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WWE NXT Coverage

AJ’s NXT Takeover In Your House 2021 Results & Review

As mentioned on DWI the other day, NXT In Your House kind of seems like it’s Too Many In The House. Maybe I’m being skeptical, maybe I’m trying to down play what I am thinking but we still have a show and I’m your go to.



As mentioned on DWI the other day, NXT In Your House kind of seems like it’s Too Many In The House. Maybe I’m being skeptical, maybe I’m trying to down play what I am thinking but we still have a show and I’m your go to.

A Ladder Match for the Millions that made it, a Five Man Championship bout, Winner Takes All for the North American Championship and Tag Team Championships and the women will show themselves tonight with a championship match up and even potientally lining up for the next contender for the Women’s Championship. So come on in, take your shoes off at the door and let’s get into it.


  • Legado Del Fantasma vs MSK & Bronson Reed(c) in Winner Takes All – Bronson Reed wins via Tsunami – *** ½TITLE DEFENSE!!
  • Mercedes Martinez vs Xia Li – Xia Li wins via Trouble In Paradise – ** ½
  • Ladder Match: Cameron Grimes vs LA Knight for the Million Dollar Championship – *** ¾NEW CHAMPION!!!
  • Ember Moon vs Raquel Gonzalez (w/ Dakota Kai)(c) for the NXT Women’s Championship – Raquel Gonzalez wins via One Handed Powerbomb – ***TITLE DEFENSE!!
  • Adam Cole vs Kyle O’Reilly vs Johnny Gargano vs Pete Dunne vs Karrion Kross (w/ Scarlet)(c) for the NXT Championship – Karrion Kross wins via Kross Jacket – **** ½TITLE DEFENSE!!


Legado Del Fantasma vs MSK & Bronson Reed-

Mendoza and Wes start the match up and all gears are going and very fast paced before some tags to each other’s tag partner and the speed keeps going until Santos and Bronson come in and things slow down. Santos playing coward, tags Raul Mendoza again and his offense has no effect on Bronson Reed. Some trickery comes out for Escobar and tries to pull a fast one on Reed, fails and tags Wilde to take the offense yet again. MSK getting some tags in to do some tandem offense and Reed comes to use his size to beat down Wilde.

Now that Nash Carter is the legal man in the match, Santos tries to sneak in and the flight comes in now as the tag champs take down Legado Del Phantasma including a big boy dive from Bronson and things look to be good for the champs. Santos slithers back in as the legal man and creates some distractions for the champion team and now the challengers are clicking on all cylinders. After a quick beat down of MSK, they somehow get the big boy in and he takes apart Wilde and Mendoza. As Reed tries to provoke Santos, he gets caught and snuck to lose momentum.

MSK saves the match after sneak attack and after taking apart each member out one by one for Legado Del Phantasma, the champs are the ones that stand tall in unison.

Mercedes Martinez vs Xia Li-

Both women grab each other’s head and takes it to the outside for a nasty fall until Martinez comes in and takes the power to Xia Li but Xia comes in to switch momentum and get more offense in and more ruthless too, using the ring posts and ropes to take apart Mercedes.

Xia showing more of her power side, even with a damaged wheel but focuses on it a little too much and loses the advantage she once had, even taking a Cliffhanger to get a near fall. With more of the help for the outside, Xia Li comes back and hits her version of the Trouble in Paradise.

(Aftermath: Xia directs Boa to get her a chair and tries to use it on Mercedes but it backfires and Martinez takes the chair to beat down Xia and Boa. Mei Ying stands up from her Shao Khan chair to choke and toss Mercedes away as they all leave Mercedes Martinez outside of the ring. All hail Outworld I guess. Earthrealm is screwed.)

Cameron Grimes vs LA Knight –

Both men going for the same position but LA Knight gets a small advantage until the hubris comes back and Grimes takes control for the time being. LA Knight gets taken outside and is the first to take a ladder into the ring and makes it a game changer to take Grimes down and sets the first ladder up to grab the briefcase with the championship inside but Grimes’ speed comes into play and spin around with who gets the ladder. After another ladder control spot, LA Knight gets the worst end of it and gets caught with the ladder to the gut.

LA Knight gets the advantage on the outside of the ring and keeps the smashing Grimes against barricades and finally grabs another ladder, this one though to prop up against the barricade and apron of the ring. As the hell goes on inside the ring, including a neckbreaker from LA Knight to the ladder onto Cameron Grimes, Knight gets another ladder and set it up as the jockey for the same position again. LA Knight’s hubris gets back to bite him as he tell Cameron Grimes “Let’s go to the moon” and eats a ladder tied up into the corner and the others around.

Cameron says he wants the Golden Ladder to climb up and grab the Million Dollar Championship but too much time is taken and LA Knight takes the ladder out from under Grimes. LA Knight making chase and attacks Cameron Grimes with more ladders and took a lesson in the Kevin Owens Erector Set Class and puts a ladder outside and wedges another through to set a future spot. More and more of the carnage happens and Cameron Grimes climbs up the support beams to take LA Knight down and gets the Golden Ladder again to climb. LA Knight tries to stop the party one more time and stop him but Grimes climbs once more TO THE MOON!!!!

…but LA knight comes back one more time, tosses Grimes off the ladder and into his construction work and L…A… Knight is worth a Mill…ion… Bucks.

Ember Moon vs Raquel Gonzalez-

Ember goes fast and hits fast to get first blood on Raquel but, the champion comes back (with a little help from Dakota’s distractions) and takes total control and Ember unable to find a way to get an advantage. It took Raquel getting cocky in her own right to lose any form of momentum and after two superkicks, numerous strikes and a Yoshitonic to get things in her control again. As Raquel gets more punihsment done, the only way she gets any advantage is Dakota making her presence felt in the match for the momentum change.

Ember Moon hits a modified Eclipse without the ropes to create seperation and uses her own offense to get the advantage and got the Eclipse off officially… but Dakota gets Raquel’s foot on the ropes to break the pinfall and Shotzi runs out because she’s seen enough and now it’s one on one again. Ember now getting more and more impact in her moves, still to no avail and goes for another Eclipse, gets caught though and gets Snake Eyes and loses to the One Handed Powerbomb.

Adam Cole vs Kyle O’Reilly vs Johnny Gargano vs Pete Dunne vs Karrion Kross-

Right away, Cole gets hit by O’Reilly and Dunne fights off Gargano as in the ring now is Pete Dunne and Kross. After a suplex from Kross the more powerhouse matchup is put to an end, Dunne leaves and O’Reilly comes in to face the champion with striking now. After striking and a submission attempt from O’Reilly, Kross suplexes him and Gargano comes in to face off the champion and trying flight to take him down. Another suplex and the last challenger comes in with speed but everyone else attacks Cole for striking them with a chair on NXT Television and all hell comes to play in the ring

O’Reilly now getting the wind with his strikes and holds to face everyone off and after a stack of submissions, Kross comes in and powerbombs Dunne on the submission train. Now everyone realizes that maybe we need to take Karrion Kross out and Gargano and Dunne do so, putting Karrion Kross through the In Your House prop. Kyle and Adam get to fighting now and with Gargano stepping in, it is looking like a Pro Wrestling Guerilla reunion and with the two former ROH Champions in a Tree of Woe, Gargano charges for a move in the Tree but fails when Pete Dunne runs in and rolls up Gargano and hell breaks loose between all the challengers as they go with rapid kicks and strikes and they all fall down.

We are back to Kyle and Adam facing off now but Kross returns to remove everyone involved, tossing Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly and Pete Dunne out of the barricade and does a Tornado F5 to take down Gargano. It’s a near fall though and now Johnny gets his burst of energy and dives all around the ring to take everyone out and Adam Cole returns with some superkicks and even attempts the Panama Sunrise but is caught by a Reverse Tombstone Piledriver and gets a close nearfall.

All the challengers return to the ring and take it to one another and even getting some accidental two on ones on people. Dunne and Gargano meeting in the middle on O’Reilly. Gargano doing a Poison-rana in combination with a Superkick from Cole to Dunne and finally, a Enziguri into a back suplex from Gargano and O’Reilly to Cole and Kross returns to take apart each challenger, one by one. Everyone works together to try to take out Karrion Kross and even gets a small Undisputed Era reunion to Powerbomb Kross on the announce table so all the challengers face off.

Gargano and Adam Cole hit each other with superkicks, Dunne and O’Reilly put submission holds on them and drop it to fight each other. After a submission transition, Adam Cole and Gargano come in to spoil the party and use speed and superkicks to go to them and hell breaks loose once again. O’Reilly stops a double Garga-No Escape and takes full control as Adam Cole takes ultimate opportunity for this and hits a Panama Sunrise to Gargano after pushing Kyle off. Dunne breaks the pin attempt of Adam Cole and X-Plexes him on the outside and Karrion Kross rises up and Dunne fights off Kross, landing the Bitter End and it’s a nearfall. Changing it up to and putting a Triangle on Kross, everyone returns and now it’s Pete Dunne’s second wind.

Kross comes back though and removes Adam Cole from the match once more and puts the Kross Jacket on. Dunne breaks it, “breaking” Kross’ fingers and Johnny comes in to One Final Beats Dunne to eliminates him from the match and O’Reilly returns to clean house until Adam Cole gets his second wind as well, superkicking everyone involved and gets caught in a Leg Lock but too close to Karrion Kross and Karrion Kross applies the Kross Jacket onto Kyle O’Reilly to make him fade.

(Aftermath: Makenzie comes in and asks William Regal what he thinks of In Your House and he says… “I’ve never seen so much bedlam in NXT. I think it’s time for a change.” He walks off, dejected.)

Overall Score & Thoughts: 8.5/10

Oh…My… God. I was impressed by all involved. Each match was good, each match stood out on it’s own. I usually hate clustered matches but they made everything make sense with this five way for a major reason.

First off, the worst thing to me about this was whatever is going on with Xia Li and entering Mortal Kombat or whatever that was, I am not a fan. Other than that, matches were really good. No titles changed but each match had their story written and done. Cameron Grimes was too clouded on being a Million Dollars that he failed to capture the championship, Raquel showed she could finish without Dakota Kai but, Dakota is doing great as the Shawn Michaels to make sure Raquel stays champion to maybe crossing her one day. The six man tag match was energizing, it was a great opener and things felt right and smooth with the match…

…but that five way was VERY GOOD and the reason why Karrion Kross won that is because everyone else used all of their energy as a last ditch effort EXCEPT KROSS. Kross was constantly taken out and waited patiently for his next shot. He did everything correctly and that’s why he won. Tick Tock and I don’t mean the flashy social media app that I don’t even use. All in all, great show. Lowered my expectations but it worked out in the end. Next big show will be Great American Bash on NXT Television so maybe they will have some teasers with things happening leading up to that or after that.

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (8/4/22)

The Czar speaks!



The NXT UK Champion addresses the WWE Universe.

After another hard fought instant classic, Ilja Dragunov is STILL NXT UK Champion! However, he now wishes to address the world in that match’s aftermath.


  • Oliver Carter VS Rohan Raja w/ Die Familie; Carter wins.
  • Bodhi Hayward w/ Chase U VS Sha Samuels; Sha wins.
  • NXT UK Women’s Championship: Meiko Satomura VS Sarray; cancelled.
  • NXT UK Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s match: Blair Davenport VS Isla Dawn; No Contest.


Ilja Dragunov heads to the ring!

The NXT UK Champion is still UNBESIEGBAR! But he comes out here now to address the fans, with a boot on one leg and crutches helping him get in the ring. Dragunov hobbles as he gets the mic while fans cheer him on. “Last week, against Wolfgang, I suffered an injury. I suffered a severe ankle injury, really early in the match.” Highlights show one leg clipped the other as he fell into the corner. Dragunov says he fought until the very end. He fought until the very end because this, the NXT UK Championship, is not a privilege. Being NXT UK Champion means to fight to be the very best in this brand, and this brand has only had fighting champions! Fans cheer that!

And as much as Dragunov would love to continue to be a fighting champion… He can’t. Fans chant “NO! NO!” but unfortunately, this injury means that the medical team will not clear him. And no one knows how long Dragunov needs to recover, the team feels it is in his best interest to relinquish the championship today. Fans chant “NO! NO!” again but he isn’t sure what to say then. Should he talk about how hard he worked for this? Because he won’t. Every single superstar backstage is working extremely hard.

Should he bring up his hard past? Like how he came from Russia to German and being poor and underestimated? NO. We all have to fight our own battles, and he is nothing special in that case. Fans still chant for him as he says maybe he should talk about how that if he would’ve been more careful while fighting, the injury would not have happened? NO, because he doesn’t regret anything! That is who Dragunov is! He sacrifices his entire existence! He sees bits of his soul in this ring! All he ever wanted was to show his true soul, his honest face, and encourage people that with will, they can endure every pain, so long as there is a reason, and then win!

Dragunov has fought with his soul as our NXT UK Champion. But as sad as he is to relinquish this title, as sad as he is knowing someone will take his place, he knows one thing: “No one beats me except myself!” Dragunov vows to return and as a better man than we see here today. “And if you think I was strong holding this championship. you will be surprised how strong I will become to get it back!” Fans cheer again, and Dragunov says, “LONG LIVE THE CZAR!” Fans are thunderous for “UNBESIEGBAR!” as Dragunov reluctantly takes off the belt and sets it down on the mat. Fans now chant “UNDEFEATED” for the champion that never lost his title.

Dragunov then rolls out of the ring, uses his crutches to walk back out, and fans cheer him with a standing ovation. When will we see the return of The Czar in NXT UK? And who will be the next NXT UK Champion to lead the way forward?


Chase U arrives!

Andre Chase, Bodhi Hayward and Thea Hail saw the sights, enjoyed the culture, and Bodhi wonders if they can rent a room in the palace. Not likely, Bodhi. They waved to the statues of Queen Elizabeth and King George, but wow, what happened to George? What’d that bird eat? They also visit Oxford, one of the greatest universities in the world. Still behind Chase U, of course. But there’s still one more lesson left. Time to show the UK what Chase U is all about! They arrive at the WWE’s UK Performance Center, and find Sha Samuels shoeless and sleeping out front…

Now this is a Teachable Moment! Sha is down on his luck, and Chase U doesn’t keep people down. They raise people up. Bodhi gives it a shot. Bodhi tells Sha that when adversity hits, you persevere And if he perseveres, Sha could get into Chase U, just like Bodhi! Ugh, more Yanks. Chase U, eh? Sha graduated from streets! He may not have shoes, or his hat, or even his wife, but he has his trunks and boots and his job! Sha will talk to Johnny Saint about this! YA MUG! Well, will the East End Butcher get back up by butchering Bodhi?


NXT UK Media catches up with Johnny Saint & Sid Scala.

They ask them about Dragunov giving up the UK Championship. Well, it is bad news, but they have the situation sorted. Dragunov has been one of the greatest champions this brand has ever seen, but this unfortunate situation creates great opportunity. Eight superstars will participate in a tournament, and the winner will be the NEW NXT UK Champion. The competitors and rounds will be announced later on tonight, but for now, they have to put on the finishing touches. Who will be given a spot in this incredible opportunity?


Oliver Carter VS Rohan Raja w/ Die Familie!

The Hottest Superstar Under the Sun got one up on Die Familie by invading their space and eating their foot like Goldilocks and the Three Bears! But will the British Born, Australian Raised and Canadian Trained Prince of Die Familie make Carter pay for his pranks? Or will everything be just right for the Predator Killer?

The bell rings and Carter ROCKS Raja and CHOPS right away! Fans fire up as Carter CLUBS away on Raja, CHOPS him again, but Raja ROCKS Carter again. Carter ROCKS and CHOPS and CLUBS Raja and fans are fired up for “Always Forward!” Carter uppercuts Raja, then dodges Raja to DECK him! Raja gets up but Carter CHOPS again! Carter whips, Raja reverses but Carter slides to a stop to dropkick back! Raja staggers back up but Carter clotheslines him right out! Fans fire up but Dempsey distracts Carter from the apron. The ref reprimands Dempsey but Carter’s wary, he swipes at Teoman as Teoman gets on the other apron! But Raja drags Carter out!

Teoman puts Carter in the apron skirt for Raja to fire off on! The ref is late to seeing that and reprimands, Raja lets off to drag Carter out from the skirt and into the ring. Raja stomps Carter around, but Carter throws body shots! Raja stomps Carter again, drags him up, and RAMS him into a corner. Raja whips out to throw back into the corner! Raja wrenches an arm, whips and WRINGS Carter out and Carter hits buckles! Cover, TWO! Raja is annoyed but he looms over Carter. Raja drags Carter up and wraps on a cobra twist! Carter endures, even as Raja digs into the ribs. Raja CLUBS the ribs, but Carter fights through the hold!

Carter gets one arm free and switches the cobra twist onto Raja! Now Raja endures the stretch! Fans rally but Raja throws palm strikes! Raja gets around to BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO! Raja is frustrated but he drags Carter up to dribble him off the mat! Raja storms around and then stomps Carter. Raja hauls Carter up, Carter throws body shots, but Raja kicks low. Raja whips, Carter goes up and over but gets caught! Carter fights, and turns body slam into CROSSBODY! Fans fire up as Carter rallies on Raja with big forearm smashes! Raja kicks but Carter blocks, to then LARIAT Raja down! Carter grits his teeth and fans fire up more!

Fans “WOOP!” on behalf of Ashton Smith, Carter whips but Raja reverses, only for Carter to QUEBRADA! Carter aims at Raja, runs in, but Raja elbows him away! Carter comes back, Raja TOSSES Carter out, but Carter uses that to CROSSBODY Dempsey and Teoman! Fans fire up while Raja realizes what happened. Raja runs and slides, but Carter uses the apron skirt! SUPERKICK! Carter puts Raja in, aims from a corner and runs corner to corner, WHEEL KICK! Cover, Carter wins!!

Winner: Oliver Carter, by pinfall

But now Teoman rushes in! Carter DECKS him, but Dempsey CHOP BLOCKS Carter! Die Familie stomp away on Carter, and then Dempsey puts on the BOSTON CRAB! Referees rush out to tell Dempsey to stop, and the fans chant “YOU SUCK!” but Dempsey makes Carter suffer! Dempsey finally lets go, clearly wanting his turn next. Will Carter sweep Die Familia 3-0? Or will Dempsey prove he’s the true muscle of the family?


Thea Hail speaks.

She could’ve gone to Cambridge or Yale or Harvard or Oxford, but Chase U was the perfect fit for her! But then Eliza Alexander barges in, asking what Thea’s going on about. Like, actually? Eliza when to the school of hard knocks, and she is sick and tired of the Americans coming over here and taking opportunities from superstars like her. Let’s be realistic, Eliza should be facing Meiko for the NXT UK Women’s Championship. And it seems beating people up is how you get noticed around here. So Eliza will make a statement out of Thea, and prove that Chase U-

OH NO! You do not go there, okay? Chase U is the most amazing university in the world! Thea can’t even. She storms off, but will she teach Eliza a thing or two about respect?


Die Familie celebrates backstage.

They’re proud of giving Carter what he deserved, but NXT UK Media is there to ask them why they are happy after the loss. Teoman has Raja and Dempsey move on, he’ll handle this. They didn’t lose. Did you not see what they did? That was a win! The Eye always has a plan. But then Sam Gradwell walks over to say his eye sees a little man only getting his way around here when he has his little mates around to do the dirty work. But if Teoman were to come for Gradwell, he doesn’t have a plan for him. Sure, sure. We’ll talk later. Teoman leaves, but will the Thunderstorm come for Die Familie soon enough?


Bodhi Hayward w/ Chase U VS Sha Samuels!

Well, we know why this match was made, but now we’ll see how it goes! Will Chase U’s star pupil put up an A+ fight? Or will the East End Butcher turn him into waste of that full ride scholarship?

Wow, Sha is really in bad shape. His tank top is a mess, he has mismatched kneepads, and he has the rest of his belongings in a bundle on the end of a stick! Sha even has to dig around through some old food to get to the one hat he has left… Sha uses said hat to beg for spare change, but the fans aren’t willing to spare any. Sha huffs and puffs and gets in the ring. The bell rings and Sha circles with Bodhi. They tie up, Bodhi SLAMS Sha down, but then he backs up from the smell left on him. Has Sha… not been able to bathe since Noam Dar lost the Heritage Cup? Sha frowns as fans sing, “Sha smells like gar~bage~, Sha smells like gar~bage!”

Sha and Bodhi tie up again, Bodhi puts Sha in a corner, but those pits back him up! Sha shoves Bodhi, so Bodhi shoves Sha! Then arm-drags him! “CHASE U! CHASE U!” Sha huffs and puffs while fans rally for Bodhi. Sha circles with Bodhi, calls for a test of strength, and Bodhi says he knows this one! But then Sha kicks him low! Sha bumps Bodhi off the buckles, then throws back elbows. The ref counts, Sha backs up and even the ref has to hold his nose. Sha brings Bodhi around, fans chant “Take a Shower!” Sha takes advantage, instead, and rubs his pits on Bodhi’s head! Bodhi sputters, Sha whips Bodhi to a corner, but Bodhi goes up and over!

Bodhi hurdles over Sha, then arm-drags him down! Fans fire up with Bodhi as he rallies with clotheslines! Sha bails out, and Thea is there to shout, “YOU STINK!” Sha grumbles as the ring count climbs. Bodhi drags Sha up the apron but Sha HOTSHOTS him! And then LARIATS! Bodhi scrambles to a corner, Sha runs in to SPLASH! Sha whips and CLOBBERS Bodhi, then taunts Chase. Sha drags Bodhi around, CLUBS him down, then stands on him. “ON THE MONEY!” But Bodhi avoids the Penalty Kick! Sha is furious, he drags Bodhi up but Bodhi throws haymakers! Sha knees low, scoops Bodhi and SLAMS him!

Sha paces, then he PENALTY KICKS Bodhi down! Fans rally, Sha drops an elbow, and then Sha drops another! Sha then goes to a corner and makes sure Chase is watching. Sha goes up but Bodhi anchors a foot! Sha CLUBS Bodhi, leaps, but into a POWERSLAM! Fans fire up as Bodhi turns things around! Sha staggers around, Bodhi runs in to CHOP BLOCK! And then another CHOP BLOCK! Bodhi runs Sha over with a shoulder tackle! And a STANDING SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Sha survives but fans stay fired up for Bodhi. Bodhi says he’s got the answer, and he whips Sha for a back drop! Sha staggers to a corner, Bodhi RAMS into him!

Fans fire up as Bodhi says he can go again! But then Sha dodges and Bodhi hits buckles! SPINEBUSTER! Cover, Sha wins!!

Winner: Sha Samuels, by pinfall

Bodhi got too confident there, and he fails on the last question! But will Sha use this momentum to turn his luck around? And also take a shower?


NXT UK Media catches up with Oliver Carter.

Carter just visited with the trainers and they ask if he’s okay. His neck is in rough shape but he’ll be good. Sid Scala finds him and says there is good news now: Carter’s win puts him in the NXT UK Championship Tournament! Yes! Thank you, that is great news! Yes, and the first round matches are next week. What? Next week? Uh… Well, okay. It is for the title, and Carter has been a champion before, he will do it. No injury is gonna stop him this time! He’ll be good to go. But will he really be okay? And who will he be facing for this big opportunity?


NXT UK has the rest of that title tournament bracket!

As Saint and Scala announced, this tournament will star eight of the best in NXT UK today! For the first of the first round match-ups, Trent Seven will face Wolfgang, and Oliver Carter will be facing Charlie Dempsey to also round out Die Familie! And then in two weeks, the second half of the first round features Mark Andrews VS Joe Coffey, and Kenny Williams VS Tyler Bate! Who will make it through into the semifinals?


NXT UK Women’s Championship: Meiko Satomura VS Sarray!

The Final Boss dethroned the Forever Champion, Alba Fyre (Kay Lee Ray), and has been a dominant champion in her own right ever since! But now, she faces a fellow Joshi Strong Style superstar in the Warrior of the Sun. Meiko has overcome KLR, the Fierce Fashionista, the French Hope, the Gothic Heiress, and even the Wicked Witch in her World of Darkness! But will she finally fall as Sarray rises?

But wait, Blair Davenport makes her way out here first! “I am so, so sorry. You see, there’s been a little bit of a… break with your previously scheduled program. Because earlier today, Satomura and Sarray, they experienced something quite unexpected: me!” What does she mean by that? And Sid Scala rushes out to ask her to go backstage. Hold on, just give her one minute. See, ever since she returned from her injury, Meiko keeps ignoring her! Fans chant to “GET HER OUT!” and Sid gets in the ring, but Blair shouts that if it wasn’t for her breaking her ankle, Blair would be the NXT UK Women’s Champion!

Blair tells Sid that he knows this, and everyone in the crowd knows this. And since she did not get what is rightfully hers, she will continue to cause chaos in NXT! But then out comes Amale! She has Blair hold on. This is not how things work here. Blair cannot just insist she has whatever match she wants. Everyone here wants to be the next challenger, and is willing to work for it! But then Eliza Alexander storms out, saying “Nah, nah, nah, nah! Absolutely not!” Blair may have a point! And the louder you are, the more people pay attention. But neither Blair or Amale deserves to be next while Eliza is here!

Blair tells Amale and Eliza to shut up! They can say whatever the hell they want, but NO ONE takes action like Blair! She has beaten everyone on this roster, she is next in line! Eliza says Blair’s never beaten her, and fans are rowdy as Isla Dawn appears from nowhere! “Hi there~! See, I don’t think I recall you ever beating me. AHAHA!” Blair and Dawn get in each other’s faces, Sid tells everyone to just please, hold on! We still need a main event, and Dawn and Blair are here, so… We’ll get Dawn VS Blair, and the winner here will be the #1 contender! Amale and Eliza aren’t happy, but that match starts NOW!

NXT UK Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s match: Blair Davenport VS Isla Dawn!

Whatever Blair did to take out Meiko and Sarray, it has only backfired! Will she be able to defeat the darkness of Isla Dawn? Or will even the Wicked Witch learn to #BewareTheHeir?

The bell rings and Dawn circles with Blair. Fans duel, the two tie up, and go around, until Dawn puts Blair on ropes. Dawn whips Blair but Blair gets around to waistlock. Dawn bucks the O’Conner but Blair ducks the Penalty Kick to roll Dawn up! TWO, Dawn kicks Blair’s bad leg! Dawn stomps Blair, drags her around and has a standing toehold. Blair endures, Dawn SLAMS the leg down, then stalks Blair to a corner. Blair kicks with the good leg but Dawn stomps her more. Dawn has the bad leg, stomps the thigh, then SLAMS it again! Blair crawls away to a corner but Dawn stomps her down. The ref counts and Dawn lets off at 4.

Dawn drags Blair up, has the bad leg, but Blair ENZIGURIS! Dawn staggers, Blair CLUBS her, then Blair bumps Dawn off buckles. Blair climbs up to dig her boot into Dawn’s face. The ref counts, Blair lets off at 4 to CLUB Dawn down. Blair whips, ELBOWS Dawn down, then soaks up the heat. Blair drags Dawn up, puts her in the corner and stomps a mudhole in. Blair wrenches, whips corner to corner, but Dawn reverses. Dawn runs in at the corner but Blair tosses her out! Blair rushes in but Dawn dodges the shoulder to KNEE Blair in the ropes! Dawn grins while Blair falls and Dawn hurries to cover, TWO!

Dawn grins as she hears the voices, or spirits. Blair kicks Dawn from below but Dawn drops an elbow! Dawn digs her knee into Blair’s head, then KNEES her in the back! Fans rally and duel, then stands on Blair’s head. The ref counts, Dawn stomps Blair down. Blair crawls to a corner, throws body shots back, but Dawn CLUBS Blair. Blair gets up to throw body shots but Dawn KNEES low! Dawn snapmares, uppercuts, and runs to PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up and Dawn stalks Blair. Dawn stomps Blair, drags her up and reels her in, but Blair blocks the suplex! Blair CLUBS away then throws Dawn down by her hair!

Blair hobbles, but she drags Dawn up. Dawn JAWBREAKERS! Cover, TWO, but Dawn clamps onto Blair’s hair! Dawn gets a half nelson, almost a standing armbar, and even adds a chinbar! Blair endures, throws clubbing hands, and fights up to her feet. But Dawn uses the hold to hit a GUTBUSTER, then she pulls even harder on her modified half nelson! Blair fights back up, fans duel even harder, and Blair throws body shots! Dawn knees low, drags Blair up and suplexes, but Blair makes it a cradle! TWO!! Dawn RAMS Blair, covers, TWO! Fans still rally as Dawn slaps sense into herself. Dawn stomps Blair around, then ROCKS her with a forearm.

Blair comes back to ROCK Dawn! And again! Then she dodges Dawn to headbutt, uppercut, and fire off knees! Blair whips to LARIAT Dawn! Fans are torn as Dawn goes to a corner. Blair fires off forearms, snapmares Dawn then basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Dawn is still in this, but Blair drags her up. Dawn wrenches out to ROUNDHOUSE! Then SAIDO!! Cover, TWO!?! Blair survives and frustrates Dawn! Dawn has a scary look on her face as she drags Blair up. Fireman’s carry, but Blair sunset flips! TWO, Blair gets up but Dawn BOOTS her! Dawn whips Blair to a corner, Blair BOOTS back!

Blair goes up, but Dawn YANKS her down! Blair hits buckles on the way! Dawn goes up the corner, Blair stands up, METEORA! Fans fire up and Dawn drags Blair to a cover, Eliza drags Dawn out of the ring!! Dawn DECKS her, but the ref’s already ringing the bell!

No Contest

Eliza screwed everything up, there’s no winner now! But then Blair gets up and Amale BOOTS her down! The French Hope is fired up but Dawn lurks behind her! ROUNDHOUSE! But then Eliza KNEES Dawn down! Blair SPEARS Eliza! Refs rush out to stop this chaos! Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” but the four women are each put in a corner. Only for Eliza to get loose and CLOBBER Amale! They fight, Blair gets loose to BOOT Dawn! The fighting continues  and the fans are loving it! But what does this mean for the NXT UK Women’s Championship picture?!

My Thoughts:

A good episode of NXT UK, but a rather disappointing change of plans in many regards. Meiko VS Sarray not happening tonight, and apparently not ever happening, is crap. But I suppose this is the problem with superstars going back and forth between the UK and the US, and with NXT UK being secondary to NXT 2.0. I am rather disappointed and upset by this, as Meiko VS Sarray was going to be an instant classic. And why would they not follow through? Because Sarray had to go back to NXT 2.0 to job to Mandy freaking Rose? That’s crap and everyone knows it, Sarray had the potential to return to the States with the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

NXT UK did a decent job of improvising a new plan, but even that was halfhearted. Blair says she attacked Meiko and Sarray, but we don’t even get a shot backstage of Meiko down on the ground with Millie McKenzie checking on her. And while we got a good 10 minutes out of Blair VS Dawn, the finish wasn’t good. Eliza just dragging Dawn out shouldn’t have been enough to throw the match out. Eliza getting all the way in and clobbering both Dawn and Blair would have. The brawl of the four next contenders was good, but not enough to salvage things. But you can bet there will be a Fatal 4 Way now, winner faces Meiko for the title because WWE keeps screwing over Sarray.

In a similar fashion, it is unfortunate that Dragunov is injured and has to give up the title, but that tournament to crown a new champion looks amazing. All the opening round matches are great, but I can already tell what the finals will be. Trent Seven is going to get through his side, Tyler Bate is going to get through his, and they will meet to settle their grudge while crowning a new champion, and I would love it if Seven won the title. British Strong Style will have all held that belt, from Bate to Dunne to Seven, and it’d be a great way to add to Seven’s story of how he IS British wrestling. The only thing that could make this better: It’s part of Clash at the Castle in September.

Oliver Carter had a great opener with Raja, but of course Die Familie interferes and of course it backfires. Carter is two up, but I wonder if he really will win the third now that it’s part of the title tournament. I also like that Gradwell has brushed off his loss to Trent Seven to go after Die Familie. I wonder if this somehow brings Gradwell and Carter together as unlikely allies against Die Familie while Ashton Smith is still hurt. And then, if this feud continues, Smith can return and we can get 3v3 to settle things once and for all.

And then, because NXT UK is tape delayed without NXT 2.0 taking things into consideration, Chase U is here now rather than weeks ago, and we get a pretty good start to their visit with Bodhi taking on Sha. Sha does an even better Bum Ass Corbin than Corbin did, and he manages to get a win here. Maybe Sha will have his own rags to riches story that is a bit more complex and compelling than “Corbin goes to Vegas and wins big.” Of course, Sha being a bookie, he also has an easy way back by making the right bet somewhere. Maybe as the UK Championship tournament gets going?

My Score: 8/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (8/2/22)

And NEW NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions…!



Will the NXT Women’s Division end up Toxic again?

With Cora Jade’s betrayal of Roxanne Perez, it is clear we need new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. And a Fatal 4 Way will crown that team tonight! Who defies the odds to obtain glory?


  • Vacated NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match: Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley VS Kayden Carter & Katana Chance VS Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz VS Toxic Attraction; Carter & Chance win and become the new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions.
  • NXT North American Championship Open Challenge: Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Nathan Frazer; Hayes wins and retains the title.
  • Sarray VS Mandy Rose; Mandy wins.
  • Duke Hudson VS Axiom; Axiom wins.
  • NXT Tag Team Championships: The Creed Brothers VS Tony D’Angelo & Channing Lorenzo; The Creeds win and retain the titles.
  • Brooks Jensen w/ Josh Briggs & Fallon Henley VS Joe Gacy w/ The Dyad; Gacy wins.
  • Alba Fyre VS Lash Legend; Fyre wins.
  • Falls Count Anywhere: Solo Sikoa VS Von Wagner w/ Robert Stone; Solo wins.


Vacated NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match: Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley VS Kayden Carter & Katana Chance VS Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz VS Toxic Attraction!

It’s a new age in WWE, and there’s a new opportunity right before the NXT Women’s Division! Will we truly get new Women’s Tag Team Champions? Or will Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne bring us back to the Toxic status quo?

The introductions are made, the belts are on display, and the last team standing will take those belts home!

The teams sort out and in this kind of Fatal 4, only two teams are legal at a time. Kayden steps up for KC Squared while Tatum steps up for Diamond Mine. They tie up, break, then go again. They go around, Tatum puts Kayden in the Toxic corner and Jacy tags in off Kayden. Jacy tells Kayden to split, then she shoves Tatum back. Tatum and Jacy tie up, go around, Jacy CLUBS Tatum then ROCKS her! Jacy headlocks, Tatum powers out and runs Jacy over! Jacy scrambles to tag in Gigi. Fans fire up as Gigi rushes Tatum but Tatum dodges, and then Jacy rushes in! Tatum hits Jacy first, but Gigi CLOBBERS her from behind!

Jacy shoves Tatum at Gigi for an ARM WRINGER, then Jacy adds a SENTON! Cover, TWO! Fans rally, Gigi drags Tatum up but Tatum kicks! Gigi blocks it and flips Tatum, but Tatum lands on her feet! DROPKICK! Gigi flounders to the corner, Tatum tags Ivy! Fans fire up as Ivy wrenches and hammerlocks to CLUB Gigi again and again! Then ripcord and LARIAT! Tag back to Tatum, the Diamond Mine drag Gigi up to whip and run her over! Cover, TWO! Tatum grabs at Gigi but Gigi kicks Tatum away and Kayden tags back in! Kayden RAMS Tatum into the Lethal Latina corner! Feroz tags in off Tatum and arm-drags Kayden down!

Feroz arm-drags Kayden more, then runs to tilt-o-whirl and IRON OCTOPUS! Kayden endures as fans duel, but she powers out, only for Feroz to RANA! Tag to Leon, Feroz snapmares Kayden and Leon gives Feroz a boost, HIP TOSS SENTON! Gigi swipes at Leon but Leon DECKS her! Jacy tries now but Leon dodges and Feroz DECKS her! Toxic Attraction is down and fans fire up! Leon hurries to cover Kayden, TWO! Tag to Feroz and Feroz wraps on a waistlock. Feroz keeps Kayden from Katana but fans rally up. Kayden fights free, slips under, trips Feroz then cartwheels over her to SUPERKICK her!

Kayden gives her hips a shake, swipes at Diamond Mine, but Ivy drags her out! Kayden fights them off, and Katana CROSSBODIES Diamond Mine! KC Squared fire off on the Diamond Mine, but Leon uses her power to lift Feroz and TOSS her onto the group! Fans fire up with Feroz y Leon, and Leon builds speed! Leon FLIES!! Direct hit and fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” Leon puts Kayden in, covers, TWO!! Kayden survives for her team but Leon clamps on. Kayden JAWBREAKERS! Tatum tags in off her, then pushes Kayden away. But Leon picks Tatum up for a SPINEBUSTER and KNEE DROP!

Leon rallies on Tatum, suplexes her up and over, then drags her up again. Leon and Tatum fire off forearms, but Leon facelocks. Feroz tags in and climbs up while Leon suplexes Tatum, CROSSBODY SUPLEX COMBO! Cover, Ivy breaks it! Leon whips Ivy but Ivy reverses to send Leon out. Feroz clamps onto Tatum with a chinlock but Tatum fights up! Electric Chair lift, Ivy tags in, POP-UP BODY SHOTS! Cover, Ivy & Tatum ELIMINATE Leon & Feroz! But the match keeps moving, Gigi rolls Ivy up! TWO!! Gigi hurries to clinch but Ivy swings on her. Gigi dodges, blocks the elbow and arm-drags Ivy!

Tag to Jacy and Jacy KNEES Ivy down! Jacy hurries to cover, TWO!! Jacy rains down fists on Ivy then Jacy howls and taunts the other teams. But too much taunting, Ivy kicks low! And CHOPS! Ivy dodges the knee, rolls Jacy up, TWO! Jacy blocks a knee but not the ENZIGURI! Tatum tags in but then Jacy tags Katana in! Katana has no choice but the slingshot kick Tatum then CROSSBODY, but Tatum catches her! Tatum pops Katana up but Katana sunset flips! Tatum stays up, and deadlifts Katana to a SLAM! Cover, TWO! Tatum facelocks Katana, Ivy tags in, and Diamond Mine whips Katana to then DROPKICK her down!

Katana staggers back up, Tatum is the step for Ivy’s FLYING FOREARM! Ivy runs in at the corner to DYNAMIC DROPKICK! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up while Ivy fireman’s carry takeovers. Tag to Tatum Diamond Mine hand Katana off, but Katana slips out of the suplex to kick low. Katana whips but Tatum reverses. Katana springs UP and over, then arm-drags Tatum! Then handspring SPIKE-RANA! Cover, TWO!! Tatum survives but Katana drags her up. Katana tags Kayden, fans rally but Tatum fights KC Squared off. Katana CODE BREAKERS, Jacy tags off Kayden before she fireman’s carries Tatum. DEATH VALLEY LEG DROP!!

But then Jacy PENALTY KICKS Kayden! Jacy snipes the cover, Toxic Attraction ELIMINATES Diamond Mine! And now it comes down to Gigi & Jacy VS KC Squared! But that’s just the way both teams want it! They step up and fans are thunderous! The brawl is on!! Katana has Jacy, Kayden has Gigi, but Jacy and Gigi BOOT back! KC Squared are in opposite corners, Toxic Attraction do-si-does and BRONCO BUSTER CANNONBALL IN STEREO! Jacy ROCKS Kayden, fireman’s carries, but Kayden slips off and shoves to then wheelbarrow and victory roll, SUPER- NO, Jacy ducks to roll Kayden up! TWO!!!

Kayden swings but Jacy spins her, ROLLING ELBOW! Kayden flounders, Gigi tags in, Jacy hits a CODE BREAKER and Gigi hits an STO!! Cover, TWO!!! Kayden survives again!! Gigi is fuming, she drags Kayden up in a waistlock, then a half nelson. But Kayden victory rolls to SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!! Gigi survives and fans duel. Kayden drags Gigi up but Gigi ROCKS her! Gigi runs but Kayden CLUBS her at the ropes! Kayden tags Katana and Katana HOTSHOTS Gigi into the GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Katana drags Gigi up, fans rally, but Gigi tosses Katana away! Gigi boots Katana then hits a BIG back suplex!

Gigi hurries to tag Jacy, Jacy DECKS Kayden! TOXIC HIGH LOW!! High stack, but Kayden BOOTS Jacy! Kayden and Gigi DOUBLE LARIAT! Fans are ELECTRIC as all four women are down! Kayden and Gigi bail out, Katana and Jacy are still in the ring as fans chant, “This is Awesome!” Jacy says these titles belong to Toxic Attraction! Katana CHOPS Jacy! Jacy CHOPS Katana! Katana ROCKS Jacy, Jacy ROCKS Katana! Katana hits back, Jacy knees low! Jacy whips Katana but Katana elbows her! And SOLE FOOD! Tag to Kayden, Katana goes up and Kayden has Jacy. But Gigi drags Katana out! Katana readjusts to CROSSBODY Gigi down!!

Kayden gets in, Jacy gets around to shove her into Katana! O’Conner Roll, TWO! Katana GAMANGIRIS and Kayden gets Jacy again! Tag to Katana, she goes up, HUAMN HIGHLIGHT REEL!!! Cover, KC SQUARED WINS!!

Winners: Kayden Carter & Katana Chance, by pinfall (NEW NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions)

The fans explode with cheers! KC Squared fought for YEARS to get these titles and they finally have them! Will the party only get hotter now that they’ve got the gold?


Backstage interview with Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen & Fallon Henley.

McKenzie talks with the NXT UK Tag Team Champions about what’s next. Next? Jensen’s still waiting for his first. Not that, Brooks… But Briggs says this trio’s picked up some bumps and bruises along the way, but that’s just how they roll. They’ll get their asses back on the horses no matter what. And proudly! But The Schism walks in, and Joe Gacy says such pride is well deserved, they have something to be proud of. And Gacy is sure their families are enjoying the happiness. Especially Jensen’s father. He is second generation in WWE. But sadly, Cameron Grimes cannot say the same, as his father was a journeyman who did not enjoy that same success.

And to Gacy, that’s not fair. James Drake- er, Jagger Reed, wants them to look him in the eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul. And Zack- er, Rip Fowler, says if you join them, The Schism will provide a roadmap to success. Uh, they’re not lost. But if these guys need directions, then they can take a left, then a right, then go straight to where you’ll meet Jensen’s fists in your faces! If that’s how Jensen chooses to express himself, Gacy will oblige. And he will gladly be there to send a message to Cameron Grimes through Jensen. Just what is The Schism scheming this summer?


NXT North American Championship Open Challenge: Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS ???

The A Champion has been a champion so long, he’s not sure who should be next to face him. So he’s letting fate decide for him! Who answers the call of this golden opportunity?

Melo gets the mic, as does Trick. Life’s been amazing for them ever since The Great American Bash. They’ve been stacking dollars, starting drama, and taking all y’all’s baby mamas! Oh no, not the baby mamas! But it is what it is. Most importantly, they’re celebrating Melo’s birthday! Everyone knows Melo is a money player, and all he makes is money and moves. So tonight’s move is an Open Challenge for THE A Championship! The very next person to get in this ring can step up to get stepped on! And that person is… GIOVANNI VINCI! It’s #VeniVidiVinci, but will it be vittoria- WAIT! DRIVE-BY PHOTBOMB! Nathan Frazer snipes it!!

Everyone is shocked, but especially Melo and Vinci! Will the British Prodigy not only snipe the opportunity from Vinci, but also snatch this title from Melo on his birthday?

The belt is raised, the bell rings, and Melo circles with Frazer while Vinci joins commentary. Frazer headlocks, Melo powers up but Frazer hits a flying takeover. Melo headscissors, Frazer kips free, Melo hits a takeover but Frazer headscissors. Fans rally and duel, Melo moves around and handstands to jackknife! TWO as Frazer bridges and spins Frazer to then flip him up and over. Frazer ducks, dodges, trips Melo and jackknifes deep, TWO!! Melo narrowly escapes and fans fire up! Frazer and Melo reset, Melo shoves Frazer but Frazer SLAPS Melo! Frazer headlocks, Melo powers out, things speed up, duck and dodge and DROPKICK from Frazer!

Fans fire up as Frazer runs in at the corner, but Melo goes up, only for Frazer to slide under! Frazer trips Melo and POSTS him! Fans are torn on that one, but Melo might’ve been torn, too. Frazer gets back in while Melo writhes away. Frazer dodges Melo but Melo gets him in the ropes! FADE AWAY, but Frazer dodges! Melo GAMANGIRIS but Frazer blocks! Frazer shoulders in but Melo catches him for a KNEE SMASH and FADE AWAY! Fans fire up while Melo says it’s done. Cover, TWO! Melo keeps cool, and he drags Frazer up. Melo CHOPS, then reels Frazer in. Melo snap suplexes then flexes while fans fire up.

Trick shouts, “Down goes Frazer!” Melo CHOPS Frazer in the corner, snapmares him, but Frazer is right up to JAWBREAKER! Fans duel, Frazer runs and QUEBRADAS, but Melo dodges to SPRINGBOARD LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Frazer is still in this but Melo CLUBS away with haymakers! Fans duel, “MELO~!” “SUCKS!” Melo drags Frazer up, reels him back in, and shoots his shot. But Frazer slips around to dragon sleeper! Melo drops and victory rolls, TWO! Melo rushes in but Frazer catches Melo for a BUCKLE SHOT! Melo tumbles out of the ring! Trick checks on Melo but Melo gets up and in.

Fans rally, Melo is in a corner and Frazer is on the other side. Fans duel, Melo staggers and Frazer ROCKS him with a haymaker! And then another! Melo wobbles, snarls, but Frazer just DECKS him! Frazer fires off at the ropes, whips Melo and CLOBBERS him! Melo is up but Frazer CLOBBERS him again! Frazer kips up to THESZ PRESS and fast hands! Fans fire up and Frazer goes up the corner, to PHOENIX roll as Melo moves! Frazer SUPERKICKS Melo down, then SUPERKICKS again! Cover, TWO!! Trick is relieved and Melo bails out, but Frazer builds speed! Frazer DIVES, sends Melo into commentary, and someone’s drink spills all over Vinci!

Vinci is furious! Frazer puts Melo in and hurries to a corner, but Trick distracts the ref! Vinci SHOVES Frazer down! Melo is up top, for the THREE POINTER!! Cover, Melo wins!!

Winner: Carmelo Hayes, by pinfall (still NXT North American Champion)

Give the assist to Vinci, he screwed Frazer over just because he wasn’t fast enough to answer this open challenge himself. Will Frazer settle things with Vinci before trying Melo again?


NXT returns with the Heatwave Summit.

Wade Barrett, Bron Breakker, JD McDonagh, and quite a few security guards, are all present. Barrett thanks the NXT Champion and his next challenger for joining him. Barrett starts with JD. Since his arrival here in NXT 2.0, he has shown a precise and methodical approach, from his shocking debut at the Great American Bash to the… uncomfortable way he introduced himself. Uncomfortable? JD was very comfortable. But he doesn’t want to talk about last week, he wants to talk about the future at NXT Heatwave. JD has no problem telling us that he has not been in the ring with someone quite like Bron.

Bron is relentless, he is fearless, he is driven by intensity, and sitting here, JD sees the passion and fire in Bron’s eyes. JD can even understand why that’d be a source of fear for others. But for JD, it’s a stimulant. JD looks at Bron and sees a fire and everything in JD says to stomp out that fire. JD sees the way everyone else looks at Bron. They’re in awe, and they treat him with respect. Why? Because he could be on the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazines? JD sees Bron and sees a roadmap for the pain that he can inflict. “Because this ring is my operating theater. And those muscles you worked so hard to grow? I’m gonna tear them off the bones.”

At Heatwave, the only sound sweeter than Bron’s screams of agony will be ring announcer Alicia saying JD is the NEW NXT Champion. Barrett thanks JD for that. And now, Barrett says Bron knows the NXT Championship puts a big target on his back. Now one of NXT UK’s finest, the Irish Ace, has his sights set on him. How will Bron handle a man who has nothing but ill intent? Bron says, “JD is special. I’ve never been in the ring with someone like you. I studied your NXT UK career. You were champion for over a year. And no disrespect to Gunther or Ziggler or Ciampa, but you might be the smartest superstar that I’ve ever stepped foot in the ring with.”

JD is so smart, JD knows now to challenge Bron’s speed or strength, but his mind. That’s just it. Everyone has a plan until Bron breaks them in half! And you can call this an operating table or whatever, but when the title is on the line, Bron is an animal! Fans bark for that one. Bron is glad JD likes pain. Because at Heatwave, JD will be in a lot of it. JD laughs as he says this is what he likes about Bron. Bron believes every word that comes out of his mouth. But JD does, too. JD thinks that at Heatwave, everything Bron says will come true. The difference here is, that Bron likes to endure pain, but JD welcomes it.

Barrett has things calm down a bit. They do have business to take care of in signing the contract for this match. JD as the challenger gets to sign first. Bron says please. JD says he won’t yet. He knows it is tradition, but he caught a look on Bron’s face. There was fear. Bron needs to sign first. Bron says this isn’t fear, “you freakin’ sicko.” Bron will show JD he fears nothing with a heartbeat. Bron takes the contract and the pen then signs on the dotted line. Fans cheer and the contract is given to JD. JD has the pen, but he tells Bron that this summit won’t end in violence. But to show everyone how series JD is, this will end in blood.

JD uses a needed to poke his finger and he writes his name in blood! JD then stands up quick, and Bron stands up, too. But JD simply offers a handshake with that bleeding hand. Bron just holds up the title instead. But when Heatwave is over, will JD be holding that belt up while Bron is the one bleeding?


Apollo Crews visits the Diamond Mine dojo.

The Creeds are happy to see him, and he is proud to see them as NXT Tag Team Champions. Apollo wishes Julius & Brutus luck, and he is a huge fan. Well thanks! They’re big fans of Apollo, too. And there is an open invite. If he wants to get his roll on, the dojo’s doors are always open. Well he was state champion, but tonight, Apollo has some advice. Watch your backs. Not everything is what it seems. Brutus isn’t sure what Apollo’s getting at but Julius has an idea. For now, the Creeds are going to focus on Tony D’Angelo and Channing Lorenzo, retaining the titles, #AndStill. Alright, just keep your eyes open and kick some ass!

Apollo leaves, Damon Kemp walks in, and the Creeds ask about Roddy. Uh, yeah, that’s why Kemp’s here. Strong is running late, but he’ll be here for the match. Seriously? They have to game plan. Well, that’s all Strong said. That’s fine, as long as he is there. They can only control what they can control. But will Julius & Brutus be able to control their destiny when going up against The Don?


Toxic Attraction is freaking out backstage!

Gigi & Jacy can’t believe they lost the tag title match! But Mandy Rose is also freaking out! She claims there was cheating! That’s why they banned Mandy from ringside! McKenzie, NO! You always show up at the worst times! If she even holds out that mic, Jacy’s gonna lose it! McKenzie leaves, and Mandy’s music plays. Can the Toxic Goddess at least hold it together for the trio?

Sarray VS Mandy Rose!

The Warrior of the Sun faces Meiko Satomura for the NXT UK Women’s Championship this Thursday, but she and the NXT Women’s Champion have a score to settle. Will Sarray beat one champion before facing another? Or will Mandy finally have revenge for the brutal makeover via that dropkick?

NXT is picture in picture as Sarray makes her transformation entrance. The bell rings, Mandy and Sarray circle, and they tie up. Mandy waistlocks, SLAMS Sarray, then slaps her around. Mandy drags Sarray up but Sarray wrenches an arm. Mandy snapmares to a chinlock but Sarray slips out to a wristlock. Mandy snapmares again and chinlocks but Sarray again escapes to a wristlock. Sarray stomps Mandy down, twists the wrist more, but Mandy fights up. Mandy rolls, wrenches, knees low, then whips. Sarray ducks ‘n’ dodges to CROSSBODY! Cover, ONE, but Sarray rushes in to victory roll! AND STOMP!

Sarray fires up while Mandy flounders to a corner. Sarray runs in to back elbow! Sarray snapmares Mandy then fires up the fans as she climbs. NXT returns to single picture for the CROSSBODY, but Mandy catches and SLAMS Sarray down! Mandy rains down fists, covers, TWO! Mandy snarls, drags Sarray up and whips her to ropes. Sarray sunset flips, TWO! Mandy hurries up but Sarray runs to SHOTGUN Mandy down! Mandy is on the ropes and Sarray fires up! Sarray scrapes her boot off Mandy, then runs side to side! Mandy bails out to avoid the Sunray! Sarray still dropkicks but Mandy blocks it to YANK Sarray into ropes!

Mandy hurries back in to cover, TWO! Fans rally while Mandy drags Sarray up. Mandy puts Sarray in the corner, fires off forearms, then stomps away. The ref counts, Mandy stops at 4, and Mandy soaks up the cheers and jeers. Mandy digs her knees into Sarray but the ref counts. Mandy lets off at 4, she drags Sarray from the corner and covers, TWO! Mandy drags Sarray up but Sarray rolls Mandy! TWO, and Sarray runs in to wheelbarrow. Mandy turns that to a FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Mandy is annoyed but she drags Sarray to another cover, TWO! Mandy dribbles Sarray off the mat, then covers again, TWO as Sarray goes Matrix!

Sarray basement dropkicks Mandy down! Fans fire up, duel, and Mandy hurries after Sarray. Sarray blocks the lariat to CHOP! And then again! Sarray fires off forearms, but Mandy kicks low. Mandy whips but Sarray blocks! Sarray springboards to arm-drag! Then drop toehold! Sarray fires up and goes to a corner. Sarray goes up, Mandy stands, and Sarray missile dropkicks! Mandy tumbles away and Sarray hurries to get her up. Sarray hooks an arm, PERFECT PLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Mandy survives but Sarray keeps her eyes on Mandy as she goes to a corner. Sarray runs in but Mandy pops her up and hits a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Mandy is frustrated and runs in, KNEE FROM A ROSE!! Cover, Mandy wins!

Winner: Mandy Rose, by pinfall

Mandy tells Zoey Stark she is going to get this at Heatwave! And by that, she means the chair she’s getting! The ref tells Mandy to stop but Mandy taunts Sarray with the title belt. Mandy grabs the chair, looms over Sarray, and she JAMS Sarray in the legs! And then again! And again! And again! Then she puts the chair around a leg, but here comes Stark! Stark rallies on Mandy with lariats! And a SUPERKICK! Mandy wobbles, Stark reels her in but Mandy scrambles away! The Toxic Goddess has the belt for now, but Stark says time is almost up. Will the Heatwave burn Mandy’s reign down?


Tiffany Stratton speaks.

What sets her apart is her focus and athleticism. “When you’re a once in a lifetime athlete, you have no time for complete losers like Wendy Choo.” It’s not her fault she was born gifted. She knows she’s great, she works at it every day. She figures that’s why everyone is obsessed with her. She couldn’t stand losing the battle royal, because “Tiffany” and “loser” do not belong in the same sentence. How were other women okay with losing. Maybe if she lived a miserable existence, she’d be okay with it, too. But she doesn’t, so she isn’t. And then Wendy threatened Tiffany that the next time they meet, it won’t be pretty. Whatever, Wendy. Everything Tiffany does is pretty.

Tiffany finishes a floor routine and moves on to shopping. Tootles! But when and where will Wendy catch up to Tiffany to turn her life into a waking nightmare?


Backstage interview with Axiom.

McKenzie congratulates the newest masked wrestler on his victorious debut, and he thanks her. He is very excited to be in NXT, and his timing couldn’t have been more perfect. But Duke Hudson walks in to say Axiom doesn’t belong here. There’s a lot of change happening in NXT, which is why he’s always ready. It’s anyone’s ball game, but just not Axiom’s. He’s undersized and undeserving. Meanwhile, Duke is 6’5″, 270 pounds. Well, okay, 265 because he’s been slimming down. But the differences between them are night and day. Axiom is not afraid of duke. Oh, well good for him. NERD! Duke SLAPS Axiom but Axiom fights back!

Duke CLUBS Axiom and the brawl continues into the back! Duke ROCKS Axiom, clamps onto him, but Axiom CHOPS! Duke RAMS Axiom into the wall! Then kicks him through a doorway. Duke drags Axiom along but Axiom CHOPS back! Duke knees low, CLUBS him, and they end up at gorilla! Duke ROCKS Axiom, ROCKS him again, and now they’re going to the ramp! Duke throws off his jacket but Axiom CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Duke hauls Axiom up to run down the ramp and RAM him into the ring! Fans boo at Duke but he puts Axiom in the ring. Duke stomps Axiom, kicks him, and then hauls him up for a scoop and SWINGING SIDE SLAM!

Fans are torn as Duke flexes. The smug bully goes outside to then grab a mic. “And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don’t believe in your heroes. They’ll always let you down.” Fans boo as Duke leaves. But Axiom gets the mic to shout, “YOU! Things have changed, but you’re wrong! I can make it! And I can prove it! Right here, right now!” Axiom wants a match after all that brawling?! Duke says why not! A ref appears, and the match is on!

Duke Hudson VS Axiom!

The bell rings and Axiom leaps! But Duke catches him to RAM him into the corner! Duke RAMS into Axiom again and again, then he hauls Axiom up top. Axiom kicks back but Duke BOOTS Axiom down! Duke goes out but Axiom KICKS him. Duke CLUBS Axiom, RAMS him into the apron, then puts him in the ring. Duke storms in, Axiom KICKS him again and again! And again! Axiom dodges Duke to springboard dropkick the leg out! Fans fire up and Axiom runs in at the corner, but into Duke’s URENAGE! Duke winces but even one leg is good enough. Duke hobbles after Axiom then rains down fists.

Duke stomps Axiom, drops a knee, then another! Duke runs to drop ax handles! Fans duel, “Duke’s My Hero!” “No, He’s Not!” Axiom kicks from below again, but Duke drags him into the gut wrench and crucifix. THE RIVER- RANA!! Axiom sends Duke into buckles, then runs to tilt-o-whirl wheelbarrow and victory roll! AXIOM WINS!!

Winner: Axiom, by pinfall

Duke is freaking out! Axiom got him off guard, will Duke ever live this down?


Backstage interview with Wes Lee.

The Must-See Kid says throughout his career, he has overcome odds. But Trick got the better of him. And what really irks Lee is that Trick thinks he’s the second coming of Muhammed Ali. The Great American Bash, the entrance, and then he blinds Lee to get the win. Then last week, he replicated the most iconic image in boxing of Muhammed Ali over Frazer. Ali is a legend. Trick’s a legend in his own mind. Ali influenced millions while Trick annoys millions. Okay, no more trash talk.

Lee says next week, we get the best of both worlds. Trick can bring his so-called boxing skills while Lee brings the wrestling. And they can even do it in a British Rounds Match, to see who is better at the sweet science. What’s it going to be, Trick? Your move!


NXT Tag Team Championships: The Creed Brothers w/ Damon Kemp VS Tony D’Angelo & Channing Lorenzo w/ Legado del Fantasma!

The Diamond Mine may have fallen in the 8 Man Tag, but Julius & Brutus only need each other to defend these belts. Will they break The Don and his boy, Stacks? Or will Tony use the entire book of tricks to take these titles away?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who are really the made men of NXT.

The teams sort out and Tony starts with Julius. They circle, tie up and Julius waistlocks to SLAM Tony! Julius headlocks, Tony powers up but Julius hits a takeover. Tony powers up again but can’t power out as Julius hits another headlock takeover. Tony power sup, pulls an ear, but Julius puts Tony on the ropes. The two separate and Stacks tags in. Julius arm-drags Stacks, tags Brutus, and feeds Stacks to Brutus’ fireman’s carry takeover. Brutus facelocks, grinds Stacks and rolls him around. Stacks endures, fights up and kicks back. Stacks run but into a BIG hip toss! Brutus snarls but Stacks BOPS him! Brutus CLOBBERS Stacks!

Tag to Julius and he drags Stacks up to hit a BIG atomic drop! Stacks hobbles, Tony tags in, and Tony circles with Julius again. They ram shoulders, fire off haymakers, and Julius kicks low. Tony blocks the suplex, waistlocks and CHOP BLOCKS Julius! Tony CLUBS Julius, and X-PLEXES! Or more like an X Y Z, cuz Julius went flying! Tony talks trash on Brutus while NXT goes picture in picture.

Julius crawls in a daze but he seems okay to continue. Tony drags Julius over, tags in Stacks, and they mug Julius. Stacks then snap suplexes Julius, stomps him, and brings him back up,. Julius fires off body shots and haymakers! But Stacks kicks low, tags Tony in, RAMS into Julius, then Tony fires off body shots. Tony brings Julius around to clinch and BELLY2BELLY! Cover, TWO! Julius is still in this but Tony drags him over to bump off buckles. Tag to Stacks, the family mugs Julius again, and Stacks clinches,. Julius tackles Stacks down, but Stacks clamps on a double wristlock! Stacks facelocks, powers Julius back, and RAMS him into ropes.

Stacks uppercuts, Julius uppercuts back, but Stacks RAMS him into buckles. Stacks throws hands, whips Julius to ropes then CLOBBERS him! Julius sits up in a daze but Stacks kicks him. Julius fires off forearms and knees! Julius snap suplexes Stacks away! Tony tags in to stomp Julius down! Tony CLUBS and ROCKS Julius back to the corner, RAMS into him, then tags Stacks. Stacks CHOPS Julius, but Julius shoves him away. Julius fires off haymakers, Stacks kicks low, but Julius shoves Stacks into the corner! Stacks hurries to CLOBBER Julius with an uppercut! Stacks snarls and drags Julius up to whip him into the corner, then trip him on the rebound.

Stacks has a leg as NXT returns to single picture, and Stacks turns Julius over for a HALF CRAB! Julius endures, crawls for his corner, but Stacks sits deep! Julius endures, powers up to turn over, and he kick Stacks away! Hot tag to Brutus! Stacks runs away but Brutus goes out to throw Stacks back in. The ref has Tony stay back as Brutus gets in. Brutus dodges Stacks to POUNOCE him back out! Fans fire up and Brutus goes out to fetch Stacks again. Brutus puts Stacks in, but Stacks CLOBBERS him! Stacks KICKS Brutus in the side, then drags him to the open corner to SLAM a hand on the steel steps!

Brutus clutches the fingers but Stacks goes after the arm. Stacks puts the hand against ropes for rope burn! Tag to Tony, Tony CLUBS the arm, then he wrenches Brutus to the mat. Tony digs his foot into Brutus’ hand, then stomps it! Tony SLAMS the bad hand on the mat! Legado is loving what The Don is doing, and Tony bumps Brutus off buckles. Tag to Stacks, the family mugs Brutus, then Stacks wrenches the arm to an ELBOW BREAKER! Stacks SLAMS the bad hand on buckles, then tags Tony. Tony goes up to AX HANDLE the bad arm. Tony tucks Brutus’ arm into his own singlet so he can hockey scrum and HALF HATCH!

Tony taunts Julius, drags Brutus up and digs Brutus’ arm into the ropes. Tag to Stacks, the family mugs Brutus and Stacks wrangles Brutus down for a FUJIWARA ARMBAR! Brutus endures as Stacks even bends the fingers! Fans rally, Brutus fights up and ROCKS Stacks! Stacks holds on, Brutus ROCKS him again! Brutus keeps trying to reach Julius but Stacks drop toeholds and CHOP BLOCKS a leg! Stacks stomps the bad hand, then he sucker punches Julius! Stacks gets Brutus’ bad hand to stomp it! Stacks rains down hands, goes up the corner, and he drops into a boot! Brutus gets up, hot tags to Tony and Julius!

Julius dodges Tony, hits a BACKBRAEKER, then HIO TOSSES Stacks! Julius tears up Stacks’ shirt and TOSSES him! Julius CLOBBERS Tony to then OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! And CLOBBER him again! And again! And clinch for another OVERHEAD suplex! Fans fire up as Julius whips Tony, hurdles, then DROPKICKS! Julius fires up and brings down the straps, but Tony elbows him away. DOUBLE BOOTS take both men down! Fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” while Julius checks his jaw. Julius crawls over, but Stacks trips Brutus! Brutus snarls and chases Stacks around the ring! They get in the ring, Brutus SPEARS Stacks!

Brutus SMASH, but Elektra Lopez gets Tony his favorite crowbar! Tony aims at Julius, but then SANTOS ESCOBAR is here! And he grabs the crowbar to HOTSHOT Tony, and DECKS him with a brass knuckle punch! ROLLING DEATH VALLEY, then SLIDING LARIAT!! Cover, Legado keeps Stacks out, and the Creeds win!!

Winners: The Creed Brothers, by pinfall (still NXT Tag Team Champions)

Fans are thunderous for the return of the Emperor of Lucha! Legado rebels against The Don, will they tear down Tony D?


Roxanne Perez speaks.

“For the past three weeks, I’ve been dealing with almost every emotion possible. First, I was in total shock. Cora was my big sisters. We were two broke girls traveling, just trying to get noticed. Leaning on each other to get by, and pushing each other to get better. I was the #1 Cora Jade fan. then, I get to NXT. We were both doing so good! The fans were getting behind us! When my friends succeed, I succeed. When they win, I win, and we won! We were unstoppable. Toxic Attraction had been a thorn in Cora’s side for so long, I decided to use my contract. I didn’t see who attacked me from behind, I assumed it was Toxic, and I wasn’t gonna let Toxic stop me.

“For Cora to do what she did, it really hurt me. Never in a million years did I think my best friend would do that to me. Our friendship meant more than that woman’s title. I never want to be associated with Cora ever again. I know Cora better than anyone on this planet, and she wants to call me a selfish bitch? I was there all those times she needed me. For a week, I was in denial. But that turned into anger when I watched Cora throw her NXT Women’s Tag title in the trash! We dreamed of becoming champions for so long, and she throw’s it in the trash!? I don’t know who this Cora is. My best friend is long gone.

“Okay, bitch. We both know the truth, You want me out of your life? I couldn’t agree more. So let’s settle this once and for all, in two weeks at Heatwave.” There is major heat between the former friends, but who is the one that gets burned?


Backstage interview with Cora Jade.

McKenzie notes the comments from Roxanne just now, what is Cora’s response to the challenge? “Absolutely NOT. If only Roxanne was as good in the ring as she is an actress. Don’t fall for her sob story. She just wants to make me look like the bad guy. Right now in the WWE, in NXT, I’m the talk of the town. It’s me, Bayley, Roman. So of course, Roxanne just wants a match against me to elevate her career once again. No thanks, I’m done with that charity case. She wants a match? Uh-uh, bitch. Speaking of one…” Mandy Rose is here but she assures Cora, it’s to talk business.

Zoey Stark needs to be stopped, and Mandy saw what Cora did last week, so maybe Cora could do it again and they can get rid of Stark once and for all. Typical Mandy. A one-sided deal that only benefits herself. Hard pass. Mandy wants Cora to hold on, this is two grown women talking. Listen, look at this: if Cora takes out the #1 contender, the person that steps in is the runner up. That person is Cora. Then Cora doesn’t even have to worry about Roxie, she’ll be the one facing Mandy at Heatwave. Cora says she’ll give it some thought, “Little girl.” Cora sasses the Toxic Goddess, will she be the one in control now?


Backstage interview with Kayden & Katana.

McKenzie congratulates the NEW NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions, and Katana says they can’t believe it. They’ve been through hell and back. They’ve been cheated, slighted, but they didn’t stop and they finally did it! Kayden says that Katana is her rock. They’ve been through the best of times, the worst of times, and times where they wanted to quit. But they never stopped, they kept moving forward, and that journey made this moment so much sweeter. KC Squared thanks those who never gave up on them, and now the titles are where they belong, and this is where they’ll stay!


Brooks Jensen w/ Josh Briggs & Fallon Henley VS Joe Gacy w/ The Dyad!

Jensen made the challenge, Gacy accepted it, and now they’ll settle this in the ring! Will Gacy send that message to Grimes? Or will Jensen send a message of his own?

NXT returns as Gacy & The Dyad make their entrance. The bell rings and the two tie right up. Gacy powers Jensen back, Jensen turns it around at the ropes, but Gacy ROCKS him with a cheap shot. Jensen blocks a whip to revere and clothesline in the corner! And again, and again! Jensen whips corner to corner then back drops Gacy on the rebound! Fans fire up as Jensen JABS, JABS, two steps and ROLLING ELBOWS! Fans fire up and Jensen goes out to go around and DRIVE-BY DROPKICK! Jensen shows off the denim short shorts as he gets in, but Gacy rolls him up and reels him in, DDT!

Gacy stomps Jensen, puts him in a corner and CHOPS! Jensen ROCKS Gacy, Gacy CHOPS and throws body shots! Gacy fires off hands but Jensen gives them back! Fans fire as the hands keep going, and Jensen ROCKS Gacy! Gacy kicks back, whips Jensen to ropes but Jensen ducks and whips. Gacy reverses again and ROCKS Jensen in the corner! Then side to side for a SLINDING FOREARM! Jensen flounders, Gacy hangs upside-down like a bat! Gacy stalks Jensen, reels him in, URENAGE! Gacy then drops a BIG elbow, covers, TWO! Fans rally and Briggs coaches Jensen, but Gacy tells him to stay down!

Gacy headbutts, hands fly again, and Jensen slips off a scoop to shove and WHEEL KICK! The country boy can fly! But then the Dyad creeps over towards Fallon. Briggs coaches Jensen but Fallon asks the Dyad what’s their damage. Briggs notices and gets between Fallon and the Dyad, but here comes Pretty Deadly!! Jensen sees them coming, though, and he TOSSES Elton Prince, then DECKS Kit Wilson! But Gacy handsprings and LARIATS! Cover, Gacy wins!!

Winner: Joe Gacy, by pinfall

pretty deadly assist, and Gacy says Grimes’ life has been divided by disappointment and loss. “That is no way to live. The only way to change your life is with the help of others. And I know you’re a proud man, that’s why I’m reaching out to you. I can fill the emptiness in your soul. You know deep, deep in your heart that I am right.” Gacy has a creepy smile on his face, what lurks behind it?

Speaking of Grimes, he and others are watching this backstage. Someone points it out to Grimes that Gacy was talking to him. Yeah, he knows that. Grimes storms off, but how will he respond?


Tony D finishes up a phone call.

Uh-huh, yeah. That’s not what they talked about! Thanks for nothing! Damn that prick, Santos! Without him, Tony would be North American Champion, Tag Team Champion, and they’d be strapped with cash! Stacks says even Lopez was in on that! After all they did for that trash! But what’re they gonna do? It’s 4v2! Tony says they’re cheap. But wait, here comes a call from Santos. Santos mocks Tony on the loss. And also, how’s the jaw? Oh, real cute, you comedian. That’s two titles! Where are you!? Oh, after Tony put him in the hospital, they’re almost even. Almost. Well next time they see each other, Santos is DONE!

Santos tells Tony that they both know Santos can’t work for him and Tony won’t work for Santos, and they sure can’t work together. Yeah, genius? Listen up. One last match, this ends. No Stacks, no Legado! Just 1v1. One final accord? You’ve got it, Don. But where? Somewhere where they can see each other coming a mile away. What does Tony have planned for this final chapter between wrestling godfathers?


Alba Fyre VS Lash Legend!

The Firekeeper is raging the WNBA star turned wrestling superstar trying to snuff her out. Will Fyre be like a phoenix and rise from the ashes? Or will Lash continue to build her legend with Fyre as the foundation?

NXT is picture in picture as Lash makes her entrance. The bell rings and Lash rushes in, but Fyre dodges to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Lash ends up in a corner, Fyure CHOPS her, kicks her, then TORNADO- NO, Lash throws Fyre away. But Fyre kicks out a leg, to then DDT Lash down! Cover, TWO! Fyre fires up and she drags Lash back up. Fyre whips but Lash blocks! Lash ROCKS Fyre, whips her to ropes, then follows to BOOT her down! Lash swaggers and soaks up the heat, then she drags Fyre back up. Lash dribbles Fyre off the mat, then SLAMS her down. Lash drags Fyre back up to reel her in for a cravat and then a turn.

Lash stretches Fyre back with a neckbreaker rack, but Fyre endures. Fyre pries at the hold, but Lash stands back up  to hit a NECKBREAKER! Lash talks trash, drags Fyre up, and NXT returns to single picture. Lash whips Fyre to a corner then CLOBBERS her on the rebound. Lash looms over Fyre, talks more trash, then dribbles her again! Fyre throws body shots but Lash CLUBS Fyre down. Lash drags Fyre up, Fyre throws more body shots and then gets a leg. Lash pries Fyre off to have a BOW ‘N’ ARROW RACK! Lash dribbles Fyre in the ropes! Lash then swings Fyre around for a GUTBUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Lash CHOKES Fyre on the ropes but lets off at 4. Lash talks more trash while Fyre sputters. Lash drags Fyre out, reels her into underhooks, and then STALLING BUTTERFLY SUPLEXES! Lash kips up but fans boo as she soaks up the heat. Lash stands on Fyre, but Fyre pushes her away. Lash drags Fyre up, whips, but Fyre reverses and sends Lash into buckles! TORNADO DDT! Fans fire up as Fyre hurries to the corner. Fyre climbs, fans rally, but Lash ROCKS Fyre first! Lash climbs up then brings Fyre up, but Fyre fights off the superplex. Fyre DECKS Lash off the corner, then adjusts to leap, but Lash dodges! Lash gets the bat but Fyre SUPERKICKS her first!

Fyre SUPERKICKS Lash again! Then Fyre hooks Lash up, for the Gory Especial to the GORY BOMB! Fyre hurries back up top and fans fire up again! SWANTON BOMB!! Cover, Fyre wins!

Winner: Alba Fyre, by pinfall

Lash played with Fyre, and she got burned! Will Fyre use this to blaze a trail to the top of NXT?


Melo & Trick talk backstage.

Trick explains to Melo the rules of the NXT UK British Rounds matches. Six minute rounds, each three minutes long, with about 20 seconds of rest in between. First one to two falls wins, so that’s pins, submissions and count-outs. Unless Trick knocks Wes out cold, haha! Him and his crying ass. A young woman walks over and asks if Melo & Trick can help with their engine problems. Well, yeah! They do it all. Trick & Melo get under the hood. Do they have jumper cables?


Nikkita Lyons speaks.

Kiana James, I saw your PowerPoint presentation on me, but you didn’t have to dig too deep because I’m an open book. I own who I am, and I am damn proud of where I come from. I didn’t have to do any research on you, Kiana, because I’ve dealt with girls like you my entire life. You think you’re better than everyone, you think you can judge me just because I don’t fit in the small box that you think a woman should look and act like. Well, take a real good look, Kiana. Because this is who I am, and I am not changing for anybody, especially you. Now, if you wanna try and change my mind, you can come find me next week. I’ll be waiting in the middle of the ring.”


Falls Count Anywhere: Solo Sikoa VS Von Wagner w/ Robert Stone!

The Street Champion of the Island says this ISN’T Wagner’s World, and throwing grown men around only gets you so far. Will Solo prove that the bigger they are, the harder they fall? Or will Von’s vicious streak stop Solo’s run at the top of NXT?

The bell rings and the two rush each other! Solo dodges, CHOPS and ROCKS, repeat! Solo whips Von, CLOBBERS Von, then stalks him out of the ring. Solo stalks Von around the way, and runs him over! Then SENTONS on the floor! Cover, TWO! Solo CHOPS Von, Von ROCKS Solo, repeat! Solo knees low, puts Von back in the ring, then ROCKS him with an uppercut! Solo whips Von to a corner, runs in and SPLASHES! Von staggers into Solo’s scoop and SLAM! Solo then runs to FALLING HEADBUTT! Cover, TWO! Von scrambles to a corner but Solo goes to the opposite. Fans rally, “UCE! SO!” Solo runs in to HIP ATTACK!

Fans fire up with Solo while Von flops out of the ring. Solo pursues, Stone distracts him, and Von RAMS Solo into apron. Then RAMS him into steel steps! Von pulls the steps apart, drags Solo over, and he SMACKS Solo off the base! Fans rally for Solo and taunts Von, but Von drags the base steps around towards the ramp. Von then puts the steps in the ring and brings Solo over. Von CLUBS Solo, puts him in the ring, and then looks under the ring. Von gets chairs! Von puts those in a couple at a time, then gets in to take aim. Von JAMS Solo, then SMACKS him on the back! Solo writhes but Von SMACKS him again! And again!

Von sets the chair down, drags Solo up, and fans rally as Von back suplexes Solo on the chair! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up while Von paces. Von SMACKS Solo with the chair again, and then SMACKS him again! Solo clutches his arm but Von SMACKS away! Solo rolls away to ropes but Von sits the chair up. Von also gets another chair and he has it take a seat across from the other. Stone taunts Solo, Von drags Solo up and scoops him to SLAM him on the chairs! The chairs are bent, Solo writhes and Von covers, TWO! Von gets the chairs out of the way and sits Solo up. Von BOOTS Solo down, then kicks him out of the ring.

Von goes out, goes in around the way, and he LARIATS Solo down! Stone coaches Von on and Von clears off the commentary desk! Von taunts the Street Champ, but Solo fireman’s carries to SAMOAN DROP Von on the desk! The desk holds firm but those monitors are busted! Solo covers, TWO! Von hobbles away but Solo pursues! Solo ROCKS Von, Von ROCKS Solo, they brawl back behind the bleachers! Solo ROCKS Von, RAMS him through the back door, and we come across Melo & Trick again. They’re talking up the ladies with the car trouble, but Solo PIE FACES Melo into the back seat! Trick is mad, but Von attacks Solo!

Von fires off haymakers, Solo hits back. Von RAMS Solo into big fencing! And then fireman’s carries, to DUMP Solo in the dumpster! Stone says to shut it! Von closes the dumpster, and Stone says Von is the Street Champ while Solo is the Street CHUMP! But Solo busts right out of the dumpster! And he THROWS TRASH at Von! Then throws hands! Solo gets up and out and ROCKS Von! Solo throws haymakers, Von throws a knee low. Von whips but Solo reverses and Von hits a garage door! Solo KNEES Von against the door! And again! Solo drags Von up, throws more haymakers, and then Grimes is there! Von RAMS Solo into Grimes!

The brawl returns inside the arena, and Solo hobbles up. Von pursues and back suplexes Solo through a table! Cover, TWO!! Solo survives and Stone is frustrated! Von snarls and drags Solo up to CLUB him. Von SMACKS Solo off a cart, then sits him in an armchair. Von fires off haymakers, Stone tells Von to use a weapon. Solo hobbles away, Von get a chair! But Solo BLASTS Von with a fire extinguisher! Solo pursues Von back to ringside, and then in the ring! Fans fire up as Solo runs in to UPPERCUT! And haymaker! And body shot! Solo fires off, whips Von, then SUPERKICKS! Von wobbles into a fireman’s carry, SAMOAN DROP!

Fans fire up with Solo even more as he gets a chair for himself! Solo SMACKS Von on the back! And SMACKS him again! And again! And again!! Solo throws the chair at Stone, then drags the base steps over. Fans rally for Solo as he glares at Von. Von staggers to his feet, and into an URENAGE onto the steel steps!! Cover, TWO!! Von survives and Solo can’t believe it! Fans love “NXT! NXT!” as Solo goes to a corner. Solo climbs up! But Stone anchors Solo! Solo is more annoyed than anything, and he just drags Stone up to join him! HEADBUTT! Stone goes tumbling down, but Von trips Solo up! Solo tumbles down now while fans boo.

Von pursues Solo back outside the ring, and he fireman’s carries Solo. Solo slips off to POST Von! Then SUPERKICKS! Von wobbles, another SUPERKICK puts Von on the desk! Fans are thunderous as Solo goes up the corner! Solo aims, for a SUPER FLYING SOLO!! The desk is destroyed!! Solo covers Von in the wreckage, and Solo wins!!

Winner: Solo Sikoa, by pinfall

The bigger they are, the harder they fall! And because Solo’s pretty big himself, that leap from the top was massive! Solo gets a huge win, is he finally on to bigger and better in NXT?

My Thoughts:

In the HHH Era of WWE Creative across the board, and in the post-SummerSlam week, we just got one hell of an NXT! Opening with the NXT Women’s Tag Team Match was a great choice, because the match had so much time to breathe. I am so glad that Toxic Attraction didn’t win. This was the moment we needed actual new tag champions, and Kayden & Katana were the right choice. This is a new phase in their team’s story, they can take on Ivy & Tatum as well as Leon & Feroz and any other teams that form. Toxic Attraction had a great freak out, too, including Mandy’s part in it.

But what BS for Mandy to beat Sarray in a four paragraph match. Sarray is challenging Meiko Satomura for the NXT UK Women’s title, and could possibly “return” from the UK with the title. Sarray was red hot before the change to NXT 2.0, she deserves to be that again now that HHH is in charge of everything. But at least we got Stark running off Mandy. A good promo from Roxanne to respond to Cora, and Cora had a decent response to Roxanne. Mandy trying to cut a deal with Cora and then Cora telling her no was a great bit, though. Heels don’t need to get along, because duh, they’re Heels. Cora is still having a match with Stark all the same, but maybe Roxie attacks Cora to force their grudge match.

Nikkita Lyons had a good promo to respond to Kiana James, and their match is going to be good, but obviously a win for Lyons. At least, I would think. Tiffany had a very good promo to put herself over and talk trash on Wendy. There has to be something Wendy does that compels Tiffany to give her another match, and that could even happen at Heatwave. Fyre VS Lash was pretty good but I figured Fyre would win. After everything with Mandy, Cora, Roxie and Stark sorts out, Fyre probably has a match with whoever is champion. Honestly, hoping Stark takes the title at Heatwave, and then Stark can start to prove herself against big names like Fyre.

The interaction and match between Axiom and Duke was interesting. I should’ve figured Duke would turn into a bully of the comic book loving mathlete, but it was a great bit of David VS Goliath with Axiom getting the better of Duke. I hope they let Axiom give a promo where he shows us he was going after that leg to weaken it to make it harder on Duke to kick out of that victory roll. But ironically, it’s The Irish Ace who was given this “cerebral dissector” kind of character. He and Bron had a decent contract signing segment, but Jordan Devlin is still being restrained a bit by this new personality. As long as the match is awesome, it should be alright, though.

Awesome tag team match, and what a great moment for Legado to mutiny against Tony D. Creeds retain so that Diamond Mine can continue their story with passive aggressive Roddy and the rest of the group getting sick of his crap. And then this “Final Accord” between Escobar and Tony, I would love if that was a cinematic match like NXT gave Ciampa and Gargano in their “final chapter.” Who knows how it goes, but it’d make sense if Escobar won to give Tony some true comeuppance. And if not, then maybe Legado del Fantasma is “run out of” NXT so that they can all go to RawDown together as a faction to really spice things up.

An interesting interaction in the NXT UK Tag champions and The Schism. Gacy seems to be obsessed with all second generation wrestlers since he is a single generation, and he got a very good match out of Jensen. They also seem specifically interested in Fallon joining them as their female stable member. It is pretty decent continuity, actually, since Gacy had Fallon as one of the three wrestlers lined up for his All Inclusive Challenge. Who knows how that goes, but Pretty Deadly screwed Jensen over, so there’s a lot building for the NXT UK tag titles stateside. Maybe a Triple Threat, Briggs & Jensen VS Pretty Deadly VS Grizzled Dyad?

I loved how that Open Challenge went. Melo did say whoever gets in the ring, not who gets on stage first. So Frazer slips in, takes the match, gives Melo a run for his money, but of course Vinci makes sure Frazer loses. Frazer VS Vinci 1v1 will be awesome, too, I can’t wait to see it. Wes had a good promo to call out Trick, and them having a British Rounds Match is going to be a lot of fun. And of course, a really good Falls Count Anywhere out of Solo and Von. I do like the cameos from Melo, Trick and Grimes. All that could be a tease that the North American Championship is soon going to have another big ladder match, with Melo, Grimes, Solo, Von, Vinci and Frazer as our six. Solo of course wins, and with a great table spot. If nothing else, Solo finally has next up against Melo 1v1.

My Score: 8.8/10

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