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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (3/17/21)

It’s a St. Patrick’s Day Slam!



AEW St. Patrick's Day

Raise a glass to AEW Dynamite!

Cheers to AEW as Dynamite becomes a St. Patrick’s Day SLAM! Will Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston be drinking in victory or drowning sorrows after facing the Good Brothers tonight?


  • Cody Rhodes w/ Arn Anderson VS Penta El Zero M; Rhodes wins.
  • Jade Cargill VS Dani Jordyn; Cargill wins.
  • 10 Man Tag: Jurassic Express & Bear Country VS Matt Hardy, Private Party, The Butcher & The Blade; Team Hardy wins.
  • Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston VS The Good Brothers w/ Don Callis; Moxley & Kingston win.
  • Rey Fenix w/ PAC VS Angelico w/ Jack Evans; Fenix wins.
  • Unsanctioned Lights Out No Holds Barred: Britt Baker w/ Rebel VS Thunder Rosa; Rosa wins.


Cody Rhodes w/ Arn Anderson VS Penta El Zero M!

The Prince of Pro-Wrestling doesn’t scare Cero Miedo, nor does he seem to get any respect from him. Penta promises Cody will be taking an early paternity leave, but will Cody make sure to break that promise?

As Cody makes his entrance, Penta LEAPS out after him! Tope conjilo takes Cody out at the ramp and the bell rings! Penta gets Cody in the ring, KICKS him, throws him out of the ring, but Cody ROCKS him with a forearm! Penta KICKS Cody’s leg again, and again! Cody headlocks and punches, but Penta SUPERKICKS! Fans are fired up already as Penta POSTS Cody! Penta gets a leg to KICK the thigh! Cody ROCKS Penta back, then throws Penta into railing! Cody gets back in the ring, Penta pursues and Penta KICKS the leg again! Penta rips Cody’s green shirt off, throws body shots, and CHOPS him! Fans fire up more with that one!

Penta wraps Cody’s arm around ropes, pulls on it, then lets off to CHOP! Cody eggs Penta on, Penta CHOPS! Cody kicks low, and GOURD BUSTERS! Cody sits Penta up to run, but Penta dodges, gets around and SLINGBLADES! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up as Cody sits up but Penta is on him at the ropes. Penta chokes Cody, claws at him, but lets off as the ref counts. Penta drags Cody up, Cody kicks back and drops for the Rhodes Uppercut! Cody dragon sleepers but Penta fights out. Penta whips, Cody reverses but Penta goes up and over to BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO! Penta wasn’t all that serious on the cover, but now he goes outside.

Penta sets up spare barriers, and even put on a St. Patrick’s Day hat. Penta KICKS Cody’s leg, fireman’s carries, but Cody slips off to BOOT Penta! Penta CLUBS Cody, puts him in the ring, and then climbs up. Cody intercepts with haymakers and elbows, then he climbs up to join Penta. Fans rally up as Cody SUPER STEINERS Penta! Fans are thunderous as Cody grits his teeth and stands back up. Penta KICKS from the mat! Cody falls to the apron, clutching the bad arm, and Penta goes out to SUPERKICK the shoulder! Penta gets in to KICK Cody while he’s down, and he digs his boots into the arm! The ref counts, Penta lets off and drags Cody up.

Cody resists Penta but Penta KICKS the arm, then hits SOLE FOOD to the shoulder! Penta tells Arn to hush but Cody KICKS Penta’s leg! Cody stomps Penta’s knee, grits his teeth and drags Penta up. Cody kicks low, kicks again, then headlocks. Penta powers out, drops but Cody gets him for a fireman’s carry! Cody brings Penta to ropes but Penta lands safe on the apron to GAMANGIRI! But Cody hits a BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! Penta falls to the floor, fans fire up and Cody builds speed to DIVE! Penta is sent into the railing he set up! Fans are thunderous for “A E DUB!” as both men are down on the outside.

Cody gets up, drags Penta up and throws him in but Penta KICKS Cody in the ropes! Penta drags Cody through to CHOP him again! CERO MIEDO! Penta runs but into a SUPERKICK! Cody runs to DESTROYER!! Cody keeps moving, springboard, CODY CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Penta survives and Cody is seething as the fans are fired up. Cody drags Penta up, Penta superkicks but is blocked! CROSS RHODES!! Cover, TWO!?!? Penta survives Cody’s best and even Arn is shocked! Penta tells Arn to shut up but Cody is on him for the inverted Gory Especial! DIN’S FIRE!! Cover, TWO!?!?! How did Penta survive that one?!? Cody isn’t losing his cool, he just drags Penta up.

Penta SLAPS Cody! Cody kicks low, whips him to a corner and drags Penta out to SLAM a leg into the post! Now he might be losing his cool. Cody puts Penta back in, gets the leg, and steps through for the FIGURE FOUR! Penta endures, fans rally and duel, but Penta drags himself over to the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Cody lets Penta free at 3. Fans are thunderous as they duel and Cody gets the legs again. Penta resists the Figure Four, drags Cody down, DARK ARMBAR!!! Cody clutches his arm, but he manages a sunset flip! CODY WINS!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall

Penta is pissed and he goes after Cody’s arm! Penta elbows away on the shoulder but Arn gets in! The Enforcer glares at Penta, Dustin Rhodes and even the Gunn Club get in, but Penta slips away. Will the Nightmare Family avenge Cody? Or will Penta make sure they all fear Cero Miedo?

Wait, only now does QT Marshall show up. Fans boo him for being so late to the rescue, and even the Nightmare Family is confused as to what took him so long. QT tries to claim he had headphones on so he couldn’t hear what was going on, but was it because he didn’t care?


Backstage interview with the Young Bucks.

The Death Triangle is coming for their titles but where is the champs’ focus? Well Rey Fenix beat Matt Jackson last week in singles competition, and sometime last year he beat Nick Jackson in singles competition. Luckily for the Bucks, these are tag team championships, and they’re the best damn team in pro-wrestling! But now Don Callis comes in and says that was great stuff, they almost sound like they believe it. What is he doing here? Well he was just worried about their dad, how he got hurt and they didn’t do a thing about it. Callis got them a shirt, “DO NOT SLAP LEG WHEN KICKING.”

The Bucks throw the shirt away and they point out Callis’ eye is actually okay. Oh, right, yes, Callis admits he was faking the black eye. He was never hit by the Bucks. But he wanted them to hit him! It would’ve hurt and put him in the hospital like their dad, but he wanted to see the NJPW Bucks who would just destroy their opponents. They basically founded this place, but what’s even elite about them anymore? Killing the Business is killing it, but the Bucks have kinda killed their own careers. Callis likes to take credit for things, but Kenny Omega barely even recognizes these two anymore.

Oh you mean the Kenny Omega Don Callis brainwashed and changed? What is he doing here?! Yes, Callis has changed Omega, because Omega is the GOD OF PRO-WRESTLING! Omega’s way up here while the Bucks are in the basement! Omega doesn’t recognize them because they’re not elite. They’re just another team with fancy tights living off a name. But before they get mad at Callis, he asks if they look in the mirror and see the same Bucks he saw back in NJPW. Callis may be many things, but is he right?


Jade Cargill VS Dani Jordyn!

The storm is back, ready to add to the big win she had during the “Crossroads” Dynamite. Will Jade make sure the Real Mean Girl doesn’t even think about making a page about her in the Burn Book?

The bell rings, Jade doesn’t take Dani serious but there are fans on Dani’s side. Jade flexes, Dani gets around her but Jade switches. Dani elbows out hard then runs, into a BOOT! Fans boo as Jade looms over Dani. Dani slowly gets up, fans rally but Jade drags her into a HUGE GERMAN SUPLEX!! Jade kips up and says this can’t be the best they could give her. Jade drags Dani up, reels her back in, chicken wings for the JADED SLAM!! Cover, Jade wins!

Winner: Jade Cargill, by pinfall

Red Velvet is in the crowd of wrestlers, and Jade gets in her face about it! The others have to keep Velvet from mixing it up with Jade, but will Velvet get her chance at redemption? Or will Jade storm right past Velvet and go after the AEW Women’s World Championship?


MJF and HIS faction are here!

Maxwell Jacob Friedman leads Tully Blanchard, Shawn Spears, FTR and of course Wardlow to the ring but Tully has the mic. “It’s great being in the middle of this ring with this group of guys. Because one week ago, we stood in here with the greatest group AEW had, The Inner Circle.” Santana and Ortiz were cuffed! “Tough guy” Jake Hager was smashed with champagne! Sammy Guevara was wearing a chair, and their leader, the great Chris Jericho got hit by a baseball bat! That makes this group the baddest group in AEW now! When you’ve climbed the mountain and there’s nowhere else, you’re at the pinnacle of this sport, and that’s where this group is!

Tully was with the greatest group of guys 40 years ago, and he’ll finish his career with the greatest group of guys in wrestling. Mark his words! MJF takes the mic now and fans boo even harder. “I guess I’m Judas now.” MJF tells Jericho that pretending to like him was no walk in the park. Jericho could use some walks in the park, for that matter. It wasn’t so easy to be the most charismatic man in wrestling and take a second seat behind Jericho. MJF had to fall back as far as Jericho’s hairline! And it damn sure wasn’t easy separating Jericho from Sammy as far apart as Jericho’s pecs are.

But MJF did. He shucked, jived, did the song and dance, and pretended to love Jericho’s haha stupid BS!! “But it worked, didn’t it?” Jericho thought he had MJF under his wing when MJF was actually plucking Jericho’s feathers. Then the coup de grace that MJF tricked Jericho and every “disgusting, mouth breathing miscreant” in the audience into thinking MJF wanted to take over the Inner Circle. But in reality, it was an elaborate ruse so no one would see what was coming. Day one was to kill the Inner Circle from the inside. MJF wanted to defeat and end the strongest faction in all of AEW, and then on top of their ruins, build one even stronger. Boy has he ever!

Tully was right! Shocking, right? He’s only the greatest mind in wrestling ever! He called them the pinnacle because that is what they are! You may not like this line-up but you have to look at it! “War Dog” Wardlow, 278 pounds of sheer force and dominance! The best big man in pro-wrestling today! The best insurance policy, too. Fans taunt them with “You Guys Suck!” Then there’s #DoubleS, the Chair Man, Shawn Spears! A wrestler’s wrestler, a veteran’s veteran and a man who has been held down for far too long! Spears has always been a top guy, and he’ll prove it week in and week out! If you got a problem with that, take it up with him. You’ll eat your words, then eat a chair shot!

And speaking of top guys,  Cash Money, Dax the Ax, FTR! The only Grand Slam Tag Team Champions in pro-wrestling history! The greatest team on God’s green earth and they look good doing it. Then of course, there’s lil’ ol’ MJF! The one who’s been on national TV for one year and is the most talked about name in pro-wrestling today! The guy who both on the mic and in the ring is UNSTOPPABLE! And he’s only 24 years old. MJF is great now but like a fine wine, he’ll get better with age. He has 25+ years left and that must piss everyone off! Everyone knows that when MJF’s career is said and done, Jericho won’t be the GOAT. No, that spot is reserved for MJF!!

This is the Pinnacle, they’re a family, and they’ll be the backbone of AEW for years! They’ll take every great title there is to offer, “and as the Pinnacle, we will take what we want, when we want.” And right now, what they want is the Inner Circle’s locker room. But before taking that and everything Jericho holds near and dear, MJF will give him a heartwarming message. Let’s see if he can get this right. “I’m better than you, and you know it!!” Will the Pinnacle not only stand atop AEW, but the entire world of wrestling?


10 Man Tag: Jurassic Express & Bear Country VS Matt Hardy, Private Party, The Butcher & The Blade!

Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt team up with Boulder and Bronson to settle things with all of Big Money Matt’s growing empire. But with the new edge Hardy has given Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy, and the edge we’ve always seen in Andy William & Braxton Sutter, will the combined forces of dinosaurs and bears only be cut to shreds?

The teams sort out and Fun Sized calls out Big Money! Hardy steps up, Marko mocks him, and Hardy grabs Marko’s hair to KNEE him hard! Hardy lifts Stunt to a crucifix but Stunt slips out to SLAP Hardy! Stunt dodges, baits Hardy in and boots him! JB tags in, Stunt leaps but Hardy catches him! JB dropkicks Stunt and hardy down, and then all hell breaks loose! Everyone is brawling, Luchasaurus has Butcher, Boulder has Blade, everyone but Kassidy and Butcher are thrown out! Jurassic Express whips Butcher and Kassidy at each other and Butcher naturally runs Kassidy over! Luchasaurus then BOOTS Butcher out, and Hardy’s horde regroups outside.

Jurassic Express poses and the Bears join in to LAUNCH Stunt onto the cluster! JB and Luchasaurus argue with Bear Country, they didn’t ask Stunt be their weapon. Quen gets in, Boulder scoops him but ends up smacking JB with boots! The ref tries to get everyone to sort out, Hardy sneaks in to hit JB with a SIDE EFFECT! Cover, TWO!! Hardy mocks JB, throws him out, then tags Blade. Bunny Allie gets her shots in as AEW goes picture in picture!

Kassidy fetches JB but JB DECKS him! JB DECKS Quen, dodges Kassidy and gets in but Blade stomps him down! Blade drags JB over, Butcher tags in, and the wolves mug JB. Butcher fireman’s carries JB, tags Blade back in, and they combine for an assisted GUTBUSTER! Blade drags JB to a cover, TWO! Blade keeps JB down, digs his boot in the corner, but lets off as the ref counts. Kassidy pulls hair, JB kicks and elbows back, hitting everyone with elbows. Blade hits JB, snapmares him then wraps on a chinlock. Blade grinds JB down but fans rally up. JB endures, fights up, fights out, but runs into a LARIAT!

Blade seethes as he looms over JB. Blade kicks at JB, brings him back around to cravat then CLUBS JB down. Blade scrapes his laces of JB’s face, then wraps on another chinlock to grind JB down. JB fights up again, fights back again, but Blade CLUBS him again. Blade drags JB up, inverted suplex to a fireman’s carry but JB fights out! Blade knees low, whips but JB rebound LARIATS! Both men are down, the ref starts a standing count, but both men crawl for their corners and AEW returns to single picture in time for hot tags to Kassidy and Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus rallies over Private Party, BOOTS Butcher then fires off hands on Private Party!

Luchasaurus BOOTS Quen, mule kicks Kassidy, then whips Kassidy for a squealing FLAPJACK! Quen runs, but gets a HUGE back drop! Blade runs in to be put in a corner for fast hands! And a GERMAN! Luchasaurus kips up and fans fire up! Luchasaurus drags Kassidy back up, scoops him, but Quen saves Kassidy. Private Party run, Luchasaurus handsprings to TAIL WHIP, ROUNDHOUSE, choke grip and CHOKE SLAM! STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, Butcher breaks it! Butcher drags Luchasaurus up but gets a HEADBUTT! Butcher comes back to CLOBBER Luchasaurus!! Stunt leaps to missile dropkick! Stunt kicks Butcher, goes back to his corner, and fans are thunderous!

Kassidy drags Luchasaurus up but Luchasaurus choke grips again! Hardy shouts orders, Kassidy throws hands but Luchasaurus tags- Bronson? No, he tagged in himself, to give Kassidy an EXPLODER! Luchasaurus says he wanted to tag someone else but the Bears argue with him! Stunt tags in and gets after Kassidy, but the wolves attack the bears and Luchasaurus! Butcher and Blade go after the Bears, Stunt DECKS Quen! Kassidy BOOTS Stunt! Kassidy drags Stunt up, tags Quen in, and Hardy gives them orders. They double whip Stunt to a corner, but Stunt elbows and boots back! Stunt hops up and double boots! But Hardy attacks at the corner! Quen goes up, GIN ‘N’ JUICE!!

Hardy tags in because he wants to top this off! He drags Stunt up, reels him in, TWIST OF FATE!! Cover, Hardy’s team wins!

Winners: Matt Hardy, Private Party, The Butcher & The Blade

Big Money Matt gets paid, and because his clients get paid, he gets paid more! Will this faction be a financial savior for Hardy while Hangman gets all his Q1 earnings?


Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston prepare backstage.

Kingston asks Moxley how he’s feeling, just as Moxley wants him to ask, so they’re clearly on the same page. Moxley doesn’t feel good, though. He’s not in a good mood. Not just because he got burned and lacerated, but then he got cuffed and beaten to a bloody pulp. Moxley should be on a beach somewhere, sipping a Mai Tai, but he’s going to war again because it’s time to take care of the real problem. Sometimes you have to step back, take a look, and fix the real problem. And they know what that real problem is, don’t they? The Good~ Brothers~! Everybody loves the Good Brothers, right? Not Moxley. At all. And not just because Moxley wasted money on Talknshopamania.

It’s because they’re cheap shot artists! Moxley turns around, there’s Gallows & Anderson. Turn around again, there’s Gallows & Anderson. No one wants to look at Gallows that much. Those dumb teeth and googly eyes, he’s like Forky from Toy Story! He’s one wiggly eyed dude. But then Karl Anderson, or Chad2Badd~! But he’s all gangster cuz of Bullet whatever. Kingston swears he saw the Too Sweet somewhere before, also on TNT, but like years ago. Who were those guys again? But anyway, Moxley is in pain so let’s get serious. They can joke and all that, but Good Brothers have been tag champions all over the world.

The thing is, this isn’t Japan. This isn’t the Impact Zone. No, this is their place. And let’s be honest, to get 50 Cent. You’ve never popped nothin’, never shot nothin’, so stop frontin’. Well, did Bullet Club actually shoot things? Can we even say that name on Dynamite? Forbidden door? Well going from 50 to Tupac, “You guys are cowards, and a coward dies a thousand deaths.” But the soldiers only die but once. See you out there. Will the Maniac and the Mad King crush the Biz Cliz so they can have a clear shot at The Cleaner?


Backstage interview with Christian Cage.

Dasha asks him the question everyone’s been wanting to ask: What brought him here to AEW? Christian says he’s going to go on a bit of a rant but he promises he’ll get to an answer. “There’s a term in the wrestling business for the type of wrestler that when they get in that ring on a nightly basis, no matter the situation, no matter the opponent, they bust their ass more than anybody else on the card. They’re called a ‘workhorse.'” And if you’ve ever been inside a pro-wrestling locker room, then you know Christian’s reputation. Moxley said it himself, he thought he knew wrestling until he got in the ring with Christian. Christian makes wrestlers level up.

But Christian’s not a workhorse. He is THE workhorse in pro-wrestling. If you’ve forgotten that, the second he gets in the ring in AEW, you’ll remember quick. And Christian realizes he might’ve rustled feathers. The young wrestlers think the old veteran is going to take some spots. He’ll put their minds at ease and say, “There’s only one spot that interests me, and it’s currently occupied by AEW World Heavyweight Champion, Kenny Omega.” Speaking of, Omega scooped Christian’s time. The champ can do what he wants, cool. But that means Christian got to meet Omega and basically tell him he’s on borrowed time.

Christian knows he needs to win, prove himself, but he promises to see Omega down the road. So now, why is Christian in AEW? “To cement my legacy.” He is going to put to action three simple words: Out work everyone. Will THE Workhorse, THE Captain Charisma, find a way to become THE challenger to the Best Bout Machine?


Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston VS The Good Brothers w/ Don Callis!

When push came to shove and lives were on the line, friendship was found again and now Maniac and Mad King look to take out the AEW World Champion’s cronies!

But wait, just as Kingston makes his entrance, the Good Brothers attack! They mug Kingston 2v1, just proving MOxley right about the cheap shot artist line! Moxley rushes out, taped up as he is, to fire off forerams! Moxley ROCKS the Good Brothers, Kingston gets up but Gallows BOOTS him down! Things head for the ring as Moxley throws Anderson into railing! Gallows uppercuts Moxley, and again, then Anderson throws Moxley into railing in return! Gallows drags Moxley up, Kingston joins in but Anderson throws hands on him! Moxley is thrown into more railing, Anderson digs forearms into Kingston’s face, and fans boo.

Anderson rains down more rights on Kingston, Gallows clubs and headbutts Moxley! Moxley gets up to fight back but he’s 2v1 again! The Good Brothers get Moxley up, MAGIC KILLER to the floor! They put Kingston in the ring, the bell finally sounds and Anderson rains down fists on Kingston’s head! Cover, ONE!! Kingston is tough but Anderson is after his eyes and nose! Tag to Gallows, Gallows digs his fingers into Kingston’s face now! Kingston flounders and sputters but Gallows drags him up to put him in the corner. Gallows throws heavy body shots, Anderson gets a cheap shot in but the ref reprimands them.

Fans rally for Kingston but Gallows drags Kingston up. Kingston bites a hand! Gallows DECKS Kingston, tags Anderson and Anderson stomps Kingston. Anderson digs his boot into Kingston’s head then soaks up the heat. Anderson stomps Kingston but Kingston throws body shots! Anderson rains down fists, soaks up heat, then tags Gallows in. Gallows throws a ROUNDHOUSE to take Kingston down! Cover, TWO!! Kingston won’t be taken out so easily, but Gallows rains down hands! Gallows brings Kingston up but Kingston CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Moxley returns to the corner just for Gallows to BOOT him down! Gallows DECKS Kingston, then looms over him.

AEW goes picture in picture as Gallows fish hooks Kingston’s face! Tag to Anderson, he digs his fingers into Kingston’s face! The ref reprimands, Anderson lets off and brings Kingston up to bump him off buckles. Anderson whips but Kingston reverses and Anderson hits buckles hard! Both men are down, Anderson gets over to tag Gallows. Gallows runs to BOOT Kingston down! Moxley returns to his corner but Gallows tags Anderson. Anderson covers, TWO! Anderson tries again, TWO! Kingston gets Anderson and rakes his eyes in return! Anderson stomps Kinston down, drags him to ropes and chokes him! The ref reprimands, Kingston BITES Anderson’s hand!

Anderson clubs Kingston, tags Gallows in and Gallows drags Kingston up, only for Kingston to pie face him! Gallows pie faces back, Kingston pie faces again, it’s a pie face fight! Gallows headbutts Kingston, but Kingston is still defiant as he stumbles about. Gallows runs into the corner, Kingston elbows him away! Gallows ROCKS Kingston with an uppercut, tag to Anderson, and Anderson digs his boot into Kingston again. Anderson stomps Kingston, taunts Moxley, then drags Kingston up by an ear. Anderson puts Kingston in the corner, rakes Kingston’s face, then tags Gallows. Gallows drags Kingston up to snampare and wrap on a chinlock.

Kingston endures again as AEW returns to single picture. Kingston throws body shots to get free, but Gallows knees low! Gallows whips Kingston corner to corner, runs in but Kingston boots him! Kingston hops up to leap, FLYING SHOULDER! Both men are down again and fans are fired up! Kingston and Gallows crawl to their corners, but Kingston is a bit disoriented! Anderson tags in and whips Kingston away, but Kingston reverses to hit an EXPLODER! Fans are thunderous as Kingston and Anderson are down again! Hot tag to Moxley! Moxley rallies on Anderson, reels him in, and suplexes, only for Anderson to slip out. Moxley standing switches to GERMAN SUPLEX!

Anderson flops around and Moxley fires himself up! Moxley runs to SHOTGUN Anderson into a corner! Moxley DECKS Gallows, then stomps a mudhole into Anderson! Moxley stands on Anderson, Gallows runs in but Moxley elbows him down! Moxley whips, Anderson reverses but Moxley dodges in the corner to CLOBBER Anderson! Moxley drags Anderson up, reels him in, and lifts for a PILEDRIVER! Cover, Gallows breaks it! Gallows and Moxley brawl, Moxley KNEES Gallows out of the ring! Moxley runs to DIVE! Direct hit and down goes Gallows! Fans are thunderous again as Moxley gets back in the ring, only for Anderson to SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!!

Anderson tags Gallows, they drag Moxley up, fireman’s carry and Anderson runs, BOOT O’ DOOM! Kingston gets in but Gallows ROCKS him with the uppercut! BACK SUPLEX NECKBREAKER! Kingston falls out of the ring, Gallows finally covers Moxley, TWO!! Moxley survives but Anderson tags back in. Anderson gets in Moxley’s face, “Who do you think you are, huh?!” Moxley SLAPS Anderson but Gallows CLUBS Moxley! Good Brothers get Mox up but Kingston saves Moxley from Magic Killer! Gallows ROCKS Kingston again, but Kingston baits Gallows in to dump him out! Gallows drags Kingston out with him, and throws him into railing!

Anderson has Moxley but Moxley cradles! Moxley and Kingston win!!

Winners: Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston, by pinfall

But Gallows CLOBBERS Moxley! Anderson stomps Moxley, Gallows chokes Moxley, then Anderson rains down rights! And now Kenny Omega walks out! And he has a chair! Omega takes his time strutting to the ring, and he sits the chair up. Callis takes Omega’s jacket off for him and Omega takes a seat. Kingston gets in to CLOBBER Omega! The Good Brothers go after Kingston and Omega stomps Kingston for that! Good Brothers get Kingston up for MAGIC KILLER! Omega digs his boot into Moxley’s head, then gets the chair back. Omega tells the Good Brothers to set Kingston up. They put the chair around Kingston’s leg and stomp Moxley to keep him down.

Anderson goes up and leaps to STOMP THE CHAIR!! Omega digs fingers into Kingston’s face just because, and he kicks Kingston out of the ring. Omega soaks up the heat and the Biz Cliz throws up the Too Sweet. Now they go after Moxley and put the chair around his neck!! Gallows goes up, but the Young Bucks run out! The Bucks won’t let Omega and the Good Brothers cripple anyone! Omega goes up but Matt stays in his way. Moxley manages to crawl to a corner and the Bucks stay between him and Omega. Omega and the Good Brothers say this is for the Club! They throw the Too Sweet up, but the Bucks refuse!

Omega gets in their face about that and demands they Too Sweet, but the Bucks don’t care anymore. Omega throws his shirt off at them, but the Bucks say this is Callis, not Omega. Moxley rises and he has the chair as a weapon!! Moxley swings and Omega runs away! Callis runs away even faster, he might be in the parking lot by now. Kingston demands the medics help him get into the ring with Moxley but they’re telling him that leg won’t let him. Will Moxley get revenge on Omega for this? Will the Bucks have their own score to settle with Omega and Callis?


AEW returns with Tony Schiavone on stage.

Even after Revolution’s incredible Street Fight, Darby Allin was able to successfully defend the AEW TNT Championship, but let’s welcome him and of course… IT’S STIIIING~! The snow, the crow and the Icon, but also the Relentless One, walk out on stage. Darby limps a bit because of what happened after the match last week. A hell of a match with Scorpio Sky, but no one saw what Scorpio would do. Darby takes the mic to say he won the TNT title on November 7th, 2020. How many times has he defended since? Three. Fans cheer but Darby says not to, because that’s a joke!

But now that things are done with Team Taz, Darby wants to be a fighting champion week in and week out! That starts by paying tribute to the greatest TNT Champion, Brodie Lee! If Dark Order wants the belt, this is an open challenge! But Lance Archer can’t believe this. How many times are we going to interview Sting? Oh sorry, Darby, did Archer just take up your time? Archer doesn’t give a rat’s ass about that! This time should be his! As for the TNT Championship, the internet might think Darby is great, but Archer says Darby is the biggest “indieriffic” joke ever! And if Darby like coffins so much, Archer will put his ass in one!

Jake the Snake speaks now and says Darby is going to freeze his butt off. He should go put his bun back on. HIs hot dog bun, cuz he’s a weenie! And as for Sting, Sting knows Snake. The winds of change are coming! You don’t play with fire. This is the biggest, baddest SOB here, and Archer will twist it and shove it up their rear ends! The Snake promises things are going to change and Archer promises to crush both of these guys. But wait, wait, wait, Team Taz isn’t done with these two just yet! Taz tells them not to get excited, but then Cage takes over. Cage has something to say! Cage stares Sting down and says he shows up like a hotshot, sticking his nose in Team Taz’s business.

But after all the back and forth and the physicality and the craziest Street Fight ever, Cage respects Sting. What?! But more importantly, Cage wants to look Sting in the eye. Starks is wrong. Sting is STILL the Icon. Taz can’t believe Cage is saying this stuff but Cage says he says it like it is! Cage storms off and leaves Team Taz behind. Will The Machine break free of FTW and carve his own path?


Scorpio Sky speaks.

“I did everything I was asked to.” He wants to be the poster boy, the face of AEW, but TNT wants Cody, Darby, Sting. “Nice guys finish last” but Scorpio tried to be the exception to the rule, only to fail. Until Revolution. That was never meant to be Scorpio’s moment, but he made it. And the TNT Championship wasn’t supposed to be his moment but another moment for Darby. No more of that! Scorpio will not be a stepping stone. He is a wrestling savant and is tired acting like he isn’t the best! If he has to hurt someone to prove it, then so be it!


Rey Fenix w/ PAC VS Angelico w/ Jack Evans!

The Young Bucks put the Death Triangle on notice, but they’re also a bit distracted given what’s going on with Kenny Omega. Will Fenix stay hot in singles competition until he and The Bastard get that tag title match?

The bell rings, Fenix and Angelico tie up, Angelico wrenches to a wristlock but Fenix spins through to wrench and wrench and step over the arm to hook a leg. Fenix gets the other arm and fans cheer this innovation. Angelico trips Fenix, gets a facelock, then wrenches to a wristlock. Fenix rolls, wrenches, wristlocks again, but Angelico turns it around to wrangle Fenix down. Fenix bridges, kips up, spins and arm-drags! Fans fire up as Angelico resets with Fenix. They circle, knuckle lock and Angelico step sin to cording hold. Angelico wrenches the other arm but Fenix headbutts, CHOPS and CHOPS! Fenix goes again but gets caught to a keylock!

Angelico wrenches, Fenix spins through to hop on for a sleeper hold! Then shifts to roll and ghost pin, TWO!! Angelico escapes but gets caught to a sunset flip, TWO! Fenix dodges the boot, blocks the knee, but Angelico powers him down with it to get the arm! Angelico CLUBS the back and Fenix writhes. Angelico stomps Fenix down and AEW goes picture in picture.

Fenix is on the apron, Angelico KICKS him through the ropes. Angelico tears at the KT tape, the ref reprimands but Angelico lets off. Angelico drags Fenix up and bends him against ropes, but the ref counts and he lets off at 4. Fenix gets back in the ring but Angelico drags Fenix up to cross the arms and bring him into an INVERTED ITALIAN STRETCH! Angelico lifts Fenix’s legs so that Fenix is completely stranded in the air! Angelico then lets him down to trip him up, roll him and ANKLE LOCK! Angelico traps Fenix’s other leg, but Fenix reaches back to club Angelico. Fenix endures the hold, reaches, hits Angelico, but Angelico lets him go.

Angelico knees Fenix to a corner, knees him to the apron, then pulls him against ropes again. The ref counts, Angelico lets off at 4, and Fenix practically hangs out of the ring. Angelico taunts Pac and that pisses him off, but the ref keeps him back while AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Fenix steps in to RANA Angelico! Fenix boots, SUPERKICKS and then somersaults to CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Fenix is shocked but he drags Angelico up and wrenches to fireman’s carry. Angelico fights out, throws elbows then CLUBS Fenix in the back. Angelico slips under, hooks the leg to trip Fenix up, and he wants the trailer hitch! NAVARRO DEATH ROLL!! Fenix scrambles to ropes and gets the ropebreak before Angelico can finish up the Navarro Dos Mil! The ref counts, Angelico lets go at 3, and he grows frustrated. Angelico stalks Fenix to ropes, KICKS him in the back, then drags Fenix to step through.

Fenix kicks Angelico away, Angelico rolls off Fenix’s back but Fenix victory rolls! TWO, Angelico has the cover, TWO! Fenix avoids a sweep but not the EDDY GORDO! Fenix SUPERKICKS, Angelico ROUNDHOUSES! Both men lean on each other to say up, knuckle locks become a monkey flip boost to the CRUCIFIX DRIVER! Fenix drags Angelico back up, FIRE THUNDER DRIVER!! Cover, Fenix wins!

Winner: Rey Fenix, by pinfall

The Firebird pulls off the win in a split second! Death Triangle is rolling on, will they get the AEW World Tag Team Championships off distracted Young Bucks?


AEW Media catches up with Miro.

Miro is working out and Alexa Marvez asks him about the rematch. Miro can’t understand why “Charles” is doing this. He did sweeten the deal with lifetime butler service, though. But Miro isn’t interested. The opportunity has moved on, Miro has moved on, but Kip Sabian says he hasn’t. Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy ruined Kip’s wedding. Miro was supposed to care. But whether he meant to or not, he pushed Cassidy into Kip’s wife, Penelope Ford. Miro is the one hurt, if Kip thinks tending to his wife is more important than winning the match. Miro says the worst thing for your career is to have your wife ringside.

But remember, when the bell rings, Miro doesn’t care about Kip, Penelope, drama or the opponent. It is about the destiny. It is Miro’s destiny to be champion, he NEEDS to be world champion! Kip wants that, too. Okay. Outside the ring, they’re still buds. But is that a yes or no to the challenge? Of course it’s a yes! Will the Superbad and Best Man be able to finally get to the next level against the Kentucky Gentleman and Freshly Squeezed?


AEW has news for next week’s Dynamite!

In a rematch from the AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament, Nyla Rose will face Tay Conti! The Pinnacle officially competes as a team as Shawn Spears & FTR take on The Varsity Blondes & Dante Martin! And with Darby Allin issuing an Open Challenge to the Dark Order, we will see one of their numbers step up to a TNT Championship opportunity! Speaking of…

Backstage interview with The Dark Order.

Who is accepting Darby Allin’s challenge? Negative One says “It’s gonna be me!” No, no, Brodie Jr, not yet. Maybe in about a decade when you’re Number 9. But while everyone’s hesitant, Alex Reynolds volunteers John Silver. Ohhh yeah~! The Meat Man, Johnny Hungy! The Dark Order chant, “MEAT! MEAT! MEAT!” And so it is set! Darby Allin VS Number 4 for the TNT Championship is happening! Will Silver take back the title for the glory of the group?

Further news for next week!

As seen on the premiere of Dark: Elevation, Matt Sydal has earned a non-title shot at Kenny Omega. But if he wins, he will get a title shot at a later date! Can Sydal strike down the Cleaner to go for gold?


The Pinnacle follows through on their first promise!

MJF says, “Chris, what’s yours is mine, and what’s the Inner Circle’s is now the Pinnacle’s.” They replace the nameplate on the Inner Circle private room and put the Pinnacle’s in its place! Is this just the beginning of MJF and his team taking over?


Unsanctioned Lights Out No Holds Barred: Britt Baker w/ Rebel VS Thunder Rosa!

For months, the Doctor has claimed La Mera Mera doesn’t belong in her AEW Women’s Division. But that’s about as substantial as Britt’s claims of being the Role Model and face of AEW. It’s gotten so bad, AEW cannot be held liable for what they’re about to do to each other! Will Rosa make Britt eat her words and possibly her teeth in a match where there’s no holding back and anything goes?

The lights go out, then come back on. Britt makes her entrance first, with Rebel hobbling on the crutch, and not in a good mood since she wanted to be over Rosa. Rosa makes her entrance next, and is fired up. They get in each other’s face but Rebel SMACKS Rosa with the crutch! Rosa stays up and she chases Rebel as the bell rings! Rosa gets Rebel at the ramp but Britt runs and DIVES to take Rosa down! Britt rains down fists, then gets Rosa up for AIR RAID CRASH to the stage! Cover, TWO!! Anything goes means falls count anywhere and Britt throws Rosa off the stage! Britt gets a chair while Rosa sits up, but Rosa avoids the chair shot!

Hikaru Shida watches from backstage as Britt jams Rosa with the chair! Britt flaunts for the camera, but Rosa gets the chair to TOSS it at Britt’s face! Rosa stomps Britt, gets the chair and SMACKS her on the back! And again! Rosa hits Rebel for good measure! Rosa digs the chair into Britt’s neck, and only lets off so she can SMACK her on the back again! Rosa drags Britt up to throw into the front row! Fans cheer “This is Awesome!” as Rosa chases Britt and stomps her down! Rosa drags Britt up, bumps her off chairs, then stands on Britt’s head! And then bumps her off the chair again! Rosa sits Britt up, clears some space, and runs, but Britt dodges so Rosa CANNONBALLS onto only chairs!

Britt hurries to cover, TWO!! Britt throws Rosa hard over railing to ringside, and then tumbles over after her to throw more forearms. Rosa hits back, Britt whips Rosa into stage wall! Jade Cargill is watching and enjoying from the bleachers while Britt and Rebel bring out and set up a table! Britt fetches Rosa at the ramp, and STOMPS her into the steel steps!! Britt grins as she drags more chairs out to throw them into the ring. Britt fetches Rosa and Rosa is bleeding from her forehead! Britt ROCKS Rosa, puts her in the corner, and sits Rosa up so the world can see as AEW goes picture in picture.

Britt clubs Rosa in the head over and over, then drags her up to cravat. Britt throws knees, talks trash, throws more knees, then chokes Rosa against ropes! The ref can only ask if Rosa wants to give up but Rosa refuses. Britt lets off to get the chairs. Britt wedges one chair in a corner, then kicks Rosa down. Britt brings Rosa up to throw forearms. Britt mocks Rosa but Rosa pie faces Britt! Britt ROCKS Rosa, then drags Rosa over. Rosa turns things around to snap suplex Britt into the ropes! Rosa drags Britt back around, covers, TWO! Rosa throws forearms, then gets the chair out of the corner to JAM it into Britt’s legs! And SMACK her on the back!

Rosa puts the chairs in a pile, but Britt CLUBS her! Rosa stomps Britt, throws more forearms, then bumps Britt off buckles. Britt elbows Rosa, throws forearms in the corner, then hoists her up top. AEW returns to single picture as Britt climbs to join Rosa. Rosa brawls with Britt, Britt gets Rosa up, SUPERPLEX onto the chair pile!! Fans lose their minds but also chant “This is Awesome!” as Rosa writhes! Britt hurries to cover, TWO!! Rosa survives and Britt grows frustrated. Britt shouts to Rebel and Rebel brings out a ladder! Rebel puts that in the ring, Britt brings it over, but Rosa is up and BULLDOGS Britt on the ladder!! Britt clutches her face but Rosa covers, TWO!!

Rosa has a crimson mask completing her face paint as she glares at Britt in the corner. Rosa goes corner to corner to METEORA! Rosa sees the ladder and gets it up! Rosa wedges the ladder up against Britt’s face, and then runs corner to corner again, to DROPKICK it into Britt’s face!! Britt is busted open now! Rosa gets a table of her own now and sets it up. Rebel freaks out as the ref checks on Britt, but Rosa stomps Britt down! Rosa drags Britt out of the ring but Britt clings to the bottom rope. Rosa CLUBS Britt over and over, Britt kicks but Rosa stomps her. Rosa has the ladder again and sets it up against the bottom rope to elevate it. Rosa then BITES Britt’s wound!! Britt SUPERKICKS back!!

Rosa flounders, Britt hobbles over and brings her up, COMPLETE SHOT TO THE LADDER!! Britt has a crimson mask now as she flounders around and gets to a corner. Rebel coaches Britt on as she climbs up, but Rosa ROCKS Britt with a haymaker! Rosa climbs up, brings Britt up in a fireman’s carry, and hits a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER ON THE LADDER!!! The ref checks on Britt, Rosa drags her to a cover! TWO!?!? Britt survives and no one can believe it!! Rosa drags Britt around, Britt keeps hitting back but Rosa sits a chair up. Britt throws hard body shots but Rosa clubs her back! Britt DDT’s Rosa to the chair!! Britt then sets Rosa on the chair again, to CURB STOMP her on it!! Cover, TWO!?!?

Fans are thunderous but Britt has another psycho smile like she did last year from her bloody nose! Rebel gives Britt the latex gloves to put on! And she brings out a bag from under the ring! A black satchel is never good in wrestling, and Britt clears some space to pour out… THUMBTACKS!! Britt drags Rosa up, throws a forearm, then brings her around to FISH- NO! Rosa slips out of the spinning fisherman to reel Britt in! Britt blocks the bomb, Rebel gets in with the crutch, but Rosa dodges that attack to take the crutch and SMACK Rebel with it! Rebel flops out of the ring, Britt stalks up on Rosa, but Rosa SHOTGUNS Rebel off the apron, and Rebel falls through the table!

Rebel is down in the wreckage of the table she and Britt set up themselves, but Britt fireman’s carries Rosa! Rosa slips off, kicks low, reels Britt in, and POWERBOMBS her on the thumbtacks!!! Cover, TWO?!?!?! Rebel can’t believe Britt survives but fans again say, “This is Awesome!” Rosa drags Britt but Britt grabs Rosa’s hair, takedown! Rings of Saturn in the tacks!! LOCKJAW! But Rosa rolls Britt back! She can’t hold the cover because of all the tacks!! Britt’s wild eyes are still visible through all that blood, and she SUPERKICKS Rosa! Rosa flounders to ropes, Britt stands on her on the apron. Britt goes out to join Rosa, brings her around and goes up the corner. She’s aiming for Rosa’s table!

But Rosa grabs Britt, scoops her to the THUNDER DRIVER THROUGH THE TABLE!!! Cover, Rosa wins!!!

Winner: Thunder Rosa, by pinfall

HOLY HELL!! Rosa finally ends this with Britt as the one standing tall! Britt’s wounds will surely heal, but will she ever recover from what this defeat means in the long run?

My Thoughts:

An awesome AEW tonight! Cody VS Penta was a great opener, and Cody getting a quick win works to extend things a bit. I like that they also found a way to bring in the Nightmare Family story with QT Marshall with the typical “late to the save, someone’s turning.” Jade Cargill had a great squash for her second match ever, and it was a good touch that she talked trash to Velvet. MJF formally introducing us to his faction and giving it an honestly great name in “The Pinnacle” was a good segment, as was them quite literally just taking The Inner Circle’s private room while The Inner Circle was gone tonight.

The 10 Man Tag was great stuff, the dysfunction with Jurassic Express & Bear Country and the cohesion of Hardy’s group were good dynamics, and it makes sense for Hardy’s team to win their first time out, or else the story would seem like a waste. The story with the Bucks, Callis and Omega is building up in a great way. Callis had a good promo and wow that shirt. That was actually a great jab at WWE because Vince is insane for banning thigh slaps. Moxley & Kingston had a good promo, had a great match with the Good Brothers, and the Bucks coming out to get in Omega’s face was all incredible stuff. I wonder if we’re somehow going to get a Six Man Tag of Omega & Good Brothers VS The Bucks and Moxley.

We got a good segment out of Sting and Darby, with Archer and Snake interrupting to give fair warning, and then Team Taz showing up and Cage surprisingly complimenting Sting. Archer has a good point about overdoing things with Sting, we don’t need to hear from him every week. Oddly, he’s just a vehicle to get the others some screen time. I don’t really want Cage to leave Team Taz, because Cage and Starks are a great team and #AbsoluteMachines just works so well for them. Darby calling out Dark Order was a good move, and Dark Order giving Silver the greenlight is great. Darby VS Silver is going to be a lot of fun, but I feel like Darby will win, and could run the gambit.

Christian Cage had a good promo, and I’m hoping he does a great job when he has his in-ring debut. Scorpio Sky had a good promo, his turn is going great. Fenix VS Angelico was a great match, but of course Fenix wins to go strong into the match with the Bucks. Miro and Kip had a good segment, but damn that line about having wives ringside hurt the career. Miro is definitely going to be the one to turn on Kip because Kip is going to be the one to take the finish from Chuck and Cassidy. They haven’t actually confirmed if it’s an Arcade Machine match, but given that is what started this feud, I hope that’s what ends it.

In the words of good ol’ Jim Ross, BAH GAWD, that Unsanctioned match was a slobber knocker! I would not have expected that much blood, or how seriously scary they were going to get with that SUPER Death Valley onto a ladder. My only gripe with the segment is that Hikaru Shida was watching backstage. I get that she should want to watch the match as a fan, but given what that usually means in kayfabe, it doesn’t make sense. An unsanctioned match does not count on the win-loss record, because that is what was established by Moxley VS Omega in their own Unsanctioned Lights Out match. Britt or Rosa, it shouldn’t matter who wins because they don’t go up the rankings to challenge the champion. It should either be Big Swole or Red Velvet that Shida worries about next.

Rosa winning was at least the right call in story because she needs to be seen as a winner, even if this isn’t going towards her record. Rosa can still want a non-title match with Shida to see if she could beat the champion, but if AEW is going to give us a ranking system and say wins and losses matter (which actually, I’m not sure I’ve heard them say that themselves lately) then MAKE IT MATTER. Swole should want after Rosa and Shida, Velvet can use a rematch with Jade to prove she’s worthy, and we’ve got time until Double or Nothing to figure it out.

My Score: 9.6/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (1/31/23)

Orlando stays Dark!



Universal Studios is still the AEW Dark Arena!

As they prepare to go after the AEW World Trios Championships, AR Fox & Top Flight reunite to take on The Wingmen: Peter Avalon, Ryan Nemeth & Cezar Bononi!


  • Six Man Tag: AR Fox & Top Flight VS The Wingmen; Fox & Top Flight win.
  • Red Velvet VS Sofia Castillo; Velvet wins.
  • Zack Clayton VS Fulton; Clayton wins.
  • Brock Anderson & Brian Pillman Jr. w/ Arn Anderson VS Rosario Grillo & Dean Alexander; Anderson & Pillman win.
  • Skye Blue VS Renee Michelle; Skye wins.
  • Shane Taylor Promotions VS Mr. G & Dante Casanova; Shane Taylor Promotions wins.
  • Yuka Sakazaki VS Avery Breaux; Yuka wins.
  • The Workhorsemen VS Liam Gray & Adrian Alanis; The Workhorsemen win.
  • Angelico w/ Serpentico & Luther VS Konosuke Takeshita; Konosuke wins.


A solid line-up, and I like that we’re getting to see Brock Anderson & Brian Pillman Jr. in action together after a backstage promo on Elevation not too long ago. Not sure what the team name is but two second generation stars together is a logical combination. Angelico VS Konosuke, that is going to be a great match, but I give the win to Konosuke. Red Velvet is in action again after also being on Elevation, she’s definitely building momentum towards taking on Jade Cargill for Jade’s 50th match. And good to see Shane Taylor Promotions in action here. They’ll be a strong part of the ROH Tag Team Division, even after having lost to Keith Lee after Swerve abandoned Keith.

And good to see AR Fox & Top Flight in action, and against The Wingmen. For one, good to see Avalon, Nemeth & Bononi teaming all together again. And this will be a good match to build momentum for Fox & Flight.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (1/30/23)

Lexington gets Elevated!



Can All Heart overcome the Swiss Superman?

The ROH World Championship returns to AEW Dark: Elevation, and Claudio Castagnoli takes on Blake Christian. Will All Heart survive the Swiss Superman?


  • Red Velvet VS Billie Starkz; Velvet wins.
  • Alex Reynolds & John Silver VS The Workhorsemen; Reynolds & Silver win.
  • Rush w/ Jose the Assistant VS Brian Pillman Jr; Rush wins.
  • Athena & Diamante VS Skye Blue & Yuka Sakazaki; Skye & Yuka win.
  • Top Flight VS Ari Daivari & Tony Nese w/ Mark Sterling; Top Flight wins.
  • The Kings of the Black Throne w/ Julia Hart VS Turbo Floyd & Truth Magnum; The Kings of the Black Throne win.
  • ROH World Championship: Claudio Castagnoli VS Blake Christian; Claudio wins.


A pretty good line-up, and I think Athena will end up in a program for her ROH Women’s Championship coming out of that tag match. Good tune-up match for Top Flight going into their AEW World Trios Championship program with the Elite, that should be a good win. And Blake Christian is going places. He’s had good stints on NJPW Strong, he’s in ROH and AEW, he’s going to give Claudio a great match. Claudio will still win, this is mostly to get things going towards Supercard of Honor on March 31st, but Blake could easily find himself going for a midcard title like the ROH Pure Championship or AEW All-Atlantic Championship.

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Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (1/30/23)

Lexington gets Elevated!

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