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Mitchell’s Lucha Underground Results & Report! (10/31/18)



Lucha Underground cover image

Lucha Underground Season 4, “Ultima Lucha Cuatro – Part 1”

Lucha Underground Season 4 begins its grand finale with the first night of Ultima Lucha Cuatro! Who will be THE LU Trios Champions by the end of the night?


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  • Lucha Underground Trios Championships Triple Threat Elimination Tag: The Reptile Tribe VS The Rabbit Tribe VS Ivelisse, XO Lishus & Sammy Guevara; The Reptile Tribe wins and retains the Lucha Underground Trios Championships.
  • Taya Valkyrie Mundo VS Ricky Mantel Mundo; Taya wins.
  • Mask VS Mask: Son of Havoc VS Killshot; Havoc wins, Killshot loses his mask.


Captain Vasquez goes over files in LAPD Headquarters.

But in walks Aerostar, telling a story of a girl he met a millennia ago, who was going to save the world. He told her dying father to use a special amulet to give her immortality. He holds half of that amulet. The father told the girl that the amulet only works on women, “a necessary lie.” Otherwise, his tribe would have forced him to use it on himself. Vasquez has done well with her life. But then Aerostar realized he was wrong. She’s been instrumental in this war, but it is not her destiny to save the world. The future is clearer now. He needs both halves now. Her father, and her daughter Catrina, wait on the other side of the cosmos.

Vasquez relinquishes her half of the amulet, and it is once again whole. Aerostar leaves, and she fades to the other side. Who does Aerostar intend to give this immortal amulet to? Will it help sway this war in favor of good and life?


Ultima Lucha Cuatro begins!!

We have come so far in just four years, but Lucha Underground promises to continue on as the most innovative and violent promotion in all of professional wrestling!


Lucha Underground Trios Championships Triple Threat Elimination Tag: The Reptile Tribe VS The Rabbit Tribe VS Ivelisse, XO Lishus & Sammy Guevara!

When the Good, the Bad & the Sleazy failed to take the titles off Kobra Moon and her kingdom of serpents, the Mad Hatter and his new allies added insult to injury. Then when the Rabbits took Ivelisse, XO and Joey Ryan on in a fair fight, the White Rabbit choked Joey out. But now, Ivelisse’s team becomes the Good, the Bad & the Sammy to take on both dangerous clans until only on trio is left! Which team will survive to be THE Lucha Underground Trios Champions?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we begin! Tornado rules means all nine luchadores start together. White Rabbit tells Paul London and El Bunny to stand aside, and they obey. White Rabbit dares the others to come at him, so the Undead Death Machine runs in! Rabbit boots Jeremiah Snake in the face, then rocks Ivelisse and King Daga. He grabs Kobra Moon and Sammy G by their jaws! XO runs in but gets a boot, and he throws the other two down by their teeth! He lifts XO for a BIG saido suplex! Fans are impressed by the power on display, but White Rabbit brings out his white glove! He puts it on, but walks into a QUINTUPLE KICK! Rabbit is down, and now the other teams go after each other.

Snake boots Sammy while Daga goes after Ivelisse. Kobra stomps on XO, then the Reptiles throw both XO and Ivelisse out. Kobra builds speed, Snake gives her the lift, and he throws her at White Rabbit! But she merely bounces off him! Rabbit drags Kobra up and bounces her off a post. Snake runs and DIVES, and that takes Rabbit off his feet. El Bunny jumps and huricanranas Daga! Daga gets up but Bunny is fast, he tilt-o-whirls around and around to throw him again. London sets Snake and Daga up for Bunny’s springboard senton! Bunny bowls the Reptiles over and the Believers are fired up. But Ivelisse holds the way open for XO to DIVE! Lishus takes out everyone, but they’re not done. Ivelisse holds the rope down for Sammy to FLY! Then Ivelisse leaps and bowls everyone over!

Believers are thunderous as the teams start brawling. Kobra chops Sammy, Sammy chops Kobra. Rabbit urenages Snake on the apron! Sammy bounces Kobra off barriers while Daga headbutts Rabbit. Rabbit rakes Daga’s eyes while Sammy takes Kobra up top. They brawl near the top of the stands, and end up on the camera deck. Sammy bounces her off steel again, then surveys everything down below. Sammy brings Kobra to the edge, for a SUPER SPANISH FLY ONTO THEM ALL!! Believers lose their minds as Sammy stands above the other eight. But so does Rabbit! Rabbit brings Sammy around, for the mandible claw! He’s going Down the Rabbit Hole! And he uses it to toss Sammy into the ring. White Rabbit tells London to go after him, and London obeys.

London stalks Sammy and kicks him around. Bunny is added but he ends up a speed bump for London’s powerbomb! Sammy makes it a cover, Sammy ELIMINATES the Rabbit Tribe!! White Rabbit hears the bad news, and is seething. He blames London and Bunny, but takes it out on Sammy! Mandible claw STO!! This won’t eliminate Ivelisse’s team since the Rabbit Tribe is no longer legal. Sammy is bleeding from the mouth, but he sits up to spit on White Rabbit! White Rabbit grins as he’s covered in blood. Sammy still needs help, Ivelisse shouts “where’s the f*cking medic?!” while we go to break.

Lucha Underground returns with only two teams, but in a 3v2 situation. Ivelisse and XO take the fight to the Reptiles! Kobra backs off while Snake and Daga kick and stomp Ivelisse & XO down. Daga stomps XO once more while Snake drags Ivelisse up. Snake holds her in place and Daga swings a punch, but Ivelisse dodges, letting Snake take the hit! She tackles Kobra then comes back to crucifix bomb Daga! Cover, Snake breaks it in time! Snake throws Ivelisse out hard, but XO stands. Snake runs at him but gets a roundhouse! XO slingshots but into a boot! Snake whips but XO springboards to a wheelbarrow stunner! Cover, but both Daga and Kobra break it! Fans rally up as the Reptiles focus on XO. Snake yanks XO in for a guillotine hotshot! XO writhes from the pain in his shoulder and neck.

Ivelisse returns, and flies in for a double crossbody on Daga & Kobra! She aims at Snake, scorpion kick to then run and hit a running sunset flip powerbomb! Daga breaks the cover with a Penalty Kick! Believers rally as Kobra pushes Ivelisse out. The Reptiles pick on XO, but XO drags himself with his one good arm. XO shouts “F*CK YOU!!” as he fires off punches and elbows! He’s a house of fire against the three, but he runs into a TRIPLE Kick! Snake grabs XO, butterfly shoulder breaker! Kobra adds a running spike-rana! Daga puts on the Constrictor hold! XO holds on to his bad arm to prevent the full extension, and Ivelisse runs in. Kobra intercepts her, and Snake kicks apart the arms! XO is stuck in the hold, XO taps! The Reptiles win!

Winners: The Reptile Tribe, Daga by submission; still Lucha Underground Trios Champions

The champions retain, but give a small assist to White Rabbit making it easier for them. Will the Reptiles reign over the Trios Division forever? Will Ivelisse ever get back to gold?


Taya Valkyrie Mundo VS Ricky Mantel Mundo!

Don’t get it twisted, there is no relation between these two whatsoever. “La Wera Loca” legally changed her last name because she married the Guru of Greatness himself, Johnny Mundo. Ricky changed his last name because he was a fanboy. But now, the fanatic has gone psychotic, and wants to make the entire Worldwide Underground pay for looking down on him. Will his revenge come full circle? Or will the new Mrs. Mundo make Ricky regret ever being born?

Ricky takes a moment to set little Rosa down in a corner before Taya makes her entrance. She goes right at him with a Spear! The bell rings and she hammers away on Ricky. She whips but Ricky reverses, only to end up in a German Suplex. Taya fires up as she stalks Ricky. He stands, she hits a clothesline in the corner. She stomps a mudhole into him, then backs off. Taya whips her hair and runs in for Meteora! She drags Ricky to a cover, TWO! Ricky isn’t that easy, but Taya just slaps him around. Taya whips Ricky but Ricky dodges to SUPERKICK Taya down! Ricky throws away the headband to start raking Taya’s eyes and thrashing her head around. He brings her up and throws her out of the ring, to then follow her.

Believers rally for Taya as Ricky pulls a table out from under the ring. Ricky sets that up even as the referee reprimands him. He stomps Taya then stands the table up. He fetches Taya and rakes her eyes again. Ricky knees low then whips Taya at the announce desk. But Taya hops up on top of the desk! Ricky doesn’t see it as he is busy “borrowing” a pen. Taya boots him away, then leaps for a crossbody! And she kicks and clubs him back down! Believers are thunderous with Taya and she puts Ricky in the ring. Taya spins Ricky around for a saido suplex, then another! Cover, TWO!

Taya keeps on Ricky but Ricky knees low. Ricky whips her to a corner, then runs in, but she slips out and slides under for a sunset flip. He rolls through but she ducks the kick to get the legs. Queen Angelito stretch! And stomp! Then STF! Ricky endures, reaches for ropes, but he taps! Taya wins!

Winner: Taya Valkyrie Mundo, by submission

Wera Loca gets payback on Ricky for herself, but she now wants revenge for what he did to her friends, her family, and for “ruining my f*cking wedding!!” She gives Ricky a Choke Slam through the table!! Taya also takes Rosa away, leaving Ricky with nothing.


Mask VS Mask: Son of Havoc VS Killshot!

These two have been here since the very beginning. Both men have been Lucha Underground Trios Champions, and were even champions together. However, the Weapon of Lucha Destruction couldn’t get over his Brother in Arms, Dante Fox, being replaced so easily, and clearly took it out on the Man from the Open Road. Havoc had nothing against Killshot, until Killshot disrespected his mask by yanking it off! Now the winner will be the only one allowed to wear their mask, who will be left with less of themselves?

The Believers are divided, as both men have been fan favorites for almost as long as they’ve been in the Temple. The bell rings and the two stare down. Killshot throws a haymaker, Havoc responds with a forearm. It’s a brawl and they go back and forth. Killshot goes to throw Havoc out but Havoc throws him out first. Havoc swings but Killshot blocks. Killshot goes to bounce Havoc off buckles but Havoc clotheslines him down first! Havoc takes off the vest and builds up speed, to FLY with the Sasuke Special! Killshot flounders away while Havoc revels in the Believers’ praise. Havoc goes after Killshot with clubbing forearms, but Havoc CHOPS back. Killshot chops Havoc to sit him down in the bench seat, then chops him again.

Believers continue to duel as Killshot puts Havoc back in the ring. Killshot stalks Havoc and throws in knees. He hits Havoc with a butterfly slam! Killshot brings Havoc up but Havoc elbows out of the Half ‘n’ Half. Havoc runs in but Killshot puts him on the corner. Havoc boots Killshot away, then cartwheels no the ropes. He runs, rebound, but into a backslide catch! Killshot swings Havoc out like that for a knee! Havoc is down, Killshot hurries to a corner. He hops up, KILLSTOMPS! Cover, TWO!? Havoc survives Killshot’s best shot and Believers are again thunderous! Killshot decides to fetch something from outside the ring. He drags over a stretcher? And then he exposes a crossbar on a turnbuckle, and undoes it. This makes room for the stretcher, and puts that in the ring.

Killshot takes his time bringing the stretcher around. He drags Havoc up and powerbomb lifts, but Havoc slips out. Havoc catches Killshot into a backbreaker! Havoc pursues Killshot on the outside, and whips him into railing! He backs off while Killshot is down, because he wants something form under the ring. It’s a table! Havoc brings the table over and sets it up by Killshot. He bounces Killshot off railing again, then finishes setting the table. Believers rally up as Killshot bounces Havoc off railing! Killshot throws haymakers and beats Havoc into the table. Havoc is prone on the wood, and now Killshot climbs.

Havoc springs up to pursue, and they fight on the edge of the bleachers. Believers move aside for Havoc, as he boots Killshot! Killshot holds on, but barely! Havoc throws hands, and Killshot is now on the table. Havoc heads up to the camera deck, Believers fire up, and Havoc leaps for a SUPER splash!! Both men crash through the table!! Believers lose their minds, and it’s Havoc who is up first! Havoc drags Killshot to the ring, covers, TWO?! Killshot lives and Havoc can’t believe it. Believers rally up again, and Havoc climbs up top. But Killshot trips him up! Killshot drags himself up, climbs to join Havoc, and Believers rally again. Killshot clubs away on Havoc, then prepares the double underhook. He stands up but Havoc resists. Havoc gets a fireman’s carry, for a SUPER Death Valley Driver! Then he hurries back up, SHOOTING STAR! TWO!?

No one can believe that this match isn’t over, but they do know “This is Awesome!” Havoc is at a loss for what to do, but he hurries to think what it’ll take. He drags Killshot over to that stretcher and sets him on it. He steps on Killshot to then climb up top again. Killshot sits up and stops him with a swing kick! Killshot pushes the stretcher aside and climbs back up. He has Havoc, SUPERPLEX on the stretcher! Havoc hits an edge, and Believers lose their minds again! Killshot climbs again, takes aim, KILLSTOMPS!! But he won’t settle for just that, he drags Havoc up for a half-nelson wheelbarrow, Storm Driver!! Cover, TWO!?! Now it’s Havoc’s turn to shock Killshot and the Believers! Believers sing “Ole~ ole ole ole~! Lucha~! Lucha~!”

Killshot and Havoc fight on their knees with haymakers and forearms. They both stand and continue brawling. Believers are still divided as Killshot boots Havoc. Havoc comes back to boot Killshot, then rebound cutter! The stretcher comes back in to play, as Havoc gives Killshot a piledriver on it! He straps Killshot in so he can’t leave, and then climbs back up. Killshot fights against the straps, but Havoc leaps for another SHOOTING STAR! Cover on the mat, Havoc wins!!

Winner: Son of Havoc, by pinfall; Killshot must remove his mask

Victory, thy name is Havoc! He gets to keep his persona, but now Killshot must lose his! The unmasking will happen after the break!


Lucha Underground returns…

Killshot sits up, and fans chant “Take his mask!” Havoc as the winner stands with Killshot as he reveals himself as “Lieutenant Jermaine ‘Killshot’ Strickland.” For these last few years, Strickland was trying to erase and hide from his past, the fact that he left his brothers for dead. Killshot kneels, and takes off the mask to reveal his true face. Strickland hands the mask over to Havoc, as it is his prize for winning. Havoc takes it, and holds it up in both victory, and in honor of the man who wore it. Strickland stands, and fans chant “Thank you, Killshot!” The Soldier of Misfortune leaves without his mask, but he still has the respect and admiration of the Believers. Will we see him again in Season 5?

Strickland heads backstage…

Someone calls out to him. It’s Dante Fox, in full Marine dress blues! Strickland asks why Fox went MIA. He had a mission that he couldn’t ignore. But it’s good to see his face again. It’ll be the last time. And sorry, for everything. Permission to be relieved of duty? Fox grants it. And salutes. Strickland returns it, and leaves the Temple. Is it truly for the last time?



My Thoughts:

This was a pretty great start to Ultima Lucha 4. I was really surprised to see the Reptile Tribe retain, while Sammy Guevara was taken out at the same time. I was hoping Ivelisse’s team would still find a way to win, but it seems it was too soon for XO and Sammy to win. Perhaps this will allow Ivelisse to move away from Trios Division and purely to singles as she is pretty much the top woman in Lucha Underground. Then the Reptiles and the Rabbits can battle as the main trios in the Temple. I should say that Taya VS Ricky was a bit lackluster, given they made it a squash. Though, I suppose that’s the only thing they could’ve done if they weren’t going to reveal Rosa to be something supernatural. Maybe something still happens in the rest of UL4 to escalate the story.

Aerostar taking the amulet was pretty interesting. He already gave the Gauntlet of the Gods to Johnny Mundo, so I doubt the amulet is to help against Matanza Cueto. Perhaps it’s for Fenix to save him from the darkness? Fenix VS El Dragon Azteca Jr is coming up next episode, maybe that’s the other key to restoring Fenix’s original self. Havoc VS Killshot was great, and escalated the spots well with the table and the stretcher. I don’t really see how the stretcher piledriver hurts but whatever, it’s pro-wrestling. Shane Strickland finally shows his face on Lucha Underground, but they make it seem as if he’ll be gone now. That seems a shame, he was so good, but perhaps that was always his contract deal. And maybe Havoc uses this momentum to finally get himself the Lucha Underground Championship in Season 5.

My Score: 8.3/10

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Andrew’s G1 Climax 31 Day 5 Results & Match Ratings: 9.26.2021

So we have the 3rd A Block match day! Shingo gets the fill in match, but the main event is Kota Ibushi vs Zack Sabre Jr! Let’s see if anyone slips from the top!



So we have the 3rd A Block match day! Shingo gets the fill in match, but the main event is Kota Ibushi vs Zack Sabre Jr! Let’s see if anyone slips from the top!

This is an interesting day. O-Khan has a very winnable match against Yujiro, which would get him to 8 points, so effectively 2 wins away from being able to sniff the Finals since 12+ points is usually the marker. Speaking of markers, Tomohiro Ishii has a problem. KENTA is a tough match up and if he loses, then he’ll drop to 1-3, and 3 losses are right at that bubble. More than 3 losses and you’re eliminated basically, exactly 3 and you need some mathematical help.

Does Ishii save himself from bubble purgatory? Can O-Khan keep at the top thanks to the free Naito points?

Let’s get to the day!


  • Yuji Nagata vs Shingo Takagi: Shingo wins via Last of the Dragon @16:51 – *** ¼
  • Yujiro Takahashi vs Great-O-Khan: O-Khan wins via Eliminator @14:15 – ***
  • Tanga Loa vs Toru Yano: Yano wins via School Boy @10:46 – ** ¼
  • KENTA vs Tomohiro Ishii: KENTA wins via Exposed Corner Roll-Up @21:08 – *** ¾
  • ZSJ vs Kota Ibushi: ZSJ wins via Yes! I am a Long Way From Home @19:55 – ****



Yuji Nagata vs Shingo Takagi

As we’re aware now, it seems like at least for these first few shows, Yuji is the alternate non-tournament opponent to take Naito’s place. Nagata came in with a plan as he didn’t want to stand up with the Dragon, he decided to delve into his box of multiple Nagata Locks. Nagata Lock 3, 2 and even the White Eyes Fujiwara on Shingo’s banged up arm made for a bunch of believable near falls. Some may question how Nagata is more believable than YOSHI-HASHI to me, and it’s simple. Nagata was known as Mr. NJPW, he’s a two time former IWGP Champion, if New Japan was in a pickle they could always give him a surprise win and force a defense for Shingo. And trust me, Nagata getting a title shot would draw in Japan.

All that said, Shingo remains stubborn and continues to try and shake off the pain and fire Pumping Bombers, Made in Japan and tons of power moves. Great fight, Nagata kicked out of two hellish Pumping Bombers, then ate the Last of the Dragon, so our World Champion gets back on the winning train.

Yujiro Takahashi vs Great-O-Khan

O-Khan starts off the match by referencing Antonio Inoki. He falls on his back and calls for Yujiro to attack him while he’s in that position, the same way Inoki stayed on the ground to avoid Muhammed Ali’s prowess. Yujiro manages to get snatched in a Leg Lock but gets to the ropes and then takes advantage of the fact O-Khan has to reposition. So Yujiro evens the playing field with his Pimp Cane and Pieter distracting the referee.

Yujiro slows down the pace, but every counter punch from O-Khan seems twice as effective as anything Yujiro does. O-Khan hits Tree of Woe Mongolian Chops, and starts talking smack to Yujiro which fires him up pretty well. Nice Lariats, nice fire, Yujiro sped up and showed a level of effort again. Apparently he named his Lifting DDT “Big Juice” but couldn’t find an opportunity to hit it. Yujiro took a page out of YOSHI-HASHI’s book for the moral victory, the difference is Yujiro usually doesn’t try, so this is surprising.

Tanga Loa vs Toru Yano

We know what we’re getting with Yano matches, and part of the amusement was understanding half of it. Loa is always good for things he says during the match and that definitely helped the goofiness. Even if it was more clean than usual, we saw Loa get the best of a hockey fight, put Yano’s shirt over his head and tried for the Count Out, but Yano remembered how shirts work and beat the count.

Then Yano grabbed the turnbuckle pad and tried to clock Loa with it, but he was unfazed…it is a pad afterall. Yano went for a Low Blow, the referee stopped him, Loa shoved Yano into the ref, Jado comes in they try a double team, but it goes awry. Yano even pulls a little Eddie Guerrero and hits Loa in the back with the kendo stick and then throws it to Jado. So Loa asks Jado why, everyone is looking at Jado, Yano hits the Low Blow, School Boy, 2 points.

KENTA vs Tomohiro Ishii

Ishii and KENTA have some history here, but the big challenge is KENTA needs to figure it out. Ishii is usually the anchor of his blocks where he ends with 8 or 10 points and loses most of his bigger matches in impressive bouts.

We see a nice balance of KENTA’s heel tactics and the old striking demon he used to be in NOAH. Ishii manages to fire up KENTA in between a few heel shortcuts including a return to removing the turnbuckle pad. KENTA hits the Stun Gun, Green Killer, Double Stomps and Busaiku Knee. Ishii tries to stay resolute and fire back up hitting the Superplex, Sliding Lariats and getting close, but never close enough. KENTA pushes Ishii into the exposed corner, Ishii bounces off the metal and KENTA rolls him up with a high stack and possibly grabbing the weight belt for leverage.

ZSJ vs Kota Ibushi

These two have a crazy history where they were basically 50/50 up until Ibushi went on his recent G1 tear. Ibushi has started to pull ahead in their head to head matches thanks to being 3-0 against Zack in the G1. Will ZSJ continue his momentum, or is even a recovering Golden Star too much for him?

ZSJ falls into the usual trap he tend to when facing Ibushi, and he tries to strike with him early. But eventually ZSJ starts to bring things to the ground and work, but sprinkling in some fun moves including a Powerbomb. Ibushi hits a lot of his leg strike offense, Bomaye into a Kamigoye attempt, but we see ZSJ counter it and start wrapping him up. A Flying Octopus, gets grounded, Stretch Muffler add on and I’m pretty sure this is what he’s calling “Yes! I Am a Long Way From Home”, but the important thing is that Ibushi verbally submits pretty quickly.


Overall Score: 6.5/10

Well now it was this day’s turn to be a little lackluster. Nothing was overtly bad, but it really didn’t come off like a day that mattered. Shingo being in a filler match, Ibushi still “recovering” and less than interesting match ups before Intermission (even though they were decent enough matches) really had this day drag more than RuPaul.

I can say we got the correct outcome in the Main Event and O-Khan getting a push along with Jeff Cobb is a good way to keep United Empire relevant in Japan, especially with its expansion in the west with Aussie Open and TJP. There’s a few days until the next G1 day, so let’s see the current A Block standings and let it all sink in.

A Block:

  1. Great-O-Khan/ 4-0 / 8 Points
  2. Zack Sabre Jr/ 3-0 / 6 Points
  3. Toru Yano/ 3-1 / 6 Points
  4. KENTA/ 3-1/ 6 Points
  5. Shingo Takagi/ 2-1 / 4 Points
  6. Yujiro Takahashi/ 2-2 / 4 Points
  7. Kota Ibushi/ 2-2/ 4 Points
  8. Tanga Loa/ 1-2/ 2 Points
  9. Tomohiro Ishii/ 1-3/ 2 Points
  10. Tetsuya Naito/ 0-9/ 0 Points (Eliminated Injury)

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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (9/24/21)

205 Live is Handsome again!



Coverage 205 2021

The purple ‘n’ orange has a bad Moon rising!

Ember Moon makes her 205 Live debut! But will she fire up and rise again? Or will Cora Jade get the biggest win in her young WWE career?


  • Xyon Quinn VS Oney Lorcan; Quinn wins.
  • Ikemen Jiro VS Malik Blade; Jiro wins.
  • Ember Moon VS Cora Jade; Moon wins.


Xyon Quinn VS Oney Lorcan!

The chivalrous warrior is back in the ring, but he’s going against an angry Fury of Boston! Will Xyon pay for the Bruiserweight’s betrayal? Or will he add Oney to his young win streak?

The bell rings and the two tie right up. Xyon puts Oney in a corner but Oney gets free. Fans rally behind Xyon as he and Oney reset but other fans do support the former NXT Tag Team Champion. They tie up again, Oney wants an arm but Xyon powers him off. They tie up and Oney gets a headlock but Xyon powers him away again. Oney keeps his cool as he kicks low, CHOPS and CHOPS again! Oney bumps Xyon off buckles, stomps then throws haymakers. The ref calls the ropebreak and Oney lets off to whip. Xyon reverses and hurdles to then UPPERCUT! Fans fire up with that show of strength and Oney gets up with a bit of surprise.

Xyon goes after Oney at the ropes but Oney elbows him away then kicks low again. Oney runs and UPPERCUTS Xyon back! Oney rains down rights, lets off and stands Xyon to CHOP! Xyon ends up in a corner, Oney throws more EuroUppers and CHOPS! Oney whips Xyon to ropes but Xyon reverses to fireman’s carry. Oney claws Xyon’s face and CHOP BLOCKS a leg! Cover, ONE!! Xyon has power to spare but Oney wraps on a chinlock. Oney squeezes tight and fans rally up as Xyon fights up. Xyon throws body shots but Oney CLUBS him! Xyon growls and counter punches then HEADBUTTS! Oney staggers into a BIG atomic drop, then Xyon runs to LARIAT Oney inside-out!

Fans are fired up as Xyan RAMS into Oney in the corner, then hauls him up for a SAMOAN DROP! Xyon kips up and Oney winces as he stands up. Xyon waistlocks, wristlocks and ripcords to DECK Oney with a forearm! Cover, Xyon wins!

Winner: Xyon Quinn, by pinfall

The fury of Oney wasn’t enough to stop the power of Xyon! Will Quinn continue to win until he’s knocking out a champion?


205 Live hears from Ikemen Jiro.

The Handsome One welcomes us to his #Ikemansion! His collection of jackets and other merchandise is just the beginning. “When you think of Japanese superstars, you think of Strong Style. But when you think if Ikemen Jiro, you think of Style Strong!” A lot of people asks what “ikemen” means, and it means “handsome man.” Jiro is a handsome man, and a handsome man needs handsome jackets! From fruits to floral to shadowy black, Ikemen Jiro is always in style. But will his strong style get him closer to the always fashionable Cruiserweight Championship?


Ikemen Jiro VS Malik Blade!

We just saw the Handsome One show off his collection, but will he show everyone why he should be next up for a title match? Or will Blade cut through even the Ikemen Slash to establish himself in the Cruiserweight Division?

The bell rings and fans rally up and duel, “I-KE-MEN!” “BLADE!” “I-KE-MEN!” “BLADE!” Jiro cartwheels, ties up with Blade and waistlocks. Blade headlocks, Jiro powers out but Blade runs him over. Jiro kips up and shoes off the jacket as fans cheer. But Blade runs him over again, so Jiro kips back up. Blade dropkicks and Jiro goes rolling! Blade runs, Jiro drops and sets up for a back drops but Blade cartwheels around to arm-drag Jiro around! Jiro gets up into another dropkick! Fans fire up for the hometown hero and Blade runs in to ram Jiro! Blade whips corner to corner, Jiro slips to the outside and Blade goes up but Jiro JACKET PUNCHES from below!

Jiro climbs up to join Blade, and SUPER HOTSHOTS the arm! Blade writhes, fans fire up and Jiro is all smiles. Blade staggers up to a corner, Jiro gets in the ring and KICKS the bad arm. Jiro BUZZSAWS the arm and Blade goes floundering to a corner. Blade pushes Jiro but Jiro CLUBS away on him. Fans love “Both These Guys!” already as Jiro wrenches and snapmares Blade to a FALLING ARM SNAP! Then Jiro traps to arm for an ARM JAMMER! Jiro gets the arm again, another FALLING SNAP! Blade gets to ropes, shoves back but Jiro shows off the #StyleStrong. Jiro eggs Blade on and Blade throws body shots. Blade forearms, Jiro KICKS the bad arm!

Jiro whips Blade corner to corner, Jiro come sin, RUNNING JACKET PUNCH! Snapmare and a SOMERSAULT SENTON! Cover, TWO! Blade shows his toughness but Jiro is still smiles. Jiro pushes Blade around, fans rally and duel, and Jiro whips. Blade holds ropes to block, so Jiro goes up and springboard ARM WRINGER! Jiro drags Blade into a modified KIMURA! Blade endures this Ikemen Armbar and fights up. Blade throws body shots and is free to JAWBREAKER! Blade rallies with forearms from his good side! Blade scoops but Jiro slips out and runs, into a HEEL KICK! Fans fire up with Blade and he runs corner to corner to A-LIST LARIAT!

Jiro staggers, Blade goes up top and CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO! Jiro survives but Blade isn’t giving up! Blade drags Jiro up with one arm, fireman’s carries, but Jiro fights to get to the apron. Jiro counters the punch to another hotshot! Slingshot headscissors and then the IKEMEN SLASH! Cover, Jiro wins!

Winner: Ikemen Jiro, by pinfall

Blade showed how sharp he was, but he wasn’t as sharp as the sharp dressed Jiro! Will Jiro continue to look good on the road to a title opportunity?


Ember Moon VS Cora Jade!

The Evolved Shenom knows she has to rekindle the spirit that made her into an NXT Women’s and NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion, but can she do it against the spunky new star who’s always ready to rock ‘n’ roll?

The bell rings and fans fire up to see Ember. Ember and Jade circle, tie up, and Ember headlocks to a takeover. Jade powers her way to a headscissor but Ember bridges to fight it. Jade holds on tight but Ember rolls back and slips out to get the headlock back. Fans rally and duel as Jade fights up and pries the hold open. Jade has the wristlock but Ember snapmares through and headlocks again. Jade slips out the back to get an arm and she goes for a double wristlock. Ember moves around as Jade works on the arm. Fans still duel, Ember rolls and wrenches and grinds the shoulder. Ember adds a chinbar, turns it to a standing neck wrench, but Jade endures as she’s being twisted around.

Jade rolls, kips up and wrenches back to a wristlock. Ember handsprings through to wrench and arm-drag Jade away. Then some neener neener to taunt the new kid. Ember taunts Jade and her skateboard, but Jade dares Ember to bring the fight. Ember says to calm down, this is her ring. They tie up, Jade headlocks but Ember powers out. Things speed up, Jade rolls to wheelbarrow and arm-drag! Jade comes back in to springboard and RANA! Ember flounders to a corner as fans fire up. Jade runs in to corner SHINING WIZARD, much like another Chicago made punk wrestler! Cover, TWO! Ember is still in this and Jade is growing frustrated.

Jade gives back the neener neener and goes after the arm again. Fans rally as Ember fights the standing armbar. Ember endures as Jade pulls on the arm and scoops, but Jade slips out to waistlock. Ember bucks the O’Conner Roll, and then blocks the Shining Wizard against the ropes! Ember glares but Jade wants her to take it easy. Ember instead YANKS Jade down, snarls as she drags her back up, but Jade throws body shots! Ember fires off forearms all the way into a corner! The ref has to back Ember off but she comes back with stomps! The ref pulls Ember away again and she gets made. But Jade slips in to throw Ember down for a high stack! TWO, but Jade SHOTGUNS!

Ember is furious! She roars, pops Jade up to the top rope and into the Tree of Woe for KICKS to the back over and over! Ember lets off as the ref counts, then shrugs as she PENALTY KICKS Jade out of the Tree! Fans are fired up for Ember as she drags Jade back up. Ember runs Jade corner to corner to POST her! Jade falls to the floor but Ember still seethes. The ring count begins, climbs to 5 of 10 before Jade stirs, but she’s still down at 8! Jade hears 9 and sits up but Ember goes out after her!? Ember doesn’t want a count out after all as she puts Jade back in. But Jade gets her for a cradle, TWO!! SUPERKICK from Ember, then she whips Jade for a POP-UP POWERBOMB!

Ember rolls Jade to her feet to fireman’s carry and DEATH VALLEY right away! Ember stomps Jade and fans are loving the fire! Ember pulls at her own hair and goes to a corner. She climbs up slowly, menacingly, as Jade stands. ECLIPSE!! Cover, Ember wins!

Winner: Ember Moon, by pinfall

Jade may have been the spark that lit the roaring flames back inside Ember Moon! Will the Prophecy of Flame still come true and bring Ember back to the top of NXT?

My Thoughts:

Just as I was wondering if I should continue with 205 Live, they give us a pretty great episode here. Sure it was still under half an hour, and some of that was taken by replaying Ikemen Jiro’s vignette from NXT this week, but we still got some solid matches. Xyon is being built up very well, but I’m sure he and Oney could’ve done way more than what we got. Maybe he gets to really show his stuff if NXT “2.0” could just loosen up and book matches more like “1.0” would. If Xyon’s becoming an action movie badass, give him matches that show it. Jiro VS Blade was really good, too, and it was I think in part because Blade is from Orlando and has a great local following. Jiro of course wins but I bet Blade could be given a 205 Live push any time now.

And we got a very good main event out of Moon VS Jade, but of course Ember wins. But at the same time, Jade got to be in there with an accomplished superstar, and I feel Jade got this match tonight because she’s one of the more polished newbies. Ember showing all that aggression was great for her story, she can definitely benefit from being a Face with some edge instead of fully turning Heel. For one, there are plenty of Heels for her to fight, from Toxic Attraction to the Franky Monet Brand to even a rematch with Kay Lee Ray.

My Score: 8.1/10

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