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Mitchell’s WWE Extreme Rules Results & Report! (7/19/20)

Welcome to the horror show!



WWE Extreme Rules 2020

The WWE once again gets EXTREME!

Are you ready for someone’s eye to be taken from them? Are you ready for the Monster Among Men returning home? Are you ready to see just what Dolph Ziggler has planned for Drew McIntyre? ARE YOU READY FOR THE HORROR SHOW?!


  • Kickoff Show – Kevin Owens VS Buddy Murphy; Kevin wins.
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championships Tables Match: The New Day VS Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura; Cesaro & Nakamura win and become the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley w/ Sasha Banks VS Nikki Cross w/ Alexa Bliss; Bayley wins and retains the SmackDown Women’s Championship.
  • WWE United States Championship: Apollo Crews VS MVP w/ Bobby Lashley; cancelled.
  • Eye for an Eye Match: Rey Mysterio VS Seth Rollins; Rollins wins.
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka VS Sasha Banks; Unresolved.
  • WWE World Championship, Ziggler’s Choice: Drew McIntyre VS Dolph Ziggler; McIntyre wins and retains the WWE World Championship.
  • Wyatt Swamp Fight: Braun Strowman VS Bray Wyatt; Wyatt wins.


It’s the WWE Extreme Rules Kickoff Show!

Join Scott Stanford and Peter Rosenberg in reviewing, discussing and predicting all the action for tonight’s extra extreme event!


Renee Young, Booker T and JBL join the show!

Three hall of fame rings and none belong to her, but she’s just as excited as anyone to see the Wyatt Swamp Fight. Booker has no idea what to expect but he’s been anticipating this since the announcement. Looking at Braun Strowman, the Monster Among Men, has two sides. The monster destroyed John Morrison, but the man was trying to convince himself more than anyone that he can do this. Being locked up this long, knowing he’s about to get out and go home, it can be scary.

JBL says he’s with Booker. Braun is going home to cut the cord and get Bray off him once and for all. Booker is right about Braun. Braun can hang with the strongest men in the world, and this match is a must-win! Booker needs that next level moment, and this could be that moment. Braun wants to be his own man, but the method behind the madness in this Swamp Fight is crazy! Renee is worried there will be gators showing up! So who wins? Booker leaves it to JBL but JBL isn’t sure, either. Braun is going to either be a free man or someone with an asterisk. JBL is choosing Bray. Booker says Braun doesn’t want the Fiend, but he still says Bray wins this. Who survives the swamp?


Backstage interview with The New Day.

Big E and Kofi Kingston lost last Friday Night SmackDown and now must face Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura in a Tables Tag match! How are they feeling about their chances? Kofi says they are no strangers to tables, but to turly understand a table, you must become one with tables. Big E has been eating off tables. Kofi has slept on tables. And they need to be inside the wood of the table so that the wood can be in you! To truly get inside the mind of tables, they have “The Yoda of Tables,” and was in a movie with RONDA ROUSEY, and it was called TABLES! The brain of the Dudleys, BROTHER D-VON!! “Oh, my brother! Testify!”

This man has been involved in the destruction of at least 10 MILLION tables in his career! The Dudley Boys put everybody through tables! And the New Day, too. Hey, don’t bring up old stuff. But oh great, mighty D-Von, access that girthy brain and let ya bois know the secret to table success. D-Von says it is quite simple. You put your opponents through those tables. Oh…! Well the prophet has spoken! The word is gospel! The New Day shall put those wicked fools through tables tonight! And why? BECAUSE~! New! Day Rocks! D-Von swivels with Kofi and Big E, but is a tables match win truly easier said than done?


Backsatge interview with MVP and Bobby Lashley.

The new United States Championship belt is so, so pretty. But MVP knows what Charly is going to ask: How much money did it cost to make this? Well, no, but- MVP won’t tell anyway. Fair enough. The real question is about the title match against the REAL champion, Apollo Crews. Real? Apollo? A real champ comes to work. But Apollo was in some kind of witness relocation program since taking on the Hurt Business. He’s no champ. MVP clams Bobby down and explains to us that Apollo is “verified.” But the more important thing is that tonight, even if Apollo is 100%, he still has to take on “the greatest United States Champion of all time!” And MVP spent a mint on this belt just for him. Some things money can’t buy, and one is wisdom. MVP has the wisdom to know he’ll retain this title.

Apollo’s youth put him in a bad position. MVP was just trying to help. A smart man learns from his mistakes, but a wise man learns from others. So everyone better wise up. After MVP is done with Apollo, and they head off to the after party, Apollo will be pondering his lack of wisdom. To put it this way, it is neither smart nor wise to disrespect MVP or Lashley. Who will truly be THE WWE United States Champion after tonight?


Renee, JBL and Booker talk Eye for an Eye.

A truly sadistic match in which you must pluck your opponent’s eye out to win!! Rey Mysterio chose this stipulation, is JBL surprised? No, he’s not. Bringing in a son into this made it very personal. JBL remembers losing to Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 25 and that made JBL quit. But there’s a reason Rey is the ultimate underdog. Rey has everything to fight for and is going to go after Seth Rollins like nothing before. JBL once saw a man pop another man’s eye out, and that was awful. This time, it’ll be legal! JBL wants to see this, though he hopes he can stomach it. Does emotion have an effect? Will there be a plan? Booker often did whatever he had to in order to win. To go on what JBL said, how Dominik was brought into this, not really. Dominik got in this himself. Rey can fight his own battles, but Dominik wanted to fight for his father. Dominik may serve more of a distraction than anything.

So then, who loses an eye? Booker wants to say something first. Rollins has been getting daggers thrown at him and has not waivered, so Rollins wins and takes Rey’s other eye. JBL says Rey wins because while JBL isn’t a father, he knows Booker and other fathers would do whatever they could to help their son. Booker says his son would be home studying. Now that’s a good dad.


Kevin Owens VS Buddy Murphy!

The Prizefighter has fought against the Monday Night Messiah’s forces in the past and that continues tonight! Will Kevin keep the disciple from being in any shape to help Seth Rollins against Rey Mysterio tonight?

The bell rings and Murphy rushes Kevin! Kevin dodges the knee but Murphy denies the stunner, and it’s a brawl! Kevin fights Murphy to a corner, lets off but comes back, only for Murphy to BOOT him! Murphy walks up but Kevin punches and CHOPS him back! Kevin whips, Murphy reverses, fires off strikes but misses the knee. Kevin tries again but still no stunner, KNEE TRIGGER! Cover, TWO! Kevin grabs at Murphy but Murphy pushes him away. Murphy takes off his shirt and clubs Kevin down. Murphy drags Kevin up, shoves and forearms Kevin HARD in the back! Murphy pushes Kevin again to SMASH him with another forearm.

Kevin CHOPS back, throws body shots and more CHOPS, then runs, into a sleeper hold! Murphy squeezes tight and Kevin falls to a knee. The crowd rallies up as Kevin fights and powers Murphy to a corner. Kevin rams Murphy into buckles but Murphy holds on tight. Kevin keeps trying, and gets free on the third try. But Murphy BOOTS him back! Murphy hops up, leaps, but into a kick! And DDT! Both men are down and the crowd fires up! A standing count starts as Kevin and Murphy stir. Kevin rises first but Murphy follows. They both stand at 5, Murphy runs over but Kevin dodges to atomic drop and LARIAT! Kevin drops a senton, onto knees! Kevin drags himself to a corner, Murphy runs in but misses the splash!

Kevin back suplexes to throw Murphy into buckles! CANNONBALL! Cover, TWO! Murphy still lives but Kevin keeps his cool while catching his breath. The crowd rallies up as Kevin watches Murphy flounder. Kevin drags Murphy up, CHOPS him in the corner, then CHOPS him in another corner. Kevin hoists Murphy up top, CHOPS him again, then climbs up to join him. Murphy resists the superplex as the crowd rallies. Murphy hits back with body shots and clubbing forearms. Kevin wobbles and Murphy DECKS him! Murphy leaps, METEORA! Murphy has to crawl to the cover, TWO!! Kevin still lives and Murphy can’t believe it. The crowd rallies for “K O! K O!” but Murphy stands first. Murphy drags Kevin up, Kevin ROCKS him with a right!

Both men wobble, Kevin blocks a kick to give a kick, then whips for the pop-up! Mruphy slips out, blocks a kick but Kevin elbows him back. Murphy ripcords to KNEE-TRIGGER! AUSSIE-GOYE! DEAD LIFT BRAIN BUSTER!! Cover, TWO!?! Murphy is beside himself as Kevin still lives! Kevin crawls to a corner and the crowd continues to rally up. Murphy glares at Kevin as he stalks over. Murphy stomps, CHOPS, but Kevin fights back! Murphy stomps a mudhole into Kevin then hoists him up top. Now Murphy climbs up to join Kevin, but now Kevin resists the superplex. Kevin and Murphy brawl up top, Kevin HEADBUTTS Murphy down!

Kevin drags Murphy up but Murphy GAMANGIRIS! Murphy goes up, Kevin still resists! Kevin turns things around into a SUPER GOURD BUSTER! And then Kevin BEST MOONSAULT EVERS! Cover, TWO!?! Murphy survives and Kevin can’t believe it! Kevin flounders up to his feet and fires up as he goes to Murphy. Murphy is on the apron and he hotshots Kevin away! Murphy goes up top quick, leaps, but no Meteora this time! Kevin SUPERKICKS, then STUNNERS! Cover, Kevin wins!

Winner: Kevin Owens, by pinfall

A fast and furious opener gives the Prizefighter a big win! Will things now be fair and square in the grudge match between Mysterio and Rollins?


Renee, JBL and Booker discuss the Women’s Championship matches.

Two big parts of the Women’s (R)Evolution, Bayley and Sasha Banks have been on a huge run. Will Sasha become #TwoBeltsBanks? Booker says the Golden Role Models are a lethal combination, but Asuka becoming champion, that title gives you that invincibility. Getting some wins under your belt gives you momentum, and that’s where Asuka. It will be a battle of wills for Asuka and Sasha. Do Kairi and Bayley get involved at all? JBL hopes not at all. Before Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch got going, it was Sasha and Asuka. Bayley and Sasha is like HHH and HBK! Two great champions who are great friends. Sasha has the momentum, but as Booker said, winning begats winning. Asuka is going to walk out of this as Raw Women’s Champion. Booker concurs. Will The Boss be ready for the Empress of Tomorrow?

Speaking of Raw, The Viper and the Giant have an UNSANCTIONED Match! What does this do to the legacy of BIg Show if he loses? JBL says it doesn’t really hurt. Randy Orton is the Legend Killer for a reason. Big Show is on the Andre the Giant level, perhaps even higher. But Orton has not been any better than he is right now. Show doesn’t have anything to prove and Orton wants to knock off another legend, Orton wins. Booker agrees with the Andre parallel and other legends. “Time waits for no one,” and that is where we are with Show. Show has given a lot, but has had his health issues for being so big for so long. Show has been in wrestling for a long time while Orton is always looking to put another notch on his belt. Friend or foe, this is just how Orton is! Orton could easily end Show’s wrestling career if he’s not careful.

JBL adds that if Orton wins more titles, he could be THE greatest of all time. He is finally on the Mount Rushmore! Renee agrees with that. But keep in mind, Ric Flair is in Orton’s corner for this match. The best of the best of the best and Show is trying to step to that. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow night!


Do you want to go somewhere really scary?

Come and see a place like no other. Things here will make you tremble with fear and keep you up at night. Things that people do and the ways that they do them. Look with your morbid curiosity. Like a car crash. You want to turn away but you can’t. Be warned. Once you get a glimpse, there’s no going back. To go forward, two men will go back home. To get past this grudge, two men go eye for an eye. To determine the truly great, two champions face intense challengers. To settle a score, two men will go to the extreme. But don’t worry. It’ll all be over soon. It’s okay to scream. Just let it out. This is the horror show at Extreme Rules!


SmackDown Tag Team Championships Tables Match: The New Day VS Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura!

AWWWW~ people at hooome~! Don’t you dare be sour! Watch Big E & Kofi Kingston defend these titles, and feel~ the power~! Brother D-Von shared his wisdom in regards to tables, but will it be enough to stop the roll the Swiss Cyborg and King of Strong Style have been on?

The introductions are made, the titles are raised, and this table breaking summer blockbuster begins!

It’s a brawl right away as Cesaro goes after Kofi and Nakamura goes after Big E! They end up in opposite corners and Cesaro ROCKS Kofi with European Uppercut after uppercut! Nakamura gives Big E Bad Vibrations, then the Artist Collective trades and Nakamura BOOTS Kofi while Cesaro uppercuts Big E! They go back the other way but Big E dumps Nakamura out! Cesaro ROCKS Big E with a EuroUpper and a JAB! Kofi DOUBLE STOMPS Cesaro down! Big E rams into Cesaro, then Positivity in Motion! Belly2belly! The New Day stands tall and the crowd fires up! Big E and Kofi go out, grab a table and put it in the ring. But Cesaro comes over to stop Kofi and Nakamura hits Big E. Cesaro sends Kofi into barriers while Big E brawls with Nakamura.

The New Day turns things around, Nakamura goes into Plexiglas. Big E whips Kofi at Nakamura for a BIG dropkick! “How’d that feel?” They follow up to whip and basement dropkick Cesaro into steel steps! The crowd is fired up as Kofi bounces Cesaro off Plexiglas. The New Day gathers more tables and brings Cesaro over. Kofi clubs away on Cesaro while Big E finishes setting things up. The New Day brings Cesaro to the apron and Big E electric chair lifts! But Nakamura throws Kofi down and basement dropkicks him! Cesaro slips down to throw Big E into barriers! Cesaro throws steel steps at Big E! Nakamura sets up a table and Cesaro helps him bring Kofi up. Cesaro throws EuroUppers and Nakamura stomps Kofi in the corner. They hoist Kofi up top but Kofi fights back.

Cesaro and Nakamura throw forearms then position the table closer. The Artists climb up but Big E returns to dump Cesaro down! Big E has Nakamura in position, Kofi stands, but Nakamura fights out! Cesaro hits Kofi and trophy lifts him! Nakamura knocks tables down in the ring before Big E can do anything, and Kofi escapes Cesaro to enziguri! Big E runs and SPEARS Cesaro off the apron! Both men hit the floor but no tables break so this match continues! The crowd is thunderous while the refs check on both men. Kofi turns his attention to Nakamura and boots him down! Big E manages to stand and Kofi regroups with him. They focus on Cesaro, drag him up and bring a table around.

Kofi throws uppercuts of his own, then haymakers to put Cesaro on the table. Big E adds clubbing forearms, and the New Day go to the ring. Kofi builds speed and Big E gives him a boost, but Nakamura saves Cesaro to throw the table at Kofi!! The table doesn’t break but Kofi might have! Nakamura kicks Big E down while Cesaro adjusts the table. The Artists drag Kofi up, they double suplex, but Big E reels Kofi into the ring! Big E gets clubbed 2v1 and then a boot-knee combo! Big E is just limp on the ropes and the Artists toy with him. Cesaro and Nakamura drag Big E up now and plan the same double suplex. Big E fights back with body shots, runs, but gets DOUBLE KNEES! Cesaro and Nakamura drag Big E up again and continue as planned. But Big E suplexes Cesaro in first!

Nakamura hits a SLIDING KNEE! Nakamura hurries to get another table involved. The crowd claps and rallies as Nakamura sets this table up. Kofi is up top and LEAPS to TRUST FALL Nakamura down!! Big E OVERHEAD suplexes Cesaro! The stomping stampede goes down all over the place! Kofi KICKS Nakamura while he’s down then Big E comes out to coordinate. They add another table! Kofi says they asked for this! It’s a table stack! Big E drags Cesaro up to the top rope and the crowd is going wild for what is coming. But Nakamura anchors Cesaro! Kofi goes after Nakamura, they brawl but so do Big E and Cesaro! Kofi runs at Nakamura but gets dumped out! Cesaro ROCKS Big E, bumps him off the post and dumps him into the ring!

But Big E still scoops Cesaro! Nakamura saves Cesaro, Cesaro trips Big E, Swiss Swing into SLIDING KNEE! Kofi returns to springboard and ax handle! Kofi rallies, and forearms Nakamura off the apron! Nakamura bumps the table but pushes it away. Kofi PESCADO! Kofi leaps off the steps and forearms Cesaro! Kofi fires off on Cesaro in the corner and then hoists him up top! The crowd is thunderous for this furious Kofi as he climbs up with Cesaro. SUPER ST- NO! Cesaro blocks the Steiner, Nakamura ROUNDHOUSES him! Cesaro dead lifts, to SUPER POWERBOMB KOFI THROUGH THE TABLE TOWER!!! Cesaro and Nakamura win!!

Winners: Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro (NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions)

A masterpiece of destruction! The New Day literally falls, and now new champions rise! And Cesaro makes Michael Cole take a good, hard look. “Actions speak louder than words!” Will Cesaro and Nakamura continue on this incredible roll?


Bliss-Cross and the Kabuki Warriors talk backstage.

Alexa wants them to repeat after her. “Believe and you can achieve.” Believe and achieve! Asuka will beat Sasha, Nikki will beat Bayley. “I have faith in myself. Tonight is my night!” Thanks, girls! Nikki is feeling great now! She is ready! Asuka, Kairi and Alexa believe in Nikki, and Nikki is feeling invincible. But even if you lose, they’ll still be your friend! Thanks, Kairi… But yeah! Nikki heads out for her title opportunity!

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley w/ Sasha Banks VS Nikki Cross w/ Alexa Bliss!

The Loony Lass finally gets a shot at a singles title on the main roster! But will she be able to withstand the pressure? Or will #BayleyDosStraps break her?

The introductions are made, the SmackDown Women’s title is raised, and this crisis of confidence showdown begins!

The crowd rallies for Nikki as she circles with Bayley. They tie up and Bayley powers Nikki to a corner while even laughing. Bayley pushes Nikki as she lets up and then taunts Nikki as “too easy.” Bayley mocks the cheering, they go again, and Nikki waistlocks only for Bayley to throw her off. Bayley double guns and Nikki has to cool off. Bayley mocks Nikki, “Do it for Alexa!” The crowd still rallies for Nikki as she ties up with Bayley again. Nikki puts Bayley in the corner and SLAPS her! Sasha and Bayley are both furious but Nikki attacks! Bayley denies the bulldog but the PURGE hits!! Cover, TWO!! Bayley survives and bails out, but Nikki wrecks her with a dropkick! Nikki hits a TORNADO DDT! Nikki puts Bayley in, Bayley flounders as Nikki climbs, crossbody! Cover, TWO!

Nikki keeps going, climbs back up and leaps again! Crossbody number two, cover, TWO! Nikki won’t give up, she goes up again! Bayley bails out again, but Nikki leaps from the apron for the hat trick! The crowd is thunderous as Nikki takes Bayley down! Nikki brings Bayley up but Bayley RAMS her into barriers! Then the Plexiglas! The ring count passes 5, Bayley shoves Nikki into the barriers then into the ring. Cover, TWO! Bayley grows frustrated with Nikki and throws haymakers in the corner. “You think you’re all confident?” Bayley and Sasha mock Nikki while Bayley chants Nikki on the ropes. Bayley kicks Nikki while she’s down, drops elbows and covers, TWO! Bayley drags Nikki up, then chokes her in front of Alexa! The ref counts, Bayley stops and Nikki hits back.

Bayley bumps Nikki off buckles, rams her shoulder in over and over, but lets up at the ref’s count. Bayley snapmares Nikki to a cover, ONE! Bayley wraps Nikki in a chinlock, the crowd rallies up and Alexa coaches Nikki. Nikki fights and flails, gets up and arm-drags Bayley off! Bayley comes back to clobber Nikki then club away at the ropes. Bayley drags Nikki into the apron skirt! She’s using Nikki’s tricks as she clubs away! Alexa protests, the ref reprimands, but Bayley brags about her haircut. Wait where is Nikki? She found Sasha on the other side of the ring! Nikki baits Bayley into the trap! Nikki shows Bayley how to do it as she fires off furious forearms! Nikki puts Bayley in the ring and takes Bayley’s hotshot!

Bayley staggers to a corner, Nikki copies the wacky waving arms for the back elbow! Bayley goes old school, too, but Nikki fights the Bayley2Belly off! Nikki takes Sasha’s Bank Statement Crossface! Bayley crawls, powers up and hits BAYLEY2BELLY!! Cover, TWO!! Nikki survives and shocks the Role Models! Bayley rains down furious right hands but Alexa and the crowd are thunderous for Nikki. Bayley jams her knee into Nikki’s face, then drags her to a corner. Bayley hoists Nikki up top, climbs to join her, and hits the SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Bayley can’t believe it, argues with the ref, but Nikki rolls her up! TWO!! Bayley KNEES Nikki down! Cover, TWO! Nikki still lives but Bayley drags her up by her hair to throw her out of the ring.

Bayley follows after, gets a good luck hug from Sasha, and then daredevil dropkicks, into a swing from Nikki! Bayley SMACKS into post! Nikki gets in, rams into Bayley, then throat chops! Bayley comes back, Nikki slips out of the scoop to inverted DDT! Both women are down but the crowd keeps rallying up! Sasha grows worried but Alexa has confidence. Nikki runs, ducks and forearms Bayley down! Nikki starts to rally and she dropkicks Bayley to a corner. Nikki runs in, corner splash to BULLDOG! Bayley is down but Nikki fires up as she climbs up! Nikki leaps again, but Bayley gets under. Bayley comes back, Nikki dodges to ripcord neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Nikki grits her teeth as she drags Bayley back up. Nikki gets Bayley up for a back suplex! But she keeps going, another back suplex! Cover, TWO!

Alexa coaches Nikki and the crowd continues to rally. Bayley reaches, Sasha takes deep breaths, but Nikki throws off the vest! Nikki climbs up but Bayley bumps ropes to trip her up! Bayley runs side to side to KNEE Nikki down! Cover, TWO! Nikki still lives and Sasha is losing her cool. Bayley is also upset, she runs in but gets BUCKLES! Both women are down again but the crowd is loving this! Nikki goes out to drag Bayley onto the apron, DRAPING PURGE!! Both women are down on the outside and the ring count begins! The count reaches 5 as Bayley and Nikki both get in. Bayley CLOBBERS Nikki down, but Nikki CLOBBERS Bayley back! Cover, TWO!!

Nikki isn’t sure what she has to do as she reaches for Bayley. Bayley kicks her away and Sasha helps Bayley get to the apron. Sasha slips something to Bayley?! She distracts the ref, Alexa steps to Sasha, Bayley uses the brass knuckles, or BOSS knuckles rather, to sucker punch Nikki! FACEPLANT!! Cover, Bayley wins!!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall (still SmackDown Women’s Champion)

Sasha has a huge assist in this match to keep Bayley Dos Straps at dos straps! Will Bayley do the same for Sasha so that she can win a second title? Or will the Kabuki Warriors see the tricks coming this time? As for Nikki, was this the one and only time she gets her shot at gold?


It’s a special edition of the Firefly Fun House!

And a really creepy one at that… In a castle’s secret laboratory, “Braycula” welcomes us to the Horror Show at Extreme Rules! It has already been a ghastly evening, but the worst has yet to come! For he will show us the most horrifying footage known to man! It’s the SmackDown Karaoke Showdown! Ramblin’ Rabbit, that was the wrong footage. But now, the real horrors! Bear witness to never-before-seen video of the little lost sheep who became a monster coming home to his creator who holds the whole world in his hands! MWAHAHAHAHA!


WWE has an update on tonight’s United States Championship match!

Apollo Crews is NOT medically cleared to compete against MVP tonight! Apollo was ready and willing, but he did not pass his physical because of an injury sustained at the hands of Bobby Lashley. So what does that mean for tonight’s match?

MVP and Bobby Lashley head to the ring!

“Now let that be a lesson to anyone foolish enough to step into the ring with the All Mighty Bobby Lashley.” Unfortunately, there is a problem they must come to terms with. Lashley can NOT apply that Full Nelson with such power that it injures someone to the hindrance of furthering MVP’s career. So do to forfeit, the NEW WWE United States Champion is… MVP! Lashley helps MVP put the shiny new belt on, and it’s apparently official. MVP and Lashley head out to still go to that after party. Will Apollo Crews return to make sure MVP doesn’t continue to twist the truth?


Eye for an Eye Match: Rey Mysterio VS Seth Rollins!

The King of Lucha Libre doesn’t mean this metaphorically, he means this literally! He wants to make the Monday Night Messiah pay for everything he’s done and lose use of an eye just like he has! But Rollins wants to permanently sacrifice Mysterio for the “greater good.” Who truly turns this PPV into a horror show by taking out another man’s eye from his skull?!

Rollins enters, and presents a pair of PLIERS! He is more than prepared to rip Mysterio’s working eye from his face! But Mysterio enters from behind! The bell rings, Mysterio dropkicks Rollins to ropes, but Rollins gets clear of the 619! Rollins drags Mysterio out, aims for the steel steps, but Mysterio slips out and gets back in the ring. Rollins follows, Mysterio runs but Rollins follows to SLING BLADE! Rollins seethes as he finally takes off his jacket. Rollins claws at Mysterio’s mask! Mysterio gets to a corner, Rollins throws forearms and shoulders in. Rollins whips corner to corner, Mysterio goes up and over, slips off and kicks his leg! Mysterio digs at Rollins’ eyes! Mysterio throws hands then whips but Rollins reverses. Mysterio headscissors Rollins into the post!

Mysterio uses Rollins’ pliers but Rollins gets away! Mysterio decides to bring out a table, and a toolbox!? Mysterio has rebar and swings it at Rollins! Rollins gets clear, hurries out to the other side, and looks under the ring. Mysterio grabs at Rollins but gets a kendo stick SMACK! Rollins gets in the ring and aims the tip, but Mysterio ducks to dropkick the legs out! Mysteiro kicks Rollins then runs, QUEBRADA! Rollins catches him, but Mysterio slips off and shoulders back. Mysterio slingshots to headscissor Rollins onto ropes! Mysterio runs, but Rollins bails out. So Mysterio drags him up by his hair, only for Rollins to shoulder into him. Rollins steps up, drags Mysterio over, and goes after buckles. Mysterio blocks the bump to hit back.

Mysterio springs up but the headscissor is blocked! Rollins pops Mysterio to his shoulder, positions him, APRON FALCON ARROW!! The crowd is freaking out while the ref checks on Mysterio. Somehow Mysterio is okay to continue but Rollins has him. Rollins digs his fingers into the good eye! Mysterio gets away but Rollins stalks him around the way. “I’m gonna get that eye!” Rollins rams Mysterio into the apron then grabs the rebar. Rollins swings but Mysterio ducks and dodges! Mysterio hurries but Rollins jabs the bar into the ribs and lower back! Rollins keeps Mysterio from getting away and wants to use the steel steps! Mysterio resists with everything he has and elbows Rollins away! Mysterio kicks low, but Rollins RAMS Mysterio into barriers!

Rollins drags Mysterio up and puts him in the ring. Rollins has the kendo stick again and wants to dig the end of it in! Mysterio holds Rollins off but Rollins stomps his ribs. Rollins throws Rollins out of the ring, Mysterio slides out and falls hard on the table he left behind! Rollins heads out after Mysterio, but Mysterio calls him a “son of a b*tch!” Rollins stomps Mysterio and says none of this would’ve happened if Mysterio had just listened. Rollins uses a chair! He wants to use a leg to destroy the eye! Mysterio resists so Rollins uses the chair to trap Mysterio against the ground! Rollins grabs at the eye! Mysterio slaps the hands away and Rollins lets off. Mysterio uses the chair for his own to JAM Rollins in the ribs! Mysterio swings, Rollins dodges, the chair hits the desk!

Rollins clubs Mysterio from behind, then grabs a pen! Mysterio dodges the pen stab! Rollins has a hook! Mysterio dodges that, then drop toeholds Rollins! Rollins hits the point of the desk! Rollins’ eyes are not out, so Mysterio must keep going. Mysterio has the chair and wants to do the same leg attack Rollins tried! Rollins kicks Mysterio away but Mysterio grabs more tools from the box. Rollins CHAIR SHOTS Mysterio on the back first! Mysterio leans against the ring but Rollins brings out spare tag rope. Rollins ties Mysterio’s arm to the bottom rope! Mysterio fights back with the free arm and then boots Rollins away! Rollins staggers into a headscissor into the POST! Rollins flounders while Mysterio frees himself.

Mysterio stalks after Rollins as he goes into the ring. Rollins grabs the kendo stick to SMACK Mysterio in the chest! Mysterio writhes while Rollins uses the stick to stand. Rollins SMACKS Mysterio again! The crowd boos but Rollins spots Mysterio on the apron. Rollins wedges the kendo stick into the post and brings Mysterio up. The crowd rallies as Rollins says it didn’t have to be this way. “Open your eyes!” Mysterio avoids the stick and hits back! Mysterio enziguris Rollins, goes up top, and leaps for the seated senton! Mysterio keeps moving, tilt-o-whirl headscissors and a basement dropkick! The crowd is fired up as Mysterio climbs up top. Mysterio leaps again, FROG SPLASH! Rollins writhes but Mysterio gets to his feet.

Mysterio digs his thumbs at Rollins’ eyes! Rollins pushes Mysterio away, runs in but into a boot! Mysterio runs and rolls but Rollins makes it an alley-oop bomb! Mysterio is down and Rollins grits his teeth. Rollins watches Mysterio crawl, he runs in, but no Curb Stomp! Mysterio runs, tornado DDT’s! Rollins rolls to the apron and flops to the floor. Mysterio eggs Rollins on, grabs the kendo stick, but Rollins clubs him on the back. Rollins Electric Chairs Mysterio, but Mysterio SMACKS the stick against Rollins’ face! Mysterio sunset BOMBS Rollins into barriers! Both men are down but the crowd is thunderous! Mysterio gets up first and back into the ring. Mysterio builds speed to slide and sunset BOMB Rollins again!!

Rollins is down but Mysterio sits up. The crowd cheers Mysterio on as he grabs the kendo stick. Mysterio BREAKS it to have a jagged piece of bamboo! Rollins is on the apron, Mysterio has the piece! Mysterio digs it into Rollins’ eye!! Rollins gets the bamboo away but what about his eye?! No blood or eye, so Mysterio gives Rollins a 619!! Rollins clutches his face but there’s still no blood or eye. Mysterio brings Rollins up, but Rollins turns things around! The steel steps come back into play, but Mysterio slips out to STEAL THE STOMP!! Rollins is down but this isn’t over yet. Mysterio stands, Rollins takes off the eye patch to show the damaged eye. “You’re no messiah, Seth.” Mysterio drags Rollins to the steel steps!!

Rollins tries but he can’t fight it off! The steps come so close to his eye but Rollins mule kick LOW BLOWS Mysterio! Rollins SUPERKICKS Mysterio against barriers! Rollins aims, and CURB STOMPS Mysterio down! The crowd boos but Rollins crawls to Mysterio. “You did this to yourself, Rey!” They go back to the steel steps! Rollins wants to finish this and Mysterio fights with everything he can but it doesn’t look to be enough! Rollins is going to go after the already bad right eye! Mysterio’s eye is being dug in! Rollins lets off. When Mysterio turns around, Rollins is sick to his stomach! The eye is OUT!! Rollins wins!!

Winner: Seth Rollins

Mysterio’s son, Dominik, and medics rush out. The eye is out and needs to be put back in! Rollins actually VOMITS over seeing the eye! The medics help Mysterio up the ramp, with Dominik following behind. Everyone is speechless, and even Rollins isn’t sure what to make of this. The crowd boos at Rollins as he awkwardly leaves. Was the greater good worth what Rollins just did to another human being?


Backstage interview with Bayley.

A “nefarious” victory for the champ, but we all look up to Rey Mysterio. Bayley is in shock like we all are. She isn’t sure if he’ll get a chance to see this video, but she wants him to know, “You’re not seeing double!” She is STILL #BayleyDosStraps! CLINK CLINK! And now, she introduces the Legit Boss, the Blueprint and soon to be another double champion, Sasha Banks! That’s how you do an introduction, Kayla! Any more questions? Doesn’t matter! Bayley has annihilated everyone left on the roster! Go check on Nikki, she might be hurt. And then when Sasha wins, they’ll hold all the gold and all will be right in the world. Bring the champagne, put it on ice at ringside, it’s time to celebrate! Will it really be that easy for these two to take over?


Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka w/ Kairi Sane VS Sasha Banks w/ Bayley!

The Golden Role Models still have all the belts they came in with but are looking to add one more! Will the Empress of Tomorrow deny what The Boss considers destiny? Or are we about to witness the rise of #DoubleDoubleChampChamps?

The introductions are made, the Raw title is raised, and the fate of the WWE Women’s Division is on the line!

Asuka and Sasha circle but the crowd is on Asuka’s side. Sasha and Asuka tie up, go around, and end up in a corner. The ref counts, Sasha pushes Asuka across the way into the other corner. The ref counts again but Sasha pie faces Asuka as she breaks. Asuka and Sasha circle again and tie up. Sasha headlocks and grinds Asuka down, but Asuka fights up. Sasha throws big knees, headlocks again but Asuka fights back. Asuka powers out, follows Sasha, but Sasha spins Asuka around to throw her down by her hair! Bayley is the only one cheering as Sasha looms over Asuka. Asuka KICKS Sasha back! Asuka fires off fast strikes then shoves Sasha, but Sasha turns the pop-up knee into a takedown! BANK STATEMENT!

Asuka scrambles and reaches for ropes, but Sasha lets her go just to stomp away on the hands! Asuka gets up but Sasha BOOTS her down, then basement Meteoras! Cover, TWO! Sasha keeps on Asuka with a double knuckle lock cover, TWO! Kairi cheers on “Asuka-nee” but Sasha puts the shoulders down. TWO as Asuka gets the other arm up. Sasha goes again, TWO as Asuka bridges! Sasha drops on Asuka for another cover, TWO! Sasha tries again, Asuka flips Sasha around and gets the ARMBAR! Sasha rolls and rolls to the ropebreak! Asuka lets go fast and Sasha is on the apron. Asuka brings her up but Sasha forearms back! Sasha knuckle locks, climbs and jumps to arm-drag Asuka away! Asuka gets up, Sasha CHOPS her! Asuka eggs Sasha on and Sasha chops again! And again!

Sasha fires off furious palm strikes then knees low. Sasha tries the arm-drag again but gets a KNEE! Kairi and the crowd cheer as Asuka aims at Sasha. Asuka runs, to HIP ATTACK Sasha down! Bayley is worried as Sasha is down. Asuka goes out to drag Sasha back up and into the ring, but Sasha spins to tiger feint Asuka down! Asuka climbs up, Sasha runs to SUNSET FLIP! Asuka holds onto ropes, fights the hands off, and STOMPS Sasha in the chest! Asuka then sliding KNEES Sasha down! The crowd and Kairi are fired up for Asuka as she drags Sasha up. Asuka puts Sasha back in, and then chicken wings! Sasha arm-drags Asuka off the lock and into buckles! Sasha runs to meteora Asuka into the buckles! Then Sasha hotshots the arm on the crossbar! Cover, TWO!

Asuka still lives, Sasha goes after Asuka’s arms! Sasha pulls on the wrist and fingers while standing on the other hand. Asuka endures as Sasha tortures the joins. The ref reprimands, Sasha lets go, and Asuka sits up in the corner. Kairi and the crowd rally up but Sasha drags Asuka around. Asuka hits back with body shots and a shove, but Sasha tilt-o-whirls to a mount! Sasha has the mounted armbar then grabs the other arm. It’s an inverted motorcycle stretch as Sasha makes the arms meet! And she sneaks pulling on the fingers literally behind Asuka’s back. Sasha then uses Danielson Stomps to put Asuka down! Cover, TWO!! Asuka survives and the crowd keeps cheering her own. Sasha tells Asuka to give up but Asuka shouts, “NEVER!”

Sasha KNEES Asuka to the corner, throws fast hands, then turns Asuka sideways for the STOCK DROP! Then a BIGGER drop! Cover, TWO!! Asuka survives and endures the pain in her ribs, but Sasha starts giving her kicks. Sasha grabs both arms again for that modified stretch. Asuka endures as the crowd continues to rally. Asuka fights up, but Sasha does more stomps! Asuka keeps her shoulders up off the mat to kick and kick and kick back! Asuka stands to keep kicking! Sasha blocks one to spin Asuka but Asuka ducks to BACK HAND! Sasha flounders all the way to a corner and the crowd is fired up again. Asuka runs corner to corner but Sasha goes up to Nightshade Asuka into buckles! Bayley is relieved and Sasha is up top, but Asuka kicks her legs out! DRAPING CODE BREAKER!

Both women are down but stirring. Sasha and Asuka grab at each other feebly as Kairi coaches Asuka up. Sasha goes to the apron but Asuka fires up and runs! Asuka hip attacks but misses, Sasha KICKS her back! Sasha then grabs Asuka in a waistlock! Asuka holds ropes for dear life, elbows Sasha away, then blocks a kick to put Sasha in the ropes! Asuka fires off forearms and wants the suplex like Sasha. Sasha elbows Asuka off, slips under, and BOMBS Asuka into the Plexiglas!! The crowd boos as Sasha drags Asuka up and into the ring. Sasha climbs up top, aims at Asuka in the drop zone, and FROG SPLASHES! Cover, TWO!! Asuka still lives, but Sasha gets the BANK STATEMENT!

Sasha cranks hard, Asuka reaches, gets an arm free, and crawls for ropes! ROPEBREAK! Sasha lets go at 4, and is growing further frustrated with Asuka. Sasha joins Asuka on the apron, and tells Asuka she is the greatest ever. But Asuka doesn’t care, she throws forearms! POP-UP KNEE! Sasha flops down, Asuka fires up and brings Sasha up on the ropes! GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Sasha swing, into another GERMAN! Asuka fires off kick after kick, then runs for the sliding enziguri! Cover, TWO! Sasha survives but Asuka keeps her cool. Asuka buzzsaws, Sasha blocks. Sasha kicks, Asuka blocks to GERMAN! Then HIP ATTACK! Cover, TWO! Asuka grows frustrated but Bayley is stressing out. Kairi cheers as Asuka climbs up top. Asuka aims, leaps, but the missile dropkick misses! SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO!

Both women are down in exhaustion as their tag partners coach them up. Sasha sits up first, heads for a corner, but Asuka rocks her on the top rope! Asuka climbs up to join Sasha, brings her around, but Sasha resists the superplex! Sasha clubs and elbows Asuka over and over until she flops off the corner. Sasha laughs while adjusting her position, but Asuka gets up to club her back! Asuka climbs back up, waistlocks, SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX!! But Sasha lands on her feet!? CORNER METEORA! Sasha hurries up top, but she slips off the ropes! Sasha clutches her leg, but she shouts at the ref to leave her alone! She wants to win this title! Sasha crawls to Asuka and the two start brawling with forearms!

Sasha drags Asuka up, blocks a punch and goes for a takedown! Asuka denies it, gets the chicken wing but Bayley jumps on the apron! Kairi yanks her off and they start brawling! Bayley ducks a back hand to BAYLEY2BELLY Kairi! Sasha rolls Asuka, Asuka rolls it back, but Sasha pops out! Sasha grabs, Asuka drops to victory roll, TWO! Asuka has Ssaha’s hair, drags her into the chinlock but Sasha resists the full lock. Bayley throws a title belt in! The ref grabs it, Sasha is tapping! Bayley aims, the ref shouts at Bayley, Asuka ROUNDHOUSES Bayley down! Kairi sneaks sometihng to Asuka?! Bayley drags herself out of the ring while Sasha sits up. Sasha has the tag belt and aims at Asuka! But this won’t win her the Raw title!

The ref takes the tag belt, Sasha complains, Asuka turns her around and SPITS MIST! But Sasha ducks and the ref gets hit!! Sasha grabs Asuka, Asuka spins around but Bayley BELT SHOTS Asuka from behind!! Bayley takes the ref’s shirt off him!? To put it on!? Bayley is making herself a ref! Sasha covers, Bayley counts, Sasha wins?! Bayley wants them to ring the bell but the timekeeper refuses. Bayley scares him into doing it, and takes the Raw belt away!

Winner(?): Sasha Banks

Bayley gives the belt to Sasha, but this can’t be official in any sense of the word. What is going to happen with the Raw Women’s Championship?


Charly Caruso has an update on Rey Mysterio.

Rey is going to a local medical facility where he will be treated for “traumatic globe luxation.” Absolutely horrifying to say the least, but there is good news. If the optic nerve is not severed and that the rest isn’t damaged, Mysterio can maintain his vision. Is there a chance Mysterio can still keep both eyes?


WWE World Championship, Ziggler’s Choice: Drew McIntyre VS Dolph Ziggler!

The Scottish Stud refuses to let the Show-Off take credit for his accomplishments, or to feel entitled to some kind of thank you match. Things only escalated from there and have gotten very personal. McIntyre is so confident in his victory that he is letting Ziggler choose the stipulation! Just what does Ziggler have in mind for his old friend?

McIntyre glares at Ziggler, demanding to know the stipulation. Ziggler wants the introductions first, so the introductions are made. Now Ziggler takes the mic to say, “You made a big mistake, Drew. I’m smarter than you, you underestimated me, signed the contract and let me pick the stipulation afterwards.” So here it is: The WWE World Championship will be EXTREME RULES! Wow, what a surprise. “For Dolph Ziggler only!” And NO Champion’s Advantage! If McIntyre runs away, Ziggler gets the title! If McIntyre gets himself disqualified, Ziggler gets the title! “I always told you, kid. Mine’s bigger! Now ring the bell.” The title is raised, and this one-sided extremism begins!

McIntyre and Ziggler circle, Ziggler bails out but McIntyre follows. Ziggler starts looking under the ring but hesitates. McIntyre JABS Ziggler then bumps him off the announce desk! McIntyre bumps Ziggler off the apron then POSTS him! There’s still a lot of ways to bend the normal rules for the champ! McIntyre puts Ziggler in then bumps him hard off buckles! McIntyre CHOPS Ziggler and the crowd cheers as he looms over Ziggler. McIntyre brings Ziggler up to belly2belly TOSS him! “Get up, Dolph! Get up!” Ziggler writhes as McIntyre aims, and Ziggler bails out. McIntyre follows after as Ziggler crawls. McIntyre drags Ziggler up to throw haymakers. The ring count on McIntyre begins, and Ziggler rakes McIntyre’s eyes! McIntyre gets into the ring, Ziggler gets a chair!

Ziggler aims but McIntyre blocks! McIntyre takes the chair away, tosses it, and still blocks a superkick for a SNAP belly2belly! Didn’t think that was possible. McIntyre follows Ziggler out, brings Ziggler up to CHOP him against the apron! McIntyre puts Ziggler back in before the ring count hits 5. McIntyre stands Ziggler up, Ziggler throws body shots but they do nothing. McIntyre shoves, Ziggler kicks back! Still nothing. McIntyre clotheslines Ziggler out of the ring! McIntyre stalks Ziggler, brings him up, and scoops him, only for Ziggler to slip out and POST him! Ziggler RAMS McIntyre into Plexiglas then POSTS him again! Ziggler shoves McIntyre away while he brings out a table. McIntyre gets in the ring at 6, Ziggler sets his table up but McIntyre returns.

McIntyre clubs Ziggler, drags him up, and suplexes him away from the table to hit the floor! McIntyre is frustrated at how close he was to messing up. McIntyre puts Ziggler back in, drags him up in a dead lift SIT-OUT POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Ziggler survives and McIntyre is losing his cool. The crowd cheers McIntyre on as he looms over Ziggler. “I told you I was going to beat you until you’re unconscious, Dolph. I can do this all night.” McIntyre brings Ziggler up, Ziggler LOW BLOWS him! Ziggler is in Extreme Rules so he can get away with it! Ziggler grabs chairs from under the ring and brings them all in. Ziggler sits one up, then gives McIntyre a SMACK to the back, a JAB to the ribs and more SMACKS to the back! Chair shot after chair shot drops McIntyre to the mat.

McIntyre drags himself up using the one chair, but Ziggler SMACKS him again! McIntyre ended up in a chair vice! Then a HEAD SHOT! Cover, TWO!! McIntyre survives but has to bail out to the apron. Ziggler grins as he stalks behind McIntyre. Ziggler leaps from the apron, into McIntyre’s arms! McIntyre TOSSES Ziggler into and over the announce desk!! Commentary just gets clear while McIntyre goes back into the ring. McIntyre catches his breath and refreshes the count to clear off the announce desk! McIntyre drags Ziggler up onto the desk and looks to finish this. McIntyre wants people to move, and then bearhugs Ziggler, only for Ziggler to fight off the super belly2belly! Ziggler kicks the legs out and McIntyre hops off the desk. Ziggler SUPER FAMOUSERS McIntyre down!!

Both men are down, the ring count on McIntyre passes 5! Ziggler gets in, McIntyre drags himself in at 9! Ziggler flounders over to McIntyre but McIntyre shoves him away. McIntyre runs, Ziggler dodges but McIntyre lands on the apron. McIntyre ROCKS Ziggler, but slowly climbs the corner. Ziggler gets under the ax handle to leap on for a sleeper hold! McIntyre gets the ropes but Ziggler is not affected by ropebreaks! McIntyre starts to fade as Ziggler squeezes tighter! The crowd rallies, McIntyre gets his second wind, and throws Ziggler off! Ziggler flounders to a corner, McIntyre runs over but gets POST! Ziggler POSTS McIntyre the other way! But McIntyre still LARIATS back! Both men are down and the crowd rallies up.

McIntyre and Ziggler both go out of the ring, but McIntyre is up first. McIntyre drags Ziggler up, drops him to CATAPULT him into Plexiglas! McIntyre gets back in the ring to refresh the count before going after Ziggler again. McIntyre puts Ziggler in, wants him to stand, and runs in to elbow! Inverted Alabama SLAM! McIntyre has a thumb up, but says thumbs down. The crowd fires up and counts down with him! “THREE! TWO! ONE!” CHAIR SHOT to the leg! ZIGZAG!! Cover, TWO!!! Ziggler can’t believe McIntyre survives! Ziggler is furious as McIntyre drags himself up the ropes. Ziggler storms over but McIntyre throws Ziggler out! McIntyre follows after, drags Ziggler up but Ziggler SUPERKICKS! McIntyre ends up on the table and Ziggler climbs the corner!

Ziggler isn’t satisfied with a ring out, he SUPER MACHO ELBOWS through McIntyre AND table!! Both men are down but it’s on McIntyre to get back into the ring! Ziggler drags himself away while the count climbs to 5. McIntyre stirs at 7, stands at 8, flops over but gets in at 9.9!! Ziggler is losing his mind! Ziggler crawls in after McIntyre, grabs a chair but McIntyre HEADBUTTS! The Glasgow Kiss puts Ziggler on ropes, McIntyre drags him up into the underhooks, but Ziggler spins out and kicks a leg! FAMOUSER! McIntyre flounders up, ZIGZAG! McIntyre is up again, URENAGE onto the CHAIR! Cover, TWO!?!? McIntyre survives again and Ziggler has no idea how! “Why won’t you die?!”

McIntyre crawls in a daze but Ziggler throws a chair out at the Plexiglas. Ziggler grabs another chair and throws it aside. Then a third chair. “This is MY time!” Ziggler tunes up the band as he demands McIntyre stand. McIntyre kips up and CLAYMORES!! Cover, McIntyre wins!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, by pinfall (still WWE World Champion)

Incredible! Ziggler had a stacked deck and yet McIntyre knocked his house of cards down! Will anyone or anything be able to stop the Scottish Psychopath?


Wyatt Swamp Fight: Braun Strowman VS Bray Wyatt!

This may not be for the WWE Universal Championship, but this is for something even more important. If the Monster Among Men wins, he can finally put his past behind him. If he loses, it may very well mean the end of his humanity. Who survives wading through the murky depths of the dark and dangerous swamp of pure evil?

Bray Wyatt sits in his rocking chair once more. A truck pulls up, and Braun Strowman gets out. Flashes of their past run through his mind as he walks up to Bray. Bray smiles as Braun says, “I’m home.” The lights go out, Bray laughs, and when the lights come back, he’s gone. Up to his old tricks again. A sign reads, “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.” Braun throws the chair at it! The laughter echoes, and Braun follows them deeper into the swamp. Wild boars run around, rabbits and buzzards make noise, and a masked minion attacks! Strowman fights that one off, and another one, and then Firefly Fun House Bray interrupts with a cheer! “Braun, Braun, he’s our man! If he can’t do it, no one can!”

Braun fights off one masked attacker but the other jumps on with a sleeper! Braun throws him off to ROCK and KNEE him down! “C’mon, Bray! Where you at?! Show your damn face!” Someone uses a shovel to SMACK Braun in the back! Braunw writhes but looks up to see… himself?! The Black Sheep looms over Braun and smiles! And then SMACKS Braun in the head!

When Braun comes to, he’s back in the old shack, chained to a rocking chair. The creepy dolls and sheep masks laugh at him. Braun realizes he’s stuck and tries to break free. Bray walks in, the old familiar song playing. “Let me out of these chains, you bastard!” Bray puts the lantern down to officially welcome Bruan home. Does he like what Bray did with the place? Braun hates Bray. Tell Bray all about it. Braun wants to hurt Bray, huh? But he can’t hurt what’s already dead! “And man, have I missed you!” This Bray has been watching. And he’s proud of what he’s become. The people love Braun, and it gets Bray’s heart racing. Bray knows Braun’s success is borrowed and temporary. When his 15 minutes are up, what will the people think of him? Who will have his back? Bray knows the answer.

Braun can’t see where he’s belong. He doesn’t care what Braun thinks, he just wants Braun to understand he isn’t Braun’s enemy! “Can’t you see the human race is a bacteria? Is an infection?” Braun is like Bray: he’s special. But he doesn’t understand. That’s why Braun needs Bray. They could be GODS and RULE! The people will bow down! Societies crumble, governments fall, and there they will be as prophesied! Does Braun know where Bray’s been? Braun doesn’t care, he’ll just send Bray back to hell where he belongs! Bray has been to places worse than Braun can ever imagine! Bray was stuck down a dark hole, watching the world through his own eyes, unable to control his own body!

But now, this Bray is back and it feels so good! “Look, Daddy! I got my wings back!” Bray ain’t going back! Braun is a weapon, Bray is the wielder! Bray knows what he is supposed to do. But in order for Braun to be the monster he is destined to be, Bray must destroy the one he’s become. Braun vows to never go back to doing his bidding! Bray wants to show Braun something really scary. Sister Abigail walks in with a snake! It BITES Braun!! “Come home.”

A fire burns. Braun walks over it to fight more masked minions. He clubs and kicks and knees them down, but then another minion swings a shovel! Braun ducks and dodges and fights over the shovel with the man, and Braun takes it for his own! Braun breaks the shovel handle and SMASHES the minion with the head! The man ends up in the fire and starts to burn! Braun laughs at the main as he runs around, but Braun tries to fight it, too. “Braun~!” A voice calls to him. “You don’t need to do this. Run. Come home, Braun.” Sister Abigail is actually… Alexa Bliss?! He knows he’s always wanted her. Just follow her home. This is what he’s always wanted, right? This can be his life. Just come home. No, it’s a trick! And then Bray attacks!! Bray goes after Braun’s eyes!!

Braun breaks free to CHOKE SLAM Bray into a boat! The boat’s motor takes it down the way. Has Braun broken Bray? Wait, the boat is coming back. How did it turn around? Braun watches the boat come back to the dock, wades through the water to check it, and it’s empty. Then who…? Bray emerges from the water and hits Braun with an oar! Bray goes to drown Braun in the swamp water!! Braun fights, the threat of gators around the corner! But eventually, Braun stomps fighting back. Wait, he emerges! Braun gasps and sputters and gets to the dock ladder. Braun drags himself up out of the water, flops onto the deck, but hears someone else laughing. And then, Bray stands over him with the oar!

Bray smacks him with the oar and throws forearms but Braun hits back. Braun stalks Bray but Bray hits him with an ax handle! Bray hits Braun over and over and over and over! Bray roars into the night, and then says, “Look what you made me do.” But Braun stands?! Bray laughs but Braun BOOTS him through the deck railing into the water! Bray doesn’t come back up. Braun kneels to look closer at the water, and says it’s over. Or is it? Bray reaches up with the MANDIBLE CLAW and drags Braun in!! Braun fights up but Bray drags him back down again! One last bubble, but now BRAY is the one fighting to get out of the water? Where are they? More bubbles, and now we’re in red water? Is someone bleeding? THE FIEND emerges!! “LET ME IN.” Bray wins the Swamp Fight, but did he lose control of himself again?

Winner: Bray Wyatt

My Thoughts:

Wow, this Extreme Rules was actually really good! There were a lot of things fans were worried about, but I don’t think any of those things happened. Kevin VS Murphy was pretty good but pretty fast for a kickoff show match I didn’t know was happening. And it worked a bit in story so that there would be no interference during the Eye for an Eye match. That match as a match was really great, even with the concept of getting an eye out of the socket. I may have blinked or looked down for a moment but I didn’t see a fake eye or whatever, only Rollins selling how traumatic that is to see. Rollins’ vomiting was a great touch, not sure if that was kayfabe barf or worked shoot barfing on command. Great touch, though, as was “removing” the already damaged eye. Now Mysterio won’t be completely blind in kayfabe.

It was great to see D-Von as part of the kickoff show, and naturally he was here to put over the table match. That table match was incredible, innovative, and went completely the other way than expected. WWE defies the math to great effect, and WOW Kofi going through two vertically arranged tables was insane. Cesaro and Nakamura being tag champions is a great move, and will freshen up things on SmackDown, though I’m not entirely sure who steps up to face them. The Usos are out of tag action while Jimmy recovers from injury and I can’t see New Day having a rematch unless Xavier Woods is miraculously ready to return. Miz & Morrison are strongly Heel though fans do like the guys. Heavy Machinery or Lucha House Party are probably the only ones that could even work a program with them, which is actually pretty good for those two.

It was a shame Apollo couldn’t make it to the PPV, I was looking forward to his match with MVP. They did a good job adjusting with the promo and the second unofficial crowning of MVP as champion. Hopefully whatever reason Apollo isn’t wrestling clears up and we can get this match to crown the undisputed United States Champion. Maybe it’ll be a match for SummerSlam, perhaps a ladder match so you have to pull down the shiny new belt. Meanwhile, MVP can also continue his recruitment of Cedric Alexander and we see how that story goes. McIntyre VS Ziggler was also really good, and I didn’t expect Ziggler to use his choice like that. Though in a way, Ziggler looks like a doofus not being able to finish McIntyre off with all those advantages. I’m very curious to see who rises up to be McIntyre’s next contender, but it feels a lot like Randy Orton after we see the “Unsanctioned” match with Big Show tomorrow.

I really liked how Bliss-Cross and Kabuki Warriors had their pep talk backstage. Both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championship matches were great stuff, and each finish had a lot of controversy that both does and doesn’t hurt those involved. In a way, it feels like Kairi jinxed Nikki. Sasha was obviously a big key to Bayley retaining, which is good Heel work, and Nikki probably had the best singles match since the Last Woman Standing with Asuka in NXT. Bayley doing her part in returning the favor was good stuff, not quite how I had been expecting things to go but really creative. I didn’t expect Bayley to pretend to be a ref, and clearly her call shouldn’t count. Raw can be made even bigger tomorrow night with a rematch. Maybe a ladder match so that it’s about possession of the title.

Then the Swamp Fight was a lot of great stuff, too. Not really sure what was up with the masked minions, though. Couldn’t they wear sheep masks to keep continuity? Braun trying to stop himself from laughing at the one guy’s pain and Sister Abigail taking the form of Alexa to tempt Braun were great details to speak to Braun’s character. There are things he wants to be and doesn’t want to be, so it gives real depth to him. I also liked the promo part in the middle, with Bray framing the “Three Faces of Foley” situation as split personalities or even spiritual possession, as if the other two are these spirits within him. It works given the very, very end of the show, where old Bray does beat Braun, only for him to be dragged down into the water by The Fiend. Braun’s nightmare is coming true, but also this is going to be the tiebreaker at SummerSlam. Braun beat Firefly, lost to Eater of Worlds, but it’ll all be on the line against Bray’s strongest form.

My Score: 8.9/10

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