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Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (7/21/21)

It’s Fyter Fest Night TWO!



AEW Fyter Fest 2021

#EverybodyDies, but only one survives a Texas Deathmatch!

Night one was big, but night two could tear the house down! Nyla Rose goes after Britt Baker’s gold while Moxley and Archer revisit the Texas Deathmatch! Who makes it out of Texas with the titles in hand?


  • The Five Labors of Jericho, Chapter 1: Chris Jericho VS Shawn Spears; Jericho wins and advances to chapter 2.
  • Frankie Kazarian VS Luke Gallows w/ Karl Anderson; Gallows wins.
  • Darby Allin w/ Sting VS Wheeler Yuta w/ Orange Cassidy; Darby wins.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Britt Baker w/ Rebel VS Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero; Baker wins and retains the title.
  • Orange Cassidy VS The Blade w/ The Bunny; Cassidy wins.
  • IWGP United States Championship Texas Deathmatch: Jon Moxley VS Lance Archer w/ Jake the Snake Roberts; Archer wins and becomes the new IWGP United States Champion.


The Five Labors of Jericho, Chapter 1: Chris Jericho VS Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard!

Maxwell Jacob Friedman again gave a list of demands, and this time, it was truly Herculean! The Demo God must survive every epic challenge put before him if he wants to get his hands on the pompous puppet master! But when The Chair Man is allowed to use chairs and Jericho isn’t, will this be a sadistically short story?

But speaking of, MJF makes his way out after Spears so that he can join commentary and watch every second of this with his own eyes. Fans tell MJF, “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” and MJF tells them to shut up. The bell rings, MJF welcomes us to the Labours of Jericho, not to be confused with Jericho in labor, although his physique does look like a pregnant woman. Spears has his chair at the ready but Jericho gets past that to ROCK Spears! And CHOP, and CHOP, and CHOP! Spears kicks low, throws hands, but Jericho hits back! Jericho whips, knocks Spears down, and fans fire up as MJF puts himself over as a genius.

Jericho grabs Spears’ chair but the ref reminds him of the rules. The ref takes the chair away and Spears mule kicks Jericho! Then CHOPS! And CHOPS! Spears CHOPS again, mocks the fans, then whips Jericho corner to corner. Jericho comes back to CLOBBER Spears! Spears goes out, Jericho runs to knock Spears off the apron! Jericho goes out after Spears to throw haymakers! Spears staggers around the way, Jericho CHOPS him, then whips him hard into railing! Fans fire up and Jericho confiscates a camera to get a shot of the arena. Fans fire up more as Jericho gives the camera back to kick Spears. Spears gets in the ring, gets his chair but Jericho CHOPS him down!

Spears bails out, fans chant “JERICHO! JERICHO!” and Jericho drags Spears up to the apron. Jericho clubs Spears, Spears grabs at a leg but Jericho kicks him down. Fans fire up with Jericho as he aims at Spears and DECKS him off the apron! Spears gets another chair from under the ring while Jericho gives thumbs up to the fans. Jericho triangle jumps but Spears throws the chair in his face!! Down goes Jericho and fans boo Spears but MJF compliments “The Canadian God.” Spears rains down fists, grabs the bad arm and stomps it down! Spears looms over Jericho, fans rally up, and Jericho CHOPS back! And throws forearms! And hits an ENZIGURI!

Fans rally but MJF says Jericho does cheap shot after cheap shot. Jericho climbs, Spears goes up, SUPER ARM-DRAG! MJF is fired up as Spears covers, TWO! Spears is annoyed but he gets the bad arm and brings it to the corner. Spears throws haymakers before he wraps the arm around the post. Spears has a chair and SMACKS the arm against the post! Spears soaks up the heat and then digs fingers into Jericho’s face. Spears CLUBS Jericho in the chest, gets in the ring, and fans tell Spears, “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” Spears gets Jericho up, CHOPS him in the corner, then Spears flips off the fans. Spears runs corner to corner but Jericho dodges!

Jericho comes back to run Spears over! And again! Spears throws Jericho out but Jericho lands on the apron and goes up top! DOUBLE AX HANDLES! MJF claims loaded elbow pad but Jericho elbows Spears them puts him up top. Jericho CHOPS, climbs up, and throws down fists! MJF mocks the fans counting, and then Jericho hits a SUPER STEINER! Fans are thunderous and MJF is upset with Spears as Jericho runs in, but into a SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Jericho survives and Spears grows frustrated. Spears crawls over to get a chair. Fans rally up for Jericho as Spears wedges the chair into a corner.

Spears gets Jericho up, Jericho CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Jericho whips, Spears reverses but Jericho kicks back! Jericho runs but into a SITOUT SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! MJF protests the “slow count,” but has confidence that Spears has this in the bag. Spears goes out, gets yet another chair, and then aims as Jericho slowly rises. CHAIR SHOT to the back! Spears struts and MJF loves it. Spears sits Jericho up with the chair, reels, but Jericho trips him! Jericho turns Spears over for the WALLS OF JERICHO!! Spears endures, fans are thunderous and MJF Is furious! Jericho drags Spears away from ropes but Tully distracts! Spears taps abut the ref misses it!!

Spears gets the chair as he flails, but here comes Sammy Guevara! Sammy drags Tully down, Tully shoves him, but Sammy dodges the haymaker. Sammy backs Tully down, Spears turns back over, CHAIR SHOT!! Fireman’s carry, C4!! Cover, TWO!?! Jericho survives and Spears is shocked! Fans are thunderous for “JERICHO! JERICHO!” but MJF says he should be getting the chants since he’s beaten Jericho before. Spears gets the chair again and sets it up on top of the corner. Spears gets Jericho up, fireman’s carries again, and brings him to the corner, to get the chair! Jericho slips out before the metal C4! Jericho RAMS Spears into the corner chair! JUDAS EFFECT!! Cover, Jericho wins!!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by pinfall

MJF demands to cut the music and the celebration short! “Mazel tov, Chris, congratulations. You’ve passed labor number one. Although, you needed the help from your glorified young boy, Sammy ‘The Simp’ Guevara.” MJF tells the fans to shut up with the booing but they just boo harder. But MJF makes it clear that if he has anyone else come out and help him through any more, the deal is off! But since Jericho loves to break the rules so much, then why have any rules at all?

Labour Number 2 will be No Disqualifications. And it’ll be against a man who doesn’t mind breaking more rules. The most sadistic and criminal human being to ever step inside a squared circle, who once stabbed his opponent in the jugular, and once robbed a bank with no mask on! Jericho’s next opponent will be… NICK FREAKIN’ GAGE!! The deathmatch specialist has come to AEW, and has a pizza cutter with him?! Is Gage going to cut Jericho to pieces in just chapter two?!


Miro speaks.

“There have been many champions before me. But there will be no after. Because everybody is going to get to talk to the Redeemer, and I will forgive them all. For the homecoming of Dynamite in Jacksonville Florida, God’s Favorite Champion will fight. Tell me, who can beat me? This is the word of the Redeemer.” But who will it be meeting Miro back in Daily’s Place to be baptized by fire?


Frankie Kazarian VS Luke Gallows w/ Karl Anderson!

The Heavy Metal Rebel turned Elite Hunter has his next target, and it’s a big one! Will big Doc Gallows be the first to fall?

The bell rings and Kaz goes right at Gallows with fast hands! Gallows shoves him away but Kaz dropkicks him back! Kaz fires off more hands, Gallows shoves him away again but Kaz dodges. Kaz COHPS but hurts more his hand than Gallows’ chest! Gallows whips Kaz, Kaz dodges and Gallows hits buckles. Kaz goes up, missile dropkick! Gallows stays up but ends up in a corner. Kaz runs but into a BOOT! Gallows snarls as fans boo, and Gallows gets Kaz up to put him in a corner. Gallows fires off body shots, ROCKS Kaz with an uppercut, and whips him corner to corner! Kaz hits buckles, Gallows turns him around, and whips him back the other way. Kaz tumbles out and hits the floor!

Fans boo but Gallows soaks up the heat. The ref keeps Gallows in the ring but Anderson runs up and CLOBBERS Kaz! Fans boo but the Machine Gun gets away with that as AEW goes picture in picture.

Gallows soaks up the heat, fetches Kaz, but Kaz fires off haymakers! Gallows ROCKS him with another uppercut, then bumps Kaz off the timekeeper’s desk. Gallows drags Kaz back up, brings him around and whips him hard into railing! Kaz slumps down, Gallows refreshes the count, and Gallows storms up to Kaz. Gallows stands Kaz up to ROCK him with another uppercut. Gallows gets Kaz up again to ROCK him with another uppercut, then he and Anderson throw up the Too Sweet. Gallows leaves Kaz behind but Kaz gets in the ring at 7 of 10! Gallows winds up, runs, and LARIATS Kaz right down! Cover, TWO! Kaz is hanging tough but Gallows is back on him as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Gallows grinds Kaz down in a sleeper hold! Kaz flails, fans rally up, and Kaz fights back, only for Gallows to squeeze tighter. Fans rally again, Kaz pulls himself up with Gallows’ beard, then goes after the eyes! The ref reprimands, Kaz gets free and throws BIG haymakers! Kaz runs, ducks, dodges, and CLOBBERS Gallows! Anderson gets up on the apron to distract, but Kaz dodges Gallows’ sneak attack to back suplex high and hard! Kaz runs to springboard and LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Gallows is still strong but fans still rally for “Frankie! Frankie!” Kaz gets Gallows up, Gallows fights the chicken wing, and Anderson grabs on!

The ref is distracted with Gallows but Kaz gets Anderson with a GUILLOTINE LEG DROP! But a YAKUZA KICK gets Kaz! Gallows gets Kaz with body hands, GALLOWS’ POLE! Cover, Gallows wins!

Winner: Luke Gallows, by pinfall

It was basically a handicap match at the end, and that’s why Kaz lost! But now the Good Brothers beat up Kaz to send a message! They get Kaz up, for the MAGIC KILLER! And now Kenny Omega makes his way out! He and Don Callis, too. Callis says it’s time for all of us to see our AEW World Champion! And all these Texans better take a good look. This is what happens when you mess with The Elite! Callis and Omega join them in the ring as Gallows keeps Kaz down. This is what happens when you mess with The Elite, with the Good Brothers, and Kenny Goddamn Omega! Does Omega want anything to say?

Omega gets the mic and says, “Welcome to my humble abode, said the spider to the fly.” For months, Kaz has been a thorn in their side. The Elite Hunter? Hah! How the tables have turned, because the Elite Hunter has become the… How does it go? Callis helps Omega get through it: The Elite Hunter has become the Elite Hunted. Callis says this is just a sample of what The Elite will do to Hangman Page next week. Speaking off, here comes Hangman! Texas is fired up for the #CowboySh*t that is about to go down! Hangman gets in the ring and Callis says whoa now. Listen, Callis wants Hangman to look and see he is outnumbered 4v1!

Callis knows Hangman can count to four, and cowboys aren’t bright. Is Hangman just that stupid? Or is he just that drunk? Hangman makes Callis hold his drink, and then he fires off hands! The Good Brothers knock Hangman down! But here comes The Dark Order! Stu Grayson leads the charge as they chase off Omega and Callis and then take the fight to the Good Brothers! Anderson is stuck, he gets a ROLLING ELBOW from Reynolds, a dropkick from Silver, and a STUNNER from Reynolds! BUCK SHOT from Hangman!! This fight is coming at Fight for the Fallen, will Hangman & The Dark Order wrangle their championship opportunities in North Carolina?


Backstage interview with Brian Cage.

Earlier, Team Taz announced this via social media: Taz himself said “History was made last week on Dynamite. We crowned a brand new FTW Champion in Absolute Ricky Starks. I’m so proud of you, man.” Starks thanks Taz for that and asks the fans hold their applause. He just wants to cordially invite everyone in Charlotte, NC next week as they’re putting together one of the BIGGEST celebrations you will ever see ever. And being from New Orleans, Starks knows somethin’ about partying. So he guaran-damn-tees that the NEW FTW Champion is going to show up and show out in Absolute fashion.

Cage’s response to this? Are they still here? Nope. Well, next week, a celebration for the new champion. Cage says that works out. He loves parties. Will the Machine make sure he has a very special gift for Starks and all of Team Taz?


Darby Allin w/ Sting VS Wheeler Yuta w/ Orange Cassidy!

The Relentless One is living up to that name, because after winning last week’s Coffin Match, and still crashing through the coffin just because he could, Darby is back in action tonight! But will the Decoder do his mentors proud by taking down one of the brightest stars in AEW?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, break and reset. Fans are fired up for Darby as he wrenches, shifts to a hammerlock, but Yuta spins. Darby spins with him to keep the hammerlock on! Yuta spins again but still Darby goes through. Darby then snapmares, trips, covers, ONE as Yuta goes Matrix! But Darby is ready and he drags Yuta down with a ghost pin! TWO, and Darby is after the arm. Yuta shoves Darby away and Darby hits buckles ribs first! Cameras point out that Bullet Club’s Hikuleo is watching this very closely. Yuta runs in but Darby dropkicks him down! Darby gets an arm, stomps it, and then drags Yuta up with a facelock.

Yuta blocks the suplex, throws a body shot, then mule kicks! Yuta hurries to get Darby up to suplex and he hangs Darby out to dry! Darby flops off the ropes, Yuta covers, TWO! Yuta keeps on Darby in a corner, throws more body shots, but Darby turns it around to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP! Darby whips, Yuta reverses and runs in but into boots! Darby goes up, Yuta trips him up! Yuta wrenches, hooks Darby up and has an IRON OCTOPUS! Darby endures as an elbow digs into his ribs! Darby waddles over to the ropebreak with his face! The ref counts, Yuta lets off, but he waistlocks.

Darby fights it off and Yuta rewinds as he skins the cat, to get around and GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Yuta hurries to a corner, goes up top, but Darby trips him up! Darby climbs, gets Yuta up, and SUPERPLEXES! Both men are down from that impact and fans are fired up. Cassidy and Sting each coach their protégé, but they look at each other. Fans fire up just for that stare down, and Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets! Sting gives Cassidy Sloth Style shin kick!? The audacity! But then Cassidy gives it back!? It’s a kick fight outside the ring! Cassidy powers up, but Sting blocks Sweet Shin Music with a kick of his own!

Sting gives a Sloth Style beating of the chest, and then Darby shouts at them, “What’s going on?” But Wheeler rolls Darby up!! TWO!! Wheeler hurries to hook Darby up, GHOST PIN, TWO!! Darby escapes his own pin type, but Wheeler keeps going! Darby slips out of the double chicken wing cradle, gets around, THROWBACK STUNNER! Fans fire up as Darby goes up, for the COFFIN DROP!! Cover, Darby wins!!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall

Through the pain in his ribs, and the odd distraction at ringside, the Relentless is victorious! Will Darby take a moment to finally rest up and get back to 100%? Or will he keep rolling on, despite the bad ribs?

Cassidy checks on Yuta, but gets jumped by The Blade!! The Hardy Family Office’s merciless mercenary wants after Cassidy already! Wait, he just used the brass knuckles on Cassidy! Did he just make sure his match with Cassidy doesn’t happen tonight?!


AEW looks back to the Moxley VS Archer Texas Deathmatch in NJPW.

Jon Moxley speaks first, “What do you do when something’s outside your house at night? Do you huddle the people you love in the basement? It comes back a second time, what do you do? Do you board the doors shut? It comes back a third time, do you just grab a shotgun, go outside and take care of business?” Archer says “Aw hell yeah, it’s part two of the Texas Deathmatch, right here in my hometown, my backyard.” Archer’s been waiting a year and a half for this one. A year and half to get back HIS IWGP United States Championship! Moxley has always had respect for Archer, but the stakes have been raised too high. Moxley vows to get Archer before Archer gets him.

Archer vows to break Moxley, put him down and make it so he never gets up. The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas, but Moxley’s about to see stars when he gets knocked out. Moxley will make Archer feel alone in his hometown. Tonight, Texas Deathmatch II, and one way or another, it’s over.


AEW Women’s World Championship: Britt Baker w/ Rebel VS Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero!

The Doctor finally put her money where her mouth is when she got this title off the Full Metal Warrior, Hikaru Shida. But there’s been a back and forth between her and the Native Beast, both in the ring and on the mic. Now Britt will have to put up or shut up yet again, can she keep hold of the gold against a hangry Nyla?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Britt’s first defense is also her last!

Fans are cheering for everyone other than Nyla and Vickie, right to Paul Turner the ref. Britt and Nyla tie up, Britt whips but Nyla runs her over. Nyla just grins as fans boo, and the two circle again. Britt runs in but into a waistlock! She fights off the suplex as fans cheer, “DMD! DMD!” Britt arm-drags Nyla down, drops knee after knee on the arm, then rolls to hammerlock the arm. Nyla endures as Britt sits on the hold and pulls harder. Britt leans on the arm, Nyla fights up and clubs at Britt’s legs. Britt becomes a backpack but is RAMMED into buckles. Nyla clutches the bad arm, Britt rushes in but Nyla blocks the arm-drag! Britt gets around to roll Nyla up, TWO!

Britt keeps after the bad arm and uses it to flip Nyla over to a cover, ONE!! Britt keeps focused as she gets Nyla up and she fires off forearms! Britt runs but into a fireman’s carry and GORILLA PRESS SLAM! Then a BACK SENTON! Nyla rains down forearms and dribbles Britt off the mat! Fans boo as Nyla mocks, “This is who you came for?!” Nyla drags Britt up, fans rally, and Nyla hangs Britt out to dry. Nyla goes to a corner, climbs up, but Rebel saves Britt from the flying knee! Nyla storms over but Britt shoulders into her. Nyla staggers, runs in at the corner, but into a BUCKLE SHOT! Fans fire up as AEW goes picture in picture.

Britt stomps a mudhole into Nyla, lets off as the ref counts, but goes out to drag Nyla into the post. Britt pulls on the arm to dig Nyla into the steel, and then scuffs Nyla as she lets off. Nyla swipes at Rebel as she gets too close, but Britt gets in to drag Nyla up. Britt wraps the bad arm around ropes to pull, the ref counts, but Britt kicks the bad arm as she lets off. Britt gets Nyla up, Nyla throws body shots! Nyla reels Britt in but Britt wrenches out of the suplex to ARM CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO! Britt keeps her cool and Vickie laughs as she’s still confident in Nyla. Britt goes after Nyla’s arms, clubs her in the shoulder, and has a hammerlock chinlock combo.

Nyla endures, Britt throws in more elbows, then she drags Nyla up to RAM the bad shoulder into buckles! Then hits a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Cover, TWO! Vickie cheers while Britt grows frustrated. Britt gets the bad arm again, clubs it as she has the armlock, then gets Nyla up again. Nyla throws more body shots but Britt ROCKS her with forearm after forearm! Nyla ROCKS Britt back with one! Britt BOOTS Nyla then whips her to ropes, but Nyla holds ropes to stop. AEW returns to single picture, Britt fires off forearms and runs, only to spin into an URENAGE! Nyla roars as she gets Britt back up, and scoops Britt for a BACKBREAKER! And then another!

Nyla bends Britt against her knee, gets her back up, and FALL AWAY SLAMS! Fans boo but Vickie is happy that Nyla stalks Britt to a corner. Nyla runs in to SPLASH! Britt sits down, Nyla calls her shot, and then CANNONBALLS but into buckles! Britt avoids the move that once broke her nose, then runs to SLINGBLADE Nyla down! Britt gets Nyla up for a flurry of forearms, but Nyla whips. Britt stops to backslide! Cover, TWO!! Nyla barely escapes, fans are upset by the weird count, but Britt DDT’s Nyla down! Cover, TWO!! Nyla is somehow still in this but fans boo. Rebel gets Britt her glove, now a shiny red, but she takes too long putting it on. Britt turns around into Nyla’s choke grip!

Nyla lifts for a CHOKE- No, Britt victory rolls! TWO!! Britt gets the arms, Rings of Saturn! But Nyla fights the Lockjaw to a fireman’s carry, DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Nyla gets Britt back up, reels her in, and hangs Britt out to dry again! Nyla wants this, and she climbs up again! Rebel hurries over, but Vickie is in her way! GUILLOTINE KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Britt survives and fans fire up for “DMD! DMD!” Nyla reels Britt in, Britt blocks and spins out to fisherman SCREW! Britt lines up a shot, SUPERKICK! Nyla stays sitting up, so Britt SUPERKICKS her again! Cover, TWO!! Nyla barely survives again but Britt drags Nyla back up.

Britt runs, but into the choke grip! CHOKE SLAM! Cover, TWO! Britt survives and Nyla is growing desperate. Britt gets to a corner, Nyla hurries over but Britt knees low! Britt runs, hooks Nyla up, CRUCIFIX DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Nyla continues to survive by the skin of her teeth, but Britt tries an Oklahoma Roll, TWO! Britt runs to CURB STOMP Nyla down! Nyla sits up, so Britt hits ANOTHER CURB STOMP! Cover, TWO!??! Britt can’t believe how tough the Native Beast really is! Nyla throws hands, Britt gives them back! Britt runs into a BIG forearm! Nyla falls, too, and fans fire up as both women are down! A standing count climbs but Rebel distracts the ref!

Britt crawls to a corner, and grabs the title belt! Britt aims but she copies the Guerrero classic! She tosses the belt to Nyla and plays like she got hit! Rebel stops distracting but now Vickie grabs at the ref! Britt sits up to see what the hold-up is, and Nyla gives her the belt! Nyla pretends that Britt is threatening her! The ref sees that, Britt drops the belt! Nyla kicks low, reels Britt in, BEAST BOMB!! Cover, TWO!?!? Britt survives?!? The fans are thunderous as Nyla gets Britt up again. Nyla goes for another but Britt slips out, takes Nyla down and floats to Rings of Saturn! Hand in, LOCKJAW!! Nyla endures, but she’s caught! Nyla nods and taps, BRITT WINS!

Winner: Britt Baker, by submission (still AEW Women’s World Champion)

The Doctor is not a one and done! She gets it done, and she is still the face of the AEW Women’s Division! Will this mean big things next month for AEW in #Brittsburgh?


AEW holds a press conference for the coming tag team grudge match.

Tony Schiavone presides as moderator for the sit-down between the Inner Circle’s Santana & Ortiz, and the Pinnacle’s FTR. Tully Blanchard is with Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood, but Konnan is not here with Proud ‘n’ Powerful. Fight for the Fallen next week, 7/28/21, in Charlotte, North Carolina, we will see this go down. Schiavone gives the floor to FTR.

Dax starts by revisiting how these two teams come from two different parts of the United States, but that they ain’t that different. All four men came from poverty, and Dax has respect for PNP as wrestlers. But as men, there’s not an ounce. Schiavone gives Santana & Ortiz a chance to respond. Ortiz says while FTR were “playing pattycake elsewhere,” PNP have been in AEW since day one. FTR attacked PNP’s family! Now they’re just a pitstop on the road to the tag titles. Santana gets up and says enough of this “pro-wrestling” stuff. He has a picture of his mother, 15 years old after having him. Another picture: Mom’s first apartment, “a sh*thole in the Bronx!”

A third picture, in the newspaper: his mom took the fight with the slumlords to court, just so they and others could have a decent place to live. Dax interrupts and says there are only three things he really cares about in this world: God, his family, and pro-wrestling. The only thing left to do in Charlotte is to show up and have FTR beat PNP’s ass! The two teams rush each other at the podium but security keeps this from going down here! That’s because it will go down in just 7 days! Will either team be walking away from this powder keg in the ring?


AEW returns and Schiavone is in the ring.

Back live in the one and only great state Texas, but he brings up how his guest has called out Death Triangle and promised something big on the horizon. He’s already made a name for himself worldwide and is here in AEW, it is Andrade El Idolo! Andrade makes his way out, his butler behind him. Schiavone welcomes Andrade to Dallas, and Andrade says to tranquilo. This interview starts with Andrade El Idolo’s surprise! The butler shows Schiavone his tablet, and Schiavone is rather shocked! Schiavone says, “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the new executive consultant to Andrade El Idolo… CHAVO GUERRERO!

WHAT!? Chavito is back in wrestling!? The link to Vickie Guerrero runs deep as Chavo is here in AEW! Chavo and Andrade hug it out and Chavo gets the mic. “Wow! You remember! Well of course you remember, because this is Dallas, Texas, baby!” So Chavo hears AEW is the place to be. When Chavo went backstage, he couldn’t believe all the talent back there. What a great time to be a wrestling fan! But with all due respect to everyone backstage, “I don’t see anybody that has as much talent as this man right here,” Andrade El Idolo! But wait! Death Triangle appears! Fans go nuts as PAC, Penta El Zero M, with Alex Abrahantes, AND Rey Fenix are here together again!

Pac gets the mic and is seething. “OI OI OI OI OI!! Mister Andrade! I don’t know who you think you are.” Last week, they heard their name come out of his mouth. “So ladies and gentlemen, for the record, let it be known that Death Triangle hides from no one.” Andrade says thanks for coming! Yes, really, he means it. But… Fenix, Penta. You guys are good. But with Andrade, you could be great! Look, listen! The fans are chanting “CERO! MIEDO!” as Andrade says, if they joined him and Chavo, La Raza, amigos, they could build an empire! Why are they with little Pac? Look at Andrade, the elite superstar! The watch, the suit, etc.

Chavo takes the mic to say that while the luchadors understand Spanish, Pac only knows English so here’s the explanation. This isn’t a dig, it’s just that this is how it goes. They’re all talented, no question. But when Chavo and Andrade look at Death Triangle’s waists… There’s no shine! There should be! So if they want to change that, start listening to Andrade. Andrade gets the mic back to ask Penta and Fenix to ask a question. “Why do you work for Pac?” Now they can work for Andrade El Idolo! Pac says he isn’t sure what planet Andrade’s on. But the Lucha Bros don’t work for Pac. Death Triangle is a team!family!brotherhood!

Fenix speaks up in Spanish to make sure Andrade understands, they are together as familia! And y’know what? They are the REAL faces of Latinos! Penta says his part, and Alex translates: “Penta says…! Why would we want to join a group with you, when you’re not even on our level?” Death Triangle rushes the ring and Andrade wants them all to tranquilo. Everyone can work for Andrade! Even Pac. Look, there’s Chavo, his butler. Refs hurry out to keep this from turning into a fight, and Andrade’s growing corporation slips away before Death Triangle can get loose. Will Death Triangle make it their business to humble El Idolo?


AEW shares what went down just before going on air.

The Hardy Family Office’s Angelico and Private Party came out to tell the fans why Big Money Matt wasn’t going to be in Dallas tonight, but Marko Stunt interjected. Fun Size didn’t liking how they were treating Jora Johl as a lackey and then rushed the ring! Stunt got beat up for it, but then Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus rushed out to help him! But then Christian Cage showed up to even the odds! The HFO bailed out, but now we hear from Captain Charisma!

“Four of you to take out little Marko Stunt? Y’know, after last week, after I beat Matt Hardy in the middle of that ring, I thought that’d be the end of it. Finally, the end between you and I, Matt. But I guess not.” So here’s a suggestion: Fight for the Fallen, Christian, JB & Luchasaurus VS Angelico & Private Party, and the HFO is done for good! Will Captain Charisma lead the charge in shutting down Big Money Matt’s pro-wrestling Ponzi scheme?


Backstage interview with The Factory.

Alex Marvez brings up QT Marshall pouring Aaron Solow’s protein shake on Schiavone’s head. Solow has another drink this week, so Marvez is wary, but he does ask if QT feels he should apologize. QT says Marvez shouldn’t be so nervous. Marvez didn’t disrespect The Factory like Schiavone did. They won’t pour anything on Marvez’s head. But yes, QT does feel an apology is in order. Next week in the ring, Schiavone can meet QT in the ring, and Schiavone will get an apology. With that, Marvez sends it back to ringside. Will QT really admit he was in the wrong?


Orange Cassidy VS The Blade w/ The Bunny!

After that ambush, Freshly Squeezed is feeling freshly bruised! But he’s not one to back down from a fight, will he find a way to keep from being beaten to a pulp again?

The music hits, but Cassidy doesn’t come out from the tunnel. Blade and Bunny wait, but they think this should be a win by forfeit at this rate. Wait, Cassidy slips in from the crowd! Fans fire up as Cassidy throws off the jacket, the glasses, and puts on the armband. Cassidy taps Blade on the shoulder, Blade turns around, and Cassidy takes him down! The bell rings as Cassidy fires off hands! Blade shoves him away but Cassidy comes back! Blade ducks the Orange Punch and fans fire up for “FRESHLY SQUEEZED!” Cassidy chases Blade back into the ring but Blade stomps him down! Blade gets Cassidy in a corner, the ref counts, and Blade lets off at 4.

Cassidy sits up and dodges Blade as he runs in, to trip him up and rain down rights! Blade shoves Cassidy away, things speed up, and Blade hurdles then drops. Cassidy comes back but Blade flounders! Blade says his leg is bothering him, and he does have a knee brace from previous injuries. The ref checks, Bunny does, too, but Cassidy isn’t sure if he trusts this. Bunny checks the leg for Blade, but Blade was faking after all! SHOTGUN BOOT! Fans boo as Blade shoves off with squats! Blade gets Cassidy up, suplexes, STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE! Cassidy gets Blade back for playing possum, and Cassidy goes up top!

Fans rally up but Blade CHOPS Cassidy at the corner! Blade throws hands, Cassidy blocks but Blade trips him up! Blade climbs, gut wrenches, and SUPER GUT WRENCH BOMBS Cassidy to the corner! Cassidy tumbles to the floor and writhes as AEW goes picture in picture.

Blade stalks Cassidy, drags him up, and whips him hard into railing! Cassidy writhes more, Bunny laughs at his pain right in his face, but the ref backs her off. Blade gets Cassidy up, and whips him back into more railing! Blade refreshes the ring count, has the camera get in tight as he brings Cassidy up again, to whip into a POST! Cassidy flies off, Blade gets a chair and stands on it to soak up the heat. The ref checks on Cassidy but he gets up. Blade puts Cassidy in the ring, kicks him around, then whips him to a corner hard! Cassidy bounces off buckles, writhes on the mat, but gets to ropes. Blade gets him up to CHOP him to a corner!

Blade whips Cassidy corner to corner hard again, and Cassidy again bounces off buckles. Blade tells fans to hush as he paces around. Blade then stands on Cassidy’s head at the ropes, and the ref counts. Blade lets off at 4, drags Cassidy up again and CHOPS him in a corner. AEW returns to single picture as Blade CHOPS Cassidy again! Blade gets Cassidy up, whips him corner to corner, and Cassidy tumbles up and out. Cassidy sees Blade coming and bumps him off buckles! And again! And then off another corner’s buckle! Cassidy climbs, fans fire up, and Cassidy CROSSBODIES! Cassidy keeps moving, tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cover, TWO!

Bunny gets on the apron to argue with the ref, but KRIS STATLANDER appears and trips her up! Statlander and Bunny argue, Blade gets out of the ring but Cassidy builds speed! Blade uses Statlander as a shield as Cassidy DIVES! The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien takes the hit! Cassidy realizes what happened, but Bunny turns him around to shout at him. Blade swings on Cassidy but Cassidy ducks it! Cassidy waistlocks and shoves Blade into Bunny! Now things are even! Cassidy then gets Blade up, but the back holds him back! Blade CLUBS Cassidy, gets him in the ring, but Cassidy rolls under, around, and tilt-o-whirls again!

But Blade blocks it and grins as he suplexes to hang Cassidy out to dry! Blade runs and LARIATS Cassidy inside out! Gut wrench for a JUMPING TOMBSTONE! Cover, TWO?!! HOW?! Blade is furious but the fans are thunderous! Blade gets Cassidy up, gut wrench, but Cassidy fights the bomb to Alabama lift! But again the back gives up! Blade KICKS Cassidy in the face, Cassidy wobbles, but he still hits BEACH BREAK!? Cover, TWO?!?!? Blade barely survives, and now Bunny is shrieking as she’s on the apron! Statlander grabs at her just as she throws the brass knuckles to Blade! The knuckles go too far, and Blade has to flounder after them!

Blade gets the knuckles on his fist, Cassidy turns around, but Cassidy ducks to ORANGE- NO! Blade ducks, winds up, but Cassidy ORANGE PUNCHES first! What a quick refill! Cover, Cassidy wins!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall

Bunny is furious but Cassidy doesn’t even want his hand raised? Cassidy has the brass knuckles, puts them on, and BRASS ORANGE PUNCHES Blade down!! And then he puts those in his pocket! Has Orange Cassidy made it clear to the HFO to make their money at someone else’s expense?


Backstage interview with Chris Jericho.

Alex Marvez asks about the unbelievable news of the No Disqualification match with Nick Gage. Jericho faces away from the camera as he says, “If MJF is going to bring in the most demented and violent man in the business today to face Chris Jericho, then next week, I’m going to bring in the most violent and demented version of Chris Jericho to face Nick Gage.” That’s why next Wednesday, Fight for the Fallen, in a No Rules Match, it’s Nick Gage VS… THE PAINMAKER!! Jericho has used this persona to defeat some of the best in NJPW, will he simply add another to the list?


BREAKING NEWS for Fight for the Fallen!

On top of Painmaker VS #MDKAllDay, and Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS FTR, Hikuleo is ready to make his AEW in-ring debut against whoever wins the IWGP US Championship deathmatch! But will there even be anything left of the winner to “welcome” Hikuleo? Plus, Tony Khan himself will announce a MAJOR new live event for AEW! What will it be, where will it be, and when will it be?

And of course, the 5v5 ELIMINATION TAG happens, where if Team Hangman wins, he and the Dark Order get their matches for the AEW World and World Tag Team Championships! Will this finally be the moment Hangman and his new friends have been waiting for?

And news for AEW Dynamite Homecoming!

When AEW returns to Daily’s Place for the last time in a long time, it will feature the American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes, taking on The Dark Father, Malakai Black! Will Cody make Malakai pay for trying to put him out of his misery?


IWGP United States Championship Texas Deathmatch: Jon Moxley VS Lance Archer w/ Jake the Snake Roberts!

The Maniac and the Murderhawk Monster went wild in NJPW, but that was only the beginning. They’ve battled once before in AEW for AEW’s World Championship, but that might look like a warm-up compared to this one! And when this can only end in submission or knockout, just how far will both men go to end the other?

Moxley makes his entrance from the crowd as he loves to do, but Archer comes out from the tunnel with kendo sticks and pyro! The introductions are made, and Moxley hits Archer at the ropes! The ref rings the bell and this one fires off already! Moxley headlocks and punches but Archer hits back. Moxley headbutts, heads out of the ring and fetches those kendo sticks, and he SMACKS Archer on the back, then SMACKS him on the leg! And SMACK to the back again! Archer choke grips Mox but Mox breaks free to throw a forearm! Archer hits back and it’s a forearm brawl! Fans fire up as they go faster and faster, then Archer ROCKS Moxley!

Moxley HEADBUTTS Archer, runs, but into a DERAILER! Archer hurries after Moxley outside the ring, and CANNONBALLS off the apron! Fans are fired up as the ref keeps up with them, and Archer SMACKS Mox with a kendo stick! And SMACKS him again! The kendo stick breaks so Archer drops that. Archer runs in but Moxley sends him into railing! And then Moxley TACKLES Archer and knocks him through the railing! Fans are fired up for “A E DUB!” as they start fighting up towards the bleachers! Moxley throws hands, Archer ROCKS Mox! Mox sits on railing, Archer shoves him over! They go further up, Archer throws more forearms but Moxley hits back!

They brawl, Moxley gets the edge and sends Archer down towards ringside. Archer shakes out the cobwebs but Moxley LEAPS to KNEE Archer towards railing! Archer grabs a fan in a Hybrid2 hoodie!? And he THROWS him at Moxley! Fans go nuts as Archer drags Moxley back to ringside! Archer stalks Moxley, runs in but Moxley dodges to clothesline Archer out! Moxley runs, and DIVES into a forearm! Jake the Snake was smacking the ring steps, that must’ve been to warn Archer. Speaking of those steps, Archer gets those, moves them around, and pulls up ring mats on the floor! Archer drags Moxley over to this bare patch, scoops him, but Moxley slips off!

Moxley kicks low, DDT to the bare floor!! Moxley leaves Archer behind as the standing count begins! Much like a Last Man Standing, if Archer can’t get up before 10, he loses! Fans are thunderous as the count climbs, we’re at 5 of 10, but Jake the Snake walks over to disrupt the ref a little. Archer gets up, Jake coaches him on, and Archer gets up at 8! Archer is busted open, though, but Moxley has a FORK!? Is he Abdullah? Moxley GOES AFTER THE WOUND WITH THE FORK!!! Fans tell Moxley, “YOU SICK F***! YOU SICK F***!” Moxley just takes a bow as AEW goes picture in picture.

Archer is in a daze, Moxley sits him up to DIG the fork into the bloody wound!! Moxley lets off so Archer can bleed! Moxley gets the fans fired up as he wipes the blood off on his pants. Archer manages to sit up but Moxley gets a table! Moxley sets the table up as Archer slowly drags himself up with the ropes. Moxley then gets a second table! Moxley has both tables by the ring, Archer has a crimson mask that matches his red braids, but Moxley gets chairs! Moxley puts them in the ring, with a trash can lid on the side, and then the can itself. Archer crawls for these weapons but Moxley hurries in. Archer body shots then ROCKS Moxley over and over and over!

BUT MOXLEY HAS THE FORK!! He jabs Archer over and over with it!! Archer shoves Moxley away then KNEES him down! Archer gets Moxley up, scoops, but Moxley slips off to chop block a leg! Moxley kicks the leg, puts the trash can in the corner then grabs a chair. Moxley JAMS Archer’s leg with the chair, then gets the bad leg for a DRAGON SCREW! Moxley takes the chair, puts Archer’s leg through it, and hops up the corner! AEW returns to single picture as Moxley gets the fans fired up again, and he JUMPS to STOMP the chair!! Archer’s leg gets the nutcracker treatment and fans rally and duel as the standing count begins.

Archer is down at 5 of 10, but he refuses to give up so he fights his way up at 7 of 10 again. Moxley has the trash can lid, but Archer PUNCHES it into Moxley’s head! Both men are down and fans are loving this as the standing count is on both men. Archer and Moxley stir, “This is Awesome!” and Moxley eggs Archer on. Moxley throws hands, Archer swings but misses. Moxley hits again, Archer swings and connects. It isn’t very strong given the blood loss. Moxley JABS Archer, and JABS, and talks trash to JAB. “You ain’t s*it, Lance!” And then Moxley BITES THE WOUND!! Moxley is savage, but he runs into LARIAT!

Archer rallies on Moxley, reels him in, ripcord but Moxley dodges to waistlock and GERMAN SUPLEX! Archer is right back up!? BOOT! Archer gets Moxley up and ripcords, for the HELLACOASTER!! If only he could cover! The count climbs, Archer is up at 4 and Moxley is up at 6, to get a TRASH CAN SMASH! Archer throws the can up the ramp, sits a chair up and then gets the other. Moxley staggers to a corner, Archer sits the chairs together, face-to-face. Archer puts Moxley up top, inverted crucifix, but Moxley slips out to LOW BLOW! All legal in a Texas Deathmatch but it isn’t very sporting. Moxley sees Archer’s chairs and turns them around!

Moxley slashes his throat but Archer choke grips! CHOKE SLAM on the chair edge!! Moxley writhes and fans are electric! Moxley gets to a corner as the standing count hits 5 of 10! Moxley drags himself up at 8, and fans are fired up as Archer BOOTS him down! Archer roars, runs corner to corner, but into a LARIAT! Moxley hurries to hit PARADIGM SHIFT! Archer is down, the count begins, and Moxley paces about. Archer springs up at 3!?! And he double dirty birds Moxley! But Moxley gets the FORK!! JAB JAB JAB to the forehead!! Mox lets off, the count begins again but Moxley plans ahead. Moxley brings out A BARBED WIRE BOARD?!

Moxley uses the board of barbed wire as the cherry on top of his double table! Archer crawls over, the standing count being over, and Moxley gets him on the apron. Moxley underhooks the arms, fans anticipate disaster, but Archer has Moxley’s fork!! JAB JAB JAB to Moxley’s forehead!! Archer then choke grips, and CHOKE SLAMS Moxley through his barbed wired covered tables!!! The standing count begins, Archer watches Moxley down in the wreckage, and the count hits 10! ARCHER WINS!!

Winner: Lance Archer, by technical knockout (NEW IWGP United States Champion)

Both men raised the stakes from their previous battles, and in the end, it was Moxley who busted. But Hikuleo gets right up in the ring to stare down Archer! Archer is big but so is Hikuleo! Fans are losing their minds at this teaser, will Fight for the Fallen be just as furious as Fyter Fest?

My Thoughts:

Another great night for Dynamite and a great second night of Fyter Fest, on par with last week for sure. Opening with the Labours of Jericho was a great choice, it was a very good opener. It was a good choice for it being Sammy stopping Tully’s interference was the right move, Sammy VS Spears has of course been the plan in the background of the other Inner Circle VS Pinnacle feuds. But what a shock that AEW brought in Nick Gage given what MJF literally said about him because it’s all true. And I suppose they’re calling it “No Rules,” not just No Disqualifications, as a weird way of saying it is No Holds Barred or Extreme Rules, however you want to say, “This is going to be nuts!”

We got a good promo from Miro to hype up Dynamite: Homecoming in a couple weeks, but he didn’t name an opponent so that is probably going to be decided in the next two weeks. There are a lot of names I’ve been wanting to see from Elevation to get a shot, I’m sure it’ll be a great match no matter who is against him. Kaz VS Gallows was good but I should’ve figured Anderson would help Gallows to win that. Omega and Callis showing up to talk trash was fine, but I don’t think it really worked for Omega to suddenly struggle with the easiest wordplay in the world. But Hangman and the Dark Order coming out to take the fight to them again was very good, that 10-Man is going to be great, I have a feeling Hangman is the last man for his team to somehow win it all.

Team Taz had a decent promo to set up a segment for next week, and Brian Cage had a decent add-on to that. The Absolute Party being crashed is going to be fun, I bet All Out has the FTW Championship rematch in at least the Buy-In. We got a very good match from Darby VS Wheeler, but I think the best part was the “confrontation” between Cassidy and Sting. That match needs to happen at some point. Darby wins to prove his toughness, and Blade going after Cassidy was a good touch before their match. That match was very good, as was the “overbooking” with Statlander and Bunny. Cassidy wins and gets to show some edge using the knuckles himself, I wonder if “Serious Cassidy” is the one who gets a title finally.

Baker VS Nyla was a really good match, but I feel like it lost a lot of steam with the weird near fall where fans were adamant about the ref getting it wrong. Then from that point on, Nyla seemed a bit thrown off or groggy, that made it trickier for Britt to do things, but I figured Britt was winning anyway because of just how over she is. Britt is definitely gracing Pittsburgh with her presence, maybe for both Dynamite and Rampage’s premiere episode to make it a big week. We got a pretty good press conference promo, but Dax again recycled material. Santana’s material was strong, and that tag match for Fight for the Fallen is going to be badass.

We got a great segment with Andrade bringing CHAVO to AEW, and then establishing that this is a feud with Death Triangle. I do like that Andrade was hoping to team with them, with Pac optional, but their series of matches are going to be great, too. Then we’re also getting Cody VS Malakai at Homecoming, that is going to be very good but again, I would hope Cody lets Malakai get this win to establish him in AEW. QT’s promo about apologizing to Schiavone is interesting, I’m pretty sure this is a trick to sucker Schiavone into an even more humiliating moment, and I hope Dustin goes out to defend Schiavone because WE NEED the grudge match blow-off of Dustin VS QT, maybe even bigger than that.

Tony Khan announcing a new live event for the AEW calendar is pretty exciting. That could be any number of things as I haven’t heard any rumblings of this news anywhere, sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun. And then that main event was a metric ton of fun in the form of badass brutality! A FORK!? Holy crap! This was the best match in the Mox VS Archer rivalry, it reference all the other ones and escalated things, and I was really surprised but also happy to see Archer win. Archer has been waiting for something big for a long time, this is that. Next week is big for Hikuleo to debut in AEW in a championship match against a big name like Archer, but I feel like Archer wins to maybe take this title over to NJPW Strong or even Resurgence.

My Score: 9.2/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (9/20/21)

It’s a Dark Order Civil War!



AEW Elevation Coverage

Things are escalating in the Dark Order dysfunction!

New Jersey gets elevated as the Bad Boy and Concrete Rose return home, but it isn’t a happy homecoming! Will AEW’s former odd couple finally get even?


  • Thunder Rosa VS Kaia McKenna; Rosa wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Gunn Club VS Anthony Bennett, Ray Jaz & Leon St. Giovanni; Gunn Club wins.
  • Alan Angels & Preston Vance VS Evil Uno & Colt Cabana; Angels & Vance win.
  • Orange Cassidy w/ Chuck Taylor & Kris Statlander VS Mike Verna; Cassidy wins.
  • Private Party VS Teddy Goodz & Jorge Santi; Private Party wins.
  • Hikaru Shida VS Masha Slamovich; Shida wins.
  • Joey Janela w/ Kayla Rossi VS Sonny Kiss; Kiss wins.
  • Santana & Ortiz VS JT Dunn & Avery Good; Santana & Ortiz win.
  • Dustin Rhodes VS QT Marshall w/ The Factory; Dustin wins.


Orange Cassidy’s match might be one to watch, to see if the Hardy Family Office goes after him or not. The Dark Order VS Dark Order match is of course on the must-see, that story is growing into something really good. Janela VS Kiss is going to be one to watch, too, because of the heat in the story. I’m rather surprised we’re getting Dustin VS QT Marshall, but after QT lost to Paul Wight, he doesn’t really have a direction so maybe something comes of this.


Newly Heel Gunn Club has new everything, which is cool to see. I assume this means they’ve left the Nightmare Family to strike out on their own again, and given they’re still undefeated in tag and trios action, there needs to be a chance for them to build to a tag title match. Otherwise, the criticisms of “wins and losses matter,” both shoot and in kayfabe, will keep going. A bit surprising to see the Dark Order Civil War tag match happen so soon on the card but it had a lot of great character work on top of the great ring work we know they all bring. And I feel like Angels even upgraded his mask, that holofoil looks great.

HFO didn’t go after Cassidy but you could kayfabe that they were more worried about their own match right after. “Masha Slamovich” is a great name because it’s so cheesy. Masha got a good showing against Shida, maybe she’ll make a good impression on AEW or a partner like Impact or NWA, she might have potential if she can find a good character personality outside of “she’s Russian.” Little disappointed they didn’t make Janela VS Kiss the main event since both are New Jersey boys. Cincinnati got to have Brian Pillman Jr. as a Rampage main event, why can’t the Bad Boy VS Concrete Rose be on the same level?

Janela VS Kiss was still the match it should’ve been, with Janela getting bloodied but his new partner in crime getting involved, all while Kiss showing both strength and endurance. Kiss turning things around to get the win was great, but of course Rossi helps Janela get payback. I hope this feud continues so that Janela and Kiss can have something extreme, like an Unsanctioned Match. Dustin VS QT being the main event was a bit of a surprise, but Santana & Ortiz definitely did squash Dunn & Good. It was a very good match, Lee Johnson showing up was a good touch, but I still wish there was a build to a Bunkhouse Match for these guys.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (9/17/21)

Golden grudges are on a Rampage!



AEW Rampage coverage

Will the Lucha Brothers defeat their former familia?

Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero M are putting their AEW World Tag Team Championships on the line against men they once fought alongside in The Butcher & The Blade! Will the Hardy Family Office finally have some gold?


  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Lucha Brothers VS The Butcher & The Blade; The Lucha Brothers win and retain the titles.
  • Anna Jay w/ Tay Conti VS The Bunny w/ Penelope Ford & Matt Hardy; Jay wins.
  • AEW TNT Championship, Title VS Car: Miro VS Fuego Del Sol; Miro wins and retains the title.


AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Lucha Brothers VS The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Hardy Family Office!

Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero M used to be amigos with Andy Williams & Braxton Sutter when they were all in Eddie Kingston’s faction. But things change in the blink of an eye, and now they’re fighting over gold! Will Cero Miedo see the Lucha Brothers through? Or will the HFO finally have AEW belts under their possession?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we’ll see if the newest reign ends barely after it’s begun!

The teams sort out, Blade starts against Fenix and the two circle. Fans fire up as the two tie up and Blade knocks Fenix down. Fenix gets up and circles with Blade again. Blade knees low, whips but Fenix tiger feints to rewind, but Blade ducks the heel kick. Things speed up, Blade kicks at the handspring but whiffs. Fenix deflects Blade’s haymakers and jumps over his kick, but Blade bugs out seeing Fenix show superkick! Fans cheer as Blade backs off to his corner and tags in Butcher. Fenix runs at Butcher, gets around him, springboards off the corner, but Butcher catches him! Penta gets in to SUPERKICK Butcher! Blade gets in to DECK Penta!

Fenix kicks but Blade whips, only for Penta to KICK Blade down! Fenix holds ropes to stop himself, Uno Dos Tres! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Butcher runs into kicks and then the Lucha Bros combine, wheelbarrow to VICTORY ROLL SPLASH! Fenix covers, TWO! Butcher is tough for getting back just recently, but he stands up to get a ROUNDHOUSE! Fenix tags Penta, Penta CHOPS Butcher against ropes! Butcher throws hands but Penta hits back. Fenix is up top but Blade shoves him down! Butcher wrenches and whips but Fenix manages to tag in before Butcher CLOBBERS Penta! Butcher sees Fenix somersault in and fireman’s carries! Blade joins in, ASSISTED GO TO SLEEP!

Fans boo as Blade & Butcher soak it up. Butcher drags Fenix up, bumps him off buckles then tags Blade. Blade drags Fenix up and around, tags Butcher back in and they coordinate. Fans rally and Fenix fights out of the combo to SUPERKICK Blade! Back kick and forearms for Butcher, then a tag to Penta! Penta runs in to SLINGBLADE Butcher! And SLINGBLADE for Blade! Fenix goes up and up, “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta builds speed to FLY while Fenix LEAPS! Tope Conjilo and a SUPER Crossbody take out the mercenaries! Fans are thunderous but Hardy is upset as Fenix puts Butcher in the ring.

Penta goes up top as fans say “This is Awesome!” Butcher avoids the double stomps and comes back to DIVIDE Penta! Cover, TWO! That body check doesn’t stop Penta but Butcher rains down fists as AEW goes picture in picture.

Tag to Blade and he dares Penta to get up. Penta sits up but Blade stomps him down. Blade kicks Penta to ropes, soaks up the heat from the fans, then he chokes Penta on the ropes! The ref counts, Blade lets off, and Hardy gets a cheap shot in! Penta kicks at Hardy but he gets away. Alex Abrahantes coaches Penta up but Blade is right on him again. Tag to Butcher, he stands Penta up and mocks Cero Miedo before he CHOPS! And ROCKS and DECKS Penta! Hardy is fired up as Butcher tags Blade back in. Blade throws hands, digs his knee in, then lets off as the ref counts. But Butcher chokes Penta behind the ref’s back! Fenix protests but now the ref is busy with him.

Blade gets Penta up to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! AEW returns to single picture as Blade tags Butcher back in. Butcher drags Penta up, whips him to a corner, then tags Blade. Hardy wants them to finish this off to get him those belts, and they double whip Penta to a corner. Blade runs in but Penta SUPERKICKS! Butcher runs in but into the buckles and a GAMANGIRI! Penta goes up to monkey flip Blade onto Butcher! Fans fire up as Penta crawls, hot tag to Fenix! Fenix dodges Butcher but Butcher holds off the German Suplex. Blade waistlocks Fenix but Fenix fights off both Butcher and Blade with kicks and elbows!

Fenix mule kicks Blade’s leg out, wrenches Butcher and CHOPS him! Fenix knuckle locks Butcher but has to hurdle over Blade. Blade waistlocks, Fenix elbows free again, then goes up and up, only for Butcher to bring him down! Fenix reels Butcher into a waistlock, clubs away on Butcher’s back, then GERMAN SUPLEXES Butcher! Blade runs in but into another elbow. Fenix goes up and QUEBRADA GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Blade survives but Jersey fires up again! Penta tags in, the Lucha Brothers coordinate, “CERO! MIEDO!” L B DRIVER!! Penta covers while Fenix runs at Butcher but Butcher dumps Fenix out to break things up in time!!

Penta hurries up, Butcher wrenches and LARIATS! Butcher drags Blade over, tags in and then storms after Penta. Butcher gets Penta up, BACK SUPLEX SLAM! Cover, TWO! Tag to Blade, he drags Penta up but Penta KICKS Blade’s legs! Penta fires up, “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta runs but into a POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Penta escapes but Blade tags Butcher! They get Penta up, back suplex DOUBLE SLAM! Cover, TWO! Penta is still in this and flounders for his corner. Hot tag to Fenix! But the mercs attack the corner all at once! Butcher throws Fenix down, and Blade ties Penta to the ropes using his mask’s tails! Blade stomps a mudhole then regroups with Butcher.

Fenix sees he’s stuck 2v1 but he fights back! But that only gets him beat down! Blade drags Fenix up, CLUBS away on his back, and he reels Fenix in. Suplex and- Wait, Penta ditches his mask long enough to SUPERKICK Blade?! Risking his own identity so his brother has a chance! Fenix RANAS Butcher down to a cover, the Lucha Brothers win!!

Winners: The Lucha Brothers, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

But now the rest of the HFO jumps in! Private Party goes after Penta and Fenix, then even shove Abrahantes down! Blade and Butcher add on, but here come Santana & Ortiz! Chris Jericho is proud of his boys running off Hardy and his cronies! Proud ‘n’ Powerful are rivals with respect, will they defend the Lucha Bros’ honor on the way to challenging for the titles?


AEW looks closely at the dream match, Omega VS Danielson!

Kenny Omega starts by telling Bryan Danielson, “You were always the underdog over there, weren’t you? And now you’ve come here, you’re not even ranked, and you’re the underdog again.” But Bryan says there are misconceptions about him out there. Bryan wanted his first match to be against the toughest guy in AEW, and everyone says that’s Omega. But what annoys Omega is the “air of confidence” and “sense of entitlement” coming off Bryan. “And I’ve seen it all before. Every guy that walks through those doors, they target me. Why is that? It’s because they recognize that I’m the top talent.”

Bryan wants to show his true self again, which will be exciting for the fans and scary for the wrestlers. But Omega says, “The Underdog, Bryan Danielson, in AEW. Unfortunately for you, Bryan, this underdog is not going to have his Cinderella story.” It won’t be for the AEW world title, but this will be for the title of very best in the business today! Will Omega prove the PWI 500 is right in naming him THE top wrestler of 2021? Or will he be slayed by the American Dragon?


Anna Jay w/ Tay Conti VS The Bunny w/ Penelope Ford & Matt Hardy!

We just saw the HFO fail to get any gold, but perhaps Allie can slay the Queenslayer! Will there at least be one thing Hardy can celebrate tonight? Or will the Dark Order’s Number 99 whoop this wascally wabbit?

But they don’t even wait to be in the ring, Bunny goes after Jay at the ramp! They throw hands and fans fire up as Jay gets the edge! Jay knees low then snap suplexes Bunny on the ramp! Tay gives her best friend a hug before Jay puts Bunny in the ring. The two are finally ready, the bell rings and Jay storms up on Bunny. Bunny wants Jay to take it easy but Jay fires off forearms! Jay reels Bunny in for a NORTHERN LIGHTS! Jay dares Bunny to get up, runs in and elbows her in the corner! Jay whips corner to corner again and runs in to throw another elbow! Jay keeps moving and she runs Bunny right over with a shoulder!

Jay drags Bunny up, whips her to ropes, but Bunny holds ropes to bail out. Hardy and Ford coach Bunny up but Jay goes out to throw forearms again! The brawl returns, Bunny gets the edge then SUPERKICKS! Jay staggers up and gets to the post, but Bunny YANKS her into it! Jay clutches her arm, Bunny hammerlocks and RAMS Jay into railing! Bunny grins sadistically into the camera before she stomps Jay down. Bunny drags Jay around, isolates the arm and CLUBS it! The ref reprimands, fans rally behind Jay and Conti warns Bunny. Bunny gets Jay up to whip her hard into the railing again! Bunny goes into the ring as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and both women are down as fans rally up. Jay gets Bunny’s arm to wrench through, but Bunny wrenches the bad arm to YANK it! And YANK it again! Bunny reels Jay into a fireman’s carry but Jay slips off to mule kick a leg out! Jay runs to BASEMENT BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Bunny survives, Conti coaches Jay but Ford talks trash to her. Bunny sits up, Jay catches her breath and reels Bunny in, for the QUEEN- No, Bunny slips out to dragon sleeper! Jay wrenches out, DANGEROUS JAY HOOK KICK! Ford gets on the apron and shouts at Jay, but Conti trips her down! Conti RAMS Ford into railing but Bunny waistlocks! Jay switches, rolls up, JAY WINS!

Winner: Anna Jay, by pinfall

The HFO busts on the night, but Bunny is furious! Bunny stomps Jay down but Conti gets in to fire off! Ford gets in to go after Conti! Ford and Bunny mug Conti, then Ford brings out BRASS KNUCKLES! KNUCKLE DUSTER PUNCH!! Conti goes down, Jay gets up, Ford DECKS Jay with the knuckles, too!! The Superbad Girl might fit right in with the HFO after seeing that. Hardy seems to be upset with Jack Evans, though. Will there be a meeting to get the group back on track?


AEW shares an interview from Dynamite.

After Team Taz’s Powerhouse put CM Punk down, Hobbs talked backstage about it. “Best in the World, huh? Best in the World, CM Punk’s ass was just laid out by who? Powerhouse Hobbs! Punk, I told you, this is something you really don’t wanna mess with.” Hobbs isn’t Darby Allin, so Punk needs to think about these past seven years and why he stayed gone. Taz adds that Punk should’ve stayed home. Maybe it’ll be another seven years. Hobbs promises Punk ain’t never faced someone like him, but he’ll see him next week.


Tony Schiavone is in the ring with Hardy and Evans.

Schiavone knows Hardy is mad, his team went 0-2 tonight. Yes, Hardy is pissed off, but he’ll have the last laugh. Anna Jay will pay next week at the hands of Penelope Ford. The Lucha Brothers, Proud ‘n’ Powerful, they’ll also pay in an 8 Man Tag! But Hardy is not in a good mood right now, and someone pissing him off is Orange Cassidy’s lookalike in the crowd! There is a guy essentially cosplaying Orange Cassidy but he doesn’t exactly look like the Orange Cassidy. Hardy is upset that this guy’s been staring at him all night, and he storms over. Hardy gets in the guy’s face but the guy gives a thumbs up. Hardy says no one mocks him without paying!

Hardy drags the “lookalike” over the railing and into the ring! He and Evans stomp away on the cosplayer, then throw hands! Hardy has scissors, he hits a TWIST OF FATE, and then Evans sits the cosplayer up. Hardy uses the scissors to cut this guy’s ponytail off! Hardy has Evans use the CLIPPERS to buzz the guy’s hair! Evans works on the left side, but here comes THE REAL Cassidy! Evans shaves as much as he can off the fan before Cassidy gets in the ring! Hardy and Evans run away and Hardy says he’ll DELETE Cassidy’s cool factor! Will Cassidy be the one cutting down Hardy soon enough?


Britt Baker is here!

The AEW Women’s World Champion joins Schiavone in the ring and even hugs him. And without further ado, he introduces Britt’s next challenger, Ruby Soho! Champion and challenger stand off in the ring and Britt welcomes Ruby to TV time. But before getting to that, let’s get to why she’s here. It isn’t for Britt, it definitely isn’t for the title, and it isn’t even for all the fans. Britt says Ruby is here just for Ruby, “because you’re still trying to figure out who the hell you are. How many times have you changed your name in the last year?” She also gets new tattoos, changes her hair to every color of the rainbow, all because Ruby is desperately trying to fit in anywhere. But here, everyone knows who Britt is: she’s the AEW Women’s World Champion, Dr. Britt Baker, DMD.

Ruby says, “Of course everyone knows who you are, Britt. You remind them every week. You’re constantly having to shove it down their throats.” DMD, yeah yeah yeah. Now, Ruby knows Britt isn’t accustomed to being told she’s wrong, but she is. Ruby knows exactly who the hell Ruby is. Up until now, Ruby just hadn’t had the freedom to prove it. Fans chant and duel, “RUBY SOHO!” “D M D!” But let’s just flip the script here and put this on Britt. Let’s talk about DMD. On the surface, Britt looks like “every other broad that I’ve stepped across the ring from. Entitled, self-centered, and banging some dude in the back.” DAAAAYUM! Jersey goes WILD after that one!

Ruby ain’t done, either. “It turns out that you’re just that. I’m just trying to figure out if there’s anything more.” And Britt says she’s just trying to figure out why Ruby is lying to everyone, including herself. “Because you have the audacity to call yourself, ‘The Runaway.'” But Ruby didn’t run away from anything. She got fired. OOOOH! Jersey is loving the back and forth! Ruby admits to that. But turns out, it was the best damn thing to ever happen to her! It brought Ruby right here to AEW and to this moment where she’s in the ring, looking Britt in the eyes. And Britt needs to really look at Ruby. No, really look. Ruby wants Britt to see the woman she’s messing with.

Though, Ruby’s a bit surprised Britt can see anything, since her head’s so far up Tony Khan’s ass. WHOA. “The fact of the matter is, you can call yourself all your nicknames, you can remind these people who you are. But after Dynamite next week, when I beat your ass in New York City and take your title, the one thing you won’t be able to call yourself is AEW Women’s World Champion.” Britt holds up her belt but has no words o come back with. She even tries a belt shot! But Ruby ducks it, trips Britt up, and rains down furious fists! Britt scrambles away but Ruby snatches the belt! Will Ruby hold that title up as champion after the Grand Slam?


Mark Henry interviews Miro and Fuego Del Sol.

The young luchador is willing to risk his brand new car just for the TNT title? Fuego says he loves his car, but he’d risk it all for one more opportunity! Fuego almost defeated Miro the last time, he was a split second away after dropping him on his head, and he almost shocked the world. God’s Favorite Champion should know the David and Goliath story. Fuego says tonight, he will slay his giant with a Tornado DDT! Henry asks Miro that as the most dominant TNT Champion, is his strategy changing for the rematch? Miro says, “Nothing has changed. But Fuego, your offering means nothing to me, because you are nothing to me.”

The only reason he’s taking this victory is because Miro loves celebrating with his God on high, and his wife down low. So tonight, Miro redeems Fuego once and for all. Then all the talking is done, it is time for the main event! Will Fuego be driving off in his brand new Hyundai with the gold? Or will he have to bum a ride with a friend after losing to Miro a second time?

AEW TNT Championship, Title VS Car: Miro VS Fuego Del Sol!

We already know what’s at stake, but if Alabama’s Favorite Luchador almost pulled off a miracle once, can he pull off the miracle here in Jersey?

The introductions are made, the title is raised, and we see if David still slays Goliath in the 21st Century!

Fans are fired up as Fuego stares down Miro. The two circle, approach, and Fuego drop steps to the waistlock. Miro goes around, pries right free, but Fuego kicks a leg! Miro is annoyed but he keeps cool as he and Fuego circle. Miro corners Fuego but Fuego slips away to kick Miro in the leg again. Fuego stays on his toes, avoids being cornered again and CHOPS Miro. Miro doesn’t flinch but Fuego gets space. They circle, Fuego throws more kicks but Miro blocks! Miro swings, Fuego dodges and holds ropes to avoid the roundhouse! Fuego baits Miro in and then dumps him out of the ring! Fans fire up as Fuego PLANCHAS, but Miro catches him!

Miro carries Fuego around the way, aims for a post, but Fuego avoids being a lawn dart and he POSTS Miro instead! Fuego hurries to get Miro up and POSTS him again! Miro staggers, Fuego gets to the apron and runs to FLYING RANA Miro down! Miro staggers up again, goes to a corner of the railing, and Fuego runs in, but is TOSSED into the crowd! The fans help Fuego stay up! Fuego is on the railing and LEAPS, but into Miro’s arms again! Miro carries Fuego for a FALL AWAY SLAM! Fuego writhes and Miro snarls as AEW goes picture in picture.

Miro stalks after Fuego, drags him up by his mask, and puts him in the ring. Miro covers, TWO! Miro eggs the fans on, taunting those chanting for Fuego. Fuego flounders, Miro gut wrenches him up for a TOSS! Miro gets Fuego up to TOSS across the ring!! Miro is toying with Fuego now to make him pay for his defiance. The ref checks on Fuego as he sputters in the corner and Miro soaks up the heat. Miro looks to Heaven before he looks down on Fuego. Miro drags Fuego back up, winds up and DECKS him with a haymaker! Miro drops elbows over and over on Fuego then runs to JUMPING ELBOW! Miro grins as he covers, TWO! Fuego still has fire in his belly and Miro is upset.

Miro stands on Fuego’s head but the ref reprimands. Miro pulls on Fuego’s arm before he stomps Fuego down. Miro paces, drags Fuego up, but Fuego throws hands! Fuego wobbles Miro but Miro scoops, only for Fuego to slip out! Fuego jumps on for a sleeper! Miro gets to the ropes but Fuego shifts and headlocks. Miro powers up but Fuego becomes a sleeper backpack again! Fuego squeezes tight and Miro is fading! The ref checks on Miro but Miro gets a second wind to RAM Fuego into buckles! Miro is free, he runs in but into a BOOT! And then more BOOTS! Fuego goes up and QUEBRADAS! Direct hit but things speed up! Fuego ducks, dodges and leaps, into a BEARHUG!

Miro grins and shakes his head as he squeezes Fuego tight. Fuego endures, AEW returns to single picture and fans rally up. Miro grins but Fuego throws headbutts! Fuego is free, but Miro clinches him in another bearhug! Fuego still throws headbutts and is free again, then he drop toeholds Miro into buckles! Fans fire up as Fuego schoolboys, kips up and BASEMENT ENZIGURIS! Miro is dazed, Fuego fires up! Fuego fires off forearm after forearm, then runs, springboard into a DOUBLE AX HANDLE! Miro scowls and wags his finger. Miro drags Fuego up, mocks the call for the tornado, and then- No, Fuego slips out of the DDT to DOUBLE STOMP!

Fuego hurries to get up and run in, step-up DOUBLE STOMPS to the head! Miro gets up slowly, Fuego winds up to HEEL KICK! And then BASEMENT DDT! Fuego calls his shot and Miro staggers up, Fuego goes up and up and- No! Miro stops the flight for a back suplex! But Fuego lands on his feet! Fuego dodges Miro to get to the corner but Miro ROUNDHOUSES him down! Miro throws furious fists over and over and is no longer toying with Fuego. Miro drags Fuego up, winds up, BEST KICK!! But Miro calls for one more, and so do the fans! Miro gets Fuego up, BEST KICK to the back! Cover, Miro wins!

Winner: Miro, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion; owner of a new car)

The dominance continues as the TNT title stays with Miro, and now he gets Fuego’s keys! Miro goes to throw the key, but he is just faking the fans out. Instead, he puts the keys inside Fuego’s mouth! And then he puts Fuego in GAME OVER!! And it’s DEEP! Fuego taps but he’s already lost so much tonight! Fuego fades out as Miro makes him suffer, but here comes SAMMY GUEVARA! The Spanish God dodges Miro to KNEE him out of the ring! Sammy saves his best friend and fans are fired up! Sammy sees the TNT Championship is on the floor, and he picks it up! Miro is furious but Sammy dares him to try something! Fans cheer, will Sammy prove Miro that he ain’t any god’s favorite?

My Thoughts:

Another great episode for Rampage, even with title status quos kept. Though, to be fair, I didn’t expect the HFO or Fuego to take the titles from Lucha Brothers or Miro coming into this anyway. Lucha Brothers VS Butcher & Blade was very good, though, with references to their familiarity as allies throughout. Santana & Ortiz making the save was a nice touch, and that 8 Man Tag of Lucha Bros & PNP VS HFO is going to be wild. Jay VS Bunny was pretty good stuff, and naturally Jay wins because it makes good story for HFO to have these struggles. Jay VS Ford is going to be pretty good, too, and I fully expect HFO to sign her (and by extension, Kip Sabian) to the group.

We got a great face to face of Britt and Ruby, and WOO those shots fired on each other. But given Ruby basically won the promo battle and then got to stand tall, Britt’s retaining at Grand Slam. That’s just how the math goes. And of course, the main event was really good with Fuego getting to show great stuff even in losing. Miro technically doesn’t accept the car since he gave the keys back to Fuego in a very painful way. But I am really excited to see Sammy Guevara going after Miro. I somehow overlooked the idea of Sammy challenging for the TNT Championship, perhaps because I expected him to do something else pretty big. I really like the idea that Inner Circle could get the other titles as we enter year three, following in Jericho’s footsteps as a former AEW World Champion.

My Score: 8.4/10

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