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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (7/15/20)

Descent Into Darkness VS Shiniest Wizard!



NEW NXT Coverage

NXT continues to heat up the summer!

The Great American Bash is over but the fireworks are still going! Will this still be Io Shirai’s NXT after defending her title against Tegan Nox?


  • Cameron Grimes VS Damian Priest; Priest wins.
  • Shotzi Blackheart VS Indi Hartwell; Hartwell wins.
  • NXT and North American Championship Winner Take All Match: Keith Lee VS Dominik Dijakovic; Lee wins and retains the NXT and North American Championships.
  • Timothy Thatcher VS Denzel Dejournette; Thatcher wins.
  • NXT Women’s Championship: Io Shirai VS Tegan Nox; Shirai wins and retains the NXT Women’s Championship.


NXT, #BaskInHisGlory!

Keith Lee is now the first ever DOUBLE CHAMPION in NXT history as he holds both the North American Championship and THE NXT Championship simultaneously! “This makes me not just a moment maker, not just a prophecy ender. Today, I am a history maker.” Johnny Gargano says Keith Lee did make history, but he won’t have too long to bask in it. Finn Balor says that the only thing Keith achieved was becoming the biggest target in NXT history. Damian Priest looks forward to taking some of the weight off Keith’s shoulders. Cameron Grimes says he is taking BOTH championships! Timothy Thatcher “wishes” the champion luck.

And even Kushida, Bronson Reed, Danny Burch, Oney Lorcan, Tyler Breeze, Fandango, Malcolm Bivens, Tehuti Miles, Ever-Rise, Tony Nese, El Legado del Fantasma, Drake Maverick and Dexter Lumis (though silently) all congratulate him. But Karrion Kross says, “Ticktock.” Who will be the first to step to this first-ever Double NXT Champion?


Keith Lee is here!

The Limitless Champion brings both belts to the ring as the crowd goes wild! Keith grabs a mic but takes a moment to enjoy the crowd sing “Oh~ Bask in His Glory!” and chant “N X LEE!” Keith smiles and says, “That is beautiful. Like a choir!” But there’s something more he needs. Ms. Alicia, can he hear the announcement one more time, please? “Please welcome, the North American and NEW NXT Champion~! Keith, LEE~!” That’s beautiful, thank you so much.

Keith admits he is at a crossroads. He understands the past few months have been difficulty and trying. All of us have had our struggles and tough times, sadness and suffering. Keith understands more than anyone, the losses, the hurt and the pain. He wants the fans at home to know something. This ring Keith stands in, “there’s something so incredibly special that can occur when we are in this ring and I am standing here before you, because I can feel it right now.” Not just the crowd here, not just Ms. Alicia, but when Keith stands here with these two titles. “And now, I stand here before you as not just your North American Champion. No, no, no, no, no. Also NXT Champion.”

But he wants to highlight the fact that he is not in disbelief or fooled himself. He has enjoyed this, celebrated it, but he is back to reality. And the reality is, there’s an entire locker room, some supporters and friends, some just straight-up enemies. They all want the same opportunity he managed to earn. SO in the mood of celebration, Keith celebrates the understanding: “This wasn’t done on my own. Opportunity created this. Chances created this.” Keith understands he isn’t a self-made man, there’s no such thing as that. He has to acknowledge Tim Brooks was more than just a trainer. Brooks was like a father who was there when no one else was, and he believed in Keith when no one else did!

And it doesn’t stop there! Keith didn’t do this alone. The fans made sure that when he came here, he was welcomed with the most opened arms! They told the people about Limitless Keith Lee, and would sing with all their passion, love and energy, “Oh Bask in His Glory!” Guess what? Now the world does! Keith thanks the fans but that’s not all! There is still one more person Keith must point out as playing a pivotal part. Keith saw this man backstage, and he knows that this person might be trying to decide what he’s doing with his WWE career, but Keith feels like maybe, just maybe, he can be of help. Keith is celebrating for Brooks, for the fans, and now he’d like to talk with his “Number one frenemy,” Dominik Dijakovic!

And so the Croatian Colossus appears! Dijakovic joins Keith in the ring with a mic of his own, and says no one on this planet is prouder for Keith than him. But this isn’t about Dijakovic, this is Keith’s moment. No, no, Keith disagrees. Keith feels this is also about Dijakovic, because it is about both of them. Dijakovic doesn’t realize it, but Keith’s line of “not being self made” means this: The matches these two have had is one of the things that propelled Keith to the opportunities. Dijakovic is the one individual that has truly tested Keith’s limits. With that in mind, the best way to represent these titles is with competition. Keith talked with Mr. William Regal, and upon a suggestion, it has been made. The first challenger for these titles will be Dijakovic.

Dijakovic can’t believe it. These titles together? Absolutely! When? Keith figured he’d say that. The best way to honor competition is with the best competition. Keith’s idea would be… Well, Keith is dressed, so how about tonight?! Dijakovic isn’t dressed, however, and he hesitates to answer. Keith wants him to just say yes. The crowd wants to see it! Then Dijakovic says yes! Double fist bumps for a double championship showdown! Will Keith and Dijakovic put on another instant classic in this historic first defense?


Cameron Grimes VS Damian Priest!

The Carolina Caveman calls himself the #1 contender to the NXT double championship prize, but he has to actually earn that right. Now that the Archer of Infamy is 100%, will things be very different from their previous showdown?

Grimes rushes Priest to surprise him, but Priest BOOTS Grimes down! The ref keeps Priest back to check on Grimes, Grimes wants this fight so the bell rings. Grimes fires off body shots and fast hands but Priest gives knees. Priest throws Grimes into buckles, clubs and stomps away, but lets up at the ref’s count of 4. He drags Grimes up by his vest and hair to throw him back into buckles. Priest hits a leaping back elbow, then goes corner to corner for another! Grimes staggers, Priest runs in again, spinning heel kick! Grimes is down and Priest eggs him on. Priest kicks Grimes out, follows after, but Priest elbows him back!

Grimes gets in the ring, Priest climbs up the apron, and Priest dodges Grimes’ counter attack to ROUNDHOUSE him away! Priest climbs the ropes to leap in, into Grimes’ SUPERMAN FOREARM! Priest bails out, Grimes runs and wrecks him with a dropkick! Grimes drags Priest up and into the ring, and then throws Priest into buckles! Grimes scoops Priest and swings him for a side slam! Cover, TWO! Grimes grows frustrated but he drags Priest up by his hair. Grimes says “You don’t mess with Cameron Grimes!” He rams his shoulder into Priest again and again, then whips him to the ropes. Grimes dropkicks Priest down, covers, TWO! Grimes grows further frustrated and NXT goes picture in picture.

Priest sits up so Grimes KICKS him in the back! Grimes drags Priest up to kick him more, and he stomps a leg in the corner. The ref counts, Grimes throws forearms but Priest throws them back. They brawl, Grimes digs his fingers into Priest’s face! Priest falls out of the ring and tries to see, and Grimes trash talks the crowd. Grimes drags Priest back up and DECKS him! Grimes goes to the apron to KNEES Priest away! Priest staggers around the corner, Grimes throws him into barriers! Grimes grimaces as he drags Priest back up and into the ring. Grimes clubs away on Priest at the apron, then follows after. Grimes wrenches Priest and drags him down to the armlock. Priest endures the grind as Grimes grinds his teeth.

Priest fights up against the hold but Grimes chinbars to wrangle Priest down! Grimes makes the hold part straitjacket but Priest keeps fighting. Priest sits up, fights back but Grimes knees low. Grimes whips Priest hard into a corner! Priest crawls, Grimes KNEES him into the ropes! Grimes grinds his forearm on Priest’s face but lets up at the ref’s count. Grimes pushes Priest around, then stands on his head in the corner. Grimes backs off to drag Priest up again. Priest breaks free to throw heavy elbows! Grimes gets under and around to ROUNDHOUSE Priest in the back! Grimes kicks Priest into another corner, then brings him up for forearms.

Priest fires up as Grimes keeps hitting him. Priest hits back and the two brawl back and forth! Priest wobbles, Grimes gets the edge, ROCKS Priest, but takes too long taunting and Priest comes back with forearms of his own! NXT returns to single picture as Grimes slips around and scoops, but Priest slips out to ear clap! Boot and several kicks, then furious forearms and a LARIAT! Grimes is in a daze as Priest drags him back up. Grimes slips out below but Priest runs into the corner, but the back elbow misses! Grimes runs, and clotheslines Priest out hard! Grimes keeps moving, but Priest dodges the baseball slide to choke grip. Grimes slips out of that and forearms the back. He comes back, to get ROCKED by another right!

Priest drags Grimes up as the ring count climbs. He crucifix lifts, for an APRON CRUCIFIX BOMB! Priest refreshes the count, brings Grimes back in and takes aim. Spinning roundhouse misses, Grimes lifts but Priest elbows free. Grimes O’Conner rolls instead, TWO! Grimes ends up in a corner, comes back, LIFTING COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!! Priest can’t believe Grimes lives, but he looks to change that. Priest drags Grimes up by his beard, dragon sleepers, but no reckoning as Grimes cradle counters! TWO, Grimes ducks the lariat and turns Priest’s counter into the COLLISION COURSE! Cover, TWO!! Priest still lives and Grimes is beside himself! Grimes gets to ropes while Priest sits up and the crowd rallies up.

Grimes wants Priest to stand up. “you’re not gonna stop Cameron Grimes!” He SLAPS Priest, but Priest DECKS him! Priest has Grimes’ bear to throw furious fists! Grimes pushes and ROUNDHOUSES back! Grimes runs, but no Cave-In! Grimes gets stuck int he ropes, CYCLONE KICK from Priest! DRAPING RECKONING!! Cover, Priest wins!!

Winner: Damian Priest, by pinfall

The Archer of Infamy hit his mark and has his redemption in the rematch! Priest tells Keith and Dijakovic that he’s “real interested” in the results of tonight’s double title match. Will Priest continue on towards the two golden targets and take them from whoever reigns supreme?


Timothy Thatcher teaches another lesson.

“Hello, gentlemen. Welcome to another session of Thatch As Thatch Can.” Tonight’s lesson is what Oney Lorcan learned at The Great American Bash. For every submission, there is something to be learned. Fujiwara Armbar can be added even more pressure. The one being used as an example is tapping and cursing, and Thatcher says this is how he got Oney to “cry like a child.” Not only will you win, you will leave an impression that lasts a lifetime. Tapping is a lesson, but making your opponent cry is pure satisfaction. Class is over, get out. And put some ice on that arm.


Shotzi Blackheart VS Indi Hartwell!

It’s time to #TCB, Take Care o’ Business! Shotzi and her tank ran over the Robert Stone Brand’s, well, Robert Stone after he and Aliyah got in her face. Will Shotzi leave an impression on #Impressive Indi?

The bell rings and Indi rushes Shotzi, but Shotzi gets around to waistlock. Indi switches, Shotzi elbows back and shoulder breakers to an arm-drag. Indi runs back, Shotzi gives her an arm code breaker, then grabs the arms o kick away from the mat! Shotzi spins, rolls Indi to a cover, TWO! Shotzi kicks but Indi blocks and laughs at her. But Shotzi turns to trip Indi up! Indi kicks Shotzi away, but Shotzi BOOTS Indi away! Shotzi goes up and headscissors Indi into buckles! Shotzi runs side to side, but Indi dodges the attack to dropkick Shotzi to the outside! The crowd boos Indi but she drags Shotzi up and into the ring. Indi clubs Shotzi down then brings her up for haymakers. Cover, TWO!

Indi keeps her cool as she keeps on Shotzi. Indi whips and DECKS Shotzi then covers, TWO! Shotzi grits her teeth as Indi looms over her. Indi drags Shotzi up, whips and scoops for a sidewalk slam! Cover, TWO! Indi grabs Shotzi’s arms and pulls her back, knee in between the shoulders. Shotzi endures the stretch even as Indi changes it to a boot. The crowd rallies, Shotzi fights her way up, spins around and throws big forearms! Shotzi whips, Indi blocks to reverse, but Shotzi goes up and over. Shotzi runs back to corner splash! She rolls Indi, and SLING DOGS her down! The crowd rallies up as Shotzi KNEES then ROLLING ELBOWS! QUESTION MARK KICK! BOOT! Indi wobbles, Shotzi runs, CANNONBALL!

But here comes Robert Stone in a walking boot! He hobbles up the steps, Shotzi shining wizards Indi to a DDT from the corner! The ref and Stone argue, Shotzi climbs up, Aliyah appears out of nowhere to trip her up!! Shotzi crashes down, Indi runs in to BOOT her down! Cover, Indi wins!!

Winner: Indi Hartwell, by pinfall

The Robert Stone Brand were certainly a major factor here! Will Indi be their next impressive recruit? Is Shotzi only starting to suffer at the hands of Stone and Aliyah?


Backstage interview with Tegan Nox.

She is finishing her warm-up for her huge title match tonight, and was quoted as saying Io Shirai is the best female wrestler in the world. What will it take for Tegan to win? A wise man once said that when you come across an obstacle, you just jump over it. Shirai is that obstacle. The thing is, Tegan has traveled too far and done this for too long to not win. She will solidify her destiny, and is faster, stronger and shinier than she has ever been. She wants to be on the same level as her heroes, Kane and Molly Holly, and that means she must become champion. Tonight’s that tonight. Will that all come true later tonight?


NXT checks in with El Legado del Fantasma.

In a luxurious restaurant, Santos Escobar and his cohorts toast their first victory together at The Great American bash. And one more thing. This is to the end of Drake Maverick’s career. The only reason he has a job is because he cried on YouTube. Joaquin Wilde says, “To the little chihuahua.” Raul Mendoza adds that they need to do something about Breezango. Those two tried to make a joke out of lucha libre culture! Escobar says everyone will see “what happens when you try to mock the lucha libre culture.” The NXT Universe has it wrong. It isn’t some fiesta. It is an art. Exactly! And these three are the true artists. Look at Mendoza! The technical assassin! Look at Wilde! When he is in the air, that is the end of his opponent.

“The Cruiserweight Division was in desperate need of a leader.” Escobar took the Cruiserweight Championship from being a sideshow, to being the main show. “We are going to build our empire!” Sometimes, you have to tear things down to build it back up. They are El Legado del Fantasma. They are familia. But are they the true future of lucha libre and the Cruiserweight Division?


NXT and North American Championship Winner Take All Match: Keith Lee VS Dominik Dijakovic!

A historic first defense worthy of a main event anywhere is shockingly tonight’s halfway point! Will the Limitless One still simultaneous-Lee reign? Or will we have a shocker courtesy of some #BigGuyMagic?

The introductions are made, both titles are raised, and this titanic rematch for two titles begins!

Keith and Dijakovic circle as the crowd rallies already. The rivals know each other well as they keep circling, both perhaps wary of a grapple. They tie up with knuckle locks, go around and go shoulder to shoulder in a test of strength. It is a deadlock but Keith starts to back Dijakovic down to ropes. The ref counts, the two break and Keith lets Dijakovic move aside. They go again with an collar and elbow, and Lee backs Dijakovic to a corner. Dijakovic pushes back and they go along the ropes back and forth. The ref counts for the ropebreak, Dijakovic lets up and gives Keith space. The crowd cheers this good sportsmanship as the two circle again.

Keith and Dijakovic approach, tie up, go back to ropes and then off ropes to the other side of the ring. Keith has control, wrangles Dijakovic down and stands over him, but Dijakovic pushes Keith’s face. Keith stands on Dijakovic’s arm and holds the other one to throw it down! Dijakovic avoids the splash on his arm, and the elbow drop to follow, and then hurries to cover, ONE! The two stand off and the crowd is loving this even more. Both rivals smile and the crowd sings, “Oh~ Bask in His Glory~!” Dijakovic and Keith reset and Dijakovic offers a handshake. Keith trusts it, and they shake hands. But it’s Keith who reels Dijakovic in for a headlock!

Dijakovic endures the grind, pries at the hold, slips in and gets a headlock of his own. Keith endures the grind, powers out, and the two collide with shoulders! Neither moves, the two grin, and they try again. Still neither falls, so Dijakovic tries a third time. And a fourth time! And a fifth time! Still nothing, and the crowd is thunderous. Dijakovic nods his respect and wants another handshake. Keith still trusts it, but gets a CHOP for it! That might’ve been a mistake. Keith grins and GRIZZLY MAGNUM CHOPS Dijakovic off his feet! Keith drags Dijakovic to a drop zone and climbs up! Dijakovic stops him, torture racks him, but Keith slips off! Dijakovic says it was that close and Keith chuckles as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns as Dijakovic has Keith down in a chinlock! The crowd rallies as Keith endures and fights his way up. Keith pries at the hold but Dijakovic thrashes him around. Keith tries again, Dijakovic keeps cranking on the hold, but Keith fights up and breaks the grip! Dijakovic headbutts and clubs Keith down! Dijakovic facelocks, “TIME TO FLY, KEITH!” But Keith blocks the suplex, so Dijakovic throws body shots. Dijakovic keeps trying but Keith blocks. Dijakovic clubs but Keith breaks the facelock. Keith ROCKS Dijakovic with haymaker after haymaker, but Dijakovic swings back. Keith ducks, whips and follows to run Dijakovic over! And then POUNCES him to a corner!

Keith follows Dijakovic outside, runs but Dijakovic moves! Keith stops himself, remembering this from just last week with Adam Cole. Dijakovic sees Keith glaring at him and gets back in the ring. Keith follows, blocks the boot to ROCK Dijakovic again! Keith runs, but Dijakovic scoops for a sidewalk slam!? Cover, TWO!! The crowd is still thunderous as Keith and Dijakovic both catch their breath. Dijakovic slaps some focus into himself as he goes to a corner. Keith grits his teeth as he drags himself up with the ropes. Dijakovic runs but into Keith’s arms, for a DRAPING SIDEWINDER! Cover, TWO!! Dijakovic survives but Keith just grits his teeth again.

Keith drags Dijakovic up, puts him in a corner and hoists him to the top rope. The crowd rallies as Keith CHOPS Dijakovic then climbs up to join him. Keith sits Dijakovic up with a choke grip, but Dijakovic throws body shots back. Dijakovic headbutts Keith again and again, and again and again, until Keith flops to the mat! Dijakovic steadies himself, adjusts his position, and Keith stands for Dijakovic’s FLYING BLOCKBUSTER!! TWO!! Dijakovic keeps going, with a BOOT and rolling elbow! Dijakovic runs to spin, CYCLONE BOOT! Cover, TWO!! Dijakovic stays focused as he goes back up top. Dijakovic aims at “Keith Lee! Woop Woop!” and he leaps into GRIZZLY MAGNUM!

Lee pops Dijakovic up for the LIMITLESS SPINE BUSTER! Keith fires up, drags Dijakovic into a fireman’s carry, but Dijakovic elbows away. It’s not enough! BIG BANG CATASTROPHE!! Cover, Keith wins!!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall (still NXT & North American Champion)

The rivalry raised the bar again, but it was still Keith Lee’s victory! Is he truly Limitless? Keith and Dijakovic are still good sports, and they hug it out. But wait, the lights start to dim. Scarlett is here! She has a satchel, and she brings it to the ring. She pours it out under the spotlight to reveal the broken pieces of the hourglass. Does Keith understand what is waiting for him in the near future? Will he have no choice but to #FallAndPray?


NXT returns with a backstage interview with Dominik Dijakovic.

An instant classic with Keith, but Dijakovic says Keith feels on a completely different level. Dijakovic saw Scarlett show up, sending a message for Karrion Kross. Kross is good, but he’s not Keith Lee good. However, Kross barges in, perhaps taking offense to that. Does he have something to say? Kross speaks in Serbian, “Yes. I will tear you apart, piece by piece.” Dijakovic dares him to do it. Dijakovic turns to leave, but Kross grabs at him, so Dijakovic shoves Kross into a door! The two start brawling in the backstage area, and Kross NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEXES Dijakovic over spare railing! Kross takes off his jacket and tie before kicking the railing away. “Ticktock!” Dijakovic is down, who else will feel his wrath?


Timothy Thatcher VS Denzel Dejournette!

Class is in session again, and the sadistic professor of pain looks to school another opponent. Will Denzel survive his Thatch As Thatch Can crash course?

The bell rings, Thatcher and Denzel tie up and go around. Thatcher pushes Denzel to the corner, Denzel pushes back to another corner, but Thatcher turns things around. Thatcher clubs Denzel but Denzel hits back. Thatcher hits again, then facelocks for a guillotine suplex! Float over, cover, ONE, and Denzel gets a leg pick and takedown! Denzel tries a cover, ONE, but Denzel keeps close to turn Thatcher over to another cover! ONE, but Denzle scrambles around to get a facelock of his own. Thatcher slips out, waistlocks, but Denzel switches. The two go around and Thatcher is after the arm! Thatcher knees and clubs Denzel down, clamps onto the head and cranks. Denzel slips up and out and they tie up again.

Thatcher arm-drags but Denzel has the chinlock! Thatcher gets up, throws Denzel down and has the leg. Denzel kicks him over and over but Thatcher still turns him for a Half Crab! Thatcher deeply twists that ankle and knee and Denzel taps! Thatcher wins!

Winner: Timothy Thatcher, by submission

Thatcher makes Denzel suffer a little longer but he lets up in the end. Thatcher then goes after the leg again because as we learned earlier tonight, tapping is the lesson, but everything else is for fun! Denzel taps as Thatcher has the heel hook Half Crab, but here comes Oney Lorcan! Lorcan CLOBBERS Thatcher and stomps away! The crowd cheers as Oney chases Thatcher out of the ring! Will Oney get extra credit with Mr. Thatcher?


Rhea Ripley tweets at NXT!

“No more dumpsters, no more time wasted, I’m OFFICIALLY done with Robert Stone Brand.” Rhea vows to get right back to the NXT Women’s Championship, and that means she will be watching tonight’s match very closely. Will the Aussie Nightmare return more brutal than ever?


NXT Media catches up with The Robert Stone Brand.

Rhea may be done with Stone, but it seems Stone isn’t done with Killian Dain. Stone apologizes for the coffee last week but he’s had a really rough week. But to be truthful, that coffee thing was all Shotzi’s fault! She knocked Aliyah into him and then the coffee flew into Keith. Aliyah hurries over to show Dexter Lumis’ newest artwork. It’s The Great American Bash highlights, from Mia Yim VS Candice LeRae to Keith Lee becoming double champion, to Dain and Shotzi humiliating Stone. Dain grabs the artwork and is furious at his part in it. Stone will make this up to Dain by getting him a match with Lumis! Stone promises to do just that! Stone pulled it off, Dain VS Lumis will have a first-ever match-up next week! Will Dain look to make Lumis into a bloody masterpiece of his own?


Another big match announced for next week!

After that confrontation backstage, Mr. Doomsday and the Croatian Colossus collide in the ring! Will Dijakovic cancel the apocalypse Kross promises for Keith Lee? Or will he simply be the first titan to fall?


NXT Women’s Championship: Io Shirai VS Tegan Nox!

The Evil Genius finally took over and made this HER NXT at TakeOver: In Your House. The Girl with the Shiniest Wizard has been on a comeback story like no other. Something’s gotta give as these two finally collide! Who takes this title further on into the summer as things heat up?

The introductions are made, Shirai slaps the handshake away, and we skip raising the title to ring the bell!

Shirai and Tegan circle, tie up, and then break. They go again as the crowd cheers. Shirai backs Tegan down, Tegan turns it around, and they end up in a corner. They go along the ropes to another corner, the ref counts, but they get out of the corner and Tegan throws Shirai down. Shirai keeps shoulders up as the two keep the collar and elbow. Tegan brings Shirai up to wristlock and wrench but Shirai spins and wrenches back. Tegan steps through, bridges back, handsprings and wrenches to a hammerlock. Shirai reaches back to headlock, then spins to hit the takeover! Tegan keeps her shoulders up, turns Shirai to a cover, TWO! Shirai keeps the headlock and grinds on it. Tegan tries again, TWO!

Shirai traps an arm but Tegan sits up. Shirai wrenches the arm, Tegan breaks through to drop toehold and lace up the legs. Tegan headlocks and cranks back. Shirai rolls but Tegan rolls it further, and they end up near ropes. They stand, the crowd rallies, and Shirai pries out to bring Tegan to a knee. Shirai gets the headlock back, Tegan fights up and pries out to arm-drag Shirai away! They both stand, Tegan arm-drags again, then side steps Shirai to table top, waistlock and roll for a bridging cover! TWO, but Tegan rolls Shirai up, TWO! Tegan bumps Shirai off buckles, stomps a mudhole, but Shirai hits back and gives those stomps in return! Shirai lets up as the ref counts, and she bumps Tegan off buckles.

Shirai stomps Tegan more, lets up at the ref counts again, and then trash talks Tegan. Shirai clubs and forearms Tegan, but Tegan turns things around to fire off forearms of her own! The ref counts, Tegan stomps but lets up to run. Shirai puts her on the apron but Tegan lands on her feet. Shirai runs and slides but Tegan gets away to the apron. Tegan aims but Shirai blocks the Penalty Kick to sweep the legs! Tegan crashes on the apron and Shirai grins as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Shirai has Tegan down in a chinlock. The crowd rallies up as Tegan fights to her feet. Shirai throws Tegan down by her hair! Shirai taunts Tegan and slaps her around. Tegan gets mad as Shirai keeps pushing. Tegan eggs Shirai on and Shirai pie faces Tegan, so Tegan throws forearms and uppercuts! Tegan whips Shirai but Shirai goes up and crossbodies, but Tegan catches her to make it a BRIDGING FALL AWAY! Cover, TWO! Tegan is surprised but fires up as she runs corner to corner. Shirai drop toeholds Tegan into buckles then stomps away! The ref counts, Shirai lets up, but she digs both boots in before the swinging meteora! Cover, TWO!

Shirai keeps her cool, and she stands on Tegan’s hands at the ropes! The ref counts, Shirai lets up at 4 and Tegan scrambles to another corner. Shirai wrenches an arm, stands on the hand then chinlocks Tegan. Shirai also pulls hair but stops when the ref reprimands. Tegan fights her way up, rolls Shirai up, TWO! Shirai kicks Tegan down then chokes her at the ropes with a deep headscissor hold! The ref counts again, Shirai lets up and Tegan gasps for air. Shirai scoops Tegan to slam her down, then she runs only to miss the elbow drop! Tegan crawls and stands, Oklahoma Roll, TWO! Shirai bumps shoulders and puts Tegan on the ropes.

Shirai stands Tegan up, CHOPS her, then brings her up for more! Shirai thrashes Tegan around but Tegan fights up to kick back. Tegan throws big forearms but Shirai throws them back! Tegan eggs Shirai on but Shirai throws her down by her hair! Handstand knee drop! Cover, TWO! Shirai grows annoyed with Tegan and stomps her around. Shirai drags Tegan up to dig her knee into Tegan’s head but lets up at the ref’s count. Shirai brings Tegan up but Tegan HEADBUTTS back! Tegan wobbles, runs, but into Shirai’s FLAPJACK! Cover, TWO! Shirai grows frustrated as NXT goes picture in picture.

Tegan checks her teeth but they’re still there. Shirai watches Tegan crawl to the corner, then brings her around to whip corner to corner. Shirai runs in but Tegan boots, only for Shirai to put the leg on the ropes. Shirai puts the other leg on the other rope, and then dropkicks the inner thighs! Tegan manages to free herself from the corner but Shirai stalks her again. Shirai throws the legs down hard on the mat, and Tegan hops and hobbles to the corner. Shirai sets the leg up in the ropes again to this time pull on it! The ref counts, Tegan kicks at Shirai, and Shirai lets go. Tegan hobbles away but has to flop down and check those knees.

Shirai goes after Tegan with clubbing forearms, but Tegan hits back. They go back and forth with big forearm shots, Shirai turns one around into a CROSSFACE! Tegan reaches around, crawls, endures, and manages to turn Shirai to a cover! TWO and Shirai still cranks on the crossface. Tegan scoots around again, ropebreak with her feet! Shirai lets go as NXT returns to single picture. Shirai stomps away on Tegan at the ropes, then springboards, but Tegan moves! The stomps get nothing but Shirai hurries after Tegan on the outside. Shirai KICKS Tegan down then clubs away on her back. Shirai whips, Tegan reverses, but Shirai stops herself from running into steps. Tegan runs at her but Shirai elbows her away! Shirai throws Tegan into the steps!

Shirai runs but Tegan moves, the Shinkansen crashes into the steel! Tegan drags Shirai up and into the ring, prepares the hand, and choke grips! But Shirai grabs the arm, Tegan resists the takedown, so Shirai throws big forearms instead! Shirai double underhooks, TIGER BACKBREAKER! But Shirai can’t cover because her own knee is in pain! The crowd rallies up, Shirai walks over but Tegan cradle counters, TWO! Shirai ducks around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Shirai steps on Tegan and goes to the corner, but Tegan trips her up! Shirai is in the Tree of Woe, Tegan runs corner to corner, but Tegan sees Shirai sitting up, so she EuroUppers Shirai in the back! Tegan goes again, to CANNONBALL into the Tree! Cover, ROPEBREAK!!

Tegan is beside herself but the crowd rallies up. Tegan CHOPS Shirai, and CHOPS and then rallies with clotheslines! She brings Shirai back up to whip, but Shirai reverses. Shirai runs in, Tegan goes up and over to uppercut back! Tegan sits Shirai down, runs and CANNON-BOARS! Shirai staggers while Tegan climbs, FLYING CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!! Tegan wants to try again to make Kane proud! Choke grip, CHOKE SLAM! Cover, TWO!?! Shirai survives and Tegan doesn’t know what to make of it! Shirai crawls away but Tegan glares at her. Tegan runs in, corner uppercut! Tegan goes corner to corner, for another! And then corner to corner again, but Shirai dodges! Shirai waistlocks to CORNER GERMAN SUPLEX!

The crowd is thunderous again as Shirai goes corner to corner, SHINKANSEN! Shirai puts Tegan on the ropes, for the TIGER FEINT KICK! Tegan flounders, Shirai climbs up and leaps, missile dropkick! Tegan is in a daze as Shirai covers, TWO!! Tegan will not die! The crowd will not stop rallying, either, and both women slowly rise. Shirai drags Tegan into the underhooks but Tegan fights out to mule kick the bad leg! GOURD BUSTER! Tegan hurries up top as Shirai rises, MOLLY-GO-ROUND!! Cover, TWO!?!? The best moves of Tegan’s role models haven’t been enough, but she still has something of her own! SHINIEST- SHOTEI!! Then DESCENT INTO DARKNESS!! The Asai Moonsault hits, Shirai covers, Shirai wins!

Winner: Io Shirai, by pinfall (still NXT Women’s Champion)

The Evil Genius made some miscalculations here and there, but in the end, she has the result she wanted. But as Shirai makes her exit, she gets a BOOT from Dakota Kai!! The champion is down despite being victorious! Will #CobraKai do what her former friend just failed to and dethrone Shirai?

My Thoughts:

Another great episode, with a lot of great stuff not expected at all. Keith Lee giving Dominik Dijakovic a match for both titles was incredible for many reasons. For one, the match itself was incredible, real TakeOver worthy. Second, it implies NXT will do what NJPW is doing with the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championships, in that both titles are defended at the same time yet they’re not unified. Scarlett had a good moment presenting the shattered hourglass to make it even more clear Kross will be coming for the titles. But Kross won’t go for the titles right away, and that’s a good thing. Kross and Dijakovic are going to have a great match, and that’s the path Kross needs to be on. Almost all the people we saw in the opening video congratulating yet warning Keith need to be on Kross’ lift for dream matches.

Priest and Grimes had a great rematch, but I figured Priest wins to stay even with Grimes. Maybe they have a tiebreaker that acts as a contender’s match, but again the winner runs into Kross first. Kross should be the conduit for tying many stories together, especially with both titles attached to each other right now. Shotzi’s story with the Robert Stone Brand isn’t over, and I’m surprised things deflected from Dain VS Stone to Dain VS Lumis. I know Rhea dodged a bullet of sorts not joining Stone’s brand, but is Dain really going to end up the replacement? Dain VS Lumis is still going to be a lot of fun but it just doesn’t add up to me. Indi Hartwell joining Robert Stone Brand would, after they helped her beat Shotzi. And then despite Rhea saying she’s done, I almost want to see Rhea and Shotzi have a tag match with Aliyah and Indi to establish a kayfabe restraining order or something. Plus, I feel like Shotzi and Rhea would be a great combination.

Thatcher and Dejournette had a great match, really scrappy and yet very technical. I’m glad to see Oney run out to go after Thatcher, and this makes for a great rivalry. I still want this Thatch As Thatch Can thing to become a faction to give a lot of unused names some real great shine, and they can have matches against Oney, Burch and whoever else Thatcher brutalizes, like Dejournette. El Legado del Fantasma had a really good promo, but did NO ONE check the audio? I had to crank the volume on the TV to get any of it. And lastly, the main event of Shirai and Nox was also worthy of TakeOver, Tegan looked incredible even in losing, but naturally Shirai wins to keep her long awaited reign going. Dakota’s boot outta nowhere was also an incredible way to end the episode. Shirai herself should go on a dream match run before ever even coming close to losing. Asuka had a great streak, Shayna had a great and at times too long of a streak, Shirai deserves no less.

My Score: 9.4/10

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