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Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (10/14/20)

Happy Anniversary, Dynamite!



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

AEW Dynamite celebrates one year of television with an explosive night!

It’s an almost Pay-Per-View caliber episode as the AEW TNT, World Tag Team, Women’s World AND World Championships are on the line in four epic showdowns! How will the Dynamite landscape look after this veritable gold rush?


  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: FTR w/ Tully Blanchard VS Best Friends; FTR wins and retains the AEW World Tag Team Championships.
  • Miro & Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford VS Sean Maluta & Lee Johnson; Miro & Sabian win.
  • AEW TNT Championship: Cody Rhodes w/ Arn Anderson VS Orange Cassidy; Time Limit Draw, Cody retains the AEW TNT Championship.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Hikaru Shida VS Big Swole; Shida wins and retains the AEW Women’s World Championship.
  • AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley VS Lance Archer w/ Jake the Snake; Moxley wins and retains the AEW World Championship.


AEW World Tag Team Championships: FTR w/ Tully Blanchard VS Best Friends!

The incredible Dynamite Anniversary opens with more than just a #BrushwithGreatness, this is the FULL 60 MINUTE time limit! But will it take all 60 for Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood to put Chuck Taylor and Trent away? Or will Tully help them make it faster than that?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised and this explosive night begins!

Fans rally for “Best Friends!” already as Cash and Chuck tie up. Cash headlocks, Chuck powers out but Cash runs him over! Fans boo as Cash taunts Chuck. The Kentucky Gentleman keeps his cool as he circles and ties up with Cash. Chuck wrenches, Cash wrenches back, and Dax tags in. FTR wrench and hand-off the wristlock. Chuck rolls, kips up and wrenches back, but Dax tries to power out. Chuck reverses that, headlocks, but Dax powers out, only for Chuck to run him over! And run him over again! Chuck arm-drags Dax down and fans fire up! Dax gets up, Trent tags in and Best Friends double whip to double shoulder Dax down! Trent KICKS Dax in the back, covers, ONE!

Trent keeps on Dax with an armlock and a chinbar. Dax endures and fans rally. Dax pulls hair and puts Trent in an open corner. The ref reprimands, Dax lets go of hair and Trent lets go of the arm. Dax CHOPS and European Uppercuts, but Trent throws forearms and CHOPS! Trent throws more forearms, Dax CHOPS so Trent CHOPS back! Trent has Dax in a corner but Dax kicks back. Dax whips Trent but Trent DECKS Cash Dax hits Trent, hangs him out but Trent comes off ropes! Cash tags in before the sunset flip but Trent fights them both! Cash back suplexes Trent to throw him into ropes! Dax hits a back suplex, Cash covers, TWO! Trent is still in this but Cash KICKS him in the back.

Cash brings Trent up to elbow him to a corner, and CHOPS him down! Cash puts Trent on the ropes, lets off at the ref’s count, but brings Trent up. Dax tags in. FTR whips to drop toehold and drop an elbow! Cover, TWO! Dax keeps on Trent to drop the leg, then seethes before he drags Trent back up. Dax whips Trent, elbows him down, but fans rally up. Tag to Cash, FTR get Trent in the ropes for a ROPE GUILLOTINE! Trent sputters and writhes but Cash springboard stomps over and over. Cash goes out, puts Trent on the apron to CLUB him, and the ref has to keep Chuck back. Trent hits back with big elbows, but Cash gets in to shoulder Trent off the apron! Cash tags Dax and Dax fetches Trent.

Fans rally up for “Best Friends!” but Dax CHOPS Trent. Trent throws forearms back, then gets in to beat the ring count! Dax keeps Trent from Chuck and drags him down, tag to Cash. Cash stomps Trent down then paces. Fans rally up, Cash drags Trent up to have a standing crossface. Trent endures this modified twist as Cash traps arms. Fans continue to rally, Trent fights up and out and throws Cash away! Trent CHOPS Cash, throws forearms, but Cash EuroUppers! Cash shoves Trent, follows, but Trent LARIATS him first! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Hot tag to Dax and he stays between Best Friends to sucker punch Chuck!

Dax uppercuts Trent as fans boo, then whips Trent hard corner to corner! Trent tumbles up the corner while fans taunt Dax with, “What a Weenie!” Dax brings Trent up, to SUPER BACK SUPLEX! Dax can’t cover so Tully coaches him to the corner. Cash tags in, he covers, TWO!! Trent survives but Cash covers again, TWO! Cash grows frustrated but fans rally for “Trent! Trent!” Cash drags Trent up and throws haymakers. Cash steps on Trent while posing. Fans boo as Cash goes up top, for a VADER BOMB onto knees! Trent saves himself, fans fire up and Cash tags Dax! Trent dodges Dax to tag Chuck! Chuck rallies on FTR with big clotheslines! Chuck sends Dax out, sees Cash coming and clotheslines him back out! Chuck FLIES for a double direct hit!

The fans are thunderous for Chuck as he puts Dax in! Dax staggers into a kick and a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Dax survives but Chuck won’t let that get him down. Dax goes to the apron, Chuck heads over and drags him up. Chuck throws forearms, suplexes Dax up but Tully trips Chuck! Cover, TWO!! Chuck grabs at Tully but Dax knees Chuck down! Tag to Cash, FTR drags Chuck up. Trent saves Chuck from the double suplex, then shoves Cash into Dax! Cash switches with Trent but Chuck sunset flips up and over, TWO! Chuck headlocks Cash, Trent tags in as Cash powers out. Chuck kicks., Trent feeds Cash to the Sexy Chuckie Knee! SOLE FOOD HALF ‘N’ HALF! And the PSYCHO KNEE!! Cover, TWO!!

Both men are down but crawling for their corners. Dax trips Chuck off the apron! Trent drags Cash up but Cash is dead weight. Trent still gets Cash up to CLUB him and ROCK him with forearms! Cash reaches around but Trent brings Cash up. Cash wrenches to LARIAT! Fans rally but Cash brings Trent up to tag in Dax. FTR whips Trent, but POP-UP POWERBOMB! Gory Especial to GORY BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Trent survives but Dax SAIDOS Trent hard! Cover, TWO! Dax argues the count but that was fair. Fans continue to rally for Trent as Dax drags him back up. Dax hoists Trent back up top and backwards. Dax CLUBS Trent, climbs up behind him, but Trent throws elbows! Cash runs over but he gets elbows and forearms, too!

Trent adjusts but Dax trips him up! Dax climbs up fast, hoists Trent up again, SUPER BACK SUPLEX into a CROSSBODY! Cover, Cash breaks it! Chuck returns and fires off on Cash! Cash turns it around, TORNADO DDT! Trent dodges Cash to give him a TORNADO DDT! Dax swings, Trent swings, Dax fakes Trent to a SPIKE DDT! Cover, TWO!! Dax can’t believe Trent survives! Fans still rally and Dax drags Trent back up. Dax calls to Cash to go up as he reels Trent in. But Chuck trips Cash up! Trent turns things around on Dax, STRONG ZERO!! Cover, but Cash breaks it!! Cash saves it but Chuck goes out after him. Chuck throws forearms then suplexes, but Cash reverses to BRAIN BUSTER! Trent WRECKS Cash with a dropkick and Cash flies into the front row!

Trent chases Cash, they end up by Kip Sabian’s arcade box. Trent runs, Cash dodges, Trent SPEARS the arcade cabinet!! Cash hurries back as the ring count climbs, and Kip is devastated! Kip tells Penelope Ford to go find Miro! Cash drags Trent to ringside, puts him in at 7, and Dax says real wrestlers don’t need shortcuts! A bit hypocritical but… FTR drags Trent up, but Trent can’t even run after crashing into the arcade game. Fans rally for Trent as FTR mocks his pain. Chuck returns and he saves Trent from Goodnight Express! Trent DDT’s Dax down! Tag to Chuckie T! Chuck throws forearms and CHOPS over and over on Dax! Dax shoves, Chuck CHOPS! Chuck fires up as he dodges Cash’s belt attack!

Chuck baits Dax into a corner, Dax bounces off buckles, but he denies Awful Waffle! Dax tries to O’Conner roll but they almost run into the ref! The ref doesn’t see Cash BELT SHOT Chuck after all! Cover, FTR wins!!

Winners: FTR, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

The ref sure freaked out over merely getting bumped by an O’Conner roll. But Dax and Cash should #FullyThankReferee Mike Knox for that one, because now they’re still the undefeated tag team champions! Who steps up next with Full Gear on the horizon?

As for Best Friends, they HUG! But then MIRO attacks! Miro is getting revenge for the arcade cabinet!! He stomps Chuck and then OVERHEAD suplexes him! And then he CLOBBERS Trent! Kip gets in, and Miro helps him in the running dropkick! Miro TOSSES Trent out as fans boo! But Superbad and the Best Man are up next, will their anger continue against whoever their opponents are?


Miro & Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford VS Sean Maluta & Lee Johnson!

AEW returns and while Kip still cradles the control panel of the arcade cabinet, Miro is ready to tear into Savage Sean Maluta! The bell rings, Miro CLOBBERS Maluta! And CLUBS him down! And stomps him! And drags him up to throw him out of the ring! Miro goes out to RAM Maluta into railing, RAM him into the apron, then THRWO Him into more railing! Miro drags Maluta up and into the ring, ROUNDHOUSE kicks him down, then glares at Johnson to dare him to do something. Then he CLOBBERS Johnson anyway! Miro goes out after Big Shotty and THROWS him into the stage wall!

Miro returns to the ring, Maluta runs at him but gets CLOBBERED again! Miro slams Maluta, tags in Kip and Kip climbs up for the FROG SPLASH! Tag to Miro, and it’s GAME OVER!! Maluta taps to the camel clutch, Miro and Kip win!

Winners: Miro & Kip Sabian, by submission

The Best Man and the Superbad Boy win, but they’re still angry! Kip says “You’ve gone too far! You’ve destroyed my most prized possession! Alan meant everything to me!” Alan being the arcade cabinet. Miro tells everyone in Bulgarian that the “Good Friends” broke his sh*t! Now it’s GAME OVER for them!! Will Miro and Kip crush the hopes and dreams of Trent and Chuck, all because of property damage?


There’s a brawl backstage!

Lance Archer is going after Jon Moxley!! Jake the Snake is enjoying this as Archer slams Moxley off a table, then DECKS the guy working there! Archer dribbles Moxley’s head in the EBD claw! Security rushes in and Archer stops, but this will continue in the AEW World Championship main event! Will Moxley be able to put up a fight after what just happened?


AEW announces the World Championship “Eliminator” Tournament Bracket!

We begin the opening round next week, and the final two names have been revealed! JOEY JANELA gets to face Kenny Omega, and PENTAGON faces his own brother, Rey Fenix!! Will Janela finally get payback for that unsanctioned match last year? Will the Lucha Brothers still be on good terms after being forced to face each other? And on the other side of the bracket, it’s Colt Cabana VS Hangman Page, and Wardlow VS Jungle Boy! Who makes it all the way to the epic finals at Full Gear?


AEW returns as MJF heads to the ring!

Maxwell Jacob Friedman promised us last week that he has BIG news to share. Fans boo because they don’t care. “Makes sense. It’s probably because you’re all envious of me. I’ve accomplished more in one year on national television than any of you meaningless shmucks will accomplish in your entire lives.” If he were us, take that hatred and strap in. MJF isn’t here to get on top, he’s here to stay on top. Much like the man he’ll call out in a moment. A man he looks up to, a man who has stayed on top of the industry for 30 YEARS. This man will hear MJF’s groundbreaking announcement in person. It’s Le Champion, Chris Jericho!

Jericho does head out, with the Inner Circle behind him. Sammy Guevara still doesn’t have the jacket MJF promised was coming. Jericho enjoys the fans singing along with Judas. MJF likes that, too. But for future reference, everyone was off key. Chris, before MJF says the announcement, oh look! Sammy DOES have the jacket, but he just doesn’t want to ear it. Why not? Jericho tells Sammy to put it on. It’s a gift! That’s rude not to wear it. But it’s too big! He got the size wrong! MJF still thinks it looks great. MJF apologizes, but speaking of fit, just look at Jericho’s body! Look at the arms, he’s like Popeye if he injected spinach! But not to get weird, can we talk about the hair? Bodacious mane! Not that most of these prematurely balding fans can appreciate it. Can MJF touch the hair?

MJF wants to touch Jericho’s hair? Yes, please, let him touch the hair. MJF is asking to touch Jericho’s hair? Yes, please, he wants to touch the hair. So his hair? Yeah? Yeah. Go ahead then. Sweet! Boop. Smooth as a baby’s bottom! Alright, Max, cut the crap. What crap? MJF promised this groundbreaking announcement, dragged Inner Circle out here, so what is the proclamation? MJF is sensing some hostility, that’s not what he wants. No one wants hostility. If Jericho wants him to “keep it real,” MJF says that the two biggest draws in AEW are looking at each other eye to eye, nose to nose, and toes to MF’ing toes. That is why Jericho is the DEMO GOD! And if Jericho is the Demo God, then MJF is a RATINGS RULER! Fans boo, that isn’t true at all. MJF says the nickname just went over their heads.

But MJF says they’ve both been on top since AEW started. They’ve both tried to make their ways to the top, yet these two haven’t met in a match. MJF shudders to think why, and there’s a reason why. When you turn on the TV at Casa del Le Champion to watch Animal Planet- Whoa, whoa. Jericho hates Animal Planet. Oh, okay, sorry, though that is random. It is not part of the Turner family of networks, that makes sense. Let’s just relax! Let’s say Jericho is watching animals. And when he watches those, you never see two piranhas eating each other. And why? Mutual respect. MJF and Jericho have that. We all know they’re both predators swimming in a deep blue sea, hunting prey. But the prey is adapting, so they need to adapt, too.

MJF says he and Jericho are great apart, but what if they worked together? What does he mean? MJF wants to j-jo-jo… jog! “You’re blowing it, Max, pull it together.” MJF wants to JOIN the IIIIINNER spiritual child to get his smile back. No, don’t go HBK. Just say it! MJF tells “Christopher” that he would sorta kinda hypothetically theoretically possibly plausibly might want to join the Inner Circle. There it is! Oh. So he wants to kinda sorta wanna possibly perhaps join? Well let’s not start rumors, guys. He didn’t say that. But Ortiz snatches the mic from MJF! “We get it, Max. You’re living out one of your childhood fantasies, getting to jerk Jericho’s chain.” But there is no maybe, possibly ANYTHING. The Inner Circle doesn’t want MJF in Inner Circle. End of story! Let’s go.

Jericho wants his guys to hold on. They’re a family and a team, they make decisions together. But they do need time to figure it out. But next week, Jericho and MJF, 1v1… for a steak dinner. Sammy is shocked! MJF wants to get this straight. Jericho wants to eat steak with him? Jericho’s never wanted anything more in his entire life. A steak dinner huh!? You’re on!! See you next Wednesday, at the restaurant! What just happened? Will the steak dinner go well? Or will MJF’s chances of joining be… well done?


Tony Schiavone interviews Britt Baker… during a spa session?

Britt insists he call her “Doctor.” Adversity causes some to break, and others to break records. Britt’s comeback match is literally being written into the record books as we speak. REBA! Rebel hurries in with the giant notepad. Britt’s Role Model Rule #5: Be the BADDEST B*TCH on the BLOCK! Britt sits up and quotes the legendary Jim Ross. Wait, is Tony naked!? It’s a spa… EWWWW~!

Cut to later, when Britt convinces Tony to do a chest waxing. It’s so gross, he has to. No, please no! OW! OOOH KELLY CLARKSON! And then they do leg massages. Britt says AEW featured Britt surmounting adversity. Broken leg, broken nose, conspiracy, concussions. NOTHING slows the Role Model’s roll. Tony, cover up! “But when you are a bad b*tch, you make sure you have the biggest comeback in sports history.” And now that Britt is back, not that she was ever really gone, the entire Women’s Division is on notice. This is Britt congratulating herself for the victory she had while Tony was gone! He got Superkick’d in the face! So did she! She still showed up! Taz would show up! Britt is being professional and fixed his teeth. Anyway, her comeback is next week, but against who?


AEW TNT Championship: Cody Rhodes w/ Arn Anderson VS Orange Cassidy!

AEW goes picture in picture as Freshly Squeezed makes his entrance, but all eyes will be on this match! The American Nightmare made his own epic return by taking this title back from Mr. Brodie Lee in a brutal and bloody Dog Collar match! But he keeps on that fighting champion workhorse schedule and gives Cassidy a second chance of his own! Will Cassidy bring the juice and have some gold all his own?

AEW returns as Cody makes his usual over the top entrance. And he’s back to bleach blonde! But Darby Allin is watching from the “nosebleeds,” that’s interesting. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this second epic championship match begins!

Cody and Cassidy circle, though it’s mostly Cody going around Cassidy. Cassidy stays put so Cody runs in an attempt to intimidate him. Cassidy doesn’t budge, but Cody fires up! Cody rushes Cassidy but Cassidy casually dodges. Fans rally as Cassidy puts up his dukes, sorta. Cassidy then puts his hands in his pockets! Cody doesn’t seem to know what to make of this, so he SHOVES Cassidy! The sunglasses fly off, and Cassidy takes his hands out of his pockets. Cassidy kicks his glasses away and looks to be getting serious! Fans rally as the two circle, tie up, and go around! Cassidy and Cody break and fans are rallying, “He Locked Up!”

Cody and Cassidy go again, and fans cheer even more! Cody powers Cassidy to a corner but Cassidy turns it around. Cassidy cools off, brings his hands up again, and pats Cody on the shoulders. Cody rushes Cassidy with a waistlock and slam! Cassidy gets up but gets thrown down again. Cassidy gets up again, reaches for legs but Cody stays away. Cassidy slips his hands inside and into his pockets, to then break free and roll back to kick Cody away! Cassidy kips up and Cody is surprised! Cody headlocks, hits a takeover, but Cassidy rocks and rolls to get back up. Fans rally up, Cody shifts sides then hammerlocks again. Cassidy spins through, hammerlocks and reels Cody out to then step in and wring Cody! Cassidy hooks one leg, then the other, CRADLE! ONE, but Cassidy arm-drags to a GHOST PIN, TWO!

Cody knees Cassidy low, seems a bit annoyed as he suplexes Cassidy, and holds him up there for 10 before the gourd buster! Cody pushes Cassidy around then brings him up as AEW goes picture in picture.

Cody wrenches Cassidy to a wristlock and puts Cassidy in a corner. Cody whips corner to corner hard and Cassidy bounces off buckles to hit the mat. Cody drops down on Cassidy to get the arms, brings Cassidy up for another wrench, then whips him corner to corner again. Cassidy stops himself, trips Cody up and Cody hits buckles now! Cassidy goes to the apron, climbs up top and leaps for a crossbody! Cody rolls Cassidy off, things speed up, Cassidy tilt-o-whirls but Cody blocks it to suplex again! But it seems double-edge given Cody’s back neck, being it’s all taped up from last week’s match. But Cody forces himself to get up and drags Cassidy back up, to snapmare and butterfly lock! Cody leans on Cassidy but Cassidy endures!

Cassidy fights his way up, Cody whips him to ropes but Cassidy blocks the hip toss. Cody blocks Cassidy’s hip toss to hip toss Cassidy up and over the top rope! Cassidy hits the apron hard before hitting the ground! Cody goes out after Cassidy, drags him up and cubs him on the back. Cody brings Cassidy up into the ring, climbs up to the top rope, and drops flying ax handles! Cover, TWO! Cody keeps close to Cassidy to get an arm. Cody wrenches the arm to a hammerlock as AEW returns to single picture. Cassidy rolls, gets to his feet, but Cody scoops and slams Cassidy down! Cody goes to the corner again, climbs back up, but Cassidy avoids the ax handles this time! Cassidy unleashes the shin kicks! Cassidy “devastates’ Cody, SWEET SHIN MUSIC! Cody kicks low, Rhodes uppercuts and then runs, into a SUPERKICK!

Cody bails out, Cassidy DIVES! Direct hit sends Cody into barriers! The Dark Order lurks in the front row but Arn tells them to back off. The ref tells them to stay back, too, and Cody gets back to ringside. But John Silver hijacks the TNT Championship belt! Silver is up to something but Cassidy takes the belt from him! The ref spots Silver, so the Dark Order is EJECTED!! That’s what they get for sneaking around! Cassidy does the right thing by giving Arn the TNT belt. Cassidy puts Cody in, crossbodies but Cody rolls through! Cody puts Cassidy in position but Cassidy drops to victory roll, TWO! Cassidy walks into a kick and Cody suplexes, into STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE! Cody staggers but runs, SUPER NIGHTMARE CUTTER!!

Both men are down and the fans fire up! Cody is up first and is firing himself up! Cassidy staggers into a BIG right hand! But he gives one back! Cody haymakers, Cassidy haymakers! They brawl back and forth, Cassidy gets serious as he gives palm strikes over and over! Cassidy runs, but Cody dropkicks the legs out! Both men are down again but fans keep rallying. Cody drags Cassidy to the apron to throw more haymakers. Cody brings Cassidy to the post to SLAM the leg! Fans boo and Darby is curious by this development. Arn reprimands Cody but Cody keeps his eyes on Cassidy. Cody drags Cassidy around and steps through but Cassidy pushes him away! Cody springboards, BEAUTIFUL DISASTER KICK! Cover, TWO!!

Cody grows frustrated, and his bad neck doesn’t help. Both men slowly rise and Cody drags Cassidy by a leg. Fans duel as Cody gets the Half Crab! Cody sits deep but Cassidy keeps the full turn from happening. Cody lets go in frustration and he looms over Cody. Cassidy gets up and rolls Cody, TWO! Cody runs to CLOBBER Cassidy! Cover, TWO! Cody does some push-ups to get himself in the right headspace, for himself. Cody drags Cassidy back up, reels him in, and underhooks. Cassidy drops down, and slowly crawls under to get to the corner. Cody drags Cassidy back up, hoists him to the top rope backwards, and bends the leg against the ropes! The ref reprimands, Cody stops at the count, and then climbs up behind Cassidy.

Cody rabbit punches The Sloth, then drags him up, for an INVERTED SUPERPLEX!! Cover, TWO!! Cassidy is still in this and Cody is frustrated again. Cody goes out and drags Cassidy back to a post! But Cassidy yanks Cody into the post! Cassidy gets up, Cody gets in and Cassidy climbs up. Cassidy leaps, FLYING DDT!! Cover, TWO!! Cody survives and Cassidy grows frustrated! Cassidy hobbles, brings Cody up and scoops, but the bad legs give out. Cassidy powers through, MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Time is running out on this match but fans keep rallying and dueling! Cassidy gets up, Alabama lifts Cody but the legs give out! Cody trips Cassidy, gets the leg, FIGURE FOUR!

Cassidy endures, pries at the hold, but Cody powers it back on! Cassidy’s shoulders are down, TWO! Cassidy starts rolling and turning, to put the pressure on Cody! Cody rolls it right back to put it back on Cassidy! Cassidy turns it again, but so does Cody! They keep turning back and forth, until they get in the ropes! Cody has the ref help him undo the hold, and Cassidy hobbles up on the apron. Cody stands, Cassidy Alabama lifts for the APRON BEACH BREAK!! Cody crashes down hard and Brandi is worried for her husband, but “This is Awesome!” for the fans! A ring count climbs, Cassidy hobbles around and brings Cody up at 5. Cody is dead weight as Cassidy puts Cody in at 8, then crawls to the cover, TWO!! to a ghost pin! TWO!!

Cody and Cassidy collide with double clotheslines! They wobble but Cody shakes his head! Cassidy fires up but there’s only ONE MINUTE left! ORANGE- NO! Dragon sleeper, and a scoop, but Cassidy TORNADO DDT’S back! Fans fire up as Cassidy brings Cody up, BEACH BREAK OUTTA NOWHERE!! Cover, TWO!?! THIRTY SECONDS LEFT!! Cassidy throws off the arm band and fires up as Cody slowly rises. But his leg gives out! Cody tries to suplex, Cassidy gets the MOUSE TRAP! TIME’S UP!?

Time Limit Draw; Cody retains the AEW TNT Championship

Fans boo because this ended too soon! Cody was saved by the bell, does this mean his luck is running out?


BREAKING NEWS for Full Gear!

After seeing what just went down, Darby Allin wants to challenge for the TNT Championship! And because it is Cody, that makes it even more personal! Will Darby finally get one over on the American Nightmare?


Backstage interview with Lance Archer.

Alex Marvez says AEW isn’t sure of Moxley’s status because of what Archer did to him. Jake, why did he do it? Why does anyone climb a mountain? “Because it was there!” But Moxley comes back for revenge! They brawls, officials separate them and tell them to save it for later! Archer just DECKS security! Will these two turn the main event into a literal street fight?


Ringside interview with Matt Hardy!

Matt, wife Reby, and their three sons, are here to watch Dynamite live and in person! How is Hardy doing? “I feel practically perfect in many, many ways.” He and his family are enjoying this anniversary show! Hardy is so proud of AEW and everyone who works here. He is also happy to say he is 100% healthy and cleared to compete again! But wait, what is this on screen? Someone is targeting the many faces of Hardy? Hardy’s words from a few weeks ago repeat, as a lighter that reads, “Twist of Hate,” is lit. This mystery person burns the pictures of Hardy one by one. It’s SAMMY GUEVARA!

And now, Sammy speaks backstage! “Was there ever any question, Matt? Who attacked Matt Hardy? It was me! It was me all along!” Sammy will never stop because he IS the man that left Hardy laying. Sammy busted Hardy’s knee, busted his face, and will make sure every time AEW clears Hardy, Hardy just ends up back on the shelf. This is not over until Sammy sends Hardy home for good! What are Hardy’s feelings towards that? Hardy knows what his first piece of business is: Sammy Guevara! Will nothing DELETE the grudge between Hardy and the Spanish God?


AEW returns with all the tag teams on stage.

From the many Numbers of the Dark Order, to The Butcher & The Blade, to Chaos Project to The Hybrid2, to Private Party to the Young Bucks to even Jersey’s Finest, Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela, as well as Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr. FTR is in the ring with Tony Schiavone, some referees, and a lottery drum. Tony explains that next week, FOUR TEAMS will have a Fatal 4 Way Tag to determine #1 contenders to the AEW Tag Team Championships. The champions will face the challengers at Full Gear, so of course all the teams get a fair chance.

The first team drawn is… Private Party! Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy have had some amazing matches and some real shocking upset victories in their AEW careers, maybe they can add a few more. The second team drawn is… John Silver & Alex Reynolds! The Beaver Boys get to represent, will the tag titles soon #JoinDarkOrder? The third team drawn is… The Butcher & the Blade! Andy Williams and Braxton Sutter have been working hard for this one! The fourth and final team drawn is… THE YOUNG BUCKS! Matt & Nick Jackson have racked up some serious fines, but they’re lucky enough to get back in the hunt. FTR reluctantly shake their hands and things get tense. Nick tells everyone to relax. They’re not here to superkick Tony. They’re here… to superkick everyone else!

SUPERKICKS for Blade and Silver! Matt throws the lottery drum at FTR! Reynolds clobbers Nick in revenge and Butcher goes after Matt! Private Party try to stop this but they get dragged into the brawl! Butcher clobbers Kassidy but Kassidy dumps him out! Kassidy helps Quen against Reynolds with an enziguri! Nick clotheslines Reynolds out of the ring! The Bucks and Private Party stand tall, harkening back to the inaugural AEW World Tag Team Championship tournament. Private Party got THE upset victory in that tournament, will things be very different in a Fatal 4 Way? Matt and Nick high five with Private Party to show there’s sportsmanship here, but then they SUPERKICK them down! So much for respect! Will the Bucks take out every other team to get after FTR?


AEW Women’s World Championship: Hikaru Shida VS Big Swole!

The Full Metal Warrior won this belt all the way back at Double or Nothing as she finally dethroned the Native Beast, Nyla Rose. Big Swole made Britt take a nap in the dentist chair at All Out and has skyrocketed up the ranks! Will Swole reach a whole new level by taking this title from Shida? Or will it take a bit more than Dirty Dancing to slay the beastslayer?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this third epic title match begins!

Swole offers a handshake and Shida takes it to show there’s sportsmanship here. They tie up, are in a deadlock, and break. Fans rally as the two tie up again. Swole headlocks, Shida pops out the back to headlock in return. Swole pries out to wrench and top wristlock, but Shida bridges to then spin and get a takedown. Shida shifts to bring Swole up but Swole spins out and wrenches back to hammerlock. Shida throws body shots but Swole trips her up. Swole runs, Shida stays down but then back hands. Swole ducks that, shoves Shida but Shida runs her over! Things speed up again, Swole hurdles and grabs Shida for a headlock! Shida powers out, runs but Swole gets her in another headlock! Shida powers up to make Swole a backpack but Swole sunset flips, TWO! Shida sits, TWO!

Shida runs into a roll up, TWO! Swole gets Shida for a cradle, TWO! Shida gets Swole with an arm-drag, but Swole gets Shida with an arm-drag. Both women go for another arm-drag and those cancel out, causing them both to fall! They both kip up, but only Swole sticks the landing! Swole runs at Shida, but Shida runs her over! They both fall again and Shdia sits up with a seething glare! Shida drags Swole up as fans rally and throws Swole to the apron. Swoel ducks the haymaker but shoulders into a knee! Shida goes to the outside, has Swole on the apron and then gets space, to run in and KNEE LIFT Swole down! Fans fire up with Shida but Swole gets up to SHOVE her into the camera man! Everyone goes down as AEW goes picture in picture!

Swole steadies herself and drags Shida up. Swole clubs Shida, suplexes, but Shida blocks and fights back. Shida suplexes, puts Swole on the railing and clubs her! Shida refreshes the count to CLUB Swole again. Shida gets out a chair and stands it up nearby. Shida lines up her shot, LEAPS off the chair to KNEE Swole off the railing! Shida fires up again before she fetches Swole. Shida drags Swole back up to suplex but easier said than done at this angle. Shida tries again and she gets Swole up and over to hit the floor! Shida again refreshes the count and then waits on Swole. Swole slowly rises, staggers around, and gets in at 9! Shida drags her right up to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Swole survives but Shida keeps her focus.

Shida drags Swole back up, Swole fights back with body shots and a forearm! Swole runs, swings into crucifix position but Shida blocks the takedown to pop Swole up to a fireman’s carry, and SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO!! Swole survives but Shida is right on her with a camel clutch! Swole fights up, Shida lets her free and Swole throws more body shots. Swole throws forearm after forearm as AEW returns to single picture. Shida ducks the roundhouse, jumps the sweep but the HEADBUTT connects! Shida ends up in a corner, Swole fires up and runs in, but Shida puts her out to the apron! Shida ROCKS Swole, climbs up, and brings Swole up to the top rope, only for Swole to go up and over with a sunset! Shida holds onto ropes to deny the bomb, but Swole staggers up to shove Shida over!

Swole ROUNDHOUSES Shida, then says, “GET OVER HERE!” with the step springboard CUTTER to the ramp! Shida rolls back into the ring, Swole just gives her ANOTHER CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Shida survives but Swole won’t stop! Swole drags Shida up as fans rally behind her! Swole throws uppercuts and body shots then another HEADBUTT! Shida staggers but she KNEES the rolling elbow away! Shida runs, Swole reels her in, spins her out, but no Dirty Dancing! Shida has a straitjacket, for a GERMAN! Bridging cover, TWO!! Shida won’t stop, she runs and BLINDSIDE KNEES Swole! Then hits the FALCON ARROW!! Cover, TWO!?! Swole survives and shocks the champ!

“This is Awesome!” as Shida fires up and runs! Swole dodges and wristlocks for a ripcord, DIRTY DANCING!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Shida survives but Swole won’t let off! Swole tries again, but Shida rolls her, and ROCKS her with a forearm! BLINDSIDE KNEE!! Shida runs, TAMASHI!! Cover, Shida wins!!

Winner: Hikaru Shida, by pinfall (still AEW Women’s World Champion)

Nyla Rose is watching, and she is scowling! The Samurai of Stardom is still on the throne, but Nyla’s Dark ultimatum goes unanswered. Will the former champion be given her rematch at Full Gear?


BREAKING NEWS for tonight’s main event!

Given Lance Archer attacked Jon Moxley and Jon Moxley attacked Archer back, the AEW World Championship match will now be NO DISQUALIFICATIONS! #EverybodyDies, but who will even survive when these two get to fight with nothing holding them back?


And BREAKING NEWS for the TNT Championship!

Because the match ended in a time limit draw, Cody is giving Orange Cassidy ANOTHER chance! In two weeks, the American Nightmare and Freshly Squeezed start from scratch! Will there be a true winner this time? Who heads for Darby at Full Gear?


Eddie Kingston and the Lucha Brothers head to commentary!

The Mad King pulls up a seat while we watch a video package.

AEW looks at the growing grudge between Scorpio Sky and Shawn Spears.

The Chair Man insists he is not “stalking” Scorpio. But he can see why we think that. AEW likes Scorpio both in the ring and out of the ring. He’s a nice guy. That was made evident when Scorpio came out to save Matt Sydal. “The Hero” has been a role since the beginning of this industry. Is Spears upset being interrupted? No. But Spears does not tolerate thieves. One moment lasts a lifetime, such as Spears giving Cody that blindside chair shot. But Scorpio has stolen Spears’ moments. Spears says Scorpio owes him. He and Tully will collect. But when and where?

Back to commentary with Kingston!

The Mad King still wants after Jon Moxley, a man he knows better than anyone. The NO DISQUALIFICATIONS main event is happening, after the break!


AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley VS Lance Archer w/ Jake the Snake!

It was in NJPW that these two battled over the IWGP United States Championship in a Texas Death Match, and saw The Death Rider take that belt off the Murderhawk Monster. But now, Archer has come for revenge and wants to take #BigPlatinum from him in return! Will Moxley’s reign atop AEW “die” on the Dynamite Anniversary? Or can Moxley survive Archer’s bloodthirsty brutality again?

As Archer makes his entrance, he uses some random member of the crew to SHATTER the glass! Moxley makes his entrance from the same hall and door by the bleachers as before, and there’s not even time for Justin Roberts to give an introduction or for the belt to be raised! Moxley gets in, dodges Archer, and as the bell rings, PARADIGM SHIFT! Cover, TWO!?! Archer survives and Kingston laughs. Moxley throws his shirt off, takes aim but Archer choke grips first! Moxley breaks free, kicks low but Archer powers him out of the ring! They both tumble out, Archer gets up to CLUB Moxley into railing! Archer stomps Moxley, drags him up to CLUB him more, then whips Moxley into railing!

Archer talks smack and slaps him around before putting him back in the ring. Archer gets on the apron but Moxley dropkicks the legs out! Moxley builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit and the tope sends Archer into railing! Moxley brings Archer up to bump him off the railings, then throw him into more railing! Archer CLUBS back and throws Moxley into more railing! Archer drags Moxley out, bumps him off the apron and then ROCKS him with a right hand! Moxley flounders, Archer hooks his nose! The ref tells them to get this in the ring so Archer lets off to put Moxley in. Moxley flounders to a corner, Archer hears the fans rallying as he runs corner to corner, but Moxley LARIATS first! But Archer stays up!?

Moxley throws forearms but Archer eggs him on! Moxley runs, Archer goes the other way and DERAILS Moxley! Moxley bails out, Kingston says that’s smart. But Archer CANNONBALLS! Archer soaks up the heat as AEW goes picture in picture.

Archer goes back to Moxley, drags him up and clubs him back down! Time to really get No DQ as Archer brings out a TABLE! Archer sets the table up but then brings out another table! Archer sets the new table up beside the first, Moxley is in the ring and flips him off, so Archer gets in to BOOT Moxley down! Archer mock Mox as he puts him in a corner and DOUBLE CHOPS! Moxley stays up so Archer smears his face and hooks his nose, before a DOUBLE AX HANDLE! Archer puts Moxley up top, inverted crucifix, but Moxley slips out and runs, into another BOOT! Archer digs a knee into Moxley’s head, but lets up to soak up the heat. Archer drags Moxley up to reel him in and CLOBBER him!

Archer sits Moxley up to CLUB him in the chest, and bring him to the apron. Archer choke grips as AEW returns to single picture, but Moxley fights with elbows! Moxley clotheslines Archer back into the ring then climbs up the corner. Moxley watches Archer rise, and then leaps, into the choke grip! Moxley pries free and waistlocks, but Archer elbows out hard! Moxley throws a forearm but Archer DECKS him! Archer taunts Moxley, Moxley gets up to throw forearms, but Archer DECKS him again! Archer again talks trash but fans rally up. Moxley stands, Archer eggs him on and Moxley throws forearms over an dover! Moxley runs, sees the Derailer coming and sends Archer to ropes for a GERMAN SUPLEX!

Fans fire up as Moxley runs at Archer in the corner for a BIG clothesline! Moxley keeps moving, LEAPING LARIAT! Moxley goes out and he brings in chairs! Moxley gets in, grabs one of the chairs but Snake warns Archer. Archer turns around and Moxley throws the chair into Archer’s face! Down goes Archer but Moxley sits up the other chairs. Moxley drags Archer over, fireman’s carries, but Archer fights free to choke grip and CHOKE SLAM Moxley onto the chairs! Cover, TWO!! Moxley survives and Archer is frustrated! Snake tells Archer to keep on Moxley, so he puts a chair around Moxley’s head! Archer grabs another chair and fans fear what’s coming! Archer looms over Moxley but Moxley drop toeholds to avoid the con-chair-to! Moxley has a kneebar but he wants the foot!

Archer crawls, Snake helps to get the ropebreak! There’s no count because No DQ, but Archer just keeps crawling! Moxley lets go as Archer gets out, and Archer brings out a trash can! Moxley doesn’t know, so he DIVES into the can! Archer puts the can in the ring, and SLAMS it on Moxley! Archer clears out furniture to put Moxley on the apron. The tables are waiting as Archer brings Moxley up. Archer underhooks to steal Moxley’s move but Moxley blocks! LOW BLOW! No disqualifications, remember?! Moxley gets Archer for a PARADIGM SHIFT through the tables!! Kingston is loving this! Whoever is the champion, they’ll be softened up for him and “the family.” Fans are loving “A E DUB!” for this extreme main event, “This is Awesome!”

Moxley gets up and into the ring but Archer manages to rise from the wreckage! Both men are bleeding from some cuts here and there. Moxley fires up, kicks, DEATH RIDER!! Cover, TWO!?!? But into the BULLY CHOKE!! Archer powers up, shoves Moxley away, but Moxley dodges to roll him up! TWO, Archer kicks and DDT’s back! Archer drags Moxley up, and choke slams him into a corner! Then he inverted crucifix lifts, for the BLOCKOUT BOMB! Cover, TWO!?! Into a ghost pin! MOXLEY WINS!!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall (still AEW World Champion)

Kingston can’t help but laugh at that. Archer is furious and he BOOTS! Kingston sends Fenix and Pentagon to the ring, to help someone, but who? They SMACK Archer?! And Archer didn’t even flinch?! Snake says Archer needs to stand down, this is still a number’s game! Kingston tells his boys to let off Moxley, he had a great match. “Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for your world champion, Jon Moxley.” They help Moxley up, and Kingston says they’ve been friends since 2009. Does Moxley remember Philly, having drinks and kicking back? Kingston loves Moxley to death. They had a great match together last week, even though Kingston never tapped out. Kingston raises Moxley’s hand while Fenix fetches the belt.

The fans cheer as Kingston says he is proud! Is Moxley proud? Kingston always knew Moxley was this good! No one else is better! What is Kingston doing with this praise? Do it for Jonny! Then URAKEN!! Yep, there it is! And then a REAR NAKED CHOKE!! Fans boo but Fenix and Penta play defense to keep refs away! Kingston has Moxley all purple and then lets him go! “C’mon, what?!” Kingston grabs the belt for his own and says, “Look how beautiful this is! This is everything we fight for!” But Moxley took it from Kingston! Kingston never tapped or quit! He vows to get Moxley! Is the Mad King going to dethrone the Maniac by any means necessary?

My Thoughts:

What a great episode for the anniversary! Granted, all the title matches kept the status quo, but that’s not really a reason to be upset. The opening tag title match was great stuff, but the way the ref was kept from seeing the cheating was so lame. The ref ducked and turned away from just trying to avoid the roll-up. NJPW is much better at this, where a Heel often just straight up pushes the ref! Yes, the ref will be upset but at least it’s a better way of covering things up! The tag team Fatal 4 will be great, and one way or another, the Bucks will win. FTR VS Bucks will finally happen, and it doesn’t really matter who wins, it’ll be amazing. Though I kinda hope Bucks win so that year two is all about vindication for them.

I will say, “You broke our arcade cabinet!” is definitely a first for why teams are going to feud. Miro decimating the Best Friends, than doing 90% of the work against Johnson and Maluta sure helps him look strong. Miro & Kip VS Best Friends is going to be a fun feud, and I have a feeling both the Best Bachelor Party Ever and the Superbad Wedding will be dragged into this. That prospect actually makes this a lot more fun than in the moment. The last two names in the “contender eliminator” tournament were given to us with no real fanfare, but Janela and Pentagon make great choices. I’m very surprised Pentagon VS Fenix is happening, but I suppose if it isn’t in the first round, it’s never happening given the story is and must be Omega VS Page in the finals. Fenix VS Penta is epic, whoever faces Omega will make it an incredible match, but then the Lucha Brothers can just go back to the tag division.

The TNT Championship match was great stuff. And with Cassidy still using his usual antics on and off, Cody’s frustration almost gave us the Heel Cody we thought we were getting. The Dark Order getting involved was good, too, just to keep the story of Dark Order VS Nightmare Family alive. Using the time limit draw was actually brilliant. Not even the FTR #BrushwithGreatness matches used it, and it actually comes up very rarely, so it took me by surprise to hear the time announcements. Darby is waiting at Full Gear either way, so while it’d be great to give us a rematch of Darby VS Cody from episode one of Dynamite for things to be full circle, I feel it’d do a lot more for AEW if it was Cassidy VS Darby, two young gun fan favorites battling it out.

MJF’s segment with the Inner Circle was great, from Sammy having flappy sleeves on the jacket to MJF talking to himself. The steak dinner segment next week sounds like it’ll be hilarious, too. It’s still anyone’s guess if MJF is being genuine about wanting to join, or if he’s going to swerve Jericho at the last second. Sammy being Matt Hardy’s attacker seems a little too easy, but I suppose it’s fine. All Out’s Broken Rules/Last Man Standing went rather sideways, so maybe this will make up for that. Shida VS Swole was a great match that I honestly don’t recall being announced. It would’ve been wild if Swole won, but it seems clear Shida VS Nyla rematch is happening at Full Gear. Moxley VS Archer being made No DQ was also great, but this is of course leading to Moxley VS Kingston at Full Gear. I would love if my idea of I Quit match was the stipulation. It has to be something that Kingston can’t make up an excuse for. Him saying I Quit can’t be denied, so it makes sense.

My Score: 9.3/10

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