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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (7/31/20)

It’s the rise of the Premier Swerve!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

205 Live has a titanic tag team showdown!

After an unlikely alliance was formed, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and Tony Nese stand against El Legado del Fantasma’s mission of taking over the division!


  • Tony Nese & Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS El Legado del Fantasma; El Legado del Fantasma wins.


205 Live hears from Ariya Daivari!

“For the last few months, everyone’s been asking, ‘Divari Dinero, where have you been?'” Daivari shows us that he’s been on his boat, taking a much needed vacation. But a vacation with a purpose. That was to let the rest of 205 Live catch up to his greatness. And it has worked! Because out of nowhere, Santos Escobar has become Cruiserweight Champion, and has gotten Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde doing the best work of their careers. Meanwhile, Tony Nese is trying to get back into the good graces of Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, while former GM Drake Maverick is now one of the competitors! Plus, new guys are around! Ever-Rise, Tehuti Miles, Jake Atlas, Daivari’s “buddy” Mansoor, and even new commentary with stupid ol’ Vic Joseph and Daivari’s “close personal friend,” Drew Gulak. So what better time than this for Daivari to announce his comeback? He’ll see us all very soon.


Tony Nese & Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS El Legado del Fantasma!

Daivari may have been talking some smack about the Premier Athlete, but this former NXT Cruiserweight Champion once again joins forces with the man oozing confidence in order to take a stand! Santos Escobar is in the corner of his “technical assassin” and “aerial artist.” Will Nese and Swerve make a lasting impression on the Leader of Leader?

The teams sort out, Nese insists he start and steps to Mendoza. Mendoza and Nese circle but Mendoza avoids the lunge. They tie up, Mendoza wrenches to a wristlock but Nese trips him up! Cover, ONE but Nese facelocks. Mendoza slips out to hammerlock, Nese elbows and hooks a leg. Nese gets a drop toehold, floats over to a chinlock, but Mendoza moves around. Nese leans on Mendoza, Mendoza fights his way up and knees low. Mendoza pushes Nese to a corner to whip corner to corner. Nese stops himself, elbows Mendoza back then goes up and over. Nese spins Mendoza around to back kick, knee lift, high kick and leg sweep! Cover, ONE and Mendoza backs away to the Legado corner. Nese flexes on Mendoza but Escobar doesn’t seem upset by it.

Swerve and Wilde tag in and the crowd rallies up. Wilde and Swerve knuckle lock. Swerve steps in to wrench but Wilde spins and arm-drags. Wilde handsprings up to show off but Swerve shrugs it off. Swerve stays low as he and Wilde circle again. Swerve knuckle locks, slips through and uses a “ball and chain” takedown, as Gulak describes it. Swerve floats over to headlock but Wilde fights his way up. Swerve grinds Wilde down but Wilde keeps moving. Swerve floats back, turns Wilde over but Wilde gets to his belly. Swerve stays on him but Wilde cravats. Wilde snapmares, Swerve fights up and scoops, but Wilde uses another snapmare to counter! Swerve works to get up and around again, but Wilde cranks a little harder. Swerve fights but Wilde lets go to snapmare again.

Swerve dodges the kick to Eddy Gordo headscissor! Wilde staggers into Swerve’s facelock but Wilde pulls hair! The ref reprimands, Wilde lets off, but SLAPS Swerve! Swerve grabs Wilde by the throat and puts him in the corner to fire off! Swerve stomps a mudhole then throws Wilde out. Swerve is on the apron and he BOOTS Wilde down! The crowd is loving the aggression as he glares at Escobar. Escobar comes around the way, his mere presence a distraction. Swerve goes back to the ring to beat the count, then Wilde gets in at 7. Swerve catches him, tags Nese in and Nese O’Conner rolls. Wilde flops to avoid the cover but Nese goes for a lateral press. Cover, ONE, but Nese is on the arm. Wilde works to get up, Nese brings him around to tag Swerve back in. They double whip Wilde and run him over with elbows!

Nese is out fast so Swerve can hammerlock and chinbar Wilde. Swerve shoots the half, cover, TWO! Swerve goes after the arm and brings Wilde over to tag Nese. Nese rams a shoulder into Wilde, wrenches to a shoulder breaker, then throws elbows into Wilde’s arm. Nese wrenches again, tags Swerve, and they double suplex Wilde! Float to the cover, TWO! Swerve keeps on Wilde with another chinbar, but Wilde fights up. Swerve facelocks, wrenches and whips but Wilde reverses to knee low! Wilde cravats, Swerve back suplexes but Wilde lands on his feet. Wilde shoves Swerve to ropes, Swerve stops himself and elbows Wilde away. The ref is distracted by Wilde claiming an eye injury, and Mendoza throws Swerve down by his hair!

Wilde scoops Swerve for a cross between inverted powerslam and knee smash! Cover, TWO! Wilde drags Swerve over, tags in Mendoza, and Legado double whip to a double SPINE BUSTER! Double basement dropkick sandwich! Cover, TWO! Swerve survives but Legado keeps its cool. Mendoza kicks Swerve around, taunting him in both English and Spanish. Mendoza puts Swerve in a corner to CHOP! Swerve drops to a knee but Mendoza brings him up to ANARCHY SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Mendoza stalks Swerve to the Legado corner, tags in Wilde, but Swerve fights back! Swerve pushes Wilde and sweeps Mendoza’s legs! Swerve hurdles Wilde but Wilde grabs his tights. Swerve frees himself and ROCKS Wilde to hot tag Nese!

Nese cravat knee smashes then knee lifts and heel kicks Wilde! Nese fires up as he hits a back elbow on Wilde! Wilde reverses the whip but Nese slides under to pump handle and scoop, to a MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Wilde survives but Nese drags him up. Wilde jawbreakers back then runs, but Nese trips him up to the Boston Crab! Swerve intercepts Mendoza to a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker and ARMBAR! Double submissions have Legado down yet Escobar isn’t worried? Because Wilde pushes through to push Nese onto Swerve and Mendoza! Swerve flops out of the ring and Wilde kicks Nese while he’s down. Wilde hops up the ropes but Nese SHORYUKENS! Wilde still grabs Nese’s hair to keep him from the corner. The ref counts, Wilde lets go, Nese leaps and SUPER STEINERS!

Nese crawls over, hot tag to Swerve! Swerve CLOBBERS Wilde, back drops Mendoza, then fires off fists on Wilde. Swerve snapmares and somersaults but Wilde dodges the Complete Shot. Wilde waistlocks, Swerve reaches down to trip Wilde, then Swerve hooks the leg and turns Wilde over. Waistlock and dead lift, GERMAN SUPLEX! Wilde sits up in a daze, Swerve gives him the HOUSE CALL!! Cover, TWO!! Wilde survives and Swerve can’t believe it! Escobar still isn’t worried, even as Swerve drags Wilde up to a full nelson. Mendoza slides in but Swerve stomps at him! Mendoza backs off but Wilde arm-drags free! Swerve kicks but Wilde blocks to a DDT! Wilde tags Mendoza in and Legado work together, hip toss rebound splash! Then Mendoza LIONSAULTS! Cover but Nese breaks it!

All four men are in the ring and the teams regroup. Legado goes after Nese and Swerve with forearms and haymakers, but Nese and Swerve hit back. Nese and Swerve shove Wilde and Mendoza, then they both go Matrix to dodge the counter attacks! Nese SUPERKICKS Wilde and Swerve BOOTS Mendoza! El Legado flops out and the Premier Swerve both build speed! DOUBLE FOSBURY FLOPS!! Nese and Swerve are all fired up and they put Mendoza in. Swerve goes up top, KILL STOMPS!! Cover, but Wilde breaks it! Escobar is confident for this reason, but Swerve drags Mendoza back up. Tag to Nese and Nese fireman’s carries. Swerve climbs up but now Escobar makes his move to the apron. This distracts everyone, Wilde shoves Swerve off the top!

Swerve crashes into Plexiglas and Mendoza shoves Nese at ropes. Mendoza kicks but Nese blocks it to get around for a waistlock. Wilde tags in off the rebound O’Conner roll, Nese sees it too late, CODE BREAKER! El Legado coordinate, ENZIGURI RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Cover, El Legado wins!

Winners: El Legado del Fantasma, by pinfall

Escobar joins his men in the ring to celebrate this victory that they all had a part in. But is there a way to get through the numbers game to finally get after the Cruiserweight Champion himself?

My Thoughts:

Another one match episode is quite the surprise. This episode was only 22 minutes, and so after Daivari’s “I’m coming back!” promo that did a good job hyping up the current state of 205 Live and then the entrances for the one match we got, the match itself really only had about 15 minutes. But it was a really solid 15 minutes, as 205 Live has been capable of since day one.

Nese and Swerve did great as a team, and I was pleasantly surprised there was no turn from Nese. I found it very interesting, in a good way, that Escobar barely had to do a thing to be a distraction. El Legado continues to be a very strong trio, which is good for the division. It’s of note that the 205 Live intro now includes Kushida, which makes sense, as all NXT Cruiserweights should be able to show up on 205 Live now. This is not a lowering of Kushida but a raising of 205 Live, and it could mean we get that Six Man of Swerve, Kushida and I suppose now Nese against El Legado before a contender is named.

My Score: 8.3/10

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