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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (8/24/20)

Raw is ThunderDome!



WWE Raw Coverage 3.0

The Raw After SummerSlam must prepare for Payback!

Asuka is once again Raw Women’s Champion, but will Shayna Baszler come after her already? Will the Hurt Business recover from MVP’s loss? And who will challenge Bayley and Sasha Banks for the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles?


  • Bayley w/ Sasha Banks VS Shayna Baszler; Baszler wins, by disqualification.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Fatal 4 Way: Shelton Benjamin VS Cedric Alexander VS Akira Tozawa w/ Ninjas VS R-Truth; Tozawa wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Championship.
  • Angel Garza w/ Andrade Almas VS Montez Ford w/ Angelo Dawkins; Ford wins.
  • Six Woman Tag: Bianca Belair & The Riott Squad VS Zelina Vega & The IIconics; Belair & The Riott Squad win.
  • Arm Wrestling: Bobby Lashley VS Apollo Crews, special guest referee Mark Henry; Crews wins.
  • Raw Underground – Bobby Lashley wins 3-0.
  • Keith Lee VS Randy Orton; Orton wins, by disqualification.
  • Raw Women’s Championship Lumberjack Match: Asuka VS Sasha Banks; Asuka wins and retains the Raw Women’s Championship.
  • Raw Underground – Bobby Lashley VS Cedric Alexander; Lashley wins.
  • Raw Underground – The Hurt Business VS The Viking Raiders; The Hurt Business wins.
  • Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy VS Rey & Dominik Mysterio; No Contest.


Drew McIntyre opens Raw!

The leader of Claymore Country is STILL WWE World Champion after a literally bloody battle with The Viper, Randy Orton, and the spotlight is on him in the ring. Not to mention a lot of pyro. McIntyre welcomes us to the first Raw inside the THUNDERDOME! He’s going to try something different. Can he get a thumbs up from everyone in the ThunderDome? The fans all give a thumbs up in their screens. McIntyre says that last night, his match with Randy Orton, “the biggest challenge I’ve had to date with one of the greatest superstars of all time, one of the most evil men on the planet,” and McIntyre is still champion.

But does Orton want to know the secret to how McIntyre pulled it off? It’s simple. He’s hungrier than Orton, works harder than Orton, and when the chips are down, McIntyre steps up, rolls up his sleeves, and pushes forward because he is “so damn proud to be WWE Champion!” And also, McIntyre is that way because of his journey. He knows what it is to struggle, to feel desperate, and to wonder where his next paycheck is coming from. Many fans know what that’s about, but Orton doesn’t. “Always so protected. Always so coddled!” IT doesn’t matter how many mistakes Orton made, his inner circle made sure he got to the top. And as much as McIntyre can’t stand it, Orton is the absolute best. And yet, McIntyre was just that much better!

Think back to Backlash! Didn’t Orton win a match called “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever,” and start bragging how he’s the greatest wrestler ever? Because McIntyre beat Orton with a wrestling move! What’s that make McIntyre, then? The fans have McIntyre fired up as he looks forward to his next challenge, but he also knows Orton won’t let this go. So if Orton wants to get in the ring again, McIntyre will accept a rematch and do what he didn’t get to do last time: kick Orton’s head off and send him to Claymore Country. McIntyre is ready if Orton wants Payback! Will the Apex Predator accept that offer? McIntyre gets to the stage, and Orton attacks!! This is Orton’s way of saying “Yes!”

Orton throws McIntyre into the screen wall then throws hands. But McIntyre throws them back! They brawl into gorilla but Orton clubs McIntyre. McIntyre hits back with big forearms, but Orton rake McIntyre’s eyes! And rams him into a wall! Referees back Orton off, but then Orton PUNTS McIntyre!! Fans boo as Orton looks at the floundering WWE World Champion. And then Orton lines McIntyre up for a SECOND PUNT!! Orton looks McIntyre in the face as McIntyre’s eyes glaze over. Will McIntyre recover in time to give Orton some Payback of his own?


Raw returns as McIntyre tries to stand.

But after getting kicked full force in the head twice, that’s easier said than done. But even so, McIntyre insists he’s fine and refuses to be helped. Is McIntyre even human?!


Backstage interview with Nia Jax.

But what is she doing here? Is that any way to talk to her? Manners. But she was suspended! The keyword is, “was.” But yeah, Nia hasn’t been reinstated. All she had to do was go to Pat Buck and… APOLOGIZE! Get your mind out of the gutter. Shayna Baszler comes over and says we all just figured she said something that would get suspended again. But everyone is counting down the moments that Nia does or says something that’ll get her kicked out of here.

Why is Shayna walking around here? Doesn’t she have a match with Bayley or something? But if she needs help, give Nia a call. Or text. Yeah, sure, Shayna will call Nia, “Haystacks Calhoun.” Oh, sorry. At least he was good looking. Rude! And rich coming from the Addams Family reject. Shayna “welcomes” Nia back and leaves, but will they see each other again very soon?


Bayley w/ Sasha Banks VS Shayna Baszler!

Speaking of Shayna’s match with Bayley, here it is! #BayleyDosStraps still looks upset that she let her best friend down and that they’re down a belt. Of course, they could get the Raw Women’s Championship back tonight! Will the Queen of Spades make sure Bayley is a non-factor for the Lumberjack match later on?

But wait! Nia Jax decides to walk out to ringside despite talking all that trash on Shayna! Will the Irresistible Force be a factor in her own right?

Raw returns as the bell rings and Shayna circles with Bayley. They tie up, Shayna gets around to get an arm and twist the wrist. Shayna yanks on the arm but Bayley gets away to a corner. Bayley comes back out, and Nia has moved further down the ramp. Shayna and Bayley go again, Bayley gets a waistlock but Shayna cranks an arm into a double wristlock! Bayley drops but the drop toehold fails. Shayna drags Bayley around, stands on Bayley’s head and twists the wrist even more! Shayna stands Bayley up for an arm jammer Sole Food! Bayley bails out and Ssaha regroups with her. Shayna tells Sasha she doesn’t deserve tonight’s Raw Women’s Championship match! The ring count climbs past 5 and Bayley returns at 7.

Bayley and Shayna go again, Bayley kicks low to club Shayna. Bayley headlocks, hits a takeover, turns Shayna over and floats all over her. Shayna gets up, Bayley hits another headlock takeover! “I can wrestle, too!” Shayna powers up, powers out and DECKS Bayley with a forearm! And another! Shayna runs in and KNEES Bayley in the corner! Bayley staggers, Shayna wrenches but Bayley rolls her up! TWO, and Shayna drags Bayley into a triangle! Sasha slides in but out just to distract Shayna, and Bayley CLOBBERS Shayna! Bayley clubs away on Shayna in the corner with furious fists while Sasha talks trash. The ref counts but Bayley lets up to stomp a mudhole.

Bayley brings Shayna out for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Bayley stomps Shayna down then talks trash. Bayley tells Shayna she doesn’t deserve anything, and she throws forearms. Bayley brings Shayna up just to throw her down, and hit a sliding elbow! Then another! Cover, TWO! Bayley drags Shayna up, talks trash but Shayna throws forearms and fists! Shayna KICKS the leg, but Bayley dumps her out hard! Nia creeps even closer while Shayna writhes. Bayley lets Shayna worry about the ring count, and Shayna gets up at 6, only for Nia to go after her!

Winner: Shayna Baszler, by disqualification

Nia throws haymaker, drags Shayna up, but Shayna throws Nia away! They brawl more, Nia RAMS Shayna into the LED! The Golden Role Models laugh at Shayna but things spill into the ring. Shayna glares at them, the Role Models run away but Nia CLOBBERS Shayna again! The Role Models cheer Nia on, but that only gets her attention. Nia and Shayna stop fighting to stare those two down. Shayna and Nia are going after the Role Models together?! We’ll have to wait and see!


Kevin Owens walks the halls.

Does anyone know where Aleister Black’s room is? Just go around the corner. Okay, thanks. Oh, here it is. Kevin knocks on the door, opens it up, and sees Aleister is inside. Kevin wasn’t sure since Aleister didn’t answer. If Aleister’s still going to be a guest on the KO Show, it’s up next. See you out there…?


Raw returns to the Kevin Owens Show!

“Look at everybody clapping! This is wonderful!” Kevin welcomes us to the very first THUNDERDOME edition of the KO Show! It’s always special when he hosts his show, but this is extra special. Especially with his guest, someone you wouldn’t expect on a talk show. But they’ve had common enemies, and we haven’t seen this superstar in a few weeks. Returning to Monday Night Raw, it’s Aleister Black! The Embodiment of the End has a headband for an eye patch, because he suffered a similar fate as Rey Mysterio, but at the hands of Buddy Murphy. Aleister avoids the steel steps and slides into the ring instead.

Kevin welcomes Aleister and they each have a seat. First of all, Kevin thanks Aleister for being his guest tonight. We haven’t seen Aleister in some time, and Kevin speaks for everyone that we’re all concerned given what happened. Kevin must ask how Aleister is doing. Aleister says we might as well just show footage. Kevin isn’t so sure but Aleister says he’s watched it a million times already. In that case, can the gentlemen in the truck show us that? This was about a month ago, before Extreme Rules held the Eye for an Eye match. The point of the stairs gouged Aleister’s eye, just as it did Rey Mysterio’s.

Kevin is pretty sure he knows what Aleister is feeling. Seth Rollins and his “disciples” get under your skin and in your head. They made Kevin question why he’s even in the WWE. Just ask the Mysterios, they went through the same. Kevin knows he’s done a lot of terrible things, but he’s taking a different path. Rollins is not. The reason Kevin didn’t want to show that footage- Aleister suddenly feels pain in his eye, but he uses it to sucker Kevin in! Back elbow to BLACK MASS!! Why did Aleister attack Kevin!? Aleister leaves without a word, just what is going through his already anomalous mind?


The Golden Role Models are both upset backstage!

They don’t get it! Why did Shayna and Nia decide to stare them down instead of keep fighting? Charly Caruso walks over to ask them about narrowly escaping. Pfft, as if! They were merely avoiding the drama between Shayna and Nia. Plus, Sasha has her rematch tonight to worry about! Sasha shouldn’t even need to be in this position to begin with. She will win that belt back and once again be #TwoBeltzBanks! Then, Bayley and Sasha will both go after Nia and Shayna! The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions might be getting ahead of themselves, but are we going to get that match-up?


WWE 24/7 Championship Fatal 4 Way: Shelton Benjamin VS Cedric Alexander VS Akira Tozawa w/ Ninjas VS R-Truth!

The Gold Standard is in a position no 24/7 Champion has been put in to date, and that is a straightforward Fatal 4 Way! Will he be able to thwart the Age of Alexander, the Stamina Monster AND the former 38 time 24/7, 7/11, 487, I-95 South, European Television Champion?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this Fatal 4 Way is #WhatsUp!

Benjamin clobbers Tozawa at the bell then scoops him up to SLAM him! Truth covers Tozawa, but Benjamin breaks it to stomp Truth. Alexander rolls Benjamin, ONE! Alexander basement dropkicks Benjamin then fires off fast hands! Alexander whips, Benjamin reveres but Alexander goes up and over and rolls to handspring back! Headscissors sends Benjamin into buckles! Benjamin puts Alexander on the apron but Alexander forearms back! Alexander springboards but into a KNEE! Alexander falls to the outside, Truth throws haymakers on Benjamin! Truth kicks then runs, but Benjamin dodges the scissors to kick low!

Benjamin drags Truth in, Tozawa uses Truth to get up and headscissor. But Benjamin stays up to POWERBOMB Tozawa to the outside! But the ninjas are there to catch their leader and put him back in! “NINJA POWER!” Truth throws Benjamin out, the ninjas capture Benjamin! Tozawa sunset flips Truth, Tozawa wins!!

Winner: Akira Tozawa, by pinfall (NEW WWE 24/7 Champion)

Victory for the ninja clan leader, but Benjamin whoops the ninjas! Tozawa doesn’t mind, that means he gets away clean! Will Benjamin and the Hurt Business track down Tozawa and take that title back?


Backstage interview with Randy Orton.

Any comments on what McIntyre said about Orton? Or what Orton did to McIntyre, for that matter? “Yes, I do.” But Orton doesn’t say them here. Is he headed back to ringside to address SummerSlam and Payback?


Raw returns to Randy Orton heading to the ring.

The Viper isn’t done tonight, and fans boo as he picks up a mic. “For the longest time, I have done what I wanted to, when I want to do it, to whomever I want to do it to. But at SummerSlam last night, that wasn’t the case.” Orton promised to RKO McIntyre, “kick him in the skull and take his title! But… I didn’t.” Now Orton can be called a lot of things, and that list is a long one. But one thing he is and forever will be is a man of his word! He promised to kill the legends of Edge, Christian, Big Show, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels, and that is what he did! “Because I am the Legend Killer.”

Now, McIntyre comes out and an opportunity presented itself. Orton took advantage of that opportunity, and not only kicked McIntyre once but twice, and he enjoyed it oh so much! And he did it twice because McIntyre stood in the ring and offered a pity rematch! “Who the hell do you think you are?!” Orton will remind us all that he IS Randy Orton, THE Legend Killer, THE Greatest Wrestler- KEITH LEE makes his way out here?! The Limitless One, who only just lost his NXT Championship at TakeOver: XXX is making his debut on Raw, by confronting the most dangerous man on the roster!! Orton isn’t sure what to make of this as Keith grabs a mic of his own.

“You seem a little perplexed, Randy. But I guess that would make sense. We haven’t been properly introduced, so allow me. Greetings and salutations, Mr. Orton. My name is Keith Lee, and I have come here to offer you this spectacular opportunity. This luxury, this privilege, to stop what you’re doing for just one moment, and bask in my glory.” Orton has been called many things: The Viper; Apex Predator; Legend Killer. Keith has been called many things: Game Changer, Anomaly. But one thing he is for certain is, Keith Lee is Limitless. And since the Limitless One is now Raw, and Orton, “My not so good sir,” is looking for “a fight the likes of which no one has ever felt,” with respect to Keith’s friend, McIntyre, he will step up to take Orton on right here, and right now!!

Orton circles and can’t believe Keith wants a fight. It is Keith Lee, isn’t it? Keith is Limitless and wants to fight Orton here and now?! Maybe later. Orton bails out and fans are disappointed, but Keith says it’s only a matter of time. Will this collision of Legend Killer and legend in the making be inevitable?


Backstage interview with Zelina Vega, Angel Garza, and Demi Burnett.

This wasn’t exactly planned, but Charly couldn’t help but overhear La Muneca getting on El Lethal Lothario’s case about flirting with Demi when he should be preparing for a match. Charly is curious about the evidence laid out in front of us. Will Vega admit she poisoned Montez Ford? Depends. Will Charly admit that she is wrong? Vega doesn’t know how many times she has to say this! The footage doesn’t prove anything! Garza tells Charly she is upsetting Zelina. But she got caught. Who hasn’t been caught at all? That doesn’t help, Garza! Vega has her match to focus on, so she’s going to get ready.

Garza goes back to Demi, and Demi mentions Ivar. Garza has his own match next, and invites Demi and Charly both to come watch. Charly doesn’t like this situation but Demi just shrugs and follows Garza. What is true and what is false in this Monday night telenovela?


Angel Garza w/ Andrade Almas & Demi Burnett VS Montez Ford w/ Angelo Dawkins!

Though they didn’t win the Raw Tag Team Championships, Garza and Almas don’t seem to be sweating it. Will they earn their way back to another shot as they take the Profits on in part?

The bell rings and Garza headlocks Ford right away! Ford tries to power out but Garza hods tight. Ford gets out on the second try, hurdles, hurdles and dropkicks! Ford fires up, has Garza in a corner, but Garza puts Ford on the apron. Ford enziguris, keeps his eyes on Almas, then climbs up. Crossbody into a dropkick! OFF COME THE PANTS! Garza throws them at Ford, smothers him for a cover, TWO! Garza wraps on a chinlock, drags Ford over to the corner and puts him up top. Garza gets up to club away on Ford and taunts Dawkins, “You want the smoke?!” Tree of Woe for a Penalty Kick! Demi likes what she sees as Garza covers, ONE! Garza chinlocks again and shifts to a wristlock. Ford fights up but Garza wrenches to throw body shots.

Ford pushes Garza away, spins him around but misses the enziguri! Garza sees Ivar walking out but still dropkicks Ford out of the ring! Ivar has something behind his back, and he strolls over to Demi to present her with… more turkey! Does Demi wanna get outta here? She does. The Warbeard is the Lovebeard as he gets the girl! Garza gets pissed, but Ford gets in the ring  to dodge the dropkick and KICK Garza back! Garza staggers and kicks Ford on the top rope, then Garza climbs up. Garza brings Ford up, Ford fights back and throws body shots! Ford ROCKS Garza, Garza holds on with ropes but Ford ROCKS him again! Then FROM THE HEAVENS!! Cover, Ford wins!!

Winner: Montez Ford, by pinfall

Garza busts as Ford keeps the Profits up! Will the Profits move on to some fresh match-ups now? Will Garza want Payback on Ivar for stealing the girl?


Nia finds Shayna backstage.

No fists are thrown as Nia starts to apologize. She wasn’t thrilled about working with Shayna, but the more she thinks about it, the more it works. They could actually win the tag titles. And Nia certainly wants those titles. Shayna says that if they work together on that, Nia stops attacking her. As long as Shayna follows Nia’s lead, deal. Shayna SLAPS Nia before leaving, as the last shot at each other, for now.

Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan walk in as Nia leaves. Bianca Belair finds them and brings up Vega trying to get at The EST again. Gurl, uh-uh. The IIconics are just as bad. So then let’s all go out and whoop, these, three. The RiottEST Squad is going to take on La Muneca y Las IIconicas, after the break!


Six Woman Tag: Bianca Belair & The Riott Squad VS Zelina Vega & The IIconics!

While Billie Kay and Peyton Royce have literally been using Liv and Ruby against each other, Bianca will not be an X factor! Will Bianca be able to help the roller coaster relationship steady? Or will the IIconics only be more devious with Vega on their side?

The trios sort out and Billie steps up to start against Liv. They tie up, Billie knees low and throws Liv to the corner. Tag to Peyton and the IIconics whip to forearm Liv in the back! Peyton drags Liv up but Liv fires off forearms! Liv drags Peyton up, whips to the corner and runs in to back body block! Tag to Ruby, the Squad works together and Ruby hits a running forearm! Ruby drags Peyton up to a wistlock, Peyton elbows free and tags in Billie. The IIconics give Ruby a BOOT! Cover, TWO! Ruby survives Shades of Kay and Billie is furious! Billie clubs Ruby, tags Peyton and they wrench, kick and kick Ruby down! Tag to Vega and she ax kicks Ruby on the back!

Vega puts Ruby in an open corner for a rocket kick! Then basement meteora! Cover, TWO! Vega is frustrated already as she drags Ruby around to a dragon sleeper! The behind the back grip looks familiar. But Ruby powers up, throws Vega off, but Vega sucker punches Liv! Bianca gets fired up, Ruby dodges Vega, hot tag to Bianca! Vega doesn’t want any part of Bianca but has  no choice as Bianca drags her back! Bianca runs Vega over with shoulder after shoulder, then she hits the IIconics for good measure! Vega tilt-o-whirls and headscissors, but Bianca handsprings through! Bianca comes back to run Vega over!

Bianca claps at Vega, whips her and blocks the wheelbarrow takedown, to the GLAM SLAM! Bianca says “Kiss this” then runs, handspring moonsault! Cover but the IIconics break it! The Squad gets in to double enziguri the IIconics down! Bianca runs at Vega, Vega goes up and over to roll her! TWO, and Bianca ROCKS Vega with a right! Torture rack to KISS OF DEATH! Cover, Bianca and the Squad win!

Winners: The Riott Squad & Bianca Belair, by pinfall

The KOD seals the deal, and the EST celebrates with Ruby and Liv! Will all three finally be able to move past the thorns in their side?


Ricochet and Alexander arm wrestle backstage.

Alexander gets the win! Mark Henry comes by and says he doesn’t want to ruin the fun, but he needs the arm wrestling table. Unless Alexander wants to take him on? Oh no, Alexander is just fine having his arm still. The crew takes the table for Henry while Ricochet and Alexander talk. But MVP comes over and asks what they’re even doing. Alexander just lost the 24/7 Championship, and instead of chasing Tozawa, he’s clowning around? Are they going to play patty cake at the slumber party next? Ha ha, funny. But this is getting sad. MVP should- MVP doesn’t remember asking Ricochet a damn thing! He’s talking to the man who just beat Ricochet in the arm wrestling contest. The same man Ricochet abandoned last week. Abandoned?!

Alexander calms Ricochet down and tells MVP he already gave him an answer. Yes, but The Hurt Business is a family business. Alexander can still roll with them and be protected, get that real talk. Hurt Business will help Alexander not waste his prime years running around with the “One and Only.” If Alexander doesn’t accept the offer, MVP isn’t sure what he has to do. But he’ll let these two get back to playing games, while MVP attends to some United States Championship business. Alexander assures Ricochet the dynamic duo isn’t breaking up, but will the two be able to keep it together?


Raw returns to Mark Henry in the ring!

The World’s Strongest Man welcomes us back and says that while SummerSlam is over, we are just six short days from Payback! We have two competitors for the WWE United States Championship, and we’re going to see who is physically strongest. Take it from him, this is a deciding factor. Therefore, our first competitor, the “CEO of the Hurt Business,” the All Mighty Bobby Lashley! Lashley makes his entrance, shakes hands with Henry, then takes his spot at the arm wrestling table. Next, the man who had an impressive defense of his title. He is the future, he is Apollo Crews! Apollo makes his entrance now and shakes Henry’s hand before taking his place by the table.

Henry has already told Mustafa Ali, Ricochet and Alexander to not come out here, but he also told the rest of the Hurt Business to stay out, too. This has to be a fair competition. Fair?! Lashley says he doesn’t need MVP or Benjamin to do this. Lashley is going to slam Apollo’s hand down, then beat him up! But not too bad, because Apollo needs to make it to Payback to get beaten up even more and lose that US Championship! “Do you got that, little man?” Apollo laughs that off, and tells Lashley we all saw what happened to MVP. That also happens to Lashley. But first, Apollo will win this arm wrestling contest. Henry says no more talk, it’s time to go. Apollo has Henry hold the belt, then the two competitors tie up.

Lashley acts like he needs to prepare first. Lashley takes off the jacket and carefully hangs it up. They tie up again, Lashley wants Henry to make sure this is fair. Apollo stomps Lashley’s foot! Then he pushes Lashley’s arm down! Henry says Apollo wins!! Lashley protests but he just got outsmarted is all. Lashley still tries to hit Apollo, but Apollo gets around to waistlock! Lashley fights out of the Crews Missile but runs into a BOOT! Apollo sees MVP and Benjamin running down the ramp, so he FLIES out to take them down! Apollo again makes the Hurt Business look cheap, will he bankrupt them come this Sunday?


Backstage interview with the Mysterios.

Rey and Dominik are here, as well as Ms. Angie. Charly asks Rey about everything that the Mysterio family has gone through, and the conflicting emotions he must be feeling. Dominik had his first match but against the two men who caused them such strife in Rollins and Murphy. Rey says that whatever happens, he is proud of his son. The same goes for Angie. Dominik stepped in the ring, facing one of the most dangerous superstars in the WWE today, in his first match ever. He gave Rollins hell, and Rey couldn’t be prouder. Charly agrees, Dominik performed admirably, but must ask if he was nervous at all. He was absolutely terrified. But no matter what, he had his family in his corner, and that is what gave him the courage.

That is something Rollins doesn’t get. Family gives them strength. One day, Rollins will have a family of his own, and will finally understand what he put the Mysterios through. For now, the family is here, together, and Rollins will have to do deal with the consequences. Dominik became a man, and proved himself last night. Tonight isn’t even about winning or losing. Rey is just proud of the young man by his side. He knows how much pain Dominik is in, but Rey loves his son. Tonight is a night they’ve been dreaming of! They’re sharing the ring together as father and son. And Rey will be damned if Rollins wins. Rollins talks about the bright future of Raw, but he’s looking at it right here. Will Dominik rebound from his first loss at SummerSlam to his first win on Raw?


Raw returns to Natalya and Lana in the ring.

The Ravishing Russian says she and the Queen of Harts are happy to be here. Today, they are inducting a special woman into the Hall of Fame. Natty is one of the best, no she IS the best in-ring performer. A workhorse, a peacemaker, and truth sayer! Natty says Lana doesn’t have to go on, because it’s guaranteed Natty is going into the Hall of Fame one day as the Best of All Time, #BOAT. Tonight is paying tribute to the six-time women’s champion, Mickie James, a true trailblazer in the WWE. Like every great trail, Mickie’s trail ends. Lana admits that they tried their best to help Mickie stay relevant through social media, but it didn’t work. That is why tonight, they are retiring “The Chick with the Kick.” Please join them in looking back in this highlight reel Natty worked so hard on.

The video plays NOTHING! Because there’s nothing they can think that makes Mickie’s career great. But Mickie rushes right out and pushes Natty down! Lana gets in Mickie’s face but gets the MICK KICK! Mickie just sank the #BOAT, but will she and Natty settle things in a more substantial showdown?


Shane McMahon walks up to the Raw Underground door.

Jordan Omogbehin is there to greet him as always, but the Hurt Business storms up! Lashley wants a fight, and he doesn’t give a damn who it is! He wants to beat the hell outta someone! Go right ahead! Shane lets the Hurt Business through first, fist bumps Jordan, and heads in himself. Who will end up a victim of the #FullLashley tonight?


It’s time for Raw Underground!

Lashley has that fight he wants, and he BOOTS his opponent back. The man comes back but Lashley catches him to a facelock, and cranks until the man passes out! Lashley wins!

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Shane is impressed, but does anyone else want a go at Lashley? Lashley dumps his opponent out and Dolph Ziggler steps up! Ziggler is supposed to face Ivar but it seems Ziggler is after bigger fish. These two tie up, Ziggler gets a leg but Lashley pries him off. Ziggler comes back for more, hammers away on Lashley and gets a facelock. Lashley powers up to SLAM Ziggler down and throw hands back! Lashley kicks Ziggler while he’s down with those business shoes, but Ziggler kicks back! Ziggler hops on for a sleeper hold, but Lashley rolls. Ziggler keeps hold of Lashley, Lashley throws Ziggler off then BLASTS him all the way to the wall!! Guess Ivar doesn’t need to fight Ziggler after all.

Winner: Bobby Lashley, 2-0

MVP drags a rando from the crowd and throws him up to the ring! Lashley sees the man and BOOTS him down! That man is OUT, Lashley keeps winning!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, 3-0

Shane says Raw Underground will take a break while we figure out if anyone wants more of Lashley, and if Ziggler really is down for the count.


Keith Lee VS Randy Orton!

The Limitless One’s debut on Monday Night Raw is going to be one for the ages! Will he survive an already angry Apex Predator in their first-ever match?

The bell rings, Keith and Orton circle and tie up. Keith powers Orton to a corner but Orton shifts to a headlock to get out. Keith lifts Orton but Orton cranks on the headlock to stay on the ground. Keith powers out and HURDLES Orton, to then drop down and run Orton over! Orton gets to a corner as he is surprised by what just happened! Keith waits for Orton to come back, and the two circle. Keith calls for a test of strength, Orton approaches and kicks low. Orton throws European Uppercuts but Keith stays up. Orton winds back but the punch is blocked! Keith crushes Orton’s hand and brings Orton to a knee! Orton gets up but Keith reels him in for a STANDING OVERHEAD SUPLEX!

Orton bails out, Keith follows and has Orton at the announce desk. Keith scoops Orton but Orton slips off to POST Keith! Keith gets in the ring fast, Orton stomps away on Keith’s legs! Orton digs his knee into Keith’s face and scrapes the face! Cover, ONE!! Orton is back on his feet from that kickout but Orton goes after Keith with a chinlock. Orton grinds Keith’s head but Keith fights his way up. The fans rally as Orton is a backpack on Keith, and Keith roars to ram Orton into buckles! Keith is free, he bumps Orton again then goes corner to corner for a corner splash! Keith keeps moving, ducks Orton and CROSSBODIES!

Orton writhes but Keith seethes as the fans cheer. Keith watches Orton stand, then he runs to POUNCE Orton out of the ring! Keith pursues again and has Orton back at the announce desk. Keith puts Orton in fast, but Orton kicks him in the ropes! Orton drags Keith out, DRAPING DDT! Keith writhes but Orton circles him. Orton hears the voices in his head and wants Keith to stand. Keith stirs, but McIntyre drags Orton out to go after him!!

Winner: Randy Orton, by disqualification

McIntyre isn’t just standing and walking after two punt kicks, he’s beating Orton up! He whips Orton into barriers, brings him around and rams him into more barriers! Orton jumps over and out to run away backstage! McIntyre staggers and seethes, frustrated that the Viper slithered away. Is Claymore Country coming to crush the head of the Viper once and for all?


Raw returns with a backstage interview with Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre says he is really happy for his friend, Keith, but he doesn’t need Keith fighting his battles. Keith was impressive, but so is McIntyre just standing and talking here. What is McIntyre experiencing? Well he doesn’t feel good, that’s sure. Orton tried to end McIntyre’s career! To Orton, McIntyre says that- ORTON BLINDSIDES MCINTYRE! AND PUNTS HIM AGAIN!! Security and referees rush the scene to get Orton to go away but Orton vows the title is his! Orton vows to still do whatever he wants! Orton leaves for now, but was that kick the nail in the coffin?


Raw returns with Charly waiting by the Trainer’s Room.

“This is not a good situation right now.” Obviously McIntyre just got kicked in the head again, and what Charly is hearing is not good. There could be a skull fracture, internal bleeding, and McIntyre’s career could be in jeopardy. Will McIntyre make it to Payback? Will he even be able to wrestle ever again?


Raw Women’s Championship Lumberjack Match: Asuka VS Sasha Banks!

The Empress of Tomorrow didn’t get to become a double champion, but she at least stopped The Boss from being one. Will that all turn right back around right here tonight? And win or lose, will Sasha be in any shape to help Bayley fight Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax in their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match at Payback?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised and this rematch with the entire Raw Women’s Division watching ringside begins!

Sasha and Asuka circle, Sasha rolls Asuka up fast, TWO! Sasha is furious that the ref took so long to figure it out, but Asuka kicks her down! Asuka drags Sasha up to throw out to the lumberjacks! Ruby and Liv are there, but Sasha shoves Ruby! Sasha gets back on the apron, but Asuka hip attacks her down! Bayley tells Liv, Ruby, Bianca and more to stay back, and she’s supported by Lana, Natty and the IIconics. The ref tells them all to stand down, especially with Shayna stepping up to Bayley! The tension is palpable and this situation is combustible, but Raw goes to break.

Raw returns as Sasha drags Asuka by her hair over to the apron! Sasha drags Asuka all the way out of the ring to club away on her! Sasha drags Asuka up, and Bayley as a lumberjack legally mugs Asuka! Bayley taunts Asuka as Sasha bumps her off the LED then puts her in. Sasha covers, TWO! Asuka gets to a corner, Sasha grows frustrated but the fans rally up. Sasha runs corner to corner but Asuka SUPERKICKS Sasha down! Asuka gets up top, Sasha stands, FLYING DDT! Asuka manages to cover, TWO!! Sasha survives and Asuka can’t believe it! Sasha flounders to ropes, Asuka stalks up behind her, and Asuka blocks a kick to trip Sasha to an ANKLE LOCK! Sasha scrambles and reaches but Asuka leans on the hold!

Sasha reaches, Bayley is there for her, and Sasha rolls to send Asuka out! Bayley watches but the Riott Squad is there to hep Asuka. Sasha LEAPS from the apron, Asuka gets clear and the Squad takes the hit! Sasha realizes what happened, but turns around into Asuka’s SLIDING KNEE! Asuka glares at Bayley as she gives chase. Bayley throws Natty at Asuka but Asuka decks her! Bayley throws Lana next, Asuka DECKS her! The IIconics are next, they get hit, too! But then Sasha attacks Asuka from behind! Sasha puts Asuka back in, climbs up top, and FROG SPLASHES! Cover, TWO!! Bayley and Sasha are both shocked! Sasha isn’t sure what to do next, but she has Bayley get her something. Bayley get a chair, Shayna gets Bayley’s leg!

Bayley fights Shayna but Shayna drags her down and kicks her in the chest! Asuka gets Sasha for the ASUKA LOCK!! Sasha flails, reaches, but she’s caught!! Sasha taps out, Asuka wins again!!

Winner: Asuka, by pinfall (still Raw Women’s Champion)

The Empress shuts the Blueprint out! Bayley blames Shayna for keeping this fair, but now she and Sasha must regroup to prepare! Will the Queen of Spades and Irresistible Force make for a killer combination at Payback?


Raw has an update on McIntyre’s medical status.

An ambulance is here, and it seems McIntyre has been loaded into the back. McIntyre is taken away, because of the severity of his injury. Standing by, Keith Lee comments on the situation. “There is a very large portion of me that would’ve liked to say, ‘Hey, bud, don’t interfere in my Raw debut.'” But instead, Keith has watched another friend get loaded into an ambulance, and it’s different. But fortunately, McIntyre is one of the toughest men Keith has ever met. McIntyre will be okay. But as for Orton, “I can’t say the same for him.” Will doctors be able to help McIntyre? Will anything be able to save Orton from the Limitless wrath of Keith Lee?


Raw Underground – Bobby Lashley VS Cedric Alexander!

Yes, that’s right! The Hurt Business somehow got Alexander down to the fight pit and Lashley is beating him down! Alexander fights back, waistlocks and gets a leg to trip Lashley up! Lashley counters to a facelock then waistlock then SLAM! Lashley flips over Alexander to get him in an ARMBAR! Alexander fights but Lashley elbows away on Alexander’s head! Both MVP and Shane have to call this one and pry Lashley off Alexander!

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Lashley finally lets Alexander go, but IVAR gets in! Ivar didn’t get his fight with Ziggler because of Lashley so he wants some of Lashley for himself! But the Hurt Business tackle Ivar down and beat him up! Erik gets in and now the Viking Raiders brawl with the Hurt Business! But that’s 3v2! MVP gives Erik an STO while Ivar gets beat down 2v1! Benjamin helps MVP with Erik while Lashley puts Ivar in a KIMURA! Ivar taps, Lashley wins again!

Winners: The Hurt Business

Shane gives props to MVP, Lashley and Benjamin. We’ll see more Raw Underground next week! Will Lashley return to the fight pit the NEW United States Champion?


Raw makes it Payback official!

After what Orton did to McIntyre, Keith Lee steps up again to finish the fight! Will Orton #BaskInHisGlory? Or will Keith #BurnInHisLight?


Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy VS Rey & Dominik Mysterio!

The Monday Night Messiah and his disciple have tried to ruin the dreams of the King of Lucha Libre and his son, but have not crushed their spirits! Dominik and Rey are ready for more, will they finally get revenge on Rollins and Murphy?

But before the two teams are in the ring, Rey and Dominik go after Rollins and Murphy on the ramp! Rey throws Rollins into barriers but Rollins kicks and clubs back. Dominik and Murphy brawl on the other end while Rey fires back. Rey rams Rollins into barriers, Murphy ROCKS Dominik, but Rollins throws Rey over the announce desk! Dominik is 2v1 now and put in the ring. Rollins sicks Murphy after Dominik and this match officially begins!

Dominhik jawbreakers Murphy! Dominik ducks, dodges and tilt-o-whirl arm-drags Murphy away! Murphy gets up into another arm-drag! Murphy blocks the third but not the fourth! Dominik dropkicks Murphy out of the ring! The fans fire up as Dominik builds speed, but Rollins is there! Dominik dropkicks Rollins to the desk! Murphy returns but is tossed to that side! Rey returns to FLYING RANA Rollins into the barriers! Rey puts Rollins in for Dominik, and now father and son surround him! They dropkick and drop toehold Rollins onto the ropes, but Murphy saves Rollins from the 619! But not Dominik’s CROSSBODY! The Mysterios have control as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns as Rollins runs into boots from Rey! Rey fights out of the “Greater good” corner but runs into Rollins’ fireman’s carry! Rey fights but still takes the GUT BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Rollins grows frustrated as he stomps Rey’s hand! Rollins taunts Rey to reach for his son. Rey crawls, Dominik reaches out but Rollins sucker punches Dominik! Rollins grins as he drags Rey back up. Rey hits back with body shots and haymakers, but is shoved into the corner. Rey fights out again, goes up and wheelbarrows, then kicks Murphy away before giving Rollins the bulldog! Both men are down, Dominik is back up on the corner! Rey and Rollins crawl, Murphy tags in first! Murphy anchors Rey, drags him away, but Rey enziguris back! Hot tag to Dominik!

Dominik climbs up and leaps over Murphy to roll and send Murphy into buckles! Dominik rallies with clotheslines, whips to ropes but Murphy reverses. Dominik still clotheslines Murphy! Murphy knees low, throws Dominik out but Dominik lands on the apron. Dominik springboards for a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Dominik doesn’t slow down, he drags Murphy up. Murphy shoves, but runs into a boot! Dominik back elbows then hops up, flying huricanrana POSTS Murphy! Dominik runs corner to corner, goes up and up and TORNADO DDT’S! Cover, Rollins breaks it! Rollins gets out, Dominik stares him down, but Murphy bails out, too.

Rollins keeps Dominik’s attention until Dominik goes out to fetch Murphy in. Dominik still glares at Rollins but Murphy chop blocks Dominik! Tag to Rollins, Rollins drags Dominik up and lifts, but Dominik fights off the bomb! Dominik hops off to tag in Rey! Rey springboard seated sentons Rollins down but doesn’t slow down! Rey ducks and dodges, then tilt-o-whirl headscissors Rollins to ropes! Dial it up but Murphy tags in! Rollins gets clear of the 619 again, Murphy rolls Rey up! TWO, Murphy kicks and scoops but Rey slips off. Rey dropkicks the legs out, tags in Dominik, and they double it up!! 619 times two!! Dominik climbs up top, the lights start to flicker…?! Rollins shoves Dominik off the top!

Rey chases Rollins, but RETRIBUTION appears!! They chase everyone off, and surround Dominik and Rey! The Mysterios are mugged 6v2! Rollins smiles because they’re doing the dirty work for him. They drag Dominik up to throw forearms, then they put Rey in a corner for stomps. DOUBLE HIP TOSS on Dominik! Dominik flops out of the ring but Retribution drags him back up. Rey gets slid out hard to the floor! Then Dominik is sent into barriers! The fans boo as Retribution continues to stomp and pummel Dominik. The two biggest ones take Rey to LAWN DART him at the POST!! “This is OUR house!” They drag Rey over to Dominik to make Dominik see what happened to his father. Retribution claims they’ve earned this, but who even are they?!

My Thoughts:

A wild and crazy follow-up to SummerSlam and go-home to Payback in one go, this Raw was actually really good. There were quite a few disqualification/no contest finishes tonight, but each of those works well to keep stories going and the math even. I would not have expected the brawling between Nia and Shayna the last couple weeks result in a reluctant tag team a la Sheamus and Cesaro becoming The Bar. I don’t see them winning the Women’s Tag titles, but I bet the match is a great slug fest before things fall apart. The Lumberjack match rematch for the Raw Women’s title was pretty good, and it certainly makes for a clean break of Asuka and the Golden Role Models. I have a feeling that Shayna and Nia losing at Payback results in them having it out on the road to Asuka VS Shayna, probably at Hell in a Cell.

The “telenovela” as I’ve nicknamed it has taken quite the twist. Demi seems to go back and forth between Garza and Ivar, but Garza and Ivar already had a match so it seems like some of this is backwards. Maybe it escalates, they have a rematch and in a shocking twist that I was hoping would happen in Ziggler VS Otis, Demi chooses the loser, because she can’t help but console the man who got badly beat up. The story with The Hurt Business and Apollo’s crew escalates, but Apollo’s the only one not getting beat up anymore. The arm wrestling segment was funny, Apollo VS Lashley is going to be a great match, and the 24/7 Championship Fatal 4 was fun but the title goes with Tozawa to keep it out of the mix for the moment.

Speaking of Ziggler, what a surprising change of plans for him to fight Lashley in Raw Underground. The Hurt Business stands tall in the fight pit, but I wonder if we get some kind of Six Man after Payback. The Six Woman Tag was really good, and it was great for the Faces to win. This probably doesn’t settle anything, but it was a great blending of how Bianca is a new friend of Ruby’s, and Liv being an old friend, these three might form a new trio since this isn’t the true Riott Squad. Aleister on the KO Show was a great segment. He had the eye patch wrap, and he shocks us by going Heel as it were, suckering Kevin into that attack. There are a lot of ways they can take this, I’m just not sure if this should lead to Aleister joining Rollins. Aleister is either a loner or a leader, not a follower.

The story of Orton and McIntyre was great, and I did not expect them to bring Keith Lee into it. Though perhaps WWE releasing a video of McIntyre and Keith training together before TakeOver: XXX was the foreshadowing. I like Keith going right after Orton, that in itself is like a title, and their match at Payback will be great. McIntyre already started looking superhuman at taking two punt kicks and getting up, but it seems almost a given he shows up at Payback to shock Orton. Hopefully after a winner is decided this time, just so Keith doesn’t have beef with McIntyre. Though that would be an awesome match, too. At the very least, McIntyre VS Orton at Hell in a Cell IN Hell in a Cell will be amazing!

We got a really great surprise in the Mysterios taking on Rollins and Murphy, though it was more clear here that Dominik still needs to sharpen his lucha skills. He may also need to rethink a hood on that vest. Maybe they add layers to the costume so he can take off the hooded vest and just have a tight shirt like his father. But as soon as those lights flickered, it was clear Retribution was going to attack. I almost thought the six here tonight were going to reveal themselves and set up Payback matches somehow, but guess not. Maybe the reveal is at Payback, and we build towards huge HIAC matches, such as 8 Mans, 6 Mans, Women’s Tag, etc. I hope this doesn’t drag Survivor Series into it. I want a second year of the Triple Brand Warfare, 5v5v5, not Team Retribution VS Team WWE where no matter who wins, it feels like the story loses.

My Score: 8.5/10

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