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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (7/10/20)

The Cruiserweight Champion is in action!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

Two big in-ring debuts for 205 Live!

El Legado del Fantasma continues its takeover of 205 Live, and now the leader of leaders, Santos Escobar is in action! Plus, Mansoor is joining the Cruiserweight Division!


  • Mansoor VS Tehuti Miles; Mansoor wins.
  • Santos Escobar w/ El Legado del Fantasma VS Oney Lorcan; Escobar wins.


Mansoor VS Tehuti Miles!

The young hero of Saudi Arabia returns to in-ring action! And his first opponent on the Cruiserweight Division’s home brand: another young rising star in the swaggering Tehuti Miles! Will Mansoor shake the ring rust right off and get another win? Or will Tehuti get back on track in his own career?

The bell rings and Tehuti takes his time taking off his jacket, sunglasses and golden fanny pack. Mansoor and Tehuti approach, Tehuti kicks Mansoor’s leg and makes him back off. The two circle and approach again, but Tehuti kicks the other leg now. Mansoor grows annoyed, so he shoots in for a leg to get a takedown! Tehuti kicks him away, Mansoor headlocks but Tehuti powers him up and off in a throw. Tehuti headlocks now, Mansoor powers out, but Tehuti runs him over. Tehuti smooths his hair, but Mansoor trips him up! Mansoor headlocks, Tehuti endures the grind but he pulls Mansoor’s hair. The ref reprimands, Tehuti powers up and powers out, and things speed up.

Tehuti leaps over and drops down to trip Mansoor back! Mansoor gets up in a huff, grabs Tehuti’s leg but Tehuti has the ropes. The ref counts, Tehuti clubs Mansoor’s back. Tehuti headlocks, Mansoor tries to power out but Tehuti grinds him down. Mansoor fights up, the crowd rallies behind him, Mansoor rolls Tehuti off to then arm-drag him around! Tehuti fakes out the third and knees Mansoor’s ribs! Tehuti whips but Mansoor reverses, but Tehuti holds ropes and baits Mansoor in. But Mansoor tiget feints through the ropes to arm-drag Tehuti down! Tehuti stands up, Mansoor clotheslines him out! Mansoor drags Tehuti up by his hair but Tehuti trips Mansoor! Tehuti has Mansoor, rope guillotine!

Mansoor gasps, stands and Tehuti fires off kicks and jabs in the corner. Tehuti stomps a mudhole in, but the ref backs him off. Mansoor gets to ropes but Tehuti chokes him! Tehuti stops at 3, chokes Mansoor more, and stops at 3 again. Tehuti runs to straddle attack! Tehuti rubs it in as he smooths his hair again. Mansoor flounders but Tehuti covers him, TWO! Tehuti keeps his cool, slaps Mansoor around, then brings him up. Tehuti CLUBS Mansoor on the back but the crowd rallies up. Tehuti drags Mansoor up again but Mansoor throws hands. Tehuti knees low, turns Mansoor around, and smooths his hair before the neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Mansoor shows that toughness that won him the 50 Man Battle Royal, but Tehuti drags him up again.

Tehuti CLUBS Mansoor again, then brings him up for another neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Tehuti wraps Mansoor up in a chinlock and thrashes him around. The crowd rallies, Mansoor endures but Tehuti grinds him down more. Mansoor fades, the crowd rallies harder, and he revives! Mansoor stands, moves around and throws Tehuti out! Mansoor gasps for air as he gets up, but Tehuti trips him again! Tehuti grabs the legs, but Mansoor bends through the catapult to headscissor and cover! TWO!! Mansoor gets to a corner, Tehuti runs into an elbow! Mansoor boots Tehuti, counter punches him and fires off jabs!

Mansoor whips, trips and stalks Tehuti into an atomic drop to SPINE BUSTER! Mansoor fires up and so does the crowd! Tehuti crawls to ropes but Mansoor runs at him, but Tehuti puts him on the apron. Mansoor counter punches again, SLINGSHOT NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Tehuti is tougher than Mansoor thought but Mansoor doesn’t lose focus. Mansoor drags Tehuti around, stomps him down then goes up top. Mansoor MOONSAULTS, but has to roll through as Tehuti moves. Tehuti FLAPJACKS Mansoor high and hard! Tehuti brings Mansoor around, gut wrenches to the Canadian rack but Mansoor slips out to PELE! Electric Chair, fold, DEATH VALLEY! Cover, Mansoor wins!

Winner: Mansoor, by pinfall

A new move and a new vigor, the star of Saudi Arabia shines again! Will Mansoor’s return truly bring him to the top?


Santos Escobar w/ El Legado del Fantasma VS Oney Lorcan!

The next NXT Cruiserweight Champion and his followers, Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza, have been on a roll in the Division. Wilde and Mendoza showed what they can do as a duo last week, and the entire trio worked together perfectly on NXT against Drake Maverick, Tyler Breeze & Fandango. But can the Fury of 205 Live, the gritty Boston Brawler, be a speed bump on Escobar’s journey to molding Cruiserweight and lucha libre wrestling in his image?

The bell rings, Escobar smirks as he stares down with Oney. Escobar and Oney circle, tie up, and then break. Escobar wants after Oney’s arm that Timothy Thatcher brutalized, and so he ties up to arm-drag and armlock Oney down. Oney gets up, powers Escobar back to ropes, and the ref calls for the break. Oney CHOPS instead, but the bad arm can’t put enough power into it. Escobar grins and circles with Oney again. Escobar waistlocks, slams and then floats to double wristlock the bad arm on Oney’s back. Escobar digs his chin into it but the crowd rallies up. Oney fights his way up, trips Escobar to a cover, ONE!

The two stand off as Oney hesitates because of the bad arm. Escobar and Oney circle, they tie up again, Escobar gets Oney down to a cover, ONE! Escobar grabs the bad arm, wrenches to a shoulder breaker, then puts Oney in a corner. Escobar wraps the arm against ropes and JAMS it! The crowd boos as Escobar picks on the arm, but Oney comes back with a fast roll up! TWO, but Oney facelocks Escobar. Wilde and Mendoza are calm as Escobar trips Oney to a Half Crab. Escobar manages to add the bad arm to it, trapping it under a leg. The crowd rallies but Escobar shifts around to hammer the bad arm. Oney reaches for ropes but Escobar stays on top. Oney gets the ropebreak, Escobar lets up quick. Escobar stomps the bad arm! Oney CHOPS back with the good arm!

Escobar clubs Oney, hammerlocks the bad arm as he snap suplexes! Oney lands on said bad arm and scrambles to the corner in pain. Escobar says he’s going to break that arm, but he throws haymakers and CHOPS first. Escobar whips Oney corner to corner and follows, but Oney puts him on the apron. Oney swings but Escobar enziguris! Escobar climbs up while Oney is down. Oney gets to ropes but Escobar hops down to grab the bad arm. Escobar jams it into buckles then kicks Oney away. Escobar climbs but Oney European Uppercuts back! Oney climbs up to join Escobar but Escobar fights back. Escobar hotshots Oney’s arm! Oney drops to the mat but Escobar drags him out. Escobar brings Oney over to SLAM the bad arm into the post!

Escobar kicks Oney but the crowd rallies up for him. Escobar wraps the bad arm up in the rope to stomp it! The ref reprimands but Escobar keeps stomping the bad arm. Escobar whips, trips Oney up then drags him to the apron. Escobar spins Oney to KICK him back in! Escobar stomps the bad arm on the apron, then splashes down on it! Oney writhes and clutches his arm but he refuses to let this end the match. Escobar brings Oney around with a hammerlock via a leg, then goes back to the legs. Escobar laces the legs up and keeps on the arms for a Tequila Sunrise leglock of sorts. Oney endures, Escobar grins, but the crowd doesn’t give up on Oney.

Escobar shifts to short arm scissor the arm and then chinbar Oney into a neck wrench. Oney still endures, still crawls and reaches, and still gets the ropebreak! Escobar lets go fast, watches Oney rise, and goes to enziguri, but Oney ducks it! Oney fires up, and CHOPS Escobar with his good hand! And again! And again! Oney runs, to EuroUpper with the bad arm! But the rage blocks out the pain! Oney runs corner to corner, BLOCKBUSTER! Escobar and Oney are both down but the crowd fires up. Oney stands first, grits his teeth and brings Escobar up. But Escobar Code Breakers the arm! Fireman’s carry, PHANTOM DRIVER!

Winner: Santos Escobar, by pinfall

It was a valiant effort from the Fury, but Escobar had a target and just kept hitting it. Will Escobar continue to hit the mark and reach his goal?

My Thoughts:

Another short episode, but still pretty good stuff. It was great to see Mansoor back, and being part of the Cruiserweight Division is probably the best move for everyone. Mansoor didn’t quite gain any traction in NXT and is nowhere near ready for Raw or SmackDown, so getting his reps in on 205 Live is good. I also like his new finisher, the hybrid of One Winged Angel and Attitude Adjustment. It’ll be a long time, if ever, for Mansoor to reach a level on par with either a Kenny Omega or John Cena, but he could very well be on his way.

Escobar and Oney had a good match but obviously the story was Escobar taking advantage of the bad arm. Oney still gave Escobar a good fight, but if the story was a 100% Oney and Escobar, that would’ve been amazing. I just feel it’s almost a disservice for Escobar/El Hijo del Fantasma to be having an easy time. Yes, he’s a Heel, but even so, he’s the Cruiserweight Champion. He needs to be putting on clinics with Swerve and Kushida already. Though I suppose those kinds of matches would be better suited to NXT where WWE knows viewers are watching. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 205 Live has become WWE Main Event but just for Cruiserweights.

My Score: 8.2/10

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