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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (10/7/20)

The Y2J 30th Anniversary!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

AEW celebrates THIRTY YEARS of Jericho!

AEW and the world or pro-wrestling celebrates Chris Jericho’s incredible 30 year wrestling career tonight, with him in a match! Will the Inner Circle be ready for Luther’s Chaos Project?


  • FTW World Championship: Brian Cage w/ Taz VS Will Hobbs; Cage wins and retains the FTW World Championship.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championship Brush with Greatness: FTR w/ Tully Blanchard VS The Hybrid2; FTR wins and retains the AEW World Tag Team Championships.
  • AEW TNT Championship Dog Collar Match: Brodie Lee VS Cody Rhodes; Cody wins and becomes the new AEW TNT Champion.
  • Big Swole VS Serena Deeb; Swole wins.
  • The Inner Circle VS Chaos Project; The Inner Circle wins.


AEW celebrates 30 YEARS of Y2J!

Ricky Starks says “Chris Jericho is one of the most influential people in this world.” Jungle Boy says Jericho “changed the way I think about wrestling.” Darby Allin was in the crowd for many of Jericho’s matches, and Chuck Taylor says he’s patterned a lot of himself after Jericho. Santana and Ortiz says Jericho is why they became a tag team. They read his first book and “saw the blueprint of becoming a pro-wrestler.” Jungle Boy adds that Jericho “has a way of creating a moment every time he’s out there.” Sammy Guevara says Jericho is a genius!

But what about favorite moments? Sammy  is his and Jericho hugging. Jungle Boy’s is taking Jericho to the time limit draw, his first big moment ever. Scorpio Sky says it was Orange Cassidy punching Jericho into the giant tub of mimosa. Darby says it’s Jericho showing up at the AEW pep rally and how it turned everything upside-down. It showed Jericho didn’t have to put up with any crap to still be the big name he is. Britt Baker says Jericho is THE original role model. Jake Hager says everything Jericho has touched has been incredible, impactful and transcends for generations. #ThankYouJericho for three DECADES of greatness!


Taz and Ricky Starks join commentary!

Good ol’ JR apologizes for not remembering his name right away. Starks is definitely an amazing star and the future of the business. But speaking of business, they’re here to watch this badass opener!

FTW World Championship: Brian Cage w/ Taz VS Will Hobbs!

Who can stop the Path of Cage? The Embodiment of Willpower is going to give it a try! Will Hobbs show he has the power to be the next alpha male to hold this title? Or will the Machine show us why Taz anointed him with this title in the first place?

The introductions are made, the orange and black belt is raised, and this battle of behemoths finally fires off!

Cage and Hobbs ram and throw hands! Fans fire up already as the two go back and forth but Cage knees low. Cage whips, Hobbs reverses and they ram again! Hobbs stays up, rams Cage back, Cage comes back into a forearm! Hobbs runs, Cage leaps up and over! Things speed up and Cage CLOBBERS Hobbs with the back elbow! Hobbs is right up to CLOBBER Cage! Taz can’t believe it! Hobbs suplexes, Cage suplexes first, but Hobbs fights out to suplex again. Cage fights out, wrenches and HEADBUTTS, but Hobbs ducks the lariat to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Cage gets to a corner, Hobbs hurries over and he throws body shots. Fans fire up for Hobbs as he throws more forearms. Hobbs climbs up, rains down punches, but Cage tucks Hobbs in to SUPERKICK! Cheeky Nandos is followed up but an Electric Chair FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Cage keeps his cool as he drags Hobbs back up. Cage bumps Hobbs off buckles, throws clubbing forearms and RAMS into Hobbs with his shoulder! Cage CHOPS Hobbs, but Hobbs shrugs it off?! Hobbs counter punches Cage but Cage kicks back. Cage whips, Hobbs reverses but Cage goes up and over to school boy and BOOT! Taz wants Cage to cover but Cage brings Hobbs up instead. Cage scoops Hobbs and uses Hobbs for a curl before the FALL AWAY SLAM! Standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Cage keeps his cool and sits Hobbs up for a chinlock. Cage squeezes tight but Hobbs endures. Fans rally up, Hobbs fights to his feet and fights out of the hold. Hobbs runs but Cage catches him, only for Hobbs to counter with a back suplex!

Both men are down and fans fire up. Hobbs gets to a corner, Cage goes to ropes. Both men stand, Cage runs in but Hobbs boots back! Hobbs runs to LARIAT Cage down! Hobbs rallies with more clotheslines, then BODY CHECKS Cage down! Cage hobbles up and Hobbs fires up! Fans fire up with Hobbs as he whips Cage to ropes. Cage kicks the back drop away then runs, into a SPINNING POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Cage survives but Hobbs gets up as fans rally. Hobbs drags Cage up and reels him in, saying he’ll end it. Cage powers out of the underhooks to fireman’s carry but Hobbs slips off, TWO HAND SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Cage survives but that isn’t all Hobbs has in his arsenal! Cage rolls away to the corner, Hobbs brings him up and throws big forearms.

Hobbs whips, Cage reverses and pump handles Hobbs to a FACEBUSTER! Cage gets up and brings Hobbs back up, fireman’s carry. F5!! Cover, TWO!?! Hobbs survives and shocks everyone! Cage is seething but fans are thunderous as Cage brings Hobbs back up! Hobbs fights off the fireman’s carry, Cage standing switches to GERMAN! Hobbs is back up!? And he GERMANS Cage!! Cage is back up!! Cage swings, Hobbs runs, Cage dodges and they both keep going, DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES! Both big men go down with such impact! A standing count begins as both men stir! The count reaches 5 before either sits up.

Cage has Hobbs and throws a forearm, but Hobbs gives it back. They brawl back and forth, faster and faster, but Cage back kicks, front kicks and spins, but Hobbs dodges! LAST WILL ‘n’ TESTAMENT! Cover, TWO?!? Fans are fired up all over again as Hobbs gets back up. Hobbs snarls as he grows a bit frustrated with Cage. Hobbs goes to a corner, climbs up top, and LEAPS! FROG SPLASH FLOPS!! Cage hauls Hobbs up, DRILL CLAW!! Cover, Cage wins!

Winner: Brian Cage, by pinfall (still FTW World Champion)

Will Hobbs may be big and strong, but so is Cage, so it all came down to endurance! Cage outlasted Hobbs and holds onto the title, but Team Taz isn’t done yet. Taz wants Starks and Cage to wait as he tells Hobbs to pay attention. “That was impressive. You are impressive, I will give you that.” Hobbs didn’t win but he fought his ass off. Now, Team Taz will play the Option Game. Option A: Hobbs takes the offer of a lifetime and JOINS Team Taz! Option B: Hobbs refuses Option A and Starks and Cage beat the hell out of him! What is Hobbs’ answer? Darby Allin makes it for him by showing up! Team Taz backs off, not wanting to take a shot from the skateboard.

Taz tells Darby to look at him! One day real soon, Darby will finally learn not to stick his nose in Team Taz business, “you rotten punk!” Have the battle lines been drawn once again?


Fans and friends of Jericho join in the celebration!

Rockstar icon Slash congratulates Jericho on this amazing run. It’s commendable, Jericho is definitely a survivor. Dennis Miller says Jericho is 30 years in, still not eroded by the elements. Still an impenetrable fortress who is also hilarious and a good man. Congrats, brother. NJPW’s Hiroshi Tanahashi, one of Jericho’s opponents during his more recent excursions there, gives “Jericho-san” congratulations on 30 years!

Jericho’s hockey legend father, Ted Irvine, congratulates Jericho on his journey. Jericho has represented the world of pro-wrestling with honor against some of the greatest names in the world, and is now opening the door to many young wrestlers, male and female, wanting to live that same dream as he has. And he’s also been entertaining everyone around the world for those 30 years. Le Champion isn’t done yet, and Ted is excited to see the next 30 years! Get going, kick butt and get your butt kicked, so long as you keep entertaining us. He’s so good at it! And here’s a toast of a little bit o’ the bubbly! Speaking of the bubbly, Bully Ray is chugging some down! Rock on, Jericho!


AEW hears from Lance Archer.

“Jon Moxley, this ain’t the first time we’ve stepped in the ring together. January 4th, 2020, NJPW Wrestle Kingdom. We tore it down in the Texas Death Match.” But Archer learned a lot since then, and things will be very different come October 14th. Archer is pissed off, is angry and ready to kick some ass. And Moxley, that ass will be yours. Moxley has taken his time “playing around” with Eddie Kingston and The Butcher. Those guys are badass, but they’re NOT Archer. Archer couldn’t be stopped by 20 men, so Moxley stands no chance in hell! Moxley will wish he took all that time to prepare for Archer, because this won’t be pretty. Archer promises he is going to have a damn good time! But will the Dynamite Anniversary see the beginning of the Murderhawk Monster Era?


AEW World Tag Team Championship Brush with Greatness: FTR w/ Tully Blanchard VS The Hybrid2!

Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood have been “a couple of weenies” lately, using any excuse they can come up with to avoid Best Friends. But will Jack Evans and Angelico make FTR regret giving them a shot instead?

As both teams make their entrances, the Young Bucks are watching backstage. Matt and Nick Jackson also want their own match with FTR, will FTR still be champions by the time they get their shot? Or will their bad behavior trump their win-loss record?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and the 20 minutes are on the clock!

Evans starts with Dax and rushes him at the bell! Evans kicks Cash and huricanranas Dax to a cover, TWO! Dax gets up but Evans wheelbarrows to a victory roll, TWO! Angelico tags in, Evans BOOTS Dax away then goes up and around to springboard tornillo roundhouse Dax down! Angelico climbs while Evans runs and dropkicks Cash down! Angelico crossbodies, covers, TWO! Dax flounders up, Angelico gets around and underneath for that unique drop toehold and gets the legs. Cash reaches out to drag Dax to safety, and FTR regroups with Tully. FTR get in the faces of the crowd of wrestlers, and go to take the titles. FTR is quitting? Angelico won’t let them as he LEAPS over! FTR catches him, Evans LEAPS in and topples them all over! Perhaps double-edged but it was the only way to keep FTR here!

Evans hobbles up and drags Dax into the ring. Cover, TWO! Evans keeps his cool and he drags Dax back up for a scoop and slam! Evans hobbles to the corner, hops up and poses, but Cash trips him up! Evans falls on his hybrid two! Dax brings Evans down with the DRAGON SCREW! Evans bails out, Dax is after him and he gets the leg for a SHIN BREAKER to the railing!! Evans writhes as he clutches his knee and Dax dares him to fly around now! Dax drags Evans up and over to dump on the floor, then up and into the ring. Dax has the legs and SLAMS one against the ropes! Tag to Cash and Cash laces the legs up for a DRAPING FIGURE FOUR! Evans suffers as AEW goes picture in picture!

The ref counts, Cash lets Evans go and then hurries in to stay between Evans and Angelico. Cash stomps Evans down, hauls him up and scoops to RAM him into the corner! Evans is in a Tree of Woe and Dax tags in. FTR mugs Evans’ legs! The ref counts, FTR lets up and Cash high fives Tully. Dax paces around as Evans sits up. Dax drags Evans up by his hair to put in the corner and CHOP! And then he puts the leg on the ropes to pull and thrash about! The ref counts, Dax lets Evans go at 4 to get in Angelico’s face. The ref has to keep Angelico back, and that allows Cash to go after the bad leg himself! Angelico protests but he has to back down for the ref to go back to Evans. Evans still gets Dax for a cradle! ONE, and Dax drags Evans around to YANK the leg!

Dax looms over Evans, tags Cash in, and FTR coordinate to JAM the knee! Cash turns Evans over, hooks the leg, and does the Bernie Lean into the SNAP Deathlock! Cash does another awful dance move to then cover Evans, TWO! Angelico is also there and Cash shoves him! The ref is busy with Angelico again and FTR mugs Evans in the corner! Cash drags Evans up, snapmares him and then drops down on the knee. Cash wrenches the foot but Evans punches free! Evans hurries but can’t get away! AEW returns to single picture as Cash gives Evans another SHIN BREAKER! Cash brings Evans up, wrenches to another SHIN BREAKER! Cash pushes Evans down, soaks up the heat and steps through for a standing toehold. Evans resists the figure four and boots Cash into the corner!

Evans crawls but Cash tags in Dax, and Dax intercepts! Evans ENZIGURIS Dax down! Both men are down, fans rally up for Evans, which is rare in itself. Dax grabs the leg for a DRAGON SCREW! And then the HALF CRAB! Evans reaches for ropes, Tully and Cash taunt him but he still gets the ropebreak! Dax lets go at 4, then drags Evans back up. Evans sunset flips out of the shin breaker, TWO! Tag to Cash, Cash runs and swings on Angelico. Angelico dodges, so does Evans! Hot tag to Angelico! Angelico rallies, Dax catches him but Angelico boots Cash away! Angelico boots Dax into buckles and arm-drags him away! Cash is up but Angelico blocks the kick for an extra strong DRAGON SCREW!

Dax runs into a drop toehold, Angelico rolls to get the facelock! Cash runs in, Angelico kicks his legs out, and catches Cash! FTR is stuck in a DOUBLE INVERTED STF!! FTR flail, claw, crawl, and Tully pushes the ropes forward. The ref reprimands but FTR both get the ropebreak! Angelico lets them go, drags Cash back up and fans rally for “T H 2! T H 2!” Angelico whips, Cash reverses but Evans tags in. Angelico dodges Cash and Evans ROUNDHOUSES! Angelico lifts Cash while Evans goes up, DUMDUM STOMP BACK SUPLEX! Evans DECKS Dax, covers Cash, TWO!! Cash survives but the fans are fired up! Evans drags Cash into a drop zone, tags Angelico back in and Angelico gives Evans the boost for the STANDING 450! Cover, TWO!!

The Bucks are still watching as Angelico wrenches and lifts Cash. Evans tags in, Dax trips Angelico up and drags him out! Cash ROCKS Evans, and FTR regroup at the corner. Dax tags in, brings Evans up, O’Conner roll into CHAOS THEORY! Cash rings Evans up, DRAGON SUPLEX! Dax jackknifes to cover, Angelico breaks it!! Cash throws Angelico out and FTR has Evans all alone. They drags Evans up but Evans fights with elbows and haymakers! Eddy Gordo ROUNDHOUSE for Cash, Dax DECKS Evans! Dax puts Evans up top and backwards on a corner then CHOPS him on the back! Dax climbs up, Angelico hurries over but Dax clubs him down! Evans elbows Dax down!

Evans adjusts, and PHOENIX- NO! The bad leg keeps him from completing the rotation, but he more or less stomps Dax on his ear! Evans goes up again to MOONSAULT, cover, Cash breaks it! Angelico throws Cash up and over but Cash holds on. Cash ducks the roundhouse, jumps the sweep but the Eddy Gordo kick gets him again! Angelico builds sped, FLIES out but lands on his feet as Cash dodges! Cash GORY BOMBS Angelico into the apron! Evans rolls over Dax’s back to kick Cash down! Evans goes back to Dax, backslide and bridge, TWO!! Dax narrowly escapes, ducks Evans’ punches and blocks his kicks, but Evans dodges Dax’s clothesline. Evans kicks, it’s blocked, GERMAN SUPLEX! But Evans lands on his feet! And he handspring HEEL KICKS Dax back!

Dax wobbles, Evans reels him in, but Dax LARIATS! Dax drags Evans up, in, TIGER DRIVER! Cover, TWO!?! Evans survives and fans are fired up! Evans gets to a corner and kicks Dax. Dax grabs the legs, yanks Evans up but Evans lands on his feet again. But Dax grabs him again, drags him to the FTR corner and hoists him up top. Dax throws haymakers, Cash tags in and goes to the other corner, SUPERPLEX and FROG SPLASH! Cover, FTR wins!

Winner: FTR, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

The champs win within their own imposed time limit, but it was still a close one! Will the Brush with Greatness continue to sweep contenders aside?

The Young Bucks are a bit beside themselves watching this backstage. Nick admits FTR was pretty good. Matt sees the camera is live. Are they spying on the Bucks? Is Matt thinking what Nick is thinking? Their favorite move, the DOUBLE SUPERKICK! They knock the cameraman down! Well, sorry about that. But they forgot their wallets, so they can’t really pay the fine right now. Oops.

Wait a minute, who put the graphic of FTR dressed as hot dogs up? Well, who else? Here comes Best Friends! It’s even a shirt now! Chuck and Trent hope they get the joke. The hot dogs are wieners, cuz they’re weenies. Fans chant, “Weenies! Weenies!” as Trent says they as “comedy backyard wrestlers,” are just trying to tell FTR that they are weenies. But what’s not a joke is that Best Friends are THE #1 contenders. And oddly enough, they just walked past Tony Khan, and he told them their title match is LIVE for the Dynamite Anniversary! FTR rubs the belts in Best Friends’ faces, then they swing on ’em! Best Friends dodge the belt shots to DECK FTR!

They brawl, Best Friends whip FTR but FTR bails out! Fans boo the “Weenies!” but Best Friends hold up the belts! Will FTR have to #FaceTheReality that Trent and Chuck might seriously take those titles from them?


MJF talks about Chris Jericho.

“Thirty years. What can I say that hasn’t already been said about Chris Jericho?” Here’s a story. They say, “Never meet your heroes,” but MJF is inclined to disagree. The first time MJF really got to talk to Jericho was after Double or Nothing. MJF was “slightly inebriated” and it was his big first brush with being a real star here. Jericho walked right up to MJF at the after party and said, “You’ve really got something. Keep it up, don’t stop, keep studying, and don’t be afraid to pick and take little nuances from people you look up to.” MJF took his index finger and pointed at Jericho. Jericho smiled and MJF will never forget that.

As their friendship “begins to bloom more and more each week,” MJF just wants Jericho to know how proud MJF is of him, and how inspired he is by him. MJF may or may not show up in person to congratulate Jericho himself tonight.


More friends and fans congratulate Jericho!

Shaquille O’Neal tells “Christopher Bartholomew Jericho” that for having 30 years in pro-wrestling, “legend” is an understatement. Whatever is above legend, that’s Jericho. Thanks for entertaining us all! Gene Simmons wishes Jericho a happy 30th anniversary. Jericho has been on his hands and knees all his life working for this, but it’s spectacular. Maybe he’ll get somewhere some day. Don Callis says Jericho is still the exact same guy who was sitting next to Callis on the bus for that 12 hour road trip. Don’t change now, and have another great 30 years! Lars Ulrich congratulates Jericho on 30 years! Thirty years?! Hell yeah! Thirty years of kicking ass, being super cool and just doing what he does with that big lion heart. Diamond Dallas Page tells the Painmaker, Le Champion, the Demo God is most importantly a brother. Congratulations, Jericho.


AEW TNT Championship Dog Collar Match: Brodie Lee VS Cody Rhodes!

Mr. Brodie thought he had vanquished the American Nightmare, but then he returned only five weeks later with a new look and a new edge! Cody vows there are no regrets, there is no looking back, and no denying that they both will be much different after this match! But has Cody only made this worse for himself acting on emotion? Or will he win back his pride and self-respect along with the title?

Cody has Brandi and Coach Arn Anderson, but Mr. Brodie has Anna Jay and John Silver, who is carrying the dog collars with the 15 FEET of heavy, steel chain between them. The introductions are made, including Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, a veteran of this match type. The belt is raised and AEW goes to break before the Exalted One and the Prince of Pro-Wrestling are collared to each other.

AEW returns, Cody and Brodie are in the collars and the ref rings the bell! Brodie and Cody try to pull the other over but that tug-o-war is not in Cody’s favor. Brodie reels Cody in, Cody uses the momentum to rush Brodie but he gets clear, Silver gets blasted off the apron! Number 4 shouldn’t have been up there in the first place. Brodie BOOTS Cody down and drops an elbow! Brodie moves the chain aside to KICK Cody in the back, then drags him up to scoop and slam! The chain adds to everything as Brodie drops another elbow! Cover, TWO! Cody grabs the chain but Brodie kicks his hands away. Silver gets up and is bleeding from the chain attack! Proof how dangerous the chains can be. Brodie gets an idea and wraps some chain around his arm, but Cody avoids the full metal elbow drop!

Cody gets up, to a corner and he boots Brodie back! Cody clotheslines but Brodie stays up! Cody tries again but Brodie still stays up. Cody punches, drops and uppercuts! Cody gets the chain clear, runs up and up, but Brodie YANKS him down by the chain! Valentine probably knows a bit about that as he watches Brodie go out. Brodie has Silver move aside so he can drag Cody to the ropes. Cody tries to stay in the ring but Brodie brings him out. Brodie ROCKS Cody with an uppercut, then lifts Cody to SLAM off the apron! Brodie confiscates a chair from the wrestlers at ringside, and he tells Silver to sit. Silver obeys, but Cody runs in and Brodie moves, Silver gets dropkicked OUT of the chair! Now his arm is hurting!

Brodie uses the chain to drag Cody into the ring, and then clotheslines him with the chain! Brodie takes a moment to catch his breath before he drags Cody up. Fans rally up for Cody but Brodie hits a DDT onto chain! Anna Jay hurries over to check on Silver, but Brodie tells her to get Silver out of here. Those two leave and Brodie goes after Cody with a chain to his forehead! There’s already a cut on Cody’s eyebrow, the chain is only grinding it open! Arn coaches Cody up but Brodie goes out to back Arn off. Brodie has Cody’s blood on his hands and even face, and he CLUBS Cody on the apron! Now the blood is on Brodie’s arm. Brodie rakes the cut and Cody writhes and flounders away. Brodie has him in a corner to CHOP! And CLUB!

Cody sits up and the ref checks that wound but Brodie brings Cody up to whip. Cody ducks under, grabs the chain and YANKS it! Brodie gets hit in his exalted one! Cody then uses the chain in the Russian Leg Sweep! Both men are down and fans are thunderous as Cody rises! Cody punches his own bloody wound to fire up! The crimson mask is strong as Cody glares at Brodie. Brodie goes out but Cody uses the chain to YANK him into the apron! Cody runs and DIVES! Cody hits Brodie, Brodie hits barriers, but Cody uses the chain to stand him back up! Cody clubs away, but Brodie throws Cody over the railing. Brodie uses the chain to YANK Cody into the railing! And again! Brodie pushes Cody away to then yank him up and over!

Brodie drags the timekeeper’s table out and over to where Cody is. Brodie kicks Cody, grabs a chair to toss it into the ring, and then another chair. Brodie ROCKS Cody with an uppercut, brings him into the ring and adjusts the table’s position. Fans rally up for Cody as both men end up on the apron. Cody gets up, Brodie drags Cody into a choke grip but Cody fights back! Cody punches Brodie with the chain! Brodie shoves him but Cody hops down and yanks Brodie into a CUTTER!! Both men are down and Cody sits up with a sinister grin on his face as AEW goes picture in picture.

Cody catches his breath and gets to his feet. The ref finally checks the wound on Cody’s forehead, but it seems to be done bleeding for now. Cody reels Brodie to the ring with the chain, then throws a forearm! Brodie holds onto ropes so as not to fall into the table, and he hits back. But Cody BEAUTIFUL DISASTER KICKS back! Brodie wobbles, Cody goes back to the apron and clubs Brodie on the back. Cody reels Brodie in, underhooks and PACKAGE PILEDRIVERS Brodie through the table!! That was truly double edged because Cody had to fall with Brodie! The ref checks on both men, and they’re both somehow okay to continue. Cody fires himself up and now BRODIE is bleeding! Cody drags Brodie up and into the ring, covers, TWO!! Brodie still lives but his face is even MORE of a crimson mask!

Cody gets to a corner as AEW returns to single picture. The ref checks on Brodie’s wound but he’s still moving. Cody stalks Brodie and dares him to get up! Brodie gets up to get a CHAIN PUNCH! And another! Cody reels Brodie in for a GOURD BUSTER onto the chain! And then Cody LASHES Brodie with the chain! And again! Cody turns Brodie over to rain down full metal fists! Cody sits Brodie up for another full metal punch! Cody has Brodie in a corner and he loops the chain around the post, to CHOKE Brodie! And STOMP him! Cody gets the chain off the post and brings Brodie out to bump him off buckles. Cody wraps up his fist to bump Brodie off it! But Brodie whips Cody out, and uses the chain to reel Cody in, and tries to HANG Cody with it! Cody blocks with an arm, Brodie yanks him up and into the ring for a SCRAPBUSTER! Cover, TWO!!

Brodie is furious and he shouts at Arn. Fans fire up for Cody as Brodie rains down full metal punches of his own! Brodie grabs one of those chairs he brought in, to TOSS at Arn!? Arn manages to dodge that discus toss and he gets in the ring to confront Brodie! But here comes ALEX REYNOLDS! Number 3 has returned, but Arn gives him a SPINE BUSTER! Arn’s still got it! But then Brodie sucker punches him! Cody CLOBBERS Brodie for that! Roll up, TWO! They’re tangled up, Cody gets up, kicks, drops down but kicks instead! Cody throws more metal fists into Brodie, and then clubs away with the chain! Cody gives Brodie another BIG full metal fist! Cody snapmares Brodie with the chain, and CHOKES him! Brodie endures but he’s fading and bleeding and turning purple!

Cody lets go and has another sinister grin. Cody goes up top, leaps, for a MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Brodie survives but Cody keeps his cool. Cody has more chain, but Brodie boots the punch away and SUPERKICKS! Cody blocks the next kick, to get the CROSS RHODES! Cover, ONE?!? Brodie refuses to let it end here! Cody doesn’t mind, he brings Brodie up into the inverted underhooks, and tries to lift. Brodie goes up and over the inverted Especial to SUPERKICK! The chains trip him up, he SUPERKICKS again for good measure! Brodie brings Cody up to POWERBOMB onto the chain! Cover, TWO!! Fans are thunderous as Cody bails out, but Brodie yanks him into the post! Cody yanks Brodie into the post!

Cody and Brodie both get in, Cody climbs up top. Cody has another fist of chain but Brodie uppercuts first! Brodie ROCKS Cody again, climbs up to join him, and SUPERPLEXES! Both men are down and a standing count begins! Fans rally up, the count gets to 4 before both men sit up. Brodie throws a haymaker, Cody gives it back. Brodie hits another, Cody dribbles Brodie off the chain! And again! Cody JABS, runs, but into a pop-up, full nelson, DRAGON SUPLEX! Brodie snarls as he powers up and spins, but Cody gets around the discus to suplex for the FINAL CUT! Shout out to brother Dustin, he gets the chain around Brodie’s head! Mouth, nose, eyes, the chain is digging in! Cody elbows away over and over and over, then hits CROSS RHODES!! Cover, Cody wins!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall (NEW AEW TNT Champion)

The Dark Order walks out to witness the shocking development while the Nightmare Family hurries to check on Cody. The Dark Order hurries down to help Brodie out of the ring, too, and Cody celebrates with his Nightmare Family! Tony Schiavone goes down to congratulate Cody on one “hell of a battle.” Cody thanks Schiavone and everyone. “There is no feeling on earth like being able to perform and compete in front of a live crowd.” Cody spent the time from when he was 15 year old to this moment here, “trying to reach across the aisle to feel your love.”

People suggested he should take a dark path because he darkened his hair and it means he went another route. “To hell with that!” Cody is sticking with the fans until the very end! It isn’t pandering, it’s his life’s work! The fans have made this for him, so he wants to be on AEW Dynamite’s anniversary and DEFEND this title! Then who will it be against? A great question, but here comes the answer! Orange Cassidy walks right out onto stage and the fans are thunderous! Cody gives him a THUMBS UP! The American Nightmare VS Freshly Squeezed, what a way to celebrate Dynamite’s own anniversary!


AEW returns and has news for the contender’s tournament!

We already learned that Jungle Boy, Rey Fenix and Kenny Omega are among the eight in this single elimination tournament to name a contender to the AEW World Championship. Three more names have been decided! Wardlow, Colt Cabana and Hangman Page are now part of the bracket! We only have two more contenders to name, who will they be?


Backstage interview with Kenny Omega.

Alex Marvez talks with Omega about the contender’s tournament. He’s back full time as a singles competitor, how does it feel? It feels GOOD! He was waiting for over a year to get back in the hunt for the AEW World Championship, and what better way to do it than in an tournament? If there’s been a tournament somewhere in the world, Omega has won it. If you’ve had a tournament somewhere in the year, he’s probably entered and won it! And this tournament will be like no other! Jungle Boy, Rey Fenix, Colt Cabana, Wardlow and his tag team partner, Hangman Page. Yes, even tag team wrestlers have an interest in the world championship! This will be the premier tournament to watch! And the one where Omega finally stakes his claim on the world title belt.

So don’t be surprised that after Omega’s hand is raised and he is named the contender, he is the one who takes it off “whoever the hell is the champion at the end of the pay-per-view.” So Omega is rather confident. Omega dares AEW to throw whoever they have at him. He doesn’t care if they’re a singles wrestler or a tag team guy like Hangman. It could even be a cowboy like Hangman, Omega doesn’t care. It rolls right off his shoulder. Omega is going to be the winner and the champion he was destined to be since day one, Hangman or not. For not caring about him, Omega sure seems obsessed with Hangman being in this tournament now. Is Omega… worried?


Big Swole VS Serena Deeb!

Swole made her in-ring return on Dark, but now she’s back on Dynamite to make her return even more explosive! Will Swole get on a roll towards the AEW Women’s World Championship?

The bell rings and Deeb circles with Swole. They tie up, go around and Deeb gets the arm. Deeb wrenches, Swole slips through and wrenches back. Deeb rolls, spins and wrenches back to wrangle Swole down. Fans cheer the exchange as Swole gets up. Deeb headlocks, hits a takeover but Swole headscissors. Deeb pops out and fans cheer as the two stand off. The two go again as fans rally up. Deeb and Swole tie up with knuckle locks and have a test of strength. Swole powers Deeb down fast and gets the shoulders, Deeb gets up at ONE and reels Swole in to a sunset flip, ONE! Swole is up but Deeb wrenches an arm, only for Swole to wrench back. Swole spins Deeb around, hammerlocks both arms then CLUBS her! Swole half straitjackets Deeb to throw forearms and hit a backbreaker!

Swole brings Deeb back up, throws forearms and then whips Deeb to a corner. Swole runs to the side but Deeb comes back with a LARIAT! Swole goes to the apron, Deeb drags her back up and through the ropes, DRAGON SCREW! Swole goes down hard and Deeb goes after her again. Deeb brings Swole through the ropes for a neckbreaker hotshot! Swole sputters as AEW goes picture in picture.

Deeb drags Swole back in to drop down on the leg with elbows. Deeb keeps on the legs for an Indian Deathlock! Deeb also gets the arms for a surfboard cradle, TWO! Swole escapes and works to get her bad leg moving. Deeb drags her up first and wrenches the arm to an elbow breaker! Deeb trips Swole and uses the knuckle lock cover, ONE as Swole gets an arm up. Deeb brings Swole up to drop down, roll and keylock Swole back down! Cover, TWO! Deeb SLAMS the other arm then covers, TWO! Deeb grows frustrated and Swole hits back with body shots! Deeb clubs Swole, drags her back up and wrenches to another elbow breaker! Deeb wrenches through, hooks Swole up in the IRON OCTOPUS, and AEW goes to break!

AEW returns and Swole is still down, clutching her back. Deeb drags Swole up, whips her to a corner, but Swole stops herself, only to collide with Deeb! They both go down but fans rally up. A standing count begins and Swole rises at 4. Deeb stands, too, but runs into Swole’s elbows and clothesline! Swole rallies, throws forearms, but Deeb ducks the roundhouse! Deeb swings, Swole ducks and HEADBUTTS! Cover, TWO!! Deeb still lives but Swole is right after her! Swole whips Deeb to a corner, runs in but is put on the apron. Swole ROUNDHOUSES Deeb then steps in, for a BACKSTABBER from Deeb! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up as Deeb drags Swole around, but Swole cradle counters, TWO! Deeb gets Swole to a backslide, TWO!

Deeb kicks low, reels Swole in and double hammerlocoks before the lift. Swole kicks to fight free of the driver, then ROCKS Deeb with a forearm. Swole goes to run, Deeb reels her in and passes her up, but Swole follows to uppercut! Swole runs, into Deeb’s elbow! Deeb runs but Swole follows again, Deeb elbows Swole again! Deeb runs but Swole BOOTS! HEADBUTTS! DIRTY DANCING!! Cover, Swole wins!!

Winner: Big Swole, by pinfall

The #2 contender wants to be #1, and the best way to do that is to keep winning! Will Swole climb the ranks and have her shot at the champion?


AEW hears from Jon Moxley.

“October 14th marks one year of AEW Dynamite on TNT, but I will not be celebrating.” He hasn’t had much time to celebrate this year, “because for every monster, for every hungry young kid, for every legend I take out, there’s another one waiting around the corner, and that’s the life of a world champion.” Moxley has been in the game long enough to know that eventually, everyone’s number will be called. Eventually, someone is going to take Moxley out. That could be Archer, and that could be October 14th. “One does not simply beat Lance Archer. One survives Lance Archer.” Moxley knows from experience. He barely left Tokyo with his teeth in his mouth and his head on his shoulders. Now the chicken has come home to roost and tracked Moxley halfway around the world to do it.

Like a samurai, Moxley meditates daily on his own demise, “being ripped apart by swords and arrows.” Every time Moxley hands the belt to a referee, he may not get it back. But what happens on October 14th, Archer? Maybe he wins, maybe Moxley does. Moxley has a lot of regrets in his life, but laying down for Archer is not going to be one of them. He will leave it all in the ring, and Archer will have to unstrap the belt from his dead body! Maybe Archer does. But it’s like Archer says: Everybody dies.


Another round of friends and fans congratulating Jericho!

Lance Storm wishes Jericho a happy anniversary! Thirty years of friendship, and he couldn’t be happier. Long live Le Champion! Kevin Smith wants to crack open a bit o’ the bubbly for Jericho! THREE DECADES in little shorts and showing off that body. Eli Roth congratulates Jericho, it’s unbelievable! The Beatles were only together for 7 years, so Jericho’s basically 4.5 times better or something. Gabriel Iglesias has Chavo Guerrero Jr. on video call as part of his own video call! Chavo says hey to Jericho, and says that these 30 years felt a lot longer, because practically every time he turned the TV on, Jericho was on it! And Steel Panther wishes Jericho a happy 30th anniversary and congratulates him for wrestling his ass off the entire time! Wait, Jericho’s a wrestler?

Ultimo Dragon says congratulations Jericho for 30 years in the industry! It’s an incredible accomplishment! Paul Stanley also congratulates Jericho for his 30 years. Getting to the top is one thing, but staying there is truly incredible.


The Inner Circle VS Chaos Project!

Thirty years in the making. That is the tagline to this entire night, but especially this match! Chris Jericho and Luther have known each other for 30 years, as both allies and enemies, friends and foes! But will the Original Death Dealer and his new pal in Serpentico put the hurting on Le Champion and Big Hurt, Jake Hager? Or will the Demo God be able to celebrate his 30th anniversary with a victory?

AEW returns and Jericho makes his entrance, the rest of the Inner Circle with him. Everyone enjoys singing along with Judas before the match begins. Jericho starts with Serpentico and they tie up. Jericho wrenches to a wristlock, Serpentico rolls and handsprings to wrench, but Jericho throws a forearm! Jericho CHOPS Serpentico, whips him but Serpentico dodges and tilt-o-whirl headscissors! Serpentico fixes his head and hits a forearm in the corner! He whips but Jericho reverses only to run into a boot. Serpentico hits another headscissors but Jericho CLOBBERS him! Fans fire up as Luther tags in! Luther and Jericho meet again after all this time and tie up. Jericho CHOPS, Luther CHOPS, repeat! It’s a CHOP fight! Luther CHOPS then runs, but into a shove, only for Luther to BOOT Jerihco down!

Luther runs and clotheslines, then butterfly suplexes! Luther rains down rights, stomps Jericho and tags Serpentico in. Serpentico slingshots to double stomp Jericho down! Tag back to Luther, Chaos Project drags Jericho up to snap suplex! Luther uses Serpentico as a weapon, inverted suplex splash! Luther covers, TWO, and AEW goes picture in picture.

Jericho gets to ropes but Luther is after him with the fish hooks! The ref reprimands and counters, Luther lets go at 4 to CHOP Jericho again. Luther whips, Jericho dodges and denies the dropkick! LIONSAULT! He’s still got it! Tag to Hager and Hager throws haymakers! Luther hits back and the two brawl, but Hager gets the edge. Hager runs, rams Luther, but Luther stays up! Both men roar, and start throwing hands again! Hager rams Luther into the corner and rams his shoulders in more, but the ref backs him off. Luther boots Hager away, but runs into a BELLY2BELLY! Hager hobbles, comes back to put Luther in a drop zone and climbs up. HAGER BOMB onto boots!

Serpentico tags in and Luther uses him as human weapon scoop slam senton! And again! And again! Serpentico runs to BASEMENT METEORA! Cover, TWO! Serpentico keeps on Hager with haymakers, but Hager shoves him to a corner. Hager runs in, Serpentico slips out to the apron and enziguris back! Serperntico climbs, leaps, but into Hager’s arms! Hager pops Serpentico up to SLAM him down! Hager stands on Serpentico at the ropes and Jericho tags in. Jericho drags Serpentico up and suplexes him, to hold him there for a counter of 5 before slamming him down! Jericho soaks up the cheers as AEW returns to single picture.

Jericho kicks Serpentico to a corner, drags him up and CHOPS him! And CHOPS him! Jericho brings Serpentico out to whip, but Serpentico counters the back drop to a DDT! Hot tag to Luther! Luther DECKS Hager, Luther runs and clotheslines Jericho out hard! Jericho and Hager regroup, Luther helps Serpentico FLY! Down goes Hager, Jericho and even Sammy Guevara! Luther is up top, he aims at everyone as he CANNONBALLS! The entire Inner Circle goes down and Luther puts Jericho in! Luther climbs up again, aiming at Jericho in the drop zone, for a FLYING KNEE DROP! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives but Luther runs in, only to be put on the apron! Jericho triangle springboards, into Luther’s lariat! Luther goes around the corner and climbs up again. Luther reels Jericho in by his hair, for a FLYING BULLDOG!! Cover, TWO!!

Fans rally up as Luther brings Jericho up. Luther rakes Jericho’s eyes, whips him to ropes, but Jericho kicks back! Luther ducks Judas Effect! GERMAN SUPLEX! Luther holds on, spins Jericho around, hoists him up and Serpentico is there, METEORA DOOMSDAY!! Cover, Hager breaks it in time! Serpentico leaps at Hager but Hager and Serpentico tumble out of the ring! The ref is busy with them, Jericho calls to Sammy but Luther intercepts Floyd the Baseball Bat! Luther swings and hits Jericho with Floyd!! Homerun behind the ref’s back! Luther runs and BOOTS Jericho down! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives, Sammy shouts at Luther but Luther DECKS him! Luther turns around into JUDAS EFFECT!! Cover, Jericho and Hager win!

Winners: Chris Jericho & Jake Hager, by pinfall

The Inner Circle definitely won this match, because they all had a part to play! Jericho gets a mic to say, “Hey, listen. Thirty years in this business, thanks to all of you. And I just want to say from-” But wait, MJF is here! He said he’d maybe be here in person to congratulate Jericho, but he doesn’t want his music playing. This isn’t about him, it’s about Jericho. Wardlow is wheeling out something big and MJF says he isn’t here to step on toes or steal spotlight. MJF is here because he respects Jericho. It’s true! Wait, the thing under the curtain is a person and they get in the ring with Wardlow and MJF. MJF says he wants to be part of the celebration of Le Champion! And it’s about time for the conversation to end, it’s gift o’clock and MJF is ready to rock.

Count down! FIVE! FOUR! THREE! TWO! ONE! And it’s… Clownicho! Don’t you get it? Well hold on, there’s another present wrapped up. MJF is really thoughtful, so y’know. Jericho takes the present for himself, but before he opens it, MJF wants Jericho to indulge him. MJF promises Sammy that jacket is in the mail. Also, MJF wants to let Jericho know he inspires him. Next week, MJF makes a career defining announcement and he wants Jericho out there with him. But first, the present! A picture of MJF. Is that not amazing? Yes, it’s really great. And Jericho SMASHES it on the clown’s head! As in, Clownicho. And he gives the clown a JUDAS EFFECT! MJF doesn’t understand.

Jericho explains “I hate clowns, and don’t every interrupt me again. You understand me?” Both men stare down, but then they laugh. Jericho had him! Jericho thanks the fans and wishes them a good night! The AEW roster comes out to genuinely celebrate with a genuinely remarkable man. Credits roll? Executive Producer: Chris Jericho. Directed by: Chris Jericho. Jericho, Jericho, Jericho. Catering, too? But all that aside, yes! Happy 30th Anniversary, Y2J!

My Thoughts:

What a great episode, though they didn’t go all that much harder just because it was Jericho’s 30th anniversary. It was great to have all those shout-outs from celebrities and fellow wrestlers, but obviously we all know this could’ve been an even greater episode if there could’ve been a video tribute using footage from his whole career, including the WWE and WWE properties. I’m at least surprised there also wasn’t a party moment, but they had to get to everything else planned for this episode. The FTW Championship was great but I feel like it only scratched the surface of what Cage and Hobbs can do. Darby interrupts things after, but I almost thought Hobbs was going to attack him to take Option A. Maybe not, though, because Hobbs is doing great as a Face and we are still owed some part of the Archer & Team Taz VS Moxley, Hobbs & Darby match.

The Brush with Greatness was, well, also great. The time limit still isn’t as much of a factor other than the pacing, but what a great showing from TH2. Of course FTR wins because they still need to face Best Friends and Young Bucks. I feel like FTR VS Best Friends not having the time limit is actually a shame. The whole point of the Brush with Greatness having a time limit is that it’s supposed to save FTR’s asses from almost losing! Otherwise, why even make it a big deal? I’m pretty sure FTR wins because we still need FTR VS Bucks, and that probably happens at Full Gear. The AEW World Championship #1 contender’s tournament is already turning out how I was hoping, with Hangman named as an entrant and Omega being weirdly anxious about it. It almost doesn’t matter who the other two names are in this field of eight, this MUST end on Omega VS Hangman at the finals.

The Dog Collar Match was BRUTAL, and definitely in a good way! Though, they sure love blood. Three people bleeding, with Silver starting it and he wasn’t even really in the match. Though, kudos to him taking those spots to be the hapless lackey. I really thought Brodie was going to win, but it’s Cody. Cody peels back some kayfabe for us by showing he isn’t going to be Heel Cody or even dark, brooding Cody just because of the new look he came up with (which makes you wonder why he went that way in the first place) but again that’s Cody. But Cody VS Orange Cassidy for the Dynamite Anniversary is going to be incredible, and how amazing would it be for Cody to put Orange over? If anyone in the trio of Cassidy and Best Friends is getting a title next week, it’s Cassidy.

Swole and Deeb had a really good match and it was a really good win for Swole. I feel like the Dynamite Anniversary should try and surprise us with something for the women’s division, as it isn’t clear who is heading to Full Gear to face Hikaru Shida yet. Moxley and Archer had great vignette promos, and of course they referenced the NJPW match for the IWGP United States Championship that Moxley still has. Their match is going to be awesome, but as great as Archer is, I don’t think he beats Moxley. As I said for AEW Dark last night, I feel like what Eddie Kingston was saying implies he and Moxley will have a rematch in an I Quit match. Full Gear had the brutal Unsanctioned match last year, why not make a tradition out of that with Moxley VS Kingston, I Quit Match for the title?

And of course, closing with Jericho in the main event was the proper way to do this. Chaos Project gave Inner Circle a really good match, even in losing. Luther definitely went above and beyond compared to what he’s been doing in the ring, and looked very strong since all of the Inner Circle got involved one way or another. I feel like they had to rush things with MJF, but it’s fine because that was an appropriately awkward and dumb gift. I have a feeling that between last week’s “forgotten jacket” and the things MJF said tonight, replacing Sammy is the red herring. MJF is going to swerve us and create his own parody of the Inner Circle. He mentioned Jericho “inspiring” him, and even telling him “don’t be afraid to pick and take” from role models. MJF is going to copy Jericho and create a group, though he could’ve just kept his campaign team with him. Maybe some of the bigger names seen on AEW Dark join Team MJF to get some Dynamite time.

My Score: 9.1/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (1/31/23)

Orlando stays Dark!



Universal Studios is still the AEW Dark Arena!

As they prepare to go after the AEW World Trios Championships, AR Fox & Top Flight reunite to take on The Wingmen: Peter Avalon, Ryan Nemeth & Cezar Bononi!


  • Six Man Tag: AR Fox & Top Flight VS The Wingmen; Fox & Top Flight win.
  • Red Velvet VS Sofia Castillo; Velvet wins.
  • Zack Clayton VS Fulton; Clayton wins.
  • Brock Anderson & Brian Pillman Jr. w/ Arn Anderson VS Rosario Grillo & Dean Alexander; Anderson & Pillman win.
  • Skye Blue VS Renee Michelle; Skye wins.
  • Shane Taylor Promotions VS Mr. G & Dante Casanova; Shane Taylor Promotions wins.
  • Yuka Sakazaki VS Avery Breaux; Yuka wins.
  • The Workhorsemen VS Liam Gray & Adrian Alanis; The Workhorsemen win.
  • Angelico w/ Serpentico & Luther VS Konosuke Takeshita; Konosuke wins.


A solid line-up, and I like that we’re getting to see Brock Anderson & Brian Pillman Jr. in action together after a backstage promo on Elevation not too long ago. Not sure what the team name is but two second generation stars together is a logical combination. Angelico VS Konosuke, that is going to be a great match, but I give the win to Konosuke. Red Velvet is in action again after also being on Elevation, she’s definitely building momentum towards taking on Jade Cargill for Jade’s 50th match. And good to see Shane Taylor Promotions in action here. They’ll be a strong part of the ROH Tag Team Division, even after having lost to Keith Lee after Swerve abandoned Keith.

And good to see AR Fox & Top Flight in action, and against The Wingmen. For one, good to see Avalon, Nemeth & Bononi teaming all together again. And this will be a good match to build momentum for Fox & Flight.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (1/30/23)

Lexington gets Elevated!



Can All Heart overcome the Swiss Superman?

The ROH World Championship returns to AEW Dark: Elevation, and Claudio Castagnoli takes on Blake Christian. Will All Heart survive the Swiss Superman?


  • Red Velvet VS Billie Starkz; Velvet wins.
  • Alex Reynolds & John Silver VS The Workhorsemen; Reynolds & Silver win.
  • Rush w/ Jose the Assistant VS Brian Pillman Jr; Rush wins.
  • Athena & Diamante VS Skye Blue & Yuka Sakazaki; Skye & Yuka win.
  • Top Flight VS Ari Daivari & Tony Nese w/ Mark Sterling; Top Flight wins.
  • The Kings of the Black Throne w/ Julia Hart VS Turbo Floyd & Truth Magnum; The Kings of the Black Throne win.
  • ROH World Championship: Claudio Castagnoli VS Blake Christian; Claudio wins.


A pretty good line-up, and I think Athena will end up in a program for her ROH Women’s Championship coming out of that tag match. Good tune-up match for Top Flight going into their AEW World Trios Championship program with the Elite, that should be a good win. And Blake Christian is going places. He’s had good stints on NJPW Strong, he’s in ROH and AEW, he’s going to give Claudio a great match. Claudio will still win, this is mostly to get things going towards Supercard of Honor on March 31st, but Blake could easily find himself going for a midcard title like the ROH Pure Championship or AEW All-Atlantic Championship.

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Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (1/30/23)

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