WALTER BOMB!! Walter drags Coffey into the ring and then reels him in, LARIAT! Cover, but the ref isn’t there. A new ref comes in, counts, TWO!?! Coffey survives?! Walter can’t believe it, but at least things are even now.

Ilja keeps Wolfe out of the ring and the two brawl again! Walter heads up top to recreate TakeOver: New York, where he won the belt. Coffey stops Walter with a CHOP! But the bad leg won’t let Coffey climb! Walter clubs Coffey and CHOPS him! And CHOPS him! Coffey falls and Walter adjusts, but Coffey is up!? SHORYUKEN! Coffey manages to climb this time, and has Walter for a SUPER BELLY2BELLY!! Coffey crawls over but Walter is so far away. Fans rally up again as Coffey and Walter meet in the middle. Walter throws a forearm but Coffey gives it back. Walter kicks from the mat but Coffey gets up to his feet. The two brawl with forearms, but Walter kicks the bad leg. Coffey throws hands from all sides, and blocks a chop! To ROCK Walter! Then throw more hands! Coffey is boxing Walter!

The ref counts but Coffey lets up at 4. Walter kicks the leg out again! And sweeps the legs! Walter hurries to the top, WALTER SPLASH! Cover, TWO!?! How is Coffey still in this?! Blackpool doesn’t care, they’re still thundering up for both men. Coffey crawls but Walter pursues. Fans sing the tune of Ozzy Osborne’s Iron Man for the Iron King. Walter drags Coffey up but Coffey resists the bomb! Coffey tries but can’t lift Walter in return. Walter clubs and lifts, but Coffey slips out! ALL THE BEST! Glancing blow, so a SECOND All the Best hits! Cover, TWO! The bad leg bothers Coffey but the fans haven’t given up. Coffey throws his elbow pads off because he hasn’t given up yet, either. “MY KINGDOM!” But he spins into the SLEEPER!

Walter smothers Coffey, Coffey tries to fight back up, but Walter gets around behind. They stand, Walter KICKS Coffey in the back! Then CLOBBERS him on the back, to put the Sleeper back on! ROPEBREAK! Walter yanks Coffey off the ropes, for a SLEEPER SUPLEX! Coffey twitches but Walter finishes him with a WALTER BOMB, and a CHOP, and then ANOTHER WALTER BOMB!! Then the sleeper! Walter wants to make Coffey suffer as he puts on the modified crossface! Coffey taps, Walter wins!

Winner: WALTER, by submission; still WWE United Kingdom Champion

The Ring General conquers the Iron King! Imperium joins him in celebrating, despite only have the one title to their name. But even so, Imperium has THE title in NXT UK. Will it be only a matter of time for them to completely take over the brand?

Wait, what’s this?! The UNDISPUTED ERA is here!? Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly are in Blackpool! And they’re going right after Imperium! Cole clobbers Walter, Strong and O’Reilly throw Barthel and Aichner out, and Fish tackles Wolfe! Kyle LEAPS off the apron to knee Barthel down! Strong gives Aichner End of Heartache on the BARRIER! And Cole, THE NXT Champion, stares down Walter. Walter is surrounded, but eggs them on! It’s 4v1 but takes a Strong Knee, a SUPERKICK and TOTAL ANNIHILATION to take him down!! “This is what you’re in for come Worlds Collide!” They sit Walter up for a LAST SHOT! Blackpool is erupting as the Undisputed Era #ShockTheSystem! Will all of NXT be Undisputed when Worlds Collide?



My Thoughts:

What a great event! When Eddie Dennis threw Trent Seven out and onto that poor innocent guy ringside, I knew this was going to be awesome. Dennis winning does make a lot of sense, too, as he’s back and needs to be booked as strong as he was being booked before he was injured. Also I hope that guy Seven landed on is okay, that was rough. The Women’s Triple Threat teased getting hardcore with that chair, but in a way it was a nice move for Toni to not go full Heel on Piper. Fans kinda wanted it here, and it would’ve been interesting to see full Heel Toni, but a lot of fans still really like Toni, too, so staying Face works fine for right now. However, KLR retaining was fine, too. Toni wasn’t going to go into Worlds Collide trying to be #ToniTwoBelts, and this was just classic opportunistic Heel for KLR. I expect KLR VS Piper 1v1 to be the next story, and maybe then Piper gets the title.

Bate VS Devlin was probably the best match of the night, and possibly of the week in WWE. It might still be best match of the week after this coming week. I just wish this was for a midcard title, because then Bate could not only get back on a winning track as far as TakeOvers (since he lost in Cardiff against Walter and didn’t win the tag titles with Seven last year), and having a title would’ve just made this moment even greater. I do hope that we get another Bate VS Devlin match that is for a title, or at least naming a contender. These two are that good. The Fatal 4 Way ladder match was INSANE. And even scary at points, but ladder matches do tend to be scary. It was a shame Mark Coffey’s table broke on its own, having SWSC do mirrored sentons would’ve been great, but it was good ad-lib to do a double together.

I am a bit surprised Gallus retained, I thought this was Imperium’s night. Walter VS Joe Coffey was really great, just under where Walter VS Bate was. The ref spot was crazy and naturally we got some overbooking with Wolfe and Dragunov, who weren’t on the card, participating in some cheating. But it does seem a shame that in the end, Coffey gets hurt and inevitably loses because of a very telegraphed “accident” from Dragunov hitting Wolfe. The “bad knee” still adds to the effort from Coffey, but it also weakens things on both ends. Walter needed Wolfe’s help and Ilja’s mistakes to beat Joe Coffey, which is fine for Coffey, but at the same time, Coffey might’ve won without all that. In the end, status quo is kept, which is only a little disappointing.

But then WOW, Undisputed Era attacking to bridge things towards Worlds Collide! If Imperium had the tag titles, this would be even greater, because it’d be Champions VS Champions, 4v4! But I suppose the problem there becomes, the winning brand “buries” the other’s champions, and that can’t happen if NXT UK is to be rising up in the power rankings. With just one title on Imperium, Walter can be left out of the decision so that Undisputed Era pins Wolfe, Barthel or Aichner to win. Undisputed Era being a stronger faction is better in the grand scheme of things than Undisputed Era being stronger champions than a golden Imperium. At the same time, they could’ve done the same thing if it was specifically Wolfe taking the pin, but then that’s predictable as he’s the only non-champion. That’s another reason NXT UK needs a midcard title, but that’s just me.

My Score: 9.2/10

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