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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (10/24/23)

Spooky scary NXT!



Halloween Havoc is back, witches!

Hosted by Shotzi Blackheart & Scarlett Bordeaux, NXT transforms into the frightening and frenzied Halloween Havoc! Will this year be Big Time with Becky Lynch retaining the title? Or will Lyra Valkyria become the NEW NXT Women’s Champion?


  • Devil’s Playground: Roxanne Perez VS Kiana James; Roxie wins.
  • Lexis King VS Dante Chen; King wins.
  • NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament Semifinals: Kelani Jordan VS Arianna Grace; Kelani wins and advances to the finals.
  • NXT Tag Team Championships: Tony D’Angelo & Channing Lorenzo VS Chase U w/ Thea Hail & Jacy Jayne; Chase U wins and becomes the new NXT Tag Team Champions.
  • Lights Out: Blair Davenport VS Gigi Dolin; Blair wins.
  • NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament Semifinals: Karmen Petrovic VS Lola Vice w/ Elektra Lopez; Lola wins and advances to the finals.
  • NXT Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch VS Lyra Valkyria; Lyra wins and becomes the new NXT Women’s Champion.


New Years Day performs live!

Download their song, Vampyre, now!


Shotzi Blackheart & Scarlett Bordeaux are in the ring!

Our hosts welcome us to NXT Halloween Havoc, they have such sights to show us. They aren’t gonna keep us waiting so we don’t lose our heads. Good Marie Antoinette joke there, and Shotzi says we open with the DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND! “Bring out the competitors!”

Devil’s Playground: Roxanne Perez VS Kiana James!

The Prodigy is gonna bring out a Nightmare on Elms Street as she’s ready to tear into The Calculator! Will Kiana be able to survive Roxie’s dark side? Or will she even be able to sleep tonight?

Kiana swings the bag because the Devil Wears Prada, but Roxie dodges! The bell rings, they tug-o-war over the purse, and Roxie gets it only to get knocked down! Kiana bumps Roxie off buckles, and more buckles, then RAMS into her again and again! Fans rally, Kiana handsprings but into a BOOT! Roxie goes up to THESZ PRESS! Roxie rains down fists, Kiana gets free but misses as Roxie runs to tilt-o-whirl and RANA! Fans fire up and Roxie storms up to whip. Kiana reverses, Roxie ends up on the apron, and she DUMPS Kiana out to the floor! Roxie then slips in, builds speed, and DVIES, but Kiana catches her!

Kiana heads for the literal playground props, but Roxie sunset flips her! Cover, TWO! Kiana kicks low, then goes for the steps! Roxie blocks that to ROCK Kiana! Roxie goes up and FLYING SUNSET FLIPS! TWO, but Roxie is after Kiana again. Kiana turns things around to back suplex but Roxie slips free. O’Conner Roll, TWO! Roxie uses the swings to come back, and SMACK Kiana! She SMACKS Kiana with the swing seat itself! And then goes for the slide! Kiana fights the suplex to throw body shots! Kiana snap suplexes Roxie to the floor! Kiana has her bag, opens it up, and she brings out her laptop! She SMACKS the laptop across Roxie’s back!

Roxie writhes as that computer is busted, and NXT goes picture in picture.

Kiana nods, she can clearly afford another laptop. She stalks Roxie, drags her up and into the ring, then hurries in after her. Roxie bails out the other side so Kiana pursues, only for Roxie to kick low! Roxie SMACKS Kiana off the desk, brings her around, but Kiana blocks to SMACK Roxie off the steps! Kiana stalks Roxie, stomps her, then drags her up. Kiana CHOPS Roxie against the barriers! Kiana stalks Roxie, Roxie throws body shots, and Roxie CHOPS Kiana against aprons! Roxie brings Kiana around, to SMACK her off the steps! Roxie shoves Kiana down for a cover, TWO! Roxie keeps on Kiana and we return to the playground.

Kiana throws body shots, CLUBS Roxie down, and searches under the desk. Kiana finds a trash can lid! Kiana SMACKS Roxie across the back! Roxie writhes but Kiana hoists her up to APRON BACK SUPELX! Roxie writhes more and Kiana YANKS the swing off the frame! Kiana has the chain, she ties Roxie’s hand up with it, and uses that to SLING Roxie into barriers! Kiana then drags Roxie up by the chain and SLINGS her into more barriers! The ref checks but Kiana says don’t bother, she’s not done with Roxie yet! Kiana drags Roxie up, but Roxie fights back! Kiana kicks low, and she drags Roxie up to wrap her against the post!

Roxie fights, but Kiana pulls the chain across Roxie’s face! Roxie endures, NXT returns to single picture, and fans rally up for Roxie. Kiana thrashes Roxie, then lets off to YANK Roxie into the post! And again! Fans boo but Roxie blocks to YANK Kiana into post! Fans fire up as Roxie is free, and Kiana has a welt forming right on her forehead! Kiana RAMS Roxie down with a trash can! But then Roxie uses the swing to DROPKICK Kiana down! Roxie runs to UPPERCUT Kiana down! Fans fire up with Roxie and she gets back in the ring. Roxie builds speed and she DIVES again! Direct hit and down goes Kiana!

Roxie yanks a post off that fence! She JAMS Kiana with it, then BREAKS the wood across Kiana’s back! RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP into the slide! The slide DENTS and fans are thunderous! Cover, TWO!! Kiana survives but Roxie just smiles a sinister smile. Roxie hobbles over to get the trash can, and she stalks Kiana. Kiana avoids the can, then avoids it again! She RAMS Roxie low, but Roxie ELBOWS back! Roxie goes up a barrier, and she FLYING- NO, Kiana stops the rana to SLING Roxie back into barriers! POWERBOMB onto the trash can!! Cover, TWO?!? Roxie survives and fans are thunderous again!

Kiana is furious but the fans are behind Roxie. Kiana YANKS the teetertotter apart, and JAMS Roxie with a seat! And then SMACKS her with the bar! Kiana CHOKES Roxie against the post! The fans boo, the ref checks Roxie, but Roxie pushes free. Kiana swings, the steel bar hits steel steps and Kiana drops the teetertotter. Roxie hops on, Kiana pops her off into barriers! Roxie is dazed, Kiana DUMPS her over! Kiana gets up in front of the Chase U student section and stomps Roxie down! Fans boo but Kiana drags Roxie up. Kiana has Roxie on the barriers, but Roxie fights with body shots! Kiana and Roxie brawl on the edge!

Roxie gets the edge with forearm after forearm! Fans fire up for the SUPER- NO, Kiana bucks Roxie before the leg sweep! Kiana MOONSAULTS, Roxie dodges and grabs the bag! BAG SHOT to the head!! Roxie hauls Kiana up, to POP ROX on the bag!! Cover, Roxie wins!

Winner: Roxanne Perez, by pinfall

Roxie grins as she gets even with Kiana once and for all. Roxie dumps out the bag and shows the pieces of a shattered brick! Will Kiana make sure to crunch all the numbers before bullying someone again?


Vic Joseph interviews Carmelo Hayes.

We all know Melo is a busy man so to address the elephant in the room, Vic asks Melo if he was the one who attacked Trick Williams last week to stop the Fatal 4 Way. Melo asks if this is an interview or an interrogation? Because Vic sounds like everyone else, saying Melo is guilty. Melo knows Trick wanted the NXT Championship, and so did Melo. But to take out his best friend and brutalize him for the title? That’s crazy. Then to business, next week on Night 2 of Halloween Havoc, Carmelo Hayes takes on Ilja Dragunov for THE NXT Championship, the rubber match. What does Melo do differently now that he’s the challenger?

Melo breaks that down: How do you beat one of the best in the world in Ilja Dragunov? Don’t answer that, because Melo is the one who needs to answer it. It’s not even physical, mental or emotional. It’s just “why?” Why is Melo doing this? And it is for the title. Not just the NXT Championship, but the title of “Him.” How can Melo and claim to be him with no title, nothing to show for it? All his hard work, all he has built, for what? To be second? Melo’s motivation is stronger than ever, no distractions, no what if’s or doubts or Trick or asterisks! Well, Vic stops Melo there. Melo brought up Trick so he opened himself to this question.

What if Trick was in the match last week? What if it was a Fatal 4? Would Melo have been the one to still win? Melo takes off his sunglasses and says, “Absolutely.” When push comes to shove, Melo does what he has to. But he dedicates this to Trick, #JsuticeForTrick. Melo says this is done but Vic has more questions. Melo leaves, but will he leave next week once again on top of NXT?


Scarlett & Shotzi are backstage with The Meta Four.

Scarlett is doing tarot readings now that Dar & Jakara are back. There is loss and pain in their future. Oro & Lash don’t like that. Dar wants good news. But then Scarlett brings the Two of Wands. They will go on a great journey to claim their prize. Uh, Dar already did, it’s how he got the Heritage Cup back. These cards need to keep up. Well, oh dear… Is that death?! Scarlett says their joy will soon become grief. So hold the things you cherish closely. Meta Four is spooked. Oro has a bad feeling. Dar says this is just hocus pocus, it is all made up. But then Akira Tozawa sneaks in and sneaks away with the cup!

Dar looks and sees it’s gone! What happened!? They freak out, but so far, Scarlett’s reading is right! Will the Scottish Supernova have to go to Raw to confront Tozawa about this?


Lexis King VS Dante Chen!

Brian Pillman Jr. no longer exists. He denounces the name given to him to honor his father for he does not respect that legacy! But then, will Lexis King create his own history here in NXT?

The bell rings and fans rally as King and Dante circle. They tie up, King wrenches, ELBOW BREAKERS and he wristlocks the arm. Chen fights, rolls, handsprings, and wrenches back. Chen wristlocks, King moves around, and they end up on ropes. The ref counts, King lets off, to then HEADBUTT! Fans boo the cheap shot but King KICKS Chen to a corner. Chen puts King in the corner but King DECKS him first! King taunts Chen, fishhooks the nose and claws the face! The ref counts, King lets off at 4, then he suplexes. Chen blocks, King tries again but Chen slips free, Chen shoves, hurdles and drops, but King swings, into a body shot, uppercut and DROPKICK!

Chen goes for the legs but King BOOTS him down! Fans rally, King runs in and clotheslines in the corner! And CHOPS, and ROCKS and uses ropes to get leverage for digging boots in! King fires up but Chen fires forearms! Chen whips, King reverses and kitchen sink knees! Then he KICKS Chen in the back and BLINDSIDE LARIATS! King drags Chen up by his hair, throws him into ropes, and Chen sputters. King soaks up the cheers and jeers as he stands on Chen, but Chen pushes up. King BOOTS Chen, then drags him up again. King thrashes Chen around in a chinlock, but Chen fights up to his feet.

Fans rally as Chen pries the hold open. Chen throws body shots, counter punches, and then DECKS King! Chen whips, King reverses but Chen LARIATS! Fans fire up with Chen as he atomic drops, then runs to BOOT! Fans fire up with Chen again and he takes aim. But King SUPERKICKS first! King drags Chen up to tie up the arms and he puts Chen in the ropes. DRAPING SWINGING NECKBREAKER! King covers, King wins!

Winner: Lexis King, by pinfall

King didn’t copy his father and used a move of his own invention! It’s his way and his life, but will he make NXT his kingdom?


Chase U prepares backstage.

Duke Hudson says he appreciated having Thea Hail & Jacy Jayne out there supporting them last week. Andre Chase says yeah, and they just gotta do it again. They’ll bring the NXT Tag Team Championships home to Chase U! Thea says she’ll make sure not to throw in any towels, either. Chase sighs but Jacy says it’ll be different this time. But The D’Angelos step in. Nice to see you guys, again, but under much better conditions. Yeah, see you out there, gentlemen. Tony smiles and wishes them good luck. What’s that about? Chase says it is a long story, just focus on the titles. Duke nods, and we will see just who aces this test!


NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament Semifinals: Kelani Jordan VS Arianna Grace

Dressed as Spider-Gwen for the gymnastics connection, Kelani is ready to prove she’s the new era Total Package! Dressed as… well, the way she always dresses, Arianna wants to prove she’s Miss NXT. Will Arianna win her way to the finals? Or will she learn to lose with grace?

The bell rings and Arianna wants Kelani to shake (or maybe kiss) her hand, but no dice. They tie up, go around, and Arianna knees low! She storms up but Kelani shows haymaker so Arianna panics and backs away. Arianna rushes in, Kelani dodges and slingshot arm-drags! Then DROPKICKS! Fans fire up for Kelani as Arianna bails out. Kelani wants Arianna to get back in as NXT goes picture in picture.

Kelani grows impatient and she chases Arianna around the outside! They get back in the ring, Kelani avoids the elbow drop, and she then wrenches to YANK Arianna’s arm. Kelani wrenches again, to YANK the arm again. Arianna snarls and fights up, but Kelani snapmares to then drop a leg on the arm! Arianna hobbles up, Kelani wrenches and Y ANKS the arm again. Kelani goes for another but Arianna throws her down by her hair! Arianna whips, Kelani reverse and DROPKICKS! Arianna sputters and staggers up, but Kelani storms up. Kelani whips corner to corner, runs in, but Arianna stops the flip to put Kelani under ropes. ROPE GUILLOTINE!

Kelani sputters, Arianna storms up and puts her on ropes to CHOKE her! The ref counts, Arianna lets off to “apologize,” then she CHOKES Kelani more! Arianna YANKS the rope to jam Kelani up, then covers, TWO! Arianna SMACKS Kelani off the mat, then SMACKS her off the mat again. And again! Arianna seethes as she tells Kelani to kiss the hand. Kelani SLAPS Arianna! Arianna whips Kelani to a corner, back elbows her, then snap suplexes to a cover. TWO, and Arianna grabs Kelani’s arm for a chinbar cording hold combo. Kelani endures, fights up, but Arianna wrangles her back down.

Arianna leans on the hold but Kelani still endures. Fans rally up and Kelani fights to her feet, but Arianna knees low! Arianna CLUBS Kelani, reels her in, but Kelani fights the suplex as NXT returns to single picture. Arianna still tries but Kelani snap suplexes first! Kelani storms up, whips Arianna to ropes, but Arianna hits a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Arianna keeps on Kelani with another chinbar, but fans rally up. The watch party is all fired up, everyone in costume. Kelani fights up, fires body shots, and fans rally behind her. Arianna KNEES low, throws Kelani, but Kelani rolls through to then roll Arianna up, TWO!

Kelani ducks ‘n’ dodges, and CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO! Kelani goes to the apron, RAMS into Arianna, then slingshots up and over to sunset flip! TWO, but Kelani runs up again. Arianna trips, jackknifes, but TWO as Kelani bridges up! Kelani spins things to a backslide, TWO! Arianna kicks low, whips Kelani to a corner, runs in but misses! Kelani runs back in to LARIAT! And LARIAT again! Kelani rallies, handsprings and LEG SWEEPS! Kelani kips up and fans fire up! Kelani SOMERSAULT LEG DROPS! Cover, TWO! Kelani keeps on Arianna with a facelock, but Arianna wrenches out and whips Kelani into ropes!

Kelani sputters, Arianna storms up and waistlocks, SAIDO! Cover, TWO! Kelani shows her toughness but Arianna whips her to the corner. Kelani hits buckles hard, and then Arianna hoists her up top. Arianna climbs up behind Kelani, but Kelani fights the lift! Kelani throws elbows and Arianna wobbles! Arianna pulls hair to stay on the corner! But then Kelani ELBOWS her down! Kelani hurries to hit the SPLIT-LEG MOONSAULT! Cover, Kelani wins!

Winner: Kelani Jordan, by pinfall (advances to the finals)

A truly incredible battle, and Kelani is starting to look one-of-a-kind! But will she be THE Breakout Star of 2023? Who will meet her next week for the finals?


Von Wagner continues his physical rehab.

He uses a walker, and the doctor tells Robert Stone that Von is progressing, but slowly. Von asks Stone what the hell he’s doing. He was just asking a question. No, the match with Bron Breakker! Does Stone have a death wish? We all saw what Bron did to Von. Stone says yeah, he got a bit worked up. Bu Stone will have no regrets. He knows he’s getting his ass kicked, but if he can get even one punch or one slap across Bron’s face to knock that stupid smile off it, it will be worth it. Stone can’t stand that his best friend is suffering while that jerk is on some fishing boat or whatever the hell he does!

Von wants Stone to hold on. Von’s his best friend? Damn right you are! Von smiles, and says as much as he wants to be there for Stone next week, he’s nowhere near ready. Stone says don’t worry about it. Next week, Stone does this for Von. Von is motivated to push forward, when will we see him back in the ring?


Shotzi & Scarlett welcome us back.

Earlier, she was Pinhead, now Shotzi is now Edward Scissorhands, as she asks, “Who’s ready for some more havoc?” Scarlett says they love to see it. But she also loves their YouTube series, Chamber of Horrors. They take their fellow WWE Superstars to the most haunted locations on Earth. The new episode comes out soon, where Shotzi & Scarlett hang out with Alba Fyre, Isla Dawn & Kayla Braxton! Wait, Diamond Mine walk out and Julius compliments the costumes. Ed, a vampire. These three knew you would be hosting, and y’see, last week, Angel & Humberto cost them their shot at the tag titles tonight.

So no more excuses. They wanna SMASH Los Lotharios! What do the hosts say? Shotzi saw what happened, and she doesn’t think it should just be a normal tag match. Right, Scarlett? Yeah, let’s let the WHEEL decide! No objections from the Creeds, so Ivy Nile gets to spin! Around and around it goes! Where it stops, nobody knows! What match will they have? It will be a TAG TEAM TABLES, LADDERS & SCARES!! Yes, that’s grandpa telling the boys they messed up! Creeds VS Garza & Carrillo, let’s go! Who survives NXT when they go TLS?

But speaking of the tag titles, The Don & Stacks make their entrance! Will the D’Angelo Family make it through tonight? Or will this be a #TeachableMoment?

NXT Tag Team Championships: Tony D’Angelo & Channing Lorenzo VS Chase U w/ Thea Hail & Jacy Jayne!

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who gets the trick and who gets the treats!

Chase and Stacks start, tie up, and Stacks arm-drags. Chase gets up, they tie up, but Stacks arm-drags again! They go again, Chase arm-drags this time, but then Stacks avoids the next one. Stacks drags Chase up but Chase arm-drags again! Now that was a Teachable Moment! Stacks runs in, Chase headlocks and Duke tags in as Stacks powers out. Duke fireman’s carries but Stacks slips free. Stacks dumps Duke out, then tosses Chase, to PLANCHA! Duke goes down, Stacks hurries in, tag to Tony before Stacks BOOTS Chase! Tony then gives Stacks a boost to CROSSBODY Chase U down! Fans are torn as NXT goes picture in picture.

Tony & Stacks talk trash, Thea & Jacy coach up the boys but Stacks puts Duke in. Tony storms up but Duke throws body shots. Tony throws hands, reels Duke in, and whips him to a corner to SPLASH! Tony fires hands, scrapes Duke’s face on the ropes, then CLUBS him to the corner. Tag to Stacks, the D’Angelos double whip, body shot and knee lift! Duke is down, Stacks covers, TWO! Stacks talks trash, throws hands, then stands Duke up to clothesline! Duke stays up! Stacks throws more clotheslines, eggs Duke on, but Duke just grits his teeth. Stacks keeps throwing shots but Duke shakes his head, to then CLOBBER Stacks!

Duke deadlift suplexes Stacks! Cover, TWO! Tag to Chase, they whip, trip and U~ ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Chase keeps on Stacks, whips him to a corner, but Stacks reverses. Chase goes up but Stacks catches him to KICK him down! Stacks tags Tony, and Tony storms up on Chase to stomp him down. Tony talks some trash, then snap suplexes Chase. Tony drags Chase back up, bumps him off buckles, and he runs in, but into a BOOT! Chase ELBOWS Stacks, ROCKS Tony, repeat! But Tony clinches to BELLY2BELLY! Cover, TWO! Chase survives but Tony clamps on with a bearhug. Tony puts on the squeeze but Chase endures.

Chase fights around, fights up to his feet, and throws elbows! NXT returns to single picture as Chase CHOPS! Chase whips, Tony headlocks, but Chase powers out. Stacks tags in, Tony keeps Chase from Duke, and Tony reels Chase in for a FLAPJACK into Stacks’ GAMANGIRI! Chase staggers and falls, Stacks hurries to cover, TWO! Fans duel as Stacks facelocks and grinds Chase down. Chase fights up, fans rally, and Chase powers his way to the corner! Thea shouts to keep fighting, but Stacks throws body shots! Stacks scoops to SLAM Chase, then he drops an elbow, only to miss! Chase bails out, suckers Stacks in and UPPERCUTS!

Chase hurries, Tony tags in and drags Chase back! Chase stands up to ENZIGURI! Fans fire up for the hot tags! The MVP rallies on The Underboss! Duke whips and OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY SUPLEXES! Fans fire up as Duke JABS! JABS! JABS! Tony runs in, he gets JAB after JAB! Flip, flop and “U~!” ELBOW for Tony! Stacks kicks, Duke blocks and reels him in., Stacks dodges, Duke scoops to SLAM him onto Tony! Fans fire up and Duke hits a SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Stacks survives but Thea is all fired up! Duke hoists Stacks to a Canadian Rack! Stacks slips free, but Duke blocks a boot to CHOP!

Duke CHOPS Stacks again! Duke whips corner to corner, Stacks goes up and over, but Duke is ready. Stacks ducks ‘n’ dodges but runs into the BOSS MAN SLAM! Cover, TWO!!! Stacks survives gain but Thea & Jacy are confident. The fans rally up as Duke storms up on Stacks. Tag to Chase, Duke gets Stacks up. Chase is ready as Duke Gory Especials, but Stacks fights free! Stacks BOOTS Duke in the corner, JABS Chase, and tags Tony! Fans rally as Tony rallies on Chase U! Tony dodges Duke to OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY! SPINEBUSTER on Chase! Tony tags Stacks and The Family coordinates. UPPERCUT GERMAN COMBO!

Tony keeps going, they get up, SUPER UPPERCUT GERMAN COMBO! Cover, TWO!!! Chase lives and fans fire up again! The fans duel about the count but Stacks tags Tony. Tony gets Chase up, Stacks climbs but Duke grabs at Stacks. Stacks leaps, but into Duke’s BOOT! Chase slips down and ROCKS Tony! And ROCKS him again! Chase whips, Tony reverses and clinches, RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Fans fire up because it’s time to spell it out! “C! H! A! S! E! U!” What’s that spell? CHASE U~! Chase hurries up top, but Tony hurries up after him! But Duke anchors Chase to save him! Chase HEADBUTTS Tony down!

Stacks hurries up to kick Duke, APRON DDT!! Tony hurries right back up, Stacks tags in! BADA BING! BADA BOOM!! The Power & Glory hit, but Stacks has to crawl to the cover! Duke SLINGSHOT GERMAN SUPLEXES Tony onto the pin!! Fans are thunderous as Duke saves the match! Duke gets Tony up, but Tony TACKLES Duke! Chase goes after Tony but Stacks rolls Chase up, TWO! Tag to Tony before the SUPERKICK! Then the Family double whip, pops him up, but Duke POUNCES Stacks and Chase sunset flips Tony!! TWO!??! Tony escapes, Thea checks Duke. Tony runs hu but Chase spins him to a NECKBREAKER!

Chase flounders, Jacy has a crowbar?! Chase says no, they don’t play it like that! Jacy says Tony does! Tony runs up, Chase sends him away, Jacy tries to use the crowbar but Tony knocks her down by accident first! Chase gets Tony for a body scissor clutch! Cover, CHASE U WINS!!!

Winners: Chase U, by pinfall (NEW NXT Tag Team Champions)

Jacy is just as shocked as anyone! She tried cheating, still ended up being a distraction on Tony, and now Chase U finally has gold!! But will studying game film expose the truth to Professor Chase? Or will it matter since they won?


NXT presents an all new Hard Hitting Home Truths.

Nathan Frazer says tonight is absolutely stacked, so time to apply his motto. “Never slow down.” This is gonna be a speed round of HHHT! First, Dirty Dom doesn’t like Frazer much, but what a crying shame that is. Because turns out, the feeling is mutual. Dom is as popular as a wasp at a picnic. Even if he wasn’t such an ass to everyone here, Dom just has a face that you wanna slap. So the hard hitting home truth is that Dom is only NXT North American Champion, again, because of Judgment Day and his Mami keep bailing him out. Dom on his own is as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Just look at last week. Frazer battered Dom all over the arena until Rhea took him home like an unruly toddler at a birthday party. The next truth is that last year’s Halloween Havoc was not good for Frazer. He landed on his head a few times, it almost ended his career, but he came back faster, stronger and maybe even crazier. And he isn’t asking permission, he is saying how this is going down. Next week, night 2 of Halloween Havoc, Dom VS Frazer, for the North American Championship! That is, if Mami will give him back his balls for the week. Last year, Frazer had his greatest downfall. But this year, it’ll be his greatest triumph.

So then for Dom, and more importantly, all us fans, is the Hard Hitting Home Truth. Frazer has called out Dirty Dom, but will the Jersey Island Rocket clean up the NXT North American Championship scene himself?


Backstage interview with Baron Corbin.

McKenzie Mitchell brings up how last week, Corbin was half a second away from becoming #1 contender. He cuts her off there and says yes, he was half a second from winning. That’s why he doesn’t like Triple Threats: anything can happen, and then it did. A lot like Corbin’s career, he does all the hard work and someone else reaps the benefits. Corbin did everything in his power to win. Everything in his power? Yeah, and it should be Corbin VS Dragunov next week. But he said he did everything, so then did he attack Trick? Corbin says if he was gonna take Trick out like that, he’d do it out in the open.

Corbin doesn’t like Trick, his song, his face, or his catchphrases. Trick was the one who got his ass whooped. Maybe it was Dijak. Maybe it was Axiom! Trick is getting popular, and that puts a target on your back. It could’ve even been that quitter, Wes Lee! But Corbin says he thinks it is Melo. But at the same time, it doesn’t matter, that wasn’t on Corbin, it isn’t his concern. What Corbin does care about is that championship. If Dragunov survives Melo next week, then he better have his head on a swivel. Mr. No BS heads out, will he look to burn the ships no matter who survives Halloween Havoc?


Lights Out: Blair Davenport VS Gigi Dolin!

The Ichiban Gaijin was blindsiding woman after woman on the NXT roster, but she didn’t appreciate it much when the Toxic Avenger gave her a taste of her own medicine. But now, there will be nothing holding them back! Who survives when it’s No Disqualifications, No Count Outs, and no telling what will happen?

The bell rings and Scarlett says it’s time! Shotzi flips the switch and the lights go down! Gigi and Blair circle, then Blair bails out to go searching for goodies. Gigi WRECKS her with a dropkick first, then hurries to the apron. Blair grabs at Gigi but Gigi kicks her away, then CROSSBODIES off the apron! Direct hit, but Gigi keeps going with fists! Fans fire up as Gigi puts Blair back in the ring. Blair knees low, UPPERCUTS and ROCKS Gigi, then runs to KNEE her out of the ring! Fans rally and duel, Blair pursues Gigi and goes looking again. Blair brings out a chair, but Gigi kicks low! Gigi KNEES Blair, then sets up the chair.

Gigi brings Blair around, SMACKS her off the chair, then ROCKS her with a forearm. Fans fire up as Gigi BOOTS Blair down! Gigi brings Blair back up to SMACK off the apron, but Blair SMACKS Gigi off the steps! Blair storms up, SMACKS her off the steps again and again, then lets off to go up the steps. Blair stands on Gigi’s head! But Gigi slips away before the stomp! Gigi ROCKS Blair, brings her around, and SUPERKICKS! Blair staggers away, throws a body shot, but Gigi CLUBS Blair down! Fans want tables but Gigi first makes Blair take a seat. Gigi throws forearms, then goes up the apron. Gigi lines up the shot, to METEORA Blair off the chair!

Fans fire up as Gigi shouts at Blair, and NXT goes picture in picture.

Gigi taunts Blair while Blair writhes, and Gigi goes off to find some more goodies. She brings out a couple trash can lids, then goes looking around the other sides. Another chair is added, and then Gigi KNEES Blair back down! Gigi drags Blair into the ring, fires off forearms, then DECKS her! Gigi has a chair, wedges it into a corner, and then goes back to Blair. Gigi whips Blair into a bare corner, then whips her into the chair corner! Blair hobbles, Gigi scoops her, SWINGING SIDE SLAM! Cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO! Gigi has a CROSSFACE! Blair endures, moves around, claws her way over, but there are no ropebreaks in this match!

Blair pushes to get a cover, TWO! Gigi lets Blair go, and Blair SMACKS her with a trash can lid! Blair drags Gigi up, reels her in, and snap suplexes her into the chair corner! Gigi writhes, Blair stomps her down and digs her boots in, and Blair lets off when she’s ready. Blair digs the chair into Gigi, then lets off to go find more goodies. Blair finds a kendo stick! Blair storms up on Gigi, sits a chair up and makes Gigi take a seat, so she can SMACK her with the stick! Gigi hobbles, Blair SMACKS her again! Blair then gets Gigi for a KENDO STICK NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Gigi is still in this but Blair CHOKES her with the kendo stick!

Gigi fights up, NXT returns to single picture, and she RAMS Blair into buckles. Gigi runs up but into a BOOT! Blair hops up but Gigi UPPERCUTS! Gigi climbs to SUPER STEINER! Blair writhes and fans fire up while Gigi goes out. Fans want a table, so Gigi gets a TABLE! Fans fire up even more as Gigi slides that into the ring. Gigi storms up to BOOT Blair down, then she swaggers back to the table. Gigi sets that up in a drop zone, and she goes back for Blair. Blair drop toeholds Gigi into the chair! And then POSTS her! Blair takes the table and flips it over! Fans boo as Blair denies them their fun! Blair doesn’t care, she just goes back for Gigi.

Gigi staggers up, Blair has her own belt to LASH Gigi down! And LASH her again! And again! Blair lashes Gigi out of the ring, then she goes looking under the ring. Blair finds a trash can, puts that in, and then brings out another chair. Blair slides in, but Gigi has a strap of her own! Gigi dodges Blair to LASH! And LASH! And LASH again! Gigi whips to STO! Cover, TWO! Blair is still in this but Gigi LASHES her one more time. Gigi SMACKS Blair off the chair, then puts her throw it, to give her Kawada Kicks! Gigi tells Blair to sit up and look at her. Then Gigi CHOPS Blair! Gigi runs, but Blair CHUCKS the chair at Gigi’s face!

Blair hits a SAIDO, then covers, TWO!! Gigi is still in this but Blair snarls. “This is Awesome!” as Blair goes out and brings out a table of her own! Blair no longer cares about who wants what, she wants to do damage! Blair sets that table up on the outside, but it seems to be fighting her. Blair finally gets the table to stand and fans cheer as she positions it. But Gigi SMACKS her with the trash can! And then ROCKS her, runs, and SHOTGUNS her in the ropes! Then she runs to BASEMENT DROPKICK! Gigi brings Blair over to BLUE THUNDER BOMB on the trash can! Cover, TWO!! Blair survives, Gigi follows her out of the ring, and they’re near the table.

Gigi ROCKS Blair, but Blair RAMS Gigi into steel steps! Blair isn’t done, she clears off the announce desk! Blair puts Gigi on the desk, climbs up after her, and fans fire up! Gigi KNEES Blair, brings her around, but Blair fights the suplex! Blair turns it around, FALCON ARROW through the table!! Fans lose their minds as Gigi writhes in the wreckage! Blair hauls Gigi into the ring, sits her up, KAMI-GOYE!! Cover, Blair wins!!

Winner: Blair Davenport, by pinfall

Beware of the Heir, she is at her deadliest in the dark! Will anyone stop Blair from becoming THE Alpha Female in NXT?


Vic Joseph interviews Ilja Dragunov.

Much like Melo, Vic knows the NXT Champion is very busy, so he gets to business. Dragunov has been champion now for just over a month. What is life like now with the title and no longer chasing it? Dragunov says previously, he said it was his destiny to become NXT Champion. Those weren’t hollow words. Since he was a child, life was a struggle. His family moved from Russia to Germany with nothing, but Dragunov learned very early on that he could endure any pain, so long as there was reason for it. Dragunov used that to make it here. He is very proud to be NXT Champion.

Dragunov drove home recently, and his son got to hold the NXT title for the very first time. The look in his son’s eyes was full of pride for his father. it was the most excellent motivation to carry on as a great champion. Vic says that speaking of journeys, the next week here will be Dragunov heading to the main event of Halloween Havoc, night 2. What are his feelings now that he is the champion and not the challenger against Melo? Dragunov says only because he walks into the match as champion now, that doesn’t change anything. He will be even more intensified, because he knows the pain it took to become a champion.

Dragunov recognizes that this will be another instant classic, where Dragunov will bend but not break. And Melo will break once again, just like he did at No Mercy. Then what will he have to do differently to retain the title? Dragunov doesn’t quite get the question. He doesn’t “adjust” for anyone. Dragunov’s opponents must adjust to him. Melo will enter this fight as a desperate man, desperate to regain the title. But Melo isn’t fully focused like he used to be. Dragunov’s mind has been on the NXT Championship for a very long time. Melo can no longer say the same. And that will be Melo’s downfall.

Their intangibles will be their deciding factor. This reign represents 30 YEARS of sacrifice and is the visible proof that Dragunov IS #UNBESIEGBAR. Vic feels the intensity already, and he wishes Dragunov good luck. Melo watches this interview, and then Shotzi & Scarlett scare the crap outta him as the twins from The Shining. They tell him that it says in the cards, all signs point to him. Winning the championship back? No. Not the match. About who attacked Trick. Melo doesn’t believe in tarot anyway, so go mess with someone else. Shotzi & Scarlett giggle, but will they be two for two in their predictions?


Backstage interview with Tiffany Stratton.

Sarah Schreiber is with the Wrestling Barbie in the middle of the Breakout Tournament Watch Party, and says that as last year’s runner-up, she’s watching this year’s- Tiff says Sarah is so right. Tiff likes her better than McKenzie already. But TBH, it doesn’t really matter to Tiff who wins this year, because she wants to see Becky VS Lyra. Wait, who is this stepping in? Wait, Fallon Henley is cosplaying as Tiffany? “Because whoever wins the main event, after that, it’s Tiffy Time for everybody! Cuz that Tiffy Title is coming back to Tiffy me! HA HA!” Tiff says very funny. If she were Fallon, she’d wanna be Tiff, too. But seriously, what is she doing?

Fallon says she (Tiff) deserves everything, and do you know why? Why? Because she’s the Center of the Universe! If that’s the universe, there she is at the center. The Tiffy Center! AHAHA! Why is she so rich? Did they know she’s rich? OMG stop! Now Fallon just mirrors Tiff, and Fallon says “You can go now. Tootles!” OH~! The others say Tiff just got burned, but then Tiff gets miffed and she ROCKS Fallon with a forearm! Now it’s a fight in the watch party room!! The other superstars split them up, but will Tiff ever get over herself? Or will the Cowgirl bring her down to earth?


NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament Semifinals: Karmen Petrovic VS Lola Vice w/ Elektra Lopez!

Karmen has Dalmatian spots like Cruella, but Lola doesn’t bother dressing up, she’s her own superhero. Kelani awaits the winner of this match, who strikes first and who strikes harder to punch their ticket to the finals?

The bell rings, Lola swings and Karmen dodges, but then Lola KICKS the leg out! Karmen gets up, the two circle and test the water, and then Karmen KICKS Lola’s leg out! Lola gets up, they square up, then tie up, and Karmen facelocks to bring Lola down. Karmen waistlocks, Lola fights around, but Karmen rolls to a pin, TWO! Lola CHOPS, Karmen goes to a corner, but Karmen BOOTS Lola! Leg sweep and Karmen ROLLING KICKS! Cover, TWO! Karmen KICKS Lola again! Lola goes to a corner, Karmen runs in, but Lola puts her on the apron. Karmen RAMS into Lola but Lola SOBATS Karmen down!

Fans fire up as Lola swivels the hips, and then she hits her stance again,. Karmen runs in but Lola SPINEBUSTERS! Lola throws down hands, talks trash and then HIP ATTACKS! Lola runs to AX KICK Karmen down! Cover, TWO! Lola drags Karmen up but Karmen HOOK KICKS! Lola KICKS back, drags Karmen to a cover, TWO! Lola has a cording hold to grind the arm, and she talks more trash. Lola claws at Karmen’s side but Karmen fights up. Fans rally, Karmen powers out to HOOK KICK again! Karmen ROCKS Lola, Lola whips, but Karmen reverses. Lola reverses, Karmen reverses again, another HOOK KICK!

Fans are torn as Karmen runs in to rally on Lola! DISCUS LARIAT! Lola goes to a corner, Karmen runs and rolls to ROUNDHOUSE! Karmen pushes Lola out to SLIDING KICK! Cover, TWO! Lola survives and bails out but Karmen has a crazy grin. Karmen builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit at the ramp! Lopez freaks out but fans fire up! Karmen points to the contract on the pedestal and she puts Lola in the ring. Karmen slides in, fires up, but Lola ducks a kick to HEEL KICK!! Cover, Lola wins!

Winner: Lola Vice, by pinfall (advances to the finals)

Buenas noches for Karmen, but it’s a good night for Vice! Kelani walks out to stare her future opponent down. Who will break out to then go for the gold?


Chase U celebrates backstage.

The new champs are fired up, as is Thea. And y’know what that means, right? Oh, yeah, it means a lot! Right, because first, that means they’re gonna travel with these belts. And that will put them over the carry-on limit. But they’re also locker room leaders now. They went from boys to men! Thea says Duke went from MVP to a champion! Jacy said it was gonna be different, right? Now they know what it feels to be winners! CHASE U! CHASE U! But then wait, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions step in! And Little Red Chelsea Green says noise control, people.

Well, hello, Chelsea. But who cares? Duke & Chase just won the NXT Tag Team titles! Piper “The Big Bad Wolf” Niven asks who the small fry is talking to. Jacy asks who Piper is talking to, because they don’t even go here. Chelsea says she is gonna lodge a formal complaint! Why? Because nobody speaks to the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions like that! Oh yeah? Y-Yeah! Now, where is HBK’s office? Jacy tells Chelsea that they can bring them there. And on the way, they’ll ask for a tag title match against Chelsea & Piper! It is about time they defended those belts anyway! Chase U, roll out!

Duke says laters. They’re WINNERS! Is Chase U about to level up and get even more gold? Or will the Hot Mess and Scottish Viper make this a fairy tale with a sad ending?


Noam Dar complains to security.

He wants 24/7 camera surveillance for the Heritage Cup trophy! What kind of security does this place even have!? But wait! Lash sees on social media that Tozawa has the cup! Oro says he knew it! Dar is freaking out! Wait, n ow Tozawa is posting a message! “If you want your cup back, come and get it!” The journey in the prophecy… And it’s a haunted house!? The ladies don’t want any part of that! Dar says no, they all have to go to get the cup! What spooky scary surprises will Tozawa have in store for The Meta Four?


Melo watches back footage from last week’s episode.

Perhaps he’s looking for clues as to whodunnit on Trick? Then Bron Breakker steps in. Melo’s a man without a trick up his sleeve. Ha ha, make your jokes. Everyone is talking about Melo jumping his best friend, when they should be talking about his focus going into his match with Dragunov and getting the title back. Bron says they’ll talk about what he wants to talk about. Not too long ago, Melo and Bron were the talk of this entire industry. They both know they will be fighting for the top spot for decades to come. Bron has already proven he’ll do anything to stay there. And now, Melo has proven that by taking out his best friend.

Melo says Bron knows he didn’t do it. He didn’t, he did, you gotta do what you gotta do. But Bron promises Melo, if he brings that Melo to next week, he will get the title back. Bron will hospitalize Robert Stone, and then they can get back to this. See you next week. Bron heads out, is he not the only one #MeanerThanEvil?


NXT Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch VS Lyra Valkyria!

The Man has been a fighting champion ever since getting this title off Tiffany Stratton, and now she has come around to the main event of Halloween Havoc! This match isn’t just about the title, but about legacy, passion and what this means to every man, woman and child in Ireland! But wait, who is this sitting up in the perch? It’s JADE CARGILL! The storm has come to NXT, will she be looking to challenge whoever comes out of this on top?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if The Morrigan is ready for the Big Time!

The bell rings and the fans are fired up already. The two circle, tie up, and Becky clinches,. Lyra fights free, but Becky ducks the heel kick! Fans cheer as both women are on notice, and NXT goes picture in picture.

Becky and Lyra reset and circle again. They tie up, Becky waistlocks, headlocks and hits the takeover. Becky holds on as Lyra kicks around, and they stand up. Lyra powers out, but Becky runs her over! Lyra shakes her arm out, Becky runs but Lyra trips her! Lyra rolls Becky, TWO! Becky runs up, trips Lyra, and jackknife bridges, TWO! Lyra bridges up but Becky powers her down! TWO, and Lyra gets up to spin Becky! Becky fights the backslide but Lyra still hits it, TWO! They stay hooked up, stand up again, and Becky spins Lyra to cradle! TWO, Becky runs but into an arm-drag! But she arm-drags back! The two stand off and fans applaud.

Becky and Lyra reset, circle again, and Lyra runs in but into a CALF KICK! Becky stands tall, runs and WRECKS Lyra with a dropkick! Becky hurries out after Lyra, drags her up, and CLUBS her on the back. Becky SMACKS Lyra off the apron, stalks her, and then stands her up. Lyra ROCKS Becky back! Lyra kicks and follows Becky around the way, then SMACKS her off the apron! Lyra puts Becky in but Becky KICKS Lyra in the ropes! Becky then brings Lyra around, but Lyra shoves her, only for Becky to drop a leg on the dropdown! NXT returns to single picture and Becky hurries to cover, ONE!! Lyra is showing toughness but Becky keeps cool.

Fans rally up as Becky stands and stalks Lyra. Becky drags Lyra up, bumps her off buckles, and then brings Becky around to bump her off more buckles. Fans rally and duel, but Lyra turns things around and bumps Becky off buckles! Lyra stomps, Becky kicks back, and Becky whips Lyra to ropes. Lyra ducks ‘n’ dodges to CROSSBODY! Cover, Becky goes Matrix! Fans fire up as Becky ELBOWS Lyra, goes up and up and CROSSBODIES again! But now Lyra goes Matrix! Becky swings, Lyra dodges, and they DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Fans fire up, “This is Awesome!” and both women stir. We even see fans in Ireland all fired up for this!

Becky and Lyra stand, Lyra counter punches! Becky hits back, so Lyra hits again! They go back and forth, faster and faster, and Becky gets the edge! Becky SOBATS, runs, but Lyra SOBATS! Front kicks! HEADBUTTS! AX KICKS! Lyra reels Becky in, Becky wrenches out to ROCK Lyra! Lyra ROCKS Becky, Becky ROCKS Lyra, and Lyra fires windmill shots! Fast hands and a KICK, then more fast hands! Lyra runs but Becky ROCKS her! Becky runs but Lyra ROCKS her back! Lyra runs again, but she fakes Becky so she can ELBOW and LARIAT! Fans rally and duel as Lyra rallies on Becky! NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO!

Becky survives, the fans duel, and Lyra drags Becky up. JAWBREAKER! Lyra staggers, comes back, into a BECKSPLODER! Fans fire up as Lyra flounders to the apron. Becky drags Lyra up to UPPERCUT, SOBAT and then go to the corner. GUILLOTINE- NO, Lyra avoids the leg to RAM into Becky! Becky ROCKS Lyra, sends her down, and then builds speed. But Lyra slides in to dodge, and she WRECKS Becky with a dropkick! Fans fire up as Lyra roars, and she goes out to get Becky. Becky POSTS Lyra first! Becky storms up while Lyra checks her face. Becky brings Lyra around, puts her in, but Lyra shoulders out. Becky kicks but Lyra catches her!

Lyra drags Becky into the ropes, CLUBS away on her, then she goes up the corner! GUILLOTINE LEG DROP! Becky flops down, TWO!! Becky survives and Lyra is frustrated but the fans fire up. The fans in Ireland are also loving this as Lyra fireman’s carries. Becky slips free, reels Lyra in, but Lyra snapmares free. Lyra swings, misses, but she fights the clinch! Becky still tries, Lyra flips through to ENZIGURI! Becky goes to a corner, Lyra runs in but is put on the apron. Lyra ROCKS Becky, goes up the corner, MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO!! Becky survives and Lyra is beside herself! Fans rally up for “NXT! NXT!” as the two rise.

Becky and Lyra storm up, Becky ducks a kick and goes for an arm! Lyra rolls Becky up, TWO! Becky again goes for an arm but Lyra sends her to a corner. Becky BOOTS Lyra, goes up and reels Lyra in, DIAMOND DUST!! Cover, TWO!! Lyra lives and Becky is stunned! Fans are thunderous as Becky aims. Lyra rises, Becky clinches, but Lyra wheelbarrows to a victory roll! ONE, Becky has it, TWO!! Lyra stands, Becky kicks and hip toss to ARMBAR!! Lyra flails, kicks, moves around, rolls to a cover, TWO! Becky still has the arm! Lyra endures, fights, shifts, and has the arms, GHOST PIN! TWO!! So now Lyra has a LEG NELSON!

Becky endures this modified motorcycle stretch, pushes back to a cover, TWO!! Lyra lets Becky go in time, and now she suplexes, FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Becky is still in this and the fans are electric! Lyra goes up a corner, “This is Awesome!” as she aims! FLYING SPLASH FLOPS!! DISARM-HER!!! Lyra endures, reaches out, pushes around, reaches with a foot, ROPEBREAK!! Becky lets go in frustration, the fans duel, and Lyra goes to a corner, Becky runs in to forearm smash! Then JUMP- NO, Lyra blocks the kick to SITOUT POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!!! Becky survives and Lyra is beside herself!

Fans are electric for “NXT! NXT!” as this battle continues! Lyra drags Becky to a drop zone and heads up top. But Becky ROCKS her first! Becky climbs, Lyra ROCKS her, Becky ROCKS her back! They brawl, Becky CLUBS away on Lyra and hoists her up! SUPERPLEX! Roll through to DDT!! Becky spikes Lyra, then covers, TWO?!?!? No one can believe that, but Becky is furious! She rains down fists on Lyra, then drags her to a drop zone. Becky goes up now, fans fire up, but Lyra ROCKS her first! Lyra climbs up, Becky throws body shots in return, then slips under. Becky carries Lyra but Lyra punches back!

Lyra flips away, and HEEL KICKS Becky!!! Cover, TWO?!!?? Becky survives the headshot and no one can believe it! Lyra is beside herself again, and what more can the fans say but “This is Awesome!” Lyra drags Becky to fireman’s carry, but Becky slips free, shoves, and then blocks a kick! Becky flips Lyra, then clinches, MANHANDLE SLAM!!! Cover, TWO?!?!?! HOW?!?!? Becky is losing her mind and even Lyra has to check if that was in time! The fans are losing their minds, too, and Becky tries to think what she has to do. Becky drags Lyra around, wants the arm, but Lyra KICKS her! And KICKS her! And HEEL- NO, Becky ducks!


Winner: Lyra Valkyria, by pinfall (NEW NXT Women’s Champion)

The Man is stunned, but NXT explodes as The Morrigan takes the title! Ireland cheers this instant classic, but Becky grabs the belt first. She gives it one last look while Jade Cargill smiles from the perch. Becky hands the belt to Lyra and they hug it out. Fans cheer, and now Lyra flies with golden wings! Will Lyra be able to put her own mark on the NXT Women’s Division? Will she be able to weather the storm that is coming?

My Thoughts:

A great NXT to start Halloween Havoc being a two-night affair for the first time. Good of them to use the musical act as the opening to get things fired up, but also to get it out of the way. Then great opening match with The Devil’s Playground. The “playground” was a little crowded together because the NXT Arena is just too small compared to what even other promotions are capable of renting for shows. Even so, breaking off a swing, a teetertotter and denting the slide was awesome stuff. Dumping out the “broken brick” that was just Styrofoam or plastic was a bit lame, though. But whatever, awesome win for Roxie and she’s moving on up the ranks.

Similarly, great Lights Out match, great use of the standard pro-wrestling items, but I was wishing for something out of the norm for these two. A table spot to then lead to the finish was great, but a bit surprising it was Blair winning. Blair and Roxie already fought before, there’s half a chance they fight again to determine another #1 contender. Tiff VS Fallon is also still coming after that hilarious promo where Fallon parodies Tiff and they brawl in the watch party room. The NXT Breakout Tournament was really good tonight, but I figured Kelani and Lola would be the finalists. I’m leaning towards Kelani given all the screentime she’s had, but those same reasons can justify them going with Lola. And at the same time, the NXT Women’s Champion is a Face and Heels are better at cash-ins, so…

And speaking of that match, that was an awesome main event from Becky and Lyra, almost PPV/Premium Live Event worthy. Jade Cargill watching it from the perch was also a great detail, and what an awesome surprise that Lyra still wins, even with Becky’s full dance card on Raw. Xia Li might be able to use this, saying Becky wasted time and now Xia doesn’t get her shot, and that leads them to feud in the background of the Women’s World Championship scene. And if Jade is choosing NXT, Lyra and Jade are going to be great for each other. Lyra will be an underdog champion against such an imposing force, and Jade will look great against someone who really knows what they’re doing in the ring. If nothing else, Jade makes it easier for someone to cash-in on Lyra.

Lexis King of course wins his debut, and great to see Dante Chen on TV at all. Great bits with Meta Four and Tozawa to further set up the Heritage Cup story, and of course we’re getting this year’s haunted house cinematic event next week. Good to see a Spin the Wheel happen tonight to give a stipulation to Creeds VS Garza & Carrillo, which will be a great match now that it’s a Halloween themed TLC. Great tag title match, and I was very surprised to see Chase U winning. But it was done very well, with Jacy wanting to cheat still working out, and I like that we also got a Women’s Tag Team Championship match put together for next week. Those unofficially undisputed Women’s Tag titles really do need to travel to all brands, so here we are.

Great promo from Frazer to call out Dom, and they’re going to have a great title match. I just hope Frazer wins so that the NXT North American title ends up back on NXT. Great promos in the whodunnit of Trick Williams, of course Melo is suspect number one, and Melo has very good promos with Vic and Bron about that. Again, kinda hoping it isn’t Melo since that’s obvious to everyone, including us fans. Stone and Von have a good promo, too, and I don’t know about hospitalized, but Stone more than likely loses. The promo already motivated Von to work harder, he’s definitely coming back soon enough. And Dragunov has a good promo for his part, too, and while Dragunov VS Melo is going to be awesome, I am very certain Dragunov retains, as he can also settle things with Corbin next.

My Score: 9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (11/29/23)

The Continental Classic continues into week 2!



AEW Coverage Lasers

The Switchblade enters whose house?

The AEW Continental Classic continues here on Dynamite! Swerve Strickland and Jay White are both 1-0, but they go against each other for the top spot in Gold League!


  • AEW Continental Classic, Gold League: Jon Moxley VS Jay Lethal; Moxley wins.
  • AEW Continental Classic, Gold League: Mark Briscoe VS Rush; Rush wins.
  • Wardlow VS AR Fox; Wardlow wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Action Andretti & Top Flight VS The Hardy Party; Action & Top Flight win.
  • AEW TBS Championship House Rules Match: Julia Hart VS Emi Sakura; Julia wins and retains the title.
  • AEW Continental Classic, Gold League: Jay White VS Swerve Strickland; Swerve wins.


Bryan Danielson is here!

Fans cheer as the American Dragon, eyepatch on like a pirate, joins commentary to watch the Continental Classic competition in person.


AEW Continental Classic, Gold League: Jon Moxley VS Jay Lethal!

The Maniac is 1-0 with three points, so he’s feeling pretty good batting lead for round two! Will he continue his momentum with #PureCarnage? Or will this be a lethal week two?

The bell rings and the clock is ticking on the 20 minute time limit. Moxley and Lethal circle, tie up, and Lethal headlocks for a takeover. Moxley headscissors, Lethal kips free but Moxley headlocks for a takeover. Lethal headscissors, Moxley kips free, and we go another takeover for another scissor. And another! Lethal then ROCKS Moxley with a right! Moxley ROCKS Lethal, Lethal ROCKS Moxley, and they go back and forth! Lethal kicks low, runs, but Moxley CLOBBERS him! Fans fire up but Lethal trips Moxley to step through, FIGURE FOUR! But Moxley rolls to the apron, and they fall to the floor!

Lethal and Moxley get up, Lethal throws body shots but Moxley clinches. Lethal RAMS Moxley into the apron, slides into the ring and he builds speed. Lethal DIVES and sends Moxley into the railing! Fans fire up, Lethal goes to the apron and struts, but Bryan says not to do that with Moxley. Lethal hops in, builds speed again, but Moxley slides in to deny the dive! Then Moxley DECKS Lethal, and he DIVES! Now Lethal is sent into railing! Moxley shakes out his leg after jamming it up a bit. Lethal CLUBS Moxley, CLUBS him more, but Moxley ROCKS Lethal back. Moxley puts Lethal in, runs in at the corner and clotheslines!

Moxley climbs up to rain down fists! The fans count, but Lethal slips away before five to kick at the legs! Then Lethal hoists Moxley for a SHIN BREAKER to a DRAGON SCREW! Moxley clutches his knee, Lethal storms up to stomp him! Lethal goes after that knee with more stomps, but Moxley hobbles to another corner. Lethal CLUBS the leg, CLUBS it again, and again! Moxley ROCKS Lethal! Lethal ROCKS Moxley! They go back and forth, Moxley gets the edge with boxing elbows! Then he BITES Lethal! Moxley runs, Lethal ducks to handspring, but into a SLEEPER! Lethal JAWBREAKRS free, and hits another SHIN BREAKER! Then a SAIDO!

Lethal hits a GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Moxley writhes, Lethal climbs, and he MACHO ELBOWS! Cover, TWO! Moxley is still in this, but he sputters as he crawls to ropes. Moxley is on the apron, Lethal BLASTS Moxley to the railing! The front row has Moxley in their laps as Dynamite goes picture in picture!

Lethal waits while the ref checks on Moxley. Moxley drags himself up but Lethal goes out after him. Moxley drags himself over railing, and Lethal ROCKS him with a right hand! And again! Lethal then RAMS Moxley into the apron, then CLUBS away on the leg! Lethal SLAMS the leg into the apron, and Moxley scrambles into the ring. Lethal pursues, runs up and KICKS the leg out! Moxley crawls, Lethal grabs the leg, and he drops an elbow on the knee! And again! Lethal then has a toehold and he twists the foot. Moxley endures, Lethal stomps the leg, then drops another elbow! But Moxley uses that to get an ARMBAR!

Lethal clasps hands quickly, fights up to stack, TWO and Lethal knees the back of Moxley’s leg! Lethal bends the leg across his own knee, but Moxley endures. Lethal KNEES it again, pulls, and goes back to the standing toehold. Moxley endures, Dynamite returns to single picture, and the fans rally up. Moxley kicks away at Lethal, then gets up to hit a CUTTER! Fans fire up while both men are down. Moxley fires up, he drags Lethal up and in, but Lethal fights the piledriver! Lethal RAMS Moxley into the corner, hoists him up, and CHOPS! Lethal climbs for a SUPER DRAGON SCREW! Moxley writhes and Lethal says he’s gonna rip that leg off!

Lethal aims as Moxley slowly rises, but Moxley avoids the chop block! Moxley ROCKS Lethal with a forearm! And CHOPS him! Lethal fires a forearm but Moxley fires back! The fans rally, the forearms fly, and Moxley gets the edge! Moxley runs, but Lethal follows to UPPERCUT! Lethal runs, but Moxley follows to ELBOW! Moxley runs, baits Lethal in, to LARIAT! Fans fire up with Moxley and he drags Lethal up. Underhooks, but Lethal fights the Paradigm Shift, BACKBREAKER TO COMPLETE SHOT! Moxley is down after the Lethal Combination, and Lethal covers, TWO! Bryan says that wasn’t a great cover, a tournament like this is about the basics.

Lethal grabs Moxley’s leg to SMASH the knee against the mat again and again! Then he drags Moxley, steps through, but Moxley cradle counters! TWO!! Lethal rushes Moxley but Moxley POSTS him! And then rolls him up, TWO!! Lethal escapes again, and Moxley goes back to the corner. Moxley slaps the bad leg and the fans rally up. Lethal stands, he dodges Moxley, and he O’Conner Rolls! TWO and Moxley has the REAR NAKED CHOKE! Lethal rolls back, TWO! Lethal gets the legs, FIGURE FOUR!! Moxley sits up but he endures the pain! Bryan coaches Moxley from commentary and Moxley fights his way around!

Moxley reaches out, Lethal pulls on that hold, but Moxley has the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Lethal lets off and drags Moxley up. Lethal KICKS the leg, then calls his shot! Handspring, but Moxley falls! Lethal stops himself, but falls for it! PARADIGM SHIFT!! Moxley fires up, and he KING KONG LRAIATS Lethal inside out!! Then PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO?!?! Lethal survives, but Moxley has the REAR NAKED CHOKE!! Lethal CLUBS Moxley’s leg, but then Moxley traps that arm! Lethal taps, Moxley wins!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by submission (gains 3 points; Lethal earns 0)

The Maniac is 2-0 with a strong six points, but it may have cost him a leg! Will he have to watch out next round with that target on his back?


AEW shares footage from after Saturday Night Collision.

Eddie Kingston asks them what they want him to say. He knew this was gonna be tough. Tony Khan didn’t put any scrubs in this tournament. Eddie just maybe got too cocky, thinking that since he put two belts in the pot, he was a given winner. No one deserves to win, everything is earned. Eddie has Bryan next but he’s behind the 8 ball. Eddie says he will not do this. He will not go backwards. Humble in victory and humble in defeat. Eddie has to go heal up, Epsom salt bath, all that good stuff. The Mad King vows he will be ready for the American Dragon.

Bryan Danielson responds.

Bryan says he was actually impressed by the confidence Eddie had to put up both his titles for the tournament. But now, one loss and Eddie feels he’s behind the 8 ball? Against Bryan? Bryan fractured his orbital bone, needed surgery in two places, and yet he is coming into this tournament on fire! He is NOT behind the 8 ball, he is NOT going to be humble, he is here to win this and be the first AEW Triple Crown! Will Bryan’s Blue League start be Eddie’s Blue League end?


Tony Schiavone is backstage.

He brings up that Sting’s final match is coming. AEW Revolution, Sunday, March 3rd, 2024. And when it comes to where they’ll have Sting’s final match, they thought of the many great venues across the world, but what better place for Sting’s final match than Greensboro, North Carolina and the Greensboro Coliseum? So many great Sting matches were held there, but one in particular that comes to mind is 1988, Sting VS Ric Flair for the World Heavyweight Championship. So Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina, get ready! Joining Schiavone now are those very legends, Sting and Ric Flair!

First off, 24-0, the longest win streak in AEW right now, what a fitting place for Sting to have his final match and maybe end on 25 than in Greensboro. Sting says yeah, wow, all those years ago, it was March 8th, 1988, his very first world title match against perhaps the greatest world champion of all time in The Nature Boy. Sting would’ve never guessed that night, 35 years later, we’d be here now. The memories, 45 minutes but a draw, commercial free, the first time in TV history that any sporting event even did that. But that’s not the real point of it. The big deal was being in there with Ric Flair. That was a make or break night, and so thank you, Ric, for putting Sting on the map.

Sting says yeah, that is a fitting place to end his career all these years later, Greensboro. Schiavone says so many great memories, and for him and Flair, forty years ago, does he remember? Oh, Flair knows. The words cannot be spoken to emphasize what is about to happen! Greensboro, where Sting, make no mistake, Ric didn’t make Sting a thing, Sting made himself! 45 MINUTES! Commercial free! With Flair! Unthinkable! Sting walked back there to 25 wrestlers going, “Jesus! You’re the man! You did it, Stinger!” He went out there and did it like a man! That’s what this business is all about.

Flair is 74 years old, standing next to the Icon, with his friend, Schiavone, and going back to Greensboro for what will be the greatest moment of his life, and God knows Flair’s had some good ones. He is honored to be there at Sting’s side! They shake hands, and Flair says the ACC Tournament and all that, nah, this is one for the ages! Highway 85 will be lined up from Richmond, all the way to Charlotte, like it always was! Sting, The Nature Boy, and AEW are coming to Greensboro! Let’s give it to ’em! “WOO~!” It’s the 80s all over again! Tickets on sale December 15th! IT’S SHOWTIME!


AEW Continental Classic, Gold League: Mark Briscoe VS Rush!

The Sussex County Chicken got beat by The Maniac but El Toro Blanco got cheated by the Switchblade! These animals are hungry for points, so who gets fed?

The bell rings and Rush rushes in! They RAM and then fire off forearms! The fans fire up, Bryan says this is what he was talking about! This isn’t going 20 minutes! The forearms keep flying, Rush ROCKS Mark, but Mark fires off forearms and CHOPS! Rush CHOPS back! Rush whips, runs in, and SPLASHES int he corner! Rush runs but Mark follows, JUMP KCIK! Mark gets Rush up, CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Fans fire up as Mark forearms and stomps away! The ref counts, Mark lets off, but Rush dodges to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Rush sits Mark down so he can stomp with both feet!

Rush scrapes Mark, goes to the far side, then runs in. Mark BOOTS back but Rush still clotheslines! Snapmare and KCIK! Rush stomps away, takes Mark’s “head” and kicks it! The kick is good for Rush but fans boo. Rush goes up a corner, but Mark CLOBBERS him! Rush falls to the floor and fans fire up as Mark builds speed! Mark WRECKS Rush with a dropkick! Mark then stomps away on Rush, then stands him up to CHOP! So Rush CHOPS back! Mark CHOPS back! Rush CHOPS again! Rush whips Mark hard into railing! Rush then whips Mark into more railing! And then back the other way! Rush goes into the ring to tranquilo and let the count handle Mark.

Mark hobbles up, so Rush goes out after him. Rush runs in, but Mark ducks and RAILING BACK SUPLEX! Rush writhes, the ring count starts again, and Mark gets on the apron. Fans fire up as Mark says BANG BANG! FOLEY ELBOW! Fans fire up again and Mark high fives the front row. Mark leaves Rush behind now as the count climbs. Rush drags himself up, drags himself in at 5 of 10, and Mark eggs him on. Rush snarls, and he CHOPS! Mark CHOSP! Rush CHOPS! Mark CHOPS! Fans fire up as Rush shoves, and Mark BOOTS him! Rush wobbles, but he dodges Mark to SNAP GERMAN!

Mark wobbles up, Rush SUPERKICKS! Mark stays up to LARIAT in return! Both men are down and Minneapolis is thunderous! Mark sees his chewing gum on the mat and picks it back up while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Mark goes to ropes, then stomps Rush. Mark drags Rush up, ROCKS him, and Rush falls over! Mark digs his boots in at the ropes, the ref counts, and Mark lets off at 4. The ref checks Rush, he’s still in this and bails out. The ref has Mark stay back, the ref makes sure Rush is okay, but then Mark runs in to stomp away! Rush gets up, Mark CHOPS him in a corner, and then ROCKS him! Mark brings Rush around, but Rush whips and SPLASHES! Rush sits Mark down, stomps and ROCKS him, then hobbles away. Rush snarls, he runs back in, but Mark is up to CHOP him down! Mark drops an elbow! And another elbow! Cover, TWO!

Mark fishhooks Rush into a chinlock, but the ref counts. Mark lets off, stands Rush up, but Rush trips Mark and has a leg! Rush hooks that up into a TRAILER HITCH! Mark endures and Rush pulls on the legs! Fans rally, Mark crawls and drags Rush along. Dynamite returns to single picture and fans rally more. Mark reaches out, powers his way forward, and has the ROPEBREAK! Fans cheer and the ref counts, but Rush lets go. Mark drags himself up, the fans rally again, and Mark CHOPS! Rush CHOPS! Mark CHOPS! Rush gets in Mark’s face, eggs him on, so Mark CHOPS! Rush and Mark throw SLAP after SLAP!

Mark swings, Rush bobs ‘n’ weaves and HEADBUTTS! Rush hobbles back, but Mark is back up! Rush swings, into an EXPLODER! Fans fire up as Mark stands again. Rush roars, Mark runs in, Rush hits an OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY to send Mark into buckles! Rush snarls again, fans rally up and he aims. Rush runs in, but Mark SPEARS him!! Cover, TWO!! Rush survives but Mark drags Rush up. Mark turns Rush for the NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Rush is still in this but the fans fire up for Mark. Mark underhooks, but Rush swings. Mark clinches, waistlocks, but Rush throws elbows. Rush switches, Mark breaks free to PELE!

Rush falls out to the apron and Mark storms after him. They’re both on the edge, Mark fires forearms, but Rush CHOPS! Mark CHOPS! Rush CHOPS! Repeat! Fans “WOO~!” for every CHOP! Mark GAMANGIRIS, Rush staggers back, but Rush gets Mark for another OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY! Mark crashes on the floor and the ref checks him. The fans lose their minds but Rush snarls. Rush paces as the ring count climbs, and Mark is up at 5 of 10. Mark drags himself in at 6, but Rush storms right up on him. Rush hoists Mark up top, CHOPS him, then climbs up. Mark fires off hands, and then REDNECK HELL STAB!

Fans fire up as Mark leaps, FROGGY-BOW!! Cover, TWO!! Rush survives again but Mark has the underhooks! Rush powers up to back drop free! Rush aims from a corner now, Mark runs in again but into another OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY! Rush runs up to DECK Mark! Then the BULL’S HORNS!!! Cover, Rush wins!!

Winner: Rush, by pinfall (gains 3 points; Briscoe earns 0)

A true war right here, and now Rush is 1-1! Will this ungovernable one find a way to take over the league? As for Briscoe, he is down 0-2 with no points, is he already on the bubble?


RJ City interviews “Timeless” Toni Storm.

Madame Storm seems rather bothered by something. RJ gets her attention but she tells him to sit. And don’t be so loud. RJ does sit, and Mariah May takes the title for Storm. RJ wants to bring up the championship acceptance speech last week. Yes, and she was rudely interrupted! Yeah, that’s true. How is she feeling? Storm says they partied well into the night, spent some time at the compound, JFK or one of the Kennedys was there. But now she is very fatigued, dehydrated, and has a touch of the gout. Oh, wow. Well, he wants to inform her that she is scheduled to defend the AEW Women’s World Championship. But given her state, is she worried at all?

Worried? Was Fatty Arbuckle worried? Was Jean Harlow worried? Was Frances bloody Farmer worried? No, they all turned out fine, and so will she. Before she goes, take off her shoe, she’s feeling swollen. RJ does take off her shoes for her, but will Storm have to focus before someone takes the title off her?


MJF is here!

Fans cheer as the AEW World Champion walks out here with the help of his cane, mic in the other hand. He has them cut his music, he gets into the ring, and the fans cheer him on. MJF gets right to it as he says “December 30th, Nassau Coliseum, Worlds End, it will be Samoa Joe VS yours truly for the grandest prize of ’em all, The Triple B, the AEW World Championship.” Fans cheer that, and MJF wants to be honest, though. When it comes to Joe as a person, eeeeeeh MJF doesn’t like him. But when it comes to Joe professional, MJF respects him.

MJF respects what Joe has done for the industry, and most importantly, when Joe came into AEW, he didn’t come here to line his pockets, he came here because he believes in those three letters. Fans cheer for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” and MJF says back in the early 2000s, MJF remembers getting a poster in his mailbox and it was for TNA Wrestling. And he remembers thinking, what even is this all about? He tuned in and couldn’t have been happier. He saw insane feats of athleticism, he saw a new cast of pro-wrestlers he’d never heard of before, but most of all, he saw one man among the rest, and that was the Samoan Submission Machine.

While Samoa Joe may’ve looked unconventional, he didn’t seem to care, and neither did any of the fans. Because every time Joe walked through the curtain, we knew he was the baddest man walking on God’s Green Earth. Now unfortunately, later on in his career, Joe’s talents were not recognized and he was not afforded the opportunity to be a world champion in the WWE. Fans boo, but MJF says what Joe did for this sport was bigger than that. “Joe proved you don’t have to be a massive male model bodybuilder to be a top guy in this sport. Samoa Joe broke the mold. Samoa Joe proved alternatives matter.

“And because of the road that Joe paved, it has allowed for a man like me to stand before you today. Without a guy like Joe, there may be no AEW. So Joe, very quickly, what I’d like to say, as much as this all pains me to admit, thank you.” Fans cheer that and join in, “Thank You, Joe! Thank You, Joe!” Yes, thank you, Joe! However… MJF has actually, though grateful to have gone down the road Joe paved, MJF isn’t too shabby himself, now is he? Fans cheer that. MJF managed to pave his own road, and built on a new alternative. He is AEW day one, and he has helped build this place brick by brick! Fans cheer “M J F! M J F!”

MJF says he did that by defeating some of the biggest names in this industry! Names like Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega. But of all the names MJF has had to face in this ring, the one name he looks back on, and not only was he lucky to win, he was lucky to survive, that is Joe. Samoa Joe is a wrestling legend. But December 30th is not about Joe’s legacy. It’s about MJF’s! December 30th is about answering the question, “Can Max Friedman outlast the Final Boss of this sport one more time?” So now, MJF is gonna make a promise. He promises to everyone watching at home and everyone here in this arena.

MJF promises that on December 30th, it doesn’t matter if his left knee keeps sliding in and out, if his right hip keeps popping in and out of socket, if his right shoulder is hanging on by a threat, or if Joe beats him within an inch of his life. Joe could be King Kong and Godzilla incarnate. Because MJF promises that on December 30th, he shows the world that it is not about the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog! And if you want to take what’s his… at Worlds End, you’ll have to put MJF down! MJF even breaks his cane!! Fans fire up with MJF, but then the lights go down.

Now there are lights blinking all over the place. MJF looks around, but THE DEVIL’S MINIONS ATTACK! Fans boo as one of them has a baseball bat!! But here comes Joe!! Joe said he’d have MJF’s back so here he is! He YANKS the big guy out, gets that bat, and he runs the rest off! Cameras have trouble here, but when things come back, a message types out on screen. “In the shadows, our game begins. Next week, MJF & Samoa Joe… will you face the unknown in a tag match? Are you a hero, Max?” The Devil has made his challenge to the champ! The fans chant “DO IT! DO IT!” and “He’s Our Scumbag!” Joe tries to get MJF to ignore all this, it’s what this Devil wants!

But MJF says “I’m so sick of your Scooby-Doo BS! LEMME EXPLAIN SOMETHING TO YOU! I am not dealing with your crap when I got that guy breathing down my neck at Worlds End. No no. I am going to take out all of your men, one by one. I am going to unmask you, you coward! And next week, you wanna tag match?! YOU’RE ON!!” Joe isn’t for it, but the challenge has been accepted. Will Joe just have to save MJF from himself?


Wardlow VS AR Fox!

Speaking of someone who wants to take everything away from MJF, the War Dog is on the warpath, just waiting for the right moment. After what we just saw, is MJF going to be served up on a silver platter?

But wait! Fox BOOTS Wardlow down off the apron! And then FLIES out! But Wardlow stays up! So Fox FLIES again! Direct hit but Wardlow is still up! Wardlow HEADBUTTS Fox, then whips him at the apron. Fox 619s on the apron to hit back! And then he goes up the corner to MOONSAULT, but Wardlow catches him! SLAM on the apron, and then Wardlow box jumps up to the apron. Wardlow storms in, fans rally up, and Wardlow drags Fox up for an OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY! Now with both men in the ring, the bell finally sounds and this is actually a match. Wardlow storms up on Fox in the corner, to then TOSS him across the way!

Fox flounders out of the ring and Wardlow is having fun now. Wardlow goes out to stalk Fox, CLUB him on the back, and the ring count climbs. Wardlow hauls Fox up to TOSS him back in! Fans rally, Wardlow storms back in, and Wardlow drags Fox up. Fox shoves Wardlow but Wardlow CLUBS him! Wardlow trophy lifts, but Fox slips free! Wardlow runs in, but only gets buckles as Fox slips out to the apron! Fox swings to dropkick, then he goes up to 450 SPLASH! Cover, ONE!! Wardlow snarls and Fox is stunned! Fox runs in to BOOT! Wardlow doesn’t budge so Fox BOOTS him again! And again! Fox runs, but Wardlow pops him up for a SPINEBUSTER!

Wardlow winds up, to LARIAT Fox down! Wardlow then hauls Fox up, POWERBOMB! The symphony begins as fans want more! Wardlow drags Fox up, reels him back in, another POWERBOMB! And then Wardlow goes up the corner, to SWANTON BOMB!! Fans fire up and Wardlow still isn’t done! He reels Fox back in, to LAST RIDE POWERBOMB!!! The ref checks, Fox is OUT! Wardlow wins!

Winner: Wardlow, by pinfall

The remixed Powerbomb Symphony was too much for Fox, and Wardlow storms off. When and where will Wardlow sink his teeth into MJF?


Six Man Tag: Action Andretti & Top Flight VS The Hardy Party!

The Sight to See and the reunited Martin brothers are ready to be the Coldest Trio in the Game, but they’re taking on Isiah Kassidy and the legendary Hardy brothers! Will Action, Darius & Dante add themselves to the top of the trios rankings? Or will Matt, Jeff & Brother Zay take them to the extreme?

The trios sort out and Minneapolis is happy to have Dante back. Action and Matt start, they tie up and Matt headlocks. Action powers out then DROPKICKS Matt down! Matt goes to ropes, Action runs in but is put on the apron. Action RAMS into Matt, slingshots up and over to sunset flip, TWO! Matt is up, Action kicks but Matt blocks! Matt flips Action, Action lands on his feet but Matt hip tosses! Tag to Jeff and the Hardys get Action up, atomic drop and the takedown, DOUBLE LEG DROP! Jeff covers, TWO! Jeff drags Action up, CLUBS him, and wrenches an arm. Jeff hammerlocks but Action switches it onto Jeff.

Fans rally up for Dante, Jeff elbows Action and runs, but Action trips Jeff! STANDING MOONSAULT, but Jeff moves! Action hits the superhero landing and stares the Charismatic Enigma down! Fans fire up, and they both back away, tag to Darius and Isiah. Fans rally up as Zay and Air Wolf tie up. Zay headlocks, Darius powers out but Zay runs him over! Zay pumps and bumps, things speed up, and Darius hurdles. Zay backflips over, but Darius arm-drags! Darius then sidesteps but Zay arm-drags! Darius trips Zay to cover, ONE! Zay trips Darius but Darius throws him away to then DROPKICK!

Fans fire up as Darius mocks the Jeff Hardy dance. Zay is in the corner, Darius runs in to SPLASH and tag Dante! Fans fire up as Dante jumps, runs, and A-LIST LARIATS! Tag back to Darius, snap suplex and a slingshot senton! Fans fire up and Action tags in. Darius gets Zay up, wrenches an arm, and Action DOUBLE STOMPS the arm. Zay losses his durag and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Action whips Zay, Zay reverses but Action avoids the dropkick. Matt CLOBBERS Action while the ref is checking Zay! Zay gets Action up, RAMS him to the corner, and Zay fires off hands. Tag to Jeff, and they mug Action with some stomps. The ref counts, Jeff lets off at 4, and he brings Action up to snapmare. Jeff runs to NECK SNAP, then NECK SNAP the other way! And then another one! Action staggers up, Jeff kicks low and suplexes for a GOURD BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Jeff stays between Action and the Martins to show them how to do his dance. Jeff then CLUBS Action, tags in Zay, and Zay CLUBS Action’s arm.

Zay throws Action out, goes out and throws him into railing! Zay talks some smack, then he stomps away on Action! High five with the fans, then more stomps! Selfie! Zay then puts Action in the ring, CLUBS him down, then drags him back to the corner. Tag to Matt and he RAMS into Action. Matt ROCKS Action with a right, then bumps him off buckles. Matt dribbles Action off the buckles again and again and again! “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” and Dynamite returns to single picture. Matt ROCKS Action again, tags Jeff, but fans rally up for Top Flight. Matt CATAPULT GUILLOTINES, then Jeff hits a GUILLOTINE LEG DROP!

Jeff drags Action into the ring, snapmares and basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up more but Jeff bumps Action off buckles. Tag to Matt, the Hardys stomp a mudhole in, then dig their boots in. The ref counts, Matt lets off and he stands Action back up. But Action ROCKS Matt with haymakers! Matt shoves Action, Action comes back, but into a SIDE EFFECT! Cover, TWO! Action survives and fans fire up but Matt calls his shot. “DELETE! DELETE!” and Action stands. Kick and- NO, Action wrenches out of the Twist! But Matt ducks the haymaker to back suplex! Action lands on his feet to KICK, KNEE and ENZIGURI!

Both men are down and the fans fire back up! Action and Matt crawl, hot tags to Dante and Zay! Dante goes up and over Zay, CLOBBERS him, CLOBBERS him again, then whips. Zay reverses, Dante goes out and Zay hits buckles! Dante then goes right over the corner, GAMANGIRIS Zay away then jumps to avoid Jeff’s sweep! SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY! Cover, Matt breaks it! Fans boo but Matt TWIST- NO, Dante powers out and Darius GAMANGIRIS! Dante ROUNDHOUSES, Darius steps in to COMPLETE SHOT! Zay is up and he shoves Dante into Darius! Roll up, TWO!! Zay LARIATS Dante back down, putting his all behind that one!

Fans fire up as both men crawl, but Jeff runs to BLAST Action! Darius ROCKS Jeff, but Zay uses Jeff as a step, PARTY IN MOTION wipes Darius out! Dante sees that, but then Matt sets up for Jeff! POETRY IN MOTION! The Hardy Boyz get Dante up top, Zay GAMANGIRIS him into a Double Electric Chair Lift! Zay springboards, MISSILE DROPKICK DOOMSDAY!! Cover, TWO!!! Dante survives but the Hardys go after Darius & Action! POETRY- INTERCEPTED as Darius jumps off Matt to CLOBBER Jeff!! Action kicks Matt, then QUEBRADAS off the railing! Zay suplexes Dante, but Dante knees free!

Dante runs, Zay dodges to mule kicks! But Darius is in, he and Action set up, but Zay fights the waistlock! Zay BOOTS Action, elbows Darius, but the still get the SHOTGUN GERMAN SUPLEX!! Zay flops into Dante’s half nelson, SIDE SLAM!! Cover, TOP FLIGHT WINS!

Winners: Action Andretti & Top Flight, by pinfall

A powerful homecoming for Dante Martin, he and his team have a massive win! Will they soon fly high and go after the AEW World Trios Championships?


Backstage interview with Action & Top Flight.

Renee is with them and congratulates them on the big win. So good to see Dante back, how is that leg? But then Penta El Zero Miedo and Alex Abrahantes step in. Penta offers a fist bump, and Dante accepts. They’re all good given Penta was responsible for the broken leg in that Reach for the Sky Ladder match. But then Penta counts, one, two, three. Bring ’em in. Komander and El Hijo Del Vikingo join Penta, that makes one, two, three. And Cero Miedo! Dante nods, when and where will we see this top tier trios match go down?


AEW TBS Championship House Rules Match: Julia Hart VS Emi Sakura!

The Princess of the Black Throne successfully defended her gold on Collision against Lady Frost, but now she takes on the Queen of Joshi! And for this match, Dealer’s Choice says submissions can NOT win the match! Then if Julia can’t be Hartless, will she just have to be ruthless?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if the House Always Wins!

The bell rings and fans rally up behind Julia. Julia soaks it up, but Emi laughs at it. Emi and Julia smirk as they stare down, then they approach. Emi dodges Julia and laughs some more, but then Julia grabs her by the face! Julia bumps Emi off buckles, fires off forearms and stomps, then whips corner to corner. Julia runs in, handsprings and clotheslines! Julia keeps moving, back body block! Julia snapmares Emi, KICKS her, but Emi just frowns. Fans fire up, and Emi stands up. Julia CHOPS but Emi CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Julia shrieks, but Emi pushes her around. Emi aims but Julia blocks the chop to WRING the arm!

Emi goes to ropes, the fans fire up as Julia CLUBS, HOOK KICKS then KICKS Emi down! Julia pushes Emi out of the ring, goes out after her, but Emi throws body shots. Julia whips, Emi reverses, and Julia hits steel steps! Per the House Rules, there’s a 20 count, not a 10, so Emi has more time to use. Emi runs in to SPLASH Julia against the steps! Fans fire up and the ref checks Julia as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Emi stands on Julia’s face, the ref reprimands, but Emi steps away. She has to be careful, part of House Rules is that disqualifications are strongly enforced. Emi then takes a seat on security’s lap before she storms up on Julia. Emi brings Julia around to CHOP against railing! Then Emi brings Julia over to send into more railing, and CHOP again! Emi puts Julia in the ring, drags her around and dragon sleepers! TWISTING DDT! Cover, TWO! Julia is still in this but Emi pushes her to a corner. Emi CHOPS, and Julia staggers away to another corner. Emi CHOPS her again! And again! And MACHINE GUN CHOPS!

Julia sits down, Emi digs her boots in, but the ref counts. Emi lets off, soaks up the heat, and then brings Julia up to whip corner to corner. Julia stops herself to ELBOW back! Julia storms up on Emi to throw hands, but Emi SLAPS Julia down! Julia checks her jaw, but Emi digs her knees into Julia’s neck! The ref counts, Dynamite returns to single picture, and Emi lets off. Emi watches Julia flounder around, and Julia sits up to throw body shots. Emi just laughs and brings Julia around to underhook. Stalling BUTTERFLY BACKBREAKER! Emi waits on Julia to sit up, says she’ll be the champion, and then underhooks again!

Julia fights up and round, SLEEPER! Submissions won’t win but she just wants to make Emi suffer! Emi falls, flails, Julia has a headscissor squeeze! Emi rolls, pops out the back, and she hooks Julia’s legs up! ROMERO SPECIAL! Julia endures, then Emi THROWS her down! Emi drags Julia around, puts her in a drop zone, but fans still rally for Julia. Emi climbs, MOONSAULT FLOPS as Julia moves! Julia wraps on the HARTLESS LOCK!! But it won’t win! Emi flails, taps, but it doesn’t save Emi, either! Julia thrashes Emi, lets her go, and the ref has to remind Julia it’s her own rules. So Julia BLINDSIDE LARIATS!

Julia stomps Emi into the drop zone, then goes up the corner. MOONSAULT!! Cover, Julia wins!

Winner: Julia Hart, by pinfall (still AEW TBS Champion)

Another defense in the books, Julia is still golden! Will she keep on winning with such unpredictable rules?


Backstage interview with Mariah May.

RJ City is with Miss May and says we saw her at Full Gear and last week, but we also know she’s here, hungry for more. Mariah says yes she is. She knows she’s the new girl and all, but she did just come from Stardom, and she had quite the run. She is dying to show us what she can do. So thanks for connecting her with Toni Storm. RJ says it’s nothing, he and Toni go way back, used to play squash together. No, really, RJ is quite the curator. And Mariah knows Toni likes him, so this means the world to her. No, no, Toni makes things happen. He’s just happy to help. Mariah seems a bit disappointed, but RJ says without further ado, go get ’em!

Mariah knocks on Tony Khan’s door, steps inside, and talks with the boss. Will this Tony be just as accommodating as Toni Storm?


Christian Cage is here!

The TNT Champion, the Patriarch, makes his way to the ring, security right behind him. Captain Charisma then gets a mic while the fans boo, and he says what he’d like to do right now is go ahead and invite the Rated R Superstar to this ring right now. Fans fire up for that, and Christian says he knows Edge is back there. Fans shout “ADAAAAM~!” and Christian says he just wants to talk about what Edge said on Collision. So if Edge doesn’t mind making his presence felt, Christian would appreciate it. But still no response? Did Christian make sure to do this when Edge isn’t here?

Christian waits, gets upset, and asks Adam “ADAAAM~!” that he’d like to speak with him in this ring. Please, someone, hit the mic, get Adam’s attention, something. Or should Christian go back there to speak with him? “You think you know him.” And here comes Edge!! Fans fire up as Edge storms into the ring, and of course the security becomes a wall in front of Christian. Edge paces and Christian says listen, management wanted this, not him. Fans boo that garbage, but Christian says they don’t need security. He asks these men to vacate the ring. They shrug and bail out, even though Edge looks ready to pounce.

Christian brings up that last week, Edge challenged him to a match for the TNT Championship on December 6th, Dynamite in Montreal. Christian is here to tell Edge that they won’t make it to Montreal. They get face to face and fans fire up. Christian says they won’t make it to Montreal because “I’m sorry.” What? Edge is also confused, and Christian says he knows what we’re all thinking. Christian is only sorry because he’s all alone, right? Fans confirm and they chant “BULL~ SHID!” at him! Christian asks them to understand. Edge took out “The Prodigy” Nick Wayne, he took out Killswitch/Luchasaurus, but that’s not why Christian’s sorry.

He won’t lie, he was pissed about what Edge did to Lucha- er, Killswitch, with not one but two Con-Chair-Tos. Christian was so mad, he jumped out of his house, got in his car and just drove around. He needed to think, needed fresh air. And somewhere during that trip, it turned into one of reflection. It turned into a roadtrip of soul searching, digging down deep, trying to understand why he became the person that he is, this guy who says and does such unsavory things. And then he remembered those times he and Edge would borrow Christian’s mom’s Ford Taurus. They nicknamed it “Toby the Taurus” because they took it everywhere when they were trying to make it.

They didn’t care where they went, they were broke, not a dime to their names, but they didn’t care. They were having the time of their lives! They knew they were gonna make it. They didn’t know how, but they knew they would. And dammit, did they ever make it, huh? They went on to become multiple-time tag team champions, and Christian will say it, the greatest tag team that ever lived! Fans do cheer that. Christian and Edge then became multiple time world champions, two of the greatest careers in this sport. But take the wrestling away, and it runs even deeper. Everyone knows Edge grew up with a single mom. Everyone knows that Edge didn’t have a father figure.

Fans boo, already sensing where this is going! Christian wants Edge to listen! Yes, he is the Patriarch of AEW, but in no way is he suggesting he’s Edge’s father. Christian is Edge’s brother. And in turn, Christian’s father became like Edge’s father. Edge went on family trips, sat at the dinner table, slept over! When Edge needed discipline, Christian’s dad treated him the same as his own kids. He picked Edge up, brushed him off, hugged him and cheered him on. To this very day, he is still Edge’s biggest fan. So listen, Christian will just say it. They weren’t just random guys thrown together. “I love you, man.” Fans boo that one!

Christian says they’re family. And listen, when Edge’s mom passed a few years ago, that was the hardest time of Edge’s life. Christian knows that. But some time before, she said, “What I wouldn’t give to see you guys in that ring, teaming one last time.” Christian started thinking, that they should do this for her! Let’s go on the journey together again, like Edge wanted! Edge & Christian, for Judy “Judemeister” Copeland! Let’s do it for her! Fans cheer for Judy, but Edge is conflicted. Christian drops the mic, holds the belt, and then rushes Edge! Edge LOW BLOWS Christian first!! Fans cheer as Christian leans on Edge in pain.

Christian slumps down and Edge lets him fall. Fans want that one more time, but Edge gets the mic. “Nice try, dumbass.” Edge tells him to sit up when he’s talking. Edge grabs the belt, tells Christian to shine it up real nice. Hell, sleep with it if he wants. Because next week, the title’s coming home with Edge! Oh, and one more thing, Edge almost forgot. G F Y!! Fans are thunderous as Edge takes his leave. Will Edge crush Christian’s spirit as payback for everything he’s said and done?


AEW Continental Classic, Gold League: Jay White VS Swerve Strickland!

The Switchblade and the Realest are both 1-0 with three points, and now they are going to battle in what could be the decisive battle in this block! With no Juice Robinson, no Ass Boys, no Prince Nana or Brian Cage, who will prove to be the slipperiest snake in all of AEW?

The bell rings and fans fire up for “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” White still throws guns up, but he and Swerve then tie up. They go around, Swerve puts White in a corner, but White turns it around. Swerve turns it back around, White pulls hair to turn it around again, then he RAMS into Swerve! And again! And again! White tosses Swerve out, then goes out to CHOP! White then RAMS Swerve into railing, mocks Nana’s dance, but Swerve throws hands! Swerve runs and RAMS White into railing! Fans fire up with Swerve and he stomps White down. Swerve then whips, but White reverses and Swerve hits railing so hard, he goes over into the front row!

Fans fire up and security helps Swerve, but then White drags him back in. White puts Swerve in the ring, mockingly asks, “Whose House?” and he stomps Swerve. White wrenches the arm, CLUBS it, and then CHOPS! White again mockingly asks, “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” White CHOPS Swerve, but Swerve BOOTS back! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Swerve whips, White holds ropes, then he dumps Swerve out. But Swerve pulls hair! White HOTSHOTS Swerve, builds speed and slides, but Swerve catches him to BACK SUPLEX White into the front row! Fans are getting a much more interactive experience than expected!

Swerve drags White back up, White grabs at fans desperately, but the fans can’t do anything for him as Swerve dumps White back over. Swerve pushes White around, goes up the apron, and then he FLYING STOMPS White down! Fans fire up, Swerve puts White in, and then aims from the apron. But White gets a leg in the ropes! Swerve claws at White, pushes him away, but White BOOTS Swerve, then DRAPING DDTS! Fans rally for Swerve but White drags Swerve up to CHOP! Fans “WOO~!” and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

White sits Swerve up again, to CHOP him back down! White drags Swerve up again, goes up a corner, and mocks Swerve, to then hop back down and CHOP again! Swerve writhes, White drags him up, and White TOSSES Swerve out of the ring. White goes out after Swerve, but he CHOPS back! Swerve then clinches to hit a BACKBREAKER! White writhes, Swerve goes up to the apron again, and he BOOTS White back down! Fans rally up, Swerve drags White into the ring, and then clamps on a cording hold. White grabs ropes, the ref counts, Swerve takes a swing, but White EXPLODERS Swerve up and out!

White goes out after Swerve, hauls him up, and APRON GOURD BUSTERS! Swerve writhes and flounders but White refreshes the ring count. White then RAMS Swerve into steel steps! Swerve gets in the ring, White pursues and covers, TWO! White clamps onto Swerve’s bad arm, then traps the other, and he stretches Swerve out as Dynamite returns to single picture. Swerve fights up, but White throws him down by hair! White again mocks the chant, “Whose House?” Bryan commends Swerve on toughness. He had a brutal Texas Deathmatch with Hangman Page, and the only thing taped up is that arm.

Speaking of, White clamps onto the arms again, but Swerve endures. Swerve fights up, throws body shots, but White throws him down by his hair! Fans boo, Swerve gets up to SLAP White! Swerve CHOPS, White waistlocks, but Swerve swings elbows. White gets under to SAIDO! White then storms up to drag Swerve up, CORNER HALF HATCH! Cover, TWO! Swerve is still in this but White scuffs him. White mockingly says he needs his points. White knees Swerve low, and again, but Swerve blocks the chop! Swerve wrenches, gets around, HAMMERLOCK BACK SUPLEX! White writhes and fans fire up!

Swerve snarls, storms up on White, and he ROCKS him! Body shot! Forearm! Body shot! Repeat! Swerve snapmares, rolls, but White catches the Complete Shot, but then Swerve slips out of the Urenage! Swerve goes to a corner, White runs in but Swerve goes up and over to O’Conner and Eddy Gordo RANA! White tumbles, staggers, into the SOMERSAULT COMPLETE SHOT! And then a gator roll into a deadlift suplex! Fans fire up as Swerve covers, TWO!! White survives and Swerve grows frustrated. Fans still rally up behind Swerve, and he grabs White’s wrist. White resists but Swerve still drags him up.

White reaches out, kicks Swerve’s legs, then gets free. White swings, Swerve dodges and comes back, COMPLETE SHOT from White! White then waistlocks to deadlift GERMAN SUPLEX! White runs up, but Swerve DISCUS LARIATS! Fans are thunderous while both men are down and Bryan says, “How incredible are these two men?!” A standing count starts, both men stir, and White flounders to ropes. “This is Awesome!” as White comes back, he and Swerve go forehead to forehead, and they trade junkyard dog headbutts. Swerve laughs, White throws hands! Swerve throws them back! They go back and forth, faster and faster!

Fans rally up as the shots keep flying, and Swerve DECKS White! Fans fire up, Swerve smiles, but White grabs at Swerve’s legs. Swerve grabs at White, White CHOP BLOCKS! White then gets the bad arm, clinches, and URENAGES! Cover, TWO!! Swerve is still in this, this isn’t anything compared to Texas Death! White clamps on with the sleeper, though, and he hauls Swerve up. Swerve throws elbows, but White wrangles him for a FUJIWARA ARMBAR! Fans fire up, Swerve endures, White CLUBS away on the bad arm and pulls! Swerve reaches out, fights around, but White keeps him from ropes by pulling hair!

Swerve and White roll together, but Swerve slips around to get White’s arms trapped! Swerve stands on that arm! Finger gun and BANG!! The arm goes back and the fans tell Swerve he’s sick! Swerve grins, storms up on White and drags him up again. But White fights the half nelson and puts Swerve in a corner. The ref counts, White arm-drags free, but then Swerve sends him at the ref! White stops himself, LOW- NO! Swerve blocks the kick, he was paying attention to last week! Swerve slips around and hits a BACKBREAKER! Fans fire up, Swerve runs to HOUSE CALL!! Then Swerve goes up and he takes aim!

White sits up, into the KILL STOMPS!! Cover, TWO?!?! No one can believe it, least of all Swerve!! White survives Swerve’s best shots, but Swerve drags him up! Swerve’s bad arm holds him back, but then White clinches! BLADERUNNER!! But Swerve flops out of the ring!! White hurries out after Swerve, pushes him in, and hurries to clinch. Swerve fights up, fights the sleeper, and hits an ELBOW BREAKER! But White still rolls Swerve up with his other arm! TWO! White storms up, Swerve trips and jackknife bridges, TWO!! BLADE- NO, Swerve slips free, but White fights the half nelson! And CHOPS!

Swerve CHOPS back! White CHOPS! We get the 15 minute mark, so time’s ticking away! Swerve CHOPS, White CHOPS, repeat! White kicks and CHOPS, then reels Swerve in. Swerve uses a leg to get free but White has him again, SNAP SLEEPER SUPLEX!! Then the clinch, BLADE- ARM-DRAG!! Cradle cover, SWERVE WINS!!!

Winner: Swerve Strickland, by pinfall (gains 3 points; White earns 0)

White is shocked that he got beat! The #Jay1 aside, these points go to The Realest! Will the Gold League soon be whose house?

My Thoughts:

A great Dynamite, with awesome Continental Classic matches. But also really good non-tournament matches, such as that Trios Match. Great return to action for Dante Martin, great win for him and his trio, and those three could really build themselves up into trios title contenders with matches like this. And really good TBS Championship match Julia and Emi, though they need to get better at bringing up how House Rules work. No Ropebreaks, the ring count is to 20, and there’s Dealer’s Choice. They just kinda threw out there that this was gonna be a No Submission Falls, which was honestly a brilliant move by Emi. But in the end, of course Julia wins, it’s still too early for her to lose this belt.

Wardlow squashing- heck, he demolished AR Fox, is fine for Wardlow but a shame for Fox. Wardlow is still staying strong as he waits for the right moment to go after MJF again, but maybe, just maybe, he’s been going after MJF all along as that big guy among the “gimp squad” that tried to get MJF tonight. Great promo from MJF to not just praise Joe but also bury Punk without having to actually reference Punk going back to WWE. Joe made the save as expected, and now they’re getting dragged into a tag match against any two of those goons, and who knows who they are really, but can’t wait to see how this all goes.

Awesome stuff from Christian and Edge tonight, a brilliant move for Christian to so blatantly play to Edge’s emotions just to save his own ass. But of course it was also brilliant for Edge to not fall for it at all and get the better of Christian. But uh, AEW needs to be better at live censoring their shows, that GFY got right past them. That aside, that TNT Championship match is going to be awesome stuff, could go either way, but I still want to see Luchasaurus betray Christian and finally become his own man-dinosaur. Not Jack Perry’s tag partner, not Christian’s henchman, but his own man doing his own stuff.

And as I said at the start, awesome Continental Classic matches. Bryan Danielson also being on commentary for these was a good move, that could easily be a thing he does after he retires, except I think part of retiring is staying home with the family. Anyway, Moxley VS Lethal was a great opening match, and I figured Moxley would win that. Maybe Lethal realizes he really has let Team Triple J weaken him with all their antics. Rush VS Briscoe then raised the bar, though with a somewhat scary moment where I thought Rush took a shot to the head but it was really a concern for his leg. Rush winning was a fair choice, and that puts pressure on a possible 0-2 VS 0-2, Lethal VS Briscoe in the next round. I say “possible” because Tony Khan doesn’t reveal the entire schedule at once.

And then just an awesome, borderline PPV level match of Swerve VS White. The fans were strongly behind Swerve, I was behind Swerve, so it’s great to see Swerve get to 2-0. Swerve’s becoming my top choice for Gold League and maybe even the entire thing. Swerve having the ROH World, NJPW Strong Openweight and the AEW Continental Championships, he could really do a lot with traveling between the three brands. Mogul Embassy is already in ROH given they’re ROH World Six Man Champions, and the Gates are in NJPW right now for World Tag League, so Swerve joining them pretty much everywhere, all four of them having belts, that’s great stuff to me.

My Score: 9/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW World Tag League Results & Report! (11/29/23)

B Block, round 4!



Will it be lights out for Bishamon?

Hirooki Goto & Yoshi-Hashi have been struggling despite being the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, will they finally gain some ground this round?


  • Six Man Tag: The Gates of Agony & Yuto Nakashima VS The House of Torture; The House of Torture wins.
  • Six Man Tag: TMDK VS Kaito Kiyomiya, Ryohei Oiwa & Boltin Oleg; Kaito, Oiwa & Oleg win.
  • Six Man Tag: The United Empire VS Bullet Club War Dogs; Bullet Club wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Tiger Mask, Ryusuke Taguchi, Shota Umino & Ren Narita VS Master Wato, YOH, Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii; Wato, Yoh, Yano & Ishii win.
  • 2023 World Tag League, B Block: Yota Tsuji & Zandokan Jr. VS Bad Luck Fale & Jack Bonza; Fale & Bonza win.
  • 2023 World Tag League, B Block: Yuji Nagata & Minoru Suzuki VS El Phantasmo & Hikuleo; ELP & Leo win.
  • 2023 World Tag League, B Block: Taichi & Yuya Uemura VS Lance Archer & Alex Zayne; Archer & Zayne win.
  • 2023 World Tag League, B Block: Bishamon VS Atlantis Jr. & Soberano Jr; Time Limit Draw.


Here are the current B Block standings!

Taichi & Yuya Uemura: 3-0, 6 points
Alex Zayne & Lance Archer: 3-0, 6 points
Atlantis Jr. y Soberano Jr: 2-1, 4 points
Yota Tsuji & Zandokan Jr: 2-1, 4 points
ELP & Hikuleo: 1-2, 2 points
Bishamon: 1-2, 2 points
Bad Luck Fale & Jack Bonza: 0-3, 0 points
Yuji Nagata & Minoru Suzuki: 0-3, 0 points


2023 World Tag League, B Block: Yota Tsuji & Zandokan Jr. VS Bad Luck Fale & Jack Bonza!

Gene Blast & The King of the World took down the NJPW Strong Openweight Tag Team Champions in last round’s main event, but now they’re up against the Bullet Club’s Rogue Army, who are starving for a win! Will the Rogue General & Red Commando finally get on the board? Or will they just have to tranquilo in the fourth?

Fale & Bonza Too Sweet, and then Tsuji & Zando attack! The bell rings and Zando fires off on Fale but Bonza turns things around on Tsuji. Fale CLUBS Zando, then bumps him off buckles. Bonza drags Tsuji up, Rogue Army whip but the amigos dosido and return to CLOBBER Fale & Bonza! Fans fire up as the forearms fly. Then Tsuji sends Bonza into Fale! Zando sends Tsuji in to UPPERCUT! Bonza falls out of the ring, Tsuji runs in to SPLASH Fale! Fale flops out of the ring and the fans rally up with Zando. He and Tsuji high five then DOUBLE DIVE! Direct hit into the railing and down goes the Rogue Army!

Fans fire up as Zando & Tsuji stand back up. The ring count starts so Tsuji puts Bonza in. Tsuji & Zando stalk Bonza, and Zando SMACKS Bonza on the head. They double whip then POP-UP KNEE! Bonza falls over, Tsuji covers, TWO! Fans cheer while Tsuji keeps cool. Tsuji kicks Bonza to ropes, CHOPS him, but Bonza pie faces. Tsuji kicks low and CLUBS away on Bonza! Bonza blocks the whip, but Tsuji knees low. Tsuji whips, Bonza reverses but Tsuji ducks ‘n’ dodges, only to run into a lift and FLAPJACK HOTSHOT! Fale DECKS Tsuji while Bonza BLASTS Zando! Bonza stomps Tsuji around, then pulls off his Bullet Club shirt, to CHOKE Tsuji with it!

Fale distracts the ref, Zando storms in but now the ref has to stop him. Bonza just keeps choking Tsuji, but Tsuji gets to the ropes. The ref reprimands and counts, Bonza lets off to cover, TWO! The fans rally up for Tsuji but Bonza stands Tsuji up. Tsuji fights the scoop, so Bonza CHOPS him down! Tag to Fale and he BLASTS Zando! Bonza stands Tsuji up for Fale to scoop SLAM! Fale drags Tsuji around, then stands on his back! He uses Tsuji as a surfboard! Tsuji endures, Fale steps off, and he flips Tsuji over for a cover, TWO! Fans cheer as Tsuji hangs in there. Fale tags Bonza in, and Bonza steps through to have the EDGE-UCATOR!

Tsuji endures, Zando coaches him, and Tsuji reaches out. Tsuji fights to the ROPEBREAK! Fans cheer but Bonza lets off in frustration, and BLASTS Zando for the hell of it! Bonza drags Tsuji up, suplexes, but Tsuji fights it! Tsuji tries to suplex, Bonza fights it! They fight for suplex control, and Tsuji gets Bonza up and over! Fans fire up while both men are down! Tsuji crawls his way over, hot tag to Zando! Zando rallies on Bonza, CLUBS him, then whips. Bonza reverses, but Zando stops to drop knees on Bonza’s back! Zando says tranquilo, but Bonza rushes in. Zando catches his lariat to send him into the corner!

Zando runs in to clothesline, then he snapmares and basement dropkicks! Fale runs in but Zando drop toeholds him onto Bonza! Zando then runs to basement dropkick Fale! Fans rally up behind Zando, but Fale runs in aga. Zando dodges to DROPKICK Fale out! Bonza goes to a corner, Zando calls to Tsuji, and they both storm up on Bonza. They double whip, double hip toss for the DOUBLE POWERBOMB! Tsuji SPLASHES, then sets Bonza up as Zando climbs. MOONSAULT! Cover, Fale kicks it apart! Tsuji fires off on Fale, throws him back out, and fans rally up. Tsuji drags Bonza up, he and Zando hook him up, but Bonza fights the Anchor!

Bonza CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Bonza fires up, runs, but into DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! The fans fire up as Tusji & Zando set up, for the ANCHOR! Then Tsuji goes up top and stands on Zando’s shoulders. But Fale body shots Zando! GRENADE for Tsuji!! Bonza ELBOWS Zando, Fale SPLASHES him! Then feed to a BACKBREAKER, and ELBOW DROP! Cover, ROGUE ARMY WINS!

Winners: Bad Luck Fale & Jack Bonza, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Tsuji & Zando earn 0)

Bullet Club blows it up and finally has a win! Is there still a chance for them in the World Tag League? Can Tsuji & Zando rebound and set sail next round?


2023 World Tag League, B Block: Yuji Nagata & Minoru Suzuki VS El Phantasmo & Hikuleo w/ Jado!

Blue Justice & The Meanest Man in the World have not been able to put together a win while the Headbanga & Young Guerrilla really only have that first round shocker to stand by. Will the murder grandpas finally score some points? Or will the NJPW Strong Openweight Tag Team Champions keep from owing more golden tickets?

ELP gets fans to cheer referee Marty Asami, and even Nagata and Suzuki. Suzuki gets annoyed and tells ELP to shut up. ELP winds up and high fives Leo, which fans cheer. Suzuki dares ELP to step up, and so that’s who starts. Fans rally as the bell rings, and ELP taunts Suzuki as he takes off his shirt. ELP and Suzuki circle, they feel things out, and then knuckle lock. Suzuki kicks, wrenches, wristlocks, hammerlocks, but ELP spins back, wrenches free and wristlocks to then headlock. But Suzuki brings ELP to a knee to pop out and headlock back. ELP slips free and the fans cheer that opening exchange.

The two circle again, feel things out, and ELP gets a “SU-ZU-KI!” chant going. Suzuki storms up, ELP stays in a corner. The ref has Suzuki back up, and ELP comes back. They feel things out, ELP goes for a leg, then a waistlock. Suzuki wrenches at ELP’s arm, has the wristlock, then wrenches again. ELP rolls, handsprings, but Suzuki denies the wrench to then wrench again. Suzuki hammerlocks, headlocks, but ELP hits a BIG atomic drop! Suzuki hobbles away, ELP BLASTS Nagata, but Nagata runs in! Into an atomic drop! ELP hobbles his way over, saying his knee hurts from hitting those drops.

ELP storms up on Suzuki, but gets caught in a HANGING ARMBAR! Nagata runs to BLAST Leo! The ref counts, Suzuki lets go at 4, but Nagata sends Leo into railing! Suzuki drags ELP out to send him into railing, too! Nagata throws hands on Leo, whips again, as does Suzuki! ELP & Leo both hit railing hard! Suzuki stomps ELP, Nagata stomps Leo, and Jado can only protest. The ref reprimands, ELP hits Suzuki back with forearms, but Suzuki ROCKS ELP! ELP falls back, the ref starts the ring count, and Suzuki leaves ELP behind. The count reaches 10 of 20 while ELP crawls, and ELP staggers about at 11.

ELP steadies himself at 14, slides in at 15, and fans cheer. But Suzuki facelocks and he brings ELP over. Nagata tags in, the murder grandpas mug ELP, and then Nagata KNEES ELP against ropes. Nagata throws a heavy body shot! ELP doubles over, Nagata sits ELP up to KNEE him down again! Nagata drags ELP up for another body shot! ELP sputters and coughs his way to a corner, Nagata stomps him, then wrenches an arm. Suzuki tags himself in, and he kicks ELP low. Suzuki taunts Leo, then stands ELP up to ROCK him with a right! ELP wobbles, ROCKS Suzuki back, but Suzuki just glares. ELP throws more forearms but Suzuki just glares!

ELP apologizes to the murder grandpas, but Suzuki body shots then DECKS ELP! Suzuki gives Nagata a hard tag and fans rally up. Nagata drags ELP up to CLUB him on the neck! Nagata waits on ELP, to then KICK! And KICK! And KICK! ELP ends up in a corner, Nagata whips him corner to corner and BOOTS! Then clinch to EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! ELP is still in this and fans rally back up. Nagata drags ELP up, suplexes, but ELP slips free to waistlock! Nagata fights with elbows, ELP apologizes and wants time. But then he kicks! Nagata blocks that, only for ELP to ENZIGURI! Fans rally up while ELP and Nagata are both down!

ELP crawls his way over, rolls and hot tags Leo! Leo UPPERCUTS Nagata, BLASTS Suzuki, then swings on Nagata. Nagata dodges but Leo keeps moving to run Nagata over! Fans fire up with Leo and he runs in at the corner. Nagata dodges the splash, comes back, but into a scoop! SNAKE EYES and a BOOT! Fans fire up and Leo aims. Nagata rises, Leo clamps on the choke grip! But Nagata ROCKS Leo first! Nagata fires more shots, whips, but Leo reverses. Nagata rolls and fakes the enziguri to dropkick the leg out! Nagata gets up and Suzuki already tags in. Suzuki fires forearms on Leo! Suzuki eggs Leo on and Leo pounds the mat.

Leo choke grips! Suzuki breaks free to ROCK Leo again! Suzuki runs, but Leo scoops to SIDEWALK SLAM! Fans fire up while both men are down! Leo crawls, hot tag to ELP! ELP storms up on Suzuki and fires a forearm! Suzuki grits his teeth so ELP throws more shots! Suzuki just glares! ELP throws off his elbow pads to ROCK ELP! Suzuki smiles! ELP ROCKS Suzuki again and Suzuki ROCKS ELP in return! ELP wobbles then falls over! Suzuki drags ELP back up, whips him to a corner, and Nagata joins in. Suzuki BOOTS, Nagata SHINING WIZARDS! Then snapmare, and DOUBLE PENALTY KICK SANDWICH!!

The rivals shove each other, fans fire up, but then Leo shoves Suzuki into Nagata! Leo then runs, to DOUBLE LARIAT them both down! Fans rally up, ELP rises and he helps Leo get Suzuki up. They double whip Suzuki to a corner, then they whip Nagata into him! ELP sends Leo in to DOUBLE SPLASH! Nagata falls, ELP ELBOWS Suzuki! Then feed to the POWER TRIP! Leo then sets Suzuki up for the LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Suzuki survives and fans fire up again! ELP tunes up the band, SUDDEN- NO, Suzuki dodges! ELP kicks, runs, but Suzuki follows! Suzuki gets around to SLEEPER! Nagata grabs Leo for a CROSSFACE!

Fans fire up while ELP & Leo endure stereo submissions! ELP is turning red, ELP is fading! The ref checks, Suzuki lets off to cover, TWO!!! ELP survives and the fans fire up! Suzuki lets the fans rally up as he drags ELP up into another SLEEPER! And then a sin, but ELP jackknife bridges! TWO!! ELP BOOTS Suzuki, then SUPERKICKS! And then the tuck for C R 2!!! Cover, ELP & LEO WIN!

Winners: El Phantasmo & Hikuleo, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Nagata & Suzuki earn 0)

The murder grandpas fall short again! What is it that’s missing in their formula? As for the “Blue Sexy Boys,” will they continue to be NJPW Strong as the WTL rolls on?


2023 World Tag League, B Block: Taichi & Yuya Uemura VS Lance Archer & Alex Zayne!

The Holy Emperor beat his mentor with help from Heat Storm, but now things get even hotter as Taichi faces a former Suzuki-Gun ally! In a battle of 3-0 teams, will Taichi & Yuya be able to survive? Or will they get burned by the Monster Sauce?

Archer’s back to beating up Young Lions, and Zayne just sighs with an “Oh, you” attitude. The teams sort out and Archer wants to face the KOPW Champion. Taichi and Yuya give thumbs, and fans cheer as the former Suzuki-Gun members start. Archer says Taichi is still his brother but this is about WTL, so #EverybodyDies, even Taichi! Archer pie faces Taichi, but Taichi CHOPS! Archer just smiles, so Taichi CHOPS again! Archer eggs Taichi on, Taichi CHOPS again! Archer ROCKS Taichi with a forearm! Fans rally up, Taichi and Archer circle, and they feel things out. Taichi KICKS and KICKS but Archer blocks one to choke grip!

Taichi breaks free, but Archer waistlocks! Taichi fights free to PELE! Taichi runs, Archer follows and BODY CHECKS Taichi! Archer eggs Taichi on, but Yuya tags in. Archer stares Taichi down but then he KNEES Yuya low! Archer bumps Yuya off buckles, tags Zayne, and Monster Sauce double whip. Yuya gest around to shove Zayne into Archer and then arm-drag Zayne! Zayne gets up, Yuya DROPKICKS him! Yuya CHOPS Zayne, CHOPS again, and CHOPS again! Zayne is in the corner, Yuya whips him corner to corner. Zayne reverses, runs in, but Yuya dodges and Archer ELBOWS him down! Zayne comes back ELBOW Yuya!

Archer then whips Zayne to scoop, so that Zayne can tilt-o-whirl RANA Archer into Yuya! Fans fire up while Archer laughs. Zayne covers, TWO! Zayne brings Yuya over, tags Archer, and Archer stomps around. Archer taunts Taichi, then Monster Sauce mugs Yuya. Archer drags Yuya up and CHOPS him! Archer stands Yuya back up but Yuya CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Archer eggs Yuya on, Yuya throws more CHOPS, but Archer DECKS him! Archer says it isn’t Yuya’s time, this is all about Monster Sauce! Fans cheer, Archer whips Yuya corner to corner hard, and Archer has a cocky cover, but Red Shoes doesn’t wanna count?

Archer tells him to count but Red Shoes says not until it’s a real cover. Archer snarls and he drags Yuya up. He dares Yuya to go tag Taichi, then he short arm LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Taichi was also there but Archer grins as he gives him a pie face. Red Shoes has Taichi back off, and Taichi coaches Yuya on. Archer bumps Yuya off buckles, tags Zayne, and Monster Sauce mugs Yuya. Zayne brings Yuya out to ROCK him! Yuya CHOPS! Zayne ROCKS Yuya again but Yuya CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Zayne knees low, whips but Yuya reverses to reel Zayne in for a BIG back suplex! Fans fire up while both men are down!

Zayne and Yuya crawl, they reach out, hot tag to Taichi! Taichi storms in after Zayne to give him Kawada Kicks! Zayne goes to a corner, Taichi BOOTS him! Taichi snapmares to KICK Zayne, but Archer runs in to kick Taichi! Archer whips but Taichi reverses to wrench and HOOK KICK! But Archer rebounds, only for Taichi to DUMP him out! Zayne kicks and whips Taichi to a corner, but Taichi comes back to AX BOMBER! Fans fire up and Taichi gets them to get louder. And OFF COME THE PANTS! Taichi aims, but Zayne ducks the buzzsaw! Roll up, Taichi rolls through, but Zayne EDDY GORDO KICKS!

Taichi stays up, GAMAN- NO, Zayne ducks the kick! Zayne ROLLING AX KICKS! Fans fire up while both men are down! Zayne and Taichi crawl, and Zayne is up first. Zayne drags Taichi up to wrench and scoop, but Taichi pulls hair! Taichi CLUBS away on Zayne, but Zayne swings. Taichi ducks to SAI- NO, Zayne slips free! Zayne reels Taichi in but Taichi fights the suplex! Taichi tries but Zayne fights the suplex! Zayne then suplexes to FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Taichi is still in this but Zayne tags Archer. Archer says he told Taichi this was coming! Archer suplexes and THROWS Taichi!

Fans fire up as Archer storms around, and he runs in to ELBOW Taichi in the corner! Archer says that’s one! He runs corner to corner again, but Taichi BOOTS him! Archer snarls, runs back in but Taichi dodges! GAMANGIRI! Fans fire up while both men are down! Taichi crawls to his corner, hot tag to Yuya! Zayne runs in but Yuya arm-drags him! And arm-drags him again! Archer runs up to choke grip! CHOKE- DROPKICK! Yuya then DROPKICKS again! Archer is still up, and he blocks the arm-drag to send Yuya to the corner! Yuya dodges the splash, but Archer still blocks the arm-drag! Choke grip, but Yuya DOUBLE CHOPS!

Yuya DOUBLE CHOPS again, but Archer kicks low. Archer runs, into an arm-drag! Fans fire up as Yuya dropkicks the legs! Yuya DOUBLE CHOPS Archer down! Cover, ONE!! Fans rally up, Yuya pounds the mat and he goes to the corner. Yuya climbs up, but Archer STEP-UP KNEES! Archer then brings Yuya up in the inverted crucifix! But Yuya fights free, rolls Archer up, TWO!! Archer swings, Yuya gets under and shoves Archer into a Taichi’s BOOT! DOUBLE CHOPS! SOBAT! Yuya goes up to FLYING BULLDOG! Cover, Zayne breaks it! Taichi kicks and throws Zayne out and leaves it to Yuya! Yuya fires up and the fans are with him!

Yuya climbs a corner, takes aim as Archer stands, CROSS- NO, choke grip! But Yuya victory rolls! TWO!! Archer is up, Yuya blocks the boot to UPPERCUT! And DOUBLE CHOP! And ENZIGURI! Archer stays up so Yuya traps the arms! But Archer HEADBUTTS free! Yuya runs, into a scoop! ROLLING AX KICK SIDEWALK SLAM COMBO!! Cover, Taichi breaks it! Zayne dodges Taichi to scoop, BAJA BLAST!! And then Archer grabs Zayne, CHOKE SAULT! Fans fire up as Archer roars! Archer drags Yuya up, but Yuya CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Yuya DOUBLE CHOPS Zayne down, but Archer ROCKS him!

Yuya roars, but runs into the choke grip! CHOKE SLAM!! Cover, TWO?!? Yuya survives and shocks everyone! But Archer drags him into the drop zone, then lifts Zayne up! BLACKOUT SWANTON BOMB!! Cover, Monster Sauce wins!!

Winners: Lance Archer & Alex Zayne, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Taichi & Yuya earn 0)

Archer said it’s all about Monster Sauce, and Monster Sauce just won big! They are the ONLY 4-0 team in ALL of World Tag League 2023, are they going to be the only option for B Block? Or will Taichi & Yuya still find a way to change everything?


2023 World Tag League, B Block: Bishamon VS Atlantis Jr. & Soberano Jr!

Though Hirooki Goto & Yoshi-Hashi are IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions and former World Tag League winners, their road to the threepeat has not been easy. They’ve started to #TurnItAllAround, but can they keep it going? Or will the sons of lucha libre shine brightest here tonight?

The teams sort out and the luchadores offer handshakes. Bishamon accept and the fans cheer the sportsmanship. Hashi starts against Soberano and the fans rally up. They circle, tie up, and Soberano headlocks. Soberano grinds Hashi down but Hashi uses that to pop out the back and hammerlock. Hashi then headlocks, but Soberano fights up. Soberano throws body shots, trips Hashi with a leg takedown, then traps that leg. Hashi uses his free leg to pull Soberano down and goes after an arm. Soberano clasps hands, Hashi pries them apart and has the ARMBAR! Soberano shifts around, but Hashi pulls on the arm again!

Soberano turns Hashi over, and ties up the legs in a deathlock, then shifts to body scissors and roll! Cover, TWO! The two stand off and the fans cheer. Hashi and Soberano circle again, then they knuckle lock. Hashi wrenches, hammerlocks, and headlocks. Hashi hits a takeover, then grinds Soberano down. Soberano headscissors, Hashi fights around, but Soberano has the arms, too. It’s an inverted motorcycle stretch now! But Hashi powers his way out, floats to a headlock, but Soberano slips away. The fans cheer again, and Hashi tags Goto. Soberano says it was that close, and he tags Atlantis in.

Atlantis and Goto circle and the fans rally up. The two tie up, Goto puts Atlantis on ropes, and Red Shoes counts the break. Goto lets off with pats on the shoulder and fans applaud. Atlantis keeps cool, he and Goto circle, tie up, and Goto waistlocks. Atlantis reaches around, spins through and he facelocks. Goto wrenches out to hammerlock, and then headlocks. Atlantis slips out to waistlock but Goto gets the ropes. Red Shoes calls the break, Atlantis lets off with pats on the shoulder, and fans cheer again. Atlantis and Goto reset and feel things out. Atlantis wrenches an arm, CLUBS it, then double wristlocks.

Goto powers through, hammerlocks, then headlocks for a takeover. Atlantis headscissors, Goto kips free, and the fans cheer. The two circle again, and then tie up. Goto headlocks, grinds, but Atlantis throws body shots. Atlantis powers out, Goto RAMS into him, but Atlantis rebounds to run Goto over! Fans fire up and Atlantis shakes his arm out. Atlantis stands Goto up to fire forearms and stomps, then runs. Hashi slides in, Bishamon runs Atlantis over! Then ZANMAI! Soberano runs in, Bishamon kicks him first! They HAMMER away on Soberano, then fans fire up as Bishamon flexes. They stomp Atlantis to a corner, and Goto digs his knee in.

Red Shoes counts, Goto lets off quickly, but then stomps Atlantis. Goto CLUBS Atlantis down, clamps on a neck wrench, but Atlantis endures. Goto bumps Atlantis off buckles and Atlantis falls back. Tag to Hashi, Goto stomps some more, but lets off for Hashi to stand Atlantis up. Hashi wrenches Atlantis, CLUBS the arm, then wrenches again. And again, and again! Hashi keeps Atlantis from ropes, CLUBS the arm, and then brings Atlantis around. Atlantis CHOPS, so Hashi CHOPS back! Atlantis falls, Hashi brings him up to bump off buckles. Tag to Goto and they wrench the arms. Bishamon double whips but Atlantis ducks the lariats to RANA Hashi!

Atlantis dodges Goto to arm-drag him! And DROPKICK! Fans fire up while both men are down! Atlantis crawls for his corner, hot tag to Soberano! Soberano goes up to CROSSBODY Goto! Cover, TWO! Soberano is a little annoyed with the count but he looms over Goto. Soberano stomps Goto, kicks him around and eggs him on. Goto blocks the punch to ROCK Soberano! And again! Soberano run sin, but Goto DECKS him! Fans fire up and Goto drags Soberano up. But Soberano DROPKICKS again! And then STANDING MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! Goto hangs in there but Soberano keeps his cool.

Soberano clamps onto Goto with shoulder claws, then a chinlock. Soberano snapmares Goto to then leg drop! Soberano keeps on Goto with a chinlock, and he pushes Goto out of the ring. Soberano brings Goto around to whip into railing! And then he clamps on a headlock to put Goto on the apron. APRON 619! Goto staggers back into railing and Soberano wants Red Shoes to be patient with him. Soberano drags Goto up, chicken wings him, and Atlantis kicks Goto low. Soberano then runs around to CLOBBER Hashi! Atlantis cranks Goto’s neck against railing! Soberano comes back for Goto and puts him in the ring.

Soberano “apologizes,” then he drags Goto up. Atlantis sticks his feet in, Soberano bumps Goto off the boots! Tag to Atlantis, and he ROCKS Goto with a forearm! Then a snapmare and chinlock. Atlantis squeezes tight, then shifts his grip so he can dig a knee into Goto’s back! Goto endures, Soberano runs in to BOOT! The luchadores stomp away on Goto, their frustration boiling up. Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Goto but Atlantis stomps him more. Atlantis drags Goto up, bumps him off buckles, and stomps a mudhole. Goto kicks back but Atlantis CLUBS that leg. Then Atlantis sets the leg up as Soberano runs in, and Soberano KICKS Goto in the thigh!

Goto hobbles and falls over, fans still rally, but the luchadores taunt the fans. Cover, Soberano intercepts Hashi, TWO! Goto is still in this but Atlantis argues the count. Red Shoes defends his count, so Atlantis drags Goto up in a facelock. Tag to Soberano, the luchadores mug Goto, but Goto fires forearms in return! They just hit him harder! The luchadores beat Goto down, HEADBUTT him, and then Soberano looms over Goto. Soberano clamps on a chinlock but Goto fights up. Goto throws body shots, but Soberano BOOTS! Goto goes to a corner, Soberano whips him corner not corner. Goto reverses, runs in, but Soberano BOOTS again!

Soberano runs, but Goto follows. Soberano dodges, but Goto deflects the belt to DISCUS LARIAT! Fans fire up while both men are down! Goto crawls, hot tag to Hashi! Fans fire up as Hashi fires up, and he runs corner to corner at Soberano to CHOP! Hashi whips to then CHOP again! And mule kick! Hashi turns Soberano, but Soberano fights free! Hashi still dropkicks the legs out! Hashi runs, to BLOCKBUSTER! The fans fire up as Hashi watches Soberano go to another corner. Hashi runs in again, to clothesline! And then a stalling suplex! Hashi holds on for EIGHT before the SLAM! Cover, TWO!

Soberano hangs in there but Hashi keeps cool. Hashi storms up on Soberano, drags him up, and ROCKS him! Soberano falls over, but Hashi stands him back up. Soberano ROCKS Hashi, eggs him on, so Hashi ROCKS Soberano! Soberano and Hashi go back and forth with forearms, and fans rally up as Soberano drops to a knee! Hashi fires off more forearms, then a CHOP! Soberano wobbles, but he shakes his head. Fans rally up, Soberano winds up to CHOP! Hashi sputters and Soberano eggs him on more. Hashi CHOPS back, but Soberano shakes his head. Soberano CHOPS again! Hashi winds up to CHOP again!

Soberano grits his teeth, fires himself up, and CHOPS! Soberano keeps egging Hashi on, so Hashi CHOPS again! Hashi gets in Soberano’s face so Soberano CHOPS! And CHOPS! Hashi ROCKS, body shots and CHOPS! Soberano goes to a corner, runs back in, but into a DOUBLE CHOP! Fans fire up with Hashi and he drags Soberano back up. Hashi reels Soberano in, hoists him up, but Soberano slips free! Hashi swings, Soberano gets around and RANAS! Fans fire up as Soberano runs, but Hashi ELBOWS him! Hashi runs, but Soberano BOOTS him! Hashi roars, runs, but into a POWERSLAM! Fans fire up while both men are down!

Hashi and Soberano stir and crawl for their corners as we pass 20 minutes. Hot tags to Goto and Atlantis! Fans fire up as they RAM shoulders! And RAM again! And RAM again! Now they throw forearms! Atlantis gets the edge, roars and runs, but Goto runs him over! Fans fire up again and Goto drags Atlantis up. Goto whips Atlantis to a corner, runs in, and MURAMASAS! Then SAIDO! Cover, TWO! Atlantis survives that solid landing but Goto drags him back up. Goto fireman’s carries, but Atlantis fights free. Atlantis shoves Goto to then POWERSLAM! And basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Goto is still in this and fans rally up!

Atlantis drags Goto up and whips him to ropes, but Goto slips free of the scoop! Goto waistlocks, Atlantis switches, but Goto RAMS him into a corner! Hashi returns and runs in, to clothesline! Feed to the fireman’s carry, but Atlantis slips free! Soberano BOOTS Hashi, Atlantis has Goto in a CROSSFACE!! Goto endures while Soberano sends Hashi into railing outside! Fans rally but Atlantis pulls on the neck! Goto reaches out, Hashi returns, he stomps Atlantis down! Hashi coaches Goto on but Atlantis kicks Hashi back out! Soberano then builds speed to FOSBURY FLOP! Down goes Hashi and fans fire up! And the CROSSFACE is back on!!

Goto endures, fans rally up, but Atlantis pulls way back!! Goto still fights, still reaches out, still crawls his way over, but Atlantis pulls even more!! Goto kicks and flails, ROPEBREAK!! The fans fire up as Atlantis lets off in frustration. Atlantis vows to end this and he drags Goto back up. Atlantis puts Goto in the ropes and Soberano climbs! DRAPING MOONSAULT!! Cover, TWO!!! Goto survives and the fans fire up again! Atlantis is frustrated, and we’re at 25 minutes! Soberano coaches Atlantis up and time is ticking away. They hurry to get Goto up, then double whip him to ropes. Double hip toss into a cradle, but Hashi makes the save!

Hashi fires forearms and CHOPS! Atlantis CHOPS Hashi! The luchadores stomp away on Hashi, Soberano is like a jackhammer! Soberano and Atlantis then wait on Hashi to get up, kick and run to BOOT! But Hashi’s right up!? He LARIATS Soberano, but Atlantis DECKS Hashi! Atlantis kicks Goto, runs, but into a fireman’s carry! USHIGOROSHI! Fans fire up as all four men are down! Goto roars and he drags Atlantis up. Goto dragon sleepers, but Atlantis fights from below! Goto blocks that arm, but Atlantis ROCKS him with the other! Atlantis swings again, but Goto catches him for a BIG suplex! And we’re at the three minute warning!

Fans fire up as Goto crawls, hot tag to Hashi! Hashi runs, but Atlantis blocks the lariat! So Hashi CHOPS! Atlantis rebounds, Hashi dodges the lariat to LARIAT Atlantis! Fans fire up again as Hashi drags Atlantis back up. Hashi has the leg, but Atlantis fights the fisherman suplex! Atlantis CHOPS Hashi, runs, but Hashi gets around to trap him! Goto BLINDSLIDE LARIATS! Two minute warning, Hashi SUPERKICKS! BUTTERFLY LOCK!! Goto catches Soberano, rolls him around, ARMBAR into SHORYU KEKKAI!! The luchadores endure stereo submissions! Atlantis fights around, ROPEBREAK!! Hashi lets him go and then coordinates with Goto.

Goto TOSSES Soberano, he and Hashi whip Atlantis to a corner. Goto clotheslines, then Hashi clotheslines! Then fireman’s carry and FIERCE FLASH! Final 60 seconds!! Bishamon drags Atlantis up, dragon sleeper and the legs, but Atlantis boots him! HIDDEN GAP! And then SHO- NO, Soberano busts it up! Final 30 seconds!! Goto CLOBBERS Soberano, Atlantis DECKS Goto! Hashi and Atlantis DOUBLE LARIAT and they’re both down!! Time is running out!! Someone has to do something! Hashi finds Atlantis to cover, Soberano breaks it!! FINAL TEN SECONDS!! Soberano tries to cover but he’s not legal! TIME IS UP!!

Time Limit Draw (both teams earn 1 point)

An incredible battle pushes both teams to their limits, but also pushes this to the time limit! The fans applaud both teams for giving it their all. And in the end, the teams shake hands again. But with no winners, there’s no closing address! The luchadores bow in thanks to all the fans, Bishamon wave good night, and they all head out. A draw is better than a loss, but will just getting one point this round come back to bite someone later on?


Here are the NEW B Block standings!

Alex Zayne & Lance Archer: 4-0, 8 points
Taichi & Yuya Uemura: 3-1, 6 points
Atlantis Jr. y Soberano Jr: 2-1-1, 5 points
Yota Tsuji & Zandokan Jr: 2-2, 4 points
ELP & Hikuleo: 2-2, 4 points
Bishamon: 1-2-1, 3 points
Bad Luck Fale & Jack Bonza: 1-3, 2 points
Yuji Nagata & Minoru Suzuki: 0-4, 0 points

My Thoughts:

A great round for B Block, with some real surprising results, too. Did not think Rogue Army would get their first win here, because I thought Tsuji & Zando were going to continue on pretty strong. Less surprised that Suzuki & Nagata still haven’t won, only because they were up against the NJPW Strong Openweight Tag Team Champions. ELP & Leo can’t lose too much, they’d be owing title shots all over the place. Then great stuff with Monster Sauce getting a big win over Taichi & Yuya, and a great move in the main event. Going for a time limit draw on a half hour match is a bit tricky, though, because things dragged a little in the middle to drag it out. But a draw is also a great way to keep Bishamon from owing more title matches while still not winning so as not to hurt Team CMLL.

My Score: 8.8/10

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