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Joe’s AAA Results & Review (11/19/2018)



Need more AAA in your life? Joe Dinan is your guy, with your AAA coverage for the week!

AAA Lucha Capital

Keyra vs Mascarita Sagrado

We have a midget vs a woman. Interesting. Keyra attacks him in the corner. She works him over and unties his mask a little. She continues to work him over. Sagrado gets a roll up but it’s a two count. Keyra does a tiger face buster and puts one foot on him for the pin but he kicks out. She hits a michinoku driver then argues with the ref. She goes for another but Sagrado rolls her up for the win. Mascarita Sagrado wins via roll up.

Winner: Mascarita Sagrado

Nino Hamburguesa vs Texano Jr

Hamburger boy starts off with the advantage. Crushing Texano with his weight while he’s on his hands and knees. Texano reverses the odds and starts to work on Hamburger Boy. He hits a super kick and grabs his bull rope and whips him. Texano tries to scoop slam Hamburger Boy but he can’t and gets slammed himself. Nino hits some shoulder blocks then combinations with a leg drop for a two count. Nino hits a running senton in the corner then goes up for a Vader bomb but Texano gets him and power bombs him for the win. Texano Jr pins Nino Hamburguesa with a power bomb.

Winner: Texano Jr

Australian Suicide vs Taya Valkyrie

This is Taya’s return bout to AAA after the fiasco that happened when she was there last time. Taya starts with some impressive push kicks on Suicide. Suicide kicks out Taya’s leg on the apron but she does a split. Suicide pulls her down. He slams her on a bar table and does a moonsault but misses. Taya stomps his face into some food. Crowd’s into it. They’re brawling in the crowd now. Taya pulls his shirt down to slap it. Suicide screams like a girl, no offense. Suicide does a shooting star press, but Taya moves and he lands on his feet.

She does some offense to him while he’s in the corner. She hits him with a double knee running attack and then sits there on his face. Suicide catches her with a pile driver which causes Vampiro to break speaking Spanish to say oh wow wow. Suicide mocks her when they get up and she slaps him. Taya hits a nasty looking cutter for a two count. Suicide gets her draped in the ropes and hits a Orton like DDT. He then hits a shooting star press for the win. Australian Suicide pins Taya with a shooting star press.

Winner: Australian Suicide

Golden Magic vs Fenix

They start the match off with some slow grappling. They trade some acrobatic spots and Magic is going for an asai moonsault but Fenix pulls him down. Fenix tries it but gets pulled down too. Golden Magic finally hits it now though. Fenix hits a spinning kick on Magic on the apron then hits a moonsault off the top rope to the outside. Fenix and Golden Magic fight on the turnbuckle. Fenix knocks him off but Magic leaps up and does a hurricanrana. Magic hits a sunset flip for a close two count.

Fenix counters Magic with a cutter which is a close two count. Fenix does a backflip behind Magic into a german suplex. They fight on the turnbuckle again and Magic hits a victory roll slam off it for a close two. Magic hits a 450 and it’s a close two count. Fenix gets him in the corner and hits a spin kick. Then hits him with the Fenix driver. Or Mexican muscle buster as the announcers called it. Fenix pins Golden Magic with the Fenix driver.

Winner: Fenix

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