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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (7/24/20)

HUGE Six Man Tag action!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

Drake Maverick returns to 205 Live!

The former General Manager returns to 205 Live as a competitor! Will Drake Maverick start on a comeback to get back to the Cruiserweight Championship?


  • Drake Maverick VS Leon Ruff; Maverick wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Mansoor, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS Tehuti Miles & Ever-Rise; Mansoor, Lorcan & Burch win.


Drake Maverick VS Leon Ruff!

He’s baaack~! No longer in charge and still stinging from losses to El Legado del Fantasma, Rockstar Spud basically starts over on 205 Live. Will he be able to show he isn’t an underdog but a Cruiserweight contender?

The bell rings and Maverick slowly takes off the jacket because of his bad shoulders. Maverick and Ruff circle and tie up. They go around, break and Maverick checks the bad shoulder again. Maverick and Ruff tie up again, Ruff rolls Maverick up, ONE! Ruff rolls to wheelbarrow and victory roll Maverick, ONE! Maverick stands back and Ruff says how close it was. Ruff and Maverick go again, Maverick wrenches Ruff’s arm and brings him to the mat. Maverick gets the chinlock then keeps on the arm. Ruff fights up, Maverick wrenches to wrangle him down to a mounted hammerlock. Maverick cranks on the arm, Ruff endures and fights up as the crowd rallies. Ruff elbows Maverick hard and Maverick goes to the corner.

Maverick checks his nose and the ref checks on him. Ruff rushes in, Maverick shoves him away, but Ruff comes back for more. Maverick breaks free to CLOBBER Ruff! Maverick works to clear his head but still has a lot of frustration. Maverick rallies with clotheslines and leg lariats Ruff down! Ruff scrambles to a corner, Maverick runs corner to corner for a big forearm! BULLDOG! SENTON! Ruff flounders and Maverick sunset BOMBS him into buckles! Maverick heads up top while Ruff flounders in a drop zone. Maverick takes a moment to focus, glares down at Ruff, and hits a MACHO ELBOW! Cover with a knee and both hands, Maverick wins!

Winner: Drake Maverick, by pinfall

Maverick pats Ruff on the shoulder, saying it’s no hard feelings. Maverick is a man on a mission with Santos Escobar our NXT Cruiserweight Champion. Will Rockstar Spud get his revenge on the leader of leaders?


205 Live takes a look at Isaiah “Swerve” Scott.

“Swerve is many things. But overall, Swerve is confidence.” He was a loner as a kid, but he loved to dance. When he finally got a full sense of confidence was performing Billy Jean for his high school talent show. And all he wanted to do after that was perform. Being int he studio helps him loosen up, zone out and be himself. It’s just like the ring. Making music and being in a match is about being in sync. The beat and the harmonies need to be in sync or it throws the whole track out of whack. The same goes with footwork in the ring and keeping the match on track. Being in the ring with a Johnny Gargano, the inaugural NXT Triple Crown, is special. Him taking Gargano to the limit shows Swerve what it takes to become champion.

Swerve has heard Santos Escobar saying the Cruiserweight Division needed a leader. Swerve wants to remind Escobar that he was the first one to beat Escobar in the WWE. The next time they meet, we’ll be looking at the new NXT Cruiserweight Champion. But before then, he and his unlikely ally, Tony Nese, will be back in tag team action again! Will they stick together and rack up another win?


Six Man Tag: Mansoor, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS Tehuti Miles & Ever-Rise!

The star of Saudi Arabia has put the 2-0 in 205 Live, while the One Two have had a similar record against all three opponents! Forces combine to settle scores, will Mansoor keep rolling alongside Lorcan and Burch? Or will Chase Parker and Matt Martel get their revenge alongside the swaggering young star?

The teams sort out and Mansoor starts against Tehuti. Mansoor rushes Tehuti but he backs off to the corner. Tag to Parker, and Parker circles with Mansoor. Oney, Burch and the crowd chant, “ONE TWO THREE!” Yes, Mansoor counts as the third man, brother. Mansoor and Parker tie up, go around, and Parker gets the arm. Parker wrenches to a hammerlock but Mansoor reaches back. Parker wrenches harder, Mansoor drop toeholds free and gets a headlock! Mansoor grinds but Parker pulls hair! Parker shoves Mansoor to the corner, Mansoor dodges but Martel tags in before Parker runs into an arm-drag! Parker bails out, Martel runs in but Mansoor arm-drags him down, too! Mansoor has the armlock but Martel fights up.

Oney tags in and takes the handoff to shoulder breaker Martel. Oney grinds Martel down, wrenches through, and tags to Burch. THe ONe Two double wrench and double CHOP Martel! Burch wrenches, and stomps Martel’s hand! Martel gets to ropes, Burch is on him again with another wrench and tags Oney. Oney takes the handoff again to throw a European Uppercut! Oney gives Martel an atomic drop, tags in Mansoor, and Mansoor gives Martel a Manhattan drop! Mansoor dropkicks Martel down, covers, ONE! Mansoor keeps Martel down with a chinlock but Martel fights up. Martel knees hard and low then tags in Tehuti. Tehuti walks into a takedown! Mansoor fires off furious fists!

Tehuti shoves Mansoor to the corner but Mansoor fights back with forearms and elbows! Mansoor lariats Tehuti, Tehuti gets up, Ever-Rise and the One Two rush in! All six men stand off, but it’s Tehuti and Ever-Rise that back away. The ref has Oney and Burch back off, and Mansoor tags Oney in. Oney and Tehuti circle, tie up, and Oney waistlocks. Tehuti elbows free then scoops Oney, but Oney slips out to roll him up! Parker rushes Oney but Oney ducks, the count ends as the ref reprimands Parker. Tehuti kicks Oney into Martel’s sucker punch! Parker runs away, Tehuti dropkicks Oney down! Martel talks trash to Oney while Tehuti rains down hands form all sides! The crowd is riled up as Tehuti throws EuroUppers on Oney!

Tag to Martel, Tehuti keeps Oney in place while Martel throws stomps and punches. Tag to Parker, Martel feeds Oney to Parker’s boot. Parker covers, ONE! Parker drags Oney to ropes to choke him but lets up at the ref’s count. Martel soaks up the heat for the team while Parker bumps Oney off buckles. Parker throws body shots, snapmares Oney down, then hops up for a short elbow drop! Tag to Martel and Ever-Rise Oney to a corner. Parker whips Martel for Martel to whip Parker, Parker forearms Oney! Parker feeds Oney to Martel’s drop toehold, then Martel is Parker’s step up for the elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Martel keeps Oney down with a keylock but the crowd rallies up. Oney fights up to his feet but Martel CLUBS him down!

Tag to Parker, Parker rains down rights on Oney then drops a knee! Parker goes up for another short elbow, but gets a BOOT instead! Both Oney and Parker are down but crawling. Parker reaches to anchor Oney but can’t, hot tags to Burch and Martel! The Govenah rallies with haymakers and EuroUppers! Burch whips, Martel reverses but Burch boots back. Burch goes up, Ever-Rise regroups but gets a double missile dropkick! Tehuti tags in, he runs into Burch’s GERMAN SUPLEX! And LARIAT! Burch fires up with the crowd but Burch tags in Mansoor! Mansoor helps Burch get Tehuti up, but Parker drags Burch out! Tehuti rolls Mansoor, TWO!!

Tehuti throws Mansoor to the apron but Mansoor lands on his feet. Mansoor rocks Tehuti with the right, then slingshots in for the neckbreaker! Search & Destroy hits, Tehuti flops out of the ring, Mansoor TORNILLO PESCADO! Burch puts Martel in for EuroUpper after EuroUpper but Martel kicks low. Parker is up top, Ever-Rise hits a FLYING NECKBREAKER SAMOAN DROP! But Oney gets Ever-Rise with a DOUBLE BLOCKBUSTER! The legal men return and Mansoor aims again. Slingshot, but the neckbreaker is denied! Tehuti backslides Mansoor, Mansoor slips out to Oklahoma roll! Mansoor and team win!!

Winners: Mansoor, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch, by pinfall

The One Two Three get the 1-2-3, and Mansoor’s overall record improves to 3-0! Will the streak continue on through the summer?

My Thoughts:

Another fast but good episode. Maverick is back in action and on 205 Live, and with some real edge there against Ruff. In character, Maverick wants after Escobar perhaps more than anyone else, but Swerve is also wanting his shot. Swerve and Nese as a team next week might be pretty good but I can’t see that going all the way to, say, the NXT Tag Team Championships. The Cruiserweight Championship is going to cause rifts at some point, and I could see Maverick jumping into the story Swerve and Nese did have with Jack Gallagher before #SpeakingOut exposed Gallagher and motivated his release. Winner of a Triple Threat takes on Escobar at TakeOver: XXX or on NXT TV.

The Six Man Tag was good for not even being 10 minutes, but I wish 205 Live could be more than half an hour again. The Six Man really deserved more time, as Mansoor is just starting to get going again and even Tehuti and Ever-Rise deserve to show more of their moves and their personalities. Mansoor gets the finish in another win, which is definitely great for him. Give Mansoor time and he’ll be Cruiserweight Championship material some day.

My Score: 8.1/10

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