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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (7/27/20)

Who will be THE Raw Women’s Champion?



WWE Raw Coverage 3.0

It’s a high stakes Monday Night Raw!

Drew McIntyre reveals his stipulation, THREE teams battle to face The Street Profits, and the Raw Women’s Championship is on the line!


  • Raw Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Triple Threat: The Viking Raiders VS Ricochet & Cedric Alexander VS Angel Garza & Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega; Garza & Almas win and will face The Street Profits for the titles at SummerSlam.
  • Nia Jax VS Shayna Baszler; Double Count Out.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship VIP Invasion: Shelton Benjamin w/ The Hurt Business VS R-Truth; Benjamin retains the WWE 24/7 Championship.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Shinobi Strike: Shelton Benjamin w/ The Hurt Business VS Akira Tozawa w/ ninjas; Benjamin retains the WWE 24/7 Championship.
  • Mustafa Ali VS Bobby Lashley w/ The Hurt Business; Lashley wins.
  • Raw Women’s Championship, No Champion’s Advantage: Asuka VS Sasha Banks; Banks wins by count-out and is the Raw Women’s Champion.
  • Buddy Murphy VS Humberto Carrillo; Murphy wins.
  • Drew McIntyre VS Dolph Ziggler, McIntyre’s Choice; McIntyre wins.


Raw opens with Randy Orton!

The Viper, the Apex Predator, the Legend Killer, heads to the ring. He added the World’s Largest Athlete, The Big Show, to his list of victims in their Unsanctioned Match last week, but it seems he isn’t done. Orton grabs a mic to say, “For 20 years, I’ve been here in the WWE. For 20 years, I’ve been called many names.” He was also the youngest world champion and has won that title 12 more times. He has had his part in some incredible tags teams, as well. From Legacy to The Authority, and let’s not forget Evolution. When Orton thinks of the greats the industry has given us, you think Steve Austin or The Rock, but they can’t hold a candle to his resume! Or to his longevity, his consistency, or his accomplishments! Orton has done what he wanted, when he wanted, and to whoever the hell he wanted, and that will not change!

But something is missing. Orton hasn’t been able to put his finger on it as of late. But he woke up this morning and it hit him like a ton of bricks. What he needs and desires is to become WWE World Champion once again! That means Orton needs to bring Drew McIntyre into the conversation, but comparing their resumes would be a short conversation. McIntyre was The Chosen One, but about 10 years ago, he had his head so far up his ass, he chose to get himself fired! That said, McIntyre did fight and claw his way back. He came to NXT, showed hunger and ambition and hustle. He also has Orton’s respect. Orton saw WrestleMania, when McIntyre beat Brock Lesnar for the title. And not only that, he did it in quick fashion.

But Orton talks to McIntyre directly here. McIntyre has a problem. That problem is that he has what Orton wants. And when Orton wants something, he tends to take it in the biggest way possible, in the biggest environment possible! Orton wants to have that WWE World Championship match at SummerSlam! The crowd loves the sound of that! And when Orton RKO’s McIntyre and takes McIntyre’s title to put on his shoulder, “you will never see it coming.” The Apex Predator has called his shot! Will McIntyre give it to him?

Nia Jax heads to the ring!

The Irresistible Force doesn’t wait for Orton to be all the way up the ramp to make her return to Raw! She tunes out the crowd booing her as she gets a mic. “I heard Randy just talking right now, waking up and wanting to be WWE Champion. And I know exactly how Randy feels.” Nia woke up and wanted to be Raw Women’s Champion. Last time she had her shot against Asuka, she was “screwed” by a referee. And when she went for the rematch, Charlotte Flair butted in line. But has anyone seen Charlotte since? Nope! Now Sasha Banks has her match with Asuka, but Nia wants to make sure- Shayna Baszler interrupts!

The Queen of Spades storms to the ring and stands in front of Nia, holding a mic of her own. “Nia, nobody gives a damn what you want.” Nai laughs and then SUCKER PUNCHES Shayna! Nia throws Shayna around, clubs away but Shayna hits back with kicks! Referees rush out to stop this brawl! Shayna and Nia egg the other on, are we getting a fired up opener?


Raw returns to the Street Profits!

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins are fired up  for what’s coming next! “Your WWE Raw Tag Team Champions are very excited to join you all tonight.” They’re here to watch the #1 contender’s tag match for their titles! But as Ford woke up, had his PB & J, he realized there’s something they need to do. Dawkins is excited, too! They’re going to do ring announcing! The first team, a team that if Thor had them in Wakanda, Thanos would have never snapped his fingers! Destiny is behind the Viking Profit brothers, THE Viking Raiders! Erik and Ivar make their entrance and the Profits introduce the next team. These two ride together, fly together and ALWAYS bring the smoke! These fly boys, Ricochet and Cedric “The Sports Entertainer” Alexander!

The fast and furious duo make their entrances, but there’s still one more! The Profits know we’re all excited! Last but not least, the least favorite telenovela, the frenemies that Vega cannot keep control of! And Garza, look. Charly ain’t looking for an angel on her shoulder, she’s wanting a viking adventure! It’s El Idolo y El Latino en la casa, Andrade Almas and Angel Garza!

Raw Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Triple Threat: The Viking Raiders VS Ricochet & Cedric Alexander VS Angel Garza & Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega!

This is a lot to say, but there’s also a lot to do! Which two men will take on Dawkins and Ford at the biggest show of the summer?

But before the bell, Garza and Almas sucker punch the Vikings! Erik and Ivar fall out but Ricochet and Alexander go after Almas and Garza! Almas and Garza throw them out, too, and off come the tearaway pants! Garza throws those pants at Dawkins and talks trash to the champs, but the Profits don’t back down. The Raw Tag Team Division is about to explode but Raw the show goes to break.

Raw returns and Alexander has Ivar in a headlock. Ivar powers out., Alexander slides under but Ivar rolls off his back! Ivar tosses Alexander to a corner, Alexander dodges but then Ivar goes up and over! Alexander springboards, comes back, escapes the scoop and dropkicks Ivar! Ivar comes back to run Alexander over! Oh, and by the way, Vega’s team is deciding to let things play out while they relax by the barriers. Alexander tags in Ricochet, they handspring and enziguri Ivar to a headscissor, then double dropkick! The Profits dig the innovation, but Erik tags in. These four stand off, but then realize Almas and Garza are outnumbered. They head over!

Almas and Garza try to escape but they’re caught! Almas gets mugged by the Viking Raiders while Garza is 2v1 against Ricochet and Alexander! Alexander and Ricochet double whip and double elbow Garza down then kick him to a corner. The Raiders give Almas a scoop slam, then human weapon Ivar slam! The crowd fires up while Ricochet CHOPS Garza! Alexander CHOPS Garza, then Almas is put in for the atomic drop and HAYMAKER! Snap suplex and Penalty Kick! Then they feed Garza to the Viking Raider’s pop-up springboard CLOTHESLINE GERMAN SUPLEX! But then Ricochet dropkicks Ivar and Erik DECKS Alexander! Erik and Ricochet circle but Almas clobbers Erik!

Almas and Ricochet stand off but Almas has him wait. Almas suggests teaming up on Erik! Ricochet throws hands on Erik and Almas joins in! They double mudhole stomp Erik in the corner, double whip him corner to corner, then Almas runs in to KNEE Erik! Ricochet leaps to uppercut Erik, snapmare to a cover, but Almas drags him off! No alliance survives the pinfall attempt, and though Almas “apologizes,” he CLOBBERS Ricochet! Ivar returns, turns Almas around and blocks punches to give punches! Ivar whips, Almas reverses but Ivar reverses back to pump handle FALL AWAY SLAM! Scoop to sidewalk slam! Basement splash! The crowd fires up with the “Love Splash” as Ford puts it.

Ivar runs into the corner but gets buckles. Almas runs in but gets a seated senton! Garza SUPERKICKS Ivar but Erik CLOBBERS Garza! Erik gives Garza an EXPLODER! Erik whips, Garza reverses, Erik goes up and over and rolls to shotgun knee Garza back! The Vikings have control as Raw goes to another break.

Raw returns again and Garza and Almas are stomping away on Erik on the outside! Garza SUPERKICKS Ivar down, then they both drag Ivar up for clubbing forearms. They double whip Ivar hard into barriers! Almas and Garza drag Alexander up to whip him into barriers, too! Ricochet is down by the steel steps but Almas has Erik in the ring. CIEN SHADOWS! Cover, TWO!! Erik survives to keep the Vikings alive! Vega is furious but Almas looms over Erik. Almas brings Erik up but Erik breaks free to ROCK him! Tag to Ricochet and Garza, Ricochet fires off first! Ricochet rocks Garza, runs in to CHOP! Ricochet whips corner to corner, then rams into Garza, bumps him off a buckle and BOOTS him away! Ricochet springboards for a flying clotheslines! Standing shooting star! Cover, TWO!!

Ricochet keeps his cool as he tags in Alexander. They drag Garza up, double whip but Garza reverses to SUPERKICK Ricochet! Alexander BOOTS Garza down! Ivar returns, cartwheels and CLOTHESLINES! Almas boot feints to ELBOW! Erik gives Almas Ace Ten Mao! The crowd is thunderous as Erik spots the group outside. Erik runs but into Garza’s enziguri! Vega rallies for her team as Garza clubs everyone else down. Ivar climbs up top and SENTONS onto them all! Almas hurries to get Alexander in and Garza, too! Garza drags Alexander up, WING CLIPPER!! Cover, Garza and Almas win!!

Winners: Angel Garza & Andrade Almas, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contenders to the Raw Tag Team Championships)

The Profits don’t mind, that was a wild show. Will it be even wilder now that it’s SummerSlam official?

Almas and Garza get in the Profits’ faces about taking those titles, and look to be leaving, only to sucker punch the Profits! The contenders stomp the champions down and make a mess of the desk, but the Profits run them off! Garza shouts about a “new era,” but what will it take for him and Almas to dethrone Dawkins and Ford?


Nia Jax VS Shayna Baszler!

The Irresistible Force and Queen of Spades were after each other earlier tonight and get to fight it out now! Who moves into position to meet the winner of Asuka VS Sasha?

The ref tries to keep these two back until the bell but that’s not so easy! Shayna almost knees through the ref into Nia, so the bell rings and this goes off! Shayna and Nia club and kick and knee each other back and forth, but Nia gut wrenches Shayna to put her on the ropes! Shayna holds on but Nia shoves her down to the floor! Nia hurries after Shayna but Shayna ROUNDHOUSES! Nia stays up!! Nia powers after Shayna, bumps her off Plexiglas, but doesn’t hear the ring count. She slams Shayna into more Plexiglas, the count reaches 10!!

Double Count-Out

A draw brought on by fury but the fight continues! Shayna clubs away, Nia trips her up and kicks her, then shoves her into more railing. Security tries to stop this but they get thrown around, too! Nia throws Shayna into the ring, security stands between them, until Shayna puts one in the KIRAFUDA KLULTCH! Head of security tries to reason with them, but he gets pinball’d between them! Shayna goes down and Nia rips the mans shirt off! Nia throws him around more, he blindly flails as the shirt is stuck over his head, and Nia kicks him out of the ring. Shayna wants back in but referees swarm. Nia BLASTS them all off the apron! Shayna gets back up but Nia shouts, “I’m not scared of you!” The rest of the Raw roster should be scared of both these women! Will they ever get to fight it out fully?


Seth Rollins meets with Buddy Murphy backstage.

Is Murphy with him? Murphy asks Rollins if Dominik is showing up. Rollins says he is, because people like Dominik can’t get out of their own way. Rollins tells Murphy not to worry. “The greater good will move forward. And tonight, it’s gonna be different. Trust me.” Does the disciple have faith in his Monday Night Messiah? Does Rollins have something planned for the son of Mysterio?


Mark Henry talks with Ruby Riott and Bianca Belair!

The World’s Strongest Man surely shares wisdom with these young and hungry superstars.


Seth Rollins heads to the ring!

The Monday Night Messiah leads his disciple out as the crowd boos. Murphy hands Rollins a mic for him to speak. “At Extreme Rules, I defeated the legend, Rey Mysterio.” Last week, Rollins defeated Aleister Black. The Monday Night Messiah is on a roll and should be in a great mood, but he’s not. He will tell us why: “Because Dominik Mysterio is here tonight and plans to confront the Monday Night Messiah.” This seems to be a recurring theme. Every time the greater good takes two steps forward, someone stands in the way and “we are forced to take a step backwards.” The ugliness in all of this is the fact that someone gets hurt every time! Kevin Owens broke his ankle at WrestleMania. We know what happened with Rey Mysterio. And last week, Aleister continuing to be a thorn in Rollins’ side injured his arm.

This is not how Rollins wants things to be. He doesn’t want to be a person that hurts peoples. That is not who the Monday Night Messiah is. The last time Dominik said he was coming to confront Rollins, he jumped Rollins from behind and things escalated. Rollins vows tonight is different. Rollins doesn’t want Dominik to hide in the shadows and ambush him. He doesn’t want violence, he wants this done the right way. Rollins has a soft spot in his heart for the Mysterio family. So to avoid confrontation, Rollins asks Dominik to come to the ring and confront him face to face, man to man, to talk this out. “Dominik, I know you’re here, so please. Don’t be afraid. Come into my ring, and please do this the right way.”

Dominik appears on stage, mic in hand. Rollins asks Dominik to join him in the ring. He promises not to hurt Dominik. The crowd chants things and Rollins tells them to stop putting ideas in people’s heads. Dominik walks down the ramp and Murphy holds the ropes open. Rollins says that’s fine, Dominik can say what he has to say. It doesn’t have to be the way it’s been. Dominik goes up the steel steps and walks through the ropes. Rollins understands why Dominik has been here, and that Rey is doing better, but there’s something Dominik needs to get off his chest. Rollins says he is a benevolent men. If it is not possible for Dominik to say how he feels, Rollins is here for him. If Dominik needs any guidance, Rollins is here with open arms.

Dominik steps closer, to tackle Rollins! Murphy drags Dominik off but Dominik hits him back! Rollins stomps Dominik down! Rollins and Murphy stomp until Dominik falls out of the ring, but Murphy goes after Dominik with forearms! Rollins stomps Dominik more! Clearly the promise has been broken as Rollins and Murphy double whip Dominik into barriers! They stomp him more! Then they bring him up to whip him into more barriers! “What is wrong with you?!” Rollins drags Dominik up, he and Murphy whip him into the announce desk! The crowd boos as Rollins looms over Dominik, but then Rollins stares at the steel steps. Rollins looks at Dominik, then the steps. “This isn’t my fault! This isn’t my fault! He asked for this!” Rollins didn’t want it to come to this!

Aleister leaps in out of nowhere! Aleister knocks Rollins down but Murphy is after him! They go after his bad arm, and slam it against the apron! Rollins throws Aleister into barriers! And into more barriers! Murphy drags Aleister up but Aleister pushes him away, so Murphy KNEE TRIGGERS him down! Murphy stomps away on Aleister but Rollins moves him aside. Rollins drags Aleister to the ramp, to CURB STOMP him down! Murphy and Rollins loom over Aleister, and again stare at steel steps. “You know what you have to do, Murphy!” What? What does Murphy have to do? Rollins asks if Murphy is “in this for real!” This is for the greater good! And then he SLAPS Murphy! “Think about what this man has done to you!” The constant losses! Do what you have to do!

Murphy drags Aleister up and over to the steel step! Rollins shouts to do it, Murphy pushes Aleister’s eye into the steel steps!! The referees get Murphy and Rollins to stop but the damage has been done! Rollins congratulates Murphy, but they’re not done. “Find the kid!” They want to go after Dominik again! But Dominik has a kendo stick and he starts swinging! He SMACKS and SMACKS and SMACKS until the stick breaks!! Rollins and Murphy run for their lives as Dominik keeps going! The rage is boiling over and Rollins feels the pain! Will Dominik get revenge for his father? Has Aleister suffered the same fate as the King of Lucha Libre?


R-Truth meets with Mustafa Ali backstage.

Truth heard Ali is the guest in the MVP Lounge. The VIP Lounge, but yeah, close enough. Truth wonders if Ali is after that 24/7 Championship. No, he’s got a match with Bobby Lashley, that’s his focus. Oh okay, good. Truth is hoping to get his baby back. Well alright. Truth says he’ll keep his eyes on “Mufasa,” though. What? Truth being Truth aside, will the Beacon be ready for anything and everything the Hurt Business might throw at him?


Raw returns to the VIP Lounge.

MVP and The Hurt Business are already in the ring, and that can only mean one thing: Big things poppin’, little things stoppin’. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view, because the VIP Lounge is for people like them, people who are better than you. Last week, MVP tried to celebrate with the boys over his “victory” at Extreme Rules, where he became “the real WWE United States Champion.” But things didn’t go the way he planned, but he got to meet someone he’d never met before. Someone who was gone for about 7 months. Where he’s been and what he was doing doesn’t matter to MVP. MVP does want to help this young man “see the light,” though. Welcome to the lounge, Mustafa Ali!

Ali goes to the ring but skips the velvet ropes as he joins everyone in the ring. MVP welcomes Mustafa to the VIP Lounge, and wants to give him a sample of “the good life.” This is where made men congregate, make good decisions, and good things happen. And where you make wrong decisions, you become “dissatisfied clients” of The Hurt Business, much like Ali’s friends, Ricochet and Alexander. “Dissatisfied,” huh? Like the stock holders of the Hurt Business after Ali and his friends put them out of business. Those guys must’ve been unhappy. But do you know who is happy? Ali! He’s happy to be back, to be on Raw, and to finally climb the ladder! He stands on the couch as he says he will finally become champion! A real champion.

Oh like MVP, the real US Champion, right? Of course that’s what Ali meant. MVP sees wonderful things for Ali, and they can still happen, if he makes the right decisions. And that comes down to spending time with the right people. Ali tells MVP to stop the proposal. Just because MVP brainwashed two meat heads to do what he wants, it won’t work on Ali. Ali has always thought for himself, and always will. MVP says Ali obviously isn’t thinking very clearly. He does realize that he is 1v1 with the Rocky Mountain Machine and CEO of the Hurt Business. MVP does want to help out here.

Apollo Crews went down this same path, and right now, he’s at home on the couch watching Raw. Ali can join them in the VIP Lounge, or he can sit at home like Apollo. Ali can be a champion, or chum in the water for predators. It’s his call. Ali’s call is still no. He doesn’t care what the proposal is, what MVP is forcing Ali to do. Ali then spots R-Truth and decides to “reconsider.” Truth TACKLES Shelton Benjamin out of the ring! Cover, TWO!! The Hurt Business surrounds Truth but he slips through the ring and hops the ropes! Truth lives to try another day, but will Ali have to suffer in his place?


Mustafa Ali VS Bobby Lashley w/ The Hurt Business!

Raw returns and the bell rings. Ali circles with Lashley, but is wary of MVP and Benjamin on the outside. Lashley dares Ali to “cross the line.” Ali steps over the line and gets in Lashley’s face, only for Lashley to shove him down! Ali gets up to fire off forearms! Lashley shoves him again then LARIATS Ali inside out! Lashley drags Ali up to TOSS him across the way! Ali flounders, Lashley takes aim as the crowd rallies, and Lashley runs to RAM Ali into a corner! Lashley stands on Ali at the ropes but lets up at 4 to loom over him. Lashley drags Ali up to throw elbows in the corner over and over! The ref counts, Lashley stops at 4 again to DECK Ali with a right!

Lashley drags Ali up, whips him to ropes, to flapjack and SLAM Ali down! Lashley drags Ali up again just to DECK him with another right! MVP and Benjamin tell Ali this is what he gets as Lashley brings Ali up again. Ali resists so Lashley throws him to a corner to fire off! Lashley grinds his boot in, the ref counts, and Lashley lets up at 4. The crowd rallies for Ali but MVP continues to talk trash. Lashley drags Ali up into a stalling suplex! He walks around and slams Ali down at 10! Wait! Akira Tozawa slips out from under the ring to roll up Shelton Benjamin!? Cover, TWO!! Benjamin glares at Tozawa, as does MVP. Benjamin tosses Tozawa into barriers! MVP BOOTS a ninja sidekick, then Benjamin OVERHEAD suplexes the next! Ninja 3 runs but Lashley runs him over!

Lashley hauls the third ninja up to then fireman’s carry and POST him with authority! But Ali DIVES out to take Lashley down! Lashley is against the barriers as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Lashley chokes Ali against ropes and clubs away with forearms! The ref counts, Lashley lets up but MVP is there to tell Ali this is what he gets. Lashley drags Ali up, pushes him against ropes again, but lets up at 4. Ali flounders to a corner but Lashley is on him with a whip to ropes. Ali kicks back but Lashley clamps on! Lashley trophy lifts but Ali slips off to shove him into a corner. Lashley puts Ali on the apron but Ali slingshots, into a FOREARM! Ali crashes and burns but the ref keeps the Hurt Business back. MVP claims to be helping Ali, fanning him with his hands. Lashley goes out to whip Ali and POST him! Ali flies almost as far as Ninja 3!

Lashley looms over Ali, drags him up and whips him into barriers! The ring count reaches 5, Lashley leaves Ali behind and MVP keeps telling Ali this is because of his decision. Lashley goes back out, puts Ali in and covers, TWO! Lashley elbows away on Ali’s shoulders then clamps on with a claw. Ali endures, the crowd rallies up, but Lashley leans on him. The crowd rallies harder, Ali fights up and throws hands, but Lashley shoves, follows and LIFTING COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!! Ali still lives but Lashley tries again, TWO! Lashley keeps his cool as he looms over Ali again. Ali crawls and climbs up Lashley’s leg, but Lashley scoops him to a trophy lift! Ali slips out and knees back!

Lashley kicks, reels Ali in, Canadian rack for the DOM- NO! Ali lands on his feet and goes to a corner! Lashley runs into a BOOT! Ali goes up, leaping DDT!! The crowd fires up as Ali drags himself to the outside. MVP shouts at Lashley to get up but Ali climbs a corner. Ali aims, leaps, 450 but has to roll through! Lashley comes back, blocks the arm-drag to the ALMIGHTY FULL NELSON! Ali taps, Lashley wins!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by submission

The Hurt Business makes up for the Six Man defeat and is back up this week. Will anyone be able to survive their run in with this powerful trio?


Backstage interview with Dolph Ziggler!

The Show-Off prepares for his match with Drew McIntyre, but still has no hints as to what McIntyre’s match type will be. But it doesn’t matter. Ziggler’s waited this long to figure things out, we’ve heard Orton say he’s figured things out. Ziggler vows to make Orton wait a little longer, he’ll be the one going to SummerSlam for a world title match. But does Ziggler stand a chance when McIntyre could choose anything for their stipulation?


Bayley and Sasha Banks head to the ring!

#BayleyDosStraps is again by The Boss’ side as we’re moments away from settling the score from Extreme Rules! Bayley grabs mics for the two of them as the crowd boos. Ssaha says, “Nobody likes a bully. And there is no bigger bully than Stephanie McMahon!” Stephanie is forcing Sasha to defend “her” title against Asuka for one reason and one reason only: Stephanie is jealous of Sasha! Jealous of them! Not because they have all the titles, but because they run the whole company! NXT, SmackDown, Raw, these two ARE the show! But being the role models that they are, they stand against injustice and do what needs to be done!

That is why when Asuka spit her gross green mist in that ref’s face, Bayley ran in to check on him. Then Sasha covers Asuka, and Bayley did what anyone would’ve done in counting the pin. But the bottom line is that they’ve done what they said. They said they’d hold all the gold, and they did. They said they’d make history and change the game, and they did. Tonight is no different! Time to end the charade and tap out “The Empress of Nothing.” But speaking of, here comes Asuka, with Kairi Sane right behind her! The Kabuki Warriors get in the ring, Kairi whispers some things to Asuka, and then she runs Bayley out of the arena! The Empress and the Boss are all alone as Raw goes to break!

Raw Women’s Championship, No Champion’s Advantage: Asuka VS Sasha Banks!

Raw returns as the introductions are made. The title is raised, and we finally settle who is THE Raw Women’s Champion!

Asuka and Sasha circle, tie up, and Sasha spins to elbow Asuka back. Sasha runs but Asuka drops down. Sasha jumps over, dropkicks but Asuka dropkicks back! Asuka runs at Sasha in the corner to hip attack! Asuka kicks and kicks and stomps but backs off at 4. Asuka drags Sasha up, snapmares and KICKS her in the back! The crowd rallies as Asuka kicks Sasha more and more. Sasha ducks, rolls Asuka, but Asuka comes back with a shining wizard! Cover, TWO! Asuka keeps her cool as she brings Sasha back up. Asuka whips, Sasha holds ropes and boots back! Sasha runs but into a takedown! Asuka has the arm but Sasha resists the Fujiwara and rolls, into an ARMBAR!

Sasha endures and rolls around but Asuka rolls with her. Sasha gets the ropebreak with a leg and Asuka lets up fast. Asuka says she is the champion, but she runs into buckles! Sasha blocks the kick to hotshot the leg! The crowd boos as Sasha gets back in and runs corner to corner. Sasha blocks boots, turns Asuka for the draping BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO! Sasha stomps Asuka’s legs then drags her around for a Boston Crab! Asuka endures as Sasha drops to a Half Crab and sits in deep! Asuka crawls, the crowd rallies, but Sasha shifts to STOMP the knee! Sasha taunts Asuka, drags her around again and steps through for a toehold, but Asuka kicks her out of the ring! Sasha is furious and says this is disrespectful! She wants out, her titles and all! But the ref reminds her that count outs will lose it, too!

Sasha throws one belt in, but has the other! Sasha tries to pull an Eddie Guerrero! But Asuka pretends Sasha hit her already! The ref takes the belt back, tries to sort out who did what, and Asuka ROUNDHOUSES Sasha down! The Empress roars as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and both women slowly rise. Sasha hobbles over but Asuka hits back. Asuka throws hands, whips but Sasha reverses to dropkick the bad leg out! Sasha gives the leg a DDT! Then she drags Asuka to a cover, TWO! Sasha still has the leg and wraps it up for a standing toehold. The crowd rallies as Asuka endures and Sasha cranks harder. Asuka kicks free with her good leg but Sasha stomps the bad one. Sasha has Asuka in a corner and digs her boot in. The ref counts, Sasha lets up at 4, to put the leg around the ropes! Sasha pulls, stops at 4, but comes back again. Asuka kicks from the mat but Sasha stomps the legs down. Sasha drags Asuka up and says she IS the champion. Asuka SLAPS her! And throws fast hands!

Asuka shoves, pop-up KNEE! Sasha goes down but the bad leg slows Asuka down. Asuka gets up, runs at Sasha, but Sasha ducks the hip attack to kick from below! Sasha runs to slide and trip Asuka up! Sasha drags Asuka out and around and clubs the leg on the apron! And then smash the knee! Sasha catches her breath before going in and covers, TWO! The crowd rallies, Sasha kicks Asuka! Sasha soaks up the heat while she mocks Asuka. Sasha runs, basement meteora! Cover, TWO!! Sasha has the leg for the HALF CRAB! Asuka endures as Sasha sits deep again, and even gets an arm! Sasha bites the fingers as the ref is busy asking Asuka. Asuka endures, powers up and kicks free again.

Sasha laughs as she has Asuka in a corner. Sasha wraps the leg around the ropes and clubs away! The ref counts, Sasha stops at 4, then runs side to side, into an elbow! Asuka saves her leg but has to take a moment to get it moving. Asuka runs to body scissor takedown into a KNEEBAR! It’s a cover, ONE, Sasha scrambles around but Asuka makes it an ANKLE LOCK! Sasha reaches for ropes, Asuka brings her away, but Sasha gets up to roll! Asuka goes into buckles and both women are down. Asuka checks her nose while Sasha hobbles up. Sasha runs corner to corner, double knees! She shoves Asuka down to hop up. “I’m not gonna slip this time.” Sasha leaps, into a CODE BREAKER! Both women are down again as the crowd fires up!

A standing count begins, both women stir at 4. Asuka and Sasha sit up at 6 and get to their feet at 8. Asuka throws furious palm strikes from all side! Sasha ducks the back hand, puts Asuka in a corner and O’Conner rolls, TWO! Sasha goes up but Asuka kicks the legs out! Asuka drags Sasha by that leg back into the Ankle Lock, then a trapped leg GERMAN SUPLEX! Asuka hobbles up, runs and HIP ATTACKS! Cover, TWO!! Sasha survives but Asuka shakes her head. Asuka shouts SHE is the champion, and crawls over to Sasha. Asuka drags Sasha up, hoists her up top, then climbs up to join her. Sasha fights back and the two brawl! Sasha headbutts Asuka down! Sasha adjusts, leaps, FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!!

BANK STATEMENT!! Sasha has her crossface, Asuka scrambles around but Sasha shouts, “I NEED this title!” Asuka doesn’t care, she drags herself over to ropes but Sasha pushes off! Only to end up in the ASUKA LOCK! Sasha throws Asuka out hard! The ring count begins but Asuka is standing at 3. Sasha runs to slide but Asuka dodges! Asuka fires off forearms but Sasha spins around to hit a SHIN BREAKER to the announce desk! Sasha leaves Asuka behind and at the mercy of the ring count! Asuka clutches her leg as the count reaches 5! Asuka forces herself to crawl and stand at 8, 9, and jumps in at 9.9!! Sasha can’t believe it! Sasha argues with the ref, but then turns her attention to Asuka. “I’M the Raw Women’s Champion!” She is Two Belts Banks! But Asuka rolls her up!! TWO!! BANK STATEMENT!!

Asuka endures, Sasha cranks back, but Asuka crawls around. Sasha changes sides! She turns Asuka away from ropes but Asuka grabs a food to roll Sasha! ANKLE LOCK! Sasha screams, flails, gets up, rolls again! But Asuka goes up and comes back to missile dropkick! But wait! Bayley is beating Kairi down backstage! Bayley throws Kairi into the garage door! Asuka tries to focus on Sasha, SNAP GERMAN! Asuka clamps onto Sasha as Bayley keeps throwing the Pirate Princess around! “You think you can jump me?!” Asuka is too distracted, she drops Sasha! Kairi shouts for Asuka and Asuka can’t help it! She runs to the back!! But what about the title?! The ring count hits 10!!!

Winner: Sasha Banks, by count-out (NEW Raw Women’s Champion)

Asuka runs Bayley off, but she’s already lost it all! #TwoBeltsBanks is real! Bayley joins Sasha and the Golden Role Models really are #DoubleDoubleChampChamps! Have they truly taken over?


Raw returns to Charly Caruso by the Doctor/Trainer room.

There is no word on Kairi’s condition but the Golden Role Models come in to brag about the match! “I did it! I did it!” Sasha and Bayley run off to celebrate, and Asuka comes out a moment later. What is the word on Kairi? Asuka shouts in furious Japanese! Should Sasha and Bayley be afraid of what she’ll do to get her revenge?


WWE mourns the loss of Regis Philbin.

A household name and daytime television host, Regis was also a big fan of the WWE. From hosting WWE events to having WWE icons as guests on his show, he was a big part of sports entertainment. WWE will always remember his charm and passion for life.


Buddy Murphy VS Humberto Carrillo!

The disciple fell to a new level of depravity to match his Monday Night Messiah. But Ultimo Ninja makes his return to seek revenge for not only Rey Mysterio, but Aleister Black and himself! Will Carrillo make Murphy pay for what he and Rollins have done?

The bell rings and Murphy tackles Carrillo to a corner! Murphy rams his shoulder and stomps away! The ref backs Murphy off but Murphy brings Carrillo out to bump off buckles. Murphy CHOPS and CHOPS, but Carrillo pushes Murphy to CHOP back! Carrillo CHOPS more, throws big forearms and whips but Murphy reverses. Carrillo ducks, dodges and springboard back elbows! Carrillo bumps Murphy off buckles, stomps away but lets up at the ref’s count. Carrillo whips Murphy but Murphy holds ropes to put Carrillo on the apron. Carrillo shoulders back in, slingshots up and over and ducks to springboard enziguri! Murphy bails out, Carrillo DIVES! Murphy crashes into barriers and the crowd fires up with Carrillo!

Carrillo bumps Murphy off the apron again and again then puts him in the ring. Carrillo climbs but Murphy anchors him. Carrillo clubs Murphy but Murphy SHOVES Carrillo down! Murphy lets the ring count climb while he catches his breath. Carrillo stirs at 4, but Murphy goes out to drag Carrillo up. Murphy shoves Carrillo into barriers, puts him back in the ring, and KCIKS him hard in the back! Cover, TWO! Murphy looms over Carrillo as the crowd rallies for Carrillo. Murphy shoves him into ropes to forearm him hard in the back! Murphy clamps on a chinlock and grinds Carrillo down. Carrillo endures, fights up and powers Murphy to a corner. Carrillo breaks free, but runs into a boot! Murphy whips Carrillo to a corner but Carrillo elbows back!

Carrillo climbs up, Murphy trips him up and clubs his back! Murphy brings Carrillo off the corner, runs corner to corner, but into a SUPERKICK! Both men are down and the crowd rallies up! Murphy and Carrillo stir and head for each other. Carrillo gabs at Murphy but Murphy pushes him back. Carrillo ROCKS Murphy with that right! Murphy ROCKS Carrillo back! Carrillo and Murphy throw heavier forearms, Murphy unleashes the strike fest! He kicks but misses, ducks one but not the second! Carrillo aims at Murphy, goes corner to corner but is put on the apron. Carrillo enziguris back hard! Murphy is down, Carrillo goes up, missile dropkick to the back! Cover, TWO!! Murphy survives and Carrillo grows frustrated.

Carrillo has Murphy in another drop zone and goes back up. Carrillo sees Murphy on the apron so he hops down to join him. Carrillo drags Murphy up, Murphy pushes back but Carrillo BOOTS Murphy! Carrillo fireman’s carries but Murphy fights back. Murphy is in the ring, he forearms Carrillo’s back again. Carrillo elbows back, climbs up again, and leaps into a KNEE! Pump handle, MURPHY’S LAW!! Cover, Murphy wins!!

Winner: Buddy Murphy, by pinfall

The disciple takes down another dissenter to the greater good, having gone further down the dark path Seth Rollins is leading him on. Will Murphy become an even more pivotal part to the future Rollins envisions?


Mark Henry talks with Drew McIntyre backstage.

The World’s Strongest Man imparted wisdom to Ruby Riott and Bianca Belair, so surely he has something for the WWE World Champion. Does it have anything to do with McIntyre’s stipulation choice for the rematch with Ziggler?


Drew McIntyre VS Dolph Ziggler, McIntyre’s Choice!

When the leader of Claymore Country gave the Show-Off this choice, we all had to wait until Extreme Rules to learn what the stipulation was. Ziggler made things as one-sided as he could with his choice and yet McIntyre still won in the end. Will McIntyre return the favor or be as fair as he can now that tables have turned?

Before Ziggler enters, McIntyre grabs a mic to address something else: the comments made by Randy Orton. “It’s official. At SummerSlam, it will be Drew McIntyre VS Randy Orton for the WWE Championship.” The crowd likes the sound of that! But McIntyre says he won’t stand here and pretend he has the pedigree Orton has, the list of titles Orton does, because no one does. And Orton is on fire right now, taking everyone out, and is the absolute biggest threat right now. But if you think McIntyre is an underdog, McIntyre hopes that’s what Orton is thinking. Please underestimate McIntyre, because Lesnar did and got his ass kicked in under five minutes! RKO outta nowhere? McIntyre will see it, and Orton will see the Claymore coming, too!

Now, to Ziggler! McIntyre has quite the stipulation in store! Ziggler makes his entrance now to make sure he hears this. McIntyre played head games no one cares about, talks about someone else before Ziggler arrives. Ziggler gave McIntyre time out of being a gentleman, so what is it? McIntyre says Ziggler is right, he did learn something from Ziggler. Ziggler’s actions were inspiring! McIntyre did the same thing. Use chairs to beat him down, try to crush his windpipe or crash him through a table again. But the only difference now, McIntyre gets to play by Extreme Rules, too! And he DECKS Ziggler! Extreme Rules all the way after Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and the bell rings on this truly extreme rematch. Ziggler pokes McIntyre’s eyes! Ziggler hurries out but McIntyre stops him as he gets a chair. McIntyre takes the chair for his own but Ziggler SUPERKICKS McIntyre! Then POSTS Him! Then again! Ziggler throws McIntyre into Plexiglas, then back into the post! But McIntyre stops himself to elbow Ziggler down! The crowd is thunderous already as McIntyre CHOPS Ziggler against the barriers. McIntyre POSTS Ziggler now, then brings him up to scoop. McIntyre LAWN DARTS Ziggler into Plexiglas! Ziggler flops down but is somehow okay to continue and McIntyre chuckles to himself.

McIntyre brings out a kendo stick! McIntyre takes aim at Ziggler and SMACKS him! Ziggler writhes and McIntyre SMACKS him again! That was with just one hand! McIntyre brings Ziggler up, chokes him with the kendo stick, then Russian leg sweeps Ziggler into Plexiglas! “Tell me how it feels! Having fun? Because I’m having a great damn time!” Then McIntyre SMACKS Ziggler again! McIntyre digs the bamboo into Ziggler’s mouth, then POSTS him! Ziggler clutches his jaw but McIntyre won’t let up. McIntyre drags Ziggler up to a fireman’s carry and dumps him in the ring. McIntyre throws chairs in a la ECW! One almost hits the ref!

McIntyre keeps adding chair after chair, calling this a party! And of course, he adds a table! The crowd is loving this as McIntyre CHOPS Ziggler again! McIntyre sets the table up in a corner, then stands on Ziggler’s hand as he grabs for a chair! Ziggler screams in pain before McIntyre SMACKS him with the chair! McIntyre aims again, Ziggler begs for mercy, and then LOW BLOWS!! McIntyre seethes, having fallen for that one again. Both men are down but the crowd rallies up. McIntyre rolls out of the ring, does his best to walk it off, but Ziggler pursues with his own kendo stick! Ziggler SMACKS and chokes McIntyre in return! McIntyre endures the bamboo in his teeth but Ziggler lets up to SMACK his leg!

McIntyre hobbles away in a hurry but Ziggler grins as he SMACKS again! Ziggler digs the stick into McIntyre’s eyes and nose! Ziggler scrapes McIntyre’s face as he moves the stick off, then gives him the Russian Leg Sweep into barriers in return! “How does it feel, Drew?!” Ziggler grabs the kendo stick again, but McIntyre blocks the strike! McIntyre SMACKS Ziggler’s leg! But Ziggler comes back to kick the legs out! Ziggler headlocks, McIntyre powers out and puts Ziggler on the apron! Ziggler leaps, into McIntyre’s arms! McIntyre runs and RAMS Ziggler through the timekeeper’s area!! Both men are down as Raw goes to one more break!

Raw returns once again and McIntyre crawls out of the wreckage. Ziggler stirs and starts to drag himself around ringside, but McIntyre is already upon him! McIntyre drags Ziggler back up, puts him in the ring, and takes a moment to breathe. Ziggler kicks the ropes to jam McIntyre up! McIntyre shoves Ziggler, Ziggler kicks on the return but McIntyre clobbers him! McIntyre whips and OVERHEAD suplexes! McIntyre does it again, corner to corner! Ziggler almost crashes into chairs! McIntyre climbs up, takes aim, and hits the falling ax handle! McIntyre keeps himself from crashing into the table and kips up! He has a wild grin as he drags Ziggler up. NO Future Shock, Ziggler kicks to FAMOUSER!

Both men are down but the crowd gets loud again. McIntyre drags himself up the ropes as Ziggler flounders to a corner. Ziggler climbs up, but McIntyre stops him! McIntyre CHOPS Ziggler then climbs up to join him. McIntyre throws haymakers and watches Ziggler flop around. McIntyre drags Ziggler up for a SUPERPLEX! But the impact is so strong, McIntyre can’t make the cover. McIntyre grits his teeth and goes to the corner. He fires up as he watches Ziggler stir. Ziggler stands, and ZIGZAGS the Claymore away! Cover, TWO!! Both men slowly rise again, flounder around, and Ziggler gets a chair. McIntyre is back in a corner, Ziggler aims but gets a CLAYMORE through the table!! Cover, McIntyre wins!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, by pinfall

The Scottish Stud just crushed the Show-Off! McIntyre stands tall with the WWE World Championship in hand, but RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!! Despite McIntyre’s confidence, Orton made good on his promise that he wouldn’t see it coming! The Viper puts the belt around his own waist as he stands over McIntyre. Will Orton stop McIntyre’s run and again be on top of the WWE? Or has he only angered McIntyre to the point of kicking the Viper’s fangs down his throat?

My Thoughts:

Another really good episode of Raw, a lot of great energy, and going by Kairi Sane’s tweet from before the end of the night, the true curtain call for the Pirate Princess. I did not expect a lot of what happened in the Raw Women’s Championship match, and certainly not that it would be before the main event. Asuka VS Sasha was epic, even better than their Extreme Rules PPV match, but another dirty finish, though not nearly as direct. Bayley beating down Kairi to the point we didn’t even get a medical update is clearly how they’re writing Kairi off so she can return home to Japan. Asuka loses the title but is going to come for revenge in the most powerful way. This of course seems to put the Bayley VS Sasha build on an even longer build, but that will surely make it even greater. Perhaps WWE is also biding time until fans can be live to react to things.

Shayna and Nia had a great interaction, and in a vacuum, a count out draw is fine to prolong their own battle. This is a great way to move past not having Charlotte Flair for Nia to go after, and can build Shayna back up in not just the fans’ eyes but also in Vince’s eyes. Vince “desperately” wants new starts, maybe he’ll finally use his eyes to see he has some right here. The Triple Threat Tag match was incredible, but I would’ve kept it as tornado the whole time, not just for the middle when it was “allowed” to be chaotic. Garza and Almas were the clear choices, they and Profits are going to have a really good match with a better build than what I remember the WrestleMania Raw Tag Team title match getting. And honestly, it could go either way, as Almas and Garza have been title worthy for weeks.

The segments with The Hurt Business were great, especially with throwing in all the 24/7 Championship shenanigans. Mustafa Ali is doing great already subbing in for Apollo Crews, he had a great match with Lashley, but naturally The Hurt Business stands tall as a unit. At a certain point, titantron Stephanie McMahon needs to speak up and A) bring up the on-again-off-again 30-day defense rule on Apollo, B) tell MVP he is NOT the real champion, C) officially vacate the WWE United States Championship and D) put that big shiny belt literally up for grabs in a SummerSlam ladder match so WWE can make it up to Ali for MITB and have him win the title. Then when Apollo does return, he and Ali can put on an incredible match to see if Ali has “truly earned” that title.

The Monday Night Messiah story reached a new level tonight. Murphy “gouges” Aleister’s eye and gets a win over Carrillo to reach a new level in his own right, but Dominik beating the crap out of him and Rollins was incredible. Admittedly, Murphy should’ve had his match first. The order of things would’ve worked a little better, because why wouldn’t Dominik have returned to get at Murphy? Dominik might have his first match at SummerSlam, that is amazing! And with them mentioning Rey Mysterio is recovering, I wonder if he’ll get to be there for Dominik. Orton calling out McIntyre was expected from last week, and therefore we all should’ve expected that RKO. The Extreme Rules match we got tonight was great stuff, and of course McIntyre wins, only to get hit by Orton. McIntyre VS Orton is going to be great, given what glimpses we got months ago, and honestly could go either way because it’s Randy Orton!

My Score: 8.8/10

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