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Join one of the fastest growing websites covering the industry you love: professional wrestling! The Chairshot, launched in November 2017 after building an audience as Yes Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Dot Biz, is home to the hardest hitting analysis, opinions, news, and reviews. Boasting a strong team of writers and podcasts, we are looking to grow our team.

Now is the time to get in on the ground floor of an exciting brand. Please read our Tips For Success found at the bottom of this posting.

While The Chairshot does have multiple paid staff members, all writers and podcasters start out as unpaid contributors. Over 99% of those writing about wrestling on the internet are unpaid, and The Chairshot is looking for writers and podcasters to grow with us. As paid opportunities develop, they will be filled by current staff members. News Editor and Social Media Director are the only positions that may have the opportunity to join the staff in a revenue splitting role from Day One. All positions may be eligible for college internship credit, pending approval from your school.

The Chairshot supports the advancement of women and racial/ethnic minorities in the world of professional wrestling journalism. All candidates will be evaluated and selected on merit and availability, and all candidates are encouraged to apply!

The Chairshot is looking to fill the following positions listed below.

Site Leadership

Social Media Director

Social media is a must in the worlds of online publishing and professional wrestling, and The Chairshot is looking for a social media director to bolster our follower base and social media content across many platforms, including (but not limited to) Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more. As the social media staff expands, the News Editor will oversee the entire division, giving this candidate the potential for tremendous personal and professional growth.

The Chairshot currently has four major leadership roles (Managing Editor, Radio Programming Director, Chief Engineer, and Publisher), and the News Editor will have the chance to join that group. This position will require a Skype interview on top of writing samples.

Interested parties should contact Greg DeMarco, Publisher, at


Opinion Writer

The heart and soul of The Chairshot lies in our strong opinions and analysis. Opinion Writers are expected to commit to at least one article per week, on a topical item, on a regular night. That article is ideally 600-900 words, featuring at 1-3 images, videos, and/or and social embeds. Familiarity with WordPress and SEO is preferred, but not required.

Examples of opinion articles at The Chairshot can be found here, here, and here. These are just examples, and you can find plenty more on the site. You’re strongly encouraged to read our “Tips For Success” before submitting your samples.

Interested parties should send a writing sample to Andrew Balaz, Managing Editor, at

Television/PPV Reviews

Televised wrestling existed long before anyone was covering it online, and fans have had an opinion on them just as long. TV/PPV Reviews writers are really opinion writers, but their topics are set in the likes of WWE Raw, Smackdown, 205 Live, NXT, Impact Wrestling, pay-per-view events and independent events including ROH, New Japan, WrestleCircus, House of Hardcore and more!

These are not show recaps or coverage, that is a different listing. Interested parties should send a writing sample to Andrew Balaz, Managing Editor, at

Television/PPV Recaps & Live Coverage

In order to be a one-stop-shop for all wrestling fans, live coverage and recaps are a must. Usually, one report can fulfill both items. The Chairshot currently has openings covering Impact Wrestling, New Japan, WrestleCircus, House Of Hardcore, Evolve/WWN and more! We are not seeking coverage for WWE Raw, Smackdown, 205 Live, NXT, pay-per-views, WWE Network specials, Lucha Underground, or ROH weekly TV.

Interested parties should send a writing sample to Greg DeMarco, Publisher, at

WWE Network Classic Reviews

The WWE Network is a wrestling fan’s dream, showcasing an astounding array of content from the catalogs of WWE/WWF, ECW, WCW, and many classic promotions. We are looking for historical reviews that appeal to new and veteran fans alike. Standard format would include match-by-match analysis and your overall thoughts, but there is plenty of room for creativity.

Interested parties should send a writing sample to Andrew Balaz, Managing Editor, at

Puroresu Focus

The Chairshot prides itself on encapsulating as much of the wrestling world as possible. New Japan has a heavy amount of attention from the wrestling community, but don’t think we disregard the rest of the burgeoning scene.

Any news, event reviews, or opinion articles on smaller organization such as, All Japan, Dragon Gate, DDT, Sendai Girls, NOAH, Stardom, along with the dozens of other promotions, would be more than welcome.

Interested parties should send a writing sample to Andrew Balaz, Managing Editor, at

Radio Network

Existing Podcasts

The Chairshot Radio Network is the fastest growing wrestling radio network online today. Boasting sixteen weekly shows, the Chairshot Radio Network focuses on more than wrestling, with shows on sports and entertainment rounding out this outstanding lineup.

Have a podcast you believe belongs in our lineup? The Chairshot Radio Network is currently adding podcasts focused on wrestling, MMA, sports, and entertainment (movies, television Geek culture), with a priority being placed on MMA. Shows can be added via RSS feed or manual upload to our Blog Talk Radio channel, and are distributed via our partnerships with iTunes, Google Play, iHeart Radio, Podbean, Castbox, Stitcher, Otto Radio and more!

Interested shows should send a recent show link to PC Tunney, Programming Director, at

Podcast Hosts/Talent

Are you a podcast host or talent looking for a show or a place to host/record your show? The Chairshot has limited openings for shows needing talent and days on our network without a live show.

Our live shows are hosted through Blog Talk Radio and we have limited evenings available to host, including post-PPV shows on Sundays.

Some specific needs include:

  • Female lead/host for POD is WAR, a featured original show on The Chairshot Radio Network (hear a recent episode here).
  • Co-host for Main Event Madness, longstanding original show focused on the current storylines in WWE.

Interested parties should send a sample to PC Tunney, Programming Director, at

Tips For Success

In any medium, the phrase “know your audience” is critical to long-term success. If you follow these three key tips, you can be successful in our medium and with our staff.

“Have a Take and Don’t Suck!”

Coined by Jim Rome, this phrase applies to nearly every aspect of covering pro wrestling. readers come at a premium, and we don’t want to waste their time. If you’re writing an opinion piece, have an opinion! There is nothing more frustrating to the reader than an article titled “Will Finn Balor Win Another WWE Universal Championship?” that doesn’t answer the question listed in it’s title. Take a side. We do not tell our writers and podcasters what side to take, just to take a side! 50/50 journalism is not what we are after.

“Always Use Your Head.”

If you haven’t seen this slogan yet, we have to question your motivation in being involved with The Chairshot! The motto of the site is about more than being hit with a chair, that’s for sure! We want our staff to be smart about things, not to believe everything they read or hear, and to form their own opinions without the influence of “internet wrestling newz” and others.

Do we mark out? Of course we do! If you don’t, we don’t want you. There is plenty to love about pro wrestling in 2018, and we want the good with the bad.

“Keep It Simple”

The online wrestling marketplace is very crowded, and too many are getting silly to stand out. Keep your material simple. You don’t need to release a 3-hour podcast in this day and age. Instead, plan to put out 60-90 minutes of good, strong content. Articles don’t need to be 3000-words if the point can be made in 900 (for opinion) or 300 (for news).

There are times when longer is better; when making this determination, please default to point number 2: Always Use Your Head. And ask–our leadership is here to support you and help talk you through the decision making process.

If you are trying to decide of The Chairshot is a good fit, or if you’re on the fence, don’t hesitate to reach out to Greg DeMarco, Publisher, at