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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (12/25/20)

It’s a Very Merry SmackDown!



WWE SmackDown Coverage 3.0

Who wins gold this SmackDown Christmas?

It’s a CHAMPIONSHIP Christmas as Sami Zayn defends the Intercontinental title against Big E, Charlotte Flair and Asuka defend against two teams, and the Universal Championship is inside a STEEL CAGE!


  • WWE Universal Championship Cage Match: Roman Reigns VS Kevin Owens; Reigns wins and retains the title.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships Elimination Triple Threat: Charlotte Flair & Asuka VS Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair VS #BAYMELLA; Charlotte & Asuka win and retain the titles.
  • Daniel Bryan VS Jey Uso; Bryan wins.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship Lumberjack Match: Sami Zayn VS Big E; Big E wins and becomes the new WWE Intercontinental Champion.


WWE Universal Championship Cage Match: Roman Reigns VS Kevin Owens!

Worthy of a main event on any given night, the Tribal Chief and the Prizefighter could not wait to settle things! Jey Uso helped Roman retain at TLC, but hopefully the steel can keep this to a fair fight! Will Kevin finally #StunTheWorld as he dethrones the Head of the Table?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised and the door is closed as this prizefight for the holiday begins!

The two start throwing hands, Kevin gets the edge but Roman ROCKS him with an uppercut! Kevin resists in the corner but Roman headbutts. Kevin kicks, Roman headbutts again, and then Roman bumps Kevin off buckles. Roman throws big uppercuts again, then whips Kevin to ropes for a BOOT! Cover, ONE!! Roman is furious and he stomps Kevin down. Roman stalks Kevin to a corner, brings him up and throws him into steel fence! Kevin staggers up, and Roman throws him into steel again! Then fireman’s carries for the SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO! Roman is again frustrated with Kevin, who is somehow still fighting after everything that happened at TLC.

Roman locks ‘n’ loads, but jumps into a DDT! Both men are down and that’s big for Kevin! Kevin gets up first, gets to the side but doesn’t climb. Kevin throws forearms, Roman throws them back! Kevin kicks, throws haymakers and forearms, then throws Roman into steel! And then he whips, only for Roman to reverse. Kevin kicks back, but Roman uppercuts! Kevin comes back with a LARIAT! And a back senton! Kevin takes a moment to catch his breath, and he runs at Roman in a corner. Kevin blocks the boot to throw haymakers! And stomps! Kevin then runs corner to corner to CANNONBALL! Direct hit and Kevin covers, TWO! Heyman is relieved but Kevin keeps his focus.

Kevin drags Roman up, throws haymakers then whips, but Roman counters the pop-up with a LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Roman is mad now and he shoves and rolls Kevin to a corner. Roman hoists Kevin up top, throws big haymakers, then climbs up. Kevin hits back with elbows and Roman falls down! Kevin adjusts, leaps, FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Roman survives but is sputtering as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Kevin is throwing haymakers on Roman. Roman ROCKS Kevin with an uppercut but then blocks a superkick! Roman SIT-OUT BOMBS Kevin! Cover, TWO!! Kevin rolls to a corner while Roman seethes. Roman throws point-blank clotheslines over and over, and gives Kevin 9 before letting him flounder. Roman runs but Kevin hits first! Kevin runs into a forearm, but Roman runs into a POP-UP BOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Roman survives and Heyman is able to breathe! Kevin keeps his cool somehow and gets back to his feet. Kevin drags Roman up but Roman RAMS him into a corner! And rams in more! And ROCKS him with an uppercut!

Roman brings Kevin up to put him back on the top rope. Roman throws a headbutt before climbing up. Kevin hits back again but Roman throws haymakers. Roman SHOVES Kevin’s head into the steel, then drags him up. Kevin grabs the steel to resist, then shifts things for a SUPER FISHERMAN BUSTER!! Both men are down but Kevin gets Roman turned over for a cover! TWO!!! Roman survives again and now Kevin is starting to feel frustrated. Kevin stands up again, aims at Roman from a corner, and Roman slowly rises. Kevin kicks but Roman denies the stunner to SUPERMAN PUNCH! Cover, TWO!

Roman is growing frustrated, too, but he grits his teeth as he gets back up. Roman starts to talk to himself again, and he rains down furious elbows, then throws Kevin hard into the steel! And again! And then he rains down fists in the ropes until Kevin falls through! Kevin staggers back up and Roman tells him this is it. GUILLOTINE THROUGH THE ROPES! Kevin fades but the ropes alone are keeping him up! Wait, Kevin gets a second wind and uses the ropes to choke Roman back! Roman lets go and both men sputter on the mat! Heyman is worried again as Roman and Kevin slowly rise.

Kevin staggers over and Roman runs in, but into a kick! STUNNER!! Cover, TWO!?! Roman survives a stunner and Kevin is beside himself as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Kevin climbs the cage! Roman hurries after him but Kevin elbows him away! Kevin climbs more but Roman clubs him on the back! Roman climbs up but Kevin hits back! They brawl, Kevin headbutts, but Roman still throws hands. Kevin throws another elbow, attacks Roman’s hands, and sends him down! Kevin climbs up and reaches the very top! But Roman LEAPS to catch up and anchor a foot! Roman drags Kevin down while climbing back up after him. They’re both on the top rope again as Roman throws more haymakers! Kevin kicks back, Roman throws body shots but Kevin headbutts again!

Kevin goes to a corner to shift and SUPERKICK! Roman falls back down, Kevin SWANTON BOMBS onto knees! And he staggers into a SPEAR!! Cover, TWO?!?! Kevin survives and shocks Roman now! Roman is in disbelief as Kevin, blood coming from his forehead, survives the best move in Roman’s arsenal! Roman wonders what to do next, and he decides to use the door! Heyman moves to greet The Tribal Chief, but Kevin anchors Roman’s foot! Roman drags Kevin along, and grins as he says he admits Kevin is tough. But Roman’s always been better. Kevin grabs the door and SLAMS it on Roman! Kevin shouts Roman is NOT better than Kevin, and he dribbles Roman’s head off steel!!

Roman flops down, Kevin hurries over to the door, but JEY USO slams it shut! Kevin SHOVES it back into Jey! Kevin gets halfway out the door but Roman drags him back in!! Kevin throws a haymaker and a SUPERKICK! Then he whips Roman, for a POP-UP- SUPERMAN PUNCH!! Roman clears out the cobwebs as he runs at Kevin, but Kevin dodges to send the spear into steel! STUNNER!! Kevin crawls back towards the door but Jey reaches through the steel to grab Kevin’s hand! Jey is handcuffing Kevin to chain link! Kevin is trapped!! So much for a fair fight! Kevin kicks at the cuffs, reaches at the door, but he can’t touch the floor like this!

Roman gets up, smirks as he sees what happened, and takes his time stalking over to Kevin. Kevin is furious as he works against the cuff, but Roman steps over him with a smile. Kevin is vindicated in what he’s said about Roman, and says the family should be ashamed! Roman say sit doesn’t matter, so long as he’s the Head of the Table. Roman walks down the steel steps and wins!

Winner: Roman Reigns, by escape (still WWE Universal Champion)

Heyman bows as he presents Roman with the title, and Roman holds the belt high over head. Roman taunts Kevin with the fact there’s nothing Kevin can do about this. Is there anything anyone can do to stop Roman’s tyrannical reign?


Asuka and Charlotte Flair head to the ring!

For the first time, the Queen and the Empress reign together, and now they’re starting their tour around the WWE! But they’re going to be up against strong competition, all of familiar foes! Will of the SmackDown Women’s Champion and SmackDown’s rising star be the #LEGITEST ever? Or will the Role Model and her other best friend be singing “reunited and it feels so good” for the holidays?

Before the other teams enter, Charlotte gets a mic to say “Well it looks like Christmas came early! The Empress and The Queen have returned to Friday Night SmackDown!” Asuka says that they’re still going to be champions, but DING DONG, hello, Bayley interrupts already! She goes right to the ring, gets herself a mic and says this is impressive. But do you want to know what’s really impressive? Bayley! 2020 may have been a downer for everyone else, it wasn’t for her! She became the longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion EVER, holding it for 380 days! But here comes the current SmackDown Women’s Champion!

Sasha Banks struts her stuff to the ring, holding her belt up as she joins the others in the ring. And she has a mic to say, “Oh, Bayley, do you want to talk about who’s the SmackDown Women’s Champion now? Because that’s impressive.” And speaking of impressive, Bianca Belair makes her entrance! The EST joins these great champions past and present and says if we’re talking impressive, just look at her! She is the strongEST, fastEST, roughEST, et cetera, and Bayley’s never seen nothing like it. But here comes the UNTOUCHABLE, and her sommelier, Reginald. Mella gets a mic and Bayley helps her with the ropes.

“Look at all of these witches!” Actually, no, she meant bitches. Everyone just wants to look at Mella, and look at her! Charlotte covers Asuka’s “innocent” eyes. Mella says the impressive one is both naughty and nice, and nice and naughty. Get it? Sasha shoves Mella to shut her up! This is about to blow so let’s have that title match after the break!

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships Elimination Triple Threat: Charlotte Flair & Asuka VS Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair VS #BAYMELLA!

SmackDown returns and per this style of Triple Threat Tag, only two teams are active so it is The Queen and the Role Model starting off while the #LEGITEST hang back. Bayley and Charlotte approach, tie up, are in a deadlock but Charlotte throws Bayley down! Bayley comes back to stomp a foot then throws haymakers! Bayley talks trash, but Charlotte blocks the buckle bump to give the buckle bump! And a CHOP! Charlotte pushes Bayley around, drags her over and tags Asuka in. The wrestling royals KICK, CHOP, and repeat on Bayley! Bayley falls over, Asuka KICKS her down again! Cover, TWO!

Asuka argues the count but she keeps on Bayley with a whip. Bayley holds ropes and ROCKS Asuka! Bayley clubs Asuka, throws a CHOP, then drags Asuka over to tag in Mella. BayMella mug Asuka in the corner with CHOPS, but Asuka shoves Mella away. Mella wants a timeout to fix her gear, Charlotte takes a swipe but Mella avoids that, and she dodges Asuka just to hit Sasha! But Asuka KICKS Mella, throws forearms then whips. Mella slows down but Asuka still hip attacks her down! Asuka says she’s just as sexy, but she runs into a boot! Mella drags Asuka into the corner for a HANGING NECKLOCK! Asuka endures, the ref counts and Mella stops at 4.

Mella gets in but Asuka back kicks! Sasha tags in off Asuka to go after Mella! Seated senton and fast hands! Cover, TWO! Sasha brings Mella over, bumps off buckles then hits double knees! Tag to Bianca and Bianca RAMS into Mella! The ref counts, Bianca brings Mella out to suplex but Mella slips out, and tags out to Charlotte! Charlotte and Bianca finally meet again, and we see the Riott Squad is watching this backstage. Bianca is a friend, so maybe they’re cheering her on while studying all these teams. Charlotte and Bianca tie up, Bianca waistlocks but Charlotte headlocks to counter. Bianca powers out, things speed up and Bianca rams Charlotte! Neither falls and they try again!

Charlotte headlocks, Bianca powers out and Charlotte handsprings over and tells Bianca to kiss this! Bianca shrugs that off but runs into a whip. Bianca goes up and over and shows her a better handspring. Bianca does her own dance and tells Charlotte to kiss it. Bianca dodges the boot, the double dropkicks cancel out, and they both kip up! Charlotte kicks low to scoop but Bianca slips out to shove Charlotte into buckles! Bianca runs in but Charlotte sends her into buckles in return! Both women crawl, Charlotte tags in Asuka! Bayley tags in off Bianca, but she and Mella attack from the outside! They and the champs brawl, Charlotte CHOPS away on Mella!

Charlotte stalks Mella around the way, throws more CHOPS, but Sasha hits Charlotte with a METEORA! Mella RAMS Sasha into barriers! Asuka runs in and the hip attack hits Bianca! Asuka and Bayley brawl into the ring, Asuka DECKS Mella to shut her up! Bayley hits BAYLEY2BELLY!! Cover, TWO!! Asuka survives and SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Bayley clubs away on Asuka to then choke her at the ropes! Bayley stops at 4, whips Asuka but Asuka goes up to come back with a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Bayley clobbers Asuka, drags her away and Mella tags in. Mella stomps Asuka, drags her up and feeds her to her boot! Mella stomps a fabulous mudhole, struts her stuff, then runs in to BRONCO BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Mella drags Asuka up by her hair, snap suplexes then covers, TWO! Mella drags Asuka by hair again and tags in Bayley. BayMella mugs Asuka in the corner and stomps away. Mella tags back in to add stomps of her own.

Tag back to Bayley, BayMella dig their boots in, then Bayley gets a cheap shot on Charlotte! The ref keeps Charlotte in but that means BayMella gets away with even more mugging! Bayley taunts Charlotte, Sasha and Bianca as she mocks Asuka with using a hip attack. Asuka hits back, but Bayley puts her in the corner and tags Mella. Asuka hits Mella back but Mella throws her down by her hair! Mella drags Asuka over, tags Bayley, and they mug Asuka more. Mella shoves Charlotte off the apron while Bayley wraps on a chinlock. Asuka endures, fights up and bumps out of the hold to shove, and pop-up KNEE Bayley down!

Bayley flounders, Asuka tags out to Bianca! Bianca rallies on Bayley, then DECKS Mella! Bianca dodges Bayley to dropkick her down! Bianca kips up, claps at Bayley, then rams into the corner! Bianca fires off stomps, talks some trash then drags Bayley up for a suplex! Bianca holds Bayley up, does some squats, then SLAMS Bayley down! Cover but Mella breaks it! Sasha KNEES Mella, Charlotte is in and swings on Sasha! Sasha dodges and jumps, but into Charlotte’s FALL AWAY SLAM! Charlotte kips up, into Bianca’s chicken wing, GLAMEST SLAM! Bayley rolls Bianca up, TWO!! Bianca SPINEBUSTERS Bayley and high stacks, TWO!

Sasha tags in, climbs up and aims to FROG SPLASH onto Bayley! Cover, Sasha ELIMINATES BayMella! A two-for-one special on sticking it to old foes! Sasha and Charlotte are now against each other and they circle. Sasha dodges, tilt-o-whirls and drags Charlotte down into the CROSSFACE! Charlotte endures, fights up, pries free, but Sasha blocks the kick! Charlotte blocks the knee but Sasha counters the Figure Four to a roll-up! TWO! Sasha BUZZSAWS right away, but Charlotte comes back to BOOT Sasha down! Charlotte gets a leg, Figure Four! Bridge, but Bianca reaches out!

Sasha moves around to deny Figure Eight, but Bianca uses her long hair as a lifeline! Sasha gets to the ropes that way, and gets the ropebreak! Bianca tags in, and handspring SPLASHES onto Charlotte! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte survives but Bianca hurries up top! Charlotte BOOTS Bianca and trips her up! Charlotte gets the leg but Bianca inside cradles, TWO! Bianca is up but Charlotte trips her, Figure Four! Sasha METEORAS to break the hold! Asuka calls to Charlotte, hot tag to the Empress! Asuka runs and HIP ATTACKS Sasha off the apron, onto Reginald! They go down in a heap, Asuka stalks Bianca, but Bayley is still lurking! Bianca swipes at the wrong enemy, Asuka rolls her up! TWO!

Asuka KICKS and KICKS and KICKS Bianca! Bianca blocks the buzzsaw to lift her up and POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Bianca hurries but Sasha is down! Bayley taunts Bianca with that but Bianca drags Asuka up. Bianca suplexes, Asuka fights free and Charlotte tags in! Asuka hits a CODE BREAKER, to the NATURAL SELECTION! Cover, the champions win!

Winners: Charlotte Flair & Asuka, by pinfall (still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions)

BayMella is the happiest of all, mostly because it meant Bianca and Banks failed! But will the EST and the Boss get payback on the Role Model and the Untouchable in the new year? As for Charlotte and Asuka, will we expect to see them many more times here on Friday nights as well as Mondays?


The Street Profits are feeling festive.

There’s only one question? Are you ready~, ready~, ready~? Charlotte is backing, doing it with flair, but this Christmas SmackDown is far from over! Dawkins tells us why: this is #Smokemas! Daniel Bryan is going after Jey Uso, Big E is going after Sami Zayn’s Intercontinental title, in a LUMBERJACK MATCH! Speaking of Sami Zayn, he is having another backstage tirade as he runs down one of the WWE SmackDown social media team members. He isn’t accusing her of being the leak, but surely she knows who is behind making tonight’s match a Lumberjack match. Sami wants to know who authorized that, but she has nothing to say. She leaves, and Sami sees the Profits.

Before they start, they need to understand the stress Sami is under. There are going to be sharks around the ring, he has no time for nonsense. Relax, Sami, they just wanted to give him a Christmas present. Whoa, whoa, whoa. A gift? Yeah, it’s the holidays! They got him a gift? Yes, the Profits are great at giving. They felt he could use this tonight. The gift is… a new shirt! “I Was Intercontinental Champion.” Get how it’s “was,” as in past-tense. As in no more! Say good-bye to the title! Hasta la vista! Sami “laughs” with them but then shouts, “YOU’RE NOT FUNNY!” Sami, you mad? Don’t forget your shirt, it was “custom made” for him! Will Sami have to admit the Profits predicted the future later tonight?


Daniel Bryan VS Jey Uso!

Even before seeing what Jey Uso did at TLC and just earlier tonight, this match was made for the YES Movement to get back at Jey for what he’s done to Bryan! Will Bryan have vengance for Christmas?

But oh no! Just as Bryan goes on stage, Jey attacks from behind! Jey is raining down fists, then he drags Bryan up to throw him into Christmas trees and presents! Jey rains down more fists, drags Bryan by a leg and referees hurry to stop him! They get Jey to leave Bryan alone, but Jey comes back to PUNT Bryan down the ramp! Jey shows no mercy as he drags Bryan up, scoops and SLAMS him on the ramp! Has Jey just made this a blue Christmas for Bryan? Will this match even happen now?

SmackDown returns and Bryan is getting up. Pat Buck suggests this be called off, but Bryan refuses! Jey is in the ring waiting, Bryan drags himself up and in, and we have this grudge match for the holidays after all! The bell rings, Jey DECKS Bryan and rains down more fists and even feet! Jey stomps away, lets off and watches Bryan writhe. Jey throws Bryan out, then runs to DIVE! Direct hit sends Bryan into barriers! Jey drags Bryan up, and whips him into steel steps! Jey refreshes the ring count to then bring Bryan up, and throw him into the other steps! The ref reprimands and counts again but Jey just shouts at Bryan, “Why’d you come back?”

Jey puts Bryan in, looms over him, but Bryan sits up in a daze. Jey drags Bryan back up, CHOPS him, and throws his shirt aside as Bryan gets to a corner. Jey stands Bryan up to CHOP him again! Bryan CHOPS back! And CHOPS again! Bryan KICKS, whips, but Jey reverses! Bryan goes up and over, keeps moving, dodges and runs, into a SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO! Bryan survives and Jey seethes. Jey watches Bryan crawl, stalks him to ropes, and throws haymakers down on Bryan. Bryan gets up but Jey scoops and SLAMS him down! Jey then runs to leap, but Bryan avoids the falling headbutt!

Both men are down but Bryan gets up first! Jey is in a corner, Bryan runs in but Jey dodges! Bryan’s dropkick only gets buckles and he tumbles down! Jey runs in, HIP ATTACK! Jey still seethes and shakes his head because it isn’t enough. Bryan drags himself up, Jey whips Bryan to ropes, but Bryan reverses, only for Jey to kick him! Jey runs in but is tossed out! Jey clutches his ankle, Bryan builds speed and DIVES! But Jey deflects him into the announce desk! Both men are down from different damage, and a ring count begins! Bryan gets up to put Jey in. Bryan climbs up, Jey trips Bryan up! Jey climbs up now, brings Bryan back up, but Bryan slips under to trip Jey in return!

Bryan climbs up behind Jey now, clubs away on the shoulders, then brings Jey up for a SUPER BACK SUPELX! Both men are down again as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again, Bryan runs at Jey and KICKS the legs out! Jey crawls to a corner, Bryan goes corner to corner, and he hits the dropkick! Bryan puts Jey’s bad leg around ropes and pulls, then fires off KICKS in the corner! Bryan runs side to side to dropkick the bad leg! Jey goes down but Bryan brings him up to hoist him up top! Bryan climbs, and hits a SUPER STEINER! Jey tumbles, Bryan hurries to cover, TWO! Bryan fires up and he gives Jey YES Kicks to all sides! Bryan BUZZSAWS Jey back down! But Bryan still fires up because he wants more! Bryan aims from a corner, powers up with the “YES!” chants, and runs, into a SUPERKICK! Jey SUPERKICKS Bryan again!

Jey goes up top, leaps, USO SPLASH!! But the bad leg keeps him from making a cover! Jey crawls back, covers, TWO!! Bryan survives but Jey is too tired to be upset! Jey goes to the apron, gets his bad leg moving, and gets himself back to a corner. Jey climbs up, aims again, USO SPLASH! But Bryan gets KNEES up! Jey lands on them, Bryan turns Jey over, YES LOCK! Jey endures, pries at the bad hand, but Bryan shifts to get the bad leg! HALF CRAB! And it is deep! Jey endures, powers up, reaches, and gets the ropebreak! Bryan lets go out of frustration, but he keeps hold of Jey’s legs. Jey kicks Bryan with the good leg and gets free!

Jey rains down ax handles and forearms but Bryan turns him over for fists of his own! They scrap, Jey gets back on top and he rains down hammering headbutts! But Jey can’t cover from his own exhaustion! Bryan is dazed again but works to shake out the stars. Jey aims from a corner, but Bryan dodges the Superkick, to RUNNING KNEE!! Cover, BRYAN WINS!

Winner: Daniel Bryan, by pinfall

And the GOAT has a semblance of revenge! But after such a brutal battle, will Bryan be able to move on? Or will things only escalate with The Bloodline?


Backstage interview with Daniel Bryan!

Bryan is fired up after that win and Kayla Braxton says that with Jey Uso seemingly behind him, what’s next? Bryan tries to practice a “growth mindset” of finding new things to achieve and new goals to pursue. There is one thing Bryan has never done ever that he is dying to do: “I have never, in my life, won a Royal Rumble.” So here it is, the next thing Bryan is after, the new mountain Bryan is going to put his all into climbing! Bryan hereby announces his entry into the 2021 Royal Rumble match!

But Sami comes along to sarcastically say, “This is perfect.” First, Sami gets ambushed with a jokey gift from the Profits, and now Bryan is here. Mr. “The Intercontinental Championship needs to be defended more often” has had it out for Sami ever since he won the title, just like everyone else. Bryan constantly says the title needs to be defended more, and here we are! Sami defends against Big E, in a Lumberjack match! Sami thinks this is all because of Bryan! Bryan “stooged to management.” If that’s true, Sami isn’t going to do anything, karma will take care of this. Sami will defend successfully, go home and polish his two Sami Awards all night long.

But at the Royal Rumble, karma will make Bryan FAIL! And when Bryan does, Sami will be there to laugh in Bryan’s face! Sami storms off to get ready for his match, and Bryan figures that reaction is because Santa Claus didn’t get Sami a PS5. That is what the kids are into, right? But trends aside, will Bryan be the next Royal Rumble winner and punch his golden ticket to WrestleMania?


WWE Intercontinental Championship Lumberjack Match: Sami Zayn VS Big E!

The Great Liberator has a great ego and a great temper, and both have gotten him into this mess! Will Sami find himself without a foolproof strategy to escape this scenario with his title? After all, he has friends among the Lumberjacks at ringside!

SmackDown returns as Sami makes his entrance. The introductions are made, the belt is raised and the Lumberjacks are ready as this golden finale to Christmas begins!

Sami and Big E tie up, go around, and Big E puts Sami in a corner. Sami fights his way out but Big E puts him in another corner. The ref counts, Big E lets off and Sami comes back. Sami waistlocks, Big E goes around to pry free, and he throws Sami over with a hip toss! Cover, TWO! Big E stalks Sami to ropes but Sami kicks back. Sami headlocks, Big E powers out, then things speed up as Big E hurdles and elbows Sami down! Big E runs in at the corner but Sami drop toeholds him into buckles! Baron Corbin applauds as Sami stomps Big E. Sami digs his boots in, lets off at 4, and Big E falls out, for the Dirty Dawgs and Knights of the Lone Wolf to attack!

The ref reprimands but Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode put Big E back in for Sami. Sami rains down rights, and shows Big E the shirt that reads “I AM The Intercontinental Champion!” Sami throws Big E back out and the Knights pounce again! Cutler and Blake put Big E back in, Sami covers, ONE!! Big E shakes out the cobwebs but Sami drags Big E up. Sami suplexes but Big E rolls him up, TWO, so Big E gets the leg for a STRETCH MUFFLER! Sami endures as Big E cranks the leg but Sami gets the ropebreak! Big E lets off fast and Sami gets out, but now Sami finds himself in enemy waters! Big E drags Sami back in by his hair but Sami hotshots!

Sami bumps Big E off buckles! Sami goes around and brings Big E to another corner but Big E blocks the buckle bump! Big E elbows Sami away then CLOBBERS him! Sami lands on the apron, Big E goes out and stomps him! Big E has Sami down and runs, but Sami moves and the splash becomes a CRASH off the apron! The ref warns the Lumberjacks this time but they still go after Big E! Big E fights the Dawgs and Wolves but Sami builds speed to FLY! Direct hit and he takes out Big E! Sami has his challenger down as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns once again and Sami has Big E on the ropes literally as he chokes him! Sami lets off as the ref counts, but he talks trash as he throws the shirt at him! Sami JABS Big E, and JABS him again! “That’s why I’m the champion and not you!” Sami runs, into an OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY! And another! And then the side, but Sami fights it off with elbows! Big E runs in but Sami boots him! Sami goes corner to corner, but into an Urenag-E! Cover, TWO!! Sami survives but Big E keeps his cool. Big E stalks Sami, claps it up, “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” and he scoops Sami.

Sami slips out and bails out, but the Lumberjacks keep him from running away! They put Sami back in but Sami also grabs the apron skirt! The ref is counting, Sami lets go at 4, the ref is busy with the skirt and Sami pokes Big E in the eyes! Sami found his opening! Roll up, TWO!! Sami BOOTS Big E, and Big E staggers about! Sami runs, but Big E sends him to the apron! Big E runs but into a KNEE! Sami hurries to a corner, climbs up with a smirk, but Big E intercepts with haymakers! Big E climbs up but Sami hits back! They brawl up top, the Lumberjacks cheer as Sami hammers away! SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Big E still lives and shocks Sami!

Sami gets up, runs corner to corner, but Big E dodges the Helluva Kick! Sami tumbles out, Big E runs and SPEARS Sami off the apron!! The Lumberjacks swarm, fight each other, but they get Big E back in the ring! Some go for Sami but Sami fights back! Gulak ROCKS Cesaro with a right, but Nakamura BOOTS Gulak! Now the Lumberjacks are brawling with each other! The ref reprimands them all but there’s nothing he can do about that! Sami is sneaking away in the chaos! Apollo Crews realizes it and he CLOBBERS Sami at the ring! Gable, Otis, the Profits and Apollo haul Sami back to the ring!

Big E is waiting as Sami is tossed in with a “Merry Christmas!” Sami swings, but into the BELLY2BELLY! Big E runs and hits the BIG SPLASH! Big scoop, BIG ENDING!! Cover, Big E WINS!!

Winner: Big E, by pinfall (NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion)

“I told you! The prophecy is fulfilled!” Corey Graves admits Big E was right all along, and they shake hands. Sami Zayn really will need that shirt from The Profits now, but maybe Big E will be wearing a new one of his own! The celebration begins as confetti flies! Will Big E make all of SmackDown #ThinkBig in 2021?

My Thoughts:

What a fun episode for SmackDown on Christmas! The steel cage match opening was a pretty big giveaway on how a lot of the night was going to go, but mostly that Roman Reigns was retaining. I chuckle every time WWE puts up a cage match, and certainly for main roster. They sell it to us with, “This way, the Heel’s sidekick(s) can’t interfere at all~!” But obviously, the reality is they will interview, and it will most certainly help the Heel win. That is what happened, and that is why Roman is still champion. But it was at least unique, not having the door be the reason why, but a pair of handcuffs through the fence. This cage match was clearly meant as a ratings catcher, and just doubles down on Kevin not being the one to dethrone Roman.

Daniel Bryan VS Jey Uso was an incredible match, and honestly meant a bit more to the overall Roman Reigns story than the cage match. Bryan wins, declares for the Rumble, and is surely a candidate from SmackDown for winning. Bryan could challenge Roman, but things could still follow other rumored plans, and only time will tell. There’s also a lot going on with Profits poking fun at Sami, Sami getting in Bryan’s face, and then Sami losing to Big E. The Intercontinental Championship Lumberjack match was really good, as far as Lumberjack matches go. It was a great moment for Big E to win the title to close the last SmackDown of 2020, and that’s just a logical move. Big E can freshen things up in the Intercontinental title scene and maybe Sami has a non-title rivalry with Bryan.

One thing I would think SmackDown could do to keep all this story blending going is circle back to Kevin wanting to team with Bryan. Profits are Kevin’s friends, Kevin wants to be teammates and friends with Bryan, but maybe Sami gets in the mix somehow. I am certainly still hoping Kevin and Sami become a team again and actually get those tag titles together. It’s another “time will tell” situation but honestly, what more is there in the SmackDown Tag Division when WWE isn’t treating either main roster tag division that well?

Speaking of, the Women’s Tag Division still seems to confuse Vince McMahon. I really liked the match we got in the Elimination Triple Threat Tag, as I was hoping Bayley and Carmella would reunite now that they’re both Heels. Sasha and Bianca was a good combination, too, but a lot of that Triple Threat was another ratings grabber. I honestly thought tonight’s match was going to be 2v2, Charlotte & Asuka VS Riott Squad, as Riott Squad was the team that was actually a team and actually winning this whole time. Maybe that’s for the new year, on the way to the Royal Rumble. I just wish there wasn’t the awkwardly arranged promo segment before. Use that time having the challengers alternate entrances and Mella putting all her chips on the “look at how hot I am” angle into having actions speak for all six truly exceptional women.

My Score: 8.3/10

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