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Mitchell’s NJPW Summer Struggle Results & Report! (8/26/20)

It’s time for KOPW 2020!



NJPW Summer Struggle

The Summer Struggle returns with a special treat!

NJPW is on the road to Jingu Stadium! And that means beginning the inaugural KOPW tournament! What wild match types won and now dictate NJPW’s fate?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • KOPW 2020 No Finishers Match: Satoshi Kojima VS El Desperado; Desperado wins, by disqualification, and advances to KOPW Fatal 4 Way.
  • KOPW 2020 2-Count Pinfall Match: Toru Yano VS BUSHI; Yano wins and advances to KOPW Fatal 4 Way.
  • KOPW 2020 Submissions Match: SHO VS SANADA; Sanada wins and advances to KOPW Fatal 4 Way.
  • KOPW 2020 3v1 Handicap Match: Yujiro Takahashi, Gedo & Jado VS Kazuchika Okada; Okada wins and advances to KOPW Fatal 4 Way.


KOPW 2020 No Finishers Match: Satoshi Kojima VS El Desperado!

The first match of this unique tournament’s maiden voyage is perhaps one of the more uniquely stipulated matches ever! No Cozy Lariat or Cozy Crush Dynamite for Kojima, and no Guitarra de la Muerte or Pinche Loco for Desperado! What will these two pull out with their best cards off the table?

The bell rings and fans rally already. Desperado tunes it out as he and Kojima circle. They tie up, Kojima pushes Desperado back to ropes, but Desperado turns it around. The ref calls for the ropebreak, Desperado pats Kojima on the shoulders. Then he kicks low and fires off forearms! Kojima forearms back and Desperado staggers! Desperado comes back with more forearms, Kojima ROCKS him again! Desperado stomps Kojima’s foot! Desperado headlocks, Kojima powers out, and the two ram shoulders but Kojima doesn’t fall. Kojima dares Desperado to try again, so Desperado does, and they ram shoulders again, but still Kojima stays up. Desperado dares Kojima to try, Kojima does, and Kojima runs Desperado over!

Kojima flexes the pecs before he stomps Desperado down! Kojima brings Desperado up for forerams, runs but Desperado uses the ref as a shield! Kojima stops in his track, Desperado dropkicks the legs out and down goes Kojima! Desperado drags Kojima out and whips him into railing! Desperado stomps Kojima’s legs then bumps him off the post! The ref reprimands but Desperado kicks Kojima in the leg! Fans rally up as Desperado brings Kojima around. Kojima fights back with forearms and elbows but Desperado hits him back! The ring count begins, Desperado whips Kojima hard into railing again! Desperado goes into the ring at 7 of 20 but Kojima stands up at 12! Kojima hobbles around and slides in at 17!

Desperado stands on the bad leg! Desperado taunts Kojima but Kojima gets the ropes. Desperado just puts the bad leg on the ropes to drop down on! The ref reprimands but Desperado stands on Kojima’s head now. Desperado mocks the weak heavyweight but fans rally up. Kojima gets up to hit back! Desperado kicks the bad leg, trips Kojima up and splashes down on the leg! Then a toehold and leg lock for a butterfly deathlock! The fans rally, Kojima endures, but Desperado drags Kojima in for a butterfly stretch! Kojima endures so Desperado keeps pressure on the legs. But that allows Kojima to get a ropebreak! Desperado gets help from the ref in undoing the leglock and he paces about.

Desperado drags Kojima from the ropes, but Kojima kicks the second try away! Both men end up in opposite corners, Desperado runs in but Kojima dodges! Kojima unleashes the machine gun CHOPS! Kojima whips but Desperado reverses to kick and uppercut back! Desperado throws forearms, runs but Kojima dodges to spin for a Cozy CUTTER! That’s still allowed! Fans rally up as Desperado gets to a corner. Kojima hobbles over to stomp and CHOP again! And CHOP! And CHOP! Kojima whips corner to corner, runs in and corner forearms! Kojima fires up and the fans fire up with him! Kojima climbs up, Desperado gets to the opposite corner, so Kojima has to hop down.

Desperado baits Kojima into the corner, blocks the boot then puts it on the ropes. Desperado runs side to side to dropkick the other leg! Kojima flops out of the corner, Desperado reels him in, but Kojima blocks the lift. Kojima fights free, swats Desperado’s clothesline away, but wait! There’s question if that was a haymaker or a lariat! The lariat is banned from Kojima’s move set! Kojima defends it was a punch, but then he kicks and DDT’s Desperado! Too late to make a ruling now as fans rally and Desperado rolls. Kojima stomps Desperado, drags him to the apron, and hits an APRON DDT! Desperado is down in a heap and the ref checks on him. Desperado is in pain but he’s okay to continue.

Kojima drags Desperado up and into the ring and fans cheer as Kojima climbs up top. Kojima leaps for an ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Kojima keeps his cool and the fans rally up again. Kojima brings Desperado up for forearm after forearm, then spins, but Desperado ducks the rolling elbow for a SPEAR! Desperado drags Kojima up, Guitarra del ANGEL! Cover, TWO!! Into NUMERO DOS!! Kojima endures the modified Stretch Muffler as the fans rally. Kojima drags himself and Desperado over, to the ROPEBREAK! Desperado lets go at the ref’s count and fans continue to rally up. Kojima gets to a corner, Desperado slowly gets to his feet and goes to the other. Desperado runs corner to corner but is put on the apron.

Desperado grabs Kojima by his hair and brings him into the corner. Desperado talks trash as he climbs up, but Kojima powers up to break free! Kojima CHOPS Desperado, positions him up top and CHOPS again! Kojima climbs up now, cravats, SUPER COZY CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Desperado survives Kojima’s powered up signature but Kojima keeps his cool. Kojima takes off the armband out of habit, but he remembers he can’t lariat! Desperado pokes him in the eye and drags him into a Mouse Trap! TWO, and Desperado drags Kojima up. Desperado tries to figure out what move he should do since he can’t use his finisher. Kojima breaks free first and fires off forearms! From all sides! ROLLING ELBOW! Kojima drags Desperado up, SNAP BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!!

Desperado survives but Kojima keeps on him with an armlock. He puts on the KAWADA KOROSHI! The seated arm triangle twists Desperado up but he reaches with his legs! ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Kojima lets go but keeps close to Desperado with the armlock. But Desperado drags the ref into it, and as Kojima drops, the ref gets tossed! The ref is down, Desperado is tapping but it doesn’t count! Kojima lets go in frustration but goes back after Desperado. Desperado DECKS Kojima with that punch! And with the ref down, Desperado hurries to use the forbidden finisher! But Kojima back drops out of Pinche Loco!

Desperado uses the lariat since Kojima can’t, but Kojima just tanks it! And then another one! Desperado taunts Kojima and tries again, but KOJIMA LARIATS!! Kojima gets disqualified!!

Winner: El Desperado, by disqualification (advances to Jingu Stadium)

Kojima doesn’t seem to care that he lost, because he at least got to clobber the arrogant Suzuki-Gun member. Will Desperado use this stroke of luck to take the KOPW trophy?


KOPW 2020 2-Count Pinfall Match: Toru Yano VS BUSHI!

Well, this is also a very uniquely stipulated match! You can’t wait until two for the pinfall, no matter how tired you are! Will this match be over in the blink of an eye?

Yano looks like he’s in a rush already just making his entrance and everything else. The bell rings, Yano has his spray bottle but the ref wants him to put that down. Bushi rolls Yano up! ONE!! Bushi swings on Yano, Yano dodges and SPRAYS Bushi in the eye!! Roll up, ONE! The ref reprimands Yano for still having the bottle so he tosses it to Bushi. Yano rolls Bushi up again, ONE!! Yano bails out, but he hasn’t won yet. The ref tells him to come back so Yano does. Fans rally up, Yano paces around the ring and Bushi waits. Yano gets on the apron and says Bushi has the bottle. Bushi hides it from the ref but Yano says he wants his bottle back. So Bushi SPRAYS Yano! Roll up, ONE!!

The ref finally grabs the bottle and puts it away while Bushi stomps Yano. Yano gets up to rake Bushi’s eyes! Yano unties the buckle pad but Bushi stops him part way. Bushi whips corner to corner, Yano reverses and finishes untying the pad! Yano dodges, Bushi runs into bare buckles! Roll up, ONE!!! Bushi bails out, Yano gives chase and clubs Bushi down. Yano puts Bushi in, covers, ONE! Another try, ONE! Another, ONE! Yano is shocked but he keeps on Bushi with a whip. Bushi reverses, Yano hits bare buckles and staggers into Bushi’s inside cradle! ONE!! Yano bails out but Bushi follows as the fans rally up. Bushi stomps Yano, drags him up and puts him back in the ring. Yano just rolls all the way to the other side.

Bushi runs around the way but into Yano’s atomic drop and shove! Yano has the tape! Yano used this to get a ring-out win on Bushi, but Bushi kicks him away to railing! Bushi gets back in the ring, builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit sends Yano into railing! Bushi has the tape now, and he ties up Yano’s feet! The ref reprimands but Bushi’s already strapped Yano’s feet together! Bushi stomps Yano, Yano apologizes but Bushi drags him up. Yano hops around as he’s put in the ring! Yano still apologizes but Bushi dropkicks the legs out! LA MAGISTROL, but Yano rolls it back, YANO WINS!!

Winner: Toru Yano, by pinfall (advances to Jingu Stadium)

Bushi can’t believe it! Using Yano’s tricks backfired and now Yano is going to Jingu! But can Yano get there with his feet tied up like that? Will Yano be able to win when it’s a Fatal 4 with normal pinfall counts?


KOPW 2020 Submissions Match: SHO VS SANADA!

The High Voltage half of Roppongi 3K has been quite the shock master but this match heavily favors Cold Skull! Will Sho have another trick up his sleeve to shock the world? Or will is his summer hot streak coming to a Skull End?

The bell rings and the fans rally as Sanada and Sho circle. They approach slowly, feeling out the grapple. Sho goes for a leg, Sanada facelocks to block but Sho slips out. Sho waistlocks and rolls, Sanada switches and gets a facelock. Sho switches, Sanada switches and facelocks again. Sho powers out to waistlock back and shifts around. Sho gator rolls then waistlocks but Sanada slips aorund and gets to his feet. Sanada goes for a leg, Sho facelocks, they move around and Sanada has a headlock. Sho powers up but Sanada hits a headlock takeover. Sanada grinds but Sho pops out to get a headlock. Sanada slips away, the two stand off and the fans cheer that technical exchange. Sho and Sanada reset as fans rally up.

The two tie up again, Sho tries for an armbar takedown but Sanada stays on his feet. Sanada drops Sho down, they knuckle lock and roll, Sho pushes Sanada down with his weight. This won’t be a cover but it’s an effective way to wear Sanada down. Sanada bridges up! Fans cheer as Sho hops off, Sanada blocks and monkey flips! The two are down, Sanada rolls back, blocks Sho’s monkey flip and hops on for his own attempts at a takedown. Sho powers through to suplex! Sanada lands on his feet and waistlocks but Sho standing switches. Sanada elbows Sho, runs, but into Sho’s hip toss to armbar! But Sanada moves fast to reverse the armbar! Sho gets the armbar back but they’re in the ropes! Red Shoes calls for the break while fans cheer this second technical exchange.

Sanada bails out to cool off but Sho keeps his eyes on him. Sho lets Sanada return, and the two go around again. Sanada and Sho feel out the knuckle lock, Sho breaks one to roll and wristlocks. Sanada drops, rolls but Sho spins through to wrangle Sanada down for a high keylock. Sanada moves around as Sho cranks the arm. Sho shifts to have a cording hold, Sanada kips up to arm-drag! Sho arm-drags right back to have the arm again but Sanada reaches up to headscissor! Sho pops out, Sanada hits another headlock takeover, but Sho headscissors! Sanada tries to pop out but Sho holds tight. Sanada keeps kicking but Sho squeezes tighter. Sanada bridges, moves around, Sho tries to keep him stuck, but Sanada rolls more to turn Sho over. Sanada has the legs for a Bow ‘n’ Arrow lock!

Sho pops out and gets up to boot, but into Sanada’s DRAGON SCREW! Sho gets to the apron to shake out the leg and fans rally up. Sanada hurries after Sho, gets the leg through the ropes but Sho fights back! Sho wrenches the arm for a hotshot shoulder breaker! Sanada falls down as he clutches the arm but Sho returns to go after it. Sho twists the wrist, pushes against the elbow and shoulder, but Sanada endures. Sanada stands, Sho cording holds again and cranks on the shoulder. Sho crisscrosses the arms and sweeps a leg for a modified STO! Sho goes right after the arm to hammerlock and crank on that arm. Sanada endures, reaches back but Sho bridges over to slip around again. The fans rally as Sanada endures.

Sanada tries again but Sho headstands, bridges and slips around again! Sanada gets up, Sho wraps both arms around Sanada and bumps Sanada’s shoulder off buckles! Sanada hobbles into Sho’s hammerlock again for another bump of buckles! Sho runs, Sanada elbows him down with the good arm and standing moonsaults! But Sho catches it into an armlock! Sho cranks on the Kimura but Sanada moves around. Sho turns Sanada over for an ARMBAR! Sanada clasps hands, Sho pulls on the arm and gets a short arm scissor instead. Sanada grows frustrated, the fans rally up and Sanada moves around. Sanada reaches for ropes but Sho throws him over! Sho cranks on the arm, Sanada moves around, they go around and around with armbars and school boys, and Sho still ends up on top!

Sho cranks on the arm, Sanada has the fans rallying more, and Sanada moves back to roll Sho up, for a dead lift ELECTRIC CHAIR! Both men are down and the fans fire up as they stir. Sanada stands first, throws forearms on Sho, then whips him to ropes. Sho reverses to forearm, but runs for Sanada to dropkick the legs out! Sho bails out but Sanada slingshots for a BIG PLANCHA! Direct hit and Sho goes down! Sanada fires the fans up and feeds off that energy. Sanada brings Sho up, puts him in and aims from the apron. Springboard but Sho gets under! Sanada runs back but gets buckles. Sho waistlocks, Sanada elbows out but Sho dodges the clothesline to SPEAR- No! Sanada tanks the Spear to facelock. But Sho suplexes instead!

Both men are down, fans fire up again and Sho rises first. Sho drags Sanada around by the bad arm, wrenches it and kicks away on all sides! SUPE- No! The superkick is blocked to a DRAGON SCREW! Sanada gets even with Sho by going after that leg! The fans rally as Sanada and Sho both sit up. Sanada heads over to Sho, drags him up, and puts the leg on the ropes. Sanada dropkicks the leg! Then he dropkicks Sho! Sho is still stuck in the ropes so Sanada LIONSAULTS him down! Sanada gets the leg, steps through, but Sho counters to a KIMURA! Sanada endures, Sho cranks harder, but fans rally again. Sanada gets to the ropebreak!

Sho lets go quick, but then drags Sanada back up and wrenches the arm, SHOULDER BREAKER! But not just once, but twice! THRICE! Three Shoulder Breakers in a row! Sho lines it up, Penalty Kick to the arm! Sanada staggers to ropes, Sho runs around to dropkick the bad arm! Sho runs, Sanada follows to elbow him at the ropes! Sanada runs but Sho follows to clothesline him at the ropes! Sho runs, sees Sanada following but Sanada ducks his clothesline! Sanada waistlocks, Sho standing switches, GERMAN SUPLEX! But Sanada lands on his feet! Sanada runs, Sho boots him away, but Sho runs into the huricanrana! Sho blocks it! And he swings Sanada up for a POWERBOMB! But Sho isn’t done, he dead lifts Sanada back up for the POWER BREAKER!

Both men are down again as fans fire up. Sho gets up first, drags Sanada up and reels him back in, crisscrosses the arms, but Sanada resists the lift. Sanada spins out, gets around and lifts like a back suplex, but for a DOUBLE SHIN BREAKER! Sho hits the mat and clutches his legs, but Sanada sets him up in the drop zone. Sanada goes up top, MOONSAULT but onto knees! Sho saves himself but it was double-edged given the state of his legs! Sanada grits his teeth as he sits back up. Fans rally as Sanada stands and Sho follows. Sho throws a forearm, Sanada forearms back. They trade more forearms, Sanada gets the edge, but spins into a KNEE! Sanada dropkicks the legs out again!

Sho wobbles, Sanada throws a European Uppercut but Sho counters to a backslide that he obviously gives up on, to reel Sanada in! Crisscross underhook, and SHOCK ARROW! Sho keeps on Sanada with a dead lift waistlock GERMAN! And another GERMAN! Then the third becomes the armbar takedown!! Sanada flails but doesn’t give up yet! The fans rally as Sho cranks harder on the arm! Sanada endures, reaches, moves around, but Sho uses a Triangle Hold. Sanada powers up to dead lift Sho for a POWER CUTTER!! A powerbomb turned into a cutter!! Sanada sets Sho up again, for a MOONSAULT to his back!! Then the FIGURE FOUR!!

Sho endures a different hold than he expected, but he pries at the legs! Sanada powers through to keep Sho locked up! Sho works to turn things over, but Sanada rolls through! Sho reaches for ropes, Sanada cranks harder, SHO TAPS! Sanada wins!!

Winner: Sanada (advances to Jingu Stadium)

Sho showed a lot of skill and heart, but he’s not where Sanada is in the submission game! Will Sanada be able to play that game when it’s a Fatal 4 Way?


KOPW 2020 3v1 Handicap Match: Yujiro Takahashi, Gedo & Jado VS Kazuchika Okada!

The Rainmaker knows Tokyo Pimp doesn’t roll alone, so he put this stipulation forward to at least have the Bullet Club back-up front and center. Will Okada regret stacking the deck against himself in the very tournament he suggested? Or will he defy the odds and put someone #DeepInDebt?

In this kind of handicap match, Bullet Club has to send one in at a time. After a Low Sweet, Yujiro steps up to start. Fans rally, Okada and Yujiro stare down then circle. Jado starts to sneak in and Okada is distracted. Yujiro kicks, clubs and whips Okada, but Okada grabs ropes. Okada boots Yujiro, scoop slams him then slingshot sentons! Cover, but Gedo breaks it! Red Shoes reprimands and Gedo goes back to the corner. Okada drags Yujiro up, turns him around and hits a neckbreaker! Cover, Okada keeps his eyes on Gedo and Jado this time, TWO! Okada cranks on Yujiro with a chinlock, but Yujiro BITES Okada’s hand! Okada doesn’t learn. Yujiro runs but Okada boots him!

Okada snapmares, runs, but Jado is there with his kendo stick! Red Shoes reprimands but Yujiro rakes Okada’s eyes! Yujiro distracts Red Shoes and Gedo has a belt strap! Gedo LASHES Okada! Bullet Club wanted a strap match, and Gedo gets to use it now! Gedo LASHES Okada again and Okada bails out. Jado goes after Okada with clubbing forearms and CHOPS! Jado whips Okada into railing hard! Okada is down, Gedo and Jado taunt him while Yujiro grins. Jado brings Okada up and Gedo LASHES him more! Yujiro keeps Red Shoes busy but Red Shoes at least heard that one! Red Shoes goes out to reprimand them, so Gedo “apologizes.” They put Okada in, Yujiro covers but Red Shoes refuses to count given the foul play.

Yujiro brings Okada up, snapmares and runs to basement dropkick Okada down! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Okada as Yujiro drags Okada back up. Yujiro feeds Okada to Jado’s boot and Jado tags in. Jado drags Okada up, brings Okada around to headlock and scrape Okada’s face on the ropes! Jado drags Okada up to chinlock and punch away on Okada’s head! Red Shoes reprimands and counts, Jado gets in about a dozen punches before 4. Jado drags Okada up and clubs him on the back. Tag to Gedo, Gedo brings Okada up to rake his eyes! Red Shoes reprimands but Gedo whips Okada into the corner, that is now exposed! Bullet Club loves that trick, don’t they?

Gedo eggs Okada on but then stomps him down. Fans rally up for Okada but Gedo stands on Okada’s head. Red Shoes reprimands but Gedo raors like he’s already won. Gedo stomps Okada more then tags in Yujiro. Yujiro taunts Okada and slaps him around. Okada throws a forearm! And another! Yujiro rakes Okada’s eyes, has him on ropes, and BOOTS him! Okada flops down, Yujiro covers, TWO! Yujiro grows annoyed, but he bumps Okada off bare buckles! Tag to Jado, Jado and Yujiro double whip, and Yujiro mule kicks. Jado front kicks, and they double back suplex Okada! Cover, TWO! Jado grows frustrated now, tags Gedo, and Gedo toys with Okada as he kicks him around.

Gedo slaps Okada, Okada gets up to ROCK Gedo! Gedo rakes Okada’s eyes again, hits a jawbreaker, and powers up from a corner. Okada blocks the superkick to spin Gedo for a BOOT! The fans rally up but Gedo tags in Jado. Okada dodges Jado to fire off forearms and whip. Jado reverses but Okada elbows him down! Okada fires up for “K O P W!” as he DECKS Yujiro off the apron! Okada goes after Jado in the open corner and hits a big back elbow! Okada kicks, DDTs and covers, TWO! DEEP IN DEBT!! Gedo gets in to fish hook Okada’s face! Red Shoes counts, Gedo stops at 4. Yujiro tags in, he and Gedo double whip Okada to the other corner. Okada throws Gedo out to the apron, forearms him, then dodges Yujiro to send him into Gedo! Okada scoops Yujiro for REVERSE NECKBREAKER!

Yujiro writhes from the modified Air Raid and the fans fire up! Okada drags Yujiro up but Yujiro throws a forearm. Okada fires it back! Yujiro forearms, Okada hits back. They keep going back and forth, Okada gets the edge but Yujiro rocks him! Yujiro runs, into Okada’s scoop! Yujiro fights off the Tombstone and waistlocks but Okada elbows free. Okada runs into a SMACK from Jado’s kendo stick! Yujiro SPEARS Okada! Cover, TWO!! Okada survives and the fans cheer! Yujiro drags Okada up again to a fireman’s carry, but Okada slips off to throw forearms. Yujiro boots, Okada boots back! Okada spins Yujiro for an arm-drag, and DEEP IN DEBT!! Gedo gets in but Okada DECKS him! Okada elbows Jado down, dodges Yujiro to reel him in for DEEP IN DEBT!

Yujiro is caught, but Jado returns. Okada DECKS him, fires off on Gedo and EuroUppers him down! Okada runs at Yujiro, but into fireman’s carry, MIAMI SHINE!! Cover, TWO!?! Okada survives and Yujiro can’t believe it! Yujiro drags Okada up, Gedo and Jado return, and they whip Okada to the open corner. Gedo back elbows, Yujiro BOOTS, and Jado clotheslines! Jado calls for the Super Bomb, and Yujiro goes up. Gedo and Jado suplex Okada to him, for the SUPER BOMB!! Cover, TWO!?!? Okada survives the elevated triple bomb and Bullet Club is furious! Yujiro has Gedo go back while he and Jado drag Okada back up. Yujiro holds Okada up for Jado’s LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Okada still lives and the Bullet Club can’t believe it!

Jado tags Gedo and all three stomp Okada down. Red Shoes reprimands but Gedo climbs up. Yujiro scoop slams Okada and Gedo leaps, FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Gedo is pissed and Yujiro gets in Red Shoes’ face. But this is all so Gedo can get his brass knuckles! Gedo loads up, waits for Okada to stand, but Okada uppercuts Gedo down! The knuckles go flying but Jado has the kendo stick! Okada dropkicks Jado down! Yujiro kicks and whips, Okada reverses and dropkicks! Gedo staggers around, pokes Okada’s eyes and whips. Okada ducks and FLIES out to take down Jado and Yujiro! Gedo realizes he’s alone now as Okada gets back up.

Okada shoulders into Gedo, but Gedo mule kicks the legs out! GEDO CLUTCH!! TWO!?!? Okada narrowly escapes and Gedo can’t believe it! Gedo powers up, SUPER- NO! Okada reels Gedo in, TOMBSTONE! Wristlock, DEEP IN DEBT!! Gedo taps out, Okada wins!!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by submission (advances to Jingu Stadium)

The Rainmaker succeeds in winning the gamble he put forward, and now advances to the finals of his invention! Will Okada also be the winner of KOPW 2020?

Okada takes the mic to address the fans as they rally behind him. He encourages them to keep it going so they do. Okada says he likes the rhythm they use to represent “O-KA-DA” in clapping since vocal cheering isn’t allowed. And then, for “KORAKUEN HAAALL~!” Okada asks if they liked the start of KOPW, and they applaud to show they did like it. He thanks the fans for being here for it, as well as the automated audio representing the NJPW app users liking it. The fans clap again and Okada soaks it up. And as for Jingu’s Fatal 4 Way, with Desperado, Yano and Sanada, “a bunch of villains and me.” The “Krooks of Pro-Wrestling.”

Of course, he promises to deliver “Kazuchika Okada’s Pro-Wrestling,” and that he will become the King Of Pro-Wrestling. KOPW is possible in part thanks to the fans, and Okada promises one way or another, it’ll be a lot of fun. And of course, he hopes to win and defend that “new kind of title” that truly includes the fans. If there are any problems, feel free to tell him. It is up to the wrestlers to make the KOPW worthwhile. So please, everyone here and watching at home, keep cheering and watch what they do next! That includes tomorrow’s return to Korakuen, and the finals in Jingu. Be ready to see who becomes the first ever KOPW winner, and thank you for today!

My Thoughts:

Summer Struggle returns to give us NJPW KOPW 2020 for a great event. An obvious great part of this KOPW tournament is the crazy stipulations. It’s rare there’s such a thing as a “No Finishers” or “2-Count Pin” match, so how great of NJPW to have those even be options. And it was actually very clever on that first one to use the ruling against one of the wrestlers. Kojima wins the battle but loses the war in a great match with Desperado, all because Kojima lost his cool. In a way, it keeps Kojima strong and Desperado basically gets lucky. Yano also technically gets lucky, a two count pin doesn’t give Bushi time to think after that reversal, and Yano wins. I do like the character work of Yano acting like there’s no time to waste. There wasn’t a short time limit, he just wanted to stay at a fast pace because of the shorter pins.

Sanada and Sho for being a Submission match, that was just a great match either way. Sho looks great but Sanada gets the win, and NOT with Skull End. And of course Okada wins his 3v1 handicap match. For one, that’s how his story with Yujiro was going to end, even without KOPW. But with KOPW on top, of course Okada as its inventor was going to win to qualify for the Fatal 4 Way finals. And in a way, 3v1 was a great way for him to prepare for such a match. I also like that in his promo, he plays with the acronym of KOPW, especially the two obvious ones of Kazuchika Okada Pro-Wrestling and King Of Pro-Wrestling. Though, I’m not sure Okada wins the Fatal 4 Way, that might be too obvious. I think it’d be great if Sanada, who is without title or story right now, became the inaugural Mr. KOPW, since he and Okada consider themselves rivals.

My Score: 8.9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (6/7/23)

On the road to Collision!



AEW Coverage Lasers

Dynamite brings out the gold!

AEW Dynamite lands in Colorado Springs, and Kris Statlander defends her TBS Championship against Anna Jay A.S! Will Kris still be the Galaxy’s Greatest?


  • AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS Swerve Strickland; wins and
  • Texas Tornado Tag: #JungleHook VS La Faccion Ingobernable; wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Blackpool Combat Club VS Chaos; wins.
  • Ricky Starks VS Jay White; wins.
  • AEW TBS Championship: Kris Statlander VS Anna Jay A.S; wins and


AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS Swerve Strickland w/ The Mogul Embassy!

The Freshly Squeezed fighting champion survived Double or Nothing’s 20 VS 1 odds, but now he has to deal with The Mogul 1v1! Will Cassidy still be carrying the gold in his backpack? Or will that title be going to whose house? Swerve’s house!

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Cassidy survives once again!


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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (6/6/23)

Who earns some Tiffy Time?



NXT White 'n' Gold Era

Only one can be The Center of the Universe!

To earn a shot at Tiffany Stratton’s NXT Women’s Championship, the Women’s Division fights in a battle royal! Who wins a golden ticket to Tiffy Time?


  • Mixed Six Tag Match: Diamond Mine VS The Schism; The Schism wins.
  • Blair Davenport VS Dani Palmer; Blair wins.
  • Baron Corbin VS Trick Williams; Corbin wins.
  • Mustafa Ali VS Joe Gacy; Ali wins.
  • Eddy Thorpe VS Damon Kemp; Thorpe wins.
  • Dabba-Kato VS SCRYPTS; Dabba wins.
  • NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal: Thea Hail wins and will challenge Tiffany Stratton for the title.


Baron Corbin arrives backstage.

The Lone Wolf stares down Tyler Bate and Eddy Thorpe, chuckles at a poster of Carmelo Hayes, then stares down Hank Walker, Tank Ledger and some of the prospects. He tells staff to hit his music and they do as told. Corbin scoffs at the rest of the posters while he makes his entrance. Fans boo as Corbin makes his way to the ring, because we all remember him going after Melo after Melo retained the title against Noam Dar. Corbin gets the mic to say, “Y’know, I never thought I’d walk back through these doors. When I got the call, I cleaned out my locker and never looked back.

“Over the next eight YEARS, I ascended to the top of Raw and SmackDown. While I was main-eventing PPVs, NXT superstars continued to get called up to the main roster. When they got there, they were full of talent and hunger. And then something changed. I wonder what it was. Now, they come up full of ego and attitude. Hell, some of ’em sit in the locker room, twiddle their thumbs on their cellphone, acting like they got nowhere better to be. They act like we should thank them for coming up to Raw and SmackDown.

“Then I walk in through these doors. I hear superstars in the back talking about their legacy, talking about how they’re the next ones to be called up. Or, they’re complaining that they haven’t been called up yet, and it’s starting to make me sick! They walk through these doors to a championship team. They have guaranteed contracts, and they’re living in a house that I built! Me and all the other OGs started in FCW, and we took this train all the way to sell out Barclays Arena, with 16,500 people! Don’t clap for that now, you’ve never done it before, get off my bandwagon.

“I come through those doors tonight, and there’s superstars can’t even look me in the eye. They don’t show me the respect that I deserve. Now I had no control over that last Draft that came up. But you can make damn sure I got control of the next, because I’m gonna make every one of those superstars regret ever signing a WWE contract! Every single one of ’em is soft, every single one of ’em is weak, and they’re sure as hell not as good as they think they are. That all lies on the champion, the NXT Champion, Carmelo Hayes. Melo walks around here like his stuff doesn’t stink. Yeah, there you go. Cheer for him. Cheer for him!

“Cuz ol’ Melo got a taste of main roster reality when I laid him out, put him down, I took his title and I stood over his body, and I held it over my head.” Wait, ILJA DRAGUNOV is here! The Czar tells Baron, “Would you please, um, give me the chance to introduce myself. My name is Ilja Dragunov.” Fans cheer and Corbin says he knows who Ilja is, but what does he want? Ilja isn’t sure about the people Corbin saw in the hall, but Ilja is here to look him in the eyes to say, he’s NOT soft and he is NOT weak. He is the most animalistic, intense man in NXT! He’s beaten everyone put in front of him, and after Battleground, he is the first man in line to face Melo for the title.

Oh, here we go. There’s the NXT arrogance. Corbin has competed in SIX WrestleMania matches, he retired THE Kurt Angle, and he is the last man to pin Roman Reigns. Fans chant “BUM ASS CORBIN!” Ilja gets it, Corbin is targeting Melo to make some kind of point. But Ilja is targeting Melo for the title. And Ilja really doesn’t care how many Manias Corbin’s been to. If Ilja must ravage Corbin with pain to get what he wants, then so be it. Corbin tells the “kid” that there is a big difference between what he wants and what he’s gonna get. Corbin jumps the line cuz he says so, cuz he’s the biggest star in the building.

Ilja says Corbin is making assumptions, but Ilja makes challenges. So why not show everyone how much of a star you are, against Ilja tonight?! Fans love the sound of that! Corbin asks Ilja really wants “a piece of this” after Battleground. Well, there’s nothing Corbin can bring as hard as Dijak did at Battleground. Ilja shows off the NASTY bruise on his hip! Corbin says that’s cute. That’s one bruise. When Corbin’s done with him, Ilja will be covered in ’em. Ilja welcomes the challenge. Fans fire up, will the Lone Wolf be sent back to the main roster with his tail between his legs?

But wait! Trick shows up to start throwing hands! Fans fire up as Trick is after Corbin, Corbin shoves him back, but Trick clotheslines Corbin out! Fans fire up as the refs back Corbin off. Will Trick get payback on Corbin for that sneak attack on Melo?


Thea Hail finishes training.

She hobbles and says she can barely feel her legs anymore. Duke Hudson finds her but Charlie Dempsey says not bad. He better see her again tomorrow. Oh he’ll see her again! And he’ll see improvement! You bring your A Game! Wait, Duke is confused, what’s going on? Dempsey & Gulak are teaching her how to crunch people! It’s firing her up! Really? Yeah, she’s got all these great grappling holds now! Wanna see? She grabs Duke’s arm in a wristlock! OW! Sorry! But it works, right? Duke says she doesn’t even like those guys! Yeah, but you just gotta give it back to ’em, y’know? Thea shouts, “I’ma kick you in the ass, professor!”

See? They love it! Well, okay, as long as she’s learning. But you can’t just “crunch” someone over the top rope. It’s a battle royal tonight! Yeah, but she can still throw people over. He believes in her, right? Y-yeah… Then let’s go! Thea is fired up, will she crunch and toss everyone else in the ring to get that golden ticket?


Bron Breakker attacks Ilja Dragunov backstage!

The Big Bad Booty Nephew tells The Czar to keep “thinking” he’s the most intense guy in NXT. If Ilja likes pain, how’s that feel? The refs back Bron off, will Dragunov have to go after him and Corbin before going after Melo?


Mixed Six Tag Match: Diamond Mine VS The Schism!

Ivy Nile has had it with Ava Raine, and by extension, the Creed Brothers and the Dyad have gotten at each other. Now things will be settled as all six get in the ring! Will Diamond Mine crush Ava, Rip Fowler & Jagger Reed under the pressure? Or will the roots of Schism’s tree only grow and spread?

NXT returns as Diamond Mine make their entrance. The teams sort out and and Julius starts against Rip. They circle, tie up, and Julius wrenches an arm. Rip whips Julius away, things speed up, and Julius drops to fireman’s carry takeover into an armlock! Rip fights free but Julius just grabs the other arm. Rip fights to his feet, CHOPS, but Julius wrenches the arm. Rip CHOPS, Julius wrenches, but then Rip pulls an ear! Tag to Jagger, the Dyad mugs Julius, and Jagger ROCKS Julius with forearms. Jagger swings again, but Julius gets around to waistlock and SLAM! Jagger fights up, but Julius SLAMS him again!

Julius keeps hold of Jagger to SLAM him again, and KNEE him in the side! Tag to Brutus, and the Creeds pinball Jagger between knees! Brutus drags Jagger up, ROCKS him, and then clamps onto another arm. Tag to Julius, they mug Jagger, but Jagger ELBOWS him away! And then DECKS him! Jagger facelocks, but Julius deadlifts from the floor! Julius stands back up, walks over, and tags in Brutus. Brutus takes the handoff, fans fire up as Brutus keeps Jagger up! Brutus tags Julius back in, takes the handoff back, and then marches around before the SLAM! And then he kips up! Fans fire up, Julius whips but Jagger reverses

Jagger runs in, MONKEY FLIPS, but Julius lands through it! And he DROPKICKS Jagger! Julius whips Jagger, Jagger reverses and CLOBBERS Julius! And Ava tags in! Ava SLAPS Julius! Ivy steps in to calm Julius down, but then Ava tags out to Rip. The Schism trolls Ivy but Julius storms up to shoot in and waistlock, for a SLAM! And then he KNEES Rip in the side! Julius headlocks, Rip powers out but Julius goes up and over and keeps moving. Brutus tags in,. Julius ducks ‘n’ dodges, Brutus AX HANDLES Rip! And then shoots around, but Rips witches. TERMAN SUPLEX, but Brutus lands on his feet!

Brutus trophy lifts Rip, to DROP him, and STANDING MOONSAULT! Fans fire up with Brutus and Julius tags back in. Brutus cross-arm SLAMS Julius onto Rip! And Then Ivy snap suplexes Brutus onto Rip! And then Julius gives Ivy a boost for a SENTON! Fans are thunderous for the Diamond Mine’s combinations, and Ivy calls out Ava! Fans want to see that, too, but NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Rip has Brutus down in a chinlock. Brutus endures, fights up, and fans rally. Brutus pries the hold open, but Rip knees low. Rip ROCKS Brutus, but Brutus ROCKS Rip! And Jagger! And Rip again! Brutus staggers along ropes, but he ELBOWS Rip away. Jagger distracts, Rip shoves Brutus into the ropes! Brutus sputters off that low hotshot, and then Ava sucker punches Ivy! Rip BLASTS Julius, too! Fans boo but Rip tags Jagger. The Dyad whip Brutus into the corner hard, then hit an ASSISTED SLICED BREAD! Cover, TWO!! Brutus survives and The Dyad is frustrated.

Jagger tags Rip back in, the Dyad stomp away on Brutus! Fans boo but The Dyad drag Brutus up. Rip fishhooks Brutus’ face, lets off as the ref counts, and fans rally up. Rip drags Brutus up, suplexes, but Brutus blocks! Brutus suplexes Rip up and over instead! Rip tags Jagger in, Jagger keeps Brutus from the corner with a SLEEPER! Brutus endures, reaches out, marches forward, and fans rally behind him. Hot tag to Julius! Julius CLOBBERS Jagger, OVERHEAD Belly2Belly for Rip! Then an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly for Jagger! And a kip up! And then an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly for Rip! Kip up, and another OVERHEAD for Jagger!

Julius just keeps going, but The Dyad go after him together! SO they get a DOUBLE OVERHEAD SUPELX! Fans are thunderous with Julius, and he runs up the corner, to DOUBLE QUEBRADA! Julius scoops Jagger but Rip makes the save. Julius kicks Rip but Rip RAMS him into the corner! Jagger hits GRIT YOUR TEETH! But Brutus runs in, BRUTUS BALL! Down goes Rip! Jagger ENZIGURIS Brutus, runs, but Julius LARIATS Jagger! Fans fire up, but Jagger SUPERKICKS back! All four men are down and the fans fire up! Ivy grins as she stares Ava down. Julius crawls, hot tag to the Diamond Pitbull!

Fans fire up and even Ava smiles. The two circle, tie up, and they start throwing forearms! Ivy dodges a lariat, KCIKS and KICKS and ROUNDHOUSES! Fans fire up as Ivy runs, and DROPKICKS! Then she runs, but Ava SCORPION KICKS! Ava scoops but Ivy slips out, DIAMOND DRAGON!! But Jagger gets Ivy! So Ivy gets HIM in the DIAMOND DRAGON!! Fans fire up but the ref says Ivy has to let off, it’s only men against men and women against women! But Ava HEADBUTTS Ivy while wearing her plastic mask!! The ref missed that dealing with Jagger! Cover, Schism wins!

Winners: The Schism, by pinfall

Ava snatches victory away from the jaws of the Diamond Pitbull, the Schism gets a big win here tonight. Will we see their roots soon bear golden fruit?


Stacks visits Tony D’Angelo in prison.

Tony’s in the orange jumpsuit as he sits down to talk with Stacks. How’s he been? Good. But guess what? Knuckles is in here! The guy who- SHH! Oh, right. But yeah, Giorgio the Whale gets Tony his paper, and the guards even pitched in so Tony could have a subscription to The Peacock so he can watch the show the next day. That’s great! It’s almost like being in a hotel. Almost. But did Stacks get any more info on this rat? Stacks says he’s put in some calls. Miss Kim Cashstashian will get them off. Whoa, gotta reword that, Stacks.

But anyhow, Tony isn’t sure how he feels with his life in the hands of Cashstashian. Tony might as well play the lottery. Stacks’ gut says it’s Gallus, they didn’t wanna face Tony & Stacks at Battleground. But they’ve got a lot of enemies. This could be Legado, or, or- Is Stacks hearing himself? He’s on a wild goose chase! You’re going around the world to go next door. Trust your gut! It’s Gallus! Get those guys for all they’re worth! Tony swears on his mother’s eyes- Oh, don’t make a threat on the phone… But okay, listen. What Joe Coffey did last week, forget about it. But 3v1 ain’t cutting it.

Then what’s Stacks to do? Visitation time is almost up, so Tony tells Stacks that he’s the Underboss, he can figure it out. Tony leaves, and it is all in Stacks’ hands now.


Robert Stone & Von Wagner go to therapy.

They’re impatiently waiting in the lobby, and Stone tells Von that he hopes this all works out. They have had quite the week trying to find the right fit. Montage: one guy skips the breathing exercise to get to the anger issue. Von says he has no anger issue. But anger management is nothing to be ashamed of. Learning to control it can actually help him. Von tells this guy to GFY. Stone apologizes and pays in cash. Von says that guy was a jackass! Oh and the other guy? Von had that guy up against a wall! Stone again paid for that in cash. Von is on the verge of a breakthrough, so long as he gives things a chance.

One guy comes out crying. Von sighs. He doesn’t wanna do this now. Oh, c’mon, Von! NO! Didn’t you see that guy crying? Von is not a crier! What do you think Von’s dad would think seeing this? Von is NOT walking through this door. But then the therapist walks out. A very lovely lady therapist… Well, maybe Von can give this a shot. But alone. Von winks before the door closes. Is therapy going to be the solution after all?


Blair Davenport VS Dani Palmer!

Who was the assailant of the NXT Women’s Division? It was BLAIR, Dani! It was Blair all along! And now that she’s back, will she tear through what’s left of the roster to get at the title? Or can Dani avenge Sol Ruca, Nikkita Lyons and everyone else Blair terrorized?

The bell rings and Dani rushes in! They tie up, go around, and Blair puts Dani on ropes. The ref counts, Dani turns nit around but Blair turns it back around. Blair lets off at 4, to SLAP Dani! Dani SLAPS Blair! Blair kicks low, whips her to a corner, but Dani goes up and over and handsprings away. Blair chases, but runs into headscissors! Blair blocks to SLAM Dani down, then BOOT her out of the ring! Blair goes out after Dani, puts her in the ring, then CLOBBERS her! Fans rally for Dani but Blair drags Dani up to whip. Blair KNEES low, gut wrenches and GUTBUSTERS! Then she throws Dani into ropes!

Fans rally for Dani as she sputters, but Blair clamps on with a waistlock. Blair SLAMS Dani, holds onto the waistlock, and squeezes with a rear bearhug. Fans rally as Dani fights up, and she fights free with elbows! Dani switches, rolls up, TWO! Blair kicks Dani low! Fans boo but Blair whips Dani to kitchen sink knee! Blair soaks up the heat, she KNEES Dani in the side, then stalks her around the way. Blair kicks Dani around, KICKS her in the side, but Dani grits her teeth. Dani blocks the next kick, but Blair ROCKS her with a forearm! Dani hits back, kicks low, and UPPERCUTS! And CHOPS! And DOUBLE KNEES! Cover, TWO!

Dani goes to a corner and climbs up. Blair grabs Dani’s hair to TOSS her to the mat! Blair then sits Dani up, has the wrists, KAMI-GOYE! And then, FALCON ARROW! Cover, Blair wins!

Winner: Blair Davenport, by pinfall

Blair satiates her appetite for violence, and says she has just put the entire roster on notice! Will even Tiffany Stratton have to beware the heir?


Dana Brooke arrives?!

Another callback to NXT is here, and she wants in on the battle royal. There’s a lot of buzz in NXT now, so Dana will make her own opportunities when she is the last woman standing! Will the Flex Appeal grab that golden ticket for herself?


Backstage interview with Tiffany Stratton.

McKenzie Mitchell says the battle royal was Tiffany’s idea, but now Dana Brooke is here and wants in on the match. Tiffany stops McKenzie there. Tiffany would say she’s shocked, but she’s not. Of course Dana wants a shot at Tiffany’s title. Come one, come all. Sometimes the title makes the superstar, but in this case, Tiffany has made this title the most desirable belt in all of the WWE. And every single woman in that battle royal is envious of what Tiffany has. Are you kidding me? NO ONE was happy Tiffany won. But Tiffany has no problem proving she’s in a class of her own. So who does she think wins tonight?

“TBH, Lyra is the only one I can see pulling it off. I mean, she pushed me at Battleground. Like, damn, gurl, you were almost at the Tiffy Top. But it won’t matter, because the result will stay the same on the other side: And still NXT Women’s Champion, Tiffany Stratton! I just love the sound of that. Tootles.”


Baron Corbin VS Trick Williams!

The Lone Wolf is looking down on the new generation of NXT, and Trick Willie isn’t gonna stand for it! Will Trick represent for Trick Melo Gang? Or will Corbin bring about the End of Days for this new “arrogant” era?

The bell rings and the two circle. Fans rally up, the two tie up but Corbin knees low. Corbin CLUBS Trick, stalks him to ropes, and puts him in a corner. Corbin throws body shots and CLUBS Trick again, to then whip corner to corner. Trick hits buckles hard, and then Corbin CLOBBERS Trick! Fans boo but Corbin stands Trick up to throw hands. Corbin CHOKES Trick on the ropes, lets off at 4, and argues with the ref. Trick drags himself up, but Corbin shoves him into ropes to CLUB him in the back! Corbin taunts Trick, stomps him, and then swings, but Trick counter punches! Trick fires off fist after fist, but Corbin knees low again!

Corbin CLUBS Trick, but fans taunt “BUM ASS CORBIN!” Corbin puts Trick in a corner, whips him corner to corner, and runs in to SPLASH! Trick sputters but Corbin stands him up. Corbin talks trash on Trick, but Trick ROCKS him with forearms! Fans fire up and Trick runs, but Corbin CLOBBERS Trick again! Corbin looms over Trick and he taunts the fans. Fans boo, Corbin whips Trick corner to corner again, then runs in, but Trick dodges! Trick fires off fast hands! The ref counts, Trick stomps away, but Trick lets off, and dodges Corbin to DROPKICK him! Corbin staggers, into a POP-UP HAYMAKER!

Corbin falls out of the ring and Trick dares him to come back for more as NXT goes picture in picture.

Trick storms out after Corbin, drags him up, and RAMS him into barriers. Trick stalks Corbin around the way, CHOPS him against barriers, and then brings him up. Trick RAMS Corbin into barriers, the fans rally up, and Trick CHOPS Corbin again! Trick refreshes the ring count, puts Corbin back in, but Corbin kicks the ropes! The ropes get Trick low, and Corbin fires off fast hands! The ref counts, Corbin lets off and he has Trick in a corner. Corbin reels Trick in for a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Corbin scowls as he looms over Trick. Corbin clamps on a half nelson and chinbar, and he thrashes Trick around.

Trick endures, fans rally up, and Trick fights up to throw body shots. Corbin shoves Trick away, Trick ducks ‘n’ dodges to CLOBBER Corbin! Cover, TWO!  Trick fires off on Corbin at the ropes, drags him up, brings him in and suplexes! Corbin writhes, Trick pushes him down, and Trick rains down forearms! Then Trick covers, TWO! Trick clamps on with a headlock and he grinds Corbin down. Corbin fights up, and hits another BIG back suplex! Fans rally while both men are down, and Corbin crawls over to Trick. Corbin hammers away with elbows! Corbin hears the fans rallying, and he clamps onto Trick with the chinbar half nelson.

Trick endures as Corbin leans on the hold. Trick fights up, but Corbin wrangles him back down! Corbin thrashes Trick as NXT returns to single picture. Fans rally for Trick and Trick fights up again. Trick arm-drags free, runs in and ROCKS Corbin! Corbin flops to the apron, Trick BLASTS him off it! Trick goes out to SMACK Corbin off the desk! Corbin wobbles and flops over, Trick runs in, but Corbin moves! Trick knees only the desk! Corbin has his opening, he punches away on the knee! The ref has the ring count climbing as Corbin pulls on the arm. Corbin lets off, refreshes the count, and he drags Trick up.

Corbin RAMS Trick into the steel steps, making sure those knees hit hard! Trick writhes and clutches the leg while fans boo and gives Corbin thumbs down. Corbin puts Trick in the ring, and he stomps away on the bad leg! Fans chant “CORBIN SUCKS!” but Corbin stands Trick up to whip and SPINEBUSTER! Corbin has the leg for a HALF CRAB! Trick endures, fans rally, and Trick reaches out! Trick gets the ROPEBREAK! Corbin lets go fast, Trick kicks him with the good leg! But Corbin grabs that leg, so Trick EDDY GORDO KICKS! Fans rally, Trick and Corbin rise, and Corbin storms over.

Trick fires body shots and counter punches! Trick has Corbin in a corner and he fires off! Corbin shoves Trick, Trick comes back to DROPKICK! And then wrench and JUMP KNEE! Trick runs to FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE! Fans fire up with Trick and he runs in again, SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Corbin survives but Trick stalks him to ropes. Corbin elbows low, choke grips, and CHOKE- NO, Trick fights out, EDDY GORDO KICK 2! Trick runs, but into DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO!! Trick survives and Corbin is beside himself! Fans rally as Corbin storms up on Trick. “This is Awesome!” as Corbin puts Trick up top.

Corbin climbs up but Trick CLUBS away on him! Trick sends Corbin away, hops off the corner, but Corbin returns. Trick dodges to POST Corbin! Trick fires off big haymakers! Fans fire up and Trick DECKS Corbin! Trick wants more, he waits on Corbin to stand, Trick spins but the leg gives out! Corbin kicks low, reels Trick in, END OF DAYS! Cover, Corbin wins!

Winner: Baron Corbin, by pinfall

Trick fought valiantly, but one miscalculation cost him. Corbin says he’s going back to SmackDown to go qualify for Money in the Bank, then he’ll be back next Tuesday. Will Melo be back to get back at Corbin directly?


NXT presents an all-new Hard Hitting Home Truths.

Nathan Frazer welcomes us back to HHHT. Now we’re nine days removed from Battlegrounds, and the landscape never stops shifting. Tiffany is the new Women’s Champion, Wes Lee is breaking every single record in the book, Ilja Dragunov is not human–though that’s not exactly news–and we have Free Agents popping up left, right and middle. But most importantly, Noam Dar has a new pack o’ friends who helped him hold onto his “precious baby,” the Heritage Cup. They were useful enough to help him retain, but not enough to gain another title, as “a couple of fine, handsome gentlemen” in Nathan and Dragon Lee saw to that.

However, Noam is still Heritage Cup Champion, and while Nathan is not really fond of this new Supernova group, he and everyone else will just have to “deal with it.” Speaking of, here is a special guest who feels the same way about Dar as he does. That’s right, HHHT is going global with their “Senior International Correspondent,” Mr. Dragon Lee. Dragon appears on set and he says mucho gracias, and (in Spanish) for this opportunity to be part of this premier show. Uh, si! Dragon does have in his hand a list of the top five names for Dar’s new super group.

CINCO: Two Awful Chat Show Hosts, Plus Two. QUATRO: The Oro Mensah Experience. TRES: The Jakara Jackson Five! Well, minus one. DOS: The Long Lost Legend of Lash Legend. And numero UNO: Noam’s Rent-a-Friends! Nathan says number one is the best because it is the truest. And after Battleground, Dar is running out of surprises, and needs new challengers. The hard-hitting truth here is that Dar is fragile and he knows it. Nathan beat Dar in a regular match, so here’s a proposal: Dar VS Frazer for the Cup next week! And Dragon will return the favor by being in Nathan’s corner!

Frazer thanks Dragon for that, and so, they will love ya and leave ya. They’ve been Nathan Frazer and Dragon Lee, and Dar… Ball’s in your court. Peace. Will the British Rocket get his shot at the Cup? Or will he not be able to reach the Scottish Supernova?


Backstage interview with Mustafa Ali.

McKenzie is with The Beacon, nothing how he shocked the entire world when he showed up during Bate & Wes VS The Dyad. What brings him here to NXT? He is Free Agent Ali, baby! He can show up wherever he wants! And now, Ali is the one riding the storm. The next chapter Ali will write is titled, “Mustafa Ali Finally Wins Gold.” Then before he faces off against Joe Gacy- Wait, Wes Lee walks in. Wes has to let everyone know how excited he is that Ali is here! And talking about gold, uh, well Wes wants to make sure- Ali stops Wes there. Don’t do that. Don’t hand Ali a chance. Ali wants to earn it, like Wes did!

And that starts with Gacy. Maybe down the road, it will be Ali VS Lee for the title. That is, if Wes is still champ by then. Jokes aside, Wes wishes Ali luck, but will The Beacon shine bright on the white ‘n’ gold brand? Or will The Schism’s roots continue to grow tonight?

Mustafa Ali VS Joe Gacy!

NXT returns as Mr. Inclusion makes his entrance. The bell rings, the two circle, and they tie up. They break, and then tie up again. Ali headlocks, Gacy throws hands but Ali ROCKS Gacy! Ali headlocks, Gacy powers out and then CLOBBERS Ali! Fans rally as Gacy fires off on Ali in the corner. Gacy whips corner to corner, runs in, but Ali goes up and over! Things speed up,. Ali ducks ‘n’ dodges and RANAS! Fans fire up as Gacy flounders. Ali storms up but Gacy dumps him out! Ali skins the cat, shoulders in, and ROCKS Gacy again! Ali slingshots but Gacy SHOVES him down! Fans boo as Ali crashes to the floor!

Gacy goes out after Ali, drags him back into the ring, and then hurries to cover, TWO! Gacy clamps onto Ali with a chinlock but fans rally. Ali fights with body shots, and a CHOP! Ali whips, Gacy reverses and reels Ali in, URENAGE! Cover, TWO! Ali is hanging tough but Gacy clamps on with a chinbar. Fans rally as Ali endures. Ali fights up, throws body shots, but Gacy CLUBS him o the back. Gacy back suplexes, Ali lands on his feet, but Gacy DDTS! Cover, TWO! Ali survives and goes to a corner but Gacy goes to the opposite. Gacy runs in, but Ali slips out and Gacy hits buckles! Ali ROUNDHOUSES, slingshots and BLOCKBUSTERS!

Fans fire up and Ali goes up the corner! Gacy hurries to ROCK Ali first! Gacy goes up after Ali, but Ali fights the superplex! Ali throws headbutts, then SMACKS Gacy off buckles! Ali stands up to SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! Ali then skins the cat to the top rope, and fans fire up as Ali 450 SPLASHES!! Cover, ALI WINS!

Winner: Mustafa Ali, by pinfall

But then The Dyad attacks! Rip & Jagger won’t let Ali celebrate, they stomp away while Gacy drags Ali down,. But then here come Wes Lee & Tyler Bate! They fire off, SUPERKICK Rip, Bop and BANG for Jagger! Gacy sees he’s surrounded, he turns around into a SUPERKICK from Ali! Fans fire up as the Beacon, the Big Strong Boi & The Cardiac Kid send the Schism running! Will they have to tear down The Schism’s tree before they can talk title matches?


Fallon Henley, Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs talk backstage.

Tonight, the main event is a battle royal for a shot at the women’s title. Jensen knows Fallon is ready, Fallon says she’s ready, she feels tonight is her night. But wait, Malik Blade & Edris Enofe walk up. They say Briggs & Jensen were “the ones who started all this.” Hank ‘n’ Tank fought each other to get closer, so now Malik wants to fight Edris! Fallon excuses herself to get ready, and the guys talk. Jensen says it really did work for Hank ‘n’ Tank, and Briggs says it really did work for him and Jensen. Did it really? Okay, let’s find out. What is Jensen’s favorite color? Blue. Yeah, right here on the shirt.

Okay, okay, that was an easy one. Edris then asks Jensen when is Briggs’ birthday. Jensen thinks back… March 5th. BINGO! See? They are good! Malik asks Edris if he knows his birthday. But then Hank ‘n’ Tank walk in, they’re talking country songs. Hank’s a Boy Named Sue guy all the way. Right! Johnny Cash is the man! But Tank likes the modern stuff, like Taylor Swift. Bingo! Tank is a big T. Swifty boy. What the what? But Tank says after Fallon wins that battle royal, let’s all go get some brewskis. Now he’s talking their language! But uh, do Malik & Edris want in? They’ll catch up later. Alright! Laters!

Malik asks Edris if he’s thinking what Malik is thinking. Well after this past week, clearly not! But then Gallus walk up. Don’t worry, lads. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the same page or not, because you’d never beat Gallus for the titles. Gallus Boys On Top, no one else has to play stupid games. Malik nods to Edris and Edris gives in. They’re doing this next week, huh? OH YEAH! Malik VS Edris is happening! Edris accepts his fate, and asks his phone when IS Malik’s birthday.


Backstage interview with Noam Dar and his crew.

McKenzie asks the Heritage Cup Champion about Nathan Frazer’s challenge. And also, what is up with his group? Oh, his group? No, this is THEIR group. When you’re the Supernova, you have to be surrounded by stars, and that is what he has here. This is a collection of shooting stars with unlimited potential! Starting with Dar’s main man, Mensah. Oro is underappreciated, undervalued, but no more! Dar is the one who believed in Oro, got him on a premium event, and has Oro flying in a new stratosphere. And that’s just the beginning. We have Action Ms. Jakara Jackson, a world class athlete who competed on the Titan Gams! And now she’s a titan in this game!

Jakara says she’s sugar, spice, and everything that ain’t so nice. Heard that? And last but not least. Lash THEE Legend! She will beat you physically, emotionally, mentally, she is a GOAT in the making! One of one! Does McKenzie not know what’s going on right here? The screen can’t handle all this brightness, they’re shinin’ shinin’. Five trophies, one picture, okay? But then about Nathan’s challenge. Ugh. If he wants a cup match, remember two things: Dar is NEVER losing the Cup; and there is no stopping… The Meta Four. CHECK PLEASE, bye bye!


Eddy Thorpe VS Damon Kemp!

The Alpha Wolf won once before, but it didn’t humble the Golden Gopher one bit. Will this be a clean sweep? Or will Kemp make Eddy feel like trash, and then make him pick it up?

NXT returns and Kemp makes his entrance. The bell rings, the two tie up, and they go around. Kemp puts Thorpe on the ropes, the ref counts, and Kemp lets off with a shove. Thorpe comes back, arm-drags, headlocks and hits the takeover. Kemp keeps his shoulder up and fights up, but Thorpe holds onto the headlock. Kemp lifts, but Thorpe still holds on! Kemp throws body shots, powers out, but Thorpe reverses the whip to SPINNING CROSSBODY! Direct hit, Thorpe drags Kemp around by his legs, but Kemp kicks free. Thorpe runs up to BOOT Kemp to a corner! Thorpe storms up but into a BOOT from Kemp!

Thorpe CHOPS in return! Thorpe whips, Kemp reverses, but Thorpe goes up, only to get caught! ROLLING DEATH VALLEY! Cover, TWO! Kemp stomps away on Thorpe, drags him up, but Thorpe CHOPS! Kemp ducks the next chop to RAM low, UPPERCUT, and shove, to then OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Fans rally, Kemp stalks Thorpe, and Kemp drops elbow after elbow! Kemp scrapes his sole off Thorpe’s face, then clamps on with a chinlock. But Thorpe fights with elbows! Kemp still hits an IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! Kemp talks trash, stomps Thorpe, and then pulls on Thorpe in a chinlock stretch.

Fans rally for “EDDY! EDDY!” but Kemp bends him back! Thorpe fights, but Kemp body scissors to keep Thorpe down. Fans still rally, Thorpe fights up, and Thorpe throws body shots! Thorpe is free, he bobs ‘n’ weaves and throws more shots! Thorpe CHOPS and COHPS and whips, to CLOBBER kemp! And DECK him! Kemp gets up, Thorpe blocks, SOBATS, and PELES! Thorpe runs, to ELBOW DROP! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Kemp survives but Thorpe is on him. Kemp wrenches, Thorpe switches, they run into the ref! Kemp gets a cheap shot in, but Thorpe switches on Kemp to GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, Kemp’s foot is on the ropes, but the ref misses it! Thorpe wins!!

Winner: Eddy Thorpe, by pinfall

Kemp complains, he says Thorpe is winning by cheating again! The ref says the decision is final, but are we going to get a round three out of these two?


Gigi Dolin is on the phone.

She talks with her brother Miles and says this is her chance to finally be NXT Women’s Champion. The Weaponized Steel Cage aside, Gigi isn’t going to let anything stop her. She’ll be fine, he just needs to stay out of trouble, okay? Love you, bye. Kiana James walks over and says that’s the “before” phone call. Can’t wait to hear the “after.” Sorry, she came up short again. But they’re used to it. Oh so that’s how Gigi sounds to Kiana? Kiana tells Gigi not to put unrealistic ideas in her brother’s head, like her winning the battle royal. An outcast, with Gigi’s background and emotional instability, will always fall short.

Gigi would rather have her background, as bad as it was, over being a stuck-up elitist like Kiana. Gigi can’t wait to see the smug look on Kiana’s face as she sends her sailing over the top rope and wins. But then Dabba-Kato walks past and everyone clams up. Will Dabba destroy Scrypts for saving Axiom?


Dabba-Kato VS SCRYPTS!

NXT returns as Reggie- er, Scrypts makes his entrance. A wrestler by any other name still flies as high as him, but will he be able to get up and over the mountain of a main before him?

The bell rings, Scrypts dodges a lariat to mule kick, but Dabba barely budges! Scrypts throws a haymaker, but Dabba barely flinches. Scrypts fires more shots, but Dabba grabs him! Scrypts breaks free, runs, but Dabba CLOBBERS him! Dabba whips Scrypts to a corner, Scrypts goes up to AX HANDLE! Scrypts keeps moving, he kicks and CHOPS and runs, but Dabba BOOTS him inside out! Dabba drags Scrypts up to scoop and SLAM him! And then scoop and SLAM again! And then scoop and SLAM again! Dabba looms over Scrypts, drags him up right into a BEARHUG! Scrypts endures the squeeze, CLUBS Dabba again and again, and gets free!

Dabba wobbles but he gets Scrypts up, to TOSS him out of the ring! Scrypts tumbles to the floor, Dabba goes out after him, and drags him back up to CHOP against the desk! Dabba roars while fans boo, but he hauls Scrypts up again to scoop, but wait! AXIOM is there! Where’d he come from/ Dabba SHOVES Axiom down, puts Scrypts in the ring, and storms up to grab Scrypts with both hands. But Axiom is up top, he leaps, Dabba dodges, and then chases Axiom off. Dabba turns around, into Scrypts’ SLINGSHOT ELBOW! Dabba staggers around, he rushes in but into buckles! Scrypts table tops Dabba to cover, SCRYPTS WINS!!

Winner: SCRYPTS, by pinfall

But Dabba drags Scrypts right up for a TOSS! And he SWATS Axiom out of the sky! Dabba SLAMS Axiom onto Scrypts! Fans boo as Dabba looms over them both. Will nothing stop Dabba from storming his way up to a title?


The Schism regroups backstage.

Gacy is furious! “This phony friendship of Wes and Tyler makes me sick! It’s as pathetic as Ali’s positive mental attitude drivel! Next week, we will expose this union of convenience!” Rip says yes, they will! But don’t forget that tonight, The Schism reminded everyone of their strength. They secured a great win over Diamond Mine. Yes, that they did. They’ve pulled their weight, they’ve shown the world what The Schism can be. Gacy, however, has fallen short. He fell short tonight and lost at Battleground. He must reflect and rectify. Ava says one root cannot stabilize an entire tree, no matter how strong it is. Jagger says next week, they have his back.


Mustafa Ali regroups with Tyler Bate and Wes Lee backstage.

He appreciates them having his back, and Wes says it was them returning the favor. And Bate says next week, in a Six Man Tag, they’ll tear “that rotten Schism tree” out, roots and all. Wes tells Ali that Bate says stuff like that, just roll with it. Well, okay, that’s great, but Ali feels like there’s still some magic between Wes and Bate. At Battleground, it was all about the spirit of competition. And in a Triple Threat, luck is just as important as skill. They love this! They love competition! Everyone wants to see it again, and this time, it can be 1v1! Bate says it has crossed his mind. But he doesn’t want to jeopardize the friendship.

Wes says with Bate coming to him face to face on it now, he respects it. They secret handshake, Bate says that’s Wes’ weird thing you gotta roll with. Well, okay. Ali will be on SmackDown this Friday for an MITB qualifier, next Tuesday is the Six Man Tag. And then the Tuesday after that, we can figure out when Bate and Wes tear the house down. They’re all for it! Is the Summer already heating up for the North American Championship?


NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal!

Tiffany Stratton truly became the Center of the Universe when she become champion, but that also means she’s surrounded on all sides by those aiming for her belt. Who wins here to be the one with the golden ticket to Tiffany’s first title defense?

NXT returns and Roxanne Perez makes her entrance to join an already packed ring. And last but not least, Dana Brooke makes her entrance! The Flex Appeal is here as a Free Agent, will she be the wild card that wins it all? The bell rings, and the brawl is on! Cora of course goes after Roxie, but Dana helps Valentina Feroz fight Jakara Jackson! Gigi is after Elektra Lopez, Yulisa Leon has Tatum Paxley, Fallon and Kiana go after each other for old time’s sake. Lash swings someone around and clips opponent after opponent! Jakara and Lash help Cora with Roxie and a few others, Jacy clotheslines someone up and out.

Jacy ducks the counter punch to ROLLING ELBOW and ELIMINATE them! Jacy says this is all about her, but fans boo. Dana throws Jakara out, kicks her off the apron, but Oro catches her! Jakara applauds the assist and he helps her back into the ring. Cora DUMPS and ELIMINATES Ariana Grace! Fans boo as Cora laughs at her, but then she and Jacy mug some other superstars. Jacy is after Jakara, Kiana is after Gigi for their little backstage argument, and Thea fights off Tatum. Gigi runs at Kiana, Kiana puts her out but Gigi KNEES back! Gigi drags Kiana up and over to join her! They brawl on the apron!

Fans fire up as Gigi UPPERCUTS Kiana down! But then Kiana kicks Gigi’s legs out! Gigi tumbles and hits the steel steps, then the floor! Kiana ELIMINATES Gigi! Kiana tells Gigi to go call her little brother. Jacy stomps Tatum, Lash fires off hands on Kelani Jordan but Kelani dodges, comes back, only to be clotheslined out to the apron! But Kelani dodges, swings around the corner post, but Jakara trips her up! Kelani falls, Jakara ELIMINATES her! Fallon ROCKS Lash, CHOPS Jakara, and Roxie helps out! Fallon puts Jakara out, fires hands, but Jakara HOTSHOTS! Oro says good work, but Fallon BOOTS Jakara!

Oro catches Jakara again, but then Thea hurries over! Thea SPRINGBOARD TRUST FALLS Oro and Jakara down! Thea ELIMINATES Jakara, but she is safe cuz she went under the top rope! Lash slides out to go after Thea, but ends up in a KIMURA! Lash scoops Thea, and SNAKE EYES her off the steel steps! The ref reprimands but there’s no disqualifications in such a match. Lash leaves Thea behind, only for Feroz & Leon to go after her! She BOOTS them away, but Leon gives Feroz the boost to RANA Lash out! Lash stays on the apron, fires back, but Leon ELBOWS Lashl! Leon goes up and out to go after Lash!

Las Latinas trip and DOUBLE BOOT Lash to ELIMINATE her! They celebrate, but then Lash & Jakara YANK them both off the apron to ELIMINATE them!! And now they brawl! Oro shouts for help, but the battle rages on in and outside the ring as NXT goes picture in picture.

Dana brawls with Cora, Dana BOOTS Cora, and Roxie stomps Jacy. Tatum brawls with Fallon, Elektra has Lyra in a corner. Cora fights off Dana and Kiana while Elektra digs a boto in on Lyra. Roxie throws Jacy up and out but Jacy holds on to fight her off. Lyra scoops Elektra?! What strength! But Elektra lands safe on the apron and tries to drag Lyra up and over with her! Lyra resists, throws elbows, and Elektra wobbles! Lyra WRECKS Elektra with a dropkick and ELIMINATES her! Tatum SLAPS Dana but Dana fires off forearms on her! Cora and Jacy mug Lyra, Kiana keeps on Roxie, and Fallon tires to help Dana.

Tatum fights them off, Dana DECKS Fallon, and then Tatum ROCKS Dana! Tatum bumps Dana off buckles, stomps away, and Cora stomps away on Lyra. Fallon bumps Jacy off buckles, stomps away, and Roxie holds onto ropes as Kiana tries to dump her out. Tatum and Dana brawl more, Dana kicks Tatum down, and NXT returns to single picture. Blair Davenport appears? She wasn’t officially in this match, is she going to insert herself into it? Roxie UPPERCUTS Kiana in a corner, she dodges Jacy to send her into Kiana, then UPPERCUTS them both! Roxie snarls, but Cora grabs her former friend, only for Roxie to turn it around! RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!

Blair taunts Roxie, who was one of her targets, so Roxie goes out after her! THESZ PRESS and fast hands! Blair shoves Roxie away, whips, but Roxie reverses to send Blair into the apron! BACKHAND, and POP- NO, Tatum saves Blair to CROSSBODY Roxie! Tatum ELIMINATES herself, but she and Blair stomp away on Roxie! They throw Roxie back in, and Jacy slithers up behind. Jacy dumps Roxie up and out to ELIMINATE her!! Jacy says Roxie is a loser, but Lyra stalks up behind her! ENZIGURI! Lyra fires off kicks on Cora, dodges Dana, and goes up to MISSILE DROPKICK! Fans fire up as Fallon runs in, but Lyra blocks to HEEL KICK!

Lyra drags Fallon up, scoops her and puts her on the ropes, but Fallon is safe on the apron. Lyra DECKS Fallon, but Jacy TOSSES Lyra! Lyra skins the cat, headscissors Jacy and throws her out to ELIMINATE her! Fans fire up, but then Cora DROPKCIKS Lyra down to ELIMINATE her! Fans boo as Cora laughs at Lyra and blows a kiss. Now we just have Fallon, Cora, Dana and Kiana. Fallon DECKS Cora, DECKS Kiana, ROCKS Dana, then ELBOWS Kiana, and THROWS Dana! Cora returns but Fallon CHOPS her! Fallon runs up the corner, steadies herself, BLOCKBUSTER for Cora! But Kiana RAMS Fallon into a corner!

Kiana reels Fallon in but Fallon doges to ROCK Kiana! Fallon goes up but Kiana shoves her over! Fallon stays on the apron, gets under Kiana, and BACK DROPS her out of the ring! Fallon ELIMINATES Kiana! Dana rushes in, Fallon slides under, sunset flip but Dana rolls through, so Fallon DECKS her! Cora runs in but Fallon dodges to ROCK her! Cora ROCKS back! Dana DOUBLE LARIATS them both! Fans are torn, but Dana runs in at Fallon to handspring back elbow! Dana handspring back elbows Cora! Dana goes back to Fallon, but Fallon headscissors! Dana shoves Fallon away to ELIMINATE her!

Cora goes after Dana! Dana shoulders in, but Cora DROPKCIKS Dana! Dana clutches onto ropes but Cora stomps away! Dana gets back in, both women run, and DOUBLE LARIATS take them down! But wait! Chase U’s student section remembers, Thea is STILL in this match! Thea rises and she has her chance! Thea shakes the ropes, runs in and Cora says she and Dana should work together. Dana says no no, she and Thea will work together! They kick Cora, double whip, and lift her up! Cora fights free, kicks Dana away but Thea dodges! Thea runs, Cora ducks and Thea CLOBBERS Dana! Cora attacks and TOSSES Thea!

Thea holds onto the ropes, Dana storms up to DECK Cora! Thea GAMANGIRIS Cora, gets in, but Dana kicks her. Dana runs, ROLLING NECKBREAKER! Cora returns to SHINING WIZARD Dana in a corner! And then runs to SHINING WIZARD at the ropes! And then SHINING- NO, Dana blocks, Thea dumps them BOTH!! Thea wins!!

Winner: Thea Hail (NEW #1 Contender to the NXT Women’s Champion)

The Chase U student section storms the court! Er, ring! They celebrate as one of their own has herself a title shot! Even Duke, Gulak & Dempsey applaud. Even Haley & Hanna Cavinder, NXT’s newest NIL prospects, are here to celebrate with Thea! Will Chase U finally have some gold thanks to their ultimate underdog?


NXT Media catches Bron Breakker as he is leaving the building.

NXT Media asks him why he attacked Ilja Dragunov. Why? He isn’t gonna let Ilja spit out garbage about being the most intense guy in the WWE. Bron is gonna hold everyone accountable, from top to bottom. And speaking of the top, how about the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Freakin’ Rollins? The workhorse of the WWE? How about he proves it. Rollins knows how things are done in NXT cuz he was the first-ever NXT Champion! And Bron was the most DOMINANT NXT Champion ever! So Rollins should come back to NXT to put the World Heavyweight Championship on the line… against Bron? Will the Visionary accept that challenge?

My Thoughts:

A great episode for NXT here and we’re in some exciting times right now. Corbin isn’t usually must-see but he did show up last week so we gotta know what that’s about. He of course goes with the usual trope of “this generation doesn’t appreciate anything, they don’t understand,” which oddly was very much where they had JBL going with all his promos when he was Corbin’s manager. But I like that Dragunov got in Corbin’s face, and that Trick Williams took the fight to Corbin. I think tonight was the first time I heard a “This is Awesome!” chant during a Corbin match, but he and Trick were great out there. Corbin of course wins, he needs momentum going towards Melo and the title.

Bron attacking Dragunov was quite the surprise, but it seems the next chapter for him is to double down on the aggression and go after everyone who claims to be better at the things he claims to be. Calling out Rollins was an even bigger surprise, but I would love seeing Rollins having a return to NXT, as I know the live audience there would love seeing it. Could these “callbacks” and callouts be how NXT brute forces its way to being the third brand once and for all?

That question aside, great stuff building with The Schism and the North American Championship. Really good Mixed Six, and I loved that string of human weapon moves from Diamond Mine, especially Ivy suplexes Brutus. But of course The Schism cheats a win in that one. Ali VS Gacy was surprisingly short, but I suppose it builds towards story on both ends. Gacy feels like he’s letting the team down but they’re still standing with him, and Ali seems to be literally match making. The Six Man of Ali, Bate & Wes VS Schism is going to be great, and I bet we get Bate VS Wes on TV since Great American Bash is so far away still.

We got good matches out of Thorpe VS Kemp and Dabba-Kato VS SCRYPTS. A little surprised Thorpe won again with some controversy, I would’ve thought they’d go the other way and have Kemp win by controversy. And in Dabba VS Scrypts, I should’ve figured Axiom would show up. Scrypts gets the win but Dabba has the last laugh, so I sense a handicap match in the future. WWE has done 2 Faces VS 1 Heel before, but it never felt like it was a situation where the Heel was really so much more powerful. In this case, it will work because Dabba is as big as Scrypts and Axiom combined.

Good prison visitation promo, especially that Kardashian joke. Stacks keeps saying it’s Gallus but that just means it isn’t Gallus. But Tony is giving him permission to do what he needs to in order to bring Gallus down, I wonder if Stacks recruits people to the D’Angelo Family for a Six Man Tag. Also, good stuff out of the tag division with everyone doing the mind meld and irritating Malik. Malik VS Edris will be a fun match, who knows how that goes. I feel like NXT could even be building things to a massive NXT Tag Team Championship match for Great American Bash, like the Ladder Fatal 4 Ways of old.

Hard Hitting Home Truths was alright, but those names Dragon Lee came up with for Dar’s group felt more like something HBK and Road Dogg would come up with. But Dar and his group had a good promo in return, and their name, “The Meta Four” is much better than those five names. Frazer VS Dar is going to be great stuff, but with just Dragon Lee, I don’t see Frazer having a chance with Oro, Jakara and Lash all out there. But in tonight’s main event, it looks like they could’ve been building some women’s tag feuds. Lash & Jakara went after Yulisa & Valentina, that could be some good stuff, and we could see Yulisa & Valentina side with Dragon & Frazer as their own quartet.

And speaking of that battle royal, good promo from Gigi and Kiana beforehand, and same for Thea’s promo earlier on. Gigi and Kiana feuding seems to be the next move, helping Gigi build up momentum while Tiffany takes care of her first defense. Roxie brawling with Blair made sense, but I did not see Tatum joining Team Blair. Maybe Dani helps Roxie against them since she was also a target, and also lost to Blair tonight. Great moving of pieces to have Thea out of commission until the end and then finish it up with a big win over Dana and Cora. Thea got that like, Lex Luger beat Yokozuna celebration, where even future superstars, Haley & Hanna Cavinder, got to show up for it.

Now, Thea and Tiffany are going to have an awesome build to their match, they’re going to have an awesome match, but with this being Tiff’s first defense and there being the bigger Chase U story, I don’t see Thea winning. If only NXT had a women’s midcard title, Thea and a few other names could be fighting for that. Just not sure what to name it, as the WWE already uses the phrases Intercontinental, United States and North American, and they wouldn’t want to copy AEW’s International Championship. WWE hasn’t had a Television Championship in 20 years, so giving that concept to the women’s division would be pretty cool.

My Score: 8.8/10

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