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WWE PPV/Specials Coverage

Andrew’s WWE SummerSlam 2019 Ratings & Analysis

SummerSlam is upon us to round out the busy weekend! Do we get any good matches aside from Styles vs Ricochet?



SummerSlam is upon us to round out the busy weekend! Do we get any good matches aside from Styles vs Ricochet?

This has not been a great build for one of the biggest WWE shows of the year.

Flair and Stratus feels like they’re just feeding Charlotte another name to build her resume. Bray and Balor is a squash match without The Demon.

I’m already talking myself into disinterest with this show.

Let’s get started before I hate watch this stupid thing.


  • WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Oney Lorcan vs Drew Gulak(c): Gulak retains via Cyclone Crash @8:45 – ***
  • Apollo Crews vs Buddy Murphy:  Murphy wins via DQ @4:20 – **
  • WWE Raw Women’s Tag Team Titles: Bliss Cross(c) vs The IIconics: Bliss retains via Twisted Bliss @6:15 – * ½
  • WWE Raw Women’s Championship Submission Match: Becky Lynch (c) vs Natalya: Lynch retains via Disarm-Her @12:35 – ** ½
  • Dolph Ziggler vs Goldberg: Goldberg wins via Jackhammer @1:50 – N/A
  • WWE United States Championship: Ricochet vs AJ Styles (c):  Styles retains via Styles Clash @13:00 – **** ¼
  • WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley (c) vs Ember Moon: Bayley retains via Avalanche Bayley to Belly @10:00 – *** ¼
  • If Shane Wins Kevin Quits WWE: Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon: Owens wins via Stunner @9:20 – ***
  • Charlotte Flair vs Trish Stratus: Flair wins via Figure 8 @16:40 – ***
  • WWE Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) vs Randy Orton: Double Count Out @16:45 – ***
  • Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor: Bray wins via Mandible Claw @3:25 – ***
  • WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs Seth Rollins: Rollins wins via Stomp @13:25 – *** ¼ – TITLE CHANGE!!



WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Oney Lorcan vs Drew Gulak(c) – Lorcan couldn’t really be taken seriously, I mean really. Most of us remember him as the jobber for NXT for a while, and then a few tag team showings and we’re supposed to care? No thanks and this match didn’t set the world on fire. It was alright, Lorcan got a fairly convincing false finish, but this felt like it was stuck in first gear.

Apollo Crews vs Buddy Murphy – The match was alright and felt like it was about to pick up, before a wild Rowan appeared. So Rowan wiped out Murphy for saying he was the one to try and kill Roman. A bit of a beat down on Murphy, so the story continues.

WWE Raw Women’s Tag Team Titles: Bliss Cross(c) vs The IIconics – Okay this happened. I don’t know why The IIconics got a rematch when WWE apparently stopped doing that. But things that are said obviously don’t matter. The match was on par for what was expected. These two teams aren’t known for technical prowess and commentary going on about Toy Story references instead of the match ruined any credibility this could’ve had. Glad it’s over.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship Submission Match: Becky Lynch (c) vs Natalya – I want to say they both tried hard, but the match really didn’t seem like it at times. Aside from pretty good selling on both accounts, there were awkward moments, stupid spots and both trying to do the other one’s submission was just bad. Becky’s Sasori-Gatame is terrible, Natalya doesn’t make me care. Every time Natalya is on, I eagerly await the match being over.

Dolph Ziggler vs Goldberg – Ziggler tried to hit a few Superkicks early, but Goldberg powered out at one. Then he hits a Spear and Jackhammer and its match over. The best part to this is that Ziggler’s delusional ass jumps on the mic and says Goldberg got lucky and he’s not a real man. So Goldberg comes back, hits a Spear and walks to the back. Ziggler grabs a mic again, and says he’s still the best and will never be defeated and Goldberg just got lucky twice. Goldberg’s music hits, the crowd erupts in a mixture of cheers and laughter and Goldberg runs the ropes for a momentum driven Spear. So this was fun in a different way than workrate.

D’Wayne Gretzky is the best Canadian announcer in the history of Canadian announcers.

WWE United States Championship: Ricochet vs AJ Styles (c) – Styles worked over Ricochet’s knee and Ricochet sold the injury well. We saw a slower paced match than many probably expected from the two, but it was still a damn good match. Anderson and Gallows didn’t really interfere until the last minute or so, and they played an important role in distracting Ricochet, but it didn’t really detract. Ricochet went for a Phoenix Splash that AJ Styles caught Ricochet and hits the Styles Clash for the pinfall. Damn solid match.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship:  Bayley (c) vs Ember Moon – We get a really solid wrestling match between these two. Bayley slowed Ember down a bit and kept things grounded, but when Ember was able to ramp up the intensity, she had a few believable moments. She even has a cool Stormbreaker/Codebreaker move she pulled off during the match. This was nice, even if the Frankensteiner countered as a Power Bomb and finishing sequence looked a little off, it was still mostly well done. Good match.

If Shane Wins Kevin Quits WWE: Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon – Now this wasn’t a mat classic or anything like that, but damned if it wasn’t entertaining. Shane tried to stack the deck with Elias as the Special Enforcer or whatever, so there was always something going on to try and distract Owens or cost him the match. After double stripey shirt bumps, Owens takes out Elias and looks to use the chair on Shane, but the referee recovers to stop that. Owens hands the chair to the ref, and while the referee is dealing with that, Owens kicks Shane betwixt the legs and hits the Stunner. Game over boys! The Canadians have something to be happy about.

Charlotte Flair vs Trish Stratus – This match got a good bit of time, and that helped it be salvageable I suppose is a good word. Trish was never someone I considered a generational wrestler, she was just one of the best of an awful era. We start off with some of the worst looking arm drags in the world and a dumb spill out spot. It also showcased how awful Charlotte is at talking. She repeated the same insult over and over, it was never clever, it was just repetitive and stupid. Then this match dragged for a while, and people pop for signatures or Trish trying to use the Figure 8. Rough at moments, but I suppose it was supposed to be another feather in Charlotte’s already clutter cap of greatest of all time on top of the feel good moment of Trish having one more marquee match. It ended up being fine, but with the way it’s being framed from the WWE, this is nothing to go down in history.

WWE Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) vs Randy Orton – Aside from the startling size contrast between Kofi and Randy, this match was solid. Kofi countered at a few moments to give him some momentum, fought off the Superplex for a nice Leaping DDT, and it was just generally solid. However, the match got slow and when Randy caught Kofi with the RKO and just laughed, the writing was on the wall of something odd. And that’s what we got, Kofi rolled out in front of his family, and Randy took great joy in slowly pulling Kofi up and getting ready for more torment. But apparently the referee started counting immediately cause he gets to 10, before Kofi even freaks out to Randy messing with his family and we get a no decision title match. Randy has a great history with these. Ugh…awful finish to a match that could’ve made Kofi’s reign. Yes, this extends the story, but I find myself caring less now. This match was built on a decade of spite and now it gets diluted to whatever the hell this is.

Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor – So we get an elongated squash match. Bray makes a great entrance, with a remixed theme and the lantern is inside of what appears to be Bray’s head. Finn was entranced and mostly beat on, got a small spurt of offense but became The Fiend’s first victim. Crowd chanted “That was Awesome”, afterwards and it really was. Great debut, great vignettes with the Firefly Fun House and great way to pass the Mandible Claw from Foley to Bray in the previous weeks. Damn good professional wrestling.

WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs Seth Rollins – Rollins is infuriating to watch when he has injuries. His selling is always an afterthought if he does it at all. The injured ribs didn’t stop him from doing anything, merely made him wince on occasion. If anyone ever complained about Cena or Reigns being booked as Superman, I hope you realize this is the same thing. As a match, there was that whole story of desperation from the challenger, but again, his lack of understanding how to sell takes away any emotional connection to his struggle. In the current landscape of wrestling without psychology, this was fine and people may think I underrated it. But this was slightly above average, and that’s being nice.

Overall Score: 5.5/10

This was not a show for people who only watch for in-ring wrestling. The Pre-Show was effectively worthless aside from the Buddy Murphy thing. The show didn’t pick up until Goldberg, because Ziggler’s making excuses was hilarious. But around the point of the Flair/Stratus match, the show dipped again. The finish to the WWE Championship is awful, but at least Bray’s whole Fiend entrance was awesome.

Again, if you just watch for wrestling, this show sucked. As for pushing storylines and general okay/feel good moments, this was alright. Honestly nothing special, but not the worst thing ever.

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Mitchell’s WWE Payback Results & Report! (9/2/23)

Hosted by John Cena!



There’s gold in the Steel City!

WWE returns to Pittsburgh in a big way! And the World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins, has a big fight on his hands against Shinsuke Nakamura!


  • Steel Cage Match: Becky Lynch VS Trish Stratus; Becky wins.
  • LA Knight VS The Miz, John Cena as special guest referee; Knight wins.
  • WWE United States Championship: Rey Mysterio w/ The LWO VS Austin Theory; Rey wins and retains the title.
  • Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships Steel City Street Fight: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn VS Finn Balor & Damian Priest; Finn & Priest win and become the new Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions.
  • WWE Women’s World Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Raquel Rodriguez; Rhea wins and retains the title.
  • WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins VS Shinsuke Nakamura; Rollins wins and retains the title.


It’s the Payback Kickoff Show!

Join Kayla Braxton, Jackie Redmond, Wade Barrett, Booker T & Peter Rosenberg in discussing, analyzing and predicting all the action in Pittsburgh!


Grayson Waller joins the panel.

Jackie brings up how Cody Rhodes will be on tonight’s premium (live event) edition of the Grayson Waller Effect, and asks if he’s the biggest guest Waller’s had so far. Waller says yes, that is a SUPER superstar right there. But how much video are we going to see about Cody? Now, Waller has heard Cody has huge news tonight, and who did he come to? Grayson Waller! Waller can’t wait! Kayla says Waller surely is feeling good, just like last night on SmackDown. Waller agrees, and says his boy, Austin Theory, is gonna ride that wave to become the NEW US Champion. Waller would party with Theory here tonight but Pittsburgh’s “a bit of a hole” so they’ll wait until they leave here.

Kayla brings up social media buzz about Waller has read John Cena’s book. How does he feel about Cena hosting Payback tonight? Waller says it’s great. Cena’s book is so motivating, and it’s maybe 600 words. Get that paycheck, Cena! Impressive. But as Waller said on social media, he’ll teach Cody how to finish the story. Peter commends Waller on buttoning up two buttons on his shirt. Well he didn’t wanna embarrass Peter. Peter’s button popped when he sat down. But his bald head looks great, what shine. Kayla wants Waller’s input on The Miz VS LA Knight, two men Waller’s had history with.

Waller can’t believe they’re arguing this! It’s not a question, his close, personal friend The Miz is gonna win and teach Knight a lesson. Is LA Knight gonna win? NOPE! NOPE! Fans chant “YEAH! YEAH!” but Waller says they’re so stupid here. Miz wins! Well, anything else Waller is excited about tonight? Booker wants to know, he was watching Waller grow up in NXT, how is it different going from an NXT TakeOver even to a WWE PLE? Waller says he appreciates that question. Booker is someone who kept an eye on Waller.

But just look at the people he’s been in the ring with: Edge, a Hall of Famer; John Cena, one of the best ever; and now, Cody Rhodes, arguably the biggest name today. And they’re all coming to Waller cuz they’re legends, had some losses, been away, and wanted to be relevant again. That’s what Waller does for them. If Cody’s news is what Waller heard, then this will be massive! Waller will get back to everyone later. Jackie says yes, he’ll want to get to that scoop, but what is the one question Waller is dying to ask Cody? Oh so many things. But for Cody, Waller will say something nice here, which is rare. Cody is an example of what a superstar should be, both in and out of the ring.

When Cody walks by, he carries himself like a superstar. But Waller won’t do what everyone does and ask him backstage what it takes. No, Waller will learn in the ring, see if Cody can keep up on the mic. Wow, Waller can be nice. Well don’t tell Cody what Waller said here, okay? But Wade Barrett says he’ll try to be a friend here. Waller says he’s got some bad news, that probably won’t happen. Wade says Waller is a ten in the ring, but Cody Rhodes is one of the most dangerous men in the WWE. Cody just conquered Brock Lesnar, and Waller has a history of pushing people’s buttons. If that happens, Waller will regret it.

Waller says just watch past Grayson Waller Effect segments, he gets the best of the best on there, and he finds a way. If Cody punches Waller in the face, maybe that’s what Waller wants. Either way, Waller is taking this and going viral tonight. He might even take Wade’s advice and get on that Australian cricket team. Waller polishes Peter’s head, and Jackie thanks Waller for his time ahead of tonight’s Grayson Waller Effect. Will the Aussie Icon get to the bottom of the American Nightmare’s rumored news?


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Steel City.

“You know that feeling? When something is coming? Something you started, but now you can’t stop? Well, that something is here. Tonight, Payback is currency, and it’s time to pay up. Tonight, get ready to raise some hell! Payback has arrived.”


Steel Cage Match: Becky Lynch VS Trish Stratus!

The Steel City gets a heavy metal opening to the show as The Man looks for big time payback on the selfish WWE Hall of Famer who betrayed her months ago, all so she could hog the spotlight. She’s got all of Becky’s attention tonight, will Trish survive her first steel cage match ever? Or will Becky finally humble her Hall of Fame ego?

Tiffany Stratton is in the crowd, NXT Women’s Championship on her shoulder. She’s talked down on Becky already, is she here to see Becky fail? Trish finally gets in the cage with Becky, the door closes, and the bell rings. Becky stands by the door and glares at Trish, as if to say that’s one way Trish ain’t gonna win. The two step up, Tirsh dodges Becky, and goes for the door! Becky reels her back in, but Trish fights the clinch to shove Becky away! Trish goes up the wall but Becky yanks her down. Trish SLAPS Becky, but Becky just glares at her! Becky fires off forearms, then bumps Trish off buckles! Becky runs Trish into another corner! And then another! And then a third!

Fans fire up as Becky ROCKS Trish with a right! Trish staggers, Becky fires up and eggs Trish on, then catches a kick to a BECKSPLODER! And then another BECKSPLODER! And then a third BECKSPLODER! Fans fire up with Becky as she storms up to Trish. Becky drags Trish up to throw her at the steel, but Trish blocks! Trish tries but Becky blocks! Becky elbows Trish but Trish throws elbows back. Trish throws Becky down by her hair! Trish checks her face, stomps Becky around, then goes to a wall. Trish climbs, but Becky hurries after! Becky drags Trish back down, they fight on the top rope, and then Becky throws Trish down!

But Trish gets up to YANK Becky down! And then Trish THROWS Becky into steel! Fans boo but Trish soaks it all up. Trish stomps Becky around, stands her up, and then THRWOS her into the steel again! Fans rally, Trish stands Becky up, and Becky is again sent into the steel! Trish bends Becky back against the ropes, and pulls hair to add on! The ref can’t do anything but reprimand, and then Trish BOOTS Becky into the steel! Trish digs Becky’s face into the chain links and tells the camera to get a close-up! But Becky fights up to fight back! Becky runs, but into a SPINEBUSTER! Trish shows her strength and covers, TWO!

Trish hurries to go for the door! But Becky rolls Trish up! TWO, and Becky hurries up, but into a LARIAT! Trish covers, TWO! Trish is frustrated, but she drags Becky up to THRWO her into more steel! Fans rally for The Man but Trish traps Becky in the ropes. Trish pulls Becky back and makes her smile with fishhooks, before throwing her into steel! Trish digs Becky’s face into the chain links again! Fans boo but Trish revels in it as she looms over Becky. Trish smacks Becky off the mat, then drags her back up. Trish taunts The Man and smacks her off the mat again! Trish stomps Becky while mocking the fans rallying up.

Becky crawls to ropes but Trish CHOKES her against them! The ref reprimands and Trish lets off, but Becky rises up. So Trish whips, but Becky reverses to send Trish into steel! Becky then drags Trish up, to throw her into more steel! And then a scoop, for a LAWN DART into steel! And then another LAWN DART! And a THIRD! Becky runs to CLOBBER Trish! Cover, TWO! DISARM-HER!! Trish can’t use ropebreaks, so she fights her way around. Trish CLUBS Becky’s back, fights up to her feet and reaches for the door! But Becky slips around, only for Trish to RAM her into steel! Trish then sends Becky into more steel!

Becky runs in, Trish goes Matrix! But Becky drops a leg on Trish’s stomach! Both women are down and fans fire up! Becky and Trish stir, Trish runs in, but Becky blocks to ROCK Trish! Trish ROCKS Becky back, and the forearms fly! Becky SOBATS! Becky runs Trish to RAM her into the steel! Becky gets in the gap with Trish, to dribble her off the steel! But Trish gives it back! They go back and forth with throwing the other into the steel! Becky gets the edge and just thrashes Trish around! Fans are all fired up with Becky now! Becky then springboards, JUMP KICK! Becky goes up the ropes, drags Trish up with her, to then THROW her into steel!

Trish is stuck on the top rope, Becky hits a GUILLOTINE LEG DROP! Cover, TWO!! Trish survives and fans can’t believe it! Becky keeps her cool, a part of her knows a Hall of Famer doesn’t get there without being that tough. Trish sits up, a lump on her head, and Becky adds on with a forearm smash! And a JUMP STOMP! Becky climbs up, but Trish SHOVES her into the steel of the corner! Trish runs in, goes up, STRATUS- NO, Becky blocks Stratusphere, so Trish sits up! They brawl with forearms while sitting up top! Fans fire up as Trish fires a flurry! Trish then climbs up and over Becky, wanting to get to the top!

Becky anchors a foot! Trish kicks with the other and sends Becky away! Becky springs back up, catches up to Trish, and drags her back down! Trish fights out of Electric Chair position, only for Becky to turn this around! RUNNING POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Trish survives again and now Becky is starting to grow frustrated. Pittsburgh says “This is Awesome!” as Becky storms around. Becky drags Trish up, reels her in, but Trish fights free! So Becky goes for an arm! Trish sends Becky away, kicks her low, and reels her in! Canadian Rack, for a WIDOW’S PEAK! Shoutout to Victoria! Cover, TWO!!

Trish is fuming, but she drags Becky around to dribble her off the mat! Trish headlocks, points to the sky, but Becky powers out to hit a TWIST OF FATE! Shoutout to Lita! Cover, TWO!!! Trish survives her greatest rival’s move, but Becky drags Trish to a drop zone. Becky fires herself up and the fans are with her as she climbs. LEG- NO, Becky has to roll through as Trish moves! Trish gets her for STRATUSFACTION!! Cover, TWO!!! That was so close and Trish is seething! Trish drags Becky up, SMACKS her off the mat again, and then stomps her around. Fans again declare “this is Awesome!” even as Trish throws Becky around.

Trish storms up to a wall and climbs. But Becky hurries to get the feet! Trish slips free, gets to the top, but Becky drags her back down! Trish throws forearms, Becky throws body shots, they brawl up top again! Becky again smacks Trish off that steel! Then clinches! But Trish fights with panic! Trish headlocks, for a SUPER STRATUSFACTION!!! Trish crawls to the cover, TWO!!! Becky survives again and Trish is shocked! Trish stalks Becky, aims from a corner, and climbs. She goes up again, but Becky springs back to life! Becky catches up to Trish, to SMACK her off the top of the cage! They both sit up there and start throwing hands!

Fans are thunderous as these two literally fight on the edge! Trish SMACKS Becky off the top, then shoves her down! Trish starts descending, but Becky hurries up! Becky grabs Trish by her hair!! Becky drags Trish up but Trish throws hands! Becky still drags Trish back over! Trish is stuck in the railing! Becky ROCKS Trish into a Tree of Woe!! Becky doesn’t let Trish off that easy, she drags her right back up, throws some hands, and then SMACKS Trish off the steel! Trish gets her legs free, but Becky uses that to drag Trish into position, for a SUPER DUPER MEGA PLEX!!! Fans are going nuts over that crash landing!

Becky crawls to cover Trish, TWO!??! Trish survives and no one can believe it! Again, “This is Awesome!” but those words don’t even really do this justice! Becky staggers up, goes back to the wall, and now she climbs up! Becky’s reached the top, but Trish is hurrying for the door! Becky realizes that, jumps down and drags Trish back! But ZOEY STARK is here!! She’s trying to drag Trish out of the cage! IT’s a tug-o-war over Trish! Becky has a grip on those legs but Stark has a grip on the arms! Becky wins out!! So Stark SLAMS the door shut on Becky!! Trish rolls Becky up, TWO!! CHIKC- NO, Becky dodges! MANHANDLE SLAM!! Cover, Stark breaks it!!

Fans boo but there’s nothing to stop Stark from helping out! Stark drags Trish’s limp body to the door, but Becky’s in the way! Becky slams the door shut, this has come full circle. Stark says okay, and they fire off fists! Fans fire up while Trish stays back. Stark CLOBBERS Becky and Trish starts climbing! But then Becky MANHANDLE SLAMS Stark!! Becky climbs up to get Trish’s leg! Becky drags Trish back in, SMACKS her off steel, and clinches, for a SUPER MANHANDLE SLAM!!!! Cover, Becky wins!!!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by pinfall

Even with her protege’s help, Trish could NOT stop Becky Lynch! The Big Time Payback is complete, and she has proven herself as THE greatest of all time! Will Becky finally be able to move on and focus on what she really wants: the women’s world title?

As for Trish, Stark helps her up. Fans boo as Trish starts to get upset with Stark. Stark says she tried to help, what more could she have done? Trish SLAPS Stark! Stark doesn’t let Trish leave the cage just yet, but Trish tells her to get out. Stark walks over to the door, and closes the door! Stark says this is how Trish repays her? Trish gets angrier, but Stark scoops Trish for Z360!! She throws the #ThankYouTrish shirt away and storms off! Will Zoey Stark move on and focus on what she wants now?


John Cena heads to the ring!

Pittsburgh fires up for the special guest host of Payback as he runs down the ramp and slides into the ring! Cena gets the mic to say, “Welcome, welcome, welcome! Pittsburgh, welcome to Payback! What a first match! That was awesome!” Fans cheer, and Cena says he’s done a lot of things in his 20 years. He’s done the opener, the main event, he’s been the champion, he’s been the challenger. He’s been a guest, he’s been a fan, a doctor and a prototype. But Cena’s never been a host! He wasn’t gonna pass this up, and so his job as host is to make tonight special.

Cena got to thinking that there is no better way to make tonight special than by being the special guest referee in a match he’s had his eye on for awhile! The match of LA Knight VS The Miz! But speaking of, here comes The Miz! Fans boo as Miz gets the mic, and Miz frowns at Cena. Miz would expect this from LA Knight, but not Cena! Pandering? To this audience? He’s John Cena, the Greatest Of All Time. But as a host, Cena sucks! Fans boo and Cena says hold on. This is his first time, Miz has had a lot of experience, so does Miz have any advice? Yeah! Don’t put yourself as a special guest referee into Miz’s match!

Oh. That was Cena’s one idea. Any other advice? Yeah, when they call you to be a merman in the Barbie movie, say no. Oh, well, okay. Miz still has it. Cena admits, he doesn’t like Miz. But he does respect Miz. And Cena still wants to make tonight special. he’s just asking for help, please give him advice. Miz admits, he has hosting experience from MizTV to WrestleMania. Cena has to be more involved. When Miz as more involved, he wasn’t in just one match, but two matches! Yeah, Cena remembers that! So be more involved. Okay. Miz asks what Cena is wearing. Miz wore a 10 THOUSAND dollar suit! Cena is almost 50 and still looks like a Teletubby!

Okay, point taken. Be more involved, dress the part. Good, good. Miz says yes, take charge! Right, right, okay. Like making himself a guest referee! NO!! But fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” Miz tries the “hand up, mouths go shut” bit, but fans just boo. Miz says Cena doesn’t even have a ref shirt, so… Wait, Cena makes one magically appear from his pocket! Perks of being the host. So Cena really IS the special guest referee for Miz’s match! NO! Yeah. Miz is angry as Cena goes back and forth with him, “NO!” “YEAH!” And here comes THE MEGA STAR! Is Miz going to make it through this with his sanity, let alone his dignity?

LA Knight VS The Miz, John Cena as special guest referee!

Pittsburgh is thunderous for “LA KNIGHT!” already while Miz complains about the entire situation. Miz still gets in the ring, and then fans taunt his “TINY BALLS!” Miz storms out to the steel steps and fans boo. Cena says c’mon, this has to happen. Miz slowly returns into the ring, the bell rings and then Miz bails out! Fans boo again as Miz paces around the outside. Miz says Knight is not on his level and he already dealt with Cena years ago. Knight holds ropes open for Miz but Miz says to hecc with this, and to hecc with Pittsburgh! Miz is going up the ramp! Knight says hold on, and he hurries out after him!

Miz takes a swing, but Knight dodges to ROCK Miz! And ROCK him again! Knight puts Miz in, and then TAKCLES him! The two scrap, Cena watches closely as the two stand up. Miz ELBOWS Knight away, then ROCKS him! Knight ROCKS Miz back, and the haymakers fly! Miz ROCKS Knight, kicks low, but Knight ROCKS him back! Knight whips and CLOBBERS Miz! Knight reels Miz in, HALF HATCH! Miz staggers up, Knight puts him on the top rope. They go to the very top but Miz fights back with body shots! Miz SUPER GOURD BUSTERS! Fans boo while Miz steadies himself. Miz sneers and leaps, AX HANDLE!

Fans boo as Miz glares and stomps Knight around. Miz digs his boots in but Cena reprimand. Miz lets off and Knight sputters. Miz says he’s watching Cena and stalks Knight to ropes. Miz CHOPS Knight, tells fans to shut up, but the fans boo. Miz whips Knight, Knight reverses but Miz ducks, only to run into a POWERSLAM! Knight throws down hands! Knight hauls Miz up to suplex, but Miz slips free! Full nelson, but Knight slips free! Miz powers out of the cravat to bail out of the ring. Fans boo but Knight waits on Miz. Miz storms back up but Knight WRECKS him with a dropkick! Fans fire up as Knight goes out, to RAM Miz into steel steps!

Knight brings Miz around, and SMACKS him off the desk! And again! “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!” Cena counts, Knight stops at 5 of 10 to get back in the ring. Knight says “YEAH!” to Cena and goes back out. But Miz YANKS Knight into the desk! Both men are down and Cena goes out to check them. Miz is alright, he smirks as he sits back up. Knight stirs, Miz drags him up, but fans still cheer Knight. Miz mocks the “YEAH!” as he dribbles Knight off the barrier again and again! Miz slides into the ring to taunt Cena but fans boo. Miz goes back out, sets up and runs in, but Knight TOSSES Miz into the timekeeper’s area!

Fans fire up as Knight drags Miz up to TOSS back over! Knight then clears out some space, gets a running start, and he LEAPS over to CLOBBER Miz! Fans fire up with Knight and Cena goes out to tell them to get this in the ring. Knight puts Miz in the ring, but Miz throat chops him! Cena reprimands but Miz stomps Knight and fires off the It Kicks! Miz digs his boots in, Cena counts, and has to drag Miz away to stop him! Miz and Cena argue, but then Knight LARIATS Miz! Fans fire up as Knight stomps a mudhole into Miz! Cena starts  a count, then he drags Knight away. Knight jukes to stomp Miz more!

Cena counts again, and loudly, but he still has to back Knight off. Knight argues with Cena now, but Cena is being fair to both me. Miz CLOBBERS Knight now! Miz stomps Knight at the ropes, soaks up the heat, and then CHOKES Knight on the ropes! Cena reprimands, Miz lets off at 4, and Cena says good. More of that please. Miz stands Knight up but Knight shoves him and BOOTS him! Knight goes up but Miz kicks the legs out! DRAPING CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Miz is annoyed but Cena’s count was fair. Miz looms over Knight, clamps on with a fishhook then a chinlock. Knight endures and fans rally up.

Cena checks Knight, and Knight fights up to his feet! Knight reaches out, fans fire up, and Knight throws body shots! Knight whips Miz to a corner, runs in, but Miz puts him on the apron! Miz then slides out to YANK Knight down! Miz spells it out, “M I Z! YEAH~!” Miz drags Knight up, and sends him back into the ring. Miz mocks the fans as they boo, and then Miz stalks up to Knight. Miz fires off IT KICKS! Knight flounders but sits up, so Miz KICKS him again! And again! Knight staggers up to his feet, Miz winds up, but Knight ducks the roundhouse! BIG back suplex! Both men are down and fans fire up!

Cena checks both men, Knight crawls his way over, then pushes up. Miz stirs, fans rally for Knight, and Knight manages to stand up first. Miz runs in but Knight fires off haymakers! Knight DECKS Miz, whips him to a corner, then hits a JUMPING NECKBREAKER! Fans fire up as Knight climbs up, to FLYING BULLDOG! Knight watches Miz rise, and runs in to SLIDING BOOT! Cover, TWO! Miz is still in this but Knight keeps his cool. Knight stomps Miz in the corner, “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!” Cena counts, Knight lets off at 3 to run corner to corner, KNEE WASH! Miz flounders around and fans fire up again.

Knight brings Miz up, fireman’s carries, but Miz slips free to full nelson! Knight RAMS Miz into the corner, Miz holds on, so Knight RAMS him in again! Miz sunset flips! Knight rolls through but Miz ducks the boot to kick a leg out! BASEMENT DDT! Miz rolls through to BASEMENT DDT again! Cover, TWO!! Miz is upset that Knight survives, and fans boo as Miz calls his shot. Miz full nelsons, but Knight drops down! Victory roll, TWO! Miz escapes, Knight runs in but only gets buckles! Miz almost swaggers past Cena as he goes to the other corner. Miz runs back in, but he only gets buckles! Knight hits a DRAPING SIDEWINDER! Cover, TWO!!

Knight is annoyed that Miz is still in this. Knight stalks Miz to ropes, gets a foot but Miz has the ropes. Miz boots Knight away, knight returns, into a JAWBREAKER! Miz storms up, into a scoop! Miz slips free, O’Conner Roll, with the rope! Cena sees that and says NOPE! He KICKS Miz’s arm, reprimands him, but Miz says Cena can’t touch him. Oh yes he can! He’s the ref here! Miz always takes the low road. Knight runs up, Miz fights the cravat and has the full nelson! Knight arm-drags free and Miz almost runs into Cena! Knight runs in, Miz dodges, and Knight almost runs into Cena! SKULL CRUSHING FINALE!! Cover, TWO?!?!

Miz cannot believe Knight survived his best shot! Cena assures us his count was fair, but that doesn’t make Miz any less angry. Miz decides to parody Cena! And not for the first time, y’know. Miz says you can’t see me, but Knight kips up, scoops and SLAMS him! Fans fire up and spell it out, “L! A! KNIGHT! YEAH!” BIG elbow drop! Knight then gets Miz for the cravat, B F T!! Cover, Knight wins!!

Winner: LA Knight, by pinfall

Whose game is it? With everybody saying L A KNIGHT, YEAH!! Miz couldn’t get his ego and his grudges out of the way, that is why he lost! Will Miz ever live down losing to the man he called the flavor of the month? Will Knight continue to prove to the world that he IS the Mega Star? As for Cena, he throws off his ref shirt so he and Knight can stare down. Knight says he doesn’t mind going around with him. Cena offers a handshake in respect, Knight says Cena almost cost him that one out there. Even so, Knight shakes Cena’s hand and Cena raises Knight’s hand in victory! Is this Cena’s seal of approval on Knight’s future?


WWE United States Championship: Rey Mysterio w/ The LWO VS Austin Theory!

When Santos Escobar went down with a bad leg, all Theory’s doing, the King of Lucha Libre stepped up and took this title for the LWO! Will Rey also hold onto it? Or will Theory once again be The Now of the WWE?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and Steel City sees it’s first piece of gold tonight!

The bell rings and Theory RAMS Rey right into a corner! Theory RAMS into the corner, fires off hands, then stalks Rey around. Theory whips, Rey slides under, and then Rey kicks Theory from below. Theory storms up but into another kick! Rey runs up, Theory kicks low and whips again. Theory runs in, only gets buckles, and then Rey fires hands! Fans count along and Rey gets all the way to TEN! Rey then brings Theory around, whips, but Theory reverses. Rey goes up but Theory catches him! Rey still slips free, waistlocks, but Theory runs to HOTSHOT Rey with the rope! Theory then LARIATS Rey down!

Fans boo while Theory seethes. Theory looms over Rey, mocks Rey’s posing, and then whips Rey to a corner. Theory runs in to clothesline, goes up and over, throws Rey down, and he slingshot STOMPS! Then deadlift suplexes! Cover, TWO! Theory pushes Rey down, talks trash, and gets Rey up for another suplex! Theory grins but fans boo, and Theory says that’s two! He wants three, and mocks Latino Heat. Fans boo but Theory gets Rey’s wrists again. But Rey turns suplex into a cradle! TWO, and Theory CLOBBERS Rey! Cover, TWO! Theory clamps on with a chinlock, and he SWINGS Rey around before a SLAM! Cover, TWO!

Theory has the chinlock back on and he grinds Rey back down. Rey endures, fans rally up, and Rey fights up. Rey throws elbows, but Theory throat chops him! Theory then CHOKES Rey on the ropes! The ref counts, Theory talks trash but he still lets off at 4. Fans boo even harder, but Theory drags Rey up to ROCK him with a haymaker. Rey staggers, Theory brings him around and whips him hard into buckles! Rey falls back, Theory mocks the champ, and then throws down hands. Theory says Rey ain’t nothing, then he soaks up the heat. Theory drags Rey up, puts him on the top rope backwards, and then climbs up behind Rey.

Theory CLUBS away on Rey, tells the ref to leave him alone but the ref says Theory has to listen to him. Theory climbs up again, and he tries to take the mask off! Fans boo, the ref reprimands, and Rey holds on! Rey throws elbows! Theory drops back a bit, Rey fixes his mask, and then throws more elbows! Theory keeps trying but Rey ELBOWS him down! Rey QUEBRADA MOONSAULTS! Direct hit and down goes Theory! Fans fire up as Rey and Theory stir. Theory goes to ropes but Rey fires off on him! Rey ROCKS and KICKS and whips, but Theory blocks to reverse. Rey ducks ‘n ‘dodges to tilt-o-whirl RANA!

Theory tumbles out of the ring, fans fire up as Rey builds speed, and Rey SLIDES, to TORNADO DDT at the ramp! Fans fire up even more as Rey fetches Theory and puts him in the ring. Rey climbs a corner, leaps, SEATED SENTON! Cover, TWO! Theory is still in this but Rey rallies the fans. Rey then brings Theory around, but Theory shoves him away. Rey KCIKS Theory, shoves him, runs, springboards and tilt-o-whirl RANA again! Theory staggers up, into a drop toehold! Theory is on the ropes, Rey dials it up, but Theory ducks it! Theory runs up, into an elbow! Rey springboards, into a torture rack! TOWER HACKER BOMB!! Cover, TWO!!

Theory is furious, but Rey wouldn’t be a Hall of Famer if he wasn’t this level of tough. Theory still calls his shot, but the fans boo. Theory stalks Rey to ropes, drags him up and fireman’s carries, A-TOWN- NO!! Rey slips out to ENZIGURI! Theory runs up, but Rey puts him on the apron! Theory RAMS into Rey, slingshots and somersaults to SHOTGUN! Rey rebounds to BASEMENT DROPKICK! Fans fire up while both men are down again! Rey and Theory stir, crawl around, and Theory sits up first. Theory grabs Rey by his mask, throws hands, but Rey kicks back! And forearms back! Theory ROCKS Rey, Rey KICKS Theory!

Rey fires off shots, Theory knees low, then CLUBS Rey down! Theory whips, Rey reverses to wheelbarrow and put Theory on ropes! Dial it up, 619!! Theory is down, DROP THE DIME onto knees!! Theory scoops Rey, brings him up to the fireman’s carry, A- VICTORY ROLL! REY WINS!!

Winner: Rey Mysterio, by pinfall (still WWE United States Champion)

Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, Rey wins and now celebrates with The LWO! The Now is still The Former, and the King of Lucha Libre is still the now! Will Theory have to go back to the drawing board if he wants to get this title back? Or will ATL still be less than 619?


Backstage interview with Becky Lynch.

Cathy Kelley is with The Man and says that now she’s finally done with Trish, what is next? But before Becky can say anything, in walks Tiffany Stratton. The NXT Women’s Champion congratulates Becky on the win, but feels they got off on the wrong foot just because Tiff said she plans to be the greatest NXT Women’s Champion of all time then name-dropping Charlotte, Asuka, Bayley and Becky. Because Tiff totally forgot that Becky was never NXT Women’s Champion. So this is a formal apology, woman to woman, for unfairly calling her what she wasn’t. Becky appreciates Tiff “crawling out of your Mattel box” to tell her that.

But Tiff should focus on her title defense. And maybe Becky will see her soon. Okay then. Tootles. Tiff heads out, but is she getting ahead of herself with Kiana James on the horizon?


Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships Steel City Street Fight: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn VS Finn Balor & Damian Priest!

The Prizefighter & Great Liberator have gone back and forth with The Judgment Day for months now, but it all comes to a head here! With nothing holding them back, will they use anything and everything they can get a hold of to put down The Prince & The Punisher? Or is this the night all parts of The Judgment Day hold gold?

The introductions are made, the tag titles are raised, and we see just how brutal things get in Pittsburgh!

The bell rings and the brawl is on! Kevin and Priest, Finn and Sami, and fans fire up as the champs get the edge! Kevin TOSSES Priest but Priest drags him out! Sami TOSSES Finn, goes out to throw more hands, but Priest ROCKS Kevin! Kevin ROCKS Priest! They go up the ramp, Kevin CHOPS Priest, and Sami has Finn against barriers. Priest ROCKS and CLUBS Kevin but Kevin hits back! Finn turns things around on Sami, Kevin ROCKS Priest, and Sami turns things back around to send Finn into barriers! Sami puts Finn in the ring and he looks under the ring! Fans want tables but Sami has chairs!

Sami throws in three chairs, but Finn bails out the other side. Sami hurries over to that side, but gets a KENDO STICK for it! Finn then looks under the ring, and he brings out so many more kendo sticks! And a bucket? With a Terrible Towel in it? Finn swings it around, but then throws it down and STOMPS it! The fans boo him harder just for that! Kevin CLOBBERS Finn and fans cheer! Kevin SMACKS Finn off the desk, dribbles him, then SMACKS him with a kendo stick! But Priest CLOBBERS Kevin from behind! Priest ROCKS Kevin with a right, he and Finn mug Kevin, but Sami builds speed to FLY! Direct hit and down goes everyone!

Fans are thunderous and Sami is all fired up! Kevin stands up, he and Sami storm around and they look under the ring. They bring out some trash cans! Fans fire up as they bring those over, and the SMACK Priest! And they SMACK Finn! Another for Priest! And another for Priest! And another still! The cans are put in the ring, Kevin rips off his shirt to reveal he’s a Terry Funk fan! Kevin has the can, Sami has some kendo sticks, and they put the can over Finn! They start beating the can with the sticks! The Pittsburgh Pirates might wanna recruit these two with those homers! Then they DOUBLE SMACK Finn! It is GONE!

Fans are thunderous as Sami & Kevin coordinate. Kevin goes out, Sami follows, and they wanna hear the fans. The fans get loud, and here comes as TABLE! Fans get what they want after all as Sami & Kevin set that table up ringside. The champs go find Priest, Sami holds him up, but Priest BOOTS Kevin away before another can can smash him! Priest then ROCKS Sami, UPPERCUTS Kevin, and takes that can to SMASH it on Sami! And CHUCK it into Kevin! Priest DECKS Kevin onto the desk! Kevin hits back, JABS Priest, but Priest kicks back. Finn has a chair and he JAMS Sami with it! The Judgment Day then coordinate and go after Kevin in the ring.

Finn JAMS Kevin with the chair, and Priest has one of his own! Priest JAMS Kevin, then soaks up the heat. Finn takes the trash can, Priest stands Kevin up, TRASH CAN SMASH! Sami returns but he gets mugged by the Judgment Day! Fans boo as Finn & Priest stomp away in the corner! Finn soaks up the heat and Priest keeps Kevin down. Priest then looks around on the outside while Finn stomps Sami out of the ring. Priest adds more chairs to things, and Finn has Sami with knuckles in the eyebrow! Finn ELBOWS Sami in the head! Priest adds more chairs, this is itself a Funk shoutout. Finn mugs Sami right on the desk!

Fans boo but Priest has stacked some chairs. Priest swings, Kevin dodges and he fires off on Priest! Kevin stomps away on Priest, fans fire up, and Kevin just keeps going! Kevin SMACKS Priest with a chair! Finn JAMS Kevin with a chair, then SMACKS him! Sami returns and runs up to JAM Finn with a chair! Sami SMACKS Finn on the back! And SMACKS him again! Finn tumbles out, fans fire up, and now the Judgment Day is running away! Kevin & Sami pursue in the crowd! Fans fire up as the brawling gets even closer! Sami SMACKS Finn off a road case! But DOMINIK MYSTERIO attacks!

Fans boo as now Dirty Dom is the third man for his guys! Priest TOSSES Kevin and Dom & Finn TOSS Sami over the barriers! Fans boo but Judgment Day soaks it up. But now they discuss how to finish this off. Fans chant “DOM YOU SUCK!” But wait! Kevin, bloodied as he is, rises, as does Sami! And they’re in Pittsburgh Penguins gear!! Fans are thunderous as this turns into a real hockey fight! They use the hockey sticks to JAM and SMACK everyone! Fans are loving it as Sami clacks the stick on the stage! Dom snatches a stick from Kevin, but that only makes things worse! Gloves off, HERE’S THE HOCKEY SCRUM!

Fans fire up as Dom gets mugged and sent off running to Mami! Finn hobbles to the ring but Kevin JAMS him! And then he JAMS and SMACKS Priest! Sami adds on, then puts Finn in the ring. Sami hurries in and moves the chair pile around. Sami brings Finn up but Finn blocks the lift! Finn ELBOWS away on Sami, ELBOWS Sami away, and Priest grabs him! Finn grins, has a chair, but Sami BOOTS him him away! Kevin YANKS Priest down, RAMS him into steps, and Sami hits a FULL METAL BLUE THUNDER BOMB!! Cover, TWO!!! Finn survives, Kevin wipes his crimson mask away, and he rejoins Sami.

“This is Awesome!” as Sami & Kevin pick up some chairs. They arrange those in a nice little square, but Priest returns! Priest JAMS Sami with the hockey stick! And then one for Kevin! Priest BOOTS Kevin, then drags Sami up! BROKEN ARROW onto the chairs!! Sami writhes, Priest covers, Kevin breaks it with a chair! It kinda got Sami, too, though… Priest drags Sami up, tosses him out, and Finn stomps Kevin out of the ring. Kevin eggs Finn on, but Priest chicken wings! Finn WRECKS Kevin with a dropkick! But Kevin just fires off fists! Priest TOSSES Kevin over the desk, and Kevin even hits barriers!

Priest SMACKS Kevin with a trash can! Finn storms in past Corey Graves, drags Kevin up and clotheslines him over the barriers! Fans get closer to the action yet again as the Judgment Day storm after Kevin. They mug Kevin, keep him going towards the back, and even into the cameraman! Kevin kicks back, throws Finn into Priest and just fires wild shots! Priest CLOBBERS Kevin, but Sami’s back! Sami fires off on Priest! Fans are thunderous as they end up by the kickoff show set! Sami RAMS a stool into Priest and fires off hands! Kevin brings Finn along, but Finn knees him low! Sami SMACKS Sami off the Plexiglas desk!

Sami gets on said desk and fans go wild! Sami CANNONBALLS to take out the Judgment Day! Pittsburgh is thunderous for Sami but Dom returns! Dom CLOBBERS Sami, stomps him around, but Kevin fires off fists! Kevin brings Dom around to SMACK into road cases! Dom falls over, Kevin brings a spare table around, and then brings Dom around. Kevin RAMS Dom into railing and then lines up a shot. Kevin DECKS Dom onto the table, rains down some more shots, then climbs up to the upper level! Fans are going wild as Kevin hops up onto the safety railing! Not so safe right now as Kevin howls for a SUPER SWANTON BOMB through the table!!!

Fans lose their minds while Kevin clutches an arm and Dom clutches his ribs! That move broke the table but might’ve broken both men at the same time! “This is Awesome!” as Kevin crawls from the wreckage. Sami and Finn are in the ring, Finn runs in at Sami but into a CORNER EXPLODER! Sami takes aim, runs in, but into a TRASH CAN!! Priest hits the target, Finn covers, TWO!! Finn shouts to Priest to get in so they can finish this! Finn wants a combo move to end this, and Priest likes it. Priest brings down the straps, drags Sami up, and Finn climbs up. Crucifix lift, but Sami flips free to trip Finn!

Finn tumbles down, Sami ELBOWS Priest away! CORNER EXPLODER for Priest!! Fans fire up as Sami runs in at Finn to BLAST him off the apron, and through the table!! Fans are thunderous, Sami runs in at Priest, but Priest choke grips! Kevin returns! STUNNER!!! Priest staggers to the corner, Sami takes aim! HELLUVA KICK!!! Cover, JD MCDONAGH drags Sami out!!! And POSTS him!! The Irish Ace just saved The Judgment Day, but Kevin CLOBBERS JD! Kevin fires off on JD, reels him in, POP-UP POWERBOMB on the desk!! The desk doesn’t break but JD might just have! Fans rally for Kevin as he checks on Sami.

BUT RHEA RIPLEY SPEARS KEVIN THROUGH THE BARRIERS!!! The entire Judgment Day has gotten involved in this match! Sami and Finn both crawl into the ring, flounder about, and fans rally up. Sami and Finn manage to stand, but Finn hits a SLINGBLADE first! Finn aims, runs in, and he SHOTGUNS Sami into buckles! Sami is down, Finn goes up, and Pittsburgh boos the COUP DE G- NO, Sami dodges! To CORNER EXPLODER!! Sami takes aim again, he throws off his shirt, and he runs in to HELLUVA KIIIICK!!!! Cover, DOM CLOBBERS SAMI WITH THE BRIEFCASE!!! Finn covers now, JUDGMENT DAY WINS!!!

Winners: Finn Balor & Damian Priest (NEW Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions)

Rhea laughs victoriously! She put the ultimatum in on Monday, and the team came together to take these titles! Finn & Priest stand up, holding the belts high over head, even as Pittsburgh rains down boos. Will The Judgment Day now run Raw, NXT AND SmackDown?


WWE continues to fight pediatric cancer.

It’s been nearly ten years, and they thank all those who have donated and given their support to both Connor’s Cure and The V Foundation. But WWE still needs you to be there so we can #TagInACure and stomp cancer once and for all! Top fundraisers could win a chance to meet superstars like Cody Rhodes and Bianca Belair, so keep up the fight!


It’s a Premium Live Event edition of the Grayson Waller Effect!

The Moment Maker, the Aussie Icon, the Dynamite from Down Under is already on set in the ring, and fans boo. Waller welcomes us to what could be the greatest GWE of all time. It is very fitting it is taking place here in Pittsburgh, as it and his guest have so much in common. Waller’s seen Pittsburgh’s reading levels, and neither can finish a story! Waller could rip on this city the whole night, but let’s get to business. His guest is the American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes! Fans fire up as Cody makes his entrance, and they of course sing along, “WHOA OH~!” Cody gets his pyro, and then joins Waller in the ring.

Cody picks up a mic as he sits at the desk with Waller, and smiles as the fans chant his name. Cody says, “So… Pittsburgh…! Wh-” Waller cuts him off, saying they’re not doing that tonight! Fans boo, but Waller says he is just being honest. No one cares what Pittsburg wants to talk about. This is the GWE, and all anyone cares about is what Waller wants to talk about. Fans boo but Waller says it must be hard seeing someone this handsome for once. But what Waller wants to talk about is Cody’s “big announcement.” Waller’s heard the whispers, the rumblings, and for Cody personally, what a roller coaster of a year! So many ups! And so many downs.

But it’s okay, Waller appreciates Cody begging to be on the show tonight, in desperate need of the Waller rub. This could be “the beginning of something huge for you, kid.” Cody says fine little speech. And he knows Waller is a newly minted graduate from hip toss class, and has done some school sessions, so he probably knows about shows like this, from the Flower Shop to the Barber Shop to Piper’s Pit, to Cody’s personal favorite of Flair for the Gold. Even MizTV, and now the Grayson Waller Effect. So Waller understands the precedent that has been set. What’s Waller gonna do? Say some mean stuff to him? Probably.

Cody’s sure Waller will try to get under his skin, Cody takes his suit and tie off, they fight, knock over these Hooter’s trees, and then Cody hits a Cross Rhodes. Is that what the fans wanna see? “YES!” NO! Waller says that’s not happening, he will not fight in front of his lovely trees. Fans chant “Hooter Trees! Hooter Trees!” Cody says okay, let’s subvert expectations here. Cody asked to be on Waller’s show, for this massive platform, for the “rub,” and thanks for that. So in turn, Cody will give Waller something. Cody will give Waller that big scoop. Waller watches Raw, right? Every Monday.

And NXT? Of course! Cody shouts out Carmelo Hayes. He don’t miss. Does Waller watch SmackDown? Well, he IS the biggest star on the show, so he watches his stuff. Oh, okay, well, SmackDown is intriguing, wouldn’t he say? In fact, Cody saw something that happened on SmackDown just a few weeks ago, “A wrong that I felt needed to be righted.” Oh? So whatever political stroke Cody has, chips he had, he cashed those in, and he hopes this isn’t a decision that he will regret. But ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your newest member of the Monday Night Raw roster, MAIN EVENT JEY USO!!!

Fans go wild as Cody brings out Jey! Jey remixes Day One Ish in his new theme, cuz it’s all him now, Uce! Fans fire up as Jey makes his way to the ring, and Cody lets him be the guest now! Jey slaps a Grayson Waller Effect sign out of the way to get on the corner and hype the fans up even more! Waller is speechless himself, but he says okay, welcome back, Jey. He was gone like two weeks! But what a huge scoop! First Cody, and now the newest Raw superstar, Main Event Jey Uso! Waller wishes he had something prepared. Well, how does Jey feel being on Raw now? Jey gets a mic but Waller keeps talking.

See, Jey’s been a twin his whole life, he had the Bloodline. Fans chant “UCEY! UCEY!” Yeah, he is Ucey! And as successful as he has been in a tag team, as an individual, Jey has achieved… “Absolutely nothing.” Fans boo but Waller asks what, Cody comes out here, says nice things, and Jey thinks he’s gonna be a big deal now? If anyone is in desperate need of the Waller Rub, it is- SUPERKICK!! Jey takes down Waller in one shot!! Enough said! Will Jey stir things up on Raw? Will he end up overtaking even Cody in the rankings?


WWE Women’s World Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Raquel Rodriguez!

We just saw Mami help her boys beat Kevin & Sami take the tag titles, and now she has to defend her title against an old rival. These two went back and forth during their days together in NXT, but will Rhea look to eradicate Raquel? Or will Big Mami Cool ruin the Judgment Day’s night?

The introductions are made, the title is raised, and we see who is the Top Mami on Monday Night Raw!

The bell rings and the fans rally up as the two stare down. Rhea grins and then they tie up. They go around, Raquel powers Rhea back, but Rhea puts Raquel in the corner. Raquel powers her way bac out and shoves Rhea away! Fans cheer as Rhea looks surprised. Rhea steps up, shoves Raquel, and talks trash. But Raquel shoves back! Rhea headlocks, thrashes the hold, but Raquel powers up. Rhea holds on and grinds Raquel down. Rhea taunts Raquel with what she did to Liv, but Raquel powers up! Raquel gets free, they RAM shoulders, and fans fire up as neither falls! Raquel even brushes herself off.

Rhea says okay, and dares Raquel to run. Raquel does run, RAMS Rhea again, and Rhea staggers back. Fans cheer, Rhea dusts herself off, and they get forehead to forehead! They push, Raquel dodges but Rhea grabs hair! Raquel gets Rhea’s arm! Rhea wants Raquel to hold on, but Raquel fireman’s carries! Rhea slips free, shoves, dodges, but Raquel dodges and redirects to run Rhea over! Rhea bails out and fans fire up! Raquel waits but Rhea tells the ref to give her a second. But then Raquel drags Rhea up to the apron! Rhea HOTSHOTS Raquel, runs in, but Raquel runs her over again! Fans fire up as Raquel fires off in the corner!

The ref counts, Raquel whips Rhea but Rhea reverses to kick low. Rhea snarls, whips but Raquel blocks! Raquel shakes her head, and still blocks the whip! Rhea short arm LARIATS, but Raquel stays up! “Is that all you got?” Rhea throws another LARIAT, but Raquel eggs her on! Rhea says okay, and LARIATS again! Raquel swings, Rhea ducks but the SOUTHPAW finds her! Raquel hauls Rhea up, scoops and SLAMS her! Raquel scoops again, but Rhea slips free to kick Raquel’s legs out! Rhea gets a leg but Raquel boots her away! Rhea rebounds to DROPKICK! Rhea rains down fists! Rhea KICKS Raquel in the side!

Rhea blows snot on Raquel, drags her up and RAMS her into the corner! Rhea CHOKES Raquel against buckles, the ref counts and Rhea lets off. Rhea taunts Raquel about Liv again, then RAMS into Raquel! And again! And again! The ref counts, Rhea lets off and “apologizes.” Rhea then drags Raquel up, CLUBS her down, and fans rally. Rhea flexes, fans cheer, and then Rhea HIP DROPS Raquel! Rhea SLAPS Raquel around, HIP DROPS her again, then sits her up. “I thought you were doing this for Liv.” Raquel throws elbows, but Rhea HIP DROPS again! Cover, TWO! Rhea pushes Raquel around and then paces around.

Rhea stomps Raquel’s legs, has Raquel in a corner, then snapmares her down to KICK her in the back! Raquel writhes, but Rhea wraps her up in a seated abdominal stretch! Rhea clamps a claw into Raquel’s ribs, then CLUBS away! Raquel endures, fans rally, and Raquel fights up! Raquel tries to hip toss but Rhea blocks to cravat and throw knees! Rhea reels Raquel in, GUILLOTINE! Rhea tells Raquel to just stay down, but Raquel TOSSES Rhea away! Fans fire up, Raquel staggers up, and she storms over to Rhea at the ropes. But Rhea YANKS Raquel into ropes! Then she kicks the rope to jam Raquel up!

Rhea stomps Raquel again and again, then tells fans to shut up with their chants. Rhea stalks Raquel, brings her up, but Raquel throws body shots! Raquel shoves Rhea but Rhea rebounds to DROPKICK again! Rhea CLUBS away on Raquel in frustration! Rhea then stops to grin as she looms over Raquel. Rhea wipes her bloody nose, then CHOPS Raquel! Rhea CLUBS Raquel, and taunts her again. Rhea says no one makes her bleed her own blood! Raquel p ushes Rhea but Rhea choke grips Raquel! Raquel choke grips Rhea! Fans fire up and Rhea swings, but Raquel blocks to CLOBBER Rhea! And again! And again!

Rhea ducks the Southpaw but a BLINDSIDE RIGHT gets her! Raquel scoops Rhea to FALL AWAY SLAM! Fans fire up as Raquel aims. Raquel runs in at the corner to SPLASH! Rhea falls, Raquel goes up! But Rhea kicks her legs out! Rhea has Raquel stuck and fires off kicks to the back! Rhea throws Raquel down, then traps a leg int he corner! Rhea stomps away on Raquel but the ref counts! Rhea lets off to go out to the apron. Fans fire up as Rhea climbs the corner. Rhea drags Raquel up to join her, and she throws down headbutts! Raquel falls back down, Rhea adjusts, but Raquel kicks Rhea’s legs out!

Rhea is stuck up top now, and Raquel is free to CLUB her! And then deadlift suplex, with a stall! Then the SLAM! Both women are down and fans fire up again! Rhea is in the drop zone, Raquel goes up, TWISTING VADER! Cover, TWO!! Rhea survives but Raquel keeps her cool. Raquel scoops, has a leg, but Rhea fights free! Rhea waistlocks but Raquel elbows free! Raquel runs up, but into the body scissors and HEADBUTT! Atomic FACEBUSTER, then a SLIDING KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Rhea is growing frustrated with Raquel’s toughness. Rhea dribbles Raquel’s face off the mat! The ref reprimands but Rhea gets upset.

Fans rally and duel, Rhea says she’ll end this now. Pump handle and RIP- NO, Raquel fights free to GOURD BUSTER! Then she reels Rhea back in, gets her up, ALLEY OOP into the ropes! Rhea staggers, Raquel runs to LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Raquel grows a little frustrated but she drags Rhea back up. Raquel RAMS Rhea into the corner! And again! And again! The ref reprimands and counts, Raquel puts Rhea up top. Raquel CLUBS Rhea, climbs up, but Rhea throws headbutts! Raquel staggers, Rhea stumbles but lands on the apron. Rhea runs in to CHOP BLOCK the bad leg!

Rhea has a wild look in her eye as she has a target! Rhea gets the legs, for the PRISM TRAP!! Raquel endures, but she’s so tall, she can handstand from that position! Rhea CLUBS the leg, but Raquel drags Rhea down to a cover! TWO!! Rhea and Raquel stagger up, Rhea runs in, but Raquel sends her into the POST! Raquel scoops, to POWERSLAM! Both women are down again and fans rally back up! Raquel sits up, slaps her leg into working, and she glares at Rhea. Rhea glares back, they both stand, and fans rally up. Rhea SLAPS Raquel but Raquel SLAPS back! And now forearms and haymakers start flying!

Fans fire up as Raquel BOOTS Rhea! Rhea tumbles out of the ring! Raquel hurries out after Rhea, but Rhea SWEEPS the leg! Raquel falls on the apron and then to the floor! Rhea huffs ‘n’ puffs and lines up a shot. Rhea runs in, into a BOOT! Raquel runs up to bring Rhea in, POST BOMB! And then BARRIER BOMB!! Raquel refreshes the ring count and goes back for more! Raquel hauls Rhea up, scoops her, and brings her around, to LAWN DART into the POST! Rhea flops over in a daze and fans fire up! Raquel nods, she’s feeling it! Raquel puts Rhea into the ring, storms up to the apron, and fans fire up, except here comes Dom!

Mami reaches to Dommy but Raquel grabs Rhea’s legs! Dom holds onto Rhea, but Raquel drags them BOTH in! Dom wants mercy but he still runs away! Raquel drags him back in, scoops him, and POWERSLAMS him! Shoutout to Braun Strowman! But Rhea KICKS the bad leg, then KICKS Raquel down! Pump handle and RIPTIDE!!! Cover, Rhea wins!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall (still WWE Women’s World Champion)

Call Dom the human insurance policy, this is TWICE that he has helped his fellow Judgment Day members in title matches tonight! Will anyone anywhere in the WWE ever stop the dirty, underhanded Dom-inance?


John Cena is backstage.

And he’s got a tie and suit on. “What a Payback it’s been so far!” And as a host, Cena realized he has the authority to give himself jobs he’s never had before, so that is why he’s going to be a backstage correspondent! Welcome at this time, his guests, the NEW Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, The Judgment Day! Finn & Priest walk in, and Finn copies Cena’s old catchphrase, “The champs! Are! HEEERE~!” Cena says yes, they sure are. Now there was rumored dissention in the ranks but clearly, they held it together tonight. Any thoughts? Yeah. This is family. Brothers fight. But when they’re united, NOBODY can stop them.

They are here as the NEW tag team champions, Priest is still Mr. MITB, and they have the Women’s World Champion and the NXT North American Champion! The Judgment Day will always rise! Now time to go celebrate cuz they’ve got all the gold~! Finn & Priest head out, and Cena says this job is tougher than he thought.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins VS Shinsuke Nakamura!

The Visionary, the revolutionary, Seth FREAKIN’ Rollins thought he could trust The King of Strong Style, but he was wrong. The moment he had his back to Nakamura, Nakamura stabbed him in the back. And worse still, Nakamura revealed to the world that Rollins’ back is badly damaged. Will Nakamura completely break Rollins, both physically and mentally? Or will Rollins fight through the pain and continue to live the dream come true?

Rollins makes his entrance in a very big, very poofy, very gold jacket, and he revels in the fans singing his song, “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” Nakamura’s entrance is about 30 seconds later, and has a dramatic animated opening! “Seth was once a brave man. Defiant. Bold. Unwavering. But… The storm has eroded him. He has served only his ego, and now the kanji symbol on his back is nothing more than a reminder of the man he once was. Like a horse at the end of his legs, it is MY duty to put Seth out of his misery. I will remove the burden of the World Heavyweight Championship that his back can no longer hold. Tonight, I set the world title free. Seth, this is the beginning of your end!”

Then Nakamura’s song plays, and he makes his way out in a dark red snake skin robe. “The Great Muta,” Keiji Mutoh, is in the crowd to watch his young rival finally main event a WWE PPV/PLE! The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who breaks who first!

The bell rings and fans fire up as the two circle. Nakamura and Rollins feel things out, fans start to duel with their chants, but Rollins likes that, too. They continue to circle, knuckle lock, feel things out, but Nakamura slips away. Nakamura and Rollins reset, Rollins rallies the fans, and the two tie up. Rollins waistlocks, Nakamura pries the hold open and wrenches the arm to a wristlcok. Rollins rolls, wrenches, hammerlocks, and he keeps Nakamura from ropes. Nakamura keeps reaching but Rollins jams his arm. Rollins wants a double wristlock but Nakamura holds it off. Rollins wrenches to a regular wristlock but Nakamura rolls, kips up and cartwheels to hammerlock.

Rollins reaches around, Nakamura headlocks to a takeover, but Rollins headscissors. Nakamura kips free, the two stand off, and fans cheer. Rollins and Nakamura reset, circle again, and fans duel again. The two knuckle lock, then Rollins kicks and wrenches and hammerlocks to a headlock then a drop toehold. Rollins ties up Nakamura’s legs and has an almost Queen Angelito stretch. Nakamura endures so Rollins shifts to focus on just the headlock. Nakamura fights up, squeezes the back with a side bearhug, but Rollins goes to ropes. The ref counts, Nakamura grins as he pats Rollins’ back, and then he lets off.

Nakamura uses his classic, “C’MON~!” Rollins smirks, but he still rushes in! Nakamura gets around to waistlock! Rollins fights, Nakamura shoves him and KICKS him in the back! Nakamura throws Rollins down, Rollins avoids the stomp and the buzzsaw and waistlocks, only for Nakamura to switch fast. Nakamura shoves Rollins but Rollins ROCKS Nakamura! Rollins CHOPS, JABS, and ROCKS Nakamura! Rollins fires off more, stomps Nakamura to a corner, the ref counts but Rollins lets off. Fans sing Rollins’ song, then fire up as he storms up on Nakamura. Rollins whips, Nakamura reverses, but Rollins goes up and over.

Rollins speeds up, ducks ‘n’ dodges and FLYING FOREARMS! Nakamura bails out but Rollins builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit on Nakamura and fans fire up! Rollins nods and he storms over to Nakamura. The ring count climbs, Rollins puts Nakamura in, and Rollins aims from a corner. Rollins runs up to kick Nakamura, then underhooks the arms! Nakamura back drops Rollins away! Rollins clutches his back, and Nakamura KICKS him there! Nakamura stands Rollins up to CLUB him in the back! And KICKS him again! Nakamura has Rollins in the corner, stomps him, then gives him BAD VIBRATIONS!

Fans rally and duel while the ref counts. Nakamura lets off, grins, and he drags Rollins up. Nakamura puts Rollins on the top rope, then runs in to TOP SHELF- NO, Rollins moves and the knee hits buckles! Rollins runs to HOTSHOT BULLDOG Nakamura down! Nakamura is down, Rollins goes to the apron to SPRINGBOARD SWANTON! LIONSAULT but Rollins lands on his feet as Nakamura bails out! Rollins just keeps moving to DIVE again! Another direct hit and fans fire up again! Nakamura crawls away but Rollins pursues. Rollins drags Nakamura up and SMACKS him off the steel steps!

Rollins dares Nakamura to talk more trash, then he SMACKS him off the desk! And again! “C’mon, Shin! Talk trash now!” Rollins SLAPS Nakamura, refreshes the ring count, then goes to the barrier! But Nakamura gets him first! ROCKET LAUNCHER onto the desk! Fans fire up as Nakamura RAMS Rollins into barriers! Nakamura drags Rollins up and into the ring, covers, ONE!! Rollins clutches his back but Nakamura puts him on ropes. Nakamura bends Rollins back against the ropes, then KICKS him! Fans duel as hard as ever while the ref reprimands. Nakamura brings Rollins around, hoists him to the top rope, and CLUBS him on the back!

Nakamura gets space, runs in, TOP SHELF KNEE! Nakamura flips Rollins over now, TOP SHELF KNEE into the back! Cover, TWO! Rollins is still in this but even that lateral press was meant to target the back. Nakamura KICKS Rollins around, and then HIP DROPS! Nakamura pulls Rollins back in a chinlock stretch! Rollins endures and the fans rally up. Rollins fights to his feet, pries the hold open, but Nakamura KICKS Rollins’ back! Nakamura gives Rollins some mocking kicks now, but Rollins fires off hands! Nakamura clinches for a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Rollins is hanging in there but Nakamura pushes him around.

Nakamura drags Rollins to the apron, gets some more space, and he runs in to KNEE LIFT Rollins in the chest! Then GUILLOTINE KNEE DROP! Rollins falls to the floor, Nakamura drags him back up and in! Nakamura covers, TWO! Again, hooking the leg was to target Rollins’ back, the King of Strong Style is like a chess master! Rollins sits up into more kicks! Nakamura taunts Rollins, Rollins stands and he blocks a kick, but not the ENZIGURI! Nakamura has the leg now to turn Rollins over! HALF CRAB! Rollins endures, reaches out, and fans rally up again. Rollins crawls forward, but Nakamura drags him back!

Nakamura steps over to stomp Rollins right in the face! Rollins rolls through, kicks Nakamura back, and fans sing to coach him up. But Nakamura RAMS Rollins into a corner! Nakamura hops up the corner, grins as he takes aim, but Rollins CHOPS him first! Rollins CHOPS again, then CHOPS him again! Rollins climbs up after Nakamura, brings him up to the very top, but Nakamura fights back! They brawl, so Rollins changes plans to a SUPER STEINER! Both men are down and fans fire up again! Rollins goes to the corner, Nakamura sits up, and “This is Awesome!” as the two men rise. Rollins and Nakamura start trading forearms!

Nakamura fires a flurry but Rollins returns it with interest! Nakamura fires off a strike fest! Rollins LARIATS! Mule kick! Front kick! SLINGBLADE! Rollins hurries to the apron and climbs up the corner. FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!! Nakamura is still in this and Rollins is too sore to be frustrated. Rollins and Nakamura rise as the fans duel as hard as they can. Rollins reels Nakamura in, but Nakamura fights the lift! The back doesn’t help, but Rollins CLUBS away on Nakamura. Rollins slaps some fight into himself, but Nakamura slips out of the bomb! Rollins ducks the kick, waistlocks and ripcords, RAINMAKER!! Cover, TWO!!!

Rollins referencing Okada, Nakamura’s heir in NJPW and Chaos, was clever but not enough to finish this. Rollins sits up and frowns but the fans rally up. Rollins nods and gets back up. Rollins says he knows his back is messed up and the risks he takes every single time. Becky already worries, Rollins isn’t gonna let Nakamura make her worry more! Rollins fires off fists on Nakamura’s head! Fans fire up with Rollins and he takes aim from a corner. Rollins runs back in, but Nakamura avoids the stomp! SLEEPER HOLD! Rollins fights it, reaches out, but Nakamura clinches! Rollins CLUBS away and elbows free!

Nakamura goes to a corner, BOOTS back, and goes up to FLYING KNEE! Cover, TWO! Nakamura shakes his head and pounds the mat. Nakamura throws knees into Rollins from all sides! Nakamura then drags Rollins up and reels him in, scoop and SLAM! Rollins writhes but Nakamura looms over him. Nakamura stands Rollins up, to snap suplex! Nakamura is using standard moves to just torture Rollins now! Nakamura drags Rollins up again, reels him back in, and scoops, but Rollins slips free! Rollins boots but Nakamura blocks to put him in ropes! KICK and SLIDING GERMAN!! Cover, TWO!!

Rollins is still in this and Nakamura is growing frustrated. Nakamura stands Rollins up, INVERTED EXPLODER! Nakamura aims from the corner now, fans are torn, “YAO~!” Nakamura runs in, into a SUPERKICK!! Cover, TWO!! Nakamura survives the counter attack, and both men are down again! Fans sing “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” for Rollins as he rises. Rollins drags Nakamura around, brings him up, and swings a forearm! Nakamura staggers, Rollins ROCKS him with another forearm! Rollins won’t let Nakamura fall yet, and he ROLLING- NO, Nakamura slips around, ARMBAR TAKEDOWN!!

Rollins fights around, but he ends up in a TRIANGLE HOLD! Rollins clasps hands, tries to fight up to his feet, and tries to deadlift, but the back gives up!! Rollins falls over!! Nakamura pulls on the arm, squeezes tight around Rollins’ head and neck, and the ref checks. Rollins is still fighting, he gets back up, and fans fire up as Rollins deadlifts for the POWERBOMB!! Rollins manages to sit up and cover, TWO!! Nakamura is still in this and fans are dueling again! Both men stir, both men sit up, and Rollins snarls while Nakamura shakes his arms out. Both men face each other and nod as they stand! Fans are thunderous as the forearms start flying!

Rollins ROCKS Nakamura! Nakamura ROCKS Rollins! Rollins ROCKS Nakamura! Nakamura ROCKS Rollins! They go back and forth, they pick up speed, and then Rollins ROLLING ELBOWS! Rollins turns Nakamura, DREAM- NO, Nakamura ducks! Rollins ducks a roundhouse but not the WHEEL KICK! Nakamura hurries to fireman’s carry, but Rollins slips free to PELE! Both men are down again! Fans are thunderous again as these two are still fighting! Rollins rises as he hears the “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” echo out again. Rollins staggers to a corner, manages to climb up, but Nakamura trips him up!

Nakamura climbs up, SMACKS Rollins off the post, then drags him up again. Fireman’s carry, and a SUPER LANDSLIDE!!! Cover, TWO!?!?! Rollins survives and no one can believe it! Nakamura himself can’t believe it, but then he BLINDSIDE KINSHASAS!!! Nakamura reloads and aims from the other corner! Rollins slowly sits up, fans are thunderous, but then Rollins flops back over! Nakamura is annoyed, and he kicks Rollins around. Nakamura drags Rollins up, but Rollins SLAPS him! Nakamura is fuming, but Rollins SLAPS him again! Nakamura KICKS, BOOTS, KICKS, then reels Rollins in!

Rollins and Nakamura scrap, Nakamura just fires off kicks against the ropes! The ref reprimands and counts as Nakamura gives Rollins stomp after stomp in the ropes! Nakamura lets off at 4, then he drags Rollins back up. Nakamura brings Rollins around to suplex, but Rollins slips out! Rollins reels Nakamura into a waistlock, but Nakamura switches! But Rollins switches! But Nakamura switches! They go around and around, Rollins knees low! Underhooks! PEDIGREE!!! But Rollins’ back won’t let him make the cover! Rollins doesn’t care, he goes back to the corner! Rollins aims again, CURB- ENZIGURI!

Nakamura fireman’s carries, but Rollins sunset flips! Nakamura sits on it! TWO, and CURB STOMP!!! But Rollins again can’t cover! Rollins crawls over, has the cover now, ROLLINS WINS!!!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall (still WWE World Heavyweight Champion)

What a fight from Seth FREAKIN’ Rollins! Nakamura did everything he could while still playing by the rules, and it just wasn’t enough! The Visionary keeps this reign going, but with his secret out, how much longer will he last?

My Thoughts:

This was a great, maybe even awesome, Payback! If this is what we can call a “B Level” PPV/PLE, then I think WWE has raised the bar on what that means. The Steel Cage match of Becky VS Trish was an awesome opener, even with it playing up the usual steel cage match tropes. Becky winning and Stark ditching Trish were both the right moves. If we’re not getting Lita back in this story, then it’s fine that this story finishes up and moves on so we can see Becky and Stark both fight to get at the Women’s World Championship. And speaking of finishing the story, great Grayson Waller Effect because WOW, Jey Uso is now Raw! Did not see that coming in the Bloodline story, BUT perhaps this leads to Jey leading a team for Survivor Series against like, Jimmy, Solo and a trio from SmackDown.

Cena was a great host, I really liked his interaction with The Miz that led to a Special Guest Referee stipulation for Miz VS Knight. Miz VS Knight would’ve still been great on its own, but I did like the various interactions during the match with Cena. Knight winning is the right move, the fans loved it. And Cena giving Knight his respect and approval is great, would love to see more of them interacting while Cena is here. Great US Championship match from Rey VS Theory, though nothing that above and beyond what we’d see on SmackDown I suppose. Rey winning was also the right move, Theory needs to figure out something else to get him going.

Also great stuff as all the title matches were essentially in a row. The Steel City Street Fight was so wild, but of course The Judgment Day AND JD McDonagh get involved. It helped escalate things, like when Kevin & Sami went Pittsburgh Penguins mode, but of course it also helped Finn & Priest take the titles. They didn’t thank JD McDonagh in their interview promo with Cena, so I would think on Raw, McDonagh shows up, Finn celebrates with him but the others are still reluctant. In fact, Dom can point out his final move is what won things for them. Maybe we get Dom VS McDonagh? If JD wins, he’s in the faction? That’d be an interesting wrinkle to the on-again-off-again dysfunction.

And of course Dom got involved with Rhea’s match, that was also a given. Even so, Rhea VS Raquel was great stuff, and with Rhea retaining, we can bring in Becky. Though at the same time, they’re really trying to make Tiffy VS Becky a thing. WWE stop trying to make Becky VS Tiff happen, it’s not going to happen. I mean, it is, but ugh. But for all I know, Becky VS Tiff happens at NXT No Mercy since Kiana’s title match is Tuesday and she sure ain’t winning. And then after that, Becky VS Rhea can be for Fastlane the week after, or in November for like Crown Jewel or something.

And a great main event from Rollins VS Nakamura. They brought up the bad back, so they had the match be all about the back. A touch surprised Rollins retains here, but that was a great closing sequence. Nakamura after sure didn’t look as finished as you’d think, maybe he comes back for another round by Fastlane. And as I posed as a question, this story now has to be, “How long can Rollins last?” Nakamura revealed to everyone that Rollins is not going to be 100% at all, I feel like this is an even better time for Priest to cash in his MITB contract before the calendar year is out.

My Score: 8.9/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SummerSlam Results & Report! (8/5/23)




Get your motor running with the biggest party of the Summer!

This might be the biggest, most important SummerSlam ever! Roman Reigns defends both WWE Universal Championship AND Tribal Chief status against Jey Uso, under TRIBAL COMBAT!!


  • Logan Paul VS Ricochet; Logan wins.
  • Cody Rhodes VS Brock Lesnar; Cody wins.
  • 25 Man Battle Royal: LA Knight wins.
  • MMA Rules: Ronda Rousey VS Shayna Baszler; Shayna wins.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: GUNTHER VS Drew McIntyre; Gunther wins and retains the title.
  • WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins VS Finn Balor; Rollins wins and retains the title.
  • WWE Women’s Championship Triple Threat: Asuka VS Charlotte Flair VS Bianca Belair; Bianca wins and becomes the new WWE Women’s Champion.
  • WWE Women’s Championship Money in the Bank Cash-In: Bianca Belair VS Iyo Sky w/ Bayley; Iyo wins and becomes the new WWE Women’s Champion.
  • Undisputed WWE Universal Championship & Tribal Chiefdom, Tribal Combat: Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman VS Jey Uso; Roman wins and retains both title and position as Tribal Chief.


It’s the SummerSlam Kickoff Show!

Join Kayla Braxton, Wade Barrett, Jackie Redmond, Booker T and Pete Rosenberg in discussing, analyzing and predicting all the action here in Motor City!


Titus O’Neil welcomes the crowd to SummerSlam!

Fans fire up as the Real Deal, and Byron Saxton, are on the stage to acknowledge the Community Champions of Detroit! These three nonprofit organizations help underprivileged youth here in Motor City, and their representatives are right here tonight! They help improve Detroit one day at a time, one child at a time! The SAY Detroit Play Center, the Detroit Public School system and the Downtown Boxing Gym are here! And so to help these organizations, the WWE will give them a financial contribution of… $20 THOUSAND!! Give it up to the champions of Motor City!


Kid Rock speaks.

“If you wanna know where you’re going, first you need to know where you’ve been. 88, The Garden. You have the big Apple bumping. These old school legends, ,an, they kicked SummerSlam into high gear. You talkin’ gritty? Let’s talk 95 in the Steel City. SummerSlam was accelerated to all new heights. 2013 had superstars tearing through Tinseltown. You see ’em? Tonight, we make history. In our city, Motor City. Ain’t no pistons and parties. In the 313, nothing comes free. About time to pop off and crank the horsepower! Detroit, LET’S ROCK!”


Logan Paul VS Ricochet!

The ImPAULsive Maverick is ready to go viral and prove he’s the new top star in WWE. However, he’s up against the One and Only. Will Ricochet be the one and only top gun in WWE? Or will this be Logan’s crowning achievement in his still fledgling career?

The bell rings and fans fire up as Ricochet eggs Logan on. They step to each other, Logan polishes Ricochet’s head, and Ricochet laughs that off. Then he SLAPS Logan! Fans fire up and Logan wings, but Ricochet dodges to handspring and RANA! And DROPKICK! Logan bails out but Ricochet builds speed! To then handspring and superhero land! Fans fire up as Ricochet asks, “What’s good, bro?” Logan paces around the outside, fans chant “LOGAN SUCKS!” but Logan steps back inside. Logan and Ricochet circle, tie up, and Ricochet headlocks. Logan powers out and hurdles, then drops down to hurdle again!

Ricochet and Logan keep going, then Ricochet stops! Logan sunset flips but Ricochet rolls through !Logan avoids the kick to roll Ricochet up, but Ricochet rolls through! Logan ELBOWS Ricochet away! Fans boo as Ricochet goes to a corner and Logan grins. Ricochet stands up, the two reset, and they approach. Logan avoids a kick but Ricochet keeps after him. They tie up, Logan facelocks and hits a judo hip toss! Logan chinlocks and he grinds Ricochet down while laughing. Fans boo but Ricochet fights up to throw body shots! Ricochet pushes Logan to ropes, powers out, but Logan stops himself to avoid a kick!

Ricochet runs in but Logan puts him on the apron. Ricochet ROCKS Logan, but Logan blocks the kick to CHOKE Ricochet on the ropes! The ref counts, Logan lets off, and Ricochet sputters. Logan goes to the apron, but Ricochet elbows him back! Logan CLUBS away on Ricochet, then turns Ricochet, DRAPING NECKBREAKER to the apron! Fans boo as Logan kisses his fiancée. Logan mocks Samantha, Ricochet’s fiancée, then puts Ricochet in the ring. Logan throws a BODY BLOW! And another! And another! Fans boo as Logan fires off! The ref counts, Ricochet shoves Logan away but Logan comes back with more shots!

Fans boo as the ref finally backs Logan off. Logan grins and rope-a-dopes around. Logan then storms up to throw more body shots! Fans chant “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” Logan puts Ricochet up top, he says he’s gonna do the flippy, and then says NOT. He drags Ricochet out, mocks Braun Strowman and hits the POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Fans boo as Logan drags Ricochet back up to scoop and SLAM! Logan soaks up the heat from Detroit, and copies Hogan. Logan whips Ricochet, BOOTS him, and “Loganmania” runs to drop a SPLIT LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Logan strikes the Hogan pose, and fans boo more.

Logan drags Ricochet up, scoops, but Ricochet slips free and hits a SPINEBUSTER! Ricochet stomps away on Logan, and if Logan’s gonna reference a legend, here’s Ricochet’s! With the PEOPLE’S MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Logan survives, Ricochet drags him up and ROCKS him with a right! And a CHOP! And a KICK! Logan reverses the whip and SUPESR back drops Ricochet! Ricochet almost flips a full 360! Logan stomps Ricochet to the apron, drags him up, and has him on the ropes to then run and Triangle Jump LARIAT! Logan grins and he goes to the apron as fans boo. Logan drags Ricochet up, and he wants to reference MITB!

But Ricochet FLIPS THROUGH the Spanish Fly! They brawl with haymakers! And then Ricochet hits a STANDING SPANISH FLY to the floor! It wasn’t good for either but Ricochet gets into the ring. Ricochet fires up with Detroit, but Logan anchors his feet! Logan drags Ricochet right out to the floor! Logan gets in the ring, he takes aim, SLINGSHOT LARIAT to the floor! Logan high fives the fans with Prime bottles in their hands, and he even takes a sip. Logan puts Ricochet in the ring, goes up a corner, and he CROSSBODIES! Then STANDING MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! Ricochet is still in this and Logan is stunned!

Logan rains down fists, then lets off to pace around. Logan storms up on Ricochet in a corner, but Ricochet blocks the punch to fire forearms! Logan shoves Ricochet, but Ricochet goes up and over and Logan POSTS himself! And not the way Logan likes posting things! Ricochet goes up the corner, he CLUBS Logan, then drags him up top! Fans fire up as both men are on the very top rope, for a HURRICANE NECKBREAKER!! Now that’s a shoutout! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! Logan manages to stand first but Ricochet KICKS first! And again! And CHOPS! Ricochet whips, Logan reverses but Ricochet handsprings to a back elbow!

Ricochet then kips right up! Fans fire up as Ricochet runs to rally with big forearms! Ricochet whips Logan to a corner, RAMS into him and goes to the apron! Fans fire up, Ricochet springboards to FLYING LARIAT! Fans fire up for the RUNNING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO! Logan is hanging tough, but Ricochet says he wanted Logan to do that. Ricochet KICKS Logan, then KICKS him again! Logan clutches arms and ribs and Ricochet KICKS him some more! Logan sputters, but he ducks the Buzzsaw to back suplex! Ricochet lands out, dodges again, but Logan ELBOWS and QUEBRADAS, to then TILT-O-WHIRL DDT!! Cover, TWO!!

Fans are fired up as these two keep pushing physics to their limit! Logan drags Ricochet up, puts one out, and he gets Ricochet up. But Ricochet slips out to V-TRIGGER! And RECOIL!! Ricochet kips up again, and fans fire up as Ricochet puts Logan in a drop zone! Ricochet climbs the corner, but his own ribs bother him. Ricochet still SHOOTING STARS onto knees!! Cover, TWO!!! Ricochet survives and no one can believe it! Logan still grins as he stands back up. Logan drags Ricochet around but Ricochet pushes him away. Logan stomps Ricochet in the corner, has the legs and he flips Ricochet to his feet, ALLEY-OOP BOMB!

Logan kips up now and fans boo. Logan grins as he soaks it all up. Logan goes out to the apron, springboards in, FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!!! Logan is growing frustrated now, he’s running out of icons to reference. Ricochet slowly sits up, and Logan goes to the corner. Logan pumps up, runs in, but into a SUPERKICK! Ricochet fireman’s carries, to DETONATION KICK! And then another fireman’s carry, for a ROLLING DEATH VALLEY! And then a TOP ROPE LIONSAULT!! Cover, TWO!! Ricochet did his own shoutouts but it just wasn’t enough yet. Ricochet drags Logan to a drop zone, deadweight as he is, and then goes up!

Fans fire up but Logan anchors a foot. Ricochet stomps away on Logan! Ricochet then goes right up top, for the 630 SENTON but he FLOPS as Logan moves!! Logan then gets a friend of his to give him BRASS KNUCKLES!? Fans boo as Logan hides the weapon! ONE BRASS PUNCH!!!! Cover, Logan wins!!

Winner: Logan Paul, by pinfall

And Logan makes sure to let everyone hear Samantha say his name. It was underhanded, but Logan finally gets his win in the WWE. Will Ricochet want his revenge once he regains consciousness? Or is Logan moving on to bigger targets?


The Brawling Brutes meet up in the parking lot.

And The Celtic Warrior arrives in a WWE branded MONSTER TRUCK! Sheamus, Ridge Holland & Pete Dunne are ready to make SummerSlam into FIGHT NIGHT, will any of them win the Slim Jim Battle Royal?


Cody Rhodes VS Brock Lesnar!

The American Nightmare was betrayed by The Beast the Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania, and honestly, there is still no explanation as to why. And even after the battle at Backlash, the rematch at Night of Champions, and the multiple brawls along the way, Cody still wants to fight Brock Lesnar! One way or another, this feud ends here! Will Cody survive what could be the most brutal match of his entire life? Or will Motor City become Suplex City?

Lesnar turns around to stretch against the ropes, and Cody attacks! The bell rings as Cody fires off, but Lesnar gets around him for a GERMAN SUPLEX! And so it begins already! Cody drags himself up on the apron but Lesnar is after him. Cody HOTSHOTS, then gets in to Rhodes Uppercut! And then BEAUTIFUL DISASTER KICK! Another BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! And a- NO, Lesnar SWATS Cody on the third! And then he RAMS Cody into a corner! And again, and again! Fans boo but Lesnar runs in, only for Cody to POST him! Lesnar tumbles out, Cody builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit into the announce desk!

Fans fire up with Cody and he fires haymakers! But Lesnar picks Cody up to POST him! Lesnar sputters but he still smiles and stalks Cody. Lesnar CLUBS Cody on the back, then brings him around. Lesnar puts Cody in the ring, storms up on Cody and he kicks a leg out! Cody RAMS into Lesnar, but Lesnar just TOSSES Cody up and over his head! Lesnar grins as he looms over Cody. Lesnar then stands Cody up, for an OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY SUPLEX! Fans rally for Cody while Lesnar stalks him. Cody throws elbows but Lesnar CLUBS him down! Lesnar KICKS Cody in the side and Cody writhes!

Lesnar still stalks Cody, brings him back up, and Lesnar snap suplexes! That’s four different kinds of suplexes already! Cover, ONE!! Lesnar doesn’t worry, he toys with Cody even. Then he trips Cody, drags him around, and stands over him. Cody goes for the leg but Lesnar shoots around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Lesnar soaks up the cheers and jeers of Detroit as Suplex City builds. Lesnar looms over Cody, fans chant for “SUPLEX CITY!” Lesnar GERMAN SUPLEXES again! Cody flops out of the ring and Lesnar dares him to get up. The ring count starts and Lesnar waits. Cody drags himself up at 4 and staggers in at 5, but then Lesnar knees him against ropes!

Lesnar waistlocks for another GERMAN SUPLEX! Lesnar drags Cody up to TOSS him back out! The ring count begins again, and fans rally for Cody as he stirs. Cody rises at 5 of 10, gets in at 6, and Lesnar shakes his head. Cody goes back to the apron but Lesnar BLASTS him down! “Stay down! Save yourself!” The ring count begins again, but Cody doesn’t listen to Brock. Cody crawls at 5, stands at 6, hobbles at 7 and rolls back in. Lesnar looms over Cody and tells him this is only gonna get worse. Fans boo but Cody stands, and Lesnar snap suplexes him away! “You’re not very smart, are you?!”

Lesnar drags Cody to the apron and then kicks him out! “Save yourself!” The ring count is back again, Cody staggers up at 5 but leans against the desk. Cody hobbles over and slides in at 8! Lesnar is annoyed and he hauls Cody up, to clothesline him up and out! “SAVE YOURSELF!” Cody stirs, flounders his way over, and then Lesnar goes to the far side. Lesnar is on the apron now, but Cody is up at 7! Cody gets in at 8, and Lesnar returns. Lesnar drags Cody out and fireman’s carries! F5 TO THE FLOOR! Lesnar shouts for everyone else to tell Cody! Even Michael Cole agrees, Cody should just let it end.

The count is back, and Cody is still down at 5. But he tries to sit up! Cody is on his knees at 7, on his feet at 8, and he gets in at 9! Fans are going nuts but Lesnar is frustrated! Cody rises with the help of the ropes, and he eggs Lesnar on! Cody fires off haymakers! Fans fire up and then Lesnar GERMAN SUPLEXES Cody to the ropes! Cody flops out, Lesnar goes out after him! Fireman’s carry, F5 to the announce desk!! The desk collapses to pieces, and fans lose their minds! Lesnar leaves Cody behind, the ring count starts, and even Michael Cole is saying it’s better to wait for medical! Lesnar’s already dominating you, he’ll destroy you if you keep going, Cody!

Cody doesn’t care! He’s up at 7! He hobbles over at 8, and gets in at 9.9!! Lesnar is losing his mind and the fans are thunderous! “You dumb SOB.” But Detroit is rallying behind Cody’s Never Say Die spirit! Lesnar storms up on Cody as Cody sits up and glares defiantly. Lesnar CLUBS Cody, but Cody CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Lesnar ROCKS Cody, clinches, and OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY SUPLEXES! Cody is dazed but he manages to rise in a corner. Lesnar storms up, to waistlock! But Cody holds the buckle! The buckle comes off, flashback to Backlash! Lesnar storms up as Cody bails out again.

Cody gets the steel steps! Lesnar BOOTS those away! And then he hauls Cody up, fireman’s carries, but Cody slips off! Cody POSTS Lesnar! And POSTS him again! And then has the steps!! He RAMS Lesnar!!! Cody runs into the ring, runs and BEAUTIFUL DISASTER!! And then CODY CUTTER!! Fans are thunderous as Cody goes again, SUPER CODY CUTTER!!!! Cover, TWO?!?! Lesnar survives all of that!? Cody is stunned, he wants Lesnar to stand, and Lesnar does! Cody dragon sleepers but Lesnar gets the arm! KIMURA!!! Cody endures this hold as he has in the past, can he win or pass out?

Fans rally as hard as they can for Cody as he kicks around. Cody reaches out, pushes around, even as Lesnar pulls on the arm! Cody grabs the ROPEBREAK! Fans are thunderous and Lesnar lets off, and Lesnar himself is red in the face from pushing Cody that hard. Cody and Lesnar rise, and Lesnar stands. Cody follows, but Lesnar fireman’s carries! But Cody slips off and RAMS Lesnar into the exposed buckle! Just like Backlash! And then Cody steals the KIMURA?!?! Lesnar is down in the body scissors!! Lesnar endures, moves around, reaches out, but Cody pushes the arm! Lesnar powers up to SLAM Cody down!

Lesnar is free but clutching his arm. Cody and Lesnar slowly rise, and Cody brings Lesnar around, only for Lesnar to fireman’s carry! Cody slips free again, CROSS RHODES!! Cody holds on, drags Lesnar back up, CROSS RHODES!! And then A THIRD CROSS RHODES!!! Cover, CODY WINS!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall

With determination and perseverance, The American Nightmare found a way to win! But wait! Lesnar gets up! And he throws off his gloves! Lesnar steps forward, stares Cody forehead to forehead, and offers Cody a handshake! Cody accepts it, as Cody has also won Lesnar’s respect! But now, will Cody be able to use all this to finally #FinishTheStory?


25 Man Battle Royal!

As sponsored by Slim Jim, there’s a lot of beef and a lot of jerks in this match, but only one can win! AJ Styles, Sheamus, Dunne, Ridge, Ludwig Kaiser, Giovanni Vinci, Cameron Grimes, Bronson Reed, Santos Escobar, Tommaso Ciampa, Shinsuke Nakamura, Chad Gabe, Otis, Apollo Crews, Grayson Waller, Erik, Ivar, Matt Riddle, Karrion Kross, Rick Boogs, JD McDonagh, The Miz and… LA KNIGHT, YEAH! Fans have their favorite to win, but will this be the Mega Star’s game here tonight?

The bell rings and then MVP shows up? He says this can’t begin until the man who will win it gets in it! He gives us the Nigerian Giant, OMOS! Omos makes a massive return, will it be a massive win for this mountain of a man? The others brawl while Omos makes his way down to the ring. Knight is after Escobar, Riddle joins in, the Brutes go after Imperium and Apollo, Miz fights off JD, Styles goes after Vinci. Omos gets up and in, and he TOSSES Crews to ELIMINATE him! JD CHOPS Omos, but Omos picks JD right up! Omos TOSSES JD out onto Crews to ELIMINATE him, too! But BOOGS fires hands!

Boogs has Detroit on his side but Omos CLUBS him! And then TOSSES him to ELIMINATE him! Omos already takes out three, but the Brutes and a few others go after Omos together! They even go out from underneath to drag him back, for TRIPLE BEATS OF TEH BODHRAIN! That’s how big Omos is! But Omos fights out, TOSSES Dunne, then shoves the Alpha Academy away! Omos ROCKS Ridge, and CLOBBERS Sheamus! Escobar keeps after Theory ahead of their US Championship match this Friday, Knight stomps away on Waller, and fans fire up as Otis fires up! But Imperium picks Otis up to DUMP him out and ELIMINATE him!

Fans boo but Gable DECKS Vinci and EXPLODERS Ludwig! But Vinci picks Gable up! Gable slips free to SUPLEX Vinci up and out to ELIMINATE him! “A THANK YOU!” But Erik rushes up, into an EXPLODER! Ludwig GAMANGIRIS Gable and says “Shush.” Nakamura and Styles meet up as old rivals, and Nakamura puts on a SLEEPER! Riddle is after Miz, Ivar springboards but Ciampa DUMPS him out to ELIMINATE him! Erik runs in, is also put on the apron, and Ciampa KNEES him down to ELIMINATE him! Nakamura ROUNDHOUSES Ciampa down! Ciampa puts Nakamura on the apron!

Nakamura hits back, steps in, but into WILLOW’S BELL! Ciampa BOOTS Nakamura to ELIMINATE him! Bronson runs in, Ciampa BOOTS him, but then Bronson scoops, RAMS and TOSSES Ciampa to ELIMINATE him! Fans boo as Kross mocks Knight and stomps away. Ridge fireman’s carries Theory but Theory slips off to throw Ridge out! Ridge stands but Theory DECKS him to ELIMINATE him! Grimes KICKS away on Theory for their match just last night! But Theory fireman’s carries to A-TOWN HOTSHOT Grimes and ELIMINATE him! Theory grins, but Escobar is there. Fans fire up as Escobar clotheslines and ELIMINATES Theory!!

Fans fire up as Theory is furious! But then Kross dumps Escobar out! Escobar lands safe to GAMANGIRI, but then Kross BOOTS Escobar to ELIMINATE him! The field has thinned considerably now! Ludwig blocks Gable’s boot, says ‘NEIN!” and then GAMANGIRIS! Ludwig dumps Gable out but Gable holds on! Gable skins the cat to HEADSCISSOR and ELIMINATE Ludwig! “A THANK YOU~!” Riddle and Dunne, old friends from NXT, fire off together on Omos! They ROCK Omos with knees and forearms, then go after both arms! But Omos just picks them both up and TOSSES them to DOUBLE ELIMINATE them!

Fans boo but Omos runs over Miz! And SPLASHES Styles! And CHOKE SLAMS Gable! And CLOBBERS Kross! Waller staggers up, into a scoop and SLAM! Knight fires off hands and fans fire up! Knight LARIATS but Omos stays up! Knight LARIATS again, but then Omos BOOTS him down! But Waller kicks, Miz kicks, Gable throat chops, Reed RAMS and Kross forearms! Sheamus BROGUES!! Omos is wobbly, a PHENOMENAL FOREARM sends him to ropes! EVERYONE picks Omos up to DUMP him out and ELIMINATE him!! So much for MVP’s promise! But now, the other eight go back to fighting each other!

Waller escapes an Ankle Lock, Miz has a full nelson, somersault, SKULL CRUSHING FINALE CUTTER COMBO!! Waller and Miz, two peas in a pod, TOSS Gable out! But Gable holds onto ropes! Knight DECKS Waller! Miz TOSSES Knight but he holds on! Knight and Gable get in, Knight TOSSES Miz to ELIMINATE him! Fans are thunderous and Miz is furious! Waller returns, Sheamus KNEES and LARIATS Waller up and out to ELIMINATE him! Sheamus and Knight nod, they just brawled it out last night. But Reed CLOBBERS them both! Styles TOSSES Kross, Kross holds on but the PELE knocks him down, Styles ELIMINATES Kross!

Reed TOSSES Knight, but Gable waistlocks Reed!? Reed swings an elbow, Gable gest around, but Reed bucks the O’Conner to TOSS Gable! Reed ELIMINATES Gable, but Knight goes after Reed! Reed dumps Knight to the apron! But Knight ROCKS Reed and looks to drag him out! Reed tumbles to the floor, Knight ELIMINATES him! And now we have the final three! Sheamus and Styles brawl while Knight catches his breath., Sheamus dodges a lariat to hit an IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! POWERSLAM for Knight! Sheamus takes aim, runs in at Styles, but Styles avoids the Brogue to LARIAT!

Styles runs in at Knight but is put on the apron! Styles ROCKS Knight, but Kross returns! Kross anchors Styles, Sheamus BROGUES Styles down to ELIMINATE him! Kross says this isn’t over until HE says! Knight scoops Sheamus, POWERSLAM!! Fans fire up for Knight, and they spell it out! “L! A! KNIGHT! YEAH!” ELBOW DROP! Fans fire up and Knight waits on Sheamus to stand. Knight runs up, kicks low, but no BFT! KNEE! Sheamus reels Knight in, Canadian racks, but Knight slips free! Knight shoves Sheamus up and out! Sheamus holds on, then HOTSHOTS Knight! Sheamus hurries up top!

Knight springs up after Sheamus! Knight brings Sheamus up, to SUPER OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY!! Fans are thunderous as both men rise, and Knight clotheslines Sheamus up and out!! KNIGHT WINS!!

Winner: LA Knight, by pinfall

And with everybody saying, “YEAH!” The Mega Star wins big in Motor City, will he be aiming for something worthy of his star power?


MMA Rules: Ronda Rousey VS Shayna Baszler!

Rowdy Ronda and the Queen of Spades spoke on their friendship last Monday Night Raw, and tears were even shed. But now they look to shed blood and sweat on top of the tears! Arrogant prodigy? Bitter hard-worker? Those labels no longer matter when the winner leaves Detroit as truly THE Baddest Woman on the Planet!

The ref makes sure both understand this is MMA rules. No pinfalls, no ropebreaks, no count-outs. Have a clean fight. Ronda offers to touch gloves but Shayna says no thanks. The bell rings and the two already feel things out with strikes. They clinch against ropes, go around, and Shayna wants a leg. Ronda goes for an arm, throws some body shots, then clinches again. Shayna turns things around, and the two reset. Ronda hits a judo hip toss, then goes for the mount! Shayna and Ronda throw shots where they can, and then stand. Ronda goes for a takeover but Shayna avoids the leg sweep!

Shayna has the clinch, but Ronda gest up and around to drag Shayna down! Ronda throws more shots, they roll around, and Ronda hammers away! Ronda wants ana rm! Shayna clasps hands, moves around, and she gets the KIRAFUDA! Ronda powers out, and the two reset again. Fans rally up as the two circle. They test the waters again, Shayna going for kicks. Ronda shakes those off, but Shayna gets another kick in. Ronda pushes through, talks a little trash, and then Shayna ROUNDHOUSES her!! Ronda bails out of the ring but hurries back up. Ronda rolls in and the ref checks her. Ronda says she’s good, and then Shayna TACKLES her!

Shayna fires hands, has a leg, HEEL HOOK! Ronda throws elbows into Shayna’s legs, then goes for a HEEL HOOK of her own! They throw hands while still pulling on the legs! Shayna gets the edge, has Ronda on ropes, but Ronda shove her away. Ronda runs up, STEP-UP KNEE! Ronda wants the ref to check, and Shayna is rather dazed. Ronda wants this called already, but Shayna is back up. Ronda throws body shots and CLUBS Shayna back down! Fans boo as Ronda talks more trash. Shayna stands back up and then shoots in. Ronda blocks with a headscissors and just hammers away on Shayna!

Fans boo as Ronda is toying with Shayna! Shayna reaches out but Ronda has the DOUBLE WRISTLOCK! But Shayna fights up and has a fireman’s carry! No ropebreaks, but Shayna decides to go up and out! They tumble to the floor, and Shayna is free of the armlock! The ref wants them both inside and Ronda gets in first. Shayna shakes out the bad arm, rolls back in the ring, and the ref has Ronda stay back while she checks Shayna. Ronda wants more but Shayna’s arm may be injured now! Ronda talks trash while medics check Shayna. Fans boo, they don’t want it to end like this. Ronda doesn’t, either, and she TOSSES the medics aside! That’s a fine!

Ronda says Shayna wanted this so she has to finish this! Shayna agrees, stands back up, and she glares at Ronda. The mouthpiece comes out! Shayna runs in, they fire hands back and forth! Fans fire up, Shayna gets around and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Then KIRAFUDA KLUTCH!! Ronda is flailing, reaching out, but there are no ropebreaks! Shayna drags Ronda away but Ronda throws her down! Shayna resists the armbar, even as Ronda shifts her leverage! Ronda pries the hands apart, ARMBAR!! But Shayna slips around to an ANKLE LOCK!! Fans fire up as Ronda crawls! Ronda still wants ropes but again there are no breaks!

Shayna drags Ronda back but Ronda drags her down, SLEEPER!! Ronda has Shayna caught in a form of her preferred move! Shayna fights up, arm-drags free, and Ronda returns, but Shayna ducks the knee! KIRAFUDA!! Ronda is caught!! Ronda pries at the arms, goes after the bad one as hard as she can, but Shayna uses her TEETH to bite her glove and keep her sleeper! RONDA PASSES OUT, SHAYNA WINS!!

Winner: Shayna Baszler, by submission

The Queen of Spades trumps Ronda! All of Shayna’s hard work to get here in the WWE pays off, she finally gets the better of the Baddest Woman on the Planet! Does that make Shayna the baddest now?


WWE Intercontinental Championship: GUNTHER w/ Imperium VS Drew McIntyre!

Der Ring General has dominated with this title for almost a year now, and even defeated The Scottish Warrior and Celtic Warrior in one match! However, that was a Triple Threat, and Sheamus did as much damage to McIntyre as Gunther did. Will things be very, very different now that Gunther has to fight McIntyre all alone? Or will the mat still be sacred?

Ludwig Kaiser of course gives Gunther his introduction as he demands ALL our gratitude for the Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion… Derrrrrrr RIIIING GENERAAAL~… GUUUUUNTHAAAAA! The proper introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Gunther continues to chase the Honky Tonk Man!

The bell rings and the two stare down. Fans rally up, Gunther and McIntyre circle, and they tie up. They’re in a deadlock, McIntyre powers Gunther back, but Gunther headlocks. McIntyre powers up and out, they RAM shoulders, and McIntyre rebounds to run Gunther over! Fans fire up while Gunther is rather flustered. Gunther gets to his feet, circles with McIntyre again, and they feel things out. Gunther kicks low, UPPERCUTS, and then headlocks for a takeover. Gunther grinds McIntyre down, but McIntyre headscissors. Gunther shakes that off, and McIntyre fights up to his feet.

McIntyre powers up to lift and hit a BIG back suplex! Gunther bails out and sputters but McIntyre pursues! McIntyre SMACKS Gunther off the barriers, RAMS him into the apron, and then puts him in the ring. Gunther kicks low, UPPERCUTS again, and then UPPERCUTS again! McIntyre hits a GLASGOW KISS HEADBUTT! Gunther bails out, McIntyre pursues, and he CLUBS Gunther on the back! McIntyre headlocks, but Gunther RAMS McIntyre into the post! Gunther pursues, to back suplex McIntyre on the steel steps! McIntyre writhes, Gunther leaves him behind. The ring count is 7, then 8! McIntyre sits up off the steps, and he slides in at 9.5!

Gunther stomps McIntyre again and again then KICKS him! Gunther talks trash but fans boo. McIntyre goes to ropes, Gunther stalks him and brings him up. But McIntyre fires off hands! Gunther CHOPS McIntyre down! McIntyre sputters, Gunther drags McIntyre up and then CHOPS him down again! Fans rally up for McIntyre but Gunther BUTTERFLY SUPLEXES! Cover, ONE!?! Gunther is seething but so is McIntyre. Gunther stands McIntyre up to short arm LARIAT! McIntyre is down again but Gunther drags him back up. Short arm LARIAT! And another! But now McIntyre is just getting mad!

Fans fire up and McIntyre fires LARIATS back! Gunther LARIATS, McIntyre LARIATS, repeat! They go back and forth, Detroit on McIntyre’s side! Gunther staggers but rebounds to LARIAT McIntyre down! McIntyre gets up, runs in, but into a GERMAN SUPLEX! But he’s right back up to LARIAT!! Fans fire up with McIntyre as he goes to ropes. McIntyre storms up on Gunther but Gunther CHOPS! McIntyre CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Gunther kicks a leg and then storms up to clinch, but McIntyre uses that to OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY Gunther! And then another OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY!

McIntyre hauls Gunther up but Gunther wrenches to CHOP! Gunther swings, McIntyre dodges, NECKBREAKER! Both men are down and fans fire up again! And then McIntyre kips up! McIntyre aims from a corner, but no countdown! Gunther still dodges the Claymore to SHOTGUN McIntyre! Gunther reels McIntyre in, but McIntyre slips outta the bomb, to POWERBOMB Gunther!! And then FUTURE SHOCK!! Cover, TWO!! Gunther survives and McIntyre is a bit beside himself. Fans rally up and McIntyre looms over Gunther. McIntyre then goes back to the corner, the countdown begins, but Gunther bails out!

So McIntyre builds speed and FLIES!! Direct hit at the ramp!! McIntyre puts Gunther in the ring, takes aim again, and the fans count along! “THREE! TWO! ONE!” SHOTGUN from Gunther!! Gunther hurries to get McIntyre up, GENERAL BOMB!! High stack, TWO!!! McIntyre survives and Gunther is furious! Gunther drops a knee, then he goes to a corner. Gunther climbs, GENERAL SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!!! Gunther cannot believe this! McIntyre survives two of Gunther’s best shots! Gunther sits McIntyre up to SLAP him around from all sides, all while egging McIntyre on! Fans boo as Gunther pie faces McIntyre down.

McIntyre stands, and he blocks the chop!? Gunther apologizes but McIntyre CHOPS! Gunther CHOPS, McIntyre CHOPS! Gunther CHOPS again! McIntyre CHOPS again! They continue to trade CHOP for CHOP and fans “WOO~!” with each one! McIntyre gets the edge but Gunther fires back! McIntyre dodges one to CLAYMORE!!! Cover, TWO?!?! Gunther survives and all of Detroit is shocked! McIntyre himself cannot believe Gunther survives his best shot! “This is Awesome!” as McIntyre rises up. McIntyre rises and snarls as he storms back up on Gunther. McIntyre fireman’s carries, puts Gunther up top, and he CHOPS!

McIntyre CHOPS again, then he climbs up after Gunther. Fans rally, McIntyre brings Gunther up, but Gunther resists! McIntyre CLUBS away on Gunther, but Gunther CHOPS! McIntyre SLAPS, Gunther CHOPS, they fight up top like that! McIntyre CLUBS Gunther again, then goes up, but Gunther shoves him! McIntyre gets crotched on the ropes! GUNTHER SPLASH!! GUNTHER LARIAT!! GUNTHER BOMB!!!! High stack, Gunther wins!!

Winner: Gunther, by pinfall (still WWE Intercontinental Champion)

The Celtic Warrior falls on his sword and Gunther adds on the pain! His body shows the marks of this battle, will this be the pivotal moment that allows Gunther to take over the history books?


WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins VS Finn Balor!

Seven years ago, at this very event, these two battled to be inaugural Universal Champion. And only just a month ago, they battled at Money in the Bank. Nothing has changed between Visionary and Prince in that time, but it might all finally end here tonight! Will Rollins continue to #BurnItDown? Or will he be the one picking up the pieces after Finn finally has his revenge?

To add more to the venom in Finn’s mind, Rollins is wearing the vest he wore in that match at SummerSlam 2016! Fans of course sing “OH~ OHH~ OHHHH~!” for Rollins and he revels in it. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if history repeats itself!

Finn attacks before the bell! And then Rollins attacks back! The ref has them back off, the bell rings, and now the two fire off fast and furious fists! Fans fire up as they go around with haymakers and forearms! They keep going back and forth, then Rollins knees low! Rollins whips, Finn reverses but Rollins whips Finn again to CLOBBER him! Fans fire up and Rollins storms up to CHOP! Finn goes to another corner, but Rollins CHOPS! Finn goes to another corner, but Rollins CHOPS! Rollins whips corner to corner, runs in to forearm smash! Then whip the other way, for another forearm smash! Rollins suplexes but Finm slips free!

Finn BOOTS Rollins from the corner, KICKS the arm, then trips Rollins to DOUBLE STOMP! Fans boo as Finn rains down fists, shouting about “SEVEN YEARS!” Finn then soaks up the cheer and jeers from Detroit. Finn storms up on Rollins, wraps an arm around ropes and he throws body shots! Finn CHOPS, then wraps the arm around ropes again! The ref counts, Finn lets off, but Rollins goes after Finn. Finn wrenches and wrangles Rollins down and digs his knee into the shoulder. Finn pulls on the arm, hammerlocks it, then digs his forearm into Rollins’ face. Finn SNAP LOCKS the hammerlock!

Rollins endures as Finn keeps on the hammerlock, but Finn shifts to a cording hold. Rollins stands up and pushes Finn to scoop him! But Finn slips out, wrenches and wrangles Rollins again! Rollins endures, even as Finn pulls the arm. Finn drops a knee on the elbow! Rollins goes to a corner but Finn RAMS into him! Finn wraps the arm around ropes, pulls, but lets off with a CHOP! Rollins goes to another corner but Finn brings him around, hammerlock and then he RAMS that arm into buckles! Finn is back to the cording hold and he digs his knee into Rollins’ head. Rollins endures, fans rally up, and Rollins fights up.

Finn wrenches but Rollins ROCKS him! Finn YANKS the arm, Rollins throws another forearm! Finn YANKS, Rollins ROCKS! Rollins is free, then he fires off more shots! Haymaker, CHOP, repeat! CHOP, CHOP, CHOP! Rollins whips, Finn reverses but Rollins reverses but Finn tilt-o-whirls around to RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP, into the FUJIWARA ARMBAR! Finn pulls but Rollins endures, and Rollins moves around. Rollins reaches out, ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Finn lets off at 4 and he argues with the ref. Finn throws down elbows, has Rollins in a corner, and then CHOPS! And body shots! And kicks! And kicks and CLUBS and just fier soff!

The ref backs Finn off, but Finn whips Rollins corner to corner. Rollins comes back to LARIAT! And mule kick! And front kick! Finn sputters, Rollins grabs him by the beard to give HEADBUTT after HEADBUTT! And Kawada Kicks, too! Then a DISCUS LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and duel as Rollins stands back up. Rollins aims as Finn stands, and Rollins kicks low. Rollins underhooks, but Finn trips him! Rollins boots Finn away, Finn comes back, but Rollins blocks the Slingblade to FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Finn escapes and goes out to the apron. Rollins nods as fans rally up, and Rollins builds speed!

Rollins DIVES and sends Finn into the desk! Rollins slides back in, builds speed again, and DIVES again! Finn hits the desk a second time, and Rollins keeps going! Rollins DIVES and Finn is on the desk! The hattrick is complete and the fans fire back up! Rollins puts Finn in, hurries to a corner, and Finn sputters to his feet. Rollins climbs, but Finn ROCKS him first! Finn has blood in his mouth but he HOTSHOTS Rollins down! Finn then drags Rollins up to POST him! Rollins falls to the floor! Finn snarls while the ring count climbs. Finn goes out, and he says look at where they are. Finn brings Rollins in but Rollins fights the bomb lift!

Rollins gives Finn SNAKE EYES off the apron, puts him back in, but Finn KICKS him in the ropes! Finn goes out and he brings Rollins off the apron! BARRIER BOMB!! Seven years ago revisited!! Then Finn puts Rollins in the ring! Rollins staggers around, Finn hits a SLINGBLADE! Fans are torn as Finn aims from a corner! SHOT- SUPERKICK! Fireman’s carry, but Finn slips off, EYE OF THE STORM! Cover, TWO!! But into an ARMBAR!! Rollins endures as Finn pulls on the arm! Fans rally up, Rollins fights and pushes the legs away to then stack Finn! TWO, and Rollins deadlifts Finn, for a BUCKLE BOMB!!

Finn staggers, into another BUCKLE BOMB!! Rollins goes up while Finn is in the drop zone! FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!!! Finn survives the onslaught but Rollins is too tired to be upset! Finn and Rollins slowly rise and the fans fire up again. Rollins eggs Finn on, and then ROLLING ELBOWS! And turn, for the DREAM SMASHER ELBOW! Finn flounders, Rollins runs in, but into a wheelbarrow and STOMP 182! Finn hurries and runs in, SHOTGUN! Rollins hits buckles then flops into the drop zone! Finn goes up, but Rollins springs up after him! SUPERPLEX! Roll through, COUNTER CRADLE?!? TWO!!!

Rollins PELES, but Finn PELES!! Both men are down and Detroit is thunderous! “This is Awesome!” as both men slowly rise! Finn and Rollins glare at each other, and Finn throws haymakers! Rollins throws them back, they go back and forth again and again and pick up speed! Fans fire up as Rollins gets the edge! ROLLING ELBOW! And then- NO, Finn dodges to SHOTGUN again!! Finn is determined to hit this! Finn is up top, to COUP DE- NO, Rollins moves, kicks low, underhooks and PEDIGREE!!! Cover, TWO!!! Finn survives, and the fans see something! It’s DAMIAN PRIEST! He has his MITB briefcase!!

Rollins is worried a bit, but he runs in! Finn dodges the curb stomp, rolls Rollins up, TWO! Rollins fireman’s carries, but Finn sunset flips! Rollins sits on it, TWO, and a SUCKER PUNCH from Priest!! Finn steals the PEDIGREE!!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Finn and Priest are shocked that Rollins survives their screw job!! Priest paces around anxiously, considering his options. And of course, here comes Mami & Dommy! Rhea Ripley & Dominik Mysterio are here, but Finn says no, they were supposed to wait! He won’t let Priest cash in yet! This is still Plan A, he wins! Rollins runs in, but Finn sends him into Priest!

Roll-up, but Rollins rolls through! CURB STOMP!!! Cover, TWO!??!? Finn survives and Judgment Day sighs in relief. They almost screwed Finn up there! Rollins goes back to a corner, he climbs up, but he senses Judgment Day, so he LEAPS to take out Priest! And he SUPERKICKS Dom! CURB STOMP for Dom!! Rollins gets in, SLINGBLADE from Finn!! SHOTGUN again!!! Finn goes right back up, to COUP DE GRACE!!! Cover, TWO?!?!?! No one can believe Rollins is still in this! Rhea checks Dom, Priest tells Finn to keep going but Finn says they almost messed this up as it is! Fans sing “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” but Priest goes to distract the ref?

The briefcase is on the apron! Finn goes over to grab it, but Rollins CURB STOMPS Finn onto it!! Cover, ROLLINS WINS!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall (still WWE World Heavyweight Champion)

Two times now, Priest has cost Finn because of MITB indecision! And he is certainly not happy about it. But he also doesn’t try to cash in after, and Rollins gets away to the back. Finn sits up, and he glares at Priest. Is the Judgment Day back to square one on how to handle things?


The Alpha Academy chills backsatge.

There’s nothing they’d rather be doing on SummerSlam weekend than playing WWE 2K23 with their friends, and having their favorite drinks, Mike’s Harder Lemonade. You all know what a Mike is right? Mikes are the work-hard, play-hard types, that watch out for their own. Like Cody Rhodes! Is Bianca Belair a Mike? The EST is of course a Mike. And Rollins is a Mike. So then, can Maxxine be a Mike? NO! Because The Miz steps in. No one here is a Mike! HE is the only Mike in the WWE, because his name is Mike “The Miz” Mizanin! And Gable is just Chad. SHOOSH. Chad is a Mike. And a harder one than Miz ever will be.

Miz is way harder! Uh, excuse us, Mark- NO! MIKE! HE IS MIKE! SHOOOSH! SHOOOSH! WHEN MY HAND GOES UP- Otis puts Miz in a trunk! So is Maxxine a Mike now? OOOOH YEAAAH~!


WWE Women’s Championship Triple Threat: Asuka VS Charlotte Flair VS Bianca Belair!

The Empress of Tomorrow has plenty of history with both The Queen and The EST. Charlotte ended Asuka’s undefeated streak, and Asuka used blue mist on her fingers to take the title from Bianca. And let’s not forget, Miss Money in the Bank is around here somewhere… Will the odds drastic go down for Asuka now that she has to face multiple foes at once? Or will we have a NEW Women’s Champion one way or another?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who truly wears the crown!

The bell rings and all three are wary of the others. They circle, feel things out, and then Charlotte kicks! Asuka dodges, Bianca dodges, and the three reset. Asuka dodges again, victory rolls Bianca but Charlotte kicks her! Charlotte puts Asuka out, but Asuka HOTHOTS a leg! Bianca runs Charlotte over, then handsprings at Asuka, but Asuka hotshots the leg! Charlotte runs Bianca over, Asuka gets in but her hip toss is caught to a back suplex! Charlotte kips up and fans “WOO!” but Charlotte senses Bianca is there. The two circle, Charlotte rolls Bianca up, ONE! Bianca runs, Charlotte dodge but Bianca handsprings over.

Things keep moving, Charlotte handsprings over Bianca! Bianca runs in, Charlotte sidesteps then kitchen sink knees! Charlotte brings Bianca up, whips her to a corner, but Bianca reverses. Charlotte tumbles up and out, BOOTS Bianca, but Asuka YANKS Charlotte down! Bianca PLANCHAS them both! Fans fire up with Bianca and she puts Asuka in. Bianca kicks Charlotte away, but Asuka SLIDING KICKS Bianca down! Cover, TWO! Asuka keeps her cool and brings Bianca up. Asuka kicks Bianca around, stands on her face, and just taunts Bianca as she digs her heel in. Asuka then lets off to run, but Bianca blocks the boot!

Bianca ROCKS Asuka, whips her to ropes, but Asuka reverses. Bianca elbows back, runs in, but into a POP-UP KNEE! Cover, but Charlotte drags Asuka way to BOOT her down! Fans rally, Charlotte runs in but Asuka dodges the splash to GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans rally, Asuka grins as she has her choice of targets. Asuka KICKS Bianca, KICKS Charlotte, repeat! Charlotte ducks to roll Asuka, TWO! Charlotte scoops again but Asuka slips out to GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans fire up as Charlotte flops out of the ring. Asuka goes after Bianca and waistlocks but Bianca fights. Bianca elbows free, spins Asuka around, and suplexes!

Asuka counters to a cradle, TWO! Bianca catches Asuka to chicken wings! Asuka fights that, bumps free, but Charlotte CROSSBODIES in! Direct hit on both Bianca and Asuka and fans “WOO~!” for Charlotte. Charlotte CHOPS Asuka, CHOPS Bianca, repeat! Then Charlotte scoops Asuka for an EXPLODER! Charlotte gets Bianca for an EXPLODER, too! Bianca and Asuka end up in the same corner, and Charlotte kips up! Charlotte needs a little help with her gear, Bianca and Asuka scrap in the corner. Charlotte runs to SPLASH them both! Snapmare and BOOT for Bianca! BOOT from Asuka, but BOOT from Charlotte!

DOUBLE NATURAL SELECTION!! Cover on them both, TWO!! Both Asuka and Bianca survive and Charlotte is annoyed. Fans rally, Charlotte drags Asuka up and she ELBOWS Asuka! Bianca swings, Charlotte counters, but Asuka ROUNDHOUSES Charlotte! Bianca ROCKS Asuka, Charlotte BOOTS Bianca! Asuka hits a CODE BREAKER on Charlotte! Cover, TWO!! All three women are down and fans rally up! All three rise, and Charlotte brawls with Bianca. Asuka gets in, she gets hit, then hits back. Bianca hits Asuka, Charlotte hits Bianca, they all stand up and keep throwing forearms at each other!

Charlotte ROCKS Bianca, CHOPS her, but Asuka ducks a chop to ROCK Bianca! Bianca CLOBBERS Charlotte, Asuka pulls Bianca’s hair! Charlotte runs in but Bianca BOOTS her! Asuka TOSSES Bianca, but Charlotte ROCKS Asuka! And again! Asuka KICKS a leg! Asuka runs but Bianca ROCKS her! Bianca runs in to kick Charlotte, turn her, and she catches Asuka, too! NECKBREAKER DDT COMBO! Fans fire up as The EST kips up! Bianca waits on Charlotte, runs in and RAMS her in the corner! Bianca climbs up to rain down fists! Fans count along and Bianca gets to 8. Asuka runs in, Bianca flips up and over! BACKBREAKER!

Charlotte runs in, SPINEBUSTER! Bianca has them both lined up and she runs to HANDSPRING MOONSAULT onto all four knees!! Charlotte SPEARS Bianca! Asuka BUZZSAWS Charlotte! ASUKA LOCK!!! Charlotte is caught, Bianca is down! Charlotte flails, fades, but Bianca HANDSPRING MOONSAULTS! Direct hit on them both this time! All three women are down and fans fire back up! Bianca hobbles up, she has Charlotte in a drop zone, and she climbs the corner. Fans rally up again, but Asuka SHOTEIS first! Bianca tumbles to the floor, Asuka goes up! But Charlotte DECKS Asuka! Asuka joins Bianca on the outside!

Charlotte sees her targets, and she decides to climb the corner! Fans fire up for the ARIHARA MOOONSAULT! She only gets Bianca, though! Asuka ROUNDHOUSES Charlotte, puts her in, and climbs the corner! FLYING DDT!! Cover, BIANCA BREAKS IT! All three are down again and fans fire back up! Bianca rises first, she drags Asuka up. Asuka kicks, Bianca ducks and torture racks! But Asuka flails, grabs ropes and gets free! Bianca swings but Asuka SWATS that arm! ROPE ASSISTED ASUKA LOCK! but Charlotte BOOTS Asuka down! Only for Bianca to torture rack! KISS OF- NO, Charlotte lands out, but Bianca dodges a boot!

Bianca GERMAN SUPLEXES Charlotte inside-out! But Asuka TOSSES Bianca! Cover on Charlotte, TWO!!! But into the ARMBAR!! Charlotte flails, moves around, but that turns into a TRIANGLE HOLD! Asuka squeezes tight, Charlotte still stacks Asuka, and then deadlifts her! Asuka fights to bring Charlotte back down! Bianca jumps in to gut wrench Charlotte up! POWERBOMB!! But ASUKA LOCK ON BIANCA!!!! Bianca flails, Charlotte stacks them both! TWO!!! Charlotte is beside herself as this continues! “This is Awesome!” Charlotte BOOTS Asuka, goes to a corner, Bianca runs in but into a BACKBREAKER and BUCKLE SHOT!

Charlotte sees her targets, and she sets them up side by side. Charlotte goes up top, for a MOONSAULT onto them both!! Double cover, TWO!!! Charlotte is furious, but she gets two legs? Asuka and Bianca fight the Double Figure Four, then Bianca runs in! Charlotte dumps her up and out and Bianca SMACKS off the steel steps! Bianca clutches her knee, the ref checks her. Asuka CLOBBERS Charlotte, backslides, TWO!! Medics show up to check Bianca as Charlotte BOOTS Bianca! Charlotte throws Asuka away, then goes up top. But Asuka SHOTEIS again! Asuka goes up, Charlotte fights her off, but Asuka ROCKS her again!

Asuka climbs, fires off forearms, and then climbs up after her! Asuka is on the very top rope now, and she brings Charlotte up! SUPER DUPER PLEX!! Both women are down, medics take Bianca away but she can barely walk on that leg. Fans rally up, hoping for the best in Bianca’s case. Charlotte and Asuka stir, They sit up, and they fire off furious forearms back and forth! Asuka gets the edge, then URAKEN! SOBAT! URAKEN! Asuka runs, into a SPEAR!! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte drags Asuka around, steps through, FIGURE FOUR!! Asuka flails, fights the bridge, but Bianca fights her way back!?

Bianca gets up on the apron as Charlotte bridges for the FIGURE EIGHT!! Asuka endures, Bianca aims, EST 450!!! Cover on Charlotte, TWO!?!??! Charlotte survives and Bianca can’t believe it! Bianca clutches her leg again, and all three are down. Fans rally up and Charlotte stirs. Asuka is outside the ring somewhere, and now Charlotte says she and Bianca can settle this. Bianca says fine, b*tch! And she ROCKS Charlotte! Charlotte ROCKS Bianca! Bianca ROCKS Charlotte! They go back and forth with forearms, barely able to stand! Fans fire up as the shots keep going, Bianca ducks a chop, ducks another, and torture racks!

Bianca fights through the pain, but Charlotte flips out to arm-drag! Asuka is there, Bianca sends Charlotte into her! But then Charlotte rolls Bianca! And has the leg!! FIGURE FOUR!!! Bianca flails and hits Charlotte, Charlotte SLAPS her around! FIGURE EIGHT!!! Bianca claws at Charlotte’s legs, but Asuka BLUE MISTS Charlotte!!! And BUZZ- NO, Bianca ducks to roll Asuka up!? BIANCA WINS!!!

Winner: Bianca Belair, by pinfall (NEW WWE Women’s Champion)

No one can believe it, but Bianca snatches victory from the various jaws of defeat!! BUT WAIT!! THE EVIL GENIUS IS HERE!! Bianca can’t believe her reign is in danger already! Bayley CLOBBERS Charlotte, SMACKS Asuka, and then gets in the ring. Bianca DECKS Bayley, but Iyo CHOP BLOCKS the leg! And CLOBBERS Bianca with the briefcase!! Iyo cashes in!!!

WWE Women’s Championship Money in the Bank Cash-In: Bianca Belair VS Iyo Sky w/ Bayley!

The bell rings, Sky is up top, OVER THE MOONSAULT!! Cover, IYO WINS!!!

Winner: Iyo Sky, by pinfall (NEW WWE Women’s Champion)

Bianca once had the longEST reign, and now she might have had the shortEST! The Evil Genius pulls it off, and Bayley is there to celebrate with her! And so is DAKOTA KAI! All of DMG CTRL celebrates together at the biggest party of the Summer! Just past the one year anniversary of this group’s debut, and Iyo is on top of the world! Will this only be a new beginning for the trio?


Undisputed WWE Universal Championship & Tribal Chiefdom, Tribal Combat: Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman VS Jey Uso!

A title reign that has gone on for three years, and a story that has gone on for a lifetime, could all end here in the most brutal way possible. No count outs, no disqualifications, no ropebreaks, no limitations on what these two are allowed to finally put this to rest. Will the reigning, defending, Undisputed Head of the Table still be Roman Reigns? Or will Main Event Jey win in the main event to finally change the status quo?

As the music fades away, Heyman hands Roman the mic. “SummerSlam…! ACKNOWLEDGE ME!” Fans seem pretty torn, but Jey doesn’t even look at Roman. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and then Heyman reluctantly hands over the red Ula Fala lei. Roman steps to Jey, holds the Ula Fala up, and says if Jey wins here, Roman gives him this. Not the ref, not Heyman, Roman himself. Jey nods, and finally, we see who is the REAL Tribal Chief!

The bell rings and fans are thunderous as the two stare down. Heyman is stressed out already as Roman and Jey take a moment to hear the fans chanting “UCE! SO! UCE! SO!” Jey and Roman slowly circle, and then they tie up. Roman powers Jey to a corner, Roman smothers Jey and then lets off. Jey scowls, Roman shoves him, so Jey shoves back. Roman laughs that off and the two circle again. Roman hears the fans chant for Jey but he brushes that off. He and Jey tie up again, Roman headlocks and he grinds Jey down. Jey fights up, powers out, but Roman runs Jey over! Jey sits up and Roman scowls again.

Fans boo at Roman as he goes to a corner, and Jey stands back up. Jey and Roman circle, fans continue to rally up and Jey shakes out his arms. Fans duel, “LET’S GO, ROMAN!” “ROMAN SUCKS!” Roman and Jey tie up, Jey headlocks, and he grinds Roman down. Roman pulls at hair, stands back up, and he powers Jey away, then things speed up. Roman CLOBBERS Jey down, “Who sucks now, boy!?” Fans boo at Roman but he stalks Jey to a corner. Roman stands Jey up to DECK him, then he stomps a mudhole in at the corner! Roman stands on Jey’s neck then digs his boot in. Roman lets off and says he’s still the one.

Roman paces around while fans boo, and Roman stalks Jey again. Jey sits up, Roman KNEES him back down! Roman soaks up the cheers and jeers from Detroit with a smile. Jey rises up again, Roman brings him around, and he hits a back suplex. Jey lands out to ROCK Roman with haymakers! Jey puts some stank on the last one and ROCKS Roman! Jey whips, Roman reverses but Jey slips out of the Samoan Drop to mule kick and UPPERCUT! Jey clotheslines Roman out of the ring, then DIVES out onto him! Roman takes the hit into the back! Jey stalks Roman, then whips him into the steel steps!

Fans rally up while the ref checks Roman. Roman is okay to continue so Jey storms over. Jey pushes the steel steps aside and he talks trash on Heyman. Fans want tables and Jey hears the fans. Jey goes looking under the ring and fans fire up! Jey brings out a TABLE! Detroit fires up again as Jey sets this table. Heyman wants Jey to show mercy to his blood, to his Tribal Chief! Jey says yeah, okay, but now look who is the head of the table! But then Roman ROCKS Jey with a right! And SMACKS him off the steps! Roman brings Jey around, puts him in the ring, and fans boo. Roman looms over Jey, brings him up, and smacks him off buckles.

Roman HEABUTTS Jey, whips him corner to corner hard, and then runs in, but Jey ENZIGURIS! Jey goes up the corner, leaps over Roman, but Roman throws Jey backwards into the buckles! Jey falls, the ref checks him, but he is okay to continue. Fans boo Roman and chant “UCE! SO! UCE! SO!” Roman wags his finger, saying they don’t do that to him. Roman tells them to hush but they just get louder! Roman shakes his head while Jey flounders along ropes. Roman goes out to take aim, DRIVE-BY DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Roman is annoyed as Jey hangs in there. Roman eggs the fans on so they get even louder!

Roman goes back to Jey, stands him up, but Jey UPPERCUTS! And UPPERCUTS! And kicks, but Roman blocks, only for the DRAGON WHIP to hit! Roman bails out, Jey stands, and fans rally up. Jey builds speed to DIVE, but into a KENDO STICK! Roman pulled that outta nowhere, and he gets in the ring to SMACK Jey! And again! And again! And again! Heyman says show him what Tribal Combat is about! Roman soaks up the heat, then he paces around. Jey sits up, Roman SMACKS him down again! Roman taunts Jey, and Jey rises again. Jey goes to a corner, fans chant “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” at Roman.

Roman points the stick at all of them, he wishes he could smack them. Roman lifts Jey’s chin with the kendo stick, and says Jey doesn’t stand a chance. “Get up, Lil’ Jey! Get up!” Roman makes Jey stand, then swings, but Jey UPPERCUTS! And UPPERCUTS again! Roman wobbles, Jey UPPERCUTS again! But Roman turns it around to fire point-blank LARIATS in the corner! Roman goes all the way to TEN, and then past ten, to then push Jey down! Fans boo as Roman catches his breath in the corner. Roman talks to himself as he tends to do, and he soaks up all the cheers and jeers from the fans.

Roman locks ‘n’ loads, aims at Jey, then runs in, into a KENDO STICK SMACK! Jey gets a turn now and he SMACKS away on Roman’s body! Fans fire up as the stick BREAKS on Roman’s body! Jey runs in, to CLOBBER Roman up and out! Then Jey FLIES!! Direct hit at the ramp and fans fire up again! Heyman is panicking as Jey stands up and hobbles over to Roman. Fans rally, Jey puts Roman in the ring, and then Jey climbs a corner! CROSS- SUPERMAN PUNCH!! Roman shoots Jey outta the sky! Cover, TWO!! Jey survives and Roman is seething. Fans rally up and duel again as Roman stands. Roman goes to a corner, and he watches Jey rise.

Roman lets out the battle cry, “OOOAH~!” but Jey jumps the spear to roll Roman up! TWO!! SUPERKICK!! Roman is down, Jey hurries up top! USO SPLASH!!! Cover, TWO!!! Roman survives and Jey can’t believe it! Roman sputters, and Jey crawls to the apron. Jey looks under the ring again, and he brings out a chair! Heyman is even more worried than he was a moment ago as Jey glares at Roman. Jey stands, chair in hand. Jey tells Heyman to look at Roman. Heyman pleads for mercy, but Jey SMACKS Roman! Roman writhes, Heyman begs, but Jey licks the chair before he SMACKS Roman again!

Jey puts the chair down, Heyman continues to beg but fans want that “ONE MORE TIME!” Jey says hold on, and he goes out to bring in a whole STACK o’ chairs! Jey tosses them in a few at a time, the ref having to watch out for himself! Jey then takes a moment to stare Heyman down. Heyman continues to plead and reason with Jey’s humanity, but Jey stands Roman up. Jey hoists Roman up top, and then Jey climbs up top! Fans fire up but Roman fights the suplex! Roman throws body shots, then HEADBUTTS Jey down! Jey staggers back, Roman adjusts his position up top, but Jey GAMANGIRIS first!

Jey goes back up, brings Roman up, but Roman slips under to have Jey for a POWERBOMB onto the chairs!! Cover, TWO!!! Jey survives and Roman can’t believe it! Fans rally up but Roman tells them to hush. The fans boo now but Roman goes looking under the ring. Roman brings it a second table! Roman puts this one in the ring, clears some space, and then sets the table up against the corner. But Jey runs in, only for Roman to fireman’s carry! Jey grabs ropes, lands safe on the apron, and he HOTSHOTS Roman! Jey stands, Roman ROCKS him with a right! Jey holds onto the ropes, and ROCKS Roman!

Roman ROCKS Jey again, but Jey ROCKS Roman! They go back and forth, Roman gets the edge, and Jey wobbles! But Jey RAMS into Roman, slingshots, but Roman UPPERCUTS Jey outta the air! Roman throws up the finger, runs in, but Jey GAMANGIRIS! Jey drags Roman up to a fireman’s carry! Roman holds on, CLUBS Jey, but Jey powers up! SAMOAN DROP through the table!!! Fans lose their minds as both men are down in the wreckage! Heyman is stunned that both men are still okay to continue. Jey crawls away and Roman drags himself from the wreckage. Jey follows after Roman, but also brings out something from under the ring.

Jey reveals it is a LEATHER STRAP! Jey stalks Roman, and then LASHES him on the back! Roman writhes and Jey shouts, “What now?! What now?!?” Jey swings again, and LASHES Roman on the arm! Jey stalks Roman as he goes into the crowd! Jey leaves the strap behind as Roman pushes his way to the back. Jey storms up and UPPERCUTS! The fans get even closer to the action now as Jey UPPERCUTS Roman again! Jey grabs a bottle of water, rehydrates, then brings Roman around. The fans shout “Do it for Jimmy!” Jey fireman’s carries Roman, but SOLO SIKOA ATTACKS! Fans boo as the Enforcer gets involved!

Solo rains down fists on Jey and fans boo! Solo clears off the nearby table and he drags Jey up! Solo clinches, URENAGE through the table!! Fans boo as Solo roars over Jey! Fans tell Solo not to do it but Roman tells Solo to get Jey back to ringside. Solo drags Jey by an arm and makes his way through the crowd. Fans boo but Roman talks trash on Jey the entire time! Solo drags Jey up so he can fireman’s carry Jey the rest of the way. Solo dumps Jey over the barriers, and then looms over him. Solo drags Jey up, puts him in the ring for Roman, and Roman tells Solo to finish this! Solo gets in the ring, he drags Jey up, and hits a SPINNING SOLO!

Solo roars and fans boo but Roman raises the finger. Roman steps into the ring now, and he tells Solo to get Jey up again. Solo does as told, and Heyman is no longer worried. Solo and Roman coordinate, “OOOAH~!” Roman runs, but Jey pulls Solo into the war! SPEAR to Solo!!! Roman freaks out, and Jey SPEARS Roman!!! Cover, TWO!!! Roman survives but Heyman is worried again! Jey throws off his armbands and he grabs some chairs! Jey snarls as he glares at Roman. Roman stirs, Solo sits up, Jey SMACKS Solo! Then he SMACKS Roman! And then he SMACKS Solo again! Jey tells Roman to get up!

Jey JAMS the chair into Roman’s stomach again and again, then SMACKS him on the arm! Fans fire up behind Jey as Heyman is on the verge of tears! Jey goes out with a chair to stalk Roman. Jey swings, but Solo SUPERKICKS! Solo saves Roman again, and Roman calls him over. But then Solo doesn’t obey? Fans want Solo to stand up for himself! Roman stands, he asks what Solo is doing, but might see a vulnerability in Roman. Roman tells Solo to use the Samoan Spike, but Solo argues with him. Jey SPEARS Roman through the barriers!! And Solo isn’t even upset! Fans fire up, “This is Awesome!”

Solo drags Jey up, and he ROCKS Jey with a forearm! Solo clears off the announce desk, drags Jey up and clinches, but Jey slips free! SUPERKICK! Solo ends up on the desk! Jey goes up the barriers, to USO SPLASH Solo through the desk!! Fans fire up again, and Jey hurries after Roman! Jey puts Roman in the ring, runs, and SPEARS!!! Jey hurries to a corner, he goes up, and he USO SPLASHES!!! Cover, but someone drags Jey outta the ring?!? WHO!? No…! NOOOO! JIMMY!?!? Why would Jimmy do this to Jey!?!? Jey is the most confused and upset by this! How could Jimmy turn on Jey after they both stood up to Roman!?

The fans tell Jimmy off but Jimmy doesn’t care. He SUPERKICKS Jey!!! Jimmy puts Jey in the ring for Roman then leaves. Even Roman is confused, but then he SPEARS Jey through the corner table!!! Roman covers, and wins!

Winner: Roman Reigns, by pinfall (still WWE Universal Champion and Tribal Chief)

Just when it seemed like Jey finally stopped all the madness, all the drama, all the pain, his own twin brother sold his soul to screw Jey over! For what reason did Jimmy do this? What could have possibly turned Jimmy against Jey? And now that Roman still has Ula Fala and Undisputed Universal Championship, what will it take to finally take those from him?

My Thoughts:

A mostly awesome SummerSlam, but of all the “Roman Reigns survives” finishes, I hate this one the most. Jimmy being the guy to screw Jey over just feels wrong. Jealousy of some kind is the only explanation but even then, that is weak sauce for me. Yeah, fine, Roman doesn’t lose, but this just doesn’t set right with me. But again, this final moment was the only real bad one. Which is a very familiar feeling with other WWE PPVs/PLEs. We still got a great opener out of Logan VS Ricochet, and I really liked the references both guys were giving to Attitude Era wrestlers. And Logan getting the brass knuckle cheating win is fine, it gets him more heat and it protects Ricochet.

Cody VS Lesnar being the second match of the night was a big surprise, but I suppose it fits Lesnar’s preference to get outta there as soon as possible after doing his job. And it was a really good match, with Cody taking a lot of damage but then coming back to win. Lesnar showing Cody respect was also a good detail, it is a clean way for them both to move on from this. A little confused as to why the steel steps ramming into Lesnar wasn’t a DQ, though… The Battle Royal was a lot of fun, though I was worried Omos getting in was going to mean he wins. But instead, Knight still wins out, and everyone is happy. I just hope this means Knight gets a title shot in the future.

The MMA Rules match was really good stuff, though I feel like the Detroit crowd forgot what MMA Rules would mean. It was a slow start, but then things got going fast at the end, and Shayna winning was the right move. She was the real Face in this story all along, and for all we know, Ronda wants another break so this is a good point for her to leave. Awesome Intercontinental Championship match, Gunther and McIntyre are just so good at beating people up. But in the end, a good, clean (mostly) finish to it with Gunther just assaulting McIntyre with his best moves. Gunther is definitely going to get that Honky Tonk Man record, Payback is spaced out almost perfectly for it.

Awesome World Heavyweight Championship match, but of course Judgment Day shows up at some point. The dysfunction over the MITB contract was played well here, too, and it ends up costing Finn again for great effect. We’re definitely going to get more out of this on Monday. And then, we got a great Triple Threat from Asuka, Charlotte and Bianca. Though, it was maybe a little too fast to keep it clean at the start. And great injury swerve with Bianca, she really looked to be out of the running. And that had to have been the most creative finish to a Triple Threat ever. And then on top of that, we finally get that cash-in from Iyo Sky. I didn’t think DMG CTRL would survive this phase, but they have, and it’s really a great moment to bring things full circle from last year’s great return for Bayley, Iyo & Dakota.

My Score: 8.8/10

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