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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (8/17/20)

One week until SummerSlam!



WWE Raw Coverage 3.0

Raw is reeling this close to SummerSlam!

Everyone is in shock that The Viper’s viciousness turned on Ric Flair! Shawn Michaels returns to Raw, will he confront Randy Orton? Will he be the Legend Killer’s next victim?


  • Apollo Crews VS Shelton Benjamin w/ The Hurt Business; Apollo wins and bans The Hurt Business from ringside for SummerSlam.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Hurt Business Bail Out: R-Truth VS Akira Tozawa w/ Ninjas VS Shelton Benjamin w/ Hurt Business; Benjamin wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega VS Ivar w/ Erik; Garza wins.
  • Natalya w/ Lana VS Mickie James; Natalya wins, by count-out.
  • The Golden Role Models VS Asuka & Shayna Baszler; Asuka & Baszler win.
  • Ruby Riott w/ Liv Morgan VS Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay; Royce wins.
  • Raw Underground – Erik goes 1-1, Ziggler goes 1-0.
  • Raw Underground – Arturo Ruas VS Riddick Moss; No Contest.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Mid-Match Mayhem: Shelton Benjamin w/ The Hurt Business VS Cedric Alexander; Alexander wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • Six Man Elimination Tag: The Hurt Business VS Apollo Crews, Ricochet & Mustafa Ali; The Hurt Business wins.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship: Cedric Alexander VS Akira Tozawa; Alexander wins and retains the WWE 24/7 Championship.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Dirty Business: Cedric Alexander VS Shelton Benjamin; Benjamin wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • Raw Underground – Marina Shafir wins.
  • Montez Ford w/ Angelo Dawkins VS Andrade Almas w/ Angel Garza; Ford wins.


The opening intro is all weird…

Rewinding, stopping, flipping around. Is Retribution taking over now, then and forever?


Drew McIntyre heads to the ring!

The WWE World Champion is here and grabs the mic to address what we all saw last week. The Celtic Colossus was first on the scene after Randy Orton PUNTED Ric Flair in the head, and will be facing that very Viper this Sunday at SummerSlam. McIntyre says what Orton did last week “was completely unforgivable. Randy Orton brutalized Ric Flair.” Not just the legend, the 16-time world champ, two-time hall of fame inductee and icon for generation after generation. But a 71-year-old man. Ric is someone Orton grew up around for 20 years as a mentor, protector and friend. Last week, with a tear in Ric’s eye, he told Orton that Orton should be the one to break the record because of how much Ric loved him. And what did Orton do? “You kicked him in his damn skull!”

But here’s the thing. SummerSlam isn’t Orton and a defenseless old man. Orton is facing “a pissed off, 6’5″ Scottish fire-breathing dragon” that wants to hurt him! Not just for McIntyre, but for everyone Orton’s ever wronged, and especially Flair! Camera cuts are a bit weird and graphics are showing up randomly as McIntyre tries to take us down memory lane. Orton VS Foley, all the weapons! Yes, Orton took the torch from Foley that night. And we’re getting a replay of Dominik Mysterio taking those kendo stick strikes in a picture in picture. McIntyre tells Orton that SummerSlam will be a beating far worse than thumbtacks and weapons. “Screw that! Drew McIntyre IS a damn weapon!”

McIntyre wishes SummerSlam was now, and he knows Orton is hiding somewhere in the building. The graphics are going by so fast it’s a bit nauseating. A cameraman barges into the production truck to find Retribution members forcing the tech crew to do these things! Then they break the computers now that they’ve been found! McIntyre keeps talking about what he wants to do to Orton while Raw goes to break! Is this the end or just the beginning of the chaos for tonight?


Raw returns to the locker room assembled.

Much like the superstars last Friday Night SmackDown, Titus O’Neil, Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander, Ricochet, Humberto Carrillo, The Viking Raiders and even Riddick Moss all want answers. This was no hacker, and it wasn’t Akira Tozawa’s ninja clan. McIntyre comes in and says his stuff with Orton can wait. Is Ric okay? Yes, from what McIntyre’s heard. But Orton won’t be okay. Of course, that’s if we get to Sunday. Retribution keeps causing chaos and trouble, and McIntyre doesn’t appreciate them doing this. So they have tow choices: carry on and see what happens; or band together and stomp this out! But Seth Rollins come sin, laughing and applauding.

Rollins appreciates what McIntyre is doing. Yes, Retribution is a problem. But Monday night already has its Messiah, so there’s already a locker room leader. Okay, Rollins. You’ve been doing this song and dance for about five years now. If the boys didn’t respect you then, they’re not going to respect you now. Rollins gets it, McIntyre is the champion with a chip on his shoulders and thinks he’s the leader. But being a champion doesn’t make you a leader nor a teacher. Let’s not forget who taught McIntyre about being a champion. It was Rollins. Just like how Rollins taught Dominik what it takes to be a WWE superstar. Ricochet says Rollins is about to get his receipt for that, too. BURN!

Rollins asks if Ricochet has something to say. Just saying, Rey Mysterio going to be here tonight. Literally impossible. We all saw what Rollins did to Rey’s eye. But Alexander speaks up and says it’s still happening. Rollins doesn’t believe them but McIntyre asks if the Messiah is scared. He’s not! Rollins knows how to protect himself and those around him. Meanwhile, McIntyre couldn’t protect Flair from Orton. Get your priorities straight or you’ll end up the EX WWE Champion. Well Rollins could just come out and say it. If he wants McIntyre to drop him right here, McIntyre will gladly oblige! Buddy Murphy steps in and things get tense. McIntyre dares Rollins to step up, but Rollins and Murphy take their leave. Will everything blow up tonight before SummerSlam?


The Hurt Business is here!

It takes a moment to get the proper titantron and lights going, but MVP, Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin still head down to address business. “While Drew McIntyre is in the back, organizing some sort of buddy system,” they’re here to make a statement. “Retribution, wherever you may be. The Hurt Business is officially open for business.” MVP already knows what this is. While the rest of the WWE roster is “hand wringing” and worrying, the Hurt Business is calling Retribution out! Retribution thinks they’re tough for terrorizing from the shadows? That’s not tough! What is tough is Lashley, Benjamin and even MVP! A cameraman finally returns to ringside to get a better look.

MVP says in his life, he’s learned to follow the money. This is the same. Follow the path. Who benefits most from Retribution? Think about it. If you follow the trail, it leads you to catering, where you find Apollo Crews and “His band of merry pranksters,” Ali, Ricochet and Alexander. In fact, Hurt Business bets that they hatched this up while Apollo was home on the couch after the “Full Lashley” full nelson. TO cut to the chase, we all know Retribution showed up around the time MVP faced Apollo for the United States Championship! That’s not a coincidence! That was a ploy so that Apollo could still MVP’s US Championship belt that he paid thousands of dollars for! But here comes Apollo to respond!

Apollo has that very belt and a mic to say, “I knew that you would be out here making excuses.” But to accuse Apollo for leading Retribution? That’s low. No, what’s low is Apollo and his “masked dudes” pulling these “subversive actions.” No this is just MVP distracting from the match at SummerSlam. MVP can’t beat Apollo without help, just like Benjamin. Let’s real talk. Until Apollo had the title, he’s had more stops and starts than a used car. That made Apollo bitter and that’s why he has a crew of the same people. Apollo doesn’t fear MVP, but losing the title. Because as soon as he does, it’s back to catering.

Yeah, Apollo DOES fear losing. That’s why he FIGHTS. But if he was anything like MVP, he would’ve joined up with the Hurt Business months ago. Well if he was like MVP, he’d be smart and he’d understand this business! If he wants to talk business, then let’s talk business! If Apollo beats Benjamin, then both Benjamin and Lashley will be in catering banned from ringside, and MVP will have to go 1v1. MVP says Apollo is a child, and there will be no excuses when MVP puts Apollo over his knee. MVP sicks the Hurt Business after Apollo but Apollo ROCKS Benjamin and gets in the ring! Will Apollo even the odds for Sunday?


Apollo Crews VS Shelton Benjamin w/ The Hurt Business!

Raw returns with the match already in progress. Apollo clubs away on Benjamin then whips, but Benjamin reverses. Benjamin waistlocks but Apollo counters to a victory roll, TWO! Benjamin CLOBBERS Apollo! MVP tells Benjamin add on and he stomps away on Apollo. Benjamin puts Apollo in a corner, stomps away then clubs away. The ref backs Benjamin off, but Benjamin whips Apollo corner to corner hard! Cover, TWO! The crowd rallies up for Apollo but Benjamin waits. Apollo denies Pay Dirt then hits a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Apollo keeps his focus as Benjamin gets to a corner. Apollo waistlocks and brings Benjamin out, but Benjamin counters the Crews Missile to a DDT! Cover, TWO!!

MVP shouts for Benjamin to keep going, and Benjamin drags Apollo back up. Benjamin reels Apollo in, but is that R-Truth!? He’s running away because of Akira Tozawa and the ninjas giving chase! Benjamin has to shove the ninjas out of the way, Apollo trips him up to jackknife cover! Apollo wins!!

Winner: Apollo Crews, by pinfall; Hurt Business banned from ringside for the WWE United States Championship match

But Lashley and MVP go after Apollo! No more concern for Apollo’s health this week, they’re just angry! They beat Apollo up but here come those friends! Ricochet, Ali and Alexander fight the Hurt Business back! Lashley puts Alexander on the apron but gets an enziguri! Springboard, but into the #FullLashley! But Ricochet and Ali save Alexander with a sleeper hold, SUPERKICK and BOOT! Apollo and friends dump Lashley out! The Hurt Business suffers another loss, will this finally be settled come SummerSLam?

Truth returns but Benjamin BOOTS him down! Cover, Benjamin wins the 24/7 Championship!!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin, by pinfall (NEW WWE 24/7 Champion)

MVP says “We are NOT going out like that! Not tonight!” They will not be disrespected by Truth the clown, a bunch of ninjas, and Apollo’s crew. How about Apollo choose two of those idiots and face MVP’s guys in a Six Man ELIMINATION Match?! Challenge accepted! Who steps up to hurt the Hurt Business all over again?


Angel Garza reunites with Demi Burnett.

Did she enjoy his match last week? Of course! Well here’s a rose. Thanks! But Ivar returns to charm her again. He really enjoyed their conversation last week about his hoop dreams. Damian Lillard has Dam Time, but now it’s Ivar Time. Would Demi like to be his guest at Raw Underground tonight? He presents her with turkey. Thank you, Ivar! She’d love to! Anything for such a beautiful lady. Oh and, Garza didn’t poison it this time. Did Garza poison Montez Ford? No! No one did! This is just Ford’s excuse so he won’t have to defend the Raw Tag Team titles! Garza says Ivar won’t be pretending in their match up next. And then he throws the turkey down! But Ivar calls it back like Mjolnir! Garza better put some respect on that name! Everything is fair in love and warbeards, but who survives to take Demi on a date?


WWE has a huge announcement!

With everything going on in the Performance Center, the venue for Raw and SmackDown is about to change! WWE turns the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida into the THUNDERDOME! SummerSlam weekend will be bigger than ever as far as a state-of-the-art “virtual fan” experience! Try it out for yourself starting this Friday Night SmackDown!


Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega VS Ivar w/ Erik!

We return to the ring with everyone already here. Who will win the heart of Demi in the shadow of the biggest party of the summer?

The bell rings and Garza runs in, only for Ivar to side step him! Ivar waistlocks but Garza elbows free. Garza headlocks, Ivar powers out and fireman’s carries but Garza slips out. Garza waistlocks but Ivar bucks him off. Things speed up, Ivar cartwheels but Garza catches the heel kick to KNEE Ivar! Garza throws Ivar down by his beard! Off come the pants! Demi watches as Garza wraps Ivar up in a half nelson. Wait, Angelo Dawkins is saying hi to Demi! Garza turns the armlock into a part crossface, but Ivar endures. The crowd rallies, Ivar fights up but Garza throws knees and forearms. Garza whips, Ivar reverses and EXPLODERS Garza away!

The crowd fires up more as Ivar runs Garza over with a shoulder! Ivar waits for Garza to stand before he scoops and sidewalk slams! Then the BASEMENT SPLASH! Ivar fires up as Garza crawls away. Ivar stalks him to a corner, drags him up, and whips him corner to corner. Corner clothesline! Ivar whips the other way, another clothesline! Garza flops but Ivar is ready. Ivar scoops Garza but Garza slips out and shoves. Garza runs into the SEATED SENTON! Cover, TWO!! Garza survives and Vega is relieved. Ivar drags Garza up as the crowd rallies again. Ivar hoists Garza up top and climbs up behind him. Garza resists and elbows Ivar back. Garza bumps Ivar off buckles as he goes to the apron. But Ivar clobbers Garza with a clothesline!

Vega checks on Garza but Ivar builds speed! Vega stands in his way so Ivar slams on the brakes. Ivar goes out to get Garza and throw him into the apron! And then the Plexiglas! Ivar puts Garza in at 4 and glares at Almas. Almas stays back but Garza kicks Ivar down! Garza slithers around, and basement dropkicks! Cover, Garza wins!!

Winner: Angel Garza, by pinfall

The Lethal Lothario definitely lives up to the first half of his nickname. But Dawkins tells “Fabio” to look at the screen. Demi congratulates Garza on an awesome win. Wait, what is this? Chill, Garza, they were just talking. They were both saying how great the Raw Tag Team championship match is going to be. Demi was asking a lot of questions about Ivar and Garza. Dawkins will back his #VikingProfits brother all day, but the only thing Dawks knows about Garza is that he likes velvet sweats in the summer. Maybe they should ask someone who knows him a little better. Where’s Charly Caruso?

Garza says that’s enough! Mind your business, Dawkins! He’s just playing, fam. But mama always told Dawkins that you can tell a lot about someone from the crew he’s rolling with. And in this case, we really about to find out a lot about those three. What? The titantron changes but Garza hurries to the back!

Vega and Almas ask commentary what this is about. Samoa Joe says Retribution has caused the WWE to start an “intensive security review process,” and it seems they’ve gone over hundreds of hours of security footage. Joe is well-liked, but he was shown something rather interesting. He shared it with Dawkins, and it seems Dawkins now wants to share it with everyone. It’s one of those things that shows how far someone is willing to go, when they think no one is watching. Vega suddenly starts to worry. She and Almas leave, but just what are we about to see?


Raw returns as Garza finds Dawkins and Demi.

Dawkins gives Demi his phone but Garza warns her. If you see that number at 2 AM, delete it. Whoa, why does it gotta be like that? Vega hurries in and wants the phone because of the evidence. Back down, fam! Charly appears because of the commotion. She also wants to know what the video is. Dawkins tells production to roll tape! The video is of Vega up to something. She looks around to see the coast is clear of human eyes. If that is what it looks like, she DID spike Ford’s drink!! Vega defends that everyone is clearly blind, because that is not what she did. What did it prove? Maybe it was messed with!

Wait, Charly is behind this! What?! It’s because Charly is upset Garza “upgraded” to Demi! That’s what’s going on here! Dawkins shouts that Vega poisoned Ford! He told them once and will say it again. Dawkins says “Fam” a lot but Ford is family. Dawkins has been holding back, but it’s time to give them what’s owed. Ford wants that smoke! Ford is back as he and Dawkins brawl with Almas and Garza!! Garza and Almas run for it, but there is no running from this on Sunday! Will the Street Profits still have the gold after getting their payback?


Natalya w/ Lana VS Mickie James!

The Queen of Harts has her Ravishing Russian buddy ringside as she and the former six-time women’s champion both return to action. Will Mickie be able to make this comeback a big one?

The bell rings, Mickie rushes Lana as she hollers at her! Natty attacks from behind, stomps away in the corner, and Lana takes pictures for social media… Natty pulls Mickie against ropes, the ref reprimands and Natty lets off. Natty whips, Mickie reverses to back kick, front kick and run! Mickie dodges to Thesz Press! Mickie rains down rights as the crowd fires up! Mickie drags Natty up but Natty knees low and hard! Natty clubs Mickie down, looms over her then brings her up for a headlock. Mickie throws Natty off and headlocks back! Natty powers out, Mickie runs her over! Lana coaches Natty but Mickie tells her to shut it.

Mickie waits for Natty to stand, then she kicks low and reels her in! Natty powers out and spins, but a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE take them both down! The crowd fires up, loving the action between these two veterans! But wait, why is Seth Rollins coming out here? He and Murphy are after Samoa Joe and Tom Phillips! They want to know how Joe knows about Mysterio. Joe bets he does. Rollins wants to know Joe’s sources but Joe won’t tell. In the ring, Natty whips Mickie to a corner but Mickie comes back with a huricanrana! Mickie spins Natty around for a neckbreaker! Mickie kips up and Lana panics!

Mickie goes to a corner, climbs up top, but Lana gets on the apron! This slows Mickie down and Natty BLASTS her to the floor! Natty and Lana want the ring count while Rollins says Joe’s source is #FakeNews. The ring count rises above 5 on Mickie but she stirs at 7! She’s up at 9 but gets counted out! Natty wins!!

Winner: Natalya, by count-out

Natty celebrates and Lana mocks Mickie while Joe and Rollins finish their argument over sources. Lana gets this on film for TikTok and the ‘Gram, but the MICK KICK kicks the phone down!

Rollins keeps ranting at Joe, and says this: “If Rey and Dominik have the audacity to spit in my face and show up on MY show here tonight, it will be the last mistake either of them make, and neither of them will be making it to SummerSlam!” Rollins has issued his warning, but Joe doesn’t sweat it. Will the Mysterios only use this as motivation towards SummerSlam?


The Golden Role Models VS Asuka & Shayna Baszler!

Bayley and Sasha Banks will have to be very careful! Though the fact they both will face the Empress of Tomorrow at SummerSlam sounds like an advantage, tonight could jeopardize their momentum.

Before the match, the Role Models get the mics. “When you are the hardest working superstars in the WWE and have ll the gold, that’s enough to break anybody.” Being part of all three brands!? Give them a break! And now they both face Asuka!? They’ve had a few days, and… THEY CANT’T WAIT! They will get the night off! Asuka thinks she’s so smart getting into that Triple Brand Battle Royal. But the Empress of Tomorrow is more like the Empress of STUPID! She’s so dumb to think she has a chance in hell to win that double header!

But the real question is, who should defeat Asuka first? Sasha and Bayley think the other should, out of friendship. Bayley accepts that first match, so that she can do the heavy lifting and let Sasha win without even breaking a sweat! Bayley’s so sweet. Then they can finally CELEBRATE~! Because life is good and no one can stop the two of them. They’ll celebrate through Payback, too, as they successfully defend the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships! The only question is: Who are going to be the losers? Bliss-Cross? The IIconics? Heck, event he Riott Squad. Better yet, Asuka and Kai- Oh… Kairi Sane is gone!!

Shayna shows up to say something herself. “No matter what happens at SummerSlam, whoever it is that has that Raw Women’s title… I got next.” Asuka shows up to say the Empress is here! And SummerSlam, her two title matches, she already tells Bayley that it’s IMPOSSIBLE for her to keep hers! And as for tonight, Asuka takes them both on, with Shayna on her side. They have to fight together, before they can fight each other. Shayna likes the sound of that, and it’s go time! Bayley and Banks bail out to keep things under control. Will Shayna and Asuka even leave anything of them to make it to Sunday?

The teams sort out and Bayley starts against Asuka. They circle, the crowd rallies, and Bayley gets Asuka to the corner! Tag to Sasha and the Role Models mug Asuka. Asuka kicks back, Sasha stomps her, then tags Bayley back in. They mug Asuka more and Bayley wraps Asuka up into a chinlock. Bayley bumps Asuka off buckles, tags Sasha back in, and Sasha toys with Asuka. Asuka kicks but Sasha blocks to KNEE her back! Sasha sucker punches Shayna, but almost gets the pop-up knee! Asuka turns things around for a CODE BREAKER! Both women are down, Shayna gets up but someone knocks the Plexiglas over onto her!! It’s NIA!! Nia Jax is violating suspension to get after Shayna!! Nia stomps Shayna under the board!

Security rushes out and tells Nia to leave! Pat Buck is out in front to tell Nia to leave but Shayna goes after Nia! They brawl into the timekeeper’s area!! Nia shoves Shayna but Shayna comes back. Asuka reverses Sasha’s whip but Bayley keeps Sasha on the apron. So they BOTH get the hip attack! The Empress is all fired up, even if she is alone, and Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Bayley grinds Asuka down in a chinlock. The crowd rallies up but Bayley knocks Asuka down and stomps her to ropes. Bayley stomps more but Asuka kicks back! Asuka goes after the leg but Bayley stomps her back down. Bayley bumps Asuka off buckles, tags Sasha, and they double suplex Asuka up and over! Cover, TWO! Sasha toys with Asuka and Bayley mocks Asuka that she has no Kairi, no Shayna and no chance! Sasha drags Asuka up and clubs her down, but Asuka hits back again. Sasha whips, Asuka holds ropes and elbows back! Asuka kicks and sunset flips! Sasha slips out, basement meteora! Cover, TWO!

Sasha grows frustrated but she drags Asuka up. Sasha bumps her off buckles, tags Bayley and they mug Asuka again. Bayley covers, TWO! Bayley drags Asuka into a chinlock and digs a knee in. Asuka endures as the crowd continues to rally. Bayley thrashes Asuka around, digs her knee in harder, but pulls on hair. The ref counts, Bayley stops at 4, and continues to mock Asuka not having a partner. But Asuka fights back! Bayley clobbers her down, drags her around and tags Sasha back in. The Role Models drag Asuka up to crisscross and whip her into the corner. Sasha snapmares, covers, TWO! Asuka growls but Bayley tags back in. The Role Models double whip, double wrench and double back suplex! Cover, TWO!

Bayley and Sasha are growing frustrated but Bayley goes to a corner. Bayley climbs up top, leaps, but lands on BOOTS! GHOST PIN! TWO!! Bayley gets up, drags Asuka up, and Sasha tags in. Asuka BACK HANDS Bayley! Sasha spins Asuka for a BACKSTABBER! BANK STATEMENT!! Asuka is in the crossface but Shayna returns?! Shayna KICKS Sasha off the hold! Asuka and Sasha crawl, but Sasha keeps Asuka away. Asuka boots Sasha, hot tag to Shayna! The Queen of Spades rallies on The Boss! Corner KNEE! Sliding KNEE at the ropes! Shayna drags Sasha around, stands on her hand, but Sasha avoids the stomp to roll Shayna up! TWO and Bayley tags in! Shayna gets Sasha but Bayley gets Shayna! Shayna just grabs Bayley, but Sasha hits a BACKSTABBER! BAYLEY2BELLY! Cover, TWO!?

The crowd is thunderous as Shayna survives and the Role Models are furious! Sasha tags back in, she and Bayley double lift Shayna but she knees free! Shayna throws Bayley, throws Sasha out, then rocks Bayley with a body shot to a gut wrench SLAM! And a KNEE!! KIRAFUDA KLUTCH!! Sasha kicks Shayna to save Bayley but Asuka sends Sasha out! Sasha shoulders into a knee! Asuka slides and gets Sasha in an ASUKA LOCK! Sasha is tapping, not that it matters. Shayna counters Bayley’s face plant into the KIRAFUDA KLUTCH! Bayley taps, Shayna and Asuka win!!

Winners: Asuka & Shayna Baszler, by submission

Both champions tap to hungry challengers! Asuka has to run the gauntlet while Shayna waits on the other side. Will Sasha and Bayley still be golden when this is all over?


Apollo talks with Alexander, Ricochet and Ali backstage.

The three of them are ready to face the Hurt Business, and he thanks them all for that back-up. That’s why Apollo accepted the challenge and chosen Mustafa Ali and Ricochet. Wait, what about Alexander? Apollo knows Alexander’s eager but he’s been going hard and should rest. Apollo needs to work off the rust because he was home for so long. Alexander doesn’t want that! He is in a tag team with Ricochet, they should go together. Ricochet assures Alexander it’s fine, they can get him in next time. The four friends head out, will Alexander at least be there for his friends for support?

Uh oh. Randy Orton walks into view now. The Viper seems to be contemplating something. Is he going to strike someone who least expects it?


Shawn Michaels finds Drew McIntyre backstage.

HBK checks in on the champ, because he knows what’s going through his head. Ric Flair meant a lot to everyone, including HBK. But McIntyre needs to understand that the anger and frustration will be used against him by Orton. McIntyre needs to focus and understand that he just needs to kick Orton’s head off. McIntyre has worked too hard and went down too rough of a road to lose now. McIntyre appreciates hearing that. Reflecting on his road back, McIntyre knows HBK was a huge part of that. Getting back through NXT, that was great because he got to spend time working with HBK. It wasn’t about the past but the future, and here he is now as world champion. But Orton has run roughshod over legends, and McIntyre feels like he’s let HBK down.

Let him down? McIntyre could never let HBK down. He is a Scottish Stud and there’s nothing stopping him! Yes, it’s tough. There are hills and mountains to climb, that’s what being a champion is. But all of that was tailor made for McIntyre. HBK remembers McIntyre didn’t take time for that torn bicep until he absolutely had to. He drove five hours every day to train, learn, build and grow. That’s the McIntyre HBK knows. The one who beat Brock Lesnar, a man who held the title hostage, and McIntyre set it free. The road McIntyre has traveled proves he has earned where he is. And now he’ll show everyone who he is all over again.

So promise HBK one thing: when HBK goes out there and he confronts Orton, McIntyre gives HBK that space. McIntyre promises that, and thanks HBK for the talk. But will HBK be put in the same situation as The Nature Boy tonight?


The IIconics confront Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan.

Aw look, it’s the “New and improved” Riott Squad. Will they trust each other today? Or will that change again? Billie Kay says her shoulder isn’t feeling so good so Peyton Royce is subbing in for Ruby in their match tonight. Right, Peyton? R-Right, of course! That’s what best friends do for each other. Though it seems like a surprise to Peyton. Liv says that’s surprising. Peyton asks if the “trash” has something to say, and that riles Ruby right up! Liv keeps Ruby calm and gets her to head for gorilla. The IIconics linger, and spot two people with Shayna. It’s Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke! Are the other MMA Four Horsewomen finally joining Raw?


Ruby Riott w/ Liv Morgan VS Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay!

Raw returns as the IIconics finish their entrance, but Ruby is already in the ring. The bell rings and Ruby rushes Peyton right away! Ruby trips Peyton, rains down rights but Peyton gets up. Ruby keeps after her, ducks the heel kick and clothesline to STO! Ruby rains down more rights but Peyton gets away again. Peyton goes to ropes, Ruby goes after her but Peyton kicks her away. Peyton is on the apron, but Ruby runs and BLASTS her off! Ruby bumps Peyton off the apron, then whips her into barriers! Ruby refreshes the ring count to whip Peyton again, but Peyton reverses to send Ruby into barriers! Peyton puts Ruby in, waistlocks, but Ruby standing switches. Peyton bucks her off and KNEES her down! Cover, TWO!

Peyton and Billie are furious but Peyton drags Ruby back up. Peyton bumps Ruby off buckles then digs her boot in. The ref counts, Peyton lets up and throws close range clotheslines. Ruby slips out to fire forearms back! Peyton shoves her away but Ruby comes back with a BIG forearm! Ruby whips Peyton out then into the corner to hit an elbow! Ruby goes side to side for a running MULE KICK! Billie is worried while Peyton flops out of the ring. Ruby is on the apron and CROSSBODIES her down! The crowd is fired up as Ruby puts Peyton back in. Billie gets in Ruby’s face but Liv gets in Billie’s. Peyton shoves Ruby INTO Liv! Liv goes down, Peyton gives Ruby the DEJA VU!! Cover, Peyton wins!

Winner: Peyton Royce, by pinfall

The IIconics get another one by using the Squad against each other! Will Billie and Peyton head back to the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships after sweeping Ruby and Liv?


It’s almost time!

Shane McMahon arrives at the door and Jordan Omogbehin knows what that means. Raw Underground is coming up! Who steps up to throw down?


Raw Underground begins!

And Erik is already throwing someone around! Erik clubs away but his opponent gets away. He throws hands but gets thrown by Erik again! Erik lets his man up to see if he can do more. Nope! Erik facelocks, knees away, and the ref calls it!

Winner: Erik

Ivar has to cool Erik off, because the damage is done! Shane talks with Dolph Ziggler, and Ziggler says he’s had a lot of fun here already. Now, we just saw a great fight from Erik, but question: how would Ziggler rate it? “I mean, it was pretty good.” 4/10 at best because his guy was only okay. Shane would go higher but he agrees it was still impressive. Erik of course hears this and dares Ziggler to try him. Ziggler says Erik doesn’t want that, but Shane this is a “call out.” Challenge accepted? Ziggler figures why not. What a match-up! Erik and Ziggler circle, test things out, and ZIggler gets a leg. Erik keeps him back, they move around, Ziggler has a leg! Erik stays up and ROCKS Ziggler with that right!

Ziggler slips around fast to avoid the facelock and gives the facelock. But Erik powers up to SLAM Ziggler down! Erik goes for the facelock, Ziggler fights it off and they clinch. Erik throws knees, forearms and elbows, then gets the leg. He lifts Ziggler again, but Ziggler fights free! Ziggler gets the sleeper! Erik rolls but Ziggler stays clamped on! Erik fights up, Ziggler thumbs him in the eye!! Ziggler puts Erik out and Shane calls it! Ziggler wins!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

The Show-Off celebrates but Ivar BLASTS him out of the ring! Ivar clearly didn’t take kindly to the thumb to Erik’s eye. Shane calms things down and we return to regular Raw.


Rey Mysterio IS here!

The King of Lucha and his son, Dominik, prove the rumors right! Dominik is still sore as he holds his ribs, given all the damage done from the kendo stick attack. And Dominik is still going to face Seth Rollins at SummerSlam in what is now a STREET FIGHT! Rey says there is only one word that can describe how he’s felt since Extreme Rules: pain. And a lot of it. Pain for what Rollins did to Rey’s eye, and an even worse pain for what Rollins did to Dominik. “Having to witness my own flesh and blood in agony, not being able to do anything about it,” as he saw that savage kendo stick beating, made Rey feel a rage that he has never felt before. Rey wanted to be there to protect Dominik. He needed to be there to stop that beating, or even take it himself so Dominik wouldn’t suffer.

Rey may not be fully recovered from his eye injury, and there is a chance that may never happen. But there’s no doctor that can stop Rey from protecting his son! “So Seth, escucha me.” Listen closely, Seth. You will not repeat what you did to Dominik, because Rey will be in his corner as he watches Dominik kick Rollins’ ass in that Street Fight! Dominik thanks his father for all of that. Dominik knew what he was in for when he signed a WWE contract. He knows what he has to do to defend the Mysterio family, and will be ready. Father and son hug as the crowd cheers. Rey says Dominik has no idea how proud he is right now. Rey loves his son, and admires his son’s determination, as well as the will to defend the family name. If Rollins gets anywhere near them tonight, Rollins will be the one that won’t make it to SummerSlam.

“Well, well, well.” Rollins didn’t think they’d show up. Rey is a lot of things, some good and some bad, but Rollins didn’t think he was an idiot. Six days away from his son’s most important moment, and yet he’s put Dominik in danger. Why? For Rey’s own personal glory, because it’s always been about Rey! So selfish. What kind of father is he? Rollins can’t understand why Rey continues to put himself and his son in such preventable situations. Everyone has a role to play in the “greater good,” yet Rey resisted. This could’ve been avoided if Rey accepted his role. Rey got hurt, Dominik got hurt, yet they still haven’t learned. The most tragic thing of all is that it won’t just be Rey or Dominik, but the Mysterio name and legacy that will become the ultimate sacrifice.

Rey tells Rollins that if he’s the Monday Night Messiah, a man using big words, maybe he should show up and back them up. Rollins laughs and asks, “What is wrong with you, man?” Rey has one eye and Dominik can barely stand. But they asked for this. Don’t move from that ring. Rollins and Murphy are headed their way! The Mysterios wait, and Rollins and Murphy return to ringside. Rollins takes off his suit jacket and loosens his tie as he and Murphy go down the ramp. The Mysterios get out of the ring, and Rollins taunts them. Mysterio talked big but can’t back up his own words? If they want this, come get it! But is it because his boy is hurt?

Rey eggs them on as they egg him on, but Dominik gets kendo sticks!! And he SMACKS Rollins from behind! And then SMACKS away on Murphy! And more for Rollins! Rey gets the other stick and they both SMACK away on Rollins!! Front and back, just like Dominik took! They tie Rollins up in ropes, but Murphy runs back in, only to get the SMACKS for Rollins! Disciple and leader run away, but it won’t end here! SummerSlam brings us a Street Fight in the Thunderdome, who walks out not so much the winner, but the least battered and bruised?


MVP finds Cedric Alexander backstage.

“My, my, my, ain’t this a familiar scene.” What does MVP want? What does he have to say? Relax, man! MVP gets where Alexander is. Just a young man navigating the WWE, wanting to be in the ring rather than back here. But it wasn’t MVP’s friends who held him back. Alexander knows MVP is just stirring the pot again. But the difference is that Apollo is looking out for Alexander. What does MVP know of looking out for someone else’s best interests? MVP plays along, since Apollo was in the #FullLashley just like Alexander and can understand the pain. But it could be that Apollo thinks Alexander is the weak link. Ricochet must’ve spoken up for him, though, right? Well, maybe not. It must be really hard being in a tag with the the #OneAndOnly.

MVP says that offer is still on the table. Just think it over while you’re enjoying the “fine cuisine” of catering. Alexander grows frustrated as he thinks about it. Will he take that offer?


We return to Raw Underground!

Last week, we saw these two have impressive wins! It’s Arturo Ruas VS Riddick Moss! It begins! Rusas knees but Moss dodges! Ruas fires off hands and a boot but Moss hits a SPINE BUSTER! Moss rains down rights but Ruas pushes him away. Ruas Eddy Gordo kicks! Ruas has Moss on the defense with kicks at the legs and body shots all over. But Moss grabs Ruas by the beard and hammers away with forearms! Ruas pulls hair to give them all back! Moss and Ruas slug it out, Ruas SPINE BUSTERS this time! Ruas rains down rights, gets around to sleeper hold, but Moss powers up to his feet. Moss has Ruas as a backpack for the SENTON! Moss clubs away on Ruas, stomps away, but Ruas gets the kneebar on that leg!

Moss scrambles, fights back, they clinch on the mat but Ruas gets the heel hook! Moss rolls them out of the ring to break the hold! The crowd gets a bit handsie trying to get them back into this, and Ruas ROCKS the guy closest to him! Moss ROCKS the guy near him! Shane calls it because “that was sick!” Will things only get wilder on Raw Underground?


Six Man Elimination Tag: The Hurt Business VS Apollo Crews, Ricochet & Mustafa Ali!

MVP may not have Benjamin and Lashley ringside for SummerSlam, but the Hurt Business looks to get even with Apollo and his crew. Will the King of Flight and Beacon of Light help Apollo shine tonight?

The teams sort out and we start with Benjamin and Ali. They circle, tie up, Benjamin powers Ali to a corner but lets up to knee low. The ref reprimands, Benjamin whips Ali corner to corner. Ali goes up and over, arm-drags Benjamin around and then gets an armlock. The crowd rallies but Benjamin fights up. Ali wrenches and tags in Ricochet. Ricochet goes up and drops ax handles on the arm. Ricochet wrenches now, but Benjamin pushes him away. Ricochet dropkick-flips and enziguris! Cover, ONE! Ricochet tags Ali and Ali brings Benjamin to a waistlock. Benjamin elbows out and tags in Lashley, and Lashley runs Ali over to then hit Ricochet and Apollo out, all without slowing down!

Lashley drags Ali up for the Canadian rack, DOMINATOR! Cover, Lashley ELIMINATES Ali already!! The crowd boos but Ricochet runs in to go after Lashley with forearms. Lashley swings, Ricochet dodges to keep throwing hands. Lashley shoves Ricochet, Ricochet comes back into the MOUNTAIN HIGH SPINE BUSTER! Tag to Benjamin as Ricochet sits up in a daze. Benjamin taunts Apollo before he gives Ricochet the PAY DIRT! Cover, Benjamin ELIMINATES Ricochet!! Apollo’s crew is already done! Apollo steps in, Benjamin knees and clubs away, throws big forearms, but Apollo hits back. Benjamin whips corner to corner, Apollo dodges the splash, CREWS MISSILE!! Cover, Apollo ELIMINATES Benjamin!

Things are a bit more even as MVP steps up now. MVP and Apollo circle, but Alexander takes advantage of Benjamin being 24/7 Champion! Roll up, Alexander wins!!

Winner: Cedric Alexander, by pinfall (NEW WWE 24/7 Champion)

So much for that offer MVP made! Alexander snatches the title and runs for it! “What now, Hurt Business?!” Will Benjamin stay to support his team? Or will he chase after the Age of Alexander and the gold? We find out after the break!

Raw returns as MVP clubs away on Apollo and stomps in a mudhole. The ref counts, MVP lets off but Apollo chops back. MVP ROCKS Apollo with rights but Apollo hits back. MVP fires off in anger and clubs Apollo down. MVP whips Apollo to a corner hard, and Apollo bounces off buckles. MVP drags Apollo up, throws him out, then goes out to bring him up. MVP bounces Apollo off the apron, put shim in the ring and covers, TWO! MVP brings Apollo up, tags Lashley in and they mug Apollo. Lashley clubs Apollo, Apollo kicks back but Lashley fires off on him! The ref backs Lashley off but Lashley digs his boot into Apollo. Lashley lets up at the count to drag Apollo up and runs corner to corner, to RAM into Apollo!

Tag to MVP, MVP runs corner to corner and BOOTS Apollo down! Cover, TWO! MVP is annoyed and he drags Apollo back up. MVP throws body shots, whips Apollo out then in, then runs, only to get buckles! Apollo reels MVP in, CREWS MISSILE!! Cover, Apollo ELIMINATES MVP! But Lashley gets right on Apollo with big forearms! Lashley digs a knee into Apollo’s head, pulls on the arm and clubs the shoulder. Lashley drags Apollo around just to kick him while he’s down. The crowd boos as Lashley whips but Apollo comes back with big forearms! And an enziguri! Lashley wobbles into another enziguri! Apollo hits a basement enziguri, then a standing moonsault! Cover, TWO!

The crowd is thunderous as Apollo brings Lashley up. Lashley standing switches and wants his full nelson! Apollo resists, elbows free and throws forearms. They both run, Lashley SPEARS!! Cover, The Hurt Business wins!

Winners: The Hurt Business, by pinfall

But that isn’t enough for Lashley or Benjamin! They and MVP are all in the ring, but MVP keeps them from adding on. Will Apollo be able to fight back up with the title on the line? Or is that brand new belt coming back to its creator?


Shane talks with Shayna backstage.

The Queen of Spades confirms that Shafir and Duke are legit. Will the Horsewomen make their debuts not on Raw, but on Raw Underground!?


WWE 24/7 Championship: Cedric Alexander VS Akira Tozawa w/ Ninjas!

Raw returns and the newly minted champion is already being put to the test! Will the former Soul of 205 Live be able to thwart the Stamina Monster like back in the day?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Alexander gets the arm, Tozawa rolls through to wrench back. Alexander rolls and handsprings to wrench back on Tozawa. MVP watches backstage as Alexander wrings Tozawa out and dropkicks him down! Alexander kips up and stalks Tozawa. Tozawa goes to a corner and wants a little mercy. But then Tozawa says, “Ninja! Ninja! NINJA POWAH~!” And his ninjas go into action, only for Alexander to ROCK one off the apron onto the other two! Tozawa dodges Alexander to back kick, swing, slide under and spin kick again! Alexander is in the drop zone, Tozawa heads up top! Tozawa leaps but has to bail out as Alexander moves. Alexander handsprings, NEURALIZER! LUMBAR CHECK!! Cover, Alexander wins!

Winner: Cedric Alexander, by pinfall (still WWE 24/7 Champion)

The first defense is a success, putting an exclamation point on sticking it to MVP! But then Benjamin returns to hit PAY DIRT!! Cover, Benjamin wins!!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin, by pinfall (NEW WWE 24/7 Champion)

The Gold Standard has the gold back already, sticking it back to Alexander! Will Alexander think twice before trying to hurt the Hurt Business?


Raw Underground officially sets up a match next week!

After what happened between Ziggler and Ivar, the Show-Off will have to answer to the Warbeard! Will Ziggler sweep the Viking Raiders? Or will he be run over by the raid?


Speaking of, we return to Raw Underground!

And the deal has been struck, Marina Shafir has her first fight! She doesn’t even wait for Shane to give the go ahead, she throws her hat at her opponent and throws hands! The Supernova throws her opponent down, drags her back up by her hair, but her opponent SLAPS back! Shafir blocks and hits a takedown! Then she drags her opponent around. She cartwheels to avoid the kick to give a kick back! And then, heel hook triangle hold combo!! Her opponent taps, Shafir wins!

Winner: Marina Shafir

But then NIA JAX attacks Marina?! Jessamyn Duke jumps up but Nia knocks her down! The suspended Irresistible Force just doesn’t care, so long as she can go after Shayna and those connected to her! Shayna gets in and dares Nia to step up. Suspensions on Raw mean nothing to the Underground! They throw down, but Nia runs away! She kicks Marina on the way out, but the crowd chants, “She’s scared~! She’s scared~!” Will the Horsewomen make sure Nia pays for punking them out?


Montez Ford w/ Angelo Dawkins VS Andrade Almas w/ Angel Garza!

After the shocking reveal that wasn’t a surprise, #KingTez is back for revenge! Will he give El Idolo what he gets for having such a sneaky manager?

The bell rings and Ford circles with Almas. Almas rushes Ford but Ford dodges to fire off fast hands! Ford whips but Almas kicks him back. Ford just dropkicks Almas out! Almas checks himself but Ford FLIES! Direct hit at the ramp! Ford puts Almas in, climbs to the top but Almas trips him up. Almas throws forearms, CHOPS Ford back, then climbs up to join him. Almas wants the superplex but Ford resists. Dawkins makes sure Garza and Vega stay back while Ford fights back. Almas still hits the SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO! Ford grits his teeth while Almas sneers. Almas wraps Ford up in a chinlock and grinds him down.

The crowd rallies as Ford endures and fights his way up. Ford fights out with elbows but Almas rocks him with a right! Almas CHOPS Ford against the ropes then whips. Ford reverses to LARIAT! Ford whips, Almas reverses but Ford goes up and over the back drop to hit another lariat! Ford kips right up to standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Vega is stressing out as Ford watches Almas go to a corner. Ford runs in but Almas boots him down! Almas hops up, Ford comes back to NO HANDS RANA! Ford fires up with the rope shaking and he climbs up top. Vega is on the apron to distract and Almas ROCKS Ford with an uppercut! But Vega spots Bianca Belair! Vega leaps, into Bianca’s arms and a SLAM! Almas is distracted by this, Ford rolls him up! Ford wins!

Winner: Montez Ford, by pinfall

The Street Profits just got even with Vega’s team! But it won’t really be even until they’ve had their Raw Tag Team Championship match! Will things finally be settled at SummerSlam?


HBK heads through the backstage area.

Shawn says hi to Titus O’Neil, Humberto Carrillo and even R-Truth. HBK is headed to the ring, what happens when he calls out Randy Orton?


Shawn Michaels goes to the ring!

The crowd goes wild for the Heartbreak Kid as he gets himself a mic. He wishes he was here under a more exciting note. Footage of Orton’s shocking betrayal replays. Last week, with tears rolling down his face, HBK watched as Flair relived the worst 31 days of his life. Those 31 days where the Nature Boy was on his death bed, just wanting to tell those he loved how he felt. HBK wants us to know that Ric, more than anyone, loved performing inside this ring. If it wasn’t for guys like Ric, there would be no HBK, no HHH, no Batista, no Edge, no Christian, no Big Show and certainly no Drew McIntyre. There’s of course another guy on that list in Randy Orton.

But unlike the others, Orton doesn’t have the same gratitude or appreciation. Even though Flair was his mentor for YEARS, one of the best EVER, Orton didn’t appreciate that. No, Orton feels he was owed something like that. “Randy. I don’t know how it’s going to happen, but I can assure you it is going to happen. At SummerSlam, I don’t know if you’re going to meet your justice at the end of a Sweet Chin Music, or if you meet it from a Claymore,” HBK assures Orton that he will see it coming! HBK drops the mic and heads out, but Orton is there! RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!! And then a PUNT as quick as that!! McIntyre shows up and is furious that he couldn’t help another legend! McIntyre makes sure HBK is okay, and shouts “get some help out here!”

Referees hurry out but Orton comes back! McIntyre throws haymakers! And then clotheslines Orton out! McIntyre pursues, throwing Orton into steel steps! And into Plexiglas! And then into more Plexigalas! And over the announce table! McIntyre glares down at the Viper before going back to HBK. Where are the medics?! Orton just slithers back in to RKO McIntyre!! Orton glares down at McIntyre but leaves it at this, because he wants that WWE World Championship. Will the Legend Killer end McIntyre before he even becomes a legend? Or can McIntyre deny Orton that next step towards breaking the Nature Boy’s reign record?

My Thoughts:

A really wild go-home tonight, though it almost felt too wild at times. First, and as I believe I said for SmackDown, Retribution is way more active on SmackDown. Yes, Retribution “messed” with the broadcast to start, but that was it, and was honestly more annoying than anything. But I think it was good for MVP to put it out there that there is a mastermind, more than likely within the existing roster. And I like the tiny detail that someone brought up this not being the forgotten SmackDown hacker. Hopefully SummerSlam takes a moment to give us some real progress on Retribution, both on the members and the motives. And please don’t let Tommaso Ciampa be any of that.

There was a LOT of Hurt Business going on, and oddly none of it in Raw Underground despite that first segment. I like that they made a match to determine if MVP can have Lashley and Benjamin ringside, and it is great that he can’t because now things will definitely be more of a blow off. There was a lot of back and forth with the WWE 24/7 Championship in regards to the Hurt Business, with Benjamin winning it, losing it, then winning it back all in one night. It was still pretty good, but it also felt like filler just to get it in before SummerSlam. It does help build things so that Alexander ends up the focus of the feud next. I wonder if there’s also a point where a faction heads for the Raw Tag Team Championships.

There was also a lot of development for the Raw Tag Team title story all over the night. Garza beats Ivar to “impress” Demi Burnett, but the reveal that Vega did “poison” Ford seemed like a letdown. It could’ve still been one of the two between Almas and Garza, but oh well. Also, I feel like they could’ve written this slightly different to make it better. It needed to be where Vega denies poisoning Ford, but there’s that twist of, “No one said he was poisoned.” And then the video evidence adds on and we still get to where we are now. Ford and Bianca get the better of Almas and Vega, but I still feel like the title match can go either way. And again, the winner can move on to take on either the Hurt Business or Apollo’s crew for the next stretch.

Poor Mickie James. Her return match ends up overshadowed by the Monday Night Messiah story. Of course, I don’t think anyone wants to be forced to focus on social media obsessed Lana trying to make Natty’s matches worthy of views and likes and all that. I hope Mickie gets someone to watch her back and counter Lana. No idea who, though. The Riott Squad being used against itself might be a bit rushed. It is fitting that Peyton’s finisher is Deja Vu for the pun, though. We got an AMAZING match out of Asuka & Shayna VS Golden Role Models. And it seems Nia is still going to be around. It just shows that security guards in wrestling mean nothing. Nia keeps getting in and out, the same as Retribution. Her first brawl with Shayna was fine, but I would’ve kept her away, as her retreating in Raw Underground makes her look weak.

As for Asuka, the WWE is her oyster with the three obvious routes she can take. She could win both, which would be amazing and well deserved. She could win the SmackDown Women’s Championship but be screwed out of the Raw Women’s Championship, and that moves Asuka over to SmackDown so Fox can have the incredibly popular superstar for a moment. Or she could somehow lose the SmackDown title match, probably because of cheap tactics, but then “redeems” herself by winning the Raw title, to then face Shayna for the rest of the year. There’s also the fact that Shayna and Asuka beat the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions and they could get in the mix towards Payback. I doubt that’ll be the case, and it’ll be left to Riott Squad or IIconics, though neither of those feel like they could outright beat Sasha and Bayley.

Raw Underground is still going strong for just being around the last few weeks. I like that we’re already getting some serious competition between the established names. Erik and Ziggler had a great go around, and Ziggler VS Ivar next week is going to be great, too. For one, it’s a historic first for Raw Underground in scheduling a match rather than letting it be who wants in next. Also, I really like seeing Kona Reeves as that extra excited fan swinging his shirt while he sits way up high. Moss and Ruas had a great bit, but I wish they were allowed time to settle it. And while Nia basically hit and run, Marina Shafir was looking really good getting in the ring for Underground. This might be more her speed to get pro-wrestling ready, and the same for Jessamyn Duke.

McIntyre being part of the opening that gets “ruined” by Retribution was an odd move, but I suppose it needed to establish his mission for the night. It was pretty clear that with HBK waiting until the end of the night, and just showing up at all, he was going to get attacked by Orton. I feel like Raw didn’t let anyone stand tall for very long tonight, and not even McIntyre was exempt. HBK gave him that great talk backstage but Orton just doesn’t stop as he goes after McIntyre. I feel like that’s how Raw chose to keep the booking 50-50 on the night, so who knows who wins at SummerSlam. The same for Dominik VS Rollins. Now that it is officially a Street Fight, anything could happen, such as interference from Murphy or even a returning Austin Theory or Authors of Pain (though there hasn’t been any news on those three in any form). It’s hard to be sure if the Faces come away with this or not.

My Score: 8.4/10

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