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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu Results & Report! (8/8/20)

There’s gold on Treasure Island!



HPW Treasure Island

The Legend of Zelda: The Ring of Destiny, Chapter 6

Hyrule Puro-Resu’s biggest event is here! ALL the champions defend their titles, and only ONE will become the inaugural Mr. (or Ms.) Eventide!


  • HPW Trios Championships: The Dark Forces VS Forged By Violence; Forged By Violence wins and becomes the new HPW Trios Champions.
  • HPW Exquisite Championship: Ghirahim VS Igos du Ikana; Igos wins by disqualification, Ghirahim retains the HPW Exquisite Championship.
  • HPW Goddess Championship: Midna VS Cia; Cia wins and becomes the HPW Goddess Championship.
  • Eventide Challenge: Ashei VS Garo Master VS Master Kohga VS Groose VS Fin Balure VS Zelda; Zelda wins and will challenge for the HPW Triforce Championship.
  • HPW Triforce Championship: Link VS Ganondorf Dragmire; Ganondorf wins and becomes the new HPW Triforce Champion.


HPW and HXS set the scene!

As announced a couple months ago, we have arrived on Eventide Island for the most ambitious event yet! The HPW Trios Championships, HPW Goddess Championship and HPW “Exquisite” Championship are being defended, but that’s only the beginning! Three Triple Threats were held in Lanayru Bay, and nine contenders have been cut down to six challengers! The entire island will become their battlefield, but only one can become the new #1 Contender to the Triforce Championship! But of course, that brings into question, who will even hold the title at the end of the night? The Hero of Hyrule was just a boy from the little town of Kakariko, and now his first defense is on an incredibly historic night! Will Link stand tall or crumble under the pressure as he goes 1v1 against the Gerudo Ace?


HPW Trios Championships: The Dark Forces VS Forged By Violence!

Represented by Volga the Dragon Berserker, ReDead the Undead and #DatGibdo, Cia’s Dark Forces are finally putting these titles on the line again! The Iron Knuckle and the Dark Nuts have combined forces to end the reign, but will their first time teaming together really be so lucky?

The introductions are made, the three belts are raised, and this historic opener to this historic event begins!

HPW Trios Championships

The trios sort out and we begin with ReDead and Blue Nut. Blue Nut is a bit wary of the creepy wrestler and his constant staring. Blue Nut approaches all the same and ReDead does put up his dukes. They tie up, are in a deadlock, and separate. Blue Nut and ReDead circle slowly, tie up again, but it’s another deadlock. They separate again and Blue Nut kicks ReDead low. ReDead doesn’t feel it! Blue Nut throws haymakers and backs ReDead to a corner. Blue Nut punches and stomps a mudhole until the ref counts 4. But ReDead just stands up tall like nothing happened! Blue Nut fireman’s carries but ReDead slips out to club away on Blue Nut’s back. ReDead wrenches Blue Nut to a wristlock, brings him over to the Dark Forces corner, but Blue Nut breaks free and backs away to his corner. The fans cheer as the two stare down from across the way.

Blue Nut tags out to Red Nut, and Volga tells ReDead to tag Gibdo. ReDead obeys and tags to the mummy. Gibdo and Red Nut circle, and BOTH Gibdo and Red Nut attack the opposing corners! Iron Knuckle avoids getting knocked off the apron but so does Volga! Red Nut runs at Gibdo but Gibdo dodges and sends Red Nut into buckles. Iron Knuckle tags in as Gibdo rams his shoulder into Red Nut. Gibdo wrenches and brings Red Nut out. Gibdo back suplexes but Red Nut resists with a headlock. Iron Knuckle gets in and clubs Gibdo on the back. Red Nut goes after Volga as Iron Knuckle back suplexes Gibdo high and hard! The ref reprimands Red Nut and he goes back to the corner while Iron Knuckle keeps Gibdo down with a chinlock. Gibdo endures even as Iron Knuckle thrashes him around.

Fans rally up as Gibdo fights his way up. Iron Knuckle wrangles him down with a chinbar, then shifts to a mounted armlock. Iron Knuckle wrenches, brings Gibdo over and tags in Red Nut. Red Nut takes the hand-off, wrenches Gibdo more, then tags in Blue Nut. The Nuts mug Gibdo, Blue Nut wrenches and clubs Gibdo on the back. Blue Nut scoops Gibdo, Gibdo slips free, shoves Blue Nut then BOOTS him down! Fans boo as Gibdo stomps Blue Nut, kicks him while he’s down, and stalks him to ropes. Gibdo chokes Blue Nut on the ropes but lets up at the ref’s count of 4. Gibdo goes after Blue Nut again with stomps, the ref counts and Gibdo lets up, to go after Blue Nut again. The ref backs Gibdo off this time, and that gives Volga an opening to KICK Blue Nut off the ropes!

Iron Knuckle and Red Nut protest as Gibdo drags Blue Nut up and into the corner. Gibdo digs his knee into Blue Nut, the ref counts and Gibdo lets up. Gibdo keeps the ref distracted again and Volga chokes Blue Nut! Fans boo and Iron Knuckle protests again but Volga gets away with it. Gibdo tags Volga in, and Volga slingshots up and in for a basement dropkick! Volga drags Blue Nut to a cover, TWO! Volga keeps between Blue Nut and his corner as he stomps over and over. He drags Blue Nut around by an arm, drops a leg on the arm, and ties it up in a short arm scissor. Blue Nut endures as fans rally. Blue Nut reaches, crawls, but Volga shifts to roll Blue Nut away. Blue Nut moves around, gets to his feet, and reaches for his corner, but Gibdo and ReDead trips both Red Nut and Iron Knuckle off the apron!

The ref reprimands as ReDead and Gibdo go back to their corner. But the ref also makes sure Iron Knuckle and Red Nut don’t go after them. Volga kicks Blue Nut low, clubs him on the bad arm, then wrenches for a hammerlock. Blue Nut works on a reversal so he sits down, rolls, then steps through to hammerlock back. Volga elbows back hard, grabs the bad arm again and YANKS on it. Volga brings Blue Nut to a knee and wraps him up with a half straitjacket. Volga jams his knee into Blue Nut’s back and bends him back. The fans rally as Blue Nut endures, reaches with his legs, and crawls for ropes. Volga JAMS his knee in again, turns Blue Nut over, pulls back and STOMPS him down! Fans boo as Volga looms over Blue Nut and soaks up the heat.

Volga drags Blue Nut up by the bad arm, wrenches it, and cranks it up with a keylock and leans on him. Blue Nut endures again and gets a ropebreak with his foot. The ref counts and Volga lets go at 4, to then KICK Blue Nut’s leg out! Volga whips Blue Nut to the Dark Forces corner and hits a corner Shining Wizard! Tag to Gibdo and the Dark Forces mugs Blue Nut. The ref counts and Volga goes out at 4. Gibdo stomps Blue Nut, tags in ReDead, and they stomp away on Blue Nut. The ref counts, Gibdo leaves at 4 but ReDead tags in Volga. Volga and ReDead stomp Blue Nut, the ref again counts and ReDead exits at 4. Volga taunts Iron Knuckle and Red Nut before he runs and corner Meteroas Blue Nut! Volga drags Blue Nut out to another cover, TWO! Blue Nut crawls but Volga stomps him before he can make it to his corner.

Volga wrenches Blue Nut to a hammerlock and runs him all the way to the Dark Forces corner to POST him! ReDead and Gibdo return as Volga drags Blue Nut out of the corner. Volga wrenches the bad arm and wrings him out into the buckle! Blue Nut fights back with his good arm but ReDead and Gibdo club him from both sides! The ref reprimands, they let off, but Volga wrenches the bad arm for a shoulder breaker, then twists the arm around. Volga pulls on the fingers and tortures the wrist. He hammerlocks Blue Nut’s to the mat, and STOMPS it! Fans are shocked as Blue Nut writhes and flounders. Volga keeps Blue Nut from his corner by wrenching the bad arm again. Volga drops an elbow on Blue Nut’s shoulder, then cranks back in a Fujiwara armbar!

Blue Nut endures the armbar as Volga even pulls on the fingers! Red Nut barges into the ring but the ref keeps him back. But as the ref is busy with Red Nut, Iron Knuckle pulls ReDead off the apron! Iron Knuckle POSTS ReDead and Gibdo hurries over. The ref is still busy with Red Nut as Iron Knuckle kicks Gibdo low and whips him all the way to barriers on the far side! The ref finally notices the ruckus and reprimands Iron Knuckle but Red Nut drags Volga off the Fujiwara! Red Nut headbutts Volga, and again, and again! Blue Nut joins in and they double whip Volga to ropes. Red Nut SPINE BUSTERS Volga, then catapults him into Blue Nut’s fireman’s carry. Blue Nut spins, TKO to gutbuster, the Gut CRUSHER! Cover, ReDead staggers in and barrels through Red Nut to break it!!

Iron Knuckle gets in and clubs away on ReDead but Gibdo gets in. It’s a chaotic brawl and the ref tries to get the six to stop, but he gets knocked down in the process! Volga Superkicks but Iron Knuckle blocks it, then spins and DECKS Volga! Red Nut throws ReDead out but Gibdo BOOTS Red Nut into a corner. Gibdo throws forearms but Red Nut turns it around to ROCK Gibdo with a right! Red Nut keeps Gibdo in place as Iron Knuckle runs in, back elbow to PELE! Gibdo flounders out and Blue Nut drags Volga up, but Volga breaks free to ROUNDHOUSE! Red Nut hurries over but into Volga’s dropkick-flip and enziguri! Volga wrenches Red Nut’s arm, reels him in, and uses Blue Nut to help in the TORNADO DDT!

Iron Knuckle tackles Volga to a corner! He whips Volga corner to corner then follows after. Volga dodges and CHOPS Iron Knuckle then stomps him. Volga runs corner to corner, but Iron Knuckle gets up and catches him! “Sit yo’ ass DOWN!” URENAGE! ReDead returns but Blue Nut kicks him at the ropes! Blue Nut drags ReDead in, Red Nut rises and they coordinate, MAGIC KILLER! They then drag ReDead up, double gorilla press and TOSS him out onto Gibdo! Iron Knuckle revives the ref as the Dark Nuts drag Volga back up. The Dark Nuts shove Volga to ropes, catch him on the rebound, and Iron Knuckle joins in, DOUBLE SPINE BUSTER BACKSTABBER!! Blue Nut covers while Iron Knuckle watches Gibdo and ReDead, Forged By Violence WINS!

Winners: Forged By Violence, by pinfall (NEW HPW Trios Championships)

Incredible! The heavy hitting trio hits pay dirt! Will Iron Knuckle and the Dark Nuts forge a legacy of pain and punishment now that they’re gilded and gleaming?


HPW Exquisite Championship: Ghirahim VS Igos du Ikana!

The Demon Lord created a belt worthy of gracing his waist, but the Ruler of Ruin says it is a disgrace to wrestling. Ghirahim and Igos do battle again for the fate of this championship in more ways than one!

Ghirahim has altered his wardrobe just a bit by having long black gloves instead of white like the rest of his outfit. No, wait, is it body paint? Either way, Ghirahim is still his eccentric self as he postures and poses with his custom belt. The introductions are made, the garish title is raised, and this intense rematch begins!

HPW Exquisite Championship

The two circle as the fans rally already. Ghirahim and Igos tie up, Igos goes after an arm and Ghirahim resists. Igos still wrenches through to a wristlock, rams shoulders with Ghirahim, then CHOPS! Ghirahim scrambles and bails out of the ring! Ghirahim shakes his head and shouts, “No! No!” Clearly Ghirahim’s still stinging from their previous match. Igos follows after Ghirahim as he goes around the way. Ghirahim takes a deep breath while he clutches his chest, but Igos turns him around to CHOP again! Ghirahim flounders into barriers and front row fans cheer as they get an even closer look at the action.

Igos puts Ghirahim back in the ring and goes after the arm. Igos grinds an elbow into the shoulder, but Ghirahim endures, rolls, handsprings and wrenches Igos back. Ghirahim clubs the arm, Igos throws body shots, Ghirahim digs his elbow into Igos’ shoulder, then his forearm across Igos’ face. Ghirahim reaches and gets Igos in a dragon sleeper, but Igos fights back. Igos spins and puts the dragon sleeper on Ghirahim, but Ghirahim drops, rolls back and has the leg for an Ankle Lock! Igos rolls and throws Ghirahim off and out of the ring! Ghirahim stays on his feet and gets up on the apron, for Igos to sweep the legs! Ghirahim crashes down on the apron! Igos drags him in under the bottom rope, covers, TWO!

Igos keeps on Ghirahim’s arm with another lock. He grinds the arm down, traps it between his legs and reaches for Ghirahim’s head. Ghirahim resists the crossface attempts and reaches out, he gets the ropebreak with his legs. Igos lets go quickly, and Ghirahim back elbows him! The ref reprimands the cheap shot and the fans boo, but Ghirahim just stomps Igos to a corner. Ghirahim keeps stomping until the ref counts 4. Ghirahim backs off, to come back and grind his boots into Igos’ face! He stops at 4 again, to boot wash Igos’ face! Ghirahim laughs as he does it again and again. The ref counts and Ghirahim lets off, only to come back and do it again. Igos is getting mad and he stands up, so Ghirahim KICKS him in the chest! Igos seethes as he stays standing!

Ghirahim kicks Igos again, but Igos just eggs him on! Ghirahim kicks again, but Igos KICKS back! Ghirahim sputters and staggers, but he comes back. Ghirahim kicks again but Igos KICKS. This is like the chop fight but even rougher! They go forehead to forehead now, and Ghirahim gives another chest kick. Igos gives another and Ghirahim has to crouch to contain the pain! Ghirahim manages to stand upright, but not for long! Igos toys with Ghirahim as he kicks him while he’s down. Ghirahim gets back up, and kicks high! Igos falls over and now Ghirahim toys with him. Ghirahim brings Igos back up, but Igos breaks free and QUESTION MARK KICKS! Ghirahim staggers into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!

Igos keeps his cool as he stalks Ghirahim. Ghirahim drags himself up with ropes, Igos waistlocks but Ghirahim holds on. The ref counts for the break but Ghirahim elbows Igos! Fans boo as Ghirahim CHOPS and puts Igos on the rope, to then kick the rope and jam Igos in the throat! Ghirahim runs and shotgun dropkicks Igos out of the ring! Igos flounders up and Ghirahim runs to the corner, TRIANGLE PLANCHA! Direct hit and Ghirahim is on his knees, arms out as he shouts, “Praise me~!” Fans boo and jeer instead. Ghirahim drags Igos back up and heads for the ring, only to bring Igos around and whip him into barriers! Ghirahim stomps Igos down before returning to the ring. The ring count begins as Ghirahim lounges. Igos manages to stand at 5, hobbles over to the ring and enters in at 8. Ghirahim is annoyed as he hops down off the corner.

Igos stands up, Ghirahim KICKS him in the chest! Igos leans against the ropes but he comes back. He kicks but Ghirahim blocks it, hands it to the ref and then mule kicks the leg! The ref reprimands but Ghirahim brushes it off as he stalks Igos to a corner. Ghirahim clubs Igos on the back over and over, hoists him up to the top rope backwards, then climbs up behind him. Ghirahim dragon sleepers Igos and brings him up but Igos fights back. Fans grow concerned but Ghirahim stays up. Ghirahim clubs Igos on the back more, then brings him up again. Instead of the dragon sleeper, Ghirahim waistlocks. Igos resists, elbows back, but Ghirahim adjusts his hold, for a SUPER BACK SUPLEX! Ghirahim crawls to the cover, TWO!! Igos still lives but Ghirahim is too exhausted to throw a tantrum!

The fans chant “This is Awesome!” as Igos and Ghirahim slowly rise. Ghirahim SLAPS Igos! Igos seethes as Ghirahim insults him as an “unworthy bag of bones.” Igos fires off forearms and body shots, Ikana Rush! Ghirahim the knee thrust but Igos QUEBRADAS! But Ghirahim catches him and shrugs him off to springboard, GHIRA CUT- NO! Igos denies the cutter to drag Ghirahim into the dragon sleeper! Igos drops back to sink in body scissors, but Ghirahim rolls back to a cover! TWO, Ghirahim Penalty Kicks Igos in the back! Ghirahim drags him up in a dragon sleeper and lifts. Igos fights, spins out, goes to suplex, but Ghirahim knees back. Ghirahim swings a clothesline but Igos swats it down. Igos starts up Ikana Rush and hits the knee thrust this time!

Igos lifts Ghirahim with his foot, but Ghirahim pushes the leg away to throat chop him! The ref reprimands but Ghirahim spins Igos around for the dragon sleeper. Ghirahim inverted suplexes to a CUTTER! Cover, TWO!? Igos survives and now Ghirahim throws that tantrum. Fans rally as Ghirahim demands Igos get up. Igos slowly stands, Ghirahim runs and springboards, but Igos catches him at the ropes! HIGH ANGLE GERMAN SUPLEX! Igos crawls to the cover, TWO!! Igos is too tired to be frustrated and both men are down as fans cheer. A standing count begins but Igos sits up at 4. Igos stands 7 and goes to Ghirahim. He lifts Ghirahim with his foot and fans fire up. Igos spins, but Ghirahim drops down! LOW BLOW UPPERCUT!! The ref has no choice but to ring the bell!

Winner: Igos du Ikana, by disqualification; Ghirahim is still HPW Exquisite Champion

Ghirahim laughs and wags his tongue as the fans boo as hard as they ever have! He taunts Igos, “What was that about delicate?!” Ghirahim demands to be given his belt and the ref obliges. Ghirahim looks at his reflection in the literal face plate, then sets the belt down. He drags Igos over, dragon sleeper and inverted suplex, to the CUTTER on the belt! Fans boo even more as Ghirahim pushes Igos off the belt. Ghirahim admires the smudge left by Igos’ face for just a moment before cleaning it off. Champion’s Advantage saves Ghirahim’s reign, but what consequences will he face for abusing it?


HPW Goddess Championship: Midna VS Cia!

We saw the fate of the Dark Sorceress’ henchmen, and it certainly wasn’t in their favor. Will Cia make up for it by becoming a goddess? Or will the Twilight Princess stay seated on her throne?

Conspicuous by his absence for Cia is Wizzro. Perhaps she wants to prove to Midna that she can win without help? Midna makes her entrance, floating in while carrying the title belt with her prehensile hair. Midna taunts Cia with it as she goes up the steps and into the ring but the ref keeps Cia back. Cia complains about Midna’s floating but Midna is already floating to the mat. Midna tells Cia to calm down as she takes off her “Fused Shadow” mask. Cia also complains about the prehensile hair, so Midna promises her and the ref she won’t use it in the match. The formal introductions are finally made, the championship belt is finally raised, and this title defense finally begins!

HPW Goddess Championship

Fans already cheer for Midna as she circles with Cia. Cia gets upset with them as she storms up to Midna. They tie up, Cia powers the smaller Midna to a corner and grinds her in. The ref counts for the break and Cia lets go at 4. Cia has a smug smirk as she pats Midna on the head, but Midna bites at her hand! Cia protests and the ref reprimands, but Midna shrugs and says, “It’s not my hair!” Midna and Cia circle again, they feel out the grapple, Cia gets an arm, wrenches to a wristlock then a hammerlock then a headlock. Cia throws Midna down, grinds on the headlock, but Midna pulls Cia’s hair! The ref reprimands and counts, Midna lets go at 4, but kicks Cia in the head! Midna’s so short, she doesn’t have to reach far to do that.

Midna kicks and kicks and kicks, Cia finally lets go, but Midna hops on her back for a sleeper hold! Midna squeezes tight and becomes a backpack as Cia reaches for a corner. Cia drops to her knees, but she drags herself and Midna forward, to the ropebreak! The ref counts, Midna lets go at 4 and Cia gasps for air. Midna CLAWS Cia’s back! The fans are amused as Midna poses with her “claws” out, but the ref reprimands. Cia crawls to the corner and sits up. Midna runs corner to corner, stops and SLAPS Cia! Midna runs corner to corner again as Cia is fuming, and Cia BOOTS her down! Fans boo as Cia screams and shrieks. Cia drags Midna up, fireman’s carries, and corner Death Valley Drivers! Cover, TWO! Midna is small but mighty!

Cia stomps a mudhole into Midna then drags her up into a Tree of Woe. The ref reprimands and fans boo as Cia stomps Midna more. Cia laughs at Midna then runs corner to corner. Cia runs but Midna sits up and Cia POSTS herself! Midna turns around, sunset flips Cia, TWO! Midna climbs up the corner and crossbodies! Cover, TWO as Cia sits up! Cia rolls back and lifts Midna to another fireman’s carry, but Midna fights free with elbows. Midna pushes Cia at ropes and table tops her on the return to roll her up! TWO and Cia KNEES Midna down! Cia taunts the “little weirdo” as she toys with Midna. Midna sits up and Cia pushes her around.

Cia slaps Midna and insults her more before wrapping on a facelock. Cia tries to suplex but Midna resists. Cia clubs Midna on the back over and over, and tries again. Midna blocks again, throws body shots, wrenches and whips but Cia reverses. Midna ducks and dodges and crossbodies again! Cover, TWO, but Midna basement dropkicks Cia down! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer while Midna looms over Cia. Now Midna slaps and taunts Cia. Midna brings Cia up, but being so much shorter, Cia’s still on her knees. Midna SLAPS Cia across the face! Cia is seething and she grits her teeth as she glares at the laughing imp. Cia grabs Midna by the throat! The ref reprimands but Midna breaks free and HEADBUTTS Cia down! Midna wobbles and shakes her head, to drop a back senton! She sits on Cia for the cover, TWO!

Midna grows annoyed with Cia and drags her by her hair to the bottom rope. The ref reprimands and Midna lets go of the hair, to stand on Cia instead! Midna skateboard stomps Cia’s head! The ref counts and Midna stops at four, to KICK Cia in the side! Cia rolls out of the ring and rests against the barriers. Cia complains to commentary how Midna is so small yet so heavy. Midna takes aim from the apron, waits for Cia to turn around, and then leaps for a CANNONBALL! Fans fire up with Midna, and she brings Cia up. Midna shoves Cia into the commentary desk stomach first, then climbs up onto the desk. Midna drops a leg on Cia onto the desk! The ref reprimands and tells Midna to get this back into the ring. Midna grumbles as she drags Cia off the desk.

Midna brings Cia to the steps and goes up to the apron. Cia breaks free and trips Midna up! Midna lands hard on the apron! Cia leans against the post to catch her breath, but she glares at Midna the entire time. Cia brings Midna to the corner and SMACKS her head against the post! Fans boo as Cia puts Midna between the bottom and middle rope, and she bends Midna against the post! The ref counts but Cia stops at 4 to go to the other side of the corner. Cia drags Midna through to be on the apron with her and drags her up to a fireman’s carry. Fans anticipate what’s coming and Midna holds onto ropes for dear life! Cia tries to pull Midna from the ropes but can’t, so she dumps her into the ring. Cia steps in but Midna jumps up and hits a SPIKE-RANA! Cover, TWO!!

Fans are thunderous but Midna is furious! Cia crawls and Midna stalks behind her. Midna stomps Cia’s legs then drags her back. Midna Electric Chair lifts Cia, but the height difference means Cia’s feet are only just off the floor. Cia easily hops off and kicks Midna low. Cia throws Midna down by her hair! Fans boo and the ref reprimands but Cia just shouts at them all to shut up. Cia drags Midna up by her hair, and then wraps it around Midna to choke her! The ref counts and Cia lets go at 4, to kick Midna while she’s down! “How do you like it?!” Cia drags Midna up by her hair again and uses it to THROW her into a corner! The ref reprimands but the damage is done, and Cia stomps away on Midna in the corner.

Fans boo as the ref backs Cia off. Cia just soaks up all the heat while the ref checks on Midna. Midna is fine and gets to her feet. Cia taunts Midna and pushes her around again. Midna BACK HANDS Cia! Cia wobbles and Midna hops up and up and leaps to TORNADO DDT! Both women are down, but then Midna kips up! Fans cheer as Midna steps on Cia and goes back up the corner. Cia crawls over and anchors Midna’s foot. Midna stomps and kicks but Cia holds on. The ref counts for the ropebreak, Cia lets go, and Midna leaps from the top rope! Crossbody, but Cia rolls through to a cover! TWO, and BLACK MAGIC! Cia has the crossface on! Midna scrambles around, turns things over, but Cia rolls through to get Black Magic back!

Midna endures being cranked back as fans rally up. Midna gets her arm free, claws at the hold, Cia tries to get the arm back, but Midna turns and pops out! BUZZSAW! Cover, TWO!! Cia survives but Midna is too tired to be frustrated. The fans chant, “This is Awesome!” but it’s far from over. The ref checks on them both, and Midna sits up first. Midna drags Cia back to a drop zone then goes back up the corner. TWISTED TWILIGHT MOONSAULT! Cover, but someone clobbers the ref!! It’s Wizzro?! Where did he come from!? Wizzro laughs at Midna as she glares at him. She grabs him with her hair! No ref, no rules! Standing STO, to a standing corkscrew senton! Midna kicks Wizzro out of the ring, and Cia hits a backstabber!

Fans boo as Cia rains down angry rights and lefts! Midna covers up, then ROCKS Cia with a punch from her magic hair arm! Cia staggers, Midna waistlocks using the magic hair, GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, but no referee means no count! Midna lets go and is furious. She goes out and fetches the referee into the ring. But then Wizzro gets in her way! Midna shoves him aside, gets back in the ring, and Cia wrecks her with a basement dropkick! Cia grabs Midna’s arms for a motorcycle stretch, then a STOMP!! Cia drops down, BLACK MAGIC!! Midna is already out from the stomp, the ref calls it! CIA WINS!!

Winner: Cia, by referee stoppage (NEW HPW Goddess Champion)

The Twilight Princess has been dethroned and there is a new goddess of Hyrule! Cia cheers and celebrates while the fans boo and jeer. The referee brings the title in but Wizzro snatches it from him to give it to Cia. Cia raises the belt overhead as she shouts, “I told you I was a goddess!!” Cia laughs as fans boo even harder, and is laughing as she leaves with Wizzro. The Dark Forces lose the trios titles but gains the throne of the Women’s Division. Will Midna be able to come back for revenge?


Eventide Challenge: Ashei VS Garo Master VS Master Kohga VS Groose VS Fin Balure VS Zelda!

Nine became six, but now six must become one! With the fate of the top title in HPW still to be determined, the future is already being formed! Who rises up to become Hyrule’s first-ever Mister/Miss Eventide?

To review the rules, it’s the King of Hyrule, Nicolas Foolyere, sailing in on a boat! The King of Red Lions rides in and comes ashore! Fans cheer as he waves to them and brings out a mic. He thanks the fans for making the trip to the island and enjoying the show so far. “The Eventide Island Challenge is perhaps the most ambitious match in wrestling history, just on the sheer scale of it.” The ring here on Toronbo Beach is the starting line, and the six wrestlers will fight and race all the way to Koholit Rock to grab the prize.”A very simple goal, but that’s what makes it so difficult! Now, without further ado, your Eventide Island Challengers!”

Ashei is already chugging water as she makes her entrance. She is not used to the heat of the tropics. Garo seems just fine, and Kohga tries to endure but he does tug at his mask to let more air in. Groose high fives the fans as he goes down the ramp while Fin emerges from the water. Zelda obviously makes her entrance last, but she’s in a completely different attire. She has white Capri pants, red sash belt, sky blue halter top with a deeper blue vest over it, a red ascot to go with the sash, and her blonde hair is up in a curly bun. Fin grabs a mic to ask, “What in the blue hell are you supposed to be? Some kind of pirate princess now?” Is Zelda going to look through a telescope? Climb up the ropes, weigh anchor and drop an elbow on him?

Groose tells Fin to shut up already, but Fin tells the “giant rooster” to go peck some corn. Groose shoves Fin, Fin shoves Groose, and again Garo and Kohga find amusement. Fin and Groose get mad at them now, Ashei moves out of the way as the four of them stare down. Zelda gets on the apron, shouts at Fin, then springboard missile dropkicks him down! The bell rings and the challenge officially begins!

Groose throws big haymakers on Garo against the ropes while Zelda stomps Fin at the ropes. Ashei chugs more water while Garo slowly backs out of the ring. After all, the goal is on the other side of the island. Ashei spots him slide out, and goes out the side. Kohga thinks he’s gotten away, but she runs up behind and SMASHES the water bottle on the back of his head! Ashei RAMS Kohga into the apron, then whips him into steel steps! The others notice commotion on the outside and look at Ashei. Ashei nervously looks around as if there could be someone else there, and realizes she’s in the lead in the race to Koholit Rock. She turns and runs down the path! But also stops by a table to grab another bottle of water.

Groose DECKS Garo and then hurries after Ashei! Zelda goes to follow but Fin reels her in by the vest, turns her around and CHOPS! Zelda KICKS his leg in return, but he CHOPS again. Meanwhile, Groose gets to the ramp but Kohga staggers after and grabs at him. Groose elbows Kohga away but Kohga mule kicks him back. Kohga whips Groose into railing, then into more railing! Garo DIVES out onto Kohga! Fans are divided as Garo heads on after Ashei. Zelda and Fin stop kicking and chopping long enough to see this. They glare at each other, glance up the way, and they both grumble and bail out of the ring to run after the others. Groose clutches his back as he stands up. Kogha staggers back to his feet, into a RIGHT HAND OF THE GODDESS! Groose chuckles as he leaves Kohga behind at ringside.

Garo catches up to Ashei down the way, leaving fans behind at the shore behind colorful ribbons tied to posts. There’s also a drone came, apparently. Ashei spots Garo coming up just in time to get passed up. She puts the cap back on her water bottle to throw it at him! Garo gets hit in the back and staggers but stays up. He stops, turns around to look at Ashei, but gets BLASTED by Fin’s shotgun dropkick! Fans fire up as Zelda catches up and hits Fin with a drive-by forearm! Ashei is on guard as Zelda kicks and stomps Fin into the sand. Garo sits up, Ashei stomps him back down, and finds herself standing alone with Zelda. Zelda is just as wary of Ashei, but then Fin gets up and dragon sleepers Zelda for an elbow drop DDT!

Fin and Ashei stand off now as fans watch intensely. They both start creeping further down the path, but Garo gets up. Garo goes after Fin for the dropkick and they brawl fast and furious! They both go around on the path, Zelda gets up and chop blocks Fin! Garo starts swinging on Zelda now! He throws fast palm strikes but Zelda kicks his Superman forearm away to spinning roundhouse Garo in the back of the head! Ashei waistlocks Zelda, lifts and shifts for a facebuster slam! Zelda sputters and spits sand out of her mouth while Ashei picks her water bottle up. Ashei dusts it off, opens it up and chugs more water.

Ashei starts heading down the path just as Groose catches up. He sees everyone else down, looks at Ashei up ahead, and walks up the slope into the grass and brushes. He tries to be quiet as he keeps his eyes on her, but he bumps into a big rock and stumbles into a palm tree! Ashei stops because she hears something. She looks back and sees Groose floundering to his feet! He sees her looking at him and he runs for it! She runs to intercept him, and tackles him to the ground! He tries to get away but she shoves him down the hill. Zelda runs and crossbodies at Ashei, but Ashei catches her! Ashei uses that surprising strength to carry Zelda around, and FALL AWAY SLAMS Zelda all the way back down to Groose and Garo at the bottom of the slope!

Fin runs up the slope and gets Ashei with a SLING BLADE! He runs off and takes the lead! Zelda gets up and goes back up the slope to hurry after Fin. Ashei sits up while Groose crawls up the slope. Ashei kicks him back down the slope but Garo leaps over the rolling Groose to run past Ashei. She hurries after Garo as Groose returns to the bottom of the slope. Groose gets up in a daze, and instead of going up the slope, he goes along the shore. He picks up speed with no one and nothing in his way, and he accelerates up a later slope. Zelda dodges Fin’s forearm and jumps off a palm tree to enziguri him back. Groose barrels into them both and sends them into ferns!

Groose swings on Garo but he handsprings under the clothesline. Garo mule kicks then front kicks then sweeps the leg. Ashei runs up and KNEES Garo down! Fin goes to Sling Blade again but Ashei shoves him into the palm tree! Zelda POISON-RANAS Ashei! Then handsprings and to JUMPING COMPLETE SHOT Fin down! Garo gets up, Zelda uses Ashei as a step stool to leap and clothesline Garo down! She steps on Garo as she hurries on ahead. But as she approaches the rocky climb to Koholit Rock, she stops in her tracks seeing the giant HINOX sleeping in the clearing! What in the world is Hyrule’s Largest Athlete doing on Eventide?

Zelda carefully tiptoes around him, glancing toward the plateau up ahead. She notices someone’s already climbing the cliff side, and she sees it’s Kohga! How did he get ahead of everyone? Replay footage shows he took a more direct path, through the thickest part of the island’s little jungle! Zelda wants to hurry but she doesn’t want to wake Hinox. But Groose runs over, pushing and shoving with Garo. Garo KICKS Groose in the leg, Groose ROCKS Garo with a back elbow! Zelda waves to them, trying to tell them to be quiet because of Hinox, but neither understands. She keeps signaling, “Shh!” but Groose responds with a loud, “What?!” Hinox opens his giant cyclops eye and sees Groose and Garo right in front of him!

Zelda bolts for the plateau while Groose tries to pass blame onto Garo! Garo looks back and forth between Groose and Hinox, then shakes his head “No” with hands up defensively. Hinox doesn’t care, and he grabs both of them in choke grips! DOUBLE CHOKE SLAMS! Hinox watches Groose and Garo writhe and crawl while Zelda starts to climb. Kohga’s already halfway up but Zelda is gaining. She grabs at his foot but he kicks her away. She climbs up at a distance to go after him from the side. He tries to grab at her now but she kicks him this time. She gets him to slip down a little and she heads up higher. He climbs back up and gets her foot and starts to drag her down. Hinox notices them and storms over!

Hinox grabs at Kohga and drags him down. Kohga keeps reaching for Zelda but Hinox clubs Kohga on the back. Ashei and Fin catch up, see Hinox and stop in their track. But they also realize they need to go that way to make the climb. They get Groose and Garo to get up, and they all agree to go after Hinox together! Hinox clubs Kohga, Zelda kicks Kohga, and Kohga ends up on Hinox’s shoulders in an Electric Chair. Fin kicks at Hinox’s leg, Groose throws body shots and Ashei clubs Hinox on the back. Garo runs and dropkicks Hinox in the leg, Hinox wobbles, and Groose and Ashei both table top him! Kohga falls back with Hinox in an incidental Electric Chair drop! Zelda shouts, “Thanks!” and she continues her climb up!

Zelda reaches the plateau and sees there’s still THE Koholit Rock to climb. She hurries up to it and looks at the different sides of it. The others start their climb of the cliff side as Zelda decides to test the north side. Groose’s rock climbing training with Link is paying off as he gets ahead of the others, but Garo’s speed helps him catch up quick. Garo grabs Groose’s leg and climbs up over him! Groose grabs at Garo in return and drags him back down. It seems Ashei is also an avid climber and makes good progress out of their reach. Fin isn’t that good of a climber, so he is lagging behind all of them. Kohga is still out, so he’s actually last place, again.

Zelda has a hard time with Koholit Rock, the shape of it makes for an incline for the first part of the climb. Having to keep her feet and legs up is a lot of strain on the arms and hands and she loses her grip to fall on the ground! But it wasn’t that far of a fall, so she’s right back up to try again. As for the others, Ashei drags herself up onto the plateau first. She catches her breath, but Garo drags her back down! She claws at the dirt and grabs the ledge! She kicks at Garo while Groose drags Garo back down again. Ashei scrambles back up to the top and gets away from the ledge. Ashei spots Zelda attempting to climb Koholit Rock again, so she hurries over.

Zelda finally makes it to the halfway point, where the angle of the rock changes. She struggles with the transition as Ashei starts her own climb. Ashei is so fast at this part and transitions with ease! Zelda grits her teeth as she drags herself up to hurry after. Ashei reaches the very top of Koholit Rock and is in awe of the shining gold ball, about the size of a grapefruit. She grabs it from where it rests on the rock but Zelda scrambles up to CLUB her on the back! Ashei holds onto the ball but Zelda goes after that arm. Zelda pulls on the arm with a Fujiwara armbar and goes after the wrist! Ashei she scrambles around but can’t escape, and she can’t keep her grip! She lets go of the ball and it tumbles down the rock!

The ball drops down to the plateau, keeps rolling, and Groose scoops it up! Groose admires the prize, then holds it up triumphantly with a big smile on his face. But then Fin SLING BLADES him down! Fin scoops up the ball and tells the “dumbass rooster” that the ball has to be taken back to Toronbo Beach for someone to win. And Fin hurries to the backside of the plateau and slides down into the little valley. Garo chases Fin while Ashei and Zelda scramble to get off Koholit Rock. Fin zigzags around rocks and bushes as he runs, glancing ahead to where he can return to the ground level. Garo catches up and clubs Fin on the back, and the ball goes flying! It rolls downhill to the very bottom of the valley, and Garo steps on Fin as he hurries after it.

Garo scoops the ball on the run, makes it the rest of the way off the rocks and returns to jungle. Garo uses some impressive parkour skills to go around trees and rocks to get back to shore, and now he’s in the homestretch! He sprints for Toronbo, but Zelda LEAPS off a slope to tackle him down! The ball tumbles into the water! Zelda and Garo scramble before the waves take it away, and they splash and flounder in the water to reach for the ball. Fin catches up and leaps over them and into the water! Now Fin has the advantage! He dives, comes up with the ball and boasts as he backstrokes away, only for Ashei to SPLASH down on him! She hammers away with both hands but he flounders back to shore, only for Garo to scoop up the ball.

Garo reaches the outer edge of the crowd, with Zelda and Ashei in pursuit! The fans cheer as Zelda chases him down as they return to ringside. She dives for him, clips his legs, and Garo doesn’t just fall, he slides under the ring! Ashei drags him out from under, but the golden ball is gone?! It’s still under the ring somewhere! Garo tries to crawl back under the ring but Ashei drags Garo into a wheelbarrow lift, Zelda front KICKS him into Ashei’s wheelbarrow suplex! With Garo wrecked, Zelda hurries for the ring but Ashei reels her in. Zelda frees herself with a leg, ROUNDHOUSES Ashei, but Ashei stays standing! The two female wrestlers stare down as the fans fire up. Fin runs at them but gets a SUPERKICK and BOOT combination!

Zelda enziguris Ashei! Ashei wobbles and Zelda POSTS her! Zelda hurries under the ring and starts searching. Ashei clutches her arm but she pursues. Both women have disappeared under the ring while Kohga and Groose finally catch up to everyone else. They see Fin and Garo stirring but don’t see Zelda or Ashei. Groose goes one way and Kohga the other. They meet at the opposite end, and see movement behind the apron skirt! Zelda and Ashei roll out, both of them with arms wrapped around the golden ball! Groose and Kohga drag them up and also go after the prize, and the cluster of four bumps into the apron, then barriers. Fin gets in the ring, builds speed and FLIES out onto them all! The fans lose their minds as the five crash into barriers!

The fans chant “This is Awesome!” while all five are picking themselves up off the ground. Fin picks up the ball but Groose chicken wings him! Fin drops the ball while Groose turns Fin, but Fin shoves out of the Loft Wing to ram Groose into barriers. Ashei picks up the ball, Kohga grabs at it and the two struggle. They go around and knock into Groose, sending him over the barriers and into the front row! Zelda and Fin get back involved, this new cluster fights, but they don’t see Garo climbing up top! Garo SHOOTING STARS onto them all!! The fans lose their minds again as they all topple over!

The fans rally as the Eventide Six stir. Groose uses the barriers to stand up and he spots the golden ball on the ground. He hurries up and over, bends down to pick the ball up, but Kohga dropkicks him into the post! Groose clutches his head and neck while Kohga picks up the ball, only for Ashei to fireman’s carry him! SNOWPEAK GUT BUSTER! But as Ashei stands, Garo is on the apron, runs to the corner and MOONSAULTS! Direct hit and Ashei is down again! Garo grabs the ball, Fin CHOPS him and the ball is sent flying straight up! Fin and Garo push each other in hopes of catching the ball, but Zelda shotgun dropkicks them both down! Zelda catches the ball and slides into the ring! Zelda wins!!

Winner: Zelda (inaugural Ms. EventideNEW #1 Contender to the HPW Triforce Championship)

She’s done it! The Princess of Hyrule has won the first ever Eventide Challenge match! She’s poised to fight for the top title in all of Hyrule! But with that main event still to come, who will Zelda be facing for the title in the near future?


HPW Triforce Championship: Link VS Ganondorf Dragmire!

Finally, the moment we and both these men have been waiting for. The Hero of Hyrule defeated the Gerudo Ace in the Triple Threat to crown Hyrule’s first world champion, but that means little to Ganondorf. Link hasn’t had a match since that day, so how prepared can he be for this highly anticipated defense?

Both competitors’ entrances for this match are definitely something. There’s a lot of smoke and laser lights for the challenger. Ganondorf’s boar headdress now has yellow glowing eyes and even gnarlier tusks. Ganondorf’s entrance gear is also like armor, which he starts taking off little by little as Link makes his entrance. The champion gets pyrotechnics but he still wears the same green tights with gold that he won this title in. Perhaps he considers them his lucky tights. Ganondorf finishes removing his armor, the introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this historic main event to this historic event finally begins!

HPW Triforce Champion

Ganondorf immediately throws a boot with the bell, Link goes Matrix to dodge, handsprings back up but turns into Ganondorf’s mule kick. Ganondorf double underhooks, Link resists, spins out and KICKS Ganondorf’s leg. Link wrenches the arm to a wristlock and whips, but Ganondorf blocks with pure power. Ganondorf whips Link to a corner and runs after but Link goes up and over. Link keeps moving, ducks and dodges and huricanranas, but Ganondorf blocks with pure power! Ganondorf swings Link back up, but Link punches back! Ganondorf falls down, Link sits on a cover, TWO! Fans cheer as Link and Ganondorf stand off and reset.

Ganondorf and Link circle and approach, but Ganondorf knees low! Ganondorf gut wrench suplexes Link one way, then holds on to gut wrench suplex him the other way. Fans boo as Ganondorf looms over Link, laughing as he soaks up the heat. Link sits up, Ganondorf KICKS him in the back! Ganondorf jams his knee into Link’s back and pulls him back against the knee with a chinlock. Link endures and kicks as the fans rally up. Link fights up but Ganondorf elbows him in the forehead! Ganondorf brings Link up to ROCK with a right forearm. He eggs Link on with pie faces, but Link comes back with a forearm! Ganondorf shakes it off while grinning, and ROCKS Link again! Link staggers to ropes but fans rally behind him. Link shakes out the cobwebs and comes back, but Ganondorf DECKS him!

Fans boo as Ganondorf kicks Link mockingly. He drags Link back up and reels him in, but Link resists the powerbomb lift. Link clubs and kicks Ganondorf’s leg, ducks Ganondorf’s punch to throw body shots and more kicks. Ganondorf shoves Link to ropes but Link handsprings under the boot! Link jumps up, neckbreaker! Link rolls back, has both wrists! Ganondorf dodges the Light Arrow to school boy Link into buckles! Ganondorf runs corner to corner and back, CANNONBALL! Cover, TWO! Ganondorf keeps on Link by choking him on the ropes! Referee Tiger Sahasrahla counts, Ganondorf stops at 4, but then kicks the rope to jam Link in the throat! Sahasrahla reprimands and Ganondorf “apologizes” while the fans boo and jeer.

Ganondorf watches Link drag himself up on the ropes. Ganondorf eggs him on, “C’mon! Fight for me, Link! Fight, dammit!” Link grits his teeth and throws forearm after forearm after forearm, then spins for a rolling elbow! Ganondorf staggers but BACK HANDS in return! Ganondorf waistlocks and GERMAN SUPLEXES! He holds and brings Link back up, for another GERMAN SUPLEX! Ganondorf drags Link up again, for another GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Ganondorf keeps on Link by standing on his back! Fans boo and Ganondorf pretends not to know why they’re upset. Sahasrahla counts but Ganondorf stomps Link on the back at 4! Link writhes and fans boo but Ganondorf drags Link up to shove into a corner.

Ganondorf grinds his forearm into Link’s face while he talks trash. “You’re not a champion! You’re a fraud!” Sahasrahla counts, Ganondorf lets up at 4, to SLAP Link! Fans boo as Ganondorf stands Link up to SLAP him again! Link SLAPS back! And SLAPS, CHOPS, fires off a strike fest and throws his own back hand! LARIAT! Link has Ganondorf down! Link crawls to the cover, ONE, and with power! Link hurries up to his feet and goes after Ganondorf with more forearms. He whips but Ganondorf reverses. Link slides under the back hand to come back to enziguri! Link waistlocks and lifts, Ganondorf throws elbow after elbow, but Link still GERMAN SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, but Link’s back fails him!

Link grows frustrated but the fans still cheer him on. Link clutches his back as he stands up. He watches Ganondorf sit up, and starts giving him “Kakariko Kicks!” Fans echo Link’s “HAH! HAH!” with every kick! Link aims, but Ganondorf ducks the buzzsaw! Ganondorf shoves Link to ropes and forearms him hard in the back on the rebound! Ganondorf shoves Link again, another forearm to the back. He shoves Link a third time, REBOUND GERMAN SUPLEX! Link flies all the way across the ring! Ganondorf hurries over but Link rolls and flops out of the ring! Ganondorf sighs as he goes out to fetch Link. Ganondorf drags Link up, but then considers where he is. He looks at the apron and fans anticipate what he’s thinking. Ganondorf grins and fans start to panic as he reels Link in.

Ganondorf powerbomb lifts, but Link flails! Link grabs the ropes for dear life! Link gets to the apron and BOOTS! Ganondorf staggers, Link gets back in the ring and builds speed! Link DIVES and hits Ganondorf to the ramp! Both men are down but the fans are fired up! Link gets up as the ring count starts, leans against the barriers as it reaches 5, then drags Ganondorf up at 7. He puts Ganondorf in at 8 and fans cheer that their champion wants to finish this in the ring. Link grabs Ganondorf’s wrist and sits him up, but Ganondorf reels Link in for a monkey flip! Link keeps wrist control, turns over and gets Ganondorf in a straitjacket stretch! He jams his knee into Ganondorf’s back but Ganondorf endures.

Ganondorf fights up as fans cheer for “LINK! LINK!” Ganondorf powers up, they go around, and Link hits a STRAITJACKET BACKSTABBER! Link slides Ganondorf into a ghost pin, TWO!! Ganondorf ducks the Shining Wizard but not the BOOMERANG! Fans fire up with Link as he drags Ganondorf back up. Link tries to suplex, but again his back complicates things. Link growls in frustration as he tries again, but Ganondorf suplexes Link instead, for a JACKHAMMER! Cover, TWO!! Link barely survives and Ganondorf takes his frustrations out on him with a ground ‘n’ pound! Sahasrahla reprimands over the closed fists but Ganondorf keeps punching! Sahasrahla backs Ganondorf off Link, who is bleeding from the nose! Fans boo but Ganondorf just mocks them.

Sahasrahla checks on Link, and his nose is bleeding pretty bad. Link refuses to let the match end like this and tells Sahasrahla to leave him alone. Sahasrahla asks if he’s sure and Link shouts “YES!” as he gets to his feet. Ganondorf rushes over and RAMS him into the corner! Fans boo as Ganondorf rams his shoulder in again and again, then he carries Link corner to corner to RAM him again! Sahasrahla counts, Ganondorf lets up at 4, to then stomp a mudhole into Link! Ganondorf runs corner to corner, CANNONBALL but Link slides out! Ganondorf hits buckles and Link hurries up top. Link aims, FIRE ARROW! The corkscrew Shooting Star hits! But just like the Triforce Championship match in Faron Woods, Link goes back to the corner!

Link’s back slows him down but he still reaches the top. ICE ARROW onto knees! Link writhes and flounders as he clutches his ribs, and he gasps and sputters as blood pours out of his nose and gets in his mouth. Fans rally up as both he and Ganondorf are slowly standing up. Link and Ganondorf go to opposite corners and glare at each other. Ganondorf stands up tall and steps forward. Link hobbles up to meet him, and Ganondorf mocks the “red beard” he’s growing. Link SPITS at Ganondorf!! And then throws forearm after forearm after forearm! Link backs Ganondorf down to a corner, but Ganondorf turns it around to TOSS Link halfway across the ring! Link flounders to his feet and Ganondorf LARIATS him inside out! Cover, TWO!! The Hero of Hyrule still lives!

Fans are thunderous but Ganondorf is fuming! He looms over Link and watches him crawl. Link climbs Ganondorf’s leg to get back, and Ganondorf pulls Link’s hair. Ganondorf glares at Link but Link defiantly glares back. Ganondorf CLUBS Link in the chest! Link falls, but he sits up, gritting his teeth. Fans rally behind him as he gets back up, but Ganondorf CHOPS him off his feet this time! Ganondorf eggs Link on as he sits up again. Ganondorf toys with Link as he kicks him. Link gets up again, Ganondorf swings but Link ducks, kicks a leg, kicks Ganondorf in the chest then kicks Ganondorf’s shoulder. Ganondorf boots but Link goes Matrix again! Link kips back up to HOOK SHOT KICK! Link waistlocks and pushes Ganondorf to ropes, O’Conner rolls, CHAOS THEORY! The momentum helps with the suplex!

Link fires up with the fans as Ganondorf sits up! Link hits more Karakirko Kicks! “HAH! HAH!” Link powers up and aims, but Ganondorf ducks the buzzsaw again! But Link spins through to basement enziguri! Ganondorf sputters but Link sits him back up. Link has both wrists! LIGHT- NO! Ganondorf gets up and under Link for the Hebra lift, AIR RAID CRASH! Ganondorf doesn’t bother covering, he drags Link back up! “SAY GOODNIGHT!!” Ganondorf pops Link right up for a SIT-OUT GANON BOMB!! Cover, Ganondorf wins!!

Winner: Ganondorf Dragmire, by pinfall (NEW HPW Triforce Champion)

The Gerudo Ace dethrones the Hero, and Hyrule Puro-Resu has its second-ever world champion!! Fans are going nuts as Ganondorf stands with a sinister grin! “Give me my belt, dammit!!” Sahasrahla brings the HPW Triforce Championship over, Ganondorf snatches it up and takes a good long look at it before holding it high overhead. Fans boo even harder as Ganondorf takes the mic to speak. “Yes! Yes! Boo me until your throats are dry and you lose your voices! Because that’s all you can do to me!”

Ganondorf said it once and he’ll say it again! “That boy” was not a worthy champion! HPW has a champion they can be proud of! “And as for you, Princess Zelda,” Ganondorf will give her a title match, when he’s good and ready! Fans boo again as he drops the mic and takes his leave. The Triforce of Power reigns supreme, but can the Triforce of Wisdom find a way to stop him?

My Thoughts:

Wow, this was quite the endeavor to write, but it was a lot of fun. I really hope I captured the proper flow of all these match types. It always seems rather rare for a Six Man Tag to be really good so that was the one I was most worried about. Though, I’m always worried about how finishes should go, and that went for the Exquisite and Goddess titles. This was the newest match in this growing feud of Ghirahim and Igos, and I again took some inspiration from NJPW matches the last couple of months for that one.

For Midna, I feel a little bad that her first match in canon is a loss but I felt the Dark Forces needed to break even in some way. That Eventide Challenge went longer than I expected to write it, and for being partially inspired by the Money in the Bank Corporate Ladder Match from earlier this year, it didn’t have as many gags or cameos, since I’m not even sure what that’d be for Hyrule Puro-Resu. And I still feel like I did Link a disservice. He didn’t get to do a lot in canon, and now he loses his first defense. I’m going to work on his build back so his character will be as strong as his in-ring skills.

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Musical Chairs S3: E5- Sly And The Family Stone & Third Eye Blind [100323]

This week the guys look at two more great bands that might not have reached their full potential: Sly & The Family Stone and Third Eye Blind.



Chairshot Radio Large

This third season of Musical Chairs has, at times, focused in on bands/acts that, for a variety of reasons, did not reach their full potential. Whether because of tragedy, ego, creative differences, or whatever, some of the bands looked at this season have been lessons in what could have been. That theme continues this week as Patrick looks at Sly & The Family Stone. Quite possibly the first major rock band to have an integrated, mixed-gender, lineup, Sly & the Family Stone mixed funk, soul, R&B, and rock together better than anyone. Drugs and interpersonal relationships would cut their tenure short, but not before they left an indelible mark on the music industry. Ditto for Dave’s band this week, Third Eye Blind. Third Eye Blind had one of the greatest debut albums of all-time (6x Platinum) and an excellent sophomore effort before controversial and unfortunate lineup changes stifled their momentum. Join us this week as we take a look at two more iconic, yet unfortunate, bands on the penultimate Episode of Season 3 of Musical Chairs.

Today’s hosts: Dave Ungar (@AttitudeAgg) and Patrick O’Dowd (@WrestlngRealist)

  • This week’s focus shifts to Sly & The Family Stone and Third Eye Blind.

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Bandwagon Nerds

Bandwagon Nerds #203: Adjust The Tracking

The Nerds return to recap the penultimate Episode of Ahsoka, to look at more great trailers, and to discuss how the writers strike finally came to an end.



Bandwagon Nerds Mario

The Nerds return to continue their visit to a galaxy far, far, away. This week was the penultimate episode of Ahsoka. Grand Admiral Thrawn continues to seem like he is one step ahead of our heroes…or is he?  The guys wade into the deep end of the series and speculate as to where the season finale might take us. A visit to the Trailer Park looks at the latest from Disney Animation, an animated reboot of Scott Pilgrim, plus new trailers for  Argyle and the return of….The Toxic Avenger? All that plus who James Gunn is bringing back into his DCU, Martin Scorsese still hates most of what we love, and a recap of the key points and concessions that brought the writer’s strike to an end.

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