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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (8/21/20)

Does Maverick make 205 Live must-see?



NEW 205 Live Coverage

205 Live serves up fresh match-ups in the THUNDERDOME!

The enemies of Santos Escobar have a long way back to the NXT Cruiserweight Championship! Will Drake Maverick and Jake Atlas start down that road?


  • Drake Maverick VS Tehuti Miles; Maverick wins.
  • Jake Atlas VS Tony Nese; Nese wins.


Drake Maverick VS Tehuti Miles!

The former General Manager of 205 Live has had his ups and downs since the Cruiserweight Championship round robin but hasn’t given up yet. Tehuti has faced his own frustrations, going 0-2 against Mansoor. Who rebounds as SummerSlam Weekend approaches?

The bell rings and Tehuti takes his time taking off the puffy jacket, the sunglasses and the shiny fanny pack. He makes sure the pack stays on the corner, but he bails out as Maverick rushes him. Tehuti takes time taking off the long sleeve shirt and bringing out a come from the pack. Tehuti gives his hair a brush through before he gets in the ring and puts the overall straps up. He and Maverick tie up, Tehuti powers Maverick to a corner. The ref counts, Tehuti lets up to let the “pipsqueak” out. Maverick and Tehuti tie up again, Tehuti waistlocks to trip and then walk all over Maverick. Tehuti goes back to his favorite corner to use his come again. Maverick rushes over but the ref keeps him back.

Tehuti takes his time coming out of the corner, and he swats Maverick! Maverick rushes at Tehuti and goes after the hair! Tehuti has to clean it up with the come but Maverick dropkicks him off the apron! Maverick CANNONBALLS off the apron! Maverick has Tehuti by the announce desk with big haymakers! Maverick messes up Tehuti’s hair before bumping him off the apron. Maverick tries again but Tehuti throws Maverick into the apron instead! Tehuti ROCKS Maverick, puts him in and tackles him down! Tehuti rains down angry right hands then stalks him to the apron. Tehuti pulls Maverick’s hair as he stands him up, then POSTS Maverick! Maverick falls onto the apron, Tehuti drags him in and covers, TWO!

Tehuti keeps on Maverick with more hair pulling. Tehuti wraps on a chinlock and grinds Maverick down. Maverick endures as Tehuti thrashes him around. Maverick fights his way up and fights free with body shots. Tehuti walks into more body shots and gets angry. Tehuti DECKS Maverick, drags him up and scoops. Maverick slips out, rolls Tehuti, TWO! Tehuti swings into Maverick’s backslide attempt! The two fight for control, Maverick manages to get Tehuti down for the cover, TWO! Tehuti runs into Maverick’s elbow! Maverick runs to sunset flip! Tehuti slips out, gets the legs and turns Maverick over. Tehuti waistlocks, Maverick gets the ropes, and then the momentum allows Maverick to roll Tehuti up! TWO and Tehuti CLOBBERS Maverick! Tehuti crouches by Maverick to mock him.

Tehuti drops an elbow, then another, but stops at the third to smooth his hair. Tehuti poses for the camera before he stalks Maverick to a corner. Maverick drags himself up and Tehuti mocks him again. Tehuit point blank clotheslines, but then Maverick ducks the second! Tehuti grabs at Maverick but Maverick throws more body shots! Maverick counter punches Tehuti again and again, then throws haymaker after haymaker! Maverick whips, Tehuti reverses but Maverick calf kicks him down! Maverick hits another calf kick and Tehuti flounders to a corner! Maverick runs corner to corner for a BIG forearm smash to a running bulldog! And a BIG back senton!

Tehuti is down, Maverick goes to the corner and climbs up! Maverick aims, leaps, MACHO ELBOW! Tehuti gets up and Maverick fires up with the virtual crowd! Maverick kicks low, cravats, UNDERDOG! Cover, Maverick wins!!

Winner: Drake Maverick, by pinfall

Maverick’s take on ol’ Spike Dudley’s move gets him a huge victory! Will Maverick keep winning from behind to be back on top of 205 Live?


Jake Atlas VS Tony Nese!

The Premier Athlete may have teamed with Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, but he still doesn’t take kindly to other 205 Live newcomers. Will Nese make sure Atlas knows his place in the Cruiserweight Division? Or will Atlas prove the old guard has had their chance and it’s time for the new blood to have their turn?

The bell rings and Nese circles with Atlas as fans cheer. They tie up, Atlas powers Nese back but Nese puts Atlas in the corner. Atlas turns it around along the ropes but the ref calls for the ropebreak. Atlas lets up, Nese comes back and they go again. Atlas gets around to waistlock, Nese pries free to wrench around to a high wristlock. Atlas gets a leg trip, drops down for a headlock, but Nese resists the cover. Nese pushes back with a forearm, pulls hair but the ref reprimands. Nese headscissors, Atlas pops free and hits a headlock takeover! Atlas grinds the hold but Nese grinds his forearm into Atlas’ face. Atlas resists but Nese powers up to power Atlas into the corner. Nese rams a shoulder in and CHOPS, then whips Atlas corner to corner. Atlas reverses, Nese stops himself and elbows back.

Nese hops up but Atlas gets under. Nese taunts Atlas with jumping jacks and things speed up! Atlas drops down then hurdles over to run and cartwheel. Atlas whips Nese, they collide shoulders but Nese staggers to a corner. Atlas elbows and CHOPS Nese in return! Atlas whips corner to corner, Nese reverses and runs in. Nese blocks boots, tosses Atlas to ropes but Atlas comes back to arm-drag! Atlas runs to huricanrana and dropkick Nese down! Atlas handsprings and grins before he covers, TWO! Atlas keeps his cool as he watches Nese. Atlas brings Nese up and blasts him with a European Uppercut! Cover, TWO! Nese crawls, Atlas drags him back up and cravats. Atlas cranks the neck and grinds Nese down but Nese endures.

Nese pushes against the chin but Atlas cranks harder. Nese stands, reaches for ropes but Atlas keeps him away. Atlas cranks harder and harder, but Nese powers up and powers Atlas to ropes. Atlas snapmares to counter the whip, then crucifix pins, TWO! Atlas is right back on that headlock! But Nese powers up to back suplex Atlas down! Both men are down but Nese is on Atlas for ground ‘n’ pound! Nese stops to then have Atlas in the corner. Nese brings Atlas out to whip to ropes and run over with an elbow! Cover, TWO! Atlas sputters but Nese cranks Atlas with a neck wrench of his own. Atlas endures, Nese leans on him and fans cheer. Nese hides his fish hook from the ref but the ref comes around. Atlas fights up, Nese facelocks but Atlas fights back.

Nese clubs Atlas and suplexes but Atlas knees free! Atlas runs, sunset flips but Nese slips out to mule KICK! Cover, TWO! Nese grows frustrated and grits his teeth while Atlas stirs. Nese stands over Atlas, toys with him, but Atlas hits back with body shots and a CHOP! Atlas throws forearms, CHOPS and body shots, then whips Nese corner to corner. Nese reverses and Atlas hits buckles hard! Cover but Nese has to force both shoulders down, ONE! Nese puts Atlas back in a corner and CHOPS Atlas again. Nese smirks while Atlas scowls. Nese kisses his own bicep to whip Atlas corner to corner again. Atlas rebounds to DECK Nese with a forearm! Nese staggers back to his feet, Atlas shoves him and elbows him away. Atlas hops up and over and rallies with big forearms!

Nese flounders to a corner, Atlas runs in to ram his shoulder in! Atlas is on the apron, he springboards for the FLYING BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Atlas grows frustrated but he has a former Cruiserweight Champion down! Nese crawls to ropes but Atlas is after him. Atlas grabs at Nese but Nese throws him to the apron. Atlas rams his shoulder into Nese again, slingshot sunset flips but Nese holds ropes! Nese KICKS Atlas right in the head! PREMIER TRIANGLE MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Nese grows frustrated as Atlas survives! Atlas flounders and stirs while Nese glares at him. Nese brings Atlas up to CHOP! Atlas CHOPS back!

Nese ROCKS Atlas with a haymaker, Atlas throws a haymaker back! They brawl back and forth, Atlas fires off fast hands from all sides but Nese shoves and ROCKS him with that left! Atlas wobbles, powers back up and fires off more haymakers! Nese shoves again, Atlas tosses Nese out of the ring! Atlas runs and DIVES! Nese hits the announce desk! Atlas fires up and gets Nese into the ring. Atlas climbs up top as Nese slowly stands. But Nese drops down to avoid the Rainbow! Atlas grabs at Nese on the apron but Nese throat chops back!! Nese and Gulak say hey, but Atlas rolls Nese up!! ATLAS WINS!

Winner: Jake Atlas, by pinfall

Nese attacks Atlas! The Premier Athlete is a sore loser as he throws forearms and stomps away! Nese has Atlas in the corner, brings down the knee pad, and runs side to side, for the PREMIER KNEE!! Nese welcomes the new kid, but then goes to the announce desk to point at the log. “You see this right here? This brand? This brand is CRAP without Tony Nese!” The roster is GARBAGE without Tony Nese! Nese drops the hood down as fans boo and give thumbs down. Will Nese climb up to the title scene while dominating HIS brand?

My Thoughts:

Not a bad episode, and I’m glad this was also filmed in The ThunderDome! Maverick VS Tehuti was alright, but clearly there was still some wrinkles to be ironed out for this particular match-up. It’s great for Maverick to win, but I feel like 205 Live is the only place he can win anymore. Escobar and El Legado del Fantasma moved on pretty quick from him just to get to Swerve and Breezango, when I feel like Maverick should’ve been in the mix the entire time. Atlas VS Nese was a really good match, I almost thought Atlas was going to win because Nese and Gulak were saying hey as old buddies. But Nese wins and does have a very valid point: 205 Live has really gone downhill, and Nese is one of the last hold-outs still even part of it.

The wrestling community at large has been wondering for well over a year now what could help 205 Live, and I feel like the only thing they have done is keep some “205 Live OG” on the roster. I will always wish WWE didn’t just stifle it with Stephanie McMahon greedily hogging the Cruiserweight Division for Raw way back when there were still brand GM’s and commissioners. But I’ll still do my best to cover this show until it is truly dead.

My Score: 8.1/10

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