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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (8/7/20)

The Govenah is back!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

The Premier Athlete brawls with Danny Burch!

The Govenah returns to 205 Live and starts by taking on Tony Nese, who has been up and down in his own run. Plus, Ever-Rise tries to rise back up!


  • Ever-Rise VS Mikey Spandex & Marquis Carter; Ever-Rise wins.
  • Danny Burch w/ Oney Lorcan VS Tony Nese; Burch wins.


Ever-Rise VS Mikey Spandex & Marquis Carter!

Chase Parker and Matt Martel have been having a real rough time as of late, but they never give up! Will Ever-Rise rise back up and finally get some traction?

The teams sort out, and it’s Parker starting against Mikey. They circle, tie up, and Parker gets the wrist. Parker wrenches but Mikey reaches back. Parker brings Mikey to a knee and slaps him all around! Mikey powers up but Parker forearms him in the back. Parker wrenches, tags Martel and then hands off the wrench. Martel yanks on the arm, wrenches again and tags in Parker. Ever-Rise mugs Mikey, but Mikey rolls, handsprings, but Parker knees him. Parker slaps Mikey around, whips, but Mikey goes up and over to slide under and scoop for a slam! And splash! Cover, TWO! Mikey stays on Parker with a headlock, Parker fights up to back suplex Mikey down! Parker rains down rights, tags Martel in and Martel tells Mikey he’s gonna get it now!

Martel stomps, bumps Mikey off buckles then CHOPS him! Martel whips Mikey corner to corner hard! Mikey hits buckles hard and Martel dares Carter to do something about it! Martel snapmares, drops an elbow on Mikey, then drops another! Martel wrenches Mikey to a keylock but Mikey endures. Mikey fights up, the crowd rallies but Parker wrangles him down. Mikey still fights up, but Martel back suplexes. Mikey lands on his feet to dropkick Martel! Hot tag to Carter and he fires off running forearms! Carter fires up, runs corner to corner and splashes in! Then he goes again, springboard flying elbow! Cover, ONE! Carter keeps on Martel but Martel reverses to GERMAN SUPLEX! Martel is seething as he tags in Parker. Ever-Rise drags Carter up, backbreaker and KNEE combo!

Parker paces, then drags Carter up for a whip hard into the corner. Tag to Martel, Parker whips Martel for Martel to whip Parker into Carter! Drop toehold, step stool “BOOYAH!” elbow drop! Martel tags Parker back in, Parker DECKS Mikey, then Ever-Rise hits Carter with a wheelbarrow CODE BREAKER! Cover, Ever-Rise wins!

Winners: Ever-Rise, by pinfall

And the comeback begins! Will Parker and Martel keep climbing back up towards the top and truly be “the best team that 205 Live has ever seen”?


205 revisits El Legado del Fantasma’s actions on NXT.

Not only did Santos Escobar and his cohorts, Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde, attack Breezango in the parking lot, but they abducted Fandango! Then they brought Fandango to the arena from a rear entrance, dragged him to ringside and told everyone that lucha libre culture is important. It is far too important for Fandango and Tyler Breeze to “make a mockery” of it. It wasn’t just an insult to them, but to their ancestors, and Escobar’s own father, El Fantasma. Breeze tried and failed to rescue Fandango, and they both got beat down. Escobar warned “Anyone who can hear my voice. Swerve Scott… Speak my name again, and this will be your future.” Swerve and the entire Cruiserweight Division has been put on notice. Will Swerve heed the warning?


Danny Burch w/ Oney Lorcan VS Tony Nese!

The Govenah was a target of Karrion Kross, and he will get his chance at revenge on NXT next Wednesday! But first, he needs to shake off some rust. Will the Premier Athlete be too much of a fight for a simple tune-up? Or will Burch be just that motivated to win?

The bell rings and Burch circles with Nese. They tie up, Burch manages to power Nese back but Nese turns things around. Nese has Burch in the corner but lets up at the ref’s count. Burch comes back and circles with Nese again. They tie up, Burch steps in, spins and trips Nese to a heel hook! Nese scrambles and gets the ropebreak! Burch sets the leg down nicely, and the two go again. Nese fakes Burch out with a high knuckle lock but drops down to get a leg pick! Burch fights the cover off, Nese has the leg but Burch gets a headlock. Burch body scissors, rolls and rear mounts to then get a half nelson. Burch moves around, turns Nese to a cover, TWO! Nese has a waistlock and turns it into a rear bearhug.

Burch drags Nese off with a headlock, Nese fights to roll but Burch keeps his legs up for an armbar. Nese gets the ropebreak again and Burch lets off. Burch and Nese tie up again, Nese powers Burch to a corner, then RAMS his shoulder in! Nese whips, Burch reverses, Nese stops himself before hitting buckles. Burch runs into Nese’s back elbow, Nese goes up and over, Nese goes Matrix and mule kicks, knee lifts, kicks and sweeps! Cover, TWO! Nese is right on Burch with a chinlock but Burch endures. Oney coaches Burch, Burch fights up and pries free to a headlock of his own. Nese powers out, Burch runs him over! Things keep moving, Nese jumps but Burch picks him out of the air! Burch is right on Nese with a headlock takeover!

Burch grinds Nese down, Nese resists the cover so Burch throws some point blank palm strikes. Nese endures those and fights his way up. Nese powers out, Burch runs him over and covers right away, TWO! Burch gets the headlock again, Nese powers up to back suplex! Both men are down and Oney coaches, but Nese covers, TWO! Nese drags Burch around into a facelock and he grinds Burch down now. The crowd builds to a rally, Burch fights up and jawbreakers free! Burch runs into a throat chop! Nese takes Burch to the ropes for the bulldog hotshot! Nese hurries to PREMIER TRIANGLE! Cover, but Burch is in the ropes! Nese is frustrated for not realizing that, but he stomps Burch down.

Nese clamps on with a partial camel clutch but Burch endures. Burch fights up, pries at the chinlock but throws body shots. Nese whips Burch hard into buckles! Cover, TWO! Nese grows frustrated but he goes back to Burch in the corner. Nese drags Burch up, scoops and slams, then puts on the body scissors! Burch endures the squeeze but Nese also adds a chinlock. The crowd rallies, Burch pries off the chinlock but not for long! Nese clamps on tighter and rolls Burch away from Oney. Oney coaches Burch as Burch endures, and Burch finds a second wind! Burch pries the body scissors off, rolls around, but Nese throws knees. Nese whips hard again, but Burch comes back to LARIAT! Nese flounders up, Burch runs back in to corner clothesline! And enziguri! And snap suplex! Cover, TWO!

The crowd rallies as both men stir. Burch goes back to a corner, Oney coaches him up, but Nese is on Burch first. Burch throws forearms but Nese throws haymakers! Burch ROCKS Nese, Nese rebounds to ROCK Burch! Burch kisses the fist to ROCK Nese again! And again! Burch throws EuroUppers and Nese ends up in a corner. Nese boots back, hops up but Burch gets under the leap. Nese comes back, Burch sunset flips but Nese rolls through to mule KICK! Cover, TWO!! Burch survives and Nese can’t believe it! Oney and the crowd fire up for Burch as Burch sits up. Nese mule KICKS again! Burch is in a drop zone, Nese goes up top, PREMIER 450! But Nese FLOPS as Burch moves! Both men are down and Oney fires up. Wait, is that Ariya Daivari!? Daivari said he’d be back, and it seems he isn’t over his beef with Oney, which is why he’s raking Oney’s eyes! And then throws him into Plexiglas!

Daivari drags Oney up again to throw into more Plexiglas! Referees rush out to stop Daivari but Daivari just throws security into barriers! The Persian Lion finally leaves as Burch checks on Oney. Oney tells Burch to worry more about the match and the refs get Oney to the back. Nese wanted to blindside Burch, but he stops himself! Nese has wanted to be a better person, and is showing signs of that. But then he changes his mind and at least grabs Burch to bring to the ring. Burch turns it around to RAM Nese into the apron! Burch is angry so he takes it out on Nese with a HEADBUTT! The ring count is past 5 as Burch throws Nese into steel steps! Burch puts Nese in at 8, drags him up, and puts him on the ropes, for the DRAPING DDT! Cover, Burch wins!!

Winner: Danny Burch, by pinfall

As if Kross’ unwarranted attack wasn’t enough, Daivari’s attack on Oney has made Burch reach a new boiling point! Will Burch make Kross pay for his actions as well as Daivari’s? As for Nese, will he be able to rebound from this defeat? Or will the moral conflict in his mind cost him again?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode, though obviously some things were a bit disappointing. First off, instead of a recap package, we got the entirety of the El Legado del Fantasma segment from NXT. That was purely to fill time, as if the people who watch 205 Live don’t watch NXT. Also, given what we saw from SmackDown earlier tonight, it is hard to explain why the riotous group known as “Retribution” didn’t stick around to ruin 205 Live. The obvious answer is that 205 Live is now filmed before SmackDown as if it were the dark matches to the show. In kayfabe, it could be proof as to who the leader of the group is. My theory is that Lio Rush is leading Retribution, and the kayfabe explanation is that he respects the Cruiserweight Division where he got his start in WWE.

As for what we got tonight, we got a good match from Ever-Rise, but I am really impressed by the coordinated look of Spandex and Carter. Those two could be something on 205 Live and in the Cruiserweight Division if given the chance. In fact, that’s part of how Ever-Rise got to be an established part of the show, so why not? Nese VS Burch was great for just being 12 minutes or so. Commentary helped weave in the part about Kross going after Burch, and then what a great surprise for Daivari to show up. Even with his promo last week, I didn’t expect Daivari to show up tonight, but I really like that he still hates Oney. Nese having that hesitation was great character work, and it’s great that Burch got to win off it. Burch is going to give Kross a great match, even in losing, but it was good that tonight reminded us how tough Burch can be.

My Score: 8.1/10

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