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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (12/11/20)

An UNTOUCHABLE contract signing!



WWE SmackDown Coverage 3.0

The SmackDown Women’s Championship match is set!

Tonight, Sasha Banks and Carmella are going to sign on the dotted line! TLC will see a LEGIT, FABULOUS SmackDown Women’s Championship!


  • Dolph Ziggler w/ Robert Roode VS Montez Ford w/ Angelo Dawkins; Ziggler wins.
  • Sami Zayn VS Big E; Sami wins.
  • The Riott Squad VS Billie Kay & ???; The Riott Squad wins.
  • Chad Gable & Otis VS Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura; Cesaro & Nakamura win.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks VS Carmella; Carmella wins by disqualification, Sasha retains the title.


Sasha Banks heads to the ring!

The Boss, the standard, the blueprint and THE SmackDown Women’s Champion is here to handle her business. Before facing the #UNTOUCHABLE at TLC for the title, the contract needs to be signed! Adam Pearce is here to preside over the signing, and notes Sasha was the one who boldly made the challenge. This contract will make that match official. But then Sasha gets upset. Where IS the contract? Is this some kind of set up? Is Mella doing this? Is Pearce working with her? Where is the paperwork?!

Mella laughs from the titantron as she dangles the contract. Doesn’t Sasha know Mella makes the rules? But Mella signed her part. She will have her “messenger boy” take this to her. Sasha should’ve known Mella would’ve pulled this. Isn’t Mella embarrassed to be herself? Nope. She’s proud of herself. That’s why she doesn’t pander to those “internet mouth-breathers” like Sasha does. Did Sasha think Mella was going to get into the ring with her after that ambush like a wild animal? This isn’t the Tiger King, it’s the Queen’s Gambit. And Mella is the “hot chick playing chess with your life,” and is always four moves ahead.

Oh that many moves? If Mella wants to play games, how about this? How far back can Sasha bend Mella’s spine? Or better yet, how fast can she make Mella cry? This is why Mella didn’t go to the ring! Sasha is making threats! Someone stop her before she hurts someone. But Mella gets why Sasha is acting like this. As soon as Sasha signs the contract, her day as champion are numbered. Sasha stamps her signature down on the contract, and Sasha flips the script. If Sasha wants the title, come and get it TONIGHT! “What do you say, blondie?!” Mella doesn’t make rules, Sasha is the boss! Pearce likes that, and makes it the main event tonight!

And before this signing is truly over, Sasha says she’ll give Mella a preview of how wild tonight is. She attacks the assistant! And hits a BACKSTABBER! Then dumps the table over on him! Sasha holds her title up, but will she still be holding onto it by the end of the night?


Backstage interview with The Street Profits!

Kayla Braxton has the SmackDown Tag Team Champions here, and they’re hyped up! Kayla brings up how the self-proclaimed aces of SmackDown, Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler, were saying the Profits are “too funny to make money.” Do the Profits think this will affect their reputation as competitors?

Funny? Do they look funny? Ford goes up against a former World Heavyweight Champion in Ziggler! Is it funny to do how Ford does in the ring, then make it rain Solo cups? Would it be funny if Roode got involved and Dawkins slapped him so hard, space and time opened up to let a million Roode doppelgangers out and they all say, “Robert! You’re embarrassing us!” NO! Too much cheesy facial hair! One Roode is enough. But bad enough why? Because the Street Profits are up! And #WeWantTheSmoke! That simple. The showdown of Show-Off and #KingTez is next!


Dolph Ziggler w/ Robert Roode VS Montez Ford w/ Angelo Dawkins!

The #DirtyDawgs got a non-title win on the Profits but are working their way up to THE title match-up they’ve wanted since both teams were on Raw! Will Ziggler score another win as TLC approaches?

SmackDown returns as Ziggler and Roode make their entrance. Ziggler has a mic now and he says he used to LOVE the word, “Profits.” But we just saw the Profits talking about crazy things, like Solo cups raining from the sky, which reminds Ziggler of college. But Ziggler also remembers the Profits saying he is just “a poor man’s HBK.” No, Ziggler is rich as hell. But if they wanna use that bit the right way, then you do it right. The Profits are the poor man’s Desus & Mero. Not an opening hit but it works. Now, the only thing less funny than Ziggler’s comedy is the Profits. And the only thing less funny than them is the fact they’re SmackDown Tag Team Champions!

Roode says the Profits can get one last laugh about the nerdy things they find funny. Because when the “aces” get their shot at the titles, the title reign goes up in smoke. Ford and Dawkins admit that’s a decent line, but now this match begins!

Ziggler and Ford circle, show off the knee steps, then tie up. Ziggler gets a leg, Ford gets ropes, and the ref counts. Ziggler lets off clean, but then he kicks low! That’s not clean! Ziggler scrapes Ford’s face with the laces, then he digs Ford’s face into the ropes! The ref reprimands, Ziggler lets off and then dropkicks Ford down! Cover, TWO! Ziggler grins as he keeps close. Ziggler wraps on a chinlock to then get an arm and pulls it back. Ziggler traps the arm, but Ford fights up, powers up, only for Ziggler to knee low! Ziggler turns Ford to a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Ziggler keeps his focus and he talks trash. He scrapes laces on Ford’s face again, then swivels his hips at him.

Ford gets up, Ziggler runs at him, but Ford catches the drop kick to a catapult! Ziggler hits buckles hard, and then Ford dropkicks Ziggler down! Ford runs, dodges and BLOCKBUSTERS Ziggler down! Ziggler flounders out, Roode slithers in but Dawkins is there to stop him! Roode gets Ziggler out, Ford and Dawkins break it down, and the SOLO CUPS RAIN!! One “prophecy” came true, will we see GLORIOUS doppelgangers after the break?!

SmackDown returns, no doppelgangers but Ziggler does have Ford down in a sleeper hold and body scissor combo! Ford endures, fights, and pries free. Dawkins coaches Ford up but Ziggler throws him by his hair! Ziggler drops an elbow, then another, then another, and another, and another! And even more! Ziggler just doesn’t stop, but then he spins around, to drop one more! Cover, TWO! Roode is frustrated for Ziggler but Ziggler wraps Ford back up in a sleeper and body scissors. Ford endures all over again and fans rally up on their screens. Ford fights back up, even as Ziggler cranks back on the hold, and Ford throws body shots! Ford is free, but Ziggler kicks the leg out! NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Ziggler wraps Ford up again, Dawkins and Roode talk trash to each other, and Ford endures. Ziggler rakes Ford’s eyes but the ref reprimands. Ford fights out of the body scissors but Ziggler shifts on the sleeper. Ford still fights up, pries the hold, but Ziggler turns him again. Ford shoves Ziggler away and rallies with clotheslines! Ford whips, Ziggler reverses but Ford leaps over and comes back for a LEAPING LARIAT! Ford fires up as Ziggler rises, mule kick and front kick to an enziguri, but Ziggler ducks! Ziggler back suplexes but Ford slips out to back supelx Ziggler! Ford kips up and STANDING MOONSAULTS! Ford is all fired up as he shakes the ropes!

Ziggler slowly rises, Ford blocks their kick, spins them but Ziggler kicks the legs out! Ziggler leaps but the Famouser is turned into a lift, but Ziggler sunset flips! TWO, Ford bucks the Zigzag off, to ENZIGURI! Ford goes up top, but Roode attacks Dawkins! Roode throws Dawkins into steps, Ford is distracted and Ziggler trips him up! Ford tumbles down, Ziggler SUPERKICKS! Cover, Ziggler wins!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler, by pinfall

Give a GLORIOUS assist to Roode! Are the aces going to ride high into a title match?



Next week, SmackDown will be on FS1! While Fox has the NCAA Football Pac-12 championship, Fox Sports 1 will be ready for a good time!


Sami Zayn is complaining backstage!

The WWE Intercontinental Champion wants to understand why he doesn’t have merchandise! But Big E comes by with his new shirt, and there are more where that came from. But merchandise should be the last thing on Sami’s mind right now. Worry about the meat inside the shirt. And Big E has Sami! Apollo helps show off the new Sami Zayn shirt! It’s a stick figure man! Sami tries to rip the shirt, but his hand isn’t strong enough. He’ll show them all! Big E is pretty sure he won’t. But Big E will show Sami all the things, in their match! That match is after the break!


Sami Zayn VS Big E!

The “Champion of the People” does not feel respected by anyone on SmackDown, but respect is a two-way street. Sami is in the ring as he rants and raves! What champion doesn’t have even one piece of merchandise? Not that Sami wants to support toxic consumerism, but he just wants fans to be able to show their support and respect for him! And all that time last week honoring Pat Patterson, the original Intercontinental Champion, they don’t even do anything for this Intercontinental Champion? Big E’s entrance interrupts and this match begins!

Sami takes a moment to tell commentary to tell us that this is non-title, because Big E hasn’t earned his opportunity. But the ring count is past 5! Sami complains that the ref wasn’t being understanding. Sami gets in, ties up with Big E, and Big E shoves Sami down! Sami scrambles out of the ring and Big E lounges while doing splits in the corner. Sami gets back in, Big E is ready. They circle, tie up, and Big E headlocks. Big E grinds Sami down but Sami throws body shots. Sami slips out to headlock back, but Big E powers out. Sami kicks Big E, Sami runs but Big E drops, hurdles then catches Sami for the cobra twist!

Big E puts some stank on the spank, but Sami gets free! Sami kicks and punches, but his bad hand hurts! Sami runs, and gets run over! Big E says that’s the meat he meant, Sami! Big E digs his boot into Sami’s head on the apron, then drags Sami out. Big E clubs away on Sami’s chest, then lets off to go to the apron. Big E aims and runs, to APRON SPLASH! Sami flops down after being flattened, and SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Sami chokes Big E on ropes with both knees! The ref counts but Sami bounces to add pressure. Sami lets off at 4, Big E gets to a corner, and Sami throws elbows into Big E’s head. Sami climbs up to rain down furious fists and then he goes to snapmare. Big E blocks it, only for Sami to KNEE Big E down! Cover, ONE!! Sami is right on Big E with a chinlock, but Big E fights up. Sami shifts to a facelock but Big E throws him off! Sami runs in but Big E puts him on the apron, only for Sami to hotshot him away! Sami hops up the corner and leaps, to elbow Big E down! Big E stirs but Sami swivels his hips to mock him! Sami runs and runs to run into the OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Big E gets Sami for ANOTHER! And then the Belly2Belly!

Big E stands over Sami and he swivels his hips! Big E runs, runs and SPLASHES! Now Big E claps it up, “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” Sami bails out but Big E dares him to get back in. Sami dares Big E to go out, and Big E fakes Sami out! Sami is in and Big E LARIATS him! Big E runs but Sami rolls him up! TWO! Sami elbows Big E away, hops back up and kicks, then leaps! Big E catches the crossbody! Big E pops Sami up to the- No, Sami rakes eyes! Sami runs at the corner, HELLUVA- URENAGE!! Sami claims his hand is broken! The ref checks the brace but keeps Big E back. Big E says this is Sami’s trickery, but the ref keeps him back. Sami SLAPS Big E! Big mistake.

Sami runs away and Big E gives chase! Sami goes around commentary but Big E keeps trying! The ring count climbs, Sami goes under the ring?! Big E follows, the count continues, and then Sami emerges at 6! Big E has him, tries to drag him back down, but the count is 9! Sami gets free and gets in, Sami wins by count-out!!

Winner: Sami Zayn, by count out

The “master strategist” managed to outsmart Big E! Big E is furious, but losing is losing! Has Big E just lost his chance at the Intercontinental Championship?


Bayley speaks backstage.

“Now I hear we’ve got a huge championship match tonight, so I want to send my well-wishes to… Carmella!” Because Sasha might still be champion, but Bayley still runs the division! And if no one else will say it, Bayley will. “Ding dong, hello? Sasha is the most overpaid, overrated superstar in SmackDown history!” That is, if you’re not counting Bianca Belair. Bayley doesn’t! Who does Bianca think she is coming up on Bayley’s show and- Coming up behind her… Captain Bayley says EST needs to be G O N E!

Girl, uh-uh. Bayley talking about Bianca again? Bayley needs to worry about herself. She’s not that cute, her hair looks dumb and her outfit is dusty. So let’s check the “receipts.” The one who beat #BOAT Natalya? Bianca. Who beat SmackDown to the end of Survivor Series? Bianca. Who is the strongest, roughest, toughest, etc? Bianca! Bayley storms off, and Bianca says she can email her the rest.


Backstage interview with Carmella.

Mella is impatient as she finishes suiting up, and says she’s been itching for this match forever. Sasha thinks she’s the boss, but Mella made her relevant again. Tonight will be like Mariah Carey to J. Lo. “I don’t know her.” This is what the champion looks like. And Mella will beat the disrespect out of Sasha while looking sexy. She has her assistant get the champagne ready so she can toast watching Sasha’s tears fall to the crown.


Roman Reigns watches a replay of last week.

But as it finishes, Jey Uso walks over and asks if they’re good. Roman’s good. Hell, he’s great. Is Jey alright? Yeah. He should be. Because he’s with Roman. But before they can go to the ring, someone else beat him to it! Kevin Owens heads to the ring! Now Roman and Jey watch this, and Jey asks to go after Kevin. Well he knows where he is, so go get him. Kevin is setting a table up in the ring, then chairs, then a ladder, to signify the coming TLC match at TLC the PPV! Kevin sets the chairs up, then the table, and lastly the ladder. Roman still watches as Kevin gets a mic to say, “Roman, I know you’re watching, but I need you to listen to me carefully.”

Roman wants people to fear him? Bad news. Even after what Roman did last week, even knowing that right now, Roman is better than he has ever been, Kevin does NOT fear him. Because Roman says he fights for his family. If there’s something Kevin can relate to, it’s that. But the problem is, as good as Roman is, regardless of what Roman says, the reality of what’s happening is that Roman’s family is doing the fighting for him! Roman is using Jey to fight his battles! And TLC is the most important match in Kevin’s career. Kevin knows that the Roman we see today, with all this momentum, could probably beat anyone in WWE. Kevin is going to need all the help he can get.

Kevin fights for his family, too. But his family is not part of the industry. His family supports his dream by watching at home. So Kevin doesn’t have his family, but he has some friends! Kevin introduces Roman to his chairs! Chairs are cold, unforgiving, and at TLC, chairs are going to pay Roman back for all those chair shots last week. Chairs will bruise Roman up or break a bone or two! But they will make sure Roman has a hard time sitting at the head of the table. And speaking of, Kevin’s other friend IS a table! Table here is hard, tough to break, but once you do, “she’s so welcoming.” Table is looking forward to receiving him at TLC.

And lastly is Ladder. This is the most difficult friend. It is rough, unpredictable, but also Kevin’s favorite. Not only will Ladder help hurt Roman, but help Kevin get back up to where he belongs. Kevin says Roman can keep the head of the table, because Kevin will give everything to get back to the top of the ladder and again be Universal Champion! And if Roman wants to talk about Kevin’s family- Jey SMACKS Kevin with a chair! And the leg! And the arm! Jey rains down fists as Roman smiles. Jey gives Kevin another chair shot to the leg! Jey then drags Kevin up, throws haymakers and puts Kevin on the table! “It’s over!”

Jey goes up top, but Kevin gets up to SMACK Jey with the chair! And SMACKS him on the back! And again! Kevin rains down rights, then throws Jey into the ladder! And then Kevin brings Jey around to pop-up POWERBOMB Jey through the table!! But now Roman goes to the ring! Kevin has the chair and dares Roman to get in the ring with all the wreckage! But Paul Heyman advises Roman not to do things on Kevin’s time. Roman calls the shots as the Tribal Chief. It is still Roman’s call, but as the shot caller, “this is your island. That’s your ring. We do things on your time.” Roman accepts that, and reconsiders storming down after Kevin.

Kevin wants Roman to show his family who he is, but Roman leaves. Perhaps that is who Roman is. Kevin still has his chair and he hobbles after Roman! “You’re done running!” SmackDown goes to break, will Kevin look to break Roman even before TLC?


SmackDown returns and Kevin is still hunting Roman!

“Where are ya, tough guy!?” Kevin thought Roman was head of the table! Kayla asks for an interview but Kevin asks where Roman is! Kevin didn’t want to do that to Jey but that’s what you get for talking about Kevin’s family that way! Roman AMBUSHES Kevin with a chair shot! And then throws Kevin into spare cage fencing! And road cases! Roman rains down rights and then talks trash! “Who do you think supports your family?!” Roman rains down more rights and talks more trash!

Roman looks at the camera and “formally introduces” himself to Kevin’s family watching at home. “I’m your Tribal Chief. I’m the guy who put that roof over your head. I’m the guy who put the food on your table.” And if you don’t talk some sense into “Daddy” Kevin, Roman will be the guy that takes all of that away. Kevin gets up but Roman BOOTS him back down!! Roman says good-night to the Owens family, then leaves. Will this be the scene at the end of TLC’s TLC match?


The Riott Squad VS Billie Kay & ???

Ruby and Liv bring back some classic ring gear for this special showdown! Billie tried to barge in on their Talking Smack segment, but was challenged to a tag match to see if Billie could actually give them “pointers” on tag team wrestling. Who did Billie manage to recruit as her tag partner? It’s the #BOAT, Best of All Time, Natalya! Will Natty and Billie be able to get an iconic win?

The teams sort out, Billie and Ruby tie up and Billie headlocks. Ruby powers out, Billie handsprings over but Ruby tags Liv, and then a chop block to a basement dropkick drops Billie! Liv whips Billie to the corner, runs in and back body blocks! Tag to Ruby, and they work together to wheelbarrow victory roll TACKLE! Cover, TWO! Tag back to liv and she drags Billie back up. Liv whips., Billie reverses and Natty is there! Liv stops herself but SHADES OF KAY hits! Natty tags in, rains down rights, and she drags Liv up to put her in the corner. Tag to Billie, they stomp away on Liv together, and then let up to tag Natty back in.

Billie and Natty mug Liv, SLAP her, and then Natty snapmares Liv to a chinlock. Liv endures, Natty holds a hand out to Ruby mockingly, but Liv fights up and arm-drags free! Liv runs but into Natty’s arms! Natty runs Liv all the way to the corner! Natty rains down rights, the ref counts, and Billie mocks Liv’s pain. Natty drags Liv back up and whips, to then send Liv in, but Liv tries to elbow back! Natty hits the rebound sit-down and Billie tags in! Natty wasn’t ready for that and Billie drags Liv around, but Liv shoves Billie into Natty! Hot tag to Ruby! Ruby wrenches Billie, LIV BREAKER to RIOTT KICK!! Natty is out of the way, Ruby covers Billie, Riott Squad wins!

Winners: The Riott Squad, by pinfall

Well, Billie did do one thing: she taught the Squad what not to do when tagging with someone. Will Billie learn that she should stay out of other people’s business?


Otis Dozovic attends Chad Gable’s Alpha Academy!

“We’ve gotta work on your blindside.” Otis wears a blindfold, and Gable has Otis be ready with his other senses. The dodgeballs fly in and keep hitting him. Then a SMACK with a pad! After several hours of this, Otis is like Daredevil Dozer! Except when it comes to high-fives. But Gable says Otis is an alpha now.

And now in the present, Kayla interviews Gable and Otis. They have their first match as a team against former tag team champions, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro. What was it that brought these two together? Gable says life has knocked Otis down time and time again, but he always gets up. Otis has grit and tenacity! Exactly someone Gable wants as a student and teammate. And thanks to the Alpha Academy teachings, as cultivated through Gable’s experiences as an Olympian, Gable will mold the “raw lump of clay, no offense” to that of Michelangelo’s David. If Gable got into Olympic games in his “smaller stature, no offense,” imagine what’s possible with the Grade A prime beef!

But now Cesaro and Nakamura walk by. Gable got into the Olympics for what? Building toys in Santa’s Workshop? Or maybe the limbo! More short jokes, huh? Otis is riled up but Gable tells him a true alpha never gets rattled. Just breathe, and save it for the match. That comes up, after the break!


Chad Gable & Otis VS Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura!

The Alpha Academy steps into the ring for the first time, but they’re up against the Swiss Cyborg and the King of Strong Style! Will Gable and Otis pass the test that is the former SmackDown Tag Team Champions?

The teams sort out and Gable tie right up with Cesaro. Cesaro throws Gable down and taunts Gable to use his game plan. Gable and Otis talk strategy before the tag, and Otis ties up with Cesaro now. Otis throws Cesaro down, and then tags back to Gable. Cesaro rushes Gable but Gable gets a takedown! Gable floats to a waistlock, holds on as Cesaro moves around, and he dead lift GERMANS! Then an Oklahoma Roll, TWO! Otis tags back in and he gets Cesaro for a mat slam! Otis fires up and tags Gable back in, keeipng Cesaro off balance. But then Cesaro DECKS Gable with a EuroUpper!

Nakamura tags in and he kicks Gable around. Nakamura kicks and kicks and kicks, and then gives Gable some Bad Vibrations! The ref counts, Nakamura stomps more, and Cesaro even gets a shot in. Nakamura back suplexes but Gable lands on his feet, ducks both kicks and ROLLING LIGER KICKS Nakamura down! Both men crawl, hot tags to Otis and Cesaro! The Dozer rallies on Cesaro and Nakamura! FLAPJACK for Cesaro, and then Otis whips to DISCUS! Gable is fired up for Otis as Otis runs in and corner SPLASHES Cesaro!

Cesaro wobbles and flops over, and Otis pumps up! But Gable wants in because it’s part of the plan! Otis tags, Gable goes up, and he leaps, into the SWISS SWING!! This wasn’t part of the plan! The swing goes to 20 and Cesaro lets go! Tag to Nakamura and Gable flounders, into a KINSHASA!! Cover, Cesaro and Nakamura win!

Winners: Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura, by pinfall

The Alpha Academy didn’t expect to lose like that, but they were up against a very experienced duo. Will Gable and Otis go back to square one and start from scratch?


Gable and Otis talk backstage.

Gable says that loss was a great learning lesson for them. He asked Otis to tag in, but he didn’t want Otis to. Otis had the match won! He should’ve just finished the job. Tonight was a test. Otis failed, but that’s okay! This is just part of the Alpha Mentality. Gable is teaching Otis what to do by showing him what not to do. Does he get it? Don’t worry, he will. Just rehydrate and they’ll talk later. Otis is confused, but perhaps there’s a method to the madness?


Backstage interview with King Corbin and his new pages.

The Wolf King got a win over Buddy Murphy and payback on the Mysterio family by introducing us to his new associates. What can we expect from them? The Night King had his Daywalkers, Darth Vader had Stormtroopers, so Corbin is bringing back some old school attitude. Cutler and Blake are the Knights of the Lone Wolf. There is no family drama or love story going on, these two have pledged “ruthless, cold-blooded loyalty to this king.” If Rey wants to step up, fine! He can bring his dopey son and red-headed stepchild, but the consequences will be much more severe than even losing an eye!



When SmackDown goes to FS1, there will be a championship showdown there, too! The Street Profits will defend their SmackDown Tag Team Championships against Roode & Ziggler! Plus, Bianca Belair and Bayley battle to prove who is the best on the brand today! Will Dawkins, Ford and Belair sweep the night to keep the Profits up?


SmackDown Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks VS Carmella!

Who needs TLC when any given Friday is good enough! The Boss wants to prove no one, not even the Princess of Staten Island, is #UNTOUCHABLE. Will the champion still be #LEGIT after tonight? Or will the champagne ringside be used to toast to the new SmackDown Women’s Champion?

SmackDown returns once more and the introductions are made, the belt is raised, and TLC come early happens now!

Mella and Sasha tie up, go around and Sasha puts Mella in the corner. The ref calls for the break but Sasha lets off at 4. Mella pushes, then dodges Sasha’s punch to throw her down by her hair! Mella feeds Sasha to her boot in the corner, and then talks trash, “I’m the best, not you!” Mella puts Sasha through ropes to choke her! The ref counts, Mella stops and then SLAPS Sasha down! Mella tosses her hair to soak up the heat from the ThunderDome thumbs-downs. Mella whips, Sasha reveres, but the Mella-Go-Round throws Sasha, then Mella dropkicks and drop toeholds! Mella wants the necklock but Sasha slips out! Mella resists the backstabber and they end up in a corner. Mella climbs up to choke Sasha again!

Mella stops choking, but throws back elbows! Mella lets off but then throws more and more! The ref counts, Mella stops at 4, and then brings Sasha up to throw into another corner. Mella talks trash, runs in, but is put on the apron! Sasha KNEES Mella back, and then swings in to METEORA Mella into the post! Mella gets up, kicks but Sasha blocks. Mella blocks the knee to FACEBUSTER Sasha off the apron!! Mella gets Sasha back in as the ring count is at 7, but SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns once again, and now Sasha has Mella down on the apron. Sasha goes to one side of the corner, drags Mella up the other side, but the only direct that suplex goes is out! Mella resists for that reason, throws body shots, and then SMACKS Sasha off the post! And RAMS her into the post! Sasha tumbles down, Mella goes after her and throws her into barriers! The ref counts but Mella puts Sasha in at 5 of 10, covers, TWO! Mella grows annoyed and she talks more trash. “I’m untouchable!” Mella rains down fists and then covers, TWO! Mella drags Sasha up and bumps her off her boot again. Mella stomps Sasha, snapmares her down and wraps on a chinlock.

Sasha endures, fights up and backs Mella into buckles. Sasha returns those elbows from earlier, then rolls to come back, METEORA! Sasha goes up, swinging METEORA! Cover, TWO! Mella survives and gets up but Sasha is on her. Mella fights off the backstabber, Sasha runs but into a BOOT! Sasha flounders, Mella reels her in and goes up top, to put on a DRAPING NECKLOCK! The ref counts, Mella lets go at 4! Sasha staggers and sputters, Mella goes up, crossbody! Cover, TWO! Mella mule kicks then reels Sasha in, but Sasha trips Mella to a jackknife! TWO, CODE OF SILENCE! Sasha endures, moves around, but Mella sweeps the arms out!

Mella reaches back but Sasha pops out to get the BANK STATEMENT! The assistant puts a bottle of champagne in the ring?! The ref gets that out, but then the assistant drags Sasha out! Sasha glares at him, he is very afraid and he runs into the ring! Sasha chases him, Mella whips Sasha but Sasha reverses and fires off in the corner! The ref counts, Sasha doesn’t get, she gets disqualified!!

Winner: Carmella, by disqualification; Sasha retains the SmackDown Women’s Championship

The assistant comes back but Sasha DECKS him! And hits a BACKSTABBER! To the BANK STATEMENT!! Mella lets the assistant suffer before hitting the FABULOUS KICK! Mella fires off on Sasha now, and shouts, “What is wrong with you?!” FABULOUS KICK! Sasha tumbles out and Mella says Sasha threw the match! Mella grabs her champagne bucket and shoves Sasha’s face into it! Mella is the one furious now and asks if everyone thinks this is enough. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But the CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE to Sasha’s back is more than enough!!

Mella pours herself a drink from one of the other bottles and has a toast to herself. Mella sprays champagne everywhere and stands over Sasha. “Who’s on whose level now?!” Mella won the match, but not the title. Will Mella prove Sasha can’t stop her from taking the title?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good SmackDown, but I feel like they’re doing the same thing with the SmackDown Women’s Championship a little too much. I feel like there have been multiple occasions in the year Fox has had SmackDown put the women’s title on the line, the match has a wonky finish, and then we get the rematch at the PPV. To be fair, this week’s iteration was pretty good because it was a surprise, but with the champagne ringside, as well as the assistant, something was going to happen. I would’ve preferred if Mella wasn’t again bailed out by a sidekick, and there was just a mishap with the champagne and Sasha losing her cool. But maybe Sasha will use this against Mella next week, saying something like “You may have changed how you look but not how you do things,” and then the rematch at TLC, maybe with a special stipulation, happens.

The Profits had a good prematch promo, and Ford had a good match with Ziggler, with Roode of course finding a way to assist Ziggler. Their tag title match will be good, but since they’re also not saving things for TLC, I have a bad feeling they’ll just do the same thing here: screwy finish, big rematch at the PPV. The Alpha Academy losing to Cesaro and Nakamura was given. I feel like Gable is being a bit two-faced with Otis here. Gable wants Otis to get better, just so it’ll hurt more when Gable keeps being the reason he loses, adding onto his woes from 2020.

We got great stuff from Sami and Big E, and their match was pretty good. Sami again finds a way to win without having to finish off his opponent, and maybe we get a match at TLC, maybe we don’t. I feel like whatever title match Sami has, it needs to be something he can’t use Champion’s Advantage in, and is hard to sneak out of. I want a Tables Match for the Women’s Tag Team Championships since that is the story of Lana the last three months, but Big E and Sami could try a Chairs match, or even just a Falls Count Anywhere given Sami’s story of count outs and using the ring itself.

Bayley and Bianca had a decent promo segment together, but I’m glad to see their match is happening next week. I’d still expect Natty on commentary to return the favor from the last two times, but I’m surprised we saw her team with Billie Kay. I thought it was going to be Tamina but Tamina was basically being a Face in the segment with Sami and Big E backstage. Obviously Billie’s team loses because it wasn’t a true team like Riott Squad. I hope some team from SmackDown finally gets involved with the women’s tag titles, regardless of what happens at TLC. Corbin had a good promo to basically name his new sidekicks his “knights,” and maybe next week things start up again with him and the Mysterios-plus-Murphy.

But again, the star attraction is the story of Roman Reigns. Kevin had a pretty good promo detailing the three elements of a TLC match, Jey and Kevin had a good brawl with the items, and then Roman talking trash while beating Kevin’s ass backstage was a good way to top that off. Roman talking to the “Owens family” through the camera was great, too. That TLC match was already going to be something but now it’s personal! The story adds to the action, that being the last PPV match for WWE’s 2020 is going to be great stuff.

My Score: 8.3/10

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