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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (12/26/22)

The Absolute Best of 2022!



WWE Raw 2022

The WWE looks back on this wild year!

As this year draws to a close, Raw looks back on the matches, moments and history that was made! It’s the Absolute Best of WWE, 2022!


  • From SummerSlam 7/30/22 – Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Last Man Standing: Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman VS Brock Lesnar; Roman wins and retains the titles.
  • From WrestleMania 38 4/2/22 – No Holds Barred: Kevin Owens VS Stone Cold Steve Austin; Austin wins.
  • From WrestleMania 38 4/3/22 – Anything Goes: Sami Zayn VS Johnny Knoxville; Knoxville wins.
  • From SmackDown 11/11/22 – Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships: The Usos VS The New Day; The Usos win and retain the titles.
  • From WrestleMania 38 4/2/22 – Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch VS Bianca Belair; Bianca wins and becomes the new Raw Women’s Champion.
  • From Clash at the Castle 9/3/22 – WWE Intercontinental Championship: GUNTHER w/ Imperium VS Sheamus w/ The Brawling Brutes; Gunther wins and retains the title.
  • From Extreme Rules 10/8/22 – Good Ol’ Fashioned Donnybrook: The Brawling Brutes VS Imperium; The Brawling Brutes win.
  • From Extreme Rules 10/8/22 – Strap Match: Drew McIntyre VS Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett Bordeaux; Kross wins.
  • From Crown Jewel 11/5/22 – Steel Cage Match: Drew McIntyre VS Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett Bordeaux; McIntyre wins.
  • From Hell in a Cell 6/5/22 – Hell in a Cell Match: Cody Rhodes VS Seth Rollins; Cody wins.
  • From Money in the Bank 7/2/22 – Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Becky Lynch VS Asuka VS Alexa Bliss VS Liv Morgan VS Lacey Evans VS Raquel Rodriguez VS Shotzi Blackheart; Liv wins and is Ms. MITB 2022.
  • From Money in the Bank 7/2/22 – SmackDown Women’s Championship Cash-In: Ronda Rousey VS Liv Morgan; Liv wins and is the new SmackDown Women’s Champion.
  • From Extreme Rules 10/8/22 – SmackDown Women’s Championship Extreme Rules Match: Liv Morgan VS Ronda Rousey; Rousey wins and is the new SmackDown Women’s Champion.
  • From Monday Night Raw 12/12/22 – WWE United States Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Seth Rollins VS Bobby Lashley; Rollins wins and will challenge Austin Theory for the title.
  • From Crown Jewel 11/5/22 – Undisputed WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns VS Logan Paul; Roman wins and retains the title.


The Street Profits are ready!

But uh, where are they? Montez Ford was told the show was here tonight, but this doesn’t look like gorilla. Angelo Dawkins says this has to be it. Where the TV magic happens. OMG TV magic? Yeah! Everything that happened this year lives right here. But there’s nothing! Wait, Dawkins has an idea on how to do this. He focuses his mind, and blam! Footage of them with the fans! That’s amazing! Wait wait wait wait wait! If you just think it, it’ll pop up? As long as you keep it PG. Ford always keeps it pretty good.

So all of 2022, right here, at their fingertips? Where to even begin? OH! Ford suggests “one of the biggest returns of all time!” Cody Rhodes returning in front of 70 THOUSAND at WrestleMania! Dawkins suggests Ronda Rousey winning this year’s Royal Rumble. And who could forget Stone Cold Steve Austin having his first match in 19 YEARS?! Stone Cold walking around, drinking those Steveweisers, and flipping… Oh, uh, oops. PG, Ford! Or they’ll get kicked out! Right, sorry, Ford couldn’t contain the excitement. Like when Brock Lesnar did some “rearranging” to ringside at SummerSlam. That wasn’t Ucey.

But y’know who was Ucey? Logan Paul when he took Roman Reigns to the limit at Crown Jewel. And even Bray Wyatt is back! White rabbits, Bad Bunny, Jackass, Hell and War and a Fight Pit! WWE crossed the pawn, broke records, crowned champions, and saw comebacks, redemptions and betrayals! And even the Undertaker, DX, Lita, Goldberg, Kurt Angle, John Cena, and and and and- WHOA! Chill, fam! We’ve got THREE HOURS to fill. We’ll get to it all. Right, right. In that case, let’s not wait one second longer. Why’s that? Because this is Raw, The Absolute Best of 2022! The Profits are up, and #WeWantTheSmoke!


Raw shifts to the WWE Control Center!

Jackie Redmon is joined by “The Voice of Raw,” Corey Graves on this trip down memory lane. And not gonna lie, Profits got them fired up. Just like Ford & Dawkins promised, the WWE brings the smoke reliving this big year. There will be guests like Drew McIntyre, Bianca Belair, Cody Rhodes and more. But biggest of all was when Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns did battle over the top titles in the WWE, with the exclamation point being their Last Man Standing Match at SummerSlam for THE Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. And the Beast wasn’t unprepared.

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Last Man Standing: Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman VS Brock Lesnar!

After seven YEARS, this rivalry finally has its conclusion. The Tribal Chief thought he had put The Beast away at WrestleMania 38 when he became the reigning, defending, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. But Lesnar came back again, promising to give Roman the country ass kicking he deserves. Will Lesnar end this last chapter as the Last Man Standing? Or will everyone, even Lesnar, have to acknowledge Roman Reigns?

Roman of course has The Wise Man, Paul Heyman, and his cousins, The Usos, so that all three undisputed champions of WWE can stand together with the belts and the pyro. But only the Special Counsel goes with Roman to the ring, holding the blue belt as a banner for The Bloodline. Then Roman holds up the belts for the second round of pyro. Heyman hands over a mic, and Roman says, “Nashville… SummerSlam! ACKNOWLEDGE ME!” Nashville is torn but there are plenty of fans cheering. Then Lesnar makes his entrance and everyone fires up! And that’s also because Lesnar gets his flannel on and rides a big tractor to the ring!

Lesnar parks the tractor at ringside, with the front loader raised! Lesnar climbs the loader to get in the ring! Roman wants that tractor out of here, but it’s not exactly stopping them from doing anything, right? The introductions are finally made, with Lesnar introducing himself as “a big ass country boy, weighing 285 pounds, coming here tonight to kick Roman Reigns’ ass, and the Last Man Standing! Ladies and gentlemen, BRRROCK! LESNARR!” Surprisingly, Heyman doesn’t take over Roman’s intro. The black ‘n’ blue belts are raised, and then Lesnar LEAPS from the loader to CLOBBER Roman!! Lesnar rains down fists and the bell rings!

Roman pushes Lesnar away, but Lesnar clotheslines Roman out of the ring! Lesnar then pursues, and he OVERHEAD Belly2Belly Suplexes! And so it begins! Lesnar brings Roman around to RAM into steel steps, stalks him around the way, and he moves steps aside to drag Roman up, for another OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! That’s two and Roman is down! The count starts but Roman pushes himself up at 5 of 10. Lesnar stalks Roman again, and CLOBBERS him against barriers! Lesnar then hauls ROman up to SLAM on the barriers, and Roman flops into the crowd. Lesnar grins as the count starts and he pursues Roman through the crowd.

Lesnar brings Roman over to one of the canopy supports, to snap suplex Roman onto it! Roman is down, the count begins again, but he stirs at 5 of 10. Lesnar hops up to join Roman as he stands, and Lesnar fireman’s carries! Roman claws Lesnar’s face to get free, then he POSTS Lesnar with the truss! Roman checks his back, then storms up on Lesnar. Roman reels Lesnar in, but Lesnar RAMS Roman into the truss! Then Lesnar TOSSES Roman onto a cameraman! Roman is down and the count starts again. Roman flounders at 4 of 10 so Lesnar storms up on him. Lesnar DUMPS Roman over the barriers and back to ringside.

Lesnar stumbles getting over the barriers, but he GERMAN SUPLEXES Roman to the floor! That’s about four suplexes total, Music City is definitely Suplex City. Roman is down while Lesnar looks under the ring. Fans fire up as a TABLE is brought out! Roman stands at 6 of 10 but Lesnar stands the table up. Lesnar makes sure it is sturdy, and Heyman creeps up on him? Lesnar glares at Heyman and Heyman begs for mercy! Lesnar leaves Heyman alone, he has to get Roman first. Roman fireman’s carries to SAMOAN DROP Lesnar through the table! The Wise Man tricks Lesnar again! Roman gets up while Lesnar stirs.

The count is 8 of 10 but Lesnar stands up. Roman grabs the top half of the steel steps, and he RAMS Lesnar down, onto the wreckage of the table! Lesnar is down again, Roman brings out a new table! Roman stands that table up while Lesnar manages to stand at about 5 of 10. Roman drags Lesnar over, t URENAGE through the table! The count starts again but Lesnar sits up at 5. Lesnar stands at 7, but Roman is right there to put Lesnar in the ring. Roman locks ‘n’ loads, takes aim from the corner, SUPERMAN PUNCH! Lesnar staggers but only drops to a knee! Roman reloads, runs back in, SUPERMAN PUNCH!

Lesnar drops but is right back up! Roman fires up, “OOAH~!” SPEAR!! But Roman can’t cover, he has to let the count start! The count reaches 5 while Lesnar is down, but Lesnar does sit up at 7! Lesnar powers his way up at 8, and Roman can’t believe it! Roman “OOAH~” and runs in, but into a fireman’s carry! But Roman slips off, shoves, and runs in, only for Lesnar to toss Roman out! Roman almost hits table wreckage on the way down! The count is on both men but Roman rolls out at 5 to stand. Roman is still down at 7 but stands at 8. Lesnar storms over after Roman, brings him around, and SPINEBUSTERS Roman on what’s left of a table!!

Another standing count as Lesnar staggers away, and Roman is still down at 5. Lesnar moves the tractor?! The loader is lowered, Roman manages to stand at 8 of 10. Lesnar comes back for Roman and RAMS him with steel steps! Payback from a moment ago and Roman staggers around the way. Lesnar grabs whatever is left of another table, to SMACK Roman with it! Roman goes down! The count climbs and Lesnar smiles. Fans fire up as the count is 7, but Roman sits up! Roman pushes up off the steel at 9! Lesnar sighs, but he drags Roman around the way and to the tractor. Lesnar puts Roman in the loader! And then gets the tractor to raise it!!

Roman is high above the ground, and Lesnar lifts him over the ring! Lesnar DUMPS Roman out of the loader!! Roman crashes down on the mat from about eight feet up! The count starts, but Roman sits up at 5. Roman stands at 7, so Lesnar hurries back into the ring. “This is Awesome!” as Lesnar GERMAN SUPLEXES Roman! Roman flounders, Roman GERMAN SUPLEXES again! Roman flounders again but Lesnar is right on him! GERMAN SUPLEX! Lesnar is starting to tire himself out with these, but Roman is the one down on the mat! The count is 5 of 10, then 8! Roman manages to stand at 9!

Lesnar is right after Roman with a fireman’s carry! F5!! But again, it is up to the ten count! Lesnar waits in a corner as he watches Roman down at 5. Roman’s down at 8, but he slowly sits up. Roman flounders up at 9.9!! Lesnar is beside himself, but Roman is leaning against ropes. Fireman’s carry, F- GUILLOTINE!! Roman has Lesnar caught!! No ropebreaks to stop this, but wait! Lesnar powers out to GUILLOTINE Roman right back!! Now Roman is the one having to worry about no ropebreaks! Heyman is worrying for Roman, too! The ref is checking Roman, he is out, but Lesnar has to let the count start!

Lesnar lets Roman go, the count begins, and Lesnar watches like a hawk. The count is 5, then 7, then 9! Roman stands at 9.99999!!! Lesnar thinks that was it, but somehow Roman is conscious! Lesnar goes right back to the tractor, backs it up, lowers the loader, and MOVES THE RING?!?! And TIPS IT?!?! Roman tumbles right out!!! This is the first time anyone anywhere can say they’ve seen anything like this!! The count starts, fans are losing their minds, and Roman drags himself up the barriers to stand at 8! But Lesnar is right there, and he clears off the annoucne desk! But THE USOS attack!!

Lesnar OVERHEAD Belly2Belly Suplexes Jimmy, then does the same to Jey! The Usos have rough landings, but Heyman tells Lesnar to stop! Twenty YEARS, Heyman has had it with this! Heyman gives Lesnar the belt and says he is the winner! Just leave the Tribal Chief alone! NOPE! Lesnar gets Heyman up, for an F5 THROUGH THE DESK!! But Roman SPEARS Lesnar!!! Everyone is down but the referee, and he counts! The count is 5! Then 7! Then 8! But both monsters stand at 9!! Roman flops right back down, Lesnar flounders, and HERE COMES THEORY!!! Nashville is booing and freaking out at the same time!

Theory and a ref of his own are here, MITB contract in hand! And Theory CLOBBERS Roman with the briefcase!! But Lesnar gets Theory with an F5 on the briefcase!! Lesnar is standing, Jimmy & Jey DOUBLE SUPERKICK!! The count starts again, Roman is standing against the tipped over ring! Lesnar flounders but we’re at 5 of 10! Roman counts along, we’re at 7! EIGHT! NINE!! Lesnar stands at 9.9999999, but into a SPEAR onto the belts!! Lesnar is down again, the count restarts! Lesnar is up at 9 again?!?!? Roman is furious! He SMACKS Theory for what he tried to pull, then he BASHES Lesnar with the briefcase again and again!

Roman is just windmilling the case! “COUNT HIS ASS NOW!” Lesnar is down as the ref counts again. We reach 5, and then 7. Lesnar is conscious, but he’s still down! Lesnar staggers up at 9 again?!?! Is he truly a beast?! BELT SHOT from Roman!! Cole wishes the ref would count faster! Lesnar is still down at 6 of 10, but he sputters alive at 7! Roman is beside himself as Lesnar gets up again!!! What does Roman have to do!?! Roman has the other belt, he shouts, “You ain’t ever coming back! YOU ain’t welcome here!” BELT SHOT!! And then the Usos help Roman bury Lesnar alive under wreckage! Roman STANDS on the pile, Lesnar can’t get up! ROMAN WINS!

Winner: Roman Reigns (still Undisputed WWE Universal Champion)

Of course this is how it ends! Roman used Heyman, the Usos, everything at ringside, and even Theory distracting Lesnar with his cash-in attempt to finish off the Alpha Male of Our Species! Will the Tribal Chief ever lose these titles with such a stacked deck? Will Lesnar ever return to the WWE after this?


Our hosts respond to that moment.

Corey Graves doesn’t’ think anything will ever, ever top Lesnar using a tractor to tip the ring while Roman was still in it. Definitely unforgettable. Lesnar didn’t leave champion, but he is still hit a significant milestone. He, Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio all reached 20 years in the WWE! As did John Cena, who teams with Kevin Owens this Friday to go against Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn! Speaking of, that was a big moment earlier this year as fans celebrated Cena’s WWE anniversary on June 27th. #ThankYouCena.


The Absolute Best of returns!

And one of the biggest returns this year was a rather stunning one at WrestleMania 38.

It’s a WrestleMania edition of The KO Show!

Kevin Owens goes to the ring, ready to host this Texas sized episode of his talk show. Fans already chant for “Austin! Austin!” but Kevin gets the mic to say, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the WrestleMania main event edition of the Kevin! Owens! SHOW!” Now, as we all just saw in a recap package, Kevin has said rotten things about Texas and Stone Cold. One of those is that if North America were a human body, Texas would be the ass! “What?” The ass. “What?” C’mon, guys, that was clever. But he does realize that he went too far. He started thinking that maybe he should apologize. “What?”

Maybe he should apologize, so here we go. He sincerely apologizes to every Texan out there. Kevin is sorry. He is, he is sorry for telling the absolute God’s honest truth! He’s only been here a couple days and it is worse than he remembers. Now, Kevin feels like the fans are eagerly anticipating his guest. Fans cheer because yes they are. Well Kevin will bring his guest out when he wants to and he’s not done telling us how much Kevin despises this guy! This is the absolute worst role model in the history of the WWE! Kevin should know, he used to look up to him! Kevin will look this guy in the eye and tell him how much he sucks!

Kevin says that guy won’t do a damn thing, either! He’ll sit there and take it! Because this guy knows that if he doesn’t show Kevin the respect he deserves and commands, Kevin will hit a Stunner and pour out a beer on his stupid bald head. But the glass shatters, here comes STONE COLD! STONE COLD! STONE COLD! Fans go nuts seeing Austin as he walks around on stage. Kevin sits in his chair, not at all into the hype. Austin points at Kevin, then starts down the ramp. Austin takes a moment to soak it all in, then he goes back up the ramp? Austin goes backstage, and Kevin laughs, thinking he was right all along.

But nope! Austin returns on an ATV! Fans fire up as Austin drives on down to ringside! And then around ringside! Austin parks and gets in the ring, kicking one of Kevin’s posters aside to get up on the corner. Fans cheer seeing this again after so long. Austin gets the other KO poster out of the ring, so that he can complete the set of all four corners! Kevin says no no, no more music! Fans boo but Kevin says this ain’t Austin’s show, this is KO’s show! Kevin tells the fans not to encourage Austin on Kevin’s show. But fans are thunderous for “AUSTIN! AUSTIN!” Kevin tells Austin to take a seat, and fans boo.

Austin stares Kevin square in the face, and Kevin says let’s just all come down. Kevin wasn’t here to fight, just to chat. They both sit down, and Kevin welcomes Austin to the show and thanks him for accepting the invitation. Austin says Kevin wants to bring him out here just for a conversation? After all the trash about Stone Cold, with that stupid haircut, stupid beady eyes, and looking like a jackass. “What?” A jackass! Then Kevin runs down Texas, ya stupid son of a BITCH! Fans are thunderous for that one! Kevin says he isn’t sure what’s so great about Texas. Like, let’s think about it. In the summer, it is hotter than hell. It is flat and uninspiring.

And the people! The people wear stupid hats, stupid boots, stupid belt buckles, c’mon! Look out there and you can just tell who is Texan from how dumb they look! But it’s fine! Just take the hats off, the boots off, and move somewhere else! Kevin feels for Austin. If he grew up here, he would’ve moved to Mexico. It’s right there! Austin says in five seconds, 77 thousand plus are gonna be calling Kevin an “Asshole.” Oh, too late. Kevin doesn’t want them to be like this. Don’t be the stereotypical rude, crass Texans. Be a distinguished French Canadian like Kevin. Kevin will therefore move past these insults as the bigger man.

That’s because Kevin has a secret. Kevin invited Austin for a talk, but he lied. It was. Kevin doesn’t lie often but he does it for good reason. He didn’t really need Austin to come out here to get people talking about the KO Show. This was a trick. Kevin doesn’t wanna talk. Even though Kevin has a bad back right now, he wants to fight. Fans fire up for the fact Kevin wants a match! Kevin knows it has been 19 YEARS since Austin’s last match, his knees were shot, his back was shot, his neck was shot. They can’t be any better. But other than that, Austin’s fine, right? So he has no reason to back down.

In fact, this won’t be just any match! It’ll be No Holds Barred, right here and right now! Fans love the sound of that, too! Austin goes to get up but Kevin says Austin must be speechless. And he knows why. Kevin can see it in Austin’s eyes. Austin is looking at Kevin and thinking, “I can’t beat this guy.” Austin is thinking, he can’t beat the big, beautiful French Canadian bastard, Kevin Owens! And y’know what? That’s right. So why not just do a favor and stop embarrassing everyone. Get on your cart and get your ass back to your stupid ranch! Fans boo and Austin mulls that one over. Fans of course want “One More Match!” but what does Austin say?

Austin scowls at Kevin, and he hears the fans firing up louder for the chance at a match. Austin says, “I had my first match right here in Dallas, Texas. I could have my last match right here in Dallas, Texas. If you want Stone Cold Steve Austin to compete in a match tonight against this sack o’ sh*t, gimme a hell yeah.” “HELL YEAH!” Austin didn’t hear that. Give him a hell yeah. “HELL YEAH!” Then bring out a damn ref! Fans fire up, the mics are put aside, is this really happening?! A ref is here, the chairs are moved out of the ring, it’s happening!!

No Holds Barred: Kevin Owens VS Stone Cold Steve Austin!

The bell rings and fans are going nuts as these two stare down! Austin and Kevin step up to each other, talk a little bit of smack, then the hands start flying! They go back and forth, fans are loving this, and Austin gets the edge! Austin fires off in the corner, and he doesn’t have to let up! But here comes the mudhole! Fans count it out, Austin goes all the way PAST 10 to about 20! Austin gets Kevin up, whips him corner to corner, and Kevin tumbles up and drops to the mat! Austin gets himself some Steveweisers already!? He cracks them open, then stomps Kevin again! The fans count again, that’s another 10, then another 20!

Fans are thunderous as Austin drags Kevin back up. Austin whips Kevin up and out of the ring hard! Kevin almost lands on his posters! Austin gets more Steveweisers, chugs it down and stalks Kevin. Austin gets Kevin up and whips, but Kevin reverses and Austin hits barriers! But he comes back to LARIAT Kevin! Austin drags Kevin up, and he brings Kevin to the barriers for SNAKE EYES! The front row gets to see Austin digging into Kevin’s eyes! Austin brings Kevin around, fans chant “You Still Got It!” Austin fires hands on Kevin against barriers, but Kevin POSTS Austin! Kevin then hurries to get his poster stand as a weapon!

Kevin JABS Austin with the tripod then SLAMS it down on him! Kevin rains down fists, fans boo, but Kevin talks smack like Austin would. Kevin goes looking under the ring, he stomps Austin, then stands Austin up to ROCK him with a right. Kevin brings out a TABLE! Kevin puts that table against the barriers, then ROCKS Austin again. Austin staggers around the way, Kevin brings him back, whips, but Austin reverses! Kevin CRASHES through the table!! Austin drags Kevin up out of the wreckage, to TOSS him over the barriers! Now they go brawling through the crowd! Fans fire up getting closer to the action!

Kevin hits back, Austin ROCKS Kevin again, and they go further back. Austin ROCKS Kevin more, CHOPS him, then CHOPS again! Fans fire up and Austin brings Kevin back towards ringside. But first, he wants to suplex! Kevin blocks, and he suplexes Austin to the floor! Kevin roars and fans boo, but Austin is getting up. Kevin CLUBS Austin with crossface forearms and stomps. Kevin headlocks and punches but Austin hits back! They’re brawling fast and furious again and fans are loving this! Kevin KNEES Austin low then stomps him down! Kevin brings Austin back to ringside and tosses him over the barriers.

Kevin climbs up the barrier, but Austin TOSSES him onto the desk! The desk doesn’t break but Austin gets himself more Steveweisers. Austin cracks those open, and climbs up onto the desk to join Kevin. Fans fire up as Austin chugs! He tosses those away, then rains down fists on Kevin! Fans count and Austin goes all the way to 10! Then double dirty bird and fists for good measure! A few more beers, and Austin SPITS some on Kevin! Austin puts Kevin in the ring, and now Kevin wants mercy! Austin drags Kevin up on the apron, Kevin HOTSHOTS Austin down! Kevin shakes out the cobwebs and looks around.

Kevin sees Austin’s ATV, and he gets on! Kevin isn’t sure how to start it up, but Austin goes after him! Austin gets on with Kevin, and they’re gonna go for a ride! Up the ramp they go! Austin drags Kevin off to ROCK him with rights! Kevin staggers and they go towards the left edge! Austin knees low, then suplexes Kevin onto the stage! Austin kicks Kevin around, SMACKS him off the ATV, and then they go to the right side! Kevin throws body shots! Austin pokes Kevin in the eyes! Austin gives Kevin a suplex to this part of the stage! Kevin writhes but Austin still keeps on him and fans still rally behind him.

Austin soaks it all in as he drags Kevin back up. Austin brings Kevin back around, throws more hands, and they go back down the ramp. Austin BOWLS Kevin down the ramp! Austin DECKS Kevin and keeps him rolling! And then stomps him down! Austin ROCKS Kevin, puts him in the ring, and fans are still loving this as Austin gets himself more Steveweisers. Austin gets back in the ring, he cracks these two open, takes a long chug of one, then the other. Austin gets Kevin up, KEVIN STUNNERS AUSTIN!?! Cover, TWO!! Austin survives and Kevin is furious! Kevin scowls, goes out of the ring, and he grabs a chair!

Kevin brings that chair back to the ring, aims at Austin, but Austin dodges! Chair hits rope, then chair hits Kevin! Kevin staggers about, STUNNER from Austin!! Cover, Austin wins!

Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin, by pinfall

After 19 years away, the Texas Rattlesnake is victorious once more! And now he has Steveweisers to celebrate! All of Dallas celebrates with him, and Austin is just chucking empty cans wherever! Austin even gives some to the VIP section! Kevin manages to get up, Austin gives him a STUNNER! Kevin needs help getting out of the ring, Austin waves him good-bye. Austin cracks open more Steveweisers, then gets the mic. “It’s good to be back here in Dallas, Texas, and that’s the bottom line, cuz Stone Cold said so!” Austin even cheers with the referee who called the match!

Byron Saxton is invited into the ring, too, and Austin shares the beer with him. They drink up, and STUNNER for Saxton!! #DTA, Don’t Trust Anybody! Was this perhaps the most STUPENDOUS #OneLastMatch in WWE history?


WrestleMania 39 Goes Hollywood!

The biggest event in entertainment, at SoFi Stadium, April 1st and 2nd, that’s no joke! Talk about a blockbuster in 2023! Championship clashes, surprise returns, iconic showdowns, all of them WrestleMania Moments! And sometimes, you just got to let loose and embrace your inner Jackass.

Anything Goes: Sami Zayn VS Johnny Knoxville!

This all started because the “Elder Statesman” of SmackDown insulted the Jackass leading man, and then things got #InZayn. Sami is definitely a jackass in his own right, but will he have the last laugh? Or will Knoxville pull off the most exciting stunt of his career and win at WrestleMania?

The bell rings and Sami runs to HELLUVA KICK Knoxville right away! Sami is smiling ear to ear then he stomps away on Knoxville. Knoxville falls out of the ring, Sami goes out after him and brings him up to taunt the rest of the Jackass cast. Sami TOSSES Knoxville into barriers but the fans boo. Sami pie faces one and the others start swinging! Sami dares Dark Shark to do something, but he turns around into a FIRE EXTINGUISHER BLAST! Knoxville just cooled Sami off, and then he brings out a trash can full of goodies! Knoxville puts those in the ring, then gets a stop sign! He puts that in but Sami kicks low!

Sami headlock punches Knoxville then puts him in the ring. Sami gets the trash can, dumps it out, and picks up the classic cookie sheet. Sami blows it off so it’s clean, to SMACK Knoxville on the back with it! The sheet is dented, so Sami puts that aside to get the crutch. Sami plays around with the crutch and SMACKS Knoxville on the back! Now the crutch is bent! Sami gets the trash can itself, and he runs corner to corner, to CHUCK it into Knoxville! Sami covers, TWO! Sami is annoyed but he goes back out to look under the ring. Sami finds a wash bin and a bowling ball bag? And then a TABLE!

Fans fire up for the table and Sami slides it into the ring. But then Sami gets snapped by something? He looks under the ring, and it’s a bunch of mouse traps! Sami brings out a table covered in mouse traps! This must be Knoxville’s contraption. Sami likes how crazy Knoxville is, and he gets that thing set up. Sami gets in, to get TRASH CAN LID CYMBALS! And again! And again! Knoxville tosses those to get the stop sign! SMACK to Sami’s back! Sami writhes, Knoxville sets up the normal table in a corner. Knoxville drags Sami up, reels him in, but Sami knees the suplex away! Sami gets around to EXPLODER Knoxville through the table!

Sami drags Knoxville from the wreckage and covers, TWO! Knoxville is still in this and Sami is further annoyed. Sami stalks Knoxville, and Knoxville has a bloody cut on his forehead. Sami says Knoxville is in Sami’s world now! Sami has Knoxville in the corner, runs corner to corner, into an AIRHORN BLAST! Sami staggers, but he comes back to kick Knoxville down! But wait, Party Boy Pontius is in the ring!? Time to party~! Pontius pushes Sami and dances around, then rips off the shirt, and the pants! Classic! Sami is more disturbed than hurt, and he CLOBBERS Pontius! Sami stomps away and fans boo him ruining the party!

Sami drags Pontius up to toss him out! But Knoxville rolls Sami up! TWO!! Sami DECKS Knoxville, glares at Pontius then goes out. Sami stomps “Naked Boy” under the ring! Sami then goes looking, but he gets BOPPED by WEEMAN! Weeman fires off furious fists on Sami! Sami hurries away but Weeman chases him into the ring! Then SHIN KICK! Sami hobbles, Weeman scoops him!? And SLAMS him!! Fans are all fired up as Knoxville reels Sami in, TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO!?! Sami survives and no one can believe it! Weeman hurries to fetch another contraption from under the ring. It’s a ASS KICKING MACHINE!?

Knoxville drags Sami over, Sami fights back, but Weeman has the machine armed. Sami BOOTS Weeman down before he can fire! Fans boo, but Sami stomps away on Weeman! Weeman flops out of the ring, but Sami drags Knoxville around to rain down fists! Fans tell Sami what they think of him but Sami shrugs it off to go up top. Sami grins, but Knoxville has a remote? e sets off pyro and it spooks Sami! Sami drops, and Knoxville gets the BOWLING BALL! STRIKE to Sami’s boys! Then the Ass Kicking Machine is a GROIN KICKING MACHINE! Sami clutches whatever’s left down there, and Knoxville gets… a STUN GUN!

Knoxville tests them and they’re working! Sami freaks out and scrambles! Knoxville stalks Sami, but Sami turns around into GIANT HAND! Sami gets SMACKED off his feet, but he hurries into the ring! Knoxville hurries in but Sami stomps him down! “This is Awesome!” as Sami manages to snap suplex Knoxville! Sami snarls and goes to the apron. Sami is wary of the corner, but it seems safe now. Sami goes up top, but Knoxville TONGS THE GROIN! And then TOSSES Sami onto the mouse trap table!! Sami crashes down and fans lose their minds! Knoxville calls for help, so Dark Shark, Pontius and the whole crew get the WORLD’S LARGEST MOUSE TRAP out!

Weeman and Pontius puts Sami in the ring and Knoxville stalks behind him. Knoxville has the stun gun, and he ZAPS Sami! Sami is on the trap, Knoxville hurries to trigger it! Uh oh, technical malfunction. Knoxville unhooks the thing by hand, SNAP! Cover, the trap traps Sami, Knoxville wins!!

Winner: Johnny Knoxville, by pinfall

The Jackass cast celebrates with Knoxville! They may be the movie stars, but Sami is the one who is a jackass forever! How will Sami ever live this down?

Sami Zayn responds.

“W-Why… Why would you show that?” Of all the things from Sami’s 2022, they go with that?! WWE management assured him that that moment specifically would NOT be used! And yet, here we are. But Sami isn’t mad. Just disappointed. But it’s fine! It’s the holidays, and up ahead, we’ll be seeing the best of 2022, and you can’t do that without talking about The Bloodline. Sami promises we will relive ALL the moments Roman Reigns and the family had this year. Up next is specifically The Usos VS The New Day, on the road to Jimmy & Jey becoming Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions. And not to give anything away, but… It was very Ucey.


The Absolute Best of returns again!

Corey says one of the beauties of being ringside is that you witness history in the making, that you see the best to ever do it. And when it comes to tag team wrestling, the facts back Corey up. There are no two better tag teams in the WWE today than The Usos and The New Day. Jackie is jealous, Corey really does have the best seat in the house. Cathy Kelley caught up with the NXT Tag Team Champions, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods.

Cathy learns from Woods how to swivel those hips. They are the W, W, E, N, X, T, World, Tag, Team, CHAMPIONS~! They take their seats, Kofi says they came here and it was the time, and yet Cathy won’t gyrate with ya bois! Cathy thanks them for coming and congratulates them on their win over Pretty Deadly at NXT Deadline. Woods thanks Cathy for that, and commends Kit & Elton on being very talented. It was a hard fought battle, and NXT is full of incredible talent. That is why The New Day went there. The titles are prestigious, the New Day never had them before, so they had to get their hands on them.

Then how does it feel becoming Triple Crown Winners? Amazing! Kofi says there are a lot of goals you accomplish that you don’t necessarily even set. As a kid, you talk about this title, that title, but being a Triple Crown Winner, what even is that? It didn’t exist before now. It is only a small handful of people in that class, and for the New Day to join it is special. Cathy says the New Day have cemented their legacy, but let’s talk about the evolution of that trio. Woods says he had the thought that he, Kofi and Big E should join together as a unit. E was done, but they were nervous about asking Kofi. Kofi was down from the start, and there was chemistry from day one.

The New Day all believe that you need chemistry and energy to be a real team so that fan scan feel it. Spekaing of, the Usos are a great team, the New Day has had a great rivalry. What is it that brings out the best in each of them? Kofi feels the Usos and the New Day just go hand in hand. The evolution of a team. We saw the Usos start with the traditional Samoan style, the paint and dance. And now, while having loyalty to their heritage, they’re in their own skin and are just natural out there.

When Kofi is asked what The New Day is, it’s hard to describe. They come out, shake hips, eat pancakes, have a cereal and bright colors. If you weren’t with them on the journey, you won’t understand. Even those who have been on the journey still don’t quite understand, but the New Day found their way. The Usos found their way. And all throughout that, they crossed paths. It’s a sibling rivalry, each wanting to do better, and that all gives the fans a great rivalry. Cathy says the fans are sure on their toes. Thanks again for joining them, and now we go to their last match with the Usos in a battle over the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships: The Usos VS The New Day!

Jimmy & Jey are still on top after getting past The Brawling Brutes at Crown Jewel. And at 481 days, they are just a Veterans Day weekend away from being THE longest reigning tag team in WWE history! Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman & Solo Sikoa watch backstage, will they be made proud by the Usos? Or will Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods preserve their record and start a new chapter as W, W, E, World, Tag, Team, Champions~?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who are truly “The Ones!”

The teams sort out and fans chant “UCEY! UCEY!” as Jey starts against Woods. The bell rings, fans fire up, and Jey steps to Woods. Fans chant, “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” as Woods and Jey circle. They tie up, Jey headlocks, but Woods powers out. Jey runs Woods over hard and then holds up the finger. Woods stands up and scowls, and he shoves Jey. Then Woods gets a leg, trips Jey, rolls him and headlocks for a takeover. Woods makes it a cover, ONE! Another, ONE! Jey fights up but Woods grinds the headlock. Jey powers out but Woods runs him over! Cover, ONE! Woods clamps onto Jey’s arm and then tags in Kofi.

Woods feeds Jey to Kofi’s shoulder, then Woods rolls Jey for Kofi to CROSSBODY! Cover, ONE! Kofi facelocks but Jey powers him back. Jimmy tags in, the Usos mug Kofi, and Jimmy HEADBUTTS! Jimmy CHOPS Kofi against ropes, then he hits a headlock takeover. Kofi fights up, powers out, and things speed up. Kofi hurdles, hurdles and ELBOWS Jimmy down! Cover, TWO! Kofi stomps Jimmy into the corner, stomps away, then tags in Woods. Woods stomps, and the stampede is starting! Kofi tags in to stomp away, then Woods tags back in. Kofi whips Woods in to basement dropkick! Jimmy bails out, Jey runs in but is sent ou!

Woods tags to Kofi and KNEES Jey off the apron! Kofi goes up top to SUPER TRUST FALL! Direct hit on the Usos and Indianapolis fires up while SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Kofi fires off hands on Jimmy! Jimmy shoves Kofi away, elbows him away, and Jey tags in! Kofi whips Jimmy, Jimmy reverses but Kofi dodges, only for Jey to dump him out! Woods hurries over but Jimmy drags Kofi up to RAM into barriers! Jey DIVES onto Kofi! Fans are torn as Jey asks, “Now what?!” Jey drags Kofi up, and whips him hard into barriers! Fans rally for Kofi but Jey puts him in the ring. Jey talks trash but fans chant, “UCEY! UCEY!” Jey tunes it out and he clubs away on Kofi at the ropes! The ref counts, Jey lets off at 4, but Jimmy DECKS Kofi with a cheap shot!

Woods protests but the ref has him stand down. Fans chant, “We Want Sami!” but Jimmy says Sami ain’t here, so they’re not getting Sami. Jey covers his ears, he drags Woods up and around. Tag to Jimmy and they split the wishbone on Kofi! Jimmy crouches to watch Kofi crawl. Jimmy mocks Kofi, then stomps the hand! Kofi flounders to ropes, but Jimmy claws his face! Jimmy lets off, but then fishhooks Kofi again! The ref reprimands, and now Jey gets a cheap shot in! The ref has to keep Woods back again, and then Jimmy tags Jey. The Usos split the wishbone again! Jey looms over Kofi, “You think this is a game?”

Tag to Jimmy and the Usos mug Kofi. Jimmy clamps on a chinlock and he grinds Kofi down. Kofi endures and fans rally up. Kofi reaches out, he throws body shots, but Jimmy whips him to a corner. Kofi goes up and up to MISSILE DROPKICK! Fans fire up as both men crawl, hot tag to Jey! Jimmy runs in but Kofi dumps him out! Jey drags Kofi away from Woods, but Kofi hops and reaches out! Jey drags Kofi down, Kofi BOOTS Jey away! But then Jimmy trips Woods off the apron! Fans boo but Jey brings Kofi in, POP-UP NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Kofi survives and Jey is frustrated as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again and Jey has Kofi down with a chinlock. Fans rally with “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” as Kofi fights up. Kofi arm-drags free then he CLOBBERS Jey! Fans fire up, hot tags to Woods and Jimmy! Woods rallies on Jimmy with lariats and a whip! Jimmy reverses, Woods ducks ‘n’ dodges and slides to ROLLING ELBOW! Woods runs in at the corner to clothesline! Jey runs in to back suplex but Woods lands on his feet! Woods dodges Jey to clothesline Jimmy! Then he sends Jey into Jimmy, and he tilt-o-whirl RUSSIAN LEG SEWEPS Jey! Jey bails out, Woods kips up and fires up!

Indy fires up as Woods hits a GUT BUSTER DROP on Jimmy! Cover, TWO! Woods can’t believe it, but he drags Jimmy back up. “You think you can take that from us?!” Woods HEADBUTTS Jimmy! Tag to Kofi, PENALTY KICK to SLIDING FOREARM to SPLASH! Woods is up top, for the FLYING LEG DROP! Kofi covers, TWO!! Jimmy survives and the New Day is shocked! Kofi stomps Jimmy down and then runs, for the “NEW~ DAY~!” BOOM DROP! Fans fire up with Kofi and he claps in the corner! “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” Kofi spins, Jimmy ducks and tags Jey! Kofi sends Jimmy out but Jey mule kicks and UPPERCUTS!

But Kofi comes back, SOS!! Cover, TWO!!! Jey survives and Kofi is furious! “This is Awesome!” and Kofi drags Jey back up. But Jey pushes free, kicks, DRAGON WHIP! Woods sneaks a tag! Jey DUMPS Kofi out, but Woods HEADBUTTS Jey! Woods steps in, but no tornado! Jey ducks the leg lariat to SUPERKICK! Tag to Jimmy, the Usos DOUBLE SUPERKICK! DOUBLE SUPERKICK for Kofi! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS for Woods!! Tag back to Jey and the Usos take a corner each! DOUBLE UCE!!! Cover, TWO?!!? Woods survives and fans can’t believe it! Jey throws off his elbow pad and he says to finish this!

Jey tags Jimmy, they hold up the fingers, #WeTheOnes. Woods slowly rises, but Kofi drags Jey out! Kofi RAMS Jey into the steel steps! Jimmy puts Woods on the apron but Woods ROCKS and HOTSHOTS Jimmy! Kofi scoops Jey and Woods goes up! MIDNIGHT HOUR to the floor! Woods ROCKS Jimmy, steps in, TORNADO DDT! Tag to Kofi and Woods wants Jimmy to get back up! Scoop and MIDNIGHT HOUR!!! Cover, Jey breaks it in time!!! Fans are shocked but this is still going! The teams regroup, and Woods tells the Usos to get up. The four men stand and stare down. Fans are thunderous as they start throwing hands!!

Woods ROCKS Jey, Jimmy puts Kofi in a corner. Woods slingshots, but Jey moves to SUPERKICK him down! And then SUPERKICK him into the timekeeper’s area! Kofi SWING KICKS Jimmy then climbs up, but Jimmy UPPERCUTS! Tag to Jey, the Usos go up together but Kofi fights them both! Kofi SMACKS the Usos together, then adjusts, CROSS- ONE D!!!!! Cover, The Usos win!!!

Winner: The Usos, by pinfall (still Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions)

And the Tribal Chief is pleased. As of Monday Night Raw, the Usos will be THE longest reigning tag team champions in WWE history! Will any team ever stop the dominance of The Bloodline?


Bianca Belair shares her story.

Born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, she was a very active child. She was running, climbing trees, so her mom said to get her into a sport before she gets hurt. She started on track, that was her first love. Her mom dressed her up in colorful leotards and fans would cheer her on. Bianca got very good very quickly, and became obsessed with being the best. She got a scholarship, but put pressure on herself. She forgot it was supposed to be fun. Bianca was always naturally more muscular and bigger, she dieted to get slimmer and faster, but it turned into bulimia. She faced her demons, went home, but was in a dark place.

That’s when the WWE came in. “Bianca Belair is who I wanted to be as a little girl but I was too shy to be her. And I feel like I’m in this environment now where I can just be me.” The EST was meant to be here. She just didn’t know it was her dream until it was her reality. She wants young girls to see themselves in her. Don’t dim your light for anyone else. Looking back, Bianca sees all the pieces that led her here, and the validation is the Raw Women’s Championship she has right now.

Bianca Belair now joins the show!

Jackie welcomes her and thanks her for the time, and congratulates her on one heck of a 2022, and wishes her a Happy Holidays. How does the EST spend her holidays? Bianca says Christmas is one of the biggest times of the year. It has been one of her favorites since she was a kid, and both she and her husband, Montez Ford, are very, very festive. They wrap every single gift. Even as a kid, her mom wrapped up a bicycle, so Bianca does her best. Corey isn’t sure how that was possible but it doesn’t surprise him that Mama Belair would know how.

Any secrets she wants to share about Ford perhaps strutting around the house in holiday garb? He’s on a different level. His inner child comes out. The red Solo cups are everywhere. Ford loves Christmas and so does she. Corey likes the recycling of the cups. Jackie loves that the Solo cups are always present. Does Bianca make her own gift wrap? She’s so good at making her own ring gear, after all. Bianca thinks she should, that could be a new thing. Jackie says there’s nothing Bianca can’t do. And when we talk about the best of 2022, we have to talk about winning the title at WrestleMania. What are the first couple moments Bianca goes to right away?

So many. That WrestleMania was a long time coming because it was a year long feud. Bianca and Becky go back to the year before with WrestleMania 37 and Bianca winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship and then Becky’s return and the 26 second match at SummerSlam 2021. Then it was about redeeming herself, and we had each woman cutting the other’s hair. And then it was finally WrestleMania, Bianca made it back and was fighting for it all. And she had a great entrance with that marching band help get the nerves out of the way.

Then Jackie wants to know, given the year Bianca has had, there’s 24 hours in a day and yet Jackie feels like that’s a lie. Bianca must have some kind of cheat code: Raw Women’s Championship defended successfully in major shows, she and Ford have a reality show now, and Bianca makes her own ring gear. She even competed in a bodybuilding competition! What’s her secret? She isn’t sure. She’ll see how long this is all sustainable, such as making her own gear. But Bianca loves being productive and doing it all. She just wants to use all of her talents and abilities. But Ford is the one who tells her that she needs rest, she needs sleep, and then she says, “No!”

Jackie congratulates Bianca on her 2022 and for her time. Bianca thanks them for having her, Happy Holidays! Corey says thanks, and we will now relive that epic night Bianca challenged Becky for the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania!

Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch VS Bianca Belair!

The Man headlined WrestleMania 35, The EST main evented WrESTleMania 37 Night One. But when these two met at SummerSlam, Becky stunned everyone with a 26 second win to get the SmackDown Women’s Championship back. Long roads have led us to this, and now we see if Big Time Becks’ time is up! Will this be WrESTleMania Part 2 on the most STUPENDOUS WrestleMania Weekend ever?

Becky’s entrance is a Marvel Cinematic parody, and she is brought on stage by a white SUV. Becky shows off her title and her new haircut as she struts down to the ramp. Preceding Bianca is the marching band from Texas Southern University! They play her theme and then the EST herself appears as the drum major! The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see just who really is the greatEST!

Fans fire up as these two stare down. Bianca hears the chants for “E S T!” but so does Becky, and that only upsets Becky more. They circle, approach, and Bianca offers a handshake? Becky throws a sucker punch! And tries the Manhandle, but Bianca fights out! Torture rack, but Becky lands on her feet out of KOD! She uses the ponytail! MANHANDLE SLAM!! Cover, TWO!! Becky can’t believe it! Bianca survives, and this match is already going longer than SummerSlam! Becky hurries to get an arm but Bianca has the ropebreak! The ref counts, Becky KICKS Bianca down! Cover, TWO!

Becky stomps away on Bianca, covers again, TWO! Becky rains down elbows, covers, TWO! A leg drop, cover, TWO! Becky cools off, clearly she has to try something else. Becky paces, goes back to Bianca, but gets caught in a cradle! TWO, and Becky hurries for a cover, but with feet on the ropes! The ref sees that, no good for Becky! Becky argues with the ref, but then Bianca spins Becky around and reels her in! Snap suplex and roll through to a stalling suplex, but Becky makes it a DDT! Cover, TWO! Becky is slightly amused now, because Bianca is hanging tough. Becky dusts off her hands, looms over Bianca, and drags her to a drop zone.

Fans rally as Becky goes to the corner, climbs up top, MOONSAULT FLOPS! Bianca hurries to steal the DISARM-HER!! The Man is enduring her own hold! Becky moves around, gets a foot for the ROPEBREAK, but Bianca drags her away! Becky trips Bianca, Oklahoma Roll, TWO! Bianca covers, TWO! Bianca kicks low, reels Becky in, scoops her, but Becky pops up top! Bianca blocks the victory roll, TWO! Becky gets the roll, TWO! Bianca has it again, TWO! Bianca ends u p in a corner and Becky boots her low! Becky reels Bianca in but Bianca throws Becky out! Bianca’s ponytail comes into play again as Becky drags her out!

Becky tries to whip, Bianca reels Becky in and scoops! But Becky slips off and RAMS Bianca into steel steps! Bianca is down and Becky wants a count-out! The count begins as Becky paces in the ring. Bianca stirs, gets up and in at 5, but Becky is right after her! BECKSPLODER! Bianca flounders again and Becky soaks up the heat. Becky drags Bianca up to BECKSPLODER again! Becky soaks up the heat again as she drags Bianca up again, BECKSPLODER! #SuBecksCity! Cover, TWO! Bianca flounders but Becky stays close. Becky wrenches to WRING Bianca into the ropes! Bianca writhes and clutches her neck!

Becky gloats as Bianca sputters, then Becky drags Bianca up to whip into a corner. Becky runs in, but Bianca slips out and ROCKS Becky! Bianca shoulders in, slingshots up, but into a SUPERKICK! Becky has Bianca stuck on the ropes, and she goes to the corner! GUILLOTINE LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Bianca is still in this and Becky is growing frustrated again. Becky stomps Bianca, drags her up by her ponytail and wraps on a SLEEPER! Bianca endures, Becky throws crossface forearms, then keeps on the sleeper. Fans rally, Bianca fights up, and Bianca throws body shots. Bianca snapmares free, dodges Becky, then goes up, only for Becky to YANK her down!

Becky reels Bianca in, BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! To ARMBAR! Bianca flails, claws at Becky, and powers up to go for a stack! Cover, TWO! Becky keeps the arm, has more of a Triangle Hold now, and even uses the ponytail to drag Bianca in deeper! Bianca just powers up again to deadlift Becky, but Becky RANAS Bianca out of the ring! Both women hit the floor and fans fire up! The ring count climbs, both women are down at 5 of 10, but Bianca gets in at 7! Becky drags her out, then pops Bianca up. Bianca handsprings off ropes to suplex Becky, and SLAM her on the floor! Fans fire up as both women are down again!

Another ring count begins, we’re past 5 of 10 already. Bianca puts Becky in at 8, hurries to get her up, but Becky ROCKS her! Bianca ROCKS Becky back, keeps throwing hands, then RAMS Becky into the corner with her shoulder! Bianca fires off but the ref has her back down. Becky kicks Bianca back! Becky runs but Bianca blocks the kick and FLIPS Becky. Bianca scoops to GUTBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Becky survives and Bianca grits her teeth. Bianca keeps her focus as she stalks Becky to ropes. Bianca brings Becky up, whips her to ropes, but Becky reverses. Bianca handsprings, pops Becky up, but Becky victory rolls it! TWO!!

Bianca gets around to chicken wing Becky! GlamEST SLAM! Bianca hurries to handspring and MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Becky survives and Bianca is feeling that frustration. Bianca drags Becky over to a drop zone and she goes up top! Fans fire up, but Becky ROCKS Bianca first! Becky climbs, fires forearms on Bianca, then sits Bianca up. Bianca fights back, fireman’s carries, and fans stand up for the CHICAGO SKYLINE! Or maybe in this case, Dallas Skyline! Bianca hurries back up top, fans fire up, EST 450!! Cover, TWO!?! Becky escapes and no one, least of all Bianca, can believe this!

Bianca works to stay cool because Becky is still down. Fans rally up, Bianca waits on Becky to get up at the apron. Bianca runs in to RAM Becky, then she has a headlock! Becky HOTSHOTS back! Becky dodges the shoulder to KICK and KICK! Bianca is down, Becky goes up and fans fire up! Becky with the MOLLY-GO-ROUND! Cover, TWO!! Bianca survives getting boots to the face! Becky looms over Bianca, she drags Bianca up, MAN- NO! No handling, Bianca shoves and ROCKS Becky! Bianca runs, but into a forearm from Becky! Becky runs, but into Bianca’s SPINEBUSTER! And then handspring MOONSAULT onto knees!

Becky hurries to get the arm, but Bianca uses that to roll Becky! TWO, Bianca wants chicken wings! Becky victory rolls, TWO! Bianca has it, TWO, and Bianca hits buckles! Becky hurries to JUMP KICK, but Bianca blocks! Bianca gets Becky to the torture rack! But Becky holds ropes for dear life! The ref reprimands and counts, so Bianca TOSSES Becky to the floor! Bianca then hurries to fetch Becky up and in! Becky hurries to scramble away to the far side! Bianca can’t stop her, Becky is safe on the outside again! But then Bianca grabs Becky by her hair, only for Becky to use Bianca’s hair to YANK her into post!

Bianca drapes then flops out of the ring, and Becky brings her up again. MANHANDLE SLAM onto steel steps! Becky leaves Bianca behind and at the mercy of the ring count! Bianca slumps off the steps at 5 of 10, is down at 7, and fans are thunderous! Bianca is up and in at 9.9!? Becky hurries to roll her, TWO!! Bianca is proving she is the toughEST, but now Becky is the angriEST as he hammers away on Bianca’s back! Becky drags Bianca back up, but she’s all but dead weight. Bianca hops up and backflips out of the Manhandle Slam! And scoops Becky to a torture rack! K O D!!! Cover, Bianca wins!!!

Winner: Bianca Belair, by pinfall (NEW Raw Women’s Champion)

WrESTleMania lives again! She finally gets big time payback on Becky, will Bianca make this title run the greatEST yet?


Our hosts respond.

Corey says twice now, Bianca walks into big challenges at WrestleMania, and twice she walks out champion. But she defends her title on next week’s Monday Night Raw, will she still be champion after taking on Alexa Bliss? Jackie says we never know when Alexa will get a little twisted. But Bianca’s spotlight always shines bright. That’s a trait she shares with a certain social media sensation. No, Corey, not you. Jackie means Logan Paul! We’ll see his sensational encounter with Roman Reigns, but also, the Brawling Brutes are coming with banger after banger after banger!


WWE Intercontinental Championship: GUNTHER w/ Ludwig Kaiser VS Sheamus w/ The Brawling Brutes!

Der Ring General dominated European wrestling and even the UK scene, but now he wants to take over the world through this prestigious title. However, this is the one title the Celtic Warrior has yet to hold. Will Cardiff see the crowning of an ULTIMATE GRAND SLAM CHAMPION?

Ludwig makes the introductions for- Wait! Giovanni Vinci?! Formerly Fabian Aichner and formerly of Imperium, is now BACK IN Imperium! Will having his forces back at 100% help “YOUR Intercontinental Champion” stay champion?

Dunne and Ridge brawl with Ludwig and Vinci! Vinci TOSSES Dunne, Ridge CLOBBERS Ludwig, they brawl now, and things spill out of the ring! Imperium pinballs Ridge and stomps him down! But Dunne is up top to ARIHARA MOONSAULT them down! Gunther and Sheamus haven’t even moved yet! The bell rings and the brawl is on in the ring! Sheamus backs Gunther down to a corner and fires off, but Gunther turns it around to CLUB away! Sheamus throws hands back, they scrap, and Gunther EuroUppers! Sheamus BOOTS and ROCKS and ROCKS Gunther again! Gunther turns things around to CHOP! And CHOP! And ROCK Sheamus!

Sheamus ROCKS Gunther back! Gunther headlocks, Sheamus powers out, they RAM shoulders, then Gunther BOOTS Sheamus down! Fans are fired up while the others are taken to the back. Gunther CLUBS Sheamus, suplexes, but Sheamus fights that to suplex Gunther! Sheamus CLUBS Gunther, ROCKS him, but Gunther kicks low. Gunther kicks low again, EuroUppers, but Sheamus fires back! Sheamus whips, Gunther reverses but Sheamus KICKS him! Sheamus mule kicks, front kicks, and Gunther goes to the apron. Fans are fire dup for Sheamus as he grabs Gunther at the ropes. But Gunther slips free and drags Sheamus down.

Sheamus kicks Gunther away, follows him around the way, and RAMS him into steel steps! The ring count starts but Sheamus fires up Cardiff. Sheamus drags Gunther up at 4 of 10, puts him in at 5, and then drags Gunther up the ropes. Fans fire up but Gunther resists. Sheamus forces Gunther to stand, and he forces those arms into the ropes! Gunther still fights, gets free and ROCKS Sheamus! Sheamus ROCKS Gunther back! And again! Sheamus steps in but Gunther puts him in the corner to CHOP! And CHOP! Sheamus shoves Gunther away, BOOTS him down, and then skins the cat to the top rope!

But Gunther CHOPS Sheamus off the corner and to the floor! Gunther goes out after Sheamus and he pulls the steel steps apart! Fans fire up as Gunther sets the steps and brings Sheamus around. Gunther CHOPS Sheamus, then scoops him to SLAM him on the steel steps! Gunther then goes into the ring as the count climbs. Sheamus drags himself back to the ring at 7 of 10 and slides in at 9! Gunther is annoyed but he looms over Sheamus. Gunther CLUBS Sheamus, stalks him to a corner, and CHOPS him! Sheamus ROCKS Gunther, Gunther CHOPS, Sheamus CHOPS! Gunther CHOPS Sheamus again and Sheamus staggers!

Gunther sits Sheamus up to CHOP him down! Gunther kicks Sheamus around and dares him to get up. Fans rally for Sheamus as he sits up, and Gunther CHOPS him! Gunther eggs Sheamus on, CHOPS him, but Sheamus throws body shots! Gunther SLAPS Sheamus, then BOOTS him down! Gunther drags Sheamus up, CHOPS him against the ropes, CHOPS and ROCKS and CHOPS again! The ref counts, Gunther CHOPS again and lets off. Sheamus leans against the ropes but stays in the ring. Sheamus grits his teeth and stands back up and the fans rally again. Gunther BOOTS and Sheamus staggers then flops down!

Gunther drags Sheamus from the ropes by a leg, then turns Sheamus over to get both legs. Sheamus resists the turn, but Gunther powers through to the BOSTON CRAB! Sheamus endures, crawls forward, but Gunther shifts into an STF! Fans boo but Sheamus still endures. Sheamus pries free of the crossface and BENDS Gunther’s fingers! Gunther CLUBS Sheamus, then CHOPS him on the back! Fans boo but Gunther just soaks it all in. Gunther KNEES Sheamus in the side, BOOTS him, but fans are still rallying for the Fella! Sheamus throws body shots, but Gunther ROCKS him! Sheamus ROCKS Gunther!

Gunther dodges to ROCK Sheamus in the back! Gunther kicks and CLUBS but Sheamus CHOPS and CHOPS! Gunther wrenches the arm, and CHOPS Sheamus off his feet! Gunther holds onto the wrist while fans boo, and Gunther drags Sheamus back up. Gunther wrenches again, then CHOPS Sheamus back down. Fans boo more but Gunther drags Sheamus up again. Gunther CHOPS and Sheamus drops to a knee. Sheamus glares defiantly but Gunther wrenches again. Sheamus blocks the chop! Fans fire up and Sheamus ROCKS Gunther with forearm after forearm! Gunther wobbles but he RAMS Sheamus into a corner!

Gunther tosses Sheamus out, goes out after him, and scoops him again, to SLAM him on the floor! Sheamus writhes but Gunther drags him up, to TOSS him over the announce desk! Gunther taunts the fans then drags Sheamus up. Sheamus SMACKS Gunther off the desk! And again! And then gives him BEATS OF THE BODHRAIN!! Fans count to five but Gunther gets away into the ring! Sheamus pursues and CLOBBERS Gunther! Gunther goes to the apron, but Sheamus drags him up! Fans rally as Sheamus gives more BEATS OF THE BODHRAIN! He goes past 10 but Gunther gets away again! Sheamus goes out after Gunther, but Gunther TOSSES him over the barriers!

But Sheamus hits Gunther back! Sheamus gives Gunther MORE BEATS OF THE BODHRAIN! And he goes all the way to 15!! Gunther flounders away and Sheamus pursues! Sheamus puts Gunther in the ring, climbs up a corner, and KING KONG KNEE DROPS!! Fans fire up with Sheamus! Sheamus fireman’s carries but Gunther slips off to ROCK Sheamus! Sheamus ROCKS Gunther, so Gunther CHOPS Sheamus! Sheamus ROCKS Gunther again, Gunther CHOPS Sheamus again. ROCK! CHOP! ROCK! CHOP! They speed it up and Sheamus gets the edge! But Gunther gest around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Sheamus sits back up!

Sheamus runs in, into a CHOP! Sheamus rebounds to KNEE Gunther down! Cover, TWO!! Sheamus almost had Gunther there! “This is Awesome!” and it’s still going as both men stir. Sheamus watches Gunter rise, and he reels him in for the clinch. Gunther fights that off with elbows, then he CLUBS Sheamus! SLEEPER!! Gunther squeezes tight but Sheamus moves around! Sheamus drops to a knee and Gunther leans on the hold but fans rally up. Sheamus fights up, pries at the hold, but Gunther turns him around! Sheamus fights the lift and fireman’s carries for WHITE NOISE! Cover, TWO!! Gunther survives again!

Fans rally harder and harder as Sheamus stands again. Gunther crawls to a corner but Sheamus takes aim. Cardiff is on its feet as Sheamus beats his chest! Gunther stands, but he dodges the Brogue to waistlock! Sheamus elbows free but Gunther SHOTGUNS him into the corner! Gunther drags Sheamus up, GENERAL BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Gunther is freaking out that Sheamus survives! Gunther stomps Sheamus down, drags him around, then stomps him some more! Gunther goes up the corner, but Sheamus hurries up to SLAP him! And CHOP him! And CHOP, and CHOP! Gunther CHOPS back but Sheamus ROCKS and CHOPS him again!

Sheamus and Gunther brawl, Gunther throwing down some hard SLAPS! Sheamus staggers away, Gunther adjusts, but Sheamus BOOTS the ropes to trip Gunther up! Sheamus then turns Gunther around and brings Gunther out on the crucifix! A shoutout to another great Intercontinental Champion! RAZOR’S EDGE!! Sheamus crawls to the cover, TWO!?! Gunther survives and Scott Hall must be looking down in a bit of disappointment. Sheamus crawls to a corner, fans are thunderous and Sheamus glares at Gunther. Gunther stands, Sheamus runs, but his back! Gunther gets Sheamus up, GENERAL BOMB!! But Gunther can’t cover from his own fatigue!

Sheamus sits up! He shakes his head as Gunther gets pissed!! Gunther CLOBBERS Sheamus!!! Cover, Gunther wins!!

Winner: Gunther, by pinfall (still WWE Intercontinental Champion)

It was a war like none other, but it took one last shot to finish Sheamus off! Will Der Ring General continue to brutally and unequivocally dominate the WWE?

Our hosts respond.

Corey says, “In the WWE, there are fights, and then there are all out wars. And that match between Gunther and Sheamus was definitely the latter.” Jackie agrees, and says that we love and live for all out wars. Gunther VS Sheamus was the tip of the iceberg when it came to the battles between Imperium and the Brutes. Joining us now is none other than Sheamus! Jackie has to know, how does the Celtic Warrior celebrate the holidays. The Fella takes us on a tour of the house, and for anyone that knows “Sheamy,” his two favorite holidays are St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th, and the other is Christmas.

The Irish love Christmas. It is a special holiday to everyone around the world, but especially to the Irish. Since Sheamus couldn’t go home for Christmas, he went to the next best place: Sheamy’s Bar! Where there is always plenty of Guinness in the fridge and great tunes playing. The gremlins can’t hold their drinks, though. But the cream of the crop for when guests come over, greet them in style with his special barrel drink storage. Corey says once holidays are over, it’s back to Fight Night for the Brutes. What is it that makes Sheamus, Ridge Holland & “Butch” Pete Dunne such a great group?

Sheamus says what makes them so formidable is that they have no egos. They’re all lads from across the pond, and it does seem unlikely, him being Irish and them being English. But the truth is, that works! They all share the same goal: the scrap and the fight! That is what lets them go out there and beat down whoever. Bloodline, Imperium, it doesn’t matter! You step to the Brawling Brutes ad you are in for the fight night of your life! Jackie says that’s well said. But she has to ask about the Good ol’ Fashioned Donnybrook! Brutes VS Imperium at Extreme Rules, what makes the Brutes so successful in such a match.

Sheamus says it is anything goes in that kind of match, and that means they can even use shillelaghs. You’re better off getting hit with iron bars than one of those. But you also get to sprinkle in a lot of that Celtic culture, from barrels to the bar and various weapons. Imperium says the ring is sacred, Der Ring General, all that. But when you’re in there in the Brutes’ backyard, all that talk goes out the window. Corey thanks Sheamus for his time, and now we relive that very banger from Imperium and the Brawling Brutes!

Good Ol’ Fashioned Donnybrook: The Brawling Brutes VS Imperium!

Philly, get ready for FIGHT NIGHT! Sheamus may not be Intercontinental Champion, but he has all the more reason to beat the blood, sweat and tears out of Giovanni Vinci, Ludwig Kaiser & Gunther after how they kept that title from him! Will he, Ridge the Fridge and “Butch” break Imperium? Or will the mat and Philadelphia be kept sacred?

The bell rings and the teams stare down. Fans fire up and the brawl is on! Sheamus is after Gunther, Dunne throws Vinci out but Ludwig CLUBS and KNEES and UPPERCUTS Ridge! Dunne rains down fists on Vinci on the announce desk! Gunther and Sheamus go out to the floor to brawl! Ridge resists a butterfly suplex while Sheamus RAMS Gunther into barriers! Ridge LAWN DARTS Ludwig into Dunne’s GAMANGIRI! Then they put Ludwig in a Tree of Woe, Sheamus trapping him with a shillelagh, for Dunne to run in and basement dropkick! But Gunther BOOTS Dunne! And DECKS Ridge!

Vinci sends Sheamus into barriers! Imperium turns the tide by whipping Ridge for a SPINEBUSTER and PENALTY KICK! Fans boo but Imperium soaks up the heat. Dunne returns but gets a GAMANGIRI from Ludwig! Ludwig & Vinci go out to clear the bar! Sheamus goes after them for that! Gunther joins in and Imperium mugs Sheamus 3v1! The bar stools are moved aside, Ludwig & Vinci keep after Sheamus, then they move barrels aside so they can haul Sheamus up. They whip him hard into steel steps, then egg him on. Philly boos but Dunne LEAPS at Vinci! Vinci and Gunther mug him, and Gunther CHOPS Dunne through barriers!

Vinci and Ludwig stomp Sheamus, then they haul him up. They put him on the bar so Gunther can taunt him and CHOP away on him! MACHINE GUN CHOPS!! And a BOOT! Sheamus flounders but Gunther hauls him up, BACK SUPLEX ON THE BAR! Fans boo but Imperium sees Ridge and Dunne regrouping in the ring. Imperium heads that way, the brawl is back on! But that’s 3v2, Imperium gets the edge, Vinci traps Ridge for a BOOT! Ludwig CLUBS Dunne down and Imperium paces about. Vinci stomps Dunne, Ludwig kicks Ridge. Gunther drags Ridge up to DECK him with a forearm! Ludwig rains down fists but Dunne ENZIGURIS Gunther!

Vinci DECKS Dunne, he and Ludwig mug Dunne and beat him down. Ludwig runs at Ridge but Ridge blocks the kick! Ludwig and Vinci club away but Ridge lifts them both! DOUBLE BACK DROP! Ridge turns around, Gunther BOOTS him down! Gunther shouts to his men and they go after Ridge at the apron. Vinci brings Ridge out, Ludwig is on the apron, IMPERIAL BOMB to the floor!! Imperium soaks up the heat and Dunne sees he’s alone. But Dunne doesn’t care, he just fires off on Gunther! He gets mugged 3v1 and beaten back down! They put Dunne in a corner, Gunther drags Dunne up to put on the top rope.

Gunther CHOPS Dunne, then climbs up to stand on him! Then Vinci & Ludwig DOUBLE DROPKICK him at the corner! Dunne flops to the floor while Imperium soaks up the heat. Gunther tells Vinci & Ludwig to go out, and they fetch Dunne into the ring. Ludwig sits Dunne up and Gunther slaps Dunne around. Then he CHOPS Dunne! But Sheamus rises from the bar! Fans are thunderous, Ludwig hurries but Sheamus CLOBBERs him! And he CLOBBERS Vinci! And he throws Ludwig into barriers! And Vinci into barriers! Now Sheamus has Gunther all to himself! Fans fire up as the two stare down in the ring once again!

Sheamus and Gunther fire off forearms, Sheamus gets the edge, but Gunther gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Both men go to ropes, Sheamus comes back with a LARIAT! Sheamus storms up to clothesline in the corner! Then whips corner to corner, but Gunther BOOTS him! But Sheamus scoops to SLAM Gunther! Fans are thunderous again and Sheamus has Gunther on the apron. Sheamus stands Gunther up, CLUBS him on the back, and then gives him BEATS OF THE BODHRAIN! Sheamus gets all TEN, then goes past that! Ridge and Dunne add on, this is a whole band of Bodhrains! Gunther flounders, Sheamus hauls him in, fireman’s carry for WHITE NOISE!

Sheamus then looks to the crowd as they fire back up. Sheamus goes to a corner, beats his chest, and Gunther rises into the BROGUE!! Cover, but Vinci SPLASHES in!! Ridge stomps Vinci, EuroUppers him around, then whips him to a corner. Vinci reverses and blocks a boot to short arm LARIAT! Vinci & Ludwig set up, but Ridge back drops free! Ludwig leaps into a BIG forearm from Dunne! But Gunther DOUBLE SHOTGUNS Ridge & Dunne! Gunther runs in at Sheamus, but into an IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! Sheamus has the legs, for the CLOVERLEAF!! Gunther flails, fans fire up, but Sheamus drags Gunther from the ropes!

But Ludwig gets in and CRACKS a shillelagh on Sheamus’ back! Gunther covers, but the Brutes break it! “This is Awesome!” as the trios regroup! The Brutes stand on one end, Imperium on the other, and the haymakers start flying again! Dunne and Ludwig, Vinci and Ridge, they all fall to the mat, but now Gunther and Sheamus rise! The leaders throw forearms back and forth, harder and faster! They start throwing CHOPS and body shots! Sheamus and Gunther both wobble back! The trios regroup again, and now all six men rush in! Ludwig GUT WRENCHES Dunne, Vinci dodges and CROSSBODIES Ridge!

Sheamus KNEES Gunther down! Cover, Vinci drags Sheamus out! Vinci and Ludwig mug Sheamus! They clear off the announce desk, and fans chant “WE WANT TABLES!” Well, they’re about to get tables as Vinci drags Sheamus up and Ludwig climbs up. But Ridge CLOBBERS Vinci, catches Ludwig and RAMS Ludwig into the apron! Vinci & Ludwig beat up on Ridge but Dunne’s on a barrel! ARIHARA MOONSAULT!! Down go the soldiers, but Sheamus wants Der Ring General! Sheamus gets in the ring, but Gunther CLOBBERS him with a shillelagh! And again! So much for the tradition of wrestling!

Gunther has the shillelagh for a SHILLELAGH LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!?!? Sheamus survives what put him away on SmackDown and Gunther can’t believe it! Gunther snarls, staggers up and he looms over Sheamus. Gunther drags Sheamus up, reels him in, but Ridge & Dunne get in! Dunne gets a hand to SNAP Gunther’s fingers! Ridge HEADBUTTS Gunther, and they both set him up! Sheamus has the shillelagh! Fans fire up and Sheamus raises the club high to CRACK Gunther in the head! Gunther bails out fast but Ridge & Dunne pursue Vinci & Ludwig! They start throwing around the wood, hammering away on Vinci & Ludwig!

Sheamus gets Gunther in a Crucifix lift! RAZOR’S EDGE THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE DESK!! Fans are thunderous again, and Sheamus goes back into the ring. The Brutes set Vinci up and Sheamus beats his chest! BROGUE for the Pride of Italy! Cover, the Brutes win!

Winners: The Brawling Brutes, by pinfall

That was the most destructive donnybrook humanly possible! And what a way to open Extreme Rules! Will the Brutes find their way back to gold with this momentum?

Our hosts respond.

Jackie double checks with Corey, should she file this one under “BANGER!” YES, certified banger. When someone got hit in the mouth, Corey had to check his own jaw that he didn’t lose some teeth. But the Brutes have moved on from Imperium to another faction in The Bloodline. No one should want to cross paths with them but the Brutes don’t care. But Corey and Jackie will do the smart thing and turn this over to Sami.

Sami Zayn is reading The Bloodline Dictionary.

“Oh hi there, I didn’t see you come in. I’m Sami Zayn, and welcome to my locker room. The year 2022 has really been probably the most remarkable year, certainly in my life, but also in WWE history. Why? Because of the single most dominant faction of all time, The Bloodline.” Sami is of course a proud member of the faction that has dominated the WWE in a way we’ve never seen before. And when you think of domination, you of course first think of the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns.

“If you haven’t done it already, ladies and gentlemen, it is time to acknowledge him. You must stop and take a moment to remember the incredible debut of the Enforcer of the Bloodline, Solo Sikoa. When we talk about dominance, we have to talk about The Usos and their remarkable journey to become the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions of all time. Oh, those Usos.” Sami was given the Bloodline Dictionary, First Edition, as a gift, and he needed it. Half the time they’re talking, they say words Sami isn’t familiar with. Rollout, level up, YEET, Ucey. Well, Sami knows that one pretty well.

But the absolute highlight for Sami was WarGames at Survivor Series. He fully embraced the Bloodline and they fully embraced him to make him a full-fledged Uce. And he was directly responsible for making sure the Bloodline was victorious. “If that’s not one of the greatest nights of your life, then doggone it, I don’t know what is.” The level of dominance from the Bloodline in 2022 is just a sample of what’s to come. In 2023, there will be no question, no doubt, that everyone else are just the twos, and #WeTheOnes. Happy Holidays!


Drew McIntyre speaks.

“It’s really cool to be from the UK. A long line of warriors, of scientists, of poets. The people that dream big, that do some incredible things.” As a kid, McIntyre did imagine himself being here in the WWE, ever since he was six years old. McIntyre felt it was almost unobtainable. No one from Scotland ever makes it to the WWE, McIntyre said he would be the first. When you’re from here, with such brave, determined figures, you go for that dream and make it happen. He’s living proof of that.

Thirty years, from SummerSlam ’92 to Clash at the Castle 2022, the WWE returned to the UK. This is full circle for McIntyre. Fans were so excited to see it happen. Over 70 THOUSAND people watching McIntyre VS Roman, the building is going to be shaking. And shaking it was! McIntyre couldn’t have even dreamt of that moment. It is not lost on him how big that moment was. Tyson Fury even told McIntyre he did the UK proud. People will be talking about that moment for years and years to come. He told the fans themselves that they showed the world the passion the UK has for pro-wrestling.

Drew McIntyre joins the show!

Corey says thanks for being here, and he knows McIntyre’s dealing with a few injuries. How is the Scottish Warrior feeling? Feeling pretty good. It is specifically a minor thing, and he will be back very soon. We’re already in WrestleMania Season, and he will not miss this year’s. But it is weird, McIntyre got his presents early and now he has to start his taxes. That’s way ahead of schedule for him, but he’s been very, very productive. His cats are over the moon, they’re happy he’s home. Then looking back, there’s one event that stands out for McIntyre, and that is of course Clash at the Castle, the first major WWE event in over 30 years!

Can McIntyre tells us how much that meant to him? McIntyre says he’d dreamt of such an event for years now. It wasn’t even a dream when he was a kid. He wanted to main event WrestleMania, win the world title, and he was lucky to do that. But there hadn’t been any premium events in the UK since 1992. At 22 years old, McIntyre asked everyone why. There is such passion and dedication in the UK, they could fill a stadium easily. There were excuses like logistics, but as the years went by, the WWE Network, now on Peacock, they made shows all over the world.

McIntyre remembers Super Showdown in Australia back in 2018. McIntyre used that example as a way to bring it up again. They couldn’t use “logistics” as an excuse anymore, they couldn’t use time zones as an excuse because that wasn’t any more than what it’d be in the UK. They could put it on during a weekend and in the afternoon. And eventually, it materialized. McIntyre would’ve been happy to be anywhere on that show, but it worked out that he was in the main event against Roman Reigns, and it was unbelievable.

Jackie knows he is passionate about this, so how important is it to see another premium event overseas in the UK, and maybe sooner than 30 years from now? Yeah, McIntyre would love to see one done every year. He knows there is an audience for it. Clash at the Castle was rocking from the first match to the last moment of the main event, and they could even go to other places. If there is a demand, they can do it. They could do it in Paris, France! If you want the WWE, make your voice heard on social media. And you never know, you could get a big WWE show at your home country. Corey loves the sound of that!

But after such a wild 2022, what does 2023 hold for the Scottish Warrior? McIntyre wants after Gunther and that Intercontinental Championship. McIntyre has seen the competition, he’s seen the battles, McIntyre is a forearm champion and would love to tangle with Der Ring General. Yes, please! Jackie and Corey want that to happen. Corey says everyone appreciates McIntyre being a workhorse for the WWE. Happy Holidays and good lucks next year. McIntyre appreciates that. He hopes Santa was nice to everyone, he’s gonna go watch Klaus for the tenth time.


WWE reviews McIntyre VS Kross.

Mr. Doomsday said, “Admits chaos, opportunity tends to present itself. Drew McIntyre, the Chosen One. Must be nice. They chose you. And they were wrong. They chose you, McIntyre! THEY! WERE! WRONG!!” McIntyre told Kross to step up, and challenged him to a match “designed to maximize pain.” A STRAP MATCH!!

Strap Match: Drew McIntyre VS Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett Bordeaux!

Once upon a time, the Scottish Warrior was the Chosen One, but that story did not have a happy ending. However, that story isn’t over, either. McIntyre has been writing a sequel that is truly better than the original, but he must continue fighting to keep this story going. Is this just another new beginning for McIntyre? Or will Mr. Doomsday abruptly end things with a horribly tragic finale?

The strap is brought out, and McIntyre puts it on himself. Kross refuses and fans boo, but he has to for the match. Kross smirks as he holds onto the strap, then throws it away. But then Scarlett grabs that end! Kross ATTACKS! Fans boo as Kross stomps a mudhole into McIntyre! Kross roars, then goes out to grab the strap. McIntyre avoids getting whipped and he whips Kross, but Kross reverses to POST McIntyre! Kross TOSSES McIntyre over the barriers! Kross grabs the strap, pursues McIntyre into the crowd, and fans fire up as these two brawl in front of them! McIntyre CLUBS Kross but Kross elbows back. They brawl as they go along that back way.

Fans fire up as McIntyre ROCKS and CHOPS Kross. Kross ROCKS McIntyre but McIntyre BOOTS and CHOPS back! Kross ROCKS McIntyre, throws McIntyre over to ringside, and then stalks him to the ring. Kross brings McIntyre around, and he aims for the steps! McIntyre blocks the suplex, to snap suplex Kross to the floor! McIntyre SMACKS Kross off the desk, and SMACKS him off the steps! McIntyre throws a headlock punch, then POSTS Kross! Kross staggers but McIntyre scoops him, SIDEWALK SLAM on the apron! McIntyre roars and fans fire up while Scarlett is freaking out. McIntyre brings the strap into the ring, and he forces it onto Kross!

Fans cheer as the bell rings, and McIntyre rains down fists! McIntyre winds up some slack to LASH Kross! Kross writhes but McIntyre LASHES him again! Kross bails out, McIntyre follows and he LASHES Kross again! McIntyre eggs Kross on, LASHES him again, “FALL AND PRAY, BITCH!” McIntyre LASHES Kross more, Scarlett storms up but has to stay back as McIntyre LASHES again. The ref warns Scarlett, but Kross uses the distraction to YANK McIntyre into the post! McIntyre staggers, clutching his arm, but the ref checks him. McIntyre says no, he won’t lose like that. Kross POSTS McIntyre again!

Kross tells McIntyre he’s a stupid SOB, and then he stomps and kicks McIntyre around. And then POSTS McIntyre again! Kross drags McIntyre into the wring, he wrenches the bad arm, ARMBAR DDT! Cover, TWO! Kross stomps away on McIntyre, CHOPS him on the ropes, and taunts “The Chosen One” that this is what he wanted. Kross lets off and McIntyre sputters. Kross WRINGS the arm out and McIntyre writhes again. Kross LASHES him and Scarlett is loving this. But McIntyre throws body shots! Kross KNEES low, McIntyre CHOPS back! And CHOPS again! And swings, but into a SLEEPER! McIntyre fights it off and RAMS Kross into the buckles!

McIntyre gets away but Kross reels him in to LASH him! Fans boo but Scarlett applauds as Kross drags McIntyre out of the ring. Kross ROCKS McIntyre, then wrenches him to COMPLETE SHOT against the desk! McIntyre clutches his arm as he falls over. Kross drags McIntyre up, wraps him up against the post with the strap, and he LASHES him! And LASHES him! Kross lets the slack out so he can LASH and LASH and LASH away! Scarlett says “MORE! MORE!” and revels in the endless LASHES! Kross finally stops and soaks up the heat from the fans. McIntyre is down on the floor and Kross mocks him.

Kross goes into the ring, and he uses the strap to drag McIntyre in. McIntyre stands but Kross reels him in for the DOOMSDAY SAIDO! Cover, TWO!! McIntyre is still in this and Kross is annoyed. Fans rally up and McIntyre snarls but Kross gathers up the slack again to LASH McIntyre! And again! McIntyre scowls as the LASHES seem to give him power! McIntyre glares at Kross and Kross isn’t sure what to do. McIntyre CLOBBERS Kross! And again! McIntyre tells Kross to get up, and then he OVERHEAD Belly2Belly suplexes! Kross swings, but into the NECKBREAKER! McIntyre kips up and fans fire up!

McIntyre smiles as he watches Kross get back up. McIntyre underhooks but Kross RAMS him into the corner! Kross fireman’s carries but McIntyre shoves him away. Kross elbows McIntyre, but runs into a SPINEBUSTER! Jackknife bridge, TWO! Scarlett is worried for Kross but fans rally for McIntyre. McIntyre ROCKS Kross with a haymaker but Kross ROCKS McIntyre back! They go back and forth, faster and faster, and fans are on McIntyre’s side! It’s fast and furious, it’s a hockey fight! McIntyre ROCKS Kross again, then LASHES him! Kross LASHES back! Each man has enough slack to LASH each other in the shoulders and neck!

Kross wobbles, but he LASHES again! McIntyre LASHES, Kross LASHES, it’s even wilder than before! Fans fire up as McIntyre gets the edge! LASH after LASH, then the FUTURE SHOCK! Kip up and Philly fires up! McIntyre starts up his countdown, “THREE! TWO! ONE!” But Scarlett steps in to defend Kross! McIntyre sighs, but then she PEPPER SPRAYS him!! The ref reprimands but there’s nothing to be done! Kross winds up his arm, KROSS HAMMER!! Cover, Kross wins!

Winner: Karrion Kross, by pinfall

The ref washes the spray out of McIntyre’s face, but the damage is done! Kross’s elbow turned his lights out and now McIntyre has lost, just as Kross predicted. Who else will be forced to #FallAndPray?

But that wasn’t the end, it only escalated from there! Just a month later, Crown Jewel locked these two inside a STEEL CAGE!

Steel Cage Match: Drew McIntyre VS Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett Bordeaux!

The Scottish Warrior was screwed out of a Strap Match by way of Scarlett’s pepper spray, and he isn’t going to let Mr. & Mrs. Doomsday get away with that! Will the cage keep Scarlett and her trickery out of the equation? Or will Kross find a way to win again?

The cage is lowered, McIntyre closes the door himself, and fans fire up already for McIntyre. The bell rings and the two men stare down. Kross rushes in, McIntyre dodges and fires off forearms and CHOPS! Kross knee slow, ROCKS McIntyre, then whips him to ropes. McIntyre reverses but Kross kicks back! McIntyre CLOBBERS Kross! McIntyre CHOPS Kross to a corner, ROCKS him, then bumps him off buckles. McIntyre back suplexes and Kross flounders away! Fans fire up with McIntyre and he storms up on Kross. Kross throat chops! McIntyre sputters, Kross climbs a wall, but McIntyre CLUBS Kross!

McIntyre climbs up after Kross, they trade JABS, McIntyre gets the edge, but Kross kicks the legs out! McIntyre gets caught up on the ropes then falls over. Kross has McIntyre in a corner, he clotheslines, elbows and ROLLING ELBOWS! Then he hits an EXPLODER! Fans boo but Scarlett soaks it all in. Kross drags McIntyre up, and he RAMS McIntyre into the steel! He tells fans to shut up, but McIntyre CHOPS! Kross CHOPS! McIntyre CHOPS! And CHOPS! ANd CHOPS! Kross knees low to RAM McIntyre into steel again! Kross then digs his boot in and CHOKES McIntyre! Kross doesn’t have to worry about disqualifications, either!

Kross lets off to get the legs, and he ROPE GUILLOTINES McIntyre! “Look at you now!” Kross digs McIntyre’s face into the steel! Fans chant “You Suck!” but Kross doesn’t care. Kross puts McIntyre in a corner, and he says, “This is my future! You hear me? MY world! And you’re not a part of it.” Kross whips corner to corner but McIntyre comes back with a LARIAT! And another! And then a clinch to an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! McIntyre keeps on Kross, and he RAMS Kross into steel! And then into more steel! Kross roars, swings, but misses! NECKBREAKER from McIntyre! Fans sing for him, and McIntyre kips up!

McIntyre storms up on Kross, underhooks the arms, but Kross RAMS him into a corner! Kross throws forearms, then he scoops McIntyre. McIntyre slips off, shoves, but Kross elbows him away. Kross runs, into a MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, TWO! Kross is still in this and he crawls away to a corner. “This is Awesome!” as McIntyre stalks Kross. McIntyre CHOPS, then hoists Kross up top. McIntyre climbs up after Kross, and he stands on the very top rope. But Kross throws body shots! Kross trips McIntyre up again! Kross HEADBUTTS McIntyre into the Tree of Woe! But McIntyre sits up to SPIDER SUPLEX!

Fans fire up as Kross flounders away! McIntyre is free of the Tree, fans are thunderous as he glares at Kross. CLAY- NO, a KNEE from Kross! Cover, TWO!! Kross’ Busaiku Knee almost gets it but fans rally for McIntyre again. Kross grows, “I hate you!” Kross drags McIntyre up, whips but McIntyre reverses, and Kross hits steel! McIntyre hits a SPINEBUSTER! Jackknife bridge, TWO! INTO A KROSSJACKET!! McIntyre endures, pushes back to slip out, and he puts on a SLEEPER of his own! Kross endures, fans rally, but Kross fights up. Kross slips around to DOOMSDAY SAIDO!! McIntyre is all folded up and Kross laughs!

Scarlett wants Kross to finish this but fans chant, “You Suck!” Kross aims from a corner, winds the hands of time, but McIntyre ducks the forearm! And he spins Kross around, FUTURE SHOCK! And another kip up! McIntyre aims from a corner, “Three! Two! One!” But Scarlett distracts McIntyre by rattling the cage! Kross clamps on with a SLEEPER! McIntyre fights it, and he RAMS Kross into a corner! McIntyre is free, he ELBOWS Kross, but Kross KROSS HAMMERS!! Kross says he told McIntyre! Kross laughs but fans boo as Kross kicks McIntyre around. Kross then climbs the cage. Fans boo but Scarlett cheers!

McIntyre springs to life! He hurries up after Kross and catches him at the top! McIntyre throws hands, drags Kross back in, for a SUPERPLEX! Fans lose their minds over that impact while both men are down! “This is Awesome!” as McIntyre and Kross stir. McIntyre stirs and heads for the door! The ref opens the door, and McIntyre is in the doorway, but Scarlett uses pepper spray! And even on the ref!! Kross grins and he crawls for the door now. Fans boo, Kross is almost there, but McIntyre LEAPS to anchor Kross! Kross panics! ANKLE LOCK!! Kross grabs at the steps but McIntyre drags him into the ring!

McIntyre has the hold but Kross BOOTS him away! Kross ROCKS McIntyre, McIntyre ROCKS Kross! Kross BOOTS McIntyre, but CLAYMORE!! But both men are down! Fans fire up as McIntyre stands. Scarlett closes the door, and locks it! “You can’t win, Drew!” McIntyre looks up at the cage, and climbs it! Scarlett didn’t think of that! McIntyre is at the top, but Scarlett unlocks the door for Kross! Kross crawls,  McIntyre climbs down, but McIntyre drops! McIntyre wins!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, by escape

Kross can’t believe it! Time wasn’t on his side this time! And now, Kross and McIntyre are tied at one apiece! McIntyre gets this must-win, but will he and Kross go again one last time?


Everyone loves a return!

In 2022, we saw Ronda Rousey return at the Royal Rumble to win it, we saw Braun Strowman return just to wreck everyone in his path, and we saw Bayley return with Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky to “take control.” We also saw Mr. & Mrs. Wrestling, Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae on Raw, Hit Row, Emma and Sarah “Valhalla” Logan on SmackDown, and JBL return to introduce Baron Corbin as the “Modern Day Wrestling God!” AJ Styles brought back the Good Brothers, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, to battle Judgment Day, and “Michin” Mia Yim even returned to help them against Rhea Ripley.

Legado Del Fantasma returned with Zelina Vega to make an impact on SmackDown, Dexter Lumis found his way to Raw, and perhaps biggest of them all… Bray Wyatt made a rather mysterious return to SmackDown. Jackie says that one still gives her chills, and not in a good way. But there was one return not in that highlight reel, and Corey says it is one that has to be seen to be believed. And the man himself is here to relive it! The American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes, joins the show!

Corey wants Cody to take a moment to think back to that “fateful night” at WrestleMania. Cody emerged from the “Codyvator” at WrestleMania, the pinnacle of this business. What was Cody feeling and thinking in that moment? Cody can tell us that as he rose up in the “Codyvator,” which he loves the name by the way, he didn’t know what to expect. He was overwhelmed, and is even rather overwhelmed now talking about it. It was all the stories, from what he’d done while away from the WWE, but also what his family had done in the WWE and what he’d done his first 10 years being here.

The WWE was the house that built him, so he needed a minute even hearing “The American Nightmare” being said. It was a moment that will be hard to top. It meant so much, not just to him but to his family. Jackie says that was a big moment for her and the fans, too. She was there, that crowd went nuts for him! Cody is glad the fans enjoyed it, Cody needed that. He hadn’t said that, but he’s blessed to have had that moment. Corey then shifts things to talking about Seth Rollins, and how they ignited a rivalry that fans are still talking about. Why was Rollins such a pivotal part of Cody’s return?

“Make no mistake about it,” Seth and Cody aren’t chummy. But Rollins is one of the top three wrestlers in the entire WORLD, and he had three matches with Rollins. They’re not friends, they don’t exchange Christmas cards, but there is a bond by battle with Rollins that surely Rollins wants another. Cody isn’t sure about that, but… Well speaking of, Corey wants to talk Hell in a Cell. Corey’s never seen an injury quite as gruesome as Cody’s torn pectoral muscle. Why was it so important for Cody to fight through the pain? Well, Cody tells his students at the Nightmare Factory that you will always wrestle hurt, but you should never wrestle injured. And yet, on that night, Cody was a massive hypocrite.

Cody knows many have an outlook on that night where it was brave that he fought through it. But his outlook is less romanticized. He never thought of doing anything but wrestling. He wrestled that night because he was told he couldn’t hurt it any worse. It is a privilege to do what they do, and maybe Cody had “the Ghost of Wrestling Past” or something, but there was something special there that night. And to be able to compete means they did something right. Jackie likes how Cody framed it as him not having a romanticized outlook, and yet that entire answer romanticizes it entirely for her.

But what’s so incredible is that it wasn’t just millions of fans watching and going crazy, this transcended the WWE. News outlets, sports outlets, and even HOCKEY TWITTER talked about how big that was. Cody likes that and he wants that. He might need to look into that. Hockey players are some of the toughest athletes out there, they like gritty competition, so he appreciates that. As someone returning to the WWE, he wanted to bring something like that with him, and so he maybe needed to have a moment like that where he isn’t all there, missing an arm but doing it anyway.

Corey says 2022 was a landmark year for Cody Rhodes, but then what does 2023 hold for him? Cody would like to pick up where he left off. A lot of things have happened in his life, not just the injury and what he was doing while away, but the birth of his daughter. Cody can’t help but think “about the little kid who showed up at 4400 Shepherdsville Road, Louisville, Kentucky and wanted to be a pro-wrestler and told everyone how big his plans were, and didn’t have any idea the price that needed to be paid for what I was asking.” Cody can say this with confidence now that he has paid the price.

This isn’t a sport where your tenure earns you anything, it is always “What have you done for me lately?” And even though Cody wasn’t present for a good chunk of this year, what he did really reigstered with fans, and he wants to pick up from that moment, being in the big shoes with the big dreams. Cody has an opportunity to do that. He knows he’s being vague, but anyone who is a fan of all this can read between the lines. He is here for one thing and a torn pec isn’t going to stop him. Nothing can stop him. It must be done, it needs to be done, he will get it done. Then we all await the return of the American Nightmare!

Corey says that while we have Cody, he just wants to say, “There are gritty performances, there is fighting through the pain, but what we are about to see takes all that to a whole new level.” We relive Cody VS Rollins, HELL IN A CELL!

Hell in a Cell Match: Cody Rhodes VS Seth Rollins!

The Son of a Son of a Plumber made a thrilling return to the WWE at WrestleMania 38 as the Visionary’s mystery opponent, and then had a great rematch with him at WrestleMania Backlash. But Rollins won’t let any of that go, and now they’re having a hellacious rematch to put an end to it! Cody won as a surprise and he won at 100%, but does he have a chance when he has a torn pec and an angry Architect? Or will Seth Freakin’ Rollins end the American Nightmare’s dream comeback?

The cell is lowered, and Rollins comes out in a Dusty Rhodes polka dots outfit! Rollins is really trying to get under Cody’s skin here, and it only makes the fans chant for Cody more. Cody makes his entrance, and though the pyro goes off, it is clear Cody’s right arm isn’t doing well. The weight belt goes to a young fan in the front row, and Cody steps inside the cell. The door is locked, fans are fired up and despite the bad arm, Cody is ready! The introductions are made, the bell rings, and we see who survives going through Hell… in a Cell!

Cody takes off his jacket and shows just how nasty that torn pec looks. Rollins loves seeing that dark purple-red chest as the two circle. Cody keeps that bad arm back and avoids Rollins’ grip to JAB! Rollins sneers, he and Cody circle again, and they knuckle lock. Rollins wants the arm, Cody shoves him away and JABS, JABS, but Rollins trips him! Cody avoids a stomp to kick Rollins, then he fires off JAB after JAB! Rollins swings, Cody dodges and DISASTER KICKS! Fans fire up but Rollins reels Cody in! Back suplex but Cody lands out, CODY CUTTER!! But the bad arm slows him down! Cody just grits his teeth and fires back up!

Cody gets Rollins in the dragon sleeper but Rollins knees free! Cody trips Rollins to step through, FIGURE FOUR! But how well can Cody hold it when one arm can’t push up? Rollins drags Cody with him, has the ropes, but there are no ropebreaks in the cell! Rollins uses the ropes to drag himself out further, and he gets something from under the ring? A toolbox! That’s a familiar sight for Rollins. But instead, Rollins gets a kendo stick! Rollins SMACKS the bad arm! Rollins is free of the leglock, and he SMACKS Cody again! Cody crawls, Rollins CLOBBERS him with the stick! And again! Fans rally for Cody but Rollins stands on the bad hand, to dig into the bad shoulder!

Rollins lets off and laughs while he paces around. Cody manages to get up, and blocks the kendo stick! Cody JABS, JABS and back hands, then he whips Rollins corner to corner. Rollins reverses but Cody goes up and out, only for Rollins to BLAST him into the steel! The ref checks on Cody but he refuses to give up. Rollins aims while fans rally up, and Rollins WRECKS Cody with a dropkick! Cody hits steel, Rollins smacks him off it again! Rollins has the kendo stick, and he digs it into the bad shoulder again! Rollins eggs Cody on then SMACKS the bad arm! Rollins has cameramen move aside so he can RAM Cody into steel!

Rollins taunts Cody more as he digs Cody’s face into the fencing like a grater! Rollins goes for another but Cody blocks and throws Rollins into the steel! And again! And again! Cody stalks Rollins around the way, fans rally behind Cody, and they get in the ring. Rollins kicks low, whips Cody to ropes, but Cody kicks back! Cody LARIATS with the left arm! And then LARIATS Rollins out of the ring! Rollins tumbles into the steel while Cody grits his teeth and fights through the pain. Cody goes out after Rollins, but Rollins is taking the steps apart! Rollins RAMS Cody down! Rollins stalks Cody, digs fingers into Cody’s face, then puts him in the ring.

Rollins soaks up the heat from the fans and gets Cody’s jacket. Rollins puts the jacket on, continuing to disrespect Cody. Rollins then brings something out from under the ring: a polka dot weight belt with “Visionary” on it! Rollins is taking this to another level as he LASHES Cody with the belt! Rollins soaks up all the heat, but fans do start to sing Rollins’ song for him. Rollins LASHES Cody, then LASHES him again, across the chest! Cover, TWO!! Cody survives but that bruise has to be getting worse. Rollins doesn’t care, he goes looking, and he brings out a table! Chicago’s been wanting that since Moss VS Corbin and here it is!

Rollins puts the table in the ring, bums Cody off buckles, then CLUBS the bad shoulder and digs his boot in! Fans chant, “Thank You, Rollins!” for the table, and Rollins sets it up. Cody hurries over but Rollins throws hands! Cody hits back but that was with his bad arm! Rollins rakes eyes! Cody staggers away but Rollins puts him up on the top rope. Rollins CHOPS Cody, then takes aim at the table. Rollins climbs up, but Cody fights the superplex! Cody throws elbows, gets under Rollins, and even with a bad arm, he lifts Rollins! Rollins fights free, then ROCKS Cody! Rollins turns Cody, DREAM SMASHER ELBOW!

Cody ends up on the table and Rollins makes sure he’s in position. Rollins goes up the corner, FROG SPLASH through the table, BUT NO CODY! Cody gets out of the way just in time and fans fire up for him! Cody gets the spotted belt, and throws it aside. Cody goes looking under the ring, brings out a duffle bag, and finds a BULL ROPE! With a cowbell on it!! Fans are loving this tribute to the American Dream as Cody actually straps himself in! He dares Rollins to use the other end?! Rollins won’t be called out like that, he straps in! This is now part Bull Rope Match! Rollins and Cody tug-o-war, then they rush in! Cody knee slow, then YOINKS Rollins upside-down!

Cody gets Rollins up, has the cowbell, but Rollins kicks low! Rollins has the cowbell, but Cody SUPERKICKS! Cody gets the cowbell back, reels Rollins in and CLOBBERS him! Cover, TWO!! Rollins survives having his bell rung! Cody drags Rollins around drags him out of the ring. Rollins kicks low, smacks Cody off the apron, and Cody leans against steel. Rollins goes through the corner and YANKS Cody into the POST! And again! Rollins undoes the strap, he’s done with the bull rope. And now, Rollins gets another table! Fans are fired up again as Rollins puts the table in with Cody. Rollins sets the table up in a corner, and he goes back for Cody.

Rollins drags Cody up, reels him in, gets Cody up, but Cody fights off the bomb! Cody dodges, Rollins stops from hitting table, CROSS RHODES!! Cover, TWO!! Rollins survives again but Cody is too hurt to be upset. Cody grits his teeth and gets back up as fans rally. Cody drags Rollins up, reels him in, but the bad arm won’t let him lift Rollins. Cody whips but Rollins stops himself, and he YANKS the bad arm! SUPERKICK! Cody flounders, Rollins gets him up to POWERBOMB through the table!!! Cover, TWO!?!? Cody survives and no one can believe it! “This is Awesome!” and somehow both men are stirring.

Rollins pushes himself up, even with bloody scratches on his arms. Cody has bruises and scrapes on his back now, but Rollins still isn’t done with him. Rollins kicks the toolbox out of the way as he looks deep under the ring. Rollins brings out a SLEDGEHAMMER! Rollins shouts out the Game, and he brings the hammer into the ring! Rollins runs in at Cody, but Cody kicks him first! Rollins kicks back! Tucks the arms, but Cody spins it around! PEDIGREE!!! Cover, TWO?!?! Cody forces himself to stand, he considers his options, and he sees the hammer. Cody hobbles over to the hammer and brings it up.

Fans fire up and Rollins starts to freak out! Cody holds up the hammer, but Rollins is outside the ring. But the cell keeps him from going too far, and Cody stalks Rollins around the way. Rollins gets back in the ring, Cody gets in, CURB STOMP!!! Cover, TWO!?!?! Cody survives and now Rollins is too tired to be shocked! Fans are thunderous and Rollins goes to a corner. Cody stirs, crawls to center, and Rollins runs in, but Cody evades the stomp! But Rollins turns things around, and steals CROSS RHODES! Rollins brings Cody up, but Cody turns it back around, CROSS RHODES!! Both men are down and Chicago is stunned!

Cody sees the hammer again and he crawls that way. But so does Rollins! It’s a race! Cody gets the hammer first! But his bad arm let sit go! Rollins has the hammer, runs in, but into a BOOT! And a CROSS RHODES! Then another CROSS RHODES! Cody can do the hat trick, but he doesn’t want it? He wants the hammer! SLEDGE SHOT!!! Cover, Cody wins!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall

That was one hell of a match! Cody goes 3-0 against Seth Freakin’ Rollins, putting an exclamation point on this final chapter! The American Nightmare survived the Visionary’s devilish playground, is he on his way to the Promised Land that is the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship?


Liv Morgan tells her story.

“I know who I’ve been. The youngest of six children, raised by a single mom.” Liv’s mom, Gigi Daddio, says it was hard. She was working SIXTY hours a week, and most of the time, they were above water. But there were times where it just didn’t work. Liv was a confused kid who couldn’t find her way in life. But ever since she was little, it was always about the WWE. The Rock. Triple H, Jeff Hardy, and more. A dream in Liv’s head she couldn’t articulate, that only she could truly understand, led her to knowing who she is.

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Becky Lynch VS Asuka VS Alexa Bliss VS Liv Morgan VS Lacey Evans VS Raquel Rodriguez VS Shotzi Blackheart!

Big Time Becks fought for the longest time to get in on this match, but she finally did it last Monday Night Raw! Will her Big Time Comeback carry her to the top? Or will not even the Luck of the Irish defy these one-outta-seven odds?

The bell rings and all seven stare down. Lacey goes out first but soon everyone follows to get a ladder! Raquel and Shotzi brawl, but Asuka and Becky are still in the ring. They brawl, Asuka gets the edge but Becky hits back! Becky ducks a backhand and a lariat to then WRECK Lacey! Becky avoids Asuka’s dropkick but Asuka fights off the Urenage! Asuka fires off kick after kick then she HIP ATTACKS Raquel away! SLIDING KICK for Becky! Liv and Alexa brawl, Shotzi gets a ladder in but Asuka snatches it from her! Becky CLOBBERS Asuka onto the ladder! Becky swaggers while dragging in another ladder.

Shotzi is after Raquel, Raquel smacks Shotzi off the apron. Becky throws the ladder but Asuka avoids being crushed by it! Asuka SMACKS Becky off the ladder, POP-UP KNEES Liv, and Liv falls on the ladder. Asuka goes after Raquel but Raquel BOOTS her down! Raquel sees the ladder, and deadlifts it, with Liv and Becky on it, to then SLAM them both down! Lacey gets in but Raquel BOOTS her away. Alexa runs in but Raquel WRECKS her with the ladder! Raquel holds the ladder up, but Becky avoids it slamming down on her! Becky SOBATS, Liv KICKS, and they work together to kick Raquel! But Raquel blocks their double suplex to double suplex them ON the ladder!!

Fans are thunderous as Ricky Desperado clears the ring and gets another ladder. Shotzi grabs it, too, but Raquel uses the ladder to drag Shotzi in! Alexa gets in, Raquel elbows her away, Shotzi avoids the battering ram! Shotzi leaps to CROSSBODY Alexa! Raquel brings the ladder back around but Shotzi grabs it. They tug-o-war but Asuka and Lacey join in> Three against one, they RAM Raquel into a corner! Shotzi then elbows Asuka, DECKS Lacey, nd runs up the ladder. She stumbles a moment but gets back up to DDT Raquel into the rungs! Liv copies Shotzi to SHOTGUN her away! Lacey CLOBBERS Liv onto the ladder! SWINGING BRONCO BUSTER on the ladder!

Asuka HIP ATTACKS Lacey onto it! Becky SHOTGUNS Asuka onto the pile, and goes up to drop the MAN’S LEG on everyone! Raquel is still stuck, Alexa goes up to CANNONBALL onto everyone else! Fans are thunderous while all seven women are down! “This is Awesome!” as Alexa gets up, stands a ladder up, and starts to climb. Raquel hurries after, the tallest woman after the shortest! Alexa fights free to KICK away on Raquel, SLAP, ROCK and KNEE, then tilt-o-whirl RANA into a ladder! Fans fire up again as Alexa traps Raquel with one of the other ladders. Asuka returns, Alexa ducks a kick but misses her haymaker, Asuka GERMAN SUPLEXES!

Asuka snarls, Shotzi kicks her low and reels her in! But Asuka blocks the suplex, turns it around, but Shotzi blocks! Asuka HIP TOSSES Shotzi onto the ladder! Raquel gets sandwiched between ladder and buckles, too! Asuka goes to the standing ladder, but Lacey SMACKS her off rungs! Lacey climbs, but Asuka stays on the ladder. They fight, but Becky shoves the ladder over! Asuka and Lacey go after Becky together, but Lacey ducks a back hand. Asuka avoids a sweep, Lacey avoids one back, and Lacey CLOBBERS Becky with the uppercut! Lacey drop toeholds Becky against a ladder! Becky bails out and Lacey works on standing the main ladder back up.

Fans are torn as Lacey takes her time, but Shotzi drags her down! Shotzi hurries up, but Lacey stops Shotzi! Lacey goes up again but Shotzi drags her back down. Shotzi dribbles Lacey off the mat, goes back up, but Lacey hurries up the other side. They meet at the top, throw hands, and Lacey SMACKS Shotzi off the top! Lacey smiles as she sees the prize, has the hook, but Raquel gets up and under her! Raquel and Lacey paw at the case, but Liv is there to fire off haymakers on them both! Liv climbs on top of Raquel, has the case, but Raquel throws body shots! Liv sunset flip POWERBOMBS LACEY! Raquel is still on the rungs, and she sees the prize!

Fans lose their minds over Liv and Lacey while Shotzi drags Raquel through a rung! Raquel is stuck in a Tree of Woe! Shotzi CHOPS her, climbs over her, and STOMPS her down! Raquel flops out of the rungs, but Alexa is climbing! Shotzi Electric Chair Lifts Alexa to SMACK her into the ladder! The ladder falls over and Alexa flops out of the ring. Shotzi resets the ladder as best she can, climbs up, but Becky stops her! They fight up top, Becky SMACKS Shotzi off the rungs and Shotzi falls! Becky repositions the ladder to be right under the case, and climbs again. But Shotzi YANKS Becky right off! Shotzi snarls and gets another ladder involved.

Shotzi SMACKS Becky off that other ladder, then sets her on it. Shotzi climbs, for the SUPER SENTON onto only the ladder!! Becky avoided disaster, but Asuka ROUNDHOUSES Becky down! Asuka climbs, but Raquel drags her back down. Raquel CLUBS Asuka, climbs up, but Asuka drags her back down. They brawl, tip the ladder over, and then Raquel throws Asuka out. But Asuka drags Raquel out of the ring! Raquel CLOBBERS Asuka! Raquel grabs a ladder, then clears off the desk! Raquel makes a ladder bridge between ring and desk, then clears some space. Asuka attacks back! But Raquel SMACKS Asuka off the desk!

Raquel climbs up, deadlifts Asuka up to join her, but Asuka fights free! SOBAT! ROUND- NO, Raquel blocks the kick! Asuka fights free of the bomb to LEAP, FLYING ARMBAR!! Asuka has Raquel down in a TRIANGLE HOLD! But Raquel deadlifts again! Asuka lets go, tilt-o-whirls, but Raquel fights the crucifix. It’s an IRON OCTOPUS instead! Becky BOOTS Raquel and Asuka! Asuka is on the ladder, Becky DECKS Raquel, and then she looks to an even taller ladder! Fans fire up as Becky grins and brings that ladder over. Becky climbs up high, to drop THE MAN’S LEG!! Both women fall off the ladder bridge and fans lose their minds again!

Asuka and Becky are down, “This is Awesome!” and Shotzi finds her way back into the ring! She drags a ladder in but Alexa and Lacey join her. Raquel gets in, everyone has a ladder, but Alexa SMACKS Raquel with hers. Lacey and Shotzi set theirs up side by side but Lacey throws Shotzi down. And Alexa! But they go after Lacey! Raquel climbs, the others pursue, they all brawl up top! Becky sneaks in to tip a ladder, Shotzi and Raquel get hung out to dry! Then the same for Alexa and Lacey on the other end! Becky climbs and fans go nuts! But here comes Liv! Becky kicks her away so Liv hurries to get one of the other ladders!

Liv climbs that ladder just to go after Becky! But Becky tops Liv! Liv bounces off ropes to tip back! Liv BOOTS Becky, climbs up and reaches! LIV WINS!!

Winner: Liv Morgan (2022 Ms. Money in the Bank)

The fans are thunderous for this huge moment! Liv overcame the doubters and the haters, and now she has the golden ticket! Will she go on to be a new Women’s Champion? As for Becky, she’s having a Big Time MELTDOWN! Is the comeback done?

And then, two hours later…

SmackDown Women’s Championship Cash-In: Ronda Rousey VS Liv Morgan!

Ronda says screw it, it’s on! The bell rings, Liv kicks, but into an ANKLE LOCK!! Liv flails, scrambles, but Ronda loses grip! Ronda hurries to get the foot back, ANKLE LOCK! Liv reaches, Ronda drags her away from ropes, but Liv kicks the bad leg!! Roll-up, LIV WINS!!

Winner: Liv Morgan, by pinfall (NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion)

HOLY CRAP! From Ms. MITB to NEW champion! Ronda admits defeat, and even shows respect to the savvy of Liv Morgan. The world celebrates with Liv finally grabbing gold in the WWE, will we all #WatchHer reign?


Our hosts respond.

Liv Morgan has entered the chat! Jackie says they watched the culmination of a childhood dream. Take us back to that night. Liv says MITB was by far the most incredible night of her entire life. It filled her with a feeling she can’t put into words. She watched the crowd as long as she could to soak in that feeling. Her heart was beating out of her chest, it was such a crazy moment. Corey notes encountering Liv in the casino later that night, he had never seen a superstar that excited. Title on her shoulder, a crowd following her, she was the Pied Piper. She remembers that. She walked back to her hotel room, watched it all back, and did her best to remember making her dream come true.

Jackie says that was definitely a huge moment, but how does she reach that next level? Liv is happy that she’s not complacent. The best is yet to come because she will continue to evolve and grow and get better and better. The world is her oyster, she’s coming for it all! Well, as great as 2022 was, it wasn’t without its speedbumps. And of course, Corey is talking about the Baddest Woman on the Planet, Ronda Rousey. How did Ronda make Liv evolve? Well, little loveable Liv against this “pure fighting machine,” she had to give it her all. She knows many didn’t think she could pull it off, but she did, twice!

Liv says something triggered or snapped in her, she just knew what she had to do. So then will we see her getting even more extreme? Oh, yes! 2023 will be about raising the stakes! She likes the pain, it makes her feel alive. Especially after losing the title back to Ronda, she was a bit numb. But then she realized that this excitement, this adrenaline rush, she wanted to see how far she could go with it. Now she just has fun and experiment and figure out ways how to hurt people and maybe herself. It’s a risk she’s willing to take. Well there’s some holiday cheer for you.

Corey is excited to see the new Liv, and no better night than Extreme Rules, Liv VS Ronda IN Extreme Rules! Liv already facepalms, knowing how this one goes.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Extreme Rules Match: Liv Morgan VS Ronda Rousey!

The LIVing Embodiment went from Ms. Money in the Bank to the NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion in the same night, then found a way to survive the Baddest Woman on the Planet at SummerSlam. But now that they both decided to take this to the extreme, Ronda vows “Hooters Barbie” is finally going to face reality. Will tonight be the funeral of Liv’s reign? Or will she live to fight another day?

The introductions are made, the title is raised, and we see if Liv keeps her title, or if Ronda keeps her title of “Baddest Woman on the Planet.”

The bell rings and the two approach. Liv dodges and goes for her baseball bat, but Ronda keeps her away. Ronda dares Liv to try it, Liv runs in but Ronda knees her down! Ronda puts on a leglock and straitjacket! She toys with Liv but Liv pulls hair! Ronda gest a Triangle, Liv makes it a cover, ONE as Ronda lets her go! Liv gets the bat! Liv dares Ronda to try something now. Liv swings, Ronda blocks to SAYANAGI! Now Ronda has the bat! Fans boo as Ronda taunts Liv, but then Ronda throws the bat away. Liv fires off hands, Ronda shoves her way, but Liv comes back for a FLYING- KNEE from Ronda!

Ronda gets a leg for an ANKLE LOCK! Liv flails, reaches out, rolls, and she sends Ronda tumbling to the apron. Liv hurries up to SHINING WIZARD Ronda down! Ronda staggers on the floor but Liv builds speed, to slide, into an apron skirt trap! Ronda fires off fists and knees! Liv eggs Ronda on so Ronda SLAPS her! Ronda taunts Liv, Liv flops under the ring, and Ronda grabs the bat! Ronda goes back to find Liv, but Liv has a FIRE EXTINGUISHER! Liv blasts Ronda in the face, then gets Ronda for a bat-assisted- NO, Ronda fights out to a PIPER’S PIT! Liv steadies herself, runs and leaps off the steps, into a HOMER from Ronda!!

Ronda beats Liv with  her own bat! Liv gets in the ring, Ronda stalks after her, and Ronda swings! Liv ducks to ENZIGURI! Both women are down and Philly rallies up! Liv crawls and she gets her bat back! Fans chant “WE WANT TABLES!” but that might have to wait as Liv swings away on Ronda’s back! Ronda throws her gi at Liv, then she LASHES Liv with the blackbelt! Then Ronda uses the belt to tie Liv up to the corner! Ronda has Liv trapped, she grabs the bat and she CRACKS away on Liv’s legs! Liv gets free to YANK Ronda into the apron! Both women are down again and fans fire up!

Liv drags herself up and brings out a TABLE! Philly loves Liv even more now as she stands that up against the ring. Ronda crawls into the ring just as Liv gets the table inside. Liv stomps away on Ronda in the corner, then sets up the table. Ronda storms up and SMACKS Liv off the table! And again and again and again! Ronda throws Liv away, then step-up KNEES her down! Liv flounders against ropes, Ronda CHOKES her! Fans boo as Ronda dares Liv to tap. Ronda shifts to a HANGING ARMBAR! Liv endures, slumps out and they both fall to the floor! Both women slowly rise, Ronda mule kicks Liv away!

Ronda flounders against barriers, she stalks Liv, but Liv JAMS her with a chair! Liv gets in the ring, she wedges the chair into a corner, but Ronda pursues. Liv brings Ronda up but Ronda whips. Liv stops herself, the chair falls out of the ring, Ronda scoops but Liv slips off! WING CLIPPER! Liv sets Ronda up again, another WING CLIPPER, and then she POSTS Ronda! Cover, TWO!! Ronda is still in this but Liv snarls. Liv goes out and brings the chair back into play. Fans rally behind Liv and she SMACKS Ronda on the arm! And again! And again! Ronda guards but Liv won’t stop! Liv then tosses the chair to CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!!

Ronda is still in this and Liv is beside herself. Fans rally up and Liv goes back to the table. Liv moves it from the corner to stand it up. Liv KICKS Ronda in the back, finishes standing the table up, and she positions it in the drop zone. Liv drags Ronda up, puts her on the table, CHOPS her and then goes to the corner. Liv wants to do like she did to Lacey Evans and she climbs up top! Fans are thunderous as Liv aims, for a SUPER SENTON through the table!! Cover, TWO!!! Ronda survive again and then gets the ARMBAR!! Liv endures, fights to stack Ronda, and then she deadlifts Ronda! To POWERBOMB her on what’s left of the table! Cover, TWO!!

Ronda has the TRIANGLE HOLD! Liv fights, this is turning into SummerSlam, but Ronda twists around to keep her shoulders up! Ronda works to isolate an arm, and she’s kicking Liv at the same time! Liv stays up, it’s a BICEP SLICER! Liv is fading out as Ronda uses part of the table!! Liv… is smiling?! Liv’s OUT, Ronda wins!!

Winner: Ronda Rousey, by submission (NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion)

Liv didn’t give up, but her body did! Ronda takes the title back, will she be badder than ever? Or does Liv still have claim that she’s just as bad?


Our hosts respond.

Jackie says that, just as Liv said, that lost has transformed Liv. She seems to embrace the pain and danger. Corey agrees, and that is a very good thing. In this business, you need to continually grow and evolve in order to survive and find success. That is not only Liv’s new attitude, but by another new group, in the Judgment Day.

Finn Balor, Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley & Dominik Mysterio do what they want, when they want. They usurped this group from the Rated R Superstar, Edge, claiming he was just holding them back from their success. They brutalized Edge, they brutalized Rey Mysterio, they brutalized Beth Phoenix, because they aren’t afraid of anyone. The darkness corrupted Dominik as Rhea “made him into a man.” He calls the Judgment Day his REAL family, and now it seems no one can stop them. “The future of this business will be decided by the Judgment Day!”


The Absolute Best returns!

Corey Graves says Austin Theory is no longer the next big this or the next big that, he is the WWE United States Champion and the NOW of the WWE. Jackie says next Monday, Theory defends that title, but it was a winding road to find the challenger. Corey says there were twists and turns, and just a couple weeks ago, we had a #1 contender’s match between Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley. But before more on that, Corey would like to give us a deep dive on Lashley. 2022 was the Year of The All Mighty, with Lashley defeating Brock Lesnar in a WWE World Championship match at the Royal Rumble. Lashley “took on the Herculean task” and defeated Omos at WrestleMania.

Then Lashley wins the US Championship off Theory at Money in the Bank. Lashley brought prominence back to that title and make it THE title on Raw. Only for Lesnar to send it all crumbling down. The Beast beat down Lashley before he was to defend the US title, thereby costing him. And then while Lashley dominated Lesnar in their match at Crown Jewel, Lesnar snatches away a victory. This has all understandably left Lashley irate. And that short fuse went off a couple weeks ago against Seth Rollins in their contender’s match.

WWE United States Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Seth Rollins VS Bobby Lashley!

The Visionary and the All Mighty have gone around a few times already in regards to the US Championship. But after Theory got a little lucky at Survivor Series, these two must now fight to be Theory’s challenger! Will Rollins #BurnItDown in Milwaukee? Or will the Rocky Mountain Machine keep his mind clear and eyes focused on the mission?

Raw returns as Rollins makes his entrance. The fans sing “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” even before the bell. The bell rings, Rollins enjoys the singing but Lashley CLOBBERS him! Lashley brings Rollins up to bump off buckles and fire off haymakers! The ref counts, Lashley stomps but lets off at 4. Fans rally for Rollins and he fires forearms back! Rollins runs but Lashley runs him over! Rollins staggers up but Lashley clotheslines him out! Rollins stagger sup, Lashley storms out after him and RAMS him into barriers! Fans rally, Lashley hauls Rollins up to a fireman’s carry, but Rollins fights free to POST Lashley first!

Rollins climbs to the apron, gets some space, and he leaps to FLYING KNEE Lashley down! Milwaukee fires up and sings, “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~” as Rollins brings Lashley up. Rollins puts Lashley in, taunts him, and says, “I told you Lesnar was stronger than you.” Rollins kicks, underhooks, but Lashley back drops Rollins out of the ring! Lashley then goes out after Rollins while Theory is seen watching backstage. Lashley SMACKS Rollins off the steel steps, and he drags Rollins up again. Lashley SMACKS Rollins off the steps again, then again! Theory smirks as Lashley pulls the steel steps apart! Lashley aims at Rollins, but the ref tells him no!

Lashley drops the steps, but Rollins comes back! Lashley TOSSES Rollins into the crowd! Fans fire up as Lashley pursues and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Lashley has Rollins in a corner. Lashley RAMS into Rollins, brings him out and puts him in another corner to RAM him again and again. Then Lashley hits a NECKBREAKER! Lashley drags Rollins up, suplexes, and fans fire up as he hold Rollins up! Lashley SLAMS Rollins down after ten, then covers, TWO! Lashley drags Rollins back up, puts him back in a corner and then puts him up top. Fans rally, Lashley ROCKS Rollins, and then Lashley climbs up. Lashley stands Rollins up but Rollins throws body shots. Rollins BITES Lashley’s forehead! The ref reprimands but Rollins shoves Lashley away!

Rollins CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO! Lashley swings, misses, and Rollins PELES! Both men are down and fans fire up again. Lashley and Rollins slowly stand up and fans sing “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” Lashley runs in but Rollins dumps him out! Rollins builds speed to DIV! Direct hit and Lashley is sent into barriers! But Rollins keeps moving, he DIVES again! Another hit into the barriers! Rollins keeps moving, but he has to dodge Lashley! SUPERKICK! Rollins suplexes Lashley but Lashley blocks! Lashley suplexes but Rollins knees free! Rollins suplexes for the FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!

Both men are down again and fans rally back up. Rollins sits up first as the fans sing “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” Lashley bails out but Rollins keeps his eyes on him. Rollins goes out the side, runs in around the way, but Lashley fireman’s carries! Lashley POSTS Rollins! Fans fire up as Lashley drags Rollins back into the ring. Lashley aims at Rollins, runs in at the corner, but Rollins jumps! Lashley hits buckles, Rollins rolls him up, TWO! SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Lashley survives but Rollins hurries up top! Fans fire up for the FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!! Lashley survives and Rollins is beside himself!

Fans rally up again as Rollins aims from a corner. Rollins runs in, CURB- NO, Lashley just braces himself to stay up! Lashley scoops Rollins, for a POWERSLAM! Rollins staggers, into the HURT LOCK!! Rollins flails, pushes Lashley back, the ref falls out of the ring as he gets out of the way! Lashley lets Rollins go, and he SPEARS Rollins down! The ref hurries in to count the cover, TWO!!! The delay may have just saved Rollins! Lashley is furious but the ref explains about the bad leg! Lashley just aims again, Rollins stands up, and Lashley runs in! SPEAR becomes PEDIGREE!! Cover, Rollins wins!!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender to the WWE United States Champion)

Lashley gets up and is furious with the ref all over again! He doesn’t let the ref leave, another erf runs in, but Lashley DECKS him! Lashley’s temper gets the better of him and Pearce runs out to get in Lashley’s face about it. Didn’t they talk about this last week? Lashley says he made a mistake, but Pearce says his hands are tied now. But then Lashley SHOVES Pearce aside!! Pearce is furious now, he says some things that get censored, and he says LASHLEY IS FIRED?!?! Fans sing, “Nana na na, hey hey hey! Good-bye~!” The All Mighty, gone from the WWE? What is he to do now?

Raw has an update on the Bobby Lashley situation.

Per the office of Adam Pearce, “Lashley’s termination has been rescinded, and it’s not a matter of if but when Bobby comes back to work.” Then when and where will the WWE allow The All Mighty to return to Raw? And who will be United States Champion when that happens?


The Absolute Best returns one more time.

Jackie says this final moment is actually her favorite of the entire year. Roman Reigns VS Logan Paul, at Crown Jewel, for the Undisputed Universal Championship. And we all know this match has one moment in particular that went viral that she might not even be doing justice. But the whole thing was just the series of the unexpected and amazing. Corey agrees, and after seeing his impressive performances at WrestleMania and SummerSlam, Logan proved he could hang with the best. But to go blow for blow with THE best in Roman Reigns, in just his THIRD match, no one saw that coming.

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns w/ The Bloodline VS Logan Paul w/ Jake Paul!

A career defining two years goes up against a career of only two matches. But the ImPAULsive Influencer has done more with that than just about anyone. He also has a heavy right hand thanks to metal pins inside it. Will that be all Logan Paul needs to completely flip the WWE upside-down? Or will Logan’s confidence come crumbling down the moment he steps onto the Island of Relevancy?

Roman of course takes his time, raising the belts at the ramp for the pyro. Roman and Heyman then go to the ring, and Roman raises the belts again for more pyro. The introductions are made, the belts are raised once more, and we see who is ACKNOWLEDGED in the end!

The bell rings and fans fire up as Logan stares down with Roman. They circle slowly, fans duel, but most are on Roman’s side. They tie up, are in a deadlock, but Roman shoves Logan away. Roman grins and raises the finger. Fans are torn and that upsets Roman. Logan and Roman circle again, tie up and are in another deadlock. They go around, Logan manages to push Roman back but Roman turns it to put Logan in a corner. The ref calls the break as both men push at each other. Logan gets in Roman’s face, Roman shoves Logan, but Logan shoves back! Fans rally up, Roman and Logan circle again, and Roman is getting riled up by the fans.

Roman storms up, he waistlocks, but Logan switches. Logan hits a SLAM! Logan holds on, but Roman switches back to SLAM Logan! Logan staggers up, Roman waistlocks again, but Logan shifts to fireman’s carry takeover! Logan is outwrestling Roman, but Roman DECKS Logan with an uppercut! Fans are torn as Longa stands. Roman dodges the haymaker and slips out of the ring. Is Roman worried about that metal loaded hand? Heyman cools Roman off, and Roman takes a stroll around the way. Roman gets a drink of water, swaggers and smiles, and he takes time to high-five some fans. Roman then goes back to the ring and he wants the fans to hush a bit.

Roman and Logan reset, Logan tells Roman to stop running away. Logan and Roman circle, tie up, and Roman gets a clinch! Roman puts Logan in a corner, Logan fights but the ref calls the ropebreak. Roman gets a cheap body shot in! Roman whips and elbows Logan down! Roman paces around, toying with Logan now. Roman drags Logan up, snap suplexes and covers, ONE!! Roman grins but he might be taking Logan easy here. Logan stands, Roman CLUBS him down. Fans rally and duel but Roman is confused. Roman brings Logan up to back suplex, but Logan lands on his feet! Logan throws body shots! Roman headlocks, Logan powers out but Roman runs him over!

Things speed up, Logan leap frogs and hip tosses Roman down! Roman is shocked, but Logan runs in to clothesline Roman out! Logan fires up and Heyman is shocked! Roman is still steadying himself but Logan goes out after him! Logan runs in, into a kick from Roman! Roman whips Logan over the barriers! Logan is in the timekeeper’s area and Roman grins. Roman raises the finger, #HeTheOne, but then he turns around into a CROSSBODY! Logan evens things with agility, and he drags Roman up and into the ring. Heyman is worried as Logan aims from the apron. Logan slingshots to LARIAT! Cover, TWO!!

Roman survives Logan’s Buckshot and gets to a corner. Logan goes to the other, he runs in corner to corner, but Roman puts him on the apron. Logan HOTSHOTS Roman back! Logan jumps right up, springboards, into an UPPERCUT! Roman takes Logan out of the sky but Roman is down as he sputters. Heyman shouts, “Rise up, My Tribal Chief! You are the Head of the Table! You are the Greatest of All Time!” Fans rally up as both men slowly rise. Roman stands while Logan crawls, and Roman stomps Logan down. Roman stomps Logan again, fans sing and chant but Roman wants them to quiet down.

Roman stomps Logan around more, drags Logan up and gets around to a BIG back suplex! Roman drags Logan from the ropes to then cover, ONE!! Logan is still hanging tough and Roman is almost amused. Roman mocks the fans cheering Logan on and then he clamps on a chinlock. Logan endures but Roman squeezes tight. Logan fights, fans rally, but Roman says, “I got him, I got him.” Roman leans on the hold and he grinds Logan down. Logan still fights and gets up to his feet. Logan throws body shots! Roman throws Logan into the corner! Roman fires off the point-blank lariats! Roman goes all the way to TEN, then runs side to side, to LEAPING LARIAT! Cover, ONE?!?

Roman can’t believe Logan is still kicking out that early. “This is Awesome!” as Roman stands up again. Roman looms over Logan, drags him up, and CLUBS him down. Roman smirks and brings Logan up into a camel clutch! Logan endures, gets one arm free but Roman keeps the other. Roman says he’s gonna put an end to this. “Ain’t no more YouTubers coming over here anymore.” Logan moves around, fights up, but Roman shifts to a chinlock. Logan throws body shots but Roman CLUBS him! Roman catches his breath, whips corner to corner, then he runs in. Logan dodges and Roman hits buckles! Logan gut wrench SLAMS Roman!

Both men are down again and Heyman can’t believe it! Fans rally up again as both men stir. Logan and Roman sit up, they head for each other, and Logan throws body shots! Roman swings, misses, and Logan LARIATS! And then throws an elbow! Roman staggers, into a scoop! But Roman fights free, shoves Logan to a corner, but Logan elbows back! Logan goes up, leaps, BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Roman is still in this and Heyman breathes easier. Roman rolls away to a corner, but Logan stands up and gets his legs moving. Logan storms over, but Roman kicks low! Roman powers Logan around to whip, but Logan SUPERMAN PUNCHES!!

Both men are down as Logan hits Roman with one of his own moves! Heyman is panicking again and he coaches Roman. But Logan kips up! Logan fires up, paces around, and he goes to a corner! Fans are thunderous as Roman stands, and Logan leaps, CROSSBODY! Then a STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Roman survives again and Heyman is stunned! Logan is still confident, he feels it coming. Logan claps and some fans join in. The rest boo but Logan tunes up the band! He was trained by HBK, here’s one for Shawn! SWEET CHIN- NO, Roman blocks, reels Logan in, URENAGE!! Cover, TWO!!!

Logan survives Roman’s take on The Rock Bottom! Roman and Logan are both down, Heyman is speechless but the fans rally up again. Roman goes to a corner and raises his hand. But Logan stands, too! Roman locks ‘n’ loads, but Logan dodges to counter punch! BIG HAYMAKER!! Roman staggers, Heyman freaks out, SUPERMAN PUNCH FROM LOGAN!! Cover, TWO!!! Roman survives that “lucky” punch again! Roman checks if his jaw is still there, and he manages to get to the apron. Logan grabs at Roman but Roman flops to the floor. Logan goes out after Roman, and he clears off the announce desk!

Fans fire up as Logan drags Roman up and puts him on the desk. Logan then high-fives his boys at ringside, and he films Roman with a smartphone. Logan goes up into the ring, he films the fans as they fire up, and Logan climbs up the corner. VLOGGING FROG SPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE!!! Fans lose their minds as Logan and Roman are down in the wreckage! The Usos rush out to check on Roman, and then talk trash on Logan’s boys. Logan’s boys talk trash back but get dragged into ringside! The Usos mug the entourage, and then RAM them into barriers! They put one in the ring, and Jey SUPERKICKS him down!

Jimmy puts the other in the ring, Jey drags him around and then feeds him, to a SUPERKICK from Jimmy! The entourage is dumped out and the ref reprimands, but here comes JAKE! Logan’s brother promised to be here to back him up and here he is! Jake storms right to the ring, the Usos dare him to do something. Jake DECKS Jey! He dodges Jimmy and DECKS him! Jake fires up, locks ‘n’ loads his own fist, and he shouts to Logan. Logan gets up, puts Roman in the ring, and the brothers high five. Logan goes up the corner, to FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!!! Roman survives again! Jake argues the count but that was still not enough!

Fans rally and duel as Logan crawls after Roman. But here comes SOLO! The Paul Brothers forgot there was one more brother from the Bloodline! Solo storms down to the ring and Jake stands in his way. Jake loads up, but the rest of the refs show up to stop this. Even Adam Pearce and the officials stop this! But the Usos lurk up on Jake! Logan FLIES to take out the Usos! Jake helps Logan up and Jake watches everyone else. Logan hurries back in, but Roman SUPERMAN PUNCHES Logan!! Roman goes to the corner, “OOOAH~!” SPEAR!!! Cover, Roman wins!!

Winner: Roman Reigns, by pinfall (still Undisputed WWE Universal Champion)

Logan Paul came the closest anyone, and certainly anyone with only three matches in his WWE career, has ever come! But the numbers game continues to be in the Tribal Chief’s favor as his cousins beat Logan’s boys. The reign continues, will Roman reach historic heights with his Bloodline always behind him?

Our hosts respond.

A stunning performance from Logan Paul, but still your reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Universal Champion, the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. And that is it. That is THE Absolute Best of 2022! The exclamation point of Raw! But will Roman and his Honorary Uce be able to thwart the returning John Cena and the persistent Prizefighter? Or will we have one last stunning moment in 2022?

My Thoughts:

While this was a three hour clip show, this was still a really good clip show because those were all great choices to talk about. Now, while I made sure to copy and paste the entirety of every match they referenced, they of course did not play the entirety of every match because that would actually be more than three hours, with no room for talking. I was not going to short change anyone reading these articles, and also I didn’t wanna sit here and pay attention to when they took breaks and what they edited out.

I did appreciate that we got to hear from some of the big names, especially Cody. Cody definitely implied he wants after the top title, but at this rate, he’ll have to win the Royal Rumble. No idea how they’ll do it, but people keep talking about separating the titles so maybe Cody only gets the world title belt. And great to hear Liv put her character development into perspective. This is a new wild and crazy Liv who likes the pain and the thrill. We’ve seen that come out even in her tag match against Damage CTRL, and I’m sure we’ll see more and more of that as the feud continues. She might even bring that out against Xia Li should she get her chance to avenge that screw job.

My Score: 8/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (2/20/24)

NXT Takes Care o’ Business!



NXT White 'n' Gold Era

Who reigns on the Road to WrestleMania?

Both the NXT Women’s and North American Championships are on the line tonight! It’s Lyra Valkyrie VS Shotzi and Oba Femi VS Lexis King!


  • NXT North American Championship: Oba Femi VS Lexis King; wins and
  • Josh Briggs VS Brooks Jensen; wins.
  • Roxanne Perez VS Wren Sinclair; wins.
  • Kelani Jordan VS Lash Legend w/ Jakara Jackson; wins.
  • NXT Women’s Championship: Lyra Valkyria VS Shotzi Blackheart; wins and


NXT North American Championship: Oba Femi VS Lexis King!

The Ruler dominated the Breakout Tournament, cashed in on Dragon Lee, then retained against Dragon Lee at Vengeance Day. And The Drama King wants all the credit since he softened up the Boy Wonder first. Will Oba “thank” Lexis by making this quick and painless? Or will the King truly have his Coronation?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who truly reigns over NXT!


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Andrew’s TNA Xplosion Results & Match Ratings: 2.16.2024

Rich Swann…how dumb are you going to be? Do we see 0-4 in this current TNA incarnation?



So let’s see if this will give us anything to talk about. Trent Seven will make his TNA ring debut technically, and Rich Swann is going to continue this reign of stupidity where he gets distracted from help. I can’t tolerate the level of babyface stupid Swann has looked during this. Who does this help? It ain’t Francis and it ain’t Rich. If we get an evil Rich payoff who just becomes a mega heel…maybe. But it’s painful.


  • Trent Seven vs Shera: Trent wins via BirmingHammer – ** 1/2
  • Rich Swann vs John Skyler w/Jason Hotch –



Trent Seven vs Shera

So, Shera gonna be the jobbing gatekeeper of getting momentum for bigger matches. Either that, or Maclin interferes to give Shera a dirty win, but Shera eating the pin seems more likely to me.

Simple tie up that turns into Shera laying in the Shoulder Tackle, trying to bully Trent, but he slips a Slam attempt, lights up Shera with a few chops and then a Snap DDT. Shera powders after the DDT, makes space, slides in, Trent follows, and Shera runs the ropes, ducks the Lariat and a Big Boot sends Trent’s tooth flying and drops him. Shera starts manhandling Trent, running him from corner to corner, Stalling Suplex after the corner attack and Trent has had no offense. Shera goes for a goozle, Trent tries to fight back with some punches, bounces off the ropes and eats a Spinebuster.

Shera then goes to the top turnbuckle, looking for something big and unusual from him. So of course Trent cuts him off with Chops, Headbutts and a big Superplex finally gives Trent and opening. Overhand chop from Trent, tries another Suplex, but Shera blocks and rains down some clubbing forearms. Trent tries to fire, Pop & Bang, some apron battling but Shera gets the best of things, Chokeslam on the apron, rolls Trent back in and Trent kicks out.

Going for the frustration chokes, Shera is trying anything but Trent chops a few times, Backfist, Lariat, for…a near fall. Trent keeps slapping the back of Shera, BirmingHammer for the win!

Don West, You’ve Got to be Kidding Me! Trending Topics of the week:

5. MK Ultra getting their rematch

4. Trinity’s final TNA match

3. Moose & Alex Shelley’s stupid stipulation match

2. Simon Gotch’s revenge

1. Rebellion declaration for April 20th

“Around the Ring” with Gia Miller and her guest Xia Brookside. Apparently they bonded over accents and horses. So it seems like Xia just has an affinity for cowboys and stuff, so Gia was totally up her alley. They make a little country posse, its cute, but cringey…but cute. 

TNA+ Flashback Moment: Sting vs Mr Anderson vs Kurt Angle – No Surrender 2011

Always nice to see the classic stuff from the pinnacle of TNA. 


Rich Swann vs John Skyler w/Jason Hotch

If Rich goes 0-4…I will be, AJ Francis shows up for commentary. Christ…Rich is gonna lose to the other Good Hand ain’t he?

Rich Swann and Skyler go back and forth but you’re always just waiting for the shoe to drop. Rich has the advantage, goes to the top for the Phoenix Splash, Hotch gets up on the apron and AJ Francis leave commentary and takes out Hotch. But for some stupid reason Swann is distracted by the assistance, then Skyler hits an Avalanche Forward Rolling Senton for the win.

I can’t even understand the level of moronic babyface Rich Swann is for this angle.


Overall Score: 4.5/10

This was…the definition of useless. Trent’s match was okay, but obvious because Shera is a gatekeeper to looking decent before a major match. Rich, as I’ve said many times, just looks unabashedly stupid. I’m over this, Rich needs to turn heel at No Surrender or within a week or so. All of this was cringey, stupid and a waste of time, especially Xia and Gia.


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