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Mitchell’s NJPW New Beginning Hiroshima Results & Report! (2/10/21)

NJPW begins in Hiroshima!



Another New Beginning begins, but who will reign?

The New Beginnings are continuing, and NJPW returns to Hiroshima! Will Hiromu Takahashi still be IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion against Sho?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • Master Wato VS BUSHI; Bushi wins.
  • 10 Man Tag: Chaos VS Bullet Club; Chaos wins.
  • Kota Ibushi & Tomoaki Honma VS SANADA & Tetsuya Naito; Sanada & Naito win.
  • IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Guerrillas of Destiny VS Dangerous Tekkers; GoD wins by disqualification and retain the titles.
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship: Hiromu Takahashi VS SHO; Hiromu wins and retains the title.


Master Wato w/ Hiroyoshi Tenzan VS BUSHI!

The rivalry is on! The Way of the Grandmaster wants to show he belongs, and that he can beat the Death Mask! Will he prove it tonight? Or will Bushi shut Wato down?

Wato poses on the corner, to missile dropkick Bushi down! Fans fire up as the bell rings and Wato builds speed to FLY! Tornillo takes down Bushi and Wato fires up! Wato brings Bushi up and puts him in the ring to then stomp away. Wato pulls at the mask, the ref reprimands and Bushi gets away to the outside. Wato pursues to stomp Bushi then rip his shirt away! Wato brings Bushi up, Bushi hits back but Wato clubs Bushi. Wato whips, Bushi reverses and Wato gets railing! Fans rally up as both men are down on the outside. The ref checks on them both, Bushi rises first and he brings Wato along. Bushi wraps Wato’s leg on railing and BOOTS it!

Wato hobbles and falls, Bushi stomps him down, and a ring count begins. The count is already 10 of 20 as Bushi puts Wato in, and fans cheer as this continues in the ring. Bushi brings Wato up, bumps him off buckles and CHOPS him! And CHOPS, and CHOPS! Wato throws forearms but Bushi CHOPS then double CHOPS! Bushi brings Wato up, wraps his leg on the ropes and dropkicks the leg! Wato falls over, fans rally, but Bushi drags Wato up. Bushi has the leg, and hits a SHIN BREAKER! Bushi keeps on the leg and has a deathlock! Wato endures, fans rally, and Wato drags himself and Bushi over to get the ropebreak! The ref counts, Bushi pulls Wato’s hair but still lets go at 4.

Bushi keeps the leg hooked but the ref counts again so Bushi gets away at 3. Bushi stands Wato up, snapmares and KICKS him! And KICKS, then gives toying kicks. Wato gets annoyed, Bushi boots him but Wato boots back! Wato kicks but Bushi blocks to elbow the knee! Bushi runs, but into Wato’s jumping kick! Fans rally as both men are down again. Wato gets up, brings Bushi around and whips him to ropes. Bushi ducks but Wato back elbows, back hands and sobats! Fans fire up as Bushi goes to a corner. Wato runs in but is put on the apron. Wato kicks Bushi back, springboards, but Bushi avoids the leap! Bushi kicks low then runs, but into a tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Wato grows annoyed but he gets the bad leg moving and drags Bushi up. Fans rally as Wato kicks away from all sides, then spins Bushi into a ZIGZAG! Cover, TWO! Bushi survives but Wato drags him up and around. Wato wrenches, reels Bushi in, but Bushi fights the Mouse Trap! Bushi runs but into a back kick! Wato runs but into an enziguri! Bushi hoists Wato up and hangs him out to dry. Bushi goes to a corner, climbs, but Wato avoids the guillotine to shoulder in! Wato springboards and hits the FLYING UPPERCUT! Bushi bails out, fans fire up with Wato and Wato builds speed again, only for Bushi to get in and BOOT!

Bushi whips, Wato reverses but Bushi huricanranas Wato out! Bushi builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit and Wato hits railing hard! The ref checks on Wato as commentary fixes their Plexiglas! Wato is okay to continue but he flounders around. Fans rally up and Bushi gets up. The ring count returns, Bushi puts Wato back in at 10 of 20 and fans fire up. Bushi drags Wato up, dropkicks the leg then hits a DDT! Bushi goes to a corner and fans rally up. Wato slowly rises and Bushi runs in, but no Code Breaker! Wato kicks but Bushi dodges to dropkick the legs again! Bushi reels Wato in to wrench and hook up, but Wato fights off the lift! Wato reels Bushi in, MOUSE TRAP DRIVER! Cover, TWO!

Bushi survives and fans fire up as Wato rises again. Wato drags Bushi up, kicks but Bushi blocks! Bushi dropkicks the legs again, reels Wato back in, but no Fisherman Screw! SCREW HIGH KICK! Wato fires up, fans rally and Wato drags Bushi up to scoop, T T D!! But the Tenzan Tombstone Driver isn’t enough, Wato goes up top! RPP FLOPS!! Bushi avoids the twist at the last moment! Wato rolls to the opposite corner now and fans fire up more! Bushi and Wato both stagger up to their feet, but Wato runs in corner to corner. Bushi dodges, runs back in but Wato boots him. Wato kicks, kicks and KICK-

No, Bushi catches it and puts the leg in the ropes! DRAPING CODE BREAKER! Bushi drags himself up, Wato is in the target zone, but Wato avoids MX to come around and tilt-o-whirl, school boy, but Bushi avoids the buzzsaw! Bushi kicks, Wato blocks, Wato ducks the enziguri but not the rewind mule kick! Bushi wrenches and reels Wato in, TERRIBLÉ! Cover, TWO!?! Wato survives but Bushi won’t lose focus! Bushi staggers to the corner and climbs up. Wato slowly gets back up, Bushi leaps, M X!! Cover, Bushi wins!

Winner: Bushi, by pinfall

The ending wasn’t Terriblè but it was still successful for Bushi! Surprisingly, Bushi helps Wato up onto his feet. But then he throws Wato out! And dumps an ice pack out on Wato’s head! Will it sink in for Wato that he is not the Grandmaster yet?


10 Man Tag: Chaos VS Bullet Club!

The Rainmaker, the provisional Mr. KOPW 2021 and the NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champions are taking on The King of Darkness, the Switchblade, Tokyo Pimp, Bone Soldier and the man with the most powerful boot in NJPW! Will Kazuchika Okada lead his team to victory? Or will Darkness Fall on the New Beginnings?

Teams don’t bother sorting out, it turns into a HUGE brawl before Okada even gets in the ring! Bullet Club’s Jay White wants revenge on Tomohiro Ishii and Bullet Club wants those Six Man Tag titles, but they’re the ones getting beat down! Chaos isolates White for the Six Man champions to stomp away on! The bell rings as Okada clubs and RAMS Evil and Yano keeps the other Bullet Club members busy. Goto and Hashi dig boots into White, then drag him back into the ring. Ishii helps stomp White, then they whip White to ropes. White holds ropes, and tags out to Ishimori! Ishii is after White while Goto and Hashi kick and whip and run Ishimori over! Hip toss senton!

ELP gets in but he gets kicks, and hammering fists! Goto drags Ishimori back up, and now Ishimori gets hammered! Gedo protests but Ishii throws him in! The Six Man champs hammer away on Gedo! White is furious, Gedo insults Chaos as he bails out, but Hashi elbows Ishimori down. Hashi CHOPS Ishimori, runs, but ELP gets a cheap shot in! Ishimori claws Hashi’s back while Evil runs in to sucker punch Goto and Okada! Tag to ELP and the Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions give Hashi a super BACK RAKE! Evil RAMS Okada into the timekeeper! White fires off on Ishii! Goto helps Ishii against White while everyone else is trying to help Abe-san!

Ishimori and ELP keep on Hashi with another super BACK RAKE! ELP gives Hashi noogies but the ref reprimands. White tags in and he drags Hashi up to give back those hammering fists! And more, and more! White drags Hashi up for a neckbreaker, then covers, TWO! Bullet Club complains about the count but White drags Hashi up. White EuroUppers Hashi, tags Yujiro in, but Hashi hits back! Hashi hits everyone in the Bullet Club corner but White anchors a foot for Yujiro to mug Hashi! The ref reprimands as Yujiro digs his boots in but Yujiro tags to Evil. Evil drags Hashi up as fans rally, and Evil puts Hashi in a cobra twist!

Chaos protests because they see the human chain already forming! And with extra links this time! The ref finally sees that, counts, and all of Bullet Club lets go at 4. Evil taunts Chaos, then tags in ELP. ELP tags Ishimori, and the Junior Heavyweight Tag champs whip Hashi to a corner. ELP whips Ishimori in but Hashi dodges! Ishimori hits buckles, Hashi dropkicks ELP’s legs out! Ishimori blocks the superkick to KNEE Hashi! Ishimori suplexes but Hashi slips out to hit a BUNKER BUSTER! Hashi and Ishimori crawl, hot tag to Evil! Evil drags Hashi away but Hashi spinning mule kicks! Hot tag to Okada! The Rainmaker fires off on Evil, whips but Evil reverses.

Okada elbows Evil down, hits ELP down but Yujiro kicks and runs, into a flapjack! Okada whips Evil corner to corner, runs in and back elbows! Kick and DDT! Cover, TWO! Okada watches Bullet Club and gets fans rallying with clap clap clap stomp. Evil blocks the Alabama lift, pulls hair, but Okada fires forearms! Evil rakes Okada’s eyes, the ref reprimands but the damage is done. Okada boots Evil back, goes out and up the corner, but Evil distracts the ref and Dick Togo shoves Okada down! Evil hits a FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Evil hits everyone on the Chaos corner and then stands on Okada’s head. White and Bullet Club mock the clapping as Evil fireman’s carries.

Okada fights out and boots, only for Evil to block and elbow the leg. Evil mule kicks, runs but into a BOOT! Both men are down and fans fire up! Okada and Evil crawl, hot tags to White and Ishii! The Pitbull dodges, the Switchblade dodges, repeat! Ishii spins and suplexes but White fights out to wrench. Ishii swings but White throws knee after knee and then some EuroUPpers. White whips corner to corner, Ishii reverses and runs in but into boots. White runs to fire forearms but Ishii ROCKS White with one! Ishii whips, White reverses but Ishii comes back to run him over! ELP and Ishimori hit Ishii, whip him, but Ishii holds ropes.

Yano and Goto throw ELP and Ishimori into corners, then whip them at each other! Bullet Club reverses, Goto and Yano collide, then Ishimori dropkicks Yano down! ELP rakes Goto’s eyes, then he and Ishimori whip him. Goto double cltoheslines them down! White gets in to throw Goto by his hair! White runs at Ishii but misses, but then dodges! White gets Ishii up but no suplex. Ishii wrenches, White reels him in but Ishii slips off the fireman’s carry! White swings, Ishii swings, but White waistlocks. Ishii elbows, but into a SNAP SAIDO! Ishii rises right up! And he ROCKS White with a forearm! Ishii suplexes but White counters to BLADE BUSTER!

White flounders about, drags Ishii up, but Ishii fires up. White SLAPS Ishii, then dodges the clotheslines to hit a DDT! Both men are down, fans fire up, and White tags to Yujiro. Yujiro runs and boots Ishii! Yujiro fisherman but Ishii reverses to a suplex! Now Yujiro is down with Ishii! Fans fire up, Ishii sees Yano and tags him in! The Producer says he’s going for buckles! Yano unties a corner, Dick is there, but Yano dares him to take the pad. Dick refuses, and Yujiro CLUBS Yano on the back! Yujiro whips Yano, Yano reverses, Yujiro stops himself from hitting buckles but Yano unties the other pad! Yujiro runs in, but almost falls for the trap! Yano runs in but gets bare buckles!

Yujiro whips, Yano reverses, but Yujiro reverses and Yano hits buckles again! Yujiro BOOTS Yano down, then drags him back up. Fans fire up, Yujiro whips but Yano holds ropes. Dick is there to trap Yano! The ref reprimands, Yujiro fires off on Yano, but Yano hits Dick and atomic drops Yujiro! Dick gets a sucker punch, Yujiro atomic drops! ELP and Ishimori hit Chaos, Yujiro runs to LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Yano survives and Yujiro can’t believe it! Yujiro drags Yano up while Bullet Club takes care of Chaos. But Goto gets in to CLOBBER Yujiro! ELP SUPERKICKS Goto, Hashi SUPERKICKS ELP! Ishimori springboard seated sentons Hashi! Yano BUCKLE SMACKS Ishimori!

Dick is there, Yano throws the pad at him! The ref argues with Dick, Yujiro sneaks up on Yano but gets a low blow mule kick! Yano shoves Yujiro into Dick, then rolls Yujiro up, CHAOS WINS!

Winners: Chaos, by pinfall

Well that ending was fitting of the faction name! Yano thwarts the Tokyo Pimp but he might still have to worry about the Crown Jewel going after his KOPW trophy! And then the NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships are on the line tomorrow! Will the Switchblade and GOD add more gold to the Bullet Club treasury?

Meanwhile, Okada wants after Evil and he dares Evil to give him a fight! Evil considers it, slides into the ring but then slides right back out. Okada gives chase and attacks Evil at the ramp! Okada throws Evil into the ring but Young Lions keep this from going down! Evil gets away, grabs a chair, and he takes a seat. Now Evil acts like the ball is in Okada’s court. The Young Lions stay near and Okada says Evil is only brave because of that. Evil and Okada are heading on a collision course, but when and where will it happen?


Kota Ibushi & Tomoaki Honma VS SANADA & Tetsuya Naito!

Before defending his Double Championships against the Cold Skull, the Golden God of NJPW teams with the Innovator of Light Tube Death Matches to take on Sanada and the Uncontrollable Charisma! Who goes into the massive championship match with momentum?

The teams sort out and Ibushi starts against Sanada in a preview of tomorrow’s main event! Fans rally up, “I-BU-SHI!” “SA-NA-DA!” They circle, feel out the grapple, tie up and Ibushi wrenches to a wristlock. Sanada spins through, wrenches back and hammerlocks. Ibushi drop toeholds, floats to a chinlock but Sanada slips out to the hammerlock. Ibushi fights up, spins through to hammerlock back, then goes back to a headlock for a takeover. Sanada tries to kip out but Ibushi holds tight. Sanada rolls to a cover, ONE! Ibushi hits another headlock takeover but Sanada headscissors. Ibushi kips out and fans cheer as the two stand off.

Sanada and Ibushi circle, tie up, and Sanada headlocks. Ibushi endures the grind, fights up and powers out, but Sanada runs him over. Ibushi kips right up and things speed up. Ibushi drops then dropkicks Sanada! Fans fire up and Ibushi encourages it. Ibushi stomps Sanada, tags in Honma, and Honma kicks Sanada. Honma throws forearms then runs, but Sanada kicks low and runs. Honma dodges but Naito is there! Sanada clubs Honma from behind but Honma knees back. Honma whips, Sanada reverses and Naito trips Honma up! Sanada basement dropkicks Honma then hits Ibushi down! The ref reprimands but Naito drags Honma out.

Sanada goes after Ibushi while Naito whips Honma into railing! Sanada whips Ibushi into railing on the other side! Naito puts Honma in the ring, Sanada leaves Ibushi alone and drags Honma to a cover. TWO, Sanada keeps his cool and tags in Naito. Naito stomps Honma over and over and over, and over and over, and fans rally with him. Naito drags Honma up for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Naito tags Sanada, fans rally again, perhaps it’s “L I J!” Sanada brings Honma up but Honma throws forearms. Naito clubs away on Honma, the ref reprimands and Naito stops. Sanada brings Honma up, LIJ double whip him corner to corner and then Sanada runs in.

Honma dodges Sanada, has Naito then catches Sanada, DDT COMPLETE SHOT COMBO! Honma hurries and hot tags Ibushi! Ibushi springboards and hits Sanada with the missile dropkick! Fans fire up, Ibushi aims and slingshots to PLANCHA Sanada down! Ibushi gets fans back on the “I-BU-SHI!” claps, then he drags Sanada up. Ibushi puts Sanada in the ring, drags him up, but Sanada swings on Ibushi. Ibushi fires off a strike fest, but Sanada catches the leg! Sanada trips Ibushi up but Ibushi fights off Paradise! Ibushi trips Sanada to go after Sanada, and he’s figuring out Paradise! Sanada kicks Ibushi away before he’s trapped, but Ibushi sunset flips!

Sanada rolls through, and ties up Ibushi in Paradise! Fans cheer and Sanada encourages them to get louder. The fans get louder and Sanada dropkicks Ibushi out of Paradise! Cover, TWO! Sanada keeps his cool and fireman’s carries. Ibushi fights out but Sanada kicks low. Sanada whips but Ibushi reverses. Sanada tumbles up and out and springboards in but Ibushi dodges! Sanada rolls, Ibushi runs in but Sanada ducks the roundhouse. Ibushi fights off the suplex but swings into MAGIC SCREW! Both men are down and fans fire up! Ibushi and Sanada crawl, hot tags to Naito and Honma! Honma runs into a kick, but he elbows Naito at ropes!

Honma runs but Naito gets around to waistlock. Honma swings, facelocks, but Naito wrenches. Honma kicks low and runs, but into Naito’s back elbow! Naito runs to add a basement dropkick! Naito drags Honma up, BACKBREAKER to PLUMA BLANCA! Fans rally as Honma endures, and Naito mocks Honma’s raspy voice. Honma kicks around, reaches out, and gets a ropebreak with a foot! Naito holds on until the ref counts, and the ref helps him undo the hold. Naito mocks Honma’s voice more, stomps Honma, then whips him to a corner. Naito runs in, rocket kick! But Honma stays up to CLOBBER Naito! Ibushi runs in to DECK Sanada!

Ibushi helps Honma whip Naito corner to corner, Honma runs in and elbows! Honma feeds Naito to Ibushi’s POWERSLAM! Ibushi and Honma both pat their heads, and run for DOUBLE FALLING HEADBUTTS! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as Honma resets and drags Naito up. Honma scoops but Naito fights it. Sanada rams Ibushi into railing, Naito escapes the scoop to throw forearms. Honma roars, dodges an elbow and HEADBUTTS! Honma runs, but Sanada dropkicks the legs out! Sanada catches Ibushi as he comes in, fireman’s carry to a dragon sleeper! But Ibushi Shiranuis out! Ibushi runs but Sanada dumps him to the apron!

Sanada dropkicks Ibushi down, boots Honma and feeds him to Naito’s atomic drop! Sanada kicks, Naito enziguris, and Naito whips Honma. Honma reverses but Naito hits the flying forearms! Naito wrenches and tilt-o-whirls, DESTINO! Cover, LIJ wins!

Winners: SANADA & Tetsuya Naito, by pinfall

The champion and challenger were left out of the decision, but surely LIJ winning will mean something! Ibushi and Sanada stare down as Ibushi has the titles. Ibushi asks fans how they think it’ll turn out. Fans clap but the beat is as much “I-BU-SHI” as it is “SA-NA-DA!” Sanada gets back in the ring, and he fist bumps with Ibushi. Will it be a very different story from the G1 Climax when Ibushi and Sanada face off tomorrow?


IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Guerrillas of Destiny VS Dangerous Tekkers!

Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa took these titles from Taichi and Zack Sabre Jr. to start 2021, but things can change! Will the Sliest Wrestler and the Submission Master make even GOD #JustTapOut?

Naturally, Douki is ringside to counteract Jado, though that didn’t really help things last time these teams battled. “Santa Tama” has a bag and it seems to be Taichi’s bag of tricks. Tama tosses the bag to Taichi, but Taichi doesn’t take kindly to that. Taichi still checks the bag, maybe his things are in there. But then it’s a brawl! GOD clobbers Suzuki-Gun, and wait, Jado and Douki are left in the ring! Douki blocks Jado’s kendo stick attack to hit back with his pipe! GOD and Tekkers brawl outside, Douki jams Jado again and then he drags Jado out. Loa stomps ZSJ, Taichi whips Tama into railing! The bell rings so this is at least on record as ZSJ ankle locks Loa.

Douki chokes Jado to the ramp and they go away from ringside. Now things will be even as ZSJ stomps Loa. Taichi opens the “gifts” from Tama, and he brings out… a loaf of bread! And… a boxing glove! Tama CLOBBERS Taichi and stomps him down! Tama scoop slams Taichi, and grins as he picks up the other bags. Tama asks “Taichi-chan” what’s wrong. And then he tells fans to shut up. Taichi kicks back, rakes eyes, but lets off as the ref counts. Taichi snapmares Tama to KICK him in the back! Taichi sees the remaining gift bags and opens one up. Taichi brings out… a plush doll. Tama laughs but Taichi stomps him before opening another bag. This one is… A ping-pong paddle!

Taichi rakes Tama’s eyes, then opens yet another bag. Not the iron finger, and Tama attacks Taichi again! Is the last bag the one? Tama keeps Taichi from getting the bag and gets away! Taichi pursues, CLUBS Tama on the back and kicks him low. Loa goes after Taichi but ZSJ goes after Loa! ZSJ drags Loa down and CRANKS the neck! Taichi hits Tama and has the last bag, but Tama RAMS Taichi into the railing! THe bag goes to Yoshinobu Kanemaru at commentary as the ring count climbs. The count is 15 of 20, Tama can use Champion’s Advantage! They both get in at 19.5!! Kanemaru says he has the bag! Kanemaru opens it up while Taichi holds Tama back!

The last bag has… A BRA?! Tama laughs again but Taichi CHOKES him! Loa attacks Tama, and gives him a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Loa DECKS ZSJ, Tama laughs his head off as he fetches Taichi. Tama drags Taichi up and RAMS him into railing! Loa hits ZSJ around, he bumps ZJS off apron, and Tama stomps Taichi down. Tama chokes Taichi, the ref counts, and Tama lets off. Loa chokes ZSJ now, and Tama grabs some of the bags to throw them at Taichi. Tama clubs away with crossface forearms but the ref is counting. The ring count is 10 of 20 and climbing but Tama and Loa take their time on the outside. Tama gets in at 16, Taichi gets in at 18!

Tama is after Taichi with haymakers, then drags him up for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Taichi survives but Tama digs a knee into his throat. Tag to Loa and Loa slingshot sentons! Tama adds his own slingshot senton, Loa covers, TWO! Taichi is still in this and fans rally up. Loa covers again, TWO! Loa wraps Taichi up in a chinlock, Taichi endures and tries to grab hair but Loa cranks harder on the hold. Taichi gets a ropebreak, the ref counts and Loa lets off fast. Loa drags Taichi around to drop elbows on him over and over! Cover, TWO! Loa stalks Taichi, drags him up, and throws a big forearm! Taichi staggers into the GOD corner, Tama keeps him down and Loa digs his boots in.

The ref counts, Loa and Tama let off, but Tama CLUBS Taichi down! The ref is busy with ZSJ and Tama hotshots Taichi! Loa fires off on ZSJ and DECKS him! ZSJ flops out of the ring hard, and Loa goes back to Taichi. Taichi kicks at Tama but Loa rakes Taichi’s eyes. Fans rally, Loa tags Tama and they drag Taichi up. Loa holds Taichi up for Tama to dropkick down! Cover, TWO! Tama grows annoyed as he looms over Taichi. Tama rains down fists but Taichi glares defiantly. Taichi gets up as Tama hits him more, and Taichi eggs Tama on! Tama throws more haymakers, but Taichi roars and KICKS away on Tama’s legs! Tama ENZIGURIS Taichi down!

Tama drags Taichi over, tags in Loa, and Loa drags Taichi around. The ref asks Taichi is he wants to continue and Taichi refuses to quit. Loa drags Taichi up to headbutt him to a corner! Loa talks trash on Taichi and whips him corner to corner. Loa runs in but Taichi elbows back! Taichi boots Loa, Loa growls and runs in again but is sent into buckles! GAMANGIRI! Both men are down and fans fire up! Loa and Taichi crawl, hot tag to ZSJ! Tama runs in but ZSJ CLOBBERS him! ZSJ runs at Loa to EuroUpper! Loa fires up but ZSJ throws more EuroUppers on him! Loa DECKS ZSJ with another forearm! ZSJ is right up to EuroUpper over and over!

Loa ROCKS ZSJ, ZSJ staggers about, but Loa runs into a BOOT! PELE to arm! Wrench, spin, keylock and STOMP! ZSJ is after that arm, hammerlock CRANK! Loa clutches the arm, ZSJ is after it again, then he pushes Loa down with forearms. ZSJ is after fingers, but Loa resists so ZSJ digs more forearms in. ZSJ uses his knee for leverage and pulls way back, but Tama drags ZSJ off the arm! Tama fireman’s carries but ZSJ slips off to snapmare and NECK CRANK! Fans fire up for ZSJ and ZSJ goes after Loa at the ropes. ZSJ kicks Loa over and over, toying with him and the bad arm. Loa is furious, he shoves ZSJ away but ZSJ comes back to go after a leg!

ZSJ trips Loa, gets the arm and he is after the wrist! ZSJ bends the arm again and STOMPS it! The ref reprimands but ZSJ doesn’t care. Loa gets pissed, ZSJ eggs him on. ZSJ is after the arm, wrenches through, twists the shoulder and the wrist and the elbow. Another wrench, another wrench, another wrench, but Loa ROCKS ZSJ with a forearm! ZSJ still holds on, and he keeps Loa from tagging Tama in. ZSJ wrenches again, and again, and uses his forehead as a point of pressure! Loa breaks free and ROCKS ZSJ again! ZSJ BOOTS Loa, but Loa stays up to run into another BOOT! ZSJ runs, into Loa’s SPEAR! Fans fire up as both men are down! Tama gets in to throw hands on ZSJ!

The ref reprimands, Loa staggers up, and GOD drags ZSJ up. Tama whips ZSJ to ropes, body shots, Loa uppercuts and Tama leaping NECKBREAKER! Taichi runs in to get the same, body shot to a leaping neckbreaker! GOD focuses back on ZSJ, drags him up, and Loa sends ZSJ into Tama’s lift. ZSJ fights off the Magic Killer, PELES Tama’s arm, but Loa RAMS ZSJ to a corner! Tama runs in for a HUGE splash! ZSJ flops down and GOD regroups. Fans rally up, GOD drags ZSJ up, and they double whip. Back drop to a catch, but ZSJ GUILLOTINES! Taichi gets Tama into Seiteijyujiryou! GOD endures dual submissions!

Loa gets the ropebreak, so Taichi lets Tama free, and ZSJ reluctantly lets Loa go. The Tekkers regroup now and they go after Loa. The Tekkers double whip Loa corner to corner, Taichi runs in to clothesline! ZSJ runs in to EuroUpper! Taichi KICKS Loa down, sits him up, ZSJ PENALTY KICKS! Cover, TWO!! The Tekkers keep their focus, fans rally up, and ZSJ drags Loa back up. ZSJ scoops but Loa fights it off. Loa clubs ZSJ, scoops ZSJ but ZSJ slips off. ZSJ runs, tilt-o-whirls and gets the Guillotine! But Loa powers out to a JACKHAMMER! But Loa can’t cover, both men are down and fans rally up! Loa and ZSJ stir, crawl, and hot tag Taichi and Tama!

Taichi catches Tama to a choke grip! Tama breaks free, kicks low and whips, but Taichi reverses to choke with both hands! The ref counts, Taichi lets go very close to 5, and Taichi whips. Tama reverses, Taichi comes back with AX BOMBER! Fans fire up with Taichi! Taichi kicks at Tama, gives Kowata Kicks even, but Tama staggers up, into another kick. Taichi gives more Kowata Kicks, then drags Tama up. Taichi reels Tama in but Tama fights off the saido! Tama spins Taichi around to TONGA TWIST! Tama can’t cover, though, he and Taichi are also down. Tama slithers around and watches Taichi. Taichi slowly rises, Tama leaps but NO Gun Stun!

Tama blocks the buzzsaw but Taichi still denies the Gun Stun to hit DANGEROUS SAIDO! Cover, TWO!?! Tama survives but Taichi keeps his cool. Fans rally up, Taichi stands and takes off the pants! Tama sits up but Loa CLOBBERS Taichi! Loa scoops Taichi for a POWERSLAM! ZSJ leaps on Loa for a sleeper hold! Tama clubs ZSJ off Loa, they hit GUERRILA WARFARE! Fans are thunderous as GOD regroups and have Taichi all alone. Loa drags Taichi up, back suplex to Tama’s neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Taichi barely survives and Tama can’t believe it! Tama and Loa decide on Super Bomb, and Tama drags Taichi up.

Loa goes up top, Tama drags Taichi up, but Taichi suplexes first! Loa gets Taichi, but ZSJ bails Taichi out of the scoop! Taichi KICKS, ZSJ sweeps the legs! BUZZSAW! Fans fire up again as Tekkers regroup. Tama staggers up, ZSJ brings him around to EuroUpper! Taichi BOOTS Tama, ZSJ EuroUppers, Taichi DECKS Tama with a fight! The Tekkers drag Tama back up and Alabama lift, ZACK MEPHISTO!! Cover, Loa drags the ref out HARD! The ref hits railings and he is down! ZSJ runs at Loa but Loa trips him up on the apron! ZSJ flops down, Loa gets in but Taichi BOOTS him! Loa throws a forearm, Taichi just scowls.

Fans rally up, double clotheslines collide but no one falls! Another collision, no one falls! Loa says he’s loving this! Taichi powers up, but Loa ROCKS Taichi with the clothesline! Loa drags Taichi up, POINT-BLANK LARIAT! Fans rally as Loa drags Taichi up and scoops him. Taichi slips out ot ROUNDHOUSE! Loa fires up but Taichi’s GAMANGIRI shuts him down! Everyone is down, even the ref, but wait, is that Jado!? Jado has the IRON FINGERS! Jado shouts to Tama and Loa to get up. Jado gives Tama the iron fingers! Tama puts the fingers on, but Douki returns! Douki enziguris Tama down! Fans fire up as Douki coaches Taichi up.

Tama rises, IRON FINGER SHOT to Douki!! Tama is feeling the power and he aims at Taichi now. Tama runs but Taichi BOOTS the fingers away! Taichi mule kicks, and he sees the fingers! Taichi picks them up and puts them on! But Loa CLOBBERS Taichi from behind! Loa runs but Taichi dumps him out! Tama snatches the iron fingers back, but ZSJ puts on a sleeper hold! Tama flails, Taichi hurries over, and he puts the iron fingers back on! Taichi powers up, but the ref is awake now! The ref won’t let Taichi use the fingers! Taichi shoves the ref down, Loa runs in, IRON FINGER SHOT!! Jado SMACKS ZSJ with the kendo stick!

Taichi is roaring, Jado SMACKS him! Taichi doesn’t flinch! Taichi IRON FINGER SHOTS Jado!! Taichi aims at Tama and fans are thunderous! The ref revives, Tama begs for mercy, Taichi… IRON FINGER SHOT!! But the ref calls for the bell!!

Winners: Guerrillas of Destiny, by disqualification (still IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions)

Taichi is in such a rage, he doesn’t even care! He wants to hit Tama again but the ref pulls him away, so Taichi IRON FINGER SHOTS the ref!! Young Lions get in, they get IRON FINGER SHOTS! Taichi still goes after Tama! Kanemaru gets in, but Taichi wants to hit even him!! Kanemaru dodges, ZSJ gets in and holds Taichi down! The rage of Izuka is possessing Taichi!! They get the fingers off of Taichi’s hand but Taichi just faints! ZSJ tells Kanemaru to keep them away! Will Suzuki-Gun consider the Iron Fingers far too dangerous to keep around? But the bottomline is that GOD retain the titles! Will the Tekkers ever get another shot?


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship: Hiromu Takahashi VS SHO!

The Ticking Timebomb is the Best of the Super Junior 27 winner, he bested the Super J-Cup winner and then took the title from Taiji Ishimori at WrestleKingdom! But High Voltage has been able to pull off shockers before, can he do it again here?

Sho and Hiromu rush each other, collide with shoulders then fire off forearms! Fans rally up as they go faster and faster and faster! Neither backs down, but Hiromu is slowly pushing Sho towards ropes. Sho ROCKS Hiromu, Hiromu fires off another, but Sho forearms again! Hiromu steadies himself, throws another forearm, but Sho hits again. They go back and forth over and over, Hiromu ROCKS Sho now, but Sho throws another forearm! Hiromu ROCKS Sho again, Sho hits back but Hiromu backs him down to a corner. Sho grinds foreheads with Hiromu then throws more forearms! Hiromu eggs Sho on, ROCKS him with another forearm, then throws more forearms!

Sho turns things around to fire off forearms again! Hiromu turns things back around to give even more forearms, but then Sho does the same! Hiromu shoves Sho, they grind foreheads, then the forearms start flying again! Sho ROCKS Hiromu, but Hiromu hits back! Sho hits again, Hiromu hits back. Hiromu eggs Sho on, Sho ROCKS Hiromu again! Sho eggs Hiromu on, Hiromu hits Sho again. They go back and forth again, then Sho gets the edge to hit Hiromu over and over! Hiromu ROCKS Sho back! But then Hiromu staggers away and the two rest on ropes. Fans rally up as both men rise.

Sho and Hiromu egg each other on, the forearms fly yet again, faster and faster once more, and fans continue to rally with them. Hiromu throws Sho out hard, and whips him into railing! But Sho comes back with a forearm! Sho whips Hiromu into railing, but then Hiromu comes back to hit Sho! The forearms keep flying back and forth, right in front of commentary! Sho staggers, flounders, a ring count begins but Sho comes back to hit Hiromu again. Hiromu hits Sho, but he also staggers. The count is 13 of 20, the brawl keeps going, but now it’s 16! And 18! They both go in at 19.5! Hiromu drags Sho right out to RAM him into railing!

Hiromu throws forearms on Sho, right in front of Hiroshi Tanahashi, Milano and Jushin Thunder Liger! The ring count climbs again, Hiromu DECKS Sho as it passes 10! Hiromu drags Sho up, ROCKS him, then puts him in at 16. Fans cheer as this continues in the ring. Hiromu rains down forearms on Sho, and then mockingly asks what’s wrong. Fans cheer as Hiromu lets off to stand over Sho. Sho glares up at Hiromu as he tries to sit up. Sho stands but Hiromu DECKS him! Hiromu ROCKS Sho to ropes, puts him in a corner and throws more forearms. Hiromu again mockingly asks what’s wrong but Sho gets up, only for Hiromu to ROCK him again!

Hiromu keeps throwing forearms but Sho hits back! Hiromu ROCKS Sho, whips him corner to corner, then runs in to clothesline! Hiromu rolls Sho, Sho dodges but the spear is blocked! Hiromu suplexes, Sho slips out but Hiromu elbows him away. Things speed up, Sho goes the other way and SPEARS Hiromu down! Fans fire up, Sho fires himself up, and Sho drags Hiromu up. Sho wrenches, kicks away on Hiromu and then KICKS him down! Sho takes aim as Hiromu slowly sits back up. Sho KICKS Hiromu down, Hiromu sits up so Sho KICKS him again! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer but Sho keeps his focus. Sho drags Hiromu up in a dead lift waistlock, but Hiromu fights!

Hiromu tries to swing around but Sho blocks the shot. Hiromu elbows free, but Sho blocks the superkick to ROCK Hiromu! Sho runs, but into a wheelbarrow COMPLETE SHOT! Both men are down and fans fire up! Sho rolls towards a corner while Hiromu sits up. Hiromu runs in, hits a clothesline, but Sho tries to follow. Hiromu anticipates that, whips Sho but Sho reverses, only for Hiromu to reverse and clothesline again! Hiromu runs corner to corner, Sho still follows, but Hiromu OVERHEAD SUPLEXES Sho into buckles! Fans fire up as both men are down! Hiromu brings Sho up, fireman’s carries, but Sho fights it off.

Sho waistlocks, Hiromu switches and shoves Sho to the ropes to clothesline him! Hiromu whips, Sho reverses but Hiromu holds ropes. Sho runs over, Hiromu dumps him out and runs, but SHo ROCKS Hiromu to avoid the sunset! But Sho gets an idea and drags Hiromu up! Sho suplexes but Hiromu blocks! Sho still drags Hiromu up an dover to join him on the apron, but Hiromu holds ropes for dear life. Sho tries but Hiromu fights out to SUPERKICK! Fans rally, Hiromu brings Sho up and reels him in, but Sho resists! Sho powers up to back drop but Hiromu uses that to SUNSET BOMB! Both men are down, Red Shoes goes out to check on them, but they’re both okay to continue.

Fans rally up, Sho and Hiromu stir but the ring count begins. The count is 10 of 20 as Hiromu slowly gets up. Hiromu stands at 13, shakes out the cobwebs and goes in at 15. Sho slowly gets up and Hiromu goes out to stop the count. Hiromu climbs but Sho is after him with forearms! Sho goes around, and brings Hiromu off the corner for an APRON BOMB! Both men flop back down to the floor as fans fire up! Red Shoes checks again, Hiromu and Sho are still okay to continue, and the ring count begins again. The count returns to 10 of 20 before Sho gets up. Sho crawls around the way, Hiromu slowly sits up, and Sho gets in at 15. Hiromu fights his way up to get in at 19!

Fans cheer as Sho drags Hiromu up into a waistlock. Sho dead lifts and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Sho holds on, drags Hiromu back up, for another GERMAN! Sho won’t stop there, he drags Hiromu up a third time, to pop Hiromu into the ARMBAR! Hiromu blocks, rolls over, but Sho pulls the hands apart! Hiromu scrambles to get the ropebreak! Sho lets go, he stalks Hiromu and drags him back up. Hiromu throws elbows to fight the waistlock but Sho still holds on! Hiromu reaches for ropes, throws more elbows, but Sho hits another GERMAN! Fans fire up as Sho powers up and runs, but Hiromu side-steps to REBOUND GERMAN! Sho stands back up!?

Hiromu runs at Sho, LARIATS collide but no one falls! They collide again, and still no one falls! Hiromu leans on ropes, Sho stands him up to throw forearms from all sides! Red Shoes wants Sho to stop but Sho shoves him away! Sho fires off more shots, then CLUBS Hiromu against the ropes with point-blank clotheslines! Sho runs, but Hiromu BOOTS back! Hiromu gets Sho in hanging headscissors! Red Shoes counts, but Sho shifts around to try and bring Hiromu up! Hiromu resists, Sho gets Hiromu up and over the rope to POWERBOMB him down! Both men are down, fans fire up and Sho rises first. Sho crawls over, drags Hiromu back up, reels Hiromu in and tucks the arms.

Hiromu resists the lift, lifts Sho and back drops him away! Fans rally up as both men are down again. Sho crawls over to Hiromu and drags him up. Hiromu throws a forearm, Sho staggers about, and Hiromu hits him again. Sho comes back but Hiromu hits him again! Sho smirks?! Hiromu and Sho go back to trading forearms back and forth! Sho staggers but he comes back for more, so Hiromu gives him more! The fans rally with every hit, and both men take a moment to catch their breath. Sho comes back with forearms from all sides, then ROCKS Hiromu! Sho brings Hiromu up but Hiromu gives forearms from all sides now! Sho roars, Hiromu dodges and ROCKS Sho! And again!

Hiromu whips corner to corner, runs in and forearms Sho, into another whip! Sho reverses and hits a forearm smash! Things speed up, Hiromu CLOBBERS Sho, cover, ONE! Sho runs and CLOBBERS Hiromu! Cover, ONE! Hiromu DECKS Sho, covers, ONE!! Sho DECKS Hiromu, covers, ONE!! Fans are thunderous as both men run and Sho DECKS Hiromu! Sho can’t cover as he falls back the other way! Fans rally up as both men are down again! Sho and Hiromu slowly stir and Sho is up first. Fans keep rallying as Sho dares Hiromu to stand. Hiromu rises, Sho runs, but Hiromu swats the arm away! Hiromu spins Sho around to RANA, into Triangle Hold D!

But Sho dead lifts and BOMBS Hiromu! Hirom still holds on and squeezes tighter! Sho endures, moves around, reaches around, but Hiromu squeezes even tighter! Hiromu pulls on the hold, Sho is fading! Sho fights up, dead lifts again, but Hiromu slips out to underhook! Sho wrenches out to ROCK Hiromu, then he dodges to tilt-o-whirl! Hiromu tries to fight it but Sho has the double wristlock! Sho cranks on the hold, Hiromu moves around, and Hiromu fights out! Sho tilt-o-whirls again, drags Hiromu down, KIMURA! Hiromu endures as Sho cranks even harder! Hiromu grabs behind his back to clasp hands and resist the wrenching!

Sho keeps pulling, uses his legs in it, and he gets Hiromu to let go! Hiromu reaches for ropes, Sho gator rolls him away! But Hiromu uses that to fireman’s carry! Sho still pulls on the arm! Sho has a mounted Kimura again! Hiromu fights around, reaches again, but Sho is keeping him down! Hiromu is fading, but he gets a second wind! ROPEBREAK! Sho lets go and gets back up. Sho drags Hiromu up, reels him in, and hits POWER BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Hiromu survives but Sho keeps his cool. Sho aims his bow and he drags Hiromu back up! Sho double pump handles but Hiromu slips out to HEADBUTT Sho down!

Fans fire up again as the two men are down, Hiromu on top of Sho’s back. Hiromu gets up, drags Sho up, and he says it’s not over yet! Fireman’s carry, but Sho fights out and reels Hiromu in! Double clotheslines collide but Sho gets moving, but Hiromu spins him! Sho dodges, Hiromu SUPERKICKS! Hiromu runs into a JUMPING KNEE! Fans fire up as both men stir. Sho is up first, and he drags Hiromu up. Sho reels him in, crosses the arms but Hiromu fights out! But Sho HEADBUTTS! Sho still has the arms, he brings Hiromu around and BACKSTABBERS! Sho runs and LARIATS, but Hiromu stays up! So Sho BLINDSIDE LARIATS, but Hiromu still stays up!

Sho runs, DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Both men stay up and fire up, to COLLIDE again! And again! They both wobble, Sho stays steadier, and he runs, dodges, and CLOBBERS Hiromu! Cover, TWO!! Sho keeps going, he brings Hiromu up and hooks the arms, CROSS ARM PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?!? Hiromu survives despite the neck being a weak spot! Fans are thunderous again as both men slowly rise. Sho fires up, aims his bow again and he drags Hiromu up again. Sho reels Hiromu in, pump handles, and lifts, but Hiromu fights it off! Sho adjusts, suplexes Hiromu up, but Hiromu turns it into a DDT! Both men are down but Hiromu is holding onto Sho’s head.

Fans fire up, Hiromu drags Sho up, VICTORIA!! Cover, TWO!!! Sho survives but Hiromu roars! Hiromu drags Sho up with a dragon sleeper, suplexes but Sho slips out! Hiromu SUPERKICKS but Sho stays up so Hiromu SUPERKICKS again! Sho is egging Hiromu on so Hiromu SUPERKICKS him again!! Sho still doesn’t fall, a FOURTH SUPERKICK!! Hiromu SUPERKICKS a fifth time!! How is Sho even up on one foot?! Hiromu runs, Sho KNEE- but Hiromu counters to a drop! Sho gets the arm to have a modified armbar! Hiromu holds that off as best he can, fans fire up as the two struggle, and Hiromu adjusts to dead lift!

Hiromu pops Sho up to a fireman’s carry, CORNER DEATH VALLEY! Fans are thunderous as Hiromu drags Sho back up! Fireman’s carry, swing and TIME BOMB!! Cover, TWO!?!? Sho still lives and the fans are electric! Sho shakes as he stirs and Hiromu is reaching a boiling point! Hiromu powers up as this match reaches a record length! Hiromu runs and CLOBBERS Sho! But that’s not the end, Hiromu drags Sho into the dragon sleeper, for TIME BOMB MK. II!! Cover, Hiromu wins!!

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi, by pinfall (still IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion)

Incredible! Sho put up a hell of a fight, but Hiromu could not be stopped! But then ELP jumps into the ring!! He shoves Red Shoes out and takes aim at Hiromu, but Bushi rushes in! Bushi tackles ELP to save Hiromu! But then Ishimori returns and he attacks Bushi! Ishimori keeps Bushi down and ELP drags Hiromu up! But Hiromu dodges the killer superkick to fire off on Bullet Club! Hiromu’s last gasp was enough to fight off his enemies! ELP demands a mic and he gets one. “I am sick and tired of you making me look like a fool! I am sick and tired of making him look like a fool!” ELP means Ishimori, of course.

And ELP is also sick of Hiromu having that Junior Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder! Hiromu didn’t earn the title, he was given that title by the BS NJPW pulls! ELP isn’t leaving Japan until he takes that title from Hiromu and puts it on his waist! “All it takes is one.” ELP drops the mic but now Hiromu gets it to respond. “Oi, Phantasmo. Why not? I’ll fight you with the title on the line. But on one condition!” ELP and Ishimori need to put their Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships on the line first! Come on, get out of here. Go away. Hiromu won’t get ahead of himself so go away, go away, go away, GO AWAY! Fans clap, “GO A-WAY!” ELP and Ishimori settle for this, but when and where will we see the battle for the belts go down?

Hiromu continues to say, “URAAAA~! I’m not deeeead~!” He and Sho “just clashed like absolute morons! I’m still kicking and alive!” They get what he’s talking about, right? It’s not pro-wrestling that’s in trouble, it’s the whole world which is losing energy! Then why not they, the energetic, send out a message? “Does being pessimistic help anyone? Does it make anyone come alive?” SO until the world is back on its feet, Hiromu won’t stop screaming! And even though the fans can’t yell, Hiromu will scream for them! Energy, energy, energy, energy, ENERGY! More, more, more! Keep clapping for him until your hands fall off!

Fans clap and Hiormu says it’s not enough. More. More. More, more, more, more, more, more, more, MORE, MORE! “Let’s have more fun together~!” Will Hiromu have all the fun he possibly can by becoming the one, true BEST Super Junior?

My Thoughts:

A really good event, but not quite as high caliber as usual. I apologize for skipping the Young Lions match with Suzuki-Gun, but of course the Young Lions lost. As I skipped ahead, I think I saw Minoru Suzuki himself all but kill Uemura. Wato VS Bushi was good, a lot of blue in the match with Bushi’s gear matching Wato’s. Bushi should honestly make Terriblè his finisher, it is a much cooler move than MX, aka the flying Code Breaker. When he hit it, I almost thought it was a new finisher and that he was winning with it. But Bushi still wins to not only cap things off with Wato but apparently go in strong to what is Hiromu’s story now.

The 10 Man Tag was a lot of fun, and largely chaotic, and so as I said, it is fitting that Chaos wins it. Yano stays strong going into whatever KOPW match he’ll be having, the Six Man Tag Champions go strong into the seemingly “last minute” match with Jay White and GOD, and things are still fairly even with Okada and Evil. All of those things are going to be good but I’m surprised it’s GOD going with White for those belts. I would’ve thought they’d try to use story and make Yujiro Takahashi at least one of White’s partners.

Speaking of GOD, he and the Tekkers had a really good match and there was a lot of good story going into that match. The paper bag gag was rather unexpected but it really added to story. The fingers actually showing up was a great way to top this off, especially with how it put Taichi into a berserker rage. This is very unique for Suzuki-Gun to do something somewhat goofy, though there is footage of Suzuki in DDT Pro fighting a fake Shinsuke Nakamura so maybe this is just Suzuki-Gun loosening up in NJPW. I would love if there was some kind of Iron Finger on a Pole match, though.

And then the Junior Heavyweight Championship was an amazing match, it sets a record on time from bell to bell, and it had so much action and story in it. Hiromu retains because his reign has only been the two months since WrestleKingdom, but now things take an interesting turn. ELP wants the singles title, Hiromu and Bushi want the tag titles, and with Castle Attack as another two day event to end February, it’s pretty clear they’ll use Night one for the tag titles, night two for the singles title, and those could go any which way NJPW wants.

My Score: 9/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (3/3/21)

Tag titles are on the line!



Will the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships belong to NXT?

The inaugural Women’s Dusty Cup Winners, Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez, challenge Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler for the titles! But will the NXT alumni show they still dominate the black ‘n’ yellow?


  • Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa; Lorcan & Burch win.
  • Aliyah w/ The Robert Stone Brand VS Ember Moon w/ Shotzi Blackheart; Ember wins.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler VS Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez; Jax & Baszler win and retain the titles.
  • Cameron Grimes VS Bronson Reed; Grimes wins.
  • Ever-Rise VS Breezango; No Contest.
  • Finn Balor VS Roderick Strong; Balor wins.


Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa!

The Kings of NXT are probably thanking the Grizzled Young Veterans for taking out MSK last week, but then kicking themselves for mouthing off. They got in the faces of Wes Lee & Nash Carter, but it was the Professor of Pain & Psycho Killer that got in their faces back. No challengers left their cards open, so the NXT Tag Team Champions have to put up or shut up against “Toothless Timmy” & “Old Man Ciampa.” Will the One Two grow a pair and take it to this dangerous duo?

Ciampa walks to gorilla position and Thatcher finishes a conversation with Imperium’s Marcel Barthel. We’ll learn what that’s about later as Ciampa & Thatcher make their entrance. Thatcher and Burch start, circle, tie up, and Burch is after an arm. Thatcher uses that to get Burch back and hits a headlock takeover. Burch rolls to a cover, ONE, and Thatcher has the keylock. Burch scrambles up, gets around, but Thatcher cranks the arm. They end up on ropes, the ref counts and Thatcher lets go. Burch pushes as he lets off, and the two circle again. They tie up, Burch full nelsons, snapmares Thatcher, but Thatcher slips out to get the arm,

Thatcher grinds the arm, drops down on it, then twists it around. Burch clinches with Thatcher and throws EuroUppers. Thatcher throws EuroUppers back, but both men take a step. Ciampa wants in but Thatcher leaves him hanging to go after Burch again. Thatcher EuroUppers, Burch EuroUppers back, but Thatcher facelocks! Now he tags Ciampa and they mug Burch. Ciampa cravats but Burch powers him to the corner. Oney tags in, gets Ciampa’s arm and wrenches it to an armlock. Ciampa fights up, headlocks, but Oney puts him in a corner. The ref counts, Oney lets off but he CHOPS Ciampa! Ciampa shrugs that off, blocks the next chop to give a CHOP!

Oney EuroUppers, Ciampa CHOPS and forearms, but Oney headlocks. Ciampa tries to power out but Oney pulls beard! Ciampa slips around to a waistlock, Oney bucks him off but runs into a headlock takeover! Oney headscissors, Ciampa kicks free and blocks Oney’s headlock takeover! Ciampa waistlocks, Oney switches but Ciampa elbows out hard! Ciampa outs Oney on the apron and KNEES Him down! Burch run sin but Ciampa hits him first! Ciampa puts Burch out but Burch runs away, only for Thatcher to BLAST him! Oney rolls Ciampa up, TWO! Oney throws more EuroUppers, whips but Ciampa LARIATS Oney! Burch gets on the apron, Ciampa BOOTS him, then tags Thatcher!

Ciampa shoves Oney, pops him up, Thatcher EuroUppers Oney down! Cover, TWO! Thatcher clamps onto Oney, grinds him down with the chinlock, but Oney endures. Oney fights up, Thatcher KNEES him in the back then covers, TWO! Thatcher clamps on again, Oney grabs at Thatcher and fish hooks Thatcher’s mouth! The ref reprimands, Thatcher pushes Oney down, but Oney CHOP BLOCKS a leg! Oney tags Burch, brings Thatcher up, but Thatcher fights them off to Belly2Belly Oney! Burch runs in and CLOBBERS Thatcher! Ciampa and Thatcher regroup as Thatcher clutches his neck! The ref checks on Thatcher and NXT goes to break.

NXT returns, Thatcher is okay to continue but Oney has him down with a Half Crab! Thatcher endures, reaches for his corner, but Oney pulls back on the leg. Thatcher powers up but Oney drag shim away, only for Thatcher to kick him away! Burch tags in but no Full Crab, Thatcher boots him to tag in Ciampa! Ciampa rallies on Burch, then on Oney! Then he clotheslines Burch in a corner, then hits Oney, then back to Burch! Ciampa isn’t slowing down as he hits endless corner clotheslines! Ciampa dodges the One Two to DOUBLE LARIAT! The fans fire up with Ciampa and he throws hands on Burch in the corner!

Thatcher forces the bad arm to move as he tags in and gives EuroUppers to Burch! Tag back to Ciampa and he CHOPS away on Burch! Tag back to Thatcher and he fires off forearms! Thatcher drags Burch out to HALF HATCH SUPLEX! Thatcher grins as he wraps on the chinlock! Burch flails but Oney boots Thatcher! Thatcher just grins at Oney, and Ciampa BOOTS Oney! Ciampa puts Oney in a chinlock, and both men beat away on the One Two with crossface forearms! Fans are fired up for “NXT! NXT!” as Thatcher looms over Burch. Thatcher waistlocks, Oney grabs at Burch to save him! The ref reprimands, Burch lets go to elbow Thatcher away!

Oney tags in, he DECKS Ciampa, then EuroUppers Thatcher! Tag back to Burch, they drag Thatcher up, but Thatcher powers out to shove Burch into Oney! Thatcher grabs Oney but Burch grabs Thatcher! Ciampa returns to BOOT Oney, Burch SLAPS Ciampa but Thatcher DECKS Burch! Oney HALF ‘N’ HALF SUPLEXES Thatcher and grows as he grabs Thatcher, but Ciampa SLAPS Oney! Thatcher SLAPS, Ciampa KNEES, Oney falls but Burch HEADBUTTS Ciampa! Thatcher BOOTS Burch and all four men are down! Fans are thunderous but Thatcher’s neck and arm are bothering him again!

Burch and Oney regroup, Thatcher crawls for Ciampa, but Imperium stands on the stage? Thatcher glares at them, Ciampa looks over to see them, too. Burch tags in and Oney BLASTS Ciampa! Oney whips Thatcher at Burch, they combine for LONGDON BRIDGE!! Cover, the tag champs win!

Winners: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch, by pinfall

What is Imperium even doing out here? Does this have to do with the conversation Barthel had with Thatcher? And if this is how the champs won a non-title match, how will they deal with MSK when the belts are finally on the line?


NXT returns with Roderick Strong in the ring.

He throws down his Undisputed Era dog tags and demands Adam Cole get out to the ring NOW! But on surprise that he won’t. “If any single one of us ever meant a thing to you, just a little bit, please get out here right now!” But instead of Cole, it’s Finn Balor! Balor tells Roddy he needs to learn that Cole won’t come out here for him. Do you think Cole is going to offer Strong an explanation? Strong tells Balor, “I find this really funny. Because the Undisputed Era was doing perfectly fine until you showed up!” In Strong’s mind, this whole thing is Balor’s fault!

Oh is it? Balor tells Strong that this isn’t his fault. The reason the “brotherhood” fell apart is because of the NXT Championship. Balor knows how to get Cole out here. “Next week, Adam Cole VS Finn Balor, for the NXT Championship!” As for Roddy, “You’ll never be a leader. You’ll always be a follower. And until you get a little more greedy and a little more selfish, and until you get a killer instinct like The Prince, you’ll never-” Strong DECKS Balor! Strong fires off fists but Balor gives them back!

Referees hurry out to break this up, as do WWE officials, but Balor says they can do this tonight! Strong wants to, too, but the refs tell them not now. Will the Prince and the Savior of the Backbreaker have it out before Cole comes back for the title?


The Way attends family therapy.

They’re at the Central Florida Psychiatric Center, and only now does Austin Theory think this isn’t Chuck E. Cheese like Johnny Gargano promised. Linda Nicoli is used to more one-on-one sessions, but Johnny says Theory needs his “family” here for support. In fact, this Dexter Lumis problem is affecting all of them. Theory says there is no problem. But that is the problem! Theory was kidnapped and acts like nothing happened! It was a vacation! Theory, sweetie, being locked up somewhere for three days isn’t vacation. Indi says that with the right guy, it could be.

Dr. Nicoli says Theory’s friends- er, family, thinks Theory is just in denial. Did something happen that he’s afraid to tell them about? No, nothing bad happened! It was two dudes hanging out, having a good time! Lumis just needs friends, and it is a cold, hard world. Indi would warm Lumis up. Seriously? And what is she even doing with that pad? What is she writing? It’s private. No it’s not, give it! Give it! Johnny snatches it away and sees Indi wrote in very fancy letters, “Mrs. Indi Wrestling-Lumis!?” Gargano says he gave Indi the name ‘”Wrestling” as a Christmas present! She’s ruined Christmas! This is Theory’s fault, he is making things worse for everyone!

Johnny tells Theory to tell Dr. Nicoli that “that FREAK” Lumis locked him in his basement and drew pictures of him and whatever! Lumis should be in jail! Why is he not in jail!? Tell Johnny why! LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! Nicoli tells Mr. Gargano that his hostility towards Lumis is unlocking some deep-rooted issues of his own. Oh no no no! Johnny sees what she’s doing! She’s making this about him, when it’s not! This is not for her to therapy on him! Therapy on Lumis! Nicoli tells Johnny to calm down and he only gets angrier as he insists he IS calm! Johnny is always calm! That’s his middle name: Johnny Calm Gargano! But he’s starting to foam at the mouth.

Dr. Nicoli tells Johnny to get out of her office! Johnny says she should get out, this is HIS office now! He’s North American Champion! Nicoli shouts to GET OUT! Johnny says that was very unprofessional. Johnny is left outside, and the therapying continues without him. Will we get to the root of The Way’s problems? Or did it just get sent out into the hall?


Cameron Grimes counts his money.

“What we’re doing here today is we’re starting on the ground floor. If I’m gonna make some changes in this place, we’ve gotta start with that name.” The CWC? No no, we can do much better. The CGA: The Cameron Grimes Auditorium! Is that approved? It’ll get approved. Grimes has money to approve anything. But then William Regal walks over and asks Grimes to get out of the chair. Sorry, Mr. Regal, Grimes is a little busy right now. Regal tells Grimes to stand up, so Grimes does. Regal says Grimes hit a crew member and now there is a lawsuit. Say no more. How much does he want? 100? 200?

Regal says he can take care of the settlement, the problem is Grimes. Oh, well okay. Regal wants money, but Grimes has #KissMuhGrits money. And everybody has a price. Regal says he has no idea what that means, but he has a contract for a match with Grimes’ name on it. It will be Grimes VS BRONSON REED! Grimes says it’ll just be easier to give him money. DAMN YOU, TED DEBIASE! Will Grimes’ greed cost him against the Colossal Bronson Reed?



For next week’s episode of NXT, the NXT Championship IS on the line as Finn Balor defends against Adam Cole! But tonight, Balor VS Strong IS happening! Will Balor end up with a nice sweep of the former Undisputed Era members?


Aliyah w/ The Robert Stone Brand VS Ember Moon w/ Shotzi Blackheart!

While Robert Stone himself deals with some PTTSD, Post Tank Trauma Stress Disorder, the Bougie from the Six will have to deal with the Evolved Shenom! Will Ember be howling to the moon as she #TCB, takes care o’ business?

The bell rings, Ember and Aliyah circle, fans rally and duel as the two tie up. Aliyah wristlocks, Ember handsprings and wrenches to an elbow breaker. Ember whips but Aliyah goes up an dover, only for the arm-drag to be blocked! Ember arm-drags Aliyah, then again, then chases her to the ropes. The ref backs Ember off, Stone coaches Aliyah up but Ember headlocks. Aliyah gets a headlock of her own, Ember powers up and out, but Aliyah runs her over. Aliyah fires up and talks some smack, but things speed up and Ember trips her up. Aliyah comes back to ROCK Ember, but Ember just scowls.

Aliyah taunts Ember but Ember gives her a free shot. Aliyah takes Ember up on the offer, but gets caught to a SLAM! Ember drags Aliyah up, wrenches an arm, but Aliyah throws forearms! Ember hits back, whips Aliyah but Aliyah dodges, only for Ember to tackle her! They both fall out of the ring, Ember scowls again as she shoves Aliyah back in. Stone makes an offer to Ember but Shotzi storms over and Stone hides behind Jessi Kamea! Aliyah LEAPS, but Ember catches her! Aliya slips off the scoop and puts Ember in the ring but Ember KICKS back! And then BOOTS Aliyah from the apron! Ember puts Aliyah in the ring, covers, TWO!

Ember keeps on Aliyah in the corner but Aliyah throws her into buckles! Aliyah runs in to BOOT her down! Cover, TWO!! Ember survives, Stone coaches Aliyah to keep on her, and Aliyah throws a knee into Ember’s back. Aliyah clamps on with a chinlock, Ember endures, fans rally and Shotzi coaches Ember now. Ember fights up, pries free and arm-drags Aliyah away! Aliyah comes back into a headscissor! Ember rallies with clotheslines, a mule kick and then a SHOTGUN dropkick! Ember roars, fans fire up and Aliyah runs into a SPINEBUSTER! High stack, TWO! Ember climbs up top, Aliyah trips Ember up! Aliyah climbs up, Ember resists and fights back!

Ember hits Aliyah with a GOURD BUSTER! Stone distracts the ref, Kamea goes after Ember but Ember BOOTS her down! Shotzi comes around to LEAP and CLOBBER the Stone Brand! ECLIPSE for Aliyah! Cover, Ember wins!

Winner: Ember Moon, by pinfall

And just like that, Ember’s Law takes effect! Will Ember and Shotzi continue to watch each other’s backs and take over the NXT Women’s Division together?


Backstage interview with Ciampa & Thatcher.

What exactly happened with Imperium showing up during their match? Thatcher says we all come from somewhere, and we all have a past. Imperium keeps throwing Thatcher’s in his face. And Ciampa says the past IS the past, and that’s it. We done here? Ciampa and Thatcher head out, but will the past come to haunt them all the same?


NXT profiles the coming collision of Io Shirai and Toni Storm!

“If anybody knows how good Io Shirai is,” it’s Toni Storm. She’s competed with and against Shirai all over the world. But what scares Shirai the most is that she knows how great Storm is! Shirai has put down every champion and challenger, except Storm. Shirai says she is NOT scared of Toni Storm. She respects her as an athlete, but doesn’t like her as a person. Storm stands in the way of Shirai being seen as THE greatest NXT Women’s Champion in history. Storm says next week, the reign of Shirai ends, and #ToniTime begins. Shirai says her toughest challenge is coming, but at the end we will hear, “And still NXT Women’s Champion…!”


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler VS Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez!

The Irresistible Force and Queen of Spades have been dominant tag team champions on Raw and SmackDown, but they’re returning to NXT to complete the sweep! Will they be rolling on the Road to WrestleMania? Or will these titles take a detour into the black ‘n’ yellow and ride with the first-ever Women’s Dusty Cup winners?

The introductions are made, the titles are raised, and this battle that brings up the past and cements the future begins!

Dakota and Shayna begin and then Nia tags in. Nia and Dakota circle, they tie up, and Nia throws Dakota right down. Dakota gets up and in a corner but Nia TOSSES her across the way! Nia runs in to SPLASH Dakota, then tags Shayna back in. Shayna mugs Dakota, drags Dakota up again and bumps her off buckles. Shayna runs in, fakes Dakota out, and then pats her head. Shayna still sees the scared Dakota, and then she waistlocks Dakota to SLAM her! Shayna twists Dakota’s arm, hammerlocks it, and wants to repeat history! Dakota knows that and gets away to SLAP Shayna!

Shayna rushes in but is put in a corner. She dodges, but Dakota elbows back! Dakota goes up and over and rolls Shayna, ONE! Dakota arm-drags Shayna around, then hits a flying-mare! Shayna blocks the kick, trips Dakota up, and drags her up to throw her out! Raquel check son Dakota, Nia and Shayna storm over but the ref wants them to keep this in the ring. Tensions rise as NXT goes picture in picture.

Dakota and Raquel go to their corner, Shayna and Nia go to theirs, and Dakota tags Raquel. Raquel stares down Shayna, they both talk some trash, and Raquel shoves Shayna. Shayna smirks as she ROCKS Raquel with a right! Shayna goes for a leg, Raquel pries her off but Shayna switches. Raquel switches, and throws Shayna around! Shayna goes after the arm, Raquel resists the wrench, but Shayna twists the wrist. Raquel scoops Shayna and Dakota tags in before the SLAM! Dakota gets a boost for DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO! Dakota keeps on Shayna but Shayna fires off furious strikes! Shayna drags Dakota up for a gut wrench SLAM! Cover, TWO!

Shayna keeps on Dakota’s arm with a keylock and drags her away. Nia tags in, they mug Dakota, and Nia drags Dakota around to shove her down! Dakota crawls, Nia stalks her and chokes her on the ropes! The ref counts, Nia lets off at 4, but then Nia taunts Raquel with a tag to Dakota before she CLUBS Dakota down. Nia drags Dakota up, tags Shayna, and they mug Dakota again. Shayna snapmares Dakota, KICKS her in the back, then covers, TWO! Shayna drags Dakota up with the keylock again, and Dakota endures as Shayna pulls on the arm. Dakota fights up as Raquel and fans rally, and she hits a jawbreaker! Hot tag to Raquel!

Big Mami Cool puts Shayna in a corner and stomps away! Then she clamps onto the arms, throws knees, and CLUBS Shayna! NXT returns to single picture as Dakota tags back in. Raquel whips Shayna in and Dakota BOOT WASHES her down! Shayna bails out, Dakota goes to the apron and kicks, but Shayna catches it to trip and YANKS Dakota down! Shayna drags Dakota back into the ring, drags her around and stomps away on the leg! Dakota clutches her knee, Nia tags in and Nia drags Dakota around to a STRETCH MUFFLER! Dakota can only endure as Nia swings her around! Nia swings harder but Dakota sunset flips! Nia stays up, drags Dakota back up and HEADBUTTS her!

Dakota flounders, Nia brings her around and gets the STRETCH MUFFLER again! She swings Dakota into buckles! Nia drags Dakota to a cover, TWO! Nia is annoyed as Dakota gets to a corner. Dakota boots back, hops up, and leaps, into Nia’s arms! Shayna tags in, Nia pops Dakota up as Shayna DECKS Raquel! Nia SLAMS Dakota down, Shayna KNEES Dakota further down! Cover, but Raquel breaks it! Shayna is frustrated but she drags Dakota up to whip her to the corner. Dakota SCORPION KICKS Nia and BOOTS her down! Dakota dodges Shayna, hobbles, but Shayna gets the leg to bring her back. Dakota mule kicks then SUPERKICKS Shayna!

Fans fire up for Dakota as she crawls to the corner, hot tag to Raquel! And Raquel DRPOKCIKS and CLOBERS Shayna! She scoops and FALL AWAY SLAMS Shayna, to then scoop her for ANOTHER FALL AWAY SLAM! Raquel runs in to SPLASH Shayna, fire off elbows, then scoop her again. SWINGING POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! Shayna sits up in a daze but Raquel drags her back up. Raquel wants the fisherman but Shayna knees free! Tag to Nia and the female titans meet! Fans fire up as Nia shoves, but Raquel throws forearms! They brawl, Nia ROCKS Raquel, but runs into only buckles! Raquel RAMS into Nia over and over, boots her, then ROCKS Shayna!

Nia CLOBBERS Raquel, tags Shayna and Shayna KNEES Raquel down! Cover, TWO! Shayna gets the sleeper! Raquel fights up, and throws Shayna off to BOOT her down! Tag back to Dakota, they coordinate on Shayna, ASSISTED GO TO KICK! Cover, but Nia breaks it! Raquel gets in to brawl with Nia more, but Nia clotheslines Raquel out! Nia exits, leaving Dakota and Shayna alone in the ring. Dakota drags Shayna up, fireman’s carries, but the bad leg gives up! She still dodges Shayna, tries again, and GO TO- NO! Shayna catches the leg, drags Dakota into the KIRAFUDA! Dakota rolls back to a cover, TWO!! KIRAFUDA KLUTCH!!!

Dakota fades, fights, gets a second wind, and drags herself and Shayna! Nia distracts but the ref deals with her quickly, and she sees the tag to Raquel! Raquel stomps Shayna, BOOTS Nia, but the ref ends up a casualty! Nia drags Raquel out to RAM her into the apron! Raquel RAMS Nia over the announce desk!! They’re both out and now Dakota really IS alone with Shayna! Fans rally up as Dakota and Shayna stir. KIRAFUDA KLUTCH!! Dakota flails, but wait, is that Adam Pearce?! He throws a new ref in to watch this action! Dakota is OUT, the champions win!

Winners: Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax, by submission (still WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships)

Wait, wait, wait! While yes, Dakota did pass out in the submission, Raquel was the legal superstar! Plus, the Raw backstage official, Adam Pearce, and a Raw referee should NOT be making decisions on NXT! What will WWE management as a whole have to say about this?


We return to The Way’s family therapy.

Dr. Nicoli’s understanding is that Lumis has had his eye on Theory for some time. Does he have an idea why? Lumis probably just gets lonely and could use a friend. Indi would be Lumis’ friend. With benefits. Candice gets a text, then says that Lumis doesn’t want friends, he wants victims. Look at Roderick Strong, Bobby Fish, Cameron Grimes. The list goes on and on. Theory does get why Candice doesn’t like Lumis. He can be a bit weird at times. Indi likes when things get weird. And Lumis did choke Gargano out. Don’t remind her. Another text and, “It friggin’ sucked. My thr-” er uh, Johnny’s throat is still sore!

Another text. “We’re talking about a guy who chops people’s arms off, kidnaps,” are we taking friggin’ crazy pills?! Wait, these texts are from Johnny! No they’re not! Yes they are, he’s eavesdropping and has his phone! He was ordering from Uber Eats… Dr. Nicoli now kicks Candice out for being Johnny’s proxy, and kicks Indi out for her increasingly disturbing comments. Johnny will tag in then. No, he’s still banned. Aw man, c’mon! So no Uber Eats? But now with one-on-one time, Dr. Nicoli wants Theory to know this is a safe space. He trusts her, right? Right. Now, what really happened on those three days with Dexter Lumis? TO BE CONTINUED!


LA Knight is backstage!

LA Knight is in NXT and he is doing it his way, on his time! That time… is after the break!


Isaiah “Swerve” Scott is back in the music studio.

He’s back to working on beats and has friends listen to it. Great stuff! Swerve then talks to us and says, “You wanna talk about life opportunities?” It’s funny how Leon Ruff used to just “luck up,” trip, fall into the ring, and end up with the North American Championship. But Swerve has to grind, claw, scratch just to get nothing. Leon thinks this is funny, like a fantasy world or a prep school or something! This is N X T! This is C W C! This is Swerve’s House. Swerve is hunting for opportunities, but Ruff is in his way, so Ruff is going to get handled. “You don’t wanna go to war with somebody who cares less than you do.” And Swerve is dangerous, savage, and different. “And I just don’t care anymore.”


LA Knight heads to the ring!

The fans cheer for the newest signee to the brand, and Knight gets the mic to say, “I have waited entirely too long to step into this very ring, stare straight down the barrel and say, ‘Lemme talk to ya!'” But they don’t understand. He isn’t going to talk childhood dreams. As far as he is concerned, this isn’t a dream. No, this is business! HIS business! And his business involves whipping ass every time someone else walks through these ropes. So you want to talk TakeOver? A one man revolution just rolled in the door and changed the game! You might say, “That guy’s the Tom Brady of Wrestling!” No, Brady wishes he was half the man that is L A Knight!

But like ol’ Tommy, Knight didn’t come in a first round draft pick! He isn’t here as “The guy.” But you bet your bottom dollar that this is the guy setting trends and records! Knight looks around the landscape of NXT, from Johnny Garganos to Kyle O’Reillys to Adam Coles and Finn Balors. Every single one has a fancy kick, flip, dive. Knight is inviting them to bring that to his front door. He isn’t greeting them with flash or pizzazz. He’ll just beat the hell out of you! Knight puts it like this: “I didn’t come here to do anything fancy.”

You may not like the way he does it, but Knight gets the job done! He is the last of a dying breed! Already you’ve got people going, “LA Knight might be the greatest NXT Superstar of all time!” And Knight agrees! But when it comes time for coronation, don’t call him the GOAT. That’s overplayed, overused, thrown around like confetti. Call him one thing that sets him apart and makes him stand head and shoulders above the rest. You just call him LA KNIGHT! Whose game is it? Knight’s! And that’s not an insult, that’s just a fact of life!


Cameron Grimes VS Bronson Reed!

The Carolina Caveman still has his #GameStonks and is going #ToTheMoon, but will he be brought back down to Earth the hard way by Colossal Bronson?

The bell rings, Reed is confused as to how Grimes is just throwing his money around. Grimes tries to pay Reed off to skip this match, but Reed DECKS him! Grimes goes at Reed but Reed lifts him up. Grimes slips off to KICK away, but Reed blocks the whip! Reed whips, catches Grimes, then throws him out of the ring! Grimes hurries up and shoulders into Reed, then slingshot sunset flips! Reed stays up to SIT on Grimes! Cover, TWO!! Grimes sputters as he gets out of the ring and NXT goes to break.

NXT returns as Reed RAMS Grimes into barriers, then puts him back in the ring. Grimes gets up to ROCK Reed, but Reed pushes him away. Grimes ENZIGURIS, then waistlocks, only for Reed to buck him away. Things speed up, and Reed runs into a COLLISION COURSE!! Cover, TWO!! Reed survives and Grimes can’t believe it! But it is hard to believe Grimes even hit that move! Grimes drags Reed around and rains down rights, then lefts. Reed pushes Grimes away, fans rally and duel, and Grimes KNEES Reed down! Grimes clamps on with a chinlock, Reed endures and powers up. Grimes KNEES Reed back down! Grimes STOMPS Reed’s hand! And KICKS him in the chest!

Grimes KICKS Reed more, but Reed just gets mad. Reed shoves Grimes, Grimes KICKS again, but Reed eggs him on! Grimes KICKS, but Reed gets up! Reed SWATS the kick, CHOPS Grimes and rallies with clobbering forearms! Reed whips then CLOBBERS Grimes with a full body attack! Grimes flounders to a corner, fans rally for Reed as he runs corner to corner, and he SPLASHES! Reed gets Grimes up but Grimes fights the choke slam to SUPER FOREARM! Reed CLOBBERS Grimes again! Fans fire up for Reed as he stalks Grimes to ropes. Reed drags Grimes, Grimes kicks Reed away then boots from the corner! Grimes is on the apron but Reed is still up!

Grimes says he’s done! He gets his hat, but Reed DIVES?!?! Direct hit at the ramp! Fans lose their minds at that Colossal Tope Suicida! Reed drags Grimes off the floor and into the ring. Reed storms up the steps, but LA Knight returns to return Grimes’ hat to him? That’s odd. Knight goes after Reed and HOTSHOTS him!! Grimes hurries to hit the CAVEIN!! Cover, Grimes wins!!

Winner: Cameron Grimes, by pinfall

The rich get richer, but what is Knight up top with Reed? Does Knight think he can topple the mountain of a man before climbing the NXT mountain?


William Regal is spotted talking with Adam Pearce backstage.

We can’t hear what they’re saying but it is clear Pearce is trying to explain himself to the NXT General Manager.


Backstage interview with Kayden Carter.

We know that last week, Xia Li decimated Kacy Catanzaro’s leg, and Kacy herself posted on social media about the partial LCL tear. Kayden says it sucks, and pisses her off, to see her best friend hurt and out of action. We don’t know when Kacy will be back, but Kayden no longer gives a DAMN about Xia Li! Xia took Kacy out, so Kayden will take Xia out! What happened last week hasn’t scared Kayden off, all Kayden sees is fear! Next week, Xia can come get it! Will KC avenge KC against the sharpened blade forged by Tian Sha?


We again return to The Way’s therapy session.

Are we finally going to learn the truth of what happened for those three days Theory was missing? Theory says it was a great time, really. He was in a really small room, with the windows boarded up, and it was great. Theory got to watch cartoons and each “so much cereal like the whole day.” Lumis is rly just a nice guy. Nicoli asks if Theory really thinks Lumis is nice. Yeah, absolutely! Then does Theory know why Lumis brought him back? Honestly, no. Nicoli says she’s actually spoken with Lumis in preparation for this session. Really!? Lumis talks?! Oh, on the contrary. Lumis couldn’t stop talking to her. What’d he say?

The truth is… Lumis couldn’t wait to get rid of Theory. Lumis said Theory was, “The most obnoxious person he’s ever been around.” Theory’s eating habits are unsightly, his fashion sense is atrocious, and Lumis was rather disgusted by Theory’s infatuation with cutting shirts up so he can show off his “mediocre abdominal section.” Theory cries! He runs out of the room and Johnny asks what the hell just happened! Nicoli is a MONSTER! The Way leaves and Johnny is going to give Nicoli a piece of is mind! Theory still cries, Indi and Candice get him away, and Johnny says Nicoli did great! The bit about kicking him out worked like a charm! She earned every penny! Oh, hold on, need to keep a $100. “Arcade money.” Johnny says they ARE going to Chuck E. Cheese now! Nicoli says they’re all still idiots.


Ever-Rise VS Breezango!

Chase Parker & Matt Marthel take a break from #EverRiseLive and #BollyRise with the Singh Brothers to take on the fashionable former NXT Tag Team Champions! Tyler Breeze & Fandango return as astronauts, only to get MUGGED by El Legado del Fantasma?! Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde toss Breezango down the ramp and then continue to mug them! Ever-Rise has a laugh as Fandango is RAMMED into barriers, and then Breeze gets POSTED crotch first! But Legado isn’t done here, they chase Ever-Rise out of the ring! Parker & Marthel want them to take it easy, but then SANTOS ESCOBAR attacks!

Escobar RAMS Marthel into barriers, fires off fists on Parker and kicks him down! Escobar RAMS Parker into steel steps, then bounces Parker’s head off them over and over! El Legado stands together in the ring, Escobar gets a mic, and cools off before saying, “Do not mistake last week’s events for weakness!” If you do, what happened just now will happen to you! The NXT Cruiserweight Champion tries to save face, but is the clock still ticking on his reign?


Backstage interview with William Regal.

It would seem he and Raw/SmackDown’s Adam Pearce had a heated conversation, but can he offer any clarification on what about? Regal says because of what happened in tonight’s Women’s Tag Team Championship match, he will have an announcement next week that will change the landscape of NXT! Whoa, that definitely sounds big. What will this news be?


Finn Balor VS Roderick Strong!

The Prince has beaten Kyle O’Reilly a couple times, and is set to face Adam Cole once again! But will he get through the Savior of the Backbreaker to check off one more man from the team that was the Undisputed Era?

The bell rings and Strong ties right up with Balor! They go around, end up on ropes but move away from them, Balor waistlocks and drags Strong down. Cover, ONE, Strong turns that around to a cover, ONE! Balor facelocks, shifts to a chinlock but Strong snapmares him over to chinlock back. Balor fights up, Strong ROCKS him then CHOPS him in the corner! Balor trips Strong, covers, ONE, but Balor facelocks again. Strong fights up, Balor moves around to throw Strong over but Strong makes armbar into high stack cover! ONE, and Balor tries a triangle but Strong shifts to get free and goes for legs! Balor trips Strong and gets a headlock!

Strong fights as fans rally up. They stand, Strong pries free of the headlock to half nelson. Balor fights that off to crucifix takedown, TWO! Balor is back to the chinlock and then goes after the arm. Strong endures, Balor pulls on the arm more, but Strong fights up. Balor shifts to a cobra clutch and he grinds Strong down. Strong endures, moves around, but Balor wrangles him back to the mat! Fans rally, Strong pushes Balor’s face and fights up, and Strong puts Balor in the corner. Balor holds on, Strong rams him into buckles, then pries the hold away to arm-drag Balor hard! Balor gets up into a HALF NELSON BACKBREAKER!

NXT goes picture in picture while Balor and Strong catch their breath and steady themselves. Strong stomps Balor down, CLUBS him at ropes, then has him in the ropes to bend him back! The ref counts, Strong kicks Balor in the back as he lets off, but comes back to CHOP! Strong stomps, backs off, but then comes back with forearms. Balor kicks back, Strong CHOPS and knees low, then whips him to ropes. Balor reverses, Strong sunset flips but Balor rolls through to basement dropkick! Fans rally as Balor snapmares Strong and clamps onto the arm again. Balor grinds Strong down, cranks the arm to a hammerlock, but Strong endures as he moves around.

Balor hooks the arm up, traps it and SNAP LOCKS it! Strong goes to ropes to shake out the bad arm but Balor storms over. Strong CHOPS, Balor is after the arm again! Balor wrangles Strong back down, clamps onto the arm and grinds the shoulder. Strong endures, NXT returns to single picture and he powers Balor to a corner. Balor holds on, Strong knee slow and bumps Balor off buckles! Strong CHOPS Balor, bumps him off more buckles, then throws forearms! Strong throws more forearms and CHOPS, but Balor wrenches the bad arm to WRING Strong out! Strong writhes and flounders but Balor seethes as he KICKS Strong down!

Balor stomps Strong at ropes, lets off as the ref counts, and he looms over Strong. Balor brings him up to crank the arm, grind it down and twist it again. Strong endures but Balor yanks it! And again! And again! Balor stands to hook the arm up, and SNAP LOCKS it! Strong goes to the apron for shelter but Balor is right after him. Balor drags Strong up, throws uppercuts to the arm, and he clamps onto the shoulder again. Strong endures, fights up and fans rally as he fights back up. Strong scoops and SLAMS Balor with the good arm! Both men are down and fans fire up more! Strong stands, CLUBS Balor, and knees low!

Strong CLUBS, knees, CLUBS, repeat! Strong drags Balor back up, for a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Balor endures, Strong and Balor slowly rise. Strong runs at the corner but Balor dodges the knee to arm-drag! Balor drags Strong around, ANACONDA VICE!! Strong flails, kicks, reaches, and gets a ropebreak with a foot! The ref counts, Balor lets go at 4, maybe 4.9! Balor grimaces as he gets up and see Strong in the corner. Balor CHOPS him, whips him corner to corner, then runs in to CHOP again! And then Balor whips Strong the other way to CHOP him again! Balor reminds Strong he’s in here with the champ! He whips Strong again but Strong comes back to CLOBBER him!

Fans fire up as Strong sputters and gets up. Strong throws forearms and CHOPS on Balor, then scoops him for an atomic SLAM! Fans are thunderous, Balor gets up and Strong runs to forearm smash side to side, over and over! Balor wobbles, Strong gets him for an OLYMPIC SLAM! Then the underhooks for a TIGER DRIVER! High stack cover, TWO!! Balor and Strong are slowly stirring as fans rally for “NXT! NXT!” Strong stands first but Balor follows. Strong runs but into a SLINGBLADE! Balor goes to a corner, runs and shotguns, into the catch! Strong works to turn Balor, for the STRONG HOLD! Balor endures as Strong digs his knee in!

Balor powers his way around, but Strong drags him from ropes! Balor twists but Strong counters the body scissors to a cover! TWO!! Strong fireman’s carries for a GUT BUST- DOUBLE STOMPS!! Balor turns things around on Strong and both men are down again! Fans are electric, “This is Awesome!” as Balor gets up to fire off on Strong! Strong kicks back, enziguris, but Balor PELES! Strong comes back but leaps into the ELBOW DROP DDT! Balor grits his teeth, takes aim and SHOTGUNS Strong into buckles! Strong is in the drop zone, Balor goes up top and he hits the COUP DE GRACE! Balor keeps going, for 1916!! Cover, Balor wins!!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall

The NXT Champion stands tall, even after a strong showing from Roderick Strong! But with only a week to rest, will the Prince really be ready to defend his throne against Adam Cole BAYBAY? Speaking of which, Cole finally shows up and stands on the stage. Balor takes aim at Cole, but will Cole take back that title?

My Thoughts:

Another great episode for NXT with a lot of really strong progress towards not just WrestleMania season but what appears to be a stacked episode next week. Counter programming AEW’s post PPV episode on 3/10? Maybe, but great material is great material, and we got a really good video package for Storm VS Shirai which can go either way. I feel like it’d be great story if Shirai gets back that loss from the Mae Young Classic, but Storm taking the title would be big shock value that could really set things up for the Mania TakeOver, and the reported change that NXT’s are moving to Tuesdays permanently with the coming of hockey season.

Now, I feel like NXTuesdays would be a strange announcement for Regal to have next week, but there could be something big in store given how we saw Adam Pearce more or less interfere with the Women’s Tag Team Championship match. That match was a lot of fun, and for a moment it just felt like they were putting too much on Raquel and making Dakota look like the weak link. Pearce overstepping his boundaries might imply that with NXT being seen more and more as part of the “main roster,” Regal might no longer be General Manager. Pearce and even Sonya Deville could start stepping in to integrate them into stories, such as with the Women’s Tag Division, and that would be a bummer of an announcement.

We didn’t get a lot of the explanation video on setting up Thatcher & Ciampa VS Oney & Danny, but I guess that’s what social media is supposed to be for. It felt a bit sloppy to also throw in Imperium onto it, but I suppose the Heel tag champs had to win without weakening Ciampa & Thatcher too much. Imperium sure is getting involved in trying to tear other tag teams apart. I like the idea of them recruiting Dain, but I guess they’re trying to get in Thatcher’s head about how Imperium beat Thatcher & Riddle when they were the substitute Broserweights. I don’t know if I want another team being the reason Ciampa & Thatcher split, that should just be old fashioned bitterness between tag partners. But if we get a slobber knocker out of Ciampa & Thatcher VS Barthel & Aichner like tonight’s match, that much I’ll accept.

Ember VS Aliyah was alright as a match but it was mostly just a rebound win. Ember and Shotzi can definitely still work as a tag team, maybe build up and come back around to the titles post Mania, once things with Raquel & Dakota settle, as well as Naomi & Lana. Kayden had a good promo setting things up with Xia Li, and I hope Kayden forces Tian Sha to step up and have a match of her own. Escobar and El Legado beating up two random teams is very much the bullies throwing a fit when they get bullied by someone they can’t bully. I really wish Stallion had won that title thanks to Kross, and I really hope NXT/205 Live finds someone to win the title off Escobar already. If only we could have Worlds Collide and Devlin could just be the undisputed Cruiserweight Champion…

Swerve had a good promo to further his feud with Ruff, and LA Knight had a decent promo to put everyone on notice. I like that not everyone is the indie/high-flying style, but it’s starting to get annoying when someone has to talk down that style and act like they’re better for slugging it out. Just shut up and slug it out then! Knight also interfering in Grimes VS Reed was an interesting move, but maybe Knight sees Reed building momentum towards the North American Championship and thinks he can use that to his own advantage. If Knight beats Reed, maybe he gets his title shot first.

The Way and their therapy session was an amazing set of segments. Johnny continues to thrive as this over the top sitcom/drama dad, Theory does so well as the goofy, dopey one, and while “Indi <3 Lumis” is still a weird choice, she was doing pretty good with those side comments. The plot twist was perfect, Gargano is trying to turn Theory against Lumis in such a great switch on our expectations of things. Maybe Theory has been telling us the truth on him getting to just binge watch cartoons and guzzle down cereal, and it’ll be up to Lumis to break The Way’s hold on Theory in a further subversion of all the tropes and expectations.

And the Undisputed Break-up story is still a great part of the show, though Strong seems to have difficulty verbally conveying the emotions of it compared to Kyle and Cole. Balor making the title match for next week and then giving us a title worthy match tonight was great stuff. Strong has new solo gear and everything else already, I can’t wait to see what Kyle and Fish will have for theirs. Cole will certainly keep a lot of the UE packaging, just without the CFOS logo they came up with for the group. Balor VS Cole is already going to be a great match just on saying it, NXT is definitely going to pick up speed towards WrestleMania.

My Score: 9.4/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (3/3/21)

Dynamite’s headed for Revolution!



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

AEW’s stars meet at the Crossroads!

Before the Revolution returns, AEW Dynamite ignites! And Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet meet Jade Cargill & SHAQUILLE O’NEAL in a stacked crossover Mixed Tag Match!


  • Mixed Tag Match: Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet VS Jade Cargill & Shaquille O’Neal; Jade & Shaq win.
  • PAC & Rey Fenix VS John Skyler & D3; PAC & Fenix win.
  • Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS FTR & Tully Blanchard w/ JJ Dylan; FTR & Blanchard win.
  • AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals: Nyla Rose VS Ryo Mizunami; Mizunami wins and will face Hikaru Shida for the title at AEW Revolution.
  • Face of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifier: Preston Vance VS Max Caster; Caster wins and advances to the Revolution Ladder Match.
  • Matt Hardy & Marq Quen VS Hangman Page & John Silver; Hangman & Silver win.


Mixed Tag Match: Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet w/ Arn Anderson VS Jade Cargill & Shaquille O’Neal!

What a way to open the last Dynamite before Revolution! The American Nightmare’s battle with Shaq has been a long time coming, and it’s finally happening! Will Cody and Velvet stir it up against a duo of debuting giants?

The teams sort out and Cody starts with Shaq! The fans rally already as the two circle. Cody fires himself up and ties up with Shaq. Cody wrenches but Shaq SHOVES him down! Shaq double guns but Cody gets up to his feet. Fans rally and duel, Shaq encourages them to get louder, and things circle. Shaq shows off some rope a dope, then ties up with Cody again. Shaq powers Cody to a corner but Cody slips away to CHOP and CHOP! Shaq just tosses Cody in to CHOP him back! He didn’t even hit that hard and how loud was that?! Shaq CLUBS Cody, whips him and back drops him high and hard! Shaq has Cody in the corner and CHOPS him again! And KNEES him low and hard!

Cody staggers to the other corner, fans rally and duel more, and Shaq CHOPS him again! Cody ends up in the corner, Jade tags in! Velvet steps in, and the two stare down. Jade kicks Velvet low, whips her to a corner, but Velvet goes up and over and builds speed, only to run into a fireman’s carry! Velvet fights out with elbows, waistlocks, but Jade bucks her away. Jade BOOTS Velvet down, then shows off the fight pose. Velvet staggers to a corner, Jade runs in but Velvet bobs ‘n’ weaves to kick and HEEL KICK! Velvet forearms but Jade ROCLS Velvet, TOSSES her, then chokes her in the corner! The ref counts, Jade lets off, then TOSSES Velvet across the way!

Fans fire up and duel as Jade shows off by doing push-ups. Jade storms over to Velvet, whips her corner to corner hard, then soaks up some heat. Velvet BOOTS Jade from the corner, hops up top, and leaps for a BIG CROSSBODY! But Jade rolls through to FALL AWAY SLAM, and kip up! Jade fires up, and she pie faces Cody! Cody gets in to KNEE Shaq! Shaq gets up, Austin Gunn SMACKS him with a chair! But Shaq doesn’t flinch! Shaq turns around and CLUBS Austin, and his brother Colten! QT Marshall gets grabbed, the ref tells Shaq to stop! Shaq lets off, but Velvet SUPER MOONSAULTS onto everyone else!! Fans are fired up and Velvet stirs it up!

Jade gets in the ring, Velvet pursues, and she brings Jade up to ROCK her with forearms! Velvet whips, Jade reverses and kicks low to trip Velvet up. Jade hooks up the legs for a FIGURE FOUR! Velvet endures as Jade flexes and copies Cody. But Velvet turns it over onto Jade! Jade endures now, powers it back and pushes up, then blows a kiss to Cody. Velvet endures so Jade lets Velvet free to bring her up. Velvet throws body shots but Jade sweeps the legs! Jade goes out side, and starts looking under the ring! Jade brings out a TABLE! But this isn’t No Disqualifications! The ref and Shaq argue, Jade sets the table up, but Arn and the ref shout at her to stop.

Velvet goes out after Jade and clubs her! And bumps her off the table, to then put her in the ring! Velvet moves the table further from the ring, to bring out a second table! Velvet sets this table up, and it seems both women must just want to hurt each other, winning and losing be damned! Velvet goes up but Jade ROCKS her at the apron! Velvet shoulders back in, runs but Jade blocks the boot, only to take the ENZIGURI! Velvet hobbles and tags to Cody! Shaq gets in and he flexes on Cody. Shaq wants a test of strength, but then he switches hands on Cody. Cody still tries, they tie up, and Cody kicks low! But Shaq hits a knee! Shaq shouts out Brodie for a POWERBOMB!

Shaq mocks Cody but Cody BOPS him with the uppercut! And SCOOP SLAMS Shaq!! Cover, TWO!! Cody goes flying off the kick out, he tags to Velvet! Jade gets in but Velvet throws forearms! Jade gives them back and they go back and forth! Velvet CHOPS, Jade CHOPS! Velvet throws a forearm, another, another, but Jade CHOPS again! Velvet SLAPS Jade, Jade knees Velvet! Jade runs into a calf kick! Velvet fires up, runs, but into Jade’s SPINEBUSTER! Jade flexes and covers, Cody pulls her off! Cody hits Shaq, runs, and FLIES! Cody and Shaq crash through the tables!! Fans lose their minds, Jade freaks out, too, and Velvet is waiting! Jade turns around, for a SPEAR! Cover, TWO!!

Arn coaches Velvet to keep on Jade and she brings Jade up. Velvet clinches, scoops, but Jade is too tall! Jade scoops Velvet, but Velvet slips out. Jade blocks the forearm, spins Velvet and chicken wings, for a GLAM SLAM!! Cover, Jade and Shaq win!!

Winners: Jade Cargill & Shaquille O’Neal, by pinfall

Jade stands tall but Shaq looks out cold from crashing through the hardwood! Will Shaq be alright after his AEW debut? Is this win just the first of many for Jade?


AEW medics take care of Shaq.

They get him on a gurney, load him into an ambulance, and take him to local facility. Tony Schiavone wants a quick word, but… Where did Shaq go? Is Shaq magic?!


PAC & Rey Fenix VS John Skyler & D3!

Though they do not have their third point, Penta El Zero M, The Bastard and the Firebird are here to represent the Death Triangle! Will they bring the pain to the Southern Savior & the Prince of Rome?

The teams sort out, Fenix SUPERKICKS D3 off the apron and Pac ROCKS Skyler! Pac kicks and kicks and runs to BOOT Skyler down! Skyler scrambles, Pac tags to Fenix, and Death Triangle double whip to shove and BOOT him, UPPERCUT and SUPERKICK SWEEP COMBO! Fans fire up as Fenix goes up to tightrope KICK D3 back down! Pac FLIES and FOSBURY FLOPS D3 down! Fenix gives Skyler a fireman’s carry to the corner, Pac tags back in, Wasteland Slam to 450 SPLASH! Tag back to Fenix, Skyler is fed to the FIRE THUNDER DRIVER!! Cover, Death Triangle wins!

Winners: PAC & Rey Fenix, by pinfall

Deadly as ever, Pac and Fenix make fast work of their opponents tonight! Will they only be more dangerous once Pentagon returns?


The Inner Circle heads to the ring!

The dastardly duo of Chris Jericho & MJF are here for a press conference to supposedly answer for everything they did to the Young Bucks’ father last week. Fans sing Judas for Jericho and AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Dasha is at the official podium as MJF and Jericho take their seats. The first question is from Barstool Sports, and is about what the AEW World Tag Team Championships mean to Y2MJF. Jericho says that everyone knows he is LE CHAMPION! That isn’t just a nickname, t’s the truth! But it’s been one year since he lost the AEW World Championship, so it’s time he has a title again! But with all the accolades he has, the greatness he has, he is a seven-time world tag team champion! SEVEN! With some of the biggest names in the industry, including Dwayne Johnson and Paul Wight! But none of them are better than MJF! And it is time for them to beat the hell out of the Young Bucks, just like they did to their stupid father!!

The second question is from Conrad Thompson of Grilling JR. The fighting is over, what are the odds of letting Sammy Guevara back into the Inner Circle? MJF can’t believe “turkey tits” here just asked that. Jericho said he never wanted to hear that name again, so get out of here! Go back to Nebraska! Next question! Brandon Walker of Barstool Sports ask why they attacked Papa Buck. Why? MJF is so sick of the shmucks out there making Papa Buck out to be a martyr! He attacked Jericho first! He did! So what they did was self-defense! But the worst part is that “that old worthless sack of crap” got his blood on MJF’s custom suit!

MJF knows most people can’t comprehend how expensive that is, but to put it in ways they can, he doesn’t shop at Target and Baby Gap! And if you thought what they did to Papa was bad, just wait until they get their hands on “Malnourished Matt” and “Not so Slick, I wish my hair was way more thick Nick!” But hey, it wasn’t their idea to attack Papa Buck, no. Did the Bucks think it was that smart to bring their bitch-ass pops down here? Especially knowing there isn’t a line that the Inner Circle wouldn’t cross? The Bucks need to do better. NEXT!

And it’s Eric Bischoff from 83 Weeks. His question is two parts, and he’ll direct the first part to Jericho. Do they know the condition of Papa Buck? And in Jericho’s list of stupid ideas, where does motivating the Bucks to come at you with a vengeance rank? Just curious. Jericho tells “Eric B” to shut his mouth! And second, they don’t know the condition of Papa Buck and they don’t care! As far as Matt & Nick go- They’re here! Matt & Nick step out on stage and glare at the Inner Circle. Nick knew that once this got started, the Inner Circle “pricks” would hurt their friends. But hurting their father makes this thing personal!

Matt says that their dad is the greatest dad in the world! He taught them everything they needed to know to be the men they are today! Being compassionate, have faith, love your family! They love their family! Papa Buck did everything that MJF’s and Jericho’s dads apparently failed at with them! Papa Buck taught them to dream big, and when he couldn’t afford to put them through college, he built them their own wrestling ring with his bare hands! Papa Buck taught them not to just stand idly by and let someone else do the work. You do it yourself! That DIY spirit is what created the Young Bucks, Being the Elite, and ALL ELITE WRESTLING! Without Papa Buck, there would be no Young Bucks or an AEW!

Laugh now, but do you know what that means? Then that means MJF is still at home, unemployed, on call with the Rosie O’Donnell Show! And for Jericho, let’s be honest! He’d be jerking the curtain at “the Performance Center.” Because Papa Buck taught them empathy, faith, family and one other thing! Stand up for yourselves and maybe kick some ass! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS for tY2MJF! Things bust off with the Inner Circle but Brandon Cutler gets in! Referees rush out to stop this but that’s easier said than done! Wardlow tackles Cutler, Matt SUPERKICKS Santana and Nick tosses Ortiz! The Good Brothers are here to help out! They have tables set up and Nick ROCKS Ortiz!

Matt heads over, dares someone else to come get them, and Nick puts Ortiz on a table. Karl Anderson keeps Ortiz down while Nick climbs up! Nick aims from above the tunnel, and Matt has Santana off the stage! 450 AND MACHO ELBOWS through tables!! The Bucks are fired up and Y2MJF look worried, as they should! Will Matt & Nick teach Jericho & MJF what happens when real men fight back?


AEW profiles what it means to have an “Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match.”

America hasn’t seen something like this in 25 years! Once you hit the barbed wire ropes and trigger the switches, there WILL be explosions! Not only that, but the barbed wire will cut you up mercilessly! This will be something to remember for a long, long time because of the violence, the unknown, and the two men in it. Atsuhi Onita says the rules here are fitting for Moxley and Omega. It is unpredictable, dangerous, and painful. But Moxley’s honor won’t let him do any less to take Omega out or be forced into retirement trying. Will the Maniac take back what the Cleaner stole from him? Or will he give up everything in return?


Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS FTR & Tully Blanchard w/ JJ Dylan!

Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood are more than honored to have a legendary tag team wrestler come out of retirement for one night and join them in battle! But will it also be the end of them as Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus & Marko Stunt are coming #ForTheirRevenge?

AEW returns and Jurassic Express make their entrance. The trios sort out, Tully starts with Stunt and they tie up. Tully puts Stun in the corner, fires off body shots and knees, then tags in Dax. Stunt slips away, Jurassic Express back him up, and they stare FTullyR down! Stunt swipes at Cash but everyone cools off. Jungle Boy tags in, he and Dax tie up as a return from their great singles showdown. Dax puts JB in a corner, the ref calls for a break but Dax throws body shots and CHOPS! Dax throws EuroUppers, pulls hair, but JB elbows Dax, hits Cash, repeat! JB CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS, whips, but Dax runs him over!

Things speed up, JB hurdles, drops, hurdles and dropkicks! Cash runs in but gets a dropkick! Tully distracts JB, Dax shoves him but JB rebound LARIATS! JB GERMAN SUPELXES Cash, trips up Dax, and gest the SNARE TRAP! Cash gets in to drag JB off the hold! JB trips Cash up and puts CASH in the Snare Trap! It’s on the outside so Cash tapping doesn’t matter! Dax gets something from Dillon! Tully talks with the ref about JB holding onto his hold, JB goes in and Dax SMACKS JB with a shoe!! Cover, TWO!! JB survives the classic SHOE screw job! Fans fire up, Dax bumps JB off buckles and tags in Tully. They mug JB, Tully CHOPS JB and JB bails out.

FTR hold the rope and Tully builds speed, to Fargo Strut instead. Tag to Dax, he drags JB up and throws him hard into railing! Fans rally and duel as AEW goes picture in picture.

Dax THROWS JB into more railing, then pulls up floor mats! Dax scoops and SLAMS JB on the bare concrete! JB writhes, Dax talks trash, then he drags JB up and ROCKS him with a EuroUpper! Tag to Cash, Cash fetches JB and toys with him. Cash puts JB in, drags JB up and whips him for a HARD shoulder at the ropes! Cash DECKS JB with a EuroUpper! FTR soak up the heat as Cash stomps JB down! Tag to Tully and he stomps JB around. Tully drags JB up, bumps him off buckles, then tags in Dax. Dax drags JB by his hair, CLUBS him on his back, then paces about. Tully stands on JB’s hair out of the ref’s sight!

Dax drags JB up, snapmares him and wraps on a chinlock. Dax grinds JB down and thrashes him around into a stretch. Dax fish hooks JB’s face, the ref reprimands, so Dax jams an elbow into JB”s face! Dax clamps onto JB’s face again with a smothering chinlock! JB endures as Dax grinds his forearm in over an dover, but the ref reprimands. Dax lets off, taunts Stunt, but the ref keeps Stunt out. Dax puts JB in a corner and CHOPS him! AEW returns to single picture as the CHOPS fly, and JB hits a BIG back suplex! Both men are down, fans rally up, Cash tags in to intercept JB! Cash scoops and RAMS JB into a corner, to then SLAM him down!

Cash hops up and leaps, but the Vader Bomb gets BOOTS! JB is down, as is Cash, and fans rally as they crawl! Hot tags to Dax and LUCHASAURUS! Luchasaurus runs FTR over, throws big hands and CHOPS, then BOOTS Cash and mule kicks Dax! Luchasaurus fires off on Cash in a corner and Tully starts slipping in. Stunt becomes Luchasaurus’ weapon to CROSSBODY Tully down! Luchasaurus choke grips FTR, but they both kick low! Cash DECKS Stunt, then FTR whips Luchasaurus corner to corner! Luchasaurus powers through their double clothesline to waistlock Cash! Cash grabs at Dax, Luchasaurus GERMAN SUPLEXES them both!! AND KIPS UP!

Fans are thunderous for Luchasaurus as he choke grips Dax. Dax slips out of the lift, baits Luchasaurus into a corner and POSTS him! Dax climbs up, JB runs over to go up and SUPER STEINER Dax into a POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Luchasaurus is surprised but he tags JB in. Cash drags Luchasaurus out to TORNADO DDT him to the floor! JB WRECKS Cash with a dropkick, Dax runs in but JB elbows and ECKS him! JB DECKS Tully, climbs up top, but Cash returns to anchor JB! Dax climbs, Cash tags in! SUPERPLEX and FROG SPLASH! The Power and Glory! Cover, TWO!! Cash GERMAN SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, TWO!! SNAP DRAGON! Bridging cover, STUNT SPLASHES IN!

Tully goes after Stunt to slingshot BRAINBUSTER!!! Fans can’t believe they’re seeing it again! But Tully turns around and Luchasaurus is there! Tully eggs him on, Luchasaurus choke grips, but Luchasaurus has a heart, so he just TAIL WHIPS Tully instead! JB tags Luchasaurus in, they focus on Cash, JURASSIC EXPRESS! Cover off the back suplex bomb, TWO!?!? Cash survives but barely! JB builds speed to DIVE, but who was that in the beanie?! He took the shot for JB, and Dax gets Luchasaurus so the same mystery man can CLOBBER Luchasaurus! Tag to Cash, then to Tully! They combine for a DOUBLE SPIKE PILEDRIVER!! Cover, FTullyRwins!!

Winners: FTR & Tully Blanchard, by pinfall

One way or another, the returning legend gets a win alongside the self-professed best tag team ever! And speaking of all that controversy, the man in the beanie was SHAWN SPEARS! The Chair Man returns, and is now on the team! Coach Arn is watching from the tunnel, and says he’s seeing this foursome. Is this a revival of the Horsemen?


Tony Schiavone is on stage with big news!

AEW is expanding and now has a third show of in-ring programming: Dark Elevation! And his cohost for that will be… THE GIANT, PAUL WIGHT! #NoMoreBS, but definitely big things for AEW! Schiavone is glad to have “G” here, and the fans are loving this! Did anyone see this turn coming? But that aside, Schiavone’s known Wight since he had long hair and a bright future. Wight is so happy to be in AEW. Fans chant “Welcome Home!” and Wight is definitely glad to be back on TNT. He is looking forward to working with the talent in AEW, and cohosting Elevation with Schiavone. There, Wight can do color commentary on the amazing and young talent!

But don’t worry, Wight will take this job seriously, too. He has a scoop! The biggest scoop EVER! Oh? This Sunday, AEW Revolution, they will hire and put under contract a Hall of Fame talent that will be a HUGE asset to AEW! But it’s not who you think. You’ll find out and Wight wants us to know you heard it here first! Who could Wight be suggesting?


AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals: Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Ryo Mizunami!

Two hard hitting wrestlers had hard fought roads to this moment! The Native Beast beat the Brazilian Blackbelt, the Doctor and the former NWA Women’s World Champion, while Aneki defeated “Fallen Idol” Maki Itoh, THE Aja Kong, and “Magical Girl” Yuka Sakazaki! The Full Metal Warrior, Hikaru Shida, is watching this one very closely, but which familiar foe will she be facing at Revolution?

The bell rings and the two circle as fans fire up. Ryo is fired up already but Nyla just doesn’t seem to get what’s going on with her. They tie up, Ryo tries to power Nyla back but Vickie shouts for Nyla to push her back. Nyla does push Ryo to ropes, but the ref counts and Nyla lets off. Nyla swings, Ryo dodges to fire off forearms! Ryo runs, rams Nyla, but Nyla stays up. Ryo powers up and runs, but Nyla stays up again. Nyla ROCKS Ryo with a right but Ryo hits back! They go back and forth with forearms, faster and faster! Ryo gets the edge, whips, but Nyla reverses. Ryo dodges but Nyla runs her over! Nyla mocks Aneki’s dance moves before stomps Ryo down.

Nyla drags Ryo up, reels her in, but Ryo back drops her away! Aneki unleashes the real dance moves, runs in and forearm smashes Nyla! Ryo shoulders, CHOPS, CHOPS and machine gun CHOPS away! Kojima would be proud! Ryo apologizes to the ref, fires up some more, and CHOPS again! Nyla sputters, Ryo fires up, does some miming, and runs in to CLOBBER Nyla! Cover, ONE!! Nyla gets up but Ryo keeps focus. Ryo powers up but Vickie distracts her! Nyla BOOTS Ryo down then hits a SOMERSAULT SENTON! Cover, TWO! Vickie is furious but Nyla chokes Ryo at the ropes! The ref counts, Nyla lets off, and Ryo is in more pain from Vickie’s shrieking than anything.

Nyla whips Ryo, scoops her and POWERSLAMS her! Cover, TWO! Nyla grows annoyed as AEW goes picture in picture.

Nyla drags Ryo up, chokes her on ropes again, and Vickie is again in Ryo’s face! Nyla lets off as the ref counts, Vickie keeps screeching at Ryo, and Nyla stalks Ryo to a corner. Ryo hits back but Nyla stomps her down. Nyla drags Ryo up, bumps her off buckles, then stands on her! The ref counts, Nyla lets off at 4, and then goes out to drag Ryo to the outside. Nyla RAMS Ryo into railing! Nyla makes sure Shida is watching as she drags Ryo up and makes her way to the fans. Nyla CLUBS Ryo down, drags her over, and RAMS her into railing again! Ryo sputters, staggers up, and Nyla gets in Shida’s face about the cup and the belt.

Nyla goes back to Ryo but Ryo hits body shots! Nyla CLUBS Ryo, puts her in the ring, then follows to stomp away! Nyla drags Ryo around into a chinlock stretch but Ryo endures. Nyla slowly hooks Ryo up into a camel clutch but still Ryo endures. Fans rally, Ryo reaches and powers up, but Nyla CLUBS her down! Nyla drags Ryo up, whips her to the corner, and runs in to SPLASH! Nyla keeps moving but Ryo follows to clothesline! AEW returns to single picture as Ryo reels Nyla in. Nyla is too big to scoop, and she scoops Ryo to SLAM her instead! Fans boo as Nyla steps on Ryo on the way to the corner. Nyla climbs up, leaps, but her Swanton FLOPS!

Ryo fires up again and fans are rallying with her! Ryo slaps some sense into herself, Nyla runs in but Ryo dumps her out! Ryo runs and RAMS Nyla off the apron! Aneki’s fire is back as Ryo drags Nyla up and reels her in. Nyla bumps Ryo off the apron first! Nyla climbs up, Vickie is shriller than ever, but Ryo SWEEPS THE LEGS! Nyla hits apron, Ryo climbs up fast, and APRON LEG DROPS!! Nyla staggers and sputters then falls over! The ring count climbs, Ryo waits in the ring and fans rally for “A E DUB!” Nyla slowly rises at 5 of 10, Vickie is freaking out, but Ryo sees Nyla won’t stay down forever! Ryo climbs, Nyla gets back in, and Ryo LEAPS for another leg drop! Cover, TWO!!

Ryo grows frustrated but she drags Nyla up to fire off forearms from all sides! Ryo has Nyla wobbling but Nyla stays up! Nyla ROCKS Ryo right back! Ryo gets up again, throws a forearm, but Nyla throws a clothesline! They keep hitting back and forth, Nyla ROCKS Ryo again, then runs, but Ryo swats the lariat away! Ryo fires off lariats point blank! Nyla stays up, Ryo runs but Nyla CLOBBERS her! Nyla drags Ryo up fast, fireman’s carries and DEATH VALLEY DRIVERS! Cover, TWO!?! Ryo survives and fans are fired up! “This is Awesome!” but Nyla isn’t done yet! She hangs Ryo out to dry, then goes to the corner! Nyla climbs, leaps, GUILLOTINE KNEE!! Cover, TWO!?!?

Vickie is shrieking like the banshee she is as Nyla drags Ryo around. Fans are fired up for Ryo as Ryo resists the bomb lift! Ryo throws body shots and palm strikes, then hits an EXPLODER!! Nyla is in a drop zone, Ryo hurries up top! Nyla hurries up, too, and ROCKS Ryo with a haymaker! Nyla climbs, brings Ryo up, and hits a SUPERPLEX!! Nyla slowly crawls to the cover, TWO!! Ryo gets a waistlock and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Ryo fires up again, Nyla stands, Ryo SPEARS!! Ryo drags Nyla back to a drop zone, goes back up top, and Vickie is losing her mind as Ryo hits the SUPER LEG DROP!! Cover, RYO WINS!!

Winner: Ryo Mizunami, by pinfall (wins the AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament)

Shida commends Ryo on that fight, and hands her the Women’s Eliminator Cup. Ryo thanks her and shakes her hand, to then SUCKER PUNCH her! Ryo eggs her on and Shida hits back! They brawl, Shida DECKS her challenger, and picks up her belt again. What a way to say hi to an old rival! Imagine what that title match is going to be like!


AEW returns with Schiavone back in the ring.

The Street Fight at Revolution is coming, so Schiavone introduces… STIIIIING~! The snow, the crow and the Icon! Sting walks out and fans are fired up to see him. Schiavone says Sting came back with Darby Allin last week to take the fight back to Team Taz. Sting has never looked better, and Sting says it’s great Schiavone says that. It evolves every single week, but then Sting found out a couple weeks ago he wasn’t when he got powerbomb’d by Cage! But Sting thanks The Machine for shaking off that rust! Sting feels like he’s ready for that Street Fight!

But then Ricky Starks comes out to tell “Stinger Man” to pump the brakes. He’s here on his own, so don’t worry about an attack. Starks is sick of the “Budding romance.” We’ve seen things go back and forth, but Sting showed something Starks hadn’t seen. Sting tore it up, and Starks is man enough to admit he saw something he hadn’t seen, and that was the fire! Sting’s still got it! But even so, Starks still doesn’t see the Icon. He SLAPS Sting, so Sting DECKS Starks! Sting rips Starks’ shirt off and whips him out of his shoes to CLOBBER him! Starks flounders, Sting is on him for another whip! STINGER SPLASH! Starks flops down, Sting gets the legs! SCORPION DEATHLOCK!!

Starks endures, taps, but here comes Team Taz! Hook gets Sting in a sleeper! Sting SMACKS Hook away, but Will Hobbs gets Starks out and Cage attacks Sting! But here comes DARBY ALLIN! No zipline this time, he just jumps on Cage’s back! Cage rams him into buckles but Darby holds on! Sting runs in, STINGER SPLASH! Darby goes up top, to missile dropkick! The Icon and the Relentless run off Team Taz, but what happens when things are finally unleashed for the Street Fight!?


Face of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifier: Preston Vance w/ The Dark Order VS Max Caster!

Number 10 surely heard Platinum’s diss track just for him, and now it’s time for him to respond directly! Scorpio Sky also watches from commentary to see who joins him, Cody Rhodes, Lance Archer and, if he is medically cleared, Penta El Zero M at Revolution! But first, Platinum gives us a special bonus track on Preston! “Listen! Listen! This guy’s big but a small talker. I shoot you up like Lady Gaga’s dog walker! This dude is mad soft, there is no future if you take your mask off! His names 10 but a 5 in the looks department. Like the fireball just hit Ronnie Garvin! Now you gettin’ burnt up! Platinum Max, I got this place turnt up!”

He ain’t done spittin’! Negative One ’bout to catch a butt whippin’! See Max in the streets- Negative One is fired up and Vance holds him back. Caster skips the rest and that was for the best, but who will get this won and head for Revolution?

The bell rings, Caster and Vance circle as fans rally. They tie up, Vance rolls Caster up, TWO! Caster scrambles away and tries to mock Vance still. Caster calls for a test of strength but kicks low. Caster clamps onto an arm, Vance powers out but Caster runs Vance over! Scorpio runs both guys down as being less skilled wrestlers, Caster runs but Vance goes to hip toss. Caster blocks but Vance blocks back to CLOBBER Caster! Cover, TWO! Vance drags Caster up, headlocks, but Caster powers out. Vance runs Caster over, things speed up, and Vance crossbodies! Cover, TWO! Vance keeps on Caster and hauls Caster up, but Caster gets away to a corner.

Vance CHOPS Caster, keeps him close and climbs up to rain down punches! Fans count and Vance gets only 4 before Caster slips out. Caster runs, only gets buckles, and Vance finishes the punches to get 10! Vance has fans fired up, runs in and CLOBBERS Caster out of the ring! Fans rally while Scorpio continues to talk trash on even Cody Rhodes and Lance Archer. Vance bumps Caster off the apron, then again, then runs in, only for Caster to POST him! Caster runs in to dropkick Vance into barriers!

AEW goes picture in picture as Caster mugs Vance and puts him in the ring. Cover, TWO! Caster grows annoyed, but he clamps onto an arm to grind Vance down. Vance fights up but Caster wrangles him down with a wristlock! Vance grinds forearms in Caster’s face but Caster holds on to drag Vance up again. Caster wrenches, yanks the arm, then whips Vance, only for Vance to reverse. Caster slips off the spinebuster and CLUBS Vance down! Caster pulls on the arm, hammerlocks it, and locks it down to taunt and KNEE Vance! Vance gets to a corner, Caster wraps the bad arm around ropes and pulls! The ref counts, Caster lets off at 4, and he goes after Vance in another corner.

Vance fires body shots back, but Caster wrenches and YANKS the arm again! Caster clamps on with smothering chinlock and AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and both men rise, but Vance rallies with big clotheslines! Vance whips Caster, and back drops him high and hard! Caster goes to a corner, Vance runs in but Caster elbows him away! Caster runs but into the SPINEBUSTER! Scorpio puts his hoodie over more than these two, but Caster puts Vance on the apron. Vance SLINGSHOT SPEARS! Cover, TWO!! Caster survives but fans rally with Vance as he aims from a corner. Caster staggers up, Vance runs in, but Caster hits a takedown! Caster has SHANKLY GATES! Vance endures the keylock stretch and gets the ropebreak with feet!

Caster lets off just long enough to SNAP BRAINBUSTER Vance! Caster goes up top as Scorpio says that’s dumb, and Vance avoids the Mic Drop Elbow! Vance and Caster slowly rise again, and Vance runs in at the corner! Caster boots Vance, hops up, but Caster’s rana is blocked to a BOMB! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Caster survives and Vance can’t believe it! “This is Awesome!” as Vance drags Caster. Caster kicks Vance away, then yanks him into ropes! Caster distracts the ref, and is that Jack Evans with Anthony Bowens’ boombox?! Evans CRACKS Vance with it!! Evans slithers under the ring, Caster covers Vance, Caster wins!!

Winner: Max Caster, by pinfall (advances to the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match)

Scorpio says Caster will just be disappointed now because he’s going to lose that Ladder match! But wait, Evans did that favor to Caster as a way to get paid by #BigMoneyMatt! A whopping $4200 for taking out Number 10 of the Dark Order! This is all because Hardy hates Hangman for pulling one over on him! Caster is fine with that, but will he benefit from all 4200 reasons he just won?


AEW has big things for Revolution Weekend!

First of all, AEW Dark has a special airing on Saturday to fit in all the action before the PPV! Then, a Buy-In match has been made! Britt Baker & Rebel will face Thunder Rosa & Riho! Will The Doctor and her assistant be able to beat a former NWA Women’s Champion and a former AEW Women’s Champion in one match?


Miro speaks.

The Best Man gave “Charles” Taylor a week, but he couldn’t even face Miro like a man! Miro is just trying to protect Chuck but now he has to hurt him! The people will now get what they want: DESTRUCTION! Miro is going to stop playing games, and it will be GAME OVER for Chuck!! Will the Best Man and Kip “Superbad” Sabian put a stop to all the fun the Best Friends are having?


Matt Hardy & Marq Quen VS Hangman Page & John Silver!

Before the Big Money bet, Hardy and his other Private Party protégé will take on the Cowboy and Number 3! But after what we just saw Hardy pay Evans to do to Number 10, will Hangman & Johnny Hungy eat Hardy and Quen alive?

The teams sort out, Silver and Quen start and circle. Fans rally, Silver shoots in to TOSS Quen, then he clamps on with a headlock. Quen gets the ropebreak, Silver lets up, and Quen powers Silver to the corner. Hardy steps back as Quen lets off for the new ropebreak, and Hardy gets a cheap shot in! Quen clubs away on Silver, kicks him to a corner, then wrenches him to tag Hardy in. Hardy Party mugs Silver, Hardy wrenches but Silver ROCKS him! Silver headlocks, Hardy throws body shots, and powers out. Hangman tags in, Hardy shoves Silver at him! Hangman and Silver hug it out and Hardy eggs Hangman on, only to tag Quen back in.

Quen and Hangman circle, Hangman dodges the clothesline to fire off haymakers! AEW goes picture in picture as Hangman stomps away in the corner!

The ref counts, Hangman lets off, and Hangman is fired up as he scrapes Quen on the ropes! Hangman whips, back drops Quen high and hard, then swings on Hardy! Hardy gets away, Hangman goes back to Quen and drags him up. Tag to Silver, they mug Quen, and Silver whips Quen to back drop him high and hard, too! Silver’s friggin’ jacked, baby! Silver drags Quen up and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Hangman, they double whip Quen but Quen kicks them back! Quen throws hands, runs, but into a DOUBLE BACK DROP that sends him flipping through the air! Quen flops to the apron and Hangman stalks over to bring him back in.

Hangman drags Quen up, CHOPS him off his feet, then drags him back up. Hangman snap suplexes, covers, TWO! Quen hurries to ropes but Hangman drags him back up. Tag to Silver, they mug Quen at ropes, and Silver throws big haymakers! Quen ends up in a corner, Silver fires off more shots, then he TOSSES Quen across the way! Silver flexes on Hardy, looms over Quen, and brings him up for forearms. AEW returns to single picture as Silver military presses Quen. Quen slips off and shoves Silver to the apron and fires off! Quen chokes Silver on the ropes, the ref counts, Quen lets off but Hardy hits an APRON SIDE EFFECT! Fans boo but Hardy gets away with that one.

Quen tags Hardy, Hardy drags Silver up and ROCKS him with a haymaker. Hardy bumps Silver off the apron, puts him back in and then covers, TWO! Hardy rains down rights, drags Silver up and puts him back in the corner. Quen tags in, they mug Silver with knees to his back, then stomps to his front! Quen digs his boots in, the ref counts and Quen lets off. Quen flexes now then drags Silver up to scoop and SLAM! Tag to Hardy, he hops up and soaks up the heat before he jumps, into Silver’s KICK! Both Silver and Hardy are down, crawling, and Hardy tries to keep Silver from Hangman. Silver BOOTS Hardy away, and reaches out!

Hardy drags Silver away again, but Silver gets around to hit a STANDING SLICED BREAD! Hot tags to Hangman and Quen! Hangman rallies on Quen with big forearms! Hangman whips, Quen dodges but Quen runs into a POP-UP SPINEBSUTER! Hangman runs at Hardy but Hardy avoids the boot! Hangman drags Quen up, Quen kicks a leg and whips Hangman to the corner! Hardy holds Hangman but Hangman gets away as Quen runs in, and the BOOT hits Hardy! Hangman scoops Quen for a FALL AWAY SLAM! Hangman kips up and PLANCHAS Hardy down! Hangman rains down rights, puts Hardy in the ring, but Quen is after Hangman with stomps!

Fans boo but Quen pie faces Hangman, only to run into a fireman’s carry, DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Fans fire up as Hangman drags Quen back up and throws him to the corner. Hangman dares Hardy to man up and tag in, but Quen bails out to regroup with Hardy instead. Hardy puts Quen back in, but Hangman kicks and suplexes him. Quen slips out to dropkick Hangman’s leg! NOW Hardy wants in, so Quen tags him! Hardy hits Hangman with a neckbreaker! Hardy calls for his finish, kicks but Hangman slips out to back suplex! Quen runs in but Hangman dumps him out! Silver tags in and he SPEARS Hardy!

Silver fires off furious fists, but Hardy hits a Twist, only for Silver to backslide! Hardy rolls off, but Silver kicks, KICKS, SUPERKICKS and BRAINBUSTERS!! Cover, TWO!! Silver’s Beaver Boy Blitz couldn’t finish this! Quen trips Hangman off the apron, hotshots Silver, and Hardy hits a back suplex! Tag to Quen, Quen climbs up, Silver stands up to get the MISSILE DROPKICK! Quen gets up, runs in but Silver OBOTS! Hangman tags in, Silver is the decoy and he KICKS Quen to send into Hangman’s ROLLING ELBOW! Silver ENZIGURIS, Hangman POP-UP POWERBOMBS Quen!

Silver reels Quen in to wheelbarrow, GERMAN SUPLEX, to the BUCK SHOT!! Hangman stares Hardy down and Hardy backs off! Cover, Hangman & Silver win!

Winners: Hangman Page & John Silver

But Hardy is a sore loser and he assaults the winners with a mic! Hardy tells Hangman that he hates him, and in their Big Money Match, Hardy will take everything from Hangman! This was all just a trap! Hardy is going to make it so Hangman won’t even make it to Revolution! But here comes the rest of the Dark Order to attack Hardy! Maybe Hardy is the one who won’t make it to the PPV! But here come the Casino Battle Royal field! Butcher and Blade, Chaos Project, Cezar Bononi & “Pretty” Peter Avalon attack the Dark Order, but then they’re countered by Bear Country, the Varsity Blondes, the Natural Nightmares, the Sydal Brothers and SCU!! It is tag team turmoil in the ring to say the least, and Negative One is just reveling in it from the stage!

BUT HERE COMES DEATH TRIANGLE!! PAC & Fenix are last minute entries in that match and they want to get their shots in! Hardy tries to run away but Negative One tells him he’s in for a bad time on Sunday! Will Hangman be the one to bankrupt Big Money Matt after the Revolution?

My Thoughts:

An awesome episode for AEW, and even a great go-home. I didn’t think we’d open with the Mixed Tag, but Shaq was great, of course Jade was good, and though Shaq took that table spot, it makes sense for his team to win. Jade has been waiting a long time for this debut so it makes sense for her to win and start her career off strong. Shaq’s disappearing act was interesting, I have no idea what that could mean. We got a great Six Man out of FTR and Jurassic Express, but I should’ve figured FTR finds a way to cheat and win. Shawn Spears being part of that is a natural move, and it just makes sense that he is part of their faction now. I don’t know if “FTR” will be the name that applies to the group or if they’ll have some new name, but it’s about time this happened.

Nyla VS Ryo was a great match, and I am happily surprised that Ryo won. As great in story it would’ve been for Nyla and Shida to have a rematch from Double or Nothing, I feel like it is much better for everyone watching to see Shida VS Ryo, which we certainly haven’t seen in AEW and hasn’t happened in some time. With that match up, I feel like the title match could go either way. If Ryo wins, that’d freshen up some things, even though Shida hasn’t faced everyone yet. Nyla is still considered top ranked contender, so she could still face the winner from Revolution over the Summer, and we could even work our way to Shida VS Nyla at Double or Nothing 2021, almost one year after the previous match-up.

Sting and Darby had another short spot with Team Taz, but I have no idea if it adds anything to what we’ve already seen. We got a great segment with the Inner Circle and Young Bucks, where another AEW press conference of course has Eric Bischoff for last. The Bucks had a great response promo and then a great double table spot. Maybe a little risky, but what else is new for these two? I feel like standing tall here could mean the Bucks lose, and that could also suggest who is coming out of the Casino Tag Battle Royal. PAC & Fenix win fast and then get in on the tag brawl at the end of the night. I don’t see them winning, but them getting in makes sense with Penta in the ladder match.

Speaking of, Caster VS Vance was a great match, but it makes a lot of sense in story for Vance to get screwed over by Hardy and Evans. I had a feeling the other night with Dark that Caster was going to win since Archer is already the powerhouse in that match. There is still one spot left, so either the bonus Dark gives us that qualifier, or that sixth person is the person Paul Wight introduces. That latter possibility would actually be pretty big, because Wight promises that will be a (WWE) Hall of Famer, someone everyone knows yet “not who we’d expect.” No idea who that could be, but I’d love to see them show up and do big things in the ladder match.

Meanwhile, Hardy loses the tag match tonight, but doesn’t stand tall even after he attacks, so the math makes me think Hangman loses his Q1 earnings. I feel like that’d work in story, because then Hangman can #JoinDarkOrder and lean on them for support. Hangman’s struggles have been great pacing in his AEW career, and maybe even his career as a whole, so giving up money to find the friendships that will really build him back up is a great element to that. With this, Hangman can totally become AEW World Champion come All Out 2021 or so.

My Score: 9.6/10

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