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The 10 Defining Moments Of Triple H



Triple H WWE Control

Has there been anyone who’s position in the eyes of the fans has changed as drastically as Triple H. From the guy who kept people down through backstage politics and marrying the boss’s daughter to the guy who runs the best brand in WWE and brings in all these Indy guys.

Hard to think Triple H has been with the company since 1995. He’s defiantly had plenty had plenty of ups and downs in his time with the company both as a wrestler and in his backstage role.

This week it’s all about the game as I go through Triple H’s career to find his 10 defining moments.

10. The Curtain Call

Now this is a moment you definitely know about because it’s a pretty big moment. One of the first instances of kayfabe being broken. It’s not secret that Triple H is good friends with Shawn Micheals, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Hall and Nash were heading to WCW but had one last show in MSG to do first.

All the blame landed on Triple H leading to losing his planned King of the ring win and planned title program with Micheals. Famously that went to Steve Austin and the rest is history. You have to wonder how differently things would have been if Triple H had won.

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