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Joe’s CMLL Review & Results (6/11/19)



CMLL Coverage

Joe Dinan brings you all the updates you need from a week of CMLL!

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CMLL Arena Puebla Monday

Ultimo Dragoncito, Astro, and Asturiano vs Mercurio, Joker, and Espiritu Maligno

  • First Fall: Asturiano gets pinned after a flurry of running attacks
  • Second Fall: Astro hits a springboard splash on Maligno for the pin
  • Third Fall: Mercurio counters Dragoncito’s hurricanrana for the pin

So this was your typical opener that saw grappling in the first round as a feel out. Asturiano got teamed up on for the finish to round one. The rudos teamed up on them until Astro hit the pin and Asturiano submitted Joker. The third round ended very fast seeing Mercurio pin Dragoncito. Just a standard opener.

Winners: Mercurio, Joker, and Espiritu Maligno

Halcon Suriano Jr, Arkalis, and King Jaguar vs Hijo del Signo, Toro Bill Jr, and El Perverso

  • First Fall: Hijo del Signo hits a top rope splash on Jaguar for the pin
  • Second Fall: Halcon Suriano pins Hijo del Signo with a 450 splash
  • Third Fall: Toro Bill pins Suriano with a back stabber

Some nice brawling in the first round. Signo hits a splash on Jaguar for the pin. The rudos team up on the tecnicos in the second round until a come back gets made. Halcon hits a 450 on Signo. The third round got a lot more sloppy. Tecnicos try to come back but get stopped. Suriano gets hit with a canadian destroyer then a back stabber for the win by Toro Bill.

Winners: Hijo del Signo, Toro Bill Jr, and El Perverso

Kraneo, Volcano, and Stigma vs Templario, Hechicero, and Misterioso

  • First Fall: Templario pins Kraneo with a body slam
  • Second Fall: Volcano pins Templario with a handspring splash
  • Third Fall: Kraneo splashes everyone and Volcano sits on him for the pin.

A quick first round. Misterioso hits a neckbreaker on Stigma to take him out. Hechicero hits Kraneo with a kick and Templario body slams him for the pin. The trend of the rudos beating them up continues. Kraneo and Volcano sandwich Misterioso and Templario. Stigma hits a dive on Hechicero Volcano hits a handspring splash for the pin. There’s a bunch of back and forth in the third round. The tecnicos get a triple submission and the midget Mije attacks them. Which of course isn’t a DQ. Kraneo hits a big splash and then Volcano sits on him for the pin.

Winners: Kraneo, Volcano, and Stigma

Angel de Oro, Ultimo Guerrero, and Niebla Roja vs El Terrible, Mascara Ano 2000, and Rey Bucanero

  • First Fall: Mascara submits Ultimo with an octopus stretch
  • Second Fall: Niebla Roja pins Bucanero with a super kick
  • Third Fall: Terrible DQs himself with a groin shot to Ultimo Guerrero

Mascara jumps Ultimo Guerrero during entrances. He looks like a crazy man without hair. After a bunch of brawling Mascara submits Ultimo. They brawl into the crowd in the second round. Oro and Roja hit super kicks on Bucanero and Terrible for the second fall. More brawling in round three and Roja and Oro hit middle rope dives. In the ring Terrible hits Ultimo below the belt for the DQ. They cut promos after the match and continue to beat up Ultimo, Oro, and Roja.

Winners: Angel de Oro, Ultimo Guerrero, and Niebla Roja

Caristico vs Mr. Niebla

  • First Fall: Niebla pins Caristico with a middle rope senton
  • Second Fall: Caristico gets a school boy on Niebla
  • Third Fall: Caristico submits Niebla with a Fujiwara arm bar

Niebla attacks Caristico from behind during his entrance and watching this on demand these guys are given no time. Or that’s just how they did the match. Lol. Niebla beats him up on the outside. Niebla pins him with a middle rope senton. Niebla continues to beat him up in round two. Caristico gets a school boy to even it out. Niebla hits a power bomb on him but Caristico kicks out. Caristico hits a nice middle rope dive. Then does another. Caristico catches Niebla with La Mistica and wins.

Winner: Caristico

CMLL Arena Mexico Tuesday

Metatron and Leono vs Principe Odin Jr and El Cholo

  • First Fall: Leono pins Cholo with a hurricanrana
  • Second Fall: Cholo submits Leono with a neck crank
  • Third Fall: Metatron rolls up Cholo for the win

Starts out with your typical grappling. Leono got Cholo in a hurricanrana for the pin. Rudos beat up on them in the second round. Cholo slams Metatron and Odin hits a splash on him. Leono gets hit with a combo facebuster and Cholo submits him. Leono spikes Odin on his head and submits him. Metatron rolls up Cholo.

Winners: Metatron and Leono

Sanely, La Jarochita, and Maligna vs Dalys, Reyna Isis, and Metalica

  • First Fall: Sanely submits Metalica with a dragon sleeper
  • Second Fall: Isis pins Sanely with a code breaker
  • Third Fall: Dalys pins Jarochita with a roll up

We get our typical grappling in the beginning. The action gets ramped up in the later round 1. Sanely rolls up Metalica and then submits her with a dragon sleeper. The rudas beat on the tecnicas in this round. Isis hits a code breaker on Sanely and wins the second round. Rudas beating on them more in round three. Whew. Maligna makes a little come back. They begin trading moves. Dalys catches Jarochita with a roll up.

Winners: Dalys, Reyna Isis, and Metalica

Rey Cometa, Fuego, and Drone vs El Sagrado, Vangellys, and Universo 2000 Jr

  • First Fall: Drone pins Sagrado with a moonsault
  • Second Fall: Vangellys pins Cometa with a northern lights suplex
  • Third Fall: Cometa pins Vangellys with two moonsaults

As you could guess they start the match with some grappling. Cometa hits a nice dive. Drone hits a moonsault on Sagrado and pins him. Drone hits a nice tornillo. After they trade offense in this round, Vangellys hits a northern lights suplex to pin Cometa. Tecnicos get beat on in this round. They start to trade big moves and then break up the pin count. Fuego hits a dive to the outside. Cometa slams Vangellys and then hits two moonsualts for the win.

Winners: Rey Cometa, Fuego, and Drone

(Match Relampago) Guerrero Maya vs Luciferno

  • Guerrero Maya pins him with a roll up

Luciferno works him over a lot and unties his mask. Some fighting outside of the ring. Luciferno was working over Maya in the ropes and his mask fell off. Clearly not the finish so the ref finds someway to justify it. Should have just ended it to make it look legit. Maya hits a middle rope dive. They continue to trade near falls. Luciferno hits a shoulder breaker which Maya kicks out of. Maya catches Luciferno with a roll up. So he ended up winning so they should have ended it when I said to.

Winner: Guerrero Maya

Kraneo, Stuka, and Flyer vs Mr. Niebla, Mascara Ano 2000, and Hechicero

  • First Fall: Mr. Niebla pins Kraneo with a top rope splash
  • Second Fall: Flyer pins Hechicero with a hurricanrana
  • Third Fall: Mr. Niebla pins Kraneo with a middle rope senton

A lot of back and forth striking. It quickly breaks down into a brawl. Hechicero body slams Kraneo and Niebla hits a splash off of the top rope. Hechicero attacks Kraneo on the outside. Kraneo runs into everyone to make a come back. Kraneo kills Niebla with a splash to the outside. Flyer hits a hurricanrana on Hechicero for the pin. The third round has been longer than the other rounds but not much is happening. It resembles more of a typical round one. Stuka hits a fast middle rope dive on Hechicero. Niebla hits a middle rope senton on Kraneo for the pin.

Winners: Mr. Niebla, Mascara Ano 2000, and Hechicero

Atlantis, Diamante Azul, and El Valiente vs Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero

  • First Fall: Atlantis pinned Sanson after Azul hit a double clothesline
  • Second Fall: Forastero pulls Azul’s mask off for the DQ

Some posturing in this first round for a bit. It breaks down into brawling. Dinamitas team up on Diamante Azul. Azul hits a double clothesline coming back into the ring and Sanson gets pinned by Atlantis. Dinamitas beat on Atlantis next round. Azul helps make a come back. He stares down with Forastero. Azul goes to press Forastero but he pulls his mask off for the DQ.

Winners: Atlantis, Diamante Azul, and El Valiente

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CMLL Arena Mexico Friday

Electrico and Oro Jr vs Grako and El Coyote

  • First Fall: Grako pins Oro Jr with an elbow drop
  • Second Fall: Oro pins Grako with a muscle buster
  • Third Fall: Coyote hits an overhead take over off of the top on Electrico

As typical we get grappling to start. Electrico gets back dropped and Coyote hits a splash on him . Oro gets spiked by Coyote and Grako hits an elbow drop. Electrico rolls up Coyote after minutes of being beaten on and Oro pins Grako with a muscle buster. Tecnicos start out how in this final round. Oro hits a big hurricanrana off of the apron on Coyote to the outside. A big spot for the first match. Coyote catches Oro and power bombs him on the floor. Grako hits an elbow drop on the floor and hooks the leg like an idiot. Coyote hits a overhead take over off of the top rope for the win.

Winners: Grako and Coyote

Blue Panther, Black Panther, and Blue Panther Jr vs Virus, Disturbio, and Kawato San

  • First Fall: Blue Panther Jr submits Disturbio with a flying arm bar
  • Second Fall: Virus submits Blue Panther with a neck crank
  • Third Fall: Blue Panther Jr pins Kawato with a press slam

Some posturing to start the round and then it’s to the usual grappling and feel out action. Black Panther hits a shotgun drop kick on Kawato. Panther Jr gets a flying arm bar on Disturbio. Back to feeling out in round 2. Virus out maneuvered Blue Panther and then submitted him with a neck crank. The rudos brutalize Blue Panther. They all continue brawling. Finally the tecnicos come back and the brawling gets even. Panther Jr does a power bomb slam on Disturbio and Kawato. Panther Jr hits a middle rope dive. Black Panther hits a middle rope dive on Kawato. Blue Panther hits a splash off of the top on Virus. Panther Jr pins Kawato with a press slam.

Winners: Blue Panther, Black Panther, and Blue Panther Jr

El Valiente, Stuka, and El Audaz vs Mephisto, Rey Bucanero, and Ephesto

  • First Fall: Valiente pins Mephisto with a lung blower
  • Second Fall: Mephisto pins Valiente with a power bomb
  • Third Fall: Stuka pins Ephesto with a top rope splash

Surprise, they start this match grappling. After the tecnicos gain momentum, Valiente hits Mephisto with a lung blower for the pin. Audaz and Mephisto botch a hurricanrana. A lot of tornado tag rules in this round. Stuka suplexes Ephesto onto Bucanero. They flip Valiente onto Mephisto and he power bombs him for the pin. Rudos beat on the tecnicos to start the third round. Audaz hits a big dive followed by Stuka hitting an asai moonsault. Valiente hits a run up back flip to the outside on Mephisto. Stuka hits a splash from the top on Ephesto for the win.

Winners: El Valiente, Stuka, and El Audaz

(Match Relampago) Cavernario vs Templario

  • Cavernario submits Templario with a lean back camel clutch

Rudo vs Rudo match though Cavernario is a fan favorite. Templario drop kicks Cavernario to the outside and then hits a dive through the middle rope. Templario continues to work him over. Finally Cavernario makes a come back and hits a dive. Templario hits a nice handspring back flip to the outside. Now Cavernario jumps up the ropes and hits a splash. Cavernario hits his arm in suplex for a two count. Templario goes for a gut wrench off of the top but Cavernario counters with a frankensteiner. He goes for the slingshot splash but Templario gets up and hits an awkward lung blower for two. Templario hits a Canadian destroyer. Cavernario basically no sells and hits a poisonranna. Cavernario catches Templario in the lean back camel clutch for the win.

Winner: Cavernario

Caristico, Niebla Roja, and Angel de Oro vs Gilbert el Boricua, Ultimo Guerrero, and Gran Guerrero

  • First Fall: Gran Guerrero pins Angel de Oro with a code breaker
  • Second Fall: Angel de Oro pins Gilbert with a super kick
  • Third Fall: Ultimo Guerrero rolls up Caristico 

There’s a lot of posturing in this match. Ultimo throws Caristico to the outside and beats on him. Gilbert eventually hits a code breaker on Roja. Gran hits a death valley driver on Oro. Oro launches Caristico who hits a hurricanrana on Ultimo and then a middle rope dive on him. Oro and Roja super kick Gilbert and Gran. Angel de Oro pins Gilbert with a super kick. Oro starts out mega hot in round 3. Oro and Roja hit big dives. Caristico goes for la mistica and Ultimo reverses him with a roll up.

WinnersL Gilbert el Boricua, Ultimo Guerrero, and Gran Guerrero

(Dinastia Tournament) Volador and Flyer vs Rush and La Bestia del Ring vs Negro Casas and El Felino vs Euforia and Soberano Jr

Battle royal for the order. Well. Two people should get eliminated and that’s that. Soberano drop kicks Felino out. Flyer is out next.

Negro Casas and El Felino vs Volador and Flyer

  • Flyer rolls up Felino

Flyer and Casas fight each other. Volador has a sweater on. Let’s hope he takes it off. Volador gets dumped out and Casas hits a running senton off of the apron onto him. Flyer pins Casas and then rolls up Felino too. Volador really saving himself. Sweater still on.

Winners: Volador and Flyer

Rush and Bestia del Ring vs Euforia and Soberano

  • Rush pins Euforia with the Rush driver

Soberano and Euforia get the jump on them. Euforia battles with Bestia. Soberano and Euforia hit dives. Euforia hits a power bomb on Bestia but Rush stops the ref from counting. Rush and Bestia fight back. Rush is working a lot more lazy now that he has a taste of America. Rush accidentally takes Soberano’s mask off so the ref needs to act like he hasn’t seen it. Second time on this show. Soberano hits a lionsault on Rush and Bestia missed the spot. Rush hits the Rush driver on Euforia for the pin.

Winners: Rush and Bestia del Ring

Rush and Bestia del Ring vs Volador and Flyer

  • Rush pins Volador with a corner drop kick

Volador and Flyer come out and attack them quick. They knock them to the outside and then hit big dives. Volador finally ditched the sweater. Volador hits a back stabber on Rush and again Bestia is late for the spot. Bestia pulls Flyer down off of the apron and crushes his face. Volador and Rush face off. Volador hits a big super kick. But Rush comes off of the ropes and hits a Canadian destroyer. Flyer comes in and almost pins Bestia. Bestia tombstones Flyer and Rush hits the drop kick in the corner on Volador for the pin.

Winners: Rush and Bestia del Ring

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