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Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (6/2/20)

Dark still shines bright!



AEW Dark Coverage

AEW Dark’s spotlight is on tag team wrestling!

After brawling with The Young Bucks and even AEW’s brand new additions, FTR, The Butcher and The Blade return to in-ring action!


  • Billy Gunn w/ Austin Gunn VS John Skyler; Gunn wins.
  • The Butcher & The Blade VS Jon Cruz & Joe Alonzo; Butcher & Blade win.
  • Christi Jaynes VS KiLynn King; Jaynes wins.
  • Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS “Big Game” Leroy & EJ Lewis; Proud ‘n’ Powerful wins.
  • Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates VS The Natural Nightmares; The Natural Nightmares win.


Billy Gunn w/ Austin Gunn VS John Skyler!

The Ass Man didn’t quite get it done in the TNT Championship Contender’s Battle Royal, but that doesn’t mean he can’t gain ground the old fashioned way! Will he have two words for the Southern Savior if he’s not down with that?

The bell rings and Billy shakes hands with the ref. Austin cheers his dad on but Skyler backs off to a corner. Skyler waits for Billy to back off and the two circle. But then Skyler goes back to the corner again. Skyler tells Billy to tell Austin to shut up but Billy doesn’t mind his son’s cheering. Billy and Skyler tie up, and are in a deadlock until Billy wrenches to a wristlock. Billy shifts to a hammerlock and spanks Skyler! Austin is entertained by that but Skyler swipes at him. Austin mocks Skyler while Billy steps to Skyler. Skyler backs off to a corner again and the ref tries to keep things civil. Billy and Austin do the Gunn Club handshake, then Billy circles with Skyler. They tie up, Billy wrenches and hammerlocks again, then shifts to a headlock and back to the hammerlock, for another spank! Austin laughs at Skyler but Skyler comes out to confront him. “I’ve had enough of this kid!” Papa Gunn gets in Skyler’s way, then has another secret handshake with Austin.

Skyler gets in the ring, Billy follows, and Skyler is all over him with stomps and punches! Billy headlocks but Skyler powers out, only for Billy to run him over! Billy keeps going, sees Skyler’s hurdle coming and stops in his tracks. He says Skyler wouldn’t have cleared him with that, and whips Skyler to ropes. Billy follows, sends Skyler out and keeps moving. Skyler is on the apron and he slingshots in for a SPEAR! Cover, ONE! Skyler is furious but says these punches are for Austin. Skyler throws hands on Billy and tells him to stay down or tell his son to shut up. Skyler runs, into a SCRAPBUSTER! Billy gets up, drags Skyler up and kicks. He reels Skyler in, but Austin tells him not to do those two words. Billy skips that, runs, but into a SUPERKICK! Billy stays up, and blocks the second kick! He spins Skyler, kicks low then hits the FAMOUSER! Cover, Billy wins!

Winner: Billy Gunn, by pinfall

The Gunn Club has reason to party tonight! Or just another reason, really. Will the father and son Gunns gain momentum towards titles in the near future?


Interview with The Natural Nightmares.

Well, Dustin Rhodes and Brandi are here, but where is QT Marshall? He’s on his way, they have no doubts. Well either way, the duo has made their way to be number two in the tag team rankings! QT has been on a roll, and even Dustin got a big win on Shawn Spears at Double or Nothing. Brandi says this is all by design. The Nightmare Family is all about- Wait, someone is honking. QT pulls up in a brand new Corvette, with Allie! Allie says someone of QT’s “magnitude” should roll in style. Oh, Allie said, huh? Yeah, she even picked out the car, because blue is her favorite color. Why are they disapproving? Dustin disapproves because Allie is probably toying with him. The Nightmare Family is just worried that QT is getting distracted. Look at Allie, look at Brandi, and answer honestly if you think this is real.

What’s not to get? QT has new hair, a new car, a new girlfriend, it’s a new QT! Dustin and Brandi tell QT they need to get going for their match, but QT says he and Allie are going to get something to eat. Well can they at least bring Dustin something? QT says it’s fine, they’re ranked now. And here, have this apple. QT drives off with Allie, and Brandi keeps Dustin from eating the apple. Allie was just eating that, that’s nasty. It’s not like it’s rotten… But is there something rotten about Allie slinking around God’s Gift to Wrestling?


The Butcher & The Blade VS Jon Cruz & Joe Alonzo!

The Bunny isn’t with Andy Williams and Braxton Sutter because she’s Allie, and Allie is with QT. Does this only add another layer to how frustrated the menacing mercenaries are with their station? Will it all explode onto their opponents in this return to the ring?

The teams sort out, but Butcher and Blade attack Cruz and Alonzo outta nowhere! The ref rings the bell so that this is on record, and Butcher stomps Alonzo while Blade goes after Cruz. The ref tries to get things in order, but Blade hangs Cruz out to dry on the top rope! Butcher pump handle Fall Away Slams Alonzo away! Things finally settle and Blade throws forearms and CHOPS on Cruz. He clubs Cruz down then drags him up to whip. He gives Cruz the kitchen sink knee and Butcher applauds. Blade stomps Cruz and grinds his foot in at the ropes. The ref counts and Blade lets off at 4, then bumps Cruz on buckles. Blade CHOPS Cruz and looms over him. Blade brings Cruz up to whip into the corner and CHOP again! Blade paces while Cruz crawls. Blade keeps Cruz away from Alonzo and scoops him. Butcher tags in, and they combine for a leg drop sidewalk slam!

Butcher drags Cruz up, whips him hard into buckles face first! Cruz flops to the apron but Butcher drags him back in and back up, to a fireman’s carry for a GUT BUSTER! Butcher fireman’s carries again, for another GUT BUSTER! Butcher shows no mercy, he gives Cruz a THIRD GUT BUSTER! Cruz can’t escape and Butcher tosses him to the corner! Butcher gives Alonzo time and he tags in, and fires off on Butcher! It does nothing, and Butcher clobbers him at the ropes. Butcher whips and crossbodies Alonzo down! Alonzo tries to fight back but Butcher clubs him down. Butcher snap suplexes Alonzo hard, and then brings him up for another! Butcher drags Alonzo up, whips him to the corner, and tags in Blade. The mercs coordinate, BOOT and corner clothesline, then a CHOP and pop-up.

Blade helps swing Alonzo for a SLAM! Cover, but Blade lets up on purpose! Blade wants to make Alonzo pay for what FTR and the Young Bucks did. Blade CHOPS away on Alonzo, whips him to ropes, but Alonzo kicks back! Hot tags to Cruz and Butcher! Cruz fires off on Blade but Butcher come sin. Blade kitchen sinks, Butcher swinging backbreakers! Snap suplex to backstabber!! Cover, Butcher & Blade win!

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade, by pinfall

Williams & Sutter give Cruz the #FullDeath treatment! Will they cut a path through the AEW Tag Division soon enough?


Backstage interview with Brandon Cutler, Peter Avalon & Leva Bates.

Given their arguments about who is the WORST in AEW, and how they each eliminated the other from the battle royal, tensions are high between the Dungeon Master and the Librarian. The bottom line is that they both lost. But they argue over who was eliminated first. They argue and Leva gets in between them. Both of them need to stop. This is not solving anything. But Leva has a plan, because she’s the brains of the operation. Cutler and Avalon both have negative streaks, but it is pure math and science that two negatives make a positive! That’s why tonight, they’re a team! What?! Again!? They tried that! No, there was a missing variable: Leva. She will be ringside for them. Cutler figures a win is a win. But he doesn’t want them to cheat. Leva doesn’t cheat. Peter accepts this premise. “See you out there, partner!” Will this desperate duo be able to help each other finally get a win? Or will they defy science and fall apart at the seams?


Christi Jaynes VS KiLynn King!

The Brazilian Va-Va-Voom couldn’t slow down the Stardom Samurai and NEW AEW Women’s World Champion, while the Queen of Crazy felt Superbad after losing to Penelope Ford. Which of these newest additions to the division gets on the board tonight?

The bell rings and CJ stops lounging on the top rope. She circles with King and the two tie up. They push each other around but end up in a deadlock. King shifts to headlock but CJ brings her to a knee. CJ pops out the back and hammerlocks to then headlock. King pries at the hold but CJ knees low. CJ runs and runs King over, to then do a little dance and say kiss that. Things speed up and King follows CJ to run her over! King mocks the dancing and CJ is furious. CJ talks trash in Portuguese, but King dodges the hands to roll her up! TWO, and CJ sweeps the legs to cover, ONE! King sweeps the legs and covers, ONE! CJ runs into an arm-drag, and then a hip toss! Cover, ONE! King keeps on CJ with an armlock, but CJ fights her way up. King cranks on the arm, CJ reaches for ropes with a leg, but King keeps her away. CJ tries the other side but King spins her around to bring her down.

King cranks on the arm but CJ fights her way up again. CJ pulls hair and puts King in a corner. The ref counts and CJ won’t let up. The ref goes to break them apart but CJ gets in cheap shots! CJ fires off forearms and stomps until the ref backs her off again. CJ calms down, does a little more dancing, and brings King up to snapmare. She puts King down to stand on the hair and pull her arms! The ref counts, CJ stops at 4 and KICKS King on the back. Cover, TWO! CJ grows frustrated and she bumps King off buckles. CJ digs her hands into King but lets up at 4. She dances again, runs in, but King goes up and over to rally with clotheslines! King boots, spins and kicks, to then BOOT again! SNAP GERMAN! CJ flounders as King watches her. King leaps, CUTTER! Cover, TWO into a roll up, with tights! CJ wins!!

Winner: Christi Jaynes, by pinfall

CJ gets the win with a bit of controversy, but she still dances away. Will she dance her way up into the top rankings?


Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS “Big Game” Leroy & EJ Lewis!

The Inner Circle has had a rough week with the Stadium Stampede defeat, the overstock of unnecessary “Stadium Stampede Champion” shirts, and a pep rally ruined by “Iron” Mike Tyson. But perhaps Santana & Ortiz can spark a comeback against two new additions to the AEW roster?

The teams sort out and Santana starts against Leroy, but Leroy’s distracted by his game. Even Lewis tries to get Leroy to put the game down, but Santana makes him with an ax kick and enziguri! Leroy flounders and Santana kicks the Switch out of the ring. Lewis tags in and Santana is all over him with stomps! Santana drags Lewis up to CHOP and TOSS! Lewis crashes and flounders into the PNP corner and Santana slaps him around. Santana toys with Lewis as he grinds his foot in, then tags in Ortiz. PNP whip Lewis for a back elbow and senton! Then the step stool senton on top! Lewis writhes while Ortiz talks trash to Leroy. Ortiz drags Lewis up, scoops and slams him down, then brings him up for another! Ortiz drags Lewis up to wrench and SAIDO! Lewis flounders in a daze but Ortiz looms over him.

Ortiz brings Lewis up, whips him to ropes, and runs him over with a big clothesline! Ortiz drags Lewis up again, Canadian rack to Gory Especial, and tags in Santana. Santana CHOPS Lewis and CHOPS again while Ortiz stretches Lewis out in the submission hold. Ortiz then drops Lewis down on the mat, and Santana stomps Lewis’ hands! Santana grinds the fingers then BOOTS Lewis in the head! “It’s supposed to hurt!” Santana dares Lewis to get up and Lewis slowly sits up. Lewis throws hands but Santana SLAPS him! Ortiz pushes Lewis down but the ref reprimands. Ortiz tags in, PNP double wrench and back suplex, but Lewis lands on his feet! Lewis dodges Ortiz to ROCK Santana, then he roundhouses Ortiz to hook kick Santana! Lewis fires up and runs, but into a SUPERKICK from Santana!

Santana whips Lewis to Ortiz’s scoop, for a DRIVER! Santana hits the LIONSAULT! Le Champion would be proud of that and the cocky cover. Leroy slides in but PNP step up to him. Ortiz throws Lewis to the corner and Leroy tags in! Leroy steps to Santana, bobs ‘n’ weaves, dodges, but Ortiz scares him! Santana tackles Leroy to the corner! Tag to Ortiz, and PNP combine, pop-up BOMB to sit-up and REVERSE BOMB! Leroy hits buckles face first! Ortiz becomes a step stool and Santana runs corner to corner, STEP-UP CANNONBALL! Santana is still seething as Ortiz brings Leroy up again. Santana climbs, and Leroy gets the STREET SWEEPER! Cover, PNP win!

Winners: Proud ‘n’ Powerful, by pinfall

The blockbuster bomb gets Santana & Ortiz back into things, and by extension, the Inner Circle sends a message. Will this just be the beginning of an even more vicious run through the AEW roster?


Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates VS The Natural Nightmares!

The Dungeon Master and the Librarian have united for a common cause of getting the zeroes out of their win columns! But Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall might be divided as far as their focus. Will the #2 ranked team in AEW be able to move up towards #1? Or will the mathematically WORST team in the division shock the world?

QT escorts Allie to commentary and she is happy to be with Taz and Excalibur. Brandi does her best to keep QT focused on the match, but teams sort out and Dustin starts against Cutler. Taz does quickly ask Allie what it is about QT that attracted her to him? Allie first wants to appreciate how he is in the ring. Dustin and Cutler circle, but Allie’s eyes are on QT, who is getting into great shape now. Dustin and Cutler tie up, Dustin headlocks but Cutler powers out, only for Dustin to run him over. Things speed up, Dustin whips but Cutler hurdles, only to run into an arm-drag! Cutler comes back with a hip toss but Dustin pushes him away from the leg lock. The two get up and circle again as Excalibur asks about Allie’s link to Butcher & Blade. Is she no longer The Bunny? Allie says she’s a little distracted by how QT looks. There’s just something about a man with apples.

Cutler and Dustin shake hands to show there’s still respect, but Avalon gets upset by that. Avalon wants to tag in so Cutler gives him the tag. QT tags in and Avalon brags how he’s going to show Cutler how it’s done. But then Avalon turns around into QT’s high hip toss! Allie says that is exactly what she’s talking about. QT brings Avalon up, throws hands on Avalon, and then whips Avalon corner to corner. QT runs in but into a boot. Avalon hops up and leaps, into QT’s arms! QT pops Avalon up and slams him down! Allie applauds and QT smiles her way, then speeds things up. QT rallies with shoulders but Avalon puts him on the apron. QT goes up top fast and ax handles Avalon down! QT brings Avalon up and whips, but Avalon reverses. Leva swipes at QT and Brandi protests, but Avalon clubs QT on the back!

Avalon wrenches and whips QT but QT dodges and slides out to slap the books down! Leva is offended but Avalon DIVES to take QT down! Allie is upset and Cutler reprimands his team, because they agreed on no cheating. Leva claims there was no cheating, but Avalon just puts QT in the ring. Avalon covers, ONE! He tries again, ONE! Avalon rains down rights on QT and then ground ‘n’ pounds from all sides. The ref counts and Avalon lets up to tag in Cutler. Cutler and Avalon bring QT up together and throw hands. Cutler throws haymakers but QT dodges to waistlock. Cutler bucks QT off, springboards and hits a flying forearm! Cover, TWO! Cutler tries again, TWO! Allie talks a little badly about Dustin and Brandi not helping QT enough. Cutler drags QT up and to the corner for Avalon to tag in. Avalon claws QT’s back! Then CHOPS his front! Avalon whips and hits a leg lariat! Cover, TWO!

Avalon rains down more rights on QT then drags him up. Avalon wrenches QT and yanks on the arm. He puts QT in the corner to CHOP! And CHOP! Tag to Cutler and Cutler throws hands on Avalon. Cutler brings QT out but QT jawbreakers! But Cutler comes back with an enziguri! Both men stagger but Cutler gets to a corner. Cutler boots QT down and Allie is frustrated for him. Cutler hits a slingshot senton but Dustin breaks up the cover! Cutler drags QT up and throws hands but QT fights back. QT elbows Avalon and punches Cutler and Allie cheers from commentary. QT sends Avalon’s sucker punch into Cutler! QT and Cutler crawl, hot tags to Avalon and Dustin! Dustin rallies with clotheslines and whips, but Avalon reverses. “Not today!” Rhodes Uppercut! Dustin ROCKS Cutler, too, then atomic drops Avalon! To hit the bulldog!

Cutler returns but he gets the spinning powerslam! Avalon gets one, too! Cover, TWO! Avalon survives but Dustin drags him up. Allie criticizes a bit more and Avalon mule kicks Dustin! Cutler tags in before Avalon hits the Marti-KNEES! Springboard elbow! But QT barrels Avalon into Cutler! Allie loves this as Dustin and QT clobber Cutler and Avalon! Dustin sets Avalon up in the corner and everyone knows what this leads to. Leva does and she tries to anchor Dustin. Dustin just drags her in as he walks! Leva pokes Dustin with her book but Brandi gets in. Brandi grabs Leva for a STUNNER! Allie actually doesn’t mind that. Brandi makes Leva SPEAR Avalon! Cutler springboards but into an atomic drop! Tag to QT and the Natural Nightmares coordinate. DESTROYER to CUTTER! Cover, The Natural Nightmares win!

Winners: The Natural Nightmares, by pinfall

“That is what I’m talking about! Yes!” Allie is so excited for QT. That’s the Red Delicious, after the apple, and this was a tasty win. Will Allie “fix” QT and make him a star? Will the #2 duo in AEW line up a title shot? And what of the still winless Cutler and Avalon? If they can’t succeed together, what must they do to finally get the wins they want?


Backstage interview with The Natural Nightmares.

A great win to end Dark, and the team couldn’t have done it without Brandi. She was a big help in stopping Leva at the end there. But QT is too busy admiring Allie. What were his thoughts on the match? “Couldn’t have done it without her. She’s the apple of my eye.” QT goes off the celebrate with Allie, but is there still something rotten at the core of this boy-meets-girl story?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode, and one detail of note is that while Shawn Spears VS Clutch Adams happened and was set to air, it is no longer canon because of the highly inappropriate things he has said since last Wednesday. So sadly, what was surely an easy win for Spears is scrubbed from the record. The replacement match they had for it in Jaynes VS King was a good match between new additions, and it is clear CJ is the Heel and King is the Face with that finish. Gunn VS Skyler was a fun opener with Austin annoying Skyler the whole time. It’s been some time since Austin got in the ring, I wonder if he’ll have a match with Skyler based on this match. Proud ‘n’ Powerful have a really good match with Leroy and Lewis, and there was even a hint of Leroy being a much better wrestler than expected with how he dodged Santana’s punches.

Butcher & Blade have a good return match, but I was hoping we’d get more out of them about Allie ditching them to be with QT. Allie was so effusive about QT and talking about changing him for the better, there has to be something here. I still think this is a long game to get at Cody and the Nightmare Family as a whole on behalf of MJF, as was the original motivation for them coming to AEW. As for Cutler’s and Avalon’s side of the main event, this is clearly building to them finally facing each other and having the loser be officially deemed the WORST wrestler in AEW. As I said before, I would love if a belt was made for the winner to give the loser as a way to rub it in. And usually a Heel does something like that, so sadly this idea would require Cutler to lose again. But then Cutler can hand off that Worst Wrestler title to whoever he finally beats and make it a slightly more serious gimmick title than WWE’s 24/7 Championship.

My Score: 8.1/10

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