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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (7/6/20)

It’s Champion VS Champion!



WWE Raw Coverage 3.0

It’s Raw VS SmackDown, Champion VS Champion, Asuka VS Bayley!

The Empress of Tomorrow kept the Golden Role Models from cheating on NXT, but will she be able to defend HER show, Monday Night Raw?


  • Drew McIntyre VS Heath Slater; McIntyre wins.
  • Sasha Banks w/ Bayley VS Kairi Sane w/ Asuka; Sane wins, by disqualification.
  • Aleister Black & Rey Mysterio w/ Dominik VS Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy; changed to…
  • Extreme Rules Stipulation Decision: Kevin Owens & Rey Mysterio w/ Dominik VS Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy; Kevin and Mysterio win, and choose an “Eye For An Eye” match.
  • Ricochet & Cedric Alexander VS MVP & Bobby Lashley; MVP & Lashley win.
  • Six Man Tag: Big Show & The Viking Raiders VS Randy Orton, Angel Garza & Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega; Orton, Garza & Almas win.
  • Ruby Riott VS Billie Kay w/ Peyton Royce; Kay wins.
  • Champion VS Champion: Asuka w/ Kairi Sane VS Bayley w/ Sasha Banks; Asuka wins.


Drew McIntyre opens Raw!

The WWE World Champion heads to the ring, not all that bothered by the loss last week. He welcomes us to the show and the crowd is loud as he gets down to business. In two weeks, Extreme Rules has McIntyre VS Dolph Ziggler for the world title. And last week, the contract signing got crazy, and McIntyre leveled the playing field. McIntyre allowed Ziggler to choose the stipulation. Ziggler could choose a Cage Match where there’s no escape. Or a No Holds Barred, but McIntyre’s fists are already weapons. They could even have a match on a cliff, over a volcano, with sharks armed with laser beams on their heads swimming around, and McIntyre would first wonder where that is. But then he’d still be WWE World Champion at the end!

Ziggler has promised to tell us the stipulation, so get on out here and tell us what it is! Ziggler appears and has McIntyre hold on. This is the Dolph Decision, featuring McIntyre. The world is here to see the stipulation for Extreme Rules. Ziggler isn’t taking his talent down to South Beach, and we’re all going to find out the stipulation is a secret. Wow! Ziggler says McIntyre made a mistake letting him choose, and Ziggler isn’t going to give McIntyre time to prepare. It’s because he’s the same old McIntyre! The backstabber! No, McIntyre is WWE Champion and don’t you forget it! Oh you want to compare resumes? Ziggler’s is bigger! 2014 to 2017, there was a blank page for McIntyre! Why? Yes, he was fired. But McIntyre embraces his comeback story because it inspires others to follow their dreams!

But here’s a reminder, Ziggler. The man you’re talking to is the man who beat Brock Lesnar in five minutes, THEN beat The Big Show! So watch your tone! Oh McIntyre did that all by himself, huh? It’s not always about Ziggler! There are those McIntyre left behind, stabbed in the back and completely forgotten about. Ziggler brought someone else McIntyre did that to. It’s HEATH SLATER!? Slater was released a few months ago, and knows McIntyre from their days in the Three Man Band. Slater says this is an opportunity. Slater’s known McIntyre for over a decade. There’s history between them. Slater remembers McIntyre’s arrival in the States, before he had that “peach fuzz.” McIntyre was “The Chosen One.” But what’s funny is, back then, McIntyre wasn’t that.

But now? This guy? THIS is the Chosen One. Slater sees it, the company sees it, we all see it. But Slater wants McIntyre to remember back to April. Slater was home, with his kids, watching McIntyre VS Lesnar. Talk Less, Claymore, baby. Slater jumped up and even cried for McIntyre’s win. That’s how much Slater loves McIntyre. McIntyre knows Slater has love for him because when McIntyre got released, Slater called him up every day. When Slater came to Florida, he’d hang with McIntyre, his brother. But where has McIntyre been for Slater? Where, McIntyre? Think about this. They haven’t spoken in how long? Exactly, McIntyre doesn’t remember. It was The Bump, the one show Slater got to be on and speak his mind.

McIntyre knows Slater’s family, his kids. And not the 22 kids we pretend Slater has, but the two little girls he does have and that he is here today for, fighting for them. They believe in Daddy. Slater wants McIntyre to know that he was there for him, but McIntyre wasn’t there for Slater. McIntyre promised on The Bump to petition for a match with Slater, and what happened? Still unemployed! #IGotKids isn’t a gimmick! It’s real! This is Slater’s last chance, so he hopes to God that their friendship means something. Slater is here for this opportunity. The crowd cheers for that. Slater wants to have what he deserves, from McIntyre. What McIntyre, as a FRIEND, promised Slater.

McIntyre doesn’t want to fight Slater, but Slater starts shoving. Slater SLAPS McIntyre! “What about now?” McIntyre glares at Ziggler as he tells Slater, “You’re on.” Will Slater prove he deserves a place here?


Drew McIntyre VS Heath Slater!

Raw returns and “the unthinkable” has happened! The bell rings and McIntyre circles with Slater. ZIggler distracts McIntyre and Slater fires off! The ref backs Slater off, Slater throws off the shirt, but he turns around into a CLAYMORE! Cover, McIntyre glares at Ziggler, McIntyre wins!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, by pinfall

The Show-Off’s twisted plan backfires because McIntyre is ready to kick Ziggler’s head off even more than before! Ziggler gets in the ring and gets upset with Slater. Slater gets upset with Ziggler and shoves him over! Slater dares Ziggler to fight, so Ziggler tackles him! Ziggler rains forearms down but McIntyre returns to run him off! Ziggler says he calls the shots, McIntyre claims he’ll rip Ziggler’s head off! What will Ziggler choose as the championship stipulation? Will it even matter?

As for Slater, McIntyre helps him up, and the two friends hug it out. Once 3MB, always 3MB.


Backstage interview with Bayley and Sasha Banks.

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions are all over all three brands, and there has definitely been a strength in numbers strategy. Bayley interrupts Sarah to ask why they’re talking to her when they can just talk to the world. The Golden Role Models walk off, laughing all the way. Asuka walks in, furious already. How will she handle those two all on her own? Who says she’s alone? Asuka laughs and dances her way off. What kind of back up does the Empress of Tomorrow have?


Raw returns to Bayley and Sasha in the ring.

As they just said, #BayleyDosStraps and #TwoBeltsBanks prefer to talk to the people directly. They’re still feeling great and now the show can truly begin. Money never sleeps, but when you’re the Blueprint #Sasha3Shows alongside her friend, #Bayley3Brands, they are changing the game one day at a time, because they never sleep. When you are as good as these two, once in a generation talents that make it look so easy, all you “sheep” follow after them. Like tonight, Bayley and Asuka, Champion VS Champion. Then at Extreme Rules, it’s Bayley and the “runt,” Nikki Cross, who thinks she can take the title. DING DONG, hello? YOU CAN’T! And you know what else won’t happen? Asuka walking out Raw Women’s Champion. Green mist or not, Sasha will tap her out and have two belts, too! They’re taking over, getting all the gold, and-

Asuka interrupts! Asuka laughs her way down the ramp while also talking back in Japanese. “Two Belts Banks? Sasha…! Sasha…! You are NOT good at math.” And Bayley, Bayley, Bayley. You are NOT ready for Asuka! Asuka’s one to talk! Asuka’s not ready for Sasha humiliating you like she has the last couple of weeks. Asuka says Sasha is not ready tonight, so maybe she- No no no! Bayley sees what’s up. If Asuka has some bright idea, Sasha is ready for anything and anyone! What she got? Well in that case… KAIRI SANE IS BACK! The Kabuki Warriors are reunited, and the Role Models feel like they got duped. Will the Pirate Princess’ return be a victorious one?


Sasha Banks w/ Bayley VS Kairi Sane w/ Asuka!

The Boss has to again cash a check Bayley’s mouth wrote, but will the Empress of Tomorrow keep things even like on NXT?

The bell rings, the two tie up, and Sasha puts Kairi in a corner for furious fists! The ref counts, Sasha backs off and the crowd boos. Sasha goes back to Kairi but Kairi hits back! Sasha rocks Kairi with a forearm then brings her up. Sasha CHOPS Kairi then wristlocks for an acrobatic arm-drag! Kairi rolls right to her feet to CHOP Sasha back! Kairi dodges Sasha, CHOPS again, and again, and again! Kairi fires off on Sasha with both hands! The crowd is thunderous as Kairi whips Sasha. Sasha reveres, Kairi goes up and around to headscissor and dropkick Sasha down! Cover, TWO! Kairi grabs Sasha’s arms brings her around and has a straitjacket camel clutch! Sasha endures as Kairi pulls back and leans on the hold.

Sasha stands up, powers out and puts the hold on Kairi! The crowd rallies for Kairi as she endures. Kairi powers up, knees Sasha, then tilt-o-whirls into the Iron Octopus! Sasha endures, manages to stay standing, and powers up to elbow free. Kairi rolls her up, TWO! Sasha ducks Kairi to throw her down by her hair! Cover, ONE! Sasha keeps her cool as Kairi crawls. The crowd rallies up, Asuka cheers for Kairi but Sasha puts Kairi on the ropes to choke! Sasha throws Kairi down and mocks Asuka, which of course only upsets Asuka. They jaw jack at each other, Bayley runs over to shout, “Your partner sucks!” Asuka shoves Bayley down! Kairi throws Sasha out! Kairi builds speed and wrecks both Golden Role Models! The crowd is fired up as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Sasha chokes Kairi on ropes. Asuka protests and the ref counts, Sasha lets up at 4. Sasha drags Kairi up but Kairi forearms back! And again! And again! Kairi fires up and whips but Sasha reverses again. Kairi comes back but into a backbraker and sidewalk slam! Cover, TWO! Sasha grows frustrated as Kairi keeps in this. Bayley says it’s fine, and Sasha drags Kairi up. Sasha scoops Kairi, sets her in the corner and chops away! The ref counts, Sasha lets up, for the STOCK DROP! High stack cover, TWO! Kairi toughs it out and Asuka cheers. Sasha digs her knee into Kairi’s back and cranks on an arm. Kairi endures, but Sasha shifts to make it a modified Bow ‘n’ Arrow stretch. The crowd rallies, Kairi endures, but Sasha pulls hair! The ref reprimands but Sasha kicks Kairi away.

Asuka is furious but Kairi kicks back. Sasha stomps her for it, then brings Kairi up to put her between ropes. Sasha knees Kairi from the apron, then grinds her boot in. Sasha lets up to go back in the ring. She brings Kairi around, whips her to a corner, but runs into boots. Sasha turns Kairi sideways again, but the Stock Drop misses! Kiair ax kicks and CHOPS back! Kairi climbs up top, leaps, Flying Kabuki Elbow! Cover, TWO! Sasha survives but Kairi keeps focus. Asuka coaches Kairi, Kairi runs, BLOCKBUSTER! Kairi keeps going, ANOTHER Blockbuster! Kairi brings Sasha up a third time, whips her, Sasha reverses, INTERCEPTOR SPEAR! Sasha rolls to a corner and Kairi is fired up with the crowd!

Kairi marches to the corner, runs at Sasha, Sliding D! Cover, TWO! Bayley is relieved and Kairi is frustrated. Kairi drags Sasha up, Alabama lifts, but Sasha sunset flips! TOW, Kairi sits on it, TWO! Sasha has it, TWO! Sasha BASEMENT METEORA! Cover, TWO!! Bayley is furious and Sasha is beside herself as Kairi survives again. Sasha runs corner to corner at Kairi, Meteora to the back! The crowd boos as Sasha mocks Asuka. Sasha climbs, leaps at Kairi, but Kairi gets under, comes back, trips Sasha to the cross-legged Boston Crab! The Anchor Lock! Bayley attacks with a KNEE!

Winner: Kairi Sane, by disqualification

Asuka attacks Bayley for that one! Asuka clubs away but Sasha drags Asuka out of the ring! They’re 2v1 on Asuka, but Kairi is climbing. Asuka fights back, then sets the Golden Role Models up, SUPER InSANE Elbow! The Kabuki Warriors are fired up as they topple the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions! What shape will Bayley be in before she and Asuka go Grand Slam Champion VS Grand Slam Champion?


Raw finds a commotion backstage!

Buddy Murphy has attacked Aleister Black! And he stuck the confiscated Mysterio mask on him, just like Seth Rollins did to Humberto Carrillo last week! Speaking of, Rollins steps in and has Murphy stand down. “A damn shame.” With Aleister down, who is there to team with Mysterio later tonight?


The Viking Raiders meet up with The Big Show.

Friend, Biggest of Shows! Welcome! Ivar is going to slide down the bowling lane to show everyone how he defeated the Street Profits. Show says that while he likes to have fun, that’s not tonight. Tonight is the Six Man Tag against Randy Orton, The Legend Killer! Yes, we all know what Orton is capable of. And it was devastating to see what Orton did to Edge and Christian. Those two were friends to Show, but were heroes to the Vikings! Edge is even a fellow Viking brother. Speaking of Edge & Christian, the Vikings have been working on their own Five Second Pose.

Show SLAPS Erik on the chest in disapproval. Ivar thinks that’s funny, but then Show slaps him, too! Now the Vikings are serious. “Our Viking ways might be strange to you, but tonight, when we get in the ring… The Raid is on!” GOOD. Will these war machines and the angry giant stomp the Viper, El Idolo and the Lethal Lothario under their feet?


Raw presents The Kevin Owens Show!

The Prizefighter returns and he welcomes us back. But before he starts, knowing who his guest his, he already empties the ring of the armchairs. Oh one broke. Oh well. Oh make that two. But now this is someone you wouldn’t expect for KO to invite to his show, given their history, but there is a very good reason for this. So to get right to it, Kevin welcomes “a pretty giant piece of trash,” the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins. Rollins does head to the ring, with Murphy in tow. They join Kevin in the ring, Murphy fetches a mic for Rollins, and Rollins asks what’s going on. He didn’t need to get rid of the chairs. Rollins wants to thank Kevin for having him on his critically acclaimed show. How is that ankle doing, by the way?

Oh the ankle Kevin fractured at WrestleMania? Fine, actually. Better than Rollins’ ego. After all, things haven’t been going that well for Rollins lately. The point Kevin wants to make here is that these two faced each other at WrestleMania 36, and the history between them isn’t that good. But competing against each other at Mania creates a unique bond. Even if it is an enemy, there is a bond between them. So here is a gift to commemorate that moment they created together. Rollins takes a folded up T-shirt, and reveals the KO-Mania shirt! You’re welcome, Rollins. Yes, thanks so much. Rollins throws the shirt away and says he sees what Kevin is doing. Rollins doesn’t care about Kevin, his shirt, or his show.

The reason Rollins is here is to use Kevin’s show as a platform to address the now medically cleared Mysterio. Mysterio is here to compete, so Rollins is formally challenging him to a match at Extreme Rules! They have unfinished business, and it is time to permanently sacrifice Mysterio to the greater good of Raw. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s go ahead and bring up the past. Let’s talk about Mania and the sacrifices Kevin made. Kevin sacrificed his body to get the win. And things haven’t been going well for Rollins? How about things for Kevin and his ankle? Kevin’s been on the shelf while Rollins has risen to prominence! Kevin needs Rollins more than he thinks he does, the same as Raw needs Rollins! Maybe Kevin should consider he’d be getting more out of fighting with Rollins then against him.

The shirts say #FightOwenFights, #JustKeepFighting, but Kevin’s been fighting so long and so hard, perhaps he needs a purpose in his fight. Maybe Kevin should fight for the greater good. But before Kevin can answer, the Mysterios appear! Rey tells Rollins, “You truly believe that Kevin is gonna fall for your BS?” No way. As for that challenge, Rey accepts. Rey assures Rollins that at Extreme Rules, Rollins’ destiny will be in Rey’s hands. Rollins loves this! The business will be finished, but he has to ask Rey, what about tonight’s tag team match? Aleister is… MIA, so to speak. What’s Rey going to do? Face Murphy and Rollins 2v1? Maybe they’ll take his good eye. Or maybe Rey’s son Dominik will lose one instead.

Kevin speaks up. Kevin has a decision on that offer. He will never fight by Rollins’ side, but he’ll fight by Rey’s! If Rey will have him. Well this gets better and better! Then how about this? Extreme Rules, Rey VS Rollins, the stipulation is chosen by tonight’s winners! Well that’s even better! One-Leg Kevin and One-Eyed Rey VS Rollins and Murphy, winner picks the stipulation? You’re on. And then Murphy attacks! Rey jumps in and it’s a brawl! Rey throws Murphy out, Rollins realizes he’s alone and bails out! The show set is thrown out at him but Rollins avoids getting hit. Things sort out as Raw goes to break!


Kevin Owens & Rey Mysterio w/ Dominik VS Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy!

Raw returns and Rey is already raining down rights in the corner on Murphy! The crowd is fired up as Mysterio whips but Murphy reverses. Mysterio ducks, springboards and crossbodies Murphy down! Mysterio kicks away on Murphy but Murphy kicks back. Murphy runs, sunset flips but Mysterio slips out to buzzsaw! Murphy bails out but Mysterio wrecks him with a dropkick! Mysterio goes to the apron to leap and huricanrana Murphy into barriers! The crowd fires up as Mysterio glares at Rollins. Mysterio fetches Murphy into the ring then aims from a corner. Mysterio climbs up and leaps, big crossbody! But Murphy rolls through to cover, TOW! Mysterio enziguris back!

Tag to Kevin, he CHOPS Murphy then fires off haymakers! The ref counts, Kevin backs off but taunts Rollins. Kevin CHOPS Murphy again then bumps him off buckles. Kevin fires off body shots, whips Murphy corner to corner, and Murphy hits buckles hard! Kevin stomps Murphy, brings him up and atomic drops to then run and LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Kevin waistlocks and drags Murphy up but Murphy elbows free. Tag to Rollins and Rollins clubs away on Kevin. Rollins chops and haymakers, whips, but Kevin reverses. Rollins kicks, Kevin clotheslines and drops the senton! The crowd cheers as Kevin follows Rollins out of the ring. Kevin bumps Rollins off the apron, and then again, before putting him in the ring.

Kevin stalks Rollins, drags him up, and Mysterio tags in. Rollins runs away and tags Murphy! Murphy kicks, Mysterio blocks and spins him. Mysterio waistlocks, Murphy standing switches and back suplexes, but Mysterio lands on his feet. Mysterio speeds things up, and headscissors Murphy to ropes! Murphy gets out before the 619 and Rollins talks trash to Mysterio. Rollins backs down and Mysterio goes back to Murphy, but Murphy enziguris back! Murphy climbs, but then he spots Dominik. Kevin stands in Murphy’s way but Rollins hits Kevin! Murphy and Rollins crowd Dominik, but he can’t hit or he’d disqualify Rey. Rollins knows that and he rakes Dominik’s eyes! Mysterio goes to his son’s side as Rollins runs away again, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Rollins jams Kevin’s knee! The crowd boos as Rollins grinds his forearms into Kevin’s face. Rollins eggs Kevin on as he kicks the bad leg. Kevin falls to ropes but Rollins drags him away to wrench the leg! Kevin endures as Rollins has a Half Crab but the crowd rallies up. Kevin fights to the ropebreak! Rollins lets go at 4, Kevin hits Murphy! Rollins hits Kevin over and over in the corner then scrapes him to the bottom rope. Rollins drags Kevin up and bumps him off buckles. Rollins runs corner to corner to forearm Kevin. Kevin flounders but Rollins gets away, to run corner to corner again. Kevin puts Rollins on the apron but Rollins rocks Kevin back! Rollins springboards, Kevin gets under, SUPERKICK! But the bad ankle brings Kevin down!

The crowd rallies as both men crawl for their corners. Hot tags to Rey and Murphy! Mysterio kicks Murphy away, springboard seated senton! He keeps moving, tilt-o-whirl facebuster! Then a basement dropkick! Mysterio swings on Rollins but Rollins gets away. Mysterio fires off on Murphy but Murphy shoves him away. Murphy goes up and over but Mysterio mule kicks back. Mysterio hops up, Murphy catches him for an Electric Chair, but Mysterio spins to headscissor and POST Murphy! Murphy wobbles into a dropkick that puts him on the ropes. Rollins runs in but he gets put on ropes, too! Mysterio dials it up but Rollins gets out to grab Dominik! Dominik is a hostage but here comes Aleister!

Aleister staggers down the ramp but Rollins gives himself up. Again, if Mysterio’s team is disqualified, Rollins gets to choose a stipulation. Murphy attacks Mysterio from behind! Murphy puts Mysterio in, the ref checks on him, and Dominik goes after Murphy’s eyes!! Dominik gets away with retribution! Murphy staggers into the ring, into a dropkick, and Mysterio dials it up! 619!! Mysterio climbs up, Kevin rams Rollins into barriers! FROG SPLASH! Cover, Mysterio and Kevin win!!

Winners: Rey Mysterio & Kevin Owens, by pinfall

The King of Lucha’s return to the ring is victorious, but that’s only the beginning! Mysterio gets a mic to tell Rollins he has the perfect stipulation for Extreme Rules. It’s very simple: Ojo por Ojo, Eye For An Eye! Rollins damaged Mysterio’s eye and wanted after Dominik’s! So now, Mysterio vows to pull Rollins’ eye out, WITH HIS BARE HANDS!! “Now that’s what I call a sacrifice!” The subtitle, “Horror Show,” might be even more fitting after what Rollins must face. Will either man be able to do what must be done to finally end this?


Backstage interview with MVP and Bobby Lashley.

With Apollo Crews out of action again, there is a big question as to what happens to the WWE United States Championship. Lashley takes credit for clamping on his full nelson, breaking Apollo both physically, mental and spiritually. It is only a matter of time before that title reign comes to an end. As for that title, a title MVP made famous, they’re going to do that in style. The future can only be described as “straight up BALLIN’!” That’s what it would’ve been anyway, if Apollo hadn’t disrespected MVP and Lashley showed him the “hurt business.” What is in store for this iconic title?


Raw returns as MVP and Bobby Lashley head to the ring.

Despite Apollo being banged up, he will be back for Extreme Rules to defend the WWE United States Championship against MVP. But speaking of championships, a very familiar shape is under the cloth on the pedestal as MVP and Lashley soak up the heat from the crowd. Montel Vontavius Porter says that when Apollo first came to Raw a few months ago, “baby boy was lit.” He was shining bright like a supernova! But he burned out just as badly. Because Apollo came through the stellar orbit of these two superstars. Apollo may have youthful exuberance, but that made him think he was invincible. Ain’t no body invincible when it comes to Bobby Lashley’s full nelson.

MVP wishes he could say he feels guilty, but he doesn’t. He tried to help Apollo, showing him Lashley as an example. Yet Apollo still had “the unmitigated gall” to turn down the mentorship of the GREATEST United States Champion ever. When you disrespect MVP, you disrespect Lashley. That’s a bad move. Now Apollo, when MVP beats you at Extreme Rules, Apollo will no longer be champion. But he will always have the memories. So excuse MVP for just a moment as he unveils the NEW United States Championship belt. MVP already beat Apollo so in a way, he already IS the new champion. MVP promises us all that this third US Championship reign will be as awesome as his first two. So ladies and gentlemen, drum roll please. And the new title is revealed!

A golden eagle and huge lettering! This is a championship befitting a legend like MVP. And MVP can’t wait to beat Apollo so that he can officially be champion. Lashley wants MVP to get his head right. Rolling with Lashley means it’s official when Lashley says it is. They should just crown MVP right now! Lashley picks up the brand new belt and helps MVP put it on. But here comes Ricochet and Cedric Alexander! They aren’t sure what they’re seeing. But you do have to admit, that title looks pristine! But MVP knows the struggle of a champion. He should know better than anyone that he has to earn championships. And he’s talking like he’s a business man? Sorry, he’s losing stacks because Apollo will be back real soon and make sure this fantasy ends.

But in the meantime in between time, Lashley and MVP hurt their friend. So Ricochet and Alexander are going to make sure the #HurtBusiness goes Chapter 11. And it’s a brawl! Lashley and Ricochet settle things from last week, Alexander sends MVP out, and Lashley runs into Ricochet’s dropkick-flip! Double dropkicks from the fast and furious team send Lashley out! Lashley is furious as Raw goes to break.


Ricochet & Cedric Alexander VS MVP & Bobby Lashley!

Holla holla, the fast and furious friends of Apollo are taking on the uncrowned United States Champion and the Rocky Mountain Machine! MVP is even in a suit as he starts against Alexander! Will Apollo’s allies get even on his behalf?

MVP puts his necklace and jacket aside but then tags out to Lashley. Lashley circles with Alexander, they tie up, and Lashley waistlocks to SLAM Alexander down! Lashley kicks Alexander then brings him up to put him in a corner. Lashley throws forearms and elbows over and over as the crowd boos. He trips Alexander to grind his boot in, but he lets up at the ref’s count. Lashley drags Alexander up to club him down, then he whips Alexander to ropes. Alexander holds those ropes, boots back and tags out to Ricochet. Alexander enziguris, then mule kicks Lashley for Ricochet’s front kick. Enziguri sandwich staggers Lashley! Ricochet runs corner to corner but is put on the apron. He enziguris again, then springboards only for Lashley to clobber him!

Lashley checks his face, tags out to MVP, and MVP storms over to Ricochet. MVP drags Ricochet up to bump him off the steel steps, and throw into the barriers! The ref counts but MVP puts Ricochet in at 5. MVP stomps Ricochet, tags Lashley in, and Lashley keeps Ricochet from Alexander. Lashley stands Ricochet up in the corner to run and RAM into him! Lashley drags Ricochet up for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! MVP says they’re going to show what happens when you disrespect him and Lashley. Lashley tags MVP in and they mug Ricochet in the corner. MVP throws body shots on all sides but lets up at the ref’s count. MVP comes back, brings Ricochet back up and snapmares him down for a KICK to the back! MVP wraps Ricochet up with a chinbar and armlock as the crowd rallies up.

Ricochet endures, pries at the holds, and fights back with body shots. Ricochet runs but into MVP’s BOOT! MVP drags Ricochet to a cover, TWO! MVP brings Ricochet over, tags in Lashley, and they mug Ricochet more. Lashley punches Ricochet down and stalks him on the ropes. Lashley chokes Ricochet and grinds his forearm into Ricochet’s face over and over. Lashley lets up only to suplex Ricochet and hold him there! MVP taunts Ricochet as the blood rushes to his head, and at the count of 10, Lashley SLAMS Ricochet down! Cover, TWO! Lashley clamps onto Ricochet but the crowd rallies up. Ricochet fights up, fights back but Lashley shoves and follows, to LIFTING Complete Shot! Tag to MVP, and MVP goes to finish with the cover. TWO and MVP can’t believe it!

MVP drags Ricochet up, suplexes him, but Ricochet slips out! Ricochet kicks, MVP blocks, MVP ducks the enziguri but not the rebound mule kick! MVP flounders and Ricochet crawls, hot tag to Alexander! Alexander runs in, KNEES MVP down, then fires off a strike fest! Alexander dropkicks Lashley down for good measure, then forearms MVP in the corner! Alexander use the ropes for the TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO!! MVP survives but Alexander keeps on him. He runs into an elbow, Lashley tags in. MVP dumps Alexander out for Lashley to clobber! MVP sucker punches Ricochet for good measure! Lashley puts Alexander in, aims from a corner, and SPEARS him down! Cover, Lashley and MVP win!

Winners: Bobby Lashley & MVP, by pinfall

The All Mighty and the uncrowned United States Champion continue on a roll towards Extreme Rules! And then Lashley puts Alexander in the FULL NELSON! Lashley thrashes Alexander, but Ricochet dropkicks Lashley down! Ricochet and Alexander get away, but is the Hurt Business going to dominate Monday nights?


Andrade Almas, Zelina Vega and Angel Garza meet backstage.

La Muneca wants her team to talk. Garza promises what happened last week won’t happen again this week. Almas says it better not. Ric Flair comes by and says they were great last week! Everything they set out to do, they did. Except with the Big Show. But that’s okay. Tonight is a must-do. Otherwise, one, two, three, and even Ric will have to answer to… Oh, Randy Orton walks in. Almas is third generation. Garza, too. So then they have that in common, and for that, Orton respects them even just a little. But tonight is about Show and Orton. When the time is right, Show is all Orton’s, and if they do anything to get in the way of that, or screw anything else up, he will not hesitate to introduce them to the Legend Killer. Understood? Yes. They fist bump and head out. Will the Giant be just one target for The Viper tonight?


Backstage interview with the Kabuki Warriors!

Kairi is back and that’s even more of a reason for Asuka to smile. Sasha and Bayley feel they’re the leaders of the Women’s Division, but how does that affect things tonight? Asuka says that’s not going to matter, and Kairi says “nee-san” will always be champion. After Asuka beats Bayley tonight, the Kabuki Warriors will go after those WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships again! Kairi loves the sound of that! Kairi plays the theme on the flute, but will these two be celebrating at the end of the night?


Six Man Tag: Big Show & The Viking Raiders VS Randy Orton, Angel Garza & Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega!

The Giant got Erik and Ivar to take this battle serious, but the Apex Predator has put the fear of the three most dangerous letter into the hearts of Vega’s stable. Which side comes out victorious amid the war between legend and Legend Killer?

The crowd is behind Big Show as he starts. The other team sorts itself out, and Garza will start. Garza keeps his distance as he circles, then he goes after a leg. Show CLUBS Garza off the leg! Show puts Garza in a corner to CHOP, and then stand son Garza at the ropes! The ref counts as Show dribbles Garza with a foot, but Show lets up at 4. Show glares at Orton but Garza throws hands back. Show headbutts Garza down! Show stalks Garza and brings him up to CHOP again! Tag to Erik, he tags Ivar in, and the Vikings put Garza in the corner. Garza is fed to knee after KNEE! The crowd fires up with Ivar as he looms over Garza. Ivar drags Garza up, snapmares and drops a fist! Cover, ONE, but Ivar keeps close.

Ivar brings Garza up, clubs him down, and tags in Erik. Erik RAMS into Garza, tags in Show,  and Show stomps Garza in the stomach. Garza crawls to a corner but Show is on him with heavy body shots! Show keeps his eyes on Orton so Orton stays back. Show drags Garza back up, taunts Orton with a tag opportunity, but puts Garza in the corner to CHOP! Tag to Ivar, Ivar brings Garza up to suplex, but Garza slips out and flounders away. Almas tags in and fires off on Ivar, but Garza flounders into Almas and distracts him. Almas turns around into Ivar’s FIST! Ivar drags Almas up, Vega is annoyed, and Show tags in. Ivar scoop slams Almas, Show tags in Erik. Erik scoops Ivar to slam him onto Almas! Show scoops Erik to slam him onto Almas! Cover, Garza breaks it!

Garza shouts at Almas, “You want to lose this match!?” Orton tells Garza to shut up and get out of the ring. Orton is seething as he paces and Garza goes out. Orton shoves him into the barrier and then chokes him. “You pull your head out of your ass!” Orton knows Garza grew up in this business, too, and he has a special place in Orton’s heart because of that. But don’t think Orton won’t drop him if he screws up. Orton lets up on Garza and everyone is speechless as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Almas has Ivar in a chinlock. Almas knees Ivar to the corner and tags in Orton. Orton and Almas stomp away on Ivar then Orton throws European Uppercuts. Orton stomps Ivar’s feet, knees him down, then tags in Garza. The mugging continues, Garza clubs and CHOPS Ivar, then digs his forearms in. Garza ROCKS Ivar with a right, but Ivar pushes back. Ivar rolls and tags in Erik! Erik rallies and EXPLODERS Garza away! Garza staggers into Ace Ten Mao! Erik hits Almas down but Orton gets away. Erik goes back to Garza but Garza kangaroo kicks from the mat! Garza clubs Erik down, drags him up, clubs away and tags in Orton. Orton kicks Erik hard in the ribs then throws more EuroUppers. Orton keeps Erik in the corner for even more, then tags in Almas.

The mugging continues as Almas stomps Erik down at the ropes with Orton holding Erik down. Orton bails out, Almas CHOPS Erik then stomps him down! Almas drags Erik up, snap suplexes, then covers. TWO, but Almas keeps his cool. Almas drags Erik to the corner, Orton tells Show to stay back, and Garza tags in. Garza and Almas mug Erik, Garza CHOPS Erik in the open corner, then turns Erik sideways. Garza KNEES Erik down! Off come the pants! But Erik CHOPS back! Garza stomps Erik down for that then stands on his head. Tag to Almas, they drag Erik in and split the wishbone! Basement mule kicks and stomps keep Erik down, and Almas pulls Erik against ropes. The ref counts, Almas lets up, but Almas brings Erik around to CHOP and knee!

Garza tags in and the mugging continues. The ref reprimands them all but Almas backs off. Garza puts Erik through ropes to bend him more. The ref reprimands, Show and Ivar protest, but they miss Almas and Orton giving Erik cheap shots! Garza drags Erik up to club him, but Erik breaks free to ROCK Garza! Erik reaches, Garza keeps him back, but Erik ROCKS him again! Tag to Show! Almas tags in but Show rallies on him with big clotheslines! Show whips Alms to a corner and hip attacks him down! Then runs him over! Orton keeps his distance as Show prepares the hand. But then he runs in, only for his RKO to be shoved away! Orton says it was that close, but Show keeps his eyes on Orton.

Show grabs Almas, but Almas pops out of the choke slam to a sleeper hold! Almas tries to squeeze Show’s neck but Show stays on his feet. Show powers Almas off, tags to Ivar! Garza tags in, Ivar cartwheels and clotheslines! The Warbeard tags in Erik but Orton tags in, too. The Vikings get Garza up but Almas saves him from Thor’s Hammer! They throw Ivar out, Orton RKO’S ERIK!! Cover, Orton, Garza and Almas win!

Winners: Randy Orton, Angel Garza & Andrade Almas, by pinfall

Out. Of. Nowhere! This trio of third generation wrestlers outsmarted the Giant and the Vikings, but what will happen when Show finally gets his hands on the Viper?


The IIconics talk backstage.

Peyton Royce cannot even explain how excited she is to see Billie Kay take on Ruby Riott. “That woman” is just a mess, like a riot. She has no sense of style, either. Such ugly tattoos. And no friends. Well, Peyton heard from the grapevine that Liv Morgan isn’t returning any of Ruby’s calls. Ouch. Well Ruby has no chance! What a loser. Like, when you think of losers, you think of… Ruby is right behind Billie! Ruby calls them “dumbasses.” The thing is, Ruby never had a problem with them before. It’s just that the sound of their voices make her twitch. Really? Ugh, yes. But while Ruby doesn’t know where Liv is, that’s for the better. Ruby’s focus is all on the IIconics, and that’s very bad. When it’s all said and done, it won’t be IIconic. It’ll be tragic. Ruby heads out to prepare, will she get even with the snobby pair?

MVP meets with Cedric Alexander backstage.

As MVP was saying, he’ll spare the condolences on the loss. But he does have some questions. Oh, really? Like what? Before that, MVP says it takes a lot of heart to stand up to MVP and Lashley. MVP has always been impressed by Alexander. Which is hwy he doesn’t get why Alexander is holding himself back? Why is someone with his abilities staying as Ricochet’s sidekick? Alexander sees what MVP is doing. MVP is trying to divide and conquer. Okay, okay, let’s just say Alexander and Ricochet are equals. Is that why Ricochet has the new WWE 365 special and Alexander doesn’t? If Alexander is fine with being a sidekick on the sidelines, fine. But MVP and Lashley have the Hurt Business, while Alexander is in catering. Bon appétit. Will Alexander chew on these words MVP is putting in his head? Or will he spit them back in MVP’s face?


Ric Flair celebrates with Randy Orton backstage.

“Just another victory!” Edge comes out of retirement, gets put back in retirement! Christian gets smart, gets put in retirement! Show comes back from Hollywood, thinking he can get after Orton. Hah! Orton says a win is a win, but he needs kick- Oh no! R-Truth bumps into them! Orton is mad, Truth tires to defuse the situation. Wow, for the Dirtiest Player in the Game, Flair cleans up nice. Maybe too nice, TOZAWA! You can’t trick Truth by disguising yourself as Flair! But then the real Akira Tozawa comes looking and Truth is on the run again. Orton tells Tozawa and his ninjas to stop. They’re looking for Truth? Yes, sir. He went that way. Thank you. Wait, Orton just helped Truth? What’s going on in that twisted mind of his?


Ruby Riott VS Billie Kay w/ Peyton Royce!

The one woman riot lost to the Venus Flytrap, but she isn’t about to give up just yet. Will she beat the other half of the IIconic duo? Or will it be 0-2 for the woman with zero friends?

The bell rings and Ruby circles with Billie. Peyton waves a hand in the ring to distracts Ruby, so Ruby stomps the hand! Billie swings but Ruby dodges and fires off. Ruby goes to run, Billie reels her in but Ruby elbows her away. Ruby runs into Billie’s BOOT! Cover, TWO! Shades of Kay is not enough and Billie is furious. Billie brings Ruby up by her hair ad puts her in a corner to stomp away. The ref counts, Billie backs off, but comes back to dig her boot into Ruby’s face. The crowd boos, Billie lets up as the ref reprimands, but Billie brings Ruby up by her hair again. Billie throws Ruby with the scoop Northern Lights! Cover, TWO! The IIconics are annoyed but Billie keeps Ruby down and says, “You are nothing!”

The crowd rallies for Ruby even as Billie laces the legs for a Bow ‘n’ Arrow stretch! Ruby endures, pries at the hold, but Billie cranks back. Ruby brings the chinbar off and pops out to cover! TWO, but Ruby blocks the kick to ROCK Billie with a forearm! Ruby gets around Billie, but Billie standing switches. Ruby bucks Billie away, elbows back, and goes up to DEADLY NIGHTSHADE! Ruby kicks Billie down, adjusts, but Peyton jumps up on the apron. Ruby swipes at Peyton so she stays back, but Billie throat chops! Billie brings Ruby down for a SUPER SOLE FOOD! Then, fisherman SIT OUT SPINE BUSTER! Cover, Billie wins!

Winner: Billie Kay, by pinfall

The IIconics work together even when in singles matches! Peyton raises Billie’s hand in victory and then demand the referee does the same. Will Ruby ever get even with these two?


Backstage interview with Bayley and Banks.

Bayley is preparing for her match with Asuka, but does she feel the stakes are higher now that the Kabuki Warriors are hoping to have a shot at their tag titles? You mean Asuka’s stupid idea that she even has a chance tonight? Asuka’s lucky Bayley doesn’t slap that green face paint off to last week, let alone worry about next week. The Kabuki Warriors need to accept they’ll never be tag team champions ever again. If the only way to do that is to accept the challenge, then challenge accepted! Bayley can’t believe Sasha but Sasha says there is no team that can touch them. People need to respect that! Right, right. So if Bayley needs to beat Asuka to show the sheep who the best is, which is Bayley, then that’s what she’ll do. Now go away so they can get ready. Charly leaves and the best friends head off. Who will prove themselves the better Grand Slam Women’s Champion?


Champion VS Champion: Asuka w/ Kairi Sane VS Bayley w/ Sasha Banks!

Both the Empress of Tomorrow and the former Hugger have held the NXT Women’s Championship, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships, and clearly the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships. This is only the fourth time these two have met 1v1, and it is at a pivotal time before both titles are on the line at Extreme Rules. Will we see who the greater Grand Slam Champion is?

Raw returns, and Nikki is part of commentary! She promises to be nice so security has reason to let her stay. Nikki is excited, but then gets very upset seeing Bayley make her entrance. But she again promises to behave. Will she keep that promise for the whole main event?

Bayley and Sasha see Nikki on commentary, so of course they provoke her. Nikki has Samoa Joe “hold her back,” and then apologizes for her temper. Nikki then gets excited again as Asuka makes her entrance. The bell rings and Bayley shows off her belts. Nikki wants Asuka to beat Bayley up, Bayley and Asuka circle and tie up. Bayley waistlocks, Asuka gets to ropes but Bayley fires off! The ref backs her off, but Bayley headlocks and grinds Asuka down. Asuka fights back, powers out and follows to then run Bayley over! The crowd cheers and Asuka speeds things up. Asuka rolls, Bayley dodges and follows, but runs into a takedown! Asuka wants the arm, Bayley bails out, and Sasha keeps Kairi back. Asuka baseball slides but Bayley blocks and spins her for a knee!

Nikki shouts at Bayley to not come within six feet of her, but Bayley walks up and slaps the headset off her! Nikki goes nuts and security keeps her back! Nikki tries to get at Bayley by any means necessary, so security takes Nikki away! Bayley and Sasha laugh, but then Bayley jumps into Asuka’s KNEE! Sasha’s jaw drops while the Kabuki Warriors are fired up, and Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again, Asuka yanks Bayley’s arm and wrenches it for an armlock. Bayley endures, fights up and throws forearms. Asuka shoves Bayley, hip tosses her down then KICKS her in the back! Asuka runs. Bayley ducks the kick and trips Asuka up. Bayley clubs Asuka over and over, then dribbles her off the mat! Sasha gloats for Bayley but Kairi coaches Asuka. Bayley drags Asuka up, yanks on her arm now, then whips. Asuka reverses, Bayley goes up and arm-drags, then elbows Asuka down! Cover, ONE, but Bayley drops knees! Cover, ONE, but Bayley runs to basement clothesline! Cover, ONE!! The crowd rallies as Bayley bumps Asuka off barriers. Bayley stomps away then drags her back up to a snapmare. Bayley wraps on a chinlock but Asuka endures.

The crowd rallies up, Asuka fights to her feet, fights back and then rolls Bayley to a cover! TWO, Bayley CLOBBERS Asuka! Cover, TWO! Bayley grows frustrated with the ref but she drags Asuka back up. Bayley throws Asuka out then distracts the ref. Sasha creeps closer but Kairi keeps her back. Bayley gets out to tell Kairi to back off, but Kairi helps Asuka up. The ref warns Sasha to stay on her side, Bayley goes for her daredevil dropkick! The Kabuki Warriors both avoid it, and Asuka ROUNDHOUSES Bayley down! Asuka drags Bayley up and in, covers, TWO! Asuka keeps her focus and the crowd rallies up again. Asuka KICKS Bayley, and KICKS, and KICKS! Bayley flounders into more kicks and Asuka runs to SLIDING ENZIGURI! Cover, TWO!

The crowd fires up for Asuka as she keeps on Bayley. Bayley flails, elbows free of the waistlock and forearms Asuka more. Bayley whips, Asuka goes up and missile dropkicks back! Cover, TWO! Bayley bails out again and Sasha regroups with her. Asuka purses Bayley around the way and into the ring, but Bayley catches Asuka for the rope guillotine catapult! Asuka crawls to a corner but Bayley gives her another guillotine! Cover, TWO! The crowd rallies but Bayley mocks it. Bayley kicks Asuka out, takes her time following after, and she knocks Asuka down! “You like that?” Bayley high fives Sasha before bringing Asuka back up and in. Cover, TWO! Bayley drags Asuka up to throw her back out, but Asuka fights back! Bayley flapjacks Asuka off the desk!

“I’m still serving it up!” Bayley hops on commentary and Sasha joins in. You hungry for what Bayley’s serving up? “It tastes so GOOD!” The Golden Role Models are laughing it up as Raw goes to another break.

Raw returns once more and Bayley is wrenching Asuka’s neck. Asuka endures as Kairi and the crowd rally up. Bayley elbows Asuka down then clamps on a chinlock. Sasha taunts Asuka to her face and Bayley bounces Asuka’s head off the mat! Cover, TWO, and Bayley is annoyed again. Bayley drags Asuka onto the ropes to choke her! The ref counts, Bayley lets up at 4 and Sasha mocks Asuka more. Bayley chokes Asuka again and has her in a corner. Bayley stands Asuka up but Asuka fights back with elbows. Bayley shoves Asuka hard into buckles! Bayley says Asuka will think twice about using the mist. She SLAPS Asuka, drags her to a cover, TWO!

Asuka sits up in the corner, Bayley runs in and hits a back elbow! The crowd rallies, Asuka hits back, but Bayley knees low. Bayley clubs her down and grinds forearms into her face! The green face paint is definitely all but gone. Asuka pie faces back and even kicks. Bayley drops elbows on Asuka, but Kairi coaches Asuka up. Bayley pie faces Asuka but Asuka gets mad now. Bayley keeps pushing her, mocks the dance, so Asuka fires off palm strikes! Asuka back hands but Bayley forearms! Bayley runs into a back elbow! And a BOOT! Asuka hits a CODE BREAKER! Both women are down and the crowd is thunderous! Kairi rallies with them as Asuka stands up. Asuka runs at Bayley, DROPKICK! Pop-up knee!

Asuka runs corner to corner, hip attack! GERMAN SUPLEX! Basement mule kick and basement hip attack! Cover, TWO!! Bayley survives and Sasha is stressing out, but Asuka stalks Bayley to the ropes. Asuka KICKS Bayley, and again, and again! Bayley ends up on the apron, Asuka runs to hip attack, only to be caught! Asuka and Bayley throws elbows, Bayley reels Asuka in to swing. Asuka ducks, BACK HAND!! Bayley goes down in a heap and even Asuka seems in shock. Sasha checks on Bayley as she slowly sits up on the apron. Asuka runs, to hip attack Bayley down! The crowd is fired up as Asuka waits on Bayley. The ring count climbs to 5 as Bayley gets to the ring. Asuka is on the apron, but Bayley trips her up! Asuka hits apron and then the floor!

Bayley gets in the ring but Asuka hurries up. Asuka dodges the shoulder to kick and switchblade kick! Asuka climbs up and missile dropkicks! Cover, TWO!! Bayley survives the onslaught from Asuka, but Asuka won’t lose her focus. Bayley crawls to the ropes while Asuka stands up. Asuka joins Bayley on the apron and the two brawl on the edge. Asuka mule kicks, but Bayley flapjacks her into the post! Asuka tumbles down and Bayley stays up. Bayley goes after Asuka to KNEE her into the barrier!! The ring count passes 5 as Bayley puts Asuka in. Bayley talks trash to Kairi then sucker punches her! “You are the worst tag team!” Bayley runs away, Kairi is furious, but Sasha gets a cheap shot knee! Bayley hits a SAIDO!! Cover, TWO!?! Asuka survives and the Golden Role Models are furious!

Bayley drags Asuka up, brings her through the ropes, and Sasha fetches some water. “You thirsty?” Sasha brings the water to Bayley and she takes a gulp, to then splash Asuka in the face! But wait! Nikki is in the crowd!! That scares Bayley into the ring, into the ASUKA LOCK!! Bayley flails, rolls back to a cover, TWO!! Asuka rolls Bayley around, still in the hold! Bayley claws at Asuka’s arms, Sasha jumps in, but Kairi INTERCEPTORS! Bayley gets up and pops out, but Asuka sits on the victory roll! ASUKA WINS!!

Winner: Asuka, by pinfall

The Raw Women’s Champion defeats SmackDown’s! Nikki Cross grins as she has an edge on Bayley, and Asuka has the edge on Sasha. But before Extreme Rules, will #BayleyDosStraps drop down to uno when the Golden Role Models have to put up another fight against the Kabuki Warriors?

My Thoughts:

A pretty great episode for Raw, especially by the end. For one, quite the surprise to see Heath Slater back given everything that’s been happening. Slater had a great promo, but clearly in a perfect world, it would’ve been with Jinder Mahal pushing the issue. But Ziggler still gets good Heel heat being the one forcing this, but also heat for not revealing his stipulation. I honestly don’t know what it could be, but I’m confident McIntyre and Ziggler do it justice. Meanwhile, we have quite the escalation in the Rollins story. It was a great move to have a substitution in the tag match, Kevin did great with Rey, Rollins and Murphy. The “Eye for an Eye” is fitting, but clearly there’s going to be some level of cinematography used to kayfabe someone’s EYE BEING PULLED OUT! I can’t wait to be freaked out by that.

The United States Championship story including Ricochet and Cedric Alexander, two of MVP’s previous prospects, is a good move. That new championship belt sure is shiny, and I appreciate the face plate is bigger than the previous, but I feel like the lettering and the eagle take up too much space, you can barely tell the star spangled banner is there. And I feel like even if Apollo wins at Extreme Rules, he takes that belt for his own. MVP trying to turn Alexander against Ricochet is an interesting move, we will have to wait and see how it turns out. The Six Man Tag was good stuff, and Orton was pretty scary grabbing Garza by the throat to get him to focus on the match. If we end up with a new Evolution with Orton in the HHH role, I feel like Garza is already in the Orton role of being the successful one that gets dumped and becomes Face.

Orton’s interaction with R-Truth and Tozawa was an interesting one, too. I almost thought Orton was going to hurt Truth and make it easier for Tozawa, but instead Orton keeps Truth unharmed. If Orton takes Show out with Extreme Rules, will he go after Truth just for the hell of it? He does need something to do while waiting on Edge, and Truth has done quite a lot in his career. He hasn’t been a world champion in the WWE but he was a big hit in TNA/Impact, and has held many other titles. At the very least, does Orton weirdly respect Truth? And then with Ruby, she loses again to keep things going for her story. There has to come a point when Liv hears her out, they team up again and they get the better of the IIconics.

The story of the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships continues to take some interesting turns. There was huge speculation on Kairi Sane’s status with the company, and no one would blame her for wanting out. But it was great timing for her to return and help Asuka. The Kabuki Warriors both have great matches with the Golden Role Models, but especially Asuka and Bayley in the main event. Nikki Cross also had a great part to play during all this, and her spooking Bayley was a great cherry on top for that segment. The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match next week for the go-home Raw is going to be incredible, but also a bit telling as to how things go on all levels, not just for Extreme Rules.  I don’t see the Kabuki Warriors winning with Kairi set to return home to Japan, Stardom and her husband. She’s probably taking the pin so that the math on Asuka VS Sasha is not affected. In another timeline, the Kabuki Warriors would win, Kairi would go after Bayley’s belt, and we’d have THREE Joshi talents holding the singles titles all at once.

My Score: 8.7/10

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