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Mitchell’s WWE SummerSlam Results & Report! (8/23/20)

SummerSlam enters the ThunderDome!



WWE SummerSlam 2020

The Biggest Party of the Summer is a little different this year!

Plans change but the show must go on! WWE uses their brand new THUNDERDOME for SummerSlam 2020! Will you see it coming?


  • Kickoff – WWE United States Championship: Apollo Crews VS MVP; Crews wins and retains the WWE United States Championship.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley VS Asuka; Bayley wins and retains the SmackDown Women’s Championship.
  • Raw Tag Team Championships: The Street Profits VS Andrade Almas & Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega; The Street Profits win and retain the Raw Tag Team Championships.
  • No Disqualifications Loser Leaves WWE Match: Sonya Deville VS Mandy Rose; Rose wins and Deville must quit the WWE.
  • Street Fight: Seth Rollins VS Dominik Mysterio; Rollins wins.
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks VS Asuka; Asuka wins and becomes the new Raw Women’s Champion.
  • WWE World Championship: Drew McIntyre VS Randy Orton; McIntyre wins and retains the WWE World Championship.
  • WWE Universal Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match: Braun Strowman VS “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt; The Fiend wins and becomes the new WWE Universal Champion.


It’s the SummerSlam Kickoff Show!

Join Charly Caruso, Renee Young, Booker T, JBL and Peter Rosenberg in reviewing, discussing and analyzing all the action for the Biggest Party of the Year! And this is special also because Renee is having her last preshow appearance! Let’s all give the pioneer of WWE broadcasting a big hurrah and thank you for all the hard work and time she has devoted to the business!


Backstage interview with Zelina Vega, Angel Garza and Andrade Almas.

El Idolo y El Lethal Lothario are preparing to challenge the Raw Tag Team Champions, but Garza wants to know what happened to Charly Caruso. She’s hosting the preshow. Darn. What will Garza do with this rose now? It’d be a shame to waste it, Sarah. Vega swats it away and gets to the questions. Before discussing the match, does Vega have any comments on poisoning Montez Ford? “Listen, Bootleg Charly,” the title match is more important that all that.

Vega did NOT poison Ford, but even if she did, which she didn’t, it wouldn’t matter! Ford is fine now! His “tummy ache” was blown out of proportion, he proved doubters wrong when he recovered to cheat against Almas last Monday, and there’s also Bianca Belair! Belair attacked “an innocent bystander!” The WWE Universe is being poisoned by the Profits, and her men are the antidotes, and the next Raw Tag Team Champions. The trio heads out, but will they leave the ThunderDome with the gold?


Shayna Baszler crashes the Kickoff Show!

“Oooh~! Bayley Dos Straps~! Two Belts Banks~! Are they ready for Asuka~? Are they going to get along? Does anybody give a crap?” Shayna only cares about the Raw Women’s Championship. She said it before, she’ll say it again: It doesn’t matter how that match goes, because I got next. But Nia Jax has been adamant about getting her turn, so what does Shayna say to that? Well Nia is more obsessed with Shayna, and all that says is Nia has trouble going to sleep. So when Nia’s suspension is lifted, Shayna will be more than willing to help with that. Shayna sets the mic down and takes her leave. Will Shayna make Nia #TapNapOrSnap while also hunting down the Raw Women’s Championship?


WWE United States Championship: Apollo Crews VS MVP!

Apollo holds the belt that Montel Vontavius Porter commissioned for his championship reign! But with Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin barred from ringside, can Apollo and MVP finally settle this 1v1, fair and square?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the kickoff show kicks off the action with the bell!

Apollo and MVP circle, tie up, and MVP drops for a takedown! Apollo scrambles to ropes and MVP lets up on the kneebar but says he was close. The crowd cheers as MVP and Apollo tie up again. Apollo waistlocks, MVP standing switches and drops down but Apollo rolls back to a cover! TWO, Apollo sunset flips! TWO, and MVP bails out when he sees haymaker! Apollo tells MVP he was that close, and the ring count starts. MVP takes a moment to cool off and compose himself. MVP returns to the ring at 6, he and Apollo approach, but MVP claims he needs to check his shoes. Apollo doesn’t by that but the ref still keeps him back, and MVP sucker punches Apollo!

MVP whips Apollo, Apollo goes up and over to handspring and dropkick MVP down! MVP gets up, Apollo arm-drags him down to an armlock! Apollo cranks on MVP, MVP fights up and powers Apollo to a corner. The ref counts, MVP lets up, but Apollo dodges the sucker punch to throw hands! Apollo whips corner to corner, runs in but MVP tosses him out hard! Apollo hit steel steps on the way down and the ring count climbs as he’s on the ground. MVP doesn’t give him much time as he goes out and brings Apollo back up. MVP brings Apollo around the way to bounce off commentary! Apollo gets in the ring, MVP follows and drags Apollo up.

MVP throws forearms then whips corner to corner. MVP runs in but the boot misses! Apollo enziguris MVP down then climbs up top! MVP uses the ropes to trip Apollo up! MVP throws forearms and climbs up to join Apollo. SUPERPLEX! Both men hit hard but MVP manages a cover, TWO! MVP grows frustrated but he stalks Apollo to ropes. MVP throws forearms, whips Apollo but Apollo reverses. MVP holds ropes, Apollo blocks the boot to clothesline MVP out! Apollo builds speed to FLY! Direct hit at the ramp wipes both men out! The ref starts another ring count as both men are down. The count reaches 5 before either man sits up. MVP and Apollo get up at 7, hurry over at 8, and get in at 9.5!

The crowd cheers as MVP and Apollo rise. MVP throws a punch, Apollo gives it back. MVP hits again but Apollo hits again. Apollo gets the edge and fires off with furious hands! The ref counts but Apollo pie faces MVP. Apollo runs corner to corner to splash! And then again for another splash! Apollo SPINE BUSTERS MVP down! Apollo hits the standing moonsault! Cover, TWO!! MVP survives but Apollo is on him with the lift. MVP fights off the bomb and reels Apollo in, but Apollo slips out of the Play Maker to hit the CREWS MISSILE!! Cover, Apollo wins!

Winner: Apollo Crews, by pinfall (still WWE United States Championship)

But here come Lashley and Benjamin! They don’t have to worry about a ringside ban now that the match is over! But Apollo is still too fast and he gets away! “Not today!” Apollo still has HIS championship, and the Hurt Business can’t do anything about that! Will MVP, Benjamin and Lashley come up with a business plan that gets them back towards that title?


“WWE Universe, it’s time to ignite the Party of the Summer!”

The superstars are here, we are here, and we are in the THUNDERDOME! Are you ready!? The beat drops, check this fire! The Chosen One Then Now And Forever is actually what’s wrong with WWE. Will Drew McIntyre rip the head off the “evil son of a b*tch?” Will The Golden Role Models still have all the gold after taking on Asuka?! Will Dominik Mysterio avenge his father in a fight with the Monday Night Messiah? And “something so unhinged, you’ll never see it coming.” The Monster, The Fiend, Falls Count Anywhere. Where will it end for Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt when there’s nothing holding them back? “Tonight, we turn up!” Make some noise for SummerSlam 2020!


SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley w/ Sasha Banks VS Asuka!

The Empress of Tomorrow starts her double header now! Will she end the longest reign in SmackDown Women’s Championship history? Or will Bayley’s best friend, The Boss, be a factor?

The introductions are made, the SmackDown belt is raised, and Asuka’s first step to double championship glory begins!

Asuka and Bayley circle, tie up, and Asuka powers Bayley to ropes. Bayley turns it around but they go all around the ropes until Asuka wrenches the arm. Asuka throws forearms on Bayley then runs, but Bayley drops down. Asuka rolls, runs and dropkicks Bayley’s hurdle! Bayley sits up to get kicks from Asuka! And more kicks! Asuka runs again but Bayley dodges the sliding wizard! Asuka blocks the kick to waistlock but Bayley elbows back. Asuka clubs and hooks Bayley up for an IRON OCTOPUS! They drop down, Bayley is caught, but she gets a ropebreak with a foot! Asuka lets go at the ref’s count, and the ref tells Sasha to stay back. Bayley is on the apron, Asuka fires up and fakes Bayley out to slide and kick instead of hip attack!

Bayley is stuck on the ropes, Asuka kicks her over and over then hotshots the arm! Asuka runs again and now she hip attacks! Bayley flies off the apron and to the announce desk! Sasha looks worried and tells Michael Cole to shut up. Bayley stirs, Asuka goes out to leap, for a FLYING DDT! Sasha is in shock and fans lose their minds on their screens! Asuka drags Bayley up and into the ring, covers, TWO! Bayley scrambles away to ropes but Asuka stalks over. Bayley kicks Asuka’s legs out then throws her to the ropes. Bayley dumps Asuka to the apron, drags her back up and hotshots her! Asuka is stuck in the ropes now and Bayley climbs up for a GUILLOTINE CUTTER! Bayley drags Asuka to a cover, TWO!

Bayley is already frustrated as Asuka survives. Bayley stomps Asuka and Sasha taunts Asuka as Bayley chokes Asuka on the ropes. The ref counts, Bayley stops at 4, then drags Asuka up for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Bayley keeps on Asuka with a chinlock and she thrashes Asuka around. Asuka endures, the crowd rallies but Bayley talks smack to Michael Cole. “How many days?!” 317, as bedazzled in Bayley’s hair. Bayley knees Asuka in the back, has her on the ropes, and poses for the fans. Bayley drags Asuka up but Asuka throws hands. Bayley furiously hammers Asuka down but Asuka keeps kicking. Bayley drops down on Asuka and covers, TWO! Sasha grows frustrated now as Bayley stalks Asuka to the ropes.

Bayley throws big forearms but Asuka resists the whip! Bayley throws more and more forearms but Asuka reverses the whip to kick away on the leg! Bayley blocks a kick, spins Asuka, BAYLEY2BELLY!! Cover, TWO!! Asuka survives and the Role Models can’t believe it! Asuka gets to a corner, Bayley runs in but Asuka elbows her away. Asuka boots then rolls Bayley, TWO! Asuka ducks a punch to ROUNDHOUSE Bayley down! Both women are down and the crowd rallies up. The ref starts a standing count and it reaches 5 before either sits up. Asuka and Bayley crawl and rise, to stand at 8. Asuka dodges Bayley again, follows after and rallies with shoulder tackles! Bayley gets up again, Asuka throws her to a corner! Asuka runs corner to corner, HIP ATTACK! Asuka shoves and pops Bayley up for a KNEE!

Bayley is on the ropes, GERMAN SUPLEX! Asuka aims from the corner as Bayley sits up, BASEMENT HIP ATTACK! Cover, TWO! Bayley survives but Asuka keeps her cool. Bayley is on the apron, Asuka follows her out there. Asuka throws forearms but Bayley hits back. They brawl, Asuka kicks low and gets space. Asuka runs, Bayley catches the hip attack for a SHIN BREAKER! Sasha laughs at Asuka’s pain as the knee hits the apron edge! Bayley puts Asuka in, and chop blocks the leg out! Cover, TWO!! Bayley has the legs, steps through and laces them up, for the TRAILER HITCH! Asuka endures the modified death lock and the fans rally up for her. Asuka crawls, turns and reverses the hold to an ANKLE LOCK!

Bayley gets up, Asuka reels her in, but Bayley elbows hard! Bayley is free, Asuka staggers, but Asuka hits a CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Bayley lives but Asuka is too tired to show frustration. Asuka gets up, as does Bayley. Asuka heads up top but Bayley stops her with haymakers! They brawl, Asuka swats Bayley away and Asuka leaps for a missile- NO! Bayley has a KNEEBAR!! Asuka endures as Bayley cranks on the leg with a modified toehold! Asuka crawls to the ROPEBREAK! Bayley holds on until 4 and lets go with some anger. Asuka hobbles, Bayley runs corner to corner, sunset flip into the buckles! Bayley puts Asuka in a drop zone, climbs up top, MACHO ELBOW, into an ARMBAR!! Asuka caught Bayley!!

Sasha freaks out as Asuka and Bayley turn around. Asuka KICKS Sasha to shut her up! Bayley is free, Asuka goes out and fires off a BACK HAND! Asuka puts Bayley in, but Sasha swipes at Asuka! Asuka boots Sasha, Bayley rolls Asuka! TWO!! Asuka back kicks hard, then runs, but Sasha takes the hip attack for Bayley! Bayley cradles Asuka, Bayley wins!!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall (still SmackDown Women’s Champion)

And then Sasha attacks Asuka! The Boss helps Bayley keep her historic reign going, and the two give Asuka the DOUBLE SLAM! Does Asuka stand a chance of taking Sasha’s belt away as revenge for this? Or will Bayley and Sasha still have all the gold?


The Mysterio Family talks backstage.

Rey and Angie are with their baby boy, Dominik, as he prepares for his debut match. Is Dominik ready? Yes. Dominik wants a second with just dad. Mama leaves and Dominik says he appreciates Rey being in his corner. But this is Dominik’s fight, so Rey needs to promise- Rey knows where this is coming from. Rey can’t promise anything, but Dominik says he has to. Seth Rollins has done so much to them both. So please, Rey needs to let Dominik be a man and do this himself. Rey has to promise not to get involved. Rey says it’s very hard to do this, but he does give Dominik his word. If Dominik’s going down, he’s doing down fighting. They hug and Rey says he knows Dominik will do this. Will El Hijo del Rey prove worthy of the Mysterio name?


Kevin Owens is here!

The Prizefighter makes a surprise appearance and says, “Look at all my friends!” when pointing to the WWE Universe. Samoa Joe says Kevin is not just joining commentary, he’s extra security for tonight. Kevin has a tie while wearing a Street Profits shirt, as he’s also their friend.


Raw Tag Team Championships: The Street Profits VS Andrade Almas & Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega!

Did La Muneca poison #KingTez? The video says yes, she says no, but perhaps the point is moot now that this is going to be settled in the ring! Will Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins get revenge while they get the smoke? Or will El Idolo y El Lothario get the gold and get away with it all?

It rains red SOLO cups for the Profits as they make their entrance! The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who really wants the smoke!

Almas starts with Ford and they stare down. They tie up, Ford waistlocks and clubs Almas. Almas elbows and ROCKS Ford then KNEES low! Almas CHOPS Ford at the ropes, whips but Ford flips up and over Almas to hit a leaping lariat! Ford glares at Garza and runs at Almas but Almas boots back. Almas hops up but Ford STEINERS him off the top! Ford clotheslines Almas out of the ring hard! Garza runs in but Dawkins intercepts with a BIG right! The Profits whip Garza for a double flapjack! Vega is worried already as Ford shakes the ropes. Ford builds speed to FLY! But Garza and Almas both catch him, for a DOUBLE POWERBOMB! Dawkins checks on Ford as Almas drags Ford up and into the ring.

Almas stalks Ford and stomps him down. Almas clobbers Ford then tags in Garza. Almas puts Ford in the ropes and on the apron, then Garza baseball slide dropkicks Ford down! Garza goes out to talk trash to Ford then put him back in the ring. Cover, TWO! Garza keeps on Ford with an armlock and cranks on the shoulder. Ford endures, fights his way up, but Garza puts him in a corner. Garza puts Ford up top, Ford fights Garza off! Ford BOOTS, but Garza traps the legs in the ropes! Garza dropkicks the legs out! Off come the pants! Garza drags Ford around, tags in Almas, and Almas wraps on a DRAPING TRIANGLE HOLD! Ford hammers away but Almas lets go at 4.

Almas throws haymakers and forearms on Ford, drags him around and has the armlock. Ford endures, the fans rally and Dawkins coaches Ford up. Ford fights his way up, throws haymakers but Almas hits back. Almas puts Ford in the corner, puts Ford in the ropes and Garza tags in to KNEE Ford hard! Garza drags Ford to a cover, TWO! Garza puts Ford up on the top rope and clubs away on the back. Then Ford is in the Tree of Woe, Garza taunts Dawkins and runs to PENALTY KICK! Tag to Almas, Garza holds Ford in place for the WOE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! Ford survives and Vega is furious with the count. Almas stomps Ford, tags Garza, and they mug Ford.

Garza drags Ford into a modified cobra twist, Almas tags in for more mugging. Almas back suplexes, Ford lands on his feet and enziguris Almas! Ford dodges Almas to tag in Dawkins! The Curse of Greatness rallies up and hits Almas with a leaping back elbow! Dawkins decks Garza then runs to CYCLONE SPLASH Almas! Dawkins reels Almas in but Almas fights out, to boot feint and ELBOW! Almas runs, into Dawkins’ SPEAR!! Both men are down and Vega shouts for Almas to get up. The fans cheer, Dawkins and Almas crawl, hot tags to Garza and Ford! Ford goes up top and LEAPS for the crossbody! Garza rolls it and puts his feet on the ropes! Almas anchors the feet, but the ref sees it! No count, Ford spins Garza but Garza ducks the enziguri to basement dropkick! Cover, but Dawkins breaks it!

Vega protests and is on the apron, but the ref reprimands Vega. Garza has Ford but Ford throws hands. Garza SUPERKICKS Ford into Vega! Garza gets Ford, but Ford slips out of the Wing Clipper! Tag to Dawkins, Almas is too busy checking on Vega! CASH OUT! FROM THE HEAVENS!! With a twist even! Cover, The Profits win!!

Winners: The Street Profits, by pinfall (still Raw Tag Team Champions)

Kevin says he wore the right shirt, because Ford and Dawkins are still on top! Will Garza have something to say about Almas worrying too much about La Muneca than about the match?


Backstage interview with the Golden Role Models.

Kayla Braxton has Bayley and Sasha, and congratulates Bayley on retaining her title. Now they said Asuka couldn’t beat both of them, but without Sasha’s help, Bayley- Whoa, stop right there, none of that “Gotcha Journalism.” Bayley will not be offended by that lack of respect tonight, because no one is going to ruin the historic and magical night. Now surely there are some “earth shattering” questions for Sasha, so get to it.

Yes, Kayla does ask if Sasha expects Bayley to return the favor against Asuka. If Bayley can beat Asuka, Sasha can beat her, too. Asuka got the fight of her life out there. Asuka takes it personal because of what they did to Kairi, but Sasha is The Boss! She loves being #TwoBeltzBanks, but she’ll also love tapping Asuka out. #BankOnThat! Bayley says there will be a CLEAN SWEEP! And then at Payback, they retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, and the dominance continues! Will the Role Models really roll on through the next week with all the gold?


No Disqualifications Loser Leaves WWE Match: Sonya Deville VS Mandy Rose!

The Golden Goddess offered peace and friendship in the eleventh hour, but there’s no going back as far as the Gladiator Gal is concerned. Fire and Desire WILL fight, but it isn’t about hair anymore. This is all about their WWE careers! Is this grudge worth losing their dreams over?

The bell rings and Sonya circles with Mandy. They go face to face, Sonya talks some smack, and then she shoves Mandy. Mandy comes back, her knee is caught and countered to a roll up, TWO! Mandy ROCKS Sonya and Sonya bails out. Sonya fires off on Mandy and dares her to bring it! They brawl more, Mandy throws Sonya into barriers! Mandy drags Sonya back up to bump off steel steps, then bring around to throw more haymakers! Sonya hits back but Mandy still drags Sonya to the ramp. Mandy suplexes Sonya onto the LED ramp! Mandy drags Sonya up and POSTS her! Sonya staggers about as Mandy seethes. Mandy brings Sonya around to POST again! Sonya crawls, Mandy says, “You want to ruin my life?!” Mandy slaps Sonya then throws her into barriers!

Mandy gets up on the desk to egg Sonya on! Then she LEAPS to CLOBBER Sonya!! Mandy won’t let up, she rains down hands! Sonya pushes Mandy away but Mandy decides to use that No Disqualification stipulation. Mandy brings out a TABLE! Sonya scurries away while Mandy sets this table up. Mandy struggles to get it up on its feet, but the table finally stands. Sonya returns to JAM Mandy with a chair! Sonya JAMS Mandy again, then throws the chair aside and gets in Mandy’s face! Sonya slaps Mandy around, bumps her off the announce desk, and then again! And again and again! The ref warns Sonya that this may be No Disqualifications but she still needs to be careful. Sonya puts Mandy in to cover, TWO!

Sonya taunts Mandy as she gives her kicks to the chest! Mandy gets up, Sonya runs, SLIDING KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Sonya grows frustrated more as she stalks Mandy to ropes. Sonya pushes Mandy into the corner and kicks her more. Mandy blocks a kick and trips Sonya for ground ‘n’ pound! Sonya kicks Mandy away, gets to another corner, but Mandy runs in to clothesline! Mandy brings Sonya out, runs but the knee is countered again! Sonya has the dragon sleeper and cranks back! Mandy endures, Sonya drops down for the body scissors! Mandy pries against the hold, elbows Sonya in the chest and is free! The fans rally but Sonya drags Mandy back with handfuls of hair! Mandy turns around but into a TRIANGLE HOLD!

Sonya bridges to keep her own shoulders off the mat as she also slaps Mandy around! Mandy makes it a cover, TWO! Mandy is free again but Sonya kicks her toyingly. Sonya taunts Mandy, then jams her knee into Mandy’s mouth. Sonya eggs Mandy on. “Is this all you got?!” Sonya pie faces Mandy, drags her up, but Mandy SLAPS Sonya! Mandy fires off fast hands, Sonya knees low and runs. Mandy hits her KISS FROM A ROSE!! Cover, TWO!! Sonya bails out, Mandy goes out the side. Mandy and Sonya meet at the corner and Mandy throws more forearms. Mandy pushes Sonya into barriers, then drags her over to that table. Mandy bounces Sonya off the desk over and over and over!

Mandy scoops Sonya to set her on the table and then heads up top! But Sonya gets off the table for her own safety. Mandy hops down in frustration and looks for anything else she can use. Mandy brings out a chair and slides it along the table! Sonya ducks before her head is taken off! Mandy tries again but Sonya tosses the table aside! They brawl again, Sonya pushes and BOOTS Mandy down! Both women are on the floor but Sonya drags Mandy up into the ring. Sonya stalks Mandy, drags her up to a fireman’s carry, but Mandy fights out. Mandy reels Sonya in to underhooks, but Sonya resists! Sonya slips out and KNEES Mandy in the head! Sonya underhooks to steal Mandy’s facebuster, only for Mandy to fight free! Mandy KNEES Sonya down again! KISS FROM A ROSE AGAIN!!

Sonya stirs, Mandy runs in, ANOTHER KNEE!! Mandy won’t let it end there, she underhooks Sonya for the GOLDEN FACEBUSTER! But that’s still not enough for Mandy! Mandy dares Sonya to get up for all that tough talk, ANOTHER KISS FROM A ROSE!! Mandy wins!!!

Winner: Mandy Rose, by pinfall (Sonya must leave WWE)

Incredible! All the fire, desire, fury and pain, and it’s Mandy who wins! Sonya loses her cool as she loses her job! Will Sonya ever come to regret taking things down this path? As for Mandy, Otis comes out to celebrate with his sweet peach! She even shows off her own caterpillar! Will Mandy move on to have even bigger victories in the future?


Street Fight: Seth Rollins w/ Buddy Murphy VS Dominik Mysterio w/ Rey Mysterio!

The Monday Night Messiah claims everything he does is for “the greater good.” Apparently that means gouging Rey Mysterio’s eye and trying to end Dominik’s career before it began was for Raw’s benefit. But will Dominik make Rollins suffer for everything he’s done to the Mysterio Family and the roster as a whole?

The bell rings and Rollins circles with Dominik. Dominik and Rollins tie up, Rollins gets around to the waistlock and throws Dominik down to slap him all around. Dominik gets up, keeps his cool and goes with Rollins again. Rollins gets the arm, hammerlock, headlock takeover, but Dominik gets out. Rollins is toying with Dominik as he taunts Rey. Dominik and Rollins circle, and Rollins puts his hands back to give Dominik a free shot. Dominik headlocks but Rollins shoves him right down. Rollins grins as he soaks up the heat from the crowd. Dominik and Rollins circle, tie up, Rollins headlocks and taunts Rey again. Rollins wrenches and yanks on Dominik’s arm, but Dominik throws haymakers!

Dominik rocks Rollins but Rollins knees low. Rollins whips, Domink ducks and tilt-o-whirls to arm-drag Rollins! Rollins gets up, Dominik gets around but Rollins bucks off the waitslock, only to run into more arm-drags! Dominik handsprings to show off the agility! Rey cheers Dominik on and Rollins applauds. Rollins and Dominik circle, tie up with knuckle locks, and Rollins kicks low. Rollins clubs away on Dominik over and over then stomps him to a corner! Rollins digs his boots into Dominik but drags him up to scoop and slam! Dominik sits up as Murphy taunts, “How does that feel?!” Rollins has Murphy fetch him a kendo stick, but Dominik kips up to dropkick Rollins down!

Dominik gets the kendo stick and Rollins panics! Dominik chases ROllins around the ring, just missing him with the kendo stick! Rollins gets in the ring and gets Dominik as he returns! Rollins stomps and clubs Dominik down then kicks the stick away. Rollins throws haymakers, whips Dominik corner to corner and Dominik hits hard! Rey coaches Dominik but Rollins has Dominik on the ropes. Rollins whips corner to corner hard again and Dominik bounces off the buckles! Dominik sits up and gets to a corner but Rollins is after him again. Rollins suplexes Dominik away! Rollins taunts Rey more as he drags Dominik up into a camel clutch! Dominik endures as Rollins eggs Rey on. Dominik refuses to quit so Rollins shoves him down.

Rollins dares Rey to get involved, “What kind of dad are you!?” Rey says he trusts his son, and Dominik fires off on Rollins! Dominik runs, but into a SLING BLADE! Rollins digs his knee into Dominik’s face at the ropes, then goes after the fingers! Rollins pulls the fingers as far as they’ll go then stomps Dominik down. Mother Angie can only watch backstage as Rollins stalks Dominik to the corner. Murphy gives Rollins a chair and Rollins taunts Rey with it. Rollins takes a seat and dares “Papa” to get in. Dominik crawls over but Rollins kicks him down. Rey is on the apron but Dominik tells him to stay back. Rollins CLUBS Dominik down and stomps him more! Rey again gets on the apron but so does Murphy.

Rollins taunts Rey that if Rey won’t help, Rollins will end this. But Dominik evades the Curb Stomp and drop toehold Rollins onto the chair! Dominik fires off hands on Rollins! Dominik climbs up to rain down rights on Rollins, but Rollins turns it to a running BUCKLE- NO! Dominik Ranas Rollins into the buckles first! Dominik whips corner to corner, Rollins reverses but Dominik goes up. Rollins catches Dominik but Dominik TORNADO DDT’S! Cover, TWO!! Murphy is relieved but Rey says Dominik he’s still got this! Dominik and Rollins both slowly stand, and Dominik gets the kendo stick! Dominik SMACKS Rollins in the ribs! Then SMACKS him on the back! And again! Dominik hits so hard he breaks the stick on Rollins’ body!

Dominik puts the stick aside to climb up top. The fans fire up but Rollins stops Dominik with haymakers! Rollins throws more haymakers, climbs up top, but Dominik resists the superplex! Dominik fights back, clubs Rollins and shoves him down! Rollins comes back in an instant, for the SUPERPLEX! Roll through, FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Dominik survives and both Rey and Angie are relieved! Rollins mutters, “That should’ve been it.” Murphy gives Rollins more kendo sticks, Rollins’ own body showing the marks. Rollins SMACKS Dominik, and SMACKS again! Rollins asks Rey, “Is this enough?” Rollins keeps giving Dominik SMACKS as he dares Rey to save his son! Rey shouts to Dominik to keep fighting, but Rollins orders for a table!

Rollins SMACKS Dominik more and more as Murphy puts the table in. Rollins tells Rey that he got his son into this mess, this is what they both get! Another SMACK on Dominik before Rollins sets up the table. Murphy taunts Dominik as Rollins uses another kendo stick to SMACK him! Rollins SMACKS Dominik to the corner with the table and hoists Dominik up top. Rollins SMACKS Dominik one more time before climbing up. Rollins says this is Rey’s fault, and makes him look at his own son. But Dominik trips Rollins! Rollins is crotched, Dominik uses the stick to bring Rollins up for a SUPER RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP, through the table!! Both men crash down but Dominik rises first!

Dominik uses whatever he has left to get to a corner and to the top rope, Rey and fans cheering him on the entire way. Dominik is up, leaps, FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!! Rollins survives and Dominik is beside himself! Dominik goes outside, looks for something under the ring, and brings out a chair! Dominik slides the chair in too far, and Rollins gets it first! Rollins pushes the chair away and SUPERKICKS Dominik down! Rollins brings Dominik up for a POWERBOMB! Rey panics now as Rollins grits his teeth and glares at Dominik. Rollins rips Dominik’s vest off and grabs another kendo stick. “Remember this, Rey?!” Rollins SMACKS Dominik in the chest! And SMACKS him on the back! Angie can’t watch but Rey gets on the apron. Dominik tells him to stay away!

Rollins SMACKS Dominik over and over and over again! Those marks return to Dominik’s body, but that’s not enough for Rollins. Murphy fetches a pair of handcuffs?! Rollins brings the cuffs over and hooks one end to the middle rope. Rollins dares Rey to do something as he drags Dominik over. “You can stop this at any minute, Rey!” Rey sees Angie on stage and hurries to talk with her! Mother and father Mysterio discuss this and Rollins now eggs Angie on. But Dominik rolls Rollins up! TWO!! Murphy is in as Dominik tackles Rollins, KNEE TRIGGER! Murphy goes after Dominik on the outside, and brings him to the steel steps!!! Rey hurries back to clobber Murphy! THIS Rey can step in to stop!

Rollins and Murphy go after Rey 2v1 and beat him down! Dominik gets back up but Rollins THROWS him into barriers! Rey brawls with Rollins and Murphy again but that’s still 2v1, and he gets thrown into the LED boards of the apron. Rollins and Murphy cuff Mysterio to the rope! Rey is vulnerable as Rollins and Murphy each have a kendo stick. But wait. Angie’s still on stage. Rey shouts at them to stop it! “Take me! Take me!!” Murphy keeps Mysterio put as Rollins points to Angie. Dominik fires off on Rollins! Dominik dodges Murphy to throw him over the railing! Dominik fires off on Rollins, and RAMS him into steel steps! Rollins tumbles up and over, Dominik is after him with clubbing forearms!

Murphy returns but Domink back drops him away! Rollins leans on the apron, Dominik gives Rollins a basement 619! Dominik puts Rollins in, stalks him to ropes, and gives him a proper 619!! Dominik keeps going, following Rey’s example with another FROG SPLASH, but onto knees!! Rollins saves himself at the last second! Rey is stuck on the ropes, Rollins drags Dominik around and grinds him down! Rey is just out of reach as Rollins makes him look at Dominik! “Reach! Just a little more! Reach!” Rollins brings Dominik even closer just to taunt Rey, then CURB STOMPS Dominik!! Cover, Rollins wins!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall

The Architect just demolished the young superstar in front of his own father, but shows him one mercy: he gives Dominik the keys to the cuffs. Rollins has wounded the Mysterio Family deeper than just gouging an eye or bruising the skin. Will anyone ever stop “the greater good” the Monday Night Messiah vows to bring about? As for Dominik, Rey frees himself, and still tells Dominik he is so proud of him. Dominik’s first match is his loss, but will he be able to climb up and redeem himself?


Raw Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks w/ Bayley VS Asuka!

The Golden Role Models want the sweep, but they’ve only added fuel to the fire inside the Empress! Will Asuka get revenge for Kairi and for the SmackDown Women’s Championship screw job all in one fell swoop?

The introductions are made, the Raw belt is raised, and the double header finishes one way or another!

Asuka and Sasha circle, Sasha dropkicks the bad leg! Sasha drops elbows on the leg over and over, continuing where Bayley left off! Asuka kicks with her good leg but Sasha lets go to mock Asuka’s pain. Sasha avoids Asuka’s kicks to kick Asuka again. Asuka throws body shots so Sasha gets the leg. Asuka spins through to kick away on Sasha’s face! Sasha trips Asuka and rains down rights. Asuka turns it around to give them back, but Sasha gets up. Asuka blocks, kicks and kicks and kicks. Asuka back kicks, runs, and sliding forearms Sasha out of the ring! Sasha regroups with Bayley, Bayley says to use Champion’s Advantage! But Asuka brings Sasha back to the apron. Sasha spins to kick Asuka back! Bayley applauds but the fans boo as Sasha tries to Rana Asuka.

Asuka blocks and spins to a KNEEBAR! Sasha kicks, the ref counts, Asuka lets go and Sasha gets away. Asuka follows into the ring and tosses Sasha to a corner! Asuka runs in to hip attack! Asuka drags Sasha up to snapmare and KICK! Cover, TWO! ARMBAR! Sasha turns as Asuka pulls, Sasha gets up to stomp Asuka down! Asuka lets go, Sasha gets away but comes back to tackle Asuka. Asuka puts Sasha through the ropes to KICK her again! Asuka joins Sasha on the apron to kick and kick and kick, but Sasha slips in and the leg kicks POST! Sasha knees Asuka, goes out and SUNSET BOMBS Asuka to the floor!! Even Bayley loses her mind over that one! Bayley says Asuka is stupid, dumb and done for!

The ring count climbs, Sasha goes into the ring and the count passes 5. The count gets to 8 but Asuka springs up into the ring! Sasha covers, TWO! Sasha tries again, TWO! Sasha grows frustrated as Asuka survives. Sasha drags Asuka up and tells her to give up. Sasha bumps Asuka off buckles and kicks away! The ref counts, Sasha lets up at 4, but then digs her boot in! The ref counts more, Sasha lets off to run corner to corner, and BOOT! Bayley says the kick is good as Sasha covers, TWO!! Sasha keeps her cool as Asuka survives. Sasha drags Asuka up and rams her shoulder into Asuka over and over! The ref counts, Sasha stops, and then Sasha sets Asuka sideways on the ropes.

Sasha takes her time talking trash but Asuka blocks the Stock Drop to an Electric Chair! For a FACEBUSER! Into a KNEEBAR!! Sasha endures, crawls, but Asuka shifts to an ANKLE LOCK! Sasha gets up, rolls, but Asuka goes up only for Sasha to swat her first! Sasha elbows Asuka back, then says it’s done! Sasha climbs up to join Asuka, but Asuka fights back with body shots! Asuka clubs away and grabs Sasha for a SUPER DDT!! Both women are down and Bayley is stunned silent! But Sasha rolls and flops out of the ring to save herself! The ring count starts, Bayley checks on Sasha and wants the count to slow down. The count passes 5, Asuka goes out to fetch Sasha.

Asuka dodges Sasha’s punch to whip her into barriers! Asuka RAMS Sasha into the LED boards! Sasha gets in the ring, Asuka climbs up top, and Asuka gets her bad leg moving before she leaps, MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO!! Asuka shakes her head, she’s not done with Sasha. Sasha is in the corner, Asuka stomps a mudhole! Asuka stops at the ref’s count, then yanks Sasha out, to get a CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Sasha can’t believe she didn’t get Asuka with that! Asuka stirs but Sasha stomps her down. Sasha drags Asuka to a drop zone then climbs up top. Sasha FROG SPLASH FLOPS!

Bayley asks if Sasha is okay and then tells her she has this. Asuka’s leg is done for, Sasha is better than Asuka! Two belts for life! But Sasha runs into a TAKEDOWN! ASUKA LOCK!!! Sasha flails, pries at the body scissors, gets around, but Asuka reels her back in! Sasha uses the buckles to push off and roll back to a cover, TWO! BANK STATEMENT! Sasha has Asuka now, but Asuka reaches, crawls, but Sasha kicks off the ropes! Asuka gets free to get the ASUKA LOCK! Sasha scrambles around, gets up and elbows free! Sasha throws Asuka away, but the ROUNDHOUSE rocks her!

Asuka and Sasha stagger about, Bayley is on the apron just like the earlier match! Asuka runs in but both Sasha and Bayley avoid the hip attack! Asuka BACK HANDS Bayley down! Sasha gets Asuka, but Asuka rolls out of the backstabber into an ASUKA LOCK!! Sasha flails, reaches, but she’s all alone!! Sasha taps, Asuka wins!!

Winner: Asuka, by submission (NEW Raw Women’s Champion)

The Empress makes the most of her second try! Bayley tried to help Sasha, but did she try hard enough? Will it matter now that #TwoBeltzBanks is no more? As for Asuka, we know Shayna Baszler is after the title. Will the Empress be able to refocus and be ready for the Queen of Spades?


WWE World Championship: Drew McIntyre VS Randy Orton!

The leader of Claymore Country knows The Viper is dangerous, skilled, and selfish. The third-generation superstar wants the glory of being champion again, and has destroyed legend after legend just to prove a point. Will McIntyre take an RKO outta nowhere? Or will Orton definitely see the Claymore flying right into his face?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if McIntyre’s first reign can deny Orton his 14th!

McIntyre rushes Orton but Orton bails out to stall. Orton wants McIntyre to get back before he returns. McIntyre stares Orton down as he waits. Orton gets up on the apron, McIntyre takes just a step and Orton hops down. Orton comes back when McIntyre backs away, but then he uses the ropes as defense! The ref brings McIntyre back and Orton tells the ref to do his job. Orton comes back, he circles with McIntyre, but Orton ducks a punch to kick low! Orton whips, McIntyre reverses but Orton slides out to deny McIntyre anymore. McIntyre pursues Orton, they go around the ring, back in the ring, and Orton stomps McIntyre down!

Orton stomps McIntyre more, brings him up but McIntyre shoves him. Orton dodges the chop but McIntyre denies the RKO to run Orton over! Things speed up, Orton rips McIntyre, but still McIntyre denies the RKO! McIntyre has to bail out now to cool off, and Orton grins. McIntyre takes a couple breaths as the ring count climbs, but he smirks and nods as he comes back at 7. Orton paces, McIntyre circles with him, and McIntyre blocks the kick to grab Orton by his throat! McIntyre puts Orton in a corner to fire off! The ref counts as McIntyre ROCKS Orton! McIntyre whips Orton corner to corner, Orton avoids the boot but McIntyre again denies the RKO!

McIntyre runs at Orton but Orton POSTS him! McIntyre tumbles out hard and Orton sneers as he pursues. Orton drags McIntyre up to throw into barriers! Orton drags McIntyre back up to bounce off the announce desk! And the POST again! And then bounce off the desk again! Orton tears the hood off, throws whatever else away and brings McIntyre for a back suplex onto the desk!! McIntyre writhes while Orton refreshes the count. Orton brings McIntyre up for another back suplex to the desk! Orton gets in McIntyre’s face to say, “That title is coming home with me.” McIntyre pushes Orton away, Orton refreshes the count and comes back. Orton has McIntyre from the desk, for a suplex to the floor!

Both men are down but Orton sits up with another grin. The ring count reaches 5, Orton drags McIntyre up and puts him back in. Orton covers, ONE!! McIntyre scowls as Orton is a bit surprised. Orton stays on McIntyre as he pulls McIntyre’s hair and reels him into a chinlock. Orton grinds McIntyre down, McIntyre endures and the crowd rallies. McIntyre fights up, throws body shots but Orton throws McIntyre down by his hair! Orton stomps McIntyre’s hand, then his foot. McIntyre grits his teeth while clutching his limbs. Orton grabs a leg to then stomp McIntyre in the stomach. Orton scrapes his laces on McIntyre’s face! McIntyre gets to ropes but Orton just stomps him more.

Orton takes a moment to pose and soak up the heat. McIntyre is in the corner, Orton stalks over, but McIntyre hits back. McIntyre throws big haymakers but Orton kicks low. Orton whips corner to corner, McIntyre reverses and catches the boot to JAM the knee! Both men are down, McIntyre gets up first and heads back for Orton, only for Orton to kick McIntyre’s leg out! McIntyre is furious but Orton stands up again. Orton stalks McIntyre to ropes, drags McIntyre up and throws haymakers. Orton punches at the mark he left on McIntyre’s face and then gets in McIntyre’s face. Orton runs, into a SPINE BUSTER! Both men are down but McIntyre seethes as he forces himself over to Orton.

McIntyre has the leg, spins through, and uses the FIGURE FOUR! McIntyre wants to avenge Ric Flair using his signature move! Orton resists but McIntyre powers through to lock it on! Orton endures, flails, reaches, but McIntyre cranks harder! McIntyre has a bridge, Orton is on his shoulders, TWO! Orton reaches, drags himself and McIntyre over, and rolls, only for McIntyre to roll it back! McIntyre SLAPS Orton and cranks even harder on the hold! Orton grabs the ref, drags him down, then rakes McIntyre’s eyes!! Orton proves he can be just as dirty as the Dirtiest Player with that one. McIntyre shakes his head out, makes sure his eyes still work, but now he has a bloody scratch under his eye.

Orton walks over, but into a CHOP!! McIntyre evens things with Orton in an instant! McIntyre fires up, some blood starting to seep out. McIntyre drags Orton around to throw haymakers, but Orton gives them back. They brawl on their knees, then fight up to their feet. McIntyre throws a haymaker, Orton uses a EuroUpper. McIntyre CHOPS, Orton kicks low! They keep throwing hands over and over, and McIntyre again denies an RKO to rally with lariats! McIntyre whips, and OVERHEAD SUPLEXES Orton! Orton gets up for McIntyre to smother and OVERHEAD SUPLEX again! McIntyre hurries to the top rope, Orton stands, FLYING AX HANDLE! McIntyre still kips up! The crowd fires up with McIntyre as he drags Orton up in a corner.

McIntyre bumps Orton off buckles, hoists him up top and CHOPS again! McIntyre climbs up to join Orton, throws more haymakers, then brings Orton to the very top. Orton trips McIntyre up! Orton headbutts McIntyre again and again, then punches McIntyre into a Tree of Woe. Orton is bleeding now from his own headbutts, but McIntyre sits up to SUPLEX Orton off! Cover, TWO! McIntyre grimaces as he drags Orton up. McIntyre underhooks but no Future Shock! McIntyre slips around Orton to spin him around, NOW FUTURE SHOCK!! Cover, TWO!?! Orton survives and McIntyre is beside himself. Both men have blood coming from the face, but McIntyre drags Orton up for a fireman’s carry. Orton flails, elbows free, then throws McIntyre out.

McIntyre JABS back from the apron, climbs up top again, and LEAPS, but Orton gets under! Orton comes back to hit the SPINNING POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Orton grits his teeth as McIntyre rolls to the apron. McIntyre gets up, Orton hobbles over and drags McIntyre in. But McIntyre knows what’s coming, pushes Orton for a GLASGOW KISS! Orton wobbles, McIntyre clotheslines Orton and himself out of the ring! The ring count begins, Orton is up in first at 5, McIntyre follows at 7. Orton KICKS McIntyre, drags him out, DRAPING DDT! Orton slowly stands up as McIntyre stirs. The crowd rallies but Orton hears the voices in his head. Orton wants McIntyre to get up but McIntyre flounders. Orton looms over McIntyre, then lines up a shot.

McIntyre sits up again, Orton runs in, but McIntyre pops Orton up for a POWERBOMB! No punting here! McIntyre fires up and takes aim from the corner! The crowd fires up, too, as McIntyre demands Orton get up! Orton slowly rises, McIntyre runs, but Orton ducks the Claymore! McIntyre spins the RKO into a backslide, McIntyre wins!?!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, by pinfall (still WWE World Champion)

Well, no one saw THAT coming! Orton can’t believe neither his or McIntyre’s best move finished it! McIntyre says this isn’t Orton’s business, or even his. This is everyone’s business! But even so, will the WWE World Championship still be McIntyre’s for a long, long time?


Keith Lee heads to Raw!!

The Limitless One has shown us what he is capable of on NXT, but now he’s going to take on WWE’s longest running brand! Will Monday nights now #BaskInHisGlory?


WWE Universal Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match: Braun Strowman VS “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt!

Firefly Fun House Bray tried to bring The Black Sheep back into the fold at Money in the Bank, but failed. Classic Face of Fear Bray tried to drag Braun down into the swamp, but failed. But perhaps they both succeeded in one thing: making Braun into a true Monster Among Men! Will Braun prove he is “the most evil SOB on the planet” and hold on to the gold? Or will he #LetHimIn and lose it all as The Fiend comes around to play?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this hell-raising trilogy is about to be completed!

Braun powers Fiend to the corner and hammers away, but Fiend just laughs it all off! Fiend hits back fast and then gets Braun for an URENAGE! Braun crawls, Fiend drags him up for the NECK CRACK! Fiend sits Braun up for ANOTHER! Braun is down and Fiend finally takes off his jacket. Braun gets out of the ring and staggers over to commentary but Fiend CLUBS him on the back! Fiend goes looking under the ring, and brings out a toolbox! Fiend JAMS the box into Braun’s stomach, then SMASHES it on Braun’s back! Fiend tosses the box aside to pull the desk hood off. Braun ROCKS Fiend with big haymakers and uppercuts! Then Braun headbutts Fiend to barriers, Braun runs to BUST Fiend through the timekeeper’s area!!

Braun finishes moving pieces off the announce desk but Fiend is on his feet?! Fiend throws a throat chop and fast hands, but Braun CHOKE SLAMS Fiend onto the announce desk!! The desk only falls apart but Fiend might be broken! Fiend gets back up again?! Braun knees low, Fiend kicks low! Fiend throws Braun into steps, Braun uppercuts back. Braun has the steel steps and SMASHES Fiend in the face! Braun glares down at Fiend as Fiend finally stays down for a moment. Braun drags Fiend up, puts him back in the ring, stalks Fiend and corner splashes! Braun scoops Fiend up, MONSTER SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Fiend survives and shocks Braun!

Braun wracks his brain on what to do now as Fiend flops out of the ring. Braun pursues, brings Fiend up and throws him into barriers! Braun throws body shots, throws Fiend up the ramp, and then kicks him towards the stage. Braun rams Fiend into the screen wall! Fiend flounders up and Braun toys with him. Braun bounces Fiend off the screen, then heads backstage! They brawl into gorilla position, Fiend hits back with knees, and throws Braun the wall! And then the other wall! Fiend gets Braun for SISTER ABIGAIL!! Cover, TWO!?! Braun survives, and Fiend is actually amused. Fiend kicks Braun, sits him up and claws at Braun’s eyes! They both go back to the stage, Fiend dragging Braun by his beard to throw him HARD into the screen! The screen flickers but stays on as Fiend stalks Braun.

Fiend kicks Braun and Braun has a cut on his bald head. Fiend ROCKS Braun with that uppercut and they go to the edge of the stage. Fiend drags Braun back up, brings him to the ramp and kicks him down the way. The hurt hand talks to Bray again as Braun flounders about. Fiend grabs Braun for a MANDIBLE CLAW! Braun resists as Fiend tries to smother him! Braun choke grips Fiend to RAM him into the apron! Braun is free of The Fiend’s grip but both behemoths catch their breath. Bruan brings Fiend up to CLUB him down! Cover, TWO! Braun drags Fiend up and into the ring then follows after. Fiend stands, Braun scoops him! MONSTER SLAM!! Cover, TWO!?! Fiend survives but Braun just hammers away! Braun roars right in Fiend’s face before getting back to his feet.

Braun considers his options, and goes outside to check what tools were in the toolbox. Braun chooses the box cutter?!? Braun brings the blade into the ring and cuts up the mat covering! Braun rips through cloth and foam to get to the hardwood underneath! Fiend staggers up as Braun clears out a huge patch of the ring floor! Braun asks Fiend, “Why won’t you die?!” Fiend gives Braun an URENAGE to the wood! And then a SISTER ABIGAIL to the wood!! Fiend drags Braun up for another SISTER ABIGAIL! Braun might’ve hit more pad than wood that time, but Fiend covers, and wins!!

Winner: The Fiend, by pinfall (NEW WWE Universal Champion)

“Brutal” doesn’t even begin to cover this! But then Roman Reigns SPEARS Fiend outta nowhere!?!? The Big Dog wrecks The Fiend, then goes out to SPEAR Braun Strowman! “You ain’t a monster unless I’M here!” Roman grabs a chair and brings it over to SMACK Braun! And again! And again! And AGAIN! Roman doesn’t stop until he’s satisfied, and the chair is bent! Roman tosses that one aside and goes back to The Fiend. The crowd is thunderous as Roman aims from the corner. Fiend flounders up, into another SPEAR!! The shirt says it all: “Wreck EVERYONE & Leave.” Roman wants the Universal Championship back, and no “freak in a mask” is going to keep it from him. Will the Roman Empire rebuild itself on top of the wreckage of Braun and Bray?

My Thoughts:

A great SummerSlam, and I’m not really sure what there is to complain about. I mean, not all the results went the way I expected, though that might’ve been what made for better stories. For one, I thought Dominik was going to win against Seth Rollins, especially at that moment where he rolled Rollins up while Rey tried to calm Mama Angie down. The tide shifting in that match made for a really effective win for Rollins and even a powerful moment for Dominik. Rey didn’t interfere with the match itself, as he promised Dominik, and now it’ll be a test to see if Dominik can dust himself off and rise up. As for Rollins, I wonder if Aleister Black comes back. The “arm injury” could’ve been a way to keep him out of this so that he could become the main opponent for Rollins in the next phase.

Another match I thought would go the other way was the Raw Tag Team Championships. Ford came back triumphantly from the “poisoning,” so I would’ve thought the math gives us new champions. But instead, the dysfunction returns! Almas cares more about Vega than Garza or the win, which is why they lost. I was feeling that MVP and the Hurt Business would focus on The Profits at some point, so this could be how we get to that tomorrow night. And then Garza and Almas give us a killer feud for someone, probably Garza, to turn Face but still lose. MVP and Apollo have a good US Championship but I can see why it got put on the kickoff show. Maybe Apollo takes on Lashley in a match to settle things with the Hurt Business before moving on, which could be half the reason we get Payback as PPV.

Mandy VS Sonya was really good stuff, probably as aggressive as it would’ve been if this was still the Hair VS Hair match. I was still expecting this to go as I felt on Friday, with Mandy sticking to wanting to show mercy, but it seems Sonya gave her no choice but to follow through and finish her. Sonya is “leaving” the WWE, probably to decompress after the real-life attempt on her life and maybe even try those rumored acting roles she was interested in. But I’m sure one day, she returns to be even stronger than ever. She can easily use an attack on Mandy or whatever Face is on top to “get back in.” As for Mandy, who had an awkward but admirable Caterpillar, I feel like she still has to wait on the outside before having a title opportunity because of Sasha and Bayley still holding belts. Speaking of…

Only Asuka, Sasha and Bayley could give us such an incredible double header. It should’ve been obvious at a certain point that Asuka wasn’t going to become a double champion, as the entirety of wrestling has had quite a few of those already just the last year. But the way tonight went is actually a bit like how I imagined the dysfunction of Bayley and Sasha going. Bayley gets Sasha to help her beat Asuka, but doesn’t really reciprocate, and Sasha loses. Bayley VS Naomi will be a quick detour before Bayley and Sasha break up and give us that long awaited match perhaps in time for the Royal Rumble, and that will be some great long term story telling. Shayna had a great part in the kickoff show to remind us she wants next, so finally getting her and Asuka fighting over not only the Raw title, but establishing who is/was THE most dominant NXT Women’s Champion, will be great stuff.

Keith Lee showing up on Raw tomorrow night, that’s quite the surprise! I didn’t expect his call up to happen so quickly but here it is. I’m not entirely sure who Keith even feuds with, but it could be just as obvious as Rollins. Rollins will want the new guy to choose the right side of this, and Keith obviously chooses the side that isn’t Rollins’. Other than that, it’s title pictures but both Apollo and McIntyre are Faces. I suppose Keith feuds with Rollins long enough for a championship to change hands, Keith gets passed Rollins and goes after the first Heel champion he sees. I just kinda wish he was either staying in NXT or going to SmackDown, but there might be reasons now as to why it’s not SmackDown.

Both top titles being a one-two double main event was of course a great idea, and how it should be. McIntyre VS Orton was great stuff, I loved the constant finisher denials, and I will even give credit to this ending as a quick pin! It fits the tagline of “You’ll never see it coming,” and could even keep Orton in the mix for the world title. I didn’t realize the Universal Championship was going to be Falls Count Anywhere until before the show, so that was a great touch. This was definitely like some kind of superhero comic fight, in a good way, but I do wish they’d go out into more than just the gorilla position. Maybe they just wanted to keep things nice for Raw and beyond. I’m a little disappointed there was no use of Alexa Bliss, but I did like Strowman cut up the ring mat.

It was a great surprise that Fiend won, and a WILD surprise that Roman Reigns returned! The shirt said it all but it was still wild to see him actually wreck Bray and Braun. Maybe Payback gives us a Triple Threat of those three, even if it isn’t for the title. Either way, great to see The Big Dog back, there’s a lot that can happen now with him in the mix.

My Score: 9.2/10

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