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3 Man Weave: Tiger vs Phil and the NBA Bubble

The Coca-Cola 600, The Match 2, UFC fight island and how/when will the rest of the sports world resume.



#ChairshotSports presents 3 Man Weave. Join Rey Cash @itsreycash PC Tunney @PCTunney and Christopher Platt @therealcplatt as they give their unique perspectives into the American and global sporting landscapes. This week on @3_ManWeave…

  • Coca-Cola 600
  • The Match 2
  • UFC’s Fight Island
  • How and When Will Sports Return
  • The Undertaker Documentary

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Bandwagon Nerds

BWN Nerds’ Review: The Book of Boba Fett – Chapter 4

The Nerds haven’t been blown away with this series yet. Is this the episode to turn things around? Dave and Patrick assess Chapter 4 of The Book of Boba Fett!



Welcome to this week’s edition of the Nerd Review!  Every week the Nerds give you their take on entertainment from the Nerd-o-sphere.  This week, Patrick and Dave continue their review of the Star Wars Disney+ miniseries The Book of Boba Fett!

  • The Show:  The Book of Boba Fett Ch. 4: The Gathering Storm
  • What’s it About:  Following the events in season two of The Mandalorian, Boba Fett had laid claim to Jabba the Hutt’s former criminal empire.  His rise to prominence is not met with open arms and Fett must navigate the Galaxy’s criminal underground in Tatooine.
  • IMDB Score: 7.8/10

The Nerds’ Take on Book of Boba Fett – Chapter 4:

Patrick:  This is the episode I have been waiting for out of the Book of Boba Fett.  Here, at the halfway point of the series I feel like we finally found some compelling storytelling in an episode the squarely focuses on how Fennec Shand fell in with Boba Fett as Boba’s number 2.  The Gathering Storm spends the majority of its time examining Boba Fett’s past in contrast to the previous episode that focused on moving the present story forward. The episode fills some of those final gaps between Return of the Jedi and The Mandalorian and should put the focus of the series’ final three episode on Boba Fett’s coming war with the Pyke syndicate.

So many questions were answered in this episode.  The episode begins with Fett back in the Bacta tank slipping into another flashback.  This time the audience follows Boba as he attempts to reclaim his lost ship from Jabba the Hutt’s Palace.  While biding his time, he sees a body left for dead in the desert.  It turns out to be a mortally wounded Fennec Shand. Fett recognizes her and takes her to a cyber modification parlor where Shand is saved Darth Vader style. In return for saving her life Shand agrees to help Boba recover his ship from the heavily guarded palace now run by Bib Fortuna. The infiltration of the palace is a fun bit stealth highlighted by a surprising nod to General Grievous in the form of a knife-wielding kitchen droid.

After liberating his ship in a fun little shootout, Boba, accompanied by Shand, begins to settles some scores.  First, he wipes out the speeder gang that destroyed the Tuskans. Then Fett and Shand make their way back to the Sarlaac and attempt to recover Boba’s armor.  This results in the death of the Sarlaac. Once dead, Fett begins searching for his armor in the carcass, resulting in serious injuries due to the still potent digestive acids in the creature, thus explaining the Bacta tank we have seen all series. Once Boba moves on from searching the Sarlaac, he awakens in the present and the droid tending him declares that Boba Fett has finally fully recovered from his ordeal.

The remainder of the episode sees Boba Fett move forward with preparations for war with the Pyke syndicate. First, he recruits and gains the services of Krrsantan, who is not dealing with unemployment well and needs minimal convincing. Then, we a treated to Boba Fett calling a meeting of the leaders of the Jabba’s former territories to discuss the threat of the Pykes. The other territories are not interested in an alliance, but they do pledge not to participate in the coming war.  Fett naturally does not trust the crime lords and the episode ends with Boba Fett directing Shand to “gather muscle” for the coming conflict.

I have to admit, this is the first time watching The Book of Boba Fett where I wasn’t begging for the episode to end. In fact, I quite enjoyed this episode. Now, that the silliness with the Tuskan Raiders has been resolved, I final felt like the story was going somewhere interesting. Temuera Morrison and Ming Na Wen get to flex their acting chops in this episode and the audience finally gets to see how their characters’ camaraderie is developed. While the story is hastily told in the span of about 40 minutes, the actors do well with the time we have.  Speaking of hasty, the second half of the episode progresses a little too quickly for me to totally buy it. Boba Fett has had very few dealings with theses territory leaders, so one board meeting of the families just doesn’t really feel earned.  In my opinions a lot of the Tuskan Raider backstory should have been minimized so that more time could be dedicated to better developing Boba’s progress in the present. Ultimately, I can’t help but wonder if I would feel better about the series overall at this point had the flashbacks been more tightly wound together with less Dances with Wolves stuff and more Boba and Fennec time.  The Gathering Strom has finally gained my attention though and I finally feel the show is on some solid footing.  I am no longer dreading what comes next.

Patrick’s Rating:  3.81/5.0

Dave Pretty much from the beginning of The Book of Boba Fett premiering, many of us were patiently waiting for the show to tie in to The Mandalorian. It was in The Mandalorian, after all, that we first saw Fennec Shand and got reintroduced to Boba Fett for the first time since Return of the Jedi. In this regard, Episode 4 was the Episode we had all been waiting for and, yet, we might have only begun to scratch the surface. Whatever the case, this was easily the best Episode of the series so far and got Star Wars fans the world over very excited.

Right off the bat, we get the tie-in to The Mandalorian. The main focus of this entire Episode is the relationship between Boba and Fennec and how that comes to fruition. Boba comes across Fennec after she was shot by bounty hunter Toro Calican during Episode 5 of the first season of The Mandalorian. We already knew that Boba Fett was the shadowy figure that we saw at the end of that Episode but here things come full circle as we find out that Boba rescued Fennec by taking her to a location where an interesting man is giving people cybernetic modifications to their bodies. In Fennec’s case, she required such a modification in order to survive. Boba fronts the cost of this. Fennec then agrees to help Boba on a dangerous mission in order to pay him back. That mission involves freeing Boba’s spaceship, Slave I, from where it is being held, namely Jabba the Hut’s palace. Fennec and Boba take out a mess of guards and Fennec is instrumental in making sure the escape is a success. Fennec, apparently, sees something in Boba and she decides to stay with him just in time for Boba to use Slave I to annihilate the speeder gang that massacred his Tusken friends and then try and use Slave I to retrieve his beskar armor from the Sarlac pit he had been trapped in for quite some time. In an absolutely awesome scene, Boba has Slave I hover over the opening to the Pit as he scans the inside of the Sarlac looking for his armor. This, of course, agitates the sand creature and kudos to the show runners here for bringing back the Sarlac creature from Jedi, with its pod like head and immensely powerful tentacles. Boba and Fennec barely escape quite possibly the most iconic scene of the series, at least so far.

When we move to the present day, we find that Boba has completely healed himself in his Bacta tank. Predictably, he enlists the services of Black Krrsantan, but not before the Wookie can dismember some poor fool who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nevertheless, with Fennec, Black Krrsantan, and the Cyborg Teen Titans all on the team, Boba seems more than capable of defending his budding dominion over Mos Espa from the Pyke Syndicate. Fennec however knows they need more “muscle” and she knows exactly where to get it from. Cue the pan pipes, a few notes of the very familiar theme song from The Mandalorian are played, and Star Wars fans everywhere lost their collective minds. There is indeed a storm gathering…. but it also appears that Boba will be getting some rather powerful allies to assist in the fight.

I absolutely loved this Episode. Now things have gotten very interesting. The story of how Fennec and Boba became tight allies and, possibly, friends was done really well. Their infiltration of Jabba’s palace to rescue Slave I felt very much like Star Wars. When Boba guns down those bastard bikers with Slave I, you couldn’t help but cheer. Sure, you knew Black Krrsantan was going to join the team but it was still very cool to see it happen. And the confrontation with the Sarlac Pit was one of those sequences that sticks with you for a long-time. It is rare that you can watch a scene and realize it has the potential to be iconic as it is happening. That was such a scene. The camera work in that scene, especially when Slave I blocks any light going into the pit by hovering over, and eventually sealing, the opening is eerie and awesome at the same time.

And all that is fine and great but let’s be real here. The prospect of Din Djarin showing up to, in some respect, return the favor for Boba’s help near the end of Season 2 of The Mandalorian, is enough to get any Star Wars fan absolutely giddy with excitement. But it is bigger than that. Who else might show up with Din once he does make his presence felt? Fennec made the statement that a speeder bike gang could not have taken out an entire Tusken tribe. If they did not do it, then who did? Crimson Dawn and Lady Qi’ra are still very much in play. Will Ahsoka show up in some form or fashion? Will Disney use the final three Episodes of The Book of Boba Fett to set the stage for Mandalorian Season 3, Ahsoka, something different…. or none of the above? It certainly seems all the backstory has been told and we are full steam ahead into telling the story of how this conflict between Boba Fett and The Pyke Syndicate gets resolved.

It took a bit longer to get here than most of us wanted but Episode 4 definitely connected the dots, crossed some ts, dotted some Is, what have you. This was just a fantastic Episode in every way. The story was great, the action was even better, the reasons for the conflict between Boba and The Pyke Syndicate became better defined….and a massive tease of the return of one of the most beloved Star Wars characters of the last decade made this Episode the perfect installment to erase a sluggish start to the series. Episode 5 can’t get here fast enough.

Dave’s Rating:  5.00/5.0


Overall Nerds’ Rating for Book of Boba Fett – Chapter 4: 4.40/5.0

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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu Results & Report! (1/25/22)

The Bracket of Courage closes the three day extravaganza!



HPW T3 Quarterfinals

The Legend of Zelda: The Ring of Destiny, Chapter 25

Not only does the Third Triforce Tournament’s Bracket of Courage begin, but the HPW Triforce, Goddess, Termina AND Death Mountain champs are in action!


  • Bracket of Courage: Ravio VS Captain Bokoblin; Ravio wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • Bracket of Courage: Cia VS The Great Fairy; Cia wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • Fatal 4 Way: Link VS Zelda VS Fin Balure VS Tali w/ Shibonne; Balure wins.
  • Bracket of Courage: Gibdo VS Master Stalfos; Gibdo wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • Bracket of Courage: Hollywood ReDead VS Torbellino Jr; ReDead wins and advances to the semifinals.


HPW and HXS TV set the scene!

Power and Wisdom are rolling, but now the Bracket of Courage begins its journey in the third Triforce Tournament! The UnderWorld Order are two for two in the Power Bracket, will it be three for three as Hollywood ReDead takes on newly signed Torbellino Jr? And then, The Purple Rabbit, #Murusagi, Ravio came up short at HyruleMania 2 against Link, but he could look to become a two-time bracket winner. Will he have even more tricks up his sleeve to secure a spot in the finals? He kicks things off here as HPW Dueling Peaks, Day 3, starts now!

T3 Bracket 3


Bracket of Courage: Ravio VS Captain Bokoblin!

Murusagi is ready to take the Bracket of Courage a second time! Will he do it by any means necessary? Or will “Captain BoKOoOoOoOoBLIN~!” be the hero that HPW needs right now?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, are in a deadlock, and Ravio starts to weaken. Capt. Bokoblin puts him on the ropes, Ravio flails as he calls for the ropebreak, and the ref counts. Capt. Bokoblin lets off, and he strikes a heroic pose. Fans cheer and some even shout, “BoKOoOoOoOoBLIN~!” Ravio and Capt. Bokoblin reset and circle again. They tie up, Capt. Bokoblin powers Ravio towards ropes but Ravio turns it around. Capt. Bokoblin turns it back around on Ravio and they end up in a corner. Capt. Bokoblin then monkey flips Ravio away and kips up to strike the heroic pose again.

Ravio flounders up in the corner, Capt. Bokoblin runs in, but Ravio dodges and Capt. Bokoblin hits buckles! Ravio rolls Capt. Bokoblin up, with tights! TWO!! Ravio argues with the ref, but the ref defends it was two. Capt. Bokoblin spins Ravio around to SHOTEI! Ravio staggers, Capt. Bokoblin runs, and he RANAS Ravio out of the ring! Fans fire up, Capt. Bokoblin fires up with them, and he aims at Ravio. PLANCHA! Direct hit and Capt. Bokoblin is all fired up! Fans shout “BoKOoOoOoOoBLIN~!” as he drags Ravio up and puts him in the ring. Capt. Bokoblin then climbs a corner and fans fire up.

Capt. Bokoblin himself shouts, “Captain… BoKOoOoOoOoBLIN~!” then leaps, but FLOPS as Ravio avoids the diving headbutt! Ravio hurries to cover, TWO! Capt. Bokoblin survives the miss, but Ravio stomps away on him. Ravio drags Capt. Bokoblin up to POST him! Fans boo but Ravio drags Capt. Bokoblin out of the corner to then toss him out of the ring. Ravio wants the ref to start the ring count and the ref has him calm down first. The ring count starts, Ravio looks anxious, and Capt. Bokoblin gets up at 5 of 10. Capt. Bokoblin staggers over, but Ravio WRECKS him with a dropkick! Ravio then brings Capt. Bokoblin up to whip him into railing!

Ravio gets back in the ring, and he wants the ring count to start again. The ref starts the count, Capt. Bokoblin staggers back up at 7 of 10, and is in at 9! Ravio is frustrated and he rushes over, but Capt. Bokoblin dodges and Ravio hits ropes. Capt. Bokoblin reels Ravio in on the rebound to GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans fire up with Capt. Bokoblin, he runs the ropes, and runs, and runs, and LARIATS Ravio inside out! Cover, TWO! Capt. Bokoblin is shocked! Capt. Bokoblin looks around as fans rally up. Capt. Bokoblin drags Ravio up, wrenches, knuckle locks and CHOPS him! Capt. Bokoblin then goes up, up, and FLYING ARM-DRAGS!

Ravio flounders to a corner, Capt. Bokoblin runs in to GoroUpper! Capt. Bokoblin whips corner to corner, and GoroUppers again! Capt. Bokoblin kicks Ravio low, reels him in, but Ravio blocks the lift by holding a leg. Ravio then drops and trips Capt. Bokoblin to hook a leg! STF! Capt. Bokoblin endures, reaches out, fans rally, ROPEBREAK! Ravio holds on as the ref counts and lets go at 4. Capt. Bokoblin drags himself up the ropes while Ravio argues with the ref, and Ravio kicks the rope! Capt. Bokoblin sputters, the ref argues with Ravio more! Capt. Bokoblin leans on the ropes, HILDA slips out from under the ring! And she HOTSHOTS Capt. Bokoblin!

Fans boo but Hilda drops down out of sight. Capt. Bokoblin sputters more, Ravio runs and hits RABBIT KNEES! Cover, Ravio wins!

Winner: Ravio, by pinfall (advances to the second round)

Hilda celebrates with Ravio after having returning the favor from just yesterday. If these two can still get away with so much, does anyone in the tournament stand a chance of stopping them from repeating last year?


Bracket of Courage: Cia VS The Great Fairy!

The Dark Forces’ Volga is already into the next round, with a little help from Wizzro. But now the Dark Sorceress looks to follow up on that here tonight! Will she cast some Black Magic on the living legend? Or will the Great Fairy bless Cia with an early exit?

The bell rings and the two circle. Fans sing, “Heyyy~ Great Fairy~! Hoo, hah! I wanna knoOoOoOoow~, will you be my girl?” and Cia is immediately annoyed. Cia and Great Fairy tie up, Cia headlocks and grinds Great Fairy. Great Fairy throws body shots, rolls Cia back to a bridging cover, TWO! Cia holds the headlock, Great Fairy fights up to her feet. Great Fairy hooks a leg to trip Cia and pop out of the headlock. Great Fairy runs, Cia stays low, then hurdles over. Great Fairy tilt-o-whirls to headscissor Cia to the ropes. Fans fire up as Great Fairy eggs Cia on. Cia huffs as she resets with Great Fairy.

They tie up, Cia knees low, and gets another headlock. Cia avoids Great Fairy trying to trip her again and then hits a headlock takeover. Great Fairy headscissors, Cia kips free and she kicks Great Fairy down. Cia stomps Great Fairy to ropes then stands on Great Fairy’s head. The ref reprimands, Cia lets off at 4, but jumps to stomp Great Fairy back down! The ref reprimands Cia more, Cia drags Great Fairy to center. Cia grabs a leg, stomps away on the thigh, then YANKS it! Great Fairy clutches the leg and Cia soaks up the heat. Cia stands on Great Fairy’s other leg to get the bad one for a standing toehold.

Great Fairy endures while fans rally. Great Fairy tries to crawl backward for ropes but Cia turns her over and SMASHES the knee into the mat! Cia drops a knee on the leg, then pulls on the leg for a HALF CRAB! Great Fairy endures, reaches out for ropes, but Cia drags her away! Cia sits deep on the hold, but Great Fairy still fights to move around! Fans rally, Great Fairy reaches out, ROPEBREAK! The ref counts and Cia lets go at 4. Cia is frustrated while Great Fairy goes to the apron. Cia grabs at Great Fairy through the ropes! Cia drags Great Fairy up and through by her hair, the ref reprimands, but Great Fairy hits a JAWBREAKER!

Cia staggers and checks her mouth. Great Fairy reels Cia in for waistlock but Cia resists the lift. Cia throws back elbows but Great Fairy ducks one to spin Cia around. Great Fairy hits a NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Cia ROCKS Great Fairy with a forearm! Great Fairy spins and CHOPS back! Cia mule kicks, front kicks, and CALF KICKS Great Fairy down! But Great Fairy kips right back up to ENZIGURI! Both women are down and fans fire up! Cia and Great Fairy crawl to opposite ends of the ring and pull themselves up the ropes. Cia runs over but Great Fairy gets around to O’Conner Roll! TWO, and Great Fairy springboards off ropes to CROSSBODY!

Fans fire up with Great Fairy and she quickly drags Cia up. Great Fairy whips, Cia reverses, but Great Fairy ducks and redirects to WHEEL KICK! Great Fairy shakes out the bad leg, grabs at Cia, but Cia reels her into a small package! TWO, Cia goes for the bad leg but Great Fairy blocks the takedown. Great Fairy steps over, La Magistrol! TWO, Cia ducks Great Fairy’s roundhouse to KICK the bad leg! Great Fairy drops to a knee, Cia KNEES her in the head! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up but Cia is frustrated! Cia drags Great Fairy up to CLUB her down, then KICKS the bad leg. Great Fairy hobbles along the ropes, but Cia KICKS the leg out from under her!

Fans boo but Cia soaks up the heat. Great Fairy drags herself up but has one good leg to stand on. Cia CHOP BLOCKS Great Fairy at the ropes! Cia drags Great Fairy to center, KICKS the bad leg again, then ties up the legs, CLOVERLEAF! Great Fairy endures as Cia sits deep on the hold! Great Fairy claws around, reaches out, but Cia drags Great Fairy away from ropes. Great Fairy powers up, tucks under and reels Cia into a cradle! TWO, Cia gets around to back suplex, but Great Fairy lands on her feet, only for her bad leg to jam! Cia hits a drop toehold, STOMPS the bad leg, then gets an ANKLE LOCK, and GRAPEVINE!

Great Fairy shouts, but she’s stuck! She taps, Cia wins!

Winner: Cia, by submission (advances to the second round)

The Dark Sorceress didn’t even need Black Magic, she found another way to win! With more holds in her arsenal, will Cia be an even more dangerous entry in this tournament?


Fatal 4 Way: Link VS Zelda VS Fin Balure VS Tali w/ Shibonne!

This could very well be the most star studded match in HPW history! No titles are on the line between the Triforce, Goddess, Termina and Death Mountain Champions, but something could give way here! Will the Hero of Hyrule still be seen as THE champion? Or will the pecking order be changed in this special bonus match?

With each introduction, they raise their respective titles and fans cheer. Tali talks smack to Zelda and even to Link, while Fin talks trash to Link and Tali. Zelda just rolls her eyes while all the belts are put aside. Tali rushes Zelda right at the bell! She barrels Zelda into a corner while Fin CHOPS Link! Fin whips, Link reverses but Fin back elbows from the corner. Fin then bumps Link off buckles to CHOP him again. Tali follows Zelda to another corner, CLUBS her on the back, then has her in another corner. Tali digs her forearms into Zelda’s face and Shabonne cheers her on. Tali rams her shoulder into Zelda again, then carries her corner to corner!

Fin clears out, and Tali RAMS Zelda into Link! Tali then RAMS her shoulder to sandwich them both! Fin takes advantage to CHOP Zelda. Tali lets off to grab Fin with both hands! Tali tosses Fin to the corner but Zelda gets out of the way. Tali RAMS into Fin and Link while fans duel! Zelda KICKS Tali’s leg and Tali lets off of the guys. Zelda kicks, whips, but Tali reverses. But Fin CLOBBERS Tali from behind. Zelda comes back to SHOTGUN Fin down! Link hops over Zelda to waistlock Tali. Tali blocks the lift, breaks the waistlock to wrench to a wristlock. Link grabs the ropes to flip through, and he wrenches Tali back.

Link whips Tali to a corner, but Tali comes right back to CLOBBER Link! Zelda goes after Fin at the apron, but Fin GAMANGIRIS her away. Fin goes up top, leaps, and hits Zelda with ax handles. Fin and Tali then stare down and fans fire up. Tali eggs Fin on but Fin turns away. Only to CHOP Tali anyway! Fans fire up as Tali brushes it off, but Fin then kicks low. Fin headlocks, Tali powers out but Fin holds ropes to stop himself. Tali runs in but Fin elbows her away. Link SUPERKICKS Tali, and Zelda hits an ARMBAR TAKEDOWN! But Fin DOUBLE STOMPS to break that up! Fin throws Zelda out, but turns around into a SUPERKICK!

Link reels Fin in, for a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Link pursues Fin but Tali CLUBS Link on the back! Tali lifts but Link fights the back suplex with elbows. Fin runs back in, Link ducks and the SLINGBLADE hits Tali! Link kicks but Fin blocks and CLUBS the leg. Fin snapmares Link and KICKS him in the back! Fin wraps on a dragon sleeper and drags Link up, but snapmares free. Link runs, Fin ducks the shining wizard, but not the BOOMERANG! Cover, but Tali breaks it! Tali deadlift suplexes Link up! Link throws knees, but Tali blocks his counter! She shakes her head before re-suplexing Link for the SLAM!

Fin runs in but Tali denies the slingblade to FULL NELSON! Fin endures as Tali thrashes him around, but Zelda returns and leaps onto Tali for a SLEEPER! Tali lets Fin go, pries at Zelda’s hold, but Zelda gives Tali a HYLIAN KISS headbutt to the back! Zelda wants the chicken wing, but Link SUPERKICKS her! Link resets and hits Tali with a MASTER SWORD! Link reels Tali in, but then Fin dragon sleepers Link for an ELBOW DROP DDT! Tali throws Fin up and out of the ring! Tali goes back to Link and brings him up. But Link wrenches and HOOK SHOTS! Link fireman’s carries, for BOMBOS MEDALLION! Cover, but Zelda breaks it with a basement dropkick!

“This is Awesome!” but far from over as Zelda brings Link up. Link throws a body shot, then a forearm. Zelda kicks, Link ducks and waistlocks, but Zelda blocks. Zelda breaks the waistlock to PELE! Link staggers, Zelda hops on, but Link grabs ropes to deny the Poison-rana! Zelda avoids the Master Sword, to springboard! Link catches Zelda in a fireman’s carry! BOMBOS MEDALLION! Tali gut wrenches Link up off the cover, for a CLIFFHANGER DDT! Cover, COUP DE GRACE outta nowhere! Fans are going nuts as Fin breaks the pin and keeps the match going! Fin puts Tali in a corner and CHOPS! Fin whips Tali corner to corner, runs in and CHOPS again!

Zelda runs in, Fin moves and Zelda DOUBLE KNEES Tali! Tali sits, but Fin SHOTGUNS Zelda into the same corner! Fin turns around, into a fireman’s carry from Link! CORNER BOMBOS! Link drags Fin back up, suplexes, QUAKE MEDALLION! Cover, TWO!! Fin survives and fans are thunderous! Link brings Fin up, but Tali THROWS Zelda onto Link! Tali waistlocks and deadlifts Zelda for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, Fin DOUBLE STOMPS Tali! Fin drags Tali up and reels her in, but Tali powers out of the facelock. Fin ducks the clothesline to run, and comes back to SLINGBLADE!

Link gets up, Fin gives him a SLINGBLADE! Fin aims at Tali from a corner, but Shabonne gets on an apron! The ref tells Shabonne to get down, but Fin runs her off. Tali runs in to SPEAR Fin! Shabonne laughs at Fin, but wait, who’re those Rito guys who snuck up behind her? Shabonne turns around into DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Tali is pissed and shouting at them, but Fin turns her around, kicks her low and reels her in, DEPTH CHARGE! Fin puts Tali in a drop zone, goes up top, and COUP DE GRACE! Cover, Fin wins!

Winner: Fin Balure, by pinfall

A furious Fatal 4 to say the least, but who are these two who helped save him? They celebrate with Fin in the ring, even striking a pose. Will the Zora Rock ‘n’ Rolla establish himself as the strongest champion with these two by his side? Or have these three just put targets on their backs?


Bracket of Courage: Gibdo VS Master Stalfos!

The Dark Forces are three for three, and now #DatGibdo has a chance to make it four for four! Or will the third of the Three Masters stand in his way and make him the odd one out?

The bell rings and the two circle. They feel out the grapple, and Stalfos tests the water with some jabs. Gibdo stays away and fans rally up. Stalfos tries more jabs, but Gibdo throws some back. They scrap but back off and fans cheer the quick exchange. The two tie up, Gibdo knees low then runs, and rams shoulders with Stalfos! Stalfos stays up, eggs Gibdo on, and Gibdo runs again. Gibdo rams Stalfos with his shoulder again, but Stalfos still stays up. Stalfos eggs Gibdo on again, Gibdo runs again and rams Stalfos harder. Stalfos rebounds to ram into Gibdo, Gibdo rebounds but then Stalfos runs him over with a shoulder!

Fans rally as Stalfos runs. Gibdo stays low, then jumps, but Stalfos catches him for a fireman’s carry! Gibdo slides off, shoves Stalfos to ropes, and CLOBBERS him on the rebound. Gibdo roars and fans are torn. Stalfos rolls to ropes and Gibdos storms over. Gibdo brings Stalfos up, chokes him on the ropes, but lets off as the ref counts. Gibdo CLUBS Stalfos on the back, puts Stalfos in a corner, and stomps a mudhole into him. The ref counts, Gibdo lets off at 4, then runs side to side to BOOT WASH! Gibdo drags Stalfos to a cover, TWO! Fans rally up for “STAL~FOS! STAL~FOS!” but Gibdo drags Stalfos up.

Gibdo wrenches Stalfos’ arm, digs his elbow into the shoulder and brings Stalfos down to the mat. Stalfos endures the armlock, moves around, reaches out with a leg, but Gibdo drags him away by his arm! Gibdo drops a leg on the arm, then has a short arm scissor. That’s pretty technical for Gibdo. Stalfos endures, bridges moves around and rolls Gibdo up to a cover, ONE! Stalfos gets free, he kicks and whips Gibdo to a corner, then runs in. Stalfos hits a SPLASH, then whips Gibdo corner to corner. Stalfos runs in for another SPLASH! Stalfos then wrenches and reels Gibdo in, COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally, Stalfos fires himself up and waits for Gibdo to get up. Gibdo stands, Stalfos runs, but Gibdo ducks the clothesline to run, and he BOOTS Stalfos down! Gibdo jumps for a BIG elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Gibdo rains down forearms in frustration while fans rally again. Gibdo drags Stalfos up, CLUBS him on the back again, whips Stalfos to ropes, but Stalfos holds ropes. Gibdo runs in, Stalfos moves and Gibdo’s boot gets caught up on the rope! Stalfos then gets Gibdo for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Stalfos grows frustrated, and he drags Gibdo up to put in a corner. Stalfos gets Gibdo up onto the top rope, then climbs up after him.

Stalfos CLUBS Gibdo, but Gibdo hits back with body shots. Stalfos throws forearm after forearm after forearm! Fans fire up and Stalfos goes to the very top, but Gibdo slips out underneath and trips Stalfos! Stalfos hits off the buckles, Gibdo lifts Stalfos into a torture rack! Stalfos endures as Gibdo jumps around to thrash Stalfos in the rack. Gibdo then spins into a GORON DROP! Cover, TWO! Gibdo grows frustrated again and he dribbles Stalfos’ head off the mat! Gibdo lets off with a roar, then waits for Stalfos to get up. Gibdo runs in, clinches and hits an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Stalfos tumbles to the far side, Gibdo runs in again and clotheslines Stalfos out!

Fans fire up while Gibdo roars again. Gibdo goes out the side, runs in around the way, but Stalfos sends him into railing! Fans go nuts, especially in the front row! Stalfos drags Gibdo up and puts him in the ring. Stalfos runs but Gibdo swats his clothesline! Gibdo torture racks again, but Stalfos slips off and ROCKS him with a forearm to the back! Stalfos reels Gibdo in, POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! So close and yet so far! Stalfos fires up and fans are with him. Stalfos gets Gibdo up, whips him to a corner, and runs in for a SPLASH! Stalfos whips Gibdo corner to corner again, but Gibdo catches Stalfos for an URENAGE!

Gibdo drags Stalfos to center, gets Stalfos’ arms and wraps on an ANACONDA VICE! Stalfos endures, flails and reaches out, but he’s fading fast! The ref checks, Stalfos is OUT! Gibdo wins!!

Winner: Gibdo, by submission (advances to the second round)

The Dark Forces are three for three, and Gibdo has learned some submission moves of his own! Will he get to use them on his former teammate, ReDead? Or will he be facing the newest start in HPW?


Bracket of Courage: Hollywood ReDead VS Torbellino Jr!

The UnderWorld Order has gone two for two with Death Sword and Gomess both moving on to the next round in the Bracket of Power. Will they be three for three? Or will the Son of the Whirlpool make a big splash in his first match as an HPW wrestler?

The bell rings and the two circle. ReDead is flexing already, probably not taking Torbellino seriously. They approach, Torbellino drop steps to the waistlock. ReDead moves around, pries free, but Torbellino kicks a leg! ReDead is annoyed but he keeps cool as he and Torbellino circle again. ReDead corners Torbellino but Torbellino slips away to kick ReDead in the leg again. Torbellino stays on his toes, avoids being cornered again, and CHOPS! ReDead doesn’t flinch but Torbellino gets space. They circle, Torbellino throws more kicks, but ReDead blocks! ReDead swings, Torbellino dodges and holds ropes to avoid the boot! Torbellino baits ReDead in and then dumps him out of the ring!

Fans fire up as Fuego PLANCHAS, but ReDead catches him! ReDead carries Torbellino around the way, aims for a post, but Torbellino slips off and POSTS ReDead instead! Torbellino hurries to get ReDead up and POSTS him again! ReDead staggers, Torbellino gets to the apron and runs to FLYING RANA! ReDead staggers up again, goes to a corner of the railing, and Torbellino runs in, but is TOSSED into the crowd! The fans help Torbellino stay up! Torbellino is on the railing and LEAPS, but into ReDead’s arms again! FALL AWAY SLAM! Torbellino writhes and ReDead snarls as he stalks after Torbellino.

ReDead drags Torbellino up by his mask, and puts him in the ring. ReDead covers, TWO! ReDead eggs the fans on, and taunts Torbellino with more flexing. Torbellino flounders, ReDead gut wrenches him up for a TOSS! ReDead gets Torbellino up again for another TOSS across the ring!! ReDead shouts, “I’M THE MAN~” as he toys with Torbellino. The ref checks on Torbellino as he sputters in the corner and ReDead soaks up the heat. ReDead drags Torbellino back up, winds up and DECKS him with a haymaker! ReDead drops elbows over and over on Torbellino then runs to JUMPING ELBOW! ReDead grins as he covers, TWO! Torbellino still lives and ReDead is annoyed.

ReDead stands on Torbellino’s head but the ref reprimands. ReDead pulls on Torbellino’s arm before he stomps Torbellino down. ReDead paces, drags Torbellino up, but Torbellino throws hands! Torbellino ROCKS ReDead! Fans fire up, but ReDead scoops Torbellino! Torbellino slips around for a sleeper! ReDead gets to the ropes but Torbellino shifts and headlocks. ReDead powers up but Torbellino becomes a sleeper backpack again! Torbellino squeezes tight and ReDead is fading! The ref checks, ReDead gets a second wind to RAM Torbellino into buckles! ReDead is free, runs in at Torbellino but into a BOOT! And then more BOOTS!

Torbellino goes up and QUEBRADAS! Direct hit and things speed up! Torbellino ducks, dodges and leaps, into a BEARHUG! ReDead shakes his head as he squeezes Torbellino tight. Torbellino endures and fans rally up. ReDead thrashes Torbellino around, but Torbellino throws headbutts! Torbellino gets free, but ReDead swings on him. Torbellino dodges and drop toeholds ReDead into buckles! Fans fire up as Torbellino schoolboys, kips up and BASEMENT ENZIGURIS! ReDead is dazed, Torbellino fires up! Torbellino fires off forearm after forearm, runs, springboards, but into a DOUBLE AX HANDLE! ReDead scowls and shakes his head.

ReDead drags Fuego up, mocks the call for the whirlpool DDT, and then- No! Fuego slips out of the DDT to DOUBLE STOMP! Torbellino hurries to get up and run in, step-up DOUBLE STOMPS to the head! Fans are thunderous as ReDead gets up slowly. Torbellino winds up to HEEL KICK! And then BASEMENT DDT! Torbellino calls his shot and ReDead staggers up. Torbellino goes up and up and- No! ReDead stops the flight for a back suplex! But Torbellino lands on his feet! Torbellino dodges ReDead to get to the corner, but Miro BOOTS him down! ReDead throws furious fists over and over and is no longer toying with Torbellino!

Fans boo, but ReDead drags Torbellino up, scoops and SLAMS! But ReDead isn’t done there, he calls for one more. ReDead drags Torbellino back up, scoops and SLAMS! ReDead chants “One More Time! One More Time!” but fans boo more. ReDead waves a dismissive hand at them, scoops Torbellino again and SLAMS him down! ReDead then runs the rope for the LEG DROP! Cover, ReDead wins!

Winner: Hollywood ReDead, by pinfall (advances to the second round)

ReDead shouts “I’M THE MAAAN~!” as he celebrates. The uWo has all three members into the next round, but ReDead will be facing #DatGibdo! Who will win when former teammates turned bitter enemies collide?

My Thoughts:

Hoo boy, adding that Fatal 4 Way on myself almost cost me. I almost didn’t get this done before the tournament started. And from a crowd standpoint, I’m not sure how many fans would’ve been happy seeing so many Heels advance. Though maybe Ravio is a likeable Heel, and the Dark Forces are tweeners. ReDead’s definitely true Heel, though. I’m definitely liking the coming match-up of Gibdo VS ReDead, that’s going to be a lot of fun. Also, any name suggestions for a Zelda universe take on “Bullet Club?” Hopefully I can come up with something before the next event on Valentine’s Day.

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