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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (7/31/20)

It’s Double Gold Friday!



WWE SmackDown Coverage 3.0

SmackDown has two titles on the line!

Gran Metalik gets his shot against the Phenomenal AJ Styles and Nikki Cross gets her fair shake at the SmackDown Women’s Championship! Will the champions still have their gold at the end of the night?


  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: AJ Styles VS Gran Metalik w/ Lince Dorado; Styles wins and retains the WWE Intercontinental Championship.
  • Baron Corbin VS Drew Gulak; Corbin wins.
  • Big E VS The Miz w/ John Morrison; Big E wins.
  • Naomi VS Lacey Evans; Naomi wins.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley w/ Sasha Banks VS Nikki Cross w/ Alexa Bliss; Bayley wins and retains the SmackDown Women’s Championship.


Superstars hype up SmackDown!

The Golden Role Models brag that Bayley already won at Extreme Rules, and it won’t be any different! Nikki Cross will be grabbing more than just cracked ribs. Nikki is the sad, pathetic loser witnessing their era! But Nikki responds that after that match, her confidence was in the gutter. But she beat someone who is better than both Sasha and Bayley. Nikki can’t wait to knock Bayley off her high horse and become the NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion!

Big E says that though he does not have Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston by his side, they’re on his mind and in his heart and in- Well, okay, just those. But he promises we will all FEEL~ the POWER~! Miz and Morrison think on Big E’s newfound solo career, and laugh! That’s like a bad TV show spin-off! Like Road Rules to Real World, like Total Divas to Miz & Mrs, like Wipeout to Cannonball! Aren’t those all Miz’s…? But the point is: Big E can’t be a double division star like the Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century! Unlike Big E, The Miz is AWESOME!

Lacey Evans tells us not to worry our pretty little heads, because she is going to give Naomi what she deserves. But Naomi responds by saying what she deserves it to beat Lacey senseless, and make her #FeelTheGlow!

Gran Metalik says that esta noche, he will takes on the WWE Intercontinental Champion, the Phenomenal AJ Styles, but will prove he is even greater than that! Styles says that he faces Gran Metalik, a high flyer who is very impressive. But impressive doesn’t compare to phenomenal! Metalik finds out the hard way when he steps into the House that AJ Styles Built!


SmackDown is interrupted by The Firefly Fun House!

Bray Wyatt walks in and takes off his snorkel. Sorry, he was searching for Braun~! But Bruan must still be wandering in that filthy swamp. Well, unless the gators got to him. But either way, a part of Braun’s soul will be trapped there forever. Just to make something clear, Bray NEVER wanted to hurt Braun! He only wanted to help. But now, he is awake, and he wants what Braun has. And until he gets it, “none of you are safe.” #LetMeIn. Bye~!


WWE Intercontinental Championship: AJ Styles VS Gran Metalik w/ Lince Dorado!

The Phenomenal One said he was impressed by the King of the Ropes in last week’s Fatal 4 Way contender’s match, but he also tried to disrespect Metalik. Metalik slapped Styles, and now looks to dethrone him! Metalik earned his shot, will he hit the mark?

SmackDown returns as the introductions are made. The belt is raised and this phenomenal opening match begins!

Styles and Metalik circle, approach and feel it out. They tie up, Styles puts Metalik in a corner, but he lets up as the ref counts. Metalik comes back to circle with Styles again, and they tie up. Metalik powers Styles to a corner now, lets up as the ref counts, and Styles comes back to circle again. They lock up with knuckle locks, but Styles kicks low hard! Styles stomps Metalik around then drags him up. Styles bumps Metalik off buckles hard, but takes his time bringing Metalik back up. Styles puts Metalik in a corner to CHOP! And then scoops for a backbreaker! Metalik writhes while Styles glares at Lince Dorado. Styles brings Metalik back up, suplexes and holds him for 5 before dropping! Cover, TWO!

Styles keeps his cool as he drags Metalik back up. Styles puts Metalik in a corner to ram his shoulder in over and over, then he kicks the leg hard! Lince coaches Metalik up but Styles whips corner to corner hard! Metalik hits buckles then the floor and Styles grins. Styles drags Metalik up, brings him around and wants the Clash, but Metalik gets away fast. Styles ROCKS Metalik with that right, but Metalik comes back to throw hands! Styles ROCKS him again, then whips. Metalik reverses, hurdles, rolls but into a wheelbarrow! Styles turns it, drops but misses the elbow! Metalik gets up and tilt-o-whirl headscissors Styles right out! Metalik hurries to slingshot, but Styles slides in! Metalik lands on the apron, but Styles kicks his feet out! Metalik crashes ‘n’ burns and fans boo.

Styles catches his breath as he takes aim. Styles slingshots but Metalik moves, so Styles lands on the apron. Metalik sweeps his legs in return! Now Styles crashes ‘n’ burns! Metalik is on the apron again and leaps for a FLYING-RANA! Styles crashes again as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns and Metalik is up top! Styles trips him up before he can leap, and then Styles clubs away on Metalik’s back. Styles climbs up behind but Metalik elbows him back. Styles falls, Metalik adjusts, and leaps for a BIG crossbody! Cover, TWO! Metalik keeps his cool as he and Styles stir. Styles gets to a corner, Metalik hurries over and throws hands. Metalik stomps Styles then eggs him on. Metalik runs, but Styles denies the monkey flip! Styles BOOTS Metalik down, then kicks him in the ribs! Styles kicks even harder, but Metalik kicks! Styles blocks to kick the inside thigh, and then stomps it against the ropes!

The ref reprimands, Styles wraps the leg around the bottom rope but stops when the ref starts to count. Styles drags Metalik off the ropes to drop elbows on the leg, then drop knees! The crowd rallies up for Metalik as Styles drags him around. Styles drops down to wrench the leg and twist the ankle! Metalik endures, fights back with clubbing forearms, but Styles cranks back harder! Styles shifts over to a Half Crab! The hold is deep but Metalik gets the ropebreak! Styles lets up but is not at all worried. Styles watches Metalik crawl and he stomps the leg! He brings Metalik up, has the leg, but Metalik fights back! Styles shoves, but Metalik rolls him up! TWO, and Styles fireman’s carries! Metalik slips off, rolls and rolls back, to get a tilt-o-whirl DDT!! Cover, TWO!!

Metalik clutches the bad leg rather than grows frustrated. Lince coaches Metalik and the crowd is thunderous. Metalik runs, goes around the corner and missile dropkicks Styles down! Cover, TWO! Metalik and Styles slowly rise. Metalik is on Styles first, fireman’s carries, but the bad leg gives out! Styles unleashes the Phenomenal Blitz! Both men are down again but Styles drags himself to the apron. Styles takes aim, springboards, but Metalik dodges! Metalik enziguris Styles down! The crowd fires up as Metalik rises. Styles sits up but Metalik powers up to run the corner again, but into a BODY CHECK! Styles takes Metalik out of the air with that attack!

Lince coaches Metalik and Metalik stands, but Styles is on him right away! STyles rolls to the CALF CRUSHER!! And CRANKS on that leg! Metalik taps, Styles wins!

Winner: AJ Styles, by submission (still WWE Intercontinental Champion)

An incredible fight from Metalik, but it wasn’t phenomenal! Styles goes after Lince!! The Golden Lynx gets the STYLES CLASH!! The reluctant fighting champion says, “Because I’m the champ!” Will Styles continue to be the champ like this?


Baron Corbin finds Chad Gable watching backstage.

The Wolf King asks Shorty G, “Hurts, doesn’t it?” What? Well, standing on the sidelines, having to watch a match rather than be in it. That could’ve been Gable in that match, if he had the right friends. That could be Gable as Intercontinental Champion. So he wants to be a friend to Gable after all the insults? Haven’t they always been friends, Chad? Baron did all that to “motivate” him. Gable is a former Olympian, a national treasure that gets overlooked. Sorry, poor choice of words. He gets ignored. And then, some “barefoot idiot” comes in, gets the hype, and gets the chances Gable deserves.

Oh of course, that’s what this is about. Gable is going to be used against Matt Riddle for Baron. No, he misunderstands. Corbin just wanted to share some facts. Gable has all the natural ability in the world, but is lacking in opportunities. Though, yes, the “King’s Ransom” is on the table for anyone who wants to prove Riddle doesn’t belong. Just think about it.


Jeff Hardy arrives backstage.

And he is congratulated by superstars, referees and other backstage personnel for his victory over both Sheamus and alcohol. Jeff is headed to the ring, what will the Charismatic Enigma say after the break?


Jeff Hardy heads to the ring!

The crowd also cheers for his victory as he takes the mic. “Wow, I’ve gotta admit, man. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.” The last few months with Sheamus have been tough. He was a constant reminder of how dangerous Hardy’s demons can be. And as one member of the crowd shouts, “He sucks!” Hardy has to remind himself how bad it can be, because sobriety is a never ending challenge you face every day. But beating Sheamus in the Bar Fight was a reminder that Hardy is on the right path. He’s an alcoholic, but so much more than that. He is a loving husband, father, and proud WWE superstar. Hardy gets to perform for all of us and he loves that. Hardy is so grateful that the love of his family and friends have gotten him here. Right now, it just makes him never want to let us down again.

Hardy vows to fight this fight every day, and wants to make the most of his life. He is grateful to be alive and well on SmackDown. But then Baron Corbin appears! “Enough, enough, enough!” If Corbin has to stand around and listen about Hardy’s sobriety, his head might explode. What is even going on here? Hardy is the Charismatic Enigma known for taking things to the extreme. But now he’s standing here, whining and crying about recovery. The crowd boos as Corbin says Hardy’s life sucks, but he needs to shut up and deal with it. Riddle is bad enough, since he can’t find his shoes, and now Corbin has to face Gulak! Corbin feels like “my kingdom” is turning into an asylum.

Hardy tells Corbin that one thing has learned, if everyone around you feels like the problem, maybe the real problem is you. Corbin says he’s going to be honest here. Hardy is actually disappointing. Hardy should want to stay in Corbin’s good graces. Corbin would’ve offered Hardy the King’s Ransom, but Hardy probably wouldn’t take it. Hardy would rather sit in a circle, talk about the 12 steps, and collect coins. But speaking of Gulak, he gets Corbin from behind! Gulak fires off on Corbin and the crowd fires up! This showdown will go down when SmackDown returns from break!


Baron Corbin VS Drew Gulak!

SmackDown returns and Gulak goes after Corbin in the corner. Gulak throws hands and headbutts, then wrenches the arm to an armlock. Corbin endures as Gulak grinds him down. Corbin fights up, knees low, but Gulak kicks the leg back! Gulak goes after the leg, Corbin counters with a facelock, but Gulak wrenches to wring the arm out! Gulak throws haymakers, Corbin kicks low and knees low. Corbin kicks but Gulak blocks it, to punch the leg. Gulak gets the arm to wring it out again! Gulak stomps Corbin down, follows him to a corner, and goes after the arm again. Gulak targets the elbow, gets a wristlock to hammerlock, then throws headbutts and body shots. Corbin turns things around but Gulak turns it back to CHOP and forearm!

Gulak has the arm again but Corbin powers him to the other corner. Corbin throws hands, whips, but Gulak goes up and over, only for Corbin to DECK him! Cover, TWO! Corbin drives elbows in on Gulak’s shoulder, then the other shoulder. Corbin puts on a chinbar and half nelson to grind Gulak down more. Gulak endures, the crowd rallies up, and Gulak throws body shots. Gulak boots but Corbin catches it to SPINE BUSTER Gulak, into a Half Crab! Gulak endures, slips through but Corbin turns it back over. Gulak keeps trying, catches Corbin’s punch and drags him into a YES LOCK! Gulak borrows from Daniel Bryan! Corbin endures as Gulak cranks back, but then Gulak rains down elbows! Corbin uses his long legs for the ropebreak! Gulak lets go at 4 and Corbin leans on the ropes.

Gulak stalks but Corbin elbows him away. Gulak shotgun dropkicks back! Gulak dodges and shotgun dropkicks again! And again! Corbin is down but Gulak and the crowd fires up! Gulak goes up top, leaps, flying clothesline! Cover, TWO! Gulak keeps on Corbin with the dragon sleeper, but Corbin powers out to scoop. Gulak slips out, but runs into DEEP SIX! “Bro…” Matt Riddle arrives! He dares Corbin to do something about him, but then Gulak cradles Corbin! TWO, END OF DAYS!! Cover, Corbin wins!

Winner: Baron Corbin, by pinfall

But Riddle pounces on the Wolf King! Corbin gets a taste of his own medicine, and then the FINAL FLASH! Riddle drags Corbin back up, but Gable rolls Riddle?! CHAOS THEORY!! Shorty G seems to believe what Corbin was saying! Will Gable win that King’s Ransom after all?


Big E VS The Miz w/ John Morrison!

AWWWW~ people at home~! The New Day’s last man standing goes it alone against the Hollywood A-Lister, who still has his Guru of Greatness by his side! Will Big E make sure Miz and Morrison feel~ the power~?

The bell rings and Big E circles with Miz as the crowd claps. Big E and Miz tie up, Big E powers Miz to the corner, but lets up. Miz comes back but Big E is ready and powers him to another corner. They break clean again, and Big E eggs Miz on with swiveling hips. Miz goes after Big E, waistlocks, but Big E pries free to toss Miz over! Big E swivels more as he waits for Miz to get up. Miz calls for a test of strength, only to kick low! And kick and punch and kick and punch! The crowd boos but things speed up. Big E hurdles, and catches Miz to the cobra twist! Big E puts some spice on it with the spanking! The crowd claps along then Big E whips and elbows Miz down! Cover, TWO!

Miz gets to ropes, Big E talks smack but Miz SLAPS Big E! Big E glares, grabs Miz, and throws him out! The crowd fires up as Big E stalks behind Miz on the outside. Morrison stays back but Big E bounces Miz off the desk! Then whips Miz into the POST! Big E tells Morrison to stay back, then he drags Miz up to throw into Plexiglas! Big E puts Miz back in but Morrison PARKOUR ATTACKS! The ref misses it and Miz capitalizes with the wrecking ball dropkick! Miz drags Big E up, puts him in, climbs up top, and leaps! Big ax handles hit, Miz covers, TWO! Miz keeps on Big E with the chinlock. Big E endures, the crowd rallies up, and Big E fights back! Big E is free, he dumps Miz out to then clobber him!

Big E goes back out and has Miz on the apron. He clubs Miz with forearms over and over, then climbs up for an APRON SPLASH but Miz moves! Big E goes down in a head as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns and Miz has Big E in a chinlock. Miz grinds Big E down but the crowd rallies with clapping for Big E. Morrison tries to change it to “Hey hey! Ho ho!” but Big E stands up! Miz becomes a backpack with the sleeper hold and Big E fades! But Big E powers up with a second wind and rams into buckles! Miz clamps back on but is thrown off, Miz BOOTS Big E down! Cover, TWO! Miz rains down lefts on Big E then paces. Miz kicks at Big E but Big E gets mad. Big E counter punches Miz over and over, but swings into the dragon sleeper! A-List Combination stops at the backbreaker as Big E shoves Miz and OVERHEAD belly2belly suplexes! And then another! Then the side belly2belly!

Big E swivels them hips and runs the ropes, for the BIG SPLASH! Big E claps along with the crowd, but Miz tries to run away. Big E grabs him, Miz elbows then runs, but into a tilt-o-whirl. Miz slips off the shoulder to full nelson, but Big E powers up out of that! Miz rakes the eyes and kicks low, DDT! Cover, TWO! Morrison grows worried and Miz grows frustrated as Big E survives. Miz stalks Big E as the crowd still rallies. Big E sits up to get IT KICKS! Or should it be, “Hey Hey Hey!” kicks, with Morrison chanting. Big E still catches Miz out of the buzzsaw, but Miz pops off the bomb. Miz is in a corner, he dropkicks Big E’s legs out!

Big E crawls into the corner, Miz puts the leg on the ropes and kicks away! The ref counts, Miz stops and goes corner to corner, for a knee! Miz keeps running, he hits another knee! Miz wants the trilogy, but gets the URENAG-E! Cover, TWO! Miz is back on the apron and Big E gets his bad leg moving. Big E runs but into a knee! Miz gets in, runs to the corner, but Big E elbows. The ref is busy checking Miz’s jaw, Morrison gets a cheap shot enziguri! Miz gets the full nelson, FINALE!! Cover, TWO!! But Miz doesn’t hesitate, he goes right into a Figure Four! Big E endures, Miz puts as much pressure as he can, but Big E reaches out. Morrison keeps the ropes away but the ref sees that! Morrison backs off, Big E gets the ropebreak! Miz lets go at 4 and catches his breath.

Big E clutches the knee but Miz drops knees on it! And again! Miz drags Big E up and onto the ropes to choke him. The ref counts, Miz distracts, but this time the ref sees Morrison on the apron! The ref EJECTS Morrison! Miz freaks out and Morrison is angry, but now Big E finally has Miz 1v1! Big E rolls Miz, TWO, into the STRETCH MUFFLER! Big E has Miz off the ground, Miz taps!! Big E wins!!

Winner: Big E, by submission

The arsenal of the big bad Big E is promising us, “Ain’t no stopping me!” Will Big E rise up all the way to the top all by himself?


Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura celebrate their victory.

Extreme Rules just seems to be the King of Strong Style’s PPV. Every year at Extreme Rules, that is when Nakamura wins a title. This year was the best because they’re tag team champions. But Lucha House Party comes by to see the fiesta. So not great to see them. Why are they in the “Champion’s Lounge” right now? Amigos, you like to party? Yeah! LUCHA! LUCHA! Cesaro says this is champion’s only party. Aye, sorry. No campiones, no fiesta. Metalik might’ve been invited if he won against Styles, but uh, how do you say… YOU BLEW IT! Lince is angry for Metalik but Metalik keeps him back. They leave the party as Cesaro and Nakamura continue to gloat. Will the Swiss Cyborg and King of Strong Style have to worry about LHP coming for those titles as payback?


Sheamus speaks backstage.

“In retrospect, the mistake I made in agreeing to fight Jeff Hardy in a bar was agreeing to fight Jeff Hardy in a bar.” He fought Hardy in his “natural environment.” That was home field advantage for him! And as Sheamus watched Hardy hit the gin soaked floor and get up like nothing happened, he knew he was in trouble. Seeing Hardy get hit with beer bottle after beer bottle and only get stronger, Sheamus knew he was in there with a greater power. And even though not a drop of booze touched Hardy’s lips, he was being fueled by alcohol. It was like a handicap match, Sheamus VS Hardy and “his long life partner, alcohol.” Sheamus was surrounded! But it was a testament to Sheamus’ own courage that he made the fight as close as he did.

Sheamus won’t make excuses or complain. What’s done is done. He won’t push Hardy towards the bottle anymore. An addict that strong, “it’s only a matter of time.” So Sheamus will sit back, relax, and let nature take it’s course. Hardy is not Sheamus’ problem anymore. And that’s bad news for everyone else. Now Sheamus is their problem.


Naomi VS Lacey Evans!

Speaking of problems, the Glow and the Sassy Southern Belle have issues they need to settle between each other. Will Naomi do her fans proud by finally teaching Lacey a lesson? Or will The Lady of SmackDown make this one nasty?

Before the match, Lacey grabs a mic to speak. “I beat Naomi last time. I beat her at karaoke. And yet y’all want to start a little ‘Naomi Deserves Better’ hashtag~?” Boo hoo. If y’all want to feel sorry for her, she’ll give them a reason to feel sorry tonight. Now Naomi makes her entrance, and this tense rematch begins!

Lacey and Naomi tie up, Lacey powers Naomi to a corner but again tries to tie her hair to the ropes! The ref stops her and Naomi gets free, to boot Lacey down. Naomi runs, huricanranas but Lacey blocks with power to BOMB Naomi down! Lacey talks trash as she dribbles Naomi’s head off the mat! Then grinds a forearm into Naomi’s face! Lacey stalks Naomi to a corner, drags her up, and hits a fallout DDT! Lacey gator rolls Naomi to the apron and bends her back against the post! The ref counts, Lacey boots Naomi down! Naomi gets up and kicks back but Lacey kicks her. Lacey POSTS Naomi as the ring count climbs. Lacey refreshes the count to throw Naomi against the apron.

Lacey drags Naomi around by her hair, and traps the hair between steel steps! The ring count climbs again and Naomi works to free herself again. Lacey wipes the sweat from her brow but Naomi returns! Lacey drags her up by her hair and tosses her! The crowd rallies, Naomi gets to the apron but Lacey pursues. Naomi kicks Lacey through the ropes! And ax kicks! Lacey falls, Naomi runs and slides, to SUNSET BOMB!! Naomi puts Lacey back in, covers, TWO! Lacey sits up, Naomi wrenches her hair and reels her into a headlock. Naomi runs at a corner but Lacey denies the bulldog, and Naomi eats buckles! Lacey goes after Naomi’s hair again! She tries to tie it to the rope yet again, the ref counts so Lacey stops at 4. Naomi is able to undo the knots, DODGES the Woman’s Right, and backslides Lacey! NAOMI WINS!

Winner: Naomi, by pinfall

Lacey tried that trick one too many times and it cost her! Naomi wins and teaches Lacey a lesson, but is Naomi moving on to bigger and better yet?


Mandy Rose and Otis Dozovic return backstage!

The Golden Goddess feels it’s been awhile since they’ve had a proper date. Yes, a proper date for the sweet peach. Mandy has reservations for Otiz’s favorite BBQ place! And she made sure to get the private room so no one can see how much they’re “All You Can Eating.” Otis is ready for ribs, steaks and… OH, dessert! Well of course! Mandy wanted to surprise him with a “peach sundae” covered in whip cream, drizzled in chocolate syrup, and with a cherry on top. OH YEEES! They’re both going to finish getting ready, and then they’ll meet back here. But as they part, Sonya Deville has also returned! Will the grudge between Fire and Desire ignite before the flames of romance can spark?


Sonya attacks Mandy at the make-up station!

She SLUGS Mandy, bounces her off the table, then asks if Mandy really thought this was over! Sonya grabs the lipstick and smears it all over Mandy’s face! Then DECKS her, SLAPS her, and asks what’s wrong. Is she afraid to be ugly? Sonya KNEES Mandy down and dares her to get up! What does Mandy have now? Mandy tries to fight back but Sonya STOMPS her into the floor! The lipstick is all in Mandy’s hair! And speaking of, Sonya grabs scissors to CUT THE HAIR!! “You are going to look SO pretty, Mandy~!” They can’t wait to show Mandy’s pretty face to everyone! Maybe Mandy didn’t believe her when Sonya said she was going to ruin her. Then Sonya ROUNDHOUSES Mandy down!

“What else can I do to Mandy Rose?” Sonya rummages around, and finds ELECTRIC CLIPPERS!! But referees and security finally arrive! They stop Sonya, she drops the clippers, but she takes the cut hair as a trophy. Mandy is shaken both physically and emotionally. Is Sonya ever going to leave her alone?

Otis rushes over, with Tucker with him. Heavy Machinery checks on Mandy while Miz and Morrison feel the need to comment. “Kayla, this is an outrage. I cannot believe something like this would happen in WWE. I mean, where are the adults in the room?!” Mandy’s hair is her best thing, and now she looks like a soccer mom! Minivan Mandy. Rest a-sheared- Miz, c’mon. Hey, don’t cut him short. Right, sorry, this is a hairy situation. Luckily the WWE officials shaved the day to comb through the wreckage. They’d be wigging out, too. Tucker hears the mocking and chases Miz and Morrison off. Will the Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century ever stop being so sophomoric?


SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley w/ Sasha Banks VS Nikki Cross w/ Alexa Bliss!

The Golden Role Models thought they had the Loony Lass beat at Extreme Rules with that boss knuckle cheap shot, but she came back for more. They thought they had her blocked when they put her against her bestie, Lexi. Nikki not only fought but beat Alexa 1v1 and officially earned this rematch. What trick will #BayleyDosStraps and #TwoBeltzBanks try to stop Nikki this time?

SmackDown returns as the #DoubleDoubleChampChamps make their entrance. The introductions are made, the SmackDown Women’s Championship is raised, and this extremely tense rematch begins!

Nikki rushes Bayley but Bayley gets away. They circle as the crowd rallies up. Bayley kicks low then throws hands. Bayley whips, Nick ducks and dodges to then stop and throw forearms back! Nikki has Bayley in a corner and rains down furious rights! Nikki lets off at 4 to then dropkick Bayley down! Bayley staggers about, Nikki runs in to monkey flip her away! Nikki keeps going, bringing Bayley up. Bayley spins out but into a THESZ PRESS! Nikki thrashes Bayley but Bayley gets away. Nikki is right on Bayley, whips but Bayley kicks back. Bayley runs bit Nikki throws her out. The two stand off for just a moment before Nikki goes out and counter punches Bayley. Nikki bounds Bayley off the apron before putting her back in.

Nikki dropkicks Bayley through the ropes but Bayley kicks Nikki’s legs back. Bayley hits a basement guillotine leg drop! Cover, TWO!! Bayley rains down angry rights of her own as the crowd boos. Bayley has Nikki in a corner, throws body shots and stomps but the ref counts. Bayley stops at 1 but walks right into a boot! Nikki POSTS Bayley! Bayley flops out with her ribs in pain now, and Nikki apron CROSSBODIES! Nikki gets on the desk and is all fired up as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Bayley thrashes Nikki around in a chinlock. The crowd rallies as Nikki fights her way up, only for Bayley to throw her down. Cover, TWO, but Bayley keeps on Nikki at the ropes. Bayley bumps Nikki off buckles, bumps her off more buckles, then stomps away. Sasha mocks Nikki’s pain as Bayley SAIDO suplexes! Cover, TWO! Nikki climbs up to ropes, Bayley stalks her to a corner and rams her shoulder in. Bayley rams again and again, then throws haymakers. The ref reprimands but Bayley runs in, only to miss! Bayley hits buckles and her ribs are hurting again. Nikki throat chops, headbutts low, then throat chops again to headbutt again! And then dropkick! Nikki runs, crossbodies, covers, TWO!

Nikki keeps her eyes on Bayley and runs into a corner. Bayley dodges but Nikki elbows back. Nikki hops up, reels Bayley in, TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO! Nikki watches Bayley go to the apron and joins her. Nikki drags Bayley up into the dragon sleeper, APRON REVERSE DDT! Bayley flops down, Sasha checks on her, but Nikki leaps! Bayley dodges by going into the ring but Nikki follows. Bayley swings but misses, Nikki waistlocks, ripcords and straitjacket neckbreakers! Cover, TWO! Bayley still lives, but Nikki has the boss knuckles! Nikki glares at Sasha before throwing it at her! Then she gives Bayley a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO!!

Bayley crawls to the apron again but Nikki drags her up. Bayley hotshots Nikki down! Bayley dares commentary to say something, and climbs up onto the desk to mock Nikki’s dance. Nikki trips Bayley up and Bayley takes a tumble! The crowd fires up as Nikki RAMS Bayley into barriers! And then runs in for a splash against the Plexiglas! Nikki puts Bayley back in, Sasha gets on the apron but Alexa trips her up! Nikki wrecks Sasha with a dropkick! Nikki fires up again, climbs up the corner, and leaps! CROSSBODY, but Bayley rolls it! TWO and Nikki cradles, TWO! Nikki lunges but Bayley leaps over, only for Nikki to roll her! TWO, Bayley swings into a backslide! TWO again, Bayley hits the FACE PLANT!! Cover, Bayley wins!!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall (still SmackDown Women’s Champion)

A win only moderately cleaner this time, but it was still a win! The #DoubleDoubleChampChamps take their leave, and Nikki is beside herself. Alexa tries to console her, and the crowd still cheers her, but Nikki is in no mood. Nikki says she’s okay but she just doesn’t want her to talk. Alexa keeps trying to tell Nikki it’s okay, but Nikki shoves her down!? And then, the lights start turning off?! And when they come back up, it’s ALL RED!! THE FIEND has come for Alexa?! Does this have something to do with the Swamp Fight and Braun’s visions!? The Fiend is right up in Alexa’s face, and he holds out his hand to the sky. Alexa can’t move as the hand draws closer to her. MANDIBLE CLAW!!! The Fiend smothers the Five Foot Fury, and the lights go out! What does he have planned for Alexa?!

My Thoughts:

WOW, SmackDown was really, really good tonight! The quick hype promos to open continue to be really good, and I feel like they’re helping to save time doing promos later, and also brings up the mood before things get going. Styles VS Metalik made for a great opener, and while Styles was clearly going to win, the surprise was him attacking Lince. I suppose Styles needs to maintain his Heel heat since everyone just loves him for how great he is. Styles moves on, and just about anyone can be his next challenger at this point. Lucha House Party naturally move on to get into a verbal confrontation with Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura that will surely lead to a tag title feud. It’s mostly be default, but at the same time, Metalik did great against Styles so he and Lince will do great against Cesaro and Nakamura.

The return of Mandy and Otis did not go the way I expected, and perhaps for good reason. Sonya going after Mandy with such ferocity was wild. She was really playing up how obsessed she’s become. And another great thing is that it seems to be bringing Heavy Machinery into a story against Miz and Morrison, which will be good to at least establish  Heavy Machinery in the tag division again. Otis is still Mr. Money in the Bank, but without Braun around, he can’t cash in. Maybe he and Tucker will bide their time with a tag title opportunity, since they were pretty close at one point. Big E had a great match with Miz, with Morrison trying to interfere, and of course Big E wins. I would love if Big E is moved into the Intercontinental Championship picture to be Styles’ challenger.

Corbin recruiting Gable is an interesting move. Gulak and Corbin have a solid match but it just seemed natural for Corbin to win. I hope this means Catch Point becomes a team to take on Corbin and Gable, and then maybe enter the tag division at some point. Jeff Hardy might even get involved, the way Corbin was getting on his case. Sheamus seems to be moving on, but I can’t be sure who he goes after since a lot of other stars are tied up in other things. And it was rather interesting to have the women’s division pretty much dominate the latter half of the show. Mandy’s segment with Sonya was during that half, Lacey and Naomi have a decent rematch, but the SmackDown Women’s Championship rematch was great stuff! Bayley still wins because of the overarching story between both Raw and SmackDown, and I do like that Nikki is starting to get angry.

But HOLY CRAP Fiend going after Alexa! This clearly ties back into the story with Braun, and I wonder if Alexa really will end up the onscreen face of Sister Abigail, perhaps replacing the puppet on Firefly Fun House. Fans have been up and down on that for some time, but either way, we might be getting it now. SummerSlam’s Braun VS Fiend might get really wild, and I feel like WWE saying they’ll have WWE Payback 2020 just one week after SummerSlam is tipping their hand a bit. Just as WWE was doing well, they have to complicate things.

My Score: 8.6/10

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