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Joe’s AAA Results & Review (Ending 9/30)



Murder Clown and La Parka vs Monster Clown and Taurus (Dave the Clown)

So Dave the Clown is coming out even though he isn’t booked for the match. There are a lot of clowns in AAA. I’m not gonna change what the billed matches are since AAA doesn’t do it either. I’ll put in parenthesis next to the guy he’s replacing. We have three clowns in the match. Crazy. Dave and Monster take out Parka pretty quick and go to work over Murder Clown. Catch Murder Clown this Thursday to see him presumably destroy Joe Hendry.

Another side bar since there’s a lot of posturing in this match. AAA’s La Parka gets a lot of shit, especially since he can’t really work good anymore, but it’s not his fault AAA decided to put someone else under the La Parka gimmick once Adolfo Tapia left for WCW. And he’s gotten over with the fan base in his own way. They’ve known since 2003 they’re both different guys when LA Park exposed it to a magazine. Maybe something else for the opinion piece.

Back to the match, Dave and Monster hit a top rope suplex to Murder Clown. Parka starts to make a comeback, hitting a a head scissors take over on Monster, then a chokeslam on Dave. Then a pretty nice arm drag on monster. Then he goes for a double arm drag where he bounces off the rope but completely messed it up. He back drops Monster to the outside and then goes for a middle rope dive but is stopped. Murder clown then hits an over the top dive. When they get back up, Monster clown kicks Parka below the belt, then Dave the clown does it to Murder Clown. And surprisingly the heel ref awards them with the win. Parka and Murder Clown win via DQ.

Winners: La Parka and Murder Clown

Texano Jr, Rey Escorpion, and La Mascara vs Pimpinela Escarlata, Maximo, and Mamba

The mercenaries come out and waste no time beating them up. They’re just mugging them and giving them no space to breathe. Texano rammed Maximo’s head into his crotch. I don’t want to sound repetitive, but all that’s happening right now is the Mercenaries punching and beating the crap out of the three. It’s like they met them on the street to fight. After so long the exotico’s finally make a comeback and get all the mercenaries out of the ring. They all kiss the mercenaries bodyguard. By the way an Exotico is a man dressed in drag.

Now they’re starting to beat on the Mercenaries on the outside. Maximo and La Mascara agree to mee in the ring. That doesn’t last long as Texano comes in. They start posing to the crowd now. Texano takes his vest off and the women go crazy. He’s very built and he speaks English. Just saying indie promotors. Him and Maximo are exchanging chops in the middle of the ring. Sort of like the fighting spirit spot in New Japan. Maximo and Mamba hit dives to Texnao and Escorpion. Escarlata and Mascara were left in the ring. Mascara kicks him in the balls for the DQ. The Exoticos win via DQ

Winners: Pimpinela Escarlata, Maximo, and Mamba

Psycho Clown and Dr Wagner Jr vs Jeff Jarrett and El Hijo Del Fantasma

So the foreshadowing I had with AAA and advertising people for shows that don’t show up was for this. Jeff and Konnan cut a promo towards Dr. Wagner and they didn’t even mention he wasn’t here. Which would have worked storyline wise to make them seem like heels with a point. Instead they just kept advertising Wagner knowing he wasn’t here. Now the brunt isn’t that big because he is replaced by a returning Blue Demon Jr whom the crowd loves too. Still, I just don’t know why promotors can’t advertise honestly. To CMLL’s credit, they do. Obviously Blue Demon Jr is the son of the big 3 of Luchadors, Blue Demon. And of course he comes out before Psycho Clown. Guess I’m starting to understand the Roman Reigns comparisons.

They pose to the crowd in the beginning, and you know you’ll get more theatrics with Jarrett being in the match. Clown and Demon go for dives but are met with chair shots by Fantasma and Jarrett. Jarrett is using the chair to beat on Psycho Clown. Fantasma tries pulling at the mask of Blue Demon in the ring. He’s not his father but I imagine his mask is worth something too. Jarrett and Fantasma try to double them but Demon hits a big hurricanrana on Fantasma and Clown knocks Jarrett out of the ring. He then goes for a middle rope dive. He brings Fantasma to the announce table and hits a michinoku driver through the table. He then does a cross body off the guard rail when Fantasma gets up.

While that is happening Blue Demon and Jarrett are brawling. Blue Demon hits Jarrett with a computer monitor. They all get back in the ring and Psycho Clown hits a big power slam on Fantasma for a two count. Fantasma shoves the ref in disagreement and Clown hits a back stabber on him. Jarrett comes form behind and hits Clown with the stroke. Clown kicks out. Jarrett can’t believe it. Psycho starts to run wild on them and then hits a big back breaker on Fantasma. Then he puts Jarrett’s face in his crotch. And suddenly Blue Demon turns Pscyho Clown around and kicks him below the belt, then Jarrett hits him with the guitar for the pin. Jeff Jarrett pins Psycho Clown after a guitar shot.

After the match the mercenaries come out to beat on Psycho Clown and take his mask. The exoticos come out to his rescue. Announcers are stunned that Blue Demon turned on Psycho Clown. I wonder if they do that as a feud next.

Winners: Jeff Jarrett and El Hijo Del Fantasma

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