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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (1/29/19)



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

The Cruiserweight Championship was defended in a Fatal 4 Way, and Buddy Murphy STILL won! Who will step up and try to stop the unstoppable?



  • Kalisto w/ the Lucha House Party VS Mike Kanellis w/ Maria; Kalisto wins.
  • Akira Tozawa w/ THE Brian Kendrick VS Hideo Itami w/ Ariya Daivari; Tozawa wins.


Drake Maverick welcomes us to another big 205 Live!

The Cruiserweight Division shined bright and stole the show in the title match Fatal 4 Way! Buddy Murphy had his greatest challenge yet and passed with flying colors. The Juggernaut continues to seem unstoppable, which leads us to tonight. First will be Kalisto going against Mike Kanellis in a first-ever 1v1 match. Mike & Maria have wanted their own major match to shine in, will Mr. Kanellis be able to make a big impact against the Lucha Dragon? And in the main event, Akira Tozawa and Hideo Itami will face off once more. Their tag team didn’t work out and Itami won their previous 1v1 encounter, can Tozawa snap back and tie the series?


Kalisto w/ the Lucha House Party VS Mike Kanellis w/ Maria!

There wasn’t much of a fiesta after the Fatal 4 Way title match, but the Lucha Dragon looks to keep moving along the Road to Wrestlemania. Meanwhile, the First Lady doesn’t want her husband left behind with the Fresh Start initiative bringing in new superstars to the Cruiserweight Division. Who will make the most of this opportunity just days after the Royal Rumble?

Maria joins commentary as the bell rings. Mike powers Kalisto right to a corner and rams his shoulder in! Kalisto kicks back but so does Mike. Maria comments that she had an amazing time in the Women’s Rumble match, despite not winning, but she’s focused on supporting her husband. Mike rocks Kalisto with an uppercut as Maria says Mike’s motivation is his frustration. Kalisto chops Mike back as Maria explains the frustration is lack of opportunities given despite all the promises of a fair chance. Mike hits Kalisto back then whips. Kalisto kicks Mike then runs, to tilt-o-whirl headscissor Mike out. Kalisto then knee-boards and sentons Mike down! Fans fire up with Kalisto as he brings Mike up and in. Kalisto aims and springboards for a big crossbody! Cover, ONE, but Kalisto stays on him in the corner.

Kailsto backs off at 4 but comes back with more haymakers and scrappy strikes. Kalisto fires up but Mike boots him down! Mike taunts the luchadores while Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik coach Kalisto up. Mike puts Kalisto back in while Maria vents about how they both have been undervalued when they’ve been this business for over 15 years, together for half of that! While Mike reels Kalisto in for a lariat, Maria says they came to the WWE in hopes of becoming living legends. Mike drags Kalisto up for another lariat, then snapmares Kalisto to ropes. He runs to dropkick Kalisto out of the ring! Lince and Metalik again coach Kalisto up but Mike comes out after Kalisto. Mike whips Kalisto hard into barriers!

Maria likes what she sees as Mike drags Kalisto up to throw him into barriers again. Kalisto drags himself up but Mike boots Kalisto back down! Mike whips Kalisto into more barriers, then refreshes the count while Maria taunts Kalisto’s pain. Fans rally while Mike takes aim. Mike runs in but into a back elbow! Kalisto hops up but Mike trips him up! Maria calls that “experience”. Fans boo and jeer but Mike soaks it up as he puts Kalisto back in. Mike covers, TWO! Mike drops a knee and stretches Kalisto back in a half camel clutch. Kalisto endures as fans rally with “Lucha! Lucha!” He fights back but Mike throws him down by his mask. Mike catches his breath but gets boots from Kalisto! Kalisto gets to a corner and elbows Mike away. Kalisto then slips out, dodges and kicks Mike again! Mike staggers, Kalisto springboards, seated senton!

Kalisto kicks away on Mike then whips him corner to corner. Mike reverses but Kalisto dodges to roll Mike for a Listo Kick! Then the Spike-Rana! Cover, TWO! Mike grits his teeth as he checks his face. Fans rally for Kalisto again as both Kalisto and Mike stir. Kalisto powers up with “Lucha! Lucha!” and aims at Mike. Mike slowly stands and Kalisto grabs him, but Mike denies Salida del Sol! Kalisto silps out of the long dart and dropkicks Mike away! Kalisto builds speed to DIVE, but Mike sends him into barriers! Lince and Metalik hurry over while both men are down. The referee has them stay back while he checks on both men, but both men are okay to continue. Mike gets up at the ref’s count of 4 and drags Kalisto up at 7. He puts Kalisto in at 8 and gets to his feet.

Mike drags Kalisto up but Kalisto cradles! TWO, SUPERKICK! Then a tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cover, TWO!! Mike survives and Maria is relieved. Fans fire up as both Mike and Kalisto crawl. Kalisto runs in but Mike boots him back. Mike hops up but Kalisto kicks! Kalisto climbs but Mike fights back. Kalisto kicks Mike again and gets up to join Mike. They both stand, but Mike fights off the Spanish Fly. Mike grabs Kalisto for a SUPER Side Effect! Cover, TWO!? Mike and Maria can’t believe Kalisto survives! Maria is confident Mike can finish it as he and Kalisto slowly stand. Mike grabs Kalisto again, suplexes him once, then twice! He keeps going for a third slamming suplex!

Mike has fire in his eyes as he drags Kalisto up and puts him in a corner. He puts Kalisto up top then makes him a backpack, for the backpack stunner! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Kalisto survives and Maria protests, even though that’s an actual rule. Mike stomps away on Kalisto even as fans rally up for the luchador. Mike drags Kalisto up in a gut wrench, but Kalisto sunset flips through! Kalisto wins!

Winner: Kalisto, by pinfall

Maria is seething and Mike is shocked, but Kalisto won fair and square. Will Lucha House Party continue on and head for gold on the Road to Wrestlemania?


Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher speak.

The Submission Commission specifically direct this message to the newest Cruiserweight Division superstar, Humberto Carrillo. “Welcome!” Carrillo’s performances against Buddy Murphy and Gran Metalik impressed, but can he fulfill his tremendous potential? They believe he can, with the right guidance. He should harness his amazing athleticism with safety. Icarus flew too close to the sun and paid for it. As veterans of 205 Live, they will give him the key to success. There is no one right way to win a match, but there are plenty of wrong ways. They’ll help him understand which ways are wrong. Gulak and Gallagher volunteer to be Carrillo’s corner men in his next match to provide that guidance, and perhaps together, they can all bring about a #Better205Live. Will Carrillo accept this “help”?


Ariya Daivari and Hideo Itami speak.

“Buddy Murphy is walking around here like he’s untouchable after what happened this past Sunday at the Royal Rumble.” But everyone knows multi-man matches are about luck, not skill. Hideo Itami made his legendary career by “systematically annihilating” opponents one by one. Itami will prove he’s still the most destructive force, at the expense of Akira Tozawa. Itami tells Tozawa in Japanese that he’s doomed. Will Itami destroy Tozawa to make an example of him? Or will Tozawa be able to overcome and move ahead of Itami on the Road to Wrestlemania?


WWE has footage of a parking lot attack!

Before 205 Live went on the air, Tony Nese went after Noam Dar! The Premier Athlete warned Drake Maverick that if he doesn’t get at the Scottish Supernova in the ring, then he’ll take matters into his own hands. This brawl is Nese doing just that! Nese gets Dar down and rains down lefts. Security rushes to stop Nese and Maverick comes in to tell Nese to stop. Even Nese’s friend, Buddy Murphy, keeps Nese back. Nese shouts that Dar is scared to fight Dar, but Maverick makes the decision to indefinitely suspend Tony Nese for his actions.


Backstage interview with Buddy Murphy.

The Cruiserweight Champion is a good friend with Tony Nese, but does he condone or condemn Nese? To keep himself from getting in trouble, he does not condone what Nese did. But is Murphy happy to see Nese go after Dar? No comment. Well then while he’s here, would he comment on his successful defense in the Fatal 4 Way at the Rumble? Murphy said he was going to cement his legacy, and asked for the challenge. He got the challenge, and then rose to that challenge and won. Now the question is, who’s the next “challenge”? Everyone’s lining up, but he’ll knock them all down. “Because you can’t stop the unstoppable.” Murphy is confident as ever, and perhaps he has the right to be. Will he ever be beaten for the title?


Akira Tozawa w/ THE Brian Kendrick VS Hideo Itami w/ Ariya Daivari!

The Stamina Monster respected the Innovator of the GTS, and was honored to team with him on 205 Live. However, Itami didn’t respect Tozawa, and felt he was just dead weight holding him down. Itami won their first fierce showdown, but neither has gone very far since. Will Itami win another one-on-one chance at the title? Or will Tozawa’s training with the Man with a Plan be enough to ruin Itami’s plans?

The bell rings and the two men circle. Tozawa gets the fans going with “AH! AH!” but Daivari and Itami take a moment to talk strategy. Itami circles with Tozawa but goes to a corner. Itami trolls Tozawa by hiding behind the ropes. Daivari applauds but fans boo. Itami comes back and circles with Tozawa. They test things with kicks then tie up. Itami knees low then puts on a headlock. Tozawa powers out but Itami runs him over with a shoulder. Things speed up and Itami sunset flips. Tozawa rolls through but Itami dodges the kick. Tozawa dodges Itami’s boot but Itami dodges a kick. They each dodge again and fans applaud the stand-off. Daivari and Itami talk more strategy, but Tozawa dropkicks Itami! Tozawa adds another kick then covers, TWO! Tozawa keeps on Itami with a chinbar and armlock. Itami endures so Tozawa stomps him back down.

Tozawa stands, scoops and slams Itami, to then add his shouting senton! Cover, TWO! Daivari applauds Itami but Tozawa keeps on him with stomps. Tozawa shouts and fans echo, “AH! AH!” Itami hits Tozawa back but Tozawa chops! Tozawa CHOPS again, then fakes the chop to hit the jab! Cover, TWO! Tozawa hurries up top but Itami know what’s coming, and gets clear! Itami runs, dodges but still gets a kick from Tozawa. Tozawa scoop slam Itami into a drop zone, then hops up to the second rope to senton, but Itami gets knees up! Kendrick coaches Tozawa up but Itami talks trash to him. Daivari takes advantage to get a cheap shot. Kendrick saw that and chases Daivari off, but Itami goes out to stomp Tozawa. Itami bumps Tozawa off the apron then puts Tozawa in the ring. Cover, TWO, but Itami keeps his cool.

Itami stomps Tozawa around, then sits him up for a swift kick. Tozawa gets up again but Itami just kicks him back down. Itami high-fives Daivari before grinding his boots into Tozawa. Itami backs off at 4 but drags Tozawa back up. Tozawa fights back but Itami stomps him down. Itami whips Tozawa corner to corner, but Tozawa reverses. Itami puts Tozawa on the apron but Tozawa jabs him back! Tozawa shoulders in but Itami dodges to kick him in the ropes. Itami hops up, guillotine knee drop! Cover, TWO! Daivari and Itami both argue the count but Tozawa gets to a corner. Itami is on Tozawa with knees to his back. Itami drags Tozawa up for a snapmare and another swift kick. Daivari likes what he sees as Itami covers, TWO! Itami keeps on Tozawa with a chinlock.

Fans rally as Tozawa endures. Tozawa feeds off the energy but Itami throws body shots and a quick neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Itami brings Tozawa up for another neckbreaker, and another! Cover, TWO! Itami and Daivari grow frustrated, and Itami takes it out on Tozawa with stomps. Tozawa hits back but Itami eggs him on. Itami knees and whips Tozawa to hit him with the kitchen sink! Cover, TWO! Tozawa survives and Itami is again frustrated. Fans rally up for Tozawa as Itami drags him back up. Itami wraps Tozawa up in another chinlock, but Tozawa endures. Kendrick and fans rally again with “AH! AH!” Tozawa feeds off it but Itami knees low. Itami runs, Tozawa dodges and tilt-o-whirls into the Octopus Stretch! But Itami powers out to sidewalk slam! Cover, TWO!

Itami drags Tozawa up for swift kicks, then runs but into Tozawa’s huricanrana! Tozawa hits a shining wizard! Tozawa roars as he heads back up. He aims but Daivari distracts! Kendrick comes over again, Tozawa still gets Itami with the missile dropkick! Itami rolls all the way out and Tozawa keeps moving to DIVE! Direct hit with the Tozawa Torpedo! Tozawa gets a dazed Itami back into the ring and covers, TWO! Kendrick and fans rally up again and Tozawa grabs Itami. Daviari helps Itami get a ropebreak but Kendrick runs Daivari off again. Itami elbows Tozawa away and then boots from a corner. Itami hops up, tornado hotshot! He climbs again, for a leaping lariat! Cover, TWO! Frustration starts to boil over but Itami focuses.

Itami drags Tozawa up again, and grins as he fires off strikes. Tozawa blocks a backhand but Itaim blocks a saido suplex. Itami gives a knee strike, then runs, but into a boot! Tozawa huricanranas Itami into a buckle! And then hits the shining wizard! Itami is down again and Tozawa climbs. Fans shout “AH! AH!” as Tozawa aims, but Daivari again distracts! Kendrick goes after Daivari but Itami trips Tozawa up! Itami drags Tozawa up, but Kendrick distracts now. Tozaw areverses things, but Itami rakes the eyes! Tozawa still standing switches but Itami bucks him off. Itami hits a BIG clothesline! Cover, TWO!! Itami drags Tozawa up quick, Falcon Arrow! Cover, TWO!! Tozawa survives again, but Daivari keeps Itami confident.

Itami drags Tozawa up again, vows to end it, but Tozawa denies the Sakura to hit a spinning roundhouse! Kendrick and fans again rally with “AH! AH!” but Daivari attacks Kendrick! Tozawa is furious but Itami gets him with a knee to the back! Daivari talks trash at Tozawa as Itami lines up another shot, but Tozawa moves in time! Itami’s wrecking ball dropkick wrecks Daivari! Tozawa gets Itami with a Snap German! He drags Itami over, climbs up again, SUPER SENTON! Cover, Tozawa wins!

Winner: Akira Tozawa, by pinfall

The Stamina Monster survives long enough to finally win against the living legend! Will Tozawa be in pole position as the new race to the title begins? Is there still a chance for Itami to get his chance?

Daivari helps Itami up, showing support for the man he respects. Wait, he just hit Itami with the hammerlock lariat!? There’s no more respect as the Persian Lion stands over Itami. Daivari leaves Itami down and out, will he also leave Itami in the dust on the Road to Wrestlemania?



My Thoughts:

A solid episode to follow the Royal Rumble. There’s a lot to do now that Buddy Murphy’s all but cleared out the Cruiserweight Division. Mr. & Mrs. Kanellis return to 205 Live action, but I’m really surprised Mike didn’t win. I know there’s the “Heel gets comeuppance” rule, but this was just the start of Mike’s new story. Mike and Maria should’ve found a way to win to fuel things, because how else would he move up and be a credible threat to anyone? Honestly, I’m surprised they didn’t give Mike a lower card Cruiserweight like Sean Maluta or Raul Mendoza to build off of, and then have Maria spin it like that wasn’t the level of competition they wanted. Then next week, that is when Kalisto would have a match with Mike and win to ruin the Kanellises fun.

I was right that Nese would go after Dar, but I’m surprised they’re kayfabe suspending him when Dar wasn’t even hurt in the brawl. Maybe Dar will either ask Maverick bring Nese back so they can settle this, or Dar goes after Murphy as a proxy. In fact, Dar is among the few superstars Murphy hasn’t had a match with, why not give Dar a quick chance at the title? For that matter, I feel 205 Live should try another big contender’s match, throwing in a lot of the other names, like Dar, Lio Rush, Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik, Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher to name a new contender, and that man has a shot at the episode before the Elimination Chamber. They probably wouldn’t win, but it’s something while we’re apparently waiting on new stars like Kushida.

During the course of watching the main event, it was brought to my attention that Hideo Itami had asked for his release from the WWE, and was granted it. That of course all happened after tonight’s episode wrapped, but it showed in how this episode went in the main event. The main event was good, but the pacing didn’t seem right. Granted, this match relied a little too much on Daivari’s ringside presence. Daivari was meant to be the sidekick who distracts and interferes, but even Kendrick pointed out that three times he was on the apron but the ref didn’t do enough to reprimand him.

Tozawa wins but that’s because WWE was planning on this Daivari VS Itami story. Itami would’ve been the Face and probably would’ve won, but I’m pretty sure he called for his release because he wasn’t going to win the title. He probably should’ve won at The Rumble, to freshen things up and give Itami a chance to face all these other superstars, like Kalisto, Tozawa, maybe even the new stars like Kushida. But Itami wanted out, WWE released him, and who knows? Maybe Itami goes to NJPW to let loose with Strong Style, or he goes to the rising AEW to be on the ground floor of that promotion. Perhaps more the formal, so that he won’t have to worry about English promos or having a mouthpiece like Daivari speak for him. Plus, Itami would make a great addition to the Junior Heavyweight Division in NJPW since Kushida just left.

My Score: 8.2/10

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