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Mitchell’s NJPW New Beginning Hiroshima Results & Report! (2/10/21)

NJPW begins in Hiroshima!



Another New Beginning begins, but who will reign?

The New Beginnings are continuing, and NJPW returns to Hiroshima! Will Hiromu Takahashi still be IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion against Sho?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • Master Wato VS BUSHI; Bushi wins.
  • 10 Man Tag: Chaos VS Bullet Club; Chaos wins.
  • Kota Ibushi & Tomoaki Honma VS SANADA & Tetsuya Naito; Sanada & Naito win.
  • IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Guerrillas of Destiny VS Dangerous Tekkers; GoD wins by disqualification and retain the titles.
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship: Hiromu Takahashi VS SHO; Hiromu wins and retains the title.


Master Wato w/ Hiroyoshi Tenzan VS BUSHI!

The rivalry is on! The Way of the Grandmaster wants to show he belongs, and that he can beat the Death Mask! Will he prove it tonight? Or will Bushi shut Wato down?

Wato poses on the corner, to missile dropkick Bushi down! Fans fire up as the bell rings and Wato builds speed to FLY! Tornillo takes down Bushi and Wato fires up! Wato brings Bushi up and puts him in the ring to then stomp away. Wato pulls at the mask, the ref reprimands and Bushi gets away to the outside. Wato pursues to stomp Bushi then rip his shirt away! Wato brings Bushi up, Bushi hits back but Wato clubs Bushi. Wato whips, Bushi reverses and Wato gets railing! Fans rally up as both men are down on the outside. The ref checks on them both, Bushi rises first and he brings Wato along. Bushi wraps Wato’s leg on railing and BOOTS it!

Wato hobbles and falls, Bushi stomps him down, and a ring count begins. The count is already 10 of 20 as Bushi puts Wato in, and fans cheer as this continues in the ring. Bushi brings Wato up, bumps him off buckles and CHOPS him! And CHOPS, and CHOPS! Wato throws forearms but Bushi CHOPS then double CHOPS! Bushi brings Wato up, wraps his leg on the ropes and dropkicks the leg! Wato falls over, fans rally, but Bushi drags Wato up. Bushi has the leg, and hits a SHIN BREAKER! Bushi keeps on the leg and has a deathlock! Wato endures, fans rally, and Wato drags himself and Bushi over to get the ropebreak! The ref counts, Bushi pulls Wato’s hair but still lets go at 4.

Bushi keeps the leg hooked but the ref counts again so Bushi gets away at 3. Bushi stands Wato up, snapmares and KICKS him! And KICKS, then gives toying kicks. Wato gets annoyed, Bushi boots him but Wato boots back! Wato kicks but Bushi blocks to elbow the knee! Bushi runs, but into Wato’s jumping kick! Fans rally as both men are down again. Wato gets up, brings Bushi around and whips him to ropes. Bushi ducks but Wato back elbows, back hands and sobats! Fans fire up as Bushi goes to a corner. Wato runs in but is put on the apron. Wato kicks Bushi back, springboards, but Bushi avoids the leap! Bushi kicks low then runs, but into a tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Wato grows annoyed but he gets the bad leg moving and drags Bushi up. Fans rally as Wato kicks away from all sides, then spins Bushi into a ZIGZAG! Cover, TWO! Bushi survives but Wato drags him up and around. Wato wrenches, reels Bushi in, but Bushi fights the Mouse Trap! Bushi runs but into a back kick! Wato runs but into an enziguri! Bushi hoists Wato up and hangs him out to dry. Bushi goes to a corner, climbs, but Wato avoids the guillotine to shoulder in! Wato springboards and hits the FLYING UPPERCUT! Bushi bails out, fans fire up with Wato and Wato builds speed again, only for Bushi to get in and BOOT!

Bushi whips, Wato reverses but Bushi huricanranas Wato out! Bushi builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit and Wato hits railing hard! The ref checks on Wato as commentary fixes their Plexiglas! Wato is okay to continue but he flounders around. Fans rally up and Bushi gets up. The ring count returns, Bushi puts Wato back in at 10 of 20 and fans fire up. Bushi drags Wato up, dropkicks the leg then hits a DDT! Bushi goes to a corner and fans rally up. Wato slowly rises and Bushi runs in, but no Code Breaker! Wato kicks but Bushi dodges to dropkick the legs again! Bushi reels Wato in to wrench and hook up, but Wato fights off the lift! Wato reels Bushi in, MOUSE TRAP DRIVER! Cover, TWO!

Bushi survives and fans fire up as Wato rises again. Wato drags Bushi up, kicks but Bushi blocks! Bushi dropkicks the legs again, reels Wato back in, but no Fisherman Screw! SCREW HIGH KICK! Wato fires up, fans rally and Wato drags Bushi up to scoop, T T D!! But the Tenzan Tombstone Driver isn’t enough, Wato goes up top! RPP FLOPS!! Bushi avoids the twist at the last moment! Wato rolls to the opposite corner now and fans fire up more! Bushi and Wato both stagger up to their feet, but Wato runs in corner to corner. Bushi dodges, runs back in but Wato boots him. Wato kicks, kicks and KICK-

No, Bushi catches it and puts the leg in the ropes! DRAPING CODE BREAKER! Bushi drags himself up, Wato is in the target zone, but Wato avoids MX to come around and tilt-o-whirl, school boy, but Bushi avoids the buzzsaw! Bushi kicks, Wato blocks, Wato ducks the enziguri but not the rewind mule kick! Bushi wrenches and reels Wato in, TERRIBLÉ! Cover, TWO!?! Wato survives but Bushi won’t lose focus! Bushi staggers to the corner and climbs up. Wato slowly gets back up, Bushi leaps, M X!! Cover, Bushi wins!

Winner: Bushi, by pinfall

The ending wasn’t Terriblè but it was still successful for Bushi! Surprisingly, Bushi helps Wato up onto his feet. But then he throws Wato out! And dumps an ice pack out on Wato’s head! Will it sink in for Wato that he is not the Grandmaster yet?


10 Man Tag: Chaos VS Bullet Club!

The Rainmaker, the provisional Mr. KOPW 2021 and the NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champions are taking on The King of Darkness, the Switchblade, Tokyo Pimp, Bone Soldier and the man with the most powerful boot in NJPW! Will Kazuchika Okada lead his team to victory? Or will Darkness Fall on the New Beginnings?

Teams don’t bother sorting out, it turns into a HUGE brawl before Okada even gets in the ring! Bullet Club’s Jay White wants revenge on Tomohiro Ishii and Bullet Club wants those Six Man Tag titles, but they’re the ones getting beat down! Chaos isolates White for the Six Man champions to stomp away on! The bell rings as Okada clubs and RAMS Evil and Yano keeps the other Bullet Club members busy. Goto and Hashi dig boots into White, then drag him back into the ring. Ishii helps stomp White, then they whip White to ropes. White holds ropes, and tags out to Ishimori! Ishii is after White while Goto and Hashi kick and whip and run Ishimori over! Hip toss senton!

ELP gets in but he gets kicks, and hammering fists! Goto drags Ishimori back up, and now Ishimori gets hammered! Gedo protests but Ishii throws him in! The Six Man champs hammer away on Gedo! White is furious, Gedo insults Chaos as he bails out, but Hashi elbows Ishimori down. Hashi CHOPS Ishimori, runs, but ELP gets a cheap shot in! Ishimori claws Hashi’s back while Evil runs in to sucker punch Goto and Okada! Tag to ELP and the Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions give Hashi a super BACK RAKE! Evil RAMS Okada into the timekeeper! White fires off on Ishii! Goto helps Ishii against White while everyone else is trying to help Abe-san!

Ishimori and ELP keep on Hashi with another super BACK RAKE! ELP gives Hashi noogies but the ref reprimands. White tags in and he drags Hashi up to give back those hammering fists! And more, and more! White drags Hashi up for a neckbreaker, then covers, TWO! Bullet Club complains about the count but White drags Hashi up. White EuroUppers Hashi, tags Yujiro in, but Hashi hits back! Hashi hits everyone in the Bullet Club corner but White anchors a foot for Yujiro to mug Hashi! The ref reprimands as Yujiro digs his boots in but Yujiro tags to Evil. Evil drags Hashi up as fans rally, and Evil puts Hashi in a cobra twist!

Chaos protests because they see the human chain already forming! And with extra links this time! The ref finally sees that, counts, and all of Bullet Club lets go at 4. Evil taunts Chaos, then tags in ELP. ELP tags Ishimori, and the Junior Heavyweight Tag champs whip Hashi to a corner. ELP whips Ishimori in but Hashi dodges! Ishimori hits buckles, Hashi dropkicks ELP’s legs out! Ishimori blocks the superkick to KNEE Hashi! Ishimori suplexes but Hashi slips out to hit a BUNKER BUSTER! Hashi and Ishimori crawl, hot tag to Evil! Evil drags Hashi away but Hashi spinning mule kicks! Hot tag to Okada! The Rainmaker fires off on Evil, whips but Evil reverses.

Okada elbows Evil down, hits ELP down but Yujiro kicks and runs, into a flapjack! Okada whips Evil corner to corner, runs in and back elbows! Kick and DDT! Cover, TWO! Okada watches Bullet Club and gets fans rallying with clap clap clap stomp. Evil blocks the Alabama lift, pulls hair, but Okada fires forearms! Evil rakes Okada’s eyes, the ref reprimands but the damage is done. Okada boots Evil back, goes out and up the corner, but Evil distracts the ref and Dick Togo shoves Okada down! Evil hits a FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Evil hits everyone on the Chaos corner and then stands on Okada’s head. White and Bullet Club mock the clapping as Evil fireman’s carries.

Okada fights out and boots, only for Evil to block and elbow the leg. Evil mule kicks, runs but into a BOOT! Both men are down and fans fire up! Okada and Evil crawl, hot tags to White and Ishii! The Pitbull dodges, the Switchblade dodges, repeat! Ishii spins and suplexes but White fights out to wrench. Ishii swings but White throws knee after knee and then some EuroUPpers. White whips corner to corner, Ishii reverses and runs in but into boots. White runs to fire forearms but Ishii ROCKS White with one! Ishii whips, White reverses but Ishii comes back to run him over! ELP and Ishimori hit Ishii, whip him, but Ishii holds ropes.

Yano and Goto throw ELP and Ishimori into corners, then whip them at each other! Bullet Club reverses, Goto and Yano collide, then Ishimori dropkicks Yano down! ELP rakes Goto’s eyes, then he and Ishimori whip him. Goto double cltoheslines them down! White gets in to throw Goto by his hair! White runs at Ishii but misses, but then dodges! White gets Ishii up but no suplex. Ishii wrenches, White reels him in but Ishii slips off the fireman’s carry! White swings, Ishii swings, but White waistlocks. Ishii elbows, but into a SNAP SAIDO! Ishii rises right up! And he ROCKS White with a forearm! Ishii suplexes but White counters to BLADE BUSTER!

White flounders about, drags Ishii up, but Ishii fires up. White SLAPS Ishii, then dodges the clotheslines to hit a DDT! Both men are down, fans fire up, and White tags to Yujiro. Yujiro runs and boots Ishii! Yujiro fisherman but Ishii reverses to a suplex! Now Yujiro is down with Ishii! Fans fire up, Ishii sees Yano and tags him in! The Producer says he’s going for buckles! Yano unties a corner, Dick is there, but Yano dares him to take the pad. Dick refuses, and Yujiro CLUBS Yano on the back! Yujiro whips Yano, Yano reverses, Yujiro stops himself from hitting buckles but Yano unties the other pad! Yujiro runs in, but almost falls for the trap! Yano runs in but gets bare buckles!

Yujiro whips, Yano reverses, but Yujiro reverses and Yano hits buckles again! Yujiro BOOTS Yano down, then drags him back up. Fans fire up, Yujiro whips but Yano holds ropes. Dick is there to trap Yano! The ref reprimands, Yujiro fires off on Yano, but Yano hits Dick and atomic drops Yujiro! Dick gets a sucker punch, Yujiro atomic drops! ELP and Ishimori hit Chaos, Yujiro runs to LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Yano survives and Yujiro can’t believe it! Yujiro drags Yano up while Bullet Club takes care of Chaos. But Goto gets in to CLOBBER Yujiro! ELP SUPERKICKS Goto, Hashi SUPERKICKS ELP! Ishimori springboard seated sentons Hashi! Yano BUCKLE SMACKS Ishimori!

Dick is there, Yano throws the pad at him! The ref argues with Dick, Yujiro sneaks up on Yano but gets a low blow mule kick! Yano shoves Yujiro into Dick, then rolls Yujiro up, CHAOS WINS!

Winners: Chaos, by pinfall

Well that ending was fitting of the faction name! Yano thwarts the Tokyo Pimp but he might still have to worry about the Crown Jewel going after his KOPW trophy! And then the NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships are on the line tomorrow! Will the Switchblade and GOD add more gold to the Bullet Club treasury?

Meanwhile, Okada wants after Evil and he dares Evil to give him a fight! Evil considers it, slides into the ring but then slides right back out. Okada gives chase and attacks Evil at the ramp! Okada throws Evil into the ring but Young Lions keep this from going down! Evil gets away, grabs a chair, and he takes a seat. Now Evil acts like the ball is in Okada’s court. The Young Lions stay near and Okada says Evil is only brave because of that. Evil and Okada are heading on a collision course, but when and where will it happen?


Kota Ibushi & Tomoaki Honma VS SANADA & Tetsuya Naito!

Before defending his Double Championships against the Cold Skull, the Golden God of NJPW teams with the Innovator of Light Tube Death Matches to take on Sanada and the Uncontrollable Charisma! Who goes into the massive championship match with momentum?

The teams sort out and Ibushi starts against Sanada in a preview of tomorrow’s main event! Fans rally up, “I-BU-SHI!” “SA-NA-DA!” They circle, feel out the grapple, tie up and Ibushi wrenches to a wristlock. Sanada spins through, wrenches back and hammerlocks. Ibushi drop toeholds, floats to a chinlock but Sanada slips out to the hammerlock. Ibushi fights up, spins through to hammerlock back, then goes back to a headlock for a takeover. Sanada tries to kip out but Ibushi holds tight. Sanada rolls to a cover, ONE! Ibushi hits another headlock takeover but Sanada headscissors. Ibushi kips out and fans cheer as the two stand off.

Sanada and Ibushi circle, tie up, and Sanada headlocks. Ibushi endures the grind, fights up and powers out, but Sanada runs him over. Ibushi kips right up and things speed up. Ibushi drops then dropkicks Sanada! Fans fire up and Ibushi encourages it. Ibushi stomps Sanada, tags in Honma, and Honma kicks Sanada. Honma throws forearms then runs, but Sanada kicks low and runs. Honma dodges but Naito is there! Sanada clubs Honma from behind but Honma knees back. Honma whips, Sanada reverses and Naito trips Honma up! Sanada basement dropkicks Honma then hits Ibushi down! The ref reprimands but Naito drags Honma out.

Sanada goes after Ibushi while Naito whips Honma into railing! Sanada whips Ibushi into railing on the other side! Naito puts Honma in the ring, Sanada leaves Ibushi alone and drags Honma to a cover. TWO, Sanada keeps his cool and tags in Naito. Naito stomps Honma over and over and over, and over and over, and fans rally with him. Naito drags Honma up for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Naito tags Sanada, fans rally again, perhaps it’s “L I J!” Sanada brings Honma up but Honma throws forearms. Naito clubs away on Honma, the ref reprimands and Naito stops. Sanada brings Honma up, LIJ double whip him corner to corner and then Sanada runs in.

Honma dodges Sanada, has Naito then catches Sanada, DDT COMPLETE SHOT COMBO! Honma hurries and hot tags Ibushi! Ibushi springboards and hits Sanada with the missile dropkick! Fans fire up, Ibushi aims and slingshots to PLANCHA Sanada down! Ibushi gets fans back on the “I-BU-SHI!” claps, then he drags Sanada up. Ibushi puts Sanada in the ring, drags him up, but Sanada swings on Ibushi. Ibushi fires off a strike fest, but Sanada catches the leg! Sanada trips Ibushi up but Ibushi fights off Paradise! Ibushi trips Sanada to go after Sanada, and he’s figuring out Paradise! Sanada kicks Ibushi away before he’s trapped, but Ibushi sunset flips!

Sanada rolls through, and ties up Ibushi in Paradise! Fans cheer and Sanada encourages them to get louder. The fans get louder and Sanada dropkicks Ibushi out of Paradise! Cover, TWO! Sanada keeps his cool and fireman’s carries. Ibushi fights out but Sanada kicks low. Sanada whips but Ibushi reverses. Sanada tumbles up and out and springboards in but Ibushi dodges! Sanada rolls, Ibushi runs in but Sanada ducks the roundhouse. Ibushi fights off the suplex but swings into MAGIC SCREW! Both men are down and fans fire up! Ibushi and Sanada crawl, hot tags to Naito and Honma! Honma runs into a kick, but he elbows Naito at ropes!

Honma runs but Naito gets around to waistlock. Honma swings, facelocks, but Naito wrenches. Honma kicks low and runs, but into Naito’s back elbow! Naito runs to add a basement dropkick! Naito drags Honma up, BACKBREAKER to PLUMA BLANCA! Fans rally as Honma endures, and Naito mocks Honma’s raspy voice. Honma kicks around, reaches out, and gets a ropebreak with a foot! Naito holds on until the ref counts, and the ref helps him undo the hold. Naito mocks Honma’s voice more, stomps Honma, then whips him to a corner. Naito runs in, rocket kick! But Honma stays up to CLOBBER Naito! Ibushi runs in to DECK Sanada!

Ibushi helps Honma whip Naito corner to corner, Honma runs in and elbows! Honma feeds Naito to Ibushi’s POWERSLAM! Ibushi and Honma both pat their heads, and run for DOUBLE FALLING HEADBUTTS! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as Honma resets and drags Naito up. Honma scoops but Naito fights it. Sanada rams Ibushi into railing, Naito escapes the scoop to throw forearms. Honma roars, dodges an elbow and HEADBUTTS! Honma runs, but Sanada dropkicks the legs out! Sanada catches Ibushi as he comes in, fireman’s carry to a dragon sleeper! But Ibushi Shiranuis out! Ibushi runs but Sanada dumps him to the apron!

Sanada dropkicks Ibushi down, boots Honma and feeds him to Naito’s atomic drop! Sanada kicks, Naito enziguris, and Naito whips Honma. Honma reverses but Naito hits the flying forearms! Naito wrenches and tilt-o-whirls, DESTINO! Cover, LIJ wins!

Winners: SANADA & Tetsuya Naito, by pinfall

The champion and challenger were left out of the decision, but surely LIJ winning will mean something! Ibushi and Sanada stare down as Ibushi has the titles. Ibushi asks fans how they think it’ll turn out. Fans clap but the beat is as much “I-BU-SHI” as it is “SA-NA-DA!” Sanada gets back in the ring, and he fist bumps with Ibushi. Will it be a very different story from the G1 Climax when Ibushi and Sanada face off tomorrow?


IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Guerrillas of Destiny VS Dangerous Tekkers!

Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa took these titles from Taichi and Zack Sabre Jr. to start 2021, but things can change! Will the Sliest Wrestler and the Submission Master make even GOD #JustTapOut?

Naturally, Douki is ringside to counteract Jado, though that didn’t really help things last time these teams battled. “Santa Tama” has a bag and it seems to be Taichi’s bag of tricks. Tama tosses the bag to Taichi, but Taichi doesn’t take kindly to that. Taichi still checks the bag, maybe his things are in there. But then it’s a brawl! GOD clobbers Suzuki-Gun, and wait, Jado and Douki are left in the ring! Douki blocks Jado’s kendo stick attack to hit back with his pipe! GOD and Tekkers brawl outside, Douki jams Jado again and then he drags Jado out. Loa stomps ZSJ, Taichi whips Tama into railing! The bell rings so this is at least on record as ZSJ ankle locks Loa.

Douki chokes Jado to the ramp and they go away from ringside. Now things will be even as ZSJ stomps Loa. Taichi opens the “gifts” from Tama, and he brings out… a loaf of bread! And… a boxing glove! Tama CLOBBERS Taichi and stomps him down! Tama scoop slams Taichi, and grins as he picks up the other bags. Tama asks “Taichi-chan” what’s wrong. And then he tells fans to shut up. Taichi kicks back, rakes eyes, but lets off as the ref counts. Taichi snapmares Tama to KICK him in the back! Taichi sees the remaining gift bags and opens one up. Taichi brings out… a plush doll. Tama laughs but Taichi stomps him before opening another bag. This one is… A ping-pong paddle!

Taichi rakes Tama’s eyes, then opens yet another bag. Not the iron finger, and Tama attacks Taichi again! Is the last bag the one? Tama keeps Taichi from getting the bag and gets away! Taichi pursues, CLUBS Tama on the back and kicks him low. Loa goes after Taichi but ZSJ goes after Loa! ZSJ drags Loa down and CRANKS the neck! Taichi hits Tama and has the last bag, but Tama RAMS Taichi into the railing! THe bag goes to Yoshinobu Kanemaru at commentary as the ring count climbs. The count is 15 of 20, Tama can use Champion’s Advantage! They both get in at 19.5!! Kanemaru says he has the bag! Kanemaru opens it up while Taichi holds Tama back!

The last bag has… A BRA?! Tama laughs again but Taichi CHOKES him! Loa attacks Tama, and gives him a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Loa DECKS ZSJ, Tama laughs his head off as he fetches Taichi. Tama drags Taichi up and RAMS him into railing! Loa hits ZSJ around, he bumps ZJS off apron, and Tama stomps Taichi down. Tama chokes Taichi, the ref counts, and Tama lets off. Loa chokes ZSJ now, and Tama grabs some of the bags to throw them at Taichi. Tama clubs away with crossface forearms but the ref is counting. The ring count is 10 of 20 and climbing but Tama and Loa take their time on the outside. Tama gets in at 16, Taichi gets in at 18!

Tama is after Taichi with haymakers, then drags him up for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Taichi survives but Tama digs a knee into his throat. Tag to Loa and Loa slingshot sentons! Tama adds his own slingshot senton, Loa covers, TWO! Taichi is still in this and fans rally up. Loa covers again, TWO! Loa wraps Taichi up in a chinlock, Taichi endures and tries to grab hair but Loa cranks harder on the hold. Taichi gets a ropebreak, the ref counts and Loa lets off fast. Loa drags Taichi around to drop elbows on him over and over! Cover, TWO! Loa stalks Taichi, drags him up, and throws a big forearm! Taichi staggers into the GOD corner, Tama keeps him down and Loa digs his boots in.

The ref counts, Loa and Tama let off, but Tama CLUBS Taichi down! The ref is busy with ZSJ and Tama hotshots Taichi! Loa fires off on ZSJ and DECKS him! ZSJ flops out of the ring hard, and Loa goes back to Taichi. Taichi kicks at Tama but Loa rakes Taichi’s eyes. Fans rally, Loa tags Tama and they drag Taichi up. Loa holds Taichi up for Tama to dropkick down! Cover, TWO! Tama grows annoyed as he looms over Taichi. Tama rains down fists but Taichi glares defiantly. Taichi gets up as Tama hits him more, and Taichi eggs Tama on! Tama throws more haymakers, but Taichi roars and KICKS away on Tama’s legs! Tama ENZIGURIS Taichi down!

Tama drags Taichi over, tags in Loa, and Loa drags Taichi around. The ref asks Taichi is he wants to continue and Taichi refuses to quit. Loa drags Taichi up to headbutt him to a corner! Loa talks trash on Taichi and whips him corner to corner. Loa runs in but Taichi elbows back! Taichi boots Loa, Loa growls and runs in again but is sent into buckles! GAMANGIRI! Both men are down and fans fire up! Loa and Taichi crawl, hot tag to ZSJ! Tama runs in but ZSJ CLOBBERS him! ZSJ runs at Loa to EuroUpper! Loa fires up but ZSJ throws more EuroUppers on him! Loa DECKS ZSJ with another forearm! ZSJ is right up to EuroUpper over and over!

Loa ROCKS ZSJ, ZSJ staggers about, but Loa runs into a BOOT! PELE to arm! Wrench, spin, keylock and STOMP! ZSJ is after that arm, hammerlock CRANK! Loa clutches the arm, ZSJ is after it again, then he pushes Loa down with forearms. ZSJ is after fingers, but Loa resists so ZSJ digs more forearms in. ZSJ uses his knee for leverage and pulls way back, but Tama drags ZSJ off the arm! Tama fireman’s carries but ZSJ slips off to snapmare and NECK CRANK! Fans fire up for ZSJ and ZSJ goes after Loa at the ropes. ZSJ kicks Loa over and over, toying with him and the bad arm. Loa is furious, he shoves ZSJ away but ZSJ comes back to go after a leg!

ZSJ trips Loa, gets the arm and he is after the wrist! ZSJ bends the arm again and STOMPS it! The ref reprimands but ZSJ doesn’t care. Loa gets pissed, ZSJ eggs him on. ZSJ is after the arm, wrenches through, twists the shoulder and the wrist and the elbow. Another wrench, another wrench, another wrench, but Loa ROCKS ZSJ with a forearm! ZSJ still holds on, and he keeps Loa from tagging Tama in. ZSJ wrenches again, and again, and uses his forehead as a point of pressure! Loa breaks free and ROCKS ZSJ again! ZSJ BOOTS Loa, but Loa stays up to run into another BOOT! ZSJ runs, into Loa’s SPEAR! Fans fire up as both men are down! Tama gets in to throw hands on ZSJ!

The ref reprimands, Loa staggers up, and GOD drags ZSJ up. Tama whips ZSJ to ropes, body shots, Loa uppercuts and Tama leaping NECKBREAKER! Taichi runs in to get the same, body shot to a leaping neckbreaker! GOD focuses back on ZSJ, drags him up, and Loa sends ZSJ into Tama’s lift. ZSJ fights off the Magic Killer, PELES Tama’s arm, but Loa RAMS ZSJ to a corner! Tama runs in for a HUGE splash! ZSJ flops down and GOD regroups. Fans rally up, GOD drags ZSJ up, and they double whip. Back drop to a catch, but ZSJ GUILLOTINES! Taichi gets Tama into Seiteijyujiryou! GOD endures dual submissions!

Loa gets the ropebreak, so Taichi lets Tama free, and ZSJ reluctantly lets Loa go. The Tekkers regroup now and they go after Loa. The Tekkers double whip Loa corner to corner, Taichi runs in to clothesline! ZSJ runs in to EuroUpper! Taichi KICKS Loa down, sits him up, ZSJ PENALTY KICKS! Cover, TWO!! The Tekkers keep their focus, fans rally up, and ZSJ drags Loa back up. ZSJ scoops but Loa fights it off. Loa clubs ZSJ, scoops ZSJ but ZSJ slips off. ZSJ runs, tilt-o-whirls and gets the Guillotine! But Loa powers out to a JACKHAMMER! But Loa can’t cover, both men are down and fans rally up! Loa and ZSJ stir, crawl, and hot tag Taichi and Tama!

Taichi catches Tama to a choke grip! Tama breaks free, kicks low and whips, but Taichi reverses to choke with both hands! The ref counts, Taichi lets go very close to 5, and Taichi whips. Tama reverses, Taichi comes back with AX BOMBER! Fans fire up with Taichi! Taichi kicks at Tama, gives Kowata Kicks even, but Tama staggers up, into another kick. Taichi gives more Kowata Kicks, then drags Tama up. Taichi reels Tama in but Tama fights off the saido! Tama spins Taichi around to TONGA TWIST! Tama can’t cover, though, he and Taichi are also down. Tama slithers around and watches Taichi. Taichi slowly rises, Tama leaps but NO Gun Stun!

Tama blocks the buzzsaw but Taichi still denies the Gun Stun to hit DANGEROUS SAIDO! Cover, TWO!?! Tama survives but Taichi keeps his cool. Fans rally up, Taichi stands and takes off the pants! Tama sits up but Loa CLOBBERS Taichi! Loa scoops Taichi for a POWERSLAM! ZSJ leaps on Loa for a sleeper hold! Tama clubs ZSJ off Loa, they hit GUERRILA WARFARE! Fans are thunderous as GOD regroups and have Taichi all alone. Loa drags Taichi up, back suplex to Tama’s neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Taichi barely survives and Tama can’t believe it! Tama and Loa decide on Super Bomb, and Tama drags Taichi up.

Loa goes up top, Tama drags Taichi up, but Taichi suplexes first! Loa gets Taichi, but ZSJ bails Taichi out of the scoop! Taichi KICKS, ZSJ sweeps the legs! BUZZSAW! Fans fire up again as Tekkers regroup. Tama staggers up, ZSJ brings him around to EuroUpper! Taichi BOOTS Tama, ZSJ EuroUppers, Taichi DECKS Tama with a fight! The Tekkers drag Tama back up and Alabama lift, ZACK MEPHISTO!! Cover, Loa drags the ref out HARD! The ref hits railings and he is down! ZSJ runs at Loa but Loa trips him up on the apron! ZSJ flops down, Loa gets in but Taichi BOOTS him! Loa throws a forearm, Taichi just scowls.

Fans rally up, double clotheslines collide but no one falls! Another collision, no one falls! Loa says he’s loving this! Taichi powers up, but Loa ROCKS Taichi with the clothesline! Loa drags Taichi up, POINT-BLANK LARIAT! Fans rally as Loa drags Taichi up and scoops him. Taichi slips out ot ROUNDHOUSE! Loa fires up but Taichi’s GAMANGIRI shuts him down! Everyone is down, even the ref, but wait, is that Jado!? Jado has the IRON FINGERS! Jado shouts to Tama and Loa to get up. Jado gives Tama the iron fingers! Tama puts the fingers on, but Douki returns! Douki enziguris Tama down! Fans fire up as Douki coaches Taichi up.

Tama rises, IRON FINGER SHOT to Douki!! Tama is feeling the power and he aims at Taichi now. Tama runs but Taichi BOOTS the fingers away! Taichi mule kicks, and he sees the fingers! Taichi picks them up and puts them on! But Loa CLOBBERS Taichi from behind! Loa runs but Taichi dumps him out! Tama snatches the iron fingers back, but ZSJ puts on a sleeper hold! Tama flails, Taichi hurries over, and he puts the iron fingers back on! Taichi powers up, but the ref is awake now! The ref won’t let Taichi use the fingers! Taichi shoves the ref down, Loa runs in, IRON FINGER SHOT!! Jado SMACKS ZSJ with the kendo stick!

Taichi is roaring, Jado SMACKS him! Taichi doesn’t flinch! Taichi IRON FINGER SHOTS Jado!! Taichi aims at Tama and fans are thunderous! The ref revives, Tama begs for mercy, Taichi… IRON FINGER SHOT!! But the ref calls for the bell!!

Winners: Guerrillas of Destiny, by disqualification (still IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions)

Taichi is in such a rage, he doesn’t even care! He wants to hit Tama again but the ref pulls him away, so Taichi IRON FINGER SHOTS the ref!! Young Lions get in, they get IRON FINGER SHOTS! Taichi still goes after Tama! Kanemaru gets in, but Taichi wants to hit even him!! Kanemaru dodges, ZSJ gets in and holds Taichi down! The rage of Izuka is possessing Taichi!! They get the fingers off of Taichi’s hand but Taichi just faints! ZSJ tells Kanemaru to keep them away! Will Suzuki-Gun consider the Iron Fingers far too dangerous to keep around? But the bottomline is that GOD retain the titles! Will the Tekkers ever get another shot?


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship: Hiromu Takahashi VS SHO!

The Ticking Timebomb is the Best of the Super Junior 27 winner, he bested the Super J-Cup winner and then took the title from Taiji Ishimori at WrestleKingdom! But High Voltage has been able to pull off shockers before, can he do it again here?

Sho and Hiromu rush each other, collide with shoulders then fire off forearms! Fans rally up as they go faster and faster and faster! Neither backs down, but Hiromu is slowly pushing Sho towards ropes. Sho ROCKS Hiromu, Hiromu fires off another, but Sho forearms again! Hiromu steadies himself, throws another forearm, but Sho hits again. They go back and forth over and over, Hiromu ROCKS Sho now, but Sho throws another forearm! Hiromu ROCKS Sho again, Sho hits back but Hiromu backs him down to a corner. Sho grinds foreheads with Hiromu then throws more forearms! Hiromu eggs Sho on, ROCKS him with another forearm, then throws more forearms!

Sho turns things around to fire off forearms again! Hiromu turns things back around to give even more forearms, but then Sho does the same! Hiromu shoves Sho, they grind foreheads, then the forearms start flying again! Sho ROCKS Hiromu, but Hiromu hits back! Sho hits again, Hiromu hits back. Hiromu eggs Sho on, Sho ROCKS Hiromu again! Sho eggs Hiromu on, Hiromu hits Sho again. They go back and forth again, then Sho gets the edge to hit Hiromu over and over! Hiromu ROCKS Sho back! But then Hiromu staggers away and the two rest on ropes. Fans rally up as both men rise.

Sho and Hiromu egg each other on, the forearms fly yet again, faster and faster once more, and fans continue to rally with them. Hiromu throws Sho out hard, and whips him into railing! But Sho comes back with a forearm! Sho whips Hiromu into railing, but then Hiromu comes back to hit Sho! The forearms keep flying back and forth, right in front of commentary! Sho staggers, flounders, a ring count begins but Sho comes back to hit Hiromu again. Hiromu hits Sho, but he also staggers. The count is 13 of 20, the brawl keeps going, but now it’s 16! And 18! They both go in at 19.5! Hiromu drags Sho right out to RAM him into railing!

Hiromu throws forearms on Sho, right in front of Hiroshi Tanahashi, Milano and Jushin Thunder Liger! The ring count climbs again, Hiromu DECKS Sho as it passes 10! Hiromu drags Sho up, ROCKS him, then puts him in at 16. Fans cheer as this continues in the ring. Hiromu rains down forearms on Sho, and then mockingly asks what’s wrong. Fans cheer as Hiromu lets off to stand over Sho. Sho glares up at Hiromu as he tries to sit up. Sho stands but Hiromu DECKS him! Hiromu ROCKS Sho to ropes, puts him in a corner and throws more forearms. Hiromu again mockingly asks what’s wrong but Sho gets up, only for Hiromu to ROCK him again!

Hiromu keeps throwing forearms but Sho hits back! Hiromu ROCKS Sho, whips him corner to corner, then runs in to clothesline! Hiromu rolls Sho, Sho dodges but the spear is blocked! Hiromu suplexes, Sho slips out but Hiromu elbows him away. Things speed up, Sho goes the other way and SPEARS Hiromu down! Fans fire up, Sho fires himself up, and Sho drags Hiromu up. Sho wrenches, kicks away on Hiromu and then KICKS him down! Sho takes aim as Hiromu slowly sits back up. Sho KICKS Hiromu down, Hiromu sits up so Sho KICKS him again! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer but Sho keeps his focus. Sho drags Hiromu up in a dead lift waistlock, but Hiromu fights!

Hiromu tries to swing around but Sho blocks the shot. Hiromu elbows free, but Sho blocks the superkick to ROCK Hiromu! Sho runs, but into a wheelbarrow COMPLETE SHOT! Both men are down and fans fire up! Sho rolls towards a corner while Hiromu sits up. Hiromu runs in, hits a clothesline, but Sho tries to follow. Hiromu anticipates that, whips Sho but Sho reverses, only for Hiromu to reverse and clothesline again! Hiromu runs corner to corner, Sho still follows, but Hiromu OVERHEAD SUPLEXES Sho into buckles! Fans fire up as both men are down! Hiromu brings Sho up, fireman’s carries, but Sho fights it off.

Sho waistlocks, Hiromu switches and shoves Sho to the ropes to clothesline him! Hiromu whips, Sho reverses but Hiromu holds ropes. Sho runs over, Hiromu dumps him out and runs, but SHo ROCKS Hiromu to avoid the sunset! But Sho gets an idea and drags Hiromu up! Sho suplexes but Hiromu blocks! Sho still drags Hiromu up an dover to join him on the apron, but Hiromu holds ropes for dear life. Sho tries but Hiromu fights out to SUPERKICK! Fans rally, Hiromu brings Sho up and reels him in, but Sho resists! Sho powers up to back drop but Hiromu uses that to SUNSET BOMB! Both men are down, Red Shoes goes out to check on them, but they’re both okay to continue.

Fans rally up, Sho and Hiromu stir but the ring count begins. The count is 10 of 20 as Hiromu slowly gets up. Hiromu stands at 13, shakes out the cobwebs and goes in at 15. Sho slowly gets up and Hiromu goes out to stop the count. Hiromu climbs but Sho is after him with forearms! Sho goes around, and brings Hiromu off the corner for an APRON BOMB! Both men flop back down to the floor as fans fire up! Red Shoes checks again, Hiromu and Sho are still okay to continue, and the ring count begins again. The count returns to 10 of 20 before Sho gets up. Sho crawls around the way, Hiromu slowly sits up, and Sho gets in at 15. Hiromu fights his way up to get in at 19!

Fans cheer as Sho drags Hiromu up into a waistlock. Sho dead lifts and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Sho holds on, drags Hiromu back up, for another GERMAN! Sho won’t stop there, he drags Hiromu up a third time, to pop Hiromu into the ARMBAR! Hiromu blocks, rolls over, but Sho pulls the hands apart! Hiromu scrambles to get the ropebreak! Sho lets go, he stalks Hiromu and drags him back up. Hiromu throws elbows to fight the waistlock but Sho still holds on! Hiromu reaches for ropes, throws more elbows, but Sho hits another GERMAN! Fans fire up as Sho powers up and runs, but Hiromu side-steps to REBOUND GERMAN! Sho stands back up!?

Hiromu runs at Sho, LARIATS collide but no one falls! They collide again, and still no one falls! Hiromu leans on ropes, Sho stands him up to throw forearms from all sides! Red Shoes wants Sho to stop but Sho shoves him away! Sho fires off more shots, then CLUBS Hiromu against the ropes with point-blank clotheslines! Sho runs, but Hiromu BOOTS back! Hiromu gets Sho in hanging headscissors! Red Shoes counts, but Sho shifts around to try and bring Hiromu up! Hiromu resists, Sho gets Hiromu up and over the rope to POWERBOMB him down! Both men are down, fans fire up and Sho rises first. Sho crawls over, drags Hiromu back up, reels Hiromu in and tucks the arms.

Hiromu resists the lift, lifts Sho and back drops him away! Fans rally up as both men are down again. Sho crawls over to Hiromu and drags him up. Hiromu throws a forearm, Sho staggers about, and Hiromu hits him again. Sho comes back but Hiromu hits him again! Sho smirks?! Hiromu and Sho go back to trading forearms back and forth! Sho staggers but he comes back for more, so Hiromu gives him more! The fans rally with every hit, and both men take a moment to catch their breath. Sho comes back with forearms from all sides, then ROCKS Hiromu! Sho brings Hiromu up but Hiromu gives forearms from all sides now! Sho roars, Hiromu dodges and ROCKS Sho! And again!

Hiromu whips corner to corner, runs in and forearms Sho, into another whip! Sho reverses and hits a forearm smash! Things speed up, Hiromu CLOBBERS Sho, cover, ONE! Sho runs and CLOBBERS Hiromu! Cover, ONE! Hiromu DECKS Sho, covers, ONE!! Sho DECKS Hiromu, covers, ONE!! Fans are thunderous as both men run and Sho DECKS Hiromu! Sho can’t cover as he falls back the other way! Fans rally up as both men are down again! Sho and Hiromu slowly stir and Sho is up first. Fans keep rallying as Sho dares Hiromu to stand. Hiromu rises, Sho runs, but Hiromu swats the arm away! Hiromu spins Sho around to RANA, into Triangle Hold D!

But Sho dead lifts and BOMBS Hiromu! Hirom still holds on and squeezes tighter! Sho endures, moves around, reaches around, but Hiromu squeezes even tighter! Hiromu pulls on the hold, Sho is fading! Sho fights up, dead lifts again, but Hiromu slips out to underhook! Sho wrenches out to ROCK Hiromu, then he dodges to tilt-o-whirl! Hiromu tries to fight it but Sho has the double wristlock! Sho cranks on the hold, Hiromu moves around, and Hiromu fights out! Sho tilt-o-whirls again, drags Hiromu down, KIMURA! Hiromu endures as Sho cranks even harder! Hiromu grabs behind his back to clasp hands and resist the wrenching!

Sho keeps pulling, uses his legs in it, and he gets Hiromu to let go! Hiromu reaches for ropes, Sho gator rolls him away! But Hiromu uses that to fireman’s carry! Sho still pulls on the arm! Sho has a mounted Kimura again! Hiromu fights around, reaches again, but Sho is keeping him down! Hiromu is fading, but he gets a second wind! ROPEBREAK! Sho lets go and gets back up. Sho drags Hiromu up, reels him in, and hits POWER BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Hiromu survives but Sho keeps his cool. Sho aims his bow and he drags Hiromu back up! Sho double pump handles but Hiromu slips out to HEADBUTT Sho down!

Fans fire up again as the two men are down, Hiromu on top of Sho’s back. Hiromu gets up, drags Sho up, and he says it’s not over yet! Fireman’s carry, but Sho fights out and reels Hiromu in! Double clotheslines collide but Sho gets moving, but Hiromu spins him! Sho dodges, Hiromu SUPERKICKS! Hiromu runs into a JUMPING KNEE! Fans fire up as both men stir. Sho is up first, and he drags Hiromu up. Sho reels him in, crosses the arms but Hiromu fights out! But Sho HEADBUTTS! Sho still has the arms, he brings Hiromu around and BACKSTABBERS! Sho runs and LARIATS, but Hiromu stays up! So Sho BLINDSIDE LARIATS, but Hiromu still stays up!

Sho runs, DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Both men stay up and fire up, to COLLIDE again! And again! They both wobble, Sho stays steadier, and he runs, dodges, and CLOBBERS Hiromu! Cover, TWO!! Sho keeps going, he brings Hiromu up and hooks the arms, CROSS ARM PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?!? Hiromu survives despite the neck being a weak spot! Fans are thunderous again as both men slowly rise. Sho fires up, aims his bow again and he drags Hiromu up again. Sho reels Hiromu in, pump handles, and lifts, but Hiromu fights it off! Sho adjusts, suplexes Hiromu up, but Hiromu turns it into a DDT! Both men are down but Hiromu is holding onto Sho’s head.

Fans fire up, Hiromu drags Sho up, VICTORIA!! Cover, TWO!!! Sho survives but Hiromu roars! Hiromu drags Sho up with a dragon sleeper, suplexes but Sho slips out! Hiromu SUPERKICKS but Sho stays up so Hiromu SUPERKICKS again! Sho is egging Hiromu on so Hiromu SUPERKICKS him again!! Sho still doesn’t fall, a FOURTH SUPERKICK!! Hiromu SUPERKICKS a fifth time!! How is Sho even up on one foot?! Hiromu runs, Sho KNEE- but Hiromu counters to a drop! Sho gets the arm to have a modified armbar! Hiromu holds that off as best he can, fans fire up as the two struggle, and Hiromu adjusts to dead lift!

Hiromu pops Sho up to a fireman’s carry, CORNER DEATH VALLEY! Fans are thunderous as Hiromu drags Sho back up! Fireman’s carry, swing and TIME BOMB!! Cover, TWO!?!? Sho still lives and the fans are electric! Sho shakes as he stirs and Hiromu is reaching a boiling point! Hiromu powers up as this match reaches a record length! Hiromu runs and CLOBBERS Sho! But that’s not the end, Hiromu drags Sho into the dragon sleeper, for TIME BOMB MK. II!! Cover, Hiromu wins!!

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi, by pinfall (still IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion)

Incredible! Sho put up a hell of a fight, but Hiromu could not be stopped! But then ELP jumps into the ring!! He shoves Red Shoes out and takes aim at Hiromu, but Bushi rushes in! Bushi tackles ELP to save Hiromu! But then Ishimori returns and he attacks Bushi! Ishimori keeps Bushi down and ELP drags Hiromu up! But Hiromu dodges the killer superkick to fire off on Bullet Club! Hiromu’s last gasp was enough to fight off his enemies! ELP demands a mic and he gets one. “I am sick and tired of you making me look like a fool! I am sick and tired of making him look like a fool!” ELP means Ishimori, of course.

And ELP is also sick of Hiromu having that Junior Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder! Hiromu didn’t earn the title, he was given that title by the BS NJPW pulls! ELP isn’t leaving Japan until he takes that title from Hiromu and puts it on his waist! “All it takes is one.” ELP drops the mic but now Hiromu gets it to respond. “Oi, Phantasmo. Why not? I’ll fight you with the title on the line. But on one condition!” ELP and Ishimori need to put their Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships on the line first! Come on, get out of here. Go away. Hiromu won’t get ahead of himself so go away, go away, go away, GO AWAY! Fans clap, “GO A-WAY!” ELP and Ishimori settle for this, but when and where will we see the battle for the belts go down?

Hiromu continues to say, “URAAAA~! I’m not deeeead~!” He and Sho “just clashed like absolute morons! I’m still kicking and alive!” They get what he’s talking about, right? It’s not pro-wrestling that’s in trouble, it’s the whole world which is losing energy! Then why not they, the energetic, send out a message? “Does being pessimistic help anyone? Does it make anyone come alive?” SO until the world is back on its feet, Hiromu won’t stop screaming! And even though the fans can’t yell, Hiromu will scream for them! Energy, energy, energy, energy, ENERGY! More, more, more! Keep clapping for him until your hands fall off!

Fans clap and Hiormu says it’s not enough. More. More. More, more, more, more, more, more, more, MORE, MORE! “Let’s have more fun together~!” Will Hiromu have all the fun he possibly can by becoming the one, true BEST Super Junior?

My Thoughts:

A really good event, but not quite as high caliber as usual. I apologize for skipping the Young Lions match with Suzuki-Gun, but of course the Young Lions lost. As I skipped ahead, I think I saw Minoru Suzuki himself all but kill Uemura. Wato VS Bushi was good, a lot of blue in the match with Bushi’s gear matching Wato’s. Bushi should honestly make Terriblè his finisher, it is a much cooler move than MX, aka the flying Code Breaker. When he hit it, I almost thought it was a new finisher and that he was winning with it. But Bushi still wins to not only cap things off with Wato but apparently go in strong to what is Hiromu’s story now.

The 10 Man Tag was a lot of fun, and largely chaotic, and so as I said, it is fitting that Chaos wins it. Yano stays strong going into whatever KOPW match he’ll be having, the Six Man Tag Champions go strong into the seemingly “last minute” match with Jay White and GOD, and things are still fairly even with Okada and Evil. All of those things are going to be good but I’m surprised it’s GOD going with White for those belts. I would’ve thought they’d try to use story and make Yujiro Takahashi at least one of White’s partners.

Speaking of GOD, he and the Tekkers had a really good match and there was a lot of good story going into that match. The paper bag gag was rather unexpected but it really added to story. The fingers actually showing up was a great way to top this off, especially with how it put Taichi into a berserker rage. This is very unique for Suzuki-Gun to do something somewhat goofy, though there is footage of Suzuki in DDT Pro fighting a fake Shinsuke Nakamura so maybe this is just Suzuki-Gun loosening up in NJPW. I would love if there was some kind of Iron Finger on a Pole match, though.

And then the Junior Heavyweight Championship was an amazing match, it sets a record on time from bell to bell, and it had so much action and story in it. Hiromu retains because his reign has only been the two months since WrestleKingdom, but now things take an interesting turn. ELP wants the singles title, Hiromu and Bushi want the tag titles, and with Castle Attack as another two day event to end February, it’s pretty clear they’ll use Night one for the tag titles, night two for the singles title, and those could go any which way NJPW wants.

My Score: 9/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW WTL x BOSJ Results & Report! (11/28/21)

World Tag League, Round 5!




Don’t worry, World Tag League returns!

Don’t adjust your screen, NJPW World Tag League is back for another round after taking some time off! And hometown hero, Yuji Nagata, is in the main event!


  • World Tag League 2021: Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan VS Tomoaki Honma & Togi Makabe; Kojima & Tenzan win.
  • World Tag League 2021: SANADA & Tetsuya Naito VS Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale; Sanada & Naito win.
  • World Tag League 2021: Toru Yano & Hiroshi Tanahashi VS The United Empire; Yano & Tanahashi win.
  • World Tag League 2021: Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI VS Yujiro Takahashi & EVIL w/ Dick Togo; Yujiro & Evil win.
  • World Tag League 2021: Dangerous Tekkers VS The Guerrillas of Destiny; Dangerous Tekkers win.
  • World Tag League 2021: Yuji Nagata & Tiger Mask VS TAKA Michinoku & Minoru Suzuki; Nagata & Tiger Mask win.


Here are the current World Tag League Standings!

SANADA & Tetsuya Naito: 4-0, 8 points
Toru Yano & Hiroshi Tanahashi: 3-1, 6 points
Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale: 3-1, 6 points
Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI: 3-1, 6 points
The United Empire: 3-1, 6 points
Dangerous Tekkers: 3-1, 6 points
Guerrillas of Destiny: 3-1, 6 points
EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi: 1-3, 2 points
Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan: 1-3, 2 points
Yuji Nagata & Tiger Mask: 0-4, 0 points
Minoru Suzuki & TAKA Michinoku: 0-4, 0 points
Tomoaki Honma & Togi Makabe: 0-4, 0 points


World Tag League 2021: Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan VS Tomoaki Honma & Togi Makabe!

TenCozy only has one win, which means they could fall to the back of the pack right here! Will the Great Bash Heels drag them down and finally get on the board?

The teams sort out and fans rally as Tenzan starts with Honma. They tie up, Tenzan pushes Honma back but the tow go again. Another tie up, they’re in more of a deadlock this time. Tenzan manages to put Honma on ropes, and lets off slowly, but Honma avoids the Mongolian Chops! Honma kicks low and headlocks, and holds tight as Tenzan  tries to power out. Tenzan throws body shots, powers out this time, and they ram shoulders! Neither falls, Honma runs again and they ram shoulders again. Still neither falls, so Honma dares Tenzan to run. Tenzan fakes Honma out to CLOBBER him! Fans rally up as Tenzan stomps Honma down.

Tenzan sits Honma up to CLUB him in the chest, then he tags Kojima. Kojima runs to knock Makabe down. TenCozy pinball Honma between forearms and Mongolian Chops, then Kojima hits the Mongolian Chops! Kojima CLUBS Honma, scoops and SLAMS him, then coordinates with Tenzan. Tenzan runs, but Honma avoids the slingshot elbow and falling headbutt! Honma drags Kojima out to RAM him into railing! Honma puts Kojima back in, tags in Makabe, and fans cheer as Makabe stomps Kojima. Makabe bumps Kojima off buckles, throws forearms on him over and over, but lets off as the ref reprimands to then dig his knee in. The ref counts, Makabe lets off at 4.

Makabe brings Kojima around to bump him off more buckles, then tag to Honma. Honma CLUBS and CHOPS Kojima! Kojima staggers, Honma CHOPS again! Honma snapmares Kojima, CHOPS him down, then sits him up to CHOP him again. Cover, TWO! Honma stomps Kojima while fans rally up. Honma brings Kojima up but Kojima throws body shots. Honma CHOPS Kojima down! Tag to Makabe, he wraps on a chinlock. Kojima endures but Makabe grinds him down to the mat. Fans rally up, Tenzan gets in and stomps Makabe. Makabe lets Kojima go but he stomps Kojima down. Tag to Honma, and they bring Kojima up to double whip and double shoulder! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up as Honma knocks Tenzan down. Honma stands Kojima up to CHOP him to the GBH corner. Honma CHOPS again, then tags in Makabe. Makabe stomps Kojima, CLUBS him down, then brings him up for a waistlock. Kojima resists, elbows free and hits a DDT! Fans fire up while both men are down, and Kojima gets up to hot tag to Tenzan! Tenzan rallies on GBH and fires Mongolian Chops on Makabe! Tenzan stomps Makabe in the corner, then CHOPS him, then stomps him again. Tenzan whips corner to corner, runs in and clotheslines! Fans fire up as Tenzan calls his shot, TENZAN BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally more as Tenzan CLUBS Makabe. Tenzan reels Makabe in but Makabe fights the urenage. Makabe kicks low then runs, but into a headbutt! Tenzan runs but into a LARIAT! Tenzan stays up so Makabe runs in to corner clothesline! Makabe bumps Tenzan off buckles, laughs and runs in to clothesline again! Makabe climbs up and fans fire up as he punches away. Makabe gets 10 fast, then reels Tenzan in. Tenzna fights the back drop, headbutts and haymakers, then runs. DOUBLE LARIATS! Makabe keeps moving but he runs into the MOUNTAIN BOMB! Both men are down and fans fire up! Hot tags to Honma and Kojima!

Kojima and Honma ram shoulders, and again. Honma flexes, kicks, runs but Kojima runs him over! Kojima shows off the dancing pecs, stomps Honma in the corner, then fires off Machine Gun Chops! Fans fire up and Kojima whips corner to corner. Kojima runs in to forearm smash! Kojima throws Honma down but he’s right back up! Kojima kicks Honma low, CLUBS him then runs, but Honma back elbows. Honma runs and runs Kojima over! Honma fires up and KOKESHI! Honma gets Kojima up to suplex high and hard! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up but Honma DECKS Tenzan! Honma and Makabe coordinate, LARIAT SANDWICH! RUNNING HEADBUTT! Cover, Tenzan breaks it!

Makabe throws Tenzan out and fans rally up. Honma gets Kojima up but Kojima blocks the suplex and throws body shots. Honma and Kojima fire off forearms back and forth, and fans rally as they pick up speed. Kojima gets the edge then the ROLLING ELBOW! COZY CUTTER! Cover, Makabe breaks it! Tenzan gets in to kick and CLUB Makabe down. Kojima stomps Honma, then TenCozy double whip. Makabe runs through the double lariat but not the TENCOZY CUTTER! Tenzan kicks Makabe out, Kojima throws off his armband. Kojima runs but Honma dodges to come back and LARIAT! Cover, TWO!!

Honma hurries to scoop Kojima but Kojima slips out, so Honma HEADBUTTS! Honma runs but into the COZY LARIAT! Cover, TenCozy wins!

Winners: Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Honma & Makabe earn 0)

The Great Bash Heels are still without a win! Will they ever get out of the starting block? As for Kojima & Tenzan, do they still have a chance to win the whole thing?


World Tag League 2021: SANADA & Tetsuya Naito VS Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale!

Los Ingobernables de Japon is undefeated through the rounds, but the Bullet Club boys are right on their heels. Will the Cold Skull & Uncontrollable Charisma stay Tranquilo? Or will the block be Too Sweet after tonight?

Chase & Fale are impatient with Naito taking of his suit. Naito asks they wait, but they don’t! Fale attacks Naito while Chase hits Sanada, then Fale throws Sanada out while Chase stomps Naito down. The bell rings to put this on the record while Fale goes after Sanada on the outside. Chase stomps Naito, drags him up, headlocks then punches him in the headlock. Chase stomps Naito into the corner, stomps away on him in the corner, then lets off to mock the LIJ fist. Chase wrenches Naito’s arm, whips him corner to corner, but Naito boots back. And again! Naito RANAS Chase then hip tosses for a basement dropkick! Naito also shows Chase how the pose is done.

Naito drags Chase up by his hair, tags in Sanada, and Sanada grabs the hair to wrench it! The ref reprimands and counts, Sanada lets go at 4. Sanada CLUBS Chase on the neck, and again, then whips Chase to ropes to elbow him down. Fans rally as Sanada pulls Chase’s hair and tags in Naito. LIJ mugs Chase, Naito snapmares Chase down and wraps on a chinlock. Chase endures, but Fale gets in to stomp Naito down! The ref reprimands but Naito keeps on Chase with body shots. Naito whips, Chase reverses, Naito wrecks Fale with a dropkick! Naito gives Chase an atomic drop, whips him corner to corner then runs in to jump kick! Leg sweep!

But Fale anchors Naito! Chase HOTSHOTS him down! Chase also hits Sanada, then Fale drags Naito down to RAM him into railing. Chase tags Fale in and Fale brings Naito up. Fans rally but Fale puts Naito in the ring to stomp the legs. Naito’s legs are still a weak point, and Fale stands on one at the ropes! The ref counts, Fale lets off at 4. Fale stalks Naito, tags in Chase, and Chase drops knees on the knee! Chase puts a leg on the ropes and STRADDLE ATTACKS! Chase pulls on the leg with a deep toehold, then he SLAMS the leg on the apron edge! Chase puts Naito in, stomps him down, then taunts Sanada before he CLUBS Naito in the corner.

Tag to Fale, the Bullet Club “massage” is in effect at the ropes! The ref counts, they both step off Naito’s back, then Fale brings Naito up. Naito fires off forearms and haymakers, and he ROCKS Fale. Naito dodges Fale’s clothesline and runs to the ropes but Chase grabs him! Fale runs in but Naito gets away, Fale knocks Chase down! Naito kicks Fale and uses the ropes but Fale fights off the tornado DDT to body shot and whip. FLYING FOREARMS from Naito! Both men are down and fans fire up! Naito crawls over, hot tag to Sanada! Sanada dropkicks Fale but he stays up to Sanada dropkicks again. Sanada dodges to dropkick and Fale falls against ropes!

Sanada whips but Fale blocks to reverse. Sanada holds ropes, Fale runs over but Sanada dumps him out! PLANCHA and down goes Fale! Fans fire up and Sanada encourages them to get louder. Fans do, rallying up as Sanada puts Fale in. Sanada aims from a corner, springboards but Fale gets under. Sanada comes back but Fale runs him over! Fale drops the BIG elbow! Cover, TWO! Fale tags in Chase and he drags Sanada up. Chase whips and KNEES Sanada to then wrench and slingshot BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Chase keeps cool, fans rally up and Chase drags Sanada up. Sanada trips Chase and goes for the arms, but Chase kicks him away!

Chase trips Sanada now, and now Chase tries the Paradise Lock! Sanada kicks Chase away, they both kick but they both block! They argue over who lets go first. They agree to do so at the same time, start to lower, but then Chase holds on! He trips Sanada and stomps him down! Then he tries again! Chase steals Paradise!! He stands on Sanada and gets fans to rally up! But Naito gets in to kick Chase down! Naito frees Sanada but Fale gets Naito! Fale shoves Naito into Chase’s waistlock, but Naito fights off the Grenade Suplex combo! Naito elbows Chase, kicks Fale then runs, but into a body shot! Chase adds the knee lift, then Fale LARIATS Naito down!

Fans fire up while Chase forearm smashes Sanada, then Fale SPLASHES! Fale fireman’s carries, Chase goes up, FLYING STOMP DEATH VALLEY, to SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO! Sanada survives but Chase drags him up and reels him in! Sanada RANAS out of the piledriver, dodges the Shi Trigger and O’Conner BRIDGES! LIJ WINS!

Winners: Sanada & Tetsuya Naito, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Chase & Fale earn 0)

Chase throws a tantrum over losing like that! And Fale doesn’t want to hear it from Naito, either. But will LIJ be able to keep this going with plenty more World Tag League to go?


World Tag League 2021: Toru Yano & Hiroshi Tanahashi VS The United Empire!

The Joker & The Ace fell last round, but Great-O-Khan & Aaron Henare get the best win in the tournament! Will Yano & Tanahashi be able to rebound? Or will the United Empire build more momentum towards the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships?

The teams sort out and Henare calls out Tanahashi, revisiting their days of HenarACE. Yano goes through the selection process, and Tanahashi starts. Fans rally with “Let’s Go, Ace!” already. The two circle, tie up, and are in a deadlock. Henare finds a point of leverage and puts Tanahashi on the ropes, only for Tanahashi to turn it around. Tanahashi lets off but Henare throws body shots, forearms and KICKS! Tanahashi falls, Henare gets him up to wrench and whip corner to corner. Henare runs in but into an elbow. Tanahashi goes up to CROSSBODY! Fans fire up as Tanahashi air guitars. Henare runs in but into a hip toss, and Tanahashi air guitars again.

Tanahashi throws the guitar to Henare and fans fire up. Henare is furious, he “smashes” the air guitar! Clearly, there’s no reconciling for HenarACE. Yano tags in and Khan calls Henare over. Henare tags Khan, and now Khan gets his chance at revenge for Power Struggle. Fans rally as the two circle. Khan’s drop steps throw Yano off, Yano school thug squats. Khan and Yano egg each other on, Khan sits down to give Yano a shot at his leg. Fans rally up, Tanahashi tells Yano to keep it up and Khan gets mad. Khan kicks Yano to ropes, CLUBS him over and over, then whips him to ropes. Yano holds ropes, Khan runs in but Yano dodges to SLAP him on the head!

Khan swings on Yano again but Yano dodges and runs, but Khan gets around to the IRON CLAW SLEEPER! Henare gets in to fire off body shots, then he ELBOW JABS Tanahashi! Khan Mongolian Chops, Henare KICKS Yano down, then Khan drops a SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Khan drags Yano up, double underhooks and pulls the arms back. Henare tags in and the Empire mugs Yano. Henare DECKS Yano, then turns him over to rain down big forearms! Henare gets the leg and steps through for a HEEL HOOK! Yano endures, Tanahashi coaches him up and Yano gets the ROPEBREAK! Henare holds until the ref counts 4 but he still has Yano’s leg hooked!

The ref reprimands and counts, Henare claims Yano was holding his leg, but he still lets Yano go. Henare drags Yano up, tags in Khan, and Khan Mongolian Chops Yano on the back. Khan bumps Yano off buckles, then climbs up to sit on Yano’s head! The ref reprimands but Khan pulls Yano’s arms back! Khan hops as the ref counts, and then he mocks the school thug crouch! Fans rally up but Khan pretends to put out a cigarette. Khan drags Yano up and goes to make him kiss his foot! Yano resists, powers up and goes to low blow, but Khan blocks! So Yano pulls hair! Khan elbows free, whips Yano to ropes but Yano reverses to throw Khan down by his hair!

Fans rally up, hot tag to Tanahashi! Tanahashi fires off fast hands on Khan, whips him to ropes but Khan reverses. Henare is there but Tanahashi DECKS him! Tanahashi then dodges Khan to come back and FLYING FOREARM! Fans fire up with Tanahashi and he drags Khan up. Tanahashi scoops and SLAMS Khan, then goes to the corner. Tanahashi climbs up, to SUNSET SENTON! Cover, TWO! Tanahashi hurries to drag Khan around by the legs, and he has the TEXAS CLOVER HOLD! Khan endures but Henare gets in! Tanahashi blocks the kick to DRAGON SCREW Henare down! Tanahashi then runs at Khan, but Khan ducks the slingblade to HITSUJIGOROSHI!

Tanahashi endures but Khan scoops to a BACKBREAKER! Both men are down and fans fire up! Khan crawls and tags in Henare. Henare snarls and ROCKS Tanahashi with a forearm. Tanahashi goes to a corner, Henare fires off body shots and forearms! The ref has to bring Henare off but Henare shoves him away! Henare keeps on Tanahashi, and then he shouts in Tanahashi’s face. Henare drags Tanahashi up to snapmare and KICK him in the back! Cover, TWO! Henare scowls but fans rally “Let’s Go, Ace!” as he drags Tanahashi up. Tanahashi fights the suplex to forearm! Henare ROCKS Tanahashi with a forearm in return!

Henare suplexes, but Tanahashi fights it to a TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Fans rally, Tanahashi crawls, hot tag to Yano! Yano unties the buckle pad, dodges Henare, but Henare avoids hitting the buckles! Yano thinks he outsmarted Henare but Henare CLUBS him on the back. Henare whips Yano, Yano stops from hitting buckles, then baits Henare into the buckles! Fans fire up, Yano DECKS Khan then he and Tanahashi whip Henare. Yano runs in to back elbow, Tanahashi runs in to SPLASH! Tanahashi and Yano coordinate, Yano hits Henare an atomic drop then trips him to catapult into the bare buckles! Tanahashi runs in to SLING- NO! Henare shoves Tanahashi into Yano!

Khan gets in to BOOT Tanahashi! Fans rally, Khan slashes his throat and drags Yano up to whip to a corner. Khan runs in to clothesline! Henare runs in to SHINING WIZARD! Henare shoves Yano, ROUNDHOUSE BOOT COMBO! Cover, TWO! Tanahashi gets in, Khan fires off Mongolian Chops! And then HELL STAB! Khan drags Yano up, HITSUJIGOROSHI! Henare gets the legs, standing HEEL HOOK! It’s the Fubuki variation, aka KITSUNEGOROSHI! But Tanahashi gets in to SLINGBLADE Khan down! Henare fires off fast hands, but Tanahashi SHOTEIS back! Yano shoves the ref aside and LOW BLOWS Henare! Roll up and high stack, Yano & Tanahashi win!

Winners: Toru Yano & Hiroshi Tanahashi (gain 2 points; The United Empire earns 0)

Khan protests, but Yano gets another one over him. Will The Joker & The Ace continue to surprise us all and head for the top? As for the Empire, will they be able to live down being taken down by such a duo?


World Tag League 2021: Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI VS Yujiro Takahashi & EVIL w/ Dick Togo!

Chaos’ Fierce Warrior & Head Hunter have only lost once so far, but the House Torture has only won once! Will that still be the case after tonight? Or will Goto-Hashi fail to #GetBackUp when Darkness Falls?

Goto-Hashi attack before the bell! They don’t trust the House of Torture and won’t let them get the first hit! Goto throws Yujiro out while Hashi is after Evil on the outside. Goto stomps Yujiro, Hashi POSTS Evil, and the bell rings to put this on the record before Hashi kicks Dick down! Goto brings Yujiro up to whip him into railing! Hashi drags Evil up to whip him into railing! Oh no, Abe-san goes down! Even when Evil doesn’t mean to, he hurts Abe-san! Goto puts Yujiro in the ring, stomps him down, then drags him up to put in a corner. Goto stomps more, fires off forearms, then bring Yujiro up. He and Hashi double whip to double shoulder, then hip toss senton!

Evil gets in but Goto-Hashi kick and whip him. Evil holds ropes and bails out, then Dick slips in, only for Goto-Hashi to storm over. Dick gets out but Hashi gives chase! Dick trips, Hashi drags him up and puts him in the ring! Goto drags Dick up, Evil argues with the ref, but Goto-Hashi hammer Dick down! Fans cheer while Goto stomps Yujiro down. Goto drags Yujiro up but Yujiro pulls hair. Goto fires forearms, brings Yujiro around and suplexes, but Yujiro fights it off and BITES the hand! The ref reprimands, Yujiro stops to then whip Goto, into bare buckles! The blud buckle pad is gone a la the Bullet Club favorite strategy!

Yujiro intercepts Hashi and whips him into the bare buckles! Tag to Evil, he fetches Goto, and he drags Goto around to RAMS into the timekeeper’s area! This time Evil did mean to hurt Abe-san! Evil gets the mic and uses the cord to CHOKE Goto! Goto’s grunts and Evil’s trash talk can be heard on the mic, so the ref stops that. Evil drags Goto up and puts him into the ring. Fans rally up Goto but Evil drags him up to whip into the bare buckles! Tag to Yujiro, he drags Goto up and snapmares to then throw down haymakers. The ref reprimands the closed fists, so Yujiro runs to basement BOOT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up but Yujiro drags Goto up.

Yujiro reels Goto in, BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Yujiro tags Evil and Evil drags Goto up. Fans rally, Evil throws Goto out, but then Evil distracts the ref so Dick can DECK Goto! Dick puts Goto back in, Evil covers, TWO! Evil argues the count, the ref says that was fair. Fans rally again as Evil brings Goto up. Goto CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS, but Evil rakes eyes! Evil whips Goto to the bare buckles but Goto stops himself! Goto DECKS Yujiro, sends Evil into the bare buckles and hits a BIG back suplex! Fans fire up, Goto tags in Hashi! Hashi runs in to CHOP Evil at the corner! Hashi whips to CHOP Evil again, then mule kick!

Hashi hangs Evil out to dry and he dropkicks Evil down! Hashi keeps going to basement dropkick Evil! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up, Hashi drags Evil up and reels him in, but Evil pulls hair to deny the suplex. Hashi breaks free to fire off fast hands and a CHOP! Hashi whips, Evil reverses and Yujiro gets a cheap shot in! Yujiro grabs Hashi, Evil runs in but Hashi gets away. Evil stops from hitting Yujiro, Hashi runs back in but Evil and Yujiro dodge. Evil keeps the ref from seeing Dick trip Hashi! Evil stands on Hashi, tags in Yujiro, then Evil DECKS Goto! Yujiro gets Hashi up, he and Evil whip Hashi corner to corner.

Yujiro runs in to BOOT, Evil runs in to CLOTHESLINE and FISHERMAN BUSTER! Yujiro basement BOOTS! Cover, Goto breaks it! Evil throws Goto out and Yujiro drags Hashi up. Yujiro reels Hashi in, INCOLLE SLAM! Cover, TWO! Yujiro can’t believe it but the fans rally up for Hashi. Yujiro sits Hashi up but Goto LARIATS him down! Evil gets in, Goto kicks low and brings him around. Hashi runs, RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP BLOCKBSUTER! Yujiro gets up but Hashi shoves him to Goto’s fireman’s carry. Yujiro slips out but Hashi SUPERKICKS! Goto fireman’s carries again, Hashi SUPERKICKS and Goto USHIGOROSHI! Fans fire up as Goto drags Yujiro back up!

Goto dragon sleepers and Hashi has the legs, but Dick gets on the apron! The ref tells him to get down, Evil gets in to throw Hashi into the ref! Goto swings but Evil shoves him into Hashi! LOW BLOW for Goto! Hashi CLUBS Evil down, but Evil LOW BLOWS him now! Fans rally up but Evil drags Goto up to throw him out. Dick has Goto with the SPOILER CHOKER! Evil gets a chair, and even Yujiro’s pimp cane. Dick leaves Goto behind to use the SPOILER CHOKER on Hashi! Evil JAMS the chair into Hashi’s ribs! Then Yujiro has the cane, CANE SHOT on Hashi! The cane even breaks from that shot! Yujiro gets Hashi back up for BIG JUICE! Cover, the ref is back, Bullet Club wins!

Winners: Yujiro Takahashi & Evil, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Goto-Hashi earns 0)

The King of Darkness applauds his Tokyo Pimp as they get away with another one. Will their underhanded tactics get them back in the running? As for Goto-Hashi, is it already too late for them to #TurnItAllAround?


World Tag League 2021: The Dangerous Tekkers VS The Guerrillas of Destiny!

Last round, Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr. tasted defeat while Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa had sweet, sweet victory. Will the Holy Emperor & Submission Master make the Good Bad Guy & Silverback #JustTapOut? Or will the champions be bitter as Bullet Club makes it just Too Sweet?

The Guerrillas Low Sweet, Taichi shows off the dancing pecs, and the teams sort out. Fans rally up as Loa starts against Taichi. Taichi stretches, he and Loa circle and tie up. Taichi actually brings things to the ropes, but Loa lets off for the ropebreak. Taichi and Loa circle again, tie up again, and Taichi again brings things back on the ropes. Loa lets off again, and Taichi applauds the sportsmanship with the fans. Taichi and Loa circle again, tie up, and Loa won’t let it go to ropes this time! Loa throws Taichi down and he rallies the fans. “Straight up, Taichi! C’mon!” Taichi steps up to kick Loa low then KICK away on a leg!

Taichi talks trash, but Loa ROCKS him with a forearm! Loa eggs Taichi on, so Taichi KICKS him back. Taichi eggs Loa on, so Loa ROCKS him with another forearm. Taichi KICKS, Loa FOREARMS, repeat! They go back and forth, Loa gets the edge, Taichi BOOTS! Loa rebounds but Taichi BOOTS! Taichi runs but Loa runs him over! Loa eggs Taichi on but tags in Tama. Tama tells the fans to hush, as he brings Taichi up to CLUB him down! Tama talks trash then rains down fists! Tama drags Taichi up to CLUB him, but Taichi RAMS Tama to the Tekekr’s corner! Tag to ZSJ and ZSJ pulls Tama’s ears! ZSJ EuroUppers, and again, and again!

Fans fire up while Tama falls over! ZSJ gets Tama up, snapmares, but Tama kicks him away to avoid the neck twist. ZSJ headlocks, Tama powers out, Tama hurdles and hurdles but ZSJ avoids the chop to get around and cobra twist! Fans fire up again as Tama fights free and hip tosses ZSJ down! Tama runs into a victory roll and NECK TWIST! Fans rally, ZSJ cravats Tama and brings him up for a neck wrench. Tama arm-drags free, arm-drags again, but ZSJ headscissors to bring Tama down! ZSJ pushes up and squeezes on the headscissor, but Tama flails and fights up. Tama pries free and gets a headlock.

ZSJ headscissors, Tama kips free, but ZSJ headlocks. ZSJ holds on tight as Tama tries to power out. ZSJ grinds the hold, Tama fights up and tries again, but still can’t power out. ZSJ grinds Tama to the mat, but Tama fihts back up. Tama throws body shots, powers out this time, but ZSJ turns arm-drag into backslide, that Tama fights to a COMPLETE SHOT! Loa gets in to DECK Taichi! Loa goes out after Taichi with stomps, Tama gets up and drags ZSJ up to throw him out hard. Loa chokes Taichi but lets off as fans rally up. A ring count starts on ZSJ, Loa stomps him down. Loa RAMS ZSJ into the apron, then whips him into railing at 11 of 20!

ZSJ falls to the floor and the count reaches 15. Loa talks some trash but the ref has him stay back. Loa decides to put ZSJ in at 19, Tama covers, TWO! Tama CLUBS away on ZSJ, then stomps him down. ZSJ goes to a corner, Tama brings him up and snap suplexes him down! Loa slingshot sentons, Tama covers, TWO! Tag to Loa, fans rally up, and Loa chokes ZSJ! The ref counts, Loa lets off at 4, and Taichi gets in. The ref keeps Taichi back, especially since he had his mic stand at the ready. Loa drags ZSJ up to throw forearms. Fans rally up, ZSJ EuroUppers back, but Loa ROCKS him with a forearm. ZSJ EuroUppers again, but Loa just ROCKS him with another forearm.

Loa eggs ZSJ on, ZSJ gets up and EuroUppers again, but Loa ROCKS him with yet another forearm. Loa drags ZSJ up, dragon sleeper for a BACKBREAKER, then a facelock for a stalling suplex! Loa walks around with ZSJ for a count of 10 before the JACKHAMMER! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up, Loa tags Tama, and Tama talks trash to Taichi. Tama brings ZSJ up but ZSJ EuroUppers! Tama fires up but ZSJ EuroUppers again! And again! Tama kicks low, EuroUppers ZSJ, then drags him up for another EuroUpper! Tama wants another but ZSJ turns that into a backslide! Tama rolls through, but ZSJ gets him for a NECK TWIST!

Fans rally while Tama writhes. ZSJ crawls, hot tag to Taichi! Taichi fires off Kowata Kicks, then tops it off with a KICK! Tama staggers up, he blocks a kick and CLUBS the leg! Tama whips, Taichi reverses to wrench and DANGEROUS HOOK KICK! Loa runs in but Taichi dodges. Taichi swings but Loa dodges the Ax Bomber to waistlock. Taichi fights the lift, elbows free, and PELES Loa down! Fans rally up as Taichi runs in and corner clotheslines. Taichi snapmares and KICKS Tama in the back! Taichi drags Tama up and reels him in, SEITEIJYUJIRYOU! Tama endures, fights the stretch plum, and fireman’s carries.

Taichi fights free of that, Tama SUPER FOREARMS! Taichi comes back, AX BOMBER! OFF COME THE PANTS! Tama sits up, ducks the buzzsaw, then ducks Ax Bomber to dragon sleeper. Taichi fights free of that to reel Tama in, DANGER- NO! Tama fights the saido, to PELE Taichi back! Fans rally up while both men are down. Tama tags in Loa and Loa drags Taichi up. Taichi kicks low, kicks a leg, then KICKS the leg! Taichi kicks again, Loa kicks, knees and ENZIGURIS! Taichi goes to a corner, Loa runs in, but Taichi dodges to GAMANGIRI! Taichi falls back and fans fire up! Taichi crawls, hot tag to ZSJ!

ZSJ runs and BOOTS Tama down, then runs at Loa in the corner to EuroUpper! ZSJ whips Loa into Taichi’s sobat! Taichi KICKS Loa down, then sets him up for ZSJ’s PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO! Taichi brings Loa back up, but Loa swings. Taichi choke grips! ZSJ joins in, CHOKE SLAM BACK SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Loa survives and Tekkers grow frustrated. Fans rally up, ZSJ drags Loa up now, Taichi powers up in the corner. But Loa scoops and SLAMS ZSJ! Tama drags Taichi out and RAMS him into railing! Loa drags ZSJ up, whips him to ropes, Tama gets in to body shot. Loa uppercuts, Tama NECKBREAKERS! Cover, Taichi gets in and breaks it!

Tama drags Taichi up, scoops and SLAMS him, then Loa drags ZSJ up. Loa and Tama BACK SUPLEX NECKBREAKER! Cover, Taichi breaks it again! Tama drags Taichi up, throws him out, and then goes out after him. Fans rally up as Loa drags ZSJ up. Tama climbs a corner, Loa POWERBOMBS ZSJ! Tama SUPREME FLOW!! Cover, TWO!! The Guerrillas can’t believe it! Jado calls for it, and Tama drags ZSJ over. Loa goes up but ZSJ escapes the Super Bomb and Taichi ROUNDHOUSES Tama! Taichi Alabama lifts Loa but Tama kicks him low! Taichi swings a clothesline but Tama catches him into a dragon sleeper. Loa gets the legs, TONGAN TWIST!!

The Guerrillas focus on ZSJ while fans rally up. They get ZSJ up, but he fights free! ZSJ wrenches and PELES Tama’s arm, EuroUppers Loa, then EuroUppers Tama. Loa comes back with a kick, then drags ZSJ up again. ZSJ fights the bomb into a GUILLOTINE! But Loa powers out, and now Tama holds ZSJ up! Taichi grabs Tama’s legs to stop Magic Killer, and ZSJ tornadoes Loa into a cradle! TEKKERS WIN!

Winners: Dangerous Tekkers, by pinfall (gain 2 points; GOD earns 0)

The tag team champions snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, and the Guerrillas go nuts! They shove the ref down, stomp the Tekkers out of the ring, and even Jado gets in the ref’s face! Did the Tekkers get lucky? Or is this just the different between them and the other teams?


World Tag League 2021: Yuji Nagata & Tiger Mask VS TAKA Michinoku & Minoru Suzuki!

The Blue Justice Card is here! Togane’s hometown hero closes out the night alongside his legendary tag team partner, against some rather legendary opponents! Who finally gets on the board in this World Tag League?

The teams sort out, and naturally, Nagata starts in his hometown. And just as naturally, Suzuki starts against him. Fans rally up as these rivals circle. They feel things out, tie up with knuckle locks, and then Suzuki gets an arm to wrench to a wristlock. Nagata spins through, wrenches and wristlocks but Suzuki wrenches back. Nagata cording holds and facelocks but Suzuki puts him against the ropes. Red Shoes calls for the break, Suzuki slowly lets off, talking about a clean break, and he lets off to pat Nagata on the shoulders. Then Suzuki SLAPS Nagata! Nagata storms up but Suzuki backs away to tag in Taka.

Taka CLUBS Nagata, throws knees, but Nagata body shots and knees back! Taka falls over, Nagata BOOTS Suzuki down Nagata then wrenches Taka, tags in Tiger Mask, but Taka gets away. Fans rally up as Tiger and Taka circle. They knuckle lock, but Taka kicks low, CLUBS Tiger down then stomps him. Taka brings Tiger up but Tiger sobats! And front kicks! And kicks! And BUZZSAWS! Taka gets up but Tiger KICKS him more! Taka eggs Tiger on but Tiger KICKS him down! Tiger stomps Taka, drags him up and Nagata tags in. Nagata kicks, wrenches, wristlocks, bends the arm back and ELBOW BREAKERS! Nagata CLUBS Taka, throws forearms, but Taka kicks low.

Nagata throws forearms, runs, but into a cheap shot from Suzuki! Suzuki then catches Tiger for a HANGING ARMBAR! Taka knocks Tiger off the corner then POSTS him! Suzuki lets off to drag Nagata out and whip him into railing! Suzuki boots and knees Nagata against the railing then DECKS him with a forearm! Suzuki uses the camera cable to choke Nagata! Red Shoes reprimands, Suzuki lets off and tells Red Shoes to worry about Taka. Suzuki then gets a chair from under the ring and uses it to choke Nagata! Red Shoes reprimands and counts, Suzuki lets off to stomp Nagata. Suzuki brings Nagata up but Nagata throws body shots!

Nagata whips, Suzuki reverses and Nagata hits railing again! A ring count starts, Suzuki bumps Nagata off the apron then puts him in at 8 of 20. Taka digs his knee into Nagata, the ref counts, Taka lets off with his hands but that’s not the proble. Taka stomps Nagata, tags Suzuki, and Suzuki uses the tag rope to snapmare and CHOKE Nagata! Taka says Tiger Mask is up to something and that distracts Red Shoes. Suzuki stops choking, covers Nagata, TWO! Fans rally up for Nagata while Suzuki drags Nagata up. Tag to Taka, they mug Nagata then Taka snapmares. Taka digs his knuckles into Nagata’s face! Red Shoes reprimands, counts, Taka stops to then scrape his soles off Nagata’s face. And again!

Tag to Suzuki, Suzuki drags Nagata up to snapmare. Then he BOOTS Tiger down before he PENALTY KICKS Nagata. A cocky one foot cover isn’t good enough for Red Shoes and Suzuki gets upset. Suzuki kicks Nagata around but fans rally up. Nagata gets up, shoves Suzuki, then throws forearms. Suzuki eggs him on, Nagata throws more forearms, Suzuki CHOPS back! And knees low! Tag to Taka, more mugging in the corner. Taka bumps Nagata off buckles, whips him corner to corner, then runs in to SHINING WIZARD! Snapmare and cover, TWO! Taka SHINING WIZARDS Nagata down! Cover, TWO! Fans still rally as Taka knees and whips.

Nagata reverses to kitchen sink knee Taka down! Fans fire up while both men are down. Nagata gets up, hot tag to Tiger Mask! Tiger goes up top to CROSSBODY Taka down! Taka ducks a kick, CLUBS Tiger on the back and has the arms for a motorcycle stretch. But Tiger kangaroo kicks free! Tiger ROUNDHOUSES Taka down, then drags him up to underhook. Taka blocks the Tiger Driver to UPPERCUT! Taka runs, but Tiger gets around to crucifix takedown, and then CHICKEN WING CROSSFACE! Suzuki gets in to stomp Tiger down! Tiger lets off Taka to get in Suzuki’s face. Suzuki eggs Tiger on but Tiger goes back to Taka. Taka plays deadweight then CALF KICKS!

Tag to Suzuki and he drags Tiger up to fire off forearms! Suzuki runs but Tiger sobats! Fans fire up, hot tag to Nagata! Nagata KICKS Suzuki in the chest, and again, and again! Nagata whips Suzuki corner to corner, runs in and BOOTS, then brings Suzuki out, only for Suzuki to fight the exploder. Nagata ROCKS Suzuki to Half Hatch Suplex! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for “NA-GA-TA!” as he gets Suzuki up, but Suzuki blocks the suplex. Nagata knees low, whips him to a corner but Suzuki reverses. Suzuki runs in to BOOT! Suzuki snapmares, runs and PENALTY KICKS! Cover, TWO! Suzuki is annoyed but fans rally up. Suzuki gives toying kicks while mocking the applause.

Nagata gets up and shoves Suzuki, then throws forearms. Suzuki laughs it off to forearm Nagata back. Nagata forearms Suzuki, and then eggs him on. Suzuki forearms hard, but Nagata comes back with a forearm of his own! Suzuki forearms, eggs Nagata on, and Nagata forearms again! Fans fire up as the forearms keep going back and forth! Suzuki forearms once, twice, three times! Nagata comes back, but Suzuki gets him for a SLEEPER! Taka runs in to DECK Tiger off the corner! Suzuki-Gun mugs Nagata in a corner, whips him corner to corner, Taka clotheslines then Suzuki BOOTS! Suzuki ROCKS Nagata, runs, BOOT SUPERKICK COMBO! Cover, TWO!

Suzuki gets Nagata in a SLEEPER, Taka intercepts Tiger for a CROSSFACE! Fans rally, Tiger crawls for ropes while Nagata endures. Red Shoes checks Nagata as he fades, but Nagata gets a second wind! Blue Justice is turning purple, but Suzuki covers, TWO!! Nagata survives, so Suzuki drags him up to bring him over. Gotch hold but Nagata fights and grabs ropes! Suzuki tags Taka, he and Taka double whip again. Taka runs in but misses, Nagata BOOTS Suzuki down! And elbows Taka! Tiger gets in, to give Taka TIGER DRIVER! NAGATA LOCK II!! Taka endures the crossface, Suzuki stomps Nagata down! Suzuki drags Nagata up to throw knees, but Nagata fires forearms to throw Suzuki out.

Nagata BOOTS Taka to a corner then SHINING WIZARDS! BRAINBUSTER!! Cover, Suzuki breaks it! Suzuki uses the tag rope to choke Nagata again! Nagata fights up, Suzuki lets him free but Nagata hits an EXPLODER! Tiger gets Suzuki up, he and Nagata DOUBLE GIRI! Fans are thunderous for Nagata while Tiger keeps Suzuki down. Nagata drags Taka up, SAIDO! With bridge! Nagata & Tiger Mask win!

Winners: Yuji Nagata & Tiger Mask, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Suzuki-Gun earns 0)

Finally, Team Blue Justice scores! And Suzuki is pissed again. And again, he takes it out on the Young Lions. Will the Meanest Man in the World ever get himself and Taka going in the World Tag League? As for Nagata, he gets the mic to address his hometown. “Once again, thank you, everyone! Thanks to Tiger Mask’s support, we finally got our first win. Thank you very much!” Nagata knows things with COVID have been getting better in Japan but they’re still fighting it. To have these fans here means a lot. “I mean this from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much.”

He’d like everyone from the whole card to send this off, but head count has to stay low because of COVID. They’ll just go with everyone from Hontai instead. “Hontai wrestlers, please come out here!” The Great Bash Heels and TenCozy return, as does Tanahashi. They each shake hands with Nagata as they reenter the ring. Nagata notes this is also the 30th anniversary for both Tenzan and Kojima. Nagata has prepared a special gift for the occasion. Big bouquets are brought out for them, and then Honma and Tanahashi helps present special anniversary photos.

Tenzan’s is his victory parade from his G1 Climax win in 2005, and then Kojima’s is his Triple Crown and IWGP Heavyweight Championship wins. The fans cheer this amazing gift! Honma almost doesn’t want to give that great item up. TenCozy poses with their pictures for a photo op moment. And then Nagata has a special gift from his own company, Nagata Lock. TenCozy is very honored to get this cash gift. And before things wrap, a special greeting from Masahiro Chono! Chono hops off commentary to get in the ring with the others. Chono shakes everyone’s hands, helps with the bouquets, and then is handed the mic.

“TenCozy! How long are you going to be doing this thing? This makes 30 years, huh? Please think of your future. Pack it in within ten years. You’ve worked yourselves hard, including Nagata. But until you retire, run with the best in today’s NJPW! From your beginnings in the old era, keep doing your best for the future. Thanks for your hard work!” Fans cheer those words of encouragement, and Nagata says today they celebrate 30 years of Tenzan & Kojima. He knows next year will be his own 30th, so that will be the theme here in Togane. Make sure to be there, as well.

Nagata thanks the fans again, and hopes that next year’s show will be a great success. Join in, everyone! 1, 2, 3, ZE-A! A great moment for all of Hontai and even all of NJPW. Will this first win for Nagata & Tiger Mask be just the first of many? Will Nagata have something big to celebrate in his own 30th year?


Here are the NEW World Tag League Standings!

SANADA & Tetsuya Naito: 5-0, 10 points
Toru Yano & Hiroshi Tanahashi: 4-1, 8 points
Dangerous Tekkers: 4-1, 8 points
Guerrillas of Destiny: 3-2, 6 points
Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale: 3-2, 6 points
Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI: 3-2, 6 points
The United Empire: 3-2, 6 points
EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi: 2-3, 4 points
Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan: 2-3, 4 points
Yuji Nagata & Tiger Mask: 1-4, 2 points
Minoru Suzuki & TAKA Michinoku: 0-5, 0 points
Tomoaki Honma & Togi Makabe: 0-5, 0 points

My Thoughts:

A great round for World Tag League, with some fairly surprising results. A solid opener from TenCozy and Great Bash Heels, and what great timing that TenCozy won to then be honored at the end of the night. That moment itself was great stuff, including Chono poking fun at TenCozy. LIJ staying undefeated is great stuff, as is Yano & Tanahashi staying strong near the top. House of Torture winning keeps them alive, and I have a feeling when they face LIJ on 12/12, aka the last round before the finals, will be a very important match in this tournament. Tekkers of course stay strong, but it’s not like the Guerrillas are out of it yet, either. Nagata & Tiger Mask winning was also a natural choice to give the crowd a happy ending to the event and a great set-up to that closing moment with TenCozy.

My Score: 8.9/10

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Lucha Central Weekly (1)

Miranda, Dusty, and Brendan bring you the latest in Lucha Libre as if it totally wasn’t over a week old!

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