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Mitchell’s Women of Wrestling Results & Report! (11/16/19)

Who is left out in the cold while others go for gold?



WoW Season 2

Tonight, the WOW Tag Team Division is on display!

The WOW Tag Team Championship Series has boiled down to three teams, two of which are downright scary! Which team falls just before the finals?



  • The Bully Busters VS Abilene Maverick & The Disciplinarian w/ Samantha Smart; The Bully Busters win.
  • The Dixie Darlings VS Southern Pride; Southern Pride wins.
  • Faith the Lioness w/ Lana Star VS Khloe Hurtz; Lioness wins.
  • WOW Tag Team Championship Series Triple Threat Semifinals: The Monsters of Madness VS Siren & Holidead VS Adrenaline & Fire; Siren & Holidead LOSE, The Monsters of Madness and Adrenaline & Fire advance to the championship finals.


Previously on WOW…

The Born Legend survived her encounter with the Queen of the Splash, but that doesn’t mean the hunt is over. The Beast will want her turn, but will Tessa Blanchard find another way to duck the biggest and the baddest? And speaking of, the biggest and baddest tag team in WOW, the Monsters of Madness, qualified to become the third team in a semifinal triple threat! Will Havok & Hazard, Siren & Holidead or Fire & Adrenaline be completely ELIMINATED from the championship series? And which two become our finalists fighting over those coveted tag titles?


Welcome BACK to WOW!

The Bully Busters couldn’t get going in the WOW Tag Team Championship series, but they won’t back down from a fight! As for The Smart Team, they’re looking to finally push past those they look down on. Will Keta Rush help her protege, Stephy Slays, finally get some payback on Abilene Maverick and The Disciplinarian, Robyn Reid?

The Bully Busters VS Abilene Maverick & The Disciplinarian w/ Samantha Smart!

No more “neck injury” for the Governor’s Daughter. It seems having back-up heals all wounds. But will Abilene be hurting after a loss to her hated rival?

The teams sort out but then Abilene and Reid rush Keta Rush and Stephy Slays! Keta and Stephy dodge then come back with a dropkick and a lariat! Abilene and Reid bail out and regroup with the #IQSuperior on the outside. Keta and Stephy high-ten but then Reid gets in so this match can start. Stephy and Reid circle but Abilene swipes at Stephy. This distraction allows Reid to attack from behind! Reid clubs Stephy down then brings her up to bump her off buckles. Fans boo but Stephy dodges Reid! Hot tag to Keta! Abilene tags in, too, and rushes Keta. Keta tilt-o-whirls to headscissor Abilene! Keta climbs up to crossbody! Abilene hurries away, tag to Reid. KEta dodges to kick away on Reid! Keta whips, Reid reverses, but Keta clotheslines again!

Keta puts Reid in a corner and whips but Reid reverses. Reid runs in but misses and gets rolled up! TWO, but Keta keeps on Reid. Ried throws big forearms back! Reid clubs Keta then whips her, and Abilene gets a cheap shot in! Fans boo as Reid clubs Keta and Samantha SMACKS Keta with the yardstick! Reid forearms Keta then brings her around, but Abilene tags in without permission. Reid scowls but Abilene hops up, and Reid lifts Keta. Ax handle sidewalk slam combo! Cover, TWO Abilene drags Keta up to bump buckles and again. Fans rally up but Abilene hits Stephy! The ref keeps Stephy back as Abilene taunts, and Reid holds Keta down. Abilene runs back to dropkick Keta in the back! Fans boo as Abilene tags to Reid. Reid stands over Keta and mocks Stephy before dribbling Keta down. Then Reid cheap shots Stephy!

The ref still keeps Stephy back and that allows Abilene to drag Keta to the Smart corner! Team Smart mugs Keta, and Reid CHOPS Keta down. Tag to Abilene and she grinds her foot into Keta’s throat while blowing a mocking kiss to Stephy. Tag to Reid and Reid rams shoulders into Keta. Keta fights back with knees but Reid clubs her down! Reid stands on Keta for a cocky cover, TWO! Abilene drags Keta up into a sleeper hold! Reid throws body shots then tags Abilene. Fans are booing as hard as they can as Abilene whips then knees Keta against ropes. And then back the other way! Abilene laughs as she hits a third one, then a cobra twist! Abilene elbows away, going after those ribs and abs. But Keta fights out to a headlock! Abilene tries to power out but Keta holds on tight! Reid runs in and gets Keta up, but Keta throws them both, headlock-headscissor double takedown! Hot tag to Stephy!

The Bully Busters double whip Reid to double drop toehold and a double elbow drop! Fans are thunderous as Keta whips Stephy to forearm and rally on Reid! Dropkick! Stephy fires up and monkey flips Reid out of a corner! Cover, but Abilene breaks it! Fans boo as Reid and Abilene mug Stephy. They whip her corner to corner but Stephy goes up and over to sunset flip! Cover, Abilene goes after Keta, but she’s forgetting to save Reid! The Bully Busters win!!

Winners: The Bully Busters, Stephy Slay pinning

How did Abilene miss that?! She just lost this match because she wouldn’t help her teammate! The Bully Busters get a win either way, will they be rolling on towards those tag titles after the tournament wraps?


The Smart Team argues in the locker room.

Abilene is DONE with this trio. Reid needs anger management and discipline. But they’re upset with her for being the undisciplined one! Well, either way, the Smart Team is back down to a duo. What plan will they formulate after going back to the drawing board?


WOW take a closer look at the Dixie Darlings.

Jolynn and Jolene take aim with their hunting bows, and get bull’s eyes. These two twins from the country love having some fun and joking around, but perhaps the playing around went too far. A misunderstanding turned to a boot theft prank on Grits ‘n’ Glam, Jessie Jones and Amber O’Neal. So when the Dixie Darlings let them in on the joke, Jessie and Amber did as they promised and “beat the brakes off ’em.” But a beating backstage isn’t enough to settle this. Their tag team grudge match goes down tonight!

The Dixie Darlings VS Southern Pride!

Jessie Jones grabs the mic to tell LA to “shut yer mouths.” She don’t care if y’all like ’em or not, everyone saw how Grits ‘n’ Glam got screwed out of the series! They didn’t have their boots, so they were at a disadvantage! Fans still say “You Suck!” But the boots are back on, so it’s time to beat the brakes off ’em again. With that, Jolynn and Jolene rush the ring, and the brawl is on!

Amber and Jessie stomp away as the bell rings. They double whip the twins but the twins come back with twin clotheslines! Jessie and Amber go to corners while the Darlings celebrate with a quick chest bump. They then take the fight to Southern Pride in the corners with forearms. Jolynn and Jolene line them up and whip Jessie and Amber into each other! Southern Pride regroups on the outside and talk strategy, and things finally calm down for a real match. Amber starts but runs into kicks and a headlock from Jolene. Amber pulls hair to put her on ropes then powers out as part of the ropebreak, and Jessie gets a cheap shot in! Amber lines up a shot to clothesline Jolene down! Amber drags her up by her hair to knock her down and dribble her off the mat. Jessie soaks up the heat on the apron as Amber bumps Jolene off buckles.

Amber bumps Jolene off more buckles then takes a cheap shot at Jolynn. That’s all just a distraction so Jessie can get her shots in on Jolene, then Amber runs back in for a boot! Tag to Jessie and Jesse hip attacks Jolene! Jessie drags Jolene up, wrenches and rams her shoulder in, repeat. Jessie grins as she keeps on Jolene’s arm, then whips, for a big shoulder tackle! Fans boo as Jessie goes after Jolene with a crossface! She even toys with her, letting the free arm reach for Jolynn. Jolynn gets made and the ref keeps her back, but that allows Amber to hop in and add on a Half Crab! Half Crab Crossface! Then Jessie leaves, faking a tag with a loud clap! The ref is completely fooled and Amber keeps on with a Full Crab. Jolene claws but Amber lets her go, just to knock her down. The Bullet Babe is just toying with the young Woman of Wrestling as she kicks away on her back.

Amber full nelsons Jolene and does the splits to keep on her. She rolls Jolene to a mounted armlock, a chicken wing camel clutch! Into Cattle Mutilation! Jolene endures, Amber shifts to an inverted armbar! She stomps away on Jolene as she cranks on the arm! Jolene refuses to quit, she rolls to a cover, TWO! Amber stomps Jolene down then throws hands and stomps. Amber whips Jolene but Jolene comes back, wanting a backslide! Jessie distracts as the cover is made! The Darlings would’ve won right there! Amber LARIATS Jolene down! Amber keeps on the arm and then brings Jolene up to whip into the corner. Amber clotheslines then tags Jessie. Jessie hammerlocks Jolene to ram her into buckles! “See what happens when you get in our gear bag?!” Fans chant “You Suck! You Suck!” but Jessie throws Jolene into buckles again.

Jessie drags Jolene up but Jolene has fight left! Jolene powers her way to her corner, tag to her sister! But Amber distracted just in time! Jolynn has to go back and Jolene gets mugged with double boots! Grits ‘n’ Glam are making a point about stealing the shoes. Fans start chanting, “Ref, You Suck! Ref, You Suck!” for all these missed calls! Jolene has a bloody nose from how rough she’s being treated, but Amber tags back in. Amber stomps Jolene more then brings her around for a suplex. Jolene blocks and fights back, then spins out to DDT! Both women are down, but crawling for their corners. Hot tags to Jessie and Jolynn! Jolynn rallies on behalf of her sister, snapmare to neck snap to basement blockbuster! Crucifix cover, TWO! Jessie founders up but is put in a corner. Jolynn runs corner to corner, but Jessie slips out. Jessie hotshots Jolynn’s arm and Amber goes after Jolene!

With no sister to save her, Jolynn is caught by Jessie’s Second Amendment Armbar! Jolynn taps, Southern Pride wins!

Winners: Southern Pride, Jessie Jones by submission

The Dixie Darlings showed heart but the veterans were too crafty. Grits ‘n’ Glam knew how to game the system, will this end the fun and games for Jolene and Jolynn?

“One more time so y’all don’t forget. Heaven have mercy on anybody else who interferes with me and my partner. You get in our gear, you get your gears checked!” That is to say, they’ll beat the brakes off you!


Lana Star speaks to Lioness.

The Fabulous One says this has to be done her way. Lioness follows along, and Lana vows no one will underestimate Lana ever again.


WOW shares post-match footage after Khloe Hurtz lost her return match.

Her Ring Rats mean well, but well, they always mess things up. She was angry with them so much, she fired them! With no Ring Rats ringside, will things go smoother from now on?


Faith the Lioness w/ Lana Star VS Khloe Hurtz!

After making The Lioness a lamb to the slaughter at the hands of The Beast, the Fabulous One arranged a rebound match. Can Lana’s newest protege bounce back against her All Natural opponent?

Lana appears first to steal Shaul Guerrero’s thunder of introducing “a new Lioness.” They are sick and tired of others taking advantage of them! WOW will learn not to underestimate Lana ever again! But Lioness has her dancers back, so perhaps the Lana way isn’t so bad after all. But after the quick performance, Khloe makes her way out and this match of rebounding Women of Wrestling begins!

Lioness and Khloe circle and tie up. Khloe waistlocks and slams then floats to a facelock. Lioness fights her way up but Khloe shifts to a headlock. Lioness fights out with elbows then runs to run Khloe over! Things speed up, Lioness arm-drags Khloe to an armlock. Khloe works her way up, and rakes Lioness’ eyes with those nails! Khloe stomps Lioness’ feet then clubs her down! Khloe drops on Lioness to put her in a clutch. Khloe smothers Lioness into the mat, but lets up at the ref’s reprimand. Khloe brings Lioness up for haymakers, then a back lift into a Tree of Woe! Khloe hops up to stomp Lioness down! And then pulls her back against the buckles! The ref counts and Khloe stops at 4. Lioness flops out of the Tree while Khloe soaks up the attention and heat.

Khloe gets back in to stomp Lioness more, then drags her up for shoulder ramming. Khloe walks corner to corner to handspring back in for a back bump! Khloe whips Lioness corner to corner but Lioness goes up and over to sunset flip! TWO, but Lioness is on Khloe quick. Khloe breaks free to trip Lioness into a figure four, then twists to hook Lioness’ head with a leg! Lioness is stuck in some kind of figure four gogoplata pretzel! Lioness endures so Khloe bends the fingers back! That’s not allowed in WOW so the ref counts and Khloe lets up at 4. Lioness rises as Khloe argues, and Lioness fights back! Big scoop slam! Elbow drop! Cover, TWO! But Lioness drags Khloe up by her extensions. Khloe fights back, the ref gets the hair out of the way, and Khloe whips. Lioness dodges and spinning roundhouses! Cover, Khloe gets a ropebreak but Lana pushes it off! But Khloe still kicks out at TWO!

Khloe knows Lana cheated but Lana plays innocent. Khloe turns around in a huff and fights off Lioness to fireman’s carry. Khloe does some squats before the Samoan Drop! But Lana distracts on the apron, using her mirror to play up Khloe’s narcissism and vanity! Khloe fixes her hair, to get SMASHED by the mirror! That’s bad luck, for Khloe! Lioness covers, Lioness wins!

Winner: Faith the Lioness, by pinfall

Beauty hurts and right now, so does Khloe Hurtz. But Lana keeps her word doing things her way. Will Lioness still have her soul having sold out to the Star of WOW?


WOW Tag Team Championship Series Triple Threat Semifinals: The Monsters of Madness VS Siren & Holidead VS Adrenaline & Fire!

Don’t get it twisted, this is technically an elimination match, in that someone is getting eliminated from the tournament! Which team takes the loss, leaving the other two to face off in the finals?

The introductions are made, extra referees are ready ringside, and teams sort out so that only two competitors are in at once. Havok & Hazard opt out so we start with Holidead for the Voodoo Dolls and Adrenaline for the biggest underdogs in this fight!

Fans are rallying at the bell as Holidead circles with Adrenaline. They tie up and Holidead shoves Adrenaline down. Adrenaline springs back up but Holidead runs her over. Adrenaline is up again, dodges, leaps and then hurincanranas! Holidead is up to get arm-drags all around, and a dropkick to knock her down! Tag to Fire as Holidead tags out to Hazard. Fire rallies on Hazard, then spins her for a snapmare and SUPERKICK! Cover, ONE! Hazard gets Fire with a standing STO, then puts her in the Monster’s corner. Tag to Havok, and she drags Fire up for a fireman’s carry. Fire slips out to tag in Siren! Havok welcomes the Voodoo Doll and they stand face to face. Havok shoves, Siren forearms back! They brawl in a battle of darkness and destruction, but Siren dodges to come back into a two-handed choke grip!

Havok lifts Siren but Siren fights out, not afraid of the Monster! Siren tags Holidead, and Holidead rams Havok. Neither falls so they both run and collide again! Still nothing, so Holidead keeps moving. Holidead revs up, to tag Adrenaline in, and THROW her in! Havok kicks Adrenaline down then brings her up for big forearms. Havok chokes Adrenalin on the ropes but the ref counts. Havok lets up, Adrenaline gets to a corner, and Havok two-hand pushes her into the corner! Tag to Hazard and the Monsters of Madness mug Adrenaline with mudhole stomps. And Bad Vibrations just for fun! Hazard drags Adrenaline up and around to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Hazard tags in Havok and the Monsters mug Adrenaline more. Havok drags Adrenaline up for a big backbreaker! But she grins as she hoists Adrenaline up again, only for Adrenaline to headscissor her away!

Havok staggers to the Voodoo corner, Adrenaline hurries to her own, hot tags to Holidead and Fire! But Havok glares at Holidead, so Fire double dropkicks them both! Fire runs but into Holidead’s arms, POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Holidead stomps Fire then drags her up to whip and corner clothesline! Fans fire up for Fire but Holidead suplexes her across the way! Fire ends up in the Voodoo corner, and gets fed Siren’s boot! Siren tags in and puts Fire back in the corner to hit a swinging meteora! Then comes back with a Sliding D! Siren drags Fire up, hoists her onto the top rope, and in the Tree of Woe! Holidead tags in and goes corner to corner to dropkick Fire out of the Tree! “How you doing, Fire, huh!?” Fans rally for Fire but Holidead toys with her. Holidead drags Fire up but Fire dropkicks back! Holidead ends up in the Monster corner, Havok tags in!

Havok yanks Fire from Adrenaline to haul her up in the two-hand CHOKE SLAM! And then has both legs for the Boston Crab! Adrenaline leaps but Havok catches her! AIR RAID CRASH! Havok tosses Adrenaline out then goes back to Fire. Havok lifts but Fire fights out! Hot tag to Holidead! Holidead SPINEBUSTERS HAVOK! But Hazard GERMAN SUPLEXES Holidead! Fire SUPERKICKS Hazard! Siren BUTTERFLY DDT’S Fire! Havok is in a corner, the Voodoo Dolls regroup, but Hazard attacks them from behind. They go after her now, double suplex, but Havok saves her teammate to double clothesline the Dolls! Hazard gets Siren clear and Havok brawls with Holidead. Holidead BOOTS Havok, Havok rebounds, into a fireman’s carry! Holidead has Havok up but Havok slips out to reel Holidead in to her own fireman’s carry. AIR RAID CRASH! Cover, the Monsters of Madness win!

Winners: The Monsters of Madness, ELIMINATING Holidead & Siren from the series

Havok and Hazard get rid of the Voodoo Dolls! The underdogs of Adrenaline and Fire get to be in the championship match, but do they have a chance against such a dominant duo? From how the Monsters of Madness are laughing, they sure don’t think so.



My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode, mostly about tag team wrestling, but also a bit sloppy at times. For one, Keta Rush and Stephy Slays may be fan favorites, and they may have won, but they were the weak links in that match. Though I can’t really say Abilene was much better. What was going on with that Abilene spot at the end where she was going after Keta? Were they supposed to distract the ref or just each other? Have them tumble out of the ring if the latter is the case, or have them fall on the ref if it’s the former. Not really the best stuff from WOW there. The next tag team blow-off match was a bit better, though it seems like Southern Pride got a little too rough. I don’t think Jolene was supposed to get that bloody nose. But Southern Pride is solidly Heel, they get the win for being the meaner, craftier veterans, and could be a strong contender should the tag team champions be Faces.

And speaking of, I actually was among those confused with WOW throwing around the word “elimination” in the tag team series match. Most of the time, a wrestling fan hears “elimination” and thinks “until one team is left.” Instead, this was just a case of throwing in a word that wasn’t needed. I feel like it would’ve been clearer if they just said “semifinal triple threat” like I wrote, and then explained it with commentary. But in the end, there was no involvement of Princess Aussie, which seems like a shame. I fully thought the Psycho Sisters would try to screw the Voodoo Dolls over and then Aussie would help and that sets up a Six Woman Tag like I said last episode. That could still be set up all in one episode but this would’ve been better. And with Fire & Adrenaline as ultimate underdogs against The Monsters of Madness, I really could see this going either way. I don’t see many clear-cut Face tag teams in WOW, so I feel that means the inaugural champs are Faces, and then Adrenaline & Fire can be underdog champs for season three.

My Score: 8.1/10

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