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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (9/22/21)

AEW swings for the fences!



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

Dynamite starts off the Grand Slam in New York!

AEW enters the Arthur Ashe Stadium and comes out swinging! Will Dr. Britt Baker, DMD, still be champion after taking on Ruby Soho? Or will Ruby run away with that title?


  • Kenny Omega w/ Don Callis VS Bryan Danielson; Time Limit Draw.
  • MJF w/ Wardlow VS Brian Pillman Jr; MJF wins.
  • Cody Rhodes VS Malakai Black; Malakai wins.
  • Darby Allin & Sting VS FTR w/ Tully Blanchard; Darby & Sting win.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Britt Baker w/ Rebel VS Ruby Soho; Baker wins and retains the title.


Kenny Omega w/ Don Callis VS Bryan Danielson!

A dream match of this caliber is the perfect way to start any night, so why not start the Grand Slam with it? The Arthur Ashe Stadium is already thunderous just to see The Best Bout Machine VS The American Dragon, but is Dynamite going to blow the roof off the place with just the opener?

The bell rings and NYC is electric! Bryan is all smiles but Omega stone faced as they approach. Fans chant for “A E DUB!” and lose their minds, but Omega tells Bryan this is his show. The two finally start to circle and feel things out. They tie up and fans already cheer. Omega puts Bryan on the ropes, lets off cleanly, but then CHOPS Bryan! Omega smiles now but Bryan just brushes it off. Bryan and Omega circle, tie up, and Omega puts Bryan on ropes. Bryan turns things around, lets off, and he KICKS Omega down! Callis protests but Omega gets up in a huff. Omega and Bryan reset again, tie up, and Bryan wrenches an arm to a wristlock.

Bryan grinds Omega’s shoulder, Omega rolls and kips up to wrench and snapmare Bryan into a chinlock. Bryan slips out the back, hammerlocks, but Omega gets in the ropes. The fans boo but Bryan KICKS him down again! Omega bails out and Callis is at a loss for words. Callis coaches Omega up and Omega returns while fans are fired up. “F*** him up, Bryan, f*** him up.” Bryan and Omega tie up, Omega headlocks but Bryan powers out. Omega runs Bryan over with a shoulder, wipes the sweat from his brow but things speed up. Bryan drops but Omega sees the monkey flip coming so he cartwheels away. Omega then CHOPS Bryan to a corner!

Omega wants to go after Bryan but the ref has him back down. Bryan gets back up as Omega smirks, and Bryan calls for a test of strength. They tie up with knuckle locks as fans rally, and they go shoulder to shoulder! Omega uses leverage but Bryan drops to roll and wrench to a wristlock. Bryan tweaks fingers and wrist, wrangles Omega down and isolates the arm to stomp it! Bryan wrenches Omega’s arm again, puts him in a corner with a buckle bump, then CHOPS him! And then KICKS him! And CHOPS! KICK! CHOP! Omega staggers away but Bryan KICKS and CHOPS him in the other corner! Omega turns it around to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP!

Bryan turns it back to KICK and KICK and KICK! Bryan whips, Omega kicks him away, but Bryan dumps Omega up and out! Omega hits the floor, Bryan builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit into the railing! Fans keep that electric level going as Bryan looms over Omega. Bryan wrenches the bad arm, hammerlocks it and POSTS Omega shoulder first! Bryan wrenches, hammerlocks again and then POSTS Omega at the next corner! Bryan puts Omega in the ring, climbs up a corner, and leaps to KNEE Omega’s bad arm! Omega tries to get feeling in the arm but Bryan gets it for a top wristlock. Bryan brings Omega to the mat, isolates that arm again, fish hooks Omega’s face, then lets off.

Bryan fish hooks again, lets off as the ref counts 4, and then shows “FIVE!” before he STOMPS the arm! Omega crawls, Bryan gets that arm, wrenches and ELBOW BREAKER! Another wrench, but Omega rakes Bryan’s eyes! Fans boo but Omega stands Bryan up to CHOP! Omega CHOPS Bryan again, bump him off buckles, then digs his boot in. The ref counts, Omega lets off at 4, and he stomps a mudhole into Bryan! The ref reprimands, fans boo but Omega rolls his eyes. Omega stands Bryan up, CHOPS him again, and Bryan’s chest is almost as red as his tights! Omega CHOPS him again, Bryan grits his teeth but Omega CHOPS again!

Bryan paces around, Omega follows after to CHOP! Bryan CHOPS back! And CHOPS again! Bryan whips, Omega reverses and Omega kitchen sink knees! Then he KICKS Bryan in the back! Omega KNEES Bryan in the back while he’s down on the mat then KICKS him again! And again! Fans boo but Omega just tunes it all out as he sits Bryan up. Omega brings Bryan around to elbow him on the back, then CLUB him down. Omega stomps Bryan, brings him back up, but Bryan throws body shots. Omega SLAPS Bryan, Bryan SLAPS back! Omega throws a hard right, but Bryan throws body shots and CHOPS! Omega pokes Bryan in the eye!

Omega brings Bryan around to a fireman’s carry, “YOU! CAN’T! ESCAPE!” Rolling senton and MOONSAULT onto knees! Bryan grits his teeth as fans fire back up with “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan CHOPS Omega again, then KICKS, repeat! CHOP, whip, but Omega reverses. Bryan goes up and over and ducks to LEAPING LARIAT! Fans are fired up again as Bryan goes corner to corner for a dropkick! Bryan stands Omega up to KICK and KICK and KICK! Bryan puts Omega up top, climbs up to join him, SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO! Omega is still in this but Bryan whips. Omega reverses again, runs in but Bryan dodges!

Omega hits buckles, Bryan comes back but Omega goes up and over to RANA! Bryan bails out, Omega kneels and the Terminator drums begin. Omega builds speed, and FLIES! Direct hit and down go both men! Omega may have taken some tailbone damage but he gets up to his feet. “This is Awesome!” as Omega puts Bryan back in the ring. Omega takes aim, says BANG and runs, KOTARO- NO! Bryan slips out, O’Conner Roll, TWO! Omega has the tights, TWO!! Bryan gets the arms, for CATTLE MUTILATION!! Fans are thunderous as Omega endures, and Omega gets the ROPEBREAK! Bryan lets go quickly and Omega bails out to the ramp side.

Fans rally up as Bryan goes to the corner and climbs up! Bryan leaps to FLYING KNEE Omega down! Bryan soaks up the thunderous applause as he is on the LED ramp. Bryan sees Omega getting up, so he gives him some YES Kicks! “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan powers up but Omega blocks the Buzzsaw to a SNAP DRAGON TO THE LED RAMP! Fans lose their minds as Bryan skids down the Plexiglas to the carpeting. Omega has a wild look in his eyes as he gets up. Omega refreshes the count and then goes up the ramp and to the stage. He wants all the space he can get as he runs down at Bryan, for a NASTY V-TRIGGER!! Bryan is sputtering on the apron as AEW goes picture in picture!

Omega pushes Bryan off the apron and wants the ring count! The ref begins, fans counting along and Callis acting like this is over already. Bryan is stirring at 5 of 10, floundering at 6, but Callis keeps barking that this needs to go faster. Bryan is up and Callis scurries away, but then Bryan falls over. Omega goes out with a smirk and is taking his time fetching Bryan. Omega clears the timekeeper’s table while the ref says to get this back inside. Omega scoops and SLAMS Bryan onto the table! The table doesn’t break and Bryan slides off, but Omega leaves him behind for another ring count. Bryan crawls his way over at 4 of 10, flounders at 5, and Omega gets a refreshing bottle of water thanks to Callis.

The ring count is 7 of 10 but Bryan drags himself up and in! Fans cheer but Omega is annoyed. Omega crouches next to Bryan to ask him if this is how he wants to play it. Omega sits Bryan up, reels him in, but Bryan falls over again as AEW returns to single picture. Omega gets Bryan right up to BUCKLE BOMB! Bryan flops out of the ring and is back on the apron! The ref checks on Bryan but Omega just soaks up the heat. Omega climbs up the corner as Bryan stands up, BLINDSIDE MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO!! Bryan is still in this and Omega is frustrated. But Omega gets smug again as he says this is the end!

Omega drags Bryan up to full nelson, but Bryan drops down to victory roll! TWO!! Bryan swings, Omega gets around, but Bryan denies the nelson so Omega WHEEL KICKS from behind! Omega runs corner to corner as Bryan is in the corner, V-TRIGGER to the back! Omega wants to go after that repaired neck as he stands Bryan up again. Omega hoists Bryan up onto the top rope and climbs up to join him. Omega wants the full nelson again, but Bryan resists with all his might! Omega gets on the very top, Bryan slips under and trips Omega up! Omega lands on his best bout machine, but now Bryan climbs up after him!

Fans rally up as Bryan stands Omega up for a SUPER BACK SUPLEX! Both men are down as Omega sputters and Bryan clutches his arm. A standing count begins, and it reaches 5 of 10 before Bryan sits up. Omega follows and wags his finger. The counts tops, Bryan KICKS! And KICKS! Omega blocks and JABS! JAB! Bryan JABS back! And JABS, JABS, KICKS and runs, into a V-TRIGGER! Omega runs into a ROLLING ELBOW! Bryan hooks Omega up, FISHERMAN BACK SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Omega narrowly escapes but the fans are electric all over again! Bryan grits his teeth while Callis stresses out, but fans cheer for “A E DUB!” for making this match happen!

Bryan climbs but Omega trips him up! Omega turns Bryan around, slowly climbs up behind him again, and gives headbutts and elbows to Bryan’s shoulders and neck. Omega clamps onto Bryan with a full nelson, for a SUPER DRAGON SUPLEX!!! Cover, TWO!?! Bryan survives and Omega is about to pull his blue hair out! Bryan flounders to the ropes and fans chant, “FIGHT FOREVER!” This has to end somehow, Omega says BANG and runs, V-TRIGGER! Omega reels Bryan in for the Electric Chair, but Bryan makes it a POISON-RANA!! Bryan saves himself, Omega tries to get his senses back, and he runs in, but knees the buckles! BUZZSAW from Bryan!!

Callis is very worried, he has his sunglasses off and shirt unbuttoned! Bryan fires up, Omega staggers up, KNEE- SPINEBUSTER! Flip over and V-TRIGGER!! Cover, TWO!!! Callis is furious but the count is the count! Omega puts Bryan in a drop zone, climbs up the corner again, and PHOENIX SPLASH FLOPS!! Bryan avoids disaster and fans are rallying again. Bryan grits his teeth and gives Omega more YES Kicks! Kick to the leg, kick to the chest, repeat! Omega throws forearms so Bryan gives them back! Fans go back and forth, Bryan goes back and forth, another BUZZSAW! Bryan says he’s going to finish this! DANIELSON STOMPS!! “YES! YES! YES!”

And then omoplata and roll over! Omega resists and he gets the ropebreak! But Bryan runs in to corner dropkick! Omega runs in to V-TRIGGER!! Omega ripcords but Bryan ROLLING ELBOWS! But Omega V-TRIGGERS again!! Both men drop as we’re in the last 30 seconds!! Both men glare at each other on the mat and they throw headbutts! Then they throw haymakers! Bryan KICKS and KICKS but Omega CHOPS and CHOPS! TIME’S UP!?!

Time Limit Draw

But the brawling continues!! These two don’t care about time limits, they want a winner!! LABELLE LOCK!!! Security rushes in, then The Elite! The Young Bucks and Adam Cole kick Bryan off Omega and Callis hurries in to make sure Omega is okay. Omega survives by the skin of his teeth but he’s the one in bad shape. Until Bryan gets a TRIPLE SUPERKICK from Cole & The Bucks!! Fans boo the #SuperKliq, but here come Christian Cage and Jurassic Express! Captain Charisma, Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus take the fight to Cole & The Bucks, but the Elite goes into retreat! Will the Super Kliq get what they deserve on Rampage this Friday?


CM Punk heads to the ring!

Before going up against “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs on Rampage, the Best in the World is here on Dynamite to talk to the people of New York! “I sure am glad I’m not wrestling on Dynamite. How do you follow that?” But it’s been a long time since he’s been in NYC. And even longer since pro-wrestling has been in NYC! Punk hears people telling him he should be mad, pissed off and he should be the “old” CM Punk. Trust him, you’ll see him eventually, but be careful what you wish for. Punk calls out Hobbs and Team Taz. “Half of y’all are from here and they don’t even like you.” Punk tried to walk down and mean mug but he hears and sees all the fans and just smiles! What does Punk have to be mad about?

But then Punk thinks about it. Last week on Dynamite, Hobbs jumped him from behind and put him through a table. And yes, it pissed Punk off, and yes, Punk is mad about it. But when his music hits and he steps out on stage, Punk can’t help feel the way he feels. The anger goes away and YES it’s a love fest! YES, Punk’s smiling and happy because he’s happy to see the fans! What Team Taz attempted to do was take this all away from him. Team Taz doesn’t want Cult of Personality and happy Punk enjoying pro-wrestling fans. Then Punk gets really pissed because it’s been SO long since he’s felt this, since he’s had this, since HE needed this, so NO ONE is taking this! This is HIS again!

Fans chant for “CM PUNK! CM PUNK!” all the way to the cheap seats in the back. So Team Taz, and Hobbs especially, you should’ve finished the job. You should’ve broken his neck and made sure the people who have PACKED Arthur Ashe Stadium wouldn’t get to hear Cult of Personality! “But you made a mistake, and you let me live. And really, you slept on the legend of CM Punk.” It isn’t Punk’s job to wake their asses up, it’s his job to tuck their asses in. Rampage Grand Slam, Powerhouse Hobbs GOES TO SLEEP! Punk may not be mad but he is fired up! Will Team Taz take a big loss when Punk hits one out of the park?


MJF w/ Wardlow VS Brian Pillman Jr. w/ Julia Hart!

Maxwell Jacob Friedman proved just how deplorable his personality is in Cincinnati, but now the Cincinnati hero is in the Big Apple! Will the Salt of the Earth continue to kick dirt in BPJ’s face? Or will the leader of the Pinnacle be grounded by the son of Flyin’ Brian?

The bell rings and MJF offers a handshake that we all know is a trap. BPJ know sit and he tackles MJF down for ground ‘n’ pound! MJF scrambles away, BPJ rushes in and clotheslines! Then fires off forearm after forearm! The ref counts, BPJ won’t let off, so the ref has to get in between them. MJF uses that opening to rake BPJ’s eyes! MJF bumps BPJ off buckles and tells NYC to shove it. MJF whips BPJ corner to corner, BJP goes up and over and arm-drags MJF around! Then a BIG hip toss to another whip. BPJ back drops MJF high and hard and NYC fires up! BPJ gets MJF up but MJF throat chops! MJF tells fans to hush, and then he chops! BPJ isn’t bothered!

BPJ CHOPS MJF and CHOPS and CHOPS! BPJ whips, MJF reverses, things speed up and BPJ fakes MJF out to kick him back. BPJ whips, MJF stops himself but BPJ dodges the kick! BPJ says he got MJF on that one, then brings MJF up. MJF SLAPS BPJ right down! MJF fires up and shouts, “Do you know who the hell I am?! I’m MJF! I will-” BPJ SLAPS MJF back! BPJ is fired up and MJF backs off to a corner. BPJ goes after him but MJF throws him into the buckles. MJF stomps a mudhole, whips corner to corner and WRINGS BPJ into the buckles! MJF soaks up the heat then goes back to BPJ to stomp the hand.

MJF puts on a top wristlock but fans rally. BPJ fights up, throws body shots and runs, to duck and dodge and sunset flip! TWO, and MJF runs in but into a backslide! TWO but BPJ ROCKS MJF with haymakers! MJF WRINGS BPJ’s arm again! Fans boo as MJF glares and AEW goes picture in picture.

MJF stands on BPJ’s arm and soaks up the heat a moment before he stomps the hand! MJF goes to a corner as BPJ goes to the other, and MJF storms over to wrap the bad arm around ropes. The ref counts as MJF pulls, and MJF lets off at 4. MJF then kicks the rope to jam BPJ’s arm! BPJ staggers to the corner, MJF wrenches his arm again and hammerlocks before the back suplex! Cover, TWO! MJF is annoyed but he sits BPJ up to kick him back down. MJF kicks BPJ around, stands him up, but BPJ throws body shots and forearms. BPJ goes to run but MJF throws him down by his hair! MJF paces around while AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and MJF DECKS BPJ with a haymaker. MJF smirks as he stalks BPJ to a corner. BPJ gets up, MJF shouts, “Where’s your boy!?” MJF wrenches, throws hands but BPJ ducks to CHOP and CHOP! And CHOP! BPJ wrenches, whips but MJF blocks to yank the arm! MJF whips, BPJ reverses but MJF goes up and over. BPJ goes up and up to CROSSBODY! BPJ can’t make the cover but fans fire up! Fans rally as MJF and BPJ stand. BPJ dodges again to rally with big forearms and clotheslines! BPJ dodges again to SUPERKICK! BPJ hurries to get MJF up to bump off buckles again and again! Fans count to 9, BPJ powers up but MJF elbows before the 10th!

MJF runs but into a SPINNING POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! MJF escapes and bails out of the ring but BPJ rallies the fans. BPJ builds speed but MJF uses Julia as a shield! Fans boo the dicketry as MJF shoves Julia at BPJ then CLOBBERS him! MJF puts BPJ in the ring, Julia tells MJF off but MJF dares her to do something. She pie faces MJF, but MJF gets pissed and grabs her hand. But BPJ WRECKS MJF with a dropkick! BPJ drags MJF up and in, high-tens Julia, then aims from the corner. Fans are fired up as BPJ springboards, but MJF grabs the arm! SALT OF THE EARTH FUJIWARA!! BPJ taps, MJF wins!

Winner: MJF, by submission

And he slithers up to Julia to rub it in her face. “Somebody stop me! I’m begging ya!” Will MJF continue to inflate his ego until he’s truly reached the top of AEW?


Backstage interview with Chris Jericho & Jake Hager.

Alex Marvez points out their match at Rampage against The Men of the Year, Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky. Their thoughts? Hager says those guys are more like Boys of the Week. Those little boys are going to get spanked because they chose to follow “a fat-faced dipsh*t” in Dam Lambert. Jericho says Sky & Page made a mistake challenging The Inner Circle to a match in New York City! This is the hardest hitting, toughest town in America, and that is perfect for Big Hoss Hager and Le Champion Jericho, because they’re the hardest hitting, toughest tag team in AEW! And if Lambert insists on sticking his nose in their business, then Jericho is going to bite that nose off like Haku in Japan and spit it into the fifth room! PLAH!

As for America Top Team, bring ’em along! Jericho & Hager are feral, hungry, rabid, and ready to snack on some MMA big meatheads in the Big Apple, baby! Rampage Grand Slam, get ready!


Cody Rhodes w/ The Nightmare Family VS Malakai Black!

The American Nightmare made a triumphant return, just as the House of Black was looking to persecute those even supporting the Nightmare Family! But given how Malakai mangled him the first time around, does Cody stand a chance of defeating the Dark Father?

But speaking of the family, Brandi Rhodes and Arn Anderson are back to be in Cody’s corner! Malakai doesn’t seem even to register them as he keeps his now red eye on Cody. Fans are fired up at the bell and Malakai waits on Cody to do something. The two approach, Cody gets a takedown but Malakai kicks him away. Malakai wants a leg now but Cody rolls through to get away. Malakai kips up and the two stare down as fans cheer. Cody and Malakai circle again, then Malakai throws a forearm! Cody gives it back, Malakai throws another but Cody kicks low. Cody drops for the Rhodes Uppercut, then stands Malakai up for EuroUppers.

Malakai sweeps the legs, rolls Cody up, but then wants a submission! Cody kicks him away but he ducks the Penalty Kick! Cody bails out, Malakai builds speed, but he fakes Cody out with a Quebrada to then sit down cross-legged, with a little bow for showmanship. Fans cheer as Cody paces in a huff on the outside. Arn tries to calm him down, but Brandi gets in the ring to sit cross-legged, and she flips Malakai off! Malakai laughs, but Cody rushes in to drag Malakai up and whip him to ropes! Malakai gets around for a crucifix into an IRON OCTOPUS! Cody stays standing but Malakai keeps pulling on his arm! Cody gets to ropes but Malakai sunset flips, TWO!

Cody hurries up, Malakai runs in but is thrown out to the ramp. Cody hits a DISASTER KICK! Malakai falls back onto the LED as fans actually boo the American Nightmare! Cody shrugs that off and climbs up top to LEAP, into a JUMPING KNEE! Both men crash down but Malakai grins as he sits up. Cody writhes and clutches his arm as AEW goes picture in picture.

Cody crawls into the ring but Malakai is right behind him. Malakai gets Cody up to throw body shots and fast hands, then stomp away on the legs. Malakai whips Cody to ropes to CLOBBER him with an elbow! Body scissor catch to a HEEL HOOK! Cody endures, drags himself over and gets the ROPEBREAK! Malakai lets off, watches Cody get to ropes, and stalks up behind him again. Malakai brings Cody around for EuroUppers but Cody throws forearms back. They brawl, Cody throws body shots, Malakai BOOTS him into the corner! Cody falls to the apron, the ref has Malakai back off, but Brandi helps Cody stay up and get into the ring as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Malakai has the legs. He manages a cover, ONE, and Cody pops Malakai through for a sunset! TWO!! Malakai is up, BLACK MASS!!! But it sends Cody flopping out of the ring! Malakai hurries to get Cody up but he’s dead weight! The ring count climbs, Malakai goes into the ring and lets this continue. The count is 6 of 10, Cody manages to stand at 7 and gets in at 8! Malakai covers, ROPEBREAK! Malakai is frustrated that positioning is what keeps Cody in this. Brandi and Arn coach Cody, Malakai runs but Cody follows! Cody CHOP BLOCKS Malakai, then run sin at the corner. Malakai dodges and comes back but Cody dodges so the knee hits buckles!

Cody grabs Malakai’s leg but Malakai ROCKS him with a right! Cody goes to the ramp side, Malakai hobbles over, but Cody gets the leg in the ropes for a DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Arn tells Cody to keep going and Cody runs at Malakai in the corner. Malakai boots but Cody blocks for a KNEE JAMMER! Cody fires up, CHOPS Malakai then brings him around, but Malakai back elbows free! Malakai KICKS Cody in the chest but that was his bad leg! Cody gets the dragon sleeper, Malakai spins out to waistlock but Cody switches to kick Malakai’s leg out. Cody aims from a corner, runs in but Malakai TOSSES him away! No bulldog for the Georgian here in NYC!

Cody crawls, Malakai lifts him up with his foot. Fans are thunderous but Cody gets the leg to spin Malakai. Malakai knees free of the sleeper, Cody dodges to CODY CUTTER!! Dragon sleeper, CROSS RHODES!! Cover, TWO!?!? Arn is shocked and is up on the apron to coach Cody up. Fans are fired up, Cody has Arn go to the other side but then Arn FALLS?! Arn isn’t good at moving around the ring like he used to be, and the ref is busy with Arn while Cody whips. Malakai reverses and Cody runs into Arn! Cody is stunned, Brandi checks on Arn, but Cody BOOTS Malakai out of the ring! Cody hurries outside, checks in with Arn a second but Arn says to care more about the match!

Cody hurries after Malakai, finds him in a gap between steps and ramp and drags him up. Cody gets Malakai in the ring, stomps him in the corner, then stands him up for fast hands. Cody keeps after Malakai, but the ref pulls him back. Cody shoves the ref away!? Cody’s temper is getting the better of him, and Malakai SPITS BLACK MIST!! Cradle, Malakai wins!!

Winner: Malakai Black, by pinfall

Never turn your back on the House of Black! Brandi and Arn hurry to wash the mist out of Cody’s eyes, but will Cody finally see that he’s no longer on top of the world?


AEW looks closely at the coming TNT Championship showdown.

Sammy Guevara says, “Winning a match is one thing. But beating down a defenseless man after, that just ain’t right.” Fuego Del Sol lost both match and brand new car, and Miro decides to add insult to injury. Miro says he has been humiliating Sammy’s friends for weeks, so why only now does Sammy have the bravery to help? Maybe it’s because he saw everyone attacking the neck. Yes, Miro broke his neck in 2012, but his God fixed him and his wife nursed him back to health. Miro’s powerful body is theirs to control! God demands pain, she demands pleasure. Sometimes pain, too. But Sammy can keep coming after a weakness, but Miro will keep calm knowing he’s a fool.

Next week, live on Dynamite, God’s Favorite VS Spanish God! To celebrate, Sammy will get Fuego another new car. Will that promise come to fruition? Or will The Redeemer make Sammy into a false prophet?


Darby Allin & Sting VS FTR w/ Tully Blanchard!

The Relentless One and The Icon were called out by the rather delusional memory of the Pinnacle’s Horseman. Darby dealt with The Chair Man, but now he and Sting ride again to take on Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler! Will Tully make sure his young #LivingLegends make this more than a blast from the Stinger Man’s past?

The teams sort out, Darby starts with Dax and fans are fired up. Dax and Darby tie up, Dax powers Darby to the FTR corner and Cash tags in. Darby gets away and FTR watches Sting. Fans are fired up for Darby but he tags in Sting! Sting has special war paint for the occasion, but Dax tags in Cash. Cash and Sting tie up, Sting shoves Cash away to the ropes! Cash stays back as he circles with Sting, but Dax grabs at Sting’s shirt! Sting goes after Dax but Cash attacks from behind! FTR mugs Sting while Darby protests, and they get away with a double whip. Sting comes back to CLOBBER Cash, then he CLOBBERS Dax!

Sting fires off big hands on FTR, then scoop SLAMS Dax! Scoop SLAM for Cash, and fans are thunderous! Cash is in a corner, Sting runs in but Dax drags Cash out of harm’s way! The Stinger Splash hits buckles! Cash gets back in, puts Sting in the corner and tags Dax. FTR mugs Sting, the ref counts and they let off at 4. Dax snapmares, drops a leg, covers, TWO! Dax whips Sting to ropes, Sting dodges and ducks to RAM Dax down with a shoulder! Sting wobbles and falls, head first into Dax’s ax! Dax and Sting crawl, hot tags to Cash and Darby! Darby rallies on FTR, back body block for Dax and boots for Cash!

Darby rolls and runs back to SHOTGUN Cash into Dax! Then a two-for-one COFFIN SPLASH! Darby keeps moving, SPRINGBOARD COFFIN SPLASH! Both FTR members fall out of the ring, Darby goes up, SUPER COFFIN- NO! FTR catches then SLAMS Darby into the apron! FTR is in control as AEW goes picture in picture.

Cash drags Darby up to ROCK him with a EuroUpper! Then CHOPS him against the apron! Darby CHOPS back but Cash knees low! Cash goes into the ring to distract the ref so Dax can DECK Darby! Dax gets Darby up, puts him in the ring, Cash stays between Darby and Sting and stomps Darby down. Cash drags Darby up in a headlock and brings him towards the FTR corner, but Darby back suplexes free! Darby and Cash are both down but Cash powers past Darby to tag in Dax! Dax gets between Darby and Sting but Darby hops on for a CODE RED! Cover, TWO! Dax drags Darby up to reel him in for a LARIAT! Dax admires the face paint on his arm and taunts Sting with it.

Dax drags Darby up, shoves him and catches him on the rebound for a cobra twist! Darby endures, Cash reaches out and FTR forms a chain for leverage! Sting protests, but this just distracts the ref! Cash “tags” in and puts Darby back in the cobra twist! Darby endures, the ref sees this and questions the tag. Tully defends FTR but the ref doesn’t believe him, so he has Dax and Cash switch again. Dax gets Darby but Darby turns cobra twist into inside cradle! But the ref is still busy arguing so he’s late to the count! TWO!! Dax gets Darby up to CLUB him down in the corner. Dax chokes Darby on the ropes, Tully brings out a rag, and AEW returns to single picture as Tully nods.

Darby fights free of FTR! He won’t let them wipe his face paint away again! Darby ROCKS Dax with forearm after forearm, then he elbows Cash down. Dax kicks low and ROCKS Darby with a EuroUpper! Dax whips Darby to a corner, runs in but Darby goes up and over! Cash gets in, Darby slides under while tripping Cash up! FTR regroups and they both catch Darby before he can make a tag! They toss Darby away, but he rolls under them, hot tag to the Icon! DOUBLE KNEE SMASH! Sting clotheslines Cash out, fires off on Dax, then whips Dax for a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Fans chant “You Still Got It!” for Sting as he stands Dax back up, only for Dax to uppercut him out!

Dax and Cash coordinate as they drag Darby in! Darby isn’t the legal man but they want to finish him off! But Sting shoves Cash off the top rope! Dax lifts Darby, Darby fights the piledriver and Sting hits a CROSSBODY!! Cover, TWO!! Sting DECKS Cash off the apron, but Dax waistlocks! Sting bucks the O’Conner Roll but Cash HOTSHOTS Sting into a schoolboy! Cover, TWO!! Sting escapes and fans are fired up! Dax snarls but he slashes the throat and sticks out his tongue a la the Deadman. Dax gut wrenches but Sting fights to dragon sleeper! Darby goes up top, Cash trips him up! Cash clubs Darby, Sting throws Cash into the ring!

Sting whips Cash into Dax then DOUBLE STINGER SPLASH! Another whip to send Cash into the other corner, STING SPLASH! But Tully gives Dax a chair! Dax wedges the chair into the FTR corner while Sting gives Cash SCORPION DEATH DROP! Darby’s stuck in a Tree of Woe so he can’t help Sting as he fires up! Sting runs in, but Dax dodges! Sting stops himself in time and doesn’t hit the chair! Dax runs back in, but Sting RAMS him into the chair! Tully is shocked his plan backfired so masterfully! Sting DECKS Tully, rolls Dax, TWO!! Dax survives, but Sting gets him for a SCORPION DEATHLOCK!

Dax reaches out to Cash but Darby sits up on the corner! SUPER COFFIN DROP onto Cash!! Dax taps, Sting & Darby win!!

Winners: Sting & Darby Allin, by submission

Darby drags himself up into the ring to join Sting in celebrating this huge win! Will these relentless icons prove to be a force to be reckoned with in the AEW Tag Division?


AEW Women’s World Championship: Britt Baker w/ Rebel & Jamie Hayter VS Ruby Soho!

Shots were fired on last week’s Rampage, but now it’s time to throw hands! Will we once again be reminded of why Dr. Britt Baker, DMD is the face of the AEW Women’s Division? Or will the Runaway make this main event one to remember with a walk-off?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Destination Unknown is here in NYC!

The fans rally and duel already as the two circle. They tie up, go around, and as Britt powers Ruby back, Ruby powers Britt back. Ruby gets a heel trip and dribbles Britt on the mat! Britt fights back up, Ruby headlocks but Britt throws body shots. Britt pops out the back, spins Ruby around and drags her down to grind the arm. Britt fish hooks and brings Ruby into a lateral press, ONE! Britt wrenches the arm, wristlocks, but Ruby stomps a foot and gets a waistlock. Britt resists the lift, Ruby shifts to a headlock, but Britt pulls hair to power out. Ruby runs Britt over, things speed up, and Ruby rolls to come back and whip. Britt reverses and redirects but Ruby dodges!

Ruby blocks a kick to KNEE Britt! Ruby wrenches but Britt gets to the ropes and bails out. Team Britt hurries over to check on her, but Ruby climbs up the corner! Ruby leaps to CROSSBODY Hayter and Rebel down! Britt got clear, of course, and she comes back with a SUPERKICK! Ruby wobbles on her feet but Britt puts her in the ring. Britt has Ruby on the apron for a DRAPING MAGIC SCREW! Fans are torn between cheers and jeers as they rally and duel, but AEW goes picture in picture.

Britt goes back out to fetch Ruby, giving her toying kicks before she picks Ruby up. Britt taunts Ruby’s faces as she makes them look at Ruby’s face. Britt bumps Ruby off the apron, shoves her inside and then reels her in for underhooks. BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Britt drags Ruby to a cover, TWO! Britt grows annoyed but she drags Ruby into a corner. Britt goes outside to bring Ruby to the post and PULLS on the arms! The post digs into Ruby’s shoulder while Britt digs her heel into Ruby’s face! The ref counts, Britt lets off to argue, but Britt goes back after Ruby in the ring. Britt stands on Ruby’s head and digs in her heel until the ref counts.

Ruby throws body shots but Britt CLUBS her down! Britt drags Ruby up, throws forearms, and has Ruby in a corner. Britt kicks Ruby down, stomps a mudhole in, but lets off as the ref counts again. Ruby gets up to throw more body shots but Britt whips Ruby hard into the corner. Britt takes a moment before she digs her palms into Ruby’s face! The ref counts, Britt lets off and brings Ruby around for a cravat. Britt has the neck wrench but she also throws in knees! Ruby flops over, Britt covers, TWO! Britt gets Ruby up, pie faces then whips her back into the corner, but Ruby elbows back! Britt CLUBS Ruby, grins as she goes corner to corner, but into another elbow!

AEW returns to single picture as Ruby goes up to give Britt DEADLY NIGHTSHADE! Ruby goes side to side as fans fire up and she YAKUZA KICKS Britt! Then side to side again, another YAKUZA KICK! A THIRD YAKUZA KICK! Fans fire up as Britt staggers into Ruby’s ST- NO, Britt blocks the takedown but Ruby elbows Britt back. Britt wrenches to ROCK Ruby with a forearm, then she reels Ruby in. Ruby slips out of the fisherman to SAIDO! Britt flounders, fans fire up and Ruby SUPERKICKS back! Ruby runs, but Britt SUPERKICKS again! Both women are down and the fans are fired up while Team Britt panics!

A standing count begins, fans rally and duel again, and Hayter coaches Britt up. Britt sits up but flops back over. Ruby gets up and throws a forearm! And another! They stand, Britt forearms back! Ruby forearms again, Britt checks her chin and hits Ruby back. Fans fire up as Ruby fires off a headbutt and an uppercut, then an elbow and another headbutt! Ruby whips, Britt reverses to a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Britt rolls back with it to go for the Rings of Saturn but Ruby slips out to a waistlock! Britt stands, blocks the suplex with a headlock and throws punches. They go to ropes, Ruby powers out but Britt ducks to SLINGBLADE!

Rebel gets Britt her glove and The Doctor is ready to operate! Britt flips Ruby off before she CURB- NO! Ruby trips up the stomp to get a modified HALF CRAB! The angle is almost a kneebar but Britt kicks free! Ruby just gets both legs now, drags Britt around, and CATAPULTS Britt into buckles! Britt is dazed, Ruby ENZIGURIS her down! Britt is in the drop zone and Ruby climbs up! Fans are fired up again as Ruby STAGE DIVE SENTONS! Cover, TWO!! Britt survives and Ruby contains her frustration. Team Britt is there to coach her up but Ruby is after her with CHOPS! Ruby runs corner to corner but into a BOOT!

Ruby stays up, tries again, but Britt wrenches and spins for a SWINGING FISHERMAN NECKBREAKER! SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!! Britt is beside herself as Ruby survives. Hayter argues with fans as Britt goes to a corner. Britt’s giving a shoutout to her man but Ruby elbows her first! Ruby goes up from the outside but Team Britt says they can catch Britt on the suplex. Britt fights that off just in case, the two brawl on the corner, and Britt ROCKS Ruby! Ruby CLUBS back, fans fire up as they keep climbing, Britt gets Ruby for a SUPER AIR RAID CRASH!! Cover, TWO!?!? Ruby barely survives that one and no one can believe it!

Ruby flops out of the ring but Hater and Rebel flank her. Ruby can’t get away as Britt goes out and kicks, only for Ruby to block! But Britt STOMPS Ruby to the steps, then SUPERKICKS from above! The ref keeps her eyes on Hayter, but Britt runs in to CURB STOMP Ruby down!! Cover, TWO!?!? Ruby does it again and Britt is seething! Britt argues with Aubrey but Ruby rolls Britt up, TWO!! Britt’s grudge with Aubrey almost cost her and Ruby gets Britt’s arm! Wrench and NO FUTURE KICK!! But Rebel hurries up onto the apron to distract! Ruby gives her NO FUTURE! Hayter is on the other side, she baits Ruby in and HOTSHOTS her down!

Ruby staggers around and Britt drags her down into the Rings of Saturn! Then the LOCKJAW!! Ruby can’t do anything, she taps! Britt wins!

Winner: Britt Baker, by submission (still AEW Women’s World Champion)

Ruby should’ve been reminded that Britt has back-up that always comes in handy! But now we’ll all have to hear about it again and again that Britt Baker, DMD, is still on top! Will anyone be able to get past the stacked deck that’s in Britt’s favor?

My Thoughts:

What an awesome night for AEW! I said it earlier, I’ll say it again for real, the perfect way to open was with the perfectly booked Omega VS Bryan. AEW has been saving up using time limit draws just for a moment like this and it was exactly what it needed to be. Omega was taking Bryan seriously, they gave us what already felt like a title match and yet there’s still a chance for more because it was just a draw. The Elite of course came out to protect their leader, and of course we got a quick brawl with Christian & Jurassic Express to hype up Rampage’s Six Man Tag. That match is also going to be great but I would think the Super Kliq finds a way to win so The Elite stays strong.

CM Punk had a good point in his promo, hard to follow Omega VS Bryan with anything. But his promo was a very good thing to go with because he got just as fired up as anybody hyping up his match with Hobbs. Punk is definitely winning his first televised match in seven years, but with Ricky Starks still having to settle things with Brian Cage, what is he supposed to do with Team Taz after? Is Hook even old enough to be signed as a wrestler? Is Taz going to come out of retirement for one night? Is Team Taz going to add someone new since they kicked out Brian Cage weeks ago? Kinda hoping on that last one, I’m sure someone who has been on Dark and Elevation would love to join Team Taz and feud with Punk.

MJF VS BPJ was great stuff, and I am more surprised Wardlow didn’t get involved. MJF instead picking on Julia makes sense, because he’s such a tool. I wouldn’t mind seeing this continue if MJF & Wardlow took on the Varsity Blonds in full. Jericho & Hager had a really good promo to call out Ethan & Scorpio, their match is going to be pretty good, but I feel like the Men of the Year have to win to keep this going. We also got a really good promo vignette from Sammy Guevara and Miro, and I am definitely expecting Miro to retain because his list of TNT Championship showdowns is still packed with great names. I mentioned Wardlow for Dark, but MJF could easily give us great story with Miro with the promo battles.

Cody VS Malakai was great stuff, and a lot of it went the way it should have. What was wild was the fans flipping the script and making Cody into the Heel. Cody might not want to “turn” Heel, but he could still cleverly be a Heel while not thinking of himself as the villain, hence the entire homage to Homelander from The Boys. I feel like Malakai should move on from Cody but maybe Cody can’t let this loss go because of the black mist. There’s still the anniversary show to plan something big for, and TNT advertised monster and horror movies for October so maybe there’s some corporate synergy in a No Disqualification match between these two.

Darby & Sting VS FTR was great stuff, and Sting really got going in this match. Darby just loves going off onto the apron, because I thought he was going to hit Dax on the inside with that Coffin Drop but instead goes after Cash. Sting and Darby win, they could start to make a case of being tag title contenders but then something happens and we see Darby want to pull away from Sting or even face Sting. That’d be quite the match but fans seem to really like the duo so who knows how it goes. And it was a great move that the title match of the night was the main event, Britt VS Ruby definitely worthy of that spot.

Britt VS Ruby bordered on PPV level, and Ruby got to show a lot, and Britt’s minions helping was to keep Ruby strong in her loss. Now AEW just has to get Thunder Rosa going so we can get that rematch for the anniversary show.

My Score: 9.3/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW WrestleDream Results & Report! (10/1/23)

AEW’s tribute to Antonio Inoki.



AEW begins a new chapter!

To honor the memory of Antonio Inoki, AEW brings a WrestleDream to life! But will it become a nightmare for Darby Allin in the TNT Championship match?


  • Zero Hour – Mixed 8 Person Tag: Keith Lee, Satoshi Kojima, Athena & Billie Starkz VS Mercedes Martinez, Diamante & Shane Taylor Promotions; Keith, Kojima, Athena & Billie win.
  • Zero Hour – Claudio Castagnoli VS Josh Barnett; Barnett wins.
  • Zero Hour – Nick Wayne VS Luchasaurus; Luchasaurus wins.
  • Zero Hour – AEW World Trios Championships: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn VS TMDK; The Acclaimed & Billy win and retain the titles.
  • ROH World Tag Team Championships Handicap Match: MJF VS The Righteous; MJF wins and retains the titles.
  • ROH World & NJPW Strong Openweight Double Championship Match: Eddie Kingston VS Katsuyori Shibata; Eddie wins and retains both titles.
  • AEW TBS Championship: Kris Statlander VS Julia Hart w/ Brody King; Kris wins and retains the title.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way: The Young Bucks VS The Lucha Brothers VS The Gunns VS #OrangeHook; The Young Bucks win and can challenge for the titles at any time.
  • Swerve Strickland w/ Prince Nana VS Hangman Page; Swerve wins.
  • Ricky Starks VS Wheeler Yuta; Starks wins.
  • Bryan Danielson VS Zack Sabre Jr; Bryan wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Will Ospreay, Sammy Guevara & Konosuke Takeshita w/ Don Callis VS Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi; Ospreay, Sammy & Takeshita win.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: FTR VS Aussie Open; FTR wins and retains the titles.
  • AEW TNT Championship Best 2 Out of 3 Falls: Christian Cage VS Darby Allin; Christian wins and retains the title.


It’s the WrestleDream Zero Hour!

Join Renee Paquette, RJ City & Stokely Hathaway in discussing, analyzing and predicting all the action on the first night of AEW’s “new era.”


Backstage interview with Eddie Kingston.

Lexi Nair is with the Mad King and his two belts, which he keeps looking back and forth between. Lexi says we are just moments (an hour) away from the start of WrestleDream, the tribute show to Antonio Inoki. Eddie will be defending both belts against Katsuyori Shibata, how is he feeling? Eddie says this is feeling weird, having both belts up. But it is an honor to step in there with a man he respects, a man who represents Strong Style, the style Mr. Inoki represented and believed in. Inoki believed pro-wrestling is a mixed martial art, and that it is the strongest mixed martial art, and that is surely what everyone on tonight’s card is going to do their best to represent.

But then Stokely walks in. He introduces himself as a member of the ROH Board of Directors, and he finally gets a chance to congratulate Eddie for his title win. Eddie doesn’t like Stokely touching him. Stokely says that’s the problem with everybody in this b*tch! Everybody’s gotta be a contrarian! What’s a contrarian? Urban Dictionary it. But Stokely has something to say about the ROH World title on Eddie’s big ass shoulder. He is gonna find out… on Wednesday! Good luck, champ! Stokely heads out and Eddie pins this on Lexi, that’s her friend. No, don’t get it twisted. Stokely is Big Bill’s friend.

But assuming Eddie makes it through tonight with the ROH World Championship, what is “Big Stoke” gonna do about it?


AEW holds a special opening ceremony for WrestleDream.

Tony Khan stands and welcomes us to the inaugural AEW WrestleDream! It is great to be here tonight in Seattle, Washington, a great pro-wrestling city, to honor one of pro-wrestling’s greatest pioneers and greatest dreamers, the late, great Atonio Inoki. And so to represent NJPW and Inoki’s legacy, we have Rocky Romero, “the man trying to become the new American Triple Crown Champion,” the current ROH Pure Champion, Katsuyori Shibata, and most of all, Hirota and Naoto Inoki, Antonio’s grandsons. Tony thanks them for sharing these commemorative red scarves, the signature of Antonio Inoki himself.

Tony wants to pay tribute to such a wonderful man and mind, with the first-ever AEW WrestleDream! Rocky presents flowers to Naoto & Hirota as fans applaud. They all shake hands, and Tony promises a great night of wrestling. Let us remember who this is really about. One more time for the Inoki family! Fans cheer again, and Tony says, “Let’s have a great WrestleDream.” Then they put on screen, “ICHI! NI! SAN! DA!!” Inoki’s signature call gets things started- Wait. What is Christian Cage doing watching this? Does he have no shame about preying on those who’ve lost loved ones?


Zero Hour – Mixed 8 Person Tag: Keith Lee, Satoshi Kojima, Athena & Billie Starkz VS Mercedes Martinez, Diamante & Shane Taylor Promotions!

The Limitless One knows Big Bad Shaney T. and #TAIGASTYLE are coming after him, and the Fallen Goddess knows the OG Badass & Cuban Diamond are also targeting her. They team up with the NJPW living legend and Athena’s new little protege, but will they make a winning combination? Or will they realize everyone has their limits?

The teams sort out and fans chant “WE WANT BREAD!” for Kojima. But it is ladies first as Billie starts against Mercedes. They circle, tie up, but Mercedes kicks low, then UPPERCUTS! Mercedes CLUBS Billie, tags Diamante, and they double whip Billie to a corner. Mercedes runs in to forearm smash! She sits Billie down so Diamante can basement dropkick her! Diamante drags Billie up, she and Mercedes double whip again, but Athena tags in. Athena dodges Mercedes to SHOTGUN Diamante! But Mercedes UPPERCUTS Athena! Mercedes whips, Athena reverses and Billie DUMPS Mercedes out!

Athena is actually proud of her minion there, but she turns around into haymakers from Diamante! Diamante kicks, Athena ducks and Electric Chair Lifts! To then hit COYT’S WRATH! Fans fire up as Athena kips up, and she and Billie both cheer. Then Billie & Athena build speed to DOUBLE TOPE! Down go Mercedes & Diamante! Fans fire up as Athena puts Diamante in, but Diamante scrambles to tag in Shane. Athena says okay then, let’s go! The ref says no, this is a Mixed Tag, she has to switch out. Keith holds out his hand, and Athena huffs and puffs, but she still tags him in. Fans fire up as we get Keith and Shane standing in the ring!

Fans rally up for Keith as he and Shane circle. These former tag partners speed up, and RAM shoulders! Neither man falls, so Shane JABS! Keith shakes that off, shoves Shane, then bypasses him to RANA!? Fans can’t believe it and Shane goes tumbling out! Moriarty runs in to BOOT! But Keith stays up! Moriarty runs, but Keith pops him up! Shane runs in to ROCK Keith first! Shane CLUBS away on Keith, but Keith shoves him back. Shane runs up, facelocks, and he tags Moriarty in. STP mugs Keith, Moriarty stomps away but lets off as the ref counts. Fans boo as Moriarty roars, and then he CHOPS Keith! And UPPERCUTS!

Moriarty brings Keith around but Keith TOSSES Moriarty! Tag to Kojima and fans fire up! Moriarty BOOTS, CHOPS and whips, but Kojima CLOBBERS Moriarty! Fans fire up and Kojima fires MACHINE GUN CHOPS! Kojima gets through before the ref counts 4, and then Kojima whips corner to corner to SMASH Moriarty! Kojima says he’s gonna get ya, ya bastard! Moriarty returns to SMASH Kojima! Moriarty waistlocks but Kojima resists the lift. Kojima throws elbows, then hits a DDT! Cover, Diamante breaks it! Athena & Billie rush in, and Billie’s HEEL KICK takes Diamante down! Again, Athena is impressed!

Mercedes runs in, Athena gets Billie outta the way but she takes the SPEAR! Billie HEEL KICKS but Mercedes LARIATS! The ladies are down, Kojima rises up to kick Moriarty! But Shane runs in to HEADBUTT! Keith runs in to dodge Shane, and SPINEBUSTER him! Fans are thunderous but then Moriarty dropkicks Keith’s legs! But he turns around into Athena’s O-FACE! Fans are thunderous again as Moriarty staggers into Keith’s fireman’s carry! BIG BANG CATASTROPHE! And then Keith feeds Moriarty to the COZY LARIAT!! Cover, Team Limitless wins!

Winners: Keith Lee, Satoshi Kojima, Athena & Billie Starkz, by pinfall

The fans are all fired up as the heroes win! Will there be limitless bread for all after this?


Zero Hour – Claudio Castagnoli w/ Jon Moxley VS Josh Barnett!

The Swiss Superman put a challenge out to the world of wrestling, and it was answered by The Warmaster! Will Barnett show Claudio the error of his ways? Or will Claudio be even more powerful now that he isn’t ROH World Champion?

Moxley joins commentary, a great sign that he is okay after that scary finish to his AEW International Championship match with Rey Fenix. Moxley admits that Barnett is his “secret weapon” when it comes to training, and that the door to the Blackpool Combat Club is open to him. The bell rings and the two circle. They feel things out, knuckle lock, and Claudio clinches. Barnett fights the waistlock but Claudio hooks a leg. Barnett waistlocks, Claudio pries free to trip Barnett but Barnett goes for the armbar! Claudio scrambles to the ropebreak! Barnett lets off quickly, and the two reset. Fans rally as the two feel things out, and tie up again.

Claudio and Barnett go around in a clinch, fight for control, and Barnett goes for a leg. Claudio fights around but Barnett picks him up for a SPINEBUSTER! Barnett powers to a cover, ONE, but Barnett keeps hold. Claudio fights around, mounts, and rolls to ARMBAR! Barnett clasps hands, powers his way to a stack, then a KNEEBAR! Claudio fights around, clinches on the mat, and fans rally as Claudio gets his leg free. Claudio facelocks, Barnett switches to headlock but Claudio fights up to chinbar. Then Claudio hammerlocks, tries to double wristlock but Barnett drops to push Claudio back. But Claudio uses that to ghost pin!

Barnett sits up, Moxley wants Claudio to just throw elbows! Claudio throws HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Barnett fights that so Claudio traps those arms for a neck wrench! Claudio leans on the hold but Barnett shifts to go for a leg. They go around, and Barnett DRAGON SCREWS! Then HEEL HOOKS! Claudio fights, pushes up, pries the legs away from his leg, and then rear mounts again. Fans rally as Barnett fights up but Claudio trips him! Claudio has the legs and fans fire up! Barnett scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! Claudio lets go but he was that close. Barnett and Claudio reset and circle again.

Claudio and Barnett feel things out, then Barnett KICKS a leg! Claudio hobbles back just a bit, but then comes back. They knuckle lock, and Barnett KICKS the leg again! Moxley says he can feel that one. Claudio and Barnett tie up, Barnett throws a hand then KICKS again! Claudio walks that off, rushes up and UPPERCUTS! And UPPERCUTS! And UPPERCUTS! But Barnett gets around to COBRA TWIST! Claudio fights that, and fans rally up as Barnett powers through, only for Claudio arm-drags free! Claudio storms up to UPPERCUT! But Barnett ROCKS Claudio with a forearm! So Claudio UPPERCUTS!

Barnett forearms, Claudio uppercuts, repeat! Barnett wobbles so Claudio fires off shots in the corner! Claudio hauls Barnett up to throw more shots, but Barnett responds with muay thai knees! Claudio wobbles now, Barnett lets him steady himself, before the ELBOW!! Cover, TWO!! Claudio is still in this but Barnett clinches, OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Barnett goes for a sleeper but Claudio fights it, so Barnett shifts around for a front mount! Claudio has his guard up, bucks Barnett off but Barnett returns! Barnett tries a headscissor but Claudio gets those legs! GIANT SWING!! Fans are thunderous and then Claudio shifts to a KNEEBAR!!

Barnett crawls, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Claudio lets go and fans rally up. Claudio storms up on Barnett to UPPERCUT! And forearm! Barnett body shots, but Claudio fires more shots! Barnett hits a HALF HATCH! Both men slowly rise and fans rally up. Claudio eggs Barnett on so Barnett eggs Claudio on! Claudio JABS and JABS and JABS but Barnett KICKS! Then fires off palm strikes! Claudio LARIATS! Claudio reels Barnett in, Gotch NEUTRALIZER! Then a clinch, GROUND OCTOPUS!! Barnett fights it but Claudio goes for an OCTOPUS CRADLE! CLAUDIO WINS!!

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli, by pinfall

Moxley loves it! Barnett is upset with himself, but he gets in Claudio’s face to tell him something. Barnett gets a mic, too, and he says, “Boo all you want, but listen. The boy from Ballard’s got something to say.” Fans cheer, and Barnett says he heard a lot about Claudio. From friends, training partners, and Claudio is highly regarded. And while hearing about it is great, experiencing it is another thing. And after this match, Barnett says they’re all right about Claudio. In fact, they don’t understand how great Claudio really is! Barnett came in with no expectations, but leaves with only the highest ones for him.

Barnett promises Claudio, that Inoki-san would approve and even be a fan. Barnett vouches for that. So Claudio said he doesn’t need a title belt to make him strive for the top spot, it’s challenges. So here’s a challenge for Claudio. Barnett is proud of Claudio. However, this ain’t over. He owes Barnett more time. Some time, some place, Barnett will reclaim this time. And it’ll be on Claudio. Keep training, keep pushing, and don’t settle. Barnett looks forward to where Claudio goes from here. Claudio takes the mic to say any time, any place! Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for The Warmaster! Seattle cheers their hometown hero, when will we get a rematch of this battle?


Zero Hour – Nick Wayne VS Luchasaurus!

While their mentors face off in tonight’s epic main event, these two face off here in the Zero Hour to settle a score! Luchasaurus choke slammed Nick on a skateboard of all things, will he have to eat the receipt? Or will history painfully repeat itself here in Nick’s hometown?

The bell rings and fans fire up for Nick as he rushes in to DROPKICK! But Luchasaurus barely moves! Luchasaurus whips Nick to a corner, then clotheslines him in the corner! Luchasaurus picks Nick up, carries him around, and flips Nick around to a GERMAN SUPLEX! Nick flounders and writhes but Luchasaurus storms up on him. Luchasaurus stands Nick up to CHOP! And then he stands Nick up again to CHOP him again! Nick staggers away to a corner, but he fires shots back! So Luchasaurus CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Luchasaurus scoops Nick, carries him and POWERSLAMS him! Mama Wayne and Seattle rally but Luchasaurus stands on Nick’s head!

The ref reprimands, Luchsaurus steps on Nick and then drags him up. Nick fights the choke grip! Nick then bends Luchasaurus’ fingers, but Luchasaurus breaks free to UPPERCUT Nick down! Luchasaurus then hauls Nick up, but Nick flips free of the slam! Nick SUPERKICKS Luchasaurus, ROUNDHOUSES, then bobs ‘n’ weaves to ENZIGURI! Luchasaurus wobbles, Nick runs, but into a SHOULDER! Fans boo but the Right Hand of Destruction drags Nick up again. Luchasaurus choke grips to APRON CHOKE SLAM! Nick falls to the floor while fans lose their minds! The fans boo as hard as they can but Luchasaurus just soaks it all up.

The ring count starts and Nick writhes, but Luchasaurus waits. Nick crawls his way around, Seattle and Mama Wayne rally for him, but Luchasaurus storms out after Nick! Luchasaurus looms over Nick, and wheelbarrows Nick to SWING him into railing! Mama Wayne can only watch as Nick is dazed on the floor. Luchasaurus leaves Nick behind for the ring count to return. Nick reaches out for his mom, drags himself up with the railing, but Luchasaurus goes out to CHOKE Nick on the railing! Then BOOT him down! Nick clutches his jaw and Mama Wayne asks what the hell is Luchasaurus even doing!

Luchasaurus puts Nick in the ring, watches him go to a corner, and then runs in, but Nick dodges the splash! Nick goes up and up and QUEBRADA! Cover, TWO!! Luchasaurus escapes and Nick can’t believe it! Nick BUZZSAWS! SUPERKICKS! And then up, up and WAYNE’S- NO, Luchasaurus stops the cutter to BLINDSIDE LARIAT! Cover, Luchasaurus wins!

Winner: Luchasaurus, by pinfall

Seattle couldn’t rally Nick to a victory against Christian Cage’s personal monster, and now Nick can only watch as Darby Allin battles for the TNT Championship at the end of the night. Will the Relentless One be able to win two of the three falls and once again be the Face of TNT?


Zero Hour – AEW World Trios Championships: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn VS TMDK!

An open challenge was issued and answered! Hysterical Shane Haste, Mad Mikey Nicholls & Bad Dude Tito know their Front Man is taking on The American Dragon, but will these three be able to add more gold to the group? Or will they be cut down as the Scissor World Tour continues?

But of course, Platinum Max Caster has a diss track on deck! “These three dudes couldn’t weather the storm. They’re fresh from Japan, watchin’ tentacle porn! The Mighty Don’t Kneel? Cool story, bro. Cuz I saw you all kneelin’ at the glory hole! Get some retribution, clap back! You step to me, ya, you ’bout to get slapped, Jack! New era, same ol’ thing. In Seattle, everybody loves The Acclaimed.” Anthony Bowens then tells “SEEEEATTLLLE~! The Acclaimed have arrived! Scissor me, Daddy Ass~!” And he does! But as fired up as they are, will the champs get burned by The Mighty’s flame?

The trios sort out and Caster starts against Tito. Fans sing “OH~ Scissor Me, Daddy~!” TMDK don’t care for that song, but Tito and Caster circle. They tie up, and Tito shoves Caster down! Tito flexes but fans boo. Caster and Tito reset, tie up again, and Tito shoves Caster again! But Caster gets up to CHOP! Tito doesn’t budge! Tito choke grips, Caster breaks free and things speed up. Caster hurdles, runs, but Tito follows to CLOBBER Caster! Tag to Shane and he bumps Caster off buckles. Caster throws hands on everybody! And back drops Shane! Tag to Billy and fans fire up! Billy nods and steps in, and he revels in the moment.

Shane says he’s more of an ass man than Billy! Shane swaggers around, but Billy calls for a test of strength. Shane reaches up but then Billy says “SUCK IT!” Shane can’t believe he fell for it, and he kicks low! Shane runs but gets run over! Billy flexes, things speed up, and Billy blocks the hip toss! Shane keeps trying, but then apologizes. Billy doesn’t let go, and he scoops Shane to SLAM him! Fans fire up as Billy says let’s go up! Tito runs in but gets the Five Tool Strike Fest! Mikey runs in but Billy scoops him! SLAM, then tag to Bowens! Caster & Billy hold Mikey open for SCISSOR ME TIMBERS!

Mikey writhes, and The Acclaimed run in to TRIPLE SCISSOR~! Fans fire up but the ref wants things to sort out already. Bowens whips, Shane reverses and Mikey trips Bowens so Shane can basement dropkick! Shane drags Bowens over, eggs Caster & Billy on, then tags Tito. Tito fires up to slingshot and SENTON! Tito taunts Billy, covers Bowens, TWO! Tito whips Bowens to a corner, runs in and UPPERCUTS! Fans rally but Tito CHOPS and ROCKS on repeat! Then Tito wrenches, clinches, and EXPLODERS! Cover, TWO! Tito drags Bowens up, tags Shane, and Shane tags Mikey. The OG TMDK double whip to double ELBOW! FIST DROP SPLASH COMBO! Cover, TWO!

Bowens hangs tough but Mikey clamps on with a neck wrench. Fans rally, Bowens fights up, and Bowens fires body shots and forearms! Mikey knees low! Mikey drags Bowens up, CHOPS him in the corner, then tags Tito. Tito brings Bowens around to stomp, but Bowens hits back! Mikey ROCKS Bowens, then Tito scoop SLAMS! Tito runs to drop an elbow! Tito tags Shane, and Shane drags Bowens into an armlock and chinbar. Shane then KICKS Bowens right in the shoulder! Bowens writhes and Shane shakes out his leg. Shane drags Bowens up, bumps him off buckles and tags Tito. Tito ROCKS Bowens, then carries him around.

Bowens fights free, fires forearms, and then leaps, but Tito keeps him from his corner! Billy and Caster both reach out, but Shane & Mikey BLAST them first! Then Tito RAMS Bowens into the Mighty corner! Shane runs in to UPPERCUT! Mikey runs in to clothesline! Mikey feeds Bowens to Tito’s SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Bowens survives and fans rally up. Tito tags Shane, and Shane kicks Bowens around. Tag to Mikey, and they combine, but Bowens BOOTS Shane! Bowens lands out of the back suplex, dodges TMDK and tags Billy! Fans fire up as Daddy Ass starts whooping ass! He TOSSES Shane then TOSSES Mikey!

Tito runs in but Billy kicks him low! “SUCK IT!” FAM- NO, Tito dodges to mule kick and ENZIGURI, then GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, Caster breaks it! Shane & Mikey return to mug Caster! They double whip, but then Bowens runs in. Shane UPPERCUTS, he and Mikey send Bowens into Caster! DOUBLE DROPKICK, then a scoop! POWERSLAM, and then STEP-UP CANNONBALL! Feed to Tito’s BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up and Billy RAMS Mikey into railing! Caster POSTS Shane! Billy hits the FAMOUSER on Tito! Bowens hits the ARRIVAL! Caster tags in, goes up top, for the MIC DROP!! Cover, Acclaimed wins!

Winners: The Acclaimed, by pinfall (still AEW World Trios Champions)

That was a mighty match, but it was also a mighty win for The Acclaimed! 35 days as champions and counting, where will the Scissor World Tour go from here?


ROH World Tag Team Championships Handicap Match: MJF VS The Righteous!

Adam Cole was there for Maxwell Jacob Friedman at Dynamite: Grand Slam but busted his foot up in the process. Now he can’t be here when these tag titles are on the line! Even so, MJF isn’t going to give these up without a fight! Will not even two Righteous men be on the level of The Devil? Or will Dutch & Vincent tear the brochachos apart as they take these belts away?

As MJF makes his entrance, he has a mic and has them cut his music. The fans cheer for “M J F! M J F!” and he says, “It appears the Devil has arrived in Seattle!” And MJF won’t lie, he’s a little pissed off. There are rumors and BS about how MJF attacked Jay White, AKA “Tofu.” Fans echo “TO~FU!” as MJF defends his innocence. In fact, some shmuck stole that devil mask outta his luggage! And to make matters worse, MJF’s boy is hurt and isn’t even here tonight. The Righteous laugh but the fans cheer on “ADAM COLE! ADAM COLE!” MJF says it is all good, because he is gonna make sure that when Cole returns, these tag titles are here waiting for him!

So MJF is gonna explain what is about to happen to these “Dollar Store Devil’s reject d*ckheads!” MJF tells “fat boy” Dutch that he’s gonna pick him up and hit him with a body slam. But then he tells “White boy with dreads” Vincent, that he will grab Vinnie by that dirty hipster hair, tie it all up in a nice little boy, and them shove him right up Dutch’s fat ass! Because he is Maxwell Jacob Friedman, and he is better than you, and you know it! MJF storms down to the ring, ready to back up all his words with actions, but will he really win 2v1?

The belts are raised and The Righteous sort out. Fans rally behind MJF and Dutch starts as the bell rings. MJF asks who wants to see a body slam, and everyone wants to see it! MJF and Dutch approach, and Dutch also wants to see it. MJF goes to lift Dutch but he’s a big boy! MJF bails out to stretch his back, and he gets the nice young lady in the front row to give him a shoulder rub. MJF then returns and says he was not familiar with Dutch’s game. MJF calls for a sportsmanship handshake! Fans cheer that, and Dutch accepts. Then MJF pokes Dutch in the eyes! Fans cheer because he’s their scumbag!

MJF headlocks but Dutch powers out. MJF ducks ‘n’ dodges, then fakes out the dropdown so he can strut! Fans cheer as MJF swivels ravishingly. Dutch runs in but MJF drop toeholds him onto ropes! Then MJF runs to slingshot Vinnie in! Time for that second promise! Fans fire up as MJF aims, but Vinnie whips and Dutch CLOBBERS him! The Righteous mug MJF but the ref backs them off! This is a handicap match, not a tornado tag! Dutch drags MJF up, tags in Vinnie, and they whip MJF to KNEE, ripcord and short arm LARIAT! Then SLIDING FLATLINER! Cover, TWO! Vinnie just walks around and snaps his fingers, “Dig what I’m saying, baybay?”

Fans boo Vinnie mocking Adam Cole, but Vinnie drags MJF over. Tag to Dutch and they stomp MJF down. Dutch sits MJF up into a neck wrench but the fans rally. MJF fights up, pries the hold, but Dutch shifts to a chinlock. MJF fights up to throw body shots! But Dutch CLUBS MJF down! Dutch drags MJF up, whips him to a corner, and then Dutch runs in. MJF BOOTS Dutch, then pokes him in the eyes! And then pokes Vinnie in the eyes! MJF slips past Dutch, but there’s no one to tag! MJF feels sad now, but Dutch storms up on him! MJF sighs, turns around, and says sorry. But Dutch scoops! MJF slips free to scoop back! But then he falls over under Dutch’s weight! Cover, TWO!!

MJF survives going splat but Dutch tags in Vinnie. Dutch brings MJF up, to POWERBOMB! Vinnie goes up to SWANTON BOMB! Cover, TWO!! MJF survives “Death From Above,” but Vinnie drags him right up. Tag back to Dutch and Vinnie feeds MJF to the BOSS MAN SLAM! Cover, TWO!! MJF is still in this and fans fire up. Dutch hurries to tag Vinnie and The Righteous drag MJF up. AUTUMN SUNSET!! Cover, TWO?!? MJF survives The Righteous’ best shot and they can’t believe it! Dutch hurries out, and Vinnie follows. They grab a chair and a wood block! The same thing they did just last night on Collision!

Dutch distracts the ref while Vinnie sets MJF up with the block! But MJF sits up to NUT CLAMP!! The Nature Boy would be proud! Dutch is furious now as Vinnie endures! MJF lets go and plays dead before the ref sees what happened! Vinnie hobbles, and the ref sees the chair and wood block! The ref asks what the heck, and Vinnie tries to defend what’s going on. MJF rolls him up! TWO!! Vinnie BOOTS MJF down! Vinnie hurries up top, to SWANTON, but he FLOPS as MJF moves! Both men are down, but Vinnie crawls to his corner. MJF and Vinnie are still down, but MJF is feeding off the energy of the fans!

Vinnie tags Dutch, he runs in, but MJF dodges to CLOBBER Vinnie! MJF rallies on The Righteous with forearms and elbows! Scoop SLAM on Vinnie, then MJF fires forearm son Dutch! Dutch puts MJF in a corner! Dutch runs in but misses the splash! MJF dribbles Dutch off the buckles, all the way to TEN! MJF storms up on Vinnie, climbs up and rains down fists! MJF goes all the way to nine, to then BITES Vinnie!! Fans fire up but the ref reprimands! MJF lets off, baits Dutch in and sends him into Vinnie! Fans fire up as MJF raises the roof! Or rather, he scoops Dutch! And SLAMS him!! Fans fire up while all three men are down!

MJF slowly sits up while The Righteous take opposite corners. MJF smirks as he has his choice of targets. MJF drags Vinnie up by his dreads! To RAM him into Dutch’s gooch!! And then, MJF takes the kangaroo stance! Fans are thunderous as MJF takes aim at The Righteous! Vinnie gets free, but MJF hits a DOUBLE KANGAROO KICK! MJF kips up and shakes the ropes! Then he reels Dutch in, HEATSEEKER!! Cover, with the ropes, MJF wins!!

Winner: MJF, by pinfall (he and Adam Cole are still ROH World Tag Team Champions)

MJF is sneaky but he did what he promised! He and Cole are still champion brochachos, but will MJF be able to keep this up while Cole is recovering?


ROH World & NJPW Strong Openweight Double Championship Match: Eddie Kingston VS Katsuyori Shibata!

The Mad King said in the Zero Hour that as far as he’s concerned, this match embodies the true spirit of Strong Style that Antonio Inoki devoted his life to creating. Both men highly respect each other and the legacy of Inoki, but will Eddie regret betting it all in one match? Or can he prevent The Wrestler from becoming a historic Triple Crown Champion?

The introductions are made, Eddie’s belts are raised, and we see if they stay Eddie’s belts!

The Code of Honor is upheld given both men are champions in ROH, and the bell rings. Fans fire up as these two circle, and Shibata already tries a fast shoot in. Eddie avoids the takedown, and then stays back as Shibata uses his leg guard as offense. They reset, circle, and tie up. They’re in a deadlock, but Eddie breaks to CHOP! Shibata brushes that off to egg Eddie on. So Eddie CHOPS again! Shibata drops a little, but still eggs Eddie on! So Eddie CHOPS again! Shibata sits down, but he still wants more! Eddie CHOPS, and CHOPS, and CHOPS! Shibata rolls back to stand and kick low! Shibata then snapmares to KICK! And CHOP!

Now Eddie eggs Shibata on! Shibata CHOPS and CHOPS but Eddie brings the straps down! Fans fire up as Shibata KICKS Eddie down! Cover, TWO, but into a short arm scissor! Eddie clasps hands and bridges to relieve pressure, but Shibata pulls on the arm. Eddie reaches out, ROPEBREAK with a foot! Shibata lets go and fans cheer. Shibata then stomps Eddie’s arm, drags him up, and reels him in to waistlock. Eddie switches, but Shibata fights the lift to roll and ANKLE LOCK! Eddie endures, reaches out, but Shibata drags him back to GRAPEVINE! Fans rally and duel as Eddie fights his way forward! Eddie claws his way to the ROPEBREAK!

Shibata lets go quickly, then drags Eddie to center. Shibata steps through to a FIGURE FOUR! Eddie fights it as he holds Shibata’s left leg back! Shibata and Eddie each push the leg, and Shibata powers it down to complete the lock! Eddie endures but he glares at Shibata to egg him on! Shibata pushes up to put more pressure! Eddie’s shoulders are down! TWO as Eddie sits back up! Shibata pushes on the legs but Eddie drags Shibata along towards the ROPEBREAK! Shibata lets go quickly again and fans cheer this technical exchange. Shibata drags Eddie to then tie up the legs in an Indian Deathlock!

Fans fire up as Shibata falls back for a SNAP LOCK! Eddie reaches out, Shibata stands up again, and SNAP LOCKS again! Shibata then drags Eddie into BOW ‘N’ ARROW! Eddie reaches out, flails, but Shibata lets him down to float to a chinlock. Eddie fights up, but Shibata fights the saido. Shibata holds on as Eddie powers up, but then Eddie SAIDOS! Eddie is fere and both men are down, and the fans fire up. Shibata goes to a corner, Eddie runs in and clotheslines! And then MACHINE GUN CHOPS! Fans fire up but Shibata just roars! Eddie CHOPS Shibata back down! Shibata sputters but Eddie is right on him again.

Eddie brings Shibata around to whip, but Shibata reverses to BOOT! Shibata fires shots in the forearm and sits Eddie down! The fans fire up as Shibata runs corner to corner, to HYDRAULIC DROPKICK! Eddie is dazed but Shibata drags him up. Shibata hits a HALF HATCH! Cover, TWO! Eddie is still in this but Shibata keeps his cool. Shibata eggs Eddie on and Eddie shakes out the stars. Shibata drags Eddie up for Kawada Kicks! Shibata CLUBS Eddie but Eddie CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Shibata and Eddie both roar, and Shibata BOOTS! Eddie LARIATS! Shibata BOOTS! Repeat!

Fans duel as Eddie wobbles! Shibata also takes a knee to catch his breath, then comes back for more. But Eddie clinches! EXPLODER! Shibata’s up to STO! Fans fire up as both men are down! A standing count starts but Shibata sits up already! Shibata has Eddie’s wrist, and then Eddie sits up! Only to flop back over… The ref checks on Eddie but Shibata drags Eddie up. Shibata KICKS and KICKS and KICKS, then KICKS again! Eddie flops over again but Shibata brings him back up. Shibata ducks the haymaker to ripcord and CHOP! Shibata then reels Eddie into a COBRA TWIST! Shoutout to Inoki!

Eddie endures, fans rally, but then Shibata switches sides! IRON OCTOPUS, then GROUND OCTOPUS! Eddie flails, but he’s also fading! Fans rally as Eddie comes back to life to get a ROPEBREAK! Fans fire up as Eddie is still in this, and Shibata fires up again! Shibata drags Eddie up, to ROCK him with haymaker after haymaker! But Eddie URAKENS! Shibata URAKENS! Eddie URAKENS! Shibata PENALTY KICKS!! Both men are down again and the fans are thunderous! Shibata drags himself up with ropes and Eddie rises. Shibata throws a forearm, and Eddie CHOPS! Another forearm, another CHOP!

Shibata forearms, Eddie wobbles, shakes out the stars, and CHOPS! Shibata fires a flurry of forearms, but Eddie URAKENS! Eddie almost falls onto the cover, ONE?!?! WHAT?!? Eddie doesn’t question it, he just scoops for the NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB!! Cover, TWO??!! Shibata flounders but roars, and then turns around into an URAKEN! And then a POWERBOMB!! High stack, Eddie wins!!

Winner: Eddie Kingston, by pinfall (still NJPW Strong Openweight & ROH World Champion)

The Mad King took the fight to The Wrestler, and he keeps both his crowns! But he does show Shibata respect by helping him sit up. They shake hands and even bow, will these two go another round one day? Eddie’s reign as a double champion has still only just begun, who will come for these belts in the future? And as for Shibata, will he ever truly inherit Inoki’s legacy?


AEW TBS Championship: Kris Statlander VS Julia Hart w/ Brody King!

The Galaxy’s Greatest is also the Defeater of Undefeated! That’s how she took this title for her own, will it be how she keeps it? Or will the Lady of the House bring home the gold?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see once and for all if the House always wins!

The bell rings and these two slowly approach. They tie up, Kris powers Julia to a corner, then keeps Julia cornered. Kris arm-drags Julia, then runs up to RAM her into the other corner! Kris RAMS into Julia again and again, then fires off forearms! The ref counts, but Kris CLOBBERS Julia! Kris goes side to side but Julia ducks the knee! Julia bails out but Kris puts her back in. Kris runs up but into a SUPERKICK! Only to rebound and run Julia over! Fans rally up, Kris runs, and she runs Julia over again! Cover, TWO! Kris drags Julia up but Julia goes after a leg! Kris CLUBS Julia but Julia holds on!

Kris drags Julia along, CLUBS her, but Julia avoids the stomp! Roll up, TWO! SUPERKICK! Julia ELBOWS Kris down, then runs, but into a pop-up and Electric Chair! But Julia spins to RANA Kris away! Julia runs in but the monkey flip is blocked! Kris suplexes Julia high and hard! Julia bails out again while fans fire up. Kris storms out after Julia but Julia drags her off the apron and to the floor! Julia aims and runs up, but Kris fireman’s carries! Kris carries Julia around, even as Julia fights! Kris goes up the steps, but Brody barks at Kris! Julia CLAWS Kris’ eyes, then YANKS her off the apron!

Julia RAMS Kris into railing! Julia drags Kris back up, to RAM her back into the railing! Kris writhes but Julia looms over her. Julia then RAMS Kris into railing again! Julia puts Kris in, covers, TWO! Kris is hanging tough but Julia thrashes her against the mat! Fans duel as Julia lets off to then push Kris around. Julia KNEES Kris in the side, and then again! And again! Julia runs to then step up and SENTON! Not the cleanest but Julia covers, TWO! Brody says to stay on her so Julia CLUBS Kris. Kris hits back with body shots and fans rally. Julia knees low, hooks Kris up, abdominal stretch! Julia CLUBS away on Kris and claws her face!

The ref reprimands but Julia keeps on the stretch. Kris powers up to hip toss free! Kris hobbles, her legs being a factor. But Julia CLUBS back! And kicks low! They fire forearm for forearm, but then Julia fires a flurry! Julia runs, but into a POWERSLAM! Julia flounders to a corner and fans fire up. Kris runs in to UPPERCUT! Kris goes side to side, KNEE WASH! Then Kris scoops Julia, BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO! Kris is frustrated but the fans still rally. Kris drags Julia up, brings her around, and gut wrenches. But Julia slips free! Kris blasts through the clothesline, but Julia ducks the discus!

Kris staggers and ends up on the ropes, and Brody taunts her. He says her title belt is as good as gone! But wait, where’s Julia going? Kris snarls at Brody, but Julia returns and stalks up behind Kris. But Kris SLAPS the mist outta her mouth!! Then she tucks Julia, for the FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Kris is shocked but she hurries after Julia, deadlift GERMAN SUPLEX! Kris then drags Julia to a drop zone and goes up top! Fans fire up but Julia hurries after Kris! Julia SLAPS Kris, SLAPS her again, then climbs up. Julia CLUBS Kris, CLUBS her more, then throws forearms! Kris hits back and they brawl up top!

Kris stands but Julia hits a SPIDER SUPLEX! Fans fire up as Julia hangs upside down and shakes her head. Julia then sits back up, only for Kris to anchor her foot! Julia kicks Kris down, adjusts, and MOONSAULTS! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Kris’ longer legs save her and Julia is furious! Julia drags Kris around, hooks up the arms, “This is Awesome!” as Kris powers out of Hartless! But the leg gives up! So Julia tries again, HARTLESS STRETCH!! Kris endures, flails, powers her way to a roll-up, but Julia holds on! So Kris stands up! Kris pries free of the hold, pops Julia around, TOMBSTONE!! Kris drags Julia up to hook, FIGHT NIGHT FEVER!! Cover, Kris wins!!

Winner: Kris Statlander, by pinfall (still AEW TBS Champion)

Another win streak crushed but Kris! Kris wants to keep going, but she leaves it at this. She drags Julia to the ropes so Brody can pick up the “spooky little b*tch.” Will anyone take over Mama Kris’ house? Or is this proof that Kris truly is The Galaxy’s Greatest?


AEW World Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way: The Young Bucks VS The Lucha Brothers VS The Gunns VS #OrangeHook!

One of these duos isn’t like the others, but that doesn’t mean they don’t belong. Sure Matt & Nick Jackson are brothers, as are Rey Fenix y Penta El Zero Miedo, as are Austin & Colten. But Freshly Squeezed and the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil have, somehow, already forged a bond. Is it a strong bond? Or will we see that blood is ticker than a bag of Doritos?

In this kind of Fatal 4 Tag, only two teams are legal at a time. Nick Jackson and Rey Fenix step up as a preview of their International Championship match set for this Wednesday. The two tie up, break, then tie up again. Fenix waistlocks, Nick switches but Fenix switches back. Nick pries the hold but Fenix CHOPS! Nick wrenches the knuckle lock to keep Fenix from going up a corner. Nick then switches hands to CHOP back! But Fenix keeps Nick from going up a corner! They stare down, break knuckle locks, and then fire forearms! Then DOUBLE LARIAT! And DOUBLE LARIAT! And DOUBLE SUPERKICK, so they end up giving each other Charlie Horses!

Nick and Fenix DOUBLE ROUNDHOUSE! They both fall, but then both kip up! Fans fire up and Fenix shakes out the bad arm. The two reset, but Cassidy sneaks a tag. Fans are torn as Freshly Squeezed steps up to Fenix. The hands go up, but Fenix gest in Cassidy’s face. Cassidy unwraps his bad hand to ROCK Fenix! Fenix ROCKS Cassidy! Cassidy ROCKS, Fenix SOBATS! Fenix runs, ducks the Orange Punch and SUPERKICKS! Fireman’s carry, but the bad arm gives up! Tag to Penta but the Gunns trip Penta up to mug Fenix! They tear the tape away to RAM Fenix into barriers! Then they DOUBLE PUNCH Penta!

The Gunns POST Penta, drag him up and in, and the fans taunt the “ASS~ BOYS~!” as Colten tags in. But Cassidy rolls Colten up! TWO, and Cassidy runs to duck ‘n’ dodge and tilt-o-whirl, but no DDT! Colten shoves Cassidy away and DROPKICKS him down! Fans boo as Colten BLASTS The Bucks! Austin tags in off Cassidy, covers Colten, but the ref says no, that’s not how this works. The Gunns get mad, but the Bucks step in. They fire off on the Gunns! The Bucks double whip but the Gunns reverse, only for the Bucks to dosido and rush the Gunns. The Gunns dodge, but then The Bucks dodge the splashes! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS!

Fans fire up as Cassidy returns, but into a GUT BUSTER and NECKBREAKER BACKBREAKER! The Bucks kick Penta, then ALLEY-OOP RANA! Fans fire up as The Bucks stand tall! Nick runs in at Colten but Colten puts him on the apron. Matt runs in but he also ends up on the apron. Colten doesn’t realize, Matt tags in and The Bucks DOUBLE GAMANGIRI! Matt TOSSES Colten out and Nick PENALTY KICKS! Matt and Cassidy stare down, but Hook wants in. Cassidy obliges! Fans fire up as Hook circles with Matt. Matt swings but Hook fires off counter punches! Hook puts Matt in a corner, but Matt hits back!

Matt ROCKS Hook, Hook ROCKS Matt! Matt catches Hook to NORTHERN LIGHTS! And the Polar Express- is turned around! Hook NORTHERN LIGHTS to then drag Matt up, but Matt NORTHERN LIGHTS! The Polar Express goes back and forth between them! Nick jumps in but so does Cassidy! Hook catches Nick, Matt catches Cassidy, STEREO NORTHERN LIGHTS! Matt runs in but into Hook’s EL CAMINO! Fans rally up as Hook stands tall! Austin tags off Matt but Hook gets him first! Colten saves Austin, the Gunns work together but Cassidy makes a save! OrangeHook DOUBLE SUPLEX The Gunns!

Fenix has been checked by medical, and it doesn’t look good. He’s out of this match at least, leaving Penta alone. Cassidy DIVES to take out The Bucks! Hook stalks Austin, clinches, but Colten runs in. So Hook gets Colten! Austin CLUBS Hook, fans boo, but Penta runs in! He dodges the Gunns, KICKS Colten and then ENZIGURIS Austin! Penta brings Austin in, “CERO! MIEDO!” But Colten CLOBBERS Penta! Fans boo as the Gunns stomp Hook in a corner. Austin tags in, the fans taunt the “ASS~ BOYS~!” but they mug Hook. Austin asks, “Who’s the Ass Boy now, b*tch?!” “YOU!!” Austin JABS and JABS and JABS Hook, does his two step, then DECKS Hook! Cover, TWO!

Austin is annoyed but he tags Colten back in. The Gunns drag Hook up, mug him, then Colten soaks up the heat. Colten stays between Hook and the other corners, then lines up the shot to DECK Hook! Cover, TWO! Hook hangs tough but Colten drags him into a chinlock. The fans rally, Hook fights up, and Hook fights around. Hook throws body shots, reaches for Cassidy, but Austin YANKS Cassidy down! Fans boo but the Bucks reach out! So Austin CLOBBERS them off the apron! Fans boo more, Austin rushes up to stay between Hook and Penta. But Hook sends the Gunns into each other, hot tag to Penta!

Penta goes up to CROSSBODY the Gunns! SLINGBLADE for Austin! SLINGBLADE for Colten! Wheelbarrow and roll with Austin, DDT on Colten! Austin whips, Penta goes up and over to BACKSTABBER! Penta SUPERKICKS Colten, then SUPERKICKS Austin! Fans fire up with Penta as he shouts “CERO! MIEDO!” Colten swings but into MADE IN JAPAN! Cover, Austin breaks it! Austin drags Colten to their corner, then tags himself in. Austin runs in at Penta to hit a QUICK DRAW! Matt fakes Austin out to DDT! Cassidy tilt-o-whirl DDTS Matt! And kips up, only for Nick to dump him out!

Nick RAMS Austin, “SUCK IT!” FACEBUSTER! To the CARTWHEEL MOONSAULT onto Cassidy! Fans fire up as Penta builds speed, but Hook sneaks a tag! Penta FLIES Onto Cassidy and Colten, while Hook stalks Austin! Austin staggers up, into the REDRUM!! But Austin fights it with elbows! Hook lets go, but the ORANGE PUNCH hits!! REDRUM!!! But Nick reaches out to tag off Austin! Austin TAPS but it doesn’t matter! Nick hits a 450 SPLASH onto them both!! Cover, Cassidy breaks it in time!! Fans fire up, Penta tags off Nick. Penta reels Cassidy in, “CERO! MIEDO!” But Cassidy Alabama Lifts!

Penta fights the Beach Break to GAMANGIRI in the corner! Hook runs in to kick but Penta catches him to a Gory Especial! Nick tags off Hook, ENZIGURIS Cassidy so Penta can pick him up! Nick helps out, FEAR FACTOR GORY BOMB COMBO!! But then The Bucks DOUBLE SUPERKICK Hook!! Colten returns, to get DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Penta sends Nick’s kick into Matt and SUPERKICKS! But then Nick flips, flops, he and Matt LARIAT SUPERKICK COMBO! Then B T E TRIGGER!!! Cover, The Bucks win!!

Winners: The Young Bucks, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contenders to the AEW World Tag Team Champions)

The Elite just keep on winning! Matt & Nick are already ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions with Hangman Page, but when and where will they call their shot for the AEW World Tag titles? And who will they even be targeting after we see FTR VS Aussie Open?


Swerve Strickland w/ Prince Nana VS Hangman Page!

From one part of The Elite to another, the Mogul himself says that he’d run AEW if he was given what The Cowboy was given. But will he take over AEW now that we’re in “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” Or will Seattle see some serious #CowboyShid?

The bell rings and fans fire up with “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” Swerve and Hangman circle, tie up, and go around. Swerve and Hangman end up on ropes, the ref counts, and Swerve lets off. The two reset, tie up again, and Swerve headlocks. Hangman powers out but Swerve runs him over! Fans cheer but Swerve stays stoic. Things speed up, Hangman BOOTS Swerve down! Fans boo but The Cowboy just shrugs. Hangman brings Swerve up, bumps him off buckles, then CHOPS Swerve! Swerve sputters and fans “WOO~!” but Hangman CHOPS again! Seattle actually says “HANGMAN SUCKS!”

Swerve turns things around to CHOP Hangman! And CHOP again! And CHOP again! Hangman puts Swerve in the corner to CHOP and stomp! Hangman stands on the corner to ask “Whose House?!” Fans are all riled up but Hangman looms over Swerve. Hangman drags Swerve up, whips him corner to corner, then runs in, but Swerve gets around to O’Conner and EDDY GORDO RANA! Fans fire up as Swerve goes to the apron, to step in and DROPKICK! Hangman checks his face but Swerve covers, TWO! Swerve is annoyed but he clamps onto Hangman’s face. Swerve drags Hangman up, ROCKS him, and Hangman goes to a corner.

Fans rally up as Swerve fires off hands! Swerve snapmares, goes up, and he FALLING UPPERCUTS! Then he hits the Griddy! Fans fire up more and Swerve stalks Hangman. Swerve drags Hangman up, turns him, and hits a NECKBREAKER! Swerve holds on to drag Hangman back up, turn him again, but Hangman slips free to waistlock! Swerve switches, GERMAN SUPLEXES, but Hangman lands on his feet to BOOT! Swerve rebounds to UPPERCUT! Then he scoops but Hangman slips free to FALL AWAY SLAM! Swerve goes to the apron while fans boo. Hangman kips up and soaks up the heat from Seattle.

Hangman runs to triangle jump and LARIAT! Fans boo more but Hangman PLANCHAS! He has to lands out as Swerve moves, but he APRON POWERBOMBS Swerve! Then BARRIER BOMBS him!! Fans boo more but Hangman isn’t done there! Hangman goes up the corner, to ARIHARA MOONSAULT! Direct hit and down goes Swerve! Hangman puts Swerve in, waits on him, POP-UP SIT OUT POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Swerve survives and fans rally as hard as they can. Hangman checks his nose, he might still be having a hard time breathing. Swerve bails out but Hangman builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp!

The 12th Man is booing as hard as they can but Hangman SMACKS Swerve’s hand off the apron! Then whips him into barriers! Hangman twists that bad wrist, but Swerve claws at the nose! Hangman CLUBS Swerve, stalks him, and the ring count climbs. Swerve kicks low but Hangman throws hands! Fans duel between “F YOU, COWBOY!” and “COWBOY SHID!” Hangman SMACKS Swerve’s hand off the steps, then puts him in the ring. Hangman climbs the corner, leaps, and FLYING LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Swerve hangs tough but Hangman keeps his cool. Nana coaches Swerve up but Hangman stalks him to ropes.

Hangman brings Swerve up, but Swerve throws hands! Hangman ROCKS Swerve, Swerve ROCKS Hangman! They go back and forth, then Hangman ROLLING ELBOWS! Swerve mule kicks and ENZIGURIS! But Hangman deadlift GERMAN SUPLEXES! But Swerve somersaults to JUMP COMPLETE SHOT! And then a roll into the BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Hangman is still in this and Seattle can’t believe it! Swerve seethes as Hangman goes to a corner, shakes out the bad hand, and CHOPS! Swerve runs, but blocks Hangman’s boot! Swerve slips around to scoop and BACKBREAKER!

Swerve goes up and fans fire up, but Hangman gets the bad hand! Hangman twists the wrist, the ref counts the ropebreak and Hangman lets off. Hangman climbs up, CHOPS Swerve, and then reels him in. Fans rally for Swerve and he fights the scoop! Swerve throws shots under the chin, but Hangman holds onto the ropes! Swerve just WOE STOMPS him down!! Fans are thunderous as Swerve stands up! “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” HOUSE CALL!! Cover, TWO?!? Hangman survives but Nana says Swerve has this! Hangman goes to the apron but Swerve goes out the other side.

Swerve goes up the corner, but Hangman avoids the apron stomps! But Swerve fights the Alabama Lift! Swerve POSTS Hangman! The ref reprimands, but Swerve has Hangman on the steps! STEEL- NO, Hangman fights the driver! Hangman SMACKS the bad hand off post! Then STEEL STEP DEADEYE!!! Fans boo while both men are down! Hangman clutches his knees, that move was double-edged there! A ring count climbs, Nana says Swerve can’t lose in his hometown! Hangman stands, fans duel again, and Hangman hauls Swerve up. Hangman puts Swerve in the ring, then takes aim from the apron.

Fans boo, Nana says don’t you dare! But Swerve runs up, into a BOOT! Hangman locks ‘n’ loads, but Swerve storms up again! Hangman BOOTS him again, then again, but Swerve blocks! Swerve SLAPS Hangman, Hangman SLAPS Swerve, repeat! Fans fire up, Hangman BITES the bad hand!! Fans boo but Hangman lets off. Hangman locks ‘n’ loads, to BUCK- NO, drop toehold! Swerve gets Hangman’s arm, pulls it back, and pushes it down, to then STOMP it!! Hangman writhes and flops out of the ring! Doc Sampson hurries over to check that arm, but “This is Awesome!” Swerve goes up, to KILL STOMP on the apron!!

Fans are thunderous, Nana is doing the dance, and Swerve hurries back in! Swerve goes up top again, reloads, and 450 SPLASHES the arm!! Cover, TWO!?! Hangman survives, but Swerve has an ARMBAR!! Hangman flails, clasps hands, but Swerve pulls on the arm! ARMBAR!! Hangman flails, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Swerve lets go as the ref counts, and he drags Hangman back up. Swerve reels Hangman in, half nelsons, lifts, but Hangman pries at the bad hand! Victory roll! TWO!! Swerve boots the lariat away, but Hangman spins to DISCUS SOUTHPAW!! Then Hangman hauls Swerve up, DEAD- NO, sunset flip, into the ARMBAR!!

Fans fire up as Swerve pulls on the arm! Hangman moves, but Swerve makes it a TRIANGLE HOLD! Hangman CLUBS away on Swerve’s bad hand! Fans boo but both men are down! Hangman and Swerve go to opposite ends, and Hangman runs in. Swerve sidesteps to SNAP GERMAN! Swerve hurries up top and Nana says this is it! The fans are thunderous for the KILL- NO, Hangman moves! And is on the apron! BUCKSHOT!!! But Hangman’s own bad arm keeps him from making the pin! Fans rally as Hangman crawls after Swerve to finally cover, Nana helps the ROPEBREAK! But the ref caught him!!

Nana freaks out, apologizes, but the ref has no choice. The ref EJECTS Nana!! Hangman resets on the apron, tells Nana to git, then he reloads. Nana begs the ref to let him stay, but Hangman slingshots, into a CROWN SHOT!! Nana’s bejeweled crown becomes Swerve’s trump card! Cover, TWO?!?! How?!? Swerve is furious, and he sits Hangman up, for a HOUSE CALL!! Swerve isn’t satisfied, he drags Hangman up for another HOUSE CALL!!! And then the half nelson, lift and J M L DRIVER!!! Cover, Swerve wins!!

Winner: Swerve Strickland, by pinfall

Seattle cheers and Nana busts out the dance moves again! Swerve wins in his house, is he about to make AEW into All Embassy Wrestling?


Ricky Starks VS Wheeler Yuta!

The Absolute didn’t tap out and he didn’t get pinned in his two brutal matches with Bryan Danielson, and The Decoder respects that. But that’s about all he respects when it comes to Ricky Starks! Will Starks make Yuta respect him? Or will Yuta find a way to get that pin on The Absolute?

The bell rings and Moxley is on commentary again. Moxley says he can’t give us verbatim what he said, as he already got fined for language used during Zero Hour. But the gist of it is that Yuta shouldn’t think of Starks as a big deal, though he is becoming a star in AEW. Yuta mockingly applauds Starks, then the two tie up. Yuta knuckle locks, rolls, and wrangles Starks. Starks gets up, wrenches back, but Yuta chinbars Starks into a facelock then armlock. Yuta hooks a leg, pushes Starks down, but Starks slips around to facelock. The two move around, Starks sticking to Yuta with all sorts of holds, but then Yuta flips it back!

Starks slips out, fans cheer this technical exchange, and Yuta rolls, handsprings and wrenches to grind the arm. Yuta eggs Starks on and fans rally up. Starks fights up, pushes Yuta to ropes, and the ref counts. Starks lets off slowly, but then pie faces. So Yuta SLAPS back! Moxley says that’s good. The two reset, and Starks SLAPS! Yuta SLAPS, then forearms, then CHOPS! Moxley feels this is what Yuta wants as the two throw hands. Starks backs Yuta down but Yuta puts him in a corner to CHOP! Starks turns things around to fire off fast hands! Yuta gives those back! Yuta whips and ELBOWS Starks down!

Starks staggers up, goes to a corner, and Yuta CHOPS! Starks SLAPS, Yuta SLAPS, they throw haymakers now, and Yuta whips. Starks reverses, clinches and HOTSHOTS Yuta off ropes! Yuta sputters and flounders but Starks stands him up to CHOP and fire off hands! Starks kicks low as the ref counts, and Starks snarls. Fans rally up while Yuta checks his teeth. Starks scoops to SLAM and stomp Yuta! Starks mocks Moxley’s slithery shoulders, but Yuta CHOPS Starks! Starks pokes Yuta in the eye! Then CHOPS, and ROCKS, and CHOPS Yuta again! Starks keeps Yuta cornered to fire off haymakers! The ref counts and Starks lets off.

Starks brings Yuta up to wrench an arm, then CHOPS! Then Starks knuckle locks and goes up the corner, and fans fire up. Starks struts his stuff for Old School, and Moxley admits that’s cool. Starks CLUBS Yuta, to then hit a BIG back suplex! Cover, ONE!! Starks CHOPS Yuta but Yuta grins. Mox shouts for Yuta to make Starks pay for that shid! But then Mox admits he likes that. Starks CLUBS Yuta, drags him up, fireman’s carries but Yuta slips free and rolls him up! TWO, but Yuta gets a ghost pin! TWO, and Yuta runs, into an OVERHEAD TOSS by Starks! Fans rally up and Starks grits his teeth as he stands up.

Starks strikes his pose! Fans fire up, and Starks runs up to whip Yuta. Yuta reverses, runs in at the corner, but into a BOOT! Starks goes up to leap, into an atomic drop! Yuta ENZIGURIS Starks to the corner, runs in and A-LIST LARIATS! Starks staggers, Yuta goes up, FLYING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up for “RICKY! RICKY!” but Yuta drags him up. Starks ROCKS Yuta! But then Yuta spins and wrenches, PAIN THRILLER! Moxley says if you know, you know. Cover, TWO! But Yuta stays on Starks and clamps on for a double wristlock. Starks endures, moves around, and Moxley coaches to trap the head!

Wait, Big Bill appears! Starks gets the ROPEBREAK so Yuta lets off, and Yuta stares the human skyscraper down. But Starks rolls Yuta up! TWO! Yuta runs, dodges and springboards, but Starks blocks arm-drag to TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO! Starks drags Yuta up, strikes his pose, and Canadian Racks, but Yuta slips free to arm-drag! Then Yuta runs, but Starks hits a POP-UP POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Starks is frustrated but he sits Yuta up and steps over. Starks takes off his elbow pad to use the HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS!! Moxley says Yuta is just getting mad! Yuta blocks the arm and stands up.

Starks throws more forearms but Yuta just roars! Yuta ROCKS and CHOPS and repeat! Yuta runs, but Starks LARIATS him down! Starks goes to the apron, then the corner. Bill coaches Starks on and Starks springboards, but Yuta SHOVES him down onto Bill! Fans fire up and throws off his elbow pads! Yuta PLANCHAS, but Bill catches him! But Yuta slips free to POST Bill! Yuta hurries up as Starks runs in, but Yuta arm-drags and drags Starks down, for HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Then a shift around into the SEATBELT! TWO!! Starks escapes but Yuta roars! Yuta drags Starks up to waistlock.

Starks fights the suplex, switches and shoves, but Yuta rewinds, only for Starks to dodge! SPEAR!! And then Starks fires up to Canadian Rack, ROSHAMBEAUX!! Cover, Starks wins!

Winner: Ricky Starks, by pinfall

Starks stares down Moxley, and Moxley has to admit, that was all good. Credit where credit is due, but will Starks look to get the rest of the BCC?


Bryan Danielson VS Zack Sabre Jr!

Speaking of the BCC, the American Dragon is here in his hometown. He promised that he will retire as his daughter turns seven, so that means time is running out. As for The Front Man of TMDK, he says it is about time we find out who is TRULY the best technical wrestler in the world today. Surely Antonio Inoki-san would smile seeing this match-up, but who will leave here having won the WrestleDream dream match?

The bell rings and fans are already losing their minds witnessing this. The two approach, feel things out, “This is Awesome!” as they circle and go low. Bryan uses his bear style but ZSJ holds that off. The two keep feeling things out, Bryan goes for a leg, but ZSJ gets away. Fans applaud as the two go again. They feel out a knuckle lock, then clinch. ZSJ waistlocks, but Bryan twists the wrist. ZSJ tries a chinbar but Bryan powers through the armlock. ZSJ slips free again and the two reset. Moxley knows that standing, Bryan is the aggressor, the more prepared. But if this goes to the mat, ZSJ will be ahead several moves, like a chess player or football coach.

The two tie up collar ‘n’ elbow, ZSJ chibars but Bryan rolls. ZSJ wristlocks, then spins to wrench the other way. But Bryan bridges, wrenches and THROWS ZSJ away! Fans fire up and Bryan says that’s two times he’s gotten ZSJ. The two reset again, fans rally up, and the two knuckle lock. ZSJ goes after an arm, he wrenches but Bryan goes to ropes. Bryan powers ZSJ away, then drops, but ZSJ catches him to a COBRA TWIST! Bryan pries free, and switches it onto ZSJ! ZSJ switches it back! Bryan switches it and GROUND OCTOPUS CRADLE! TWO, but Bryan has a CALF KILLER! ZSJ fights around to get Bryan’s bad arm!

Bryan fights up, wants the leg, and has a toehold! Indian Deathlock! ZSJ chinbars to fight that hold, but Bryan still pushes against the knees! ZSJ sweeps an arm to break Bryan’s base! Bryan tries again but ZSJ trips Bryan again. Bryan sits up and stands, to have the deathlock while bridging! ZSJ hurries to cover, ONE! ZSJ knuckle locks and pushes Bryan but Bryan turns! They’re still hooked by the legs, and they bridge up! Fans fire up for this double crab whatever, and then ZSJ tips it over! Bryan moves around but ZSJ gets a double wristlock! Bryan lets the legs go to shift and go for an arm, only for ZSJ to slip away!

Fans cheer this standoff, “This is Wrestling!” Bryan and ZSJ circle again, ZSJ shoots in to get a leg! ZSJ then trips Bryan, has the left leg and turns Bryan around with it! ZSJ hooks the legs, then fishhooks Bryan’s face! The fans boo but ZSJ slaps Bryan into giving up the arms! ZSJ pulls and pulls and has the ROMERO SPECIAL! This is one of Bryan’s favorites! But as such, Bryan powers out, then WRENCHES a leg to put ZSJ in the same position! Bryan fishhooks and the fans cheer! Bryan pulls and pulls and has the ROMERO SPECIAL! Fans are thunderous as ZSJ endures! ZSJ powers his way down and he wrenches the bad arm!

ZSJ then ties Bryan up, BOW ‘N’ ARROW but Bryan pops free to cover! ZERO!! Fans are thunderous and ZSJ has to walk off the pain in his legs. Fans tell Bryan to kick ZSJ’s head in, but ZSJ tells the “d*ckhead” to shut up, they’re working! ZSJ and Bryan reset, tie up, and ZSJ clinches. They end up on ropes, the ref counts, and ZSJ lets off slowly, to then UPPERCUT! Fans boo but Bryan just shrugs it off. ZSJ eggs Bryan on, so Bryan UPPERCUTS! ZSJ says that was so-so. Bryan UPPERCUTS again! That one, ZSJ felt. ZSJ UPPERCUTS, Bryan UPPERCUTS, repeat! ZSJ eggs Bryan on and Bryan UPPERCUTS, but he’s using his left arm!

ZSJ eggs Bryan on to use his right arm like normal, so Bryan UPPERCUTS with the right! Now that got him! But then ZSJ RAMS the bad arm! Bryan falls back, ZSJ isolates the arm and STOMPS it!! Even Moxley felt that one! Fans boo and the ref checks Bryan, but ZSJ gets the bad arm. ZSJ bends the fingers, twists the wrist, and wrenches the elbow! Bryan endures but ZSJ steps over to trap that arm, for a TWIST! Fans boo but ZSJ lets the ref check Bryan. Bryan is somehow okay to continue so ZSJ steps over, to pull the arm and fingers! ZSJ SNAPS finger after finger!! Bryan writhes and fans boo but ZSJ just paces around.

ZSJ kicks Bryan around, fans tell him he’s sick, but ZSJ KICKS Bryan in the back! ZSJ eggs Bryan, tells him to wake up, and he just keeps giving kicks! Bryan gets up but ZSJ UPPERCUTS! ZSJ whips corner to corner, Bryan goes up and over! Bryan then gets a leg to roll ZSJ back, HALF CRAB! Fans fire up but Bryan can only use one hand! So Bryan shifts to get the legs again! He can’t get ZSJ’s arms so he just STOMPS ZSJ’s legs! Fans fire up and Bryan seethes. Bryan KICKS ZSJ, and KICKS, and KICKS! “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan grabs a leg to DRAGON SCREW! Bryan gets the arm again to DRAGON SCREW hard!!

ZSJ writhes but Bryan is after him again! Another DRAGON- NO, ZSJ steps through to NECK TWIST! And DROPKICK! Both men are down and fans fire up! Bryan rises and goes to a corner, but ZSJ runs in. Bryan puts ZSJ on the top rope! Then into a Tree of Woe! Bryan KICKS ZSJ while he’s upside down! “YES! YES! YES!” ZSJ guards his face but his ribs and legs are the target! Bryan sits ZSJ up, then climbs up for elevated HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! “YES! YES! YES!” But ZSJ blocks one, for an ELBOW BREAKER! ZSJ then shifts around, gets the other arm, elevated DOUBLE WRISTLOCK!

Bryan endures, and he HEADBUTTS ZSJ in the ribs! And again! Bryan fires more HEADBUTTS, then brings ZSJ up, to SUPER BUTTERFLY SUPLEX!! And then a roll through into the omoplata! ZSJ resists the Lebell and pushes through, but into a TRIANGLE HOLD! ZSJ rolls, Bryan shifts again, omoplata! Bryan wants an arm but ZSJ resists, so Bryan switches to a HALF CRAB! ZSJ endures, reaches out with his free leg, ROPEBREAK! Bryan lets go in frustration and the fans boo. Bryan shakes the bad hand out, and at least it is still working. ZSJ sits up, into a KICK! And KICK! And KICK! “YES! YES! YES!”

ZSJ ducks the buzzsaw, but Bryan BUZZSAWS again!! Fans fire up again and Bryan says, “It’s time to kick his EFFING HEAD IN!” Bryan drags ZSJ by his wrists, for DRAGON STOMPS! Bryan lets off so he can aim from a corner. ZSJ slowly rises, and Bryan runs in to- NO, ZSJ dodges the knee to O’Conner BRIDGE! TWO and Bryan has the O’Conner Bridge! TWO and ZSJ has a SLEEPER! But Bryan rolls back, pops free, SLEEPER! ZSJ rolls back and pops free, gets the wrists, EURO CLUTCH!! TWO!!! Bryan escapes and fans are thunderous again! Even Moxley has to stand up for this one!

Bryan shakes out the bad hand as he and ZSJ stand. Bryan KICKS a leg! ZSJ goes to a corner, Bryan runs corner to corner, to DROPKICK! “This is Awesome!” as Bryan runs, but into a drop toehold! ZSJ body scissors, O’Conner, but Bryan catches him! CATTLE MUTILATION! But ZSJ rolls it over! So Bryan fires HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL, but ZSJ gets an arm! They roll and roll, ZSJ has the omoplata! And he CRANKS and YANKS the bad arm! And bends the fingers!! Bryan endures, fights around, powers out and has a leg! WRENCH into a HEEL HOOK!! ZSJ endures, pries at Bryan’s legs to HEEL HOOK in return!

Fans hope these two “FIGHT FOREVER!” but this has to end somehow! Bryan holds on but ZSJ makes it a FIGURE FOUR! They go forehead to forehead and egg each other on. ZSJ grabs Bryan’s leg to pull on it, but Bryan SPITS at ZSJ! So ZSJ SLAPS Bryan! And SLAPS and SLAPS! Bryan choke grips, to SLAP! ZSJ falls back, the leg lock is undone! ZSJ sits up but Bryan kicks him! ZSJ kicks, Bryan kicks, they both kick each other! Fans fire up as Bryan just stomps away! Bryan stands but ZSJ UPPERCUTS the arm! Bryan KICKS ZSJ’s leg! ZSJ UPPERCUTS the arm! Bryan KICKS the leg! ZSJ UPPERCUTS the arm, Bryan KICKS!

Bryan KICKS and KICKS, but ZSJ avoids the kick to fire off UPPERCUT after UPPERCUT! Bryan hooks the arms! ZSJ throws elbows! ZSJ hooks Bryan but Bryan throws elbows! They go elbow for elbow, hook for hook, and they spin around! ZSJ backslides, TWO!! PENALTY KICK to the arm!! Fans boo but Bryan goes to a corner. Bryan comes back, but ZSJ scoops to MICHINOKU DRIVER! And then omoplata, JIM BREAKS ARMBAR!! Bryan endures but then ZSJ shifts to add a crossface! Bryan keeps moving so ZSJ focuses on the bad right arm! Bryan fights, Moxley says F this guy, but ZSJ almost has Hurrah Another Year, but Bryan gest the ROPEBREAK!

Fans are thunderous as ZSJ lets go in frustration. Bryan sits up, and ZSJ KICKS him! And KICKS! And KICKS! Bryan flops over and fans boo but ZSJ stands on Bryan, to then STOMP the bad arm! And then PENALTY KICK! ZSJ eggs on “Dragon Bullocks” and then runs, but into a ROUNDHOUSE! Bryan adds a BUZZSAW! DRAGON STOMPS!! But ZSJ avoids one, pops Bryan around, ARMBAR!!! Bryan fights around, into a DISARMER!! Bryan keeps fighting but ends up back in the ARMBAR!! Bryan shifts, fights, has a leg, REGAL PLEX!! ZSJ staggers up, into a BUSAIKU KNEE!!! Cover, TWO?!?!

ZSJ roars and fans are thunderous again! Bryan is feeling it, too, and he goes back to a corner! ZSJ flounders around, sits up, BUSAIKU KNEE!!! Cover, Bryan wins!!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by pinfall

Moxley is in awe! One of the finest displays in wrestling perhaps anywhere or at any period of time! Bryan offers ZSJ a handshake, fans cheer for it, and ZSJ… bails out? Fans boo that the Front Man won’t give The American Dragon his flowers, but will we get to live this dream match a second time?


Six Man Tag: Will Ospreay, Sammy Guevara & Konosuke Takeshita w/ Don Callis VS Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi!

When Creepy Callis betrayed the only friends he had in the world, he had no idea the Pandora’s Box he was opening. Now he pits the Aerial Assassin, Spanish God and new Alpha of wrestling against The Ocho & The Golden Lovers! Will the family Callis created crush the family he abandoned? Or will nothing stop Jericho, Omega & Ibushi from having their revenge?

Fans chant “F YOU, CALLIS!” while the trios sort out. Omega wants to start but Ibushi insists. They hug it out, and in the end, it is Omega who starts against Ospreay in a rematch from Forbidden Door. The fans are thunderous already as the two tie up. Ospreay wrenches, Omega wrenches back, but Ospreay spins and slips through to wrench again. Omega wrenches and wrenches and slips through to throw Ospreay up and over! Omega has the arm, but Ospreay kips up to trip Omega. Things speed up, Omega hurdles but Ospreay handsprings. Omega ducks the Penalty Kick and fans fire up again!

Ospreay and Omega reset, but Sammy tags himself in. Fans boo but Sammy soaks it all up. Sammy and Omega circle, tie up, but Sammy slips away to soak up more heat. Fans chant “F YOU, SAMMY!” while Sammy lounges on the ropes. Omega waits and the ref reprimands, but Sammy stops lounging around. Sammy and Omega tie up, Sammy headlocks, but Omega brings him down to a knee. Omega wrenches, hammerlocks then headlocks. Sammy powers out, but Omega runs him over! Things speed up again, Sammy hurdles, flips and DROPKICKS! Sammy kips up smooth but the fans boo.

Sammy flips Jericho off, but Omega JABS! And JABS! JAB! JAB! Omega DECKS Sammy, then hauls him up to wrench. Tag to Jericho and fans fire up as Jericho CHOPS Sammy! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS again! Jericho whips, Sammy holds ropes, and he flips Jericho off before he tags Ospreay back in. Ospreay rushes Jericho but Jericho dodges to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Jericho whips, runs in but into a BOOT! Ospreay bumps Jericho off buckles but Jericho CHOPS back! Jericho hits a BIG back suplex while Sammy hijacks commentary to say Sammy is great, Jericho sucks, and Sammy is the man.

Jericho drags Ospreay up, tags Omega in, and they mug Ospreay. Sammy says that’s illegal, the DOUBLE SUPLEX! Sammy leaves commentary while Omega CLUBS Ospreay! Omega fires haymakers, then a CHOP! Omega whips, Ospreay reverses and Takeshita gets a cheap shot in! Omega DECKS Takeshita, but Ospreay ROCKS Omega! Ospreay runs but Jericho gets a cheap shot in! Ospreay swings but Jericho ROCKS Ospreay first! Omega ROCKS Ospreay, but then Sammy and Takeshita jump in! But so do Jericho and Ibushi! Fans fire up as the brawl is on! Jericho has Sammy, Ibushi has Ospreay and Omega has Takeshita!

The ref reprimands but no one is listening! Jericho & The Golden Lovers TOSS the DCF, and then they coordinate. “Ichi, ni, san, DA!” TRIPLE PLANCHAS!! Direct hit on the DCF and fans fire up more! Jericho hauls Sammy up, Ibushi puts Ospreay in for Omega, and Ibushi even shakes hands with the front row. Ospreay scurries away from Omega but Sammy distracts Omega! Omega swings, misses, and Ospreay kicks low! Ospreay whips, Omega reverses but Ospreay handsprings for the NEURALIZER! Tag to Takeshita and they mug Omega. They stomp away, the ref counts, but Ospreay lets off.

Takeshita digs boots in, then brings Omega up. Omega ROCKS, then CHOPS, then ROCKS Takeshita again! But Takeshita rakes the eyes! Takeshita whips, Omega reverses but Takeshita ducks ‘n’ dodges and TAKESHITA LINE! Then Takeshita clamps on with a chinlock stretch. Fans rally for Omega and Ibushi storms in to KICK Takeshita! This is for that ambush in his dojo! Fans fire up but Ibushi still goes back to his corner to honor the rules. Takeshita snapmares Omega, tags Ospreay, and Ospreay slingshot SENTONS! Ospreay drags Omega up, ROCKS him with a forearm, and Callis talks trash.

Ospreay ROCKS Omega, whips, but Omega reverses to fireman’s carry! “YOU! CAN’T! ESCAPE!” ROLLING SENTON and Omega is at the corner, to MOONSAULT, but onto Ospreay’s knees! Ospreay CHOPS, and CHOPS, and fakes to then SOBAT! Ospreay whips, Omega reverses again but Ospreay turns hip toss into COBRA TWIST! Ospreay drags Omega back to the DCF corner, and Sammy links up with him! And with Takeshita, and then Callis joins in! The fans boo the DCF chain, but the ref catches them! They all let go, and the ref goes back to check Omega. Ospreay reaches out again! The DCF chain reforms!

Fans boo more but the ref catches them again! The ref counts, Ospreay says it’s not him, it’s Sammy! So the ref KICKS Sammy’s arm! Sammy falls off the apron and Omega hip tosses free! But Takeshita drags Omega into the corner! Omega ELBOWS Takeshita, goes up and over Ospreay but Ospreay waistlocks! Ospreay CLUBS Omega down, then ROCKS Jericho! Ibushi ROCKS Ospreay! Omega back drops Ospreay away! Fans fire up and Omega reaches out, but Sammy YANKS Ibushi down! Sammy flexes, Ospreay BOOTS Jericho, then Ospreay whips Omega into Takeshita’s BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!!

Omega hangs tough but Callis says to end this. Sammy tags in, goes up, and SWANTON BOMBS! Cover, Ibushi breaks it! Ospreay TOSSES Ibushi, then Sammy mocks the finger gun. But Omega grabs that finger! And he CHOPS Sammy! And ROCKS him! And CHOPS him! Sammy claws Omega’s face! The ref reprimands and fans boo, but Omega ELBOWS Sammy back. And BOOTS him! Sammy turns around, into the SLAM DUNK! Ospreay runs in, SLAM DUNK! Hot tag to Jericho! The Ocho dodges Sammy to BLAST Takeshita, and then Jericho rallies on Sammy! Fans fire up, but Sammy puts Jericho on the apron!

Jericho stays up, goes up top, and AX HANDLES Sammy down! Fans are thunderous as Jericho runs to BULLDOG! Sammy founders, Jericho slips around, COBRA TWIST! And now Jericho links up with Omega and Ibushi! Turnabout is fair play! But the ref doesn’t like that, either! Jericho lets go, to poke Sammy in the eyes! Fans cheer and Jericho grins as he brings Sammy up. Tag to Ibushi and they double whip Sammy. They double shoulder Sammy down, then Jericho spins to pose. Ibushi joins in! Le Golden Sex Gods? Ospreay storms in but Ibushi KICKS him down! Sammy storms up but Ibushi KICKS him down! Ibushi STANDING MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO!

Callis is relieved that Sammy survives, but Ibushi tags Omega. The Golden Lovers then get Sammy up, double whip, and fans fire up as they leap frog, bypass and KICK, to KOTARO KRUSHER! Tag to Jericho and fans fire up more. The trio coordinates again, GOLDEN SLASH takes out Takeshita and Ospreay! Then the LIONSAULT hits Sammy! Cover, TWO!! Sammy survives and Callis can breathe again. The Golden Lovers regroup, Ibushi fires off strikes on Sammy! “This is Awesome!” as Omega hauls Sammy up, POWERBOMB GERMAN SUPLEX COMBO!! Sammy flounders up, into a takedown!

Jericho has the legs, Ospreay hurries in but Ibushi & Omega stop him! But they forget about Takeshita! Takeshita waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX Jericho! Omega runs in to full nelson but Takeshita slips free to GERMAN SUPLEX! Ibushi kicks, misses, Takeshita shoves him into Ospreay’s GAMANGIRI! And then Takeshita waistlocks to O’Conner and CHAOS THEORY!! Ospreay is in and he fires up. Ospreay & Takeshita get Jericho but he CHOPS them and fires off forearms! Takeshita DECKS Jericho! Ospreay and Takeshita coordinate, aiming at Jericho from opposite corners. But Jericho ducks, the POWER DRIVE hits Ospreay!

Takeshita hobbles, and Jericho fires hands! Takeshita whips, Jericho reverses and then triangle jump DROPKICKS! Ospreay kicks Jericho but runs into Omega’s RANA! Fans are thunderous again as Omega kneels. The Terminator Drums begin! Omega builds speed, and he FLIES out onto Ospreay and Takeshita at the ramps! Sammy rushes in but Jericho CHOPS him! Jericho whips, Sammy reverses, SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO! Sammy doesn’t slow down, he goes up! Ospreay has Omega, and sets him up so Sammy can SHOOTING STAR ATTACK!! Sammy grins but fans chant “YOU STILL SUCK!”

Sammy aims a finger gun at Jericho, springboards, into a CODE BREAKER! Cover, Ospreay breaks it!! But then Omega storms in. Ospreay throws hands on Jericho but Omega turns Ospreay around. These two fire off forearms and fans fire up! Ospreay fires Kawada Kicks! And a CHOP! Ospreay swings a fast ball but Omega gets around to SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX! Sammy is up top, FLYING CUTTER!! Both men are down after that one, but Ospreay BOOTS Ibushi! Ospreay hauls Ibushi up to POWERBOMB him! Ospreay sits Omega up for Takeshita’s POWER DRIVE KNEE! Then Ospreay & Takeshita aim at Jericho, DOUBLE HELLUVA KICKS!!

Callis says this is done, and Sammy is up. He steals CODE BREAKER!! Cover, ONE?!?!? WHAT?!?! Jericho roars with that Lionheart, and he just fires CHOPS and SLAPS and CHOPS, only to get mugged 3v1! Fans boo as the DCF kick and stomp Jericho. But Ibushi rises! The DCF see him, and they see that scary look on his face! Ospreay steps up, but Ibushi ducks and DECKS him! Sammy tries, he fires off forearm after forearm, but Ibushi just shrugs those all off! And STRAIGHT SHOTS Sammy in the chest! Takeshita throws off the elbow pads as he steps to Ibushi-senpai! They fire forearms back and forth and the fans are electric!

Ibushi gets the edge, but Takeshita ROCKS him! Takeshita spins but Ibushi ducks and comes back, but into a back suplex! Ibushi lands out of it, only for the LARIAT to find him! Takeshita fires up, runs, but into a LARIAT from Ibushi!! Fans are thunderous again as Ibushi sits Takeshita up, but Ospreay BOOTS him! And SUPERKICKS Omega! Ospreay runs, into a V-TRIGGER SUPERKICK COMBO!! The Golden Lovers sit Ospreay up, but Sammy CROSSBODIES them both down! Jericho BOOTS Sammy! Takeshita LARIATS Jericho! Ibushi ROUNDHOUSES Takeshita! Ospreay SUPERKICKS Ibushi! Omega V-TRIGGERS Ospreay!

Omega Electric Chair Lifts Ospreay, but Ospreay slips around to RANA Omega out of the ring! Ospreay goes up and up and SUPER SKY TWISTER!! Down go the Golden Lovers, and Sammy rolls Jericho! With tights! TWO!!! Sammy CLAWS the eyes! Sammy runs in but into a BOOT! Jericho runs in but Ospreay takes the JUDAS EFFECT! Sammy SUPERKICKS! The ref is busy with Ospreay while Sammy SUPERKICKS Jericho and puts him in a corner! But Jericho turns things around to put Sammy up top and CHOP! Jericho climbs up after Sammy, fires off hands, all the way to TEN! Then SUPER STEINER!

Jericho hurries to cover but Ospreay is now actively distracting the ref! The ref finally sees the cover, counts, TWO!!! Sammy survives thanks to Ospreay, and now Takeshita slides in. Ospreay gets his IWGP United Kingdom Championship! The ref stops Ospreay while Sammy SUPERKICKS Jericho again! Sammy torture racks, GO TO- NO! Jericho stops the GTH to get the legs! But now Callis gets in with Floyd the baseball bat! Callis CRACKS Jericho!! Ospreay and Takeshita keep the Golden Lovers out, Sammy covers, THE CALLIS FAMILY WINS!!

Winners: Will Ospreay, Konosuke Takeshita & Sammy Guevara, by pinfall

Just like their patriarch, this team proves they are slimy and underhanded! Sammy says he’s the best, the best, the best! But will a win like this only escalate things between the Don Callis Family and all its enemies?


AEW World Tag Team Championships: FTR VS Aussie Open!

Almost exactly one year ago, these two teams tore it up at NJPW Royal Quest 2 for the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships. And now, on the inaugural WrestleDream, we have the rematch! Will history repeat itself with Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood saying, “And still?” Or will these Top Guys be out as Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis take over as the best tag team today?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who truly runs the world!

The teams sort out and Dax starts against Fletcher. Fans rally up, the two approach, and talk a little trash. They tie up, go around, and Fletcher powers Dax to a corner. The ref counts, Fletcher lets off, and he throws up the crown. Dax and Fletcher tie up, Dax hammerlocks and cranks the hold. Fletcher headlocks, hammerlocks, but Dax drops to trip Fletcher for a headlock. Fletcher fights up, grinds his forearm in, and then headlocks back. Dax powers out but Fletcher runs him over! Fans rally and Fletcher has them throw the crowns up. Dax shakes his arms out while Seattle chants “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! OI OI OI!”

Dax and Fletcher tie up again, Fletcher wrenches an arm, wristlocks, but Dax rolls, spins and wrenches back to headlock. Fletcher powers out, things speed up, and Dax runs Fletcher over! Fans fire up and Dax brings Fletcher up to wrench. Tag to Cash but Fletcher gets away. Fletcher talks with Davis, then he resets with Cash. They tie up, go around, and then break. They go again, Fletcher sucker punches Dax! Cash whips, but then Fletcher bails out as Cash shows punch! Dax puts Fletcher in and Cash CHOPS! Then atomic drop, and UPPERCUT! Cash whips, to back drop Fletcher high and hard! Fans fire up and Cash says “SUCK IT!”

Cash tags Dax, whips Fletcher, then drop toeholds for the elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Dax hauls Fletcher up, wrenches, but Fletcher scoops and SLAMS! Tag to Davis and he storms around. Davis brings Dax up to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP again! But Dax CHOPS in return! Davis CHOPS, Dax CHOPS, and then Dax CHOPS! Davis CHOPS, CHOPS but then Dax CHOPS! It is just a CHOP fight! Davis then scoops to SLAM and SENTON! Fans fire up as Dunkzilla BOOTS Cash! The ref keeps Cash back and Davis kneels for a cover. ONE, but Davis brings Dax up to bump off buckles. Davis CHOP LARIAT COMBOS!

Dax sputters, Davis brings him up and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Fletcher and he CHOPS Dax! Fletcher CHOPS Dax but Dax CHOPS Fletcher! And CHOPS again! Dax brings Fletcher around to snap suplex! Dax drops a leg, covers, TWO! Dax tags Cash, and Cash CHOPS Fletcher! Dax CHOPS, Cash CHOPS! Davis runs in but gets double body shots, and double CHOPS! FTR has Aussie Open in opposite corners, they double whip, but Aussie Open reverse! FTR dosido and forearm smash! Then FTR climbs up to rain down fists! Aussie Open stops that at 5 to SPINEBUSTER SANDWICH!

Fans fire up as things go to the outside! SPINEBUSTER SANDWICH again! Fans fire up and a ring count starts. Aussie Open drags Cash up and into the ring, Fletcher covers, ONE!! Fletcher CLUBS Cash, puts him in a corner, and then ROCKS him. Tag to Davis, fans rally for FTR and Cash CHOPS! And CHOPS! But Davis scoops to SLAM and SENTON! And then KICK Cash in the back! Davis throws up the crowns but Cash hits from below. Davis drags Cash up to ROCK him with a forearm! Davis CHOKES Cash on ropes, the ref counts and Davis lets off at 4. Tag to Fletcher and he stomps Cash. The ref reprimands and Fletcher lets off.

Fletcher brings Cash up but Cash throws hands on him and Davis! Davis BOOTS Fletcher, but Davis grabs Cash! Cash HOTSHOTS Davis, throws hands on Fletcher, but Fletcher ROCKS Cash! “This is Awesome!” as Cash bobs ‘n’ weaves and CHOPS! Then UPPERCUTS! But Fletcher keeps him from Dax to whip, but into a takedown! CATAPULT sends Fletcher up and out! Fans rally, Davis puts Fletcher in so he can tag! Davis then drags Cash up for a TOSS to ropes, and the ASSISTED POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Cash survives but Davis sticks close. Davis clamps on a chinlock and he grinds Cash down.

Fans rally up, Cash fights, but Davis KNEES low! Cash JAWBREAKERS back! Fletcher tags in, Davis runs, but Cash avoids the senton! Fletcher has a leg, but he ducks, so Cash’s ENZIGURI hits Davis! Fletcher gets the legs again but Cash BOOTS him away! So Fletcher BLASTS Dax! Fans rally, Fletcher swings but Cash dodges to lift Fletcher and put him up top! Cash calls to Dax while he climbs. Cash brings Fletcher up for a SUPER BACK SUPLEX!! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! Dax rises and he reaches out! Fletcher and Cash crawl, but Fletcher anchors Cash and Davis YANKS Dax down! Fletcher GAMANGIRIS Cash!

Fletcher suplexes, BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Cash hangs in there and Aussie Open is annoyed. Tag to Davis and Davis rains down forearms! Fans rally and duel, “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!” “F T R!” Davis CHOPS Cash, stomps Cash, then soaks up the cheers and jeers. Davis runs, into an UPPERCUT! Fletcher tags in, he drags Cash back, but Cash stands to hop and hop and reach out! Fletcher brings Cash down, swings on Dax but misses! Cash back drops Fletcher, hot tag to Dax! Dax fires off hands on Fletcher, fires off on Davis, then whips Fletcher to a corner to clothesline! And then back the other way, another clothesline!

Dax keeps going, Fletcher reverses to forearm smash! Fletcher runs but Dax follows to clothesline! Dax runs but baits Fletcher in to LARIAT! Davis is back, but Dax ROCKS him! Dax CHOPS, UPPERCUTS and repeat on Fletcher! Dax brings Fletcher around to whip but Fletcher reverses. Dax reverses, Fletcher dodges to LARIAT! But Dax stays up! And he LARIATS back! Dax has Davis for a whip but Davis reverses, only for Dax to reverse and short arm LARIAT! But now Davis stays up! Dax short arm LARIATS again, but Davis is still up! Davis BOOTS Dax’s lariat, BOOTS Dax’s face, but Dax LARIATS in return!

Fletcher waistlocks Dax! But Dax switches to GERMAN SUPLEX! Dax holds on, brings Fletcher up, and GERMAN SUPLEXES again! Dax brings Fletcher up again but Fletcher switches. Davis runs in but Dax back drops him up and over Fletcher! Dax then switches to GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans cheer the hattrick and Dax goes up a corner. Fletcher rolls away to the far side but Dax goes after him. Another GERMAN SUPLEX! Fletcher is in the drop zone again and Dax goes up the corner. DIVING HEADBUTT FLOPS as Fletcher moves! Tag to Davis and he fireman’s carries! AUSSIE DENTAL PLAN! Another scoop, for the FLYING CUTTER! Cover, TWO!

Dax hangs tough and the fans fire up! Davis tags Fletcher and Aussie Open go to corners. But Cash drags Davis out! Dax dodges Fletcher, rolls him up, TWO! Dax reels Fletcher in but Fletcher slips free to reel Dax in! Dax slips free, pops Fletcher up, SLINGSHOT LIGER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Fletcher survives and Dax is beside himself while fans fire up! Dax hauls Fletcher back up, puts him on the top rope, and he tag Cash. Cash goes to the other corner while Dax climbs. But Fletcher fights and Davis SHOVES Cash down! Fletcher Electric Chair Lifts Cash while Davis climbs, RIDER KICK DOOMSDAY?!? Cover, TWO!!

Cash survives and Fletcher is furious! Davis goes to the corner, Fletcher drags Cash over and tags Davis. Fletcher puts Cash up top and Davis goes to the other corner. Fans fire up as Fletcher climbs, but Dax trips Davis up! Cash fights Fletcher, knocks him down, and Dax goes up to get Davis! SUPERPLEX for the Power! DIVING SPLASH for the Glory! Cover, but Fletcher CROSSBODIES Dax onto the pin to break it!! Seattle gives this a standing ovation, it’s another classic! The teams regroup and sit up. Cash throws a forearm on Davis and Dax throws one on Fletcher. Davis and Fletcher respond with forearms of their own!

FTR forearms, Aussie Open forearms, and the fans rally as these four stand! The brawl is on, Aussie Open has the edge! They back up, to CROSS BOMBER FTR down!! Then Davis hurries to his corner, tags back in, and they focus on Cash! Elbow pads off, CROSS BOMBER!! Then the double pump handles, but Dax runs in to TACKLE Davis! Cash shoves Fletcher, cradles Davis, TWO!!! Fletcher clotheslines Dax up and out! But Cash whips Fletcher. Fletcher reverses, Aussie Open drop down, and they STEAL SHATTER MACHINE!! Aussie Open fires up, they haul Cash up to pump handle, and COREALIS!!! Cover, DAX BREAKS IT!!

Fans fire up again while Fletcher is furious! “This is Awesome!” as Davis and Fletcher glare at Dax. Dax glares back and eggs ’em on, so they DOUBLE BOOT him down! Aussie Open focuses on Cash, and Fletcher tags in. They go out after Cash on the apron, and Fletcher goes up. But Dax shoves Fletcher down! Dax reels Davis in, Cash goes up, APRON MIND BREAKER!! But Fletcher DIVES onto FTR!! Fletcher puts Cash in, goes up top, but Cash SHORYUKENS! Cash climbs up but Fletcher throws hands! Fletcher HEADBUTTS Cash, but Dax goes up! SUPER SHATTER MACHINE?!?! Cover, FTR WINS!!!

Winners: FTR, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

Royal Quest 2’s IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team title match just got an incredible sequel! Dax & Cash are still Top Guys, and now they’re on track for another rematch with The Young Bucks! Will the fourth time around be another instant classic between the best teams in the world?


AEW TNT Championship Best 2 Out of 3 Falls: Christian Cage VS Darby Allin!

Captain Charisma kept claiming this title was his, even though it rightfully belonged to Luchasaurus. A handicap match disguised as a Triple Threat is how Christian came to be the one true TNT Champion, but even he knows this story is not over. Will Christian beat the Relentless Icon not once but twice to keep this title? Or will nothing stop Darby from making his hometown proud?

As Darby makes his entrance, he notices a kid in the crowd with a sign. It’s his fifth birthday and he’d love to have a skateboard as a gift. So Darby gives the kid HIS skateboard! The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and one way or another, we find who is the true Face of TNT!

The bell rings on this first fall, and Darby steps up with the fans all behind him. Christian stays in a corner as he hears the chants and cheers. Christian circles with Darby, but then Christian backs off as fans taunt him. Christian and Darby circle again, tie up, and Christian powers Darby to a corner. The ref counts, Christian lets off slowly, and he smudges Darby’s paint! The ref reprimands and the fans boo but Darby keeps cool. Darby and Christian tie up again, and again Christian powers Darby to a corner. Darby turns things around, fans cheer, and Darby shows slap! Christian puts up his guard, but Darby backs off and eggs him on.

Christian and Darby reset, tie up, and Darby wrenches, knuckle locks, and rolls to then wrench, wristlock and wrangle Christian. Cover, ONE as Christian gets an arm up. Christian scrambles around, reaches out and has the ROPEBREAK! Darby lets go quickly and cleanly, and he stares Christian down. Christian SPITS at Darby! Christian then rushes in but Darby hits an arm-drag! Darby keeps on that arm, Christian fights up, but Darby wristlocks. Christian powers through to wrench, and Christian tells fans to shut up! Darby rolls, wrenches, wristlocks, but Christian rolls, kips up, but Darby drops down to cover! TWO!

Darby keeps the headlock but Christian fights up. Christian powers up but can’t power out as Darby holds on tight. Fans rally as Darby grinds the hold. Christian throws hands, but Darby hits a flying takeover! Cover, ONE! Christian fights up again, throws more body shots, then powers out. Christian ELBOWS Darby down, and fans boo as Christian stomps Darby. Christian CLUBS Darby, drags him up, and CHOPS! Darby snarls and sputters but Christian CHOPS him again! Christian stalks Darby, CLUBS him some more, then CHOKES Darby! The ref counts, Christian lets off and soaks up all the heat as he flexes.

Christian goes back to Darby, CHOPS him against ropes, then whips. Darby sunset flips but Christian stays up! Darby stands up, springboards, but Christian catches him to hook the arms! But Darby slips out of the Killswitch to pull the turtleneck over Christian’s face! Roll-up to jackknife, DARBY SCORES!!

Christian: 0; Darby: 1

Fans fire up as Darby has the crucial first point! Christian flounders, gets his face out of his turtleneck, and is furious! Fans taunt the “TURTLENECK! TURTLENECK!” and Christian complains, but it’s his own fault for wearing such a shirt. Darby waits on Christian, Mama Wayne is still watching, but Christian taunts her about those DMs. Mama shakes her head but Christian steps back in. The second fall begins, the two tie up again, and Christian puts Darby in the corner. The ref tries to back Christian off but Christian sucker punches Darby! Fans boo and the ref reprimands but Christian UPPERCUTS Darby! And again!

Christian digs his boot in, the ref counts, and Christian lets off at 4. Christian whips corner to corner hard and Darby bounces off buckles! Cover, ONE!! Christian grinds Darby’s face into the mat, smears the paint and fishhooks the nose! The ref counts, Christian lets off, and Christian paces around. Fans boo more but Christian stands on Darby at the ropes! The ref counts and Christian lets off again, to stomp Darby more. The fans taunt Christian but he just stomps Darby again and again. Fans are starting to duel now? There are Seattleans that like Christian!? No, those must be tourists from outta town.

Christian brings Darby around but Darby throws body shots! Christian CLUBS Darby, then fishhooks him again! The ref counts, Christian lets off, and he looms over Darby to clamp on a neck wrench. Darby endures, fans boo, but Christian tells them to shut up. Darby fights up and pries free! Darby fires body shots, but Christian ROCKS him! Christian whips but Darby reverses. Christian ends up on the apron, and Darby swings, but Christian ducks to HOTSHOT! Christian goes up and DIVING FLOPS as Darby moves! Darby hops on, CODE RED! Cover, TWO!! Christian survives, but Darby waistlocks! O’Conner Roll, TWO!

Darby springboards to SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Christian again survives but Darby ghost pins, TWO!! Christian continues to escape and then he TOSSES Darby out! Christian goes out to fetch Darby, and whip him hard into railing! Darby writhes and fans boo but Christian looms over Darby. Christian drags Darby up, to RAM him into more barriers! The ring count climbs, Christian puts Darby in, and he gives another look to Mama Wayne. Fans boo and she raises an eyebrow. Christian swaggers his way over, talks her up, and she reaches out? To SPLASH him with water!! Fans fire up for Mama Wayne! Then Darby DIVES onto Christian!!

Darby puts Christian in, climbs up the corner, but Christian bails out. So Darby just adjusts to SUPER COFFIN SPLASH! Direct hit and Darby puts Christian back in! Darby goes back up, COFFIN DROP onto knees!! Christian saves himself from disaster, then runs, to BLAST Darby off the apron and onto the desk!! Commentary almost falls out of their seats and fans lose their minds! Christian mocks the fans like he can’t hear them, and then he goes back out. Christian considers the steel steps, and he decides to move them around. The ring count passes 5 of 10 but Darby drags himself in. Only for Christian to drag him back out!

Christian carries Darby around the way, but Darby fights free and gets back in the ring! Darby then RAMS Christian, ROCKS him, and ROCKS him again! Christian wobbles and holds onto the ropes, so Darby BITES Christian’s hand! The ref reprimands, Darby stops and runs, but into a thumb to the eye! Christian then aims, suplexes, but Darby resists! Christian still gets Darby up, to SLAM Darby down! Darby’s body narrowly misses the steel steps, but Christian won’t stop there! Christian suplexes Darby to then SLAM him on the steel steps!! Christian puts Darby in while fans tell him he’s sick!

Christian drags Darby up onto the apron! APRON- NO, Darby fights! Christian shifts, and SLAMS Darby back on the steel steps!!! Seattle is losing their minds and Christian wants a count out! The count begins while Doc Sampson checks Darby. Darby is breathing, but it’s hard to say if he’s conscious. The count passes 5 of 10, then goes to 8! Christian smiles as the count hits TEN, and he wins this fall!

Christian: 1; Darby: 1

And now it all comes down to this! Fans boo as Christian damn near tried to end Darby’s life just to win this belt. Christian goes out, wanting to start the third fall, but the ref tells him to back off. Christian says if Darby’s done, then call it! The ref says they need Doc Sampson to assess that. So Christian starts untying the ring mat from the frame? What is Captain “Your Relative is Dead” plotting? The ref and Sampson call for a stretcher, is Darby going to be called unable to compete? The stretcher arrives, but Christian keeps untying strings. Christian is exposing the wood? What for?! The medics get Darby on the stretcher, is this match continuing or not?

Christian finishes exposing one whole side of the ring, and then keeps going! But wait, Christian climbs the corner?! TO FROG SPLASH THE STRETCHER!!! Fans lose their minds all over again and the ref is furious! What is wrong with Christian?! Christian did vow he’d end Darby in order to end this feud, but did he mean literally?! The fans call Christian sick, but Christian puts Darby into the ring! They’re on bare wood now, and somehow Darby is moving? The match continues for the third fall!? Darby SLAPS Christian but Christian gets the arms! BARE WOOD KILLSWITCH!!! Cover, TWO?!?!? HOW?!?!?

Seattle is electric for Darby proving he’s superhuman!! Darby crawls but Christian just keeps exposing wood. Christian aims, runs in, but Darby sends spear into buckles! And then runs in, but Christian SLAMS him down! Christian steps through to have the SCORPION DEATHLOCK!! Christian is even mocking Sting now as he tortures Darby! Darby crawls and claws at the wood but Christian sits deep on the hold!! Christian reaches out, fans rally up as hard as they can, and Darby gets the ROPEBREAK!! Christian lets go in frustration and the fans continue to cheer Darby on. Christian drags Darby up but Darby SLAPS and SLAPS and CLAWS the eyes!

Darby’s fancy nails dig into Christian’s face! Then Darby slips on the dragon sleeper, BARE WOOD SCORPION DEATH DROP!! Both men are down and fans rally for Darby! Darby wills himself up the corner! Darby’s up top, BARE WOOD COFFIN DROP!!! Cover, TWO?!?!? HOW?!? Christian survives and Darby is beside himself! But Darby just goes back to the corner, goes back up the corner, but Christian trips Darby! Christian wants the cameras to clear out, and Christian goes up. He’s aiming for the steps from up top!? Darby throws hands but Christian CLUBS Darby! Christian adjusts, to SUPER SUNSET BOMB on bare wood!!

Darby writhes, sputters, but he tells the ref to NOT end this! Christian runs in, Darby moves, the SPEAR hits the REF!! Fans are stunned, as is Christian! But then Christian LOW BLOWS Darby!! As if Christian hasn’t done enough to Darby in this match! Wait, Christian goes out and he grabs the title! Christian storms in and holds the belt up. Fans boo as hard as they can, but Christian shows it to Mama Wayne. Christian aims at Darby, but NICK WAYNE runs out there! Nick snatches the belt! Fans fire up and Christian is furious! Christian chases Nick, they get in the ring, and now Nick and Darby stand together!

Fans fire up as Christian sees he is 2v1. He wants them to calm down, and Darby says go ahead, Nick. Nick says this is for what Christian’s done to the Wayne family! Nick CLOBBERS Darby?!?! Seattle is completely stunned!! Even Nick’s own mother doesn’t understand why Nick did this to his mentor!! But Christian drags Darby around, gets the ref up, and then Christian covers Darby. The ref counts very slowly, but Christian still wins!!

Winner: Christian Cage, 2-1, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion)

Why, Nick, why!? Was he broken down so much that he let Captain Charisma brainwash him?! Wait, now Christian sits Darby up. Nick says this is for when Darby left them! Darby abandoned Nick, he abandoned Buddy, he abandoned Nick’s mom, and everyone else in Seattle! Nick beats up on Darby while fans boo! Christian and Nick stomp Darby, and the fans boo as hard as they’ve ever done before! But then here comes STIIIING! The fans cheer the Icon, and that scares Christian and Nick! Nick rushes up but Sting DECKS him! Sting DECKS Christian, DECKS Nick, and DECKS Christian again!

Fans fire up as Sting storms around. Luchasaurus rushes out there, but Sting brings Nick up to RAM him into Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus stays up so Sting fires off hands! Luchasaurus ROCKS Sting, but Sting just roars! But Nick anchors Sting and Luchasaurus beats him down! It’s 3v1 against Sting! Fans boo as they all dig boots into Sting! Christian then grabs a couple chairs! Christian brings those in, and we know what those are for! Luchasaurus stomps Sting, then places the chair. Christian drags Sting onto that chair, gets the other, for a CON-CHAIR- WAIT! The lights go down? Who could this be?!

“Our feature presentation.” A man gets in a muscle car and drives into town. There’s pyro going off at the arena but this man drives to the back alley. “You think you know him.” WHAT??!? And with Alter Bridge’s Metalingus, it is ADAM “EDGE” COPELAND!!! The Rated R Superstar, the WWE Hall of Famer, frenemy of Christian Cage, is now ALL ELITE!! Edge gets his pyro, then storms up to the ring. Edge stares Christian, Luchasaurus and Nick down while Seattle loses their minds all over again. But then Edge wants the chair? Christian hands it over, and Nick figures he’ll set Sting up for the legend.

Edge looms over Sting, fans don’t want him to do it, but Edge SMACKS NICK!! And SMACKS Luchasaurus! And then SPEARS Luchasaurus down!! And then SPEARS Nick!! Christian runs away, not actually caring about either of his young wards! Christian only cares about the TNT Championship, so will Edge look to take that from him now that they’re both in the same company once again? Darby and Sting stand up, and Darby offers a handshake. Edge takes it! Sting then offers the same, and Edge takes it! Fans fire up as Darby now has two legends on his side! Is this story with Captain Charisma far from over for these Relentless Icons?

My Thoughts:

Another great event from AEW, but I just need to say right now, I really hope that this “new era” of AEW is that they understand the ramifications of these massive PPVs. And I mean that in terms of size. I can’t keep doing five HOURS of wrestling on Sundays. Now, granted, this weekend was unique because WWE NXT had an event that then preempted AEW Collision so I had to do that and this in one day. However, even under normal circumstances, I don’t wanna be doing this once a month every month because now AEW is gonna add something in December, too. If AEW could learn to do more with less, as WWE has figured out, that’d be great.

Plus, the Zero Hour is no longer just an hour. The entire preshow of this was 90 minutes just so they could fit in the promos and the four matches. Great matches again, though. The Mixed 8 was a random move but good to see Keith Lee, Athena and Billie Starks getting on AEW programming while mostly in ROH. And they got paid. But seriously, Keith’s story with Shane Taylor needs to get going already, Tony Khan is not good at pacing. Claudio VS Barnett was probably the best match on the Zero Hour. And the trios titles closing Zero Hour was fine, even though it was obvious The Acclaimed was going to retain.

Opening the main show with MJF VS The Righteous was a good choice. The fans got fired up right away, and they loved every single thing MJF did. Eddie VS Shibata was a great follow-up, getting the other ROH title match out of the way. Eddie retaining also made sense, for all the things I’ve been saying on the other shows. Really good TBS Championship match, but I also figured Kris would retain. Not sure who will be next for Kris, but maybe they restart that story with her, Willow Nightingale, Mercedes Martinez & Diamante. The Fatal 4 Way Tag was awesome stuff, and just as I’d figured, The Bucks win. They didn’t do the Money in the Bank cash-in, but maybe the Bucks call FTR out for Full Gear in Los Angeles.

Fenix going down during the Fatal 4 is a real shame, we can only hope he’ll be okay for Dynamite this week. The Dynamite anniversary show wanted to have Fenix VS Nick Jackson but now that’s in doubt. But don’t call the International Championship cursed, it is just because Fenix has legit been going so hard, and Moxley’s thing was a bit of a freak accident, too. Great to see Moxley back, actually, and he was great on commentary for all his BCC teammates’ matches. Starks VS Yuta was great stuff, and then Bryan VS ZSJ was incredible, and it made sense for Starks and Bryan to win. Starks can totally have a match with Claudio, and then maybe with Moxley once Moxley is cleared. I just hope this all helps Starks get to an AEW title.

Swerve VS Hangman was awesome stuff, and very clever finish having Nana’s bejeweled headband be the weapon Swerve uses. Swerve winning also made sense in story for him to stick it to Hangman that Swerve is “taking his spot” by any means necessary. Great Six Man Tag, and I am really surprised the Heels won. I suppose it would be rather weak if the first match Sammy Guevara has as part of the Don Callis Family was a loss, though. But maybe this all leads to individual matches at Full Gear, like Jericho VS Sammy and then Golden Lovers VS I dunno, Ospreay & Takeshita? That probably makes the most sense.

Awesome match from FTR VS Aussie Open, definitely building upon what we saw a year ago at Royal Quest 2, as well as all other matches these two teams have had since then. Hopefully Davis’ wrist isn’t as bad as it seemed at the end there, he really only just got back from injury. Then the main event was awesome stuff, though they certainly blurred the lines with Darby being down and out after those steel step spots. I did appreciate Christian pulling up the ring mats to expose the hardwood, though, that hardly happens even in No Disqualification matches. Nick Wayne betraying Darby here feels a PPV too late, but better late than never, I suppose.

And then Adam “Edge” Copeland now being here in AEW, that is wild. Nice little swerve, making us think he was on Christian’s side but obviously not now. Edge VS Christian can be some great stuff going into Full Gear and the rest of this “new era” of AEW. And of course we’re gonna need a Six Man Tag of Christian, Luchasaurus & Nick Wayne VS Edge, Sting & Darby now. Maybe get AR Fox back into this story, it feels like Darby forgiving Fox when Nick couldn’t is a good part of why Nick turned, too.

My Score: 9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (9/30/23)

It’s WrestleDream Eve!



There’s a Collision in Seattle!

Before AEW starts a “new chapter” with WrestleDream, it is an All-Star Collision 8 Man Tag! Will FTR and BCC work together to take down their enemies?


  • Andrade El Idolo VS Juice Robinson w/ The Gunns; Andrade wins.
  • The Kingdom VS Best Friends w/ Rocky Romero; The Kingdom wins.
  • Julia Hart w/ Brody King VS Vertvixen; Julia wins.
  • Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega VS The Gates of Agony w/ Prince Nana; Jericho & Omega win.
  • The Righteous VS Travis Williams & Judas Icarus; The Righteous win.
  • WrestleDream All-Star 8 Man Tag: Bryan Danielson, Wheeler Yuta & FTR VS Ricky Starks, “Big Bill” Morrissey & Aussie Open; Starks, Bill & Aussie Open win.


Ricky Starks’ team speaks.

Big Bill tells Bryan, Yuta and FTR that it is time to go trick or treating, because he is handing out size 16 Timberland boots like they’re Halloween candy. Boo! Kyle Fletcher of Aussie Open says that for 365 days, they’ve waited to get back in the ring with FTR. Mark Davis says to shine those championships up, because tomorrow night, they’re takin’ ’em! Starks pretends to get a phone call and says the people on the other end promises everyone’s getting their asses kicked! No previews, just spoilers!

Bryan Danielson’s team speaks.

Cash Wheeler says tonight, they give everybody a little preview of WrestleDream. And Yuta says he’ll give Starks a preview of the ass kicking Starks is getting tomorrow. Bryan says they’re in his hometown of Seattle, so let’s go! Dax adds #TopGuysOut, but will they be on top after this All-Star main event?


Andrade El Idolo VS Juice Robinson w/ The Gunns!

While the Face of Latino Wrestling ran afoul of Bullet Club Gold and lost to Jay White, Jay White seemingly ran afoul of MJF and got beat down by a gang of mysterious masked minions! Rock Hard is raging, will he take his anger out on Andrade? Or will Andrade avenge himself from last week’s Collision?

The bell rings and the ref already has to back down an angry Austin & Colten. Andrade shoves Juice, Juice shoves Andrade, and they go forehead to forehead. The fans taunt the ‘ASS~ BOYS~” as Juice eggs Andrade on. So Andrade trips Juice and goes for the legs! Juice scrambles away to the outside and regroups with the Gunns. Fans rally for Andrade as he goes out after Juice. Juice hurries away, slides back into the ring, and Andrade slides in. Juice drops an elbow but misses as Andrade moves! Andrade goes up to CROSSBODY! Fans fire up as Andrade kicks and snap suplexes! Uno amigo and fans fire up!

Andrade hits Dos Amigos! Then some Latino Heat and THREE AMIGOS! Fans fire up as Andrade covers, TWO! Andrade keeps on Juice as he puts him in a drop zone. Andrade climbs, but Juice bails out again to join the Gunns, but Andrade ARIHARA MOONSAULTS them all down! Fans are thunderous as Andrade stands tall! Andrade puts Juice in the ring, Juice complains about hair pulling, but that’s to distract so the Gunns can anchor Andrade! Juice BLASTS Andrade off the apron and into the desk! Juice soaks up the heat, argues with the ref again, and the Gunns mug Andrade! Fans boo as Colten gets extra stomps in!

The Gunns taunt Andrade but the ref tells them to back off. Andrade slowly stands up but Juice is on him with a scoop and SNAKE EYES off the apron! Then an ELBOW knocks Andrade down! Juice slides in, the Gunns continue to mock Andrade, but Juice drags Andrade up to the apron. Fans boo more as Juice facelocks and turns Andrade for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Fans rally, the Gunns tell the ref to do his job, and Juice stands Andrade up to scoop and BACKBREAKER! Juice says Andrade’s gonna quit, but Andrade CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS again! Andrade runs but Juice ELBOWS him down! Then SENTONS! Cover, TWO!

Juice storms around, brings Andrade up and whips, but Andrade blocks! Fans rally as Andrade and Juice struggle for control. Juice gets the whip but Andrade reverses it, to then clothesline in the corner! Andrade climbs up and fans fire up as he rains down fists! Andrade gets nine but Juice FLAPJACKS on the tenth! Then he RAMS Andrade into buckles! The Gunns coach Juice to stay on him, so Juice CANNONBALLS! Juice soaks up the cheers and jeers as Collision goes picture in picture.

The Gunns talk a lot of trash but Juice storms up on Andrade again. Juice drags Andrade up to bend him against ropes! The ref counts, Juice lets off, but Austin CHOKES Andrade! Then Colten CHOKES Andrade! They let off but the ref warns the Gunns. Juice drags Andrade up to snap suplex! Juice mocks Latino Heat, then goes up a corner. Juice FROG SPLASHES down! Cover, TWO! Andrade hangs tough while Juice argues the count. The ref says it was fair, so Juice drags Andrade up. Andrade CHOPS! And CHOPS! But Juice pokes him in the eye! Juice snapmares and wraps on a chinlock to grind Andrade down.

Andrade endures, fights around, and Collision returns to single picture. Andrade fights up as fans rally, and he throws body shots! Juice CLUBS Andrade, then back suplexes! Juice blows snot on Andrade! Fans boo but Juice grins and looms over Andrade. Juice kicks Andrade, eggs him on, “Let’s hear it for lucha libre!” Andrade SLAPS Juice! And CHOPS! But Juice reels Andrade in! Andrade lands out of the back suplex, gets a leg and hits a DRAGON SCREW! Then another DRAGON SCREW! Juice hobbles, swings, but Andrade dodges to CLOBBER him! Both men are down and the fans fire up!

Andrade kips up and the fans are thunderous! Andrade blows some snot on Juice! Wait, CJ Perry is watching this backstage, typing into her phone. She seems rather interested in this match, is she going to look to manage El Idolo? The Gunns coach Juice but Andrade goes up top, to MOONSAULT! Juice moves, Andrade MOONSAULTS again, but onto knees! Juice saves himself twice in a row, then LEG LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Juice is frustrated as Andrade survives, but the fans rally up. Juice brings Andrade up, calls his shot, but Andrade slips free! Juice ROCKS Andrade, but swings into a clinch! BUCKLE SHOT!

Fans fire up and the Gunns panic as Andrade rises again. Andrade slaps his legs and the fans fire up! Andrade goes corner to corner, but the ref is used as a shield! The fans boo, but then Juice pokes Andrade in the eyes! Juice stands up to throw the LEFT HAND O’ GOD! Juice reels Andrade in, gets him up, FALLING POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO!! Andrade survives and the Bang Bang Gang can’t believe it! Juice goes to a corner and fans are torn as he climbs up. Andrade stands, Juice aims, CROSSBODY! But Andrade rolls through to get the legs! But Juice cradles, TWO! Juice runs in, CORNER HIP TOSS!

Juice sits up, into CIEN SHADOWS!! Andrade pushes Juice to center, has the legs, and fans “WOO~!” But Colten distracts the ref and Austin runs in! But the ref sees Austin and that plaque! Austin hands that off to Colten but the ref EJECTS the Gunns! The fans fire up as the Ass Boys are done! Andrade grins, turns back to Juice, but Juice rolls him up! With tights! TWO!! Andrade ducks the leg lariat, boot feint to ELBOW!! Cover, TWO?!? Juice survives but Andrade snarls! Andrade drags Juice up, reels him in, hammerlock and LA SOMBRA DDT!! Cover, Andrade wins!

Winner: Andrade El Idolo, by pinfall

The woes for Bullet Club Gold keep piling up! Andrade avenges himself from last week, will CJ Perry look to build her stable around him?


Backstage interview with Kenny Omega & Chris Jericho.

Tony Schiavone is with the Best Bout Machine and The Ocho, and says that not just for the first time on Collision but the first time anywhere, these two are teaming up! Jericho says this is a big deal! For the last four years, AEW has been built on the animosity between Omega and Jericho. From the Tokyo Dome to the first Double or Nothing to the first Stadium Stampede match, Omega VS Jericho has been nothing but stellar. They’ve been at each other’s throats. But that is why, on WrestleDream Eve, before facing the Don Callis Family, Kenny & Jericho are going to figure out how to even coexist and be on the same page.

Omega says the match is set in stone, a Six Man Tag of Omega, Jericho & Kota Ibushi VS Ospreay, Takeshita & Guevara. Tonight, this right here is about coexisting. But it isn’t about “What kind of double team moves can they do? Can the win the gold together?” No. Omega and Jericho still don’t like each other. And never will. They’re not going to go to each other’s birthdays, Christmas parties, Thanksgiving dinners and the like. But Don Callis and his “family” is bigger than this. So this weekend, Omega promises to have Jericho’s back. Does Jericho have his? Yes, Jericho will have Omega’s back.

Jericho knows that tonight, it is The Gates of Agony, and tomorrow the Don Callis Family! The Demo God & The Cleaner will take them all out! Will the Winnipeggers be winning together? Or will they fall apart?


Toni Storm: Portrait of a Star, part 2.

The Lightning From Down Under again sits with RJ City, but she’s fussing with her hair. If this is a bad time, he can come back. No, no, they’re here, just roll. Then what would Toni say is the peak of her career? Peak? What? Is this not her peak? What’s he implying? Nothing, just that… Well, she failed to take the AEW Women’s World Championship back in her match with Saraya, and it just seems like- It seems like nothing! Toni peaks, peaks and peaks again! Call her when RJ has one. Then she takes RJ’s hand to tell him this business can be a cruel mistress.

She does miss the old days. It was a simpler time, a happier time. Slap on a backwards hat, slap a pie in someone’s face, they all love you. But now it’s, “What have you done for us?” If you don’t bleed and cry every week, you won’t get a good write-up! Pardon her for being a star. And if the world has forgotten what that looks like, then chin up, chest out, and she’ll just have to remind us all. Then she mistakes RJ for having taken her hand as a come-on. No, he’s not doing that all! He is not flirting, coming or anything. Then what’s his problem? Is she not good enough for him?! Uh… To be continued!


The Kingdom VS Best Friends w/ Rocky Romero!

Matt Taven & Mike Bennett are just so concerned with Roderick Strong that they’re bringing their luggage out with them so they can hit the road once this match is done. At the same time, they don’t think Trent Beretta & Chuck Taylor are as good of friends as they say. Will The OGK expose them as weak friends? Or will the Best Friends prove The Kingdom isn’t as #NeckStrong as they think they are?

The teams sort out and Best Friends go right after The Kingdom! They double whip, the Kingdom reverses but Best Friends both KICK back! And then Best Friends reel The Kingdom in! Mike & Taven bail out, they’re not ready to test their necks like that. They regroup, fire back up, and Mike runs in. The bell actually rings now and Trent CHOPS Mike down! Trent throws hands, stomps Mike towards the corner, and CHOPS! Tag to Chuck, Best Friends double whip to double shoulder! And even double double gun! Chuck wrenches Mike to a BIG back suplex! Cocky cover, TWO! Tag to Trent, and Best Friends set Mike up to CHOP!

Mike sputters, Taven steps in but Trent storms up on him. Taven backs away, and Mike kicks Trent low! Tag to Taven, feed to a BOOT! FOREARM! MISSILE DROPKICK! Because “IIII’M Matt Taven!” Chuck tags in to CHOP Taven down! Chuck keeps on Taven, whips, but Taven reverses and Mike gets a cheap shot in. So Chuck DECKS Mike! Taven BOOTS Chuck and Mike drags Chuck out, but Chuck ROCKS Mike! Taven WRECKS Chuck with a dropkick! But then Trent PLANCHAS onto Taven and throws fast hands! Fans fire up as Trent runs in at Mike, but Mike THROWS him into railing!

Chuck SUPERKICKS Mike! And SUPERKICKS Trent! Chuck runs in at Mike, but Mike drop toeholds him into a chair! All four men are down but Mike grins as Collision goes picture in picture.

Mike stands on the chair to flex, and then Taven brings Chuck around to put in the ring. Cover, TWO! Taven keeps on Chuck, Mike blows a kiss to the camera meant for his wife, Maria, but Chuck fights back on Taven! Taven blocks a kick, tags Mike, and Mike trips Chuck to CATAPULT him into Taven’s GAMANGIRI! Then the MACHO ELBOW BACKBREAKER COMBO! Cover, TWO! The Kingdom is annoyed but Mike drags Chuck up and puts him in an open corner. Mike CHOPS Chuck, then ROCKS Chuck, then bumps him off buckles. Tag to Taven, and Taven suplexes for a GOURDBUSTER! Mike hits the BOSTON BAYONET! Cover, TWO!

The Kingdom is further annoyed but Taven drags Chuck up. Chuck throws body shots, but Taven spins him for a ROLLING NECKBREAKER! The Kingdom is in control as Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Mike runs into a SEXY CHUCKIE KNEE! Mike falls, Chuck staggers, hot tag to Trent! Fans fire up as Trent rallies on Mike! Then hits a GERMAN SUPLEX! Taven goes up, leaps, but into a HALF ‘N’ HALF! The Kingdom end up in opposite corners, Trent runs to ELBOW Mike! Taven runs in but is sent into Mike! Trent then ELBOWS them both! Trent goes up while The Kingdom staggers around, and Trent DOUBLE MISSILE DROPKICKS! Fans fire up with Trent as he brings Taven up. But Taven ENZIGURIS! But Chuck hits him with SOLE FOLD! Trent hits a TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO!

Trent grits his teeth, and he brings Tavne up to back suplex. Taven lands out to CHOP Trent on the back! Tag to Mike, they whip Trent to the corner, and Taven hits a GAMANGIRI! Mike hits a forearm! Taven hits a SPLASH! Feed to the DEATH VALLEY DRIVER, then JUST THE TIP! Cover, Chuck breaks it! Taven TOSSES Chuck, then goes out after him, only for Chuck to send Taven into steps! Chuck whips Mike but Mike rebounds, BOSTON BAYONET! Mike hurries to move the steel steps around, and he drags Trent out. Mike brings Trent over and up the steps, but Trent fireman’s carries! STEEL DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!!

Trent drags Mike off the steps while fans lose their minds, and Trent puts Mike in. Chuck Electric Chair Lifts, Trent goes up, BUSAIKU KNEE DOOMSDAY! Fans fire up as Best Friends stand, and HUG! You GOT to give the people what the want! Chuck reels Mike in, Trent intercepts Taven! DOUBLE PILEDRIVERS!! Cover, ROPEBREAK?! Mike survives by a literal foot! Trent can’t believe it, but he tags Chuck in. Only for Taven to trip Chuck! Trent DECKS Taven, but Mike PUNCHES TRENT IN THE WIENER!! Taven goes up while the ref is checking Trent, Mike PUNCHES CHUCK IN THE WIENER!!

Mike reels Chuck in, Taven leaps, MIND BREAKER PILEDRIVER!! Cover, The Kingdom wins!

Winners: The Kingdom, by pinfall

The Kingdom proved they’re #NeckStrong and that they’re willing to sink to any lows just to win! Mike gets the mic to say, “Wiener punch! Piledriver! Roddy Strong!” Taven says they gotta go! They got redeye flights to go back to Roddy! This isn’t for any of the “Melvins” in Seattle or the people at home! This message is for one person, and that is Adam Cole! Taven knows Cole has doctors appointments all week and even delayed his surgery. Please, if The Kingdom means anything to him, meet him at Roddy’s house! Or maybe go get surgery, “ya selfish bastard!” Just kidding, but if they mean anything to Cole, then meet them at Roddy’s.

And don’t worry, Roddy, they’re just six hours away. Stay #NeckStrong for them! What is The Kingdom getting at, guilting Cole over his ankle injury and Roddy’s neck pain?


Backstage interview with Don Callis and Prince Nana.

Alex Marvez says it is Jericho & Omega VS The Gates of Agony, and so he wants to get a word the managers. What is Callis doing talking to Nana? Callis leaves and Alex asks Nana what this is about. Nana brings up a saying: If you dig deep into the universe, you will find something there that is very, very unique. And tonight, once The Gates finish with Omega & Jericho, “we in the money~!” Is creepy Callis paying Prince Nana a boatload to make sure neither Omega nor Jericho make it to WrestleDream? Will his investment pay off?


AEW takes a closer look at WrestleDream’s TBS Championship match.

Julia Hart says, “Little girl, little girl, you are so young. And now you didn’t even see your full potential, until we showed you. Now, you are reborn.” The Lady of the House of Black has torn into the division, and now has this title opportunity. Kris Statlander doesn’t want to tear Julia down, but she is a fighting champion. She is THE Fighting Champion. And a “spooky little b*tch” like Julia is no match for Kris.

Julia Hart w/ Brody King VS Vertvixen!

Well, that “spooky little b*tch” is in action not even 24 hours before the title match. Will the Lady of the House have even more momentum going into WrestleDream? Or is this a trap game before taking on the Galaxy’s Greatest?

The bell rings and the two approach. Vert swings, misses and Julia ROCKS her! Then LARIATS! Julia thrashes Vert around, then lets off with a primal yell! Vert scrambles to ropes, Julia storms up on her and CHOKES her on the ropes! The ref counts, Julia lets off at 4, and Vert sputters and cough. Julia stomps Vert, brings her up, but Vert throws heavy hands! Julia bumps Vert off buckles, then throws hands! Julia runs corner to corner to handspring and clothesline! Julia keeps moving, and she KNEES Vert in the corner! Julia snapmares, then KICKS Vert in the back! Julia drags Vert up, thrashes her around some more, but fans rally.

Vert throws hands, Julia CLUBS Vert and whips her to another corner. Julia runs in but Vert dodges! Vert runs up but into a BOOT! Vert wobbles, blocks the next boot and she ROCKS Julia! Fans fire up, Vert throws another forearm, and then runs corner to corner. But Julia DOUBLE STOMPS her down! Fans fire up as Julia glares at Vert. Julia steps on Vert, goes up the corner, and MOONSAULTS! Cover, Julia wins!

Winner: Julia Hart, by pinfall

The Lady of the House now hits 28-0 going into the title match! And she gets a mic to tell, “Oh~ Kris~! I don’t think I can’t wait until tomorrow. I think you should come out here right now!” And so here comes the champ! But she’s not alone, she has her Best Friends with her! Mama Kris storms down the ramp, Chuck, Trent & Rocky following. Kris gets in the ring but Brody of course stands in her way. But that’s what the boys are for! Julia has Brody stand down, and then Kris has Best Friends stand down. Kris eggs Julia on since she called for this fight! Julia raises her hand, but then smirks and backs out.

Fans boo, it seems Hartless is also gutless. Kris gets the mic to tell Julia that she can run away tonight. But tomorrow, she will be in the ring with not only the TBS Champion, but the Defeater of the Undefeated! Fans cheer that reference, and Kris tells Julia that the clock is ticking. Tomorrow night, WrestleDream, TIME’S UP! Will Mama Kris put little Julia to bed? Or will the House Always Win?


Claudio Castagnoli speaks.

The Swiss Superman says that though he lost the ROH World Championship, he has never felt so good to have a weight lifted off his shoulders. You don’t need to be a champion to act like one. You just need to find what keeps you going. And what keeps him going is this sport. And there is an event dedicated to the sport he has dedicated his life to, he will challenge anyone who thinks they are man enough to step to him! So Josh Barnett accepts! Everyone loves talking about challenges. How they’ll overcome this, how they’ll conquer that, and claim to lay something out so that they can be at the top of the mountain.

But every so often, people really aren’t ready to endure what they set forth. War is ageless, and the ring is a field of combat. Wherever there is a ring, you will find him. Tomorrow night, WrestleDream, Barnett will show Claudio what a challenge can become. This match is made for the Zero Hour, who is truly #WarReady?


Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega VS The Gates of Agony w/ Prince Nana!

Two rivals united by a common enemy are looking for retribution at WrestleDream! But will The Ocho & The Cleaner make the ultimate duo in AEW? Or will Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona do Don Callis’ dirty work?

The teams sort out and fans rally for “KENNY! KENNY!” while Jericho starts against Liona. Fans then rally up for Jericho as he circles with Liona. Nana is upset at just how loud the fans are for Jericho. Jericho and Liona tie up, then Liona shoves Jericho. Jericho CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Liona just HEADBUTTS Jericho down! Liona drags Jericho up to CHOP him to the corner. Tag to Kaun, Liona RAMS into Jericho, then backs off. Kaun SLAPS Liona to fire him up, and then whips him in to SPLASH Jericho! Feed to Kaun’s LARIAT! Cover, ONE!! Kaun stomps Jericho’s hand, then drags him up.

Kaun puts Jericho in a corner, tag to Liona and the Gates mug him! The ref counts but Nana loves it. But then Jericho fights back with haymakers! Liona & Kaun mug Jericho again, choke him, and fans boo! The ref has to keep Omega back, and then reprimands the Gates. Liona whips Jericho, but Jericho KICKS back! Tag to Omega and fans fire up! Omega GAMANGIRIS Liona, bumps him off buckles, and again, and again, and again! Liona just roars! Omega ducks the haymaker to HOTSHOT Liona away! Omega then hurries to a corner, climbs up, and CROSSBODIES! Omega keeps moving and he brings Liona around.

Omega tries to suplex but Liona’s too big! Liona suplexes Omega but Jericho makes the save! Jericho & Omega manage to DOUBLE SUPLEX Liona! Fans fire up and even they’re surprised that worked! They fist bump, and Omega brings Liona around. Tag to Jericho, they mug Liona with elbows and CHOPS! They double whip, but Liona blocks! Liona ROCKS Jericho, ELBOWS Omega, then DOUBLE CHOPS! Liona runs, Omega & Jericho dodge to DOUBLE SHOULDER Liona down! Fans fire up and they haul Liona up. Jericho CLUBS Liona, CHOPS him, then brings him over to tag Omega.

Jericho throws some headlock punches, then Omega CLUBS Liona. Omega CHOPS but Linoa shoves him. Omega kicks and CLUBS and CHOPS Liona, then wrenches. Liona reaches out, but Omega keeps him from Kaun. Liaon braeks free but Omega blocks the shot to CHOP! And CHOP! Omega runs, but Nana trips him up! Liona then runs to CLOBBER Omega into Jericho! Nana is happy now as Liona drags Omega up and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Kaun, and the Gates mug Omega. Kaun brings Omega around, snap suplexes, and then rolls to wrench and waistlock, GERMAN SUPLEX!

Kaun drags Omega up again, but Omega throws elbows! Kaun ducks under to hit the BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Kaun’s take on Three Amigos didn’t finish this, but he tags in Liona. The Gates double whip Omega, then Kaun runs in. Omega boots, Kaun blocks, and he puts Omega in ropes to DRAPING BACKSTABBER! Liona adds a BIG elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Omega hangs tough and Nana is upset, but Liona CHOKES Omega on ropes! The ref counts and fans rally, and Liona lets off. Liona brings Omega up but Omega throws hands! Fans rally but Liona URENAGES! Tag to Kaun, and he pushes Omega for a cover, ONE!

Kaun drags Omega up and CLUBS him! Nana tells Jericho to shut up, and then Kaun puts Omega on ropes to CHOKE him, and CLUB him! The ref counts as Kaun CLUBS away, but Kaun lets off at 4. Liona CLAWS Omega’s face! Nana even gets some shots in! Fans boo, but the ref sees Liona step on Omega. Kaun tags Liona and kicks Omega out. Liona CLOBBERS Omega against the desk! And RAMS him into the apron! Liona CLUBS Omega, but Omega throws elbows! Liona HEADBUTTS Omega, puts him in the ring, and then covers, TWO! Nana is frustrated but Liona drags Omega up.

Liona scoops Omega to put him on ropes, to throw KNEE after KNEE! Fans still rally for Omega but Liona dumps him down. Tag to Kaun and Kaun slingshot SENTONS! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Omega survives but Kaun is amused. Kaun drags Omega up, but Omega throws body shots! Kaun KNEES low, then distracts the ref so Liona can BITE Omega! Fans boo and the ref reprimands, but then Kaun runs in, only for Omega to go up and over and stand, to RAN- NO, Kaun blocks that to hoist Omega up! Omega RANAS on the second try! Fans fire up as both men crawl! Kaun grabs at Omega’s leg but Omega kicks free, hot tag to Jericho!

Jericho dodges Kaun, BLASTS Liona, then rallies on Kaun with big shoulders! Kaun dodges, but Jericho just goes up and AX HANDLES! Nana is furious as Jericho hits the LIONSAULT! Fans are thunderous as Jericho gets the legs! Kaun resists, kicks free, and stands, into a CHOP! Jericho CHOPS and CHOPS and whips, but Kaun reverses. Kaun runs but into a BOOT! Jericho runs, but Kaun dodges and Liona CLOBBERS Jericho! The Gates haul Jericho up, fireman’s carry for a GUT BUSTER DROP! Cover, Omega breaks it! Liona storms up but Omega fires off haymakers! Omega CHOPS and CHOPS but Liona TOSSES him to a corner!

Liona runs in but Omega ducks! Liona hits buckles and tumbles to the apron! Jericho triangle jump DROPKICKS! But then Kaun rolls Jericho up! TWO, and Jericho hits a CODE BREAKER! Omega runs in at Kaun, V-TRIGGER! Fans fire up more as Omega keeps moving, and he FLIES onto Liona! Direct hit at the ramp! Jericho trips Kaun, turns him over, WALLS OF JERICHO!! Kaun endures, Nana freaks out, but Nana taps! Jericho & Omega win!

Winners: Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega, by submission

The Ocho & The Cleaner shake hands, having successfully become a team! And now they will add the Golden Star, Kota Ibushi, against Sammy Guevara, Konosuke Takeshita & Will Ospreay! Jericho gets a mic to say, “Alright, Seattle! I have to say, after what you just saw, Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho proved we can coexist together!” Fans cheer that! Omega says Jericho said it himself, coexistence is NOT part of a grand scheme to become the greatest team in AEW. This is bigger than that! This is about Don Callis, who when Omega was brainwashed, never listened to the fans telling him, “Creepy Don this, Creepy Don that.”

Omega never believed the fans because he was blinded. But now Omega has seen the light, and all it took was for Callis to spend $30,000 just so he and Takeshita could fly to Japan and hurt the ones Omega loves. It hit Omega right in the heart. But Omega says it will take more than an assault to make Omega turn his back on his friends. And Ibushi, who has lived a life of fighting, takes a beating like that as an invitation! So tomorrow, WrestleDream, aside from the fact it is a PPV, that it is another chance for each and every one of the fans here to meet them, it is time for the original Alpha and Omega to spell the beginning of the end of Don Callis!

Fans cheer that, and Jericho promises tomorrow at WrestleDream, here in Seattle, Kenny, Kota & The Ocho VS The Don Callis Family… Takeshita is one of the greatest in the world today; Ospreay is the man who beat both Jericho and Omega within the course of a month; and the worst of all, Sammy Guevara! What has he become now that he’s betrayed everyone he’s ever loved? Sammy, YOU are the Ultimate Judas, ya little bastard! And last week, Sammy said he was the hero and Jericho’s the villain? You’re damn right! So Jericho will ruin Sammy’s dreams, goals and his entire LIFE!!

Tomorrow, the villain takes out all of his aggressions from teaming with Sammy these last four years out ON Sammy! Jericho, Omega, Ibushi, they’re coming for the Family!! Jericho is all fired up, will he and the reunited Golden Lovers tear down all that Don Callis has built?


The Righteous speak.

Dutch says, “Gentlemen! It’s time to take that final step towards the terrifying truth.” Vincent echoes, “Terrifying truth, man! And the truth is, we don’t need to physically hurt the two of you. You’re just faking. And that’s enough for two people being held together by a thread. And another thing: Devil or not, nobody can hurt the two of us more than we can hurt ourselves. So what power do you really think you have over us?” The deadline is getting closer, and karma is coming. The Righteous will rip apart the bond of the brochachos: the ROH World Tag Team Championships. Dig what he’s saying, man?


AEW looks closer at the coming TNT Championship.

Darby Allin says, “I’ve waited to be in the main event for so long. There was always a voice in the back of my head saying, ‘You don’t deserve any of this.’ The only time I felt validated was when I was TNT Champion. And then you get a guy like Christian Cage. He’s got the one thing that didn’t make me feel like s*it in this whole entire world.”

But Christian Cage says he doesn’t care. He asked for the 2 out of 3 Falls match to expose Darby in his hometown. Christian continues to rub in that Darby’s uncle is dead, but Darby vows not to win in Seattle. Christian knows Darby won’t go away until he makes Darby go away. Darby embraces putting his life on the line, but he will know what it is for his career to die. This will be the perfect ending for Darby, falling in front of his friends and family at the feet of THE TNT Champion. Will Captain Charisma be the one to bring down the Relentless Icon not once, but twice?


The Righteous VS Travis Williams & Judas Icarus!

We just heard from Dutch & Vincent, and Dutch is even wearing a Burberry scarf as a shot at MJF. Will they be rolling into WrestleDream? Or are they overlooking the Golden Boy and The Born Sinner?

The bell rings and Vinnie starts against Icarus. They tie up, Icarus waistlocks and avoid the elbows. They move around, Travis tags in, and Icarus whips Vinnie to the corner. Travis goes up and over, then Icarus runs in to hold Vinnie in the corner for Travis’ DROPKICK! Vinnie staggers, Travis tags Icarus and Icarus whips,. But Vinnie reveres to CLOBBER Icarus, then RAM him into the corner! Tag to Dutch, and Dutch CLUBS Icarus on the back! Icarus fires up to CHOP, but Dutch just laughs! Icarus CHOPS and CHOPS but Dutch CHOPS right back! Icarus sits down, out of air! Dutch CLUBS Travis on the ropes!

Tag to Vinnie and Dutch stands Icarus up for a KNEE! Dutch then brings Icarus around for a short arm LARIAT! Dutch grins as he sits Icarus up for Vinnie’s SLIDING FLATLINER! Dutch hauls Travis up with a COBRA CLUTCH, and then ripcord BOSS MAN SLAM! Vinnie hauls Icarus up, for AUTUMN SUNSET! Cover, The Righteous win!

Winners: The Righteous, by pinfall

Dutch & Vincent are rolling, and then they get the mics. “Dutch, look at all the paper people strung together. It’s the same paper people who believe that MJF truly is The Devil. But y’know something? He is the Devil. The Devil pulls the strings that make us dance. The same strings, man, that are tied to that liar, Adam Cole. So at WrestleDream, not only is the Righteous going to become the ROH World Tag Team Champions, we’re gonna make sure that The Devil leaves with one hoof! Clickity clack, just like his brochacho! Dutch, dig what I’m saying?” The Righteous then bring out a wood block? Vinnie takes that block, and he puts it between Icarus’s legs!

Dutch grabs a chair, pulls the boots off Icarus, and Vinnie has the chair! They SMASH Icarus’ feet! Icarus writhes in misery, will these two shining examples take the titles from Better Than You, Baybay?


AEW looks closer at the NJPW Strong & ROH World Championship double title match.

The Mad King is putting up both belts against Katsuyori Shibata because WrestleDream embodies what Antonio Inoki wanted for pro-wrestling. Shibata says that he has to do this for Inoki. “He is my roots. I’m ready to inherit and take over. I respect Eddie Kingston, but I plan to win.” Eddie says the people can talk about whatever match they want, but this match is all about fighting spirit. Will The mad King still have two crowns? Or will The Wrestler force everyone, even NJPW, to acknowledge him?


Zero Hour adds ONE MORE MATCH!

In a unique all-star scenario of its own, it will be a Mixed 8 Person Tag! Keith Lee teams with Satoshi Kojima, Athena & Billie Starkz against Shane Taylor, Lee Moriarty, Mercedes Martinez & Diamante! Will the Limitless One, the King of Bread Style, the Fallen Goddess and her Minion make Seattle #BaskInTheirGlory? Or will Shane Taylor Promotions, the OG Badass and the Cuban Diamond prove everyone has their limits?


Backstage interview with TMDK.

Tony Schiavone is with Bad Dude Tito, Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls ahead of WrestleDream’s Zero Hour and their match for the AEW World Trios Championships. Tito says TMDK is back from Japan, and looks to stoke the flames. But then The Acclaimed walk in to say hello. Billy Gunn wants to welcome TMDK to AEW, and he hears they’ve got a huge match as part of Zero Hour. Oh that’s right! It’s against THE ACCLAIMED! So if TMDK don’t know who they are, the are the AEW World Trios Champions, and have been the past THIRTY FOUR DAYS! And take it from Anthony Bowens, “The Best Sciz in the Biz,” EVERYONE! LOVES! THE ACCLAIMED!

The champs head out, but Shane says you don’t think they know this game? Two teams can play this game! Mikey, give him a beat! What? Nevermind, Shane will do it. Shane tries to beat box, then raps. “We’re T M D K, and we’re here to say, we’re gonna kick your ass in a mighty way!” Mikey says stop, Shane’s just making them look like nerds. But presentation is only part of the game, will Hysterical Haste, Mad Mikey and Bad Dude Tito prove The Mighty Don’t Kneel?


WrestleDream All-Star 8 Man Tag: Bryan Danielson, Wheeler Yuta & FTR VS Ricky Starks, “Big Bill” Morrissey & Aussie Open!

Tomorrow night, The American Dragon is facing Zack Sabre Jr, who is on commentary, while The Decoder takes on Absolute and the Top Guys defend their AEW World Tag Team Championships. Will the Blackpool Combat Club work well with Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler? Or will Starks and his human skyscraper be an even stronger combination teaming with the Aussie Arrow & Dunkzilla?

The teams sort out and fans chant “WELCOME HOME!” for Bryan. Starks acts like it is for him as he starts against Cash Wheeler. They feel things out, tie up, and Starks wrenches an arm. Cash wrenches back, wristlocks and wrangles Starks, but Starks wrenches back. Cash fights his way over and tags in Yuta. Starks hurries away and tags in Kyle Fletcher. Fans chant for “AUBREY! AUBREY!” as she is the ref and also a hometown hero. Starks does some laps on the outside while Yuta circles with Fletcher. They tie up, Yuta grabs an arm and hooks a leg. Fletcher stays up but Yuta hammerlocks, only for Fletcher to wrench back.

Yuta rolls, handsprings, and wrenches to wristlock back. Yuta steps over, La Magistrol, TWO! Both men kick low! Yuta CHOPS Fletcher to a corner! And CHOPS him again! Yuta whips corner to corner, Fletcher reverses but Yuta goes up and over. Yuta then back drops Fletcher away! And DROPKICKS him down! Fans rally, Yuta wrenches Fletcher to tag in Dax. Dax wrenches, but Fletcher powers him back and tags Davis. Aussie Open goes after Dax but Dax gets away. Fans rally as the two tie up. Davis pushes Dax to CHOP! And CHOPS again! Dax CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS in return! ZSJ pretends to answer his phone. He says it’s a call from Bryan, Bryan’s phoning it in.

Dax whips, Davis handsprings and SWATS Dax to then CHOP and GERMAN SUPLEX! Dax bails out and Aubrey keeps Davis in, but Fletcher, Starks & Big Bill go after Dax with stomps! Aubrey rushes out as Bryan, Yuta & Cash storm over! Aubrey tells everyone to back off, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Davis stands Dax up and CHOPS him against the railing! Dax staggers away, Fletcher CHOPS him! Aussie Open keeps after Dax, puts him in the ring, and Dustin CHOPS Dax down, to then drop a SENTON! Davis drags Dax up, bumps him off buckles, and he ROCKS Dax with a forearm! Tag to Big Bill and Bill CHOPS Dax! Dax staggers away, but Bill stomps him into a corner! Bill digs his boot in, Aussie Open taunts FTR, and then Bill lets off as the ref counts. Bill whips corner to corner hard and Dax tumbles up and down the corner! Bill mocks the applause from the fans, and then drags Dax up.

Bill bumps Dax off buckles, tags in Starks, and they mug Dax. Starks ROCKS Dax, RAMS him in an open corner, and then RAMS him again and again! Starks snapmares, then basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Starks facelocks, grinds Dax down, and drags him over to tag in Fletcher. They mug Dax some more, and Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Fletcher has Dax in a chinlock. Fans rally, Dax fights up and throws body shots. Dax hits a BIG back suplex! Both men are down and fans fire up! Dax crawls, reaches out, but Fletcher holds him back! Dax hops up but Fletcher CLOBBERS him from behind! Fans boo but Fletcher hauls Dax up. Dax fights the suplex, CLUBS Fletcher’s neck, but Fletcher spins Dax to ROCK him! Fletcher reels Dax in to suplex, but Dax sips free, slides under and hot tags Cash! C ash rallies on Aussie Open, dodges Davis and DROPKICKS! Then Fletcher runs in for a BIG back suplex! Cash fires up and the fans are with him!

Cash suplexes, Fletcher fights that but then Cash fights a suplex. They go back and forth, Cash slips free to waistlock but Fletcher switches. Cash switches, O’Conner Rolls, TWO! Cash uses that momentum to BLAST Big Bill! But Fletcher scoops Cash to SLAM him! Fletcher whips Cash to ropes, Cash ducks ‘n’ dodges and tags Yuta! Yuta goes up as Fletcher staggers up, FLYING LARIAT! Davis returns but Yuta DROPKICKS him! Yuta atomic drops then ENZIGURIS Fletcher! Fletcher is in a corner, Yuta runs in to CHOP! Yuta waistlocks but Fletcher switches. Fletcher whips, Yuta rewinds and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, TWO!

Yuta waistlocks, Starks runs in so Yuta fires off on Starks! HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Starks endures the BCC trademark, but Bill storms in! Yuta lets Starks go to CHOP Bill! And CHOP again! And ROKC Starks! CHOP for Bill! BOOT for Starks! Yuta whips, Starks reverses but Yuta ducks ‘n’ dodges, only for Bill to BOOT him down! Fletcher covers, TWO!! Yuta survives and fans rally for Bryan. ZSJ also wants to see Bryan, but fears Bryan will break his other arm just tagging in. Fletcher tags Starks, and Starks rains down fists on Yuta! Starks soaks up the heat, then drags Yuta up to scoop and SLAM!

Starks runs to drop a BIG elbow! Cover, TWO! Yuta hangs tough but Starks claws his head and drags him up. Starks bumps Yuta off buckles, tags Bill, and they mug Yuta. Bill CHOPS Yuta, then tags Starks back in. Starks CHOPS Yuta, then snapmares to wrap on a seated abdominal stretch! Yuta endures, fans rally, and Yuta fights around. Yuta stands up to hip toss free! Fans fire up as Yuta reaches out, but Starks anchors his feet! Starks drags Yuta back, Bill tags in, and Bill steps on Yuta! Bill DECKS Cash! Bill clamps onto Yuta but Yuta breaks free to ROLLING ELBOW! Fletcher tags in, he GAMANGIRIS Dax down!

Yuta dodges one shot but Fletcher throws him into ropes! Davis runs in, ASSISTED POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Yuta survives but Fletcher drags him away! Starks tags in as Collision goes picture in picture!

Starks stomps Yuta, drags him up, and wrenches to go up the corner. Starks gives us his take on Old School, before he CLUBS Yuta down! Starks mocks the “YES! YES! YES!” before he drags Yuta into a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Starks is annoyed but he keeps Yuta from his corner. Yuta fires forearms! Starks knees low! And CLUBS Yuta down! Starks digs his knees into Yuta at the ropes but the ref counts. Starks lets off, drags Yuta around, and then mockingly reaches out to Bryan before he tags to Davis. Davis scoops to SLAM Yuta! Davis taunts FTR, then drags Yuta up to CHOP him to the corner.

Tag to Bill and Bill stomps Yuta down. The ref counts, Bill lets off, and Bill tags Fletcher. They dig their boots in and then Fletcher stomps Yuta down. Tag to Starks, and then Bill & Aussie Open BLAST Bryan & FTR! Starks drags Yuta up to fireman’s carry and AIRPLANE SPIN! Starks keeps going around and around and around, but Yuta fights his way free! Collision returns to single picture, both men run, and Starks ducks ‘n’ dodges, to DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Both men are down and fans are fired up as Bryan rises! Yuta and Starks crawl, hot tag to Bryan! Seattle explodes as Bryan dodges Starks to BLAST Bill & Davis!

Bryan then fires off on Starks with a HEADBUTT and a CHOP! Bryan CHOPS and KICKS and CHOPS and KICKS in the corner! ZSJ flatly says he’s never seen anything like this before. Bryan KICKS again and again, but ZSJ promises to break all 206 of Bryan’s bones. Bryan whips, Starks reverses but Bryan goes up and over. They both keep moving, Bryan dodges the spear to send Starks out! Bryan DIVES to take Starks down! Bryan puts Starks in, FTR fires up and Bryan goes up! MISSILE DROPKICK! ZSJ says that’s another braincell gone. Fans are thunderous as Bryan aims from the corner. Bryan runs in to DROPKICK!

Bryan keeps moving and he DROPKICKS again! Bryan goes again but Starks CLBOBERS him! Starks hauls Bryan up, Canadian Rack, but Bryan slips free! Starks spins Bryan, to go to the corner, TORNADO DDT! Tag to Bill! Bill looms over Bryan, mocks the “YES! YES!” and then drags Bryan up. SKYSCRAPER- NO, Bryan turns choke slam into omoplata! LEBELL LOCK! ZSJ says about time we see technical wrestling. Bill endures, reaches out, but Fletcher stomps Bryan down! Fans boo but Dax suplexes to BRAINBUSTER on Fletcher! Davis scoops but Cash makes the save to DDT Davis down!

Starks returns to kick Cash but Yuta SUPERKICKS Starks! All eight men are in the ring, and fans fire up as the BCC & FTR surround Team Absolute! They QUADRUPLE “YES! YES! YES!” KICK! Then QUADRUPLE BUZZSAWS! Then Cash hauls Bill up, Yuta tags in to then tag Dax. Yuta goes up, Cash & Bryan hold Bill up, MISSILE DROPKICK SPINEBUSTER COMBO! Then they spin Bill around for Dax to DIVING HEADBUTT! Cover, Aussie Open breaks it! FTR brawls with Aussie Open and throw them out, with help from Bryan and Yuta. They all brawl, and Bryan whips, only for Starks to reverse! Bryan hits steel steps!

Bill stands, and he glares at Dax. Yuta is sent into barriers! Dax CHOPS Bill, bobs ‘n’ weaves, then CHOPS again! And again! But Bill THROWS Dax to a corner! Bill runs in, but the splash misses and Bill hits post! Dax gets the legs, but Bill BOOTS him away! Dax hits buckles then staggers, into the choke grip! Tag to Starks, and then SKYSCRAPER SPEAR!! Cover, The Absolute wins!!

Winners: Ricky Starks, “Big Bill” Morrissey & Aussie Open, by pinfall

Cash is upset, he swears he got there in time! But then Aussie Open CLOBBERS him! Starks mocks the “YES! YES! YES!” but Bryan saves Dax from Corealis! The brawling starts over again! Yuta has Starks, Bill ROCKS Bryan, Davis gives Cash SNAKE EYES off the apron while Dax CLUBS away on Fletcher! Bill sets Yuta up but Yuta BOOTS Starks, and feeds Bill to a BUSAIKU KNEE! Then Yuta PLANCHAS Starks down! Yuta rains down fists but ZSJ leaves commentary to say hi to Bryan. And by that, ZSJ shoves Bryan! So Bryan SLAPS ZSJ! ZSJ nods, pushes Bryan again, but Bryan gets his arm to wrangle him down!

ZSJ slips away and fans boo! The Front Man and the American Dragon are finally facing off, but who will be living the WrestleDream?

My Thoughts:

A really good Collision for a go-home episode, but still not that good. Why must there always be so much talking? Isn’t that what the Countdown special is for? All the promo stuff is on that so that they don’t need to use time on these shows for it? Though the little moment of Callis and Nana was fine, it gave us a reason as to why we even got Jericho & Omega VS The Gates of Agony. Great match from Omega & Jericho VS The Gates, and of course Omega & Jericho won, but their promo bit after felt like one beat too long. And Julia of course won this little go-home match and had her little faceoff with Kris, but Kris is definitely winning on WrestleDream. I do like that they acknowledged Kris already broke one undefeated streak (Jade Cargill’s) so she could really make that a thing.

The Righteous having a promo vignette and then a promo after their squash match win was a bit much. Just give us one or the other, since they also had a squash win last night on Rampage. Great stuff from The Kingdom, though. They have a really good match with Best Friends and have a really clever post match promo there, that was definitely worth it compared to the other stuff. Andrade VS Juice was great stuff for an opening match, I’m just not sure about CJ Perry watching the match. While CJ Perry managing Andrade El Idolo would technically fit into the story with Miro (El Idolo = The Idol; idols worshipped over God, who Miro believes in but doesn’t follow), I’d much rather have El Idolo and La Faccion Ingobernable reunite and CJ finds someone else.

And great stuff out of the 8 Man Tag main event. ZSJ razzing on Bryan the whole time was great commentary, but it also pointed out how Bryan was so obviously being saved from taking most of the damage in the match. Bryan VS ZSJ is going to be great but it makes sense they don’t want Bryan to be all banged up going into the match. And something about the finish does feel like a miscue, but the show was going into overtime, they had to wrap that match up somehow. Great brawl to end the show, though, so the various matches can still go either way. Starks should definitely beat Yuta to make up for losing twice to Bryan, though.

My Score: 8.7/10

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