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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (6/3/21)

Grudge matches a plenty!



Coverage NXT UK 2021

Will NXT UK still be Gallus?

Scottish Supernova VS Moscow Madman! Iron King VS Rampage in a long awaited rematch! Will Ilja Dragunov still be #UNBESIEBAR? Will Joe Coffey tie things up at 1-1?


  • Noam Dar VS Ilja Dragunov; Dragunov wins.
  • NXT UK Tag Team Championships: Pretty Deadly VS Jack Starz & ???; Pretty Deadly win and retain the titles.
  • Flash Morgan Webster VS Joseph Conners w/ Jinny; Conners wins.
  • Joe Coffey VS Rampage Brown; Coffey wins.


Noam Dar VS Ilja Dragunov!

The Scottish Supernova loves pushing people’s buttons, but he may have pushed the wrong Moscow Madman! But at the same time, Dragunov wants to prove to Dar, the fans, and most of all himself that he is in control now. Will UNBESIEGBAR keep from going berserk here tonight?

The bell rings and Dar circles with Dragunov. Dar gives testing kicks, they tie up and Dragunov gets a leg. Dar shifts to a facelock, cover, ONE and the two reset. Dragunov gets a leg and trips Dar to go for a Crab. Dar hooks Dragunov’s leg to drag him down for a standing toehold. Dragunov BOOTS Dar off the hold and BT Sports Studio cheers the exchange. They go again, Dar clinches but Dragunov powers Dar to ropes. Dar shouts, the ref counts, Dragunov lets off the hold but Dar dodges his clothesline. Dar gets cocky but Dragunov gets him down! Dragunov shows hammering elbow but chooses not to.

Dar scrambles up, wrenches to a wristlock, but Dragunov spins through to get under and shovel Dar up and over. Dragunov has the arm, but Dar gets up and puts Dragunov on ropes. The ref counts again but Dar KICKS the leg! Dragunov catches that leg for a SPINEBUSTER! Dragunov tries to clinch on the mat but Dar moves around. Dragunov holds on, facelocks, they stand up and Dragunov hooks a leg to then get a modified belly2belly suplex! Dragunov keeps on the arms, they stand in a clinch and Dar puts Dragunov back on ropes. Dar SLAPS then CHOPS then KICKS! Dragunov just grabs the arm again and wrenches through to CHOP! Dar sputters up into a JUMPING BOOT!

Dragunov gets after Dar for a hard takedown, and hooks Dar up for a stretch and hammering elbows! Dar shifts to make it a cover, TWO! Dragunov knees hard and low, whips, but Dar reverses. Dragunov tiger feints but his leg gives out! Dar KICKS Dragunov to the apron then BLASTS him off with a dropkick! The ref reprimands, then counts as Dragunov is outside. Dar goes out after Dragunov and brings him up. The ref restarts the count but Dar KICKS Dragunov down. Dar taunts Dragunov, puts him back in at 6 of 10, then covers, ONE!! Dragunov isn’t done just because his leg is bothering him!

Dar drags Dragunov up in a cravat to snapmare him into ropes! That leg is taking more damage! Dar KICKS Dragunov in the leg, stomps that leg, then drags him back up. Dar cravats, Dragunov forearms free and THROWS Dar down by his arm. Dragunov clotheslines Dar against ropes! Dar stays up while Dragunov hobbles, and Dar comes back to mule kick that bad leg! Dar stomps the foot and then an arm. And then the other arm! Dar says, “I’M THE BEST OF THIS!” but BT Sports Studio boos. Dar KICKS Dragunov around, basement Question Mark, but Dragunov catches the next one! Dar throws elbows but into a modified arm-drag!

Dragunov has the arm, Dar tries to chinbar but Dragunov gets up and CHOPS away on Dar’s shoulder! Dragunov steps over to KNEE Dar, both both men stagger. Dragunov has the waistlock, Dar pries free and drops down for upside-down kicks, and a takedown! Omoplata, but Dragunov rolls through to get the leg! Dar BOOTS Dragunov away, but Dragunov comes right back! Dar gives more kicks like that, but Dragunov is not stopping! Dar kicks and kicks but Dragunov CLOBBERS him with a falling forearm! Dragunov drags Dar up in a waistlock, for a GERMAN SUPLEX! And he holds on to get Dar back up! Dar fights with elbows but Dragunov still GERMAN SUPLEXES!

Dragunov growls and dares Dar to talk now as he drags him back up. Dar pries an arm off, but Dragunov clubs him, and drags him down with the arm! Dragunov rains down elbows, gets the waistlock back, and drags Dar up to Gotch lift! SINGLE LEG GERMAN SUPLEX! Both men are down and BT Sports Studio fires up! Dragunov clutches his leg, Dar tries to shake out the stars spinning around his head, and both men go forehead to forehead. The forearms fly, Dar throws boxing shots, but Dragunov ROCKS him! They keep going but Dragunov CHOPS! Dar KICKS! And KICKS, but Dragunov CHOPS! Dar boots, but Dragunov dodges and goes Matrix! ENZIGURI!

Both men are down again, that Matrix lean was double-edged for Dragunov’s bad leg! A standing count starts, but Dragunov’s up at 3 of 10. Dar gets him for a head ‘n’ arm but Dragunov elbows free! Dar whips but Dragunov tiger feints to hit the CONSTANTINE SPECIAL! Cover, TWO!! Dar survives, but Dragunov goes to a corner. Dragunov hops up but Dar runs in. Dragunov BOOTS him, then leaps but Dar moves! The knee drop hits mat! BLINDSIDE LARAIT! Cover, TWO, into the CHAMPAGNE SUPER KNEEBAR!! Dar even kicks and stomps Dragunov! Dragunov hammers back and gets free! BT Sports Studio is loving this, and this is just the opener!

Dragunov sits up, forces his bad leg to work, and gets Dar back up. Dar wrenches and sweeps the leg! Dar aims from a corner while taunting Dragunov. Dar KICKS Dragunov, and KICKS and KICKS and KICKS! Dragunov flops over and the ref check son him. Dar eggs Dragunov on, and Dragunov refuses to let it end here. Dar gives toying kicks now, and even slaps him around. Dragunov glares at Dar, but even has a wild grin on his face! Dragunov and Dar brawl forearm to forearm, NO GUARD! DOUBLE SLAPS rock both men back to their knees! But Dragunov uses that to get up and under Dar for a firemen’s carry, and WASTELAND SLAM!

Dragunov KNEES Dar, gets him back up, tucks him in for an EXPLODER! Cover, TWO!! Dar survives but Dragunov isn’t done, either! Dragunov aims from a corner now, runs as best he can, but into a BACK ELBOW! Dar aims, runs, but into the TORPEDO MOSCOW!! Cover, Dragunov wins!!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by pinfall

This wasn’t just a match, this was a FIGHT! A fight for pride and superiority, and it was the Moscow Madman that won it! He shouts at Dar that NO ONE defines Dragunov’s reality but Dragunov! Will Dragunov make his dream of being champion reality now that the Summer heat is coming?


Aoife Valkyrie speaks.

“In this world, if you don’t risk, you cannot win. How can you break through your limits if you don’t know what they are to begin with?” She has always pushed herself every day to feel the same pain she felt when she tasted failure. Only the bird who dares to fall learns to fly. She’s come face to face with defeat, and it fuels her. She will return, “reforged, remade and ready for what’s next.” Will the battle-tested Valkyrie finally conquer NXT UK?


NXT UK Media catches up with Sid Scala.

The Assistant GM is very excited to welcome the Irish Ace, Jordan Devlin, back to the BT Sports Studio. Devlin is sure he’s very happy but did he get the email? The list of demands of what Devlin wants now that he’s back. If Sid didn’t see it, he’ll tell him here now: Devlin wants a dressing room all to himself every night; that brand new Mustang needs to be on NXT UK Travel’s list; and he wants a spot on the next Supernova Sessions. He has a lot to get off his chest. Of course, Sid will talk with Johnny Saint. But let’s get into the Performance Center, everyone’s really excited to welcome him back.

The PC is for people who need to train. Devlin is the Irish Ace, the Finished Product, he doesn’t need to train. See you next week. Devlin leaves again, and Sid awkwardly says it’s always great to see Devlin… Will Devlin get what he wants? Or will he have to wait in line like everyone else?


NXT UK Tag Team Championships: Pretty Deadly VS Jack Starz & ???

Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley poked fun at Jack Starz, and told him to find a friend to go after the titles win. So assuming Starz even has a partner tonight, will Pretty Deadly end up on the losing end of an upset? Or does it even matter who Starz found?

Wait, Starz got NATHAN FRAZER to be his tag partner?! The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see if the British Prodigy can help Starz reach for the stars and take those titles on their first try!

Starz and Stoker start and tie up. They go around, Stoker uses leverage to put Starz in a corner but Starz gets away. They reset, tie up again, and Stoker puts Starz on ropes. Stoker lets off but then whips Starz, and runs him over with a big shoulder! Howley says, “Yes Boy~!” and Stoker tells Starz to step up. Starz gets up, Howley talks trash and Stoker gets him for a headlock takeover! Stoker grinds Starz but Starz fights up and powers out. Starz speeds things up and dropkicks Stoker down! Then arm-drags him to a cording hold! Stoker gets up, Starz wrenches but Stoker wrenches and knees low! Tag to Howley and Pretty Deadly combine for a leap frog elbow drop!

Howley taunts Starz with another “Yes Boy~!” and even some Scott Hall fingers. Howley drags Starz up, rocks him and whips him hard into a corner! Starz bounces off buckles, Howley gets him up to ROCK him with a haymaker. Howley throws more hands but Starz counter punches! Starz gets Howley’s arms for a backslide! TWO, Starz leaps over Howley to tag in Frazer! Frazer runs and rams Howley again and again! Howley pups Frazer up but Frazer RANAS him away! Frazer arm-drags Howley to an armlock of his own and grinds Howley down. Howley gets up, Frazer wrenches and elbow breakers. Howley works on the hold, wrings Frazer but Frazer handsprings to arm-drag!

Frazer has the armlock again, but Howley fights up and around. Howley powers Frazer to a corner, whips him corner to corner, but Frazer goes up and over and handsprings around, only for Howley to kick low! Howley headlocks, Stoker tags in as Frazer powers out. Frazer dropkicks Howley down but Stoker waistlocks. Frazer fights the lift, slips under and back suplexes Stoker down! Stoker gets to ropes, Frazer runs in and CHOPS him! Frazer whips, Stoker reverses but Frazer goes up and over and fires off more CHOPS! Stoker stumbles into the ref, but that’s on purpose so the ref misses Howley pull the ropes! Frazer takes a tumble, the ref senses something is off and reprimands.

Tag to Howley, he gets Frazer up to bump him off apron and put him in the ring. Howley drags Frazer to a cover, ONE! Howley gets Frazer up, throws EuroUppers and tags Stoker back in. Pretty Deadly mugs Frazer in their corner, but Frazer fights back! Stoker DECKS Frazer, get shim up but Frazer powers out. Stoker blocks a superkick but gets the DRAGON WHIP! Hot tag to Howley and he goes after Frazer. He TOSSES Frazer way out, then waits for him to return. Frazer ducks the haymaker, shoulders into Howley, then slingshots up to sunset flip! Howley stays up, tags Stoker, but misses his fist drop! Hot tag to Starz!

Starz rallies on Pretty Deadly with big haymakers and shoulder tackles! Starz CLOBBERS Stoker, mocks Pretty Deadly and hits a BIG back drop! Starz goes corner to corner to uppercut, and HALF HATCH SUPLEX! Starz is red hot as he gets Stoker up to a fireman’s carry! Stoker elbows free, reels Starz in, GUILLOTINE! But Starz powers out?! To a BRAINBUSTER! But Howley returns, only for Frazer to return the favor! Howley takes a tumble, Frazer lines up the shot, MOONSAULT off the apron! Starz scoops Stoker for an EXPLODER! Cover, TWO!! Stoker survives and Starz is shocked but the BT Sports Studio audience is loving this!

Starz gets Stoker up but Stoker JAWBREAKERS back! Howley and Frazer scrap, Stoker BOOTS Frazer down! Stoker goes back to Starz but Starz elbows him away! Howley tags in and hides, Starz get Stoker up but Howley knees Starz’s leg! Starz falls from a charlie horse, Stoker tags back in! Pretty Deadly gets Starz up, SPILT MILK!! Cover, Pretty Deadly win!

Winners: Pretty Deadly, by pinfall (still NXT UK Tag Team Champions)

Despite the big fight Starz and Frazer put up, they couldn’t outdo the tag team tactics this dastardly duo used! Will it be a Pretty Boy Summer in the NXT UK Tag Division?


Tyler Bate speaks.

“The mind is like water: when it’s turbulent, it’s difficult to see; when it’s calm, everything becomes clear.” Bate lets go of what he is to become what he might be. Bate trains with a blindfold, trusting his body to know where the nun-chucks he’s using are. Being Heritage Cup Champion, Bate is now open to all challengers, but attached to no result. He enjoys the process of becoming. He is Heritage Cup Champion, he is Tyler Bate, and he simply is. But who will cross paths with the Big Strong Boy and try to take the cup from him?


Flash Morgan Webster VS Joseph Conners w/ Jinny!

The Modfather stepped up to back Dani Luna up against the Spoiled Princess and her Righteous Knight. But while Joseph ‘n’ Jinny keep talking down to people, #Subculture wants to lift us up! Will FMW rise up and prove Conners is NOT worthy of talking such trash?

The bell rings, Conners and FMW circle and tie up. FMW wrenches, wristlocks, but Conners spins through and breaks free to cravat and snapmare. Conners holds the cravat for a neck wrench but FMW is right out and he wrings Conners’ arm out! Conners gets up and gets away to stand off with FMW and the fans cheer. Conners and FMW knuckle lock, Conners breaks to wrench and wrangle FMW to the mat. Conners has a standing toehold, FMW spins through and throws Conners off. Conners runs in but FMW uses ropes to get the arm-drag, and then hits a running arm-drag! FMW trips Conners, IMPLODING SENTON! Cover, TWO! FMW whips and dropkicks Conners back down!

FMW whips corner to corner, Conners reverses and catches FMW to SLAM him on the mat! Conners throws clubbing hands, and while he dribbles FMW, he’s shouting, “Never! Ever! Do! That! To! ME!” Cover, TWO! Jinny is still calm as Conners gets FMW up to wrench, kick and clamp onto the arm. Conners chinbars to grind and twist FMW, but FMW endures. Conners gator rolls to a cover, TWO! FMW throws hands, CHOPS, and rolls Conners, TWO! Conners gets FMW for a BACKBREAKER! Conners tells you that’s what the lower class gets! Conners runs, SNAP CHANCERY! Cover, TWO!

FMW crawls to a cover, Conners argues the count, but he bumps FMW off buckles. FMW is on the apron, Conners CLUBS him, but FMW blocks buckle bumps to give buckle bumps! Conners swings but into a counter punch and a counter knee! FMW slingshots up and over and comes back to throw more CHOPS! Conners throws body shots, FMW CHOPS back, this is a furious fist fight! Conners shoves but FMW rallies with clotheslines! And a BIG back drop! FMW is fired up and that makes Jinny mad! Conners reverses a whip but FMW turns that into a QUEBRADA! FMW runs corner to corner at Conners, but Conners slips out. FMW just triangle jump dropkicks through!

FMW wants to run but the ref says he has to check on Conners. FMW doesn’t care, he FLIES over the ref to wipe Conners out at the ramp! The ref counts, FMW snarls as he chases Conners back into the ring. FMW steps in but Conners gets him for a small package, TWO! Conners falls for the fake-out, FMW HEADBUTTS him down! Jinny grabs FMW’s motorcycle helmet and throws it into the ring! Conners catches it, but the ref catches Conners! FMW hits a KNEE TRIGGER! The ref puts the helmet back while FMW goes up, but Jinny uses that to SHOVE FMW down! Conners gets FMW, cross-arm HANGMAN’S NECKBREAKER!! Cover, Conners wins!

Winner: Joseph Conners, by pinfall

But Subculture rushes back out because they’re furious! They saw as we saw that Jinny was Conners’ insurance policy! Jinny shouts at them, “What’re you gonna do about it?!” What will Subculture do to knock Jinny off her high horse?


NXT UK hears from Walter.

“I am the longest-reigning NXT UK Champion in history.” He has dominated since day one of arriving here, and vows that this will never change. But he will return in person next week! What will the Ring General have to say to the NXT UK roster and fans about the future of this title?


Joe Coffey VS Rampage Brown!

The first time around, the battle was brutal and did NOT go the Iron King’s way. But Gallus Boys never back down from a fight, and it was Coffey who invited Rampage to a rematch. After waiting and resting up, both men are ready for round two! Will Coffey get on the board? Or will it be a 2-0 sweep for big bad Rampage Brown?

The bell rings and the two circle. They approach, tie up, and go around before they break. They go again, break again, and try a third time. Coffey gets Rampage on ropes but the ref counts. Coffey lets off but Rampage gets a headlock. Coffey powers up but Rampage grinds to hold off the suplex. Coffey throws body shots, powers out and goes perpendicular. They run the ropes, Coffey dodges and CROSSBODIES! Coffey bounces off the cover but rushes Rampage at ropes. Coffey throws a heavy body shot, but Rampage wrenches to ROCK Coffey with forearms! Rampage whips, Coffey holds ropes and elbows back. Coffey runs but into a dropkick!

Coffey goes to the apron, Rampage follows him out there, and they brawl on the edge! Forearm for forearm and even some body shots. Coffey knows Wolfgang did more damage than Rampage is letting on, but Rampage headbutts back! Rampage runs but Coffey duck sand the boot hits post! Coffey trips Rampage up and Rampage lands hard on apron! Coffey gets Rampage up to RAM him into barriers! The ref counts, Coffey puts Rampage back in the ring, but Rampage gets the bad hand! Rampage clubs the wrist, wrenches and fireman’s carries, but Coffey is too heavy to hold up with bad ribs! Coffey slips down to CLUB Rampage on the back!

Coffey throws another hard body shot, then gets Rampage up for a FLAPJACK HOTSHOT! Rampage tumbles out and down to the floor! The ring count starts, Coffey watches as Rampage slowly rises, and dares him to come back! Coffey builds speed and WRECKS Rampage with a dropkick! Coffey kicks away at the barriers! The ref reprimands, counts, and Coffey puts Rampage in at 3 of 10 again. Coffey shoves Rampage to ropes to CLUB him in the back! Coffey whips Rampage to a corner, then whips him back in again before firing off more body shots. Coffey drags Rampage up for a SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, ONE!?! Rampage grits his teeth but Coffey keeps cool.

Coffey clamps onto Rampage and fires off elbows into the ribs! Coffey wraps on a rear bearhug and squeezes tight. Rampage endures, even as Coffey leans on the hold with all his weight. They get up, Rampage throws elbows and RAMS Coffey into buckles! Rampage staggers away, but Coffey runs to CLUB him in the back! Coffey kicks and stomps Rampage around the ring, gets him back up for haymakers, but Rampage hits back with counter punches! Rampage runs, Coffey clinches, OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Rampage writhes and grumbles in pain, but sits up into a SLIDING LARIAT! “MY Kingdom, Brown!”

Coffey stomps Rampage to a drop zone then goes up and up and VADER BOMBS!! Cover, TWO!! The Iron King shows he’s adapting but he hasn’t defeated Rampage just yet. Rampage and Coffey brawl on the mat, Rampage getting the edge. But Coffey junkyard dog headbutts the ribs! Coffey stalks Rampage to a corner, fires off more body shots, then hoists Rampage up top. Coffey climbs to join him, but Rampage headbutts back! Coffey holds on to stay up and headbutts the ribs! Coffey gets Rampage up, but Rampage throws body shots of his own! Rampage headbutts Coffey down! Rampage adjusts and leaps for a FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE!

Both men are down and BT Sports Studio fires up! A standing count climbs, both men slowly sit up and are back to fighting at 5 of 10! They go forearm and jab back and forth, Rampage gets the edge but again Coffey headbutts ribs! Coffey falls back to the corner and Rampage storms in, but into a boot to the ribs! Coffey goes up and up and CROSSBODIES but FLOPS as Rampage dodges! Rampage catches his breath while Coffey clutches a leg. Rampage runs in but Coffey manages to dodge, to CROSSBODY both men out to the floor! Coffey and Rampage stir as a ring count begins again. Coffey gets up, hobbles around, but Rampage crawls.

Coffey is in at 6, Rampage stays out, so Coffey goes after Rampage! “Unfinished business, Brown!” They’re going to settle it here! They run and RAM shoulders! And again! Coffey runs but is almost sent into steps! Coffey comes back, GLASGOW SENDOFF sends Rampage into steps! The new ring count is at 5 of 10 as both men are down again! Coffey gets up, drags Rampage in at 7, and climbs up a corner! Coffey LEAPS for a SHOTGUN MISSILE DROPKICK! Coffey drags Rampage up in a waistlock but Rampage desperately hammers the arms! Rampage pries free but Coffey HEADBUTTS him in the back! CORNER SPLASH, to a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!!

Rampage survives but barely, and BT Sports Studio is loving this main event! Another standing count begins, but Coffey is on Rampage at 4. “You see, Rampage? Yeah? MY KINGDOM!” But Rampage blocks All the Best, and fireman’s carries for a SAMOAN DROP! Both men are down again but Rampage is up first. Gut wrench, but Coffey slips out to CLUB him on the back! GLASGOW SENDOFF from behind! Coffey keeps going, GLASGOW SENDOFF from the front! BLINDSLIDE LARIAT! But Coffey isn’t done, eh runs, ALL THE BEST FOR THE BELLS!! Cover, Coffey wins!!

Winner: Joe Coffey, by pinfall

The series in NXT UK is now 1-1! Coffey avenges his loss to Rampage, but now we’ll need a tiebreaker! The two show respect with a solid handshake, but they want another go just like we do! When and where will these two collide for a rowdy round three?

Wait, Ilja Dragunov is returning? He looks at both burly behemoths who just beat each other pillar to post. Does the Moscow Madman want to make this an even more massive showdown? And how will all of this factor into the NXT UK Championship contender’s race?

My Thoughts:

This was a great episode for NXT UK from top to bottom! It opened with physicality, it closed with physicality, and honestly even the matches in the middle were better than expected. Dar VS Dragunov was awesome, almost TakeOver worthy. To be fair, if TakeOver: Dublin was still on track, I feel like this could’ve been there as a red hot opener to get fans going. We got another solid promo from Aoife, I suspect that she’ll finally get going over the summer to be ready for a big title match at a year end special episode or even TakeOver, should the UK be open enough for one. KLR VS Meiko is next week so this is the moment of truth for how the Women’s Division will go.

Devlin’s return promo was alright, but it does fit that he wants to be treated as the VIP of NXT UK. I am curious as to what promo he’ll give on Supernova Sessions, since he’s apparently had to put his Cruiserweight Championship comeback on the back, back burner. Tyler Bate’s promo was good, and it is interesting how he’s going from Big Strong Boy to Big Strong Sage. Devlin could make for a great Heritage Cup challenger, and the combination of Devlin and Bate hasn’t been seen much, so maybe NXT UK sets up big things for that. Walter will finally return and he’ll de0finitely get the ball rolling on his next challenger, too.

The UK Tag title match of Pretty Deadly VS Starz & Frazer turned out way better than I expected. I knew Pretty Deadly was still winning, though, but I also kinda felt Frazer was next for a tag division move. If he isn’t going to be Cruiserweight Champion with the title over in Florida, and isn’t quite ready for either of the other titles just yet, trying for the tag titles might be good for him and Starz. If anything, Starz can return the favor, they have a tag match with Dar and Sha to settle that story for Frazer. Then they can try for the tag titles again, give us an even greater match, and win or lose, we have our next feud set up. If Starz & Frazer win, Pretty Deadly goes for a rematch. If Starz & Frazer lose, maybe Starz turns Heel and they feud.

Conners VS Webster was a really good match but of course Jinny helps Conners win. Luna and Andrews could’ve gotten out there sooner, but that’s small details. Subculture might put up Luna and Andrews in a Mixed Tag against Jinny & Joseph now, and that could go either way. I wonder what the chances of Jinny recruiting another male superstar to her stable so that they’re a trio to parallel Subculture. Maybe one of the jobbers, who have honestly been great in the ring, gets a “makeover” the same as Conners got. That gives a lot of choices, like “Turbo Terry” Josh Morrell, who can definitely keep up with Andrews and Webster in the speed game.

The Coffey VS Rampage rematch was a great main even to finish the physicality sandwich. These guys went as hard, maybe a little harder even, than last time, and there was great story in how both man had a target to go after. In the end, it made all the sense in the world for Coffey to win and tie this up, forcing a tiebreaker down the line. The surprise was Dragunov showing up to stare them both down. With Triple Threats being the new thing in Western wrestling companies, from WWE doing it at WrestleMania 37 AND #WrestleManiaBacklash, AEW at Double or Nothing then NXT USA last night, NXT UK might set up at least a Triple Threat #1 Contender’s match, to perhaps go in line with Walter’s return next week.

Dragunov being added to Coffey VS Rampage would of course put that thing in a TakeOver level, and with each man having had their shot at Walter and the UK Championship, it’d be anyone’s guess as to who wins it, since each man has faced Walter once already. Now, Coffey VS Rampage Round 3 would preclude that they don’t win the Triple Threat, but it still feels a title match too early for Walter VS Dragunov Round 2. Dragunov could win and “shockingly” end Walter’s historically long reign, and then Walter joins the rest of Imperium in NXT USA to start taking over those divisions. Walter being first man to be UK Champion then North American or top NXT Champion would definitely be worthy of Walter’s resumé.

My Score: 8.6/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (8/15/22)

A PHENOMENAL first-time-ever!



WWE Raw 2022

Will the United States Champion still be All Mighty?

For the first time one-on-one, Bobby Lashley takes on AJ Styles, and for the WWE United States Championship! Will the All Mighty prove he’s even more phenomenal than the Phenomenal One?


  • Vacated WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Nikki A.S.H. & “Doudrop” Piper Niven VS Alexa Bliss & Asuka; Bliss & Asuka win and advance.
  • The Miz & Tommaso Ciampa VS Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali; The Miz & Ciampa win.
  • Drew McIntyre VS Kevin Owens; McIntyre wins, by disqualification.
  • Veer Mahaan VS Beaux Keller; Veer wins.
  • WWE United States Championship: Bobby Lashley VS AJ Styles; Lashley wins and retains the title.
  • Dakota Kai w/ Iyo Sky & Bayley VS Dana Brooke; Kai wins.
  • (Austin) Theory VS Dolph Ziggler; Theory wins.


The Judgement Day is here!

Finn Balor, Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley are in Washington D.C. and headed to the ring! And they’re feeling great after what they did to Rey & Dominik Mysterio just last week. They all get mics while fans boo, but Rhea says, “The Judgement Day… We run Monday Night Raw. And that’s been the harsh reality to the Mysterios week in and week out. I even proved to Dominik Mysterio that I really am his Papi, haha, as I destroyed his soul!” Finn says everyone loves the Mysterios! But do they even know why? No! But then to those fans, Finn has some sad news: The Mysterios will NOT be here tonight.

And why is that? Because just like Rhea said, poor little Dom had his soul crushed! And Rey was destroyed by Finn in the middle of the ring, 1-2-3, to further solidify Finn’s already legendary status in this business! But enough about last week, here’s what Priest will do to Edge next week. “What won’t I do to Edge next week? But let me ask you all a question: Do you not wanna see Edge confront the Judgement Day right now?” DC says yes! Do they wanna see the Rated R Superstar right now? Yes! Too bad! He ain’t here! HA! No, no. Edge is out in Toronto, doing his “duties” promoting this match. Edge’s first match in Toronto in over a decade!

Priest tells Edge the he heard everything Edge said. Priest doesn’t need the Judgement Day ringside. He doesn’t sweat Edge! He doesn’t need anyone to deal with Edge! That is where Priest puts the final nail in the coffin of Edge’s career! There will be no Finn, no Rhea, just Priest VS Edge, 1v1, man to man, no Judgement Day! And then Toronto will no longer be Edge’s hometown. It’ll be the place where Damian Priest sent Edge back into retirement! Oh, the fans don’t like that, huh? Bye-bye, Edge! And this time it won’t be about filming TV shows or crap movies. It’ll be Beth wheeling Edge around and feeding him through a tube for the rest of his life!

But then REY dropkicks Priest from behind! And throws hands on Finn! Finn shoves Rey but Rey RANAS him out! Then BLASTS Priest out! But then Rhea steps to him! Rhea dares Rey to hit her, but Rey keeps control. But then Finn gets in with a chair! Rey SHOTGUNS Finn first! And then JAMS Finn and SMACKS Finn with the chair! And then the same for Priest! Fans fire up for Rey as he raises the chair, but Rhea shields Finn! Then she snatches the chair! Priest BOOTS Rey down! Priest KICKS Rey, rains down fists, and fans boo! But Priest drags Rey up, feeds him to Rhea, DDT to the chair!! Then Priest rains down fists!

Rhea tells this is what happens when Dom holds you back! Priest puts the chair on Rey’s chest! Finn is up top, COUP DE GRACE with the chair!! Finn sits on Rey after having crushed him! Will the Judgement Day destroy Edge just like they have Dom and Rey?


Vacated WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Nikki A.S.H. & “Doudrop” Piper Niven VS Alexa Bliss & Asuka!

This Celtic Connection of Almost SuperHero and Scottish Viper has been waiting for their opportunity to grab some gold together. As for the Five Foot Fury and the Empress of Tomorrow, they’ve each held the tag titles before, just with other partners. Who takes the crucial first step towards the gold and meets Kai & Sky next round?

But before the action gets going, the RawEST Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair, makes her way out to ringside! She’s going to be a teammate to Alexa & Asuka at Clash at the Castle against “The Control,” Bayley, Kai & Sky, so she’s here to cheer her allies on. Nikki & Piper then make their entrances, Nikki now sporting a leather jacket to match Piper’s. The teams then sort out and Asuka starts against Nikki. Asuka rushes in but Nikki throws her down! Nikki rains down forearms on Asuka then strikes a pose. Fans boo but Nikki stomps Asuka down. Nikki drags Asuka up, whips her but Asuka reverses and pop-up KNEES!

Nikki wobbles, Alexa tags in and she runs Nikki over! Piper gets in, Alexa & Asuka DOUBLE SHOTGUN her out! Then they both HIP ATTACK Nikki & Piper off the apron! High-five and fans fire up while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Nikki thrashes Alexa around in a straitjacket stretch! Fans rally up, Alexa fights up, but Nikki keeps her down by digging a knee in. Fans still rally and Alexa fights her way up again, getting her arms free to hit a JAWBREAKER! Piper tags in and drags Alexa away. But Alexa kicks Piper into Nikki! Hot tag to Asuka! Asuka goes up to missile dropkick Piper down! Fans fire up with Asuka and she dodges Nikki to DECK Piper! Asuka elbows Nikki, ROUNDHOUSES her, then hits a RUNNING NECKBREAKER! Asuka runs in at the corner to HIP ATTACK, then she waistlocks.

Nikki fights the suplex but Asuka BAKCHANDS, BACKHANDS, SOBATS, KICKS and BACKHANDS! GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Nikki survives but Asuka sits Nikki up to KICK, KICK and run! Piper swipes at Asuka but Asuka BOOTS her! Nikki gets Asuka for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Nikki is furious but fans fire up! Nikki goes to ropes, DECKS Alexa, then rushes back to get Asuka! Nikki whips her to a corner and Piper whips her in! Asuka puts Nikki on the apron, elbows Piper but Nikki shoulders in! Nikki climbs to CROSSBODY! Cover, Alexa breaks it with a dropkick! Piper CROSSBODIES Alexa!

Fans fire up while Dana Brooke & Tamina watch backstage. They lost last week, so what’re they hoping from this? Piper drags Nikki to her corner to tag back in! Piper storms up on Asuka, drags her up and scoops, but Asuka fights free! BACKHAND! Piper goes down, Asuka HIP ATTACKS Nikki away! Asuka comes back but into Piper’s scoop! MICHINOKU DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!! Asuka survives and DC is thunderous! Piper drags Asuka to a drop zone and she goes up the corner! VADER BOMB FLOPS as Asuka moves! Asuka drags herself up to her feet, Piper runs in but into a ROUNDHOUSE! Asuka runs Alexa tags, SLIDING KICK to a DDT!

Alexa hurries to tag Asuka back and she hits a CODE BREAKER! Oklahoma Roll, into an ARMBAR!! And Alexa intercepts Nikki with a RIGHT HAND! Piper taps, Asuka & Alexa win!

Winners: Alexa Bliss & Asuka, by submission (advance to the next round)

They may seem like an unlikely duo, but they just made it work here! And we get a Clash at the Castle preview within the tournament, will- Wait. Bayley and her team are waiting on the stage! They all applaud sarcastically and then talk some trash with Bianca, Asuka & Alexa. Refs and officials rush out already to stop this from blowing up again! Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” but will we just have to wait until next time?


Backstage interview with (Austin) Theory!

The Youngest Mr. Money in the Bank is back after the… less than successful attempt to cash-in at SummerSlam. Uh, well, he still has the briefcase, doesn’t he? And he’s still the Youngest WWE United States Champion Ever, and the handpicked future of the business! He may have made some miscalculations, but he doesn’t make mistakes. He is tougher because of that, wiser because of that, and he’s more dangerous because of that. Next time he- Dolph Ziggler walks in to say, “The next time? Kid, I’ve been watching you. You got crushed out there. Brock, Roman, you name it! And I get it, I’ve been there, too.”

But there’s a difference between the two of them. See, the MITB contract was never handed to Ziggler. He earned it. That is why it mattered when he cashed in and became World Heavyweight Champion! Well, that’s interesting. Ziggler was Mr. MITB, he was a world champion. And that’s great, really. But he won’t be around when Theory cashes in, and because of that, Theory thinks Ziggler’s nothing more than “an over the hill, title having has-been.” But Theory suggests Ziggler keeps paying attention to Mr. All Day. Because when Theory cashes in successfully, he’ll just keep winning and winning and winning. And he won’t screw up like Ziggler did!

Oh, didn’t like that, huh? But then Ziggler PUNCHES Theory! They brawl, and end up hitting the cameraman! Will these two have to settle this thing in the ring?

Raw shares footage of the brawl during the break, and they ended up deep in the arena! Officials rushed in to stop this, but… Who’s arm is that slipping in through the door?


Backstage interview with The Miz & Tommaso Ciampa.

Sarah says after an amazing performance against Bobby Lashley, where he came so close to winning the United States Championship, where does Ciampa see himself going next? Ciampa says he did get really close. Unfortunately, there are no participation trophies here. Ciampa came to Raw to become a champion, so the next time he gets an opportunity, that is what he is going to do. The Miz says to be honest, the only reason Ciampa didn’t win is because Styles interfered! And how is Styles repaid? He’s given a US Championship match tonight! That’s collusion!

But Miz will reward Ciampa for his valiant effort with a token of appreciation. Miz made his own custom polaroid NFT necklace. He and Ciampa have a matching pair! This is awesome! “No, we are AWWWWWESOOOOME!” The Hollywood A-Lister and his Guardian Psycho now head to the ring. Will they start on the road to tag title opportunities together? Or will they end up a stepping stone for their opponents?

The Miz & Tommaso Ciampa VS Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali!

The teams sort out and Alexander starts against Ciampa. They tie up, go around, and Ciampa pulls Alexander’s hair to put him on ropes. The ref counts., Ciampa lets off, and Alexander gets away. They tie up again, Ciampa headlocks, but Alexander powers out. Ciampa pulls hair to reel Alexander back in! Fans taunt Miz over his “TINY BALLS!” but Ciampa snapmares into a chinlock. Alexander slips out, hammerlocks an arm, and he leans on the hold. Ciampa fights up, reaches back to snapmare free, but Alexander slips out of the chinlock again! Alexander has the hammerlock, talks some smack on Miz, but Ciampa fights up.

Ciampa throws a hard elbow, then he clamps on the headlock for a takeover. Alexander keeps his shoulders up, fights up, and fans rally. Alexander powers up and out, but Ciampa runs him over! Things speed up, Ciampa slides under the hurdle but Alexander rolls off the back drop to DROPKICK Ciampa down! Tag to Ali, Alexander trips Ciampa for Ali’s slingshot senton! Tag back to Alexander and he slingshot sentons! Cover, TWO! Alexander drags Ciampa up, CHOPS him against ropes, then whips him to ropes. Ciampa reverses but Alexander kicks back! But Miz grabs at Alexander! Alexander DECKS Miz, dodges Ciampa, but handsprings onto a dropkick!

Miz and Ciampa applaud and pat themselves on the back while fans boo, but this new “Must-See Duo” are on top while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns as Miz fires off It Kicks on Alexander in the corner. Tag to Ciampa, he whips Miz in to A-LIST LARIAT! Then feed to Ciampa’s LARIAT, cover, TWO!! Alexander survives that combo but Ciampa clamps on a bulldog headlock! Fans rally up as Alexander endures and fights up. Ciampa swings but misses, Alexander fires off hands but Ciampa ROCKS him! Ciampa reels Alexander in, but Alexander suplexes first! Fans fire up and Alexander crawls over, but so does Ciampa, hot tags to Miz and Ali! Ali dodges, fires off CHOP after CHOP, then whips corner to corner. Miz reverses but Ali uses it to SHOTGUN Ciampa!

Ali slips out, ROUNDHOUSES Miz then slingshots and NECKBREAKERS on Miz! Cover, TWO! Ali drags Miz up but Miz YANKS him into ropes! Alexander tags in, he ducks Miz’s haymaker to back suplex but Miz lands on his feet! Alexander fights the full nelson to scoop and SLAM! Cover, Ciampa helps Miz get the ropebreak! Just like Miz has done for Ciampa! Fans boo and Alexander knows what happened! Alexander glares at Ciampa but Ali DIVES and sends Ciampa over the desk! Miz DUMPS Alexander out but Alexander shoulders back in! Slingshot sunset flip but Miz sit son it! Ale BOOTS Miz over! Alexander has the cover, TWO!!

Fans can’t believe Miz survives! Alexander hurries to tag in Ali, and Alexander drags Miz up. Feed to Ali, Alexander runs, but Ciampa dumps him out! Ali storms over but Ciampa gets away. Miz rolls Ali up, TWO! Ciampa tags in and Miz runs, into a SUPERKICK! Ali goes up but focused on Miz! 450 PSYCHO KNEE!!!! Then the underhooks into the FAIRY TALE ENDING!!! Cover, Miz & Ciampa win!!

Winners: The Miz & Tommaso Ciampa, by pinfall

WHOA! Miz has a bloody nose but he and Ciampa are the ones standing tall! Will it be a Fairy Tale Ending for the Hollywood A-Lister and his new co-star?


Ezekiel’s family responds to Kevin Owens’ brutal assault.

Not just Elias and Elrod, but their mother, father, and kid brother, too! Ernie Jr, says if he ever gets his hands on Kevin, he will get a piece of his mind!


Drew McIntyre heads to gorilla.

But as he does, someone is putting out a fire! Is that the work of Dexter Lumis…?


Drew McIntyre heads to the ring!

The Scottish Warrior may be part of SmackDown, but he’s here on Raw because Clash at the Castle is coming! And if McIntyre wins, he’ll be able to show up on Raw all he wants! For now, McIntyre gets a mic to say, “Washington, let me hear ya scream!” Fans shout for McIntyre and he says, “I know it’s a shock to see Drew McIntyre on Raw. I’m technically on Friday Night SmackDown. It might be even more shocking to see the other guy here on Raw, but that’s something we can rectify in less than three weeks’ time. Because at Clash at the Castle, it’s Drew McIntyre VS Roman Reigns for the Undisputed Championship.”

To finish McIntyre’s thoughts from Friday, this isn’t a match that happens on the fictional Island of Relevancy! It’s taking place on DREW’S island! And he is gonna drop Roman’s ass, win those titles, and then show up on Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown, the live events, everywhere the titles should be because that is what the fans and those titles deserve! And he knows there are reports that McIntyre is suffering from a back injury. To be honest, yes, it is true. Because he’s been carrying the load of 20 men for three years in the WWE, in the ring and outside it!

And he does it with a smile on his face because it is a PRIVILEGE. This isn’t a job, it’s a DREAM! That’s why he’s hereon his day off! McIntyre is here on Raw to scout the future opponents he’ll have! Wanna hear some potential ones? McIntyre VS Tommaso Ciampa! McIntyre VS AJ Styles! McIntyre VS Seth Freakin’ Rollins! McIntyre VS Karrion Kross! But here comes Kevin Owens! Kevin has a mic and McIntyre says he likes this idea, too! McIntyre VS KO! Kevin says it is so convenient that McIntyre says his name now.

But there is something about Drew that Kevin never understood. As big and good and strong as McIntyre is, he still feels the need to pretend he’s something he’s not. Because he comes out here, talks with his big, loud almost comical voice! Sometimes he has his kilt, sometimes he has a sword. He thinks this is Medieval Times? But McIntyre is delusional because if he thinks he’s been carrying anyone’s weight around here, he’s a real dumbass! Kevin says McIntyre has no idea who he really is! Kevin’s been the same person his entire 22 years of wrestling! He is and always will be Kevin Owens, who is as real as it gets in this business!

But these past few years, people have forgotten what Kevin’s about! That’s Kevin’s fault, though> he’s been having a good time, having fun coming to work. But then something dawned on Kevin when he got here today. He got goosebumps because he realized that this is the very same arena where at Battleground, Kevin and Sami Zayn had the fight of their lives and left everything they had in that ring! They gave people a match they STILL talk about six years later! And then Kevin realized there’s a side of him that’s been missing for far too long. He misses that side. He misses the old Kevin Owens. He needs to bring back the Prizefighter!

And Drew, Kevin hasn’t held a title in five long YEARS. But enough is enough, and it is time for a change! Now, Kevin is coming after everything! Every champion is a target! The US Champion, the Intercontinental Champion, the Tag Team Champions, and Drew, Kevin doesn’t care if it’s you or Roman. Whoever walks out of Cardiff has a hell of a problem, because Kevin wants the biggest prize of them all! The Undisputed WWE Universal Championship!! Fans cheer that, and McIntyre says okay, he let Kevin say his piece. And frankly, McIntyre will have to respond. McIntyre is sick of people making stuff up juts to get a reaction.

They say things like McIntyre doesn’t carry the load, he doesn’t know who he is. He knows exactly who he is, too!! Someone mocked him for being “The Chosen One.” That was 15 YEARS AGO!! Then he got FIRED, and had to work his ass off, earn his way back off! He didn’t call the WWE, they called him! And he’s worked his ass off ever since! A two-time world champion! He beat Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Randy Orton and everyone who has stood in his path! Don’t you dare pull this BS again!! Now, it’s time for Kevin and McIntyre to stop talking. Prizefighter, sports entertainer, superstar, they’re wrestlers in a wrestling ring, so let’s just freakin’ wrestle!!

Fans are thunderous and Kevin tells McIntyre that he may not be a prize, but he’s still on! Kevin and McIntyre, a preview of coming attractions, who will win this fight?

Drew McIntyre VS Kevin Owens!

Raw returns and this is happening! The bell rings, they tie up and McIntyre puts Kevin in a corner. He lets off and welcomes Kevin to return, and the two reset. They tie up again, McIntyre pushes Kevin back but Kevin turns things around. Kevin lets off now and he circles with McIntyre again. Fans rally and duel and the tow tie up again. Kevin headlocks, McIntyre powers up and out, but Kevin RAMS him. McIntyre stays up and says, “Not today!” Kevin kicks low and says, “Shut up!” as he headlocks again. McIntyre powers up, powers out, and they RAM shoulders again. McIntyre says up Kevin’s, then kicks low!

McIntyre headlocks now but Kevin powers out. Things speed up, McIntyre RAMS Kevin and sends him flying! McIntyre stomps and punches Kevin in the corner, whips him corner to corner hard, then runs in. But Kevin elbows back and POSTS McIntyre! McIntyre sits down, Kevin says “SUCK IT!” and CANNONBALLS! Fans fire up and Kevin soaks it all up! “This is MY show!” Kevin drags McIntyre to a drop zone, then hits a SENTON, to a MOONSAULT! Cover, ONE!! Kevin grinds a forearm into McIntyre’s face, then stands on McIntyre’s hand. Kevin throws haymakers, then has McIntyre in a corner. Kevin RAMS his shoulder in as fans rally up.

The ref counts, Kevin lets off and brings McIntyre out. Fans duel, Kevin suplexes, but McIntyre blocks! And blocks again, to suplex Kevin and TOSS him! McIntyre says, “SUCK IT” back! Kevin bails out, so McIntyre builds speed! Kevin gets in to ROCK McIntyre! Kevin tosses McIntyre out, builds speed, but McIntyre ROCKS him! McIntyre brings Kevin up but Kevin fights the suplex! Kevin HOTSHOTS McIntyre, POSTS McIntyre, and McIntyre falls to the floor! Kevin steps back but then goes out to APRON FROG SPLASH!! Fans fire up and Kevin roars, “This is MY show!” as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Kevin has McIntyre down in a chinlock. McIntyre endures and fans rally up, but Kevin leans on the hold. McIntyre fights up, Kevin CLUBS him, and CLUBS him again. Kevin whips McIntyre corner to corner but McIntyre comes back to CLOBBER Kevin! And again! McIntyre whips, and OVERHEAD Belly2Belly suplexes Kevin away! Kevin gets to a corner but McIntyre clinches to OVERHEAD Belly2Belly again! And then McIntyre hits a NECKBREAKER! McIntyre kips up and fans fire up! McIntyre aims, Kevin gets up, and McIntyre underhooks, but Kevin wrenches out! Kevin kicks and hits a DDT of his own! Cover, TWO!

Kevin is annoyed but the fans rally up again. Kevin waits on McIntyre and then brings him around. Fans duel as Kevin whips, but McIntyre BOOTS back! McIntyre scoops Kevin but Kevin slips off to waistlock. McIntyre elbows free, runs in but Kevin BOOTS McIntyre down! Kevin goes up the corner again, for a SWANTON BOMB onto knees! McIntyre reels Kevin in to MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! McIntyre is a bit surprised Kevin survives but the fans rally up again. McIntyre snarls as he stalks Kevin to a corner. McIntyre drags Kevin up, throws hands and CHOPS in the corner, then hoists him up top.

McIntyre ROCKS Kevin, climbs up after him, but Kevin trips him up! Kevin adjusts, throws haymakers, and McIntyre falls into the Tree of Woe. But he sits right up! Kevin fights the clinch and HEADBUTTS McIntyre down! Kevin hurries to CANNONBALL McIntyre out of the Tree! Then Kevin goes back up top, for the FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!! McIntyre barely kicks out so Kevin goes right back up! SWNTON BOMB hits this time! Cover, TWO!!! McIntyre survives again! Kevin is beside himself but DC is thunderous! “This is Awesome!” as Kevin thinks of what to try next. Kevin paces, then decides to go up one more time!

McIntyre is right up! He ROCKS Kevin again and again, then climbs up after him! McIntyre fireman’s carries Kevin for a SUPER WHITE NOISE!! Cover, TWO!?! McIntyre is beside himself! But he goes to the corner and he wants Kevin to stand up. CLAY- SUPERKICK!! Kevin kicks, but no stunner! GLASGOW KISS HEADBUTT! SUPERKICK!! LARIAT!! Both men are down and fans are giving a standing ovation! Kevin gets to the ropes, McIntyre gets to his feet. Kevin and McIntyre just start throwing haymakers! They go faster and faster and it’s just a brawl! Fans are loving it as they get a second wind!

Kevin kicks low, whips, but McIntyre leaps out of the pop-up to turn and FUTURE SHOCK! McIntyre hurries to a corner, he takes aim again, but wait! THE USOS attack!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, by disqualification

The Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions do Roman Reigns’ dirty work! Jey drags McIntyre up, for a SUPERKICK from Jimmy! Jey then goes up top, and USO- NO! McIntyre dodges the splash, CLOBBERS Jimmy, then TOSSES Jey out onto Jimmy! A nasty landing for the Usos, but then Kevin returns! STUNNER!! The Prizefighter gets the last word, but then he tells the Usos to tell Roman that he owes Kevin one. But then the Usos pick the bones, ONE AND- HEADBUTT! McIntyre dodges Jimmy to CLAYMORE!! Turns out McIntyre gets the last word! Will the Scottish Warrior rip the Tribal Chief off the throne at Clash at the Castle?


Seth Rollins is here!

The Visionary promised he’d be here to hear from Matt Riddle just like the rest of us, but what will Rollins have to say about what Riddle has to say? We’ll find out, after the break.

Raw returns and Rollins has a mic. “I am a Visionary. I am a revolutionary. I am Seth! Freakin’! Rollins! HAHAHA! And I am excited because the time has finally come.” Riddle is getting mic’d up in his mom’s basement via satellite, and he’s about to give us his “big news.” So Rollins came out here for a front row seat so we can all celebrate together, when finally, for the first time in his life, Riddle does the smart thing and tells the entire world that he is retiring! HAHAHAAA! Don’t boo! This is cause for celebration. Riddle can do whatever he wants. He can go back to middle school and finish the seventh grade.

Riddle can start a farm! That industry is very lucrative these days. Riddle says he’s glad Rollins is out there so fans can see what a slimy piece of trash he is! But Riddle doe shave a medical update about his condition. Well here it is! The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Rollins knows this is very difficult for Riddle, so the fans need to be respectful. Riddle, please continue. Riddle says it is a bit hard to say this… But he’s MEDICALLY CLEARED! So the next time Riddle sees Rollins, it is on! Oh, okay, it’s on, huh? Next time they see each other. Like at Madison Square Garden? Or SummerSlam?

Because it seems to Rollins that any time they’re in the same place at the same time, the outcome is the same: Rollins stomping Riddle into the mat! And does Riddle know why that is? Because Rollins is always one, two, three steps ahead! Rollins wishes Riddle was here right now because Rollins would love nothing more than to stomp those last few brain cells out of Riddle’s stupid, stompable head! Well glad you feel that way, Rollins. Because Riddle is NOT in his mom’s basement. He is here in DC and the arena! SO he’ll head to the ring to kick Rollins’ ass!! Riddle is rushing to gorilla, here he comes! And then down the ramp!

Riddle slides in but slides out to avoid the stomp! He drag Rollins out and fire off hands! Fans fire up, Rollins RAMS Riddle into barriers but runs away. Riddle pursues to fire off KICK after KICK after KICK! Then a BROSPLODER! Rollins bails out, Riddle goes to the apron but Rollins trips him up! Riddle crashes down hard, and Rollins drags him back up to TOSS over the desk! Rollins rains down fists, clears off the desk, and then he drags Riddle onto it! “How stupid are you!? How stupid are you?!” Rollins CLUBS Riddle, then climbs up onto the desk! CURB- NO, Riddle dodges! Rollins falls over, Riddle KNEES him into the crowd!

Riddle then pursues, and they run up the bleachers! The fans cheer Riddle on as he runs Rollins off! But will Rollins have no choice but to take The Stallion on soon enough?


Backstage interview with Riddle.

Kevin Patrick says Riddle returned for the first time since Rollins’ SumemrSlam attack. Riddle knows all that, KP, but tonight was just a taste. Riddle is issuing a challenge! Rollins: Clash at the Castle! Be there! Will the Bro get to burn it down with the Architect in Cardiff?


Veer Mahaan VS Beaux Keller!

The Lion of India is on the hunt again, and DC’s own is on the menu! Will everyone from sea to shining sea come to #FearVeer?

The bell rings and Veer circles with Beaux. Veer rushes in, Beaux dodges, and then dodges again! Fans rally up as Beaux shows he can move. Veer rushes in but Beaux dodges again and then bails out! Veer chases after but Beaux gets back in the ring. Beaux plays keep-away as Veer gets back in, then Beaux DROPKICSK Veer! Veer shakes it off but Beaux throws a haymaker! And then another, only to get caught and TOSSED out of the ring! Veer then goes out after Beaux to choke grip and TOSS him back into the ring! Veer gets in and runs at the corner to SPLASH! Beaux staggers, into a FLYING THESZ PRESS!

Veer growls and stomps around, for the MILLION DOLLAR LARIAT! Beaux flounders, but Veer HIP DROPS, into the CERVICAL CLUTCH!! Beaux taps, Veer wins!

Winner: Veer Mahaan, by pinfall

Another battle, another win as another mere mortal falls prey to Veer Mahaan! Will even champions begin to #FearVeer?


Backstage interview with Dakota Kai, Bayley & Iyo Sky.

What can we expect from Kai’s first singles match here on Raw? Uh, Sarah, if you’ve been paying attention, you don’t need to ask that. Then for clarification, can she elaborate? Ugh, Bayley can’t believe this. For all the idiots out there, and for “clarification’s sake,” just please tell them. How is this: spoiler alert, she’ll win! That good enough? Sky says in Japanese and Bayley translates into English, you can expect them all to do a lot more winning when these two become the NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions! And that means first, they beat Alexa & Asuka next week, and again at Clash at the Castle.

Kai then spots something and walks over. “Hey! Relax. We’re not here to ambush you,” Dana, Kai just wants to make sure she’s ready. Oh, Dana’s ready. She is ready 24/7! And if these three are trying to intimidate her, she is NOT afraid of them. Kai says fear is a motivator. Maybe Dana should be afraid. Kai, Sky & Bayley head out, but will #CobraKai sink her teeth into the Flex Appeal?


WWE United States Championship: Bobby Lashley VS AJ Styles!

Though they’ve battled in a tag team match, back when MVP was on the All Mighty’s side and the Nigerian Giant was on the Phenomenal One’s team, this is the first-ever 1v1 battle between these two icons! Who wins this dream match to say they are truly phenomenal?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who carries the golden banner of this great country!

Lashley and Styles circle, feel things out, and Styles KICKS! And ROCKS and KICKS again! Styles has Lashley in a corner, he has the leg, but Lashley shoves him away! Lashley then runs Styles over! Lashley drags Styles up, bumps him off buckles, then throws back elbow after back elbow! The ref counts, Lashley lets off and hits a NECKBREAKER! Cover, ONE!! Styles is showing he’s tougher than that, but Lashley drags him back up. Styles fires off forearms, but Lashley kicks low! Lashley runs, but Styles hurdles and things speed up, Styles DROPKICKS Lashley down! Fans fire up while Styles catches his breath.

Styles drags Lashley around to drop an elbow on the leg! And another! Fans duel as Styles kicks the leg and paces around. Styles drags Lashley up, bumps him off buckles, but Lashley scoops and SLAMS Styles! Lashley drags Styles up now, throws him out of the ring, but Styles lands on his feet! Styles gets in as Lashley slides out, and Styles dropkicks Lashley away! Then slingshots, but has to bail out as Lashley moves! Lashley then fireman’s carries Styles to run, but Styles slips off! Lashley stops from hitting the post and he elbows Styles away. But Styles gets up on the apron to SLIDING KNEE! And then FLYING FOREARM!

Fans fire up as Lashley goes down! Both men are on the outside, catching their breath, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Styles has Lashley in the corner again. Styles whips him corner to corner but Lashley reverses. Styles slides into the POST! Styles writhes but Lashley leaves him outside the ring as the count climbs. But then Lashley goes out at 5 of 10 to RAM Styles into the barriers! And then TOSS him into more barriers! Styles almost falls into the timekeeper’s area, but Lashley drags him up to RAM him! Lashley gets in the ring at 7 of 10 to refresh the count. He then goes back to get Styles and put him in the ring. Styles crawls to a corner, Lashley stalks after him. Lashley drags Styles up, throws back elbows, then stomps Styles down.

Lashley throws more elbows as the ref counts, and Lashley rains down fists! The ref backs Lashley away to check Styles but Styles says he’s still good to go. Lashley drags Styles up but Styles hits a JAWBREAKER! And an ENZIGURI! Fans fire up as Styles stands back up, and he stomps Lashley down! Styles hobbles, clutching his bad back. But Styles stomps Lashley more, runs, and drops a knee! Fans rally up while Styles grits his teeth and stands up. Lashley hits back with big forearm shots! Styles KICKS the leg, Lashley shoves him, but Styles KICKS him back! Styles fires off more hands and CHOPS!

Styles runs, but into a SPINEBUSTER! Fans fire up again as Lashley looms over Styles. Lashley drags Styles up, whips him to the corner again, and Styles SMACKS off the post from the top this time! Styles falls down, but here come Miz and Ciampa! Fans boo but Lashley drags Styles up. Lashley whips Styles corner to corner hard and Styles bounces off off buckles! Miz & Ciampa are ringside and Lashley glares at them. Fans taunt Miz over his “TINY BALLS! TINY BALLS!” but Ciampa covers Miz’s ears to tune that out. Lashley drags Styles up, reels him in and suplexes, but Styles blocks! And blocks again!

Lashley CLUBS away on Styles’ back, suplexes again, but Styles knees free! But Lashley kicks low to try again! He hangs Styles out to dry, then CLOBBERS him! Styles holds on, Lashley runs again, and he BLASTS Styles off the apron! Styles hits the ground hard, but Ciampa distracts Lashley! Miz sneaks up on Styles, drags him up, but DEXTER LUMIS jumps the railing!! Security jumps on Lumis and they spill over into commentary! Miz is shocked to see this and backs away while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Styles has Lashley down now! It’s of note that Miz & Ciampa are gone from ringside. That’s because after Lashley gave Miz a Spear, the ref REJECTED Miz and Ciampa! Styles KICKS the leg and Lashley flounders. Styles drags Lashley up, kicks but Lashley blocks to ELBOW him! And a BIG lift for the COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO! Lashley waits on Styles to stand up, Lashley runs in but is sent right out! Styles KICKS Lashley off the apron, then SLINGHOT FOREARMS! Direct hit and they’re down at the ramp again! Styles puts Lashley in the ring, blocks a punch to fire off the Phenomenal Blitz! LARIAT to SLIDING FOREARM!

Fans fire up behind Styles as he grimaces and gets back up. Lashley goes to the other corner, Styles runs in to SPLASH! And then fireman’s carry! But Lashley slips off and shoves Styles into the corner! Lashley CLUBS Styles, TOSSES him to the apron, but Styles shoulders back in! Styles KICKS the leg out, slingshots again, FALLING FOREARM! Cover, TWO!! Lashley keeps surviving these shots but Styles gets him up, Lashley RAMS Styles into a corner! And again and again! But then Styles BOOTS Lashley away! Styles runs, tilt-o-whirl, but into a POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! Styles survives and Lashley is surprised!

Lashley stalks Styles to a corner and hauls him back up. Lashley then hauls Styles up to the top rope! Fans rally and duel again and Lashley ROCKS Styles with a right. Lashley climbs up, brings Styles up in a clinch, but Styles slips out underneath! CHOP BLOCK, then a torture rack! TOWER HACKER BOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Styles’ back may have been a factor, but he stands up again. Fans rally, Styles brings Lashley up and reels him in, but no Clash yet! Lashley back drops Styles away! Lashley wants Styles to stand, but Styles doesn’t, so Lashley hauls him up to the Canadian Rack! CLIFFHANGER! Cover, TWO!! Styles survives again!!

Lashley gator rolls Styles to the apron and then fireman’s carries him. Lashley runs in to POST Styles! Styles helicopters to the floor! But Lashley isn’t done, he drags Styles up and into the ring. Lashley aims from a corner, runs in, but Styles KICKS the Spear away! Then rolls Lashley into the CALF CRUSHER!! Lashley endures but Styles pulls way back on the leg!! Lashley slips an arm inside the grip and breaks it, to get a HURT LOCK on the floor! Styles rolls it back to a cover, TWO!! Lashley lets Styles go in time, but Styles KICKS the leg! Lashley is in the corner, Styles runs in, “This is Awesome!” as Lashley puts Styles on the apron!

Styles ROCKS Lashley, prepares his armband, leaps but no Phenomenal Forearm! Lashley rebounds and SPEARS!! Cover, Lashley wins!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by pinfall (still WWE United States Champion)

That was a phenomenal battle with a MIGHTY ending! The title stays with Bobby Lashley, who will be next to step to the Rocky Mountain Machine?


Dakota Kai w/ Iyo Sky & Bayley VS Dana Brooke!

The Role Model has promised she, Kai & Sky will take control of Raw, and that is starting with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament. Will #CobraKai show that the 24/7 Championship is beneath them?

The bell rings and Kai ties up with Dana. They are in a deadlock, but Dana waistlocks. Kai breaks free and PELES Dana right down! Kai waits on Dana to get up, and Kai BOOTS her against ropes! Dana flops down, Kai covers, TWO! Kai stays cool and she pushes Dana around. Bayley says to take control, and Kai whips Dana into the corner hard! BOOT WASH! Bayley wants commentary to talk about that! Kai covers, TWO! Kai snarls but Bayley says she’s so proud. Kai sits Dana up to fire off Kawada Kicks! Dana shoves her away but Kai kicks Dana around more. Dana throws more hands but Kai throws more kicks!

Kai whips Dana to a corner, runs in but Dana BOOTS back! Dana then elbows Kai, ducks ‘n’ dodges and fires off forearms! Dana hits a short arm LARIAT, then another! Fans fire up with Dana and she brings Kai up to whip her to a corner. Kai hits hard, Dana handsprings in and back elbows! Dana keeps moving, but the bulldog is sent into buckles! Kai runs in Around the World, BOOT!! Cover, Kai wins!

Winner: Dakota Kai, by pinfall

Bayley & Sky celebrate with Kai, they’re taking over one win at a time! Will they be truly in control once they get those tag titles?


(Austin) Theory VS Dolph Ziggler!

The Youngest Mr. MITB Ever may have missed his opportunity at SummerSlam, but there’s always Clash at the Castle! Will Theory show the Showoff that Theory is the future? Or will Ziggler show Theory that he still has much to learn in the present?

Raw returns and Ziggler makes his entrance. The bell rings and Ziggler TACKES Theory! They scrap, Ziggler gets around and has the SLEEPER! Theory flails but he’s already turning red! Theory pries free, rains down fists, but Ziggler slips around to body scissor! He makes it a cover, ONE, and Theory throws more hands! Ziggler pushes Theory away but Theory DECKS Ziggler with that left! Theory snarls and scowls and he looms over Ziggler. Ziggler gets to the corner, the ref backs Theory off, but Theory storms up on Ziggler to POST him! Theory seethes and he brings Ziggler out. Theory POSTS Ziggler again!

Theory drags Ziggler back in to say, “All day! You hear me? All day!” And he POSTS Ziggler again! Theory is snarling even more as he drags Ziggler to a cover, TWO!! Ziggler is still in this but Theory puts him on the ropes. Theory CHOKES Ziggler, lets off at 4, and then soaks up the heat. “This is my time!” Theory says Ziggler isn’t gonna last, but then Ziggler ROCKS and SATELLITE DDTs Theory down! Fans fire up as Ziggler and Theory are both on the mat. Ziggler gets to his feet while Theory goes to a corner. Ziggler drags Theory up to POST him in return! Theory flops to the apron then the floor and fans fire up again.

Ziggler shakes out his bad arm, goes out after Theory and smacks him off the apron! The ref counts, Ziggler puts Theory in, and he drags Theory back up to fire off haymakers. Ziggler throws body shots in the corner, lets off as the ref counts, and he hoists Theory up top. Ziggler climbs up after Theory now, and goes to the very top! But Theory holds the superplex off and throws body shots! Theory ROCKS Ziggler and he drops down! Fans boo but Theory tells them to shut up. Ziggler comes right back to SUPER FACEBUSTER! But Ziggler clutches his leg! Ziggler crawls to a cover, TWO!! Theory survives thanks to the delay, and Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Theory grinds Ziggler down in a chinlock. Fans rally up as Ziggler fights to his feet. Ziggler throws elbows into Theory’s ribs and then ROCKS Theory with a haymaker! And another! Both men stagger but Ziggler runs in, drop toehold into buckles! Theory storms around on the apron, takes aim and slingshots to somersault, and SHOTGUN! Cover, TWO! Theory is furious so he drags Ziggler up to POST again! Ziggler hangs out of the corner, but Theory drags him in. “I can do this all day! You’re nothing!” Fans rally for Ziggler but Theory keeps talking trash. Theory gets Ziggler up, suplexes, but Ziggler slips off!

Ziggler goes to a corner and UPPERCUTS back! Theory rushes in again, but into a BOOT! Theory tries one more time, but only gets buckles! Ziggler runs and LARIATS Theory down! And LARIATS again! And then jumps into the corner to rain down fists! Fans count and Ziggler goes way past 10! Ziggler turns Theory to a NECKBREAKER! And then a BIG elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Ziggler is beside himself but the fans rally behind him. Ziggler slaps some sense into himself, aims from a corner, and Theory slowly rises. SUPER- NO, Theory blocks the kick, shoves Ziggler away, but Ziggler ELBOWS him! Ziggler goes up but Theory CLUBS him down!

Theory torture racks Ziggler for a TOWERHACKER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Ziggler is showing Theory just why he’s a Grand Slam Champion! Theory snarls, he goes to the apron again and fans jeer and boo. Theory fires up, slingshots again, but into a FAMOUSER! Cover, TWO!! Theory survives and DC can’t believe it! Ziggler facelocks Theory and drags him up. Ziggler ROCKS Theory, eggs him on, so Theory ROCKS him back! Ziggler ROCKS Theory, Theory ROCKS Ziggler, repeat! Fans fire up as the shots go back and forth, faster and faster! Theory kicks the leg, CLUBS away on Ziggler, fires off hands, but Ziggler kicks back! And a HEADBUTT!

ZIG- NO, no Zigzag, BIG LARIAT!! Theory calls his shot, he hauls Ziggler back up, fireman’s carries him, but Ziggler fights free! Sunset flip, TWO! Theory sits on it, TWO!! Fireman’s carry but Ziggler slips off to a ZIGZAG!! Cover, TWO!?!? Theory survives Ziggler’s best shot, is Theory backing up all his trash talk? Fans rally up as Ziggler and Theory stir. Ziggler sits up first and stands back up. Fans fire up as Ziggler is in the corner, and Ziggler tunes up the band! Theory rises, Ziggler rushes in, but no superkick! Roll up, FEET ONT HE ROPES!! The ref sees it just in time! Ziggler rolls Theory now, TWO!!

Ziggler kicks the legs, runs and FAM- NO! Fireman’s carry! A TOWN DOWN!!! Cover, Theory wins!!

Winner: (Austin) Theory, by pinfall

Fans boo but Theory just takes a victory selfie! Will the Youngest Mr. MITB continue to upset everyone as he continues to pull out victories?

My Thoughts:

Another great Raw, though I am curious as to what we got as the main event. Ziggler VS Theory was a great match, but I did not expect that to be what closes the show with how red hot a lot of other stories have been going. I did like that during the brawl between Theory and Ziggler that Lumis’ arm was in that doorway. It doesn’t outright indicate Lumis and Theory will reunite under The Way, but it doesn’t eliminate that possibility. And it seems Lumis is obsessed with AJ Styles. Lashley VS Styles was a great match, even with Miz & Ciampa showing up, but Lumis shows up at the end of another AJ Styles match, so Styles VS Lumis might be the feud after Clash at the Castle.

Miz & Ciampa also had a very good match against Alexander & Ali, and with Ciampa saying he will seize his next title opportunity, I wonder if Miz & Ciampa will help fill out the tag division for a moment since Usos cleared out quite a few other teams. And of course the Usos showed up to go after McIntyre. McIntyre and Kevin Owens had an awesome promo segment, and awesome match, but then the Usos had to “ruin” it. But McIntyre stands tall tonight, so who knows how heated it’ll get this Friday on SmackDown.

And while Kevin is returning to his old self, he also seems to have the added gimmick of claiming no one else knows who they are. I hope he gets to cut a promo on the entire Elias/Ezekiel family. I busted up at that picture they had of the whole family. I hope we get a Nutty Professor: Meet the Klumps kind of promo. Then, like Omos did before, Veer returned to do another squash match just so we don’t forget he exists. At this point, why not have those two guys interact. Omos VS Veer would be really tricky, though, because one of those monsters has to lose. A team of them would also be hard because how would the Usos survive them? At the very least, HHH should probably move one of them over to SmackDown so there’s more space for both of them.

Dakota also squashed Dana to kinda make a point that “The Control” (still not canonically named on TV) are higher up on the card. And we haven’t gotten any 24/7 Championship shenanigans lately, I wonder what HHH has planned for that title. We got a great opening match from the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament, Asuka & Alexa of course winning to then take on Kai & Sky next round. That is going to be a great match, just on Asuka and Sky finally facing off in the WWE. I would think Kai & Sky win to then win the tag titles before Clash at the Castle, but who knows. If so, I wonder if there’s a possibility of Winners Take All in that Six Woman Tag…

We got a good promo from The Judgement Day, and a pretty good brawl with Rey Mysterio, but of course Rey loses when it’s 3v1. I wonder if the Raw in Toronto will help push things towards Edge & Rey VS Judgement Day in time for Clash. And it seems Rollins VS Riddle is happening at Clash after not happening at SummerSlam. Rollins and Riddle had a great promo and a great brawl, they should have an almost show-stealing match.

My Score: 8.5/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (8/15/22)

Minneapolis gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

It’s a Superbad return!

Penelope Ford returns to action in AEW as Dark: Elevation serves the leftovers from Dynamite’s Quake by the Lake!


  • Tony Nese & Josh Woods w/ Mark Sterling VS Travis Titan & Arik Cannon; Nese & Woods win.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Dark Order VS T.U.G Cooper, Drew System, Rylie Jackson & Adam Grace; The Dark Order wins.
  • Serena Deeb VS Sierra; Deeb wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Cezar Bononi; Konosuke wins.
  • Julia Hart VS Free-Range Kara; Julia wins.
  • Private Party VS JAH-C & JDX; Private Party wins.
  • Penelope Ford VS Heather Reckless; Ford wins.
  • The Acclaimed VS Justin Fowler & JT Energy; The Acclaimed win.
  • Six Woman Tag: Hikaru Shida & ThunderStorm VS Emi Sakura, Marina Shafir & Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero; Shida & ThunderStorm win.


Great to see Penelope Ford is back in action. I wonder if Kip Sabian will make his in-ring return soon. Unless he wants to keep stalking Pac a little longer as the box man… Private Party is going to get a win as the warm-up for their AEW World Tag Team Championship match this Wednesday, and pretty much the entirety of The Dark Order is in action in that 8 Man Tag. Konosuke VS Bononi is going to be really good. Bononi is certainly the biggest opponent physically speaking for Konosuke to take on, so we’ll get to see how Konosuke handles that situation.

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