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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (6/5/20)

It’s a Cruiserweight Championship Encore!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

It’s a new era in the Cruiserweight Division!

After Wednesday’s NXT, we have a NEW (interim) Cruiserweight Champion! Relive that match, plus new action from Oney Lorcan, Jack Gallagher and more!


  • Oney Lorcan w/ Danny Burch VS Tehuti Miles; Lorcan wins.
  • Jack Gallagher VS Isaiah “Swerve” Scott; Swerve wins.
  • Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Finals: Drake Maverick VS El Hijo del Fantasma; Fantasma wins and becomes the interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion.


Oney Lorcan w/ Danny Burch VS Tehuti Miles!

The Govenah was shocked by the young upstart in last week’s main event, but now it’s the Boston Brawler’s turn! Will Tehuti complete the sweep on the One Two combination?

The bell rings and Oney circles with Tehuti. The crowd duels as the two tie up. Oney powers Tehuti to the ropes but lets off fast to circle with him again. They tie up, Oney goes after the arm but Tehuti powers him away. Tehuti checks his hair while circling with Oney again. They tie up, Oney goes after the arm and gets an arm-drag takedown to headscissors! Tehuti works to get up and around and kips out of the hold! Tehuti fixes his hair but Oney CHOPS his chest! Oney whips and kitchen sink knees Tehuti down! Oney CHOPS Tehuti more and Burch likes what he sees as Oney throws European Uppercuts. Oney whips Tehuti but Tehuti grabs ropes and bails out. Burch talks some smack but Tehuti tells him to back off. Tehuti turns around to get Oney’s CHOP!

Oney puts Tehuti in and stalks him to ropes. Oney CHOPS again, and Tehuti is doubling over. Oney whips again, but Tehuti reverses, only for Oney to dodge and run, but into a flapjack! Tehuti goes after Oney in a corner with clubbing forearms and furious stomps, but he lets up at 4 to then scrape his boot off Oney’s face. The ref reprimands Tehuti for the face washing, but Oney’s more concerned about the bicep he landed on earlier. The crowd rallies for Oney as Tehuti brings him up and clubs him down. Tehuti kicks Oney in the back and follows him to ropes. Tehuti chokes Oney on the ropes but lets up at 4. Burch tells Oney to fight back but Tehuti runs and hits a straddle attack! Tehuti fixes his hair while choking Oney more, but he still lets up at 4.

Tehuti drops an elbow, then another, but stops to run his hands through his hair again instead of dropping another. Oney CHOPS Tehuti and that stings just as bad as the first one! Tehuti kicks Oney down and gets mad now. He kicks Oney around then brings him up for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Tehuti grows frustrated and he slaps Oney on the back of his head. Tehuti talks trash while slapping Oney around but the crowd and Burch rally up. Oney gets to ropes but Tehuti whips and runs him over with an elbow! Cover, TWO! Tehuti is seething as he grabs Oney’s arm and wrenches. Tehuti goes after that bad bicep as he leans on the armlock. Oney endures and the crowd rallies again. Tehuti shifts to a Fujiwara armbar and he cranks back hard!

Oney continues to endure, and the fury starts to build! Oney powers his way up but Tehuti knees low. Tehuti clubs Oney again, but Oney snarls at him. Tehuti smirks as he toys with Oney and CHOPS him! Burch coaches Oney but Tehuti tells him to shut up. Tehuti CHOPS but Oney snarls more. The crowd rallies again as Oney glares at Tehuti. Tehuti says he isn’t scared, and chops, but it only makes Oney angrier! Oney CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS again! Oney runs and EuroUppers Tehuti off his feet! The crowd fires up with Oney as he goes corner to corner for a back elbow! Oney wrenches and reels Tehuti in, but Tehuti slips out of the Half ‘n’ Half to roll him up! But he’s grabbing the tights again! Burch points that out and the ref stops the count! Tehuti shouts at Burch but Oney rolls him up! Oney wins!

Winner: Oney Lorcan, by pinfall

Tehuti couldn’t pull off the sweep and his win streak of one is all he has. Will Burch and Oney get themselves back on track in their own right after this?


Jack Gallagher VS Isaiah “Swerve” Scott!

It was thanks to the Premier Athlete that the gentleman turned jackal beat Swerve in the NXT Cruiserweight Championship round robin. But it was thanks to Gallagher that Swerve beat Tony Nese just last Wednesday. Now Gallagher and Swerve get to settle things on their own end. Will they be able to wrap things up cleanly? Or will we see Nese try to return the favor?

The bell rings and Gallagher circles with Swerve. The crowd chants, “Swerve’s House!” but Gallagher keeps his distance. Swerve gives a testing kick but Gallagher comes back with one of his own. Gallagher and Swerve tie up, go around, and Gallagher throws Swerve to the mat. Swerve hooks the legs to bring Gallagher down, but Gallagher resists the full mount. Gallagher has Swerve’s leg and wrenches to then get a cover. ONE, but Gallagher stays on top of Swerve with a chinbar. Swerve gets up, Gallagher snapmares him back down, but Swerve rolls around to get a very unique, very capoeria style takedown, into a short arm scissor! The crowd cheers but Gallagher works his way up and around. Gallagher pops out the back and has the legs to then rear mount. Gallagher throws crossface forearms then half nelsons Swerve to a spin. He brings Swerve up to whip but Swerve ducks under and capoeria headscissors!

Swerve bobs ‘n’ weaves and fires off strikes to dropkick Gallagher to a corner! Swerve runs in to uppercut, then he rolls Gallagher for the falling EuroUpper! Cover, TWO! Gallagher grits his teeth and Swerve keeps his cool as the crowd fires up. Swerve goes up top fast but Gallagher bails out to the apron. Swerve just adjusts to hop down and join him, but then Gallagher gets around a corner. Swerve runs along the apron, but Gallagher blocks the boot to JAM Swerve into the buckles! Gallagher drags Swerve up for clubbing forearms! The ref reprimands Gallagher and Gallagher argues back. Swerve gets in to get a Penalty Kick! Gallagher toys with Swerve in the corner, then stomps him to the apron! The ref backs Gallagher off and Gallagher taunts Swerve to get back into this. The crowd rallies for Swerve as he stands, but Gallagher swats him back down.

Gallagher toys with Swerve more, fires off palm strikes and sharp kicks, but Swerve KICKS back! And again! Gallagher blocks a kick to uppercut over and over! Swerve shoves, fakes Gallagher out, sweeps the legs, HOUSE CALL! Gallagher bails out but the crowd fires up again! Swerve spots Gallagher, goes to the apron, and BOOTS him down! Swerve drags Gallagher up and into the ring, then aims from the corner. He somersaults and COMPLETE SHOTS! Cover, TWO!! Gallagher survives and Swerve grows frustrated, but the crowd keeps rallying. Swerve and Gallagher get up, and Swerve KICKS Gallagher in the chest! And again! And again! Swerve runs to the ropes, but into Gallagher’s guillotine! Gallagher drags Swerve to the mat and the crowd shouts as Swerve endures. Swerve powers his way back to his feet and he pries Gallagher off for a BRAIN BUSTER!

Both men are down but Swerve shakes the cobwebs out. Swerve and Gallagher rise as the crowd rallies up. Swerve throws a haymaker, then whips Gallagher hard to a corner! He runs in but into an elbow! Gallagher climbs up top but Swerve trips him up! Swerve and Gallagher brawl and Swerve climbs up behind. Swerve brings Gallagher up, but Gallagher turns the super back suplex into a crossbody! Cover, TWO!! Both men are down again and the crowd rallies again. Gallagher brings Swerve up for a HEADBUTT! Cover, TWO!! Gallagher can’t believe it! He snarls and glares at Swerve as Swerve gets up. Swerve glares back but Gallagher kicks him down. Gallagher brings Swerve up for elbows and knees, but Swerve blocks the kick! Gallagher uses that for a takedown, wants the armbar, but Swerve makes it a roll-up! Swerve wins!!

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, by pinfall

Gallagher refuses to believe it, but Swerve gets away with the win. Gallagher still wants to fight, but Nese BLASTS Swerve for him! Nese throws Swerve into steel steps! Deja vu from the tournament, and Swerve is no longer celebrating. Gallagher doesn’t seem to mind, either. He “applauds” Swerve. “You did so well, but it didn’t work out, did it?” Gallagher tells Swerve to stop running his mouth so much then heads off. Nese and Gallagher are standing tall, but what of their own issues with each other?


Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Finals: Drake Maverick VS El Hijo del Fantasma!

Rockstar Spud pulled of a #MiracleontheMat in Group A, but the Son of the Phantom handled his business in Group B. Relive the historic clash between the former 205 Live GM turned unwavering underdog and the second-generation lucha libre icon!

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this last step to the title finally begins! The crowd duels as Maverick and Fantasma shake hands. But then Fantasma spins and rolls Maverick up, TWO! Maverick scrambles away, shocked he got away. Maverick cools off and circles with Fantasma. They tie up, go around, Fantasma waistlocks and slams then floats on Maverick. Maverick slips out to get the armlock and hammerlock. Maverick goes after the other arm but Fantasma fights his way up. Fantasma trips, covers, TWO, and Maverick backs away again. Maverick resets and ties up with Fantasma again. Fantasma puts Maverick in a corner but gives him a clean break. They go again, Fantasma hooks Maverick and drives him into the mat for the armlock.

Maverick endures and gets up, but gets a jamming monkey flip for it. Ghost pin, TWO but barely! Fantasma says it was that close and Maverick grows frustrated. Maverick backs off to cool down and come back. They tie up, Fantasma powers Maverick back then wrenches to whip. Maverick ducks, tilt-o-whirls, and headscissors Fantasma out of the ring! Fantasma staggers up, perhaps a bit surprised. Fantasma sees the slide coming and ducks under. He kick slow and powerbomb lifts but Maverick gets to the apron and fights free. Maverick leaps and CANNONBALLS Fantasma down! Maverick has control, but while NXT went to break, 205 Live keeps going!

Maverick fires off body shots and forearms in the corner! The ref counts but Maverick lets up at 4 to whip Fantasma corner to corner. Fantasma reverses but Maverick goes up and over to then bait him into a dropkick that sends him into buckles! Maverick kicks the rope to jam Fantasma, then hops up top to missile dropkick Fantasma down! Fantasma bails out while Maverick checks his legs. Maverick hurries to pursue but Fantasma pops him up for a SIT-OUT BOMB on the floor! Maverick writhes and screams in pain but Fantasma puts him in the ring. Cover, TWO!! Maverick survives and Fantasma can’t believe it! Fantasma stalks up behind Maverick and then drags him up for a shove and forearm to the back!

Maverick screams in pain but Fantasma shoves and forearms him again! Fantasma hooks up the legs and goes after the arms. Maverick can’t fight off the Romero Special! The floating surfboard pulls at all his limbs but Maverick refuses to quit, even as Fantasma move shim up and down! And then back for a cover, ROPEBREAK! Fantasma drops an elbow right on the back, not giving Maverick time to rest. Fantasma drags Maverick up and back suplexes for a back drop driver! Cover, TWO! Maverick continues to tough it out and the crowd is rallying behind him. Fantasma drags Maverick back up to throw forearms and then back suplex again. Maverick fights out and hurries to a corner, to then boot Fantasma, and again send him into buckles! Another kick to the ropes and Maverick goes up again. Maverick leaps, but Fantasma catches him for a takedown! BOSTON CRAB!

Maverick screams as Fantasma sits deep! But Maverick refuses to let the ref talk him out of this, and he claws to the ROPEBREAK! Fantasma lets go fast and is shocked Maverick isn’t done. Maverick manages to say, “I’m not gonna quit!” and he crawls back towards Fantasma. Fantasma asks if Maverick wants more, and Maverick pushes him. So Fantasma SIT-OUT POWERBOMBS him again!! Cover, TWO!?! Maverick doesn’t know how to give up and the crowd hasn’t given up on him, either! Fantasma watches Maverick stagger and hobble to the corner. Maverick SLAPS Fantasma, so Fantasma turns him around for forearm after forearm to that lower back! Fantasma brings Maverick up and whips him to the corner. Maverick comes back to LARIAT!

Maverick fires up and fires off on Fantasma in a corner! The ref counts and has to pull Maverick off. Maverick is reaching a boiling point, and he runs to wheelbarrow, for a BULLDOG! He keeps going and gets to the corner. Maverick climbs up and leaps, for the MACHO ELBOW! Cover, ONE?! So close and yet so far, but “This is Awesome!” all the same. Maverick drags Fantasma up but gets a jawbreaker, to a SPINE BUSTER! Fantasma flounders to a corner and climbs up top. Maverick trips Fantasma up and heads to the apron! The crowd hopes they “Fight Forever!” at this point, but it has to end somehow. Maverick climbs to join Fantasma but Fantasma headbutts! Maverick headbutts back! They headbutt each other and they both fall down! But Fantasma ends up on the outside and Maverick is inside!

The ring count climbs, but the gold masked luchadors appear?! Are they finally going to capture Fantasma?! But Maverick DIVES onto them first!! He won’t let them ruin his match! He boots and punches and chops them down, but then turns around into Fantasma’s SUPERKICK! Fantasma fireman’s carries, for the PHANTOM DRIVER! Fantasma wins!!

Winner: El Hijo del Fantasma, by pinfall (NEW NXT Cruiserweight Champion)

One dream comes true as another ends! Fantasma is the winner and has the title, but must oddly thank the wrestler-abducting men that appeared. Will Fantasma be able to hold onto this title and his freedom? And what is the fate of Drake Maverick? Is this loss the last one he suffers in the WWE? Or has he at least won a place on the roster? At the very least, he has won the respect and admiration of his peers here at Full Sail. Maverick thanks the WWE Universe while the crowd chants, “Thank You, Drake!”

But wait! As Maverick makes his way up the ramp, Triple H appears! And as he shakes Maverick’s hand, he presents him with an NXT contract! Maverick signs on the dotted line, and is officially back! Is this just the beginning of a new chapter for Rockstar Spud?

My Thoughts:

A good episode, but I’m a bit disappointed they used Wednesday’s NXT Cruiserweight Championship match to bolster the episode size. Maverick VS Fantasma was a great match from NXT, but even for those without cable providers, NXT was put on the WWE Network and so fans would’ve already seen this match anyway. The new matches we did get were both pretty good. Oney VS Tehuti worked with having Burch ringside to ruin Tehuti’s attempt at cheating. Oney might win but this is going to be more about Tehuti’s story of dealing with this loss after his first big win. Then Swerve VS Gallagher was a great match, definitely worthy of being the unofficial main event for the taping. I said before that this should result in a Triple Threat of Swerve, Gallagher and Nese to crown a new contender, and I stand by that even more now.

My Score: 8.1/10

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