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Mitchell’s Women of Wrestling Results & Report! (11/23/19)

It’s the Season 2 Finale!



WoW Season 2

Everything has led to this!

After an entire season of dodging The Beast, Tessa Blanchard must finally face her biggest and baddest challenger! Who ends the season as champion?



  • Princess Aussie VS Holidead; No Contest.
  • Stephy Slays VS Abilene Maverick; Slays wins.
  • WOW World Championship: Tessa Blanchard VS The Beast; The Beast wins and becomes the new WOW World Champion.


Previously on WOW…

Just moments after Fire and Adrenaline won those brand new WOW Tag Team Championship titles, Malia Hosaka would debut with her new faction, Exile! This trio beat down the champions and dared all the Women of Wrestling to bring the fight. Will anyone step to that declaration of war?

But the main event is about the Born Legend! From the moment she walked into the locker room, Tessa Blanchard’s been running all over Women of Wrestling. Undeniable confidence, domination of promotion after promotion, and ending the runs of Santana Garrett and Jungle Grrrl. But record, reputation and reign are all at risk when the biggest and the baddest comes around. The Beast has been hunting Tessa ever since she helped her defeat Jungle Grrrl last season. Tessa has used Sophia Lopez and Lana Star to avoid the hunter, but it was inevitable that these two would face off! Will this match go down in history in the season finale?!


Welcome BACK to WOW!

Princess Aussie has been lost in the shadows, but the Voodoo Dolls offer her a safe haven. Will Princess Aussie’s light shine bright or be extinguished tonight?


Princess Aussie VS Holidead w/ Siren!

To play mind games with her, Siren holds onto the burnt and broken remains of Princess Aussie’s bamboo sticks. But will they be a metaphor for what happens? Or is the symbol just a symbol, and the real power is within Princess all along?

The bell rings and Holidead circles with Princess. Fans are on Princess’s side, but Holidead dares her to show her strength. They tie up, and go shoulder to shoulder in the knuckle lock. Holidead bends Princess back and sticks her tongue out for a taste. Princess powers back up and wrenches Holidead back. Princess arm-drags Holidead down for an armlock! Holidead pushes back, gets up but Princess La Magistrol! Cover, TWO, but Princes rolls Holidead up. TWO, sweep and cover, TWO! Princess and Holidead stand off, but Princess kicks first. Holidead ducks the roundhouse but Princess mule kicks back. Princess goes for the roundhouse again but Holidead catches it! Holidead reels Princess in for a lariat! Holidead mocks the fans chanting as she drags Princess up for a clubbing forearm.

Holidead drags Princess to the apron to club away with forearms! The ref reprimands but Holidead climbs up to drop a leg! Princess Aussie writhes and fans boo but Holidead goes back to cover. TWO, and Holidead drags Princess up. Princess fights back but Holidead clubs her down. Holidead scoops Princess for a backbreaker! But she holds on for another, and then a slam! Cover, TWO! Princess has the fans rallying but Holidead drags her up to bump her off buckles. Holidead whips corner to corner, but Holidead boots back. Holidead kicks and tilt-o-whirls, into a dragon sleeper! Holidead fights with elbows and then throws Princess off! Holidead BOOTS Princess down! Holidead shouts at the booing fans, then drags Princess up to bump her again. Holidead CHOPS! Holidead bumps Princess of buckles, asks for quiet, and CHOPS again!

Princess is stinging but Holidead bumps her off another buckle. But Princess turns it around to throw forearms! Holidead knocks Princess down with one of her own! Holidead grinds forearms into Princess’s throat then whips her corner to corner. Princess goes up and over and rolls Holidead, to kick! Holidead wobbles up into a clothesline! Kick, snapmare and sliding lariat! Cover, TWO! Princess grows frustrated but she aims at Holidead again. Princess runs, kicks, and then runs again. Tilt-o-whirl, but Holidead powers out of the dragon sleeper to scoop and SPINE BUSTER! Princess is down, Holidead catches her breath before covering, TWO! Holidead grows frustrated with the ref but he says it was a clear two. Holidead goes after Princess in the corner and puts her up top. Holidead clubs Princess then climbs up to join her. Princess fights back!

The two brawl up top, Holidead brings Princess up, SUPERPLEX! Holidead has to crawl for the corner, TWO! Princess lives and shocks Holidead! Holidead dares Princess to stand, brings her up to a fireman’s carry and puts her up top. Holidead clubs away as fans cheer, “This is Awesome!” Holidead climbs but Princess fights back. Holidead clubs Princess again but Princess resists! Princess knees back and shoves Holidead. Holidead holds on, until Princess KNEES her in the head! Holidead falls into a drop zone! Princess adjusts, FROG SPLASH! But the Psycho Sisters attack!?

No Contest

Razor, Fury and Mesmeriah just ruined Princess Aussie’s moment! They go after her in a corner, but the Voodoo Dolls fight back! Princess Aussie fights alongside them against the Psycho Sisters and it is chaos! The referees try to stop this but it’s just too many to keep track of! Things finally calm down but fans want to “Let Them Fight!” This fight will have to wait until next season! Is Princess Aussie on the right side of the dark side?


WOW pays tribute to Rowdy Roddy Piper.

His daughter, Teal Piper, is going to debut on the season finale! Plus, a tribute to the owner of WOW, Jeanie Buss!


The entire Women of Wrestling roster is around the ring!

The WOW World Champion, Tessa Blanchard, welcomes everyone and wants them to settle down. Tessa says she was fortunate to be born into the business. Others had to find their way here, and specifically here to WOW. The woman that made this promotion possible is here tonight, Tessa helps welcome Jeanie Buss to the ring! Jeanie stands with David McLane and Tessa, and Tessa reveals this was a bit of a surprise for the boss. Don’t worry, this isn’t so they can beat her up or anything. This is so Jeanie can see the women she helped with this company. This is a place where women’s wrestling has hope. WOW is many of these women’s wrestling homes. Teachers, actresses, models, mothers, who all love wrestling. None of them can be more grateful than they are right now. So here is a special gift just for the boss! Tessa may be world champion, but THE champion of WOW is Jeanie! She gets her very own WOW World Championship belt!

Fans cheer “Thank You, Jeanie!” as McLane helps her put on the belt. The boss is grateful back to the fans and her Women of Wrestling. May WOW continue to grow and continue to give many women of wrestling the hope of living their dream!


WOW looks at Eye Candy!

The high energy WOW Superhero wrestles for other promotions and all around the world. Unfortunately, while on the East Coast, Candy broke her neck taking “one crazy suplex.” Her body was behaving right, but her head didn’t. She felt numb but then she thought she was fine. There was more tingling in the morning, got herself checked out and a procedure was done to repair her neck. The support system of her family, boyfriend and wrestling friends and fans have all been there to help her through this. She feels so much love and encouragement, and wants to thank everyone for that.

Days go by, Candy finds ways to spend her time, but she’s also having a hard time coming to terms that she can’t do what she loves, which is wrestling. Candy knows being human means going through hard times. She learned the harsh realities of this business firsthand, but there is nothing that will keep her from getting back! There is nothing that keeps a Woman of Wrestling down! Will Candy make a big comeback in the next season?


WOW debuts #TealTalks!

Teal Piper reports from backstage in an interview with Stephy Slays! The Sweetheart Superhero has a grudge match with the Governor’s Daughter. Why does Abilene Maverick pick on Stephy? Is it just how Stephy is “frustratingly goody-goody?” Like, annoyingly sweet? Stephy doesn’t think she’s annoying nice… Does she do volunteer work? Teal can feel it. Stephy does do volunteer work, but that’s not annoying. “Aw, that ith tho thweet.” The girl who could make Mother Theresa roll her eyes. Teal, what? Well, Stephy’s won one match, right? Right, The Disciplinarian, Robyn Reid. Wasn’t Robyn sick that day? No, no one was ill. No, she had to be. No one was sick! Well if you say so. No, it was a 100% fair-and-square match! Stephy is in medical school, she knows these things. Okay, okay, if you say so.

Stephy asks Teal if any of this has to do with tonight’s match. Teal agrees. Is there anyone Stephy feels she can beat, at 100%? Stephy doesn’t need this right now, she cuts the interview short to prepare for her match. Teal wants us to stay tuned to find out what “illness” Abilene might have.


Stephy Slays VS Abilene Maverick!

Sweet Stephy Slays had a hard knock life all because of bullies much like the Governor’s Daughter. Abilene has been vicious and outright shameful in her behavior towards Stephy. Stephy books matches to settle the score, Abilene finds a way out of them. A bad knee, a bad neck, but now it’s bad luck! Abilene must face Stephy! In fact, Abilene has said she’ll retire from wrestling if she loses! Will this be the only win Stephy needs to finally be rid of her biggest bully?

Abilene gets a cheap shot! Stephy runs right at her at the bell! Thesz Press, shoulder tackles and a crossbody! Stephy is all fired up as she dropkicks Abilene out! Abilene runs off to avoid Stephy’s attack. Fans are fired up for Stephy but Abilene lurks. Abilene trips and drags Stephy out to then scoop and ram into the post! Fans boo but the Governor’s Daughter just soaks it all up. Abilene throws Stephy in the ring and covers, TWO! Fans rally up for Stephy but Abilene scoops Stephy for a powerslam! Cover, TWO! Stephy survives and annoys Abilene, but she brushes it off. Abilene drags Stephy into a waistlock and reverse bearhug. Stephy fights back but Abilene wristlock ripcords for a lariat! Fans boo but Abilene just laughs it off.

Abilene drags Stephy up, wrenches and rams shoulders in. Abilene yanks on the arm and again, bringing Stephy to her knees. Abilene goes to the corner as fans rally up for Stephy. Abilene drops back for a hanging armbar! The ref counts but Abilene lets up at 4. Fans boo as Abilene lounges on the ropes. Abilene pushes Stephy down to cover, TWO! Abilene drags Stephy up and whips, Stephy kicks back! Stephy runs, Abilene follows to lariat! Fans still rally for Stephy but Abilene slaps her around. Abilene drops knees on an arm! And again! Fans rally up more but Abilene drags Stephy up. Abilene full nelsons and thrashes Stephy around. Stephy endures, and finds a second wind! She springs up, jawbreaker! Abilene staggers away and Stephy breathes again. Stephy and Abilene run at each other, tilt-o-whirl headscissors throws Abilene!

Stephy rallies with forearms and clotheslines! Back elbow in the corner, and Stephy headlocks for a bulldog! Cover, TWO! Abilene lives but Stephy keeps on her. She drags Abilene up, whips, but Abilene reverses. Stephy comes back, into a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Stephy survives but Abilene covers again, TWO! Abilene throws a tantrum but fans rally up again. Abilene cools off and brushes off the dust. She drags Stephy up, swings her onto ropes, but Stephy slips out to hotshot back! Abilene is reeling, Stephy is climbing! Abilene stops Stephy with a forearm! Abilene brings Stephy onto her shoulders, but the powerbomb is countered into a huricanrana pin! STEPHY WINS!

Winner: Stephy Slays, by pinfall

Redemption and revenge in one fell swoop! Stephy Slays slays her biggest bully! Is Abilene going to keep her promise of quitting? Is Stephy only going up from here?


Tessa Blanchard speaks.

“Beast, if you’re so big and bad, then vamos. Let’s go!” If she’s stepping up to the champion, Tessa promises there is no one as big and bad as her!

The Beast responds!

“Tessa, you think you’re the best?!” The Beast is the Beast! She’s trained her whole life for this! Unlike Tessa, Beast isn’t wrestling royalty, and doesn’t have friends in high places to help make things easy. “Everything I have, I worked hard for!” And that includes coming for the WOW World Championship!


WOW World Championship: Tessa Blanchard VS The Beast!

They’ve spoken their minds and they’ve fought so hard. But to end the second season on AXS TV, it all comes down to undeniable facts. Only one wins this highly anticipated main event. Who ends the year as THE WOW World Champion!?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the beginning of the end begins now!

The Beast storms right over to Tessa and TOSSES her across the ring! Tessa flounders up but Beast tosses her again! Tessa bails out before The Beast runs in, but The Beast finds her around the way! Beast drags Tessa up to suplex her in! Tessa is writhing from that, but then The Beast corner clotheslines her! And whips her to ropes, for a BOOT! Tessa is floundering onto the ropes, but Beast whips her for a pop-up flapjack! Fans are fired up as Beast brings Tessa up and reels her in. Beast grins as she gets Tessa up, but Tessa fights! Tessa slips out, kicks a leg out and then stomps Beast to ropes. Tessa runs to dropkick Beast in the back! Fans are fired up as Tessa KICKS Beast in from the apron! Tessa climbs up quick, but Beast gets clear! Beast swings, Tessa dodges, huricanrana!

Beast ends up on the apron, Tessa triangle dropkicks Beast to the floor! Fans are thunderous already as Tessa leaps off the apron! But The Beast stops the huricanrana, for a POST BOMB! Beast is fired up as the ref checks on Tessa. Tessa is okay to continue to Beast puts her in the ring. Tessa bails out the other way, but gets clear of a Beast Pescado! Beast hits the floor but gets back up, only for Tessa to kick her out! Tessa builds speed to DIVE! The Tope rams Beast into railing! Beast stays up, follows Tessa in for a SPEAR!! But both women are reeling! Beast grits her teeth as fans rally up behind her. Beast drags Tessa up, but Tessa fights back with forearms and back hands! Tessa goes corner to corner, but gets a LARIAT! Cover, TWO!!

The Beast glares at The Diamond as she goes to the corner. Beast drags Tessa up, to the top rope, and in position! Tessa escapes the Muscle Buster to CHOP away! Tessa runs but Beast is ready, pop up to a fireman’s carry! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Tessa shouts as she survives by seconds! Beast drags Tessa back up, reels her back in, but Tessa huricanranas out of the bomb! Beast eats buckles! Tessa runs in, uses the ropes, TORNADO DDT! Tessa drags Beast to a drop zone and climbs up again, SUPER SENTON! Cover, TWO!! The Beast still lives! Tessa is furious but she won’t let up. Tessa goes back up, she leaps again, into The Beast’s arms! Beast pops Tessa up into a suplex, for a SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Tessa is showing “The Diamond” is a very appropriate nickname!

The Beast drags Tessa up as fans rally and duel. Tessa forearms, wrenches, hammerlocks, but no DDT! Tessa rebounds, but into the BEAST BOMB!! Cover, Beast wins!!

Winner: The Beast, by pinfall; NEW WOW World Champion

She has done it!! The Beast slays the Born Legend! The reign of an entire season comes to an end! The biggest and the baddest is finally the best in WOW! Will things only get bigger next year?



My Thoughts:

A really fun season finale, but sadly still with the usual formula. We got a really good, real moment with the entire roster and the producer and owner, Jeanie Buss. You can tell this moment itself was actually recorded before even last week’s episode, as the women’s tag titles were notable by an apron with no one holding them. This was a nice moment in season 2 of TV and season 6 overall to commemorate the success of the promotion over the last two decades. The matches we got were pretty good, wrapping up some stories but leaving cliffhangers on others. I’m glad we got another moment of Princess Aussie and the Voodoo Dolls working together against the Psycho Sisters. I hope Season 3 on AXS TV opens with a Six Woman Tag.

Teal Piper had a really good debut, she has her father’s promo skills. We were shown a highlight of her training, maybe she gets into the ring in season 3. Abilene VS Slays was good for their blow-off, and Stephy gets the victory she’s wanted and needed. We didn’t get confirmation on that bet of Abilene quitting, maybe we see her return next season and she claims the bet was never legit. Then we get the main event, Blanchard VS Beast, and again a match not even 10 minutes long but gets going fast. It was pretty clear The Beast was going to win, it was a great moment to cap the season and the story off. Tessa gets her comeuppance, Beast gets her vindication, and fans get a great moment to watch live. Season 3 should also open with Beast coming out for a new challenger to step up to her.

My Score: 8.5/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (9/27/21)

It’s a BIG Monday after Extreme Rules!



Coverage Raw 2021

Tonight’s Raw opens with the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

After ambushes, brawls and a BEEFY Six Man last night, Big E and Bobby Lashley throw down for the WWE Championship to OPEN tonight’s Raw!


  • WWE World Championship: Big E VS Bobby Lashley; wins and
  • WWE United States Championship No Holds Barred Match: Damian Priest VS Sheamus; wins and
  • Raw Women’s Championship Open Challenge: Charlotte Flair VS ???; wins and


WWE World Championship: Big E VS Bobby Lashley!

The Powerhouse of Positivity was the 2021 Mr. Money in the Bank and did what any Mr. Money in the Bank winner would do when he pounced on the Rocky Mountain Machine. But he won’t stand for being called a coward while being the one jumped from behind! Will Big E make Lashley feel real small in this Raw before the Draft?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this massive Monday begins!


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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (9/27/21)

Grand Slam still has more to give!



AEW Elevation Coverage

Welllll~, it’s a big show for AEW Dark: Elevation!

While Paul Wight keeps his AEW in-ring career going against THREE opponents at once, Elevation shares exclusive Grand Slam interviews!


  • 8 Man Tag: The Dark Order VS TJ Crawford, Eric James, Kevin Tibbs & Dean Alexander; win(s).
  • Thunder Rosa VS Kayla Sparks; wins.
  • 3v1 Handicap: Paul Wight VS CPA, VSK & RSP; win(s).


Only three matches being advertised, and perhaps only those three at all? Wow, maybe my hope of Elevation being able to downsize is coming true. Though, I’m sure the interview promos will pad this out to be an hour, give or take.

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