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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (12/25/20)

Merry Cruisermas!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

205 Live gives us a Bollywood Christmas!

Christmas is almost over but the action isn’t! Will Raul Mendoza represent for El Legado Del Fantasma? Will it be a happy holiday for the Bollywood Boyz?


  • Chase Parker w/ Matt Marthel VS Samir Singh w/ Sunil Singh; Parker wins.
  • Raul Mendoza VS Mansoor; Mansoor wins.


Chase Parker w/ Matt Marthel VS Samir Singh w/ Sunil Singh!

Normally 2v2, these two teams decide to settle things 1v1! Will there still be Lights, Camera and Bollywood Action on Christmas night?

The bell rings and fans fire up for the Bollywood Boyz, and Sunil distracts by bringing out the Singh camcorder! Parker swipes at him, misses, and Samir goes after Parker! Samir fires off hands, whips Parker to ropes, but Parker reverses to dropkick him down! Cover, ONE, but Parker is after Samir. Samir throws Parker out but Parker is right up. Parker watches Sunil closely but he gets stomps from Samir! Samir fires off hands, whips Parker but Parker reverses again. Sami throws Parker back out hard, distracts the ref with a “pulled hammy,” and Sunil shoves Parker back in! Samir stomps Parker, digs his boots in, and lets off as the ref counts.

Samir kicks Parker out, Sunil has a tight close-up, but Samir distracts the ref again. Sunil winds up for a real close-up on Parker, but Marthel CLOBBERS Sunil first! Parker gets back in, tackles Samir and rains down rights! Samir gets away, goes to a corner but Parker throws body shots and haymakers first! Samir puts Parker on the apron, Parker avoids Sunil’s swipe but Samir hotshots Parker down! Marthel protests, Samir goes out to leap and CLOBBER Parker down! Samir drags Parker up, the ring count starts but Samir snap suplexes Parker to the floor! Samir goes inside, Parker gets up and in but Samir is on him again with another snap suplex! Cover, TWO!

Samir climbs up a corner, leaps at Parker and hits a flying elbow! Cover, TWO! Samir wraps a chinlock on, fans rally up and Parker fights to his feet. Parker pries but Samir clubs him down! Samir scoops Parker for a backbreaker! Parker is down, Sunil rolls film as Samir goes up, but Samir leaps into BOOTS! Sunil coaches his brother up while fans rally up. Parker and Samir slowly rise, Samir is up first but Parker ROCKS him with a right! And another! Parker runs but Samir slips around to a sleeper hold! Parker flails, Marthel creeps closer but Sunil keeps him back. Parker rams Samir into buckles but Samir hops on as a backpack!

Parker rams buckles again and is free, only for Samir to come back! Parker fades but gets a second wind, to RAM Samir into buckles again! Parker is free, he dodges Samir and sends him hard into buckles! Both men are down, Sunil and Marthel both coaching up their respective teammate! Samir stands first but Parker trips him to catapult him into a corner! Parker fires up and throws big haymakers! Samir swings but into a jawbreaker, and BUZZSAW! Samir staggers, Parker runs to trip him up and slingshot over, elbow drop! Samir scrambles away and out of the ring!

Sunil keeps his brother safe, and tries to pull off Twin Magic? They’re NOT twin brothers! The ref sees through that, Sunil tries to pretend he’s Samir, and then EJECTS him! But Samir runs in with the clapboard! Parker dodges that and Samir CLAP SMACKS Sunil!! Parker reels Samir into a one-man SWEET TASTE! Cover, Parker wins!

Winner: Chase Parker, by pinfall

The Bollywood Boyz kept trying to flip the script, but the trilogy of defeat is complete! Ever-Rise sarcastically wish them a Merry Christmas, but will it be far from a Bolly New Year?


205 Live hears from Curt Stallion.

The Lonestar says he didn’t think it’d take until 2021 to get the title match he literally earned in the Fatal 5 Way. Santos Escobar, El Campion del Cruiserweights, congrats on ducking him this long! But they both know that with each week that passes, Stallion is getting better. That is not good for Escobar. Escobar keeps taking something very precious from Stallion, and that is time. When El Legado jumped him from behind, it kept him from that opportunity on NXT. Stallion always collects, and Escobar will have to pay in the form of that Cruiserweight Championship. Stallion says he’ll see Escobar soon. But when will that showdown Stallion wants be given to him?


Raul Mendoza VS Mansoor!

While the Lonestar is waiting to shine against the Leader of Leaders, the rest of El Legado is sharpening their edge! Will the Asesino Técnico (Technical Assassin) be the one to end the winning streak of the Star of Saudi Arabia?

The bell rings and Mendoza smirks at Mansoor but fans rally behind Mansoor. The two circle, tie up, and Mendoza wrenches and wristlocks. Mansoor rolls, hooks a leg and uses a chinbar to wrangle Mendoza down. Mansoor gets a heel hook but Mendoza kicks free. The two reset and go again as fans rally. The two tie up, Mansoor wants that leg but Mendoza gets the ropebreak. Mansoor lets off fast and they reset again. Mendoza shoots in to get a waistlock and slam, then floats all over to handspring and taunt Mansoor. Mansoor just shrugs that off as he and Mendoza tie up again.

Mansoor wrenches, wristlocks, arm-drags and rolls to arm-drag again! Mansoor lounges on the mat to show he doesn’t sweat Mendoza. The two reset and tie up, go around, and Mansoor whips. Mansoor drops down then hurdles over but Mendoza waistlocks to shove, but Mansoor redirects himself to go up and around for an arm-drag! Mansoor keeps going, wheelbarrows and arm-drags again! Then Mansoor uses a tiger feint to arm-drag! Mendoza scrambles and gets away to stop Mansoor’s momentum! The fans are fired up, Mansoor runs and slides but Mendoza ducks to RAM Mansoor into barriers! And RAM him into apron, to then apron back suplex! Slingshot senton and basement dropkick!

Mendoza has Mansoor in a corner, rams his shoulder in, lets off as the ref counts, then rams him again! Mendoza whips Mansoor corner to corner and hard into the buckles! Mendoza stands on Mansoor, hops off as the ref counts, and he digs a knee into Mansoor’s back for the chinlock stretch. Fans rally and Mansoor fights up to slip around, but Mendoza kicks him in the side! Mansoor blocks the next kick to DRAGON SCREW! Mendoza gets to a corner with the bad leg, but Mansoor hits a big corner clothesline! Mansoor goes up but Mendoza YANKS him off the ropes! Mansoor writhes, Mendoza glares and he stomps Mansoor down!

Mendoza clubs Mansoor over and over, stomps him, then drops a knee on the arm! Mansoor gets away to a corner but Mendoza is after him. Mendoza snap suplexes, covers, TWO! Mendoza smirks again as he brings Mansoor back up. Mendoza whips Mansoor to a corner, stomps him more, but stops as the ref counts. But then he digs his knee into Mansoor’s face! Mendoza stops at 4, Mansoor crawls along ropes, but Mendoza KICKS him down! Mansoor CHOPS back but Mendoza stomps him! Mendoza drags Mansoor up, chokes him on the top rope, but lets off as the ref counts with a sharp yank of the ropes!

Mansoor sputters as he sits up but Mendoza takes off his shirt to put it on Mansoor. Mendoza runs to basement dropkick Mansoor down! Cover, TWO! Mendoza grows frustrated but Mansoor throws the El Legado shirt back! Mansoor CHOPS but Mendoza dropkicks him down! Mendoza gets the bad leg moving as he brings Mansoor back up. Mendoza snapmares, grabs an arm and gets a cobra clutch! Mendoza thrashes Mansoor around but fans rally as Mansoor endures! Mansoor fades, Mendoza leans on him more and even throws in knees! Fans rally, Mansoor gets a second wind and gets back up, only for Mendoza to wrangle him back down!

Mendoza is confident as he squeezes tight, but Mansoor still fights up. Fans continue to rally, Mansoor throws body shots and powers Mendoza to a corner! Mendoza holds on but Mansoor throws more shots! Mansoor again rams Mendoza into buckles, but Mendoza still holds on. Mendoza CLUBS Mansoor, whips him to a corner, then runs in, but Mansoor dodges! Mendoza POSTS himself and falls out of the ring! Fans fire up as Mendoza is down on the outside! Mansoor gets up, Mendoza hurries back in but Mansoor throws forearms on him! Mansoor dodges to elbow and LARIAT back! Mansoor rallies as fans fire up!

Mansoor whips, atomic drops and SPINEBUSTERS! Mansoor fires up now as Mendoza goes to a corner. Mansoor runs corner to corner to clothesline! Mansoor hops up and leaps, FLYING BULLDOG! Mendoza flops out of the ring to save himself! Mansoor builds speed, to DIVE! Direct hit to the ramp! Mansoor is even more fired up and he puts Mendoza in the ring. Cover, TWO! Mendoza isn’t done yet, but Mansoor keeps on him! Electric Chair lift, SANDS OF- NO! Victory roll! TWO, and Mansoor runs, only for Mendoza to side step. Mansoor sunset flips, Mendoza rolls through, PENALTY KICK! LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO!!

Mendoza is furious as he drives knees into Mansoor’s ribs over and over! Mendoza drags Mansoor up by a wristlock, swings him, but Mansoor swings free! They switch, Mendoza back suplexes but Mansoor lands on his feet, tilt-o-whirl REVERSE DDT! Cover, TWO!! Mansoor locks the legs up in a Figure Four before turning him over! Mendoza endures this modified Sharpshooter, crawls to ropes and gets the ropebreak! Mansoor lets go and is more sore than upset. Mansoor stalks Mendoza, Electric Chair lifts, but Mendoza slips out to mule kick! Mendoza reels Mansoor in, ANARCHY SUPLEX! But Mendoza doesn’t cover, he climbs up!

The bad leg slows him down, but Mendoza reaches the top. PHOENIX- No, Mansoor moves and Mendoza lands on his feet! Mansoor runs in, is put on the apron, but SLINGSHOT NECKBREAKERS! Cover, Mansoor wins!

Winner: Mansoor, by pinfall

The undefeated streak continues for the Star of Saudi Arabia! Will Mansoor move up right behind Curt Stallion in the Cruiserweight Championship chase?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode for 205 on Christmas, but there are details in the opening match I don’t agree with. Why are the Singh Brothers suddenly trying to be Heel in their feud with Ever-Rise? Though, I suppose they somewhat were already with the original Singh Cam attacks. But it felt like they were trying to be Faces through this feud against Ever-Rise, so I thought they were going to further that path. Are Ever-Rise trying to be Faces when they were the ones being sneaky during the Triple Threat Tag on NXT? I’m not sure even HHH knows how to handle the integration of 205 Live and NXT as a whole, but I kinda liked the idea of the Bollywood Boyz trying to be good guys, not bad guys.

Curt Stallion had a good promo putting it on Escobar for why their title match hasn’t happened yet. I do hope we get Stallion to be on NXT TV for once, certainly with the new year around the corner. Otherwise, how are fans who don’t really pay attention to 205 Live supposed to know what’s going on? Mendoza VS Mansoor was very good, and it works that Mansoor wins. Mansoor’s streak isn’t much but it means a lot in the Cruiserweight Division that he hasn’t lost even one match. Depending on how things go with Escobar VS Stallion, and Jordan Devlin on the side, maybe Mansoor is there to be the next challenger.

My Score: 8/10

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