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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (12/25/23)

The Absolute BEST of 2023!



Merry Monday Night Raw!

O Christmas Raw, O Christmas Raw, how lovely are your highlights! Celebrate the best time of the year with the absolute best of WWE 2023!



The Miz walks into studio.

“Really? Really? This is it? I expected… More pizzazz. This is the Miz we’re talking about. We need more production value.” A snap and it’s now Miz TV. But this is also Christmas, right? Let’s make this even more must-see. Now it’s #MizMas! Fit for a night of grandeur and spectacle! Ladies and gentlemen, on this very special episode of Monday Night Raw, we relive the most monumental moments that made 2023 unlike any other. And who better to start off than The A-Lister himself? The man who turned down The Oscars to instead host WrestleMania 39! Hey, it’s his intro, he can say waht he wants.

And as a movie star, Miz has seen every blockbuster there is to see. But this year in WWE eclipses them all! All the genres, from heart-wrenching drama to edge-of-your-seat action! Cody Rhodes VS Brock Lesnar in a WWE Clash of the Titans! The gripping revenge tale of Rhea Ripley facing Charlotte Flair on the Grandest Stage of Them All! And the earth-shattering superhero style showdown of Logan Paul and Ricochet! A timeless classic reborn as Trish Stratus took on Becky Lynch! And a charge onto the battlefield for WarGames, and the extraordinary crossover that stole the show, when George Kittle helped Pat McAfee beat The Miz-

Wait, wait, wait! Who is running this show? That moment is NOT Miz Approved! He was talking about Bad Bunny’s breakthrough role at Backlash! Heroes shined, villains reigned, and emotions surged. And make sure to stick around to the end, because even the WWE could give you a post-credits scene. Cue CM Punk’s “pipebomb” return at Survivor Series. Because this isn’t any ordinary evening or forgettable sequel. Tonight, we relive 52 WEEKS, 365 DAYS, of jaw-dropping feats and heart-pounding action that only the WWE can deliver.

So go ahead, grab your popcorn, dim the lights and witness the WWE at its absolute best! The cream of the crop of 2023! This is Raw’s Absolute Best of 2023, and it is AWESOME!!


Jackie Redmond & Peter Rosenberg are in the control center.

They loved Miz’s introduction there, he was like an epic Santa Claus delivering present after present with everything he’s promised. The stockings are stuffed, gifts for everyone! There’s a sleigh full of gifts. Exclusive interviews from stars like Cody Rhodes, Rhea Ripley, Jey Uso, Becky Lynch, and on and on. And our first guest of tonight is a big deal, the World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins. Speaking of, we turn things back to May, Night of Champions, a phenomenal battle of Seth Rollins and AJ Styles to crown the inaugural WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Finals: Seth Rollins VS AJ Styles!

The 60 diamonds represent the 60 years of this company. The eagle harkens back to the days of eagles on the top title. The crown harkens back to the days of THE Bruno Sammartino. Only one man can be the first to hold a title that means so much about the then, now and forever of the WWE. Will that man be a Visionary? Or will he be Phenomenal?

The introductions are made, the belt is on display, and one way or another, a new champion will be crowned!

The bell rings and the fans are thunderous already! They rally and duel, “AJ STYLES!” “SETH ROLLINS!” The two circle, Rollins avoids Styles, and fans sing for him. “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” The two reset and feel things out. They knuckle lock, then Rollins shoots past Styles and the fans sing again. But Styles DROPKICKS Rollins! And clotheslines him up and out of the ring! Then he slingshots, but Rollins avoids Styles! Styles lands on the apron and Rollins grins. Styles steps back in and fans rally up again. They tie up, Rollins headlocks, but Styles powers up and out. Styles hurdles, Rollins rolls, and the two stand off again.

Fans fire up, Styles swings but misses. Rollins comes back to SLINGBLADE! Styles bails out, Rollins goes to the apron and FLYING KNEES Styles down! Rollins puts Styles in, takes aim from the corner, but Styles ducks the Shining Wizard, only for Rollins to BOOMERANG! Cover, TWO! Rollins keeps cool and he brings Styles up. Rollins goes to suplex but Styles blocks. Rollins CLUBS away but Styles RAMS him into the corner! And again, and again! The ref counts, Styles lets off, and Styles snapmares Rollins to then run and KNEE DROP! Rollins clutches his face but Styles brings him around to KICK in the back!

Rollins grits his teeth, but Styles snapmares him into a chinlock. Fans rally, Rollins endures, and Rollins fights up to throw body shots. Rollins whips, Styles goes up and over and Rollins hits buckles! Styles CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Rollins goes to another corner, Styles whips him corner to corner but Rollins reverses. Styles goes up and over but gets caught, BUCKLE SHOT! Rollins keeps going, he RAMS Styles into the opposite corner! Fans sing for Rollins again while he catches his breath. Styles sits up in the corner, Rollins puts him on the top rope. Rollins CHOPS Styles and Styles flops to the apron.

Rollins climbs the corner, drags Styles up to join him, and fans rally as the two fight for control. Styles slips under, trips Rollins up and Rollins hits buckles! Styles ROCKS Rollins with a right, but Rollins hits back! They go back and forth, fans fire up with each haymaker, and then Styles snap suplexes Rollins into the corner! Rollins is folded up and fans chant “This is Awesome!” Styles drags Rollins up to CHOP! Rollins ROCKS and CHOPS in return, and on repeat! Rollins then fires hands from all sides, but Styles comes back with the Phenomenal Blitz! SLIDING FOREARM! Fans fire up as Rollins goes to a corner.

Styles runs in to clothesline! Styles fireman’s carries, Rollins slips off but Styles ducks the rolling elbow to wheelbarrow FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! That was so close and Styles can’t believe it! Styles brings Rollins up, but Rollins RAMS him into a corner! Rollins gets space, but runs into an ELBOW! Styles goes up, QUEBRADA DDT! Cover, TWO! Rollins survives again and Styles is again surprised! Styles puts Rollins in a corner then up on the top rope. But Rollins throws hands! Styles comes back, but into a BOOT! FLYING SUNSET, TWO, but Rollins deadlifts Styles, for a BUCKLE BOMB!

Styles staggers, Rollins hurries to another corner and climbs up! FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!! Now Styles survives and surprises Rollins! Both men rise, Rollins ROLLING ELBOWS! Then he turns styles, but Styles ducks the Dream Smasher to fireman’s carry! USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!! Rollins survives and fans fire up while both men are down. Both men rise and the fans duel. Styles reels Rollins in, brings him up, but Rollins slips free to reel Styles in! Styles fights out to CHOP and PELE! Rollins falls and flounders to a corner while Styles stands up again. Fans rally, Styles storms over and then goes to the apron.

Styles climbs the corner and he brings Rollins up! Fans fire up as Styles has Rollins hooked, but Rollins RANAS free! Rollins then gets Styles up onto the top rope, climbs up behind him, and CLUBS away on Styles’ neck! Fans count and Rollins goes all the way to eight. Rollins dragon sleepers but Styles fights free! Rollins falls back, Styles works to adjust his position, but Rollins is right back up there! INVERTED SUPERPLEX!! Roll through, into SAVING GRACE! Cover, TWO!! Rollins is beside himself as Styles survives! Fans are thunderous as Rollins stands. Rollins stomps Styles, then goes back to the corner.

Rollins climbs up top, fans fire up, and Rollins PHOENIX- NO, he rolls through as Styles moves! Styles BOOTS Rollins, reels him back in at the corner, TORNADO HOT- NO, Rollins blocks that to HEADBUTT! Both men wobble, but Rollins brings Styles up again. But Styles fights the suplex! Styles tries to suplex but Rollins blocks now. They fight for control, Styles drags Rollins out to join him, and then APRON BRAINBUSTERS!! Fans go nuts as Rollins flops to the floor! Styles drags Rollins into the ring, then goes to the apron. Styles springboards, but Rollins trips him up! Styles now hits the floor!

Rollins builds speed, to DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp! Rollins clutches his leg, he may have done more harm than good. Fans sing “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~” for him and Rollins rises. Rollins goes to the steel steps, he and Styles get in the ring at 9 of 10! Rollins goes after Styles but Styles goes after the leg! CALF CRUSHER!! Rollins endures, reaches out, crawls around, but Styles rolls him from the ropes! CALF CRUSHER!! Styles pulls back on the leg while Rollins endures! Rollins reaches, and grabs Styles in a SLEEPER! Styles lets Rollins go and Rollins lets Styles go. Styles KICKS the leg, but Rollins LARIATS Styles!

Both men are down and fans fire up again! “This is Awesome!” as both men crawl to each other. Rollins and Styles stand, and they start throwing hands! Fans fire up with each haymaker, but Rollins gets the edge with forearms! But then Styles fires off palm strikes from all sides! And he KICKS the bad leg! But Rollins mule kicks! And Kawada Kicks! Fans fire up and Rollins swings big, but misses! Styles CHOPS, ROCKS and HEADBUTTS Rollins! Styles runs, Rollins ducks and PELES! Styles wobbles, but Rollins avoids his Pele! SUPERKICK! Styles falls over, Rollins runs in, and Rollins stomps the hand!

Rollins underhooks the arms, but Styles trips him! Styles hooks Rollins up but Rollins kicks free! Styles dodges a haymaker now and PELES! Styles steals the PEDIGREE!!! Cover, TWO!?!? Styles and Saudi Arabia are all shocked that Rollins survives! Styles crawls back to a corner as he thinks of what he has to do to finish this. Fans fire up again and Styles goes back to the apron. Styles aims but Rollins crawls over to that side. Rollins stands and glares at Styles. But Styles ROCKS Rollins first! Springboard, PHENOMENAL- SUPERKICK!! Rollins gets his bad leg working as he aims from the corner, Rollins runs in, but the leg gives up!

Rollins drags Styles up, Styles rolls him! Rollins rolls through, to get the PEDIGREE!! But the bad leg hurts from hitting it! Rollins grits his teeth, aims again, runs in, CURB STOMP!!! Cover, ROLLINS WINS!!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall (INAUGURAL WWE World Heavyweight Champion)

The Visionary has done it! He has made history once again! And Triple H is here in person to present the title directly to him! Will Rollins follow through on his promises to push the industry forward and to do it “the right way?”


We return to Jackie & Peter.

Truly a monumental win for Rollins to win a title that he still has a whole seven months later. With that, here is The Visionary, the Revolutionary, Seth FREAKIN’ Rollins via video chat. HAHAHAHA~! A very Merry Christmas for Rollins, Becky and their baby girl. Surely their daughter is old enough now to understand and get hyped for things. Yes, she loves Christmas, she loves Santa, Frosty, Rudolph, all of it. It is so great to be here, watch her open her gifts, and really get into the magic of Christmas.

Peter wants to know, the belt on his shoulder, what does it mean for him to be the first WWE World Heavyweight Champion? It is Rollins’ honor to have this belt, to bring it to Raw and to give opportunities to guys stuck under the glass ceiling, as it were. Because that’s what this is about, that is how you grow in this business. If you don’t have anything to aim for, a goal to set, you will stagnate. And that is not what Rollins is here for. He his here to make the WWE as good as it can be, that is why he wants this title, is proud to have this title, and is proud to give opportunities to guys like Jey Uso, Sami Zayn, hell, even Bron Breakker and Damian Priest.

Rollins loves this, and he can’t wait to keep going. Then in case he doesn’t know, but one of the bigger stories this year was the WWE return of CM Punk. And we know Rollins isn’t a huge fan of his. In fact, Rollins said he hates Punk. So Peter’s gotta know, at the end of Survivor Series and Punk’s music hits, what ran through Rollins’ mind? A mixture of emotions. Rage, disappointment, and yet how inevitable it was and the disbelief, like seeing a ghost. A ghost you wanna punch in the face. Then Jackie’s follow-up is, what would it take for Punk to earn Rollins’ respect? Or is that even possible?

Rollins says that is a long road to even get to that point. It’s been ten YEARS of Punk doing the opposite of earning respect. Rollins had respect, put Punk on a pedestal, but Punk was the epitome of “Never meet your heroes.” It has been disappointment after disappointment. Rollins won’t say it’s like Mount Everest, because that’s not doing it justice. Then what did they send Punk for Christmas? Nothing? Rollins says some lump of coal, at best. Definitely not a Christmas card.

But moving on, what is Drew McIntyre’s problem? The title match is coming. Rollins says a lot of what McIntyre says isn’t wrong. Rollins gets where McIntyre is coming from and what he wants. The problem is, McIntyre has to beat Rollins for this title. And right now, Rollins is on a level that is untouchable. It doesn’t matter what version of McIntyre shows up, it doesn’t matter. He just has to find a way to beat Rollins to get what he wants in the WHC, and Rollins doesn’t think it happens. He hopes McIntyre brings his best, and even though he’s a jerk, no Merry Christmas, may the best man win.

Jackie tells Rollins to enjoy his week off before the match, and good luck next Monday. Yes, ho ho ho, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! But will Rollins’ 2024 be ruined right from Day One?


The Alpha Academy is together.

Chas Gable says, “Man, what a year. Look back at it, look what we’ve done.” They’ve all grown, they’ve added members, they’re thriving! It almost makes Gable sad to say goodbye to 2023. Maxxine Dupri says that’s just a case of Christmas blues. Gable may be the master of wristlocks and suplexes, but Maxxine is a master of curing the blues! And do you know the cure? Shopping~! Really? Yes! Tozawa, bust out the shirts! New merchandise available on WWE’s official site! Street Profits, Ricochet, the Academy and more! Buy now and kiss your blues away! A THANK YEW~! Oh, Tozawa’s getting naaaaasty!


We return to Jackie & Peter.

Jackie says the Academy always has a good time, she’d love to hang out with them. And Christmas is always a time to celebrate. The WWE Universe certainly had cause for celebration when we learned THE Jade Cargill signed with The WWE! An early Christmas gift with the one-of-a-kind free agent chose to sign with the WWE. Athleticism, beauty, charisma, attitude. To quote Rihanna, Jade shines bright like a diamond, found love in a hopeless place, and, uh, well she’s here! Peter can’t wait to see Jade debut in a WWE ring and mix it up with some greats, like Becky Lynch or Iyo Sky. Or maybe one day, even these next two: The Queen and Mami!

One on side, Charlotte Flair, the FOURTEEN-TIME Women’s Champion! And on the other, Rhea Ripley, The Eradicator! And this year, they once again battled for the title on the Grandest Stage of Them All!

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair VS Rhea Ripley!

As the Queen said herself, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Three years ago, Charlotte won the Royal Rumble to challenge a champion, in one NXT Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley. But now, Rhea won the Rumble and is going after champion Charlotte. Will Rhea eradicate Charlotte’s reign this time? Or will the Queen still have her crown?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who reigns over SmackDown!

The bell rings and fans fire up already. Rhea and Charlotte stare down, Rhea smirks, and the two circle. Charlotte tests the ropes and grins back as fans “WOO~!” Rhea and Charlotte approach, tie up, and go around. Charlotte goes for an arm, wristlocks, and slaps Rhea around! Charlotte headlocks but Rhea powers out. They RAM shoulders, Rhea rebounds and she runs Charlotte over! Rhea says ‘SUCK IT!” then things speed up. Charlotte blocks hip toss to get a leg up and flip around. Rhea swings but misses, and now Charlotte runs Rhea over! Charlotte clotheslines Rhea up and out! Fans “WOO~!” while Rhea scowls.

Charlotte eggs Rhea on, Rhea slides back in, and the two reset. Rhea shoves Charlotte, “You think you’re the queen, huh?” Charlotte says she is. They shove each other, then Charlotte CHOPS! Rhea RAMS Charlotte to a corner, RAMS into her more, but lets off as the ref counts. Rhea tells the ref to shut up, but Charlotte ROCKS Rhea! And ROCKS her again! Charlotte whips, Rhea reverses, but Charlotte goes up and out. Charlotte BOOTS Rhea, hurries up a corner, and CROSSBODIES! Charlotte bounces off the cover, brings Rhea up, but Rhea elbows her! And again! Charlotte GAMANGIRIS in return!

Charlotte puts Rhea’s leg on the ropes, but Rhea stops the knee drop! Electric Chair SNAKE EYES! Fans rally, Rhea stomps and kicks Charlotte around, then smacks her off the mat. Rhea hip drops Charlotte down, then she soaks up the cheers and jeers. But Charlotte ROCKS Rhea! And again! Rhea kicks low, bumps Charlotte hard off buckles, and Charlotte falls tot he mat. Rhea drags Charlotte to a cover, TWO! Rhea kicks Charlotte, CLUBS her, then CLUBS her again. Rhea wraps on a body scissor and she puts on the squeeze. Charlotte endures, Rhea pulls hair but the ref reprimands. Rhea lets go of hair to focus on the squeeze.

Rhea CLUBS away on Charlotte’s back, makes it a full rear mount, and she taunts Charlotte while digging her face into the mat. Rhea keeps on the squeeze, pulls hair, but then Charlotte pulls hair! Charlotte rains forearms down, Rhea kicks her away, and Rhea gets up, only for Charlotte to roll her up! TWO, Charlotte swings into a spin. Rhea ROCKS Charlotte with a forearm to the back! Then another one! Rhea seethes, she ROCKS Charlotte again! Charlotte drops to her knees while Rhea seethes and fans fire back up. Rhea brings Charlotte up, whips her again, but Charlotte elbows Rhea away!

Charlotte BOOTS, but Rhea ducks the chop! GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Rhea grows annoyed with Charlotte but she looms over her. Rhea taunts Charlotte, brings Charlotte up and short arm LARIATS! Rhea stands Charlotte up again, for another short arm LARIAT! Rhea grins and fans rally up as Rhea drags Charlotte back up. But Charlotte swings, only for Rhea to ripcord. But Charlotte ROCKS and ELBOWS Rhea! Rhea runs in, into a BACKBREAKER and BUCKLE SHOT! Rhea flounders away but Charlotte takes aim! Charlotte rallies with lariats on Rhea! Fans fire up, Charlotte brings Rhea up and CHOPS!

Charlotte CHOPS more, and fans “WOO~!” CHOP after CHOP against the ropes, Rhea end s up in a corner but Charlotte just CHOPS more! The ref counts, Charlotte stops, but then CHOPS one more time to top it off. Charlotte then puts Rhea’s leg on the ropes, to KNEE DROP the knee! Rhea screams and scrambles away while clutching that knee! Charlotte revels in the cheers and jeers, runs in but Rhea puts her on the apron. Charlotte ROCKS Rhea first, then bumps her off buckles! Rhea staggers away, Charlotte fires herself up and climbs the corner. Charlotte CROSSBODIES again! But Rhea rolls through!

Rhea picks Charlotte up, but Charlotte throws elbows! Charlotte gets free, but Rhea pump handles! RIP- DDT!! Cover, TWO!!! Rhea survives the sudden counter and Charlotte is shocked! Charlotte refocuses, goes for legs, but Rhea kicks her away! And again! Then Rhea cradles, TWO!! Charlotte escapes, but DOUBLE BOOTS take both women down! Fans are thunderous as Rhea and Charlotte both sit up in a daze. Rhea slaps some sense into herself, and she crawls her way over to Charlotte. Rhea throws a forearm, but Charlotte gives it back. They stand, Rhea CLUBS Charlotte, but Charlotte ROCKS her back!

Charlotte counter punches again and again but Rhea kicks low! Rhea stomps a foot, smashes Charlotte off her knee, but swings into a scoop! EXPLODER! Both women are down again, but Charlotte kips up! Fans fire up, Charlotte feeds off the energy, and she sees Rhea in the drop zone. Charlotte steps on Rhea on her way to the corner, then climbs up top. But Rhea springs up behind her! Charlotte fights Rhea off, but Rhea returns! SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX!! Cover, TWO!!! Charlotte survives and Rhea is beside herself! Rhea snarls, drags Charlotte back up, and she back suplexes, only for Charlotte to land on her feet!

CHOP BLOCK! NATURAL SELECTION! Cover, TWO!!! Charlotte is stunned, but Rhea bails out. Rhea crawls, Charlotte makes her way over to ropes, but the ring count is climbing. Charlotte goes out after Rhea, runs in, but Rhea sends her into steel steps! Charlotte clutches her shoulder, but Rhea puts her back in. Rhea hurries to drag Charlotte up! Atomic FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Rhea is again stunned, and she snarls as she stalks Charlotte. Rhea drags Charlotte up, pump handles, RIP- NO, Charlotte slips free to GERMAN SUPLEX! Rhea flounders away to a corner, but Charlotte waistlocks again!

Rhea holds the buckle pad, Charlotte gets her to let go, and she GERMAN SUPLEXES again! Charlotte still holds on, she brings Rhea back up but Rhea elbows her! And elbows again! Rhea is free, she switches and GERMAN SUPLEX Charlotte completely upside-down! Rhea drags Charlotte up again, “This is Awesome!” as Rhea ROCKS Charlotte and waistlocks again. Charlotte fights the waistlock, throws elbows, and Rhea lets go. Charlotte BOOTS Rhea down! Cover, TWO!! Rhea survives and Charlotte checks her jaw. The fans rally up as Charlotte gets Rhea’s legs. Charlotte steps through, but Rhea kicks at Charlotte!

Rhea throws forearms, Charlotte lets go and stumbles away. Charlotte’s got some blood in her mouth but she just ignores that. Rhea is on the apron, Charlotte runs over to BOOT Rhea down! Charlotte then goes to the apron, but has a devious idea on her mind. Charlotte climbs the corner! Fans fire up as Charlotte ARIHARA MOONSAULTS! Direct hit at the ramp and Charlotte is all fired up! Charlotte puts Rhea back in, hurries after Rhea and tackles her! But Rhea kicks Charlotte away! Charlotte run sin, but is almost sent into the ref! Rhea HEADBUTTS Charlotte! Pump handle, RIPTIDE!!! Cover, TWO?!!??!

Fans cannot believe that Charlotte survives, and neither can Rhea! Rhea pleads with the ref, but no, that was still just two! Rhea snarls, she drags Charlotte back up, and uses a chinlock to stretch her out! Rhea throws Charlotte back down, then drags her back up, but Charlotte cradles! TWO!!! Rhea escapes in time, and grabs the legs! PRISM TRAP!!! Charlotte endures the inverted Cloverleaf and fans are thunderous! Rhea thrashes Charlotte around as she hangs off the mat! Charlotte claws her way forward, reaches out, and manages the ROPEBREAK! Rhea won’t let go, but then Charlotte rolls to send Rhea into the ref!

Rhea apologizes to the ref, and turns around into a SPEAR!! Cover, TWO!!! Now Rhea shocks Charlotte! Charlotte is flabbergasted and upset, but she says, “You want my place? You want me?!” Rhea and Charlotte start throwing forearms! They go back and forth, faster and rougher, again and again! Fans are loving this as Rhea ROUNDHOUSES! But Charlotte BOOTS! And she gets the legs! But Rhea scrambles to the ROPEBREAK!! Charlotte is frustrated but lets go at 4. Rhea drags herself to the apron while Charlotte sits and seethes. “This is Awesome!” as Charlotte mutters to herself about Rhea’s defiance.

Charlotte drags Rhea up, POSTS her, then climbs up the corner. Charlotte drags Rhea up to join her, but Rhea fights with elbows! Rhea is free, but Charlotte CHOPS! Rhea wobbles, but she SMACKS Charlotte off the top of the post! Charlotte is slumped up there, an d Rhea grins an evil grin! Rhea says this is HERS now! Rhea climbs up, pump handles Charlotte, SUPER RIPTIDE!!! Cover, RHEA WINS!!!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall (NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion)

The brutality makes the dream a reality! Rhea almost can’t believe it, but she really has dethroned The Queen! And yet, Charlotte smiles? Is she oddly proud of the woman who took her title? Will Rhea make sure every Friday is now Judgment Day?


Rhea Ripley speaks.

“2023. The year when Rhea Ripley, and the Judgment Day, took over Monday Night Raw. And anyone who dared stepped in our path found themselves eradicated. And now, as the calendar flips to 2024, we head into Day One, and another fool thinks they can step up to me. Ivy Nile, you’re gonna discover what every other woman on this roster already knows: This is MY division, and you are nothing in MY world.” Mami has spoken, but will she get bit by the Diamond Pitbull?


Logan Paul VS Ricochet!

The ImPAULsive Maverick is ready to go viral and prove he’s the new top star in WWE. However, he’s up against the One and Only. Will Ricochet be the one and only top gun in WWE? Or will this be Logan’s crowning achievement in his still fledgling career?

The bell rings and fans fire up as Ricochet eggs Logan on. They step to each other, Logan polishes Ricochet’s head, and Ricochet laughs that off. Then he SLAPS Logan! Fans fire up and Logan wings, but Ricochet dodges to handspring and RANA! And DROPKICK! Logan bails out but Ricochet builds speed! To then handspring and superhero land! Fans fire up as Ricochet asks, “What’s good, bro?” Logan paces around the outside, fans chant “LOGAN SUCKS!” but Logan steps back inside. Logan and Ricochet circle, tie up, and Ricochet headlocks. Logan powers out and hurdles, then drops down to hurdle again!

Ricochet and Logan keep going, then Ricochet stops! Logan sunset flips but Ricochet rolls through !Logan avoids the kick to roll Ricochet up, but Ricochet rolls through! Logan ELBOWS Ricochet away! Fans boo as Ricochet goes to a corner and Logan grins. Ricochet stands up, the two reset, and they approach. Logan avoids a kick but Ricochet keeps after him. They tie up, Logan facelocks and hits a judo hip toss! Logan chinlocks and he grinds Ricochet down while laughing. Fans boo but Ricochet fights up to throw body shots! Ricochet pushes Logan to ropes, powers out, but Logan stops himself to avoid a kick!

Ricochet runs in but Logan puts him on the apron. Ricochet ROCKS Logan, but Logan blocks the kick to CHOKE Ricochet on the ropes! The ref counts, Logan lets off, and Ricochet sputters. Logan goes to the apron, but Ricochet elbows him back! Logan CLUBS away on Ricochet, then turns Ricochet, DRAPING NECKBREAKER to the apron! Fans boo as Logan kisses his fiancée. Logan mocks Samantha, Ricochet’s fiancée, then puts Ricochet in the ring. Logan throws a BODY BLOW! And another! And another! Fans boo as Logan fires off! The ref counts, Ricochet shoves Logan away but Logan comes back with more shots!

Fans boo as the ref finally backs Logan off. Logan grins and rope-a-dopes around. Logan then storms up to throw more body shots! Fans chant “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” Logan puts Ricochet up top, he says he’s gonna do the flippy, and then says NOT. He drags Ricochet out, mocks Braun Strowman and hits the POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Fans boo as Logan drags Ricochet back up to scoop and SLAM! Logan soaks up the heat from Detroit, and copies Hogan. Logan whips Ricochet, BOOTS him, and “Loganmania” runs to drop a SPLIT LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Logan strikes the Hogan pose, and fans boo more.

Logan drags Ricochet up, scoops, but Ricochet slips free and hits a SPINEBUSTER! Ricochet stomps away on Logan, and if Logan’s gonna reference a legend, here’s Ricochet’s! With the PEOPLE’S MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Logan survives, Ricochet drags him up and ROCKS him with a right! And a CHOP! And a KICK! Logan reverses the whip and SUPESR back drops Ricochet! Ricochet almost flips a full 360! Logan stomps Ricochet to the apron, drags him up, and has him on the ropes to then run and Triangle Jump LARIAT! Logan grins and he goes to the apron as fans boo. Logan drags Ricochet up, and he wants to reference MITB!

But Ricochet FLIPS THROUGH the Spanish Fly! They brawl with haymakers! And then Ricochet hits a STANDING SPANISH FLY to the floor! It wasn’t good for either but Ricochet gets into the ring. Ricochet fires up with Detroit, but Logan anchors his feet! Logan drags Ricochet right out to the floor! Logan gets in the ring, he takes aim, SLINGSHOT LARIAT to the floor! Logan high fives the fans with Prime bottles in their hands, and he even takes a sip. Logan puts Ricochet in the ring, goes up a corner, and he CROSSBODIES! Then STANDING MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! Ricochet is still in this and Logan is stunned!

Logan rains down fists, then lets off to pace around. Logan storms up on Ricochet in a corner, but Ricochet blocks the punch to fire forearms! Logan shoves Ricochet, but Ricochet goes up and over and Logan POSTS himself! And not the way Logan likes posting things! Ricochet goes up the corner, he CLUBS Logan, then drags him up top! Fans fire up as both men are on the very top rope, for a HURRICANE NECKBREAKER!! Now that’s a shoutout! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! Logan manages to stand first but Ricochet KICKS first! And again! And CHOPS! Ricochet whips, Logan reverses but Ricochet handsprings to a back elbow!

Ricochet then kips right up! Fans fire up as Ricochet runs to rally with big forearms! Ricochet whips Logan to a corner, RAMS into him and goes to the apron! Fans fire up, Ricochet springboards to FLYING LARIAT! Fans fire up for the RUNNING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO! Logan is hanging tough, but Ricochet says he wanted Logan to do that. Ricochet KICKS Logan, then KICKS him again! Logan clutches arms and ribs and Ricochet KICKS him some more! Logan sputters, but he ducks the Buzzsaw to back suplex! Ricochet lands out, dodges again, but Logan ELBOWS and QUEBRADAS, to then TILT-O-WHIRL DDT!! Cover, TWO!!

Fans are fired up as these two keep pushing physics to their limit! Logan drags Ricochet up, puts one out, and he gets Ricochet up. But Ricochet slips out to V-TRIGGER! And RECOIL!! Ricochet kips up again, and fans fire up as Ricochet puts Logan in a drop zone! Ricochet climbs the corner, but his own ribs bother him. Ricochet still SHOOTING STARS onto knees!! Cover, TWO!!! Ricochet survives and no one can believe it! Logan still grins as he stands back up. Logan drags Ricochet around but Ricochet pushes him away. Logan stomps Ricochet in the corner, has the legs and he flips Ricochet to his feet, ALLEY-OOP BOMB!

Logan kips up now and fans boo. Logan grins as he soaks it all up. Logan goes out to the apron, springboards in, FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!!! Logan is growing frustrated now, he’s running out of icons to reference. Ricochet slowly sits up, and Logan goes to the corner. Logan pumps up, runs in, but into a SUPERKICK! Ricochet fireman’s carries, to DETONATION KICK! And then another fireman’s carry, for a ROLLING DEATH VALLEY! And then a TOP ROPE LIONSAULT!! Cover, TWO!! Ricochet did his own shoutouts but it just wasn’t enough yet. Ricochet drags Logan to a drop zone, deadweight as he is, and then goes up!

Fans fire up but Logan anchors a foot. Ricochet stomps away on Logan! Ricochet then goes right up top, for the 630 SENTON but he FLOPS as Logan moves!! Logan then gets a friend of his to give him BRASS KNUCKLES!? Fans boo as Logan hides the weapon! ONE BRASS PUNCH!!!! Cover, Logan wins!!

Winner: Logan Paul, by pinfall

And Logan makes sure to let everyone hear Samantha say his name. It was underhanded, but Logan finally gets his win in the WWE. Will Ricochet want his revenge once he regains consciousness? Or is Logan moving on to bigger targets?


San Juan Street Fight: Bad Bunny VS Damian Priest!

Former friends, former tag team partners even, but they’ve been torn apart because of the Judgment Day. Bunny was just doing the right thing, but he ended up on Priest’s bad side. Will the Punisher put Bunny down once and for all? Or will nothing stop the hometown hero from beating the bad guy?

Priest wears all white, because he believes he is the hero of this story. Bunny makes his entrance, already armed with a kendo stick and chain. The fans sing along with the song and fire up with the pyro! But then Bunny says hold on, hold on. SURPRISE! He has a shopping cart full of goodies! More kendo sticks, some pipes, some chairs, and even a trash can! The bell rings and fans are thunderous already as the two stare down. Priest is stoic but Bunny is feeling jumpy. Bunny steps up to Priest and fans fire up even more. But then Priest shoves Bunny down! Priest raises his hands and soaks up the heat.

Bunny stands back up, paces around, and he gets in Priest’s face again. So Priest shoves him into a corner! Priest fakes punch, and he laughs as Bunny puts up his guard. Priest pats Bunny on the head, so Bunny SLAPS Priest! Priest swings, Bunny dodges and scoops to MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Priest is furious now but Bunny slips away! Bunny goes to his cart! Bunny gets double kendo sticks! Priest rushes out, Bunny dodges, and he taunts Priest. Bunny winds up, Priest runs in and gets under the swing to RAM Bunny into a corner! Priest ROCKS Bunny and fans boo. Priest scowls as he picks up the kendo stick.

Priest SMASHES the stick! But Bunny ROCKS Priest! Priest ROCKS Bunny! Priest scoops Bunny to SLAM him! Fans boo but Priest just soaks it all up. Priest kicks Bunny around, talks trash, but fans rally behind Bunny. Priest says “SUCK IT!” then he wrenches Bunny’s arm. Priest talks more trash, but Bunny ROCKS Priest! Priest wrenches the arm again, but Bunny throws another hand! Priest CLUBS Bunny, but Bunny rakes eyes! Bunny fires off hands! But Priest knees low! Fans boo while Priest steadies himself. Priest storms up, but Bunny JAWBREAKERS back! Bunny storms up in the corner and climbs!

Fans fire up as Bunny rains down fists! But Priest stops him at tres! Bunny sunset flips, TWO! Bunny flounders, gets up, but Priest blocks the haymaker. BELL CLAP! FOREARM! Bunny flops into a corner, Priest runs corner to corner, and Priest hits a BIG back elbow! And then a choke grip, for the SOUTH OF HEAVEN SLAM!! Cover, but Priest picks Bunny up!? Fans boo as Priest plays with his food. Fans rally for Bunny but Priest goes to check out the cart. Priest pulls out an ax handle! Priest goes to the ring, taunts Bunny and the fans, then he throws the ax handle away. Priest runs, but Bunny CHUCKS a chair at him!!

Priest staggers and Bunny looks under the ring. Kendo stick! Bunny fires off on Priest but Priest RAMS him into the corner! Priest runs in, but into a BOOT! Bunny reels Priest in, TORNADO DDT! Priest staggers back up, Bunny runs to clothesline Priest out of the ring! Fans fire up again as Bunny hurries to a corner! Bunny is up top, Bunny CROSSBODIES! Direct hit at the ramp! Fans are thunderous again as the ref checks Bunny. Bunny is okay, and he gets back to his feet. Fans rally up and Bunny brings out the trash can lids. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Bunny has Priest on his knees, and then CYMBAL CRASHES him!

Bunny grabs another kendo stick, fans fire up as he goes to the ring, and Bunny SMACKS Priest around some more! Priest blocks a shot, TOSSES Bunny, and now he has the kendo stick. Fans boo but Bunny ELBOWS Priest in a corner! And then BELL CLAP in return! Bunny reels Priest in, to suplex and FALCON ARROW!! Cover, TWO! Priest survives and Bunny is shocked! Fans rally up as both men stir. Priest bails out of the ring again, and he sees there’s blood in his nose! Bunny’s given him a bloody nose! Bunny eggs Priest on, and he draws the line in the sand. Priest says screw it, and turns to leave.

Fans boo but Bunny storms up after Priest! Bunny gets the trash can, and he runs up, only for Priest to BOOT the can into him! Priest grins as he lure Bunny into a trap! And then Priest SMACKS Bunny with the can! Priest then gets those trash can lids, and he SMACKS Bunny on the back! Bunny writhes and flounders away while Priest gets the Savio Vega kendo stick! Priest swings and SMACKS Bunny on the back! Bunny flounders against the barriers as Priest says that’s a homerun. Priest drags Bunny up and TOSSES him into the timekeeper’s area! Bunny flounders, the ref checks him, but Priest soaks up all the heat from the fans.

Priest drags Bunny up to ROCK him, and they go into the crowd! Fans fire up more as Bunny ROCKS Priest! Priest ROCKS Bunny, and Bunny crawls away. Priest drags Bunny up but Bunny ROCKS him again! Priest ROUNDHOUSES Bunny! Bunny leans against road cases, but Priest scoops him. Priest puts Bunny on top of the cases, then climbs up to join him! Priest throws off his shirt, drags Bunny up, but Bunny throws hands! Priest wobbles as Bunny fires off! Priest UPPERCUTS back! Priest suplexes, BROKEN ARROW through tables!!! Fans lose their minds as both men are down in the wreckage!

Adam Pearce rushes out to check Bunny, and Priest stands up on his own. Fans boo and the officials tell Bunny to hold on. Priest says Bunny’s not done, because HE’S not done! Priest drags Bunny up, scoops him, and carries him back to ringside! He DUMPS Bunny over the barriers, then sits him up to KICK him back down! Priest waits on Bunny to get up, and Priest KICKS Bunny back down! Bunny stands up, Priest is cocky, and he spins, only to kick POST! Bunny hurries as Priest hobbles in, and Bunny has a kendo stick! Priest hobbles, Bunny SMACKS the bad leg! And again! Priest DECKS Bunny but he still hobbles.

Both men are in corners, but Bunny runs in, into a BOOT! But he blocks it! KNEE JAMMER!! Priest shouts in pain and clutches his knee! Priest says this is not good, his knee is not okay! But Bunny gets the leg! And he fires off on it and Priest! Then he SLAMS the leg against the post! Bunny shows no mercy, just as Priest did! Bunny ROCKS Priest, then SLAMS the leg into the post again! Bunny gets the CHAIN!! Fans are thunderous as Bunny LASHES Priest with the chain! And then Bunny wraps the leg up. Priest says wait, but Bunny SLAMS the leg into the post again!! And then, Bunny gets a CHAIR!

Fans fire up, Bunny takes aim, and he SMACKS the leg against the post!! Priest hobbles, flounders, begs for mercy but Bunny brings the chair into the ring. Fans fire up and Bunny says Priest isn’t done because HE’S not done! But Priest begs Bunny to stop! Bunny hesitates, he never wanted it to come to this. But then Priest BOOTS Bunny! Another trap! Priest still hobbles, but he gets the chair. Bunny LOW BLOWS Priest!! That’s what Priest gets! But here come Dom and Finn! Bunny JAMS Dom, but Finn DECKS Bunny! The Judgment Day stomp away on Bunny and fans boo! Finn has the chair and he wedges it into the corner!

Dom stomps Bunny more, but here comes REY MYSTERIO! Rey slides in, ROCKS Dom, DECKS Finn, but Dom knees low! Now Rey gets mugged! So here comes CARLITO!? Fans can’t believe it, but CARLITO IS LWO!! Carlito slides in, he DECKS Finn! And DECKS Dom! Repeat! Carlito TOSSES Dom, SUPERKICKS Finn, and then Rey RANAS Finn! Carlito reels Finn in, BACKSTABBER!! Fans are thunderous as Carlito shows us what is cool! Carlito takes a bite out of his apple! But Dom CLUBS Carlito! Dom whips, Carlito reverses, and Rey drop toeholds Dom onto ropes! 619 for Dom!! And then the APPLE SPIT!!

Carlito & Rey chase Finn & Dom outta the ring, and then SAVIO VEGA meets them at the ramp! Savio is LWO, too! Finn & Dom laugh, though, they don’t think Savio’s serious. Oh, he’s serious. Fans are thunderous, “VIVA SAVIO!” Savio says he’s not alone, too. Here comes the REST of the LWO! Escobar, Cruz & Joaquin all rush in, and the Judgment Day gets mugged at the ramp! Especially Dom! Finn scurries away, but he forgot about Savio! Savio BRAIN CHOPS! And BRAIN CHOPS! And UPPERCUTS! And then a wrench and HOOK KICK! Fans are thunderous again as Savio gives the same to Dom!

The LWO finally runs Finn and Dom to the back, and now Priest is all alone with Bunny. Bunny loved all that, but he turns around! Priest’s bad leg stops the spin kick, though! Bunny trips Priest, has the leg, and ties it up in a FIGURE FOUR!! Priest endures, shouts and flails, but Bunny puts on more pressure! Priest’s shoulders are down, TWO as he sits up! Priest scowls, but Bunny HAMMERS the bad leg! Priest endures, Bunny thrashes around, but Priest choke grips! Priest drags Bunny off the hold, SOUTH OF- VICTORY ORLL! TWO!! Priest escapes and hobbles, but Bunny gets to a corner.

Priest runs in, Bunny dodges, Priest hits the CHAIR! The chair he put there from earlier! Bunny cravats, SLICED BREAD!! Cover, TWO!?!? Priest survives but Bunny won’t stop there! Bunny gets another chair, he brings that in, and he SMACKS Priest on the back! And again! And again! And again, and again, and again! Priest trips Bunny but Bunny won’t stop! Bunny has Puerto Rico turn it up to 11, and then kicks low, to reel Priest in! BORICUAN DESTROYER!!! Cover, Bunny wins!!!

Winner: Bad Bunny, by pinfall

San Juan is rocking with that victory! Bunny brings down the bad guy and the LWO returns to celebrate! Will the fiesta last all weekend now?


The New Day speaks.

Kofi Kingston says, “What’s up, WWE Universe? It’s ya bois, the NEW~ DAY~!” And Xavier Woods says that “the powers that be” wanted the 12 time W, W, E, World, Tag, Team, CHAMPIONS~ to share their considerable thoughts, to impart their infinite wisdom and to expound their immeasurable knowledge- Woods, just get to it. Sigh… Fine… A topic near and dear to Big E’s heart: Big Meaty Men Slapping Meat! And no better place to start than with Bronson Reed! “330 pounds of man that will squash you flatter than a pancake,” and they love when Wade Barrett gets to shout, “TSUUUUNAMI!”

The only man meatier might be the Viking Terror, Ivar! May the New Day never have to be in another Viking Rules match with that man again. But what’s worse? An Ivar Moonsault? Or getting punked out and sat down by the CMA Award winning artist, Jelly Roll? Now that’s what big meaty men slappin’ meat is all about!

Next topic: the 2023 Women’s Revolution! The Raw Women’s Division has certainly started heating up. Katana Chance & Kayden Carter are a force to be reckoned with, and Tegan Nox has stepped her game up, taking on anyone from Becky Lynch to Natalya. But also, Zoey Stark earned her very first 1v1 match for the Women’s World Championship. And Raquel Rodriguez had her first taste of main roster gold when she won the Women’s Tag Team Championships alongside Liv Morgan, before losing them to Piper Niven & Chel-

Kofi has Woods stop there. Don’t even say her name, don’t even start it. Adam Pearce told Kofi that he’s got something “special” for She Who Shall Not Be Named. Ooh…! Then next topic: Ain’t That a Kick in the Head? AKA the top three people you would least want, well, kicking you. First up: Xia Li. Ninja kicks are only for martial arts movies and video games, so the last thing we need is a roundhouse to the back of the dome IRL. Exactly, Xia hits hard. But what about Sami Zayn? A nice guy, but put them down for “No” on taking a Helluva Kick. But number one on the list after what he’s been doing recently is Shinsuke Nakamura. The King of Strong Style has been hunting titles and handing out Kinshasas to whoever he likes!

And now, the state of the WWE Tag Division. Ya bois, the NEW~ DAY~ have found some serious competition these days. Judgment Day is on top for right now, but we all know the goth look is just a phase. Eventually, those titles will find themselves right here along these hips. But Woods & Kofi know it won’t be easy. Not in a division where two behemoths, Sanga & Veer, are being led by Jinder Mahal. And there’s DIY, Gargano & Ciampa, as well as The Creeds, who have been Brutus Ballin! And while no one can stand them, do not overlook Imperium’s Vinci & Kaiser. B-b-b-b-b-but Kofi feels, feels, feels… Are they forgetting someone?

Who who who? OH! Woods has one last segment. That’s Nasty~! Last but not least, Gable, Otis, Maxxine and their new protege, Tozawa! Look at that dance! No, look away! That’s naaaasty~!


We return to Jackie & Peter.

She knows she’ll regret this, but does Peter have moves like Tozawa? Yeah, no, definitely not. But the Academy has been making moves, winning over Maxxine Dupri and recruiting Akira Tozawa. Chad Gable had the biggest match of his career this year against Gunther. Peter says that was a moment in time. The Intercontinental Championship on the line, his family in the front row, but the only thing in Gable’s way was Der Ring General himself! Gunther was on his way to becoming the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of ALL TIME!

WWE Intercontinental Championship: GUNTHER VS Chad Gable!

After over a YEAR of dominance, Der Ring General is just days away from overtaking The Honky Tonk Man as the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion in WWE history! But after going back and forth for weeks with the leader of Alpha Academy, Gunther and Gable look to put this to rest! What will the history books say about this one?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and on history’s doorstep, we see whose legacy wins out!

The bell rings and fans fire up already. The two circle, they tie up, and Gunther throws Gable aside! Gable gets up in a huff, fans rally as he circles with Gunther again, and they tie up. Gunther headlocks, throws Gable down for the takeover, but fans rally behind Gable as he keeps his shoulders up. Gable pushes Gunther’s face, stands back up, but Gunther hits another takeover! Gable headscissors, Gunther kips free, and Gunther hits another takeover! But Gable headscissors again! Gunther kips free again, but this time Gable gets around to get a leg! Gunther hops around to the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Gable lets off, and he pats Gunther on the shoulder.

Gunther storms up, he TOSSES Gable to a corner, but Gable dodges to CHOP! Gunther turns things around but Gable bails out to avoid a chop! Gunther chases Gable back into the ring but Gable DROPKICKS Gunther off the apron! And DROPKICKS him again! Fans fire up with Gable while Gunther seethes, and Raw goes picture in picture.

Gunther cools off while he stares Gable down. Gunther takes his time going around the way, and he steps back up to the apron. Gunther steps in, he and Gable circle again, and they knuckle lock. Gunther kicks low! And hits a headlock takeover! Gable keeps his shoulders up again, grinds his forearm in Gunther’s face, but Gunther grinds the hold. Gable kicks Gunther in the back, fights up to his feet, but Gunther wrenches to back suplex! Gable lands on his feet to headlock! Gunther lifts but Gable uses that to hit a FLYING TAKEOVER! Gunther gets mad, stands back up, and tries again, but Gable hits another FLYING TAKEOVER!

Gunther stands up again, tries a third time, and then turns it into a BACKBREAKER! Gable is limp as Gunther gets the legs, for a BOSTON CRAB! Gable endures, fights his way over, reaches out, and has the ROPEBREAK! Gunther lets go in frustration but looms over Gable. Gunther kicks Gable around, stalks him, but Gable CHOPS! Gunther seethes, and he CHOPS Gable off his feet! Gunther seethes again as he KICKS Gable in the side! And KICKS him again! Gunther stalks Gable, drags him up, and UPPERCUTS him down! Gable flops onto the ropes while Gunther talks trash. Gable drags himself up, staggers around, and fires off shots on Gunther!

Gunther scoops Gable to SLAM him! And KICK him! And stomps him! Gable checks his jaw, goes to the apron, and Gunther stalks over to him. Raw returns to single picture as Gunther drags Gable up, but Gable gets free. Gunther goes to the apron but Gable gets a leg! DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! And a HANGING LEGLOCK! The ref counts, Gable lets go at 4, and now Gunther hobbles. Gable CHOP BLOCKS the leg! But Gunther still BOOTS Gable down! Cover, TWO! Gunther hobbles, which only frustrates him more. Fans rally behind Gable, but Gunther hauls Gable up. Gable fires body shots but Gunther KNEES low! And CHOPS Gable down!

Gable sputters, crawls, and Gunther eggs him on. Gunther fishhooks Gable, ELBOWS him in the head, then brings him around. But Gable fires off hands! Gable CHOPS! Gunther CHOPS! Gunther eggs Gable on, taunts the fans, then stalks Gable again. Gunther stands Gable up to CHOP him back down! Gunther talks more trash to the fans, but Gable stands!? Gable storms up to Gunther and brings the straps down! Gable eggs Gunther on, then dodges the chop to fire off CHOP after CHOP! But Gunther scoops and puts Gable on the top rope, to CHOP him! Gunther then climbs up to STAND on Gable!

The ref counts, Gunther lets off at 4, and Gable tumbles to the floor! Der Ring General glares and fans boo as Raw goes back to picture in picture,

Gunther paces, Gable stirs, but Gunther goes out to get him. Gunther drags Gable up, headlocks, and brings him around to put against barriers. Gunther ROCKS Gable with a haymaker, then CHOPS him! Gable flops over and the Gable family cheers him on! Fans rally with Gable and he fires hands on Gunther! And CHOPS! But Gunther scoops to BARRIER BACK SUPLEX! Gable flops back down in a heap, Gunther refreshes the ring count, and he looms over Gable. Gunther drags Gable back up, puts him in the ring, and then stalks Gable. Gunther drags Gable up, facelocks, and suplexes, but Gable slips out! To waistlock!

Gunther fights the German Suplex to CHOP Gable back down! The ref checks Gable but he’s somehow still in this. So Gunther kneels on Gable’s head and pulls on his arm! Gunther drops a knee! Gable writhes, the ref reprimands, and the Gable family is rallying as hard as they can. Gunther CHOPS, Gable CHOPS! And CHOPS! And ROCKS! And throat chops! Gable runs, gets around the chop, but Gunther facelocks to block Gable’s suplex! Gunther then CHOPS Gable down again! Gable crawls but Gunther stalks him. Gunther eggs Gable on, Gable stands, into a BOOT! Gable is down again as Raw returns to single picture.

Gunther drags Gable up, reels him in, but Gable slips out of the bomb to get the leg! But Gunther SLAPS and CHOPS Gable into letting go! Gunther gets Gable up but Gable fights to RANA Gunther and himself out of the ring! Fans rally as hard as they can while the ring count starts. Gable stands, Gunther uses the desk to help himself up. Gunther swings, into Gable’s GERMAN SUPLEX to the floor!! Fans fire up, the ring count climbs! Gable doesn’t want a ring out count this time, he manages to get Gunther back in at 7! Gable slides in but Gunther gets him for a GENERAL BOMB!! High stack, TWO!??!

Fans are thunderous as Gable survives one of Gunther’s best shots! Fans rally but Gunther climbs a corner! Gable hurries to intercept! Gable fires off forearms, but Gunther CHOPS Gable down! Gunther adjusts, but Gable springs up after him! SUPERPLEX!! Gable hurries back up while the fans go wild! DIVING HEADBUTT!!! Cover, TWO!??! Gunther survives but Gable has the ANKLE LOCK!!! Gunther endures, reaches out, rolls over and BOOTS Gable away! Gable rushes up to waistlock, O’Conner Roll, CHAOS- NO, Gunther fights with elbows! GENERAL- NO, Gable slips out of the bomb, runs, but into a sleeper! So he SAIDOS free!!

Gable rises, he watches Gunther sputter, and the straps come back up, just so Gable can take them back down! Gable runs in, waistlocks, CHAOS THEORY!!! Bridging cover, TWO?!?!? Gunther escapes by nanoseconds and Gable thinks of what he has to do now. Gable goes up the corner again, and fans are thunderous for the MOONSAULT! Gunther gets a boot up! But Gable catches it!! ANKLE LOCK!!!! Gunther rolls, but Gable rolls with him!! Gunther flails, but Gable GRAPEVINES!!! Gunther drags Gable with him towards ropes, but Gable gets up to drag him back! Gunther kicks at Gable, gets free, and has a SLEEPER!!

Gunther has body scissors wrapped on Gable like an Austrian anaconda! Fans are thunderous as Gable fights up and has Gunther as a backpack! But Gunther drops back! Gable rolls it back, TWO!!! Gunther lets go in time, SLEEPER SUPLEX!!! And then he reels Gable in, GENERAL BOMB!!! But Gunther isn’t done, GENERAL LARIAT!!! Cover, Gunther wins!!

Winner: Gunther, by pinfall (still WWE Intercontinental Champion)

Gable put up the fight of his life, and his family can’t believe he still fell short! But perhaps this is proof that Der Ring General is THE greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time! He is now guaranteed the record as longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time, how many days will Gunther add to it from here?


Raw returns to Jackie & Peter.

Jackie says you can’t talk about the absolute best in the WWE for 2023 without talking about Roman Reigns. Peter says there are those two words, perhaps the two most powerful words in the WWE today, the two words that let everyone know that you aren’t just in the presence of greatness, but a Mount Rushmore level superstar. Those two words: “ACKNOWLEDGE ME.” Not bad. A bit more Christian Bale Batman but still good. And as we’re not 1200+ DAYS into Roman’s reign, if you believe the Wise Man, what the Undisputed Universal Champion has done in 2023 is just a drop in the bucket.

Paul Heyman speaks.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman. And in this holiday season of tradition and celebration, let us all take a moment to properly acknowledge Roman… Reigns. In his 1,212th day as the Undisputed WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion, following unmatched dominance across both 2021 and 2022, it’s now a threepeat for your Tribal Chief with yet another full calendar year standing alone atop the WWE in 2023. And looking back, what a monumental 365 days the Leader of the Bloodline has had.

“Royally solving the KO Problem, eliminating Montreal’s hometown hero, crushing the dream of a Hollywood ending for the story of The American Nightmare, outshining a self-proclaimed Mega Star, and showing the world who the real Tribal Chief is, engaging in Tribal Combat against his miserable, rotten, ungrateful former Right Hand Man, proving he, Roman Reigns, is the one, the ONLY one, that sits at the Head of the Table. Everyone who stepped up to challenge Roman Reigns, and his Bloodline, fell in 2023, including a 16-time world champion at the hands of The Tribal Heir, Solo Sikoa.

“And as Special Counsel to your Tribal Chief, I offer not predictions but spoilers for the next 12 months. There will be NO challengers unseating the true GOAT of sports entertainment. And I don’t care how phenomenal, or a legend killer, or someone who just can’t stop saying the word, ‘YEAH.’ But before I go, The Wise Man will bestow some wisdom upon you. And I’d like to present each and every single one of you this holiday season an important reminder that 2024 is a leap year! Which means the gift of one extra day to acknowledge the reigning, defending, Undisputed WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion, Roman…! Reigns…!”


Raw returns to Jackie & Peter.

The gifts just keep on coming. Jackie knows Peter’s a big fan of their next guest. Uh, has she not been to a show? Everybody is a fan of this guy. The winner of the 2023 Royal Rumble, the first man to declare for the 2024 Rumble, please welcome The American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes! Merry Christmas, Cody, how are you? Cody says Merry Christmas to them and happy holidays. He heard them mention the 2024 Rumble, and he is looking to go back-to-back. Well only the greats do, so Jackie thinks he’s got it in him. But Cody has taken a little time away from family to do this, how invested does the Rhodes family get for Christmas?

Cody says it’s Christmas all November and December, they are very into it all. No procrastination, the tree was up on Black Friday, Brandi saw Santa not once, not twice but three times since, and the magic is flowing. It is big here. Peter says he and thousands of others will see Cody tomorrow at Madison Square Garden as part of the WWE Holiday Tour, so it got Peter thinking about Dusty. What does Cody remember about Christmas as a kid? How often was Dusty home? Well, it was explained early on that Christmas was not only the day Santa came to deliver gifts, but it was also a huge show day.

Now, with the holiday tour WWE does, that has changed slightly. Now, it’s more like the day after Christmas is a huge deal. MSG tomorrow, “The Mecca,” can’t beat it. Jackie is excited but also feels bad that she doesn’t get to be part of it. She’ll be jealous of them all. But she has to ask about Shinsuke Nakamura and the “gift” he had for Cody just a few weeks ago. He got in Cody’s face with the mist, where are the two of them at right now? Cody says before all this, he held Shinsuke in the highest regard. But now, the respect has been altered, considering how Shinsuke’s approached all this.

And there is a fun side to this psychological element. Cody was terrified of The Great Muta, terrified of the mist, but now Cody has felt it. Nakamura also felt a receipt or two. The respect is there, but this is more personal than they’d like this to be. But that’s okay, they’ll settle it at the end of however long this goes on for. Peter says at this time, someone Cody didn’t realize had a problem with him has a problem with him. In fact, after WrestleMania, Cody is in the middle of a place no one wants to be. How did Cody feel about his detour into Suplex City? What did he learn from going through that with brock Lesnar?

Cody says what he learned is that he doesn’t wanna go back to Suplex City. He enjoyed his time, he did something surreal in that he beat Lesnar not once but twice and got the win at SummerSlam. But he’s had one thing in mind since returning to the WWE while everyone else has one thing on their minds, and that is being a curveball, a detour, to what Cody thought would be a straight path. Yes, it has been quite the journey, and tonight is about looking back on the bigger moments for Raw in 2023. Does Cody have a favorite moment from this past year? He has had a lot of unbelievable moments, and winning the Rumble was certainly one of them.

Cody would have to go with the underappreciated gem of his post-match press conference at Fastlane with Main Event Jey Uso. “YEET!” Jey was, uh, already partying by then. Cody loves that moment because it was so unexpected. Cody does his best to be polished and ready when he does press conferences, but it was so much fun so he was glad to have gotten that moment. Peter wishes Cody a Merry Christmas and Cody thanks Peter. Now we go back to SummerSlam in Detroit, Cody VS Lensar, Part 3.

Cody Rhodes VS Brock Lesnar!

The American Nightmare was betrayed by The Beast the Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania, and honestly, there is still no explanation as to why. And even after the battle at Backlash, the rematch at Night of Champions, and the multiple brawls along the way, Cody still wants to fight Brock Lesnar! One way or another, this feud ends here! Will Cody survive what could be the most brutal match of his entire life? Or will Motor City become Suplex City?

Lesnar turns around to stretch against the ropes, and Cody attacks! The bell rings as Cody fires off, but Lesnar gets around him for a GERMAN SUPLEX! And so it begins already! Cody drags himself up on the apron but Lesnar is after him. Cody HOTSHOTS, then gets in to Rhodes Uppercut! And then BEAUTIFUL DISASTER KICK! Another BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! And a- NO, Lesnar SWATS Cody on the third! And then he RAMS Cody into a corner! And again, and again! Fans boo but Lesnar runs in, only for Cody to POST him! Lesnar tumbles out, Cody builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit into the announce desk!

Fans fire up with Cody and he fires haymakers! But Lesnar picks Cody up to POST him! Lesnar sputters but he still smiles and stalks Cody. Lesnar CLUBS Cody on the back, then brings him around. Lesnar puts Cody in the ring, storms up on Cody and he kicks a leg out! Cody RAMS into Lesnar, but Lesnar just TOSSES Cody up and over his head! Lesnar grins as he looms over Cody. Lesnar then stands Cody up, for an OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY SUPLEX! Fans rally for Cody while Lesnar stalks him. Cody throws elbows but Lesnar CLUBS him down! Lesnar KICKS Cody in the side and Cody writhes!

Lesnar still stalks Cody, brings him back up, and Lesnar snap suplexes! That’s four different kinds of suplexes already! Cover, ONE!! Lesnar doesn’t worry, he toys with Cody even. Then he trips Cody, drags him around, and stands over him. Cody goes for the leg but Lesnar shoots around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Lesnar soaks up the cheers and jeers of Detroit as Suplex City builds. Lesnar looms over Cody, fans chant for “SUPLEX CITY!” Lesnar GERMAN SUPLEXES again! Cody flops out of the ring and Lesnar dares him to get up. The ring count starts and Lesnar waits. Cody drags himself up at 4 and staggers in at 5, but then Lesnar knees him against ropes!

Lesnar waistlocks for another GERMAN SUPLEX! Lesnar drags Cody up to TOSS him back out! The ring count begins again, and fans rally for Cody as he stirs. Cody rises at 5 of 10, gets in at 6, and Lesnar shakes his head. Cody goes back to the apron but Lesnar BLASTS him down! “Stay down! Save yourself!” The ring count begins again, but Cody doesn’t listen to Brock. Cody crawls at 5, stands at 6, hobbles at 7 and rolls back in. Lesnar looms over Cody and tells him this is only gonna get worse. Fans boo but Cody stands, and Lesnar snap suplexes him away! “You’re not very smart, are you?!”

Lesnar drags Cody to the apron and then kicks him out! “Save yourself!” The ring count is back again, Cody staggers up at 5 but leans against the desk. Cody hobbles over and slides in at 8! Lesnar is annoyed and he hauls Cody up, to clothesline him up and out! “SAVE YOURSELF!” Cody stirs, flounders his way over, and then Lesnar goes to the far side. Lesnar is on the apron now, but Cody is up at 7! Cody gets in at 8, and Lesnar returns. Lesnar drags Cody out and fireman’s carries! F5 TO THE FLOOR! Lesnar shouts for everyone else to tell Cody! Even Michael Cole agrees, Cody should just let it end.

The count is back, and Cody is still down at 5. But he tries to sit up! Cody is on his knees at 7, on his feet at 8, and he gets in at 9! Fans are going nuts but Lesnar is frustrated! Cody rises with the help of the ropes, and he eggs Lesnar on! Cody fires off haymakers! Fans fire up and then Lesnar GERMAN SUPLEXES Cody to the ropes! Cody flops out, Lesnar goes out after him! Fireman’s carry, F5 to the announce desk!! The desk collapses to pieces, and fans lose their minds! Lesnar leaves Cody behind, the ring count starts, and even Michael Cole is saying it’s better to wait for medical! Lesnar’s already dominating you, he’ll destroy you if you keep going, Cody!

Cody doesn’t care! He’s up at 7! He hobbles over at 8, and gets in at 9.9!! Lesnar is losing his mind and the fans are thunderous! “You dumb SOB.” But Detroit is rallying behind Cody’s Never Say Die spirit! Lesnar storms up on Cody as Cody sits up and glares defiantly. Lesnar CLUBS Cody, but Cody CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Lesnar ROCKS Cody, clinches, and OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY SUPLEXES! Cody is dazed but he manages to rise in a corner. Lesnar storms up, to waistlock! But Cody holds the buckle! The buckle comes off, flashback to Backlash! Lesnar storms up as Cody bails out again.

Cody gets the steel steps! Lesnar BOOTS those away! And then he hauls Cody up, fireman’s carries, but Cody slips off! Cody POSTS Lesnar! And POSTS him again! And then has the steps!! He RAMS Lesnar!!! Cody runs into the ring, runs and BEAUTIFUL DISASTER!! And then CODY CUTTER!! Fans are thunderous as Cody goes again, SUPER CODY CUTTER!!!! Cover, TWO?!?! Lesnar survives all of that!? Cody is stunned, he wants Lesnar to stand, and Lesnar does! Cody dragon sleepers but Lesnar gets the arm! KIMURA!!! Cody endures this hold as he has in the past, can he win or pass out?

Fans rally as hard as they can for Cody as he kicks around. Cody reaches out, pushes around, even as Lesnar pulls on the arm! Cody grabs the ROPEBREAK! Fans are thunderous and Lesnar lets off, and Lesnar himself is red in the face from pushing Cody that hard. Cody and Lesnar rise, and Lesnar stands. Cody follows, but Lesnar fireman’s carries! But Cody slips off and RAMS Lesnar into the exposed buckle! Just like Backlash! And then Cody steals the KIMURA?!?! Lesnar is down in the body scissors!! Lesnar endures, moves around, reaches out, but Cody pushes the arm! Lesnar powers up to SLAM Cody down!

Lesnar is free but clutching his arm. Cody and Lesnar slowly rise, and Cody brings Lesnar around, only for Lesnar to fireman’s carry! Cody slips free again, CROSS RHODES!! Cody holds on, drags Lesnar back up, CROSS RHODES!! And then A THIRD CROSS RHODES!!! Cover, CODY WINS!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall

With determination and perseverance, The American Nightmare found a way to win! But wait! Lesnar gets up! And he throws off his gloves! Lesnar steps forward, stares Cody forehead to forehead, and offers Cody a handshake! Cody accepts it, as Cody has also won Lesnar’s respect! But now, will Cody be able to use all this to finally #FinishTheStory?


NXT Women’s Championship: Tiffany Stratton VS Becky Lynch!

The Wrestling Barbie misspoke and created a whole mess of problems for herself with it! She “apologized” but The Man wasn’t having it, and so here we are! Will the Center of the NXT Universe still be Tiffany? Or will she be knocked off the #TiffyTop when The Man comes around?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Big Time trumps Tiffy Time!

The bell rings and fans fire up for Becky with “Welcome Home! Welcome Home!” The two circle, they tie up, and Tiff powers Becky to a corner. The ref counts, Tiff grins as she lets off and says she knows the rules. Tiff tells Becky to go back where she came from, NXT belongs to her! The two circle again, knuckle lock, and then Tiff kicks low. Tiff headlocks but Becky powers out. Tiff runs Becky over, blows her a kiss, and things speed up. Tiff handsprings over but Becky just sighs. Fans fire up, Tiff goes Matrix to dodge, then Tiff trips to cover, but Becky goes Matrix to slip free! Becky wags her fingers, she did it first, y’know.

Things speed up again, Becky shows she can cartwheel, too! Fans fire up, Tiff is mad, and things speed up. Becky catches the hurdle for a FLAPJACK, then she gets Tiff’s arm! Tiff scrambles to avoid the Disarm-Her, and she shoves Becky away. Becky smiles as she has Tiff all flustered. The two reset, tie up, and Tiff knees low. Tiff CLUBS Becky down, brings her up and bumps her off buckles. Tiff bumps Becky off more buckles, and then whips her to ROCK her in the back! Fans duel, “Tiffy Time!” “NO!” as Tiff whips gain. Becky ROCKS Tiff first! Tiff and Becky go forearm for forearm, Becky whips but Tiff reverses to kick low!

Tiff suplexes to hang Becky out to dry! Tiff then runs to HIP ATTACK Becky off the apron! Fans boo as Tiff flexes, and NXT goes picture in picture.

Tiff kisses her biceps but shrugs at the fans booing her. Becky hurries back over but Tiff is on her. Becky throws body shots, but Tiff hits back! Tiff SMACKS Becky off the apron, then taunts her as she stalks her. Becky body shots back, but Tiff throws another forearm! Tiff SMACKS Becky off apron again, then follows her along the way to CLUB her down! And SMACK her off the apron again! Tiff puts Becky in the ring, stalks her to a corner and stomps a mudhole in! The ref counts, Tiff lets off, and Tiff brings Becky around to bump off buckles. Tiff RAMS into Becky, RAMS her again, and again! The ref counts and Tiff again lets off.

Tiff soaks up the heat, goes to the far corner, then paces around as Becky flounders. Tiff stomps Becky, but Becky throws body shots! And forearms! And UPPERCUTS! Becky runs, Tiff blocks but Becky throws more forearms! Becky runs, into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Tiff clamps onto Becky with a seated abdominal stretch! Becky endures, fans rally, and Becky fights up to her feet. Becky arm-drags Tiff away, then rolls her up! ONE!! Tiff runs up but into an ELBOW! Tiff tries again, but Becky BOOTS her! Becky LARIATS, then LARIATS again! Becky CALF KICKS and NXT returns to single picture!

Fans fire up as Tiff staggers away to a corner. Becky fires up with the fans and she runs in to forearm smash! Then a clinch, BECKSPLODER! Becky brings Tiff around but Tiff throws Becky out. Becky ROCKS Tiff from the apron, smacks her off buckles, then she climbs up! Fans fire up as Becky MISSILE DROPKICKS! Cover, TWO! Becky keeps her cool as Tiff hangs in there. The fans rally up as Becky paces around, then steps over! Tiff rolls Becky up, TWO! Becky gets around, gets the arm, but Tiff whips her away, SKY HIGH! Cover, TWO! Becky is still in this, she’s tougher than that!

Fans rally, Tiff drags Becky to a drop zone, PRETTIEST- NO, Becky drags Tiff down! Tiff kicks Becky away but Becky comes back to ROCK Tiff! Becky runs in, only gets buckles, but she tosses Tiff out! Tiff HOTSHOTS Becky back! Tiff goes up top, but Becky ROCKS her! Becky climbs up after Tiff, and fans fire up as Tiff fires hands! Becky goes all the way to TEN! Then she brings Tiff up, but Tiff fights with body shots! Tiff SUPER GOURD BUSTERS! Fans boo as Tiff adjusts, to SWANTON BOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Becky survives and Tiff is beside herself! Charismatic Enigma she is not, but Tiff drags Becky up to fireman’s carry.

Becky slips free, shoves Tiff and kicks low! Underhooks, BUTTERFLY SUPLEX, to the ARMBAR!! Fans are thunderous as Tiff flails and reaches out! Becky pulls on that arm, Tiff kicks with her long legs! Tiff reaches out, ROPEBREAK! But Becky drags her away to a TRIANGLE HOLD! Tiff stacks it, TWO and Tiff deadlifts, but Becky RANAS! Becky stays on top for a cover, TWO! Tiff staggers up, she YANKS Becky into ropes! Then Tiffy runs to HIP ATTACK! Becky flops, Tiff runs to DOUBLE STOMP!! Cover, TWO!?? Becky survives the #TiffyToes and fans rally up! Tiff is frustrated and she dares Becky to get up!

Tiff runs in, clinches Becky but Becky slips around to shove her away! Tiff BOOTS Becky back, then PRETTIEST- Becky follows her?! SUPER RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!! Cover, TWO!!! Tiff survives and fans can’t believe it! Fans cheer on “NXT! NXT!” for giving us this match! Becky reaches out but Tiff bails out. Becky goes to the apron, but Tiff TRIPS her! Becky hits apron, then Tiff RAMS her into steel steps! Tiff takes the hood off the desk!? Tiff wants to finish this one way or another as she drags Becky up! But Becky fights the bomb and gets to the barriers! Fans fire up as Becky throws hands in the front row!

Becky KICKS Tiff and she’s on the desk! Fans are thunderous as Becky aims, and Booker T clears some space! SUPER LEG DROP onto the desk! The desk doesn’t give, and Becky puts Tiff in the ring! Becky goes up top, to drop the MAN’S LEG!! Cover, TWO?!?!? But Becky has the DISARM-HER!!! Tiff endures, reaches out, but Becky pulls that arm!! Tiff fights around to the ROPEBREAK! But Becky drags her away! But Tiffy powers up to lift Becky! but Becky gets to the apron! Tiff runs in, into a KICK! And a ROUNDHOUSE! Becky goes up, aims again, and leaps, but Tiff gets under! Tiff kicks low and reels Becky in! POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!!!!

Becky survives, kicking out by nanoseconds, and “This is Awesome!” Fans rally up as hard as they can as Tiffy pushes Becky to a corner. Tiff is frustrated, clutching her neck, but she tells Becky to go away! Becky ROCKS Tiff! Tiff ROCKS Becky! Tiff swings, into the clinch! She slips free, roll up, TWO!! Becky runs into a fireman’s carry! ROLLING SENTON!! PRETTIEST MOONSAULT- NO, Becky dodges! MANHANDLE SLAM!!!! Cover, BECKY WINS!!!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by pinfall (NEW NXT Women’s Champion)

INCREDIBLE! For the first time ever, Big Time Becks is NXT Women’s Champion!! Tiffany put up a fight worthy of a champion, but she still has a way to go, when and where will she come back for this belt? As for Becky, what new heights will she bring this title to now that she finally has it?


Becky Lynch joins via video chat.

Jackie notes The Man finally completed the WWE Women’s Grand Slam. Merry Christmas to all, hope they’re having a good one. Jackie notes that Rollins told them earlier how festive things were at their household. How exciting has it been? And who does the bulk of the Christmas work? Becky says herself, duh. Seth didn’t try to take credit for anything, did he? Nope! He was very vague, very general. Becky has a good laugh and says it is really more teamwork. She buys, shops, gets everything, but he puts things together with the instructions and stuff. She’ll go off to do other things, he’ll keep on the building projects, he’s very good at that.

Peter brings up some things Becky did this year. For one, the NXT Women’s Championship win over Tiffany Stratton. What’d it mean to go back to NXT to do that? As well as the mission to give opportunities to others? Becky says that second part is what it was really about. It’s one of those things where you want to redeem yourself from 10 years previous, from the person people thought would never be champ and now you’re The Man, winning the title, and you gratify your younger self. But really, it was about seeing what the future holds, going down there and giving other women a shot so that those we haven’t seen could get those chances to showcase their skills.

We saw it with Nox, with Xia, with Indi, and there were still so many others who Becky wanted to face in the ring but didn’t get the chance to. But there’s always 2024. Jackie says it’s awesome to hear Becky say that, because Rollins was talking about the same and his title. In the immediate future, Nia Jax on Day One. A rivalry that fans have been wanting to see be reignited the last five years. Yes, Becky says it’s been five years in the making and now finally, they’ll step in the ring and Nia learns she can’t put Becky down, Becky will always get back up. That is what this is about. That’s what breaking Becky’s face was about!

It wasn’t just this bloody nose and she got to look cool. Yes, she did, but Becky always looks cool. But it was about what that symbolizes: Don’t let anything keep you down, you get back up and fight like hell. Peter says another memorable part of 2023 was Becky VS Trish over the Summer. To him, that led to match of the year, Steel Cage! But beyond what Trish said and did, what would it mean to a young Becky to know that she’d have that kind of rivalry with a legend like Trish? Becky thinks her head would’ve exploded. Looking at the entire 2023, Becky and another legend in Lita got to win the tag titles together.

Then yes, a feud with one of the greatest of all time, Trish Stratus, that would’ve made younger Becky’s brain explode. Peter thanks Becky for her time and will let her get back to the family and the eggnog. Have a Happy New Year. Merry Christmas, lads! And so, what else to do but move on to the epic Steel Cage match?

Steel Cage Match: Becky Lynch VS Trish Stratus!

The Steel City gets a heavy metal opening to the show as The Man looks for big time payback on the selfish WWE Hall of Famer who betrayed her months ago, all so she could hog the spotlight. She’s got all of Becky’s attention tonight, will Trish survive her first steel cage match ever? Or will Becky finally humble her Hall of Fame ego?

Tiffany Stratton is in the crowd, NXT Women’s Championship on her shoulder. She’s talked down on Becky already, is she here to see Becky fail? Trish finally gets in the cage with Becky, the door closes, and the bell rings. Becky stands by the door and glares at Trish, as if to say that’s one way Trish ain’t gonna win. The two step up, Tirsh dodges Becky, and goes for the door! Becky reels her back in, but Trish fights the clinch to shove Becky away! Trish goes up the wall but Becky yanks her down. Trish SLAPS Becky, but Becky just glares at her! Becky fires off forearms, then bumps Trish off buckles! Becky runs Trish into another corner! And then another! And then a third!

Fans fire up as Becky ROCKS Trish with a right! Trish staggers, Becky fires up and eggs Trish on, then catches a kick to a BECKSPLODER! And then another BECKSPLODER! And then a third BECKSPLODER! Fans fire up with Becky as she storms up to Trish. Becky drags Trish up to throw her at the steel, but Trish blocks! Trish tries but Becky blocks! Becky elbows Trish but Trish throws elbows back. Trish throws Becky down by her hair! Trish checks her face, stomps Becky around, then goes to a wall. Trish climbs, but Becky hurries after! Becky drags Trish back down, they fight on the top rope, and then Becky throws Trish down!

But Trish gets up to YANK Becky down! And then Trish THROWS Becky into steel! Fans boo but Trish soaks it all up. Trish stomps Becky around, stands her up, and then THRWOS her into the steel again! Fans rally, Trish stands Becky up, and Becky is again sent into the steel! Trish bends Becky back against the ropes, and pulls hair to add on! The ref can’t do anything but reprimand, and then Trish BOOTS Becky into the steel! Trish digs Becky’s face into the chain links and tells the camera to get a close-up! But Becky fights up to fight back! Becky runs, but into a SPINEBUSTER! Trish shows her strength and covers, TWO!

Trish hurries to go for the door! But Becky rolls Trish up! TWO, and Becky hurries up, but into a LARIAT! Trish covers, TWO! Trish is frustrated, but she drags Becky up to THRWO her into more steel! Fans rally for The Man but Trish traps Becky in the ropes. Trish pulls Becky back and makes her smile with fishhooks, before throwing her into steel! Trish digs Becky’s face into the chain links again! Fans boo but Trish revels in it as she looms over Becky. Trish smacks Becky off the mat, then drags her back up. Trish taunts The Man and smacks her off the mat again! Trish stomps Becky while mocking the fans rallying up.

Becky crawls to ropes but Trish CHOKES her against them! The ref reprimands and Trish lets off, but Becky rises up. So Trish whips, but Becky reverses to send Trish into steel! Becky then drags Trish up, to throw her into more steel! And then a scoop, for a LAWN DART into steel! And then another LAWN DART! And a THIRD! Becky runs to CLOBBER Trish! Cover, TWO! DISARM-HER!! Trish can’t use ropebreaks, so she fights her way around. Trish CLUBS Becky’s back, fights up to her feet and reaches for the door! But Becky slips around, only for Trish to RAM her into steel! Trish then sends Becky into more steel!

Becky runs in, Trish goes Matrix! But Becky drops a leg on Trish’s stomach! Both women are down and fans fire up! Becky and Trish stir, Trish runs in, but Becky blocks to ROCK Trish! Trish ROCKS Becky back, and the forearms fly! Becky SOBATS! Becky runs Trish to RAM her into the steel! Becky gets in the gap with Trish, to dribble her off the steel! But Trish gives it back! They go back and forth with throwing the other into the steel! Becky gets the edge and just thrashes Trish around! Fans are all fired up with Becky now! Becky then springboards, JUMP KICK! Becky goes up the ropes, drags Trish up with her, to then THROW her into steel!

Trish is stuck on the top rope, Becky hits a GUILLOTINE LEG DROP! Cover, TWO!! Trish survives and fans can’t believe it! Becky keeps her cool, a part of her knows a Hall of Famer doesn’t get there without being that tough. Trish sits up, a lump on her head, and Becky adds on with a forearm smash! And a JUMP STOMP! Becky climbs up, but Trish SHOVES her into the steel of the corner! Trish runs in, goes up, STRATUS- NO, Becky blocks Stratusphere, so Trish sits up! They brawl with forearms while sitting up top! Fans fire up as Trish fires a flurry! Trish then climbs up and over Becky, wanting to get to the top!

Becky anchors a foot! Trish kicks with the other and sends Becky away! Becky springs back up, catches up to Trish, and drags her back down! Trish fights out of Electric Chair position, only for Becky to turn this around! RUNNING POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Trish survives again and now Becky is starting to grow frustrated. Pittsburgh says “This is Awesome!” as Becky storms around. Becky drags Trish up, reels her in, but Trish fights free! So Becky goes for an arm! Trish sends Becky away, kicks her low, and reels her in! Canadian Rack, for a WIDOW’S PEAK! Shoutout to Victoria! Cover, TWO!!

Trish is fuming, but she drags Becky around to dribble her off the mat! Trish headlocks, points to the sky, but Becky powers out to hit a TWIST OF FATE! Shoutout to Lita! Cover, TWO!!! Trish survives her greatest rival’s move, but Becky drags Trish to a drop zone. Becky fires herself up and the fans are with her as she climbs. LEG- NO, Becky has to roll through as Trish moves! Trish gets her for STRATUSFACTION!! Cover, TWO!!! That was so close and Trish is seething! Trish drags Becky up, SMACKS her off the mat again, and then stomps her around. Fans again declare “this is Awesome!” even as Trish throws Becky around.

Trish storms up to a wall and climbs. But Becky hurries to get the feet! Trish slips free, gets to the top, but Becky drags her back down! Trish throws forearms, Becky throws body shots, they brawl up top again! Becky again smacks Trish off that steel! Then clinches! But Trish fights with panic! Trish headlocks, for a SUPER STRATUSFACTION!!! Trish crawls to the cover, TWO!!! Becky survives again and Trish is shocked! Trish stalks Becky, aims from a corner, and climbs. She goes up again, but Becky springs back to life! Becky catches up to Trish, to SMACK her off the top of the cage! They both sit up there and start throwing hands!

Fans are thunderous as these two literally fight on the edge! Trish SMACKS Becky off the top, then shoves her down! Trish starts descending, but Becky hurries up! Becky grabs Trish by her hair!! Becky drags Trish up but Trish throws hands! Becky still drags Trish back over! Trish is stuck in the railing! Becky ROCKS Trish into a Tree of Woe!! Becky doesn’t let Trish off that easy, she drags her right back up, throws some hands, and then SMACKS Trish off the steel! Trish gets her legs free, but Becky uses that to drag Trish into position, for a SUPER DUPER MEGA PLEX!!! Fans are going nuts over that crash landing!

Becky crawls to cover Trish, TWO!??! Trish survives and no one can believe it! Again, “This is Awesome!” but those words don’t even really do this justice! Becky staggers up, goes back to the wall, and now she climbs up! Becky’s reached the top, but Trish is hurrying for the door! Becky realizes that, jumps down and drags Trish back! But ZOEY STARK is here!! She’s trying to drag Trish out of the cage! IT’s a tug-o-war over Trish! Becky has a grip on those legs but Stark has a grip on the arms! Becky wins out!! So Stark SLAMS the door shut on Becky!! Trish rolls Becky up, TWO!! CHIKC- NO, Becky dodges! MANHANDLE SLAM!! Cover, Stark breaks it!!

Fans boo but there’s nothing to stop Stark from helping out! Stark drags Trish’s limp body to the door, but Becky’s in the way! Becky slams the door shut, this has come full circle. Stark says okay, and they fire off fists! Fans fire up while Trish stays back. Stark CLOBBERS Becky and Trish starts climbing! But then Becky MANHANDLE SLAMS Stark!! Becky climbs up to get Trish’s leg! Becky drags Trish back in, SMACKS her off steel, and clinches, for a SUPER MANHANDLE SLAM!!!! Cover, Becky wins!!!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by pinfall

Even with her protege’s help, Trish could NOT stop Becky Lynch! The Big Time Payback is complete, and she has proven herself as THE greatest of all time! Will Becky finally be able to move on and focus on what she really wants: the women’s world title?

As for Trish, Stark helps her up. Fans boo as Trish starts to get upset with Stark. Stark says she tried to help, what more could she have done? Trish SLAPS Stark! Stark doesn’t let Trish leave the cage just yet, but Trish tells her to get out. Stark walks over to the door, and closes the door! Stark says this is how Trish repays her? Trish gets angrier, but Stark scoops Trish for Z360!! She throws the #ThankYouTrish shirt away and storms off! Will Zoey Stark move on and focus on what she wants now?


Adam Pearce is in his office.

He’s also on his phone. He appreciates their kind words, and wishes them a Merry Christmas, too. But then Chelsea Green storms in. The Hot Mess says, “As if suffering the indignity of losing my Women’s Tag Team Championship last week wasn’t enough, we have almost three hours of highlights on Raw that have NOT included moi. What do you have to say for yourself?” Pearce actually says he’s sorry about that. And he’s glad she’s here. Because honestly, he has a gift for her. He commissioned the production team to create a video montage devoted to her and her 2023. Oh, can she see it? Yes, of course! In fact, let’s play it right… now!

“Chelsea~ Green~” is the star, and you do not wanna make her angry. She slapped Raquel, only to get CLOBBERED! Nia Jax TOSSES her! Asuka MISTS her! And she threw a fit backstage. She entered the Royal Rumble at Number 20, and lasted about five seconds before Rhea Ripley TOSSED and ELIMINATED her! Then all the “Crazy Karen Alert” videos on social media… Her throwing a fit over defending the titles, then losing the titles to Kayden & Katana, to then throw another fit.

Back in present, Chelsea says this is an OUTRAGE! And on Christmas, no less! She’s going to speak to management, you Grinch! She storms off and Pearce says Merry Christmas. R-Truth walks in, and says he doesn’t know what she’s complaining about. That was better than It’s a Wonderful Life. Pearce says yeah, he’s right. They fist bump. Mercy Christmas, dawg.


Raw returns to Jackie & Peter.

So good to have R-Truth back on Raw, isn’t it? And the energy is just different with him. And so good to see Lady Scrooge get what was coming to her. But joining us now is a man who has leveled up this year, Main Event Jey Uso! YEET! What it do, Uce? Peter says it has been a wild 2023 for Jey. He leaves The Bloodline, quits SmackDown, ends up on Raw, and so how has Christmas been so far for Jey? Well, it ain’t been the same. Family feud and all. Thanksgiving was even weird, but they’ll get there. Jackie says holidays and family dysfunction go hand in hand, right?

But to her, one of the most memorable moments was him saying “Deuces, Uces!” Just what was it that Cody said that got him to come back? Just that it would be a new start. Everyone saw how the story was playing out every single week. Jey was fighting his family, his cousins, his brothers, every single week. And it just got to him. So Jey had to get out, but then got a call from Cody. Jey was hesitant, but Cody convinced him. Cody is a Day One, too, y’know? They’ve known each other 15 years, and if not for Cody, Jey would’ve been chilling on the island.

Peter says obviously there are still those on Raw not receptive to Jey. But there were still others who welcomed him. We spoke on Cody, but what part did Sami Zayn have to play? Oh, Sami made it real easy for Jey. That’s his dawg. And we all know that at first, Jey didn’t like Sami. Like, he really did not like Sami. It was a love-hate thing, and now Jey’s the one texting and checking in on Sami all the time. Where they gonna eat? Where they gonna get coffee? Jey wouldn’t be here if not for Sami. And Jackie says we saw that bond when we saw them hug it out earlier this year.

But Jey is now on his own, creating his own legacy, what lies ahead for him in 2024? Well, Jey is reaching for the stars. He obviously wants to handle his Drew McIntyre problem, he has unfinished business with Bloodline, and he just wants to be Jey. We’ve seen him grow up, his entire career is here, and he’s just now knocking at the door. But he wants to be Main Event Jey, have a good year, and he’s excited for it. Yes, the roller coaster ride that is a solo Jey has been a lot of fun, so they wish him all the luck in 2024. YEET! Thanks, Uce. YEET!


Raw returns once again.

Peter says there are many great teams out there: The Kansas City Chiefs; The Golden State Warriors. They’ve been running things the last decade. And who has been running Raw over the past year? The Judgment Day. Jackie agrees there, but with one major difference between the Judgment Day and the teams Peter named. Mami Rhea? Well, okay, yes, but also we like Mahomes, Kelce & The Chiefs. We like Steph Curry & The Warriors. No one actually likes The Judgment Day! They’re mean and rude! And have made enemies all over! Jey, Cody, Seth, Sami, they all dislike The Judgment Day, and then Randy Orton returns to join them!

Peter says even The Viper didn’t like Judgment Day. But you gotta love a match like WarGames for settling scores. Ten men, two rings, a giant cage, and absolute anarchy. Two men start, the rest are in shark cages. Then one by one, more men enter the fray, and only once all ten men are in does the match truly begin. And Peter will say this, there is one man he doesn’t wanna see coming out of a cage and headed right for him: Drew McIntyre!

Men’s WarGames: Drew McIntyre & The Judgment Day VS Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso, Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins & Randy Orton!

The Scottish Warrior isn’t in The Judgment Day, but he stands with them because they all want to tear down Main Event Jey Uso. And everything The Judgment Day has done has more than united The American Nightmare, Main Event Jey, the Great Liberator and the Visionary against them. But as we just saw, there’s a big concern that The Viper isn’t going to join in. This on top of Judgment Day having the WarGames Advantage, is there any hope for Cody’s team to survive?

Naturally, McIntyre makes his entrance separate from Judgment Day, but it is Finn Balor who steps up. Tensions are still high between McIntyre and Priest, though… And then from the other side, Cody’s entrance is first, “WHOA OH~!” followed by Jey. Chicago is bouncing along with Jey as he stands on top of the shark cage. Sami makes his way out now, “LET’S GO!” And then Rollins makes his way out, “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” and it would seem he is the one to start. Fans fire up as we get The Visionary and The Prince reigniting their rivalry! Rollins FLIES Over the ropes to get at Finn and the bell rings!

Finn and Rollins scrap, then stand to throw hands! Rollins CHOPS and ROCKS on repeat! Finn knees low, storms up and whips but Rollins stops himself! Rollins elbows Finn, whips him into steel, and Chicago of course chants for CM Punk. Rollins TOSSES Finn into more steel, and then TOSSES him into more steel! Fans chant for Randy, sing Rollins’ song, “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” and Rollins stalks Finn to a the west ring. Finn begs for mercy but then kicks, only for Rollins to block! Rollins gets Finn up, but Finn slips free of the bomb to CLOBBER Rollins! Fans boo but Finn circles Rollins. Finn stands Rollins up to TOSS him into steel!

Finn then brings Rollins around to throw into MORE steel! Finn CHOPS, there’s still three minutes to kill and Finn sends Rollins into MORE steel! SLINGBLADE! Chicago gets the CM Punk chants going again but Finn aims at Rollins from a corner. Finn runs in, Rollins stands to SUPERKICK first! Rollins then has Finn at the bridge, and he underhooks the arms! Finn fights the Pedigree to back drop Rollins on the steel! Rollins writhes, his back still not 100%. Finn climbs up a corner, and he COUP- NO, Rollins avoids the stomps, and he SLINGBLADES in return! The fans fire up, sing along, and Rollins stalks Finn.

Rollins ROCKS Finn with haymakers, then puts Finn in a corner. Rollins fires off forearm after forearm, fans fire up more, and Rollins whips corner to corner. Rollins runs in, forearm smash and a clinch, for a BACKBREAKER! Rollins runs, to BOOT Finn down! Fans fire up again and the countdown is 15 seconds! Rollins hears the fans counting it down, and he knows Judgment Day is sending someone. Here comes McDonagh! The Irish Ace runs up but Rollins BOOTS him down! Finn RAMS into Rollins, whips him corner to corner, but Rollins reverses and Finn hits buckles hard! Rollins storms over, but McDonagh SMACKS him with a kendo stick!

McDonagh brings in extra sticks and he has one to Finn. They both grin as they circle around Rollins like sharks with blood in the water. They SMACK and SMACK and SMACK away! Rollins falls, clutching a leg, and the lethal Irishmen raise the sticks. Finn CHOKES Rollins with the stick, then lets off so McDonagh can have a turn. McDonagh aims to SMACK, but Rollins blocks! Rollins BOOTS Finn, and TOSSES McDonagh to the east ring! Rollins ROCKS Finn, aims at McDonagh but McDonagh RAMS into him! QUEBRADA! Down goes Rollins and McDonagh coordinates with Finn.

McDonagh & Finn mug Rollins, double whip, and then KENDO STICK CLOTHESLINE! Fans boo while Rollins sputters to the ropes. McDonagh drapes Rollins out for Finn to SMACK with the kendo stick! Finn CHOKES Rollins again and talks a lot of trash. Rollins can only endure the bamboo in his face. Then Finn & McDonagh wrench, crisscross and DOUBLE SUPLEX! The countdown is back, and Finn makes sure to have a kendo stick. First out is JEY! Fans “YEET! YEET! YEET!” as Jey storms down to the ring. He sees the kendo sticks and raises them a chair! Jey runs in to JAM JD! SMACK on the back!

JAM for Finn, SMACK on the back! McDonagh kicks and ROCLS Jey but Jey fires off hands! Jey puts some stank on the HAYAMKER! Then Jey does the same to Finn! “YEET! YEET!” Pop, lock and HAYMAKER! Fans fire up as Jey kicks at McDonagh. McDonagh blocks but the DRAGON WHIP hits! Jey also ENZIGURIS Finn to a corner! Fans fire up with “UCE! OH! UCE! OH!” Jey runs to HIP ATTACK Finn! And HIP- SPANISH FLY from McDonagh! All four men are down, and we see McIntyre just glaring as he wants his turn. There’s still a minute and forty, and Rollins saves Jey from a double suplex! They DOUBLE SUPERKICK!

Fans fire up as Rollins & Jey fire off on Finn & McDonagh, bump them off buckles, and rain down fists! The fans count along, Rollins goes all the way to TEN! Finn scurries away after that but Rollins just goes along the ropes to springboard and AX HANDLE! Fans fire up again, and Jey keeps on McDonagh. Fans sing again but we have 15 seconds left. Jey digs his boots into McDonagh, Rollins is after Finn, but here comes… Wait, Priest tells McIntyre to stick to the plan. The Punisher takes this turn and he storms down to the ring. Rollins & Jey dare him to bring it! Priest steps in slowly, and they go after him!

Fans fire up but Priest shoves Rollins away and fires off on Jey! Rollins JAMS Priest with a chair! McDonagh & Finn return to go after Rollins & Jey but they all brawl. “YEET!” But Priest has a nightstick?! He CRACKS Jey, CRACKS Rollins, and repeat! Fans boo but Priest smiles as he got the better of Team Yeet. ELBOW for Rollins, ELBOW for Jey! BROKEN ARROW for Jey! FLATLINER for Rollins! And there’s still 90 seconds to go! Finn & McDonagh drag Jey & Rollins up, and set them up for Priest’s CORKSCREW SENTON! Fans boo but Judgment Day soaks up the heat. Priest drags Rollins up while Finn & McDonagh mug Jey.

Priest ROCKS Rollins into the bridge, then to the east ring. Priest throws hands, then stomps away on Rollins. McDonagh sets Jey up for Finn to JAM and SMACK him with the chair! The countdown is back, and here comes Sami! Fans fire up and Sami storms down to the ring. Sami sees McDonagh & Finn watching him, and then he dodges McDonagh’s jab! Sami SMACKS McDonagh with the stick, ROCKS Finn and SLAMS the door on him! Then Sami considers his options. Fans fire up as Sami brings out a TABLE!! Jey helps Sami with it, then he and Rollins set it up. Sami keeps looking for more?!

Fans chant “UCEY! UCEY!” Priest ROCKS Jey, Sami CLOBBERS Priest! Fans chant “Thank You, Sami!” Sami stomps away on Priest and the fans are loving it! Sami hits Finn with BLUE THUNDER! Sami goes up a corner, and between “OLE~ OLE OLE OLE~” and “UCEY! UCEY!” Sami feeds off the energy. But McDonagh goes after Sami on the top rope! McDonagh smacks Sami off steel, but Sami smacks McDonagh back! McDonagh lands to crotch on the ropes! Sami RIPS a pipe from the corner, and he CLOBBERS McDonagh with it! And Finn! Priest kicks first, whips, but Sami goes up and over and CLOBBERS Priest with the pipe!!

Fans fire up and Sami fires hands on Finn in a corner! McDonagh runs up, Sami ROCKS him! Jey stomps Priest in the east ring, Rollins & Sami pinball McDonagh around! Then Rollins CHOPS Finn in a corner! Sami SMACKS Finn, then Rollins SMACKS Finn off a chair! The countdown is back, and Judgment Day sends McIntyre! The Scottish Warrior has been seething since coming out here, and he storms right into the ring. He catches Rollins to SPINEBUSTER! Then he RAMS Sam into a corner, to then OVERHEAD SUPLEX! McIntyre runs through Rollins’ boot to ELBOW him! And then INVERTED ALABAMA SLAM onto Sami!

McIntyre glares right at Jey, the one he wanted all along. Fans rally for Jey as he flounders, but Jey sees McIntyre stepping closer. Jey stands, and he throws hands with McIntyre! “YEET! BOO! YEET! BOO!” But McIntyre underhooks! Jey slips free, mule kicks, pops, locks and UPPERCUTS! But then McIntyre gets around to NECKBREAKER! McIntyre kips up and there’s 90 seconds left on the countdown. McIntyre stands Jey up to TOSS him into steel! And then he tells Jey to acknowledge what he did! McIntyre TOSSES him into more steel! McIntyre scoops Jey, to LAWN DART him into the steel!

Finn puts Sami in a corner, throws hands, but Sami hits back! Sami gets mugged by Priest & McDonagh while McIntyre aims at Jey. But Jey SUPERKICKS first! Then with Sami, ONE D!! Fans fire up but Priest stomps Jey! We’re at 15 seconds, Finn & Priest mug Sami & Jey! Finn POSTS Sami, but here comes CODY! Cody finally gets in the match his father invented! Priest swings with his baton but Cody dodges, kicks and UPPERCUTS! Cody TOSSES Priest into steel, then TOSSES him into more steel! Cody ROCKS Finn, ROCKS McDonagh, and steps in to fire off hands! Cody whips, McDonagh reverses but Cody CLOBBERS him!

Fans fire up with Cody, he is going all out! Cody whips, McDonagh reverses but Cody dodges to then back drop! And then Cody has Finn, GOURD BUSTER onto McDonagh! Cody finds a BULL ROPE in the gap! Now this is a shoutout to Dusty! And Rollins has the other end?! Cody says remember, just for tonight, they gotta work together. Rollins nods, and they use the ropes to CLOTHESLINE McDonagh! Cowbell BONK on Finn, then rope YANK into the yam bags! Rollins and Cody argue about whether or not Randy’s coming. Cody says just trust him. Cody stomps Priest, Rollins throws hands on McIntyre, and fans already tell Dom he sucks even though he’s still in the shark cage.

Cody ROCKS Priest, the countdown is here! Fans boo because last out for Judgment Day, it’s Dirty Dom! Dom storms in, he fires off on Cody, then hurries to fire off on Rollins! Dom CLOBBERS Jey, then he CLOBBERS Sami! Fans boo as Dom goes back to Cody. Snap suplex for Uno Amigo! Fans boo as Dom hits Dos Amigos! And then Dom drags Cody up, Latino Heat, but he sees the others all surrounding him. Fans fire up as Dom wants them all to take it easy. They all mug Dom!! Fans love it! Cody keeps on Dom, Rollins hits McIntyre and Finn, Sami CLUBS McIntyre down. That table is finally set up here in the east ring!

Cody TOSSES Dom into steel, and the table is propped up in the corner. Fans fire up as they get Dom up and Rollins aims, but the others save Dom from the table! The brawl is back on, Cody is sent into steel, then Sami is sent into steel! McDonagh CHOKES Cody, Finn rains down fists on Rollins, and then Priest and McIntyre stare down. They both choke grip Rollins! But Sami runs in! He gets added to things, and then so does Cody! TRIPLE CHOKE SLAM!! Priest tells everyone else, go up a corner! Finn, McDonagh and Dom all climb, MOONSAULT on Sami! COUP DE GRACE on Rollins! FROG SPLASH on Cody!! Fans boo but Priest pats his guys on the back.

Judgment Day takes control of the table, standing it up on all its legs. Priest hauls Rollins up, Canadian Rack, RAZOR’S EDGE through the table!! The countdown is here, but is there going to be anyone to answer it? The Judgment Day grins as they wait, and… No one? Nothing? Wait, RHEA RIPLEY is bringing the MITB briefcase!! She wants this to be Priest’s moment!! Rhea is telling everyone on Priest’s behalf! BUT WAIT! HERE COMES RANDY!!! No one can believe it!! But The Viper steps right into the ring, slams the door shut, and “Let the WarGames begin!!” Dom runs up, but Randy rallies with lariats and a POWERSLAM!

McDonagh runs in, POWERSLAM! Orton TOSSES McDonagh into the steel, then he TOSSES Dom! Finn runs in but Orton puts him through ropes! DRAPING DDT!! Orton stares McIntyre down and fans are losing their minds. McIntyre storms up on Orton, then Priest follows behind. They start throwing hands 2v1! Fans boo but the Judgment Day stomps away! They all get a turn, but then Team Yeet rushes in to turn the tides! Fans fire up as Judgment Day gets put in the gap and mugged from all sides! Fans fire up as Orton leads the way, everyone has someone, for a QUINTUPLE DRAPING DDT!!!

Chicago is electric as Orton hears those voices!! But Orton sees Jey… Is The Viper going to strike back for what happened to RKBRO? Orton tells Jey he does remember, but then Jey SUPERKICKS Priest to save Orton! Orton is stunned, so he RKOS Dom!! Fans love that most up all! CURB STOMP for Priest onto the steel!! Cody Cutter for Finn! HELLUVA KICK for McIntyre! USO SPLASH adds on!! The fans are thunderous as McDonagh is all alone! He goes up the cage! But escape would be forfeit! Sami & Rollins don’t let him get away, they all brawl up top! They throw HEADBUTTS and haymakers!

Orton watches as McDonagh is in a bad spot. Orton shakes it out and says go ahead, serve it up! Rollins & Sami THROW McDonagh into a SUPER R K O!!!! The ref has to check if McDonagh is even able to continue! Orton feeds Priest to Cody, CROSS RHODES!! Cover, Cody’s team wins!!

Winners: Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso, Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins & Randy Orton, by pinfall

Cody’s music plays but he raises Orton’s hand in victory and thanks. Orton came through for the team and they all hug it out! They all raise their hands in victory, the Judgment Day finally humbled! But will this only add to the anger within McIntyre? And-

WAIT! Cult of Personality plays?!? It can’t be! BUT IT IS!! C M PUNK returns to the WWE!!! Chicago wanted it, and he could not ignore their cries! Punk kneels, checks his watch, and says IT’S CLOBBERING TIME!! Then what does this mean for the landscape of World Wrestling Entertainment now that the Best in the World is back!?

Cut to Raw, November 27th…

Nashville fires up one more time and sings along with Cult of Personality. Punk goes to the ring, and gets a mic as the fans chant his name. Punk then says, “Looks like Hell just froze over.” Fans cheer that! And Punk means that as in, this is him, standing in a WWE ring, on Monday Night Raw, with a mic in his hand. He doesn’t mean that apparently, a Blackhawks fan is actually getting love inside the Predators’ territory. Sorry, had to say it. He’s gotta be himself. And lately, he’s been feeling a little more like himself ever since Saturday. That is a career highlight for him, and he’s been trying to come up with the words to explain exactly how he feels.

He has two words that he’s afraid to say. Not because they’re not true. It’s because he’s scared of how true they actually are. It is a bit corner, it won’t sound like CM Punk, but he’s a changed man. Once upon a time, an American Dream taught him that as long as you speak from the heart, you cannot go wrong, because it is the truth. So this is the truth: “I’m home.” Fans cheer that! Punk says he has come back to this familiar place, and he didn’t know how he was gonna react, he didn’t know how it was gonna go, but it has made him feel like himself again. Because this is where Punk belongs! This is home! And he’s been gone for TEN YEARS!

And yet for those ten years, no one ever forgot him, even when he maybe wanted to forget himself. And that is powerful stuff. The fans are all powerful. A bunch of continents, countries, arenas all over the world, people watching at home, they never stopped chanting his name. The fans chant it now! Punk says the Voiceless found their voice, and he couldn’t be more proud. He heard them, that is why he is back. Because he loves them! He loves them! He loves them, missed them, missed all of this, and wishes he could say he didn’t have to leave. But once upon a time, a Wise Man told him that for him to get everything he wants out of this place, he’d have to leave it and come back.

Hate to say it, but the Wise Man was right. But that is why Punk is back. He wants to get everything he needs out of this place. He is back for the fans because the fans are home. Fans cheer that! Saturday was an amazing moment, Monday is an amazing moment. He wants the words to explain how it feels, but in front of and behind the camera, it’s nothing but love, nothing but hugs. It feels like a family reunion. Everybody back there is happy to see Punk, a few kissed him, it is all “Welcome back, welcome home, we’ve missed you, we’re happy to see you. How’s AJ?” And AJ lee is fabulous and sends her regards. Fans cheer that most of all!

Punk says everyone has welcomed him back with open arms. Except… Some are afraid. They’re afraid of the truth, of what they don’t understand, but Punk understands. Everything he has ever wanted has always been right here. The competition, week in and week out, competes to be the Best in the World, but the Best in the World hasn’t been here in almost ten years. Punk understands being afraid. They’re afraid he’s set the bar to an unobtainable level, that he has the brass ring in his back pocket. That the most dangerous and controversial, feared man in this business, walked in and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Some are afraid that tomorrow, they’ll have to come to terms with how their best efforts at being the Best in the World in this ring, on this mic, even at commentary, isn’t just false, but a lie! Because the Best in the World is back, standing in this ring, live and in living color, in Nashville, Tennessee on a Monday night, and his name is… C M PUNK!! He’s baaack~! “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to make money.” Will Punk prove he is still the Best in the World? Or will that be hard to do even for him?

We return to Jackie & Peter one more time.

CM Punk created a seismic shift to the landscape, and now as a full-fledged Raw Superstar, imagine who the Best in the World could find himself face-to-face with in the ring? That’d keep Peter up all night! Jackie says a lot of people will be up all night making list after list of dream matches. How about Day One, though? The New Year Knockout Week starts with the World Heavyweight Championship of Rollins VS McIntyre, Becky VS Nia, and the Women’s World Championship match of Rhea VS Ivy Nile! 2024 starts off with a bang as we get on the Road to WrestleMania 40!

Jackie could go on and on, but can’t because the show is over. Thank you for joining them for The Absolute Best of 2023. Be sure to join them next week on Raw Day One, and Peter will see those going to MSG tomorrow night for the holiday tour! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, WWE Universe!

My Thoughts:

Very nice of WWE to give their superstars, and really all of us, the holidays off. A best-of show to play top matches from the year to fill three hours on a night where no one’s really gonna watch live anyway is an easy copy-paste night for me. Great selections from top to bottom, and I really liked the bit with Chelsea Green’s “lowlight” reel. SmackDown will be very much the same as this show, just with slightly more SmackDown related moments, like Cody VS Roman from WrestleMania and Rey Mysterio VS Logan Paul for the US Championship. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas today, and will have a Happy New Year.

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (5/20/24)

One step from the throne!



Is Der Ring General about to get a YEET Down?!

King & Queen of the Ring is this Saturday in Saudi Arabia, and Main Event Jey Uso takes on GUNTHER for Raw’s side of the semifinals! Who’s about to get this work?


  • Sami Zayn VS Chad Gable w/ The Alpha Academy; Gable wins.
  • Bron Breakker VS Kale Dixon; Bron wins, by referee stoppage.
  • Queen of the Ring Semifinals: Iyo Sky VS Lyra Valkyria; Lyra wins and advances to King & Queen of the Ring.
  • WWE World Tag Team Championships: The Awesome Truth VS Finn Balor & JD McDonagh w/ Dominik Mysterio; The Awesome Truth wins and retains the titles.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way: Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark VS Kayden Carter & Katana Chance VS Maxxine Dupri & Ivy Nile VS Kairi Sane & Dakota Kai; Shayna & Zoey win and will challenge for the titles.
  • King of the Ring Semifinals: Jey Uso VS GUNTHER; Gunther wins and advances to King & Queen of the Ring.


Sami Zayn is here!

The WWE Intercontinental Champion has a big Triple Threat this Saturday, colossal even. But first, he has to settle things with the taskmaster of the Alpha Academy 1v1! Will Sami get even for that ambush German Suplex weeks ago? Or will Gable SHOOOOSH everyone this close to the King & Queen of the Ring event?

Sami gets a mic as the fans cheer him on. “I think that’s as good a way to kick it off as any. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw! We are five days away. Five days away from King & Queen of the Ring live from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I find myself in a Triple Threat match versus Bronson Reed… and Chad Gable… for my Intercontinental Championship. And it’s funny, I was asked in an interview today, ‘Sami, why would you put your championship up in a Triple Threat? Everybody knows the champion has a disadvantage, you don’t even need to be pinned or submitted to lose your title.”

Sami tried to explain because he has two very different issues on his hands, and he wants to deal with them both at the same time. One is a very personal issue with Chad Gable, because you don’t German Suplex a man out of his wife’s arms, in his hometown, in front of his 78 year old father and expect nothing to happen! Gable’s got an ass kicking coming his way! The fans cheer that! Sami then says the other issue is with Bronson Reed. That’s not personal with Bronson. Bronson doesn’t care about Sami, his family, or Gable’s, just the championship. So the way Sami sees it, this is interesting. It is the find of the mind, body and soul.

The mind is Chad Gable, one of the most manipulative and crafty wrestlers of all time. The body is the unmatched brute force of Bronson Reed. And the soul is Sami Zayn! And if Sami’s putting his money on a fight between those, he bets on soul every single time! That soul, that heart, that passion is why Sami IS champion! It’s why he was able to beat the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time at WrestleMania. And it is why at KQOTR, Sami will walk out of there STILL Intercontinental Champion! But then speaking of, here comes Gable! The Alpha Academy follows as Gable says hold on there, Sami. Did he hear Sami call him “Manipulative?”

Gable? Manipulative? Gable’s manipulative? Did Gable manipulate Sami into beating Gunther? No, he coached Sami, and selflessly, into winning. But that’s the problem! Gable’s just too damn nice. He’s been too nice to Sami, and way too nice to the three clowns standing behind him. Take Maxxine for example! Saturday, she should be in Saudi Arabia and competing for the crown in the QOTR finals, but she’s not, is she? No, and why is that? She blew her opportunity! FAILURE! The fans boo but Gable then goes to Tozawa. Tozawa did exactly ZERO percent of the damage he was asked against Bronson Reed. FAILURE!

Which brings Gable to Otis. The fans cheer Otis on but Gable says last week, against Sami Zayn, Otis proved once again why, by far and away, he is the biggest disappointment on the planet. Sami says enough of that. We’ve heard enough out of Gable. In fact, Sami has a question. Not for Gable, but for The Academy. “How much longer are you guys gonna deal with this guy’s crap?!” The fans cheer but Gable says Sami can’t talk to them, he talks to them! Gable sees what Sami is doing! Sami said it himself, Gable’s the brains. Gable sees Sami trying to drive a wedge. But luckily for Gable, the Academy rededicated themselves to Gable and his mission to reestablish respect!

Oh, and Gable will say this. He is sick and tired of Sami talk about his heart and his soul. It’s PATHETIC! In Saudi Arabia, Gable doesn’t have to pin Sami, but he will pin Sami! The fans chant “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” but Gable ignores them. He isn’t just taking Sami’s title, he’s taking Sami’s soul. Sami says that’s all well and good, but last he checked, Saudi Arabia isn’t for another five days. And we’re here in Greensboro, North Carolina. Last Sami checked, they’re scheduled for a 1v1 match! Sami’s ready, Gable’s ready, so let’s do it here and now! The fans like that, and Gable steps up. Is Gable ready to give Sami an example of what he means?

Sami Zayn VS Chad Gable w/ The Alpha Academy!

The bell rings, the two tie up, and they go around. They end up on ropes, then in a corner. The ref counts, Gable lets off, but Sami blocks the counter punch to fire off hands! Sami whips, then LARIATS Gable down! The fans fire up and Sami storms up on Gable. Sami bumps Gable off buckles, then climbs up as Gable staggers away. Sami hits a FLYING AX HANDLE! The fans fire up and Sami stalks Gable. Sami stands Gable up to CHOP! Sami whips, Gable holds ropes, but Sami clotheslines Gable up and out! The fans fire up, The Academy helps Gable up, but he gets mad at them! Gable doesn’t want their help! The fans boo but Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Gable has Sami down, and throws down crossface forearms! The fans boo but Gable snap suplexes Sami down. Gable paces, goes to the corner and climbs, then DIVING HEADBUTT FLOPS! Sami avoids disaster and the fans fire up! The Academy worries, but Sami storms up to fire hands on Gable! Sami whips, Gable reverses but Sami goes up and over to LARIAT! Sami then gets around Gable, but Gable fights with punches to the head! Gable goes to run but Sami reel shim in! Gable slips free and clinches, EXPLODER! The fans rally for Sami but Gable storms up and CHOKES Sami on ropes!

The fans boo, Gable lets off, and Maxxine is conflicted on taking a cheap shot! Gable is upset with her, but the others console her. Gable says Maxxine never listens! Gable storms up on Sami but Sami ELBOWS him away! And BOOTS him! Sami then runs up but Gable THROAT CHOPS! The fans boo but Gable drags Sami up, whips, but Sami reverses! Sami then fires off on Gable! Sami climbs up, rains down fists, and the fans count all the way to nine but Gable falls! The fans boo about not getting ten, but Sami goes out after Gable. Gable uses Maxxine as a shield! The fans boo the cowardice, but Sami slides back in.

Gable stomps Sami down! Gable CHOKES Sami on ropes, the ref counts, and Gable lets off. Now Tozawa steps up, but he’s also conflicted! The fans say “NO! NO! NO!” and Tozawa can’t do it! Gable is mad at Tozawa now! Gable tells Maxxine and Tozawa they’re just failures! Gable tells them to LEAVE! Tozawa and Maxxine leave, but Sami yanks Gable into a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Gable survives and Sami is a bit surprised. Gable goes to the apron then the floor, at the feet of Otis! What’s Otis gonna do? The fans want Otis to leave Gable high and dry, we get a QR Code, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and both men are down in the ring! Sami and Gable rise, Gable waistlocks and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Then GERMAN SUPLEXES again! Sami fights the hattrick with elbows, then switches to GERMAN SUPLEX in return! And GERMAN SUPLEXES again! The fans fire up but Gable fights the hattrick now! Gable throws elbows, Sami ducks one to scoop and MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, TWO! Gable hangs in there and he goes to a corner. The fans fire up with Sami as he hurries to the other end! Sami runs corner to corner, but Gable rolls and picks the leg! ANKLE LOCK! The fans boo but Sami endures!

Gable leans on the hold, Sami flails and reaches out, ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Gable lets go in frustration, but he drags Sami up. Gable calls to Otis and throws Sami out to him. Otis is conflicted now, just like the others before! The fans want Otis to do the right thing but he inches closer to Sami. Otis winds back, but then backs away! Gable is frustrated, he gets Sami in the ring and he asks what the hell is wrong with Otis!? Otis has never done what Gable’s asked! Gable SLAPS Otis, then grabs Sami’s title belt! Gable says this is what it takes, and he runs up on Sami! But Sami clinches for a CORNER EXPLODER!

The fans are thunderous as Sami marches to the other end! But then Otis gets up to CLOBBER Sami!! The fans boo but Gable grins! Gable runs up to waistlock and CHAOS THEORY!! Bridging cover, Gable wins!

Winner: Chad Gable, by pinfall

Otis does what Gable wanted, and now Gable has the win! But will Gable get what he wants and finally have a singles title in the WWE? Or will it be a lot harder to screw over Sami and Bronson at the same time?


Iyo Sky speaks.

“Since I arrived, I have dominated everyone in my way. I’ve been a champion of the world, but now… I’m ready for my crown! Damage CTRL took over SmackDown, and once I’m Queen, everyone on Raw will have no choice but to bow down! Especially Lyra Valkyria. Lyra, you’re soaring now, but you’ve flown too close to the sun. You’re in my domain, and you will fall, because I am the Genius of the Sky. And soon, I will be Queen of the Ring!” Will Iyo make Lyra crash and burn just like Icarus? Or will the Evil Genius have no solution to The Morrigan?


Backstage interview with The Alpha Academy.

Jackie Redmond is with Gable and the others, and she congratulates him on the win. She does have to ask about Otis’ involvement, though? Is this part of the master plan to- Whoa, what’s going on back there? Someone calls them over, and LWO has found Cruz Del Toro down, clutching his already injured arm! Adam Pearce is on the scene, tells the cameras to give them space. It’s pretty obvious who would want to hurt LWO, but then what consequences will Carlito & The Judgment Day face for it?


Bron Breakker VS Kale Dixon!

The Big Bad Booty Nephew wasn’t part of this year’s King of the Ring, but it would seem Adam Pearce convinced him to be patient. Will Bron still make quick work of this NXT prospect? Or will Kale prove he’s ready to do more than just Level Up?

The bell rings and Bron sighs. He wants more than this for competition, and this? This is just pissing him off! SPEAR!! Kale sputters and sits up in a daze, but the fans want more! Bron TOSSES Kale up and out of the ring! Bron then goes out the other side, then stalks from around the way. TURBO SPEAR!! The straps come down, the fans bark it up, but then Bron simmers down a bit. Bron drags Kale up, SMACKS him off the apron, then drags him into the ring by his hair! The ref reprimands, but Bron drags Kale around. The ref has Bron back off, checks on Kale, and he calls it! Bron wins by stoppage!

Winner: Bron Breakker, by referee stoppage

Bron isn’t satisfied with this, and the fans want more, too! So Bron runs and runs and builds up speed to SPEAR again!! Clearly Kale isn’t satisfying enough for this hungry dog! Bron scrapes Kale out of the ring, then separates the steel steps! Producers rush out to stand in his way! The fans boo but Bron drops the steps. Bron paces while the refs help Kale up. But then Bron grabs a chair! The fans are just as bloodthirsty! CON-CHAIR-TO with the steps!! Greensboro loses its mind over the savagery, and Pearce is furious! But Bron smirks at Pearce, and says to give him something better next time.

Bron leaves, a stretcher is brought out for Kale, will nothing short of golden opportunities satiate Bron’s monstrous appetite?


Raw returns from break and…

Kiana James asks Pearce if she can help. Pearce says he appreciates the offer but not right now. Kale is loaded into an ambulance, and Pearce shouts at Bron. Pearce knows Bron’s not that good at math but make this make sense!  Bron grins again, and says you can’t control him. Pearce didn’t put Bron in KOTR, this is on him. Bron leaves, will this rabid dog stop at nothing until he gets what he wants?


Lyra Valkyria is at gorilla.

Becky Lynch finds her and says she’s come a long way from home for this. Lyra sacrificed a lot for this! Becky knows how good Lyra is at this, so go show her what this is all about! Lyra tells Becky, “I got this.” Becky nods and Lyra heads out, will The Morrigan get that golden ticket to Saudi Arabia?

Queen of the Ring Semifinals: Iyo Sky VS Lyra Valkyria!

The bell rings and the two tie up. They go around, Iyo puts Lyra on ropes, and the ref counts. Iyo arm-drags Lyra, runs up, but Lyra sidesteps. Iyo ducks a lariat then handsprings to show off. The fans cheer, the two reset, and they circle. Iyo kicks low, then headlocks. Lyra powers up and out, then drops, but Iyo handsprings, only for Lyra to trip her! Lyra Oklahoma Rolls, TWO! Lyra headlocks, Iyo powers up and out, but Lyra stops from hitting buckles. Lyra goes up and over, handsprings and eggs Iyo on. Iyo falls for the bait and Lyra rolls her up! TWO, and the two stand off again. Iyo swings, Lyra dodges, then goes up and CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO!

The fans cheer this exchange and Lyra says it was that close. Lyra says she’s gonna be queen, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Lyra waistlocks Iyo. Iyo runs to ropes to HOTSHOT Lyra down! Lyra sputters, Iyo runs up to DRIVE- NO, Lyra avoids the drive-by dropkick! Lyra drags Iyo up, but Iyo HOTSHOTS her again! Iyo grits her teeth, storms back in, and she CLUBS away on Lyra! The fans duel, but Iyo SMACKS Lyra off the mat! Cover, TWO! Iyo keeps on Lyra with a chinlock, even digging a knee into Lyra’s back. Lyra moves around but Iyo bumps her off buckles. The fans rally as Iyo stomps a mudhole. Iyo then lets off, to dig her boots in! The ref counts, Iyo swings to DOUBLE KNEE! Lyra sputters, Iyo covers, TWO!

Lyra is still in this but Iyo stalks her. Iyo CHOKES Lyra on the ropes, taunts her, but the ref counts. Iyo lets off at 4, then waits on Lyra. Iyo brings Lyra up, waistlocks, but Lyra fights the lift. Lyra swings, Iyo ducks, and Iyo knees low! Iyo underhooks, to TIGER BACKBREAKER! Lyra writhes, Iyo pushes her to a cover, TWO! The fans rally while Iyo is frustrated. Iyo pushes Lyra down to then clamp on a straitjacket stretch! Lyra endures, even as Iyo bends her back! The fans rally, Iyo SLAMS Lyra down! Then Iyo clamps on, pushes to a cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO! A third, TWO! Iyo tries a fourth cover, ONE!!

Lyra is not making this easy but Iyo gets mad at the ref for his counts. Iyo kicks Lyra around, taunts her, but Lyra grits her teeth. Lyra grabs the leg but Iyo SLAPS her around! Lyra blocks the kick, SLAPS back, then LEG CAPTURE GERMAN!! Iyo flops around and the fans fire up! Lyra snarls as she rises up, and then runs up on Iyo! LARIAT! LARIAT! SOBAT! KICK! HEADBUTT! KICK! ENZIGIRI! Iyo flops out of the ring and the fans fire up! Lyra builds speed and WRECKS Iyo with a dropkick! Iyo tumbles, Lyra hurries to fetch her into the ring. Lyra goes up, takes aim, CROSSBODY! The fans fire up as Lyra now hooks Iyo up, FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!

Iyo toughs it out, but Lyra brings her up to a fireman’s carry. But Iyo fights free! Iyo throws Lyra down by her hair! The ref reprimands but Iyo METEORAS! Cover, TWO! Lyra survives but Iyo drags her back up. Iyo waistlocks but Lyra fights it. Lyra switches, Iyo reaches out, they go to ropes again. Lyra holds on this time to O’Conner Roll! TWO, but Lyra gets the legs! She turns Iyo over, for a deep SURFBOARD!! Iyo endures as Lyra lifts her up! Lyra rocks Iyo in the hammock, then rolls to a EURO CLUTCH! TWO, Iyo gets Lyra into the CROSSFACE!! Lyra endures, reaches out, rolls to a cover, TWO! Iyo lets Lyra go to SHOTEI!

Lyra goes to a corner, Iyo to the other. Iyo has a bloody nose but that just pisses her off! Iyo runs up, but is put on the apron! Iyo blocks to ROCK Lyra again! Iyo then springboards, to MISSILE DROPKICK! Lyra is on ropes, Iyo DOUBLE KNEES her in the back! Iyo steps on Lyra, goes up the corner, but Lyra YANKS her down! The fans are thunderous as Lyra reels Iyo in! TORNADO- NO, Iyo HOTSHOTS Lyra again! Iyo goes to the apron, PENALTY KICKS, then ASAI MOONSAULTS! Direct hit and the fans fire up again! The Evil Genius is in control as Raw goes back to break!

Raw returns again and Iyo throws forearms with Lyra. The fans rally up, Iyo ROCKS Lyra, and Lyra ROCKS Iyo! They keep going back and forth, but then Lyra gest the edge! Lyra windmills away then fires off kicks! But Iyo kicks the leg! Lyra blocks the next kick, but Iyo elbows free! Wheelbarrow, somersault and STOMP 182! Cover, TWO! Iyo fires up as she goes to a corner, then sees Lyra in the other. Iyo runs in, SHINKAN- NO, Lyra avoids the knee! TORNADO DDT! Lyra then drags Iyo up, fisherman and BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Lyra is frustrated, but she drags Iyo up to a fireman’s carry! But Iyo fights free again!

Iyo waistlocks, GERMAN SUPLEX! Lyra flounders, Iyo fires up! Iyo runs corner to corner for SHINKANSEN! Lyra is put in the drop zone, Iyo goes up and up and OVER- NO, Lyra anchors a foot! Lyra drags Iyo down, CLUBS her, then climbs up after her! Lyra brings Iyo up to a fireman’s carry! But Iyo kicks and SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMBS!! But Iyo is too tired to cover! The fans are thunderous, Iyo gets Lyra back into the drop zone, and goes back up! OVER THE MOONSAULT but she has to land out! Lyra fireman’s carries, but Iyo still sunset flips! But Lyra sit son it! LYRA WINS!!

Winner: Lyra Valkyria, by pinfall (advances to the finals)

Iyo is stunned and Greensboro erupts! Lyra Valkyria is in the Queen of the Ring tournament finals!! Will the new girl on Raw soon become Queen of the Ring?

Jackie Redmond interviews Lyra in the ring, and feels this is deja vu! Lyra has- Iyo snatches the mic to tell Lyra off in Japanese! Iyo shoves Lyra aside, then storms off. Well, emotions are running high. But this is Lyra’s moment, so could she have imagined this just three weeks ago when she was drafted/ No, not at all! She couldn’t imagine standing here today, berating a former WWE Women’s Champion! But the trick is, you don’t always know how you’re gonna get the job done, as long as you believe that you can! And she is now just ONE win away from becoming Queen of the Ring! The fans fire up, but who will it be from SmackDown that meets her in Saudi Arabia?


R-Truth talks with New Catch Republic.

He tells Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate that the “losification” can be a prognosis as well. Stick your left arm in, you take your left arm out. Stick your left arm in, then you shake it all about. The Miz walks over and asks if Truth’s ready. Yeah, he’s good. Bate has to keep Dunne from going after Truth… Bate thanks truth for the chat, hopes to see them down the line, maybe even for the titles. Truth says Pete’s a good guy. Miz says yes, but focus. Judgment Day uses numbers, and now with Carlito on their side, Awesome Truth really needs to be careful. Truth says he got that taken care of. He talked to Andre the Giant! Andre will have their back tonight.

Miz isn’t sure how to tell Truth this, but Andre passed away 30 years ago. Passed what away? Uh… Miz isn’t sure what else to say but Truth says he’s got this. Truth heads out, Miz does hope Andre will be with them in spirit. Truth asks who Miz is talking to. N-No one! Miz is gonna go get ready. And they say Truth is crazy. Will The Awesome Truth need all the help they can get knowing The Prince & The Ace are coming for their gold?


Backstage interview with Ilja Dragunov.

Kayla Braxton is with The Mad Dragon and says last week, Jey Uso defeated him in order to face Gunther here tonight. Who does Dragunov think wins the whole King of the Ring Tournament? Dragunov says that he is frustrated, but he knows there is no shame losing to The Main Event. This is the kind of fighter that sets the bar, where you really need to break yourself to beat this man. But talking about a man who broke Dragunov several times, Gunther…! Jey… Well, Ricochet steps in first. Don’t get it twisted, homeboy. Ricochet and Dragunov set the bar pretty high.

So before saying anyone else’s name, know this: Just because you got the best of Ricochet one time, does not mean that this is over. Not by a long shot. But then Bron SPEARS Ricochet!!! The King of Flight is left grounded, refs and producers rush in, is Bron about to break everyone on the roster?


Raw returns and…

Medics are checking Ricochet. Dragunov is fuming and Pearce is frustrated. Bron is #MeanerThanEvil but will someone step up to stop his rampage?


Gunther speaks.

It was before the show as Der Ring General walked down the bleachers that he said, “Well, I have to admit. Just some months ago, I made fun of Jey Uso, and I told him, ‘Simple gestures for simple people.’ And quite frankly, I was wrong. Because he turned himself into the hottest thing going on Monday Night Raw. And tonight, when Jey Uso will make his way tot he ring, all these seats will be filled with thousands of people, throwing their hands int he air, chanting his name, and filling this room with hope and delusion. Well, the bad news is, I’m in the business of taking hope away, and dragging people back down on the ground of reality.

“Because tonight. when Main Event Jey Uso takes on Der Ring General, Gunther, int the semifinals of the KOTR tournament, it’s not about who’s the more exciting act on its way to the ring. It’s about who is the better wrestler in that ring. And Jey, I’m sorry to say it, you might be the most exciting showman in this company today, but in that ring, I am superior to you. And after the final bell, all those people are going to embrace me. Already the General of this sacred ring. Soon to be the King of the Ring.” Will Gunther make good on his promise tonight? Or will Main Event Jey win another main event?


The Judgment Day is in the clubhouse.

Damian Priest walks over to his “favorite Irish lads.” Are they ready to go out there and bring those titles home? Oh yeah, they’ll bring the titles back where they belong. Right here, int he clubhouse! Priest likes it. Oy, Carlito, Priest heard what Carlito did to Cruz. Turns out that guy’s gonna be out for awhile. But Priest hopes Carlito knows that means LWO is gonna be pissed and looking for him. Carlito says yeah, he knows. So he struck first. Now he’ll lay low until the heat dies down? Oh, really? Did Priest miss the sign that says they’re the APA? They’re not Carlito’s protection. Dom says Carlito came through for the boys, though.

Yes, that’s why Carlito’s welcome here this week. He just has to keep earning his keep. Priest tells Finn & JD to do their thing and go get it. Dom & JD head out, but Finn hangs back to talk with Priest. Finn can’t help but think that it could’ve been him and Priest again. But Finn gets it. Priest is top champ, so Finn will get those belts for them. They fist bump and Finn heads out, leaving Priest alone with Carlito. Carlito asks if Priest saw the Knicks game. Tough break, huh? Priest asks what’s wrong with him. Priest leaves but Carlito asks if they’re still cool.


Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler prepare backstage.

They’re both quiet, though, until in walks Sonya Deville! Sonya says hi to Zoey, Zoey shakes her hand, and Sonya says there’s something she wants to talk with them about. Zoey is fine but Shayna says no, whatever Sonya’s selling, they’re not buying. The tag team head out, but what is Miss Deville plotting now that she’s back?


WWE World Tag Team Championships: The Awesome Truth VS Finn Balor & JD McDonagh w/ Dominik Mysterio!

Whether or not Andre the Giant’s spirit will be with them, Miz & Truth have to be careful knowing The Prince & The Ace are not only dangerous on their own, but that they have Dirty Dom in their corner. Will Judgment Day have all the gold again? Or will they not be able to handle the Awesome Truth?

Raw returns and Judgment Day makes their entrance. The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see if the Raw Tag Division stays awesome!

The teams sort out and Finn starts against Miz. They tie up, go around, Finn wrenches and wristlocks. Miz rolls, cartwheels, and wrenches back. Miz keeps Finn from JD but Finn kicks low. Finn throws Miz to the corner, fires hands, then tags JD. They both stomp away, then JD keeps on Miz. The ref counts, JD lets off to talk trash, then he whips. Miz reverses to kitchen sink knee! Miz tags Truth, the fans rally, and Miz sits JD up to BASEMENT BOOT! Truth runs to spin and LEG DROP! JD flounders to a corner, Truth asks, “WHAT’S UP?!” then does the splits! Truth runs to do the SPLASH on JD!

Truth brings JD over, tags Miz, and Miz KICKS JD down! Miz runs to KICK JD again, then KICKS again, and again and again! The fans chant “MIZ! MIZ! MIZ!” Miz goes corner to corner to A-LIST LRIAT! JD goes down, Finn runs up, but Miz BOOTS him! Miz slides under JD to sunset flip, TWO! Miz full nelsons but JD arm-drags free! Miz BOOTS JD, but Dom distracts the ref! Finn CLOBBERS Miz! Finn puts Miz in the corner for JD to RAM into! The Judgment Day soak up the heat and Finn says the titles are coming home, but Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Finn stomps Miz. Tag to JD, ARABIAN PRESS! Cover, TWO! JD argues with the ref but the count was fair. JD drags Miz to a facelock and grinds him down. The fans rally, Miz fights up, and Miz stomps JD’s feet! Miz reaches out but JD keeps him from Truth! Miz throws hands, JD still holds him back! JD whips Miz but Miz BLASTS Finn! Miz BOOTS JD, runs up, but DOUBLE LARIATS take both men down! The fans fire up as JD and Miz stir! They crawl, hot tags to Finn and Truth! The fans fire up as Truth ducks ‘n’ dodges to get the SHOULDER TACKLES going! Then the SPIN OUT BOMB!

Truth raises the hand and the fans fire up! YOU CAN’T- KICK! Finn says no shuffle, but Truth drop toeholds! STF! Finn flails, JD breaks it! Miz gets in to whip but JD reverses! Miz is sent out, but Truth does the splits to dodge JD! Truth TOSSES JD, Finn rolls up Truth! TWO, but SLINGBLADE takes Truth down! Finn tags JD in, they get Truth up, and they double whip. Truth KICKS Finn, gets around JD, SPIN OUT BOMB! Miz gets Finn for a SPIN OUT BOMB! The fans fire up again as Awesome Truth say “YOU CAN’T SEE ME!” They both run, DOUBLE FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE! But Carlito runs out here!

Miz DECKS Carlito, then PLANCHAS onto Finn! Truth fireman’s carries JD, but JD slips free, rolls him up, TWO! Truth dodges JD to then hits the LIE DETECTOR! Cover, but Carlito gives JD the ropebreak!! The fans boo and Truth can’t believe it! JD flops out of the ring, Carlito helps him up, and Dom distracts the ref. But here comes BRAUN!! The Monster Among Men storms his way out here, Carlito swings on him, but it does nothing! Bruan TOSSES Carlito away! Braun chases JD! The fans fire up as JD runs back into the ring, and back into an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! Cover, Awesome Truth wins!!

Winners: The Awesome Truth, by pinfall (still WWE World Tag Team Champions)

Wait, could Truth have meant this giant? Braun flexes with the power of North Carolina, and he celebrates with the Awesome Truth! Will Braun be more than enough to even the odds against Judgment Day’s number games?


Becky celebrates with Lyra backstage.

The Man tells The Morrigan she’s going to the finals, she’s got this! Becky heads out, but then Lyra crosses paths with Liv Morgan. Liv congratulates Lyra, which surprises Lyra. Liv says she’s surprised Becky didn’t come out to help her like she did last week. Oh, speak of the devil. Lyra turns around, thinking Becky did come back, but then Liv SUCKER PUNCHES her! Liv laughs and runs away, will The Morrigan have her first target once she’s Queen of the Ring?


Bronson Reed finds Sami Zayn backstage.

Bronson chuckles and says Sami doesn’t need to worry about Gable’s mind games. Because that’s all they are: games. Sami, look into Bronson’s eyes! Bronson is soulless! All he cares about is business, and violence is how he makes his money. Saturday, Bronson will use his body as a weapon, and get his biggest payday yet. Bronson chuckles again then leaves. Sami turns around and Otis is there! Oh look who it is! The guy who cost Sami the match. Sami expected better out of Otis. He expects that crap from Gable but not Otis. Maybe Sami was wrong about Otis. Is Otis proud of himself? Because he shouldn’t be.

Sami turns to go but Otis stops him. Sami asks what Otis wants. Otis apologizes. Sami sighs, and he knows Otis means that, because he is a good guy. Otis is, but Gable isn’t. Otis may think Gable is his friend or something, but Sami’s been in Otis’ shoes. The sooner Otis stops listening to Gable and starts listening to the fans, the better. Sami pats Otis on the shoulder then leaves. Will Otis listen to his heart and not Gable’s words?


Becky Lynch heads to the ring!

Greensboro fires up for the WWE Women’s World Champion as she holds up the title. Becky gets the mic and she says The Man has come around to Greensboro, North Carolina! The fans fire up for that, and Becky says that in five days, she will defend her title against Liv Morgan at KQOTR. Now, she and Liv have a lot of history. They’ve fought side by side, fought in honor, in bad blood, but in those many times, Liv’s never once beat Becky. But now we’re dealing with a very different Liv. Liv is hellbent on revenge, hitting people from behind, bailing on fights, and thinks that this strategy is what it takes to beat Becky.

Well, when Becky first came- Wait, Liv interrupts now. Liv says whoa now, wow. Cut the music, please. The way Becky is gaslighting the WWE Universe is literally insane. Becky punched Liv in the face last week, Liv retaliated, and now Liv’s the bad guy? DMG CTRL attacks Becky, Liv leaves because it has nothing to do with her, and she’s scared to fight. Becky might be confused. Liv doesn’t care about the other women, she barely cares about Becky. She only cares about her purpose: The Liv Morgan Revenge Tour! Becky laughs and says that’s right! After being here for nearly ten YEARS, Liv finally figured out what she’s doing here!

Becky can’t relate to that. Becky has known her purpose since she was 15 and she first walked into a gym. She wrote a New York Times best selling book about her purpose! Becky wanted equality, to change the game, to break down barriers, break through the glass ceilings, and main event WrestleManias. After 22 years, the purpose remains the same. When she leaves this place, she wants to leave it better than she found it. But Liv? Revenge? Okay, okay. So if Liv gets it, what next? Liv says okay, Becky’s really, really delusional. It’s insane. The fact that Becky comes out here and says, “Oh~ I break barriers, I break glass ceilings!”

The fact Becky thinks that about herself, Liv is embarrassed. Becky’s the most selfish person in this entire company! Yeah, she doesn’t care about the fans! Or this place! All Becky’s ever cared about is Becky! What/ What? Can’t hear her? Here’s why! Cuz they have their heads so far up Becky’s arse right now, they can’t hear Liv! But thanks so much for not making everything about yourself, Becky. What’s next after Liv’s revenge tour? After ten LONG HARD YEARS in the WWE, Liv will finally sit where she belongs, which is at the top as your NEW Women’s World Champion! The fans boo but Becky says Liv brings them into it. These people know Liv is lying!

One thing Becky knows about the people is that you can’t fool them. They know Becky does everything for the fans! She gives her best for them! They know she always puts her body on the line for them! And them is here, Liv is here, and Becky is here! Becky is looking for a fight, so if Liv thinks she’s worthy of being a champion, then why not put money where mouth is and fight!? Liv asks if Becky wants to go! Then okay! Liv storms up to the ring, but then backs right off. Liv laughs at Becky, and wishes Becky could see how dumb she looks! Liv’s gonna do the smart thing, which is wait. Because on Saturday, they have their title match.

Then on Saturday, Liv will fight Becky, and become the NEW Women’s World Champion. #CryAboutIt. Liv leaves, but will she return stateside with the title?


The Judgment Day regroups.

Priest is disappointed. Does someone wanna explain what happened? Carlito, didn’t Priest just tell you to earn your keep? Dom brings up JD was supposed to handle Braun. JD says yeah, he warned Braun but JD was in a match this week. What’s he supposed to do? Priest has them settle down. The easy fix is JD goes to Pearce and asks for a match against Strowman. As for everyone else, real talk? Priest doesn’t even recognize the group anymore. Priest heads out, Finn sighs, and says Priest is right. The wheels are falling off, time to get back on track. Finn agrees that JD needs to talk with Pearce right now.

Finn heads out to find Priest, and JD is upset. Will The Necessary Evil end up more like a sacrificial lamb?


The New Day are in the trainer’s room.

The medic checks Xavier Woods’ knee, and says he’s good to go. The New Day is all fired up! Kofi says now they can get back to doing what they do in the tag division. In fact, Kofi’s gonna go talk to Pearce right now! Woods likes that! They shake hands, “NEW~ DAY~” and Kofi heads out. But then Kross & Scarlett walk in. So Woods is cleared? Good. They want to lend him their support, he’s been through a rough stretch. But there’s always more time to turn things around. The Final Testament has issued a veiled threat, how will The New Day respond?


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way: Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark VS Kayden Carter & Katana Chance VS Maxxine Dupri & Ivy Nile VS Kairi Sane & Dakota Kai!

Regardless of what happens on Saturday, the strongEST duo, Jade Cargill & Bianca Belair, will still have the tag titles and will still need challengers. But will it be The Queen of Spades & Hunter? The life of the party? The Alpha Queen & Diamond Pitbull? Or The Pirate Princess and #CobraKai?

Raw returns as Shayna & Zoey make their entrance together. Next are Maxxine & Ivy, and then KC Squared. In this Fatal 4 Way, only two teams are legal at a time, so we start with Ivy and Kairi. The fans rally as the two circle, but then Shayna & Zoey snatch Ivy and tag in! They mug Ivy, but KC Squared tag in off Kairi! It gets a bit chaotic now, and Dakota jumps in! She ROUNDHOUSES Zoey, but Shayna KNEES Dakota! Maxxine kicks Shayna, reels her in, but Kairi runs up to CLOBBER Maxxine into giving Shayna a DDT! Ivy kicks Kairi, suplexes, and holds her up! The fans cheer the show of strength, but then KC Squared DOUBLE SUPERKICK them both down!

The fans fire up as all the others gather outside. Kayden helps Katana go up top, for the SUPER KEG STAND! The cluster is taken down, the fans fire up, and Kayden puts Zoey in! Cover, ONE!! Kayden is a bit surprised but this is still anyone’s match as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Dakota covers Ivy, but Kayden breaks it! Dakota kicks Ivy around, drags her up, then DECKS her! The fans rally as Dakota taunts Ivy. Dakota reels Ivy in but Ivy gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Dakota gets folded up hard! The fans fire up as both women crawl, hot tags to Kairi and Maxxine! Maxxine clinches for knee after knee, then whips Kairi to ropes. Maxxine KNEES Kari down, then BOOTS! Maxxine reels Kairi in, FISHERMAN SUPLEX! And a kip up so smooth, “A THANK YEW~!” Maxxine gets Kairi up, whips her to the corner, but Kayden tags in before the BULLDOG! Kayden SHOTGUNS Maxxine!

Katana BLASTS Shayna & Zoey but Maxxine TOSSES her! Maxxine kicks, Kayden blocks, then ducks the enzigiri! But Maxxine slides under! Kairi gets around, hammerlock and COMPLETE SHOT! Kayden brings Maxxine up while Katana climbs, for the AFTER PARTY!! But Dakota tags in and drags Katana right out! Kayden whips, Dakota TOSSES her, then covers, Shayna & Zoey break it! They fight with DMG CTRL and Kayden! DMG CTRL puts Shayna up top, Kayden puts Zoey on the apron! DMG CTRL climbs, they have Shayna but Zoey grabs Kayden by the hair! Kayden fights back and Katana joins in! Ivy gets in this, TOWER OF DOOM!!

The fans fire up as Kayden & Katana now get Zoey in position, for a SUPER DUPER STEINER onto Shayna!! The baddest duo tumble away, but Ivy DROPKICKS Katana! Kayden SUPERKICKS Ivy! Maxxine drags Kayden out to send her into barriers! The fans fire up and even Maxxine is impressed with her power. Maxxine hurries inside, swivels them hips, and she gets the REVERSE WORM going, for the ELBOW DROP! Cover on Dakota, TWO!! Dakota is still in this, but is now in an ANKLE LOCK!! Kairi climbs as Maxxine grapevines the leg! InSANE ELBOW!! Kairi fires up and tags in! But she gets mugged by Shayna & Zoey!

Zoey stags in, runs up, but Maxxine rolls her up! TWO!! SUPERKICK! ALLEY-OOP into the KNEE!! Cover, Zoey & Shayna win!!

Winners: Zoey Stark & Shayna Baszler, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contenders to the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships)

One #AlleyOOF and now Shayna & Zoey are headed after Jade & Bianca! Will The Queen of Spades & The Hunter be able to weather the strongEST storm and come away champions?


Backstage interview with Ludwig Kaiser.

Kayla is with the Impeccable German and says earlier tonight, Gunther’s confidence seems unwavering. Does Kaiser think Der Ring General is overlooking the threat posed by Jey Uso? Kaiser repeats, “Overlooking?” Der Ring General has proved several times that he is superior to anyone out there. Let’s just hope Jey takes this loss better than Sheamus did. Remember? The guy who used to love to fight, to let his fists do the talking. Last time Sheamus used his fists, it was pounding down the keyboard to complain online! Sheamus the Celtic Warrior is really just Sheamus the Keyboard Warrior.

Kaiser will tell us the truth about Sheamus! Sheamus’ career is going two ways: Either he stays home to protect his legacy; or he actually dares to come back just for Kaiser to put him down for good! Kaiser leaves, and in steps Drew McIntyre. She’s probably wondering what he’s doing here, right? So is he. Pearce decided not to use one of his biggest stars on the show tonight, but still wanted McIntyre live, after medically disqualifying him from the KOTR just so McIntyre can now watch Jey use McIntyre’s spot. And McIntyre doesn’t even get time to speaks his mind! Well screw that and screw Pearce, the people want McIntyre so he’ll give them that.

Let’s first talk the “paper champion,” Damian Priest. Priest thought he got one over on McIntyre. Nobody gets one over on McIntyre unless he lets them. He said what he needed to say, got what he wanted, and that is a rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship. McIntyre is playing chess while Priest is playing with guyliner. Priest is also spreading himself too thin. It’s like Rollins all over again! LWO, tag titles, Braun, Carlito. Mate, here’s free advice: stop it and focus on the title. They’re gonna have a match soon. McIntyre beat a real champion at Mania, and he’s gonna beat Priest, too. As you were.

McIntyre heads out, but when and where will this clash happen?


Chad Gable talks with The Creed Brothers backstage.

Gable tells Julius & Brutus this story about a wild time he took someone down with a lat drop. But in walks Otis. Otis wants to talk so Gable tells the Creeds they’ll talk more later, just think about what he said. Gable says Otis, his number one guy, where’s he been? He went to apologize to Sami. Apologize? For what? Why? Oh…! Gable sees what Otis is doing. Otis was tugging at the heart strings, softening him up emotionally for Saudi. That’s why Otis is Gable’s number one! Now, Gable has the ticket, the documents, Otis can go to Saudi. They are gonna win Gable’s Intercontinental Championship together, right? Right? R-Right…

No, Otis. Gable wants to hear Otis say it. “No matter what.” Gable breathes it in and it feels good. See you on the flight. Business class! But will Gable be returning back first class with the title? We also see Sonya talking with Zoey & Shayna again. Now that Zoey & Shayna are contenders, are they more open to Sonya’s idea?


King of the Ring Semifinals: Jey Uso VS GUNTHER!

Main Event Jey speaks backstage, saying “Tonight is the night. There is no tomorrow. It’s the semifinals for the King of the Ring tournament, Main Event Jey Uso VS The Ring General, Gunther. Last time we met, Uce, I almost had you. We got unfinished business right here, Uce. Tonight, I finish the job. You gonna catch a YEET down, and I’m gonna catch a crown. It’s main event time, Uce!” Jey knocks on the garage door, it opens for him, and he walks in saying, “Y’all know what it is! Main Event Jey Uso is now in your damn city, Greensboro!” Jey makes his way from the parking lot to gorilla, and then on stage! “Dat boi look good! I stay drippin’! Yo, Uce. Please hit my music. And uh, YEET!”

The fans fire up as Jey makes his entrance, but will Jey bring this energy all the way to Jeddah? Or will Gunther make his prediction come true with his own two hands?

Raw returns, the bell rings, and the fans fire up as the two stare down. Then Jey runs up and the two tie up! They go around, Gunther puts Jey on ropes, but Jey turns things around. Gunther turns it back, they end up in a corner, and the ref counts. Gunther lets off, to CHOP! And CHOP again! Gunther won’t stop, he CHOPS again! Gunther stalks Jey, but Jey ROCKS Gunther with a forearm! And another! And another! Then an UPPERCUT! Jey goes up a corner, and the fans fire up as Jey rains down fists! Gunther shoves Jey away, but Jey counter punches! And punches again! Fans “YEET!” with each hit! Jey then pops ‘n’ locks ‘n’ bounces, puts some stank and he DECKS Gunther!

The fans fire up again as Gunther bails out. Jey gets the fans fired up more, and then he DIVES onto Gunther! Down goes Der Ring General and the fans rally behind Jey. Jey stands, but he and Gunther are both banged up from that impact. Jey drags Gunther up, puts him in the ring, and then he goes up a corner. But Gunther rises to get under the leap! Jey runs back in, but Gunther sidesteps and POSTS him! Gunther then SLAMS Jey’s bad arm against the post! Gunther goes out, hammerlocks Jey, and RAMS him into steel steps! Jey falls in a heap, Gunther talks trash and looms over him. Gunther then hauls Jey up, hammerlocks the arm, and RAMS Jey into barriers!

Gunther leaves Jey behind for a moment to refresh the count. Then Gunther hauls Jey up to POST him again! Jey slumps down, Gunther refreshes the count again, and he scoops Jey for SNAKE EYES off barriers! Jey sputters, Gunther dumps him into the timekeeper’s aera! Jey is down, Gunther stands tall, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again, Gunther grinds Jey down with an armlock, but Jey endures as the fans rally up. Jey fights to his feet, but Gunther RAMS shoulders! Jey drops to a knee, Gunther stands him up to wrench, but Jey ROCKS Gunther with a forearm! Jey ROCKS Gunther again, but Gunther UPPERCUTS the arm! Gunther then steps over to HIP DROP the arm! Jey writhes, Gunther looms over him, then goes to a corner. Gunther runs to KICK Jey in the side! Jey grits his teeth but Gunther stomps him around! Gunther clamps onto one arm and traps it to then pull on the other! Jey endures, but Gunther KNEE DROPS the arm!

The fans rally while Jey writhes, but Gunther stomps him around! Gunther drags Jey to a drop zone then goes up the corner. The fans boo, but Jey rises first! Jey UPPERCUTS Gunther, but that’s the bad arm! Gunther wobbles, Jey storms up to HEADBUTT! Jey climbs, brings Gunther up, but Gunther fires body shots in return! Gunther then has a DOUBLE WRISTLOCK up top! Jey endures, fights with his good arm, and he clinches Gunther for a fireman’s carry! SUPER SAMOAN DROP!! Both men are down and the fans fire back up! The fans rally with “YEET! YEET! YEET!” and Jey crawls to a corner. Jey goes up the corner, but Gunther stands!

Jey still leaps to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Jey’s arm hurts too much for him to be frustrated, he and Gunther both slowly sit up. The fans rally, Jey and Gunther lock eyes as they stand. Gunther CHOPS, then he pie faces Jey. Jey grits his teeth, but Gunther CHOPS! Jey fires a forearm! And another! Gunther CHOPS and Jey falls! Jey gets right up, eggs Gunther on, so Gunther CHOPS! Jey fires a forearm! And another! And then a kick! Gunther blocks, but the DRAGON WHIP comes back around! The fans fire up and Jey huffs and puffs and aims from a corner! Jey runs up, but the superkick is blocked! CHOP!

Gunther runs, but Jey SUPERKICKS! Gunther falls, Jey covers, TWO! Gunther is still in this, he isn’t the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion for nothing! Jey rises as the fans rally up and he goes to a corner. Jey aims, runs up, SUPERKICK! Gunther flounders to a corner and the fans fire up more! Jey stomps Gunther again and again, “YEET! YEET! YEET!” Jey stops as the ref counts, and he grits his teeth to fight the pain. But Gunther SHOTGUNS Jey down! Gunther hauls Jey up, for the GENERAL BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Jey survives that, but Gunther has a FUJIWARA ARMBAR! Jey endures, even as Gunther pulls on the arm!

Jey reaches out, the fans rally, and he rolls free! Jey ducks ‘n’ dodges, but runs into a KICK! Gunther CHOPS Jey on tthe back! Then SLEEPER! But Jey rolls back to a cover, TWO!! Gunther BOOTS Jey, then GERMAN SUPLEXES! Gunther won’t stop there, he goes up top! GENERAL SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!! Jey survives but Gunther is right back on him! Gunther drags Jey up to short arm LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Jey survives again and Gunther is a little surprised! Gunther stands, he eggs Jey on, and the fans rally up. Gunther brings Jey up, talks some trash, then CHOPS! Jey drops to his knees but Gunther eggs him on again!

Gunther stands Jey back up, for another CHOP! Jey falls back, but that’s not enough for Gunther. Gunther stands Jey up again, talks some more trash, but Jey SLAPS Gunther! Gunther CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS! Gunther fires off on Jey with CHOPS, even as the ref counts! Gunther pushes Jey down, argues with the ref, and Jey rises. Jey runs up to SPEAR Gunther into the ref!! The fans fire up and Jey hurries to the top! USO SPLASH!! But he can’t make the cover because of the bad arm! Jey crawls, the ref is still recovering, but now the count! TWO!!! Gunther is saved by the delay! The fans are all fired up!

Gunther grabs Jey, and CLUBS away on him! KEYLOCK SLEEPER!! Body scissors squeeze Jey, Jey is caught!! Jey is fading out, he’s DONE! Gunther wins!!

Winner: Gunther, by submission (advances to the finals)

Jey gave him another incredible fight, but it would seem Der Ring General keeps adding to his arsenal. Gunther now waits on Randy Orton and Tama Tonga this Friday, who joins him in the fight for the throne?

My Thoughts:

A great Raw here, with some honestly surprising results tonight. An awesome match from Iyo VS Lyra, and I really did not expect Lyra to win this one. I really thought it was Iyo VS Bianca for the QOTR finals to revisit that story, but maybe WWE is over revisiting that story and is letting everyone move on. Lyra still had her part to play in the story of Becky and Liv tonight, with a good promo segment from Becky and Liv. Liv is getting there, but she’s still not as sharp of a promo talker as Becky yet. And with Liv leaving Becky wanting more, I’m pretty sure Becky wins to retain the title, despite Liv wanting her revenge tour to continue.

Very good promos from Gunther and Jey, especially with Jey getting that tracking shot for his entrance. And then just an awesome match from them in the main event, and while a part of me thought Jey would get it to signal we were getting Tama over Orton, it seems it still isn’t Jey’s time to truly shine as a singles guy. Now Orton VS Tama is up in the air, and I think star power alone is reason enough for us to get Gunther VS Orton. From there, hard to say, but it really depends on what the plan for The King is after. Kaiser, however, is just setting himself up for a Brogue by Sheamus, which will be a great match.

Great opening segment, both promo and match, from Sami and Gable. I am glad Sami’s the one to ask The Academy if they’re gonna stop following Gable, and they played up the internal conflicts perfectly for each of the members. I almost thought Otis was going to break away here by attacking Gable, which would still give Gable the win, but it seems we’ll have to wait a little longer. After seeing Otis apologize to Sami and then Gable hanging out with the Creeds, it could be this Saturday in the Triple Threat. Otis will cost Gable, allowing Sami to retain, and then Gable dumps the Academy entirely to start fresh with Julius & Brutus.

Really good Fatal 4 Way Tag, and nice surprise return by Sonya. Sounds like Sonya wants to at least manage Shayna & Zoey, and of course now she would even more because they won that match. Sonya could be a deciding factor against Bianca & Jade, but I am pretty sure Bianca & Jade will still retain. Naomi can even join back in since she still has kayfabe beef with Sonya. Good little promo with New Day to show Woods is back, and for Kross to play mind games again. AOP VS New Day perhaps? Kross could probably get to some good singles matches with Kofi and Woods, but it’d be more satisfying for it to be a tag feud.

Great little promo from Awesome Truth with New Catch Republic, and good stuff from Judgment Day. A lot is going on with Carlito feuding with LWO but wanting to stick with Judgment Day. Really good tag title match, and great appearance by Braun to turn the tide. Braun is definitely going to eat McDonagh alive next week, though. McIntyre also got a promo in to call out Priest, building this up so that the Clash at the Castle match is gonna be some great stuff. I almost hope that with Gallus back in action as we’ve seen on NXT, that they get their call-up to help McIntyre to go faction to faction with Judgment Day.

The wildest stuff was Bron Breakker bringing out that real intensity, “that dog in him” as you might say. He took a squash match win over a guy and ramped it up into a brutal beatdown, then still had aggression to spare to go after Ricochet just outta nowhere. Ricochet’s been trying to call out Dragunov but now he and Dragunov have beef with Bron. And with how Bron’s been going, is there a chance he takes the Speed Championship off Ricochet even through Ricochet just won it? A match between those two really would be fast and furious, I’m just not sure Bron’s first singles title on main roster would be a social media gimmick title.

Honestly, I was hoping he’d push the hydration station over to get a jab at Logan Paul. Maybe Bron will move up to the Intercontinental Championship and really put Sami’s own passion and intensity to the test. Same for Dragunov, he’d be an awesome opponent for Sami. At the same time, I still want to see Bronson Reed get something, he’s also been putting in solid work since coming back to WWE.

My Score: 8.8/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Results & Report! (5/19/24)

Still together for Round 5!



We’ve reached the halfway point!

As Best of the Super Juniors 31 hits round five, it’s time to see who stays alive in the blocks, and whose windows get slammed shut!


  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: Francesco Akira VS “Drilla” Dan Moloney; Drilla wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: BUSHI VS Kosei Fujita; Bushi wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: DOUKI VS Dragon Dia; Douki wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: Kevin Knight VS Yoshinobu Kanemaru; Kanemaru wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: KUSHIDA VS Taiji Ishimori; Kushida wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: Titan VS Clark Connors; Connors wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: Hiromu Takahashi VS Ninja Mack; Hiromu wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: TJP VS HAYATA; TJP wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: Robbie Eagles VS SHO; Eagles wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: El Desperado VS Blake Christian; Desperado wins.


Here are the current A Block standings!

Blake Christian: 4-0, 8 points
Titan: 3-1, 6 points
Kevin Knight: 3-1, 6 points
El Desperado: 2-2, 4 points
Kosei Fujita: 2-2, 4 points
Clark Connors: 2-2, 4 points
HAYATA: 2-2, 4 points
Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 1-3, 2 points
BUSHI: 1-3, 2 points
TJP: 0-4, 0 points


Here are the current B Block standings!

KUSHIDA: 3-1, 6 points
Taiji Ishimori: 3-1, 6 points
Hiromu Takahashi: 2-2, 4 points
SHO: 2-2, 4 points
Francesco Akira: 2-2, 4 points
Robbie Eagles: 2-2, 4 points
“Drilla” Moloney: 2-2, 4 points
DOUKI: 2-2, 4 points
Ninja Mack: 2-2, 4 points
Dragon Dia: 0-4, 0 points


Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: Francesco Akira VS “Drilla” Dan Moloney!

The Nova Fireball burned the Bone Soldier while the 44 Caliber crushed the Infinity Carat Diamond with overwhelming strength! But this match here is personal given how Drilla betrayed The United Empire. Will Akira finally put this War Dog down? Or will it be another Drilla Killa from the Abunai Gaijin?

The bell rings and Drilla dropkicks Akira’s legs! Drilla stomps Akira at the ropes, the ref counts and reprimands, and Drilla finally lets off at 4. The fans boo while Akira clutches his knee, but the ref keeps Drilla back. Akira gets up so Drilla kicks out the leg, stomps it, then digs his boot into it! The ref counts again as they’re in the ropes, and Drilla lets off to get in the ref’s face. Akira gets up to fire a forearm, but there’s no base behind it with the bad leg. Drilla eggs Akira on, Akira throws more forearms, but Drilla trips him. Akira kicks Drilla away with the good leg, but Drilla’s right back! Drilla trips Akira, then DDTS the leg! Then HEEL HOOK!

Akira endures, the fans rally, but Drilla pulls on the leg! Akira crawls along and drags Drilla with him, for the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer, the ref counts, and Drilla lets go, but then drags Akira back from ropes! HEEL HOOK! Akira scrambles and has the ROPEBREAK! Drilla lets go at 4, and this time Akira gets away to the outside. The ref checks Akira while Drilla taunts the Fireball. Akira pounds the mat in frustration, hobbles back into the ring, and the fans rally behind him. Drilla stands Akira up to CHOP him! Drilla runs up but Akira ELBOWS from the corner. And ELBOWS again! Akira then tilt-o-whirls to DDT!

The fans fire up while both men are down, then rally up as Akira shakes out the leg. Drilla stands first, though, but Akira blocks the kick! Akira fires forearms and a CHPO! Drilla takes a swing but Akira ducks to fire forearms and a CHOP! The fans cheer while Drilla sputters. Akira tries to run but the bad leg won’t let him take a step! Akira gets frustrated, but then Drilla KICKS the legs out! Drilla taunts Akira, then tells the ref to back up. But Akira catches Drilla to a cradle! TWO, and Drilla ENZIGIRIS Akira down! Drilla kicks Akira around, brings him up, and laughs at his pain. Drilla SLAPS Akira on the back, but Akira trips him! JACKKNIFE BRIDGE! TWO!!

Drilla escapes, Akira hobbles up, but Drilla again kicks the leg! HEEL HOOK!! Akira endures while the fans rally up! Akira TAPS, Drilla wins!

Winner: “Drilla” Moloney, by submission (gains 2 points; Akira earns 0)

Drilla won but he won’t let go! He’s like a dog with a bone! Young Lions get involved, so Drilla lets go, only to THROW the Young Lions out! Then he goes back for Akira for HEEL HOOK!! Akira suffers, the ref reprimands, and Drilla finally lets Akira go. The fans boo but Drilla laughs. Will nothing stop the Abunai Gaijin from tearing through the rest of the block? Will Akira even be able to fight in the BOSJ’s second half?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: BUSHI VS Kosei Fujita!

The Black Mask escaped being last place at TJP’s expense, but the Ichiban Young Punk is riding high after taking down 100 Proof. Will Bushi make round 5 tranquilo? Or will is it still true that The Mighty Don’t Kneel?

But as Bushi gets on the apron, Fujita BLASTS him down! Fujita then builds speed to FLY! Direct hit and the fans fire up! The fans rally behind “FU-JI-TA!” as he snatches Bushi’s mask cover and throws it down. Fujita puts Bushi in, the bell rings and Fujita sits Bushi up for the PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO! The fans cheer, Fujita drags Bushi up, and Fujita suplexes, but Bushi fights it! Fujita tries again, Bushi still fights! Bushi then slips free to waistlock, but Fujita elbows free. Fujita whips, Bushi reverses and Bushi dropkicks the legs out! Bushi sits Fujita up to KICK him in the back! Bushi then bumps Fujita off buckles and CHOPS! And DOUBLE CHOPS!

Bushi puts Fujita’s leg in ropes to pull! The ref counts, so Bushi DROPKICKS the leg. The fans rally, Bushi stomps the bad leg, then he ties Fujita up into a TRAILER HITCH! Fujita endures and the fans rally up. Fujita crawls forward, bringing Bushi with him, and has the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer, Bushi holds on until the ref counts, and then Bushi looms over Fujita. Bushi brings Fujita up, reels him in, but Fujita fights the lift! Fujita CLUBS away on Bushi, but Bushi kicks low. Bushi whips, Fujita reverses and GAMANGIRIS! The fans fire up while both men are down! Fujita goes to a corner, Bushi goes to the other.

Fujita runs corner to corner to CHOP! Fujita shoves Bushi down, then goes up and out, to springboard in and MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Fujita sits Bushi up to PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO! The fans rally and Fujita waistlocks to deadlift! Bushi fights with elbows but Fujita ducks under and hits a GUILLOTINE! Fujita brings Bushi down, they roll, and end up in the ROPEBREAK! Fujita lets off and the fans cheer. Fujita then storms up to Bushi, brings him up, and ducks the enzigiri! Deadlift GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! The fans fire up with Fujita as he drags Bushi back up and in.

Fujita suplexes, but Bushi fights that, to FISHERMAN SCREW! Both men are down and the fans rally up again. Fujita goes to a corner, hobbles up and finds Bushi. Fujita brings Bushi up to fire forearms. Bushi wobbles, Fujita runs, but Bushi ROCKS him back! Bushi runs but Fujita CHOPS! Fujita roars, runs, but Bushi DROPKICKS him! The fans fire up and Bushi goes to a corner. Fujita stands, Bushi runs up, CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO! The fans fire up again and Bushi rises. Bushi roars, climbs, and he takes aim. Fujita rises, turns around, MX!! Cover, Bushi wins!

Winner: Bushi, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Fujita earns 0)

Maybe The Mighty Don’t Kneel, but they do fall! Fujita is now dragged down the ranks, will he be able to climb back up? Will the Black Mask be a dark horse in this race?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: DOUKI VS Dragon Dia!

Japones Del Mal has had a roller coaster ride in this round robin, but the Infinity Carat Diamond has only been going one direction: down. Will this finally be Dia’s chance to shine? Or will Douki have back to back wins?

The bell rings, Dia runs up but Douki dodges! Douki wags his fingers, whips, but Dia ducks ‘n’ dodges ‘n’ slides to then tilt-o-whirl arm-drag! And DROPKICK! The fans fire up, Dia stalks Douki, and Dia whips corner to corner. Douki reverses, runs up, but Dia trips him into the buckles! Then Dia hops on for a sunset flip! Douki rolls through but Dia KICKS him! STANDING SHOOTING STAR! TWO! Douki is still in this but Dia fires right up! Dia climbs a corner, the fans rally, and Douki rises. D D D D- NO!! Douki stops the 4DT to SAHAWARI SUPLEX! Briding cover, TWO!! Dia escapes and the fans fire up again!

Douki keeps his cool and he drags Dia up. Dia breaks free, CHOPS, but Douki eggs him on. Dia CHOPS again, and CHOPS again! Douki HELL STABS! Dia SOBATS! Dia runs up, Douki does the splits! Dia tumbles out, Douki slingshots, but Dia tiger feints the legs out! Then Dia ASAI MOONSAULTS! Direct hit and the fans fire up! Dia storms up on Douki, brings him up, and puts him in the ring. The fans rally, Dia brings Douki up for the leg hook, and END OVER! Cover, TWO!! Douki survives but Dia aims from the corner. The fans rally, Dia runs up, rolls, but into a Gory Especial! But Dia slips free to arm-drag!

Douki stands, BOOTS and goes ot the apron! But Dia avoids Daybreak! Dia is on the apron, he trips Douki, then CORKSCREW SPLASHES! Into ITALIAN STRETCH #32! Douki has Dia caught, pulls on the arms, but Dia fights his way around! Douki rolls Dia from ropes, but Dia jackknifes it! TWO!! Dia ghost pins, TWO!! Douki escapes again but Dia wheelbarrows. Douki stops the somersault to full nelson! SUPLEX DE- NO, Dia fights free! Douki dodges an elbow to LARIAT! The fans fire up and Douki drags Dia up! The fans rally as Douki fireman’s carries, and swings, but Dia slips around to REPTILIAN KAI! Ghost pin cover, TWO!!

The fans are thunderous as Douki survives! Dia grits his teeth, rises back up, and he goes to a corner! Douki rises and the fans rally up. D D D D- NO! Douki gets around! Dia switches, Douki elbows free, but Dia keeps him from running. Douki kicks free but Dia ducks the enzigiri to ENZIGIRI back! Douki swings, Dia dodges and rolls, REPTILIAN- NO, Douki pops him around, Electric Chair into Wheelbarrow! Full nelson, SUPLEX DE LA LUNA!!! Bridging cover, DOUKI WINS!

Winner: Douki, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Dia earns 0)

A fast and furious fight from the start, but Dia’s determination to hit that DDDDT may have been his undoing! Will Dia ever get points on the board at this rate? Will Douki prove he’s ready to be the Best of the Super Juniors?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: Kevin Knight VS Yoshinobu Kanemaru!

The Jet is flying high, eyeing that top spot, but the Heel Master is looking to reroute him. Will Kanemaru be sipping his whiskey in first class? Or will Knight drop him back in coach?

Of course Kanemaru attacks while Knight’s being introduced! Kanemaru KICKS and CLUBS Knight, the bell rings and Kanemaru whips, but Knight reverses! Knight hurdles, hurdles then DROPKICKS! Kanemaru bails out, Knight kips up and takes his coat off, to then build speed! Kanemaru hurries away but Knight slides out and goes to the corner! Knight PLANCHAS but Kanemaru gets away again! Knight lands on his feet, Kanemaru runs up to dropkick the legs out! Knight writhes, Kanemaru storms up on him, and SMASHES the knee on the floor! The fans boo and Knight flounders away, but Kanemaru goes around the other way.

Kanemaru watches Knight slide in so he slides in. Kanemaru drags Knight up, to SHIN BREAKER! Kanemaru holds on, trips Knight, and ties up the legs into a FIGURE FOUR! Knight endures, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer, Kanemaru claims he needs help, so the ref undoes the leglock. Knight clutches his knee, but Kanemaru drags him from ropes. Kanemaru YANKS the bad leg, then he stomps it. Knight hobbles away to ropes but Kanemaru kicks the bad leg more. Kanemaru brings Knight around to whip, then he dropkicks the leg out again! Kanemaru stalks Knight, grabs the leg, and drops an elbow on the knee!

Kanemaru has the leg in a toehold, but Knight endures. Kanemaru pulls on the bad leg, but Knight fights around to the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer, Kanemaru lets off, but he drags Knight from ropes again, to SMASH the knee! Knight writhes, goes to a corner, but Kanemaru stands on the bad knee! The ref counts, Kanemaru lets off, and Kanemaru pushes past the ref. Kanemaru stomps Knight’s leg, stomps him more, then stalks him to a corner. Knight stands, Kanemaru puts the leg in ropes, but the ref counts. Kanemaru pulls until 4, then he stomps Knight down. Kanemaru drags Knight out of the corner, but Knight throws body shots!

Kanemaru kicks the bad leg again. Knight fights the shin breaker this time, but Kanemaru kicks the leg again! SHIN- SUNSET FLIP! TWO! Kanemaru gets up, the fans rally, but Kanemaru kicks Knight. Kanemaru whips, Knight comes back to LARIAT! Knight fights through the pain to rally on Kanemaru! Knight whips, Kanemaru reverses, but Knight goes up and over! Knight then jukes Kanemaru for a SKY 2 HIGH! But he can’t cover from the pain in his leg! The fans fire up as Knight runs and JET SPLASHES! Cover, TWO! Kanemaru is still in this but the fans are behind Knight. Knight drags Kanemaru up and fireman’s carries.

Knight throws Kanemaru but Kanemaru lands on his feet! Kanemaru dropkicks the bad leg! The fans rally, Kanemaru gets the legs and steps through, but Knight cradles! TWO! Kanemaru escapes, Knight goes to a corner. Kanemaru runs up, but into a BOOT! Knight goes up and leaps, FLYING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Knight is a little frustrated but the fans rally up as he goes to the corner. Kanemaru rises, Knight runs in, but Kanemaru uses the ref as a shield! Then as a weapon as he shoves the ref into Knight! Kanemaru ENZIGIRIS Knight, then goes to his whiskey! Kanemaru takes a swig, but Knight SATELLITE-

NO, Kanemaru slips under, kicks the bad leg, but Knight still pops Kanemaru up! WHISKEY MIST!! Kanemaru then trips Knight, into the FIGURE FOUR! The fans boo and Knight tries, but Knight taps! Kanemaru wins!

Winner: Yoshinobu Kanemaru, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Knight earns 0)

The Heel Master grounds The Jet with a bad wheel, but Knight isn’t out of the running just yet. Will Knight be able to course correct and head for the top? Will Kanemaru continue to mess up plans with these underhanded tricks?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: KUSHIDA VS Taiji Ishimori!

The Timesplitter and Bone Soldier both suffered their first losses last round, but they’re still holding the top spots. Who gets put on the bubble while the other gets a little more breathing room?

The bell rings and the fans rally up for “KU-SHI-DA!” as he and Taiji circle. They feel things out, Taiji goes for a leg but Kushida does the same. Taiji facelocks, rolls with Kushida, then rolls Kushida, but Kushida slips free. The fans cheer that fast opening exchange and the two reset. Kushida and Taiji feel things out again, tie up, and Kushida wrenches to then snapmare. Kushida gets both arms for a motorcycle stretch, but Taiji rolls over, kicks free, wrenches back, steps over then arm-drags! Kushida kips up to arm-drag! Taiji ghost pins, ONE, and Kushida wants an arm. Taiji throws Kushida down, floats to a lateral press, ONE!

Taiji clamps onto the arm but Kushida slips around to waistlock. Taiji fights but Kushida full nelsons. Taiji fights but Kushida spins him back into the full nelson. Kushida spins Taiji to arm-drag, then hammerlocks. Taiji rolls, headscissors but Kushida kips free. Kushida goes for the legs but Taiji jumps over! Kushida jumps on to body scissor, but Taiji keeps an arm back. Kushida still wants to knuckle lock? Taiji obliges, but then Kushida wants the kimura! Taiji gets free of the body scissors to waistlock but Kushida switches. Kushida then spins to get the arm! Taiji fights off the double wristlock and the fans rally up.

Kushida throws elbows then wrenches Taiji’s arm. Taiji uses ropes to flip through, then he wrenches back. Taiji hammerlocks, spins and wrangles Kushida, but Kushida headscissors! Kushida grabs Taiji’s leg to stop the kip up, and now it’s a modified cradle! KUSHIDA WINS!!!

Winner: Kushida, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Taiji earns 0)

Taiji is absolutely stunned! He got caught by a rather simple move, and now Kushida’s the top of the block! Will Kushida be able to win this whole thing in the blink of an eye? Will the Bone Soldier just have to be quicker on the draw from now on?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: Titan VS Clark Connors!

El Inmortal could not stop All Heat from firing up, but 100 Proof knows what that’s like. However, will Connors add on to the misery with No Chaser? Or will Titan overcome defeat by keeping the faith?

The bell rings and the fans rally up as the two run in! They RAM shoulders, then fire forearms back and forth! Connors ROCKS Titan, whips, but Titan reverses, TORNADO- NO, Connors stops the DDT, then runs Titan over! The fans applaud the show of strength, but then Connors drags Titan up and TOSSES him out. Connors goes out to bring Titan up and CLUB him. Connors says hey to Drilla on English commentary, then he brings Titan up. Connors says watch this, and he brings Titan to the back of the crowd! Then he goes up the bleachers! But Titan throws body shots and brings Connors back down!

The fans cheer as the two return to floor level, Titan knees low and he brings Connors to the ring. Connors throws body shots now, and he SMACKS Titan off the apron! Then Connors throws a Young Lion into Titan! Shoma Kato sure has seen a lot action for not even being in this tournament. The ref reprimands but Connors drags Titan up. Connors goes after the mask! The ring count climbs, the fans boo, but Connors wrenches Titan’s neck! Connors stands Titan up to POST him! Titan falls, we’re past 10 of 20, and Connors leaves Titan behind. Connors mocks Titan’s pose and even prayer, but Titan slides in at 15!

Connors drags Titan up but Titan fights the suplex. Connors knees low, snapmares Titan, then stomps him! Connors runs up to JUMP ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! The fans applaud but Connors goes after the mask! The ref reprimands, the fans boo, and Connors lets off of the laces. Connors stalks Titan, tells fans to shut up, then he brings Titan up. Titan CHOPS! Connors CHOPS back! Titan drops to his knees but Connors stands him up and whips. Titan holds ropes to avoid the powerslam, then BOOTS back! Connors ELBOWS Titan, reels him in, but Titan hangs Connors out to dry! Connors slips to the apron, and he ducks Titan’s punch!

Connors throws Titan down by his mask, but Titan kips up to PELE! Titan then builds speed and he DIVES! Direct hit on Connors and the fans fire up! Titan rises, the fans fire up more, and Titan KICKS Connors in the side! Titan brings Connors up to CLUB him, puts him in the ring and covers, TWO! Titan is frustrated but he CLUBS Connors. Connors ROCKS Titan with a forearm! Titan ROCKS Connors in return! Connors ROCKS Titan, Titan ROCKS Connors, and they both stand. Connors fires another forearm but so does Titan! The fans rally as they pick up speed, going back and forth, forearm for forearm!

Connors gets the edge, winds up, but Titan bobs ‘n’ weaves to fire off a strike fest! SOBAT! Titan runs, but Connors goes the other way, JEEP FLIPPER!! The hangtime on that one! Titan flounders around, Connors seethes, and Connors takes aim from a corner. Connors barks, runs in, but Titan BOOTS back! And SOBATS! KICKS! PALM STRIKE! WHEEL KICK! The fans fire up and Titan roars! Titan hurries to get Connors up into a fireman’s carry. Connors fights free and waistlocks but Titan switches. Titan shoves, follows, and TORNADO DDTS! The fans rally up more as Connors flounders to a corner.

Titan aims, throws off an armband and runs, LOCO LARIAT! Titan hurries back up top, aims, and DIVING- NO, Connors dodges the stomps! Connors runs in, Titan dodges, and Connors stops from tackling the ref! Connors runs up again but Titan goes Matrix! CALF KICK! The fans fire up and Titan roars! Titan grabs Connors’ leg, steps through, but Connors SNATCHES the mask!! The fans boo, Connors loses grip of the mask and Titan gets it back! Even Connors isn’t sure what happened, but then he runs up to SPEAR!! Connors drags Titan up, for NO CHASER!! Cover, Connors wins!

Winner: Clark Connors, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Titan earns 0)

Connors messing with the mask was just enough to mess up Titan’s flow, and that’s all Connors needed to snatch this win. Connors also Too Sweets Drilla, will nothing stop these War Dogs from running the whole tournament? Will Titan be able to get past this defeat and be tranquilo again?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: Hiromu Takahashi VS Ninja Mack!

The Ticking Timebomb and American Shinobi are both 2-2, trying to keep up with the top of the block. Hiromu got a big win over Sho just last night, will he get another big win here? Or will the Ninja from Noah turn the tides?

Hiromu taunts Drilla on his way to handing Milano Collection AT-san tonight’s framed picture. The fans rally up already, and Mack makes sure Hiromu notices the “NINJA! NINJA!” chant. The bell rings, the “HI-RO-MU! HI-RO-MU!” comes through. But then “NINJA! NINJA!” returns. Hiromu waits on Mack but Mack still kneels in his corner. Then Mack somersaults forward, and offers a handshake. Hiromu is a little wary, but he does kneel. The fans cheer as Hiromu shakes Mack’s hand, and Mack puts up his dukes while still kneeling. Hiromu is confused, but they still tie up. They go back and forth while kneeling and the fans rally up!

Mack headlocks, then he grinds Hiromu down. Hiromu headscissors, Mack kips free, but then returns to his knees! The fans cheer, the two tie up again, and Mack waistlocks. Hiromu wrenches free, hammerlocks, but Mack drags him down to a cover. ONE, Hiromu headscissors but Mack kips free again, and they stay on their knees! The fans cheer this unique low style match. They tie up, and Mack arm-drags Hiromu to an armlock! Mack arm-drags free, and it’s back to the knees! They tie up again, Mack fireman’s carries for the takeover, then has the arm. Hiromu arm-drags free again, but Mack’s still on his knees!

Hiromu runs up, Mack trips him, but Hiromu kicks him away. Hiromu headlocks,  and now we’re standing as Mack powers up and out. Hiromu RANAS but Mack handsprings through! The fans cheer and the two reset. Hiromu runs up, Mack dodges, but Hiromu RANAS again! Mack still handsprings through! The fans cheer for “NINJA! NINJA!” but Hiromu kicks him. Hiromu whips, Mack reverses, but Hiromu RANAS again, only for Mack to handspring and flip! The fans cheer but Hiromu gets frustrated! Hiromu runs up, but Mack dumps him out! Mack then builds speed, but Hiromu slides in to ELBOW him down!

The fans rally while Mack checks his chin. Mack goes to a corner, Hiromu storms up and CHOPS! Mack scrambles away but Hiromu follows on his knees. Mack turns around, Hiromu CHOPS! Hiromu whips corner to corner, runs, and clotheslines! Hiromu snapmares to basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! The fans rally up while Hiromu walks over to Mack on his knees. Mack CHOPS! Hiromu CHOPS back! Mack CHOPS again, Hiromu CHOPS him down! Mack sits up, Hiromu stands him up, and then Hiromu scoops to SLAM! Hiromu clamps on a headscissor squeeze! Mack flails and fights around while fans rally.

Mack reaches out, moves around, and has the ROPEBREAK! Hiromu lets go quickly, then mocks the “NINJA! NINJA!” But Mack throws body shots back! Hiromu CHOPS Mack, whips him to ropes, but Mack reverses. Hiromu holds ropes, then runs up to RANA! Mack still handsprings through! Mack says no ranas today, but then Hiromu dropkicks Mack’s leg out! Hiromu smirks and wags his finger, then goes to Mack. Mack KICKS Hiromu away! Mack kips up and SCREW KICKS! Hiromu tumbles out of the ring, Mack builds speed, and SASUKE- NO, Hiromu slides in! Then he SUNSET FLIP- NO, Mack blocks the bomb and flips free!

Mack runs back up, Hiromu TOSSES Mack into the ring, but Mack just rolls and handsprings to SASUKE SPECIAL SUNSET FLIP, and then APRON POWERBOMB!! The fans are thunderous while Hiromu writhes and flounders around. Mack hobbles over to bring Hiromu up and into the ring. The fans rally as Mack goes up the corner and takes aim. DIVING HEADBUTT! Cover, TWO!! Hiromu survives but Mack covers again, TWO!! Hiromu is still in this but the fans fire up as Mack drags him to a drop zone. Mack CHOPS Hiromu, goes up the corner again, and fans cheer “NINJA! NINJA!” for the NINJA BOMB onto knees!

Hiromu fireman’s carries and rolls to bring Mack up! TIMEBOMB 1.5!! Cover, TWO! Mack survives the 1.5 but Hiromu still has more in his arsenal! The fans are thunderous as Hiromu runs, but Mack ducks the lariat to backslide! TWO! Mack cradles, TWO! Hiromu wrenches and hooks Mack but Mack slips free! Hiromu RANAS, but again Mack handsprings and flips through! But Hiromu jumps on for TRIANGLE D!! The fans duel as Mack endures, and Mack TAPS!! Hiromu wins!!

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi, by submission (gains 2 points; Mack earns 0)

The American Shinobi may be spring loaded, but he couldn’t bounce back when caught like that! Will the Mack attack just have to fight harder in the second half of this tournament? Will Hiromu blow up the top of the block and return to the finals?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: TJP VS HAYATA!

The Public Enemy is feeling like anything but a leader right now given he’s dead last in the block. But could this halfway point be a turning point for TJP? Or will he be further lost in the Silence of Darkness?

The bell rings and the fans rally as the two stare down. The two circle, feel things out, and tie up. TJP wrenches, hammerlocks, but Hayata switches that onto TJP. TJP sits down, rolls, and trips Hayata to a toehold. Hayata tries to chinlock but TJP fights it off. TJP pulls on the leg, but Hayata uses his other one to hook TJP for an ARMBAR! TJP sits up quick and turns Hayata over to then float up to a chinlock. Hayata endures so TJP traps an arm, floats and turns Hayata in one motion, and covers, TWO! TJP facelocks Hayata, brings him up to wrench and wristlock, but Hayata slips in to wrench and wristlock in return.

TJP fights up, rolls, spins, cartwheels then drops to TWIST SCISSORS! But Hayata headscissors back! TJP headstands, the fans cheer, and TJP turns Hayata over. TJP rolls back to tie up the legs, BOW ‘N’ ARROW! The fans cheer, but Hayata pops free to cover, ONE! TJP sweeps and covers, ONE! Hayata arm-drags, TJP arm-drags, and both men handspring up! The fans fire up while the two stand off. Hayata and TJP reset, TJP offers a handshake, but Hayata leaves him hanging. TJP and Hayata circle, tie up, and Hayata powers TJP to a corner. The ref counts the break, Hayata lets off slowly, but then he forearms TJP!

TJP puts Hayata in the corner to UPPERCUT! TJP whips corner to corner, Hayata reverses but TJP goes up and over. Things speed up, TJP Spider-Mans to the apron but Hayata HANDSPRING KICKS him down! Hayata then PLANCHAS and down goes TJP! The fans fire up while Hayata stands up. Hayata brings TJP up, then POSTS him! The fans rally for TJP while he crawls, but Hayata drags TJP up, to POST him again! TJP falls back, checks his nose, but Hayata brings him up again. Hayata puts TJP in, the fans applaud, and Hayata stomps TJP around. Hayata clamps on a chinlock and he grinds TJP down.

TJP endures, the fans rally up, and TJP stands. TJP powers up and out, but Hayata runs him over! Things keep moving, TJP hurdles but into an atomic drop! Hayata flips TJP for a cover, ONE! The fans cheer but Hayata keeps calm. Hayata stands TJP up to ROCK him, then has him at ropes. Hayata ROCKS TJP, whips him, but TJP holds ropes. TJP BOOTS back, runs up but Hayata ducks! TJP BOOTS Hayata’s lariat away, then drags him down! TJP traps one arm, has the other, DARK SACRIFICE! The fans fire up with TJP and he watches Hayata rise. TJP SOBATS, SNAP HALF HATCHES, then stands back up!

SNAP HALF HATCH! TJP has two, he gets Hayata up, THREE HATCH AMIGOS! Or maybe Three Kaibigan so it’s Tagalog. The fans rally up as TJP aims from the corner. Hayata stands, TJP runs up to back elbow in the corner! TJP then sits Hayata down so he can scrub Hayata’s face! The fans cheer and TJP goes side to side, to BOOT WASH! The fans cheer more and they want it again! TJP obliges and he scrubs Hayata’s face some more! TJP runs side to side again, for the BOOT WASH! The fans fire up, TJP throws up the crown, and then he stands Hayata up. TJP puts Hayata up in the Tree of Woe, then he goes up the corner.

The fans fire up as TJP aims, WOE STOMPS! Cover, TWO! Hayata is still in this but the fans rally behind TJP. TJP pounds the mat and fans clap along, “T! J P! T! J P!” TJP aims, runs up, but Hayata gets around him to roll him up! TWO! Hayata takes a swing but TJP catches it to spin and FINAL CUT! Cover, TWO! Not so final but the fans rally behind TJP. TJP goes for the corner and climbs up. But Hayata trips him up first! Hayata CLUBS TJP, climbs up, then brings TJP to the top! TJP fights the superplex! TJP throws body shots, but Hayata crosses the arms! TJP fights that and shoves Hayata down! MAMBA- NO, TJP has to bail out as Hayata moves!

TJP whips, Hayata reverses and PELES TJP down! TJP flounders to a corner, Hayata goes to the other. Hayata runs up to SHOTGUN TJP down! Hayata then scoops to SLAM TJP into the drop zone! SECOND-ROPE SAULT! Cover, TWO! TJP stays in this and the fans fire up again but Hayata says he’ll end it now! Hayata crosses TJP’s arms, reels him in again, but TJP fights the lift! Hayata kicks him, kicks again, then reels TJP in. But TJP RAMS Hayata into the corner! TJP staggers back, runs up, but Hayata dodges! TORNADO- NO, TJP stops the DDT to SUPERKICK! Hayata SUPERKICKS! Hayata runs, into a WHEEL KICK! The fans fire up while both men are down!

TJP and Hayata stir, sit up, and head for each other. TJP fires a forearm, but Hayata gives it back. TJP fires another forearm, so Hayata gives it back! They stand, the forearms keep going and the fans rally up! TJP gets the edge, then runs, but Hayata atomic drops! Hayata runs to BULLDOG! Hayata then hauls TJP up, crosses the arms, but TJP NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Hayata still has TJP’s arms! TJP reels Hayata in! STRAITJACKET DDT!! TJP aims, runs up, ONE BY ONE!! Cover, TWO!! Hayata survives and TJP is stunned! The fans are thunderous as TJP pounds the mat and goes back to a corner.

TJP climbs, MAMBA SPLASH onto knees! Hayata crosses those arms, STRAITJACKET DDT! Cover, TWO!! TJP survives and Hayata is furious! The fans are thunderous as Hayata gets TJP up! 403- CRADLE!! TJP WINS!!

Winner: TJP, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Hayata earns 0)

TJP snatches victory from the jaws of defeat, and he lives for another round! Will the United Empire’s new leader pull off one of the biggest comebacks in the BOSJ? Will the Silence of Darkness still find a way to shine?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: Robbie Eagles VS SHO!

The Sniper of the Skies is neck and neck with the Murder Machine in this race to the top. Will the Soul of PWA Champion get one over on the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion? Or will Sho continue to lie, cheat and steal until he’s won it all?

For whatever reason, Sho tries to pester Kosei Fujita by leaning on him, even pushing his shoulder into Fujita’s chest and stomach. Fujita gets annoyed and he shoves Sho away, and Sho pretends like he just got hurt by Fujita! The fans either cheer because that’s what he deserves or boo because they know it’s a farce. The ref argues with Fujita, Eagles defends Fujita’s innocence, but Sho sneaks up behind Eagles. Eagles blocks the low blow! Sho panics, Eagles says shake hands, and they do. And then Eagles bends fingers! The bell rings, Eagles gets up and around to arm-drag! Eagles keeps moving, he hurdles Sho to then RANA! Sho staggers up, into a WHEEL KICK!

Eagles kips up and the fans fire up. Sho bails out, Eagles builds speed, but then he flips off the ropes as Sho moves. The fans cheer while Sho is upset. Sho still wants Fujita removed from ringside, then he snatches Eagles’ belt! And a chair! Sho wants to smash Eagles’ belt! The ref and Eagles say don’t do it! And then Yujiro shows up! The ref stops Tokyo Pimp where he is, but Sho JAMS Eagles with a chair! Eagles sputters and staggers away, Yujiro keeps the ref distracted, and Sho JAMS Eagles again! Sho puts Eagles’ belt next to the Junior Heavyweight belt, and he brings Eagles into the crowd! Sho has fans move aside, but then decides to go to a different section.

Sho keeps having fans clear out, but then he goes to the merch section! Sho SMACKS Eagles off a table! Eagles falls over, Sho steps on Eagles’ neck, but the ref reprimands. Sho leaves Eagles behind and returns to ringside. The fans boo but Eagles stands back up. The ref is busy arguing with Sho about the chair, the count hasn’t started so Eagles makes it back to ringside. But then Sho kicks Eagles, and suplexes him onto the chair! Eagles writhes and Sho leaves him behind again, and now the ring count begins! Eagles pounds the floor in frustration while he’s down at 5 of 20. Eagles stands at 8 and slides in at 9, but Sho stomps him down!

Sho drags Eagles up, whips him to ropes, and Sho kitchen sink knees him down! Sho grins, he stands on Eagles’ stomach and stomps him more! Sho then has the arms so he can DRAGON STOMP the abs! Eagles endures, and Sho shifts into a half straitjacket clutch! Eagles endures, even as Sho digs a knee into the stomach! Eagles pries at the hold, fights around, and has the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer, but Sho stands on Eagles’ chest! The ref reprimands and the fans boo, but Sho steps away. Sho then stomps Eagles and insults Australia. Sho storms up on Eagles in a corner, slaps him around, then stomps him more.

Sho digs his boots in, the ref reprimands and counts, but Sho lets off at 4. Sho grins while he looms over Eagles. Sho talks trash, kicks Eagles, but Eagles throws body shots. Eagles CHOPS, and CHOPS, but Sho kicks low! Sho reels Eagles in to hang him out to dry! Then Sho gut wrenches Eagles off the ropes, for a GUT BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Eagles stays in this and the fans rally up but Sho is annoyed. Sho grabs the Soul of PWA belt again, but the ref reprimands. Sho sets the belt down, but then steps on it! The fans boo, Eagles grabs at the belt, but Sho asks what’s wrong. Eagles fires forearms and backs Sho down!

The fans rally but Sho kicks low. Sho whips Eagles to a corner hard, then runs up, but into a BOOT! Sho comes back, but Eagles drops low to get under for the sunset! TWO, but Eagles steps through, only for Sho to kick him in the stomach! Sho then fireman’s carries Eagles, puts him on the top rope, and CLUBS away on Eagles’ side! Sho runs corner to corner and back again, TOP SHELF KNEE! Sho drags Eagles down, covers, TWO! Sho is frustrated but the fans rally up. Sho slashes his throat and vows to end this one. Sho drags Eagles up, reels him in and tucks the arms, STRAITJACKET- NO, Eagles wrenches free and slips around, schoolboy bridge! TWO!

Sho gets up, but Eagles dropkicks the legs out! The fans rally up, Eagles grits his teeth and KICKS Sho in the chest! And KICKS! And KICKS! Eagles’ stomach hurts, but he runs, only for Yujiro to trip him up! Sho distracts the ref, Yujiro CLAWS Eagles’ eyes! The fans boo but Yujiro holds Eagles in place! Sho runs up, but Eagles ducks and Sho BLASTS Yujiro! Eagles gest around Sho, CHOP BLOCKS then runs, BLINDSIDE LARIAT! Sho tumbles out, the fans fire up and Eagles builds speed. Eagles DIVES and takes out both Sho & Yujiro! The fans fire up while everyone is down, and the ring count starts. Eagles roars and rises at 6 of 20!

Eagles drags Sho up at 10, puts him in at 11, and the fans fire up with Eagles. Eagles springboards in, to MISSILE DROPKICK the legs! The fans fire up, Eagles runs, LEG LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Sho is still in this, but he flounders away to a corner. Eagles runs up to DOUBLE KNEE! Eagles then rolls, returns, basement 619! Eagles snarls, runs back in, METEORA! The fans fire up as Eagles stacks Sho, TWO! Sho survives but Eagles drags Sho from ropes. The fans fire up and Eagles steps through, but Sho pulls on Eagles’ scarf! The ref reprimands, Sho lets go, and Eagles SPINNING TOEHOLDS the leg!

The fans fire up while Sho writhes, and Eagles goes up and out. Eagles rallies the fans and he climbs the corner. 450 SPLASH but Eagles has to roll through as Sho moves! Sho runs up, Eagles blocks a kick, but Sho fights the backpack and bends the fingers! Eagles breaks free, SOBATS, then runs, but the ref is a shield! Sho SPEARS Eagles down! The fans rally while Sho has a wild grin on his face. Sho drags Eagles up, tucks the arms, STRAITJACKET PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!! Sho is furious with the ref but the count was fair. Sho aims his bow, drags Eagles up and reels him back in. Sho pump handles, lifts, but Eagles slips free!

Eagles steps over, ROUNDHOUSES, SUPERKICKS and PELES! Sho wobbles and the fans fire up! Eagles cravats, but Sho powers out! Yujiro is there but Eagles BOOTS him! Eagles dodges Sho, waistlocks, but Sho switches. Eagles fights the lift, to cravat and ASAI DDT! Cover, TWO! But into the RON MILLER SPECIAL!! Sho endures, but Yujiro gest on the apron! Fujita drags him down! Sho crawls for ropes , but Eagles drags him away! Eagles puts on the pressure, but Sho grabs at the ref! Yujiro’s up to something, HE RINGS THE BELL! Eagles thinks he’s won but no, it was a fake out! The fans boo as Eagles is confused!

Sho laughs at Eagles for falling for it, but Eagles just gets the leg again! Sho BOOTS Eagles into the ref! And Yujiro goes after Fujita! Then Yujiro joins Sho in the ring and they beat down Eagles! The fans boo more but Yujiro bumps Eagles off buckles. Yujiro whips corner to corner, then runs in to BOOT! Sho runs in to clothesline! Sho snapmares Eagles and sets him up for Yujiro’s FALLING HEAD- BOOTS! Eagles kicks Yujiro, he kicks Sho, and the fans fire up! Eagles fires off forearms on Yujiro and Sho! Eagles fires a flurry on Sho, but Yujiro kicks low! Yujiro grabs his cane! The fans boo but Eagles dodges! Fujita springboards in to MISSILE DROPKICK Yujiro!

The fans are thunderous, but Sho has his Torture Tool! Fujita blocks the wrench attack, and then Eagles wrenches Sho’s arm! They lift Sho up for a MAXXY BOMB!! And then Fujita PLANCHAS Yujiro! The fans are thunderous as Eagles reloads and aims at Sho! HYPERION!! Cover, Eagles wins!

Winner: Robbie Eagles, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Sho earns 0)

Eagles pulls the trigger and he shoots down the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion! This on top of their wins over the War Dogs, will TMDK look to grab up all the Junior Heavyweight gold? Will Sho have to really rethink his game plan to avoid giving out more golden tickets?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: El Desperado VS Blake Christian!

The Rogue Luchador could not ground The Jet, and now he’s facing the near unstoppable All Heat! Will Desperado get burned again? Or will he bring down THE GCW Champion on his way back to the top?

The bell rings and the fans rally up as the two circle. Blake taunts the fans calling for “DESPE~!” The two tie up with knuckle locks, then Despe rolls to wrangle Blake and wrench to a wristlock. Blake rolls, cartwheels, slips through and wrenches to then clap with Despe’s hand. Blake wristlocks, hammerlocks, but Despe rolls to wrench and wristlock back. Blake fights up, powers through and waistlocks to then spin, snapmare, body scissor and roll to a cover, TWO! The fans applaud and even Despe claps. Blake mocks Despe clapping for him, and the two reset. They tie up, Despe wrenches and wristlocks but Blake wrenches back.

Despe wrenches, Blake wrenches, repeat, but then Blake CLAWS Despe’s eyes! Blake mocks Despe, whips him to a corner, but Despe reverses. Blake BOOTS back, goes up, but Despe YANKS him down! The fans cheer while Blake writhes. Despe SPLASHES down, covers, ONE! Despe stands on Blake’s leg, Blake reaches for ropes, but Despe stomps the leg! The fans rally as Despe stalks Blake, gets a leg, and he drops an elbow on the knee! Blake tries to fight back, he pulls at the mask, but Despe pulls on the leg! Despe stands up to stomp the leg, but Blake kicks free with the good leg! Despe storms back up but Blake wrenches, hammerlocks and RAMS Despe into buckles!

Blake brings Despe into the ropes, grabs the bad arm, and then turns Despe so that he can stand on the arm and bend it back! Red Shoes reprimands, the fans boo, but Blake STOMPS the arm! Despe flounders away, the fans rally up, but Blake drops down, springboards in, and FLYING LARIATS! Blake mocks the applause then flips everyone off. The fans boo but Blake goes back to Despe. Blake drops KNEES on the elbow! Despe goes to ropes, Blake follows and pulls the arm around the ropes! Red Shoes counts, Blake lets off at 3, then mocks the fans cheering “DESPE~!” Despe throws body shots, then whips, but Blake handsprings and wheelbarrows! Somersault and KNEE DROP!

The fans are torn over the agility, but Blake flips them all off anyway. Despe flops out of the ring while clutching his elbow, but Blake pursues. Blake drags Despe around for a MOUNTED ARMBAR! Blake adds a double wristlock variation, but lets off as Red Shoes reprimands. Red Shoes wants this in the ring, but Blake drags Despe to the corner and wraps the bad arm around the post! Then Blake YANKS Despe into the post! Red Shoes reprimands again, but Blake goes looking for things. Blake brings out chairs! He lets one go to bring the other over, but Red Shoes says don’t do it. Blake lets Red Shoes have that chair, to get the other! Blake JAMS the bad arm!!

The fans boo but Blake sits in the chair to mockingly applaud. Blake then puts Despe’s arm through that chair to bend it! Blake mocks the booing now, but Despe gets free. Blake has the bad arm, he brings Despe around to snapmare, then he steps over for an ARM TWIST! Despe writhes but Blake kicks him around. Despe throws hands but Blake ROCKS him! Blake pulls on the bad arm, claps with Despe’s hand, then clamps on a double wristlock! Despe fights but Blake CLUBS him, brings him along, and body shots him in front of the bleachers. Blake gets space, and comes back with railing! Blake CHUCKS it into Despe!

The fans boo, Red Shoes reprimands, but then Blake wraps Despe’s arms around the railing! Blake ROCKS Despe, wrenches, and UPPERCUTS the arm! The fans boo, Blake gets more space, and he mockingly claps. Blake runs all the way back in, and FLIES over the railing to take out Despe! The fans are again torn because that was still impressive. Blake again mocks the fans cheering on “DESPE~!” and brings Despe up. Blake UPPERCUTS the arm but Despe CLUBS Blake with the other! Blake hits an ELBOW BREAKER on the bad arm! Blake leaves Despe behind to get in the ring, and argues for the count to start.

Red Shoes does start the count, but Despe rises up. Despe reaches the ring at 6, rolls in at 8, and the fans cheer. Blake smirks and storms back up on Despe. Blake wraps the arm around ropes, then YANKS it as he lets off. Blake drags Despe up, then HALF ‘N’ HALF SUPLEXES! Blake slashes his throat, vowing to end it now. Blake aims from a corner, runs up, and STEP UP- NO, Despe avoids the stomp! Blake’s leg jams a bit, but he still kicks first. Blake whips, Despe reverses and scoops for a BIG back suplex! The fans fire up while both men are down! Despe and Blake go to corners, and Despe drags himself up with one good arm.

The fans rally, Despe runs corner to corner, and he ELBOWS Blake! Then Despe reels Blake in to suplex high and hard! Cover, TWO! Despe SPLASHES Blake’s leg! Then GROUND DRAGON SCREWS! Now Blake writhes and the fans fire up! Despe nods as the fans rally up behind him. Despe gets the bad leg, YANKS it, then puts on the STRETCH MUFFLER! Blake endures, reaches out, but Despe grabs the arm, NUMERO DOS! Blake flails with his one free arm but Despe drags him back! Blake still fights forward, to the ROPEBREAK! Despe lets go, but “Oops!” he drops knees on the knee! Blake crawls away and Despe shakes the bad arm.

Despe storms up on Blake, whips, but Blake holds ropes! Despe KICKS Blake’s leg and Blake goes to a corner. Despe runs in, Blake dodges and BOOTS! Blake then goes up and out, springboards back in, and he DOUBLE STOMPS the bad arm! Blake wrenches but Despe fights the takedown! Despe scoops, Blake slips free, and Blake staggers to ropes. Despe runs up but Blake dumps him out! Despe is on the apron, Blake blocks his punch to GAMANGIRI! Despe falls to the floor, Blake builds speed, and Blake FLIES! Direct hit and the fans fire up again! Both men are down, Red Shoes checks them both, and they’re both okay to continue.

The fans rally as Blake and Despe stir. The ring count starts, Blake rolls closer at 3 of 20. Both men are still down at 5, but Blake drags himself up and in at 9. Despe sits up at 12, hurries over, but the bad arm holds him back! We’re past 15! Despe rises, Blake wants it faster! Despe slides in at 19! Blake springboards in to 450 SPLASH on the back!! Cover, TWO!! Despe survives, but ends up in a FUJIWARA ARMBAR!! Blake thrashes the arm, puts on as much pressure as he can, but the fans are rallying behind Despe as he fights around! Despe reaches out, claws at the mat, and manages the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer, but Blake BITES Despe’s hand!

Red Shoes reprimands and the fans boo but Blake lets Despe go. The match passes 15 minutes, one of the longer matches tonight, and the halfway point of the time limit. Blake goes back to Despe, he throws a forearm, but Despe scowls. Despe fires forearm after forearm, but Blake ROCKS him in return! Blake stands, Despe growls, and Despe throws more forearms! Blake ROCKS him again! Despe glares at Blake, Blake eggs him on, so Despe fires another flurry! Blake UPPERCUTS! Despe KICKS the leg! Blake KICKS the arm! Blake hobbles, wrenches and WRINGS the bad arm out! Blake goes to a corner, slashes his throat, and runs up to STEP UP- SPINEBUSTER!

The fans fire up as both men are down again! Despe roars, he drags Blake up and underhooks, PINCHE- NO, Blake fights it to wrench and PELE the arm! But Despe CHOPS! Blake kips up to SUPERKICK! Despe wobbles, Blake fires up, but Despe ROCKS him! And ROCKS him again! Blake rebounds to JUMP KNEE!! Blake fires up, runs, but Despe DECKS him!! Despe underhooks for TIGER DRIVER!! Despe then drags Blake back up for PINCHE LOCO!! Cover, Despe wins!!

Winner: El Desperado, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Blake earns 0)

All Heat finally runs out of steam, but Despe still needs the ice for his arm! It was a fiery main event to be sure, but will this first loss take the air out of Blake’s sails? Or can he get hot again in the next round?

As for Desperado, he gets the mic, and he promises someone will translate this for Blake later. When they faced off in America, Desperado thought there’d be more to follow. Desperado waited so long for this, but it was worth the wait! Thanks for the great match! The fans cheer that! Desperado says he was waiting so long, he could’ve made it to the finals twice and lost twice. Whether or not anyone else has waited for this, he’s waited so long to get this! And if we have to wait any longer, even Despe will get bored of himself! So watch closely, because he’s gonna win the whole thing! The fans cheer that! Will the Rogue Luchador, even with a bad arm, claw his way to the top?


Here are the NEW A Block standings!

Blake Christian: 4-1, 8 points
El Desperado: 3-2, 6 points
Clark Connors: 3-2, 6 points
Titan: 3-2, 6 points
Kevin Knight: 3-2, 6 points
HAYATA: 2-3, 4 points
Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 2-3, 4 points
BUSHI: 2-3, 4 points
Kosei Fujita: 2-3, 4 points
TJP: 1-4, 2 points


Here are the NEW B Block standings!

KUSHIDA: 4-1, 8 points
Taiji Ishimori: 3-2, 6 points
Hiromu Takahashi: 3-2, 6 points
Robbie Eagles: 3-2, 6 points
“Drilla” Moloney: 3-2, 6 points
DOUKI: 3-2, 6 points
SHO: 2-3, 4 points
Francesco Akira: 2-3, 4 points
Ninja Mack: 2-3, 4 points
Dragon Dia: 0-5, 0 points

My Thoughts:

Another awesome round for the BOSJ here, though the results weren’t quite so shocking this time. I will say, it seems like Dia is gonna keep riding the bottom of the block until he has to spoil someone’s run. TJP meanwhile gets a great first win in taking down Hayata. If nothing else, maybe there could be a NJPW VS Noah story where TJP challenges for the GHC National Championship. Great match from Kushida and Taiji for the top spot in B Block, and a very fun match from Hiromu and Mack. Hiromu and Kushida each winning is fitting, they’re both great choices for semifinalists. But with a win over Hiromu and Taiji already, Kushida has all but locked in a spot in the semifinals.

Awesome win for Eagles over Sho, and Sho might have to give a lot of people title matches for the Summer. Awesome main event for Desperado and Blake, and a great win for Desperado here. No more undefeateds in this run, and a win over the A Block leader could be a sign that Desperado is going to the semifinals one way or another. However, in more unfortunate news is that Akira did end up legitimately injured during his match, as confirmed by NJPW themselves. Here’s hoping Akira can still compete in the tournament, he was doing great for being 2-3. If not, points by forfeit would go to Hiromu, Douki, Eagles and Sho. B Block is really strong with a lot of 3-2 records right now, free points would really help Hiromu, Douki and Eagles move past Taiji, who lost to Akira anyway.

My Score: 9/10

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